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Beyond 23&Me: A Deep Dive Into Ben Greenfield's Personal DNA Results (& How To Get Your Own Genes Interpreted)

Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Beyond 23&Me: A Deep Dive Into Ben Greenfield's Personal DNA Results (& How To Get Your Own Genes Interpreted)

"The, the human body does not work based on individual genes beaten into their own rhythm, the human body works and also focused from Marston piece of many genes working in cascades, to get the various cellular functions done. Are there any genetic underlining contributors, how resistant are the cells that line, the blood vessels is there such a thing? And when we look at it, there is such a master's degree in physiology bio mechanics and human nutrition. I've spent the past two decades, competing in some of the most masochistic events on the planet from seal fit. 'coco Spar nego- in the world's toughest mudder to thirteen ironman, triathlons, brutal bow, hunts adventure races. Spearfishing plant foraging free, diving bodybuilding, and beyond. I combine this intense time in the trenches with a blend of ancestral wisdom, and modern science searched the globe for the world's top experts performance fat loss recovery. Hormones, brain, beauty, and Braun to deliver you this podcast. Everything you need to know to live in adventures, joyful, and fulfilling life. My name is Ben greenfield. Enjoy the ride. D N A, the magical building blocks that unite all humans. We're in talk about them on today show, not humans. But well, we are about humans, but we're gonna talk about D N A in a very, very profound and deep way. My guest today show is a super smart doc in genetics. This podcast is actually brought to you by kion, which is my playground for all things, health and wellness. Probably one of our most popular supplements over there because it's like a Swiss army knife, but it tastes a lot better than us. Army knife. Trust me, because it helps with sleep performance helps with recovery helps with gut health college in joints, a whole bunch of different parameters or the key on amino, which are in a lovely cool lime powder, flavor and also a mixed berry flavor these things. Are like a shot in the arm. 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You know, I'm constantly blown away by the amount of genetic data an actionable information you can get from a fricken little bit of your saliva, and what I wanted to do for today's podcast was kinda give you an insider glimpse using some of my own genetic data as walls, a conversation with one of the guys who I think is probably on the most cutting as of genetic testing and genetic interpretation to kind of teach you how this goes way beyond what you might get from like the twenty three and me. Your, your P might smell like a spiritus or you have a high risk of a Yuna brow, or like the ancestry information that might show that you, you know, your, your mix of whatever sub Saharan Africa and southeast Asian northern European and a lot of can be useful. But to get really, really useful information on things that can help you out with your sleep, your function, your neurotransmitters, even your life span or your brain health. Yep. Stick, a deeper dive, you have to look at a lot more of these so-called snips. And that's what my guests on today's podcast kind of specialize in his name is Dr monsoonal Muhammad. And he has a very impressive background in the field of genetics. He not only studied genetics at university level, as well as doing postdoctoral studies in syto genetics. He's the president of a company called the DNA company, which does functional genomic testing and consulting. And even does like individualize supplementation programs based on your genetic profile, but he's also widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of medical genomics. He was the founder and president of a company called Monning. He was the CEO of combinator tricks, which was a NASDAQ traded company in diagnostic genomic, micro arrays. He was the director of genomics at Quest Diagnostics, which you may have heard of. Before the world's largest reference laboratory. It's like has a market capitalization. I think over ten billion dollars in and he was their director of genomics there. I was also the director of research at spectral genomics, which was one of the industry's first commercial genomic, micro, microwave, developers. So is done a lot. And he's probably seen Morgan gene reports than just about anybody. I know. So Dr Mosser, welcome to the showman. It's an honor having. Yeah. And you're, you're up in Canada, right? Yes. We are it in. But yes, we. Which are over there, Toronto east coast, so we Toronto. But honestly speaking, I wouldn't trade it for anything else, I do Mr. sons that it's all city. Also research, awesome people. One of my buddies has a restaurant over in Toronto. It's supposed to be amazing. I haven't bad. It's supposed to go there last time that I wound up going over to that controversial ameet restaurant, where the guy carved the deer in the window in front of a bunch of protesting vegans, I forget the name of the guy. I went to my friend, Ben colty who's, like a former bodybuilder and we just punished a huge amount of meat. Forget, it's like this big carnival restaurant. The guy was on the Joe Rogan show all over member, the name of it here in a second. Yes. Like this controversial meat restaurant in Toronto, antler, antler kitchen. Embarked, you heard that one Nov not honestly, Ben. I don't get out too much when it comes to restaurants there. Okay. But the other the. Other one is owned by one of my buddies, Alan Odori as called parallel brothers. And apparently, they a bunch of molecular gastronomy, and bunch of super super healthy, tasty foods now on my bucket list, too. So there you have it as long as based on our discussion today. My jeans allow me to go there. I don't know got find out so we'll dive into that. So you guys you guys do some very interesting tests, the DNA company, and I'm curious, just first of all, why is it that like one test might vary from company to company wise, twenty three and me different from say, maybe ancestry different from say, you know, you how do we kind of interpret the difference between all these different genetic tests, excellent question. So most folks, when we think of genetic testing, we think of snips, these things that you referred to earlier, single ducal, type films and slips definitely sympathy. Most important contributors to a person's genetic variations. So number one, yes, we need to snips, however snips arts. Only variability to human genome, there, other genetic phenomena things like copying variation. See vs, where it's not about, you know, will be called spelling differences, which is the analogy of snips, but copping variations where whole paragraphs of your genome ick manual can be missing, duplicated, so that's another major one. So when you think of looking at genetic test, that's gonna give you the fullness of variability, important variable, something that we probably talk about later in the Butkus, which is what type of Erie ability really looking for as you noted earlier. Do we really wanna find that? We've got a univer- say go look in the mirror. If you want to find out if you've got a universal. Right. So so snips. We need to look at that we need to look at C N vs. We need to look in dolls if it's not the whole paragraph that is missing by the, by that analogy parts of the paragraph might be missing. So to summarize when a person when a consumer wants to consider a genetic test is being full they need. To understand that the variations that impact the human genome are beyond steps are important will go look at these other phenomena. Okay. That's the first thing, the second thing is it gets a little technical of technical detail. So we'll, we'll be good understand, how do lobs. Go about testing snips to stick with the sniffs for the time being you. See you genes can be looked. Let's say your jeans or the individual instructions the individual paragraphs in your operating manual. Okay. And within that paragraph. We all have we all should have two copies of any given power graph because of course, the miracle the awesome miracle of the human genome, is that it is deployed, we have two copies of the operating manual, you know, when you think of any coup piece of Gaza tree that you buy you only expecting to get one manual with it. You know, you're not gonna expect to have to almost identical copies of the manual yet with the human being. We've got to all. Most identical copies of the human manual any given time any paragraph, and he discreet instruction. And he discreet gene, that is going to be expressed the body, the cells gonna take a look at those two copies of the gene, one for mom, one from dad and make a determination as to which if the two copies, you'll sell is going to express their some basic phenomena defines. Are you going to express mums copy of gene Dodds copy of the gene, all you're going to express both of them and have a hybrid outcome? No. Of course snips come into play in than they are these spelling variations in the two copies the to power graphs. Okay. We'll when we go about testing snips at the laboratory level. What we're doing. We've gotta find a way to quote unquote, read the paragraphs and look for these variations will differs at a laboratory level is how many paragraphs is a test designed to query side. Simultaneously? He see some tests, the tested we for example, Dina company that we design we look at fewer paragraphs at any given Poynton time, because y the mole paragraphs that you simultaneously, try to query simultaneously. Try to look for these spelling errors the greater risk, there is that one paragraph starts to look like another, and we can get some cross talk we can get some full symphony, we can get some full negatives false positives in regard to the sniff that we're looking for. So now to summarize the technology for determining detecting these spelling differences. These snips is amazing across the board really slips