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NGOPI #21 - Metode Mendidik Anak Hingga Usia 2 Tahun (Ustadz Dr. Fachri Fachrudin, S.H.I., M.E.I.)

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NGOPI #21 - Metode Mendidik Anak Hingga Usia 2 Tahun (Ustadz Dr. Fachri Fachrudin, S.H.I., M.E.I.)

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Parenting slough me dickens about their mama. Todo akin. Get with loor w tire wake up. Nearly one open president us would mahendra can be in downtown moyer. The who's the dr patrick rudin s. e. m. e. the is the al qaeda. Gory wake up on thursday with mike. Number yet in the net is that dr areas of liberal cartoons that lawyer companies have is that Al hamdi lawmakers can of a la. Somebody can met with sarah. Greenie deterrent magen. Yeah the political thirteen stories. The shepper hollow point expel him can allocate that. Nick matt to the talent but i i made too. But what's at the epa panelist. What la dalla. But he's a humpback the panhandle wounding been. We'll see it blew up by Pop into into some show sa the gm mo- when the taboo at tied up here. And then he do meet insurgent manip- here comes out on I'd beginning around honor ganga's kit. The gin has cassatt. Nadkarni duplicate meek but at our names that harris about her very. 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Cup has an indicator that patty william can do better in porter by dairy as they are. Y'all he had that in for alpine the stay at in combat than this plan anthem. Legit how do you need you to adobe ambassador young our programs to the different slung here when we zoom then you a youtube star yada. Did he put up. Hello up on the mayor de behalf. He commoner year canister the other common with the unique applicable. Borroni mighty monday to say somebody can stay to not something that can play desi Hundred at us New england was a higher demand. The man the antelope want to the other than massey's call get them up at ten. Am bike and show up a potato memo Tacitus a day to off by then. Scotty the then. He goes to the Pm number semantic onto the campus. If would have any something. These had By the sim walkie-talkie mousavi had the loss behind diana ross. Young could yeah in shallow easy and gandhi. I hit about any seven brick pathogens. Maria della booed them. I have Someone get up to some video. I had to that. Yeah i'm joe bama myself belied you On program by sata yet now the shallow Undermine lassie so three. I'm among my sister. That's martin on the Denia by the program eastern and it was to debut said city that senior program to adopt instead of a canadian items lamb challenge to Set the contest on joe back. That hadn't it mobile south A company cassie. Dan veneer top. Somebody's gonna can had when you're getting into some of the islamic so that's not yet five three depot karimi the educated and salameh family. Yes me i'd ask him but he boy the poor say goodbye to depart to provoke candidate trend that you got the demand on the hannity What the who are made the young. How many mambas louison loose and settle kapadia gum kuenssberg a button by. I mean what a won't some inventory at these little man. yeah is there as win in the sandia. Yeah food is dwell on the idea. The progenies by anybody come the tagami and ing direct dounia sierra and that was in philly hanyang to shop and so is the bill de cup. He communicates subpoenas london and sheldon. And these are all lined up someone. You may be monopooly brad. Panama year salvato sponsor guitar. The new data in is they are Someone some is the dandy them needy. Parenting islami weren't method. Do manetti are not hinga with dot. I can resembles that varies give young lupu by hawaii and they could participate in getting convert mike that orion and the outcome nepad can keep away at a lower price ideal by doubt. Bundle look again. Talk scarring alenia delays. Can at the idea is that did then again. It could serota what mama dominated knocking atmosphere tower wakey air virgin- galileo. The december can get ready. The radio and heater factory had it the the The secret to can metal amec we see thousands of were our While getting the Several me by their dicap- john doe. I haven't get them. Mackenzie then maybe ask by checking up candy. My style. thirty radio the collapse. It will be Co at be to them the bianchi cup in for my senior alone yet but with the mentor. They cemetery tire out Up by system at this italian system this onto what isis pool shopping jumped up and put it on him at the Methodist unita yet Tara system at this dominated aetna get up by the had. A gun The yeah kobe. Tenure lazar than with passer. Sarah than jap fame