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"gold typhoon haiyan" Discussed on Up First

"Christmas Day. In the Philippines was a mess of damaged homes flooded roads and packed evacuation centers typhoon with winds gusting up to one hundred twenty one miles. An hour made landfall in the Southeast Asian country. At least twenty eight people died a dozen more are missing. This was actually the second deadly typhoon to hit the Philippines this month and in the twenty first in two thousand nineteen and a Santos is a journalist in Manila. Can you talk about what it looks like in the affected areas. It's almost sounds like this is a really bad storm. Yeah I'll start by giving you an update from the government. The latest was that Tycoon Ursula is no longer directly affecting the Philippines pins but that doesn't mean that we're out of the woods just yet as the typhoon exit. You know it's still dumping rain. In over certain parts of the country and so the authorities are still on watch for areas that will be affected by flash floods and possible landslides currently the government's main focus. As he told me today is that they need to be able to put up `electricity and restore mobile signal in the areas that have been cut off off so that they can properly assess the damage in these areas and also to start bringing back a sense of normalcy to these people that were affected. The typhoon hit during in Christmas. Time and I also spoke to one resident His name is John Reid durant he said that you know it's not only their homes that have been battered but also their spirits g you're saying that He's a resident of Eastern Eastern Samar province that was hit by typhoon. Haiyan six years gold typhoon Haiyan at the time was the strongest typhoon ever recorded. And it's still joe very much in the memory of doddering Doron and his family. He's not been able to reach his family by phone. Mobile Signal continues to be out and he's very sad that at the moment that people are just about to get on their feet six years after it had hit this area there now back to zero again because they're hit by this latest typhoon okay. That is really sad story in area that was recovering and now has been devastated again. Do you have a sense. Based on what we've learned in the past what recovery will look like how long it will take. That's really difficult to answer. Recovery will first of all depend on the extent tint of damage. This particular typhoon fan phone hit the country. Over seven times it made landfall over seven times and it affected different parts of the regions at a different extent. Dant I'll give you an example. I spoke to the governor of Missouri which was one of the most badly hit provinces and he said that Earlier this month they were hit by by another typhoon Typhoon Kamori and in one area where he has about nine thousand residents almost all of them are completely homeless their homes have been wiped out so he was making an appeal for shelter and any kind of shelter building materials. So the rebuilding really be dependent on other valuables to like if an another natural disaster comes in. We'll we'll hope and pray. That doesn't happen. Journalist Anna Santos in Manila. Thanks so much. Thank you.

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