there machineries that you can buy, you can run this garage. If you really wanted to, and you can be pretty confident in the results, you're getting, that's not the issue the issue here. Ben is the design of the test. How many genes are you looking at simultaneous? How many paragraphs in this twenty two thousand gene, manual? Are you attempting to query simultaneously keeping in mind that the more that you query simultaneously? There's a greater chance of our. So I think that's where it comes in. It comes into the design of the test the size of what you're looking for not not to say anything, the functional relevance of what you're looking for that. We'll talk about later on. Maybe. And then, of course, all you don't looking just spelling errors are you looking deletion errors are you looking at grammatical errors, these type of things that influence one test being different from another two? So when you say query simultaneously, d, you mean for example, if, if you're looking at one specific gene, rather than interpreting that gene in isolation. Actually interpreting it in terms of how it might interact with the other genes, so by query here we was speaking of the initial phys. Ical DA platform the PC, our platform of that, gene. So when you refer to query as interpretation that comes later, what I was referring to you. See there's an actual, molecular reaction think of attested think of that test, you having your DNA, DNA sample, an all going to do in that one test tube is, I'm going to go in using technology that will find one gene one predetermined Jean Anne. I'm going to ask on their any variations in that one predetermined, gene in your entire manual verses that I can take test you with your DNA all if your DNA and I can run in parallel. I can run a query. I can determine the sequence in the presence of irradiation's. Not just one, gene. I can do it for five genes, simultaneously twenty gene simultaneously. That's what I was referring to the more the number of genes. You try to scan. Looking variations simultaneously, which of course, depends on the platform that you using that's we start to enter the risk of false, positive false negative results. That's the level of what I referred to as querying at the actual platform level. And then later on depending on the genes that you studied than what you refer to becomes even more important. Which genes, did you study? What is the impact of these genes, and how do the interact? And how do they determine each other's expression, each other's outcomes? So they're two completely different phenomena. Okay. Got it. So, so after you've gotten your hands on the saliva, and you've done this, like simultaneous wearing of jeans whatever's next. So at that point, adopt point you now need to create. He need to say this is the logic flow that should happen, whether it happens in every touched or not of doesn't wanna comment that I'll make which should happen is this. You should go into a test a now. Get a little into designing a test at the end of the day. What are we doing this genetic testing full bend because really, you know, physiologically we almost don't care about jeans. You know, there's a pretty bold statement because physio logically, what do we want to determine we wanted to Termine, or those cells working? What is the outcome? What is the manifestation in the person? That's ultimately all we care about now. Office -ly cellular function, the person that you're dealing with deficiencies Optum abilities as the case may be do harken back to their particular version of genes. So when you design the test a really well, designed test should be one that says, what is the cellular function, that I'm going to be studying, what is that pathway 'cause the human body does not work based on individual genes, beaten, to their own rhythm, the human body works on an Olsen. Ole Castro Marston piece of many genes working in cascades, to get the various cellular functions. Done. So when you design a good test, what you should really designing this, you should say, what is the cellular function. What is the pathway? What is that system in the body that I wanna study can, let's map that out, independent of genetics that just say, what are the things that influence, vascular endothelial function, for example, huge contributor to vascular and cardiovascular disease? What are the mechanisms what are the cell, the processes that keep the lining of blood vessels healthy or not? We put that on a whiteboard nothing to genetics. We, we map out the players. We map out the in the processes, and then we begin to pencil in the genes that influence the ultimate outcome. Now, what comes out of that? When if you approach you genetic testing this way is the genes that you test for per the design that we just discussed those results now tell a story. So when you are. The, the question. What do you do when you've gotten your DNA infamous ally for you've tested it, the unsecure precedent is what did you ask of the DNA in the first place? Did you ask the DNA intelligent questions weaning intelligence judicious choice of genes? Did you just have shotgun approach just say, let's go query five hundred genes and see what comes out of it? This then Ben becomes a major differentiator in the test the results, the that you're gonna get winning. Choose Alaba to you, not looking at just a one snip that says, oh, you have whatever twenty percent increase risk of cardiovascular disease. You're looking at multiple snips that affect the entire. The entire cascade of events that could influence risk for cardiovascular disease. Exactly. And you're doing it. You taking that cascade in a meaningful that the total is greater than some of the parts. Do you, are you open bend to jump into some results that we can take this very point and highlight something? Yeah. I think that using actual results and examples will help people wrap their heads around this a little better. So, so let's do that. And by the way, what I'll do. I've got the show notes all available for people at Ben greenfield fitness dot com slash DNA podcast. That's been greenfield finished dot com slash DNA podcast. If you go over there, you, can, if you want to pull up my own DNA results, unless you're an insurance company, or you're an employer in which case keep your thirty thirty hands off of my results. Other than that, you can go grab my results and follow along. If you wanna see what wouldn't actual results print out. Looks like from the DNA company and some of the stuff that I must soaring are gonna talk about today. So, yeah, that being said, go ahead and jump in wherever you want to jump in and Ben a you comfortably Tulane drills. I mean, I guess they're not quite little anymore, but reverent Tyronn a you come still at us doing compare and contrast between them. Yeah. For for sure. Because you tested both me and my boy, so. Absently. Absolutely. And they're definitely daddy's boys. So let's do this. Let's just let's just stuck not for a moment and say, okay, I wanted design something that would be informative about the cardiovascular function, the players, the contributors to overall, cardiovascular health individual and so, often, you we'll see report that has, you know, meaningful genetic information. But it comes with this, gene gives you a thirty percent increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. This gene gives you a forty percent increase risk of, you know. Eighth something else have called, you vastly relevant know what in the world that mean in any event. If I tell you, if I told you a gene results, confers a thirty percent, increased risk of Vasco disease. What does that actually mean to you? How do you process that? Does it mean that if you lived three lifetimes, at least one of those lifetimes, you'd have a cardiovascular events? Does it mean that if I put you amongst one hundred people, you'd be in the top thirty what does it mean when I tell you a gene, confers aging one gene confers some percent risk of something when you really take a look at it functionally, it has very little, meaning until you understand what is that gene doing, what is the variation in, gene? That is per to baiting, the responsibility, the job of the gene. So now let's step back. Intelligent testing should start as we said with looking at the overall function pencilling in jeans that players every time you pencil in the gene in your test, you should be asking. Is the function of this? Gene know what does it contribute to in the soliloquy wears of playing number one number two? Do we know that? Do we know that, that function is well, the stubbed human studies that it has the same function across multiple ethnicities, a major point of misinformation that is out there, so many genes than with particular job that is to be done by that? Gene, a version of Jean what we would call the Lille particular version, it particular version of the snip, that might that might be the finding the Lille, if that gene can have one outcome in one ethnishity, and the same version of that gene can have diametrically opposite outcome in a different ethnicity. So just putting that just we'll come back and we'll stick together these important points. But I wanna start highlighting where people have been when we take over. Simplistic view of genetic analyses. How misleading the end outcome can be okay. So we come back. No, we take a look at cardiovascular disease and what we want to be able to do this. We wanna say which genes contribute to that cardio that vascular function. Do we know what the job of Gina's do we know that, if there is a variation in that, gene, slip, and indulge, in V as all the three things we spoke of earlier, will that variation truly impact the job that gene was supposed to do which brings us another point, not just because there's a reation, gene? It doesn't mean that, that variation necessarily impacts the function of the gene, so testing for every variation without knowing whether the variation actually has a meaningful outcome. A meaningful change to the. Peration of the cell is really just data for data sake without any real functional