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"forest home conference center" Discussed on Focus On the Family Daily Broadcast

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"forest home conference center" Discussed on Focus On the Family Daily Broadcast

"Today on focus on the family. A hard working hard drinking military man explains his life before. Christ and i was. They're working very hard and didn't have time at all for my family. I just kind of us. I didn't really add time. I told my wife. I loved it since Conduct preacher and. I didn't love her. I had affection for. I lost after it brutally honest assessment of a life without love. And we have more today from lieutenant. Colonel dan coble on focus on the family. Your host is focused president. Jim daly and i'm john fuller john. Today is veterans day. And i can't think of a better way to spend it then to hear this story of redemption from don kabul who spent many years in the us military. He went in as a private and he came out as a lieutenant. Colonel he served a couple of tours in vietnam and was decorated repeatedly for his service. There don left the military in the early nineteen seventies and was a pastor for twenty five years. He says the army taught me how to kill men. Jesus christ taught me how to love them. And that's awesome. That's a big change and we'll let don tell us how that happened. Well here. He is now lieutenant colonel and pastor. Don cobo speaking at forest home conference center near los angeles on number of years ago. I wasn't raised in a christian home. In fact i was born a little farm down. Southern missouri was about seven miles north. Arkansas and they used to accuse us having one leg short another walking around on them hills but there was twelve kids in our family. My dad usually called the role when we come to supper but We had a had a lot of fun down there though growing up as a as a youngster and we didn't have a whole lot As far as the material things but I really love my dad and my dad always took time for me always. He took time for all the kids and he taught me a lot of things when i was thirteen years old. My dad dropped dead of a heart attack. And we'd made a lot of plans together and that wasn't in it. And i really loved that man and i didn't have him anymore and it took me about six months before i could come to grips with that. I just it just absolutely destroyed me. And then i got angry and i felt cheated. I got angry at the world. And so i struck out in rebellion. Nobody led me into sin. There wasn't any wrong crowd. Come and got me. I built the wrong crowd and went and got others. And i really went into some bad things and and really broke my mother's heart and and just struck out at the world. We didn't do anything as far as vicious but just a lot of dumb things. We were a little homebrew project on the gym. And principal didn't think a lot of that. And so i got expelled with some other fellas and so then i got into a group is even worse than that and and things really got bad and finally i got old enough. Why Good friend of mine Decided that maybe ought to try the service. He was the deputy sheriff and so i went into service. Got on the greyhound bus not size and everybody up. See what's going on. We got down there to place where the there's going to do basic training on us and Signing up and those fill out there hollering everybody line up and fall in all that. And i had this young fellow care in my bags. And these horsing around you know is playing the role of the big gun owner and this fellow come over and said young man. You hear me not said fallen over and i'll be there in minute hit me. I hit the ground looking up at that fellow and he's he was A good sized fell about eighteen half inch neck and he picked me up and put me in line there and and he got in front of us and he said i want to tell you something he said. I'll be your mother. your father girlfriend your chaplain. I'm everything to you. And i believed him tied to pay attention. And i went on about my business and the army but it really took a hold of me and i it was. It was the dynamic that i needed discipline. My father a disciplinary. My dad never begged this cursed or anything. He just spoke once then. If we didn't respond we hugely in the heap over decide somewhere. And you don't have to roll across the living room more about twice the you. Can you can train a monkey. I'd missed a lot of that and So i appreciated the sergeant and became idei and he told me a lot of things a lot of things the one thing he told me shut my mouth not on into the service and really tight and make something of myself. My first hitch other well. That's it. I've taught them about all the can here and i guess i better gone back so i went on back home and a lot of folks is and everything and they'll gang and everything and when i got off the bus was my dear friend and deputy got in his car and we went down to went down that some coffee and he said you know don. We've we cleaned up a lot of places around here in three years and he went on to tell me a lot of things and convinced me that i really wasn't needed during a longer so i decided the best thing to do is get back in the service so i did and i hadn't been in back in long and i just started in and and The company kamara call me and said We're sending you those cs. Not i don't want to go.

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