can nauseam baidu without any mcgibbon thing. Among that i'm on is what we see on non thousands embedded i must. Msa as on valuable. The dan le crap what he will be by ratty lantis them yeah transmit whether he the marines bass it had somebody perennial to prosser by the scholar basement. Could you talk a little bit better. I mcginn so by mike here Smell with them had the yen. Bada with Tirmizi by me get that had let me have the bicycle. But at the focus to him when he got an akita young then. It'll it'll be assessed guy russell lewis on monroe bustle gear on koa them about an an qadeer columbus under obama that'd be combined. It is deputy to combat preceding. Yeah character what that Saturday combine kennedy account yet but combined the by tell you by some bait. The japanese about let me simple law said dr. Any gun with But you saw that you had to put on. He can be one bushra. Shock premiere kabira. Any wouldn't be subtracted covered with their about computer. Lane yin yang getting in palo. Alto the elvis but aside. Better get the a assad keith anarchy down process mid the puppy because we see on a amendment in islamic the memo memento that did possess at but that's the adb's submissive at the decani their massive say it could be so we'd have gotten in how you how to smell get So he have looks happened. I by the media. What on that. He ever thought thirty nine thirty. He by terry balloting canyon. Discount by ibu million member can genuine began protecting on classic lasca happened. Begin any territory kid. Down the day slump got can was against the and the and the piano and then get monday made but ideally be based on the be without air equal to them manhattan miniature genius to the dnc by. They went on to i as a child. Remember when zeqiri back in the p. caller on a Again at oregon. Toby put my occupan not building around other see by mindanao openly openly in On how to classify that to the the on one eight when it again. But i would mccann renuka ingraham now. Must've kidney. have to tighten. It is not to keep that the death get that the against the lakers because the process can also loss esa and european money town by below. But ezekiel but they had yet sabah. Get the team at audela camera. Seven what this then you get has been them too much clinton Courtesy of the always at you can do to out when the animal hunt could by gandon komo the hand there the any any our Seventy go ahead and to be to be said that this episode deductible but don't what you didn't and happening in minneapolis rapid with that to think about healing the michelle at there Manoukian by two for the subtle. The but the media. Yeah better be dead deal on the by Julia by here callow by but important qualities. That you betty cutting you can how qualities anybody can be said you can then poletti mind yet to carry and i doubt won't get getting up The deeper output mentally tappin mcgibbon america. Diplo he picked up the maturity cobra. Paseo let me start by hitting again the incendiary deity. This hoc amari sound. So monica the hitting the also ended up ten up gonna have already with the appalachian pump the infamous rodney. The ram by of the unique can Get matt gavia mechanic. That is through musudan Into into that kind of bacon by the around to say put up and then lands by the spirit on up ahead and then spagna then he the the descend yes a career in his career ceremony but it can cover up with a him and at many. You can put your put. It be around won't be harrison iran. So that i could attend. Show is it ladle steel cotton download. Eleven In a to a mill up at the moment saddam by getting a financial. Meditating kid I did open up the numbers there than can. It's been Colleague on chef year when donahue mathematic Cabinet than it's got a kind of a spaghetti mcwilliam then had up on taty Employment but highly. Not on the the thirty but it'd be becoming better whatever Blue shoe demonstrate Hand beside inada episodic bacon would get that the dollar then we go here menu be seven by. Then what am. I am a young in the league. Epide- baylor would get there on the connecticut of a mode. Somebody saying don't mess with that quota. Madyan any machel in eastern law Maki with the hell. Mojaddedi unsolved but Madina now the decimal some guy would compete that. We ought i'm unhappy. Then throw them out without. They are east led me to yahoo defeat alaska but i'm high did to them if they oughta At margin see. Look the desk. Come the hassle at the eastland gala about putin. Tom buchan been the cameras by auto is let me to tell masoud senior manicotti by he hit had because then kadarshian monetary to sam. Pay tarazi here. Hanover monka dot com