outcomes. So we've got again, all of these low points, we've got to become incentive. Let's go to cardiovascular function, this just here's an example of what we call a story board on. I'm going to quickly summarize, the Ben greenfield story board for cardiovascular in, by the way, I got two different reports from you guys. I got his genome pulse report. I got call the hormone pulse report, which when we're looking now we're looking at the genome pulse report for the time being okay. But, but by the way, a person's hormonal status of which Ben forgive me, but you've got the genes of the gods as they say. So when everyone out there, yes, it's true Benz homeowner steroidal. How Ben greenfield makes and processes his progesterone is to stall stone, his DHT dihydrotestosterone is just about perfect, so, yeah, yeah, no, it really isn't. I'm not trying to be physique. It really is. And we'll talk about later. But let's focus in the genome pulse for the time being. Here's what. Dear because apparently get away with that. So keep talking you're right back. So here's how it goes, thus Californian. When we tell the Dusko function, which hokum at how those blood vessels living up to and withstanding, the wear and tear of every living breathing weaking sleeping moment of life. Let's take a look at the vascular. And what are the cells that are getting the most punishment, so to speak, the cells that lying the vascular known as the vascular endothelium? Those are the cells that line, the inside of the vessels. Now why those cells important because think about it at every given moment in time, those lining cells are subjected to whatever is dissolved in your blood and dissolved in your blood. We mean literally when you swing your left foot, right? Foot off the bed this morning. When you got up, whichever side of the bed that you're on the quantity, that which is present in your blood, visiting metabolites, visiting toxins, visiting, whatever it might be is different. First thing in the morning. Ofter. You've had breakfast off, you hit the big city off new Sutton, always traffic because ofter later in the day, you'll blood represents all the things that were either through dietary intake through breathing through touching things all of these things enter into your bloodstream and to the degree that the things in the bloodstream are inflammatory they've inflammatory properties, those poll, endothelial cells. The pole cells that line, the blood vessels are taking pounding. So one of the first things we need to ask from this will be call genomic storyboarding from this intelligent approach is we're going to simply say, Ableson are any genetic on the lining contributors to the resilience how, how resistant or how sensitive, the corollary are the cells that line. The blood vessel. Is there such a thing? And when we look at it, there is such a thing, some amazing research. Over the last twenty plus years have shown that there are couple of genetic markers on chromosome nine. They're known as the nine p two one markers. Notice. I said, moccasins jeans. These aren't quite jeans there, John did, gene sick their DNA sequences within, which there are these markers that have been found to be correlated to how resilient is the lining of fuel blood vessel. I like to call this your Teflon coating index and see, we want, we want the lining fell that vessels, too tough coated. We wanted to be none stick. We wanted to be resilient except some of us are born with a Teflon coating that is, we might call it the Dulles stove version of the frying pan. Some of us aboard with the Williams Sonoma. Toughline coated. Fine. We've got a really resilient lining, the blood vessels these nine P to when markers, Ben were so important when they were discovered the first publications referred to them. As the heart of the human genome. Now let's go with this. There are two nine P two one markers to them, many others that study, but these two really important each shift those nine P to when markers you have two copies one from one from that. So we've got to nine p two on markers. Each two copies. We've got full copies of these nine P two one markers that we're gonna be looking at now here's how it goes. Each of those copies can come in either aver and Colby, a eleo AG version g Lille so that any given human being anyone choose chosen at them might have full as era. Geez. Another person might have to as to Jesus soon, and so forth. And then we have some individuals with zero as four Gs and here's the important for these two markers in that region. If your genome, the move the number of geez you have from zero to four. The less resilient speaking plainly, and simply, but that's functionally, what happens ba- less resilient is the endothelial lining. You see the guys who have full. Geez. All four of their markers for these nine Patou one, low side are jeez. The endothelium the vascular endothelial will be more sensitive to inflammatory markers in the bloodstream while Ben, that's one of the few negative things we found potentially negative things that we found in your profile because, as you can see you and you'll angels, you all have full jeeze. Isn't it? Into all both you and your boys at these two super important markers. That what do they do? They influence they contribute to just how sensitive is the lining of you'll end the feely your, vascular endothelial, which means to the degree that we know that it sensitive or resilience, is the degree to which if and when things are present in the bloodstream that would have been inflammatory, those vegetable oil derivatives, those toxins that piggybacking on the foods that we eat over the polycyclic, aromatic hydrocarbons from cigarette smoke or the VOC's volatile compounds from all of the things that we deal with an on modern buildings and so on and so forth K when these chemic- end or cellular metabolites enter into the bloodstream depending on lifestyle choices and those things those chemicals, some of them, impart in Flemington. Consequences unto the lining of the opposite. A now we have a I differentiate her we can say the guys and gals who have full jeez. Their vascular lining Cantera as much a punishment as the guys and gals lucky enough to have zero. Geez. All as putting some statistics to this been you and your boys, then belong to about we estimate less than ten percent of the human population will have full jeez, across these two markers. Okay. Well does that mean that Ben is going to be faced with Vasco disease? No, but it does mean that Ben right off the bat needs to know that he wants to take steps to protect that vascular lining more than the other Joe who was smoking since he was fifteen drinking cog knock. And than here he is the George Burns affect, like I like to call it at eighty something still smoking still drinking and his. Vessels. Probably looked like a twenty year old. He's very unlike some of these healthy despite their genetics not, or or I guess I should say, someone who's healthy because of their genetics not because of their their lifestyle. They had that AA copy of the nine p twenty one that would be like the person in the whatever the hundred and ten year old French grandma's smoked a cigarette and, and a me abyss Coty and a croissant every day, and yet, she's got no, coronary artery disease risk of schemic stroke. And here's something really cool. But, you know, when we talk about high vegetable, of course, we can all benefit from health at increased consumption. Let me be very careful. I wanna actually be as accurate as I can possibly be most of us can benefit from increase in good. Quality, vegetable matter, and we've all seen the studies that sometime say while a glass of red wine a week also be beneficial studies. They come in. They go sometimes another study comes out that negates is these associations. Here's an important phenomena. Do you know that, that the association of improved endothelial function, the very cells? The we're talking about with the consumption of increased vegetable matter. It seems like those the people that, that have improved skill of function with increased vegetable matter that appears to be much more. So for the people with zero Gs. He's in other words, the folks who have increased number of jeez, which is not to say they shouldn't have vegetable matter in their diets. But the protective effect of whatever all of the wonderful things that increased vegetable consumption, and all of the studies that show that it is called you, vascular protective they benefit less from vegetable intake, which is not to say they shouldn't have it, but they benefit less than the full G carriers than the folks with zero geez. You know, the studies show that red wine consumption has certain pro Sutin beneficial vascular. Associations. It turns out that the folks who benefits from red wine, than the, the, the resveratrol on all of the goodies in that are also the folks with zero, Gs not to say that the folks, jeez couldn't benefit from those things. 