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"games auditorium" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"A. K. O. B. J. news time five oh six this news a service of salt light and electric topping Austin's news Bernie Sanders brings his democratic campaign for president to Austin on Sunday he told the thousands of games auditorium shores to believe in his vision for the country some may charge problem we face all the limitations of our imagination and what we believe that you should we call he also promised to legalize marijuana on his first day in office in all fifty states early voting for the Texas primary continues through this Friday in primary election is one week from tomorrow Austin police are looking for information on the death of a man near a homeless camp in southwest Austin on Sunday a man walked into the sunset valley police station saying they had found the body of a fifty nine hundred block of mopac APD was then called to investigate says officer being okay Dennis therefore this he's asking anyone with information on the case the call nine one one Austin will have another homeless shelter open as of this Wednesday the salvation army will open its two hundred twelve bed shelter for families on ten hill lane in east Austin in a statement from the salvation army Austin the group says the shelter comes in response to a growing number of families in the Austin area that are experiencing homelessness if you travel in the Anderson lane in Cameron road area expect delays this week I clean up of a homeless camp there were there were two fires last week is closing the frontage road of one eighty three south bound at Cameron road Tuesday through Friday from eight AM to four PM the city council shoots down a proposed contract extension between Austin and waste management council members say they're not on board with waste management sending thousands of tons of trash to the Austin community landfill councilmember Natasha Harper Madison says the city is wanted to do away with that landfill for years we're still talking about that and that's a problem for me I think I'd be a little less frustrated if my office had had any opportunity to weigh in on this conversation but not extending the contract means come March first Austin has nowhere to put its trash and some council members and the mayor said they are worried about that but they still can't support that contract extension so an emergency meeting maybe call this week Patrick Osborne newsradio kill BJ Austin's industrial real estate market shows a healthy local economy but Russia real estate firm CBRE John of X. as in twenty nineteen about one point three million square feet of industrial space was taken off the area market which shows consistent growth for the past five years but also runs in line with builders working on adding one million more square feet of space that shows a healthy market when you have supply and demand closely networked markets get in trouble when you over supplier don't keep up with demand so the numbers tell me that it's a healthy market Noveck says with more developments coming online tenants are seeing more power it's to their side as opposed to landlords John Cooley newsradio kale BJ Austin firefighters are mourning the death of forty one year old fire specialist Chris affair the department says affair died in home on Saturday after suffering some kind of cardiac event K. L. B. J. radar weather watch right now sixty five degrees and a little bit a light drizzle around town I'm Robert would get news on demanded news radio que L. B. J. dot com Hey this is don and you're.

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