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"eurydice heeds" Discussed on Mythology


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"eurydice heeds" Discussed on Mythology

"Haiti's moved by Orpheus music gave him an opportunity to win back his beloved Eurydice from the underworld all that orpheus had to do was make the journey back to the living earth without turning backwards for a glimpse of your idiocy eurydice heeds promised would be right behind orpheus and once the couple reached the living earth. She would be a living bride once more. Haiti's kept his word but orpheus could not resist turning back to make sure your it AC- was there behind find him impatience fear and weakness ruined the one chance orpheus and Eurydice he had at recovering their love orpheus shattered and bewildered at this unthinkable conclusion to his mission stood sobbing at the top of the a steep slope into Haiti's and then he realized the only choice that remained he would descend again he would follow your idiocy into the shadows this time there will be no hope of ever returning to the Earth's surface. Eurydice Z. was right. Haiti's would not give him a second chance but if he could not bring your it AC- back to life at least he could join her in death. He turned back towards the shadows no fear in his dissent this time he stumbled stumbled and slid down the slope reckless in his despair. He didn't care what happened to his body. All he wanted now was was death. Finally he reached the shore of the river sticks. The tall dirty figure of Keiron on stood waiting in his wooden boat orpheus fell on his knees in the shallows clinging to the edges of the barge. The inky linke icy waters painted him with their lapping waves. Oh ferrymen of Haiti's please let Edney ride upon your boat into the darkest shutters of the underworld. There are no second chances in Hades orpheus. We gave you special allowances because your song moved us but you broke your word please. I beg if you this time I will stay on the the other side never again. Will I venture back to all the land of the living ferry me like any man who comes here to lay his soul to rest amongst the shadows. You are not dead yet. Go back to the land of the living die there and then you'll be as welcome. There's any dead man with the coin beneath his tongue to pay for passage until then you show not set foot upon my boat. Karen pushed orpheus hands off the sides of his boat with his long paddle and drifted away into the dark mists. STS covering the surface of the water orpheus was devastated. He shivered cold and heartbroken. Life held nothing for him. Now he couldn't bear to leave the underworld and face the light of day but he could not pass deeper deeper into hades. If keiron would not ferry him and so- orpheus stayed there on the banks of the river sticks every time care on return to the shore. He began his please anew so it went for seven months orpheus. I started to look like a shade himself shadowy and insubstantial he subsisted on Soro shame grief and end the salt of his own tears but Keiron simply shook his head however much orpheus looked like death he was not dead at last orpheus had had enough his grief had brought him no closer to his beloved ed after seven months of weeping he turned his bony back on the river sticks and began the ascent to the world of the living thing he pushed back through the gates of -tainer us back to life. The light of day seared orpheus. This is Pale skin but he cared not he fell to the living earth like an old man a fever overtook him. His mind was hazy. He couldn't concentrate the day was bright around him but he carried an overwhelming darkness within as your it. AC- had known he would his grief and guilt were shadowy and endless as hades itself several days as of this Hayes passed until finally in a stupor he stumbled to a nearby stream and drank the living water flowing there he plucked berries from the nearby. Bushes and eight and then he fell into a deep sleep when he woke the fever had had broken he was squarely back in the land of the Living Orpheus blinked sadly at the beautiful day around him then he did the only thing he could think to do musician that he was he sang. I lost my wife life my new bride when my heart was full of strength and love. I searched for her through the forest and pasta the jaws of tenuous. I walked amongst the shades for her and sang for the three headed hound..

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