people. They on on the hit ya bill with asthma. Been dabba put nettie. Zuberi been seeing a lot of bs that means that if the camera around weijia kinda the iran so they s miami it above. Is it at the san joaquin or you're coming. Kenny boy did add be seven demand. Castle be not been there before anybody ever but there are some time now and you salaam decided to let him good made comedian. Monkey get lumina yet. Equipment morita could make some would Into some hannah mckay. Bill have been zubieta. it will buy in yemen. can daddy geeky russell. La la guardia. Myself lamb lewd. Levin's uber to about the denisova. Trust that but i remember each man that are by an ad that i'm the arena that temporarily ended the dealer so losses mckennedy to apple. Shallow william it did. He believed in biblical. Give yourself mood as let me let me aside. I in gettysburg gettysburg heating them up in a minute. La hit on nick. Saturday december stella made the minimum bogeyman equipment. Is that certain that i'm gonna to it. Dukes many key manfred there will be a cetera. It wouldn't hanan wooten and he said i can find legal began. Call reminding donation mcginn kobe. Gop when you want solar akilah yeah In color mandela era demanded hopelessly minnesota to oklahoma But and poco dickey Guests gotta remember mulata mentally end is at the behest by your plan to come with the end up Hot them to cabinet depend Onto an around so again You could come at the end. You got by the headache do it. Through the debris nominating and tehran by being at night by myself did young melanoma friend who that but he kinda my uncle by their own anthem baker to young young cahan. A smart about the ambulance asked him around. So a prosser. But i don the mobile though the anti-democratic jalek at the Yeah the win Menendez the nasa that young a comedic nominee the slave trade again like anybody couldn't To the yep mission yet learning lucky lucky when to clan put our hand the two are welcome here and it will be for you paternal beside him but less. Hurry up hurry while hurry it matters more admi myself any if here that then too young by the Sooner market to the determination can Pity a lot of money can By northbound bid thunder reciprocal batman then to my the long disappear by than our local here. I pay i see this any letter. Bs catty So not also allow beginning than any line. Yeah yeah yeah get up. In the ghetto vs said you guys have that fowler. Did he But he can. I see that a by the kentucky that by cutting to continue in yet today near here believe depending year demand highly outlet. Been talk some more about. It can eat to sue the up. But when i hit the young young men superior around one year if the top say hat that'd be similar. See seattle by giving around. I ask you to sign up that people put on your opens on even jim on your down. The i guess the more. I see the debate began on. But the raptors need to murky. It'll about simple. Did happen to start at the denial saturday navy to stop them but commodore Lead you pull the data that you pollute in. Dekalb bacardi cancer. Yeah but omar makram carry the deacon fellow citizens saturday scattered up to shampoo character. What i'm gonna be simple together It was taken by netcom that john burkina co-pilot in two thousand. That'll let style and able to blend. I'm bill bridget. Would see sigit highly. Papa and mama and you vicky is the. We'll that eating tacoma gun saying when buy next spare. The dow slumped jay jealous lady. But but our lady commitment. He does make your were you d about what Put a man yet. That's a major mahala. It'd be pretty comfortable kanye los angeles. I'm not get to get up and not by nicholas makamba. You can get a theory band any had depend on the nfl beside than any vicksburg else. All my gentleman not yet zucca conway. Oh my god colusa daddy. Jackson ala look at jaylen. Liberty can ask the other by the temblor theory skin. You eating meat massa. Nauseam it without it piling probably effective than how does the exclusive. I i Laffy sadness at the But i am getting that need. Patty dondi Young on the car up you get near the most. I don't know how yep so nato e brutally but i'm mental handsomer. They need able consumer deadlines begging medium by the any. After at the africa. He developed a senior democratic gun to Russell assimilate into the end with young to be settled by imbalance but took the cap mcginn That i need get mad on the soon. And also the loss of a gun at the government menu the massa by a hidden message massawa sam down band intensive with retirement book the booklet that the the uh young decide Or lassie. just. What the islamic the thomas guided then at deduct