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"freida krueger" Discussed on Double Toasted

"See, that's you should. Get rid of Chuck is high in the saddle skulk in the car Chuckie might be masturbate vol. They get rid of sucky. The need to tweet me. Think Chucky did something. If you know something, you'd better, tell me something's wrong with Chucky. Connect to and control. Chucky is a toy. Could be anywhere. Welcome to tesla cars. Stop. Oh shit. He can give. Oh, gee Chucky Aramco's money on top of that. You know that old Chuckie he couldn't. He couldn't actually control thermostat telepathic Chucky, that'll Chuck control your TV and take change the channel. Well, he could if you got him a step stool. Oh, no, no, no. We don't want that shit by he can do you won't Chuck plugged into the system. We want Chucky online all the time Siri. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's what it is right here, it is buddy because with this new Chucky that we got. There's new Chucky is a kind of a combination of, of the Terminator in an iphone app. You know what you think about it? And I gotta say before we get into this. I am a fan of child's play in some Louisiana Charles place series. Not all of them. In those movies of always add sort of a sense of humor to them, even the first one, the first one was more after the first one that I was more of a of, of leading har-, but even in Chucky, you know, with his jokes, and everything Chucky was as serious as they were trying to beat Chucky with just kind of a pint sized freida Krueger right down to the striped shirt. Yeah. Yeah. And everybody knows the story is, you know, this is the one where the soul of a killer, whose voiced by Brad Dorf, the voice of a killer is I'm sorry, the soul of kill it through. Voodoo is actually put into a kid's toy because he shot by the police, and before he bleeds out and he dies. He transfers his soul in two. Toys. Now, you'd think you get a second chance in life. You think that, well you know what? Maybe term life around and try to do some good days. No, no, I got a second chance at lies, take lives. Chance to take more biscuit, lutts. What I'm best at doing. And, and that with this one is just like it looks. You got this. You got this doll toil, which functions as an app for pretty much your smart home. I can't tell the future of what, but he seems to be plugged into a lot of things this company. Kaplan, netted produces apparently is a company that has kind of infiltrated society sort of Google are your apple out there are your Amazon, and so that's what that kind of banking, you know, was worse than having a killer doll out there as taken out people have been one that's connected all the time. It can see what you're doing. No matter where you go because now is not just supernatural was scared the supernatural being able to plug in the cameras everywhere. Sure. And see you all the time at supernatural you can blow off. You go like, yeah. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's enough to make you go like, oh, I have all this shit my home nest. Yeah. And that brings up the first question, you know, who you really have to think about this?.

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