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Get ready for bed before bedtime

Before Breakfast

05:03 min | 8 months ago

Get ready for bed before bedtime

"Hey listeners with the capital one quicksilver card you earn unlimited one point five percent cashback on every purchase. That's unlimited one point five percent cashback on everything you buy an unlimited really means unlimited with quicksilver. There's no limit to how much cash back you can earn capital one. What's in your wallet? CREDIT APPROVAL REQUIRED CAPITAL ONE BANK USA IN A. Welcome to before breakfast a production of iheartradio. Good Morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is to get ready for bed a while before you actually intend to go to sleep. This makes it much easier to get into bed on time. It's a truism of time management that everything takes longer than you think it will. This is doubly true with things that occur when you're tired, such as getting ready for bed. And Sadly, the more tired you are, the easier it is to delay. What will actually solve the problem namely going to sleep? This problem became clear to me a few years ago when my husband was traveling a lot, and my then toddler aged fourth child was popping up at five am every morning. I made sure that my eldest child was in bed with the lights out around nine forty five PM. Now theoretically, this meant that I could be in bed at ten M. in general I do fine with seven hours of sleep. But night after night I would find it almost impossible to be asleep before ten thirty. Somehow taking up my contacts, brushing my teeth washing my face, getting my pajamas on, and so forth would stretch out. Probably because I look at my phone while setting my alarm or look at the mess in my bedroom and start picking it up. It's hard to do anything in a focused and efficient manner when you're tired and this includes getting ready for bed. then. I discovered that I didn't actually have to wait until right before bed to get ready for bed. I could change into my pajamas and switched my contacts for my glasses earlier in the evening. Since I was completely ready to sleep. I could walk into my bedroom at nine forty five pm. Read for ten minutes without feeling like I was battling the clock. The lights could go off by ten PM and my morning. Self would wake up thanking my past selves ingenuity. All would be good. Well except for the screaming toddler part. Now that I've got a newborn again. I've been reminded of the wisdom of this habit when the baby falls asleep. It's good for me to go to sleep, too. If I'm all ready for bed. This is a much quicker process. Now. Maybe you don't have young kids, but anyone can fall into the trap of delaying bed because getting ready for bed sounds like a lot of effort. Turning off the TV and going upstairs takes energy. Hitting next and the netflix queue does not. So if you feel like you have zero energy, which many of us do at night. Guess, which is more likely to happen. Now I'm not saying that if you're all ready for bed that watching another show won't still be tempting. But if all you have to do is slide under the covers well, that lowers the energy requirement significantly. And on the margin that just might tip the balance. So tonight. Chew some time when you're not completely exhausted to get ready for bed then. Austin does hit. You can go to sleep close to immediately. And with any luck, you'll wake up bright and chipper. And ready to do great things before breakfast. In the meantime. This is Laura. Thanks for listening and here's to making the most of our time. Hey, everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter, facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pot. That's be the number four then breakfast P. O. D.. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcast at iheartmedia dot com that before breakfast spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much, I look forward to staying in touch. Before breakfast is a production of iheartradio. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple, podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus. So if you have a fever, dry cough and of breath, call your healthcare provider before going in more info at Corona Virus Dot Gov. Let's all do our part because we're all HASHTAG. Alone together brought to you by the Ad Council.

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It Aint Gonna Work  Episode 056

Words of Jen

10:37 min | 5 months ago

It Aint Gonna Work Episode 056

"You, are listening to words of Jenn. where I read to you one piece of my writing. In each and every episode. This is Jen and you are listening to words of Jenn. This is episode number fifty six in this one. I share with you a little story. I wrote based on the antics of one of my neighbors on Memorial Day weekend. This one is called. It ain't gonNA, work. My neighbor, who loudly and frequently build stuff has wield a kayak holder to the back of his pickup. I'm fairly certain. He built the holder himself. A familiar rattling and squealing noise was my first clue that the kayaks were coming out. Of course I decided to look out the window to see what was happening. Neighbor puts his two kayaks into the back of his red pickup truck. One falls out school weaking its way to the ground. Neighbor stands and stares at it momentarily dumbfounded. He picks up the escaping yellow Kayak and places it inside the back of his red pickup next to the Blue Kayak. That was already in there. They are side by side now and filling up the entire back of the truck. Neighbor attempts to shut the tailgate on the back of the pickup. The Blue Kayak is too long for the truck and it is sticking out past the end of it. Neighbor cannot close the tailgate. He fiddles with the kayaks for awhile, and eventually realizes there is no possible way to make the Blue Kayak fit inside the bed of the pickup truck. He leaves the tailgate open and begins an attempt to find some way to secure the KAYAKS. I predict that both kayaks will fly out of the pickup bed when the truck reaches speed. Neighbor walks away for a moment when he returns, he stacks Yellow Kayak on top of the blue, won a small square and. A flag like piece of fabric has been attached to the end of the Blue Kayak. Next he begins filling up the rest of the truck bed. With all manner of things. Some folding chairs go in along with a small cooler. Possibly some fishing gear, and what might be a small grill? This pickup truck unlike some others lacks the part that looks something like net. It is the part that stretches across the end of the truck bed just before the spot where the tailgate is supposed to close. All of the things he put into the truck bed are going to fall right out the back which he cannot close due to the length of the Blue Kayak. A fishing pole is now leaning against the back of the pickup truck. It is tall, no idea how he's. GonNa fit that into the truck bed. It looks like he is planning on Spending Memorial Day at one of the nearby bodies of water. In the past what he is currently attempting would be a perfectly normal thing to do on a three day weekend. But. This is twenty twenty and covid. Nineteen is still out there. There is no vaccine and the virus doesn't take vacations. My neighbor is outside a lot, but he never wears a mask of any kind I figure. He's not gonNA social distance at whatever body of water he is about to drive to. And he just cough a very dry cough. Parks in my county are open with restrictions. Social distancing is required. No group gatherings are allowed. It is okay to have a picnic or barbecue with household members only. I think. Masks are strongly suggested, but no one seems to be enforcing that. I figure I'M GONNA. See this neighbor on one of those videos where a bunch of idiots get in the water and big groups without masks or social distancing some time later tonight. Neighbor has decided to bend the tall fishing pole into the opening of the Blue Kayak. The one that has a red flag hanging from it that cannot possibly be good for the fishing pole neighbor has curved the poll into shape of a letter you. The kayaks are still not secured, neither is anything else that he has placed into the truck bed. Neighbor takes a moment to get cloth and wipe off. The condensation that has collected on the side mirrors of his red pickup truck. When finished he does the cloth inside the truck somewhere. then. He stands next to the pickup bed, intently staring at it, trying to solve the puzzle of his own making. Suddenly he pounces. Neighbor is now making a half, asked attempt to secure all the Nankai IC objects that are in the back of the pickup. He seems to have realized that there is a good chance that some of this stuff will fall out after he starts driving to his destination. Neighbor places some of the stuff into the back of the truck behind the driver's seat. The cooler gets securely stowed. Next, he, on Ben's The u-shaped fishing pole as he slides it out of the Kayak. Neighbor tries to find a way to get the fishing pole into the back seat of the truck. He turns it this way. He turns it that way. He even tries bending it into a somewhat larger you shape. The fishing pole ends up right back inside the Blue Kayak. He takes another moment to stare at the back of the truck again pondering his options. It ain't gonNA work. To white plastic bags of the kind you get from a grocery store have been added to the truck bed. The bags of taken on that round shape that indicates that they have been filled with something. Neighbor takes a minute to try and determine whether the bag should have their hands propped up or if it is better to shove, the handles inside the now rounded part of the bags. I think the bags will be equally aerodynamic. No matter what way the handles are placed, I expect the bags whatever they are holding to be the first to fly out when he starts driving, the neighbor now appears to be having some second thoughts. It is as though he has acknowledged to himself that being unable to close. The tailgate could perhaps be a problem. I imagined him picturing the contents of the truck bed, slowly floating out in a way as he drives like white Dandelions, seeds catching the wind when the summer is over. Unlike the fluffy seeds of these objects are very likely to cause destruction. Neighbor walks away once more and returns with what looks like an elastic rope of some kind. Neighbor begins attaching it to the end of the truck bed where the tailgate hangs open. The elastic ropes stretches across the truck bed in a skinny straight line. It goes across the tip of the end of the Blue Kayak which is hanging several inches out of the truck bed. Neighbor fiddles with the red flag here I to the Blue Kayak. It ain't gonNA work. The elastic string is not securing the Yellow Kayak that has been placed on top of the blue one, not at all. The string won't help of the Blue Kayak below the yellow one falls out of the back of the pickup. Neighbor just pulled out a bright orange thick string. Or. Is it a cable? He stretches this across the open tailgate, and it reaches right over the top of the Blue Kayak. He has now unsuccessfully secured both of his kayaks. The, who lives next door, and who I hardly ever see walks out of the door of the house and gets into the passenger seat of the pickup truck. Her hair is wet and she might be still in the process of waking, up. Neighbor woman gets out of the pickup. She returns with her adorable Pug dog whom I love. The dog makes the cutest off sounds when it thinks that there might be a human on the other side of the tall fence. His owner built and installed shortly after moving in the pug dogs on a leash that is connected to the Halter that the dog is wearing neighbor woman picks up the PUG and happily gets itself into the backseat of the pickup. The pug dog is more secured than anything that is in the truck bed. The neighbor gets into the pickup and slowly very slowly drives down the alleyway a bit. He stops. He wipes. The condensation from the side mirrors once again. Neighbor climbs into the pickup bed and starts moving around some of the items. The two folding chairs that were in the truck bed are removed and placed into the back seat of the truck. The puppy dog is likely back there somewhere and I hope he has enough room to become a on. This poorly planned road trip. And they're off. I watch as the neighbor drives extremely slowly up the ramp that leads out of the mobile home park and onto the street. The incline is a feature, not a bug and was put in place when a crew came to repair and replace the roads and the mobile. Home Park Awhile back. Neighbor is probably going to have to dry faster than that once he gets onto a highway. I could neither predict exactly what items people lose on the way, nor how many he will return home with. I watch as the neighbors truck turns onto the road and drives away. They are on their way to gather with a bunch of other people who won't wear masks and who don't practice social distancing. Whatever body of water they're are heading for might become the next covid nineteen hotspot. I remain in my home. Windows closed into air-conditioning on with every intention of staying. Put this entire three day weekend. And that brings us to the end of this episode of words of Jenn. If you would like to hear me, read more of my writing to you, you can find more episodes of the words of Jenn podcast at look of Jenn dot net.

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Why the confusion about coronavirus?

The Signal

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Why the confusion about coronavirus?

"This is an ABC podcast. Corona virus is spreading to more and more places and the death toll keeps rising everyday scientists a learning more about the disease but there are some things some very big things actually that they can't seem to agree on. I'm Angela. I'm Stephen Stockwell and two down the signal. Everything we know about the new strain of coronavirus and why there's still so much confusion fusion when the stakes of this high so the last time that we spoke about this rich what was like mid mid last week. Yeah about mead last week and a loss has changed since then so last week. The message that we heard was essentially keep keep an eye on this but it is not time to panic bra and a week later. The message is still. Don't panic but definitely be more worried than you were. I mean in China China nearly sixty million people in our on partial lockdown and as we speak there are five cases that we know a corona virus in Australia with a few others waiting on test results even got not some schools and workplaces saying. Don't come in if you've been to China. The fifth case of the deadly new strain of corona virus has been confirmed in Australia with a number of schools is now issuing bracing for the current ivars crosses to into the classrooms with plans revealed tonight to Sigara Guide children who have visited China tools. Those are banning students visited China over the summer holidays from attending class without a medical certificate. Right so we wanted to revisit this story because we know a a lot more about this new strain of virus than we did last week and then amongst that new knowledge there are these contradictions so we wanted to try to make sense of it and find out how everyone can be on totally different pages when it. Is this important so up here in Beijing. Nearly everyone's wearing a mosque right and it probably probably out of twenty people who go past you on the street. Nineteen wearing masks so people are taking it pretty seriously because Beijing is still a long way away from the epicenter. That's it's the ABC's China correspondent and podcast. Bill Bottles and the epicenter. These talking about is the city of Wuhan a few provinces south of Beijing. So he's in Beijing now. How about last week? Bill was in Wuhan which is since been completely quarantined. Some people are really panicked the stuff at our office for example. ABC Bureau we have about five local staff. And I'm pretty Shaw. None of them are going to go anywhere near me. And the cameraman brand coming because we went to Wuhan a few days ago and even though we ended up not being. We went down there for that long. Because of the lockdown we had to get out. I'm pretty sure throughout China stuff. We'll avoid us like the plague for the full fourteen days of the of the incubation period and a lot of people are like that to friends and you the family members and so forth. Nobody put it this way. I wouldn't guy in my building in Beijing and tell anybody they paint Abreu harm because even though I think my personal risk of exposure was really low because at the time period we were there people just freak out if I if you're right so you're spending a lot of time on your own right now. Yes Ed because the two of US wedding together and we're also working up here every day going out on the belt falling on this story and so yeah we're kind of quarantine together in a way but we don't we don't really quarantine. This is happening in Shanghai right like people are getting knocks on the door from police and they're told you have to stay at home for two weeks fourteen days but we haven't had that up here in Beijing yet and hopefully won't have that so you mentioned that you just narrowly missed that lockdown on in Wuhan like you're on one of the last plane out of there. Can you talk us through in broad strokes. What the government is doing to try and contain the spread of this virus within China so the government just wants to stop people moving? That's the most basic why they're trying to contain it and it's not just moving between cities and towns. It's also moving within those key cities that are affected so they started off with that lockdown announcement. Seriously it was two in the morning right. I was lucky. Not that I was still up I was filing for the. AM radio show. If I wasn't filing I would have been asleep and I would have missed it so you get these two. Am Notice which I think was designed so most people in Wuhan did miss it and there wasn't a mad rush to get out saying we're going to stop trains and planes ten. AM which is what I did. We manage to get applying arrive at the last minute so they cut off the transport and then they cut off private cars driving in and out of Wuhan they did. This police checks except the various toll toll crossings and then they expanded it to CDs Wuhan and now expanded it to all of WHO Bay province which is pretty big place all the roads leading in and out there police. They're basically stopping people from going out. Not only that Ange. They also started they. They put a ban on cars driving around in Wuhan itself. So if you're there is no way of getting a taxi or anything you basically have to walk. Get get a bike if you want to get out and about okay. So in the last week the Chinese government has really ramped up its response and the health advice is changing to how we do you about this new strain of coronavirus It is worrisome The number of cases and the Rapid increase in the number of cases is as concerning And the information that indicates that there's spread from person to person is concerning that's candidates borrow. She's Rolla Gist and the director. Rector of the World Health organizations collaborating on influenza at Melbourne's Doty Institute and we wanted her to give us the facts so far so based on what is he's in the published literature which is just the first few papers coming out People are are presenting to medical attention with fever. A cough which could be a dry cough or productive cough chest pain Just discomfort I should say palpitations and and shortness of breath so it seems a lot like the regular called basically yes with many respiratory viruses in fact most physicians described illnesses than influenza like illness so many different respiratory viruses present the same way so it is not possible to distinguish between them without laboratory tests. Right I think that's one of the things that's kind of scary for people right because they thinking oh like I feel like I have a cold. It seems unlikely current of ours but there's no way of knowing right. There's there's no way of knowing without testing and I guess what. How do we know so far about how dangerous and how deadly in particular or environment is like what proportion of people who come down with it are ultimately being killed by it? That's that's a good question. We don't have the full information that we will need to make that determination we know that there are thousands of cases And we he knows that the number of deaths is creeping up. But this is the this. We're really at the start of the outbreak. And there's going to be a lot of information that comes in and I guess we may not know the death right at this stage but do we have an idea for where it seats on the spectrum with other viruses it's being compared to for example sample size or Particularly deadly strains of the flue right so with SARS I think we had Just about Just under eight hundred deaths out of eight thousand cases so the the case fatality rate was very high it was ten percent And to put that into perspective the case fatality rate eight with the one thousand nine hundred thousand Spanish flu pandemic was somewhere between one and three percent and so it doesn't want to three percent doesn't sounds like a lot but that can account for fifty million debts So it really just depends on how far this virus spreads so I think right. Now's how's the case. Fatality is sitting in the Around the three percent range from the numbers that I've seen so far but this is a moving target said early in the outbreak And so it's really difficult to say How this is all going to look two weeks from now? And how contagious is this current IVARS. I mean if you look at influenza for example everyone who gets that tends to pass it onto two or three people but that that right is low of the for this virus right well it's the calculations again are based on the information that is coming out of China And it suggests that the virus can actually spread that each person can spread the virus to at least one or two more people and as long as a virus spread to more than one other person. The the epidemic can be sustained as you've kind of alluded to eat. It has been difficult to get accurate information about this virus partly because it's new but also partly because of where in the world it's coming from one of the most contentious areas at the moment is when these fires is contagious so for example in Australia Australia with saying that the health authority authorities are saying. It's only contagious while you have symptoms whereas in China they're saying there's a fourteen day incubation period beforehand where it could be during which it could be contagious. This tell us about that disparity and what you make of it. Yeah I really cannot address that So I don't know what information the folks folks who have made these statements. Have they clearly have more information than I do. So that's not something I can address Okay so that's Kinda mysterious. I know it is. Isn't it because those two pieces of advice on just like a little bit different thou wildly different and the explanation from Australian railing health authorities at least at the time recording. This is that I have different information which year so yesterday on our and breakfast Professor Tanya Sorelle Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases his at Westmead hospital in Sydney told Fran. Kelly why Australia sees things differently. The reason for that is that first of all we're all extremely surprised at that announcement secondly united make that lightly because that's alarming of course alarming and that's why the authorities have investigated at fairly fully ended ended appears as though the announcement was made in a political setting based on an individual patient. Who We believe actually had mild symptoms was not a symptomatic so it's not verified and we're very skeptical about And I guess the the two more points to make about that one is that would similar viruses success. And mayors they're not infectious until you develop symptoms and secondly if people were in fictious when they're not symptomatic we would expect a lot Komo cases outside of China. It's pretty big clash so we took it back to bill in the early weeks of the outbreak. The health authorities in Australia. We're relying on guidance from the W. H. O.. And Australia actually changed its guidance. On whether it's transmittable edible human-to-human based on the WHO recommendation which was based on what the Chinese scientists were saying. So I think the Chinese a scientists are in the best position to study this virus. Because they've been doing it now for several weeks. It is interesting that Australian authorities at this point. Don't I don't necessarily agree with that Chinese finding that you are contagious during the incubation period but I wonder if that will change yes so from what. You're saying. Australia is downstream from China in terms of learning about this virus. What could possibly account for that difference in advice? Then all is. I suspect it's a lag. I think. Watch this space. I really can't imagine that I would be nefarious to the point where they're putting people's health the risk for economic gain because here in China I mean he's a country where they're obsessed. Jd pay figures. Many people think that cook the books to stimulate GDP so a very big deal over here and yet they're going to take a huge economic heat from this because they're just shutting down so many activities. The Forbidden City Disneyland Tourism Side Schools rules. John is willing to take economic to this and I suspect that will be the case elsewhere. You putting the difference down to just a lag in Australian alleyen catching health authorities catching up to that newest. Best advice from China. But I don't know it seems to me like you know. The spread information in in this context is pretty rapid. I mean we have real time communication. It's not the nineteenth century he Other any other factors like he's there is at the Australian health authorities nightly. Don't trust Chinese health authorities for some reason. There's probably a bit of that and during the size crosses the Janis there's health authorities were absolutely abysmal. It was it was criminal the way that they withheld information and didn't notify the. Who for months and the outbreak ended up up killing close to eight hundred people entitled many of the not in not in China and in Southeast Asia insightful so China's government as absolutely really abysmal track record for the last comparible corona virus outbreak. But everybody in China is aware of that and a lot of people he is simply. Don't trust authorities. The haven't trusted them from the outset. On what they say and this is the legacy of SARS so I suppose Australia and other parts of the world people to have serious doubts doubts. About what Chinese health already side but over here on the grounds I think the Chinese authorities were the first ones to identify so you need additional screening. That's because the epicenter is here in China and it was the. Who and then the Australians and everybody else who followed their lead so I think times have changed a bit and suspect that distrust remains but also I will say watch this space. I really do wonder if Australian health authorities will style following the lead need of Chinese health authorities on the incubation period. In the next few days we interesting to watch it that's a pretty dangerous kind of byproduct of broken trust in that relationship relationship right and it's not even like sixteen years down the track and it could potentially mean people's lives here. I don't know the extent that the Australian health authorities can actually study this virus now that they have several cases in Australia. I'm not sure how long it would take for them to actually independently try to draw their own conclusions but the Chinese scientists on the ground Han clearly have a much brighter sample size to look into this. They've had weeks and weeks to start studying this virus of got scientists working on vaccines as they do in other places including strawberry. I understand but I I really think this is China's chance to show the world that either responsible Playa when it comes to trying to contain outbreaks and communicating communicating with the outside world and the initial weeks. Didn't go well but I think now there's huge pressure on China's government to be a responsive in Playa Flyer that's the signal today if you want to get in touch our email is the signal at ABC dot net dot back in your tomorrow. We'll catch them by. You've been listening into an A._B._C.. podcast discover more great A._B._C.. podcasts live radio and exclusive on the A._B._C. Listen APP.

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Jim Edmonds on COVID-19

Scoops with Danny Mac

20:39 min | 7 months ago

Jim Edmonds on COVID-19

"Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home. Purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the podcast this cardinals broadcaster and Chinooks Shopper. Dan McLaughlin Chinooks would like to thank everyone during this difficult time that includes those that are working in the stores as you can imagine. During this time Chinooks employees are putting in long hours around the clock to best serve our community so the next time you're in schmucks tell them thanks and that you appreciate them let them know how much we appreciate their efforts because we will all get through this together. I wish it was under different circumstances. I was visiting with my broadcast partner who I miss dearly. The cardinals center fielder and Hall of Fame Center. Fielder Jim Edmonds. Who's had quite a few weeks to say the least Jimmy? Always Great Division with you and hear your voice how you doing. I'm doing great. How are you my friend? I'm doing well. We're staying healthy where we're staying bunker down just like everybody else. I'm sure you're probably doing the same. I can't say much for the healthy part. I don't know do you call it hunkered or bunker down. Which one is it? I think either one applies in these times. Yeah I'd I've haven't left the house a whole lot My leaving the House has been consisting of a driving my daughter to the grocery store and waiting out in front. I understand and that's a lot of people are doing and I've had so many people reach out to me wondering about your health because it is public news in in knowledge that you had contracted the corona virus and also had pneumonia. So how you doing health wise. I'm doing good. I've been given a clean. Bill of Health I haven't had a test again but I'm feeling good and I still have a little dry cough as if you had a little bit of a chest. Colder of little bit allergy but other than that The pneumonias cleared up in You know like I said I was told by the doctors that I've been quarantined now for long enough. I think we just We're counting the days Yesterday it's been almost four and a half weeks since we've been stuck at home since We came back from Nashville so I was at home with My daughter are nanny and MA girlfriend. And we've been sitting here for a couple of weeks to nothing and it sounds like you may have a dog to a dog in the background. Hang on one second. Let me see. Maybe he wants to attack in the front yard so when you when you figured out that something wasn't right with you healthwise you keep yourself in great condition. Try to explain to the just the the audience listening what you're going through in and physically what it was like. That's really funny because So we had three confirmed viruses in my house and every one of US had different symptoms. my daughter had a fever. Three or four days It didn't really spike too high. But it got up there Our nanny had just cold but she just went and gotten checks and she had like the typical cold. And then I kind of didn't have a whole lot of symptoms but just like a little bit of a Kinda cold and a little bit rundown but I just couldn't breathe and I literally for three straight nights had sit up on the couch in order to get through the night One night I think I slept about an hour. One night south about five hours. Thanks to all the NYQUIL drugs that you could possibly take over the counter and then one night. I didn't sleep at all until six thirty in the morning. And that's the day I woke up and I was gasping for air so I just said you know. What enough is enough. I am going to go to the emergency room with the advice of our doctor or colonels. Doctor Dr Mahaffey and I literally for once in my life thought you know what not. Everyone is No Immune to getting sick and I'd never get sick and I was worried. I don't know if I was really grace my life but I got a little scared nervous so I wanNA got checked out Pneumonia and my oxygen level is down in the ninety low nineties. I guess below ninety three as dangerous and I kind of talk them into let me go home and I told him that. If I felt bad again I would come back and get monitored every you know every half of a day or day that I said I could just go get my oxygen levels checked and so I kind of got a little bit better each day and I think finally when I got tested I was at the very end of the the sickness but it was scary for a little bit what. What was the test like? I seems from some people the original test which is changing rapidly but the one. I think that you went through is the swab that goes up the nose and maybe goes into your brain. Doesn't it yeah? That was really fun. Explain that to me and I don't know you pretty well don't like needles and I don't like Stuff like that and so I don't even take like What does it mean anything like that for allergies and so when he told me I was gonna have the swab stuck halfway up my nose? I got a little nervous but they did a great job. It was quick. It was easy and You know it's funny because when you're in the emergency room naming business they get right after it in that. Got My pneumonia diagnosed instantly and my blood test and levels make brought back within thirty minutes. And I'll tell you what the people at Mercy Hospital did a great job here in town and I got my task back the next day while they said you know you're you're positive and you need to be careful and they were really worried about my blood levels. I guess that's the oxygen measure to what's really getting in your body and so It's really funny. I started getting better every day after that so I think I caught the tail end of it and got lucky. What did you do after that? What did you quarantine for fourteen days? Obviously and and just try to stay away from everybody. Yeah you know. We did this day at home thing right away so we were already corn seen for a week like I said I have some people already in the House with me and one My girlfriend courtney. She was sick already and we never got her tested. But I think that that with the fact that my daughter had traveled California We were just in Florida. Maybe two or three weeks before that So we already started kind of corn teen and then we quarantine for fourteen days. I think it's been twenty days now. maybe not quite twenty but You know Dr Happy said with everything no and with what's going on You know certain amount of days and no symptoms. Think you're pretty good so I still haven't done anything and gone anywhere other than maybe drop people off the grocery store but it's been going on walks and I'm starting to work out again I know you saw my instagram me. Being trying to be in Hercules again. But yeah no I Today I just got done working out again for like the second day in a row which. I haven't done that in probably two weeks so I feel a lot better. I still have that cough like I said I can still tell. There's a chest issue I everything else is great. How many people reached out to you because you are very public with this Families Friends. I don't worry discover your mouth. It's all good you don't get it. I think I'm safe but how many people reached out to you. You know former players are obviously the cardinals fans those kind of things and social media or or otherwise. You know I was the prize. I didn't really you know you don't really understand the power of social media. I'm not on media or any other thing but for fun but when I when I did this task than when I realized that he'd been me Which I think I'm in decent shape can end up with pneumonia and I figured there was a lot of people at home saying. Oh I'm not going to get this and Blah Blah Blah. I thought that I had a chance to really Bring it to the forefront. Even though I don't have a couple million followers and I'm not that crazy on instagram. But I just thought it would hit home for some people like hey if I can get it go check like if you have issues go get it and you know. I had some people saying you're wasting a bed at the emergency room and you shouldn't be just jumping in the hospital because and I don't think people really knew that I was scared of my life. Scared for my life with the mown yes and I couldn't breathe so so many people reached out to me I got tax messages man. I got a text message from From Arthur Yeah I got sexual Smith got a phone call from Mike Shannon so just people all over the board obviously all my close friends and you of course were monitoring my every move. Yes But I wish a lot of instagram. I couldn't even keep up with the text messages on instagram messages. It took me like a week to get back to everyone so that was really cool. And I and I didn't do it for that reason I could care less about you. Know people reaching out to me and you know me. I'm the one that likes on Christmas when everyone starts. Texan you all merry Christmas like oh my gosh. I got to respond all these people. That's not my GIG and If you really know me that well you know how this mild mannered I am and Kinda low key so that was kind of uncomfortable at first but I really really appreciate everyone kind of thinking of me. I was shocked and people reached out to you in the medical community to. Have YOU DONATE PLASMA? Now that you've been through it and you yeah. Are you thinking about buying that? That's the new thing on. We're learning about that right now. On our house My daughter and I talked about it. you know My girlfriend and I have been doing some research on it and I've actually had people on instagram reach out. Because of obviously a mime social media following is a necessity some people from mercy. Hospital Friends of friends have reached out. And said you should check into this. I'm actually interested in Just got done working out. I'm sitting down on my computer and as soon as we get done talking. I'm going to see what I can do to check that out in terms of baseball What's your appetite to get back in and started calling some games and see the guys back in. And what do you think the player from a player's perspective? What do you think their appetite is to try to get back out there and play man. I'm broke I WANNA work. I want to get back to work. I'm kidding I miss it and it's even me and it's not even you and I know we like to work now fun and be together and were spin so caught up in the boys club for so long I feel bad for everyone. I feel bad for people stuck at home in no sports to watch and I. I think it's more the fans I mean. I think the players survive. I know that it's their job. And they want to get out there. I can kind of compare it to strike ninety four. I was in the middle of it. I was a rookie on. It was hard man. We have thank God. We had a group of guys like Mark Langston and Chuck Finley and guys like that. That were veterans that were actually offering us money if we needed it as a loan or against whatever our licensing money or even against salaries or even just the have just keep as a unit And that was pretty special And I just feel like when you're in it Erin. Disbelief and I think it doesn't hit the players as hard as it hits the fans and and I think the whole world I mean this is just a weird. How many people have text me? This is just a weird time and I'm like Kinda funny because it is but you know for me and you I think or basically retired anyways. I mean you work your tail off but like when we're not working sitting at home with our kids and it's just a weird thing it's made me really slow down and it. Kinda RE design my life and I don't know I guess. Get to get to kind of really focused on my house. I built this house by myself designed by myself and now I get to clean it by myself so It's been a hell of a tree. I Bet I'll I'll wrap it up with this. I know you're busy even though we can't go anywhere. But you're busy with a lot of different things What's your advice to people that that are listening to this and follow you. They love you and they see that you've gone through a really tough time with with the illness. What what's your advice just to the general public about this man. I've had a tough time with everything lately From Personal Life. Sue the illness to busted my face on the on the on the shower door. Just hang in there. I really feel bad for the people that are really out of work. I'm hoping that people are filling out reports and in the stimulus forms in and doing everything they can and checking with their tax people. And there's all kinds of people coming up to me saying that we you and I like us could even get money so I know that if we could get money those people could get money. I just you know I'm getting so many messages about the stock market and just home life and I say keep your head up and hold on tight to your family and really just keep trying to make the best out of it and let's hope that you know the country can stay smart and hopefully Mr Trump can kinda you know I'm on the. I don't know I'd like to ask you a question for once. What do you think about this like? What do you think I'm kind of like want the country to get going again but I also know that the so many people that don't really pay attention to like. Let's say like the mainstream like the main goal would be just sick. Stay home if you're sick and you you're clear then maybe you can go to work or be smart about it or not like what's your thing about starting the country over again right now to do it. Yeah I think I just couldn't talk about the baseball side of it because I'm not educated. I don't think anybody's educated enough unless your doctor FAO G or some of the the great leaders that we have to to know exactly when I think it's the great unknown. You know if we start baseball again my my whole point of that would be even if it's without crowds which by all intents and purposes it would have to be that way. Is that everybody safe? We have to make sure that people are safe before we start up And the precautions are taken to make sure that the players are saved. The support staff is safe. Those that are part of the biosphere. Whatever they're going to do in Arizona Florida everybody's safe and you can't put sports ahead of the general public you know if the testing is available for everybody and we can use it for sports to get going by all means. I think we do it because I don't know if you feel this way Jimmy but people need a diversion right now. In sports gives you a diversion. You mentioned the fans earlier. It's important that the fans have something to look forward to and I think that's something that you have to consider when opening up the various parts of the country. I'm not sure you agree. But that's that's where I stand and yeah I do agree with you about. I think the funny thing for me is if you would ask me that question. I think sports have been the last thing on my mind and I know you live and die in breeze. Sports in in your. Join your podcast with sports. It's just so funny like I'm all. I'm just curious to see when these poor people can get back to work absolutely in like you know like I know I speak. I get a lot of messages from like waitresses and waiters and stuff in like. They're not getting any money and they're not getting their tips and I just. That's the kind of people like. Gosh like senior. Imagine being twenty one twenty two live on your own. Maybe have moved into a new city and have known to fall back on. You can't fly can't in a lot of my daughter's friends are porn teen by themselves. In apartments in one of the girls as a flight attendant she stuck in Dallas by yourself and just like the whole thing. I mean it's just it just strikes me as so crazy and I just curious what other people think about that because I'm waiting to see what they're gonNA do as are as are they gonNA open up the country. Are they going to? Who's going to be the first to go back to work you know? Are they going to be able to do it with Social distancing and how House. I even possible so I don't know I think it's interesting and it's scary at the same time he. It's interesting to the role that sports plays in in our society. I mean it is it. We figured out more than ever whether your sports fan or not if if you don't like sports that's fine but it's part of Americana and and that's you know that is reinforced to me. At least I've always thought it was important for people. I think it's a great outlet when I talk about my job. I always say I think that when Jimmy and I are doing a game you know. It's a couple of guys that are very close and enjoy being around each other enjoy baseball and hopefully that translates to you enjoying it at home so it gives you a diversion from your everyday life. And so that's that's what I think. The role of sports in particular baseball can play if and when Sports comes back because there's only so many replays you can watch. There's only so many top ten things of that nature. I turned the TV right now. Because I feel like I've seen everything times I notice myself. I've thought myself the other day and in one thousand nine hundred ninety four replay of the CAL ripken game. My family was like what the heck is going to. I saw. I was watching but you don't. I mean we sports. We play a role in that and and a diversion for people. And that's something that can't be overlooked. And that's why even if you have sports without fans it's a it's a night without an outcome of something that you're watching from two thousand or nineteen sixty eight or whatever. It's something that's a diversion. And I think that's very important as the American psyche. Maybe needs that to almost reminds me a little bit of two thousand nine eleven. Sorry was that two thousand one. Yeah I mean it reminds me of that. I mean I'm driving around like I went for a drive the other day just to get out of the house and just kind of drove out. You know out west into the country and it's just area it's like no one's out and around you know you see people working on their farms and stuff but then you drive by a little area with a strip mall. There's nothing and it's just like every reminds me of nine eleven all over again and that's why I'm always wondering what's the true answer to get it going again and I love what you said even if it's sports without Fans at least maybe some you know people can watch at home and give them something to smile about. But Gosh who really knows? How do you think a player would feel about plane in front of no no fans when they've been playing in front of especially in Saint? Louis you got thirty to forty thousand there. Every night doesn't matter when what do you think that would be like? What do you think a player thinks about? What would you think about that? It would be weird. I really do. I would have trouble with it Unless you could get for me I'd have trouble with it unless 'cause you set off the crowd you were a guy that fed off the energy of the crowd no question but I mean I would have trouble with it because I feel like unless the fans said please place we can watch on TV. I feel like it would almost be a little selfish for sports because we all know it's money driven TV driven and all that but it would be weird it would be like spring training and for some guys that would be hard to get going and I know that your plan to win but you also do feed off the crowd and man for me. It'd be so much fun to get out there in front of thirty forty fifty thousand people. Every time I went out there It would be really weird and Jerry. If you went out there and played in a big stadium. I think they're going to do that. Almost open up like the plan in Spring Training Games. And and just keep it open and I had some toxin people and I feel like and in the organizations that are out there. They stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars this year even if they don't pay the players and that is just another forever. I'm not just talking about sports. Like the cardinals. I'm talking about. In general. You know each each organization Football Hockey Baseball basketball. That's a lot of money. A lot of revenue in man. I don't know I'm so torn. It's so hard to think about. What could happen if that ever got to that point I couldn't agree more with number one is? You're feeling good you're healthy. You're feeling better. You're back on the manager working out and before too long my friend will will be back together doing some baseball and I know everybody would love to see that. So thanks for doing this. I appreciate it. Yeah you're welcome and I am doing. Well we're healthy here at the house now and I'm trying to figure out who my real friends are. Because I'm asking all my friends want to get together for a drink if they want me to come over to their also. My true friends are. That's funny thanks. Jimmy love you buddy. All right about the McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loop US automotive network and you know they are saint. Louis loop us has been part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com. Start shopping today wes.

