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"elise melissa" Discussed on The HR L&D Podcast

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"elise melissa" Discussed on The HR L&D Podcast

"Being a a a pretty young kid at that point being the first time in yosemite and he bringing the into brought me into yosemite valley and This monolith of rock el capitan stood before us and i was literally in awe. And so dave you know come on. Let's go to sit in the meadow below el capitan and we sat down and then he started to point out. The climbers up on on l. cap. And i was even more amazed by the scale and that the scope of not only adventure but just the denver that they were on and as we were sitting there. A couple of climbers came by us. That were clearly Coming off of l. cap and he him in a conversation he said hey over you guys on and they said we run the knows the screwed straight up the middle and He said how do you go and he goes. Well you know it didn't. It didn't really go as planned in. We ended up bailing off after about three days. It just kinda got boring. You know it just like it was really repetitive. We decided to head on down and he kind of nodded his head. He said yep you have syria and they continue to engage for molin than they walked on and then we sat there in silence ramona and then he looked at me for second. He goes dave at some point. You're going to be on that slab of rock. You know and i think it'll be sooner before later he goes. There's gonna be a thousand reasons to turn around and be one reason to continue up to the top and that is your commitment in. Just remember that when you're on that and in the moment it didn't really sink in you know i kind of heard it filed away somewhere in my mind but and half years later sure enough. I was on that climb. I was you know a day and a half up. A storm moved in and i was like what time to bail off and almost like a cheer on my shoulder. I heard his voice. Say there's only one reason to continue and that is your commitment and we doubled down. We hunkered down through the storm. We continued onto the top. I look back to that. Experience often as inspiration my entrepreneurial journey because it is truly about commitment that is the thing that that determines so often if a company makes it or fails it is truly just the commitment of the team around the table so yet again the two things i find in the outdoors is clarity and inspiration encourage all of you to find whatever it is in your life that gives you those two things. I want them town. Gala went off piece. I love that story. Really bring back privet back. What all right. We'll talk about outdoors forever. And i'll lose elise melissa something. I'm passionate about talking about the hr technological landscape them. You were able to see some of the challenges early doors until tells what people might experience but by developing work which obviously gives entrepreneurs promotes on boarding software for clients. What china's do you think we got to see going forward that. Nhl what should we stop. Predicting is going to happen in the future. Yeah so you know. Hr professionals are in a tough spot Because in general and in. I i hope your listeners. Find this to be kind of ring true for them. There's two very different things that are asked from all of us..

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