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"hannah rodin" Discussed on The Piketon Massacre

The Piketon Massacre

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"hannah rodin" Discussed on The Piketon Massacre

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Does it really matter now. It's been alleged many times that each one of them had a role in this. I mean we've kind of heard that discussed before. Yeah because to your question of does it. Matter i mean in my mind would certainly is if someone outside the four is because then that person has been living with this secret knowledge. That is hard to imagine bearing. It's not like you just dial up a baby sitter and say hey. Can you come by. Watch my kids for the night i mean. Can you imagine or my grandkids. I mean you would think they would have spoken to that person already if there was a fifth person and watching the children or something like that then he kinda closing bites engine and thoughts at this moment. Yeah i mean i. I would love to see what jake told the. Investigators what was behind this. Was it just the child. And why and i know why jake jake confessed. He found god. That's what i. That's what i heard so don't be all the you know. If you've ever covered a bond hearing you think some kind of find god. I think some find god and i guess he. He really found him how. 'bout that it will be interesting to see if it was more than just the child because to wipe out eight people for a child is you know that's it. That's a whole different type of thing that i'm you know you hear about domestic violence incidents over children and divorces going ugly and a spouse kills another spouse over control but to kill an entire family. Because you want one child is. It is hard to wrap your head around. Fat is indeed. All this was about so right now all we know is what j. wagner did so i think we can all speak with with certainty that he had a major role in this. But you're you're looking at trying to make sense of this. It's the custody issue but then on top of that. It does luke hannah gilly to some extent because her brother apparently he got this. Hannah rodent pregnant. You know. it's not just hannah in this child. It's hannah her mother her father. You know all centered around this baby. Everyone who could get custody of this baby you. That may be driving him at that point but then you now have. Hannah guilt looped in through her brother in that tied to hanna road. And i don't. Is that enough. I mean what if it comes out that and i know we all. We've all heard the theory from from the state at this point in time to this was a concerted effort by four members of the wagner family. But what if it comes out that you know jake was truly the trigger guy and the rest are are. On the periphery helping and supporting you know again. I mean this is just me shooting the breeze here about this but you know it's just you try to put yourself in that mindset of doing what we know jake did at this point in time and the result of whoever's actions you still got eight people dead children laying in the blood and the aftermath of that so the hell of a situation over there will continue to monitor movements and george wagons trial as well as any developments regarding accused father billy wagner and accused mother angela wagner but while we wait we want to turn our attention back to the michael moran story that we covered an episode seven. I really thought there was no way. There was no way this could be going on for so long. Nobody did anything about it. One of the best lawyers a politician and a sitting judge all possibly involved in this network. That's how deep this win. And that's when we knew we needed to get more women who had been through this experience to talk about what they said they'd been through with michael. We'll have part two of that next week. For more information on the case and relevant photos follow us on instagram at kt underscore studios the piped-in massacre returns. Pike county is executive produced by stephanie. Lie decker and me. Courtney armstrong editing and sound design by executive producer. Jared aston additional producing by jeff. Shane andrew better and chris graves. The pike massacre returned to pay. County is a production of iheartradio and katie studios for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows shell brothers is now building new homes in ten unique communities across tax friendly coastal delaware with twelve models available to virtually tour you can discover others unique curb appeal and sensational floor plans from the comfort of your own home. 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