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Sick for over 100 days, COVID-19 patients want more help to cope with disease's 'long-haul' effects

The Current

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Sick for over 100 days, COVID-19 patients want more help to cope with disease's 'long-haul' effects

"The theatres have closed, but the show look on, play me. PODCAST is thrilled to present a new series. The show must go on featuring provocative productions from some of North America's most acclaimed creators for the stage. Sit back and experience everything from chilling thrillers to Gut wrenching dramas to arriver in comedies each month experience, the exhilaration of theatre from the comfort of your own home. Plenty available wherever you get your podcast. This is a CBC podcast? Ask pandemic wears on. We learn more every day about the impact of Covid nineteen, and while the number of new cases is decreasing, there are still many people who continue to suffer months after first being infected, they call themselves long haulers Lorraine Grays is one of them. She's a science journalist based in Richmond, Good Morning Lori. Good Morning. How are you feeling today? He's not one of the better days I had a doctor's appointment by phone yesterday for an hour, and then someone who I know from the community called and needed to really be heard because. Her Docs aren't believing her, and so it was a second hour on the phone and. I was pretty well done for for the day and probably today and tomorrow I'll be a little. Too Tired, and a little more short of breath now you I got sick back in March. Describe to me how the disease itself progress to begin with. Well I. I didn't know I had it. and that's the problem. The early symptoms are a little dry cough like people on blood pressure medicine have where they just. Throat, every twenty minutes or hour, and at the very top at the back it's a little sore, but therapeutic ice cream took care of that, so I didn't know I was infectious, and then wham and my lungs filled up with what was like egg white instead of air. And it was hard to breathe. I didn't really have a fever. I think two days. We couldn't find a thermometer around our house. We don't worry about this stuff. Much and I had a fever. Partway in for two days it was like a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. So not really much, and but I was so sick, and it got to the point where we rebound up my father-in-law's old oxygen concentrator. Because my oxygen saturation level fell below ninety and so being a pack rat, and still having the. My late father in law's oxygen concentrator, I could stay home and. It was easier for me to breathe. And I stayed out of hospital that way, so you just did that on your own home. At, what point did you realize that this wasn't going to end quickly? Actually the eleventh of April. There had been breathing exercises posted online by JK rollings husband, who's a doc and some respiratory specialists? And up until then I had been getting better every day I had energy I could go for a walk around Gary Point, which is I don't know about a kilometer or around the neighborhood and I was getting better every day, and that morning I tried these exercises of deep breath in. Slowly a deep breath odor, and then on the third or fourth one, you cough as you breathe out and suddenly my lungs to shut down. And I felt like I couldn't breathe. And that's when we went to hospital and this relapse. Remitting this roller coaster is what I'm hearing. From so many people that you start to get better and crash or normally when you're sick or you've had an operation or you had a baby, you try and do a bit more each day, but I can do the stairs in our hosts three times in a day. And if I do it a fourth time, I can't get off the couch next day. My oxygen saturation low. And I just feel so unwell, and then the other thing is is the pain all injuries. Come back to haunt. You think long healed will become so painful. You can't sleep and it's happened to everybody in our house. My son in twenty four to shoulder seven years ago, dancing. Got All better. And it got so bad. He couldn't sleep nothing more for pain for about a month and then one day it just went away. So it's physical pain, but also you say there's there's a change the way you think even. Oh Yeah I'm a journalist Wordsmith and my typing was atrocious, and I couldn't spell atrocious. I couldn't remember how to spell on queered. I couldn't remember words. I tried to think of the word for that Yellow Spring Flower and it was twenty minutes before I remembered. They're called daffodils I can't remember things from long ago. I can't remember the second part of a question, and this is not need I'm usually articulate and spot on. It has gotten better. I can get the words in the right order when they speak now. But the brain fog is such a problem. It's like when you wake up in the morning, and you're not quite there yet, right? Yeah, have that all day and so many women. are talking about this to their doctors and almost to a person. Their doctors are saying. Oh, it's just emotionally cause. And it's not so I want to bring in another voice now. Lorraine just stay with us while while Heather Colton joins US heathers twenty-five years old. She's a fast food worker and lives in Belleville Ontario Good Morning Heather. Thanks for doing this with us. How long have you been dealing with covert nineteenth symptoms? Got Sick March twenty six, and it's just been an ongoing recovery. I guess you'd say since then. You've been listening to the rain. Does any of that does any what she described sound familiar to you? Oh Yeah I was shaking my head. Yes, like they can resonate with most of the things she said to like. Tell me tell me what it's been like for you. Well, I started with a sore throat when I got off work through Thursday and then a few hours later had developed horrible body aches but I had no fever at that point. But then within an hour I started getting a high rising fever. That ended up reaching over forty degrees. I was forty point seven degree Celsius. kept taking tylenol. Try and keep it down, but I had horrible. She can chill and I also lost my sense of taste and smell. And what's it like for you now? Now I have shortness of breath. And can't sleep at night like last night and then go to bed. Almost four I'm tired exhausted, but I can't fall asleep I. Don't know what it is. What about work have you been able to get back? No since it's so hot where I work. And just being in the normal he, I have trouble breathing and I've been having issues with my heart rate. Shooting up to like one forty, one, fifty, one, sixty, just walking to one room from another. It's it transformed your life obviously. Only what are you doing to? Try to deal with these symptoms. What kind of treatment have you been getting? All. My doctors been very helpful with me I'm very thankful ran. He's been running a bunch of cast. I've had more bloodwork than I've had in my life in June. We started LYRICA, which is a nerve medication and it just seemed to help. Take my body away. Which I thought were monthly, but my doctor believes that it was nerve payment developed. Lorraine let me bring you back in here. What are you doing to manage your symptoms? I'm resting more than I ever did. In my life. I had had a concussion awhile ago, so I'm in a Rehab Program for that, so they're morphing that into a starting from covid nineteen we have. And, so the latest suggestion, his brain breaks take time off and just let your body heal, so you can actually goof off with a guilt. but the other is is it's really frustrating. Doctors are still struggling to understand the acute phase. Then they finally learned that the active viral face isn't win. The horrible things happen. That's it's when the immune system put it into flame thrower mode that we get so sick. And it's our immune system, not calming down, but we're now still struggling to say listen to us. Just because we weren't hospitalized, we were very sick and even people who weren't horribly sick are having trouble now, so I don't know what to do I'd love to see a respiratory therapist. To find out what exercises, what things can I do? safely helped me. He'll love more information. The government needs to fund more. Health units need to pay attention because we're going to have long term problems that cost us a lot. If? We can't do therapy now, but there are good things. My hands are shaking my sense of taste and smell of come back. So, there is hope, but we don't know. How long will we have this the rest of our lives whereas there a way that we can do something. That cuts down. On the long term consequences of covert nineteen, some of the so some advice there for for health policy, makers and governments heather wanted to ask you the same question. What kind of support Dulong haulers like you and heather need from governments and and health policy policymakers. I believe that they need to do the research to find out why. Cobras. Turning, into long haul during that, we're all going on and give it the attention and medical support that we need to recover or a treatment. Or Cure. Whatever it may be. Just the last word last few seconds that we have from both of you heather. What do you think listeners should learn from your experience? I believe that if someone feels like they're sick with covert and someone does some saying. It's just a normal flu that they should ignore them and trust what they're going through because they're the only ones that know how they feel. The medical treatment! That is available in Lorraine. Last word to you. What do you think listeners should learn from your experience? Space Safe. This is worth avoiding. It can affect your life in so many ways and also. The early symptoms pay attention. They are so mild. People will think their allergies or little pickling the throat. We've all worked sicker than that, but stay home. Stay safe wear masks. This is this can be devastating, and there's no. Effective treatment for the long term consequences, so the only choice is to avoid it. Lorraine Heather. I really hope you get better soon. Thank you so much for talking to us today. Thank you, thank you, you safe. Lorraine graves and Heather Colton. They're both members of a covert nineteen. Long haulers support group on facebook. Throughout the nineteen eighties, strange phenomenon with sweeping North America. They were in a panic and like people in a panic. They want solutions allegations of underground satanic cults. Torturing and terrorizing children. The thing is. There were no satanic cults bring on children and nearly thirty years later. The people touched at all are still picking up the pieces. A work of fiction. This is a work of history. Satanic Panic The latest CBC I'm cover. Available now. He smashed pretty much. Every billboard and streaming record that matters it has already been streamed more than a billion times. People still to this day. Point to this is the moment everything changed, but whether you agree with those claims are not. This podcast isn't really about him. either. You're not an astute businessman, or you're inherently racist when it comes to black music and his country, this is not a drake podcast available now on CBC listen or wherever you get your podcasts. Because covid nineteen is still so new. There are many mysteries about the virus and its lasting impact. Dr Margaret. Heritage is one of the people working to unravel all of this. She's a critical care physician with the university. Health Network in Toronto and Co. Lead of a national study called Canco of which will look at outcomes for covid nineteen patients after one year. Margaret. I'm just wondering what you're thinking. as you're listening to heather in Lorraine. Yeah sure, and I thank you very much for having these folks on your show, and to really shining a light on on a lot of the symptoms and the challenges that people are having and I. Would want to say that. I'm here on behalf of my other co lead Dr Angela Chung. WHO's a general internist and also a professor and senior scientist at Uh is I. Am No. I was GONNA. Say the first thing I. I I might say is that to Lorraine and heather is such. You know I'm I'm really very sorry that they're having so many difficulties and. That people are listening and validating what they're saying. Because I was hearing that a bit in their discussion with you and I think it's very important that their symptoms and complaints are really validated and taken. Seriously they both have been sick since since March and you could hear, the rain is still coughing. They're out of breath. How common is it for symptoms to stick around that long? Well I, think one aspect of our CANCO project that Dr Chung and I are leading is. really trying. Understand in a lot of very granular detail. What's happened to folks and their family caregivers after covert across Canada, and that extends within our own study through a whole spectrum of illness, so we're studying patients in the community who were sick in the community and never hospitalized as Lorraine and heather indicated. But also those patients who were hospitalized and looked after primarily on general internal medicine, and then those most severe patients who become my patients in the intensive care unit who are critically ill and at the highest risk of death. So I think we really need to study across the spectrum I would say that until we have really detailed international information on outcomes after Cova. It's still a little bit speculative. However I think there are a lot of prior outbreaks that are informed a lot of the symptoms and the timelines for Recovery Lorraine and how there were describing to you, obviously as you mentioned you know covid nineteen is new, but but you. You personally have been involved in other studies of other corona viruses like SARS. What kind of long-term effects could we expect? As you said it was another corona virus. It had a different constellation of effects. Cova. It seems to be emerging as a very multi system virus. But some of the complaints that Lorraine and heather were discussing with you? We're complaints that we saw in SARS patients months to up to a year later in our one year. Follow up study. patients definitely were complaining of persistent fatigue. important cough shortness of breath. sometimes chest pain. Joint Discomforts these sorts of things having difficulties transitioning back to work, sometimes having cognitive changes are very frequently. Having new mood disorders. And that's not to say that people have complaints. The complaints are a manifestation of mood disorders. I would never say that. There's no nothing to suggest that really. Coated Lake SARS, you know. Is a very traumatic event. people were isolated, which is its own stressor? And also were stigmatized. SARS patients felt so stigmatized. It was just terrible and I think covert folks feel similarly so for those people who are listening who are long haulers who are still suffering from covid nineteen symptoms. or or living with loved ones who have been suffering? What's your your best advice in the meantime before we find out more about the characteristics of this disease? Well, I think my best advice is to Maybe maybe as follows trust. Your symptoms you live in your body and trust what your symptoms are and important to seek medical attention. There will be respiratory arrest just as well as in a critical care physician who will be willing to see you general internists who will be willing to see you? I would say through our CANCO program we will be reaching out to all patients in community, hospital or ICU's who would like to be followed by US and and studied as part of our national research program and welcome to get in contact, but to reach out for the medical care that they feel they. They need and to find people who listen and validate the symptoms that they have and some of the thinking issues they may also wish to seek evaluation for those and we know from SARS that there were a lot of new mood disorders and mental health issues apart from the physical issues, and not to feel ashamed or reticent about seeking. Mental Health, because this is a piece of having been this right one last very quick thing. What should governments at this age? Can you tell governments and policymakers what they should be planning for? In terms of support as the virus continues to spread? I think anything that I would say right now is is is very very. And it's important to base policy on rigorous scientific data, and it does take a bit of time to accrue. However, we have a lot of people. Who've been very sick. Who will have long term repercussions from this I think we can know that based on SARS and other illnesses, historically the other issue is that there may be important barriers to return to work. People will need support and returning to the workplace. We'll need. Physical care will need mental health and cognitive support, and also, and I may wish to emphasize this civil their family caregivers, so will their children that this disrupted the entire family unit there many intergenerational homes where multiple patients and we're multiple family members were in the hospital or in critical care units simultaneously, and these are devastating life events, and the caregivers like the patients and I fear that children may have developed a very severe mood disorders, which would be normal, these traumatic life events, and to really reach out for mental health support in addition to the physical health support. Thank you Dr Harris for your time. Appreciate it. Thank you very much. Dr Margaret Harris is critical care physician with the University Health Network in Toronto and Co lead of canned cove, which is a study that will look at the outcomes for Covid nineteen patients. For more, CBC PODCASTS! GO TO CBC DOT. Ca Slash podcasts.

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143: Untitled Poem

The Slowdown

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143: Untitled Poem

"I'm Tracy case Smith. And this is the slowdown. Every life is many lives. We grow change move our circle of loved ones, widens and contracts, shifting from one location to another. Sometimes I returned to memories of my past and feel as though I'm hearing in upon strangers. And yet, I know something fundamental to the person I now am resides there. I think that's why I love today's poem, a friend by Satioga foster, waking up on a sunny morning. The poem speaker is reminded not just of the night before, but of huge swaths of his past the poem gathers pieces of the many different chapters, making up one single life. What else do I appreciate about this poem? I like the fact that it looks at the ways people migrate from place to place as natural. I like how it contemplates the fact that our loved ones age and grow vulnerable. It acknowledges the ways we lose touch with the people. We care about at Corrales the mundane and the serious into a single tight space, which is what life feels like and it captures a blur of demands memories and desires in a way that makes me grateful to be alive. This is safe shoe. Fosters untitled poem. A friend slept on the foldout couch going home from Mexico. We stayed up past midnight, laughing in the kitchen as the children slept talking about friends in the bay area. They used to use our house as a station to send Salvadorans north. We laughed so much my cracked rib, hurts, I think about my dad, his broken wrist, broken ribs, sitting alone, at the kitchen table, in his rooming house in San Jose, almost seventy hurting a bit, too tired to move his kitchen is not on the sunny side of the house, dad. Our children grow in their sleep. The baby had a bad night crying for more than an hour feverish. Coughing painful dry cough, the phone rings first thing in the morning. Everyone is tired as we were last night. Our friend has gotten up before us to shower and hit the. The road before we say goodbye. He's left behind a note instead of talking to him. I'm answering the phone. It's a co worker who wants me to take care of some union business it Sunday. And I don't wanna see her, but her job depends on it. The kids come in to tell me they have a spot growing on the ceiling of their room. A Brown stain something from the winter rains that just passed like the old days, I once thought I was living in vanished in this bright morning, sunshine. It's a rare day in LA when you can see the stubby San Gabriel. Mountains this clear and beyond them rose, the Colorado plateau a high winter, desert crossed by railroad from yards outside of Denver highways across cold, vast empty stretches of America. It's another day. The woman is coming to see me about some work related papers, how to start again how to wake up someone is knocking on the door. The kids are up talking and laughing. I hurry to put water on to boil the phone is ringing again. I want one Cup of tea one. The slowdown is a production of American public media in partnership with the library of congress and the poetry foundation to get a poem delivered to you daily. Go to slow down show dot org and sign up for our newsletter. The slowdown is written by me, Tracy case. It is produced by Jennifer lie with Tracy Mumford. Our music is by Alexis Quadra engineering, by Corey Schrapel and Veronica Rodriguez production assistance, by Brenna Iverson.

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CoronaVirus Check-in Tuesday March 24

The Attentionist

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CoronaVirus Check-in Tuesday March 24

"I woke up this morning and I had a cough and I've been feeling fine and I just was living as normal as one lives in this New Order but I had a cough this morning and it was quite early and I started googling and of course the three The three main symptoms are the the dry cough and then also fever and then Body aches and a couple other flu like symptoms but the Cough Assegai. Oh my God. I've I've woken up with Cova. Nineteen best to begin Contacting the authorities and then I got up and I got out of bed and I made coffee and It was a false alarm. I haven't coughed in two hours. And I think it was probably just pollen kind of things and Jeff needs to change the air filters in his age back kind of thing but it started my morning on a funny mood and and I was like I am I am not. I am not gonNA get shoved around by negative thoughts. I'm not going to have funny feelings. About how healthy I am not or about decisions. I made to go to target two days ago. And thus sis this Introduce myself to Stimuli and potential viral germs. The wife and I really needed to go to target. We really needed a coffee maker. And so we got an expensive one and that for me was in assessing. Have you found yourself wondering what are my necessities to go out for like Well how do I put this? We were out of a certain kind of alcohol yesterday afternoon. And and I. I usually have asked the tariff. She's she thinks it's a good idea to get some more of acts whatever XS And she'd be like sounds good to me doesn't always say that so. I did get a so. We walked to the nearest adult beverage store. Which thankfully is it's less than a half mile from My home our home and I I think going through when I was lying in bed with a light dry cough this morning. Oh the third. Main symptom is the shortness of breath and build a debris dwell breathe deeply. So it's coughing fever feelings and then shortness of breath our inability to breathe deeply and Something of course already said and then I. I went through this range of mistakes. I have made in the last couple of days of course According to my all meetings the virus can be in you. Unmanifested for is it. Is it as many as fourteen days. Seems extraordinary. But I believe every that a couple of times now So not only. Do you have to judge the decisions? You've made a couple of days ago but why not just go all the way back? How many mistakes have you made in the last two weeks and when it comes to go out and door when it comes to wash your hands after going out and or when it comes to touching your face or something? I like that it it's sort of. I think this ability to judge oneself has become a I kind of D I can. I can easily default to that especially if I have the slightest cough. The slightest tickle but If you're able to do this with me I'm holding it at the top. Oh yeah that's good I'm in Nashville Tennessee. I'm watching the maps. I think there's really only one map but I think like John. There's like one may there's there's at least three maps that I I've been checking in on. There's the John Hopkins Map. There is the coverted sort of list which may not have a map. There's like the covert website. And then there's a New York Times list. Which has maybe my favorite like aesthetically speaking favorite colors and it's like from light pleasant gold to a deepened sooner. Stir rid of infection and I enjoy like Davidson. County is dark red I think we have. I haven't seen the very latest for today for March twenty fourth. I guess as of yesterday Davidson County had like a hundred and sixty seven cases and I think it updates officially Around the morning maybe around noon everyday And I know I know. I know it's only the people that have been tested in our officially coming forward and going through what can only be described as an ordeal to be official so It's the math is not accurate. Actually but it is an indicator and I try to put it in perspective that I am. I'm I WANNA say this with total Humility but also realize I'm doing a bit of a Braggadocio I'm probably not very exposed to the virus especially because I was doing imposed well. I stayed home from work last week all week. Thanks to my employer making that possible shutout Vanderbilt University And then I re. I've done such little to no Excursions beyond the home I did I did. There's a park. There's still there's two parks that are truly life giving to me. And if you live in the area you likely know that. The Warner Parks Percy Edwin Warner over a off a Bellamy Boulevard. I've been out there. I one of their last week once but look we're talking about the park. I mean there's there's people out there yeah I probably can't. I probably passed by like one hundred people. But we're all completely outside and completely distanced and then then I guess it was also late last week. I went to Biman Park. Which is it's an a newer park and it's an UN it's it's on the F- kind of edge the true edge of Davidson County. But it's a it's really. He's really Serene and truly known was out there but I did see some cars. I did see a few people. I did see the Park Ranger who was unusually empathetic when he. He was posting a sign on the bathroom at the Nature Center and he looks at me and he's like I'm so sorry Sir Duda City Ordinance. These are closed and I was like well. This is the park's still open. He's like oh absolutely sir you enjoy yourself and I thought it was just a moment of kindness from him. I appreciated that and and then I realized I really. I really didn't need to take a wheedle but that's too much information And certainly I think those. I think it was related to him. Saying there are no bathrooms when me suddenly be like gotTa go wait do Oh yes. Oh yes I do But that's a that's a whole nother on a needless aside. I want to be present in the moment every moment there's entirely too much. I cannot control right now and it's overwhelming and I really. I really just want to be present and I have so much to be thankful for. There's the whole do a quick quick three top top things. You're right this moment. The breaths the feeling your body. What feels good. Or what feels healthy in your body and I think a sense of humor about this extraordinary time for me and thinking about thinking about spiritual people that are either Living and otherwise. What their advice either literally is in some cases? It's easy to find spiritual people's comments on the Internet instagram facebook by gas. That's been really important to me Because if you if you look at this time spiritually you find. There are true positives from a spiritual perspective about this unusual super epic time. There's just literally positives there from it so I'm not saying that's you know life is more than just spiritual A lot of dimensions. But there's that dimension is a critical one so why not tap it when I can? I am going to be present today and I am. Some of that to me is like well. What am I GONNA do today? What specifically do I have to do today? Or what can I do today? What specifically can I do today and making a list is helpful and it can be super short. It can be three to five things for me like bullets. I like to make little squares out of chopped in half index notes. And then I make a list. I put it in my pocket if I have a pocket. Hopefully I slowly crossed the boss. Or I just I'll just sometimes I'll do this. I just put my hand in my pocket and just kind of like squeeze the list. I've done versions of that for a long time. And it is It's just sort of a way to be present because I only I can only do those couple of things or can't are would want to do those couple of things sometimes. The things is just like watch a movie with Tara tonight or For have focused time playing with my cat or So I you know. I've never made on my list. Go Check Internet News. And yet guess what. I have done several times a day the last twenty years so I've just I've just interested in being present to myself and being joyful there's joy for me in the couple of things to do today and just being human being present with those things and in the time where I don't want to do and I don't want to be productive for those couple things. My challenge to myself is just dude. Enjoy ENJOY. Just a quiet as much as possible. I am not a good meditate or I'm not a good slow my mind down through practice kind person but man if I don't have time to do it at this point and get a little better at it and I know every single time I go for that. I know that it's benefit. I know it's good so I'm going to have a good day to day. I I because of the things I can control and My little brush with thinking I had the Biz off away up and then I think I've had in the last two hours sort of a It's sort of like A. Mary poppins version of me. Stepped out of the regular version of me and in very kind way. His sort of organized my brain and now I'm allow. Mary poppins is just to come back into the regular me. Have I said too much? Have I been consuming already from yesterday's trip to the adult beverage store? No yes I've thought about it but there's entirely inappropriate and I will not until later Let's be conscious to each other. Be Good to each other. Be In touch with your friends. Text people don't annoy people. Don't let myself annoyed Grunt Virus Twenty twenty this where we are. We got this strong together all the Hash Tags. Flynn the curve.

