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"eric lapointe" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast

03:46 min | 1 year ago

"eric lapointe" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

"My son finally play grand theft auto. I probably shouldn't of but <hes> he's eleven. He's ready for it and <hes> he's really Jerry. It's fun to play with them so anyway. Check that out all right back to the mail back all right a couple more questions than we'll get to <hes> Kevin Costner the one the only Eric lapointe wants to know you've recently nicknamed. The two thousand ten's the player empowerment decade. I'm curious what each N._B._A.. Decades name would be great question so here's the thing about M._B._A.. Decades kids I don't really know of you can actually just name the decades because what's weird about the N._B._A.. Is the decade actually starts in the middle of each decade. They formed the League in nineteen forty six and you almost have to look at it as ten year intervals or so so from forty-six on until we get to the two thousand ten your name the actual decade from start to finish of the decade. I think it just gets tougher you do something like the eighties are like the bird magic M J decade. The nineties are the too much too fast too soon decade but like I don't know what the two thousand or so. I think it's easier to the way answered it here here. They I think it's eras not decades forty six to fifty six. This is the white guys decade. Wake us the League that you look at these photos of like the <hes> the Minnesota team the Minneapolis team George Mega played on and it's just like twelve white guys. They look like they're all shop teachers. Then Bill Russell comes in fifty six to sixty nine. That's the Russell era. He's the greatest team sport athlete of all timing wins eleven titles thirteen years he ushers in a completely different basketball where all the sudden now. They're allowing black black players to play congratulations. Thanks for thanks for letting people of all colors and <hes> Bill Russell comes in Oscar Robertson Elgin Baylor Lenny Wilkins will chamberlain and the Legions Sam Jones have been there's and ah even like about halfway through Russell's career. There is still this unwritten rule that the N._B._A.. You'd only allowed like two black guys per team 'cause they were so afraid of how the way fans are directors really some dark staff. I covered a lot of this in my book but <hes> the Russell Ushers in this new era and the League starts to change color away his while he's there by the end of it. The League starts to look like what it looks like now so then you go nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy six that's kind of the A._B._A.. Kareem era where Kareem is the best player in the N._B._A.. By far the A._B._A.. Is Now kinda. Come in. They're grabbing people who aren't done with college yet. They're grabbing people right out of high school. They're ushered sure they have the three point line. They're doing dunks and it's just like a much more fun version of basketball. Only it's run horrendously. It's a disaster. The courts are bad. The owners are bad. There's no fans for anything there's barely any televised elvas games but the premise of it is more fun and eventually nine hundred seventy six they merged but I think those seven years is the A._B._A.. In Korean that's how you remember that seventy seventy eighty three they merge are seventy six to eighty three. I guess and this is the taped tape. Delay Cocaine uh-huh era. This is when the League really almost craters you have <hes> just a bunch of disappointing superstars you have drugs just ravaging the league and then you have networks that don't really believe in the product leading to them tape delaying playoff games in the finals in nineteen eighty one when the Celtics in game six in Houston even in Boston..

Bill Russell League Jerry Kareem era basketball Kevin Costner Eric lapointe theft Cocaine George Mega Minnesota Houston Celtics Lenny Wilkins Sam Jones Minneapolis Boston Oscar Robertson Elgin chamberlain thirteen years
"eric lapointe" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

Biz Talk Radio

02:10 min | 1 year ago

"eric lapointe" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"Today. Great your money. God's way. Welcome back financial issues on. Background noise. A lot of people who in hollering. That's good. You're seeing the growing behind me getting more more people coming in thousands of boxes here via process. We are live Baltimore operations center for operation Christmas child, and we have the regional director for this area. Eric LaPointe, and Eric welcome back you for being with absolutely. And a lot of work. Now, you're very much involved here Mortimore with operations center regional office supports that Maryland, Delaware Virginia, and we essentially start on January first zero shoe boxes. Spend the year. Promoting finding drop off locations finding churches who would like to participate, affirming, those that have been participating kind of leading all towards that third week of November, which is our national collection. So how many other centers are there? Like this around the this is one of eight processing, and how many would you do you think this week? The goal for this year's about nine hundred thousand that. Of course depends on how many boxes were collected a couple of weeks ago. Right. How do you feel this year? Has it been up in general? It's tough to say it's still a little early. We're just kind of taking preliminary look at numbers. I think for the most part it's very well for us. We've had a great season. They always this variance, for example, we moved to a new larger box this year. A lot of our donor. Yes. Yes. More space to to fill those up. So you never know how that's going to impact our numbers in the right? That's great. How long have you been doing? I've been serving coming up on seven years seven years. Wow. That's great and your family's involved. Yes. Backed up. Kids.

Eric LaPointe Mortimore regional director Baltimore Maryland Delaware Virginia seven years