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It's a little stretch we, we can stop coloring, just how much of an additive benefit these purply, beneficial things are vegetable consumption red wine, which will, again, I want to stress, as they can be beneficial across the board to make the leap that you did. Which is which is a sound logical one. We need to look at other contributing pathways, which will to shortly. Okay. All right. So we start off the story board. We said, hey, listen, if we're gonna look Invesco health, we go to start with will the player to tells you how strong how resilience is the lightning if you've sculpture. No. Why did we go down the path? We went on that path for the next point, which is what would be the things in the bloodstream that would have oh, could have caused inflammation in the first place. We just said how resilient you are to those inflammatory things. But now let's Oscar different question. Additive question a logical next step. Let's say let's ask. How is the body keeping the blood supply? How healthy is the buddy? How good how efficient is the body at monitoring the quantity of that blood supply, because, of course, what is in the blood will be the things, as we mentioned earlier, that would inflame the lining. So here's what we're gonna do. We're going to say, well, listen. The most important vascular endothelial disruptive things are, and we could all list them all of these chemicals and by products that we are becoming more aware of whether it be cigarette smoking, Ben so many folks, when I speak to patients, I have to remind him that smokers are more likely to die from vascular disease than lung disease. We all think that we all can associate with smoking lung disease. But here's the point the lining, feel lung the allies lining, and the lining fuel guts, are designed to take much more fa- pounding much more for beating than the lining of your blood vessels. The lining the lung. The lining of the guts, has Miko Selena microbial lining that protects the biologic cellular lining, which is not present in the vascular lining. So we're going to say if a person depending on. Environment lifestyle and diets. If certain things are getting into the bloodstream that are pro inflammatory, toxic oxidative, causing how good then is the body of dealing with those things so that they would be neutralized. Conversely, if they're not neutralized, if they've not metabolize and fleshed out and God forbid, you still have a full, g a more sensitive liming now were building up momentum to sing this person has to watch out, and if the most important of such phenomena, Ben is just gonna ask how good are your detox jeans and this is not pie in the sky, detox gonna go on a detox diet? This is the bonified Patrick liver function, that your blood, your blood is constantly flowing through your liver, and through the liver enzymes, and deliver as you know, well, are metabolising neutralizing toxins? Byproducts Fum, sujects, and so on and so forth. One of the may jumps if the liver and one of the major genetic pathways, Ben one of the first I. Azmat path with the body it, it's the pathway that neutralizes gets rid of toxins in the bloodstream is known as your glutathione transfers pathway. So glue to find Nuys ation is the selling the process that neutralizes belongs realist- of toxins that you can think of think of something that is toxic and old chances are it's going to be neutralized removed from the body via Gupta, finalization, which is not to say that, it's the only detox pathway, but it is certainly one of the most important. So if glue to fine is Asian is the pathway that is going to remove toxins from the blood or one of the major pathways, and if set toxins would have been the very things to inflame the lining of the and, of course, we've determined whether someone's zero g three g four g to g we've gotta ask, how good is your glue to fine ising pasta? So that's when Ben we jump over two seemingly unrelated part of your report departure fee report, the Tokes about detox what we find. Is this a remarkable phenomena, isn't it? He say we started off this very discussion saying. For the vast majority of genes fast majority of genes, we're going to expect to have two copies one for mom, one from God. But for some really important genes, for reasons still baffled, scientists, some people may not have two copies of a given, gene. They might have they might not have inherited that, gene, from the only inherited from DOD or vice versa. And my goodness, Ben there. Sometimes jeans were you didn't inherited from either parent. No, of course. Let's stop for momentary. If you did not inherit a gene, if that instruction if that paragraph of which you should have two copies isn't there, period. It's not even they're choking about snips in that gene is completely irrelevant. Because the gene, isn't there more than that been talking about epigenetics of gene is further irrelevant. You see people get really caught up in, you know, let's change our jeans. That's one of the, you know, blood pressure, rising statements. We don't change our genes. We might be able to alter the. Expression afar. Jing's. That's genetics. But by God, if you don't have the gene, in the first place, there is nothing to alter. No, when we look at you GST genes, we found US Pacific -ly Ben. We found something interesting. He see because the phenomena of detox viable to find is Asian is so incredibly important, the good Lord what have you believe in didn't design us with just one? Gene, responsible for something. So awesome important detox. So what do we have we've got several GST genes that are essentially duplicates if each other that a place in different parts of the genome doing the same job just in case something happens to one copy of those genes, we've got backups? So there are three three particularly important G S T jeans. Each of these genes, essentially identical essentially they're placed in different parts of your genome in different volumes. A few genome different chromosomes. If your genome. And they're going to responsible when toxins show up in your bloodstream to get rid of them, keep in mind on going to expect that I should have two copies of each of these genes now as much as we said that each of these genes are almost identical their order of preference, the order in which when toxin shows up in the blood, these genes are expressed. In other words, the priority with which they do the job of cleaning up detoxifying, a cell level study suggests that they're slightly different. So study suggested the big brother big sister of this tried is the G. S T T one. Each member's gonna have the prefix G, S T. And then each of the members will printed by the suffix t one for two one p one for pie. One m one ffom you one. So what are we going to do now is we're gonna say, all right? Let's go check for the. G S, T T one, gene in Ben. We wanna see two copies because that's the gene, that is going to be one of the major players in keeping Benz blood free of toxins shock, since that you could name anything on the laundry, lists. Why are we? So, so why do we want this information so badly because we've predetermined Benz vascular lining is a bit more sensitive than we would like. So we go looking for Ben's T one, gene, the gist TT one, gene is on chromosome, twenty two Volvo. You m- twenty to the twenty three volume and Cyclope dick sets of which we have two copies of that encyclopedia. So we pulled the volume twenty two from that you inherited from your beautiful. Mum, we pull the volume twenty two from your dad K relooking, the page about volume that should have had the gist TT one, gene. And we found something interesting been we found. That you only inherited the gist T one, gene from one of your parents and the other Ben greenfield has one not two, one copy of this, gene. And just so that, you know, Ben the expression level of this, gene is direct directly correlates to the number of copies. Simply stated, you Ben and there I say Ben yours truly myself as well. I have one copy, we both produce fifty percent less of this important detoxifying enzyme GST one than the lucky gals and guys with two copies of you take that to the Bank now that you just do a quick little statistics check so that we don't feel too badly about ourselves it turns out, Ben is that it is estimated somewhere around sixty percent depending on certain ethnic drifts about sixty percents of the. Human population has one copy of this, gene. So, in other words, having one copy still gives us enough detox activity for the run confide will toxic exposure, of course, the guys and gals at his estimated that somewhere between twenty and twenty five percent has have two copies. Those of the lucky buggers those of the guys who can detoxify and keep removing toxins when the enter into the bloodstream far faster and more efficiently than you and I about twenty to twenty five percents of the human population has two copies. Okay. So we weren't average. We are in the sixty percents that has only one copy. Okay. This means remember keeping an eye on that full g phenomena. So we're saying, listen. Salone says, Ben has a mood come of healthy environmental practices dietary practices lifestyle practices Salaam says he's not exceeding. His toxic threshold starting with this one, gene. You know, he's not doing two bodies average. Well, hold on. Remember there three of these guys each of them? How ping acting as backups one to the other. So let's go to the other all important. G S, T M, one, the sister of the T one, and that's on your in your first volume chromosome one, the first volume of your manual is where the G M one is keeping in mind that it's almost duplicate of the T one, but it access a backup. So we go looking now in Ben's to volume ones on the page would have had the t m one, gene k we open mums volume twenty one volume one loops bend did not inherit the gist. He m one gene from his mum. We open dad's volume one to see he got the gist, m one from dud, loom, behold. It's not. They're on either of the copies. Ben greenfield does not have the he m one gene at all there. So then stuffer woman Benton, keep in mind, it means you'll entire paragraph. The paragraph that was that gene, minimally. It's just not there at all this. We're beyond slips it. There's no snip to be spoken of in Ben greenfield for this, gene, because he doesn't have the gene, period. But then yours truly as well does not have the gene, Ben, sixty to seventy percents of human beings. Notice we said, sixty percent of human beings. Have one copy of the T one sixty seventy percent have zero copies of 'em. Wanna tells us something important it tells us the m one even though it is up civically important detox. Gene, can be lost. With a pump in a large portion of the human population, assuming they at least have the T one. All right. So keep that in mind. The m one in other words, most studies suggest the m one is a backup, we can lose its with less consequence Salunke says the other functionality of detox working. So what does this mean means the Ben greenfield with one copy of the T one zero copies of 'em one? Heck we would have at least liked one copy of the one, you know what one Cup of tea