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"emmanuel smart" Discussed on Brown Girl Radiance Podcast

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"emmanuel smart" Discussed on Brown Girl Radiance Podcast

"And she was a trailblazer breaking so many barriers. I made sure to download the audio version of her new memoir which she released two days before she passed away. It's called just as i am as i honor one of our elders. I also want to celebrate the next generation. My guest today is my niece. naomi who just turned seven this month. She is a big sister and she has two younger brothers elisha who has three and emmanuel who is fine you will hear her talk about them and this interview has a few surprises along the way because kids have such expansive imaginations. It's unscripted and i wasn't sure what she was going to say but it ended up being a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it and take a few moments to smile ready. Okay you're gonna talk in the microphone action. I'm so excited to be back on brown girl radiance podcast with my favorite guest and my favorite niece. Mail me last time. I had her on. My show was in december of twenty eighteen. And now it's january twenty twenty one and she is seven. She just had a birthday. Send it on. Sunday january seventeenth and when we first met her. She had one little brother and now she has two little brothers. So naomi tell me how has your life changed now that you have two little brothers. How's it being a big sister. Pretty great the best part about being a big sister is that like when a man of cries. I don't have to like just pick. I don't like just have to call when to get him. Cut his throwaway. It's just like next to us. So so if i hear him crying i can just go pick them up and bring him to our room tain gapped because sometimes we would go beyond our or leisure would be sleeping so i take him for a little walk around the room. You're such a good big sister. Yeah it's it's fun being a big sister. 'cause you get to be like you're the mom of the when mommy is not at home. I'm going to be I'm little mommy the boys. Yes yes you do a great job. You do a good job with them to what they have fun with you. Yeah but a man who usually has fun with me. 'cause we don't go downstairs when i hear him crying much 'cause if i feel like he's hungry we we good stairs like again. The women picked him up or sometimes he might not wanna come out the room he he closes it when we are in it So that's why we stay in the room with alexa. and you play gang. Playtime zeke. I hide under the beanbag. Amanda founding me in one go emmanuel smart. he's he's a little bit over one years old but he's a smart guy right here since he's not that big. I tried to hide the easiest. Please can find because than the heideman jeff older kids. I me that makes sense. I like i like the way you do that. That's a great strategy. I like to see this is why you're a your big sister. Okay now i have some other questions for you. The first one is about school. 'cause you're in first grade and you're in virtual school fank school french school. So what do you like about your virtual school. It that Like i do good in it in. i like taking. Nobody and i like typing stuff in the chat box. Why can answer. If i don't want to answer real has goes if if they're about to save the enter. I wanted to say that. I just hype it in the chat box. So they know. I want to say it so last time i had a smart girl and my teacher called to tell my mom at the mall that i did super well. I'm speaking a lot like i'm tied them. What i think. And i'm raising my hand so my my friend don't for some reason and i'm getting lots of a plessis. I'm so proud of you. And what's your favorite subject. My favorite subject was math. We day in the game on my birthday namur. Yes i remember. I want my listeners. To hear you say what your favorite subject is another question for you about school k. 'cause i know you're in the french school right and since you're in the french immersion school. Can you tell me some french words. Can you teach my listeners. Some french can you teach us three words. L k bond chew camman salva on. okay now. What do those words mean. Eleven which one means eleven is eleven okay and the first word you said the fresh wife i said was up and you say hello by saying bone joel and the second word you said was but how were you and how do you say that again. Montalva what thank you for teaching a little bit okay. I have another question for you. is it something else. Yes not about not about school. Don't be checking me. I'm not tricking you. I have another question for you. Because okay i trust him. Thank you well. Here's the thing this season. We're talking to brown girls like you all over the world you mean problems and girls well right now just girls because it's round grow radiance. Okay so i know that. Your dad is from cameroon. And that's in africa. Can you tell me what he's taught you about africa. He told me something.

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