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Ilana Stemmer - Kshamming - Ayurvedic tips for a strong immune system

The Only Way Is Up

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Ilana Stemmer - Kshamming - Ayurvedic tips for a strong immune system

"Welcome to the only way is up podcast with me your host Rebecca Patch over the next few episodes. You will hear me speak to amazing women who are in the Olym- community who will bring to you my listeners tips on how to get through the next few weeks. We discuss fitness nutrition. Are you better marketing? Your Business at this time an organizing your home and lots more. I've kept the episodes short and sweet for you to be able to listen whilst at home with your kids washing the dishes putting out your laundry or any of the other mundane tasks that we are doing at this time. I understand the house. We aren't walking and we're not getting on public transport or driving that the podcast listens are a little lower but I would really appreciate you still listening and still supporting the podcast at this time. I'm trying to bring you the content. That is really important. That will help you get through this difficult time. Thank you so much in advance. Keep listening keep sharing and have a great day. Allow Astana is the owner of shamming an allowance Dama PR after fifteen years of working marketing and PR and the UK and as she decided it was time to follow her passion and study. I of whether she's now working as a PR consultant and practitioner helping people combined lifestyle and dietary changes together with herbs and skincare products. To better understand their mind and body and lead a healthy and balanced life so today we have on the podcast who is out here recurring guest. She the land stemmer. Who was our number four episode and she is hit to speak to us about your data on how she can help you join this time. So welcome to the PODCAST. Thank you hi so just explain to anyone that doesn't know what is our weather and then we'll go into how it can help close so I've ever is a five thousand year. Old Science stems out of the system of knowledge that comes from the region of India and has got three primary goals. It's focusing on cheering and prevention of disease and also with maintaining health tons of wonderful benefits. And I'M NOT GONNA go into orbit now. There are few things are important. I want to mention because it's going to be relevant. And when I go in to talk about the tips. So two of the main principles of it to core principles of it with regards to leading healthy life am eminence about each. According to the seasons and eating locally. When I go on to explain some of the tips these things are going to be really important. So the view of Corona is. Let's take actually before talking about credits. Just talk about Iran and there are different elements and either say you've got Aaron Space and Earth Fire Water and they've all got different qualities and the different seasons as I mentioned just before different seasons have different qualities too now. According to IRA veteran the Vata season of attack is cold and rough and dry and actually this totally makes sense with regards to what's happening with current at the moment because krona the the health experts as saying the current is aggravated in the cold. And not of the symptoms for example dry cough which then attacks the lungs. So actually I radically. It makes a lot of sense in a season. A very high voter was about cold roughness and dry enough and this is very correlated to what's happening with corona so that's a basic background and how it relates to cry now so at this moment how can we change our health and our lifestyle in order to boost up our immune system with Vida. Right there are lots of things we can be doing. It was hard for me. Us full fortify tips. And I wanted to give about ten so I'm GONNA try. I tried to some of the favorites and also some which I feel that. Maybe it's a different perspective. Perhaps in what we got from other Medicines so one of them before you all your is this everybody is. I'm really is about getting to bed early. And the idea behind this and it really is one of the most important things we can do for our immune system because our immune system ebbs and flows with light and dark cycles. So it ebbs and places night and day and that's about if you've heard the term Circadian Rhythms that Your Circadian clock and it's about how we as physical mental beings and respond to lighten dark cycles so for example Melatonin and we know that Melatonin is released At nighttime when things a dog so an awesome melatonin has also been shown to be really powerful immune Barista so if we stick to these things we stick to things. Abuse thing is going to keep immune system strong. We need to stick to the natural cycles of the earth and this will be a huge benefit for us so the first main tip is to get to bed early and wake up early as well when you wake up. Obviously we can't really go outside but you can open up the window. Sit at the side of your house or apartment where the light is coming in in the morning and sit in the light and so cut the vitamin D which also vitamin D also helps us dems and yet it'll help your body's in Cup to not rhythm the day first thing in the morning right so I keep going. Yes keep going. That's the day right tip number two so two you've also everyone is heard all over the place and I'm sure that people are doing it now if I'm going to explain it in a way that connects it to IRA. Vada so tip number two is to eat foods which are rich in vitamin say so we know that vitamin C is immune booster. And it's you know we've been doing this since we were kids but it's also more than that so if it gave back to the theory before but I of ETA that at the moment and we're in a season which is very cold and dry so so if we want to counter at Missouri. Okay if we're in the cold and dry season we need things which are warm and oily and moist so things that are woman when we digest them will be things like nuts and oils and the beauty of vitamin C is vitamin C can help protect saudi-born items from going round said like that may happen in nut oil and it helps protect them and it helps and the body absorb what it needs for the nuts and oils so that's on the one side and also additionally if you look around us right now and especially. I've noticed it really massively in the past month. That the release of lemon trees around and this goes back to eating seasonal because if we eat seasonal eating while the earth is telling us it's good for us at the moment and the reason why there are so many lemon trees around is because the earth is telling us. Hey this is what you're eating. Eat these oranges lemons because their immune boosting also then going to help you also eaten up together with the facts in addition also if you look around and if any of your lucky enough to have any avocado trees around and you'll also notice that also perfectly and season right now as well also because we need that rich oiliness diet so eat seasonally which US living in Israel is a lot of us can sometimes complain that Oh we can't get all the foods we won't only around but the beauty of that we eat seasonally and eating things at which are good for some aggravating us so that would be tip number two. I love a good. I'm Jerry King I have. I have lemons all the time and I drank hot water and lemon every morning and I eat lots of not so. That's great. I'm obsessed I have like my avocado draw. Which is basically a drawer filled with lots of other stuff. And then we'll corner vet it just lays advocaat that have rotating which like trying to soften and ripen up. Say I love my avocado digital big. Found like another tip and this is actually something that isn't specific to this well again again. I have something codeine chariot and Sharia daily routines that we should be doing. Every day and the research teams that we should be doing every day throughout the whole year and the some which have more beneficial at certain times of year Certain Times at the and others and one of them is cooled and anger massage and the idea is that a skin is the largest organ and we need to treat it with care and especially at the moment. I've been thinking about this a lot with clean hands along with a lot of chemicals. Getting into skin being absorbed everything then gets absorbed into a day with chemicals that need to be processed not toxins needs to be processed. You know is taking a toll on a organs from everything. That's from all this handwashing. I've actually tried to like meet my own spray which I can. I can give you the recipe late one. If anyone's interested so taking care of her skin is really important. An officer and hydrating it because again back to the code in the dry thing again where we need to be able to compensate for that said the Bianca M. I. Radic daily massage The concept is that you Is a slow massage. It's nothing deep. You don't really getting into any muscles You heat up an oil of choice. You can do this with sesame oil sesame or that. You could quit because that's been raised it and sorry toasted and we'll be so nice on your body but natural am sesame oil. You can get it from natural food stores. If you can't get hold of that then avoidance fine and what? I like to heat it up because it won't to won't it won't be too hot. Am I? Boil some bulte put Mug and then a half a small cup that goes inside whether oil visiting inside so it's like it warms up and I'm constantly checking the temperature with my pinky just to check. It's not getting too hot. And then the method of the muscle Jr. is you long strokes on your limbs moving away from the heart which is in the direction of the hair so on your legs I mean. It's I'm doing it almost you call but you really. You'd go down on your legs for examples going down and away from your heart and then so limbs you go away from the heart and on your joints on your knees and your elbow on your ankles. You moving circular motions and Survey Software. Alexi massage. You can do it from anything from five minutes in the morning to fifteen minutes. If you found videos look online that show you how easy to do it as wild like some old look at us abby. Anga Self Self. Beyond Guy Home Sergeant. You'll find ones as easy to do you know standing in your showers Newbath you probably need to know how to spell it. It's a bit of a weird spellings there. It's an Aba H. Y. A. N. G. A. South AB H. Y. A. N. G. As if you cut beyond then you can find mass autism at some explanations and how to do it and tip number four which included a few in tip number four. Because I felt like I was squashing. Your your tips my creativity. Apologize Say I'M GONNA put like three in one here so what I've done here is like identifying things which m. c. i. rettig things a lot of municipal and something's just personal things. I've been doing the I've really been feeding. Has Been Benefiting me so the first part of it is basically about meditating. So it's about like a routine in the morning so it's again going back to the Dina Sharia the morning routine. It's meditating is waking your body physically and also some breathing exercises so meditating. There's lots of things out there if you to During thing can be such that but we can your body physically so you've hopefully Waking up in the morning and done meditation to calm. Wake up your mind and I think we forget to do is like to open up stretch borders and just let things move and that energy start flowing and I had a couple of friends mentioned this This tower on guy to make Montek chair. It's Emma N. T. A. X. is his name MONTOC and cheer C. H. A. And he's so he's not necessarily rettig but he has some exercises which already nerve and he has won Ko testicular. No very breathing's if you could go that forget about the fact that it's too testicles in Iran but but actually what I really like about it. Is He talks about like opening up the whole spine. And he talks about how that can benefit or reproductive organs. So I just find personally the something about the opening his exercises that opened up your spine in the morning. I just find revitalizes me and I feel like I have so much more energy and normally do when I do. Those exercises definitely recommend googling him and another thing that you can look up on youtube and released videos. You can find for this It's cooled so is cooled. Chandra Abedin A- and what this is about it's It's part of series of a few different breathing exercises Where I veteran explains that you've got different images in each of your nostrils said the energy coming into your left nostril. When you're breathing in is calming and it's the Calming Feminine. Energy on the energy breathe in through right. Nostril is a heating muscular energy so specifically during these days when everyone is can be more stressed. It's very important that the energy in the left nostril which is a common energy is a coupon and also activated so there are lots of different exercises. You can do something called alternate nostril breathing where you breathe three best. But I would recommend this one of the moment so it's Chandra at an embedded not is B. H. E. D. A. N. A. On the idea is that you lose your right nostril. You breathe in through your left. Close your left Nostril and breathe out of your right and you just continue this process breathing in fuel left out. Theo right in fuel left out to your right and you can do this and then if you count the breasts as what it really helps. You can do breathing for three breathing for full. You can also do breathing in for four hold for four out for four and I sometimes like at amendment. When I've been getting a bit stressed get into bed and you start thinking. Oh Gosh what's happening at home parents? Okay okay actually doing this imbed knife and I'm just like a cadences. I feel like now I just need to recall them down because I thought it was and suddenly my mind started racing so I could find in that reduce film. So that's my all in one and the final tip which wouldn't go on about too much but really it's a junk food equals junk food and it's really an easy now to like jump to junk food which is easy and obviously Hoffa people especially that don't enjoy cooking to cook for themselves but I'd say this is probably the second best take outside of going Israeli cooking healthy foods and trying to put good stuff into your body because if you have too much sugar you're going to increase your anxiety and your mind is totally. Reflect the way that your gut feeling and so if you're feeding Bodley that's how you mind is going to react to it so really as much as possible. Try to cook foods if in even if you fancy game for that bag of crisps. That's okay and I'm not saying anything unhealthy but really focus on cooking good meals when you do have that smaller pieces of less healthy food. You've it needs had like you've given your body could nutrition on top of that. So that's IT Rebecca. Thank you there. Amazing and anyone that wants to contact you wed. Where's the best place to contact you and you can? You can contact me on everything. Shamming related. Shopping is S. H. A. M. I. N. G. I'm on facebook. I'm on instagram. By number you can call me you can. What's up. May you can call with any questions. I'd be happy to answer them. If you've got any particular stresses or concerns and feel free to send me emails what's up? Give me a cold in. It's time to be helping each other. I'd like to help anybody in any way I can sure. Thank you so much for helping us out again. And anyone output all the links to anyone on the podcast with All the social media taking being contact and thank you. Thank you for having me anytime. Thank you for listening to the only ways podcast and thank you again to my guest. Today I would love to hear from you my listeners. What inspired you from this episode. What did you like? What would you like to hear more about? You can tweet us at only way is up part. You can comment on one of the post on instagram. Page at only weighs up podcast or you can send us an email to only weighs up. Podcast A. G. OUT DOT COM. Your feedback is really important. Please if you haven't done so already and it should only take a minute rate review and subscribe on Apple podcast. This will help to continue the success and bring you more content if you love the episode today. Why not share tenure instagram stories? You can take a pitch. Aw Tag a friend and we can increase the amount of listeners. Thank you again Amer Mamba. The only way is up.

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What is Yin Deficiency?

The Mind Body Dude

11:43 min | 1 year ago

What is Yin Deficiency?

"A show dedicated to helping you become a stronger person a place to your mind and fill in power with a holistic approach on this and self-employed <music> <music> healthcare provider just wanted to speak briefly and introduced the topic of yin deficiency according to traditional chinese medicine and how it manifests clinically and just give you a very basic understanding of this diagnosis <music> of this pal aji and t._c._i. Them by the way t._m. Is short for traditional chinese medicine medicine. That is my background obviously being oh can't say obviously because there are different schools of thought but so looking at this what is yin deficiency you can envision it as this and there's different ways in which heat will manifest in the body but you can envision it as this you have. There's a balance right. Let's say there's you have fire in your in. Let's say there's heat say. There's a fire burning okay. That's a good start. There's a lot of directions. I wanna take that so. There's this fire bernie. There's a couple of fires going on right now and let's say we don't have enough water right or whatever solutions that are used by firefighters in order to help put out fires. That's not my area of expertise so <hes> simple google search would help solve that helped me out too so so looking at this example of when there's not enough water put out the fire what happens wednesday's fire is prevalent and that's the concept of yin deficiency and traditional chinese medicine and how it affects the body so looking at this from a physiological standpoint what in traditional chinese medicine what we do is we have have the yen and we have the yang. We have hot and we have cold. We have a binary system determining differences and looking at human energy so if you envision that we have this balanced within ourselves which is which is composed of he qualities his and cooling qualities and they keep each other in check balanced then that is ah the start and if we don't have enough this cooling quality to deal with this heat. That's where the problems so yin deficiency. You're gonna have more dry symptoms and i wanna give shoutout to <hes> the lita giovanni mackey osha <unk>. I'm mispronouncing his name a hundred percent but and i will find the correct pronunciation <hes> but he is a well respected practitioner and educator in traditional chinese medicine community and his is his writings books are used in exams state board exams. It's one of the required tax so and i would say his book was it made him very easy to absorb because he he he made it very colorful and i was able to grasp a lot of the concept's and it was easy read i i should say eh it flowed very well and i was able to is something you can just read and absorb in your mind and really become a scholar collar in the medicine so according to dr giovanni honey you have certain symptoms such as dry throat dry cough dry lips <music> dry eyes dry mouth thirst with desire to drink small sips icee. That's a little bit of what we call damp vamp mrs involved in that but we'll talk about that later right on other shows tongue without coding and possibly cracks so before you hear all this and starts to say oh my a you know what i have these symptoms no new first of all you need to seek out acupunctures to accurately diagnose symptoms that you may be experiencing right to put it all together. It's good to have an idea right so <hes> you know so if you have any <hes> it's good to have an idea yeah but don't <hes> one. If you have any health issues you have to go see a healthcare provider as hearing safe california acupuncture is are are considered primary care provider so you can go see an acupuncturist and they can help in terms of guiding you in in letting you know if you have yin deficiency. You're a yang deficiency or any kind of fishy right. Sometimes there's excess us and we haven't even gotten into access so this is the deficiency aspect. There's an where some individuals may get confused. A few used is the concept of what's an empty heat in what's full heat or excess heat. What's the difference. We'll talk about that later. Stay tuned. There's a lot of greek concepts. Hopefully this will you can apply these concepts and and and in your life i know i'm going back and forth you can apply these concepts in your life and they will help you out so this he feeling can also be manifested in other ways in t c m. We also consider it. Okay at least when i diagnosis you know we it's i classify it. An put certain conditions that are biomed conditions such as menopause and something of were of excess leading hyper hydrolysis hybrid hydrolysis. I believe correct term so there is <hes> other there's other conditions that this can manifest manifest in insomnia anxiety can manifest and be inefficiency in chinese medicine so let this be a intro to the yin yang theory. The idea of yin is associated with the coolness and chinese medicine. Yank is associated with the heat aspect in chinese medicine madison so when we say there's a yin deficiency the yen is deficient which is the meaning of the cold aspect is deficient. It's not there's not enough water to cool down the fire. That's burning and what's happening is the symptoms are manifesting in body heat signs. It's as according to traditional chinese medicine agitation movement. You can't stop moving right. It's that he restless leg syndrome. He eat e if the heat talk yeah so pulled together and we tried tried to treat find that in my experience treating a lot of the yen aspect really does depend on the patient and dan they're changing their lifestyle habits adjusting incorporating certain things like more juicy fruits and vegetables and soups in their diet and dealing with maybe the factors that are dr causing that right maybe <unk> zapping or or our horses in having maybe we use talking right whatever is is is causing using this yen causing the body fluids to the dried up or not circulate as well man i was. I was trying to get that out so yes in t._m. Synovium fluid estonians joint fluid. I the the the the flu the helped to lubricate your joints is known as as it can be as yin in and even when he that up there's different types of fluids in t. c. m. and obviously in bio medicine. There's different types of fluids in the body and they were together. Send me an email feel free mailbox l. box at the mind body due dot com feel free to leave rating for the show lever review. Let me know that shahir that should present present that you wanna be here. Now may cause life is great and sometimes we all need someone to remind us of that. This is the mind body dude signing off hope. You have a great day evening morning noon and night. Thanks for listening to the mind body dude for more information and for more resources. Please visit the mind body dude dot com.

dry cough google dr giovanni menopause flu leg syndrome dan hundred percent
Quick Tip: Asking Siri Questions About COVID-19

AppleVis Podcast

03:33 min | 8 months ago

Quick Tip: Asking Siri Questions About COVID-19

"Hello and welcome to another apple this podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Apple. Podcast I'm your host trial arson and on this episode out acted. Explain and demonstrate. A feature. Apple has ed to Siri as result of the Kobe. Nine thousand nine hundred outbreak. This future will help you to determine how likely you are to have the krona virus and what you should do about it so a couple of things. I want to mention here before we get started. I in order for this. If future to work you need to have. Siri turned on so go to settings convinced. Theory to turn on Siri and second you can use. Hey Siri to use this feature. Also I'd like to know if you're unable to speak. You can type to Siri to use this future as well. Let me explain to you how this works. Based upon the answer to give to a few simple questions you will will receive one of three responses the first response if you have no symptoms. She will save. You are at low risk of having the virus but you should also wash your hands and stay away from other people are and if you need more information you can visit the CDC's website. And I should note that this is being recorded me. Us I do not know what will happen. In other countries. The second response is if you have mild symptoms. Serey will respond that you should stay home and there will be an option if you were to swipe to the right under screen. You can double tap an option value. Take you to be APPs store for some telehealth APPS. The third option is if your symptoms are severe. Siri will give you the option to call nine one one so now. Let me demonstrate to you how this works. Do I have e Tron virus. If you're worried you might have corona virus. A few questions can help you understand your situation. Ready to begin yes okay. Do you have any of the following fever? Dry Cough trouble breathing. No have you been in close contact with someone who tested positive for corona virus. You may be at lower risk for corona virus right now but stay vigilant for symptoms such as fever dry cough or trouble breathing. Wash your hands regularly for twenty seconds and avoid close contact with people outside your household. Remember people who don't feel sick and still be contagious for more information visit the CDC's website. She'll basically just respond to the questions that you are asked and take action based upon what series says or you feel you you need to do. I hope you found this episode helpful. I am year host a try watterson. Stay SAFE EVERYBODY. Take care and so on this. Podcast was brought to you by the team at Apple. This for more information and resources to help you get the best experience from your apple device. Visit the apple this website at. Www DOT apple this dot com where you can also contact the apple this team.

Siri apple CDC dry cough fever arson Kobe Serey watterson twenty seconds
Ep 106 - Chicken Ice Cream

The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast

1:07:23 hr | 1 year ago

Ep 106 - Chicken Ice Cream

"What's up guys we're GONNA team podcast this is actually last week's episode if you if you do that and if not enjoyed this one who's listen everyone I Capelli talk get a word out started coughing fit okay so have you noticed you can say anything I don't think I've ever had a dry cough in my entire learning note that is Louisiana in the city of I don't even bomb fucking our you could you should just mhm literally it's crazy when you get to a place like this and you Google restaurants and it's just go killer that for like a duck or something yeah it's just that in waffle house yeah we did I a. k.? Your boy goes to waffle house he gets are you sick fuck I'm a Sicko you sick fuck that's an absolute bad in the afternoon okay first meal that down I advertisers can get the chicken Nugget Parfait doc in the darkest Shit I've I've done in the last twenty four hours a stick chicken Jerry's and driving that down on a roasted chicken at like another top and into your mouth and you dunk those into an ice cream yeah thank you have a clump and you just mashed denies train chicken it's what's for dessert last month just GonNa be chicken rotisserie chicken boiled the chicken ice cream and ice cream that's really now if Candy Candy it's candy chicken you can't hate yeah honest with you I had a little check today to know yeah yeah I was chocolate you put just fucking drizzling caramel sauce on it you don't three chicken right in the bottom and then just losing yogurt overtop yogurt chicken the cafe du Monde getting been used the putting crunch berries on my fucking I got strawberries next person just just take like a fucking like a shaker of sprinkles just leave it next to your meal chicken Oh so you he just say you just keep him pushing for much Michigan I so let me get this straight you right on top of that so you wriggled chicken guy at work fuck it L. AH chicken as dessert fucking A. so the been yays you know just absolutely smothered powdered sugar everywhere gather and like sophisticated like I'm just having a little coffee and just so there's a there were eating the bananas and there's the there's the thing of sugar on the table it made sense to me that that would be the knee as it's for the benefit of the coffee and I'm like in some and I just poured it and it took me like five six seconds to who women were just staring at us and we looked over and they're like we just saw that entire thing it has for the chicken later chicken later yeah now I'm actually going to put a whole chicken in here and we're GONNA is an gentlemen San Antonio was dope I got to uh-huh crowd to yeah it was sick are just go ahead and gets my chicken thirty four I'm a bad boy what can I say bat boy I'm a WHO's this at all between podcast I feel like we're always adjusting it when now yeah excuse me as long as it takes everyone show so far I definitely think we've Now some things you gotta you just gotTa eat shit on stage yeah it shows and stuff just doing spots yeah dislike really work out like yeah yeah I don't know been watching a lot of recently yeah just that's like coming from you it's extremely personal the types of things you could talk about in just straight up stand up show uh-huh I'm saying like from the performance aspect of performing I like US goofing around but it's also like the audience were comfortable into like delivery me yeah but I think that's Kinda do you have to approach those people way differently you have to get them on board with you it's like giving a speech you know whatever I mean it's it's not rocket science yet you should definitely do it I want to do it for sure next year bought more stripped down because I mean it's the funniest shit in the world if you can just fucking let's do it man yeah no I mean we should just put on like a monthly he's touring little bit yeah I'm I'm so happy Is that the funny thing today yeah that he could you know sell out of show his own fucking stove yeah that's super of his shows yeah the Fuck had something that Oh fuck right off the top we should get this out of the One in Portland and Seattle I think are both sold out I believe they're sold out yet easy Sam believe that something that maybe you guys rule yeah seeing that made me want massage you as Portland and Seattle is yes the Pacific northwest is like entire strong Claude. Yeah I WANNA fuck and take you all enough hiking trip yeah smoke two hundred tickets off or something like that which is which is fucking crazy that's venue is it a couple of times last night I was like look around be like Holy Fuck Yeah Yeah you balconies there and the thing is like we did Edmonton and that was one of the biggest sorry welcome back to tour talk here's a bit everybody everybody was today parties this week so you're you're bit is costume Oh yeah right right right he will probably done this forever but just that concept to me is so uh-huh skews you fucking starbucks being asked Yeah just had a cross locker some girl Susan g Komen Nice yeah that's crazy that's sick awkward that you both walk in the same like over like a petty ass comment like Oh what are you cheating ass bitch then just sit where's your old denise caution for that your dress up like the fucking her your your dress like the dude is about to get fucking I kind of I kind of I kind of a little bit omra feel dress fucking memes Oh everyone's dressed like mm-hmm do you want to see like a bit of a renaissance where we go back to the classics I just want people what would you what would you be are we going to dress up for the show yeah we should we'll come into our show on Halloween which I didn't I didn't adjust realize we actually have a show that's fucking awesome this is like this hermit as shit but like I just all through college eight like that's actually we talk about these haunted houses that's Mike Awed not one last night that was bad for you 'cause you know whatever like narrow hallway and then that fucking strobe fine you know it was fun it was fun like you kind of saw them coming in they were dressed really well and then last night was legit fucking scary think so dudes would come from like they would totally get you is crazy yeah laser or like some points of light that's like drawing your eye and they're just be a dude sitting in the darkness towards whatever that was it's like Oh yeah just to the store okay yeah it's like that's I yeah and the the laser was coming right over in the fog so they fill the room and Hayes so which is like hilarious she scared you guys in the front and then she went back and like I knew where she was doc the funniest part was when the chick broke character tell us we couldn't drink the white cloth with so good that was so and she's like and don't let this is my home radios and someone walls for checked out which almost made is scarier because they didn't give yeah it was weird there was store doesn't matter come on everybody everybody because one guy was being like a nerd about it he's like can we Chris our photographer told him that he's like the end of your shift man come on come on Oh yeah it was would you guys stateful yeah it was dope in their man thousands of fucking blind in there I'm like I'm not doing this I'm like okay I don't feel like a bitch dude especially the the speed strobe yeah is there to specific parts that one I legitimately Kim forget him the fog Outta here because she was like that's just the intro you're like how long does the rest wasted and it's like I don't WanNa is money we doing like Tom Get your fucking big bitch here fuck ooh fucking bomb faulk better than does your city yeah we're going to be one person who was like I'm from whatever where's that well asking me undies o's actually yeah a when talking about undies I mean can you blame them beyond make the softest most are very very comfortable which we are owners for any first time purchasers you can get fifteen percent off and free shipping to get your fifteen percent the way you dress me and describe you're looking one word bolden sexual that's you can you gotta SD but it doesn't affect you however is your favorite clothing brands right to your door no commitment required okay you only pay for what from your box all right so if you WANNA get started today go head on over to stitch fix dot com golden beautiful old and beautiful that is stitch fixed dot com slash t. m. g. last eh if you run your own business you're used to doing it all but if you're struggling to get through your to do list honey quickbooks google suite xl mail chimp and g mail it's the number one choice for Klein and business management right now honey book is offering our listeners fifty percent off when you visit honey book dot com slash tiny payment I want to take a second hand knowledge cows hard work here house doing a lot for us podcast stays between the thigh and he's on the upper of your thigh the frontside that's dope it's like it's like between the the pelvis tasks do that fast I wanna sniff her just sitting there and you're fucking her from behind into the fast it come close to me I'm eat at as lead groceries do you have to sit like that I think it's a sad I mean or ask available okay you go from the version into the AH we call that the P. t. m. c. amount of that sick bitch I'm GonNa call him back later though he makes site pass I eat what due to God's Green Earth America's this is Arizona okay that's the facet of America that both are Moist Yup and hot that was a mess New Orleans on Halloween near Halloween is a mess the street yeah yeah it's my costume us up like robots yeah completely still all day to make money like a display with him no way I wasn't down for it no so they like to like throw hands well that'd be so funny he was so funny because they're both like it and they got those whistles of their mouth you get knocked down that whistle uh-huh bro that's funny the like the debt felt disgusting yeah is raining the floors fucking wet and I'm just eating and Dinner Chicken and one desert yogurt like Chris cannot turn down fucking somebody up and some sports talk yeah so he's go Stroz and then she sits back down she's feel real confident and like Liz she's like you guys shit they're talking about players and shit that I don't understand I'm just let me have my dinner chicken shit at I'm just trying to put some sprinkles the Gulf this is it this is how we get into white it's like dude it's not worth it man were as as bids fucking awful I tried to get a sentence than like yeah I was going to pull some shit up we saw this quick update yeah already he's clean good he's happy good and he's got a girlfriend for a minute now I believe he said he never forgot if he told me he got his come up in Abra you PG yeah what Yeah blessing that's a fucking blessed exit nobody punched him that's like a call we're really fast Gaza for you were who fuck you he's just eating chocolate chicken for the rest of his life little chocolate chicken for your as you say I was GonNa say I thought it you know as a lot of you notice I've been taking a break from social it's you know an anxiety and hearing yourself to others I really needed to mall and I was like what the fuck is that what yeah what is that around to to shoot back with y'all on a little cleanse now that I'm here I should kill me so I was on relationship advice and for wait relationship dude I'll wait we should do the thing you got your Jingle uh-huh pre although his this so she is very attracted to me but me male nineteen yeah breath sounds like you to rebound all cold as vice and people like flipping I don't think this is GonNa work you like dislike soul crushing that Oh intelligent that ever yeah your manhood like that like your dixie small yeah fuck and mouse yeah then what does he do he goes and he starts podcast with his friend and you made in fucking early college that's don't do that that here's the thing also so he buddy you put out his measurements eleven and like six and he says do you like about five or six inches long smaby maybe she thought like Hammer Cock yes she's looking for a behemoth yeah if you need a big ass in you had a moment

dry cough Google Capelli Louisiana Edmonton fifteen percent twenty four hours five six seconds fifty percent six inches
How to check if you have the coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus

Bevs World

12:24 min | 9 months ago

How to check if you have the coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus

"All right, guys, we're going to start today's episode in just a second. But before I do so, I just want to tell you about anchor anchor. FM is a platform for podcast creators like my life. I use it and it's completely free. You don't have to pay any hosting fees or nothing even get creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or a computer on the ago you want to get this because you know my opinion on this right? I think everybody should start a podcast about something that you're good at you like dogs start talking about dogs. You might know something that other people don't know bring value by starting a podcast download and crew. FM today. You're not going to regret it regret it regretted. Let's Tom Days episode. Look at this message Carnage. I didn't do all this you didn't shoot anybody. Come on cab, you know her shots. Yeah, that's right. Ladies and gentlemen, it depends world and I'm back at it again with another episode. Are you ready? I said, are you ready? Let's go. Up everybody what's popular pop in it's your boy Malanga and I'm back at it again with another video. All right guys, we're back with another covid-19 coronavirus Corona parona video and informative video where I'm going to talk about what to do. If you think you have it now, why did I make such a like a happy clappy intro, you know and such a depressing topic? No, seriously. This is a serious matter. It's going rapid right now. But remember the most important thing is not to fear. If you let the fear take over then you should start thinking just bad thing clear stay vigilant and just make right decisions, right? So, okay, so As I've been saying in previous videos, we're actually in flu season, right? We all know that so when you're in flu season, that means that there's pretty much every year a lot of people that get sick whole lot of people and specifically this year. It's very difficult to know if you're actually sick because you're sick of some other type of virus that your body is used to or not used to because there's always new viruses, but you know what, I mean that it can handle warmer actually covid-19. And since they have very similar symptoms, I think covid-19 that has more of five or more severe symptoms. You should be able to decipher the difference, but I've seen that some people don't even want to contact phone number. A call center to ask if if they have it because they think it's so silly. But I think if you have them if you really are sick if you have pain in your throat, maybe if you have pain in your throat, you should probably just try to stay home and relax until it gets you know, if it starts getting worse. I think then once you start realizing that hey, you know what, you know, we've all been sick a couple of times in our lives, right? I mean this is not something that's new to us. And so when you get hit by the covid-19, I can't speak from experience. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not going to Thursday at Lee so fortunately I can't speak on experience from having it but people that have had it, you know, you've seen these videos of people collapsing in the middle of the street. You've seen people, you know, really being severely hit by something that you know, you can just tell it's it's not good, right, but, you know at the same time there's people Thursday. Ours not daring to take contact because they just think it's a normal fever, you know, oh, but I have to collapse or have to do something like this to be able to call in. No, no. No, if you're not doing good first things first stay at home and talk to your boss. That's the most important thing. So if we're going to go step by step step number one is to talk to your boss talk to your boss talk to somebody maybe an elder just you know, hey, I'm not feeling too good. I've heard about this covid-19 thing and yeah, just maybe have a loss of a dialogue there after you have that don't make a decision based on that dialogue because we all have different opinions on this and we're not MediCal experts. I'm not a medical expert so don't listen to me. I don't get no but you get what? I mean don't take everything with a grain of salt, right? So after you've talked to your boss just you know, make them aware about the situation you call in to the nearest, you know, a medical helpline something like that and there's so many different apps. There's so many different hotlines and numbers you might need to wait for a bit but that's worth it. Right just call telling symptoms. Oh, I'm having a very dry cough. It's very deep and I feel it in my lungs. All right, you know what? Maybe we should you know take a look at this because I think I think one of the worst things home. I was listening to Boris Johnson and his press release today. I think it's the 13th or 12th of May March and he said, you know, if you really don't need to don't come in or don't call and he was like just try to stay at home or something like that, which I don't really agree with that kind of I know I kind of said that in the beginning of the video or beginning of this video game, but honestly if you're feeling sick and you know that it's something that's out from the normal call in immediately right to a help leg. So after you've done that, you're most likely go to get advice on what you should be doing depending on the symptoms you have right and wrong sometimes you know what honestly from experience of a person that's actually been inside the hospital several times due to a sickness that I have. I know that sometimes you might need to call log Two or three different people on that line to get an opinion, you know, because that one person could be very stressed now. I don't want to create any fear in your okay, but this person could be stressed and maybe give a wrong. It's only be called two or three times. You've talked to your boss. You kind of have an overall, you know consensus or kind of like thought of what this could be after you do that and they think that this is severe enough they're going to tell you to come to a specific location where you will be able to suggest for the covid-19 now usually there are test kits test kits and you can take blood samples right and walk through this bad blood sample. You can actually check in a microscope a scope to see if you have covid-19 right now. The thing is since they're dead. Such a high demand of this right now load amount on medical staff. I mean you've seen it in in Wuhan you've seen everywhere right people are running out of steam people are crying shouting screaming because they can't take it anymore. Right? So since there is a huge demand on this and low supply of you know Medical Care they do the most likely do something a bit more basic now, they could have different ways of doing this but one of the ways is a nasal swab and what they do is they stick a month, you know, like one of these ear tips that you put in into your ear, right? You just pretty much go in the surface of your ears, right? But in this case, they'll put it up your nose, right and they'll go wrong Ali far back. Like don't let this scare you but they'll go pretty deep and then they'll get something from the back back back where you throw it because it off. Group, actually, I have the information here a nasal swab test detect a nasal pharyngeal swab and the similar techniques edited a methods of collecting a sample from the back of the nose throat. Okay. Yeah, so it was right there so they collect a sample and because at the back of our throw the people that have been having covid-19, they've been having millions and millions of small viruses and the back of their throat so you can easily see from that if this is a severe case and then from there make a decision if you need to go further with extra Medical Care, you know, I understand if you're listening to this video right now and you had your feeling very sick. I understand you I just want you to know that we're here with a few we believe in you and I think Depending I know that this has been a big topic but I think a little bit has to do with your age as well. If you're towards the older side of home life, if you will if you're more experienced than I think you should be taking this a bit more serious. Thanks to data and thanks to the the age of data collection. You've been able to see that in most cases. Kids are safe. Right? I mean they spread this like crazy but they're they're safe in general, you know, children young adults adults strong and immune system if you will and elderly people you need to take this a bit more serious and I say that with all respect. I'm not saying that because years old, I'm not trying to roast you. Okay? No, I'm trying to be your friend. I'm trying to say hey, maybe you need to take contact at immediately because elderly people are in the high-risk Zone. They need to get checked immediately. And because we have been seeing a higher fatality rate when it comes out early people and that's not because you're a bad person or anything. It's because you know, With age immune system, you know kind of starts failing a bit and I'm not saying that your immune system is totally failed. But you know what? I mean? I think I don't think you're offended by what I'm saying and the other group that really should take contact is if you have a pre-existing condition, I mean we're talking about pop up. I think you know, usually if you have a bad immune system if you have asthma if you have a very easy sucess sucess to it. I can't even say the world word. But if you have a very easy time of getting a virus and usually are very sick that you should take them. Very serious guys. Thank you for listening to this video this audio podcast video where we were listening to this if you're listening to this on Spotify iTunes Google podcasts, wherever just hit that life. button and follow button and I've really appreciate if you share this video to somebody that needs to hear what to do if you potentially have this desire Subscribe if you're on YouTube and spread the word guys at but spread the right right word. Go to spread fear spread propaganda guys. This is going to be fine. It's just take some time, but we're going to be all right. All right. Our civilization has come through many different things like this before. So stay safe and stay vigilant. They clearly don't drop into fear. Take care. I love you. Goodbye. I love you. All right. Bye.

flu Tom Days dry cough first things first Boris Johnson Malanga Wuhan fever Lee Spotify Ali YouTube
Dr. Roz Show: How to Survive Covid-19 with Covid-19 Survivor and ER Physician Dr. Alicia N.P Sanders

Dr. Roz Show: The Relationship with Yourself

1:01:21 hr | 5 months ago

Dr. Roz Show: How to Survive Covid-19 with Covid-19 Survivor and ER Physician Dr. Alicia N.P Sanders

"Hi Friends. If you haven't heard about, anchor is the easiest way to make podcast. Let me explain first off, guys. It's free. Tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast. Right from your phone or computer. Anchor will distributor podcast for you, so it can be hard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place, so go ahead right now. Download the free. Ankara APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. I can't wait to see you here. Are A hey, guys. We figured it out, we think. So I have invited a- for some reason. Both of our phones were acting crazy and our desktops were acting crazy. So we were both struggling on trying to make this work but I think we. Thank you group. Number Hector for guiding US your. Own. Success! Alright hi Dr Elite show. I am so excited to get you here. To our group about old. Holds it nineteen especially because it's just so much. So much misinformation. Yup. That's out there as well. With this is a five G., conspiracy and own. Mess! Bash. You know it's just. It's a lot of craziness going on so I am. So happy to have you. On tonight. Tapped isn't hurt. or Bearing with US MIA my technological difficulties. I couldn't. Be, I, don't know something. CREPE with my desktop am phone. I'm Su. Wasn't even given the option to. In, but guys as we are. as we are talking if he'd have questions. Other Lisa. Please please please put them in the chat. And Don't forgive them. Won't forget those burning questions. But I just wanted to tell you overt about Dr. Do Sir. Vince nights sister. She's a former. University. Jeez Mundell sister. Greek Margaret Sisters so all the bounces in the business. Please say hi to you, so you're in the building. Is Amazing. She's my Georgia Peach sister. would. She's amazing and she is on the front lines in these emergency one dealing with Kobe nineteen eight cents. And we are so excited to. Have you here with US tonight. Because I know dead. You are busy. I other there is. Just so much going on, and you're probably tired from work. You Know Day in and day out the we are so happy. Here with US tonight for this important conversation. Marriage focus. Thank you again for his bearing with and. Technical difficulties. Thank you there and live. Your support. Guiding us through this because it was, it was a hot mess behind. The scenes will struggle trying to figure it out, but. We are. In so I'm so happy so happy so happy so happy That we have you tonight and out the most burning question that we have tonight is. what's what more can we do to protect ourselves? Snows other than we're in the. And gloves and wash it, he. What more can we do? Honestly. So what we've been finding is that it to people have were masks that gives you the greatest chance of not contracting the virus, so I know you know. If there's something more more frequent hand washing using hand sanitizer wiping down Those are really the main things that keep you virus free if you are at least six feet apart from someone, even if there's a cough, sneeze or something like that, they don't have enough mask you do You are still pretty much. We've found pretty much protected. So even you're gonNA. Go this. You'RE GONNA go to the grocery store. You're going to go. Different places where they're going to be people who choose not workplace masks if you. Heat your yourself. At least six feet away from them were guardless of what they do talking coughing sneezing six feet has been shown to be a good distance where whatever particles I. if they have the virus, you should Noggin infecting your even. If he face mask. So. Aside assassin that yeah that that really is the main thing to do. You can There have been obviously nothing's truly proven at this point. Because everything is a study, you know we will have real data from what works what doesn't work for five six years, but vitamin C. and. Zinc have been shown to be a little bit protective in terms of your immune system keeping you. Should you know be around the virus or put yourself in a position to potentially contract Bart's? Oh, thank you, thank you. Thank you for sharing that especially that piece about the mass because before they were saying that the mass doesn't protect you. Protect others from you, but you know you're saying tonight. We're that mass because it also. Gives you a barrier to anyone else around you. Absolutely absolutely. So thank you for saying that. We heard our president saying that. The LUPUS. Drug. Is Like Really. is like solving the world. And then we've heard different. We've heard the side effects a horrible. We've heard that. You know it. It's not good so what get lots on that? Well we found that it is not. It is not a prophylactic drug, and it's actually in the studies that we've. been able to at least extrapolate a little bit of data from it is not. Effective against covid nineteen The side effect profile is too great to say yes, this works, so it is not. We do not recommend that there is another one. Disappear that it is in immunomodulating drugs. That has been showing some promise in a lot of studies, but like I said we won't know for sure. What that's going to really look. Probably for another year, so, but that's looking better in clinical trials than any of the hydrochloric or any of that, so I would not recommend that that drug is. It's got a really. Side effect profile so I mean even people who have lupus you know. They would the fact that they were breasts. Those side effects instead of having the actual disease lupus in its flares is very tell so. That's not one of those. Like, please write me a prescription is not. It is not a good draw. elderberry. I'm sorry you grew. Oh. Yes, yes, yes, at the Wanda about she'd say L. Developing. Well that. One also has been proven to be helpful you can. It's it's kind of like a placebo where you feel like it works. By to fault you, but it's not been proven to be one of the ones that really focused the immune system honestly. So as zinc, can you repeat the to that Blue Music? Something, vitamin, C. and zinc. Vitamin. Singing. Thank you for sharing that. The latest information that we've been hearing, is that we? Well that we know is that it's really affecting the African American community yes. It's not there. We're having a breathing problems. It's more so Blood clots and Yeah. And and heart of things of that nature. So could you speak to that because that's what? That's what. That's what I really wanted you lying here tonight. We have a large African American. Population in this room. And I really just wanted. To really year from doctor who can really tell us? If, it's beneficial or non-beneficiary what we need to do to protect ourselves. You know besides against zinc and vitamin. newsy yet. Think Beside Hornets. Go ahead I'm sorry. As a think, orange juice, vitamin, C, O, O, the. Thank you, thank you. you know I mean that's terrifying because I keep seeing a lot of black men. We're losing a lot of black men and so. How is this disease affecting? Black men more than you know. More than the rest of the population. Yes, so I, if we tease out the actual African American community and We just put it out there. There are also Brown people as well as native Americans that are being hit hard. It's mainly. These situations about socioeconomic status and Ability to receive healthcare so a lot of these native American Patients what not don't have a lot of access to health care, and so they're? Not hearing about this in the mainstream media, but it is out there in the medical community they're they're dying. At a very rapid rate is well Um so if if you just take some of the factors of what we are like are people are like we have grandma. It brother sister lived in the house with us, so we're all in most borders. There's not you know there's not a lot of places where we can go in our house, so we're all very close, so we found that that total household density. That's a week. Consider you know how how many people are GonNa House Per Square. Footage makes a huge difference in terms of infection rates and how rapid spreads We just talked about social conditions. Of the majority of African American neighborhoods where we live in an in areas that do not have healthcare that's close and we don't we. We have a generalized distrust of the healthcare that is near us the ones that come to our communities. We you know we have aside I because. Do you really want to help us or are you just really you know there? Because the government made you set up a location in our area so right that. A lie into it as well. We're finding with our black men specifically They tend to have jobs that. Are Not considered frontline, but they are essential. We have trash workers. We have bus drivers. We have janitors. We have cashiers, and those are essential, and people aren't being very. They're not social distancing from them in their jobs, just like the gentleman at Chicago where the people coming on coughing it his face, and then he ultimately ended up dying Govan. There are black men are in these. Positions and no one's willing being safe around them. Even if they themselves are trying to be saved. so it's it goes to their type employment. Were also in food deserts. The healthy food options are very liberal during. which goes into our overall health status which makes us more susceptible to the chronic illnesses, the high blood pressure diabetes, the asthma, so old plays into it, so it is a mole type rants It's it's a multi blanche. Reasons as to why are our community? In specifically? Our men are being targeted by the viruses you will. Unfortunately so it's I, mean it. It's yeah, so many different layers to it There's also something in in how the actual virus ads in the body you mention. Blood clots and heart attack. We did find that it actually does attack the blood vessels, so when initially came out, and we're getting all the information in Italy it looked like it was a respiratory illness. You know people are Losing Nebraska am we're putting them on bit layers in their dock, but we found out. Is that is not a primary respiratory illness? Yes, you respiratory symptom, but it's affecting the blood vessels on a micro level. So, there are blood vessels throughout the loans in that seems to be one of the most susceptible areas, but men have this receptor that the virus is. Ace to and they have a few more of these receptors in areas of their body than women do, and so that also could be contributing to why they're more greatly affected than women overall as well so it's there so many so many different layers act. I can't wait to see the research that comes out, but unfortunately living right now. You know we're just taking a day by day trying to figure out what's going to be asked to help less in the. I. I have to be honest. I am so terrified about are. A symptom attic people. How do we know I mean? There every morning and I was getting up. Take my temperature because that was the only way that I could manage my as I. See it. Yeah, yeah, but now it's like you're still have it and not have. Have a luxury beaver temperature so certainly. I. What to do to quill. Hung of the brain. Right honey, but You. Honestly, if you if you think what would do to protect yourself against any major thing like you if you want us you. Know, that neighbor had a wien. Rob Your often not going to be sharing with them. You're not going to be doing things that would increase your a contracting. What they? So It might be a weird scaling to suspect everyone, but everyone is potentially. A missile you know they're. Causing damage so whatever you can do for self protection. That is what you should definitely do face. in certain situations you love, don't recommend at grocery. Store recommend more sanitizer at the grocery store, and steering. Where anyone that you know, you could potentially affect you yet. Ace of matic carriers are real but just you know use that wisdom that still keep your keep your pro-life up and you know definitely keep things clean around you. And be who you're allowing in your space. So you back on a symptomatic people you know it was, it was like. How do you know if everyone's not being allowed to be tested? How did you find out that they existed? If that makes sense, yeah, oh, because there were multiple studies shelf-life of buyers host so there are multiple studies that have been conducted across a few states. A few universities They were accepting volunteers to just detest and the you know you had what our testing their whole families back with. You know that coming out. So you. They had these these very small studies going on, and that's when they found out. Wow! All these people tested positive in? They didn't have symptoms of the people that did have something that you like. Yeah, they should have been positive. They were negative, so it was very interesting. That's how we found out. Though because they were accepting volunteers in a number of states in across some universities to just see you know how many people are walking around without symptoms, but could potentially be carriers and that's about. I was wondering. How do we know these people a symptom attic, but you can't get testing I mean. It's like crazy to get. Yeah, exactly exactly Yep, and then he says he wants to. This question. Hey, Liz, I was reading hector head Christian. Life of virus in a host good question. Yes so It depends. You just never know honestly so we found that for some people. It can be as short as fourteen days fourteen day quarantine. I'm assuming you mean long and the virus be active in the body. Is that what you mean by? I think it. Okay how long the so for some people yeah, we've seen it be like fourteen days, and then they're usually fine There was one study that showed that somebody could not convert until about day. I, WANNA set. so it just depends on the body, its ability to fight off the virus me, personally I did have it, and it took me union only yes, I grow I mean emergency medicine. You'RE GONNA be exposed to all kinds of things bright. So It took me to at twenty one twenty day twenty four is when everything result. Day Twenty four so. We've been anywhere from fourteen days to two months in in some people Could you still re contracted? That's what we don't know. We don't want. You've had it Can you get it again and then make other people say after you've got it. You know that we're still trying to figure that information now, but from what we found. The virus does hang around in the body lease about fourteen dates you get. You started developing antibodies within the first week of developing symptoms, but the majority of antibodies. That you know with antibody testing you start to see that around day twenty one, so you really get a good amount antibodies to fight off the virus around Daytona. And that's even if all your symptoms are gone. So. I mean you wait so this interview on another level now that I know that. I'm assuming you probably got it because you're in a hospital. Yeah. Did you keep your babies husband say. So, that's the thing when I was exposed the patient had flu be in, so that's what has contracted. Because I had all the symptoms of flu. Be The only thing that was well. There were a few things that were different over the course of the illness, but the main thing that was different was loss of taste and smell. Flew flew I've had it all before but that was the main thing that was different, and then the unrelenting calls that came after. I had a call started feeling great about day five six in just like everybody talks about what the pattern day eight to ten is where it starts to really wreak havoc, so people look like their goods. They feel good, and then all of a sudden a crash again. That's what we've seen throughout everyone's course of illness, so I was feeling good in the about that date. AIDS that's win. The call would not go away. In shortness of breath was super severe followed by the fatigue. I've never been there fatiguing grow, you know I've had three babies I've you know? I've done residency like I've been very very fatiguing situations pledging a been through, right He. I never experienced not like this before this was all level. When people say I mean I literally woke up to three. It was. It's out of this out of this world, so those were the things that were different, so I go back to the beginning, though and I thought I have to be so. There was no quarantine. In. My babies were exposed anthony was. or my husband was exposed so I mean there was no quarantining in then I. WanNa stay around. Day, fourteen see. Not probably about dates ten after got bad again as we were both like. Israel could be coronavirus that there was at the beginning of March, but we didn't really think who's even. GOTCHA got. In Indiana, so we were like you know and then I didn't I didn't go to the swab the tests because I was like. Five so I ended up getting antibody test and that was. To okay. Yeah, he's negative. Wow. And I mean there was no social distancing there was. It was not I mean. It's only because I didn't know that's what was time that I was infected. I truly believed ahead. Just will be so then it so can you tell us for those who may not know? What? It was flew flew. Oh, I'm sorry, yes, so. It's all good influenza virus has. Many strains, it's ridiculous, so Influenza A. is one of the most common strains. Of the flue that we see the environment as well as influence a be. They knew you probably know you remember maybe eight to one in line. Was the one that was really big several years ago. So are all types of looms, but the flu that we commonly test floor like let's start having you know like symptoms. When you go to the emergency department, we test for flu. A influencing because those are the most common in there are multiple subtypes of type, a multiple subjects of be, and so we can kind of pets that and that's what we do, which has food if it tests negative, we say. You have virus, or you can have another string of move, but when we say flew be, that's just one of the most common strains of the influenza virus that we has four in the emergency department. I. My Heart, say when you said that you had it. Yaldo no her. She is the Energizer Bunny I. Just thought back to homecoming because you were. Celebrating twenty years. and. You guys were all. So, Yet energised through the Russo to hear that you were like. Down like? Man, I'm I'm so glad you get to tell the story. Yes yes I'm glad you I'm glad. He's wearing affected. Any husband wasn't enough. Of read, Agree, Girl, let me tell you how how much the power prayer words and to protection I I had actually been traveling missions I had also been a Liberian around that time. And you know my travel companions. None of them were sick, and I went. One of the members was seventy six years old Lang. Nobody they tested negative girl. Just the power prayer hitch protection is real and then. Home when you got your taste and smell bag, so that's an interesting question. Hector I'm I might not be normal. I haven't gotten it back so I have some which is very very disheartening, because part of my job as an emergency physician is to I, can sometimes diagnosed as soon as I get in a room. Gangrenous toe or diabetes to the fruity odor right now I'm unable to do that, so I'm praying every day that it comes back. but it has not returned. I can. I can take. Some is better than what it was like. An had total loss. There I mean I wouldn't have known of our. If our eating cardboard or lemming on like it was zero, you could tell SPEC- versus salty, versus like there was nothing, and so I will say I'm not as bad as that more praise, the Lord I can you know there will be since that com out of nowhere, and I'm like Oh! Today in the next day. So I I. It's also you know allergy seasons, so that could also be playing into it as to why. Who will restoration but I haven't gone back yet now on the flip side one of my sisters. She's a nurse. Practitioner Chee had total loss, but within about five or six day you. She had returned to about ninety five percent. So there are some people who had return of the their taste since no. Not Situation. I can't even imagine. What that would be like not to be a? Taste or Now. I can't I can't fathom that I don't even. I can't fathom that at all. As so you said that the shortness of breath became yary beer. How yet? So obviously or maybe I don't know you didn't have to be on a respirators, system or anything. So. How did you take care of yourself? Because I feel like I might, if I can't read I've felt like I might saw hyperventilating which will make it S. That's. So, how did you? I mean I I. Think I heard Chris Komo's say he had to raise his arms. yeah pack. So, wouldn't you do during their period? How many days short? the shortness of breath rapidly about eight two. Okay, so when it started, and it was really bad, I had some chest pain with it thought I had a blood clot like I might have I don't know. But that was about eight days then the actual like I'm trying to exert myself in half so much fatigue shorter. That was another ten days so about eighteen days all of that. So what did I. Moving now that's my take on point with anything that you know surgery. Just keep moving. It's that moment when we become sedentary that this disease takeover. So you know we put the people. Did we do something called? THEM WE slip their bodies, because when people are under the. They're laying in bed, right? When they're laying in bed back. And you know you may turn them to clean them, but basically their lungs are just resting in this position, so we knew something called prone them in Grozny them so that the loans can change position and air can hit different areas of their loan so that they don't get stagnant. In my case, I had to keep moving. Like be moving was not cops. Because the at there, the more I felt like getting sort breast, so you know. I'm a runner around miles every day I could barely get through half a mile walking without upping gasping for air, but I kept going I kept going. You dislike. You have to scrape your body to remember how to read write and to do. To get you back healthy so that that's my my greatest is of anybody you know. Gets he moving? Do not stop moving because that's the moment that everything will tape. No that's the best advice because then my low crazy. My and I was like if I K- breathe I need to sit down with yet exactly. NOPE, you keep you keep moving. Keep moving. Walk deep breath walk. Keep taking those steps. Girl could. That's that air needs to get to those areas so. so let's say you have this. This'll be the shape of what we call now. Those are the smallest areas of the respiratory tract as so blood vessels capillaries are down here at the bottom, and that's also where air exchange air comes this way. Blood comes this way in exchange right there at the bottom of that right here. But will is cut off a not doing very well. That oxygen is not going to get. There is not going to get to where needs so if you keep saying. Keep allowing it to do job, perhaps they can get to this part of the blood vessel or this part of the blood vessel, so the air, so that action could still get to that part of the blood vessels so that you can continue to function in a near normal capacity. I I'm telling you I had A. Is years ago and I think I looked that up. PTSD I was working on my dissertation. Like this respiratory issue? Like every time I move like I couldn't Brie and like I have asthma anything right? GRADS are I was. Distressed bring this on. And I mean the. Trying to because at me out at my hand I, don't even know what I would do, because then idea of having shortness of breath. Still terrifying. Yeah. And I can't even fathom even thinking about moving. Yeah. I mean I. If if nothing else, you said something like that really stuck out like that's the one I missed out to me was to. Cheat moving because Ed's. That and then I hear that I mean, and that's what I'm saying. You just keep hearing hearing all this stuff that you don't know what to. OFF But I hear that the breathing I mean I the coughing is like a coffee never had. Right. Yet is. It is deep, come from the very bottom of the respiratory tract. Oh, Hector. Don't know you've eaten areas. But yes, that cost there's nothing like that. The it comes out of nowhere. You sound like you up. Yeah, It is bad, bad bad bad. And the call last. How long? it depends for some people. It's been lasting about three weeks. Yeah others a little bit longer, but yet. It's one of those concerts like you'll just be doing something. You know just reading and all of a sudden. He liked. Where did that come from? So it's not continual. Is that continual map river about no for me, it was. Coughing like in I mean post nasal drip dry air is called like it is just a continuous cough. You just cannot get rid of the cost. So, yeah, and most of productive, so you're not of Mike a Bunch of new or anything up, just a dry cough. That feels like you're coughing up alone. I need to be more specific hector. Do you mean just during these Corona Virus Times? Do you mean if someone infected with it? What to do like I need a need a little bit more clarity with this. It could be because I did see an article and I know that this was. He could be talking about how it. is now considered. can be considered in this corona virus. Oh Okay Yeah Yeah. I saw article on that and I was like. Oh, Lord. You can't even. Get Your Life Right. Well like you said it It's in the blood vessels right in eggs on the blood vessels. Are penises. Regina czar will vascular is so. I could never stretch to say that It could be considered. An Se is still a virus that can be transmitted in multiple ways. the mucous membranes in contact with someone else's. Vagina. Peanut like it's just there's micro trauma. with blood can come in contact with their blood in it. It can be transmitted but I think that's a stretch to call it A. Sexually transmitted infection, that's that's a stretch. necessarily. Good or So. Okay, so I'm going to presume that we're. We're talking. I Guess A. Not, married doesn't. so if you are living in the same household with the person that you're copulating list, and you're taking great precautions to make sure that you yourself are not getting rich. They're taking precautions. Then you're going to be two people that are considered safe and a likely won't. Give it to each other. If you book protecting yourselves, and it is still must be saved from the actual sex standpoint, you're going to have a greater likelihood of giving the virus to them from the kissing or the being in close contact. Then from the actual. Penis Vagina you will so it their way to not you know be in each other's respiratory as and still achieve what you want to achieve you. Then that would be alive safer in terms of not giving the virus who? Now you're talking this person over here that you've only known for like a month and you don't know what their safety practices are a you. Just you know hooking up. You're going to increase the risk of everything that. That just know the risk just goes up. The more you are not practicing safe practices in general face, MAG stained six feet away from people. Using hand sanitizer, so I think it's less about the actual sex itself, but more what you're doing leading up to it in Durban. If you wouldn't. You know that that that makes perfect sense but you know it is something to think about definitely something to think about. This has. bodily contact as a whole. okay, yeah, I mean like I said there's micro trauma anytime. You have intercourse. If you're if we're talking about oral sex. Specifically you have lots of respiratory droplets in saliva, and you receiving it on the Pena's. If you have you know a sore or anything like that, you got to increase your chances of getting corona. Yes, but if you protect yourself like after you engage in oral sense, obviously the person that's giving their, you know they already have whatever they're gonNA have their mouths, but the person that's receiving would definitely needs a clean very well because the problem. Chicago six transmit the infection, but like you're gonNA touch yourself. And the you may touch something else you gonna for man y'all Yeltsin subpoenas penises all the time and they you scratch your ear or you're scratching. So. You touch yourself and they before you wash their hands. Support for you fully clean yourself all. You've scratched her nose. And now you introduced it into your respiratory tract. which is the main method of entry? So I mean even even if we're just talking peanuts, civil China the cleaning up afterwards. You just have to be very vigilant with all of your secretions, and making sure that you're washing your hands really well. Since Birth Oh, that's why. Look. So the cleaning up. We'll just sum it up with that. The cleaning up afterwards is what's going to be the most important. If you're going to touch herself, even clean yourself the need to wash your hands. It makes you touch your face because you're going to give yourself a greater chance of getting the virus that way. That's great to hear because people are. You know it's a lot of corona dating going on. Oh yeah, they look it up. Hooking up in we. STD checks. Yeah Yeah I. I can only imagine because what did he do you? Riot. Exactly. The Lisa says that she had them all. That back was greatly. Yeah, it's bad. Suggest that people go get tested. so Initially, we were always saying you know you developed like bad symptoms. You get the high fevers. You get the bad cough. Shortness of breath. Go right away to be tested. If your symptoms are mild, we, we have been committing not testing just so warranting, however, if you're in a position that you can potentially affect many people, so you know, work you still you're going back to work. you live with grandma. You live with Abo compromise people. You need to be tested That's when you should go like regardless of if your symptoms are severe not now if you're just worry. Necessarily rate reason testing to be honest with you because that. Could be someone else to actually needs to test because. At the end of the day, we do not have testing for all Americans. We just we don't have enough swabs. We don't have enough developer. We don't have enough test to test every single American. That needs to be tested, and you already know we're you know some people are on tests number four number five. from. Different for different reasons so. if you, if you just you don't have any, but you just worry. I would say spray in isolate you know. Make sure that you do you need to not giving else? Exposed to something that you're worried about, but don't for sure. No, but if you start to get symptoms, if you start to get loss of taste smell, which has been really really huge actually has been one of the main things saying if you start to get If you start to get a severe headache. If you start to get bad cough and shortness of brand, the yes, I would say. Let's go to that that urgent care. Let's go to that hospital and let's let's get tested and see you know. So, even so maybe if you have a low grade fever for like two days best night, a caused to. Only fever! Yeah. we haven't been doing only fevers, but if you are only fever and you live with grandma, get tested. Okay. You're only a fever and you have people that you really know could could really really do poorly around you if you give them something. Get. Yeah 'cause. Let me tell you blight. If if my thermometer is anywhere close to ninety eight point six. I get freaked out. I know but I'm like that's too close to would is not with his not no longer normal. So the number, we should be looking for for the low grade fever. Maybe this question. Gotcha, so we've been going down to about ninety nine eight. Some people have been going down ninety, nine six, but ninety nine hundred out the lowest of the low grade. A true is one hundred point four. That's what we consider. Your body is really trying to fight off something in its mounting response. One hundred point four is where we were. We is true fever, but we've been stretching down to about ninety nine eighty, sometimes ninety nine six. Yet because I had I have gotten like ninety eight point seven and I was like I gotta go to the hospital. My husband was like calm down. But. This is like in the beginning like marge. Phrasing yeah. Late. I really went to those levels of. Being completely like terrified because I was like it's best ninety point six. This means I got a fever like. But if you have a fever, what should you tape because I've been hearing different things? Oh. You take it only. Yes okay. You can pick it again. Yeah, they were it was. So as Matic's alone, don't do well with anti-inflammatories Light Ivy Profe- naproxen because of where it adds in the risks. So if there is any chance of asthma or any underlying disease, are as e. Oh multiple respiratory diseases eliminated fibrosis. Then you do need to avoid just a baseline Ibuprofen naproxen that kind of thing, but just the general population is in okay, it is a okay, so tylenol ibuprofen steroids. They've all been proven to be fine. Thank you because there was like I received this email said. Don't take this. Don't say. Yeah Yeah don't take any I. Don't take any of that yet. It's it's been proven, but inaugurals Mattie, you know we still say China because of the way it acts in the respiratory tract, but so what would as matic person take for daycare? tylenol okay, all right I'll. Work. Tylenol is yeah, tell us. Tell US okay. Thank you for clearing that up as well as. I was like what what do I take what do I? Do I need to go get some jitter tumorous. Well, what do I need? Numeric Awesome! Don't yeah, don't don't sleep, do or that's awesome. Yeah well, you know I I drink. LIMITED GINGER TUMOR T. Every night. But I, I've less dispel another myth that if you drink hot liquid with. Know. No. No! I just know man. No, no ma'am. Had? Because you know people off kind of step by here in the atmosphere and. Yes. because. We have an administration. Who was telling us? This was a hoax. So right. You know! I believe that this might. You're right. I guess my probably my final question would be. Now that we are opening back, states are beginning to open backup. I. Honestly, I'm terrified I. Tell Somebody. How does one out to six months burs? Wave of people went out. They were. Nice! You know you went. extroverted, you know Oh yeah so it. Was the social. Butterfly he has been struggling. So when I am at the point, where like I'm fine. Right here at home like everybody should be worth right, okay? second-wave this second wave. Speaking of. Like, that is my fear like I. And I I guess I don't even know the questions to ask. How can we? The second way we have. Not. Gained a baby this this time You know was for four months I. don't even know how long we been. What ten weeks at this point I? Think. To. Goodness. Yes so With the second way, we're all bracing ourselves, but. What we're finding. Is it you really you protect yourself? Then the way won't be as bad as way. We're GONNA have to open. Up. We're, GONNA have to start doing things because we can't. You know some of these service industries. We can't just keep them close forever. So had to be. About what we do! and. If you're wearing your face masks her where my face masks I'm using Hannitized hannitized. Son Calls this. I know! You're okay. You're using sanitizer using it. We're you know we're saying. Say staying appropriately socially descent. Like Elisa's mentioned, you know elevator's buttons that kind of thing. You know you can, you can predict for being as. Like we just I just saw that. You know with a huge crowd of people I think it was based in Chicago. I can't remember quote. You'll the state or the city. But there were about nineteen thousand new cases over the weekend with testing and he. Water. So. That just you have to be mindful about what you're doing how you're doing a close. But you get if you're if you're being safe and you're doing those safety measures. You really make sure that this way is more like. A little bump instead of a huge what we experienced back in March like we wave from zero hundred. Because nobody was doing what we're doing that, we didn't know. Oh, my gosh I should wear face masks I didn't know should be six feet away at no. Not Touch this surface and they go in touch my face so that's why we will from zero to one. Now now we're a little bit more educated or a little bit more say so. The way is gonNA. Hopefully we all do was supposed to. Be Nice little bump that won't overwhelm the. Healthcare System won't overwhelm. Our bodies. Overwhelm our communities. That's what we're praying for with the second way. That and has it been said that we flatten the car? Had A it okay state. Yeah, not. We're not seeing half as many as we were definitely in the majority of the state, but there are some places that are still peaking, which is very interesting on how you know why win! What where? There are still a few states that are still peaking, but for the most part. Yeah media flattens. And were able to you know, take care of the few. That still did come in pretty sick. The majority of people that can snaking this go round. Have that been half a sick as they were back in March and early part of me, they they had the virus, but it's just a mile off now. The fevers are low. You know it's it's better. It's it's. It's showing that people are doing with their with their. Supposed to do I think people are just going to go back to being nasty six. Yeah so, that's the fun part about this hector. Is that garlic? Of what people do you would you supposed to do? A you can imagine nasty people in the emergency department all the time. I don't get everything they get paid bucks I. Don't get there, you know. Less because I know how to protect myself, so regards those nasty people go to do if the majority of us who care about our families care about our own bodies. If we were supposed to do, we're going to still keep keep a nice steady. Nicest Stadium. The more we educate, the better will be. But. You know I think we do. We do tend to let our guard down. That's a lot of truth. In, yeah He's right, but guess what all they'll be here. We go be cited for these hundred days of summer, but that falls on gay here and we you know we still have these viruses and people don't learn real quick. They don't learn Rupe so the protect yourself. Whereabout what neighbor over there? You'RE NOT GONNA. Be Half five of your neighbor church. Right. Now. We're not going to be doing that. Able to show, how do want to eat I? Don't even want to be expressed. Cincinnati elbows. Hey, you're right. That's closer to sixty. You right absolutely. Yeah. one one other question. Are there any foods that wished to stay away from? I mean anything from from talking to nutritious anything that will make you unhealthy. So. because. It's the food that leads to the chronic illnesses that gives you more susceptibility to doing worse in the bars, so we need so lots of fried foods, high fat foods, Greasy Foods. None of that it's GonNa be helpful. Help you combat is anything that's going to keep your immune system strong, so you mentioned ginger. You mentioned to Meringue anything that's going to keep your your immune system strong. You know the super who have killed when you have. Oddly you know that kind of stuff that that helps boost the immune system in a natural way now you know. Are there studies? That show you eat this. You won't get this. No, you know because there are still people who are super healthy, still gotten it but just be mindful about what you're eating. If you know that that's going to contribute to you getting heart disease, getting diabetes, blood pressure, you go need to avoid absolute period Alicia Alicia asked about dairy products. Oh okay, yeah. No dairy products have been fine Let me tell you the situations where it's not. If you have diarrhea, you wanNA avoid dairy products were says diarrhea. If you have really bad asthma, really bad respiratory conditions, you want to avoid dairy because that worsens a just, it causes a respiratory increase. Production is not good in those two situations, but overall dairies nine a strengthens your bones gives you energy. Yeah, it's a good. Source of protein yeah overall dairies. Right. Should I just wanted to thank you for saying yes, is. Journey of survivor. Warning. We keep hearing these stories of. People I. Mean we keep hearing the death rate? So it's great to have an actual position. That you know that we can. Survive this. Earnings! And and and I think the key thing for me that you said tonight was to keep moving. He moving to cheap moving because. Me I think if I have shortness of breath that means I. need sit down. Exacerbate that. Young the idea that you know you keep moving. That is what? You're going is thank you. Thank you for sharing. because. My crazy behind would've sat down Adelaide after. His own angle helped me like my. Helped, me, kill me grouping but. Here I. Just want to give. The audience any last couple of minutes to try to get your questions in. Oh yeah, absolutely you're at your story has. Questioned in search, you'd WANNA get in. Let's say maybe the next two minutes because I know. At least it has to get to her family hungry little. Von Of. yelling exhilarating. Again this guy sister, my sister Greek, I've please. I love. And I. I think it becomes a share your wisdom it. It has been so informative, thank you. My. Pleasure my pleasure, and just to just to go back to what you said with the depth in all that we hear about like just you know it's killing us so much. It really is the African American. Community we make up about sixty percent of all the Kobe. Deaths in the US But. Overall mortality is down to about sticks percent. and the overall survival rate. is well over sixty So if in your favor at the end of the day, just no victories in your favor your your ability to come back. This disease is in your favor. So, don't don't just look at the numbers would be like we'll. Know. We got this victories in Africa. We're fighting from victory actually so. Yeah because you know they were saying that diabetes. It's like one of those. Diseases underlying diseases, but we saw that Tom Hanks survived. The. He right I think his wife was diabetic as well. Yeah. And I know I don't know. But yeah and another. It's a little different because they're celebrities, but there is. No different from anybody else. Okay. So. That is promising. To hear that. I didn't see any more questions. Come in, just a lot of omits up. Thank you. What about other? Tiffany was on us all to. Join so fiscal. This House so. Thank you and for? Watch this this replay I'M GONNA save. Lives. So sure We'll probably I, had your? Announcement of you doing this opinion and announcements so. I don't know if I could a lot but I'll. I and then. In the inner city up look! Why Ch- you know. Anything. Like. You Wanna add or anything else go. Let you know 'cause I would love to have you back talking to? My pleasure my pleasure. Tin Difficult! Global! Rob. Honey. Emergency, department girl, if everything goes right the first time then Lord have. Mercy is a beautiful beautiful thing we used to it. We operating? So it's all good. Aideed. On. Thank you, thank you. On we WANNA. Make sure that we bring. Great content to the Group of. Looking at it, I figured out how to work the live. For. In, this was so time for. The time that we were in and I love you all with the grace of God and have a one undergo night. Thank you. bye-bye!