one zero copies of m one puts you at scraping, the bottom of average Yuan. Have thus far what we call just about average low to average glutathione detox capacity. So you and I have to be. Down much more cognizant of our environmental choices on dietary choices. Whatever is going to enter any to our bloodstream, the laundry lists of toxins that needed to be cleared viable to find is Asian. You and I need to be that much more wary about it. And why is it even more important to you, because we're keeping an eye on the sensitivity of your vascular memory, you'll you'll line endothelial lining the final player here to speed up. The gist teepee one is the final member of this triad that we look at and every human being the we can tell has two copies. You me everyone else. So we do have two copies. So now we've got two copies slips are going to be important are their spelling variations to copies of the P one party, one member of this family that contributes to its efficiency, it's up to mobility and the answer. Yes. Simply stated Ben you've got two copies of the P one. And both the fuel copies are the up to Malaysians. So now that puts you a little above average Ziv got one copy of T, one zero copies of m one two good copies of p one Ben greenfield bending field through the mechanism of gluteus fine is Asian is just the looking above average, in his ability to clear things from the bodies nothing to win a gold medal here for detox. But Salonga Sassi's moderately a little bit more in tune than others key should be okay. And remember that super impulse tint, considering the full g status of fuel line. Now let's just quickly close on this Ben, let's quickly look at you'll angels. This is why the father also mean my God, your voice must be tickled pink, having Dodd like Ben to, to watch out for them to train them into. Educate them, because here's what's important than booth. Hewlett lane Joes river intern both have the full g status. Okay. So they're vascular. Endothelial. You know, just by the way, that's how they're born. The flung coaching is quite the robusta Flynn poaching that we might otherwise have light fair enough. But Hughes, we had gets really important for riverine Terron versus Ben. He c- riverine Terron. They are completely deleted for the all important, g s t t one, the t one Ben that you have one copy of that, at least you have one copy of the big the big player in detox pathway river and Terron have zero copies of peace, so you see river Taryn in from their youth. Not thing you know schizophrenic over it. But from the youth Ben, you need to be the dad that informs him. You know, hey, got his dad's gonna treat. You dotted mama going to encourage you train. You and engender in you the best lifestyle practices and vine mental practices. Ben, you know, you and your noble wife artificial. Erie fresheners shouldn't be thing. Commonplace in your home. Those toxic bump cleaning, detergents shouldn't be there, especially for your boys. Because those things those awful refreshments. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile compounds, when they enter into the body of your boys be through the bronchial alvie ally, the lung be through the GI truck beef through dermal touching when those toxins, enter into their bloodstream river and terrorism are at a reduced efficiency notably reduced deficiency in their ability to glue to thion is neutralize and get rid of those toxins from the bloodstream had possibly through the liver then through the kidney out through the butter and urine. And because they are en- the feely four g you can see now the one two punch that we've gotta to watch out for you. Need to be the Dodd that says, hey, river Taryn? Listen, I know you guys are going to be teenagers in university Gore's one day. But you know what sons don't be the guys that are smokers. I knew your buddies might try it out before, you, you gotta understand that you've really just onto quip to handle that mic. Some of the has might have jeans kid now know, in a situation like this for myself, do you make targeted supplementation recommendations as well. I mean, I know that, that your company's associated with UTN's that does like customize supplement packages, based on your genetics with his situation where you'd say, like okay, we're gonna include some kind of Gouda thion, superoxide, dismutase support or something like that. Brilliant. An answer is yes. But I must I must a must probably that by saying that in the little that I know a few ended have seen the also just holistic approach that you bring to health, which is why you are who you are. We always stress bend that we want the most that we can get from whole foods. Nothing compares to that up to diet the way in which compounds with a to be individually isolated. I e through micronutrient supplements versus those same compounds amidst, the complexity of wholefood other compounds at work synergistically sewn in civil, so the first point to your to the first answer to your point is this Rian courage up to mull, wholefood eating good whole Tristesse foods. So, by the way, for the very concept of someone with poorer Gutu fi function, which hawking about the awesome nature of the. Ingredients and Christopher's veggies. Those Safai scientists those sulfurophane 's Sistine containing foods and seato Sistine containing foods way, the way fraction of a good grasp the way fraction of the milk of a good grasp animal Chuck full of the precursors of the things that improve Guth Afyon is Asian a little quick here. You're looking at looking at a lot of this Arden erupt, you know, look into full picture of a lot of this. I did notice on my results for my I believe it was the metabolism section of the report, increase risk for lactose intolerant. So when you're making recommendation like that, you know, for Bernie dairy type of food, you kinda couch it in light of other related snips related to dietary factors, one hundred percents. And when we speak, your speaking of the MC six gene, then that you carry the G A Lille, which is a societas with lower lactase production, again, one minute of diving deep, let's get geeky for a little while here for that MCI. We back around first and foremost that Jia Lille that legal that is associated with lactose intolerance because it's a societas with adults. You know, as you post weaning reduction in lactose production is up zero benefit in. Vigils of sub Saharan ethnicity. So here's an example, if you're someone of sub Saharan, ethnicity. And of course, with the beautiful display of a modern world, these individuals can be they were in the world, and you, gene result, and you go on my goodness. I got the, the MAC tos intolerant. No that Jia Leland lactose intolerance was associated in the cocaine Asian western European Caucasian population eight is not associated with lactose intolerance in certain ethnicities, including the sub Saharan population. But for you, there is that association. Okay, fine. Another point here this, gene, the Geely, which is associated with lactose intolerance at its bandied about, so now we've just heard something that says, listen, you just can't bandy about that GIO and tell someone there lactose intolerance on Ness, you know, the ethnicity. Number one, number two that Geely this ado, it confers post renaming a reduced lactase production. And here's the point notice I said, post weaning you see, for individuals have the g Lille that is the risk. It's the predisposition. Yes. To lactose lactase reduction, if post leaning the culture, their diet remained rich in dairy products for those individuals it was as though they never weaned for those individuals they can have the g Lille and still maintain oftentimes healthy levels of lactase. So this is a critically important. This is an EPA genetic phenomena, the just because you've got the deal does not mean that you absolutely lactose intolerant. You've got to look, did you know, to all number Shing mums milk, and then off to weaning is your culture was a culture replete with the use of yoga Tsen cheese and milk products. A milk, derived products? If the Unser is, yes, then lactase. Reduction it was though, you never weaned again bend awesomeness of seeing how superficial interpretation can be given versus a really deep dive. Okay. Sickly coming back to a little beautiful too. But I learned this from dear colleague, with mine, a brilliant Oxford. Scientists he showed that, you know, Ben back in the Victoria, era of England, the wealthy folks in London and other places of Victoria England. When it came around September, October, November, they couldn't be found in the cities, where would they be they would being these lodges in the Scottish highlands? And what would they doing the lodges of the Scottish highlands for weeks on end the actually be given they were feeding on way, fractions of these healthy? Grass fed sheep in other words, way back in Victoria, England the way from. Action. An absolutely as you pointed out, you do still have to have other parameters of the Scotsman lactose intolerance, milk protein, sensitivities, and so on, and so forth. But just two points out people's from a long time ago understood that they will whole food components that radically improve whether it'd be detox phenomenon other healthy things in life. Now, now to Unser the final part of your question regarding supplementation. If an only if and this is where I say, I am an advocate, what we do you trans while we try to do not promote supplementation, but rather reduce it reduced to only if and where it is necessary to educate the population, listen, just because something as a supplement just because it supposedly nut Tral does not mean that it's once in Yusen, fifty things under the kitchen sink in the sun. All at once think about Ben the humor. In body was not designed to respond cellular to the microfracture nation and condensation of sixty fifty micronutrients all at once. How does that work with the selling the functions in the body to succeed in rhythms of the body more often than not a body, the cells of body work, designed to handle Supra levels of micronutrients