up with johnson on the on the decarlo kit is gonna to arose. Kenya medicare odometer porzingis. Giving like we're gonna. I keep that am by him. An awesome paid without said is happy that dan other thing at american air exclusive atop as book s s was gonna vine again dating an. That'd be like anti unaccepted by again. Gary knee see like only the plus blessed spoons plenty blurs lose meant to get actively yes you kinda snapface. But was america. Fan pedophile recommend therapy centers. Huda dope again yet again. Join the live streaming facebook you guys so data streaming the facebook the gun his marine radio get that lansing discu sieber over tang up. It'll be the worst late had here. I am but Diaries any what's up here. So morally was that at one eighty. This is waiting and you bet that up intimacy dilemma wrongly and co-parenting parenting but then jagna upper dump positive. The negative there is order. One young man figure it as yeah seven tara than a quick dip to positive and get the sikorsky were are not not only england. Michelle adnia are not caros monica. That's been jalani the lab and through just to numb to suggest that was part of it is not to money against the antidote can get anybody matt the the getty sophie good here it due to them we can sell marcy up how it needs to the put the money in combating be investiment Bsn yes yet. Moon to get Superintendent mike social etiquette. Just put the typically uncooperative. I've got go out mama getting to the data Believe newland get them. But i did but it again. Cameron and seeing what clermont and me and i said had the time to get an deanne happen. Ammonia that nice but suggests what the ended up cutting will not maxima that adequate island. Do we So at the who said they see me. I miss idea so That performance from one year at the ever meant governs on lucky lucky. Am the idem to identify the young young. Jim govt brought the and get there. Yeah get the contest ends picked up a can deduct that michelle mcgann called the chat assisi positive. Let's a by again. Yeah putting on the tongue report tiny and so when you get i did i. And my mother mcgann. They didn't bless bless polo malindi gap. Collini added the this year. The today's cds. Aircraft that. So your mobile tanya. But wally mom what could equilibrium did allama. Wound took mindy dick anak than put up a lotta and that'd be semi supercenter in the komo is that includes ideal amount of natick Up i'm playing in the planning planning the many put it the this up again. They're not gonna pay to listen to. What is i guess. Lot mind monkey out. It's called me back up blaming an an end. I'm that i'm calling from under the but it can still heavy bass guitar. Add up decided that they had But he can think he began their sorry to it will yesterday about what ties palo for who she always hated. Navy bake the onto while to the ucs pay to the bus wbz center and eight to like you did adult topical Other big eddie. Message he to Up to the S the the class. Big lesson picket. It dorsey interesting but the alarm gotta the beginning in were critical anderson. The order is right winning out of the human apple but get back to dance legrand Cousin button took the dollar price at companion bike unlikely by gary you needing and sabur their mom at the dome dick and knock there it. Was you know some newer. The who and their bake the in africa. Zeke aren't as the lion break with against together. Combining gentle adult bulaq numerous up to do near naked. Gentlem- babylon gun coma peon. Ucla moudour sewer. Could you bluffs deka you our mark and at one hundred. Eighty carpool on the and people get on a common job. Duo blue ticket to start your cooling access career. He joe down booker. Little be some mechanism but lamarque muck counterpart sergey. Didn't roco motorbike on fox. Lorber meet japan yucky Any dental unda mulela inda ca chiel dirty diesel leary a little more link goodness of the orenburg or does he do legal than sahara young. Mike muggy gentle consumes consejo morocco. All harger dan go soto sitting and dr on critical specific yarmouk looking under maliki money but some osama would remove scioto pallone can program global open little will percent anchor. At the accusation yucky gentle worry egland leonid because he had done any do pull some can only did not cause. Could've oh god we could use our thing and deal for three. Tv solo law sola. He was salaam someday concealing. Then knock on my. We're gaming your own to call it. Thunderdome says jabre daddy. Pohang young bieber guy had three-way easy to la hardy. Measor menia zeitoun leukemia. Zeitoun billy quality still buy extra fuel gene oil serta. A practice sharia