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"guar abraham" Discussed on Judaism Unbound

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"guar abraham" Discussed on Judaism Unbound

"Abraham did kill isaac. Welcome back everyone. I'm dan lee benson. And i'm lex roseburg and as we get towards the conclusion of this series of episodes that we've been doing on the bible although like many of our subject. It's one that will come back to where excited today to be talking to the author of a new book that serves as a great introduction to the way that the bible is studied in the modern academy. But it's so accessible and it so fun to read. There's some classics in this field. That are wonderful books. The bible an earth and david and solomon which are both by israel finkelstein and neil. Usher silberman if anybody's really interested in finding a way into this. Send me an email. Because it's really something that i particularly. Enjoy talking to people about and and helping people find their way into by the way reading. Some of this material and critical bible study has been something that's been discussed by previous guests and judaism down. You would think that people who read about critical bible. Study the idea that the bible was written by numerous as opposed to god or moses that would somehow be damaging to people's faith and maybe for some people it is but for other people whose faith has already been shaken in some of those ideas the opportunity to connect to the bible in a different way and to understand the bible still as a really important and powerful work and having never been introduced. Really to how this book might have come about in a different way. Other than the traditional way that it's been taught can be very liberating for people and very exciting and very invading back into judaism. And that's something that we hope that maybe this series has done a little bit for some of our listeners and some of these books are really amazing opportunities to dive deeper into them. Our guest today. Makia acura is the author of a new book called. Why abraham isaac the first stories of the bible revealed and unlike some of the other books which are more organized chronologically. This one is organized. Almost like an archaeological dig where we're really trying to understand. What was that base. I layer of the bible. And then how. And why was it added onto and we look at that story by story by story. And it's just a new way to present this material. In a way that we found particularly engaging and exciting why abraham murdered isaac will be available as an e book. Starting this coming. Tuesday april eighth. You can get it wherever you get e books and it's not san mateo res- first book on the bible. In fact he has written many of them. You can find them. Listed at a site called modern scriptures. It actually has a different website. It's www dot bible criticism dot com. Where you can see a wide variety of his books which include not only books about the bible. He has also written a series of books on humanist prayer because in addition to having to phd's in bible criticism and instant wisdom literature is also a humanist. Rabbi he hasn't rabbinical ordination from the israeli affiliate of the international institute for a secular humanistic judaism. We've had a number of guests related to the humanistic jewish movement on the podcast over the years and he is now the rabbi of the city congregation of new york which is the humanistic congregation in new york. City san mateo. Welcome to judaism unbounded so great to have you. Thank you very much in this book. You talk a lot about what you call the original bible. Could you tell us a little bit about what that original bible is what you mean by when it when it was written. What is this original bible that you're finding within the bible as we know it what i mean by that is that it's missing the first story from the logically that was written down and then every subsequent story was built upon it So that's what i mean by. The original wide will probably more accurately the original original torah. Tell us a little more about what that means to sort of. Open up a version of the bible that we have which is to say. I don't know the unoriginal early like another version. And what is that like archaeology task. Like where you're sort of a us. Rq because it seems like digging. It's like you're you're looking through layers and the second question who cares. They're a great sentence or two in your book. So one person wrote the bible or twenty five people wrote the bible like so what we have a thing like. What is it. What are the ramifications if multiple people wrote this or if there was an original source or not. I liked the comparison an archaeology. You know it's a productive one. Because i 'cause the way i look at the at the toronto especially is that it's like sediment that cruise i think of layers as opposed to sources posted documents And there's one basic story and then every subsequent author added their own layer to it until it arrived at the tax that we have and so i can i can choose a chapter To choose okay. i'll let me let me just start. Where i started the book. I mean what why. Abraham isaac story of abraham. So let's start with the a chapter twenty one So abraham travelled word the land of the south in live between tradition tour he lived as a foreigner in guar. So you can ask like. Why did i start here. Well it's because it's the first time i identify a particular writer. Why think is is the first writer and identify him here for variety of reasons that actually many other bible scholars agree with me. It's sheer. I where you see elohim rather than other names for god elohim is used beforehand but it is used by a different author an author. Who's very i call. Electric column the accountants very organized. Very you know you see him in genesis one. So he's a very different kind of office so this is the first time i see a story that uses the name. Elohim is really just a story not like a list. Not an accountant. So abraham travelled toward the land of the south between tradition to or he lived as a foreigner in guar abraham said about sarah his wife. She is my sister of king of sent Sarah this is a story other actually three of them. We're a one of the patriarchs. Abraham in two of them and isaac in another at present their wives as their sisters and the monarch in two of the stories takes their sister or wife An another story almost does and so what is the relationship between those three stories than three stories should have relationships. And so which story comes. First story in genesis twelve Which is the first iteration of the story or this story in genesis. Twenty and so for lotteries. I think it's the story in genesis twenty. That came first and over here. This is hard to really fly. Sea in the english but A female king of garage sent.

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