that have all sorts of gene expression consequences? So what we do uterus. Bent on to your question. More fully is we ask is there a Salima function is discernibly suboptimal dysfunctional? And are there judiciously certain micronutrients that might improve said, discreet, some of the function, and then those are the places we recommend custom formulate ingredients. So what could we do for individuals with reduced glutathione function will of? Here comes a really important point Ben that a lot of clinicians, get rungs, though, meaning conditions they would say to river Terron they would say, well river telling. You've got pull defy on function. Follow with me just one minute here. So what are we gonna do reading to recommend that you get these glutathione IV's that have become vogue, and let me make it clear. Guth a-a-and ivy's can have some Olsen properties for some individuals. But we've gotta understand something here that G S T one, gene, is that Ben in river a both missing. What is it is it the gene, that's making such too, because it's missing regale them Moga fi on and off, they go. They're happy. No. This is the gene, that is controlling the use of the gut's Afyon. It is catalytically binding glutathione to the toxin. So, in other words, what river Terron a missing is they're missing the controller. They're missing the guidance system. Choose Zun in Gutu fire on onto the target. That's what they're missing. So cipla. Pumping them Chuck full of glutathione Vairon Ivy is not the solution. In fact, would we give Ben will be to give river Tyron one too many IV's of, you know, smack into the serum smack into the bloodstream glutathione glutathione as you know, Ben is one of the most awesome? I it's tiny probably peptide is just three amino acid poly, peptide with massive cellular absorption capacity. It even gets into the mitral Qendra, because it's so small if you overdose someone to fire on for whom v control of the use of the gluteus firem-, isn't as up to mow, you can radically upset the re docks system of the might conjure. And then these folks, get good define ivy's where other folks go damn. That was the best thing since lice bread for rivers and Terence's of the world. They get one too many Ivy glued to fire shots. And they will feel like someone has pulled a rug from under them because the entire for derision of few hours, the whole might to control redux has been thrown off kilter. Do you get that bent to make a lot of sense? A good point for a lot of people. Just think more is better who find out, whatever they have low glued find status. They should go. Get intramuscular glued founder found IV or something like that. When, in fact, you know, Matt O'Connor might not be able to handle that. So very point. Okay. Cool. Okay. So now we stitch together, Ben, but we're gonna start speeding up here because again to the listeners out there, you know, the Greenfield's clearly part of Ben in mum, beautiful genomic profile were focused here in only that which is dysfunctional, but they're lots of other great things. So Ben, we've just stubbed endothelial sensitivity leered in intelligently. Look, we've only spoken of you know, five genetic mock. Cours this for two nine p to once for the field function, three of the GST's, yet, the sum total of the impact of what we're getting we're witnessing in actual physiologic manifestation, his huge. And this raises a really important point here Bennett. Even when it comes to genetics more is not necessarily better. You see Ben. We've got twenty two thousand genes in our library, if every single one of those genes were independently capable of being dysfunctional or not. And then nets worked into cellular systems. That would then further per to bait the dysfunctionality of any particular, gene. We wouldn't survive, then as a human species, if we had so many opportunities for dysfunction rather. Yes, we've got twenty two thousand genes. Yes. They've got these awesome important function cellular late. But we can really. Distill cellular dysfunction to some landmark things we're not looking for a thousand points of dysfunction. What can we distill this to Ben we can distill cellular dysfunction to some big ticket items? How good is that sell a detox defying itself? How good is that cell? And here's if you ever asked me, Ben, how good is that sell a controlling inflammation? He see. So now you can take big ticket items, and really create informed physiologic outcomes without having to look at hundreds and hundreds of genes at the same time, because we've established there is an increase susceptibility, the Vasco defeated, meaning an increase ability to inflammation. We've just established how good are you keeping down the things that would cause the inflammation. Now that switch gears very quickly other than talk, Susan the blood. Ben into the ones that you could think, yeah, boy, if those things were into blood, they would be really abrasive to mind, Teflon, coated blood vessels, what else other than the paint finger toxins. If present in the blood chronically elevated -ly would be inflammatory, what else while at the top of this, and, you know, this, Ben better than most at the top of this would be chronically elevated, a hyper glycaemic condition to the blood with the Kerala re and many people miss disppointed not you, but many most of us, we correctly focus on the dilitariness nature of chronic hyperglycemia due to poor glucose control, but we forget that chronic, hyper, in Salim ya. Secondary to hyperglycemia, but importantly, in the context of insulin resistance because of course, insulin resistance, is going to define the very phenomena, if the cells AFA body are resistant to the chaperone insulin, as you know, the chaperone of glucose to get it into the cells. If our cells were resistant to the signaling of insulin to get glucose into the files, what does the buddy have to do the buddy will come Pence eight by producing insulin? And now we've got an individual who's going along life going back. Yeah. My hemoglobin onc- is good. My fasting glucose is good. And what they're not realizing is a they're looking at this seat, peptide results or even an insolent challenge. Test results what they're not realizing they're going about life with chronically elevated blood insulin levels, and. That is a number contributor to inflammation of the vascular lining. Now, Ben, why am I talking about that because this is going to be your triangulation of all of the things in the limited jeans limited genes that we looked at full, you your triangulation of concern is precisely you'll fall Jeanine peachy on stocks this on what that confers, you'll just above scraping button barrel. Detox moso for your boys and the third component is we looked at this all important. T C F, seven l two gene tomorrow, Charlie Frank seven laughter to this, gene. Ben has become the poster child in the type two diabetic world in K. It seems that the gene controls what is known as an insult, tropic hormone GOP one. It seems the GOP one. One is the thing that is produced in the guts, when we ingest called and glucose rich foods and through a cascade reaction, the activity of the TC seven L, two, gene affects two things. A it literally effects deficiency of insulin. Release in the early post produce and actually Prindiville phase, it's affecting insulin release, but remarkably in the postprandial phase this gene is involved in insulin resistance now this, gene, we all have two copies of it. It comes there is a snip this one has a snippet that is informative. The sniff comes in two versions a g version. Gee isn't George achievers, teas and Thursday. The t version of the gene dilatoriness at some up. And by the way, Ben hit comes another phenomena. Yes, we've got. Copies of the gene, but sometimes one of those two copies, depending on. What's there in the human population is as you well know what we call dominant? Meaning whatever that one copy. That is dominant. It doesn't matter what the other version the other second that you got from the moment that is because that one copy is dominance. No remarkably Ben the T version of this, gene, which is sub optimal, which confers sub up to response to dietary glucose in a by phase manner a because it confers sub-optimal Prindiville and post-prandial insulin release as well as secondarily in paradoxically will not power sickly, but, but importantly it further than confers insulin resistance. So then you start seeing post-prandial spike in insulin more than you would have light in these individuals. The TV to the suboptimal is dominant. So hold on, whether you are t home at which you Aubin both fuel, you'll TC, two genes you carry the T Lille, by the way you boys are hetero. It's they are GT's. They obviously than got the g from the t from you. But even though there had to resign but they're still going to behave more like you because they're key Lille which is suboptimal also happens to be dominant. Now, Ben, this might and of course, this opens up a whole different discussion. But when you take a look at this, gene, that is actually now it confers, the single highest genetic association with type two diabetes second insulin resistance in pole insulin, control, the single simpleton, gene, which is remarkable, for something as police Nick something type two. Diabetes that absolutely has multiple genes, contributing to the end outcome. This is the leader of the pack that the sub optimal version is dominant starts in full, MRs had been as to what may be full fathers were designed to each, it stops to inform us that maybe we weren't quite as design for high process sugar, high, low, you know, hiring, simple Cobb meals because if ofter all the sub optimal version, if the gene has done nint-. It's so tells us something isn't it now the point here, Ben is your home not you'll boys are hetero. Which means the Ben in the context of a high Cobb diet free either you or your boys. You are to greater risk of insulin dysfunction, which can create a pro a non-toxic Pearl. Inflammatory condition environments of the blood, which would further per to Bates, that delicate