easing out. Mita be some mum. But the mideast done maids are hamdullah when orion gentleman consume see zara dental morozov hussien dot com. Ms d takata. Cortel dakota under the under you be some of the economy do the love one upper nord lapan solitude satu similar to do dur dur. No nord la suffered were similar to do i know at the whom junie website comey d where we're dot ning zeh to rookie dot com. Go up cigarette. Dot com msrb done saharan gilliland under cuss yet. New measor show lucy saha islam until don batonga among mock mind. Nazi key bycatch transfer emmy seven bleak hosni upgrade. Nambi yaldo gaussian boggles to. What's what's caboodle. Anneke dot info boggles cows ni column oblique towers able to report an idea house. Or how did you find. Three were mountaintop me. Costner daddy. The cows islam dallas throws i that recent budgeting. You were kenny boko. Scully goose llanelli. In radio daca jury but key. You'll yoda winning. The mortal semele percents movable. Merely what was up here beyond classy auto calcium last ekran see douglas burgum niemoeller cost bostick. London bella hadid radio duty scan slum gumbel radio factory sung thought wouldn't monarch under radical de informacion atop lapin lima to some beland. Some bill antiga some some beal android satala nagy. To some some beleaguer. Some beland samantha. Some beland own fudgy suara kabuki don islam this in. Sem roller has the boy who the muscle negga hamson has with the muscle and many lanna ethica sayid with via apple. Most these lawrence in terms who are getting these lumbering develop. Umbrellas ekiti gladden hoping role parenting. Islamia the dc ahead was november gruber. Oklahoma say he thought about buttoning. It'll be will hear bu-but to work today. Yeah yeah and let those yes. mini markup antanas. Guarany mahnken beginning. But all my soup diesel transplant diga. Hamouda dan is the commodity. Kobe can recognize it almaz. Oh dominic and knocking get with the win. The air but osama who said look how to as e. m. a. d. This is our by neck but being jamming night they might get atmospheric but then beginning. But you do you know. Lebanon bless bless blues mantica all offensive bless blessed boulos mantica by jeep nine yet. Three bike in shallow economic. The he had the door price yet. They keep ways. Like dylan's blessed. Blessed proves milnes. Milan the bake. The larry king sonya to get that gun lessons i dong put-on yin yang sudama. Shook this our beating out to germany. Penali- a simile. What's up at the ship. That all up in la paz mundi get normally skins skanska by gamer and china and they are not. There is no some bad. What would sedan can be a democratic You did bradley and maybe amount. Maybe that decide. I'm hit to combine document. Gallon here in italy at that matter spun the ad not up. And the elliott. It is behind on my shell and that's at the koran amendola Putting out on then comedian adel. I'd have A lot of respond one italy tank up to it that the can can block solder layla here the money had and yet he had done yet. Got up the nerve that aspen Boom habitat somebody Hoogland onto weren't able to it'll be paddled did he smuggle By by two on. Rasa the be up at the boiler Daddy making class. You've we only turn their own. Monthly had can weather him by yet by the tampa to respond by nearly be expressive manasseh. Now manasseh now they than t douglas young. Now he's been money had been when you're kind yet again. You can offender gal who is while opponents at up expressive by gun. It had whether they got explicit yesterday. The newest somebody can be. Yeah keep up with young some send you to ethnic you can get to the anthem. It is john spill. Your house per team connected to the arrows Muhammad semi by windy. Amyloid it'll down to california and the in idea wake up on job. Wendell berry humble idea by yet yellen neom combat monotony's slammed you added in all up and love lima skin's against kyanne ding on on this one when the galley they might. Yeah make it on that. Siam won't but i never gave my nominee to be an exeter islami about ca duckie's at anton peden russillo. Now gca or not. This appeal be was in color. Who yeah same. Minimal kennedy to that. He went the this today. up in the minya this to identify me lesser bill. Adam did that they thought the book and you can start today. so between Adobe some the buddha bs annatto be added to it said yeslam eight thirty down. up They got at the minute ankle. Rotan damn key and faye amir. I come at that could be added to thread the idea mobile separately sandy myself. That's pigment yeslam. Eight to deter yucky princip that islam. To hours to ask them did not get the pet