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You Can Save Lives If You Flatten The Curve | Dr. Nicholas Christakis

The Rubin Report

42:36 min | 8 months ago

You Can Save Lives If You Flatten The Curve | Dr. Nicholas Christakis

"Joining me. Today is a sociologist. And physician known for his research on social networks and on the socio-economic bio social and evolutionary determinants of behavior. Health and longevity. Nick Restock is welcome back to the room report. Thank you for having me Dave. I'm glad to have you back. Wish we could be doing this live. But obviously were practicing a little social distancing right now with everything going on with corona. I've been trying to find a wide array of people to talk to you. Put Out What I thought was a really fantastic twitter threat. I rarely send people to twitter. But you put out a great twitter thread that covered this through all of the disciplines that I just read air in your bio which are quite extensive. So let's just start one at a time. The two things that people have heard the most about at the moment social distancing and flattening the curve. Can you just explain both? And why they're important right now. Yeah so the virus takes advantage of the fact that we are social animals that we assembled in groups that we have friends that we touch each other and hug each other and now and it uses those connections that we assemble ourselves into these networks it uses those connections as a highway to travel through our species and so the challenge for us right now is how to interrupt that highway how to break the pass at the virus uses to travel from person to person to person to person. The reason that's important is that this flattening curve idea. So so we're going to engage in social distancing we're GONNA stop interacting with each other. We're going to keep physically apart from each other. That's the most important thing. In fact I've been advocating for a shift in terminology to physical distancing from social distancing. In other words we can still interact socially but from a distance. You and I are doing now. And and so. We want physical distancing ironies. We Wanna like bond together at the same time as we are sort of separating from each other in terms physically anyway the reason. We're engaging in that. Physical distancing is to cut the pass through the network. And the reason we're doing that is to flatten the curve. What does that mean well? It's an epidemic. That's coming to us. It's this wave a pulse of of the virus as it's spreading from person to person and growing exponentially and the reason that this is very important is that let's say for the sake of argument. One hundred thousand Americans are going to die of this condition in the next year it makes all the difference in the world whether those hundred thousand die over the course of the next year or whether all one hundred thousand nine the next month if they die in the next month they're going overwhelm our healthcare system and many more Americans will die than would have died if we allowed our healthcare system in our supply chain to work. We want to flatten the curve. We've got this peak of a curve where everyone epidemic is coming at us and it's GonNa hit lots of. We want to stop it from doing that. In flat and the curve and push out into the future and when we do that we achieve a number of objectives first of all at any given point. Fewer people are sick so our healthcare system can take care of them. Many more might live as a result of that second we We push some of the cases out into the future so that maybe some of the people who get sick eventually. We'll get sick at a time when we've invented a vaccine or we know better how to treat the people so we also gain that benefit by flattening the curve and as I said not only do we decompress our healthcare system. Not only do we push people into the future when we might be able to care for them but we reduce mortality as well so maybe instead of one hundred thousand dying maybe ninety thousand die if we push it forward. So that's why we're social distancing and that's what flattening the curve means so obvious follow up then is. Do we have any evidence that the things that we are doing at the moment or being told to do is working working is the. Is the curve being flattened we? We cannot know yet because we have not had adequate testing in this country. We don't have adequate surveillance like did in China and Korea and so we really can't be sure we know that. Type this type of behavior this social distancing behavior the banning of public gatherings the closure of schools the reduction in group size to self-isolation. We know that that works from other epidemics but we cannot yet know how much it's working in the United States right now. Because we don't have the kind of surveillance we need to see it. So I think when people hear about social distancing and as you call that distancing I think people are confused or worried what about the people that are actually in the House with them family Kids parents whatever it is that might have to go out and then come back into the house. Yeah yeah that's a risk that you that we run and that the Chinese ran When they locked down nine hundred and thirty million people in their countries since January the twenty fifth. So typically. What you do is you you try to compress all of your shopping back. Americans should begin to be doing that right now. Instead of going out three times a week to buy stuff go out once a week comparison everything minimize the amount of time. You're out and about when the person does go out. They should ideally try to wash their hands frequently. Not Press Elevator buttons. The Chinese have all these ingenious things. Where when you go into an elevator. There's like a little pin cushion of of toothpicks. And you take a toothpick you press the button and then you discard the toothpick so that you're not touching buttons because the virus can spread on smooth surfaces that's called fo Mites so so a person leaving the household should do that. If someone in the household does get sick and they are tested positive. You can in principle isolate that person for two weeks from other members of the household or in the worst case scenario infect the other people in the household but nevertheless it's them constrained to one household. Keep in mind that most people infected by this pathogen. Do fine you know it it. The great majority of people will have no symptoms or we'll have minor symptoms some people however maybe twenty five percent overall. We'll get serious. We'LL GET SICK. And of those maybe a fifth of those so total of five percent maybe of the people infected. We'll get seriously ill. And then of course on average we don't know exactly how many of the people who are infected will die and the reason again we don't know is we don't have good testing so we we don't know what the what the denominator is. No you know of ten thousand people who are infected. We know that because they were tested. Let's say what happens to them. And how many of them get sick? And how many of them need ICU? Care at how many of them died. We we don't know that denominator accurately but our best estimate is that of those infected. Some are between half percent and one and a half percent will die and And it is a large number. But it's very graded by age. So if you're younger than twenty-five your risk of death is very small maybe point two percent. That's a big risk for young person but nevertheless it's a small risk and then middle aged people around fifty or sixty. It's about one percent and then above eighty. It's about twenty percent so it's a very steep curve with age. You have a recommendation. Then if you're in the household right now and you're any of these ages. Let's say you're twenty five fifty and you're eighty. Let's just go with those ages and you're not feeling great. Should you be then trying to go to the hospital or I guess? Maybe if you're eighty you are or or just stay home and deal with the best. He can in general so in general one of the things we all need to be very good about doing right now is giving our healthcare workers a break so you should not be going to the hospital with the sniffles right now. They're few things that Americans should do. You should get a flu. Shot one of the reasons. You should get a flu. Shot is not because the flu shot has prevents you from getting corona virus. It does not but if you get a flu shot. It lowers your risk of actually getting the flu. And therefore you won't go to the hospital with the flu and now is not a good time for you to be burdening our healthcare system for your own sake or for the sake of the system Furthermore going to the hospital. If you're not actually sick if they are a lot of actually or if you're just mildly sick there are a lot of actually seriously sick people there you might get the germ from them. So it's not like in a hospital. Waiting Room is not a time to be right now if you unless you actually need it so generally speaking the symptoms of Corona virus are variable. You should have a fever above one a one point five. It's in about eighty five percent of people not everyone but most people have a fever. A dry cough would be a symptom. And then there's a shortness of breath certainly if you have shortness of breath fever absolutely should go to the hospital and then there's a whole host of other symptoms at lower percentages so If you're a twenty five year old person and you know you have a runny. Nose AND LOW GRADE. Temperature and some muscle aches. It's probably not grown virus. Stay home until you get sicker. That would be reasonable choice. You know if you're an older person then you should have a lower threshold and ideally if you went we would test you right and But again we don't have enough testing yet. We're hopefully the country will get better at that in the coming months. Yeah all right. I WanNa keep going through this twitter thread. 'cause you hit every you hit it just sort of at every possible level so you talked about reasons to closed schools even if kids. There aren't sick yeah I mean school closures. There's a lot of debate about this. There are two kinds of school closures and most of the country's shutting the schools. Anyway now so this point is is behind us. I was sending out this information like three or four weeks ago but school closures are two kinds reactive school closure when there's a case in the school closed the school and that's pretty uncontroversial. Most parents teachers public health experts. There's an outbreak of epidemic in the school. Let's close the school and it's been shown that if you do that you lower the if you close the schools. In an in an area you lower the cumulative prevalence of the condition by about twenty-five percent and postponed the epidemic by a week or two which is good so reactive. School closures helpful. But you know it's not as good as we can do even better. Is something called proactive school closure when you close the schools even before there's a case in the schools for instance you living in a mid sized town? There's a case in the community. It's something called the community acquired case. So it's not like someone from Italy or China flew to your town landed had symptoms and you diagnose them that would be an imported case. Maybe you could isolate that person and and a self quarantined the people who they connected with no. We're talking about a situation in which someone in the community is diagnosed and we have no idea where they got it. They're like a canary in the coal mine. And if that's happening you can be quite confident that within a week or two. It's going to be in the school. So why not close to school now? Reduce the force of the epidemic by decreasing social mixing and ironically. Even though the kids aren't affected by this condition they still can transmit the pathogen. Even though they themselves aren't sick and furthermore one of the ways at school closure works is precisely because it compels the parents to home so it reduces the parents interacting with each other. That's how it works in parts and it sounds like we've we've basically done this pretty well maybe a little later than you wanted to but it sounds like now where there are definite definitely later than we wanted to and for schools. That are still open. Would I would strongly recommend and my wife and I had an article in the Atlantic about this. A few days ago is if you insist on staying open and I don't think that's the best course of action. At least you can implement a whole host of other harm mitigation strategies for example. Give parents the choice. If they want to keep their kids home they should stay home. I want to mention this because it's also relevant to employers and workers allowing any worker. Who can work at home to work at home is not just good for that worker? From like they're selfish. Point of it helps everybody because you reduce the number of people at the office so only the people that have to be. There should be there same with schools. If some parents want to keep the school should them keep their kids home? You can broaden drop off and pickup hours so not everyone is arriving between eight and eight fifteen to drop off their kids bumping against each other as they come through the door parents interacting. Let's see give a forty five minute. Drop off. Needs a bit more manpower on the part of the school but you reduce the social density at pick up and drop off cancelled staff meetings. Provide cafeteria seating broaden the lunch hour and have the kids. Sit every other chair. These are things that schools can if they insist on staying open maybe in our southern states for instance where maybe the virus hasn't hit so much yet but that nevertheless are helpful to this episode of the Rubin Report comes with support from our friends over at Bravo company manufacturing in the Second Amendment the founding fathers guaranteed and individual the right to protect themselves owning a rifles and awesome responsibility and building rifles. Is No different started garage by marine veteran more than two decades ago Bravo company manufacturing or bcm for short builds a professional grade product which is built to combat standards? This is because believes that the same level of protection should be provided to every American regardless. If they're a private citizen or a Professional Bravo. Company manufacturing is not a sporting arms company. They design engineer and manufacturer lifesaving equipment. Bcm assumes that when a rifle leaves their shop it'll be used a life or death situation by a responsible citizen law enforcement officer or soldier overseas so quality is up most value to them. Every component of rifle is hand assembled and tested by Americans in Hartland Wisconsin to a life saving standard. Bcm has always put people before products. They build their products because they feel their moral responsibility as Americans to provide tools. That will not fail to end user when it's not just a paper target but someone coming to do them harm because of this knows that making reliable lifesaving tools is only half the story. They also work with leading instructors of marksmanship from top levels of America's special operations forces to learn more about Bravo company manufacturing head on over to Bravo company M. F. G. Dot Com. Where you can discover more about their products special offers and upcoming news. That's Bravo company DOT COM kneeboard convincing. Find out even more BPM and the awesome people who make their products at Youtube Dot Com Slash Bravo company. Usa and now back to the show so you sorta hit this one already but Do you want to add anything? Generally on how the flu spreads within social networks. Well first of all we call this the flu and there's a broad category of respiratory diseases influenza. The flu is a particular kind of virus. This is corona virus which is a little different but I call it the flu. Maybe I'm lazy but this is a kind of flu. The Corona virus there are other corona by the common cold is caused by about two hundred different viruses about five of them are corona viruses. Just like cove in nineteen or SARS Kobe to which is affecting now. And we've gotten used to it just just cut ahead to the chase. The ultimate outcome of this situation is that a new virus has been introduced into our species. It's going to become what's called endemic. Just going to be there all the time like the common cold the Flu. We hope it will reduce its severity. We hope we humans will eventually slowly become immune to it and we will get sort of herd immunity so some people will continue to get this forever now but hopefully it less intensity and not all at once so that our healthcare system can care for them anyway. So the corona virus and the flu and influenza and other pathogens rhinovirus that causes the common cold. These are all cause respiratory disorders and the corona virus is one of them. I actually forgot your question. I'm sorry the question was how it spreads within social networks which you've been hitting throughout this. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So it spreads. It spreads exactly across social ties and in the twitter thread. You're alluding to. I have an animation that shows. If you map a network you can see it like light up and one of the things. That's been so difficult for people to understand. And it's a little bit related to this network idea is that epidemics start slowly. You know for the longest time. It seems like nothing is happening. But what it's in the nature of exponential growth. That nothing is happening. Nothing is happening. Nothing is happening and then all of a sudden a lot happens and this has been why it's been so for many Americans to appreciate they look around like nothing's happening but if we monitor the situation we see the cases are doubling the viruses on the loose. We go from ten a week later to twenty a week later to forty and we think other just forty cases in the United States who cares then it's eighty then that's interesting one hundred sixty cases but then before you know we have ten thousand twenty thousand forty thousand one hundred thousand two hundred thousand and it's just on the loose and and that's why we everyone is so alarmed right now all the public health professionals. So that's actually the perfect segue to what your next tweet. And the thread was which is how these epidemics come in waves and then. Interestingly how this is actually related to weather. Yes Oh one of the things to understand about this is that is that probably judging from previous pandemics maybe forty percent of Americans will be infected with this maybe less maybe ten or twenty percent maybe up to sixty percent within nineteen fifty seven pandemic ultimately about forty percent Americans were infected and and but it comes in waves so we're hit by the first pulse of it. Typically in the summer for combination of reasons including that human beings go outside were not as densely packed. Maybe the ventilation outside reduces the transmission of the pathogen. Maybe the heat or the humidity play a role in reducing the transmissibility of the pathogen. So our behavior changes did biology of the pathogen is such that the temperature and humidity affected transmission tends to decline but then the virus has gone to the southern hemisphere where it's winter there during our summer and then when we return to work in school in September it comes back. This is a very typical scenario. So unfortunately it's likely not certain ninety to again emphasize that everything I'm telling you today is based on the best available knowledge to the best of minor. It's possible that a year from now people will watch this video and and think I was right about this and wrong about that. And that's just the knowledge we have now. This pathogens only been with us for three months. I mean it just it started. We think in mid-december in in Wuhan and it started spreading around the world in January. It was already in Seattle by January. We know from genetic analyses and then was sort of spreading. And now here we are March. Eighteenth two months after mid-january. That's not a lot of time for scientists to figure out what's going on so anyway so we think it'll spend the summer mostly in the in the southern hemisphere although we'll have some cases and then it'll come back in the fall in the nineteen eighteen pandemic. The second wave was deadlier than the first wave so in nineteen fifty seven. It wasn't as much the case so we don't know exactly what's going to happen but then they'll probably be a second maybe a third wave and eventually basically we'll get used to it and it'll just sort of be there all the time so since you mentioned. Seattle and we're talking about whether Seattle. It sounds like they've got a strange situation or more severe situation going on there. Perhaps it's also. It also rains a lot there. I'm here in so cal where it sunny sunny and seventy everyday. Although it has been raining last week I mean could that alone. Just the the weather patterns like that affect any of this well. The Chinese scientists have done some research on this. We don't know is the answer to that question. People hope hints at Multiple Directions. I do not think we're going to have a complete weather cure that is to say. I don't think the diseases simply going to disappear because of the weather. The evidence is conflicting. If I had to guess I would say that. Probably will get some reduction in cases from the warmth and the humidity. But it's hard to know what the Chinese did some analyses because our country's solarge where they looked at transmission all throughout China and in some parts of China. It was hot and some parts. Cold in parts humid in some parts not and they kind of looked and saw where it was transmission. The worst and it seems like optimal transmission around forty degrees Fahrenheit on average daily temperature so cold but so when you get much colder much hotter that seems to be better less transmission but not zero and then they looked at humidity and it looks like very dry weather is bad. Humidity is less than five percent. That's not a particularly good. But if you look at weather patterns for where the viruses struck so far it seems that countries closer to the equator seemed to be doing better So it's a mixed picture. I don't know the answer but if I had to guess I do not think I think the weather will make some difference. But I don't think it'll be a definitive difference so I think I'm actually GONNA skip the next one in the threat because you were talking about a vulnerable groups but since you're talking about because I think we've sort of hit that already unless there's anything else you want to add about older people or sick people. I think. We HAVE TO BE MINDFUL OF PEOPLE ON DIALYSIS. People with chronic illnesses institutionalized people the elderly homeless populations and one of the things. That's really important. Understand about a pandemic is that it's the great equalizer. We're all in this together. Actually the reason you should care about. Let's say the homeless or people who are chronically. Ill is not just because you should be kind and compassionate and altruistic. It's actually your own selfish interest to because we do not want populations. That are reservoirs of this pathogen. We want to take care of everybody so we all can be safer. This is why social distancing even when you practice social distancing you're actually showing kindness to others one of the ironies is that people think I'm going to be brave and show kindness by shaking people's hands and being out and about ironically. That's not the kind thing to do. The kind of thing to do is to remove yourself from circulation. So that you're not circulating the pathogen. That's the best thing you can do for your your group or your society. Yeah I actually didn't mean to diminish any of those groups but because you were hitting on the China part which was the next tweet I was. I was going to jump over that. So you you actually in the thread you call it. No I know I know I was just saying I was taking advantage of the opening to point out to people in case it wasn't obvious why it's not just a question of compassion. It's actually in our self interest to take care of these populations If you're carrying revolving debt that means you're not paying off your card every month and you could be paying thousands in interest every year that you don't have to with lending club you can consolidate your debt or pay off credit cards with one fixed monthly payments since two thousand seven lending club has helped millions of people regain control of their finances with affordable fixed rate personal loans. No trips to a bank. No HIGH INTEREST CREDIT CARDS. Just go to lending club. Dot Com Slash Ruben report. Tell them about yourself and how much you WANNA borrow. Pick the terms that are right for you and if you're approved your loans automatically deposited into your bank account in as little as a few days. Lending Club is the number one peer to peer lending platform over thirty five billion dollars in loans issued. Go to lending club dot com slash Ruben report. Check your rate in minutes and borrow up to forty thousand dollars. Lending club dot com slash Ruben. Report all loans made by webbank member. Fdic and equal housing lender and now back to the show so you talked a little bit about China. You know we live in this time where it's like half the people are saying. China unleash this on the world. Half the people are saying China has done nothing wrong. You called in your twitter thread. You called China's response astonishing. Can you explain that? Well first of all we. We know we would know from genetic analyses if this was an engineered weapon and that's a conspiracy theory. There's absolutely no evidence that any such thing happened. Okay and So they certainly didn't release it deliberately and And because they're killing their own people and because of the study so that's ridiculous Know what I was describing as China because of its totalitarian or authoritarian rather government and its collectivist culture was able to put nine hundred and thirty million people under a kind of how home-based quarantine beginning January the twenty fifth for like eight weeks. It never in the history of public health has such so many people been under such restrictions for so long to my knowledge. It's unbelievable what they were able to do because of their culture and their government and I call this a social nuclear weapon because it gives you a sense of what they were fighting. The power of this pathogen. That they were confronting that they resorted to this. China did not decide to do this for fun and what. I was trying to communicate without thread. That was now weeks ago was to try to get attention in the United States. Like look what's happening in China. This this is not Gonna. Just stay there. There's not like Chinese problem. That's you know. They've decided to put a billion people under home arrest for two months for fun. We need to prepare. We need to think about this because the virus is gonNA reach our shores in fact already when I was writing that it had reached our shores. This is what happens in pandemics. Remember Weird Disease Starts. It spreads around the globe. And by the time you're aware of it even if you're aware of it thirty days after inception it's too late given movements of people even frankly one hundred years ago given movements of people on on on steamboats on trains and and big compact cities the virus spreads so so anyway so I was. I was trying to describe what the Chinese had done. And and it is astonishing What they did and they've brought down their cases in a country of one point. Four billion people to you know under under now it's like I don't even know it's like ten cases a day or something in the whole nation so this is unfortunately what we are facing in our country and we have different strengths and different weaknesses. Compared to China one of their weaknesses. We have an open a commitment to free and open expression in our society and in China. Unfortunately the doctor who I tried to sound the alarm Dr Wen Liang Li He was brought in on charges of rumor. Mongering you know he was he was basically using the facebook equivalent in China and messaging is friends and saying Oh my God. I'm seeing all these patients in the hospital with this particular kind of pneumonia. I'm worried we have a new pathogen and the local authorities called him in and accused him of rumor. Mongering which is not something is not a crime our society so you know so was our strengths in our society include our wealth Arc our openness our tremendous scientists but we haven't been playing to those strengths. We've not been listening to our scientists. We've not been deploying our wealth. We we haven't been acting the way we should be acting and taking our strings to cope with us and you know the Chinese used different strengths and they frankly coped very effectively with this. I should say just to be clear what the Chinese are accomplished. Was they stop the spread of the pathogen but they did not erotic kate it so the pathogen is still there and it will come back even to China as it will come back to us but they bought themselves a huge amount of time to organize their response. Now so they don't lose you know countless lives. Okay so actually. I think most of the other things in the thread you. You've already hit so I'll only ask you one more and then I just wanted to do two or three audience questions real quick you mentioned the nineteen. You mentioned the nineteen fifty seven flu pandemic before. Can you talk about some of the similarities and differences to what we're dealing with now? Well fifty seven nine thousand. Eighteen of course was the big one. That was the so-called Spanish flu which swept the world Killed many millions of people including our country was a different time. Of course People were starving because of the war there was a lot of disruption because of the war And it was a different pathogen and many and there was no modern medicine No antibiotics even against bacteria and many people in that we think many of those people died Just because of the viral infection but then their lungs got so called super infected with bacterial pneumonia. Which killed them. Many people so a lot was different. Then we earlier. We talked about how it came in three waves and it was awful and there was a great depression of course afterwards as well so. I don't think around same time anyway. I don't think I don't think that this pandemic is thankfully. GonNa be that bad but the nearest analog I can see even though it was a different pathogen and in some ways at different epidemiology for example in nineteen fifty seven. The pathogen also killed young people whereas this does not I think fifty seven might be a good model for what we're facing so every ten years or so at reliably but at an unpredictable time the world has a pandemic most of your listeners will remember SARS or h one n one or murders and those have petered out so people weren't taking them they'll take them seriously and they peter out for a variety of reasons. Ironically one of the reasons is that sometimes there are two deadly for instance. Sars was about ten times as deadly as as the covert that we're facing now and when a diseases to deadly it kills its victim too fast or the person can't spread it so this particular pathogen. We're facing has sort of middling level legality. It's neither to benign not nor to deadly. It's not as deadly as the nineteen eighteen virus and it has middling level transmissibility. It's not very difficult to transmit. And it's not too hard to transmit and it's sort of in the middle there and in my view it seems to be behaving similar to the fifty seven pandemic which should be clear. Some of your listeners. Older ones may remember it but many people won't be part of the reason people don't remember it as we didn't have the same media environment then and of course people were dealing with polio and other deadly diseases but that pandemic swept over the United States and killed we think about one hundred and ten thousand people which back then was half as deadly as all of the cancer in the United States so today if we have fifty seven pandemic we're talking hundreds of thousands of Americans dying from Cova if the disease is half as deadly as cancer so as a group so it's Serious. It could be quite serious. I also WanNa just take an opportunity again to say. We don't know exactly what's going to happen. And what's very important for? Your listeners is to understand that despite political polarization and despite our desire to simplify our choices should we have rice krispies? Or should we have cornflakes? There are shades of gray and there's nuance when it comes to serious policy dilemmas and serious scientific questions. So there's a range of outcomes. We could observe in the United States from this. We don't know exactly what's going to happen but at best thirty five thousand Americans are going to die in my view at best and it's quite possible that twenty percent of Americans will get infected that sixty million Americans in the next year and our best estimate is a half a percent of those people might die. That's three hundred thousand Americans dying in the next year of this condition and that's possible it. We're not sure it's going to happen. It might not happen. I hope it doesn't happen but it's possible and that is a very very heavy burden That is about nine hundred. Fifty seven a pandemic. That's half as deadliest cancer approximately. So that's why everyone is thinking seriously. Neighbor Ruben report podcast listeners just a quick reminder that my first book don't burn this book freethinking age of unreason is now available for preorder in it. I show you guys how to navigate. A world of outrage mobs political polarization and online censorship without totally. Losing your mind preorder your copy now on Amazon or Barnes and noble or go to dope. Burn this book Dot Com and Order. Yours today so I got a ton of questions specifically for you. Because I posted in the Rubin report community. I posted that. We're having you on a hat. Everyone look at the thread what I thought I'd do is I'll just ask you two or three now and then I'm just gonNA email you a one email with all these questions that maybe as you have little time here and there you can throw some things on twitter that are that are. Maybe a little more specific. Obviously that's totally up to you but I'll just ask you two or three now. I thought this was really interesting and I got. I got a lot of this type of question. What is the acceptable level of risk in terms of disease and death that we're willing to accept in order to have a normally functioning society and healthy economy? Well I would ask you to think about what we do when it comes to mining safety or other dangerous occupations like whether we equip our police with bulletproof vests for example we spend money in a preventive way to prevent deaths in hazardous occupations all the time now. We don't spend limitless. Louis you know we don't. We don't equate each police officer. We expect people to take some risk of death. We don't spend limitless lieven to secure our highways. You know not. Every highway is a divided highway which we know is safer because it would cost too much. So there's some calculation we make about how much money we're willing to spend in order to save lives and what you have to understand. This case is that we're dealing with the threat and instantly. Death is expensive to like all these people. Dying and consuming healthcare is expensive so preventing. Those deaths saves US money as well. I acknowledge as most experts do that. You know taking our economy is a devastating thing but I I would suggest that if people started dying like flies. If three hundred thousand Americans started dying our economy would have tanked anyway so so so the problem again is is not that three hundred thousand. Extra Americans are gonNA dial. Oh that's not good. It's that they're going to die very compressed spreading them out and so that's a devastating blow to our society no matter what so so. I guess I would say that in answer to your question that we always are willing to pay some economic costs to save lives and I acknowledge that going into a into a major depression or major recession. Possibly depression is a huge cost for our society. But I would suggest to you that we would likely have faced out anyway if we had done nothing but then we also would have had all of these deaths all right. I think it's necessary. Yeah all right. So we're just going to do to Moore and then I know I know you've got a crazy day ahead of you and then I'm just going to email you some of these and maybe you can get to some of them but there were also a bunch about this. Is there any confirmation whether airborne transmission is possible? I mean if someone has it. And you're at the store and you're avoiding everybody the best you can. And you're wearing gloves and the rest of it but somebody breathes on you or sneezes on you or something like that I. There's a little confusion as to what airborne transmission actually. Yeah maybe yeah so droplet. Transmission is is when a when a liquid like I sneeze or cough or spit and their droplets that go through the air and land on you and your nose or your mouth and transmits it to you. And that's why we're supposed to say four or five or six feet away from each other because if I sneeze and I'm six feet away from you the droplets would go through the air and then fall into the ground and not reach you. Airborne is when tiny particulates maybe the virus itself or floating through the air maybe and can reach you. We believe that there is both droplet and airborne transmission and there probably is probably fecal transmission as well which is a little bit concerning of this pathogen and something called foam transmission. Which is at the pathogen can can stay on surfaces especially smooth surfaces so porous things like paper money or fabrics less so but smooth surfaces like elevator buttons doorknobs kitchen counters. A more can stay more so but the virus is also very fragile. It's encapsulated in a lipid coat. When when the virus virus worked by taking over our own cells and they grow inside ourselves in the explode out of ourselves as they explode out they take a little bit of our cell membrane with them. So they're encapsulated in this lipid membrane but and and that helps them to beach more transmissible but it makes them very vulnerable to soap so cleanliness. This is my washing your hands and when you wash your hands you should wash between your fingers and the back of your hands. Many people are saying. Sing the Happy Birthday Song Wash hands. It's true but that does kill the virus so when you go out in about a few avoid touching your face if you wash your hands before you return home. That is a very basic hygiene. That's actually very helpful. And experiments have shown this by the way it's not just old wives tales like people actually do studies where they touch stuff and then they wash their hands and they see if the buyers goes away. Yeah all right so the last one then is I got a couple of versions of this that we're all concerned about this. And even the way. I'm trying to do these shows I'm not trying to overload people too much and I don't want everyone glued to their TV's endlessly. What what else do you make? Just sort of the human condition in the midst of a pandemic like this well as you know because we talked about it the last time you and I met. I just wrote this book gap. You've got a whole book about it. It's right over there. I know I wrote this book. How blueprint the evolutionary origins of a good society? And as you know Dave I'm an optimist I believe in human beings I marvel at our capacity for goodness. I recognize capacity for evil and selfishness and and tribalism and violence but I also revere admire capacity for love and friendship and cooperation and teaching. In fact all of these are things that we're using right now to confront this virus. We are banding together and working together to fight off this invader. We are using our capacity for teaching. The reason we know what to do in this case is because previous humans who confronted this virus wrote down. Here's what you do when you're facing a pandemic you literally can go. There's a book right here. I can look over and see. It's called national strategy for influenza pandemics like their books. You can open up like a cookbook. And they say here's what you do. When there's a pandemic it's amazing. We can transmit this knowledge to each other and therefore cope with this with this enemy. The virus that is attacking us so this is why hopeful and optimistic. The virus will eventually pass. Our species will survive. It is unfortunate that many will die. We don't know how many the virus will become endemic. We will see the other side of this but we do have to work together as a society to to shore up our industries to protect our healthcare workers from whom we're going to ask tremendous amounts and from whom we're GONNA ask to take tremendous risks. It's one thing when I was a doctor and I I mean I'm a physician. I don't see patients anymore. But when I was seeing patients especially the nine hundred ninety s the HIV epidemic was very prominent and there was a lot of concern that if you took care of a patient issue and a lot of those patients were gay or they were from Haiti or they were drug users. There were groups that back then were especially stigmatized and so there was a lot of like kind of oh well we won't take care of those people and and there was fear among healthcare providers. Like if you stuck them and you've got their blood on You. You might contract the deadly disease but we were expected to take personal risks. We were expected to care for these patients. It's a calling to be a doctor or a nurse IT'S A. It's a moral obligation. And so we expect a huge amount from our doctors and nurses and healthcare providers right. Now we expect them to take these risks. But it's not the same to expect them to take the risks with the proper equipment versus to send them to certain death. That is to say without masks gloves protective equipment and so I'm very concerned that we don't. We're not taking this seriously we. We don't have the right equipment to equip our frontline medical personnel to deal with this. And this is why. I'm also upset that. We squandered the six weeks that the Chinese bought for us by locking down their nation. We should have been planning to equip our hospitals with this personal protective equipment with ventilators with staffing with a procedures. Which we can discuss. It's too technical and boring to confront this epidemic. So we're running up behind now is the problem and I hope very much. We can catch up and this is again. Why social distancing is so important to slow this thing down so we can let our supply chain are. Scientists are our politicians. Frankly you know catch up so that we can cope with this well. Nick I always consider you. One of the cleanest clear clearest thinkers that we've got and especially in a time like this so I appreciate you taking the time and maybe we'll get you back on it. A couple of weeks as this thing continues. Don't thank you very much for having me Dave and thank you to your listeners.

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TBS 192 - Dr. Brett Wells Riot

