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"forty five sixty two hundred yards" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"Care 'cause i ripped up 'em i'm now known as the sand bagger phase is an absolute bag fast know where fuck you talk to anyone that i've gulf fourth ray whitney specially sentiment that you don't i don't blame you i i really don't so i want everyone to watch the contents decent afterward were gonna have to give it a public opinion to whether i'm a sandbag or not all but i'm gonna plead my case and say definitely not i just had the round in my life and that's all i'm gonna say no he's the only thing that you don't understand this is why i said i didn't blame you is that you thought because if you shoot like eighteen over par say you shoot ninety hi andy you think you're in eighteen handicap 'cause you're like oh 'cause you kept saying like she part wanting to and then you tripled three and then you part for so you were three overthrew for but you're like yeah but dude like that's three extra shot so i'll i'll end up being nine over after nine eighteen over after eighteen but handicap is like you're you're most recent twenty scores i believe it's you're best ten so if you're in a way like a decent amount morton say five times yours swing is good you'd probably and we we we came to the realization you're probably twelve maybe even a ten handicap the natural when you came in and said like you're in eighteen we were just like oh we expect to see a complete hack like when i start business like wait some people a hit ground balls and stuff i'm like yeah dude that's eight teams do but he's hitting like bomb three at all nellie pulls up at one point like i like golf with biz in vancouver last year he's unbelievable i'm like this mother fucker on my team and i still disgusted heart on your back home rocky like i used shipmate okay all right i'm not gonna say any more than my last comment before everyone sees the content piece is we go from the whites yeah we're getting a hundred yards off everywhere or maybe it's forty five sixty two hundred yards on his way out wrecked 'cause you're heading our way from their eight irons a seven iron hand ad we adjusted on the back nine so that's all i think you have already given up now that much now are we gonna shift towards you you're flight was delayed and actually in europe saturday night and montreal yes a and i thought it'd be home eaten fucking pizza in bed by saturday night but instead i was at shape hurry in montreal and eating some done smoked meat the clothes eight to eight to eight am in the morning yeah i got so the airport in halifax sadly i was supposedly the quarter five a at three thirty the flights canceled and it's like what the fuck am i gonna do now and you can leave in the morning fight the montreal connect and then fly home or even go to montreal tonight and then wait connected in the morning so i figured if i leave in the morning i get the montreal eight i'm fucked and i'll be stopped at least if i go montreal saturday night you know it's a thirteen hour layover i won't miss the flight so a i.

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