cardin said dog by st but that's how to adela sheba. You had to get mcconnell. At the jet set up a combined is gonna to get me up on the menu but bid to myself last tuesday messing and it should I deep the epa. The candidate and spending steady at kazan tunnel. Can you sounded. We don't need to get out side to that. He did that. It should again putting out of the amount of radha Slow in judea get relic. Spoke at what you said earlier. That are here in in demand. Will by you bay. Facebook fun is in virginia. Ginny squirm are young bike when to last candidate in the knicks. That good at those three guys. E allo seventy today the See saddam guest to the pentatonic depending your malik by the guy messing messing than young by answer. This quota myemma made it could then go demand yet but they're also time and could weigh in on sit back on. Madison is meadow. Many dealer had independent but he didn't did he Selena not also asylum. Get that you could imagine what it'd be seventy to the the character quarterback capacity Could ask getting the geeky materials. I got a biking weekend. Who took google by you. Pay 'em lally facebook Near get the combine league. What's up get guitar. Graham dunia boonie but game not colossi. Ya unaccepted i jerry. Don't jerry through small in lithuania coping. Yeah mana madonna. Akina elaborated by molinaro Booting deadlines bragging on how high for city that is economic gone on the data mining. The north bay do to it Who who been saying an anti can lend yet the data quad seductively me it Study uso and i tend to open the yet for matter at nicotine Yet that the retail value on maha. And you're sitting here spoke by began younger. That's how i did jerry. The ling one one about by getting in wake when the engineer need very. What's up here. Bugging monitor ramona mckenzie. Cup fa deary are not dilemma. Aniston's you the alert. I learned by but he by the second penalty but the everybody to address workers. Yeah could be book on the biden. Then you can have your daddy got after didn't end colonialist at the an awkward ironing and he meant mukasa you matter then you get minute. What the out and said yeah my mckinney again sitting that can get the app but the cutting an that young budding thing. Obviously i'm concerned huddled Go by you cannot yucky near and whether you must by the sweet candied yam. Man's alica Last time even little is going into when you can get to. The gate. Did add our the put on the capital into a cancer. My happened put up with any hadn't rusada advocate that the orion deeply less but at the cutting announced then well certain refer decorate yellow. Let's alpha and omega medicare moment either. Eighty my kid. He needs to go on you. Need the data bash. Add up numbers that said that. You're bassim al koran. You've got them. did you. Couldn't put the african master puts pretty desperate. Eddie massacre woman. Your could miniature methodist applicator So paranoid but i put my feet. They're limited to the nice appears to yucky dedicating bow. Moody at muggy. The morgan panel. Nicki take which can be written by mcgann. Engine can stigma negative alcl or anti jewish mccarron arrived. Jello would happen yeah. We're getting a dan here. He s that when this year so we are not valid. As i think bangsamoro onto why was. I applaud hookah shaken mccain solo senior peruvian that sedan along the west is that what parole aguirre wipers. Yeah i love the the indicator that'd be go ahead you've been around eight to. Dwi on can go been somebody company. Get another bike. Well it'd be assigned like the color putting a block which has put the procedure took the janko can on that is Aquatic glancy. dc dilemma. How to see the auto got to i. I gotta shoddy at this time. He asked me to get that. And yet your code to you see that lower it bacon weekend but he got a d. one at the medicine and rapper. That are here some button by any young don. Knapp getty cada. Listening in borough windchill major alexei nominee. Does somebody tang began. He'll be said that your body lay in combat pants on pomona handled price in charlotte. County kinda pannonia. Charon won't be couldn't bike ninety guns idea by when you're out with an endoscopy league when the door price gary radio fight jerry. He gave them to remain kim. Yeah walking near the lupu dan. What is when we took over. Yeah by the ship. Ship chicagoans advantages at us in vermont ceo. Young somebody yuga morally harrison. Under the reese coloma behind the cash had some modicum wa he woke and men the voice on mri lardy. One tabby busy ginny kalam issue zaven nigga who novel. Genie is me off easy.

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