T-Bone Speaks Dentistry

59:57 min | 6 months ago

TBS 192 - Dr. Brett Wells Riot

"Welcome to t-bone space with Dr Turunen Agarwal where our goal is to change the way you practiced industry by helping you achieve clinical, financial and personal balance now. Here's your host t-bone. Good morning or good afternoon or good I don't know. Any time, but thank you for tuning in and this week. I have what I think is going to be a great episode that I hope none of you ever have to learn from or actually do but I have Dr Brent Wells here. He's with wells family dentistry slash downtown dental slash dental HQ Brett. Can you have any more possible businesses that I'm missing? Do, you have any other names you businesses I did have a restaurant back in the day and we can talk about. Why not never do that so? So doctor Brightwell's Brett thanks for coming out we can't. I think I think Cova Dover it is it is. The halftime listen, you can't go to restaurants. You have to separate there, but if you want to protest peacefully, you can get as close as you want. Think if you WANNA if you. WanNa throw shit into people's buildings. You can get as close as you want. We'll get there, but otherwise. It's still. You definitely agree that it's still there. Unfortunately I very much aware of how they're still is yes, so let me Kinda give you guys a heads up on what we're going to talk about. In this week's episode, so bread on. We're going to do two parts but the first part obviously that you're listening to now is going to be focused on. His four practices. Dealing with covert, and I'm not I'm I. DON'T WANNA beat covert to death a so we're not gonNA. Spend so much time on covert, but when I do think that's important on the covert that we will talk about is dealing with a covert positive patient game plea emporium, sorry, covert positive employees. What that means what you gotTa do, because Bret has dealt with that and so I'm looking to glean some stuff there and then I, WanNa personally talk about dealing with. Peaceful protests that turned not so peaceful, and what happens when you have a dental practice in that area and kind of how you mentally deal with that, and all of those things sound like a good episode Brett I think we've got a lot to talk about okay well. We got four minutes. Just kidding all right. So why don't we turn it over to Brenton Brad? Tell us about yourself. Briefly because we get into a much deeper dive in who you are at our next episode yes. Oh, my dentist from Raleigh North Carolina. t-bone and Windy University. North Carolina did a residency down in Florida for a year, came back opened up my first practice up North Raleigh I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I'm Dennis by trade. And I. Did first one back in about twelve years ago to downtown dental, twenty, thirteen, one of the first businesses to open up back in the heart of downtown Raleigh. We did went up in North Raleigh a couple years ago and then we just acquired down Wilmington in December, which was just great timing. Well. It's not bad timing. Yeah. So all right, so you've got multiple offices. And so let's kind of dive in. So talk to me, so we all. We've all dealt with covert. So now we've dealt with it and most of our listeners and most of my friends, all solo practice owners. Maybe they have associated or a partner, but there are single building. How many employees do you have between all your offices? We've close to forty so forties. That's a lot of people. Yeah, I don't want to deal with forty people. We have thirty two now between me and my wife's office yeah. Yeah I I. Don't think we have forty now I think we've too. That's a given. Yeah, so when this happened. What was your first thought? And what went through your head in all of that? You know. In terms of covert. So I remember. I remember going back to January. Right in my rep from Bingo was like. Hey, we're starting to have a tough time getting mask like Kinda already back then. January said they're coming from China. We're having a tough time kind of be aware, so we kind of to. Not, stockpile, but we made sure we had reserves and I was so freaking out like we run out masks. We're GONNA have to shut down for a week like how we would it be if we had to shut down for a week or two because around, so we got all these mask, and then it just kept. It was like an avalanche or snowball. It just kind of progress and then I remember. It was like a Monday night. It was like a weekend. It was starting to get bad in the country. The NBA had cancelled. That was the first thing. Yeah Yeah and then it got to be the weekend. We're going to be at work next week. And I was like until somebody tells me or recommends not to not to finish doing dentistry, and that was the message I gave my team and then did you team respond to that? That time I didn't have any pushback. We had all the mask. They had all the protective equipment still relatively a small thing in Raleigh when a ton of cases. And so went to work on Monday. I think it was Monday night where we got the recommendation. Ada and I have a lot of colleagues who work the rest of the week, but for me. I said I said well. If I'm open tomorrow and tomorrow, covert case comes in, and I've got the Ada telling me. They recommend. We're not open. Where we're closing immediately, so so you didn't hesitate I did not have to pull the trigger. Some of my employees were I think a little bit upset that we didn't give him a little more notice. But what I did was I gave everybody five days I just free and I said I. Don't know what's going on really but I know. We need to shut down here's five days. Into, kind of you know rewind things a little bit. This was before we had You know the cares act. Before we had supercharge unemployment at this point, we really didn't know we just thought it was going to be who knows, and we didn't know how long it was going to be. Either you know we may have thought it's going to be a couple of weeks or might be forever. We just didn't know it was terrifying part. Yeah, so, what went through your head so as we were closing? What went through my head was. How do we continue? We continue to see emergency care, so we took our three locations in the triangle took it down to one location. Patients respond to that. it's not super close. We had The patients were actually very happy that we were open for emergencies now. Some of them were at that first week. We're a little irritated gasol. Yell at me. Yeah I mean. What do you do this like? Sorry man. Still having apologize. Yeah, so we're trying to keep you safe Yeah, there upset so yeah I mean I I did weekly kind of this to my team and kind of gave them updates, and like you know, here's what we're making the decisions you communication open and. I'm sure you agree. You're a great leader yourself, but for me this whole crisis, the covid crisis has been a crisis of leadership wound right. You communicated well with your team. If you gave well-defined action plans and plans how to return to work, you generally had your team very happy and excited to come back to work, or maybe not excited, but a lot more comfortable coming back to work than those of us who communicated very poorly. Three people want security and you know. They don't and you know be. We say leadership as if leadership is great, thing or hard thing and I don't look at leadership that way I think I. Think of leadership has consistently saying something. Yeah, you can say the wrong things. Clearly before, but you know clearly we have so many politicians that all they do say the wrong things. Yeah, but they're showing leadership. Leadership isn't being right. Leadership has just a matter of being available and a little bit vocal people yeah. Yeah, providing whether or not it's right or wrong like steering the ship right not just sitting in the back, and like letting things happen I. think that's where we had a lot of in the dental profession kind of having an uproar about going back to work because they didn't know what was going on. You know so maybe my approach. Not Everybody did, but I just did a little video and I. I got really comfortable in video than I was before and would just do weekly messages I tried to call. Everybody wants A. We had turned into like once every two or three weeks, but in the beginning probably a little bit more often, and then once we you for me once we realized we in the long haul this once I knew that once I mentally new. This is going to be June. For him back then, it was like I. Don't need to keep up with you every week we have. We have a slack groom that we kate with, and then we did zoom calls. Every once in a while, so we communicated probably more than most. Personal Call those personal tax cut a little bit let they used to be like every day every other day, and then they started getting like once a week once every ten days. You know once once i. knew this was kind of extending out. There's really nothing at this point. I can do and infamy the real. The Real Comfort for me came from when the government did step in and provide security to our team members. Yeah, now not all of our team. Members made more not all of our team. Members made less but nonetheless three hundred dollars. A week from unemployment doesn't make a life or hardly anybody right, but nine hundred dollars a week nine fifty. Whatever it works out to be does does keep people. combined with you know Bank saying okay. We can push off your mortgage for a little bit. I didn't have this pressure like I. Didn't want the pressure of feeling the I needed to pay everybody we were prepared to. But I don't want to. He didn't WANNA. Pay anyone that wasn't working. Well I I firmly. You did take good care I took care of people but I. I have a firm belief that if you don't work, you don't I'm not I'm not paying well. Also I was I was clear with my team. We had a meeting that Tuesday after we shut down and I said look everybody I've kind of I. Think I made even sent an email the weekend before we shutdown and just said start learning. Learning about unemployment because we have so that Tuesday I was like everybody start falling unemployment, giving five days to kind of figure it out and get on there, but my responsibility to keep this business afloat. So you have something to come back to so I was very firm about that and you know we paid the people who were working and then everyone else. Kinda went on on plant, and luckily the government did step up there. So. That's good, so so nonetheless. Does anything special? You think you had to do for four four practices versus somebody with single practice. Now I mean I just. It was just like. Batten down the hatches. Is this GONNA take to turn off. All of our loan. Payments talked all of our landlords how the banks were pretty open to it I work with first citizens and they were great. Yeah, they're great. And then what about the your landlords? Well one of my landlords, two of my landlords, fellow Denison and so they were both pretty open to everyone was pretty open as long as the banks for giving them upon their OPAS I had one nine. Sure dentist. Is it just went not yet. Just one corporate landlord and they were a little trickier, but they finally came around so lowering. Give you three months off, but you. Oh, there's three months twelve. Oh, you have to pay it in. Yeah, so they weren't extending your lease now. They just said well. We'll give you three months off over the twelve months after you gotta well the good news. Then we got the which. We start getting. We didn't know at this point, so I had that conversation with all the team members I think you. Were there Merida's when I walk people through unemployment. Calling your mortgage company calling you're looking at your credit card bills and getting rid of every subscription I'm like getting rid of Netflix of everything. Here's my passwords. Everybody cancel yours just us. Because of that's great well, because at that point, we didn't have supercharge unemployment and. We didn't know anything. And, so I feel as a leader. You know I'm not. GonNa do that for them I. Just fundamentally believe in that, but I'm going to advise them and say these are the things I'm doing and I. Don't need to some of these things, but you do. Walk them through. What that looks like I walked them through the unemployment website I gave them all a furlough letter, so they had it. I gave them all those things. We had a nice conversation open meeting where everybody can ask the questions. And I answered them pretty honestly brutally, honestly on some of those things and I did also tell them I said I. Don't want any of my people starving. Case I didn't want that to happen so i. said push come to shove you. Pick up the phone. You call me good. Get you taken care of and I. Know You feel the same way we did the same thing about. I'm impressed about the walking through step by step every I kinda sit in general terms. I mean feel a little bad. It there's some negatives to my my way of doing I care about people's life a little bit too much right now. None of us are ever going to pay for Netflix again. Just, not that. Yeah, you know like when like for example, what is the house, so bought a house recently I ask a lots of personal questions like. Do you need to do this? I mean like I. Don't know if you're ready. She's ready because she's married and has been and all of that, but but I kind of get sometimes too emotionally involved in people's lives, and then I'll see people out drinking, and that costs you fifteen thousand. Dollars Twenty years from now it's. Probably worth one hundred and fifty bucks. Yeah, compounding interest. Yeah. So. Yeah so. We want to. Do that a little bit so all right, so we've got through COVID. Yeah, okay, we're getting to work probably middle of May. And At this point, you like excited, Shit, this is over. Opening back up. That's what I'm saying. What I expected I was prepared for I was expecting. July July okay. Yeah I was I was on some webinars with a with a strong group which is like a worldwide. You know you might be familiar with them. And they were talking about what China went through. And then you know we're through them and what Europe was going through, and this is expected to peak in May and we'll be back to work ninety days after that so I was like July might be even a best case. This is right when it happened so I was prepared for that, so maybe it was like fantastic, so we got to May. We're ready to open. Go through all the BS around. Eight yeah. Back! You know team members with making more not. Yeah, let's put all of that aside. Okay, we get our office open. We've all gone through that and then tell me what the first. What's the first struggle that you deal with when you get back? So the first struggle actually before we had our big struggle, was you know? Original Office is a to dock very busy runway column for hygiene for Doctor and we had changed our our protocol. I, love it. Nice four schedule anyway. So, but now we've changed our protocols right and once you to call when you get here and. The volume. Yes, so you want to call when you get here and we'll call and let you know we're ready for that means weight every hour. You have eight people coming in a people coming in and we've got. Ring eight weeks, Patients Kandari reschedule their appointments. And then we've got everything else. That are normally doing so fly by four. It was it was a logistics. You open all four offices up. Yeah we did that first week was a soft opening, so it was one hygiene dock instead of. But but you. WanNa had an open forum. Yeah Yeah Okay Yeah to any people work at. More than one location. Okay, yeah, we have I mean I. Work at all won't not right, but any team members when you WANNA work at. The one. And how does that work out that? The owner of everything always gets a crappy job. It's live, right you know, but if it works out in the end, yeah, I'm just saying. Did anyone have to be if they wanted to go back to work? Do they have to go to a different location? Because at that location didn't have the volume for them, no. Similar I mean the volume was there. We didn't we we? We brought half the team back then the team and then this week is at first week. Everybody's similar to us. We have half a hygienist. And but we brought back all of our everyone else okay, and then the second half the agents came back the next. You know the reason. I slowed people back in one. We didn't know again this time. They shut us down any second again and what I was more worried about was taking people on unemployment. Yeah, and I didn't. Because because you've seen, I don't know if you've heard from you, something your team members. Some people got unemployment like this some people with three weeks to get it. I have one that's still hasn't gotten it. Hopeful, that she'll get back, pay for it right so what I did was I had a good conversation with everybody and I said this is not your job. Online is no trick. Questions say given a choice. Do you want to come back now? Because I'll bring you all back? I'm committed to or are you okay? Wait in a couple of weeks? Yeah, and most of the people said Yeah. I'd rather just wait a couple of weeks, and I'll collect unemployment that time and that way I said I can make sure the businesses. Businesses ready then that we don't take you on enough, but nonetheless we got the people back. Yeah, okay, so then so we. We dealt with the hiccups of opening up. Yeah, so then. What was your major issue that you dealt with that? Most of US probably haven't dealt with, so we went to the first week of half, and then we went to the second week of full and that week one of our insurance coordinators on Tuesday so here's a whole sequence of events so Tuesday. She develops a really slight dry cough. And, you guys know where I'm going with this. Slide dry cough and She's not obstruct. She's not a cop. Defense neck obstructive pulmonary. But. It's allergy season Carolina everybody's coffin and she had no fever. And she didn't feel that bad just like off so Wednesday morning she comes in. We didn't send her home Wednesday morning. She comes in and pounding headache, so it's eight. AM shots there before? Everybody else and she. Let's our director. No, you know Mike has really bad headache now. goes go home, so she kinda past. Everybody coming in, and she's out the door, her primary care physician. I get Friday night as about to go to dinner. My Wife I get the tax director. She's positive for Cova so and that was like a ton of. So. Did you hear from the government pretty quickly after that? I've never heard from. The government didn't know what kind of contact tracing is this? I know right. Yeah, so it was I reached out to some of my friends in the profession who had some connections and I before I felt obligated to send my entire company an email to let them know because many of us works I was directly. We're all all expose one person in the office expose. Yeah, so unless you have a hospital. I mean we have multiple locations, so some people might not, but then there's people travelling between all four offices. No, we company wide new okay, I said you know I found anyways, so I said look we were. We had positive Cova case in the office. Here's what we're going to do. We're all GonNa meet at nine am tomorrow. We're all gonna get tested and hard. was that to arrange so luckily you know knowing people over many years I was able to coordinate with the owner of maaco medical, sure who then met us at his office at nine am. As a special favor tested mind, blood draws. NASAL SWAB. It's a nucleic acids super accurate, so and that takes a couple of days to get back day. He got back to me. He pulled ahead of. Back to me the next day extent, so this was Monday morning that you do the testing, no Saturday and Saturday morning. Oh, you okay, because even better. And even more awesome reason why my team love me was Memorial Day was Monday as part of recalling them from covert. I said look. We've been close free weeks. Our company in a bind. We're going to be open Memorial Day. It's. You guys have a good at my place. Yes, he could be a lot worse, so we kind of said that as I. Recall Them. You know we've had a eight week vacation. Yeah, and we've lost a ton of money. We've got tons of patients in need to get in. If you don't want to work, you don't have to work, but it's not going to be a paid holiday and. And we're very generous with our benefits, but that was one I just felt like I. Think for the most part a lot of people doing. Volunteer now's nobody did. I was going to do a Labor Day, too, but after the pushback I'm not doing it Labor Day. You get your Labor Day, so we did that for Motiva- so Saturday. Morning you got everybody tested Sunday. We had the results all negative, all negative and then Monday. We're back at work, but I just WANNA say between Friday nights and Sunday I mean probably a dozen emails from team members just. Out Mad. Mad I mean mad mad will she had a cough on Tuesday? You know. Why did you let her come back to work? She should have been home immediately. You know her whole family's been sick the whole week I know this, and then like another team member who suffers from seasonal allergies had a cough. And why have you been letting her work immediately? You're under a microscope every decision you made in the past week. Everyone's mad. You know you put me at risk. What are you going to do in the future? Not Put me at risk I mean. Everyone needs to be prepared for this because they go to the grocery store I finally just stopped I finally stopped responding because it was breaking my heart I mean I've done so much to take good care of them, and and I have such a good relationship with my team. Members into be for them to become an me like this. I was just like Jeez. I. Think part of that is our own fault. A Little Bit Brett I. Think sometimes we don't. We. Don't tell people what we do for example I paid for health insurance for everybody for March April May. And because otherwise they gotTa Gone Cobra now. Disease this now's the time you need. Right so, you know I, think sometimes we don't do a good job of letting people know. Could by the way that mean you have four offices I have just one okay, and that's seven eight thousand dollars out of my pocket every month you know for my office and then about ten grand out. My Wife's office yeah. To keep people with their benefits. What be no because? Just, because it's the right thing to do. And, so then, when you hear this pushback from people you know it makes you makes you feel like they're ungrateful, and but part of it is the just scared. Yeah, because they probably like me. Watching like I'm flipping between CNN and Fox. Like a madman know. So luebbe scared, and how did you? Did. You get angry. I didn't get angry. Throw anything! No, yell at Your Wife. No I was just sad I was just like so unbelievably, shout, we went out to dinner. I sent the email. We went out to dinner. How'd you do I did not enjoy it at all I barely AIDS I was like my wife was trying to talk to me. I was giving her like one word answers and she. She knew she knew I was a matter her. By the way stays on. Office at all. Yes, she does all of our supplies. Okay, Great! UH, she's a so. She's in yeah. People. She knows what's going on. So you great great successful by the way It is very much, so yeah I couldn't. I can do without her so but yeah, it was. It was an absolute emotional like that was my low That was my low point point. You thought he was you look. Those my point, but I the way I. Just I forgot just real, quick, quick, super important. You left out murder Hornets. I remember faintly something about murder Hornets career. That was a good thing hornets. Yeah I remember something about that, but my brain was elsewhere right so so you you getting pushback from your team? Because they're probably getting it from their spouses or their family, because offended the, they gotta let their family know that this is happening to them, and for example I had one of my team. Members said well now my husband's been exposed, and now he has to take fourteen days off of work and I I did email her back and I was just like well. That's a bit of an unusual policy. Especially if you test negative that they would make him fourteen days off when he hasn't been exposed anyone with Covid but I'm happy to talk more with you about this after we get the results, if if it does come back positive, so are the kind of rational things that were being shot at me. All Day all night until we got the results. That's what that's. What the misinformation from social media and the news politicians all misinformation and nobody's doing it I. Don't think anybody's doing it to be malicious, but it's just all whatever you say. I'll find something that says the alright. It's kind of like studies. You know bond strengths and stuff like that. Yeah, yeah, so, how'd you get through that mentally? How'd you say I'm going to open back? Did you open up a Monday? Yeah, yeah, everybody was negative, though because we got the result Sunday and they will all still comfortable coming in well. You know this whole thing. Right for us has been all right. We're GONNA to recall from further letters. Let's see who shows up on Monday. You know was kind of like the same with US Open Monday. We'll see who shows up. I was prepared to lose a lot of my team over this. This, because they were already really high anxiety about coming back in general, and then this hits, and that weighs on you. Doesn't it Oh God yeah we built. We were talking like you know Your Dad's business your own business, you worked so hard to build this right and at the end of the day. What we build requires people. Yeah, we can't patient. We can't do what we can. You know patients. No, that's another story I mean if they don't show up, you have no business, but. You. WanNa take care of. Your pay require people and so you need four times a number of people I do because you're four offices. I'm wanting yeah, so so it really kind of really really. Almost like. Like sterilization crew go in there and clean. Relation how deep cleaning dying. Dying we're GONNA pay when an employee nothing has, no regulations or nothing has guidelines on this. If somebody tests positive, they say you need to. If they had direct contact with any patients, you need to let them know what defines direct contact extended exposure so if if I were receptionist front office, people probably wouldn't be no, but like if I walk and into an exam on a hygiene patient, probably not, but because genesis in there for forty minutes, and probably so she has a positive, and this was a front office team. Okay, well, this was. She was back in the house, so she really just interacted with us. So she's more team member interactions. Yeah, yeah, all right so. Yeah, until we got those results back, it was it was yeah. All right so we've done close up practice down no big deal. We all did that. Brett you nothing. That's nothing special interest by the time. You're dealing with the covert positive team member. And what advice would you tell somebody about that? I was in your question and I want to give my colleagues advice on this. Because the most important thing you can do is under I've had two other dentists in the area. Reach out to me this week that they've had the exact same thing happened. I can test now for Covid, so one of them's and other team members who one of them tested positive, actually an additional team member. So. The number. One thing that my colleagues need to do is is. Your teams manage the situation before it happens. Prepare them mentally for it to happen because it's very likely going to happen to a lot of us. I'm not some anomaly out here. That had to happen to me and part of that is not just from your team members because they interact with as we open up in general, one goes here. Remember. We got back I told my team members I said. Listen you know if you don't mind I know where open back up and stuff don't go. Hang out with people because they might shut us down. Yeah, right? We don't know so I said. Let's give some time. Don't go, do things with people. Keep US safe. Yeah, yeah, let's keep our business saying okay, so so let me compare people. Let's get through our policy. Okay, so here's our policy. Here's in. This seems everybody seems to be on board with this. You know maybe use this policy. Maybe you don't, but our policy now is people. Use all their PTO through. Through all this, and so they don't have pto so get a little bit sick. They don't want to stay home and lose money. You know so what I said was. If you develop any symptoms of covid any at all anything on the list, then you need to I'm now I'm now the covid czar of our company, so you email me you text me I, don't WanNa. Get second hand for me, and you don't want to send the crazies out. Yeah, so you reach and secondly I was focused on patients bringing it to us I was not I did not go into this thinking about co workers, but that seems. Seems to be where it's happening so I said you come to me, and I'm going to test you and you're going to stay home because I can test now. You're gonNA stay home until we have the results when we four eight hours. If you have no PTO Day or you need pay, we're going to you PTO. Day that you can pay us back later. We'll figure that out so that you don't have to worry about staying home without pay, and then once you're clear what the test comes back. If it's negative than you're good to come back to work whenever you feel better, if it's positive and you stay home. Home Fourteen days under the cares act. I'll pay for those fourteen days and then if anyone in the office that you interacted with, we don't need to close the office. Obviously, if anyone symptomatic they tested, and if anyone who worked with you just wants to be tested. We'll test you, too, so let's back up a couple of things I want to ask you about on that, so you said There's the cares act, so you'll pay them for fourteen days, so you'll get a payroll tax credit for that. Yeah, and I think under the cares act. It might be something, but I know if you have a positive couva. Cases a cares act so in other words you'll pay the patient also get