lining that full g lining of your vascular endothelial, I'm gonna pose there, Ben because, now what we've just done is, we've taken three disparage us spects of cellular function, and defeat Leo quantity. Detox capacity insulin productivity and function in response to diet, a nickel awesome story functional logical cascade that we've been able to formulate this make sense to you, Ben. It's very interesting in that I would need to, for example, prioritize taking care of my vascular function, prioritize mitigation of some elements of carbohydrate intake and also s pay close attention glutathione status. It's very interesting. There are some things on here that I already knew, like, you know, like. The poor vitamin d availability that's reflected on their support us report. The CC copy. That's or not the CC copy, the G G copy of the CYP, our gene associated with, with sub optimal activation of vitamin d and few others, but I, I know we're getting a little bit long in the two. So I, I, I wanted to quickly ask you also because what you've been talking about this genome pulse report. Obviously there's a ton. We could go into on this, but you guys also do the hormone pulse report. And I was wondering if you just give me a quick overview of what that is, and how it's different in any primary takeaways from that just before we leave them because I do know that your you'll work on the rhythms of the body is so incredibly Alzoman, the things that you advocate have just been under the money, just MC show, the Benue you recognize that both you and your boys. Are you carry the Hetz reside? And therefore. Sub-optimal. Predisposition. Fulbe D And F. Production brain derived neurotrophic factor, which audibly, one of the most important genes in the genome in one of the most important genes from Cajun rhythm, sleep quality, response to exercise, and so on, and so forth. So just before we leave the genome, pulse, do customer, is that an all of the awesome things that you already know that you can do to improve you'll be enough production, which, of course, we can all do with better production of being. That's why swan things like. Things. Feeding my children, plenty of suicide and things along those lint. Yeah. Keeping that new row plasticity at a young age learning languages. Music, things like that. All these lifestyle things that we can bring into not pine skied or not Erie feary, the real things that we could. Okay. So we come to the genome pulse. The genome pulse, particularly for men. Hormone pulse. So the homeless pulse, my, my apologies. So what, what I like to call the first part of the Holman. What are we looking at Ben for both men and women? The first thing we need to know ban is in both men and women respecting of essentially the same molecular cascade were essentially, speaking of, how does the human body male female convert progesterone 's into under Jains think to stall strewn, but there are other Andrews, as well as then from under Jensen to estrogens. So, yes. Ladies out there, you don't if you're menstruating, that is if you're in your menstrual years. Postmen postmen, pre menopause, UA, making your estrogens, Estra, dial largely from strong. In other words, you don't make strategic unless you make I stole stone and yes-men. We don't have a monopoly into stall stern. We also make extra. So my first point here is human beings. We have essentially the same 'cascade of processed into under jen's into estrogens, that's the first when we understand. We have what we called the tea into suction T on surprisingly strong, and the e unto section full estrogens. What do I mean by the t intersection very quickly? What we're able to see genetically nuts. White, so Alsan had I not meant met had. I not singing Ben greenfield. I would have been predicting depending on age and a modem of healthy diet and lifestyle Ben greenfield was being facetious. So, you know, trying to be ingratiating to you. Ben greenfield has literally, the single one of two of the best possible hormonal cascade genetics. When it comes to physique, how could I make such a, you know, frankly, you know, al-shams statement or bold statement, it is this? You see, when we look at how the body makes to stop stone, and uses and metabolize stone. I have what I call the team to section think of a Louis case, t in other words across what are the full points of the cross the full points. If the T our number one on the left. How efficiently a we converting progesterone? It's Allstone Ben. You have this one, gene. Imagine that one gene, subserving teenage one that converts progesterone specifically more so pregnenolone into your engines. D H E, understand the on understand the all unto stall strewn veg to sit string from specific licitly. You've got the version of that, gene, that is considered relative to the other version of the gene, the slow version of seventy one, so one might say, well, hold on. Does that mean the Ben isn't making enough to stone? No, it actually means that compared to how much Fuster bed could have converted this process thrown into SaaS. Ben has the version that makes us to strong just at the healthy level having an overly festive seventeen one. Ben knock you. The other folks is a preemptive predisposition for. For hormone dysfunction downstream, so Ben converts, his pregnant ever since he hit back, whenever he converts, his pregnant into to stall stran- at what is study off the study pen, ethnically, just a ripe rate. Now you've major to stop strong you at the juncture. You had the middle. If t when you make to stall strong, Ben three things happen to strong while one we're going to use it of Asli benefit from it. That's obvious. We are going to take some thought to stall strong and converted into DHT die hydrotesterone, I like to call it. My Jason state them to stop strong. Right. So one molecule of DAT, is worth five molecules of tea, you make you go bald of careful Jeet and deed. So you then have the medium speed version of the s already five to stored five. Alfred updates that converts stern into non when we take that. Into into compose edition. You have the gist, right slower, CYP, seventeen one, progesterone pregnenolone to stall, strong. You have the medium conversion of stone into DAT. You have the medium the of the other things that we do to Austrian a real mattessich, nineteen Eighty-one converts to stern into estrogen and men we needed as well. You've got the medium version of that you've got the, the last thing that we do at the Austrian end the deity having made it we metabolize it, we flush it out. How do we do that through glue? Khurana Dacian UGT notice. You have just about the medium Goldilocks version, you on neither too fast, nor you too slow at getting rid of Austrian DAT, having made it how does this all combine it combines as this Ben greenfield? The lucky son of a gun coup. Makes two stroke a just about the right rate. He converts, just about the right amount of stern into that more that more. Voracious anabolic DHT, having to so that creates good lean straight muscle without excessive her statistics going bold without too much of a concern of BPH later in life, because the men who had the festive seventy one converting pregnant at the store faster. You can shake stick converting to start into at the highest rates possible. These those DHT bold, men, you know, much leaner. Yes, much more wiry muscle type, but at a significantly increased risk of BPH into their early and mid fifties and sixties, because they would to D H two dominant for their entire life. Ben greenfield has the perfect balance of the t intersection quickly quickly Ben the only. Prince between you'll angels, your boys and you they've got the identical perfect balance. You have except they have a higher predisposed conversion of two stroll into estrogens. In other words, when they make the to stall strong, and then had the nice medium conversion to they have that as well. And Ben has the nice medium clearance of testosterone. Deity they essentially have that as well, but river and Terron have a greater predisposition of converting to stop streets estrogens, how is this going to play out Ben you will find when riverine Taryn mature from from Pugh Besson perspective? You may find the acuity slightly delayed versus, for example, slightly, and you will find the buddy type in response to exercise diet and lifestyle that they have a tad more resents to creating lean muscle mass. As you might have been able to, to get because that increased estrogen is Asian, which is going to have nothing to do with their male, hood or anything of the sort. But from physiologic perspective that tag more estrogen is Asian in them versus you tend to confer a little bit more difficulty. We might say in gaining that, leaner cuts. If you will do you get that then makes a lot of sense, interesting. They may have gotten that part from, from mom, not for me. Indeed. And look what would have happened even in Yuban even you, you had the medium rheumatoid. Right. You ahead to resign. So you converting to stroll into estrogens at all things equal mono amount of male to male at a medium in the range of how much you convert will you exactly you Ben in an alternate universe, everything was the same genetically. But if you simply had the slowest version of a room. Cyp nineteen Eighty-one such that when you made that strong everything else was the same, you making it to the same rate, you making good amounts of Deitch. Not much not too little and so on and so forth. But if the only difference in Yuban was that you had the slowest, sip nineteen Eighty-one right off the bat innately you would have had a predisposition to having a little bit more cut physique you would have had your ability to get that lean straight at cut would have come easier. If you were if you had the slowest linked anyone, that's the awesome nature when you're able to start looking at these cascades, and being able to read the interpretation of how it manifests itself in one thing, I was gonna ask you to this ACT N, three gene associated with muscle twitch fiber, type. 'cause there's a lot of talk out there about now. Certain people are more predisposed to power type exercise versus endurance type exercise response. What, what's your opinion on that Jane? While value hit a cell phone. So, you know, the axiom three gene, which yes, absolutely is defines, as well noted the muscle fiber type some being more socio five faster twitch, not when you when you take this gene than their actual reports. They loads of reports out of there in the sort of performance genetic reports you will see this gene first and foremost, this gene has to snips in other words genes can have multiple slips. And this gene has to snips within the same gene, that people report, number one before we get into even the snips Ben as a trainer. Okay. The difference in muscle twitch between someone the next call it has the lower functioning, Acton, three, the less optimal, all that's a wrong word the one version of the acting three versus the next the difference in muscle twitch capacity. Ben for the nineteen. Nine point nine percent of individuals that will come to you looking to be healthier, drew to some exercise regimen that you'll describe design for them, Ben this gene is going to have zero implication. That's that innate slight difference might mean they can shave off point five seconds on the fifty meter dashi, but from a purely in other words, as a world class trainer, you're not gonna look at that gene, result, and say, well, MRs Jones, I'm going to give you a more endurance based excise motif than a more resistance based or power training, exercise, motif, which ironically. And really, it's just pure hubris. That's exactly what these reports, and I'm not calling anyone else. I'm just saying from a genetics perspective. This is an example of gene, that yet reported on. Yes, there's some nominal cellular differences. But when it comes to bonafide physiologic outcome, I'm gonna ask you not not to put you on this. Sponsor put myself on the spot. If you've got this, this, gene results in a report and not, gene, in that report such to you Ben your patient is better suited for power type exercises. Would you really use that information, somehow drastically change the training potential if that person nor Turnley considerate? I mean that's considered shifting more towards lower ramp higher way, more explosive activities targeted towards fast twitch muscle fiber time good. Now that perfect annulled, if I ask, you remember said that gene has two different snips in it to different snips saying, two different snips. What if I told you very often one of the places in which the gene varies comes back with the results you a better suited to power training. But the other variation in the same, gene full, the same person gives the diametrically opposite interpreted. Now. How would you use? Genetic result of snips were tested in came up with completely different results. Just probably throw him out and roll with what that person who's responding best to from a qualitative standpoint that being and in many Wintel talking five percent. Ten percent in many many times. Because these two slips are independent of each other. They're in their inherited in an independent manner me times, these two slips within this gene comeback as Tripoli opposite informative outcome. And so these are something go right back to the beginning, Ben in no that we're gonna wind down, it goes right back to one of the genes that give intelligent in that are meaningful. Well, we just went through, like for me to get this hormone polls in the genome polls, that's called the functional genomics tests package. Right. That that's. So the hormone pulse is the one that tells you like issue with any hormone related cancers, weight gain weight loss potential metabolic syndrome. Some information on physical exercise performance hair loss hormones for Tillery, a lot of the stuff that we're just going over. And in the genome, one is basically, if I understand correctly, kinda like six different paths, your carbon, your right, Tabas, among your vitamin, and Micronesia requirements, your cellular methylation your detox antioxidant capacity cardiovascular health than mood behavior. Neuro transmitters and basically, you guys do is do the genome pulse in the hormone pulse. And then you also have the option for people who want to get, like some kind of a customized supplement package sent to them that kind of addresses some potential deficiencies. That's something they can follow up with after they've done something like the functional genomics analysis that you have. And the reason we separate the whole impulse not for any other reason, other than we wanted to have people be able. Say you know what I want the whole on without the genome pose? I wonder Jeanne impulsivity will you want both in order for us to make an intelligent interpretation of the type of micronutrients that you might need? We're going to Phil's reports because, of course, they're also just obviously the hormone pathway, the store general pathway is not existing independent of all of these others that TC, seventy-two, Gina, Ben that influences insulin resistance, insulin resistance, is absolutely paralleled or informs is informed by the estrogen pathway, if the body. So all these things into the naked in conclusion what you would have observed. Here Ben is trying to interpret intelligently interpret genetic information is something that is often beyond the capacity of a simple report. It see reporters two dimensional. It's cereal one. Gene off the next authored by nature. But what hoped if at all if there's one thing that I've conveyed to your incredible audiences this genetic pathways are not see? Cereal. They are multiplexed, the are intertwined. And so what we advocate men more so than who does your test. It's about making sure that the interpretation of the results is as robust, is non superficial as possible. That's really where the substance of meat is out. And I know that for people who don't wanna, like hop on the phone with a doctor. You guys basically along with the reports that people get these two PDF's very similar to God, you include, like a webinar series that just walked people through how to interpret all these different markers that they get after they test with you. Correct. Yes, sir. We doing that. Because like I said to ease, you know, having to figure you gotta sit with someone, also Ben, we're creating the largest, curated library of videos that illustrate these pathways talk about these office. So another was in the comfort of your own home. You can determine this one pathway going to study or listen to the whole pather my really gonna try to own and personal. With. So, yes, those webinars those educational videos is a really will reporting emphasis attention. I've seen to their super-duper useful. And when all do is first of all everything we talked about, including some of my own results people on download those kind of Peru's to see what the results actually look like you just go to Ben greenfield fitness dot com slash DNA podcast. That's been greenfield finished dot com slash D. N A podcast and I'll linked to those also link over two months company DNA company, they are offering everybody's listening. Something special, basically, this whole functional genomics tests package. It's normally about four fifty. They're giving it to everybody for three ninety nine that includes all the women are videos that include a hormone pulse tests, the genome pulse test. And the, the these eighty plus page PDF reports that are super insightful, and then, from there, you can basically watch the webinars get a chance to kinda see how to interpret. Some your results in even look into getting some customizing greedy and set your way to kind of dress specific issues that you might need to address. So I'll put links to all of that as well over Ben greenfield, Venice dot com slash DNA podcast, and you'll need a discount code or anything just click through from that, that you Arale and you can, you can try this testing for yourself. So I feel like we almost like barely scratched the surface of all the different sniffs. We talked about, but we covered a lot of big ones, and I'm hoping this has been helpful for people, and, and if this has been helpful for you and you're listening, and you can also leave comments questions for months or for myself, and we'll try and jump in and answer some of your big genetic testing questions. But in the meantime, on sore, thanks for thanks for coming on the show and walking me through all of this, and taking this deep dive into genetics with me. Then it's been an obsolete honor sore. If you ever need any further feedback, just, you know, to find me and for your origins, all the count as you said, telling these questions will coordinate getting on his back to anyone it's been honor. Ben. Thank you. Thanks, man. Go have a beer and get some glue define injections, and I guess learn something to increase my, my BNF own as if I haven't learned a whole bunch of new things in the past hour and a half anyways. But all right, folks show notes again, Ben greenfield finished dot com slash DNA podcast long special offer from the DNA company on being greenfield, along with Dr Meltzer Mohammed sign out from Ben greenfield fitness dot com. Have an amazing week. Thanks for listening to today's show. You can grab all the show notes resources pretty much everything that I mentioned over at Ben greenfield fitness dot com, along with plenty of other goodies from me, including the highly helpful, Ben recommends page, which is a list of pretty much everything that I've ever recommended for hormone sleep digestion, fat loss performance. Plenty more. Please also know that all the links all the promo codes that I mentioned during this, an every episode helped to make this podcast happen and to generate income that Nabil's me to keep bringing you this content every single week. So when you listen in be sure to use the links in the show notes use the promo code of generate because that helps to float this thing and keep it coming to you each and every week.

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