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"elian imbaba" Discussed on ESPN FC

"All that stuff and we have to go back and he's not the only show in town no because because these there and more importantly. I don't know if there's any article talked on is arguable the star intone anymore folks because kellyanne elian imbaba not only has he kinda lost. This ability is lost the support of the fan base. You won't rightly solos the support of the dressing room. Why would you can get a good player but can get your arm around them and say listen. Get your head down. Help is oh. He's not really the big star anymore. He's been superseded by this young brilliant french guy while he's been doing all the nonsense if you're a teammate in that locker do you welcome him back with with open arms the couple of things that teammates don't do one you don't get involved in other players negotiations and contract and money situation every player takes care of their own and and you respect that as a private matter the other thing that you don't do is turn away from good players right because those guys help you win games now. There are a lot of things that you can put up with a lot of things that you can sweep under the rug and then a lot of things that you can you turn your back on when a guy comes in and gives you a better chance to win games that matter and in the end. I think that's where neymar has to come in play in games. Then matter have an impact in games that matter because if you look back over the last couple of seasons in games that matter neymar neymar either has been injured or has played well and that in itself is one thing that i think teammates will say okay all right. It's great to have you back now. We need you to baldo plato. We need you to be the name mar that we think you are and that you know you are but you gotta show it out on the <hes> so the teammates one thing gills. You're already brought up the fans sets. It's quite another ultras. Were pretty hostile towards name. N._p._s.'s first home game in the season. How's that situation going to unfold the question now obviously with international break. We won't know a couple of weeks and and you'll be interesting because it's not just these transfers saiga here and the fight they wanted to leave a lot of players want to leave their clubs and ended up. Staying and things are okay with the funds. There's a few issues that are bigger than that the first one the most recent one. He's when he said that he's biggest memory always best memory in football was famous night in buzzer. We've buster and i guess b._g. Eighteen ramon tida obviously when your ps you trial u._p._s. Defined and you hear your number ten ought to be your best player saying that he's best memory was two six one and giving you the biggest humiliation in your cubs history. That doesn't go down well. The fact is and we've talked a lot on the show by is that in the last two seasons there's been a lot of incidents involving name on the page of the pitch attitudes <hes> behaviors and all the stuff showboating anyway the for some of the fines again go down so well they the fine with cavani the pie dot nights was in favor of seventy nine february neymar the name they were chanting was one of the one of name on. I think if you produce those things together neymar himself as law things to get forgiven four by the which wasn't p._s._e..

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