unemployment if they're positive. Relief under the cares act okay. So? Yeah, so we just our policy is. Will you just keep you on payroll for fourteen days? Say and then hopefully you'll get a tax credit from the government. It's super easy. Yeah, that's what they say. We're doing it now. A couple ways now that are coming up. Since people are going back to work, so so step one is prepare you team like another word immediately. Go ahead and talk to team like listen. This is likely going to happen I. Don't want us to freak out. It's not happened yet, but this is. This is a scenario that may come up. Here's what we're. GonNa do when this happens. Yes, exactly say this is happening. This is happening to other offices. It's going to happen to us. It's not a big deal or have you a sugarcoat that. are kind of flow chart for what we do in how we're going to respond and I want. You ought to be prepared in case if and when it happens here and have it thought through, because the worse things get punched in the mouth with it and not have game prepared. Yeah, so the couple of questions that I would ask the listeners to look at here is figure out if you're gonNA, use the cares that payroll tax credit figure out as Meredith said maybe they can get unemployment so that you have some direction for people and I would argue that frankly if the cares at exists where you get. And it's just easier to keep him on payroll. Yeah, because then they don't have to do this job application and all of that stuff. Because, you know they. Most people don't have a savings of two weeks, and especially after being gone for two months maybe in Heaven Avenue where they don't. If they become symptomatic, they can stay home until you find out the resource. That's a day or two, so that part I don't, I can't speak for everybody, but that given to me, right? You take care of your people for a day or two. It's not an issue when it gets fourteen days. I can understand that you want to have some relief for that. Yeah, a day or two you should. Definitely that shouldn't be a question. Yeah, yeah, and then you mentioned something by your. You can test for Cova. Talked me about that. Yeah, so. So, we met the owner of maker labs out of his office dentist. He said Denison pharmacists can do these tests, and so the swab test doing the nasal swab test. We have special q tip has so hard to get their testing Olive California Virginia, and so they They did it in a quake acid tests. They get results in twenty four to forty eight hours. He handed me a bucket test and got me reg on their site and so charged for that. No it's basically they charge seventy dollars. Insurance doesn't cover it. Insurance is not covering it unless you have. Symptoms are not covering. They charge you or the patient. They charge me. They tell you whoever the provider so some places are charging. What are you using it for patients or using it only for team members right now. We have were so what I told my team. Can you try to always turn this stuff in a glass full positives? And I said look. You know we have it. If there's ever a case, we can rapidly test you and have the results back in twenty four to forty eight hours and you know. If, you have a family member who wants us to test them out to test the family, member or friend? Not going to open this up to the public, so you're not okay. It's ninety nine bucks. We are charging for that or if you have patient, who has you have a big surgery and a couple of days and a patient pa not positive, but they have symptoms, and they're a little wishy washy, and you don't WanNa. Reschedule it and they're willing to get tested. We can test results back before the surgery, and if it's negative, do the surgery I've taken the approach so I've done the blood test and then we use make up my wife's office. We should look into that. We have a good relation with them Here's what I would say, and this may be illegal I. Don't Know Yeah. I would say that that I don't encourage anybody to get tested in my office. Because we're probably a lot of positive because we're. Carriers or we may or may not be who knows right and so I. Don't want to go down this road a lot. Yeah, just unnecessary testing, if you're not symptomatic so start with symptomatic people personally yet, and that's what we're doing. I mean symptomatic, but then if somebody's positive in the office, and they verges scared then when I get tested any contact with. Zero issue with. I. Just want to know what I mean like. Hey, I just WanNa get tested can just. Doesn't you know we're not doing that? So we tested everybody and then I got more test. Just in case we another positive in the office and you know I mean this is GonNa. Happen more and more, and I mean there could be a resurgence of it in the fall, maybe and then it's happening everywhere and you don't want. Want to be close in your office down every time for fourteen days for God's sakes I mean he just went through this, so you need a good clear policy. Make everybody aware look. We're not closing the office down at this happens. We're going to test the people who are affected and symptomatic, and we'll test everybody else. If you guys want to be tested, be proactive. Be Proactive. Great Word for that. You gotta be. If, this were a hygienist. Would you test eight patients? They saw that day. So. That's I. Mean what if it was me and I saw thirty patients. To two calls so I mean that's seventy dollars a pop. That's my right so I. Think what we'll probably do. Not Think. You are obligated to let the patients know they were potentially exposed, and you just let them know they can either get tested, or they can self quarantine for fourteen days or are whatever they wanna do your responsibility letting them. You gotTA. Let Yeah Okay. All Right, so you've gone through. COVID got a covert positive great insight by the way. As much as I, think I'm prepared. I haven't talked to my team about what we're going to do. If we have a of positive team member. Yeah, and that's what I wanted to ask. And then he already answered it that he's already had a couple of friends. Call Him and say they're going to do the same thing. So I think not have people are going through this, not telling everyone. It's not something you really want six now. Because you think. Publicly. Kiss! That dentists often yeah well. The beauty of it is we had twenty people interact with her myself in our office and nobody got it so my my spin was hey, you test again. So I talked to the owner, and he said look, this is a nucleic acid test. He said if they were exposed yesterday and got it. It'll test positive today, and they'll feel comfortable, and but we did the air scrubbers. Weren't that expensive? Actually we did defy air. Whether or not they're good or not. Nobody got it and I turned my team and I said look. We put all this stuff in place. We had a positive. Nobody else sprayer waiting my fog mission. Yeah, IT'S DEFINITELY THE SNEEZE GUARD! Guard saved. So, it didn't go round. But whatever we did something. That was. Right. And obviously, it wasn't from the office. Else no other patients definitely got it from from several members of her family ended up having been positive. So, what did you do with her? So you had her off of work for fourteen days, This hasn't been fourteen days yet. Right or think. Yesterday was fourteen days, but she's not going back to Monday. Her again before she comes back. No, they say once you go as they say pretty much, you're not. You're not shutting contagious and he fact you should go give blood at that point. Yeah, right? That's why we took it. We got the antibody testing. We were GONNA want go because I, wanted to go, run around and play with people. We let us out of the House so let me take them back. I didn't WANNA go right around. I wanted to go lollygag. Walk around I mean I kind of hoped I had. Was a part of me. That wanted to test positive when I just done with it. Exactly yeah, I have a friend of mine I won't name his name he tried. To try to get covid. He said he hug somebody. They exchanged air. They exchanged liquid. Straight up tried to get Kovin. And he couldn't get it. He said I'm going to get it anyway. They just WANNA. Get it over with while I'm not that mentality. We're going to get it anyway. Healthy people. And healthy. So you've gone through Kobe you. Shut your practice down for two and a half months like everybody else. You got back to work earlier than you expected, but still longtime you went through a covert positive team member. You thought this shit couldn't get anywhere. And then then what happens then it was you know so the next weekend that was weakened that weekend in the very next weekend. which is was this past weekend. Great Dinner With my wife on Friday night got lay. Sit Back and enjoy a nice dinner Saturday comes. I met some friends house seen. There's maybe he's going to be some protesting maybe some rioting. Not Thinking Things GonNa Affect my office. I have an office so far. It all based in Minneapolis La Big Yup. We haven't experienced that stuff here in Raleigh. Scare once, but so my just to set the scene my office first full glass facade. It was flying around beautiful dental hacks, maybe somewhere the picture of it but. A full glass eight ten foot glass facade. Right in down the. Location Art from the Capital Board of. Heart of downtown I mean. If I had a brick and I could get away with doing a brick a winter. This would be the window. So. You know I'm watching the news Saturday. I'm like Oh. Yeah, they're getting pretty rowdy out there and they were worried at this point I wasn't until it got dark, and then that's when it started getting really bad, and then you know I, was watching not security cameras on my lobby, and I was looking at the news, and then I saw the CVS catch on fire. They were moving. The CVS and I'm thinking this one hundred year old building I, mean it's i. literally have six inches of coal below the floorboards from where the old I was. And I'm like this is going up like like a tinderbox. Please do not let fire touches building, but the glass was still intact. You know it's a dental office. Who wants a break? What do they want so? I was busy watching CNN. You're watching your cameras. I was watching my cameras watching Yariel. They were filming from CBS right across the street and. wwl To watch. And you're at the beach she did you. Know we didn't have it so I was going back and forth ahead my camera on my on my phone. I had security cameras up in front of me. I had the TV a double Arielle filming across the street, and it got to be about eleven twenty, and they pan ever really quick as I watch, somebody throw a brick on live TV through my front window. You Watch them do this. I watched it Lo- it. Was You throw a brick through your TV? I honestly I don't get emotional very often i. after going through everything, we've been through I loss. It was in tears. It was just like seriously after all of this after months of being shot getting back open, going to the cove, scare I finally thought I had a break this weekend, and it was like another crisis to deal with and I just did you get any emails from your team? Members saying they saw it to or anything like that I. It seemed like everybody saw it. Every patient was like Oh, I, saw you get trashed on news last night. You know over the weekend. Everybody seemed to have seen it. And now we're like the main picture on wwl when they talk about the cleanup effort was like our office in the background, so yeah, it was. It was pretty emotional for me. I didn't sleep much that night. And then, but you know the the amazing thing about. It was so many people from dentistry. We have such a you know. We have different opinions of course, but we. We are tight group and I had so many people reach out to me. Either haven't heard heard from for so long or maybe you've never spoken to before. Just how can I help? What can I do? I have even some I haven't even gotten back to. You need to, but so many people offered help at seven am. We had so many people out there helping and by like eight o'clock. We had picked up all the glass, pointing Y- cleaned up all the beer off the walls and Put everything back together and then by noon. It was bordered. What did they do to your office? Just stuff through it, so there was three bricks thrown through it. Would you keep the bricks bricks frame of those I'm going to? We have three partners myself and two atoms, so we're all going to brick and. They threw beer bottles. That are beer everywhere. And, then I think the police the police, which were told to stand down, and not protect businesses did finally form a line with the fire, the CVS. They weren't like arresting people. They will just kind of putting the fire out, and so I think that for people the writers on they went to a different area, so they never went into my building. And Steal Your Serik machine. There is one yeah right in the hallway, so that's so valuable. No idea. They would. Like I couldn't trace that. Nobody's. Got Upgraded to the prime. Computers they didn't lose. Nothing was taken out of your office. They didn't come in and take anything now. Kane. I would they might have come in look for it. We don't have any of the drugs. Didn't take your masters those valuable valuable. Yeah, they. Didn't they didn't come inside luckily I'm convinced I clean critics masks. Early on, we had to start hiding. Really Yeah March I'm talking about yeah. So I don't WanNA get too political. Because I, don't know which way you lean or don't lead kind of time. Right in the middle. I'm otters. They come, so it's pretty irrelevant. At any point where you like? They should have done something or Yes I was an now. This is not political. This is just I felt like my leadership failed me when you say your leadership, you been government local and state yeah. I felt I was asked to shut my business down to curb the tighter corona virus for eight weeks I did it immediately. I followed direction on my leaders occur tied when I was a spent ten thousand dollars to keep my and my team, and my patients safe to get back open, and then I, get my doors open, and we have another major crisis, and the police were were told. I have emails. They were told to stand down and not protect the businesses, so my leaders told me to shut down I. Listen to them, and then when I needed them, they weren't there for me. So that's that's. My sad moment that was my moment of frustration. I think our mayor hindered poorly More for the next night Sunday night. A hired armed guard. Now I have armed guards out there every night through Sunday night and talk to me about that. Keep going down. So Sunday. Although after what happened on Saturday night? Everything's destroyed. All the talk was coming right back. Did you really think plywood would keep them out no. That's why he. Heard it, I'm just trying to figure out why people vote because I was thinking that on the way driving bows at the I was driving back, and I drove through downtown I specifically drove by office and stuff I was gonNA throw another. Yeah, well, let me just kidding hip plywood, but I was thinking to myself I mean. Plywood isn't the strong I mean it's. Just you have to do that. There's no glass because it can't be open. What if it starts raining? Yeah, that was just. It would require a bit of effort. It would take them five or ten minutes. REPA- down nearly. So yes, so Sunday comes, and there's no, there's no curfew. After what happened right before and they knew it was going to happen again well. They assumed it was a high likelihood. There was some very good intelligence. That it was going to happen again. you know. The owner of our building is one of the highest ranking politician so I. I knew it was gonNA. Happen again and you know. The mayor was on wwl news talking about how you know we. We just wanted to give them a chance to see what happened I mean I. Don't know if I listen to. I was like what are you talking about a chance? And then meanwhile I get my security guards telling me we repelled four separate attacks. We had rock stone at us. We had a guy run up Sunday on Sunday night with a brick. Why didn't you get security on Saturday night? I don't think any of US thought was GONNA be that as bad as it was I. Mean I. Think at this point already happened other places like. Target in Minneapolis on Wednesday or Thursday night and I think that's where happened I. Don't think anyone thought. Raleigh was Raleigh North Carolina Right I. Guess You know Monday morning quarterbacking. Yeah, did you ever think what Hey I'm? GonNa go to hang out at my office and. Gone and You know I have weapons. And you know it's it's you know it's the emotional aspect, right? You can up. The glass insurance will pay for this stuff. Thank God But it's it's the emotions of you know we open in two thousand thirteen, that's seven years of blood and sweat and tears and hard work, and somebody just trashes it especially after everything we've been through, so it was it was the emotional toll really more than the actual physical damage so Sunday. You had guards out armed. Yeah like guns guns so when the guy tried to. The city. Say to you about this. Like? Like well, my buddy, who's a cop? You said good call. That's the only thing that these writers are respecting this force, so everything around me got further destroyed on Sunday. They have security guards. How many people did you have at three guys? So you have three people that you're paying to stand these people like happy. Happy this. Job I mean. They gotTA actually fight back. I mean security guards us. They were just monitoring places with no action. These guys had to frigging. They got tear gas. They tear. Destroying the YMCA A block down from us, the cubs gasset so these guys. They were guarding my building. They couldn't run away from the tear gas. They had just take it. So no offense bread. I'm a fellow dentist to your guarding a dentist. Non Essential to begin with. I mean look if. My biggest concern was a fire, so they took the season's your landlord doing this I get. Politics he may may or may not. I mean if I go past, son. I was of the opinion of when Sunday hit. I was I said mentally are building. There's a very good chance they could burn down, and then I lose it so admittedly prepared for that. Did you take stuff out on Saturday or Sunday morning when you're cleaning up? No? You didn't take any available. Probably should have, but I didn't but I was mentally prepared to lose it. All and I said I'm not going to go down without a fight and my wife's mom was like. Hey, I found the security company should give them a call and I was. Like booked out I. Mean I don't think nobody had thought about this point. I've had a few other dentist close to downtown now of reach down, gotten their information, but at first she was crazy, but then I got to think I was like you know if I'm not going to go down without a fight, I'm not going down there with a shotgun as much as I wanted to protect it so a shotgun soccer Dubai. Do something to one or two hundred abbots probably not gonNA end up well for me is automatic or semiautomatic. WHO's that Guy Al Pacino? SCARFACE! Yes, so, but I wasn't. GonNa do that and I was like you know I'm not gonNA protect my business, and you know if if I lose I lose it, but at least I'll know I did. Everything could and so yeah. They're down there and they'll be there through Sunday. They're expecting more this weekend and you opened up on Monday. We have been up Monday at eight PM. We did decide to close early each we're you know we're open late a couple of days a week. We're. Curfew, but yeah, yeah, because it for every day. So what time do you normally close up down there? Monday Tuesday at five Wednesday, Thursday seven, and then Friday business down there and downtown. No, they love it and people live down there now. They may not have to this, and then are they work all day and come afterwards. Okay so there's our most popular hours. I want people to hear this. because. Perseverance yeah. It's been my words. Because you had a covert positive team member, you found out on a Friday. You had an action. Feel like we're having like an element here. But. Let's talk about that. Yeah, so you found out Friday night at Dinner Yeah Somehow. You kind of made it through dinner. You didn't really have a preplanned, but you had context you had relationships, and so I don't want people I'm going to write a nice post one day or do something about what I've learned through Cohen. which is a lot of interesting things, but you didn't have a plan. You weren't. You didn't have a plan in place. Number one we could, you can't plan for closing your office for two months now again. Nobody in their right mind thinks of that gave you don't plan. We didn't. We should have plan for potentially having a team member. Get positive and how we're GONNA handle Lebowitz a plan for that but. Within an hour or two. You had I. need to I need to reach this person that I know see what they can do for me. Let me get to my team members. Let's get this test done on Saturday. Yeah, let's get the results. Sunday back open Monday, so covert positive team member didn't cost you any days. Right didn't cost you any live. Didn't all those things are Super Bowl? A few team members at cost me, but but but my my argument, and all of that is is is they were gonNA leave at some point or another? Anyway? Okay, agreeing with personalities like ours they. Up to handle it. Yeah, okay, because we're drivers. Okay, so that's fine. Yeah, it's a worse time yet, said all of those things, but. You hundred percent agree you're gonNA say some bullshit. Like I don't like him anymore. Touch, going to happen I deal with the daily. Okay so so we! We got open. We didn't miss a day. Okay, no one prepares her riot. Okay, maybe no one except downtown offices should, but even then right. Yeah so. And you didn't miss a day of work, and it was more like a symbol than anything open. Adm Monday I. Remember going to bed Sunday night and looking at my wife and going crazy should I. I would say you're crazy. She and we both kind of looked at each other and. I I. Don't know patients showed up. But ultimately it was like well. WHAT ARE WE LOSE? And yes, every patient showed up and. Another great story to talk to him, they just wanted to see what was going on downtown. A game a reason, the talent check out all the border buildings, and you know kind of in every nosy so supportive and so thankful. We were there in open. You know for me. It was just a symbol of perseverance. Than anything just determined to do it and we did it. So, what would you say to somebody preparing for a riot retrospectively? What would you do differently? What would I have done differently? With or without covid. Three security guards out there on Saturday night. Yeah, that's I think that's all what it differently I. Don't think I would have even bordered it up if they were there. Because there's still some glass exposed. They didn't touch it with my I saw the top part where you logo with the door. The main building doors glass so. Just had those guys out there? What's going on with other businesses around there? They open all. It's so sad, no I, you know. I I literally on on Monday. I worked at office, and I walked those important by the way, did you? Were you originally scheduled work that office I was luckily. You should be there. Yeah, yeah, so I was there Monday I walked in with a plan but I I walked a whole street and just see the everything boarded up I wanted to get some coffee. There's so many places you. Can Get coffee where everything was shut down. Toast either now. Raleigh Morning Times shut down I, think we probably one of three businesses in downtown. Raleigh proper open I. It was a ghost town, but somehow our patients showed up. And now we're week out with almost four days out from this and so P. patients have shown up all week, not an issue showing up and you know part of it could be just want get downtown. Check it out and I think Oh. Let me go check out, don't. Let me get a teeth cleaned. Destruction teeth cleaned they. Were supportive people and they want to support our business. They know what we've been through. and they've been great. Have, have. Patients at other offices asked. Yeah, do they put you because you? Other officer called wealth family dentistry that one's downtown dental. And so they. They may not put you know they may not put together. We shared the pictures, facebook groups and a lot of them. No, not you drive I'll chat about how you how you been well. Let me tell you how. This weekend, so. Good story is there anything above you is their apartments or anything above you? The down to three story kind of office building office I'll offices, though or is people living there? Nobody lives here this office stuff. Yes, so those people like thankful that you have the security guards. Yeah, because you're. Building or does it? I mean that building would have been all the glass you saw gone. Had They not been? Burn your building down. It's yeah, I'm probably going to ask for some for some. Not The time to I'M NOT WE'RE? But but yeah so. That's awesome. Yeah, so we. Can Go. We'll see what happens this weekend. My last two weekends have been pretty interesting so I'm waiting. You know you get the point. I'm sure you are where you're just like every time you open up your email, you're like what's the next crisis I'm going to have to deal with open my email, and then you just take them one at a time, but there's been some big ones. That didn't come by way of email. Well I think it can only get better from here. Yeah Hey offense! Is it real one? We skip murder Hornets. To murder. More Murder Hornets Bread if somebody wants to get in touch with you to talk about this. What's the best way for them to do that? I mean the easiest email I have is probably bread at dental HQ DOT COM side-hustle. Shortest one, the other one's really long. Brett Dental HQ DOT COM yeah. Yeah and o'brady your. Dental. It's been a long day. And then certainly you're on all the social media as facebook instagram all those other ones. Instagram I think I. Think Maybe my company's Okay Gotcha, but you're on facebook. Somebody's on facebook. Yeah. I? Don't really have much to add. Is really not much more you could make and hopefully everybody listening realizes how could be worse. Do you feel TV? Show like you can't make this up I do feel like. Sci Fi movie right now. Well listen. Restaurants are totally looked so bad, so you should feel bad for me. Our hotel businesses. Oh Man! We have eight from properties, and our business was down ninety five percent. And it's down seventy percent right now, but so so we don't know when the lodging industry the travel industry lodging industries comeback, the poor restaurant owners. Twice, you went out to eat I'm like I have yet to go. Yes, says why I going out to eat, and we got there and I'm like I'm going to sit down. Just a little thing in lady goes. I hate to tell you this, but you gotta be gone by six thirty. Because of the curfew and the restaurant owners, the poor. The guys like we make our money at dinner yeah. And now dinner has to be done. By six thirty. Most people were home right so so because of the curfew further store learn about us up being downtown. The rioters I mean this was Organiz using Uber than lifts to get you. Know to get around like learn. Even walking put a stop in those bricks downtown dental I'm going to get back into Uber. Understand the people doing the rioting and anarchy or not the protesters off. This is a different group coming in doing this. I mean they are built for destruction. They were going in. I, know this because we work bizarre downtown. They were going into the restaurants. The brakes going to the restaurants in opening the freezers just let everything spoil and other destruction like I mean the restaurants. They have been through enough to do that. Restaurant business is horrible to begin with Dad. Trust me, I know. We've owned three restaurants in the past. Eight. Down there, so it's it's brutal margins, and then you'd finally get back on, and then just intentional destruction may hasselhoff brutal. It's horrible. Brett, thank you. You're welcome. Meredith, anything from you. That's all we can make up today all right so Brent will be back on on another episode and in that episode. We're going to talk about a very important things actually. One we're GONNA talk about a side. Hustle because I believe every dentist entreprenuering. She'd create a side hustle so that you have something to fall back on and something to kind of keep you motivated and going at some point that issue does get a little bit boring. Bernie now burning out right We're GONNA. Talk by Brett and his desire to build a mini DSL with four offices. What goes into that the pluses and minuses? Minuses for anybody interested in that, and then we're gonNA talk about dental HQ in membership programs something that I have personally kind of I. Don't want to say pooh-poohed, I've ever pooh-poohed them, but I've always said I. don't see the need for them and I'm GonNa. Ask Brad y because he's literally Brett's literally form two miles down to three miles down. No you LEESVILLE offices to three miles down the road from. Yeah Leesville more creed more than Leesville. Yeah, so we're right on creed more strickland, so we're only three or four miles down the road, and so clearly it's working in his place I want to figure out what I'm missing, so we'll talk about membership programs, and we'll see where that fits in and have A. Good come back and forth about that, so that's what you can expect, and then of course. If you have questions, you can reach me at my personal number. Five, one, zero, six, nine, eight, two, six, six, three, or the easier way to reach me is five one zero, six thousand nine t-bone. That's what that spells that great phone number breath. Or you can go to ask t-bone DOT COM and submit your question I. Want to thank you for tuning in for another episode and we'll see you in the future. Thanks so much for listening to t-bone speaks with Dr to road. Agarwal remember to keep striving for excellence and we'll catch you on the next episode.

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Edpisode 65  Covid-19 illness  detailed info Kinghardt

The Modern Spiritual Life Coaching Podcast

1:27:14 hr | 7 months ago

Edpisode 65 Covid-19 illness detailed info Kinghardt

"The I think it's this. Is The universe speaking. You are now tuned into the modern spiritual life. Coaching podcast by the certified master. Life coaches spiritual guide coach chip. Welcome souls we. Now Begin this episode of a Transformational Journey unedited unscripted and creating something from nothingness. Let there be on moderate. Spiritual Life Go. This is Corona Virus Update Cove in nineteen better known as corona virus has spread throughout the world. Information about children with this disease is limited but they are known to have had mild symptoms. Many organizations are responding accordingly depending upon their area. It's best to stay home and away from others especially when sick and continue following healthy hand wash guidelines covering mouth and nose and not touching your face or high touch services clean and disinfect touch surfaces regularly and for more information please visit CDC Dot Gov Forward Slash Cove nineteen. Thank you this message has been brought to you by the CDC dug up as a public service announcement and this station. The Modernist Virgil Coaching podcast. It's alchemy coach chip on episode number. Sixty five I am doing well and I am fine. This podcast is going to be very informal and educational along as Indep with a lot of information. We're going to hear from a presentation by Dr Detroit from the Cling Heart Institute in Germany. He'll discuss his new findings on Kobe. Nineteen treatments advice and what to avoid in the case of illness. After this will do our sound hill hailing meditation as well and he'll give you information about sound healing and how it will be so beneficial for you. I advise you as well to listen to this podcast in its entirety. But mark the page. If you like to see video cast that I'd done to for this as well go to. Www DOT chips. Podcast DOT COM. You'll see the posts of the episode. Blue Tabs says read more click on that tastes right to the video and you can watch the video from that point and I will add links by put Mon- daily Motion Youtube and other places to that nature. Be Sure to subscribe to this podcast as well as our social media networks on twitter facebook and Youtube. So you don't miss a beat with this type of information that we give out so right. Now we're going to head over to this presentation Dr Detroit and we're going to learn more about the Kobe right here on the Monitor's Virgil Live coaching podcast. Halo Dietrich and thank you for being with us again and the cleanup basically very very happy to another of your presentations and you latest news about Keranovic's virus so while Coleman thank you for being here thinking on your the Do you want me to shoot right away to get going away. We ought in your hands. We have really looking forward to hear what you let me. Put my glasses on. Look bit more intelligent. So Hi everybody. Today's suspension today. Actually yesterday was especially today. It should be called the Corona Day because yesterday was published the definite cure for a corona which is simple and inexpensive and. I will certainly introduce you to that. And then What would happen in the big world with that so this is a few initial remarks to update you on obese should know about corona so festival intubate. Clemen virus. It's puddle of family of viruses. Several of which are known to cause disease in humans. It's an are a virus noted. Dna viruses like herpes viruses. And not a retrovirus young. So there's aren't viruses. Typically the flu viruses on the category there's DNA viruses and retroviruses. All of them have their own special teams in their own characteristics and need to be treated differently. The the famous precursor to this illness were source. That was two thousand to two thousand three which had about a ten percent death rate and then followed ten years later was the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Merce that has a higher death rate of about four thirty four percent each my nose so they Chinese as the highest respect for our Chinese brothers and sisters from the onset of the owners until they're actually had done the signs of cracking the genome and actually made suggestions for a cure. Yesterday has turned out to be true. It took them only two weeks. That's unthinkable of in the Western world. So my hat off to them so the official version of it that this virus may have originated in bats in the Chinese market. I give you some information at the end of this presentation that points towards a much more sinister origin off the illness. So this Conned illness as the death rate. That's unknown it's calculated between point five percent and the estimates. Go Up to twenty percent and I would show you the science on that okay so little bit. The recent history started in China. Symptoms are important that almost eighty percent of effective people are some dramatic are men and only twenty percent of women. Which makes you think if somebody would have created this virus that there are in favor of the female species The symptoms ninety eight percent of the first may first few days of the homeless people elevated temperature not dramatically high. But you're nine again jumps offsides yours. Ninety eight thirty thirty eight thirty nine degrees a cough cough concerts amid more worrisome. It's seventy six percents. That has three quarters of the population. And this cough may go onto the devastating lethal of formal fit accompanied by Saturday. Kind storm or it may not inventing the typical flu symptoms. Muscle aches and fatigue employed four percent okay. Transmission is through respiratory droplets. No other transmission has been shown however so that you understand some of the dark aside some clusters of a virus of infected people have been found obscene. Not In contact with any outside of that could abroad there and it's the wind has drifted there or was intentionally rained down on people from the sky which some of our friends know what I'm talking about. Okay important is that even people that have no symptoms at all can Transmit the infection When they have the virus The next sentence is important here when you get the infection and say you were in a crowd of people somebody cough next to you and you got the infection that way It's about seven days. After that event that you yourself started shedding the virus and infectious to other people the UNSAID SP- between the first contact. You had with the virus and the first symptom that you may get. The fever is between four point one and seven days and then a little bit extra thing on the bottom yet. That's a personal The first outbreak in the US was in Seattle in the neighborhood of my office in the suburb of Kirkland and Kirkland is one of five cities in the. Us That has fully rolled out the five G. Network there's only five cities in the US smaller cities and this is one of them. Fully rolled out the five G. networking months ago. In order to experiment with driverless cars and of Queen Hospital. We went there to measure the Wifi. That's installed there. And the levels were astronomically high the highest of a measured in any hospital and so in that hospital. The death rate was actually six zero sixty percent not a point. Five four one percent but sixty percent so I think between the lines you can read when I'm saying how do be diagnosed at wells. The official lab testing done in every country is a PC artists now. Some countries countries have developed their own version of this some countries like South Korea. Were quick enrolling out on a broad scale the US turns out. is quite incompetent in it and still have only a few tests available so may as a physician for my patients was not able to test a single patient with this test however it turns out a good number of people that. I've treated him all his Later turned out to happy tested for turn out positive. I was correct with my initial assessment of them and the initial treatment. Which I'll go over later. So what does it? Health Practitioner had no so well people may present with fever. Enter dry call if the coffins there you should worry more now been learned Just recently that if the first signs that the patient develops a stomach AIDS and cramping bloating in the stomach and then from there goes onto the fever than a dry cough. The predicts a more serious costs costs of the illness. Lap Wise we simply do Cbc and a low white blood count may point in that direction but especially if amongst bloods lymphocyte. Portion of it is low that should trigger an alarm button in you because most by infections have elevated lymphocyte count not a depleted Lymphocyte count. And so that has helped me and my practice to Put the alert button on and take my distance from patients and advise them accordingly. Been the cops starts. You should get chest x ray early on to see if there's a typical Opacity as in the X. Rain the cat scan is a luxury is not available everywhere. But it's probably more Certain diagnostic tool okay. So what is known as treatment in on so this is exciting part might now so on top I give you the government Words you're no vaccine is currently available. Which is really really sad for the Mexican manufactuers. Okay and then cover in terms of the group in China that crack the genome and published his paper on February twenty but the research was concluded already a few days. After Christmas show said in vitro crow phosphate was one hundred percent effective in eliminating the virus from culture and then in the same study mentioned is a yet unknown. Antivirus Com called Desi beer which is not available in the US or in the EU looked fund wide and the other one that saw mentioned as a sideline was just as effective as go. Cream was Alenia. Nita's Oxo many of my students here in the UK and in other parts of the world know that Nita's oxen night history my preferred and civic drug that has long been known also to have phenomena effects against the flu viruses and so we were not surprised if found dead the list of infectious of effective agents to treat this virus and so now rolling the truck forward so this was shortly after Christmas. Founded clock fiend phosphate was one hundred percent effective in in vitro and of course physicians in China have immediately jumped on that and you probably know that China has now the lowest rate of new infections one single case in the country over a billion people yesterday. But it's basically this is basically completely under control in China because the Chinese are using cloak thing fos fate and so it was time to do an in Vivo study on it and that was published yesterday. Seventeen single much eighteen so this was a physicians. One was from Columbia. The other two are no none of them were from the Anglo. American countries or Germany were all from countries that be considered Third World Countries. Got Together and said well. Let's put this to the to the test and see what happens. And so I put down the the The resent the the bottom here that one hundred percent of patients that received a combination of broken and as throwbacks tested negative and we would logically cured within six days of treatment that means PC has showed no more evidence on any tissue off the presence of this virus in six days alone and so he is actually the the breakdown and the on the top. You see the actual study if you WANNA Google So they took forty patients and twenty of them were treated and of the twenty tweeted trending recruit so. The breakdown doesn't really matter but what was interesting to us. Physicians was successful. Max Added to the hydroxyl grow. Quinn was significant the adding to it was more efficient for the virus illumination when even quicker out the door and so basically as of yesterday. It has confirmed that Claw Quinn the old. Malaria drug patents Nineteen thirties or early forties and zithromax which was patented in the late. Ninety s antibiotic. The debt combination is to for this illness. Trendy out of twenty years means said one hundred percent yes and you could argue that the two small group. Well it should be easy right now to repeat the study on twenty thousand people. But I don't think that's GonNa Happen. I'm get into the politics bit easier. In a moment one thing elect to point out you listen carefully so the first public pre publication of this came out before the new year that Ed had Rossy Croak win one hundred percent effective in vitro. It was within a few days after that. The European Union made this truck unavailable to the public and to US doctors. A few days after came out that it was so effective. Use The thinking about that good genuine measures for prevention of the infection adult one of the USA intention up for this washing their hands protecting herself cleaning the surfaces. This all important personal preventative measures to make it less likely to get the infection. That's what you want and I want to say here. Look at the upper line. A sixty percent alcohol based hand sanitizer may be used of soap and water unavailable that sentence by indicated. This is a government statement of for mets Gabe. I'm by implication. Sentence means that soap and water a more effective than the Patented sixty percent. Alcohol based hand sanitizers. Please hear me on that which I know the truth and then thirty of a show you something. That's even more effective distance open border in the moment so when let's assume that you've been in a restaurant but somebody has sneezed on a table. You should know that the virus can survive on the surface on a smooth surface for about seventy two hours. There's other numbers give on the Internet. Which are not based in any science? It's available but seventy two hours has paid much. Maximum the INCANS Bach outside the body once inside the bunny. This virus also lives on. The surface of tissues doesn't penetrate deep into lives on the surface of the tissues and the first tissue with clings to is your throat and the mucous membranes of knows and the is and this is for many days after the onset off the first symptoms it still lingus. They have before goes deeper. So from the onset of symptoms. That say you get a sore throat? You get the feverish feeling. You have five days to treat the virus in areas that you can reach with simple spray for students here you know my work with the Hubble chlorophyll acid h spray and I get into some science and the other spray that is working on behalf. Good evidence of that is propolis. Populace have like one of the many studies here. The shows that propolis tremendously enhances the immunity against other corona viruses. Of course this is too young days. Xay Is really working A nineteen. We can say for sure but I can say in the patients in advised over the phone that were diagnosed certainly with a PC test. Positive moment this dotted other native the agency of spray and the corona virus. The OPELOUSAS spray. That illness did not process a move on forward. From that point on and within a few days people became a symptomatic without any of hub. So so far I can say based on clinical experience not on true science that had a donating h Oziel and as sprays am populous can only used inside the mouth. Bring it against the The area and the roof of the mouth with ESPECI- The spray that you can get from science is fantastic and then the agency out spray you can in the ice and in the nose and again in the throat but you can also inhale it. I WANNA show you this tool here. This is the inhalant abuse. It's not very tall and it creates a fine mist with agency of is very pleasant to inhale it and he can miss your eyes with skin can put it in your mouth he can put on anybody surfaced. And it's absolutely fantastic. The reduction of Achieved WITH THAT. You CanNot Spray. Lysol in your eyes. Any of the other things that are or chlorine dioxide or clothing blades. But you can spray. This is fantastic. We've been using over two years for other illnesses and works okay. So after it. The five days onset of the symptoms. The illness may penetrate deeper into you that stage when you get the dry cough and the severe form of illness than a most of the density of the bucks on in the fluid in the lung but again seventy two percent of. It's still in the sputum still in the throat. It linger for the entire duration of illness and the throat works as a growth medium for these books and anything can goggle or spray onto the virus is antiviral. The work is fantastic. Okay so let's talk a little bit about agency of HBO Seattle Missed that rocks. And so the first study said I'm mentioning here is done on merced the Middle East respiratory soon remember. It's also an edge death rate of over thirty percent and with the did this spray virus on a work surface on computer monitor and on on the desktop next to it and then used a typical recommended alcohol based disinfectants to clean up the service and found out that was still positive for the test for surviving viruses. Then they did the same with an agency L. and that made a completely negative. You know so the Agency. L. One hundred percent effective. The alcohol based disinfectant was a hundred percent failure so that is signs to this madness. Okay so the next study shows a General Antimicrobial Effect H. O. C. L. has and it should be Houston hospitals and establishments related to the food industry. Not My words and then the last study that sort of more like a white paper than study shows close as it has nuts tested for the covert nineteen because just two youngest things on two and a half months old since we know about the virus but it s it has been effective to so many other similar retroviral Ajoy Corona viruses that they say in the study this reasonable conclusion that will be effective in treating a covert nineteen could his one more study on the actual L. Abuse the top one from two thousand seventeen that's published and the titans stabilized humble clothes acid disinfection for highly vulnerable populations wound disaffection area decontamination. That's exactly what we using it for. And then the last bit heads in the in the frame. Danica is the expert opinion based on a study done at the University of Washington Would they spread a human coronavirus typed? Oc Forty Fi. That's very similar to the one we dealing with on different surfaces and then sprayed H. o. c. l. on edge then Looked how many of the viruses would survive. The only did one test. It was ten minutes post rang and found that it was only ninety. Nine point nine nine nine percent positive that means one ten thousand dollars off of a buck Survive till a BASS BASS small number Mesa by of course has to do with his spring on. How much spraying so. It is an opinion in our experience in extremely incredible simple in inexpensive tool to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. And if you have it in the early days to spray it while the in your face the difficulties membranes To to help to minimize the growth of the bugs in those tissues. Okay and so. I want to summarize here would was known a few days ago in terms of treatment so the first one is would with vitamin C. that was published in a Chinese paper. Was a hospital that with the doctors decided to use a vitamin C. For the treatment of the early phase of this illness and published in this paper that it was extremely effective to give intravenous vitamin C for three days in a row. The interesting enough is different translations even to me so one translation says only gave seven and a half to fifteen grams. The other translation says they gave ten to twenty grams of For for the IV. So but anyway you know you usually give a vitamin C that's mostly available in the US. But also in England is twenty five grams in a bottle and so they gave three of phase on visa or all day one day to day three and had a clear vevey high remission rate of the illness and then one of my Chinese Co workers contacted the doctor that ran the study and US what they're recommending for prevention or after care for these people in the said well. We recommend every Chinese person to take two grams of vitamin C day and that that felt already around Christmas at greatly reduced the propensity to get this illness and people is an opinion paper consensus paper from the US. Also recommending high dose vitamin C either orally or intravenously. Okay we get into dosing towards the end of my talk. The thing that's recommended in this original study that you can read up. One of my picks showed the study is selenium This treatment the patient has it starts getting the lung symptoms. You have to do something so two of my patients Ed Didn't make to my practice. But they've got sick at home. The VA diagnosed with this infection. This study getting the lung complications. And because the knew that the death rate at least Cookman was sixty percent of infected people. That didn't WanNa go to the hospital so I just simply recommended. Nita's oxo night also call Linea Go. Patients had that at home from earlier phases of the treatment for lyme disease so the head region that covered in the recommended to take a thousand milligrams twice a day for ten days. Both of them Turnaround on this including two recovered within a few days. Then the other one o'clock in fuss fade so The Chinese of recommendations right known. Remember your city to study. Came out showing one hundred percent curate off the infected people so the Chinese recommending five five hundred milligrams twice a day for ten days. The complete cure was achieved after six days. But you know giving an extra is coming in medicine interesting in Korea. The only give four hundred milligrams once a day for six days and have claimed one hundred percent cure rate. And so the only new thing is to Ed a zip for Max in the typical dozing zithromax to the cocktail. And so that brings up. The question should be relieved. Socially isolated and grassy only for the next few months Or should be not put everybody on inexpensive sick state program with crow? Crane is one of the least expensive drugs in the world and get on with it will get back to the idea later so put at the bottom. You not published but Bay. Similar chemical biological puppeteer teach donate. Thiessen Ages in injectable form of anti-media Unwell. And again this is not three patients that contacted me. One of them thought they had exposure to a covert nineteen and started getting lung. Symptoms tool of my patients had already quite progress symptoms as Patients go the heads of injectable autism. Eight at home and so these people I gave them to violence of what they have which is total one hundred. Twenty milligrams a day off Season Age. And the did that for ten days so they used twenty vials of sixty milligrams of teeth donate and none of them. All of them recovered completely without any further issues. So can say it's proving that it works. Well no it doesn't but a teaspoon. Eight and green have phebe similar properties. We know that all thirty working lime disease. Now we can use this is what I'm recommending optimism unwound a teaspoon. Nate is an extract of Artemisia Anwar and suspicion that the Ford plant extract may actually work better than the extract. And so we have not fight this but my recommendation to you is to get the optimism on what changes called sweet any from kiss science and use prophylactic news. Let's hope you can take for a long time without doing any damage? You know a Pipette four five times a day prophylactically is a good idea. I'm not saying it's going to cure anything but I'm saying the evidence is pretty good. Okay now take a take a deep breath. 'cause now dive a little bit more into the deeper biology. This whole thing could end it. You're gonNA say what we figured out the treatment let's put everybody on it the EU removed Cloak from the available drugs. The moment came out that it was effective. America removed a teaspoon. Eight as a moment edge came on set of detective and this other movements in the government that show that occur is not wanted at least a kiss like that so the reason to dive deeper into it. That is if the curse will be denied if the taken away from us you need to have a plan B and the plan. B always requires knowing a little bit more than a bit more deeper. So let me introduce you to the idea of Furans so you can read this up later when you get the extra so furans are proteins. In the cell. Wall of every sub and floating around in the Matrix in the industry spaces are proteins that have various functions and all of the proteins that float around in our system are in a dormant state. If would be active. We would all die in the because that would use of all available material of oxygen water and sewer and the sublime would would crash and so few cleef from this floating proteins cleave away shouldn't amino acids that then transformed the protein into a form with the boom something now the cove it nineteen has figured out that mechanism and is using this mechanism. The covert nineteen is an appre active form so in such floating around through the tissues leaves the mucus membranes and such entry bloodstream vati system and starts to want to settle in Deepa tissues. It has duck onto the side wall of whatever tissue and US if fueling that sitting there to remove a particular amino acid a group of amino acids from it's over a protein in order to activate only when that has happened the virus can become aggressive and enter the cell infected so and be replicated in so the Furans are unnecessary kiss of the cell that devours gets in order to be allowed entry and so the Anti Furans strategies are very well known since the days of HIV and AIDS and so that is very expensive at the AIDS drugs. That can do this to a degree but what you need to find what you need to know that there is a that is a powerful anti fewing strategy to that is a tiny quota. Why is it important? People with covert nineteen die off the side of kind storm the immune activation that happens in the lung the oldest fluid in the lung the plucks of oxygen absorbing surfaces and you basically suffocate on that side kinds dorm is triggered by the furans removing an amino acid from the virus. That makes it so deadly. And so if he can block. The furans can prevent the devastating puddle on Andro. Graph is is promising to for that very jump and so the seven articles published on this and you read them and you'll come up become up to the same conclusion as me and others have So what do we do we key? Signs has a fantastic on Gadhafi's tink jaw but also mixed with a synergistic herbs were an rafters as a keynote. This one is called Astra Smile. This has astros. Ended is has smile accented and and various other herbs but Undergrad office is the main in it and a date the recommendations for prevention of the covert nineteen one drop of four to six times a day and when the patient actually has gone signs that day. We may have the illness recommend to do one for hourly now under baths itself is known as the King of urban bidders. So it's very bitter of and so the key. Science has developed now based on the current literature own all the Herb Stein have been effective for SARS in Mersch and other coronal bar assisted is abundant literature on key. Signs has done work and put on. A combination of a product is called Andrew Graphics. Plus that is extremely powerful. And of course remember a need to say to him for legal reasons We cannot make any promises and I'm certainly don't want to make any promise you that is actually working. I know it works but I can say that that so you consider at least taking this of course not inspite of other treatments available until now until yesterday. There was no treatment other than hoping the disowned is gonna blow over so instead of waiting like a sitting duck to be shot take. The graph is plus. It's a drop foot four times a day for prevention so fairly little I would live often and then for the treatment when you actually have symptoms. It's a drop of every hour and then by women see also in high doses has strong anti-foreign properties which is quite amazing young as it's inexpensive it's widely available so the combination of Andhra graphics plus and High Dose Vitamin C is my main strategy of for this crisis that we're in right now until the Medical Drugs Become available. That published Question is do. We really need them while we don't know There's not GonNa be any research going this direction because it has nothing to bill here that people can make money off. Okay so now. Let me introduce you to the influenza. So we have a genome proteome. We have metabolism and so the inflammatory them is part of the proteome. So the inflammation zone. Are those proteins that are in charge of creating meaningful inflammation in your system and the important cod of the covert nineteen a? Is that the activation off the inflammation them promotes the secretion of Interleukin. One Beta Interleukin. A team those are the two things that have been shown to cause the saddle kind storm that has killed so many people can the inflammation room and bring it to reason then we will avoid the subtle kind storm and saved many lives and so the parts relevant he has called the NFL or key. Three picture altered on the right side. And so it's important to you that the things that are known to modulated and tame the infamous is high dose vitamin C. Melatonin as. You will see humming. Yes humming Making the sound and so I was showing the evidence that and so it's another part of the inflammatory room that triggers it just on the signs of the so called Vero Pouring Bureau Cori- are created by the viruses that basically a protein punch holes in the cell wall so Venezuela's infected with the The the virus. The virus is trapped inside the cell and when it makes babies they stay inside to sell them. They don't do much. The babies have to leave the cell and for that they need to be opening in the South Walls. And so the bowers himself Encodes proteins that means Samba's on a and all that the I mean has its creed proteins that then make new channels in the membrane of the cell wall that have openings to allow the baby viruses to come out of the cell to then float around and infect other cells so there could bureau Koren's and so the their opponents themselves are also trigger to activate the N. A. R. P. Three Enflame assume. But what is important that these holes punched in the South Wall? Allow an influx of calcium into the cell. And we know from the research published by Monte Paul that that always means activates a cascade of inflammatory events called the no ono cycle that produces talks in night-ride that's rocket fuel inside the cell that then destroys the cell and so the bureau parents that are created lead to an influx of calcium. And this leads to an up regulation of all the inflammatory processes in the south eventually. Destroy the cell and so we need to know. This event is another factor that facilitates the oaten seaports widely and that allows council influx and. That's the exposure to Wi fi to rain waves and that is published in the paper of Monty. Paul and so for us is an K. practitioners. Petitioners follow the teachings of myself and others. The WIFI gene is incredibly important pod off preventing and treating this Bible illness so a huge part of hinted at that with the Hospital but for you that. Listen to this please if you haven't done that yet. Shut off the Wifi in your house. Not just night but every moment that you do not need it and keep the phone away from your ear at the highest distance that you can wear the protective clothing Key signed snow has the world's best protective clothing. They should be using at least the favor for the next two or three months until the spook over with this illness is scientific rationale for this is not a grown in my head in some strange way. Okay so he song on Melatonin since Melatonin is not legally available in the UK or in the euro. Now it was taken away from us when it became clear that Melatonin is so potent treatment against cancer at many logical diseases the EU acted in accordance with the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation to remove Melatonin from the things that are available to us. There is even going on. There is no question. So melatonin is the most potent inhibitor. Off the infamous that leads to the side. Kind of the death of people You can read up the literature and so now that is a weird weird observation none off pregnant mothers infected by covert nineteen the developed