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"easy peasy op" Discussed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

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"easy peasy op" Discussed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

"So emmanuel. I know we're going to be focused on some unique use cases in the financial services face in terms of where a i is starting to find its fit and add value or to talk first about the business units that you tend to work most closely with which again are somewhat unique. We cover a lot of different areas of banking but you guys hang out around the risk and compliance world as low as the finance and controlling world. I imagined kovic is change a lot of things for these folks the banking ecosystem insurance ecosystem or undergoing a lot of change. What do you see as some of those big kind of structural shifts that are changing and imposing new demands on on those business leaders. Well thanks well. It's a it's a great question so we have been working at easy up with at twenty five now tijuana large fashion institutions both in in europe. And the us. It's true that these guys are always intrigued by You know i could help us on so you know. I've been doing this project. Are you know. A lot of them are in production and pretty happy. Now with could be done. you'll think did accelerate. I think these guys are under massive pressure. You know they have given you know. Unprecedented amount of loan to help the economy a dramatic way. I mean they have. They have to be super giant. You know the certa tastes pretty high so they clearly have a lot of customers asking me. Okay how do you know how i could help me. I've let my team. How can i do more with the team. Have and you know. Could we be way more. If he shouldn't have to jail did a prediction that twenty five percent. You know of any companies with adopts on form of language a in g union natural language generation by twenty twenty two. We plan to double our install base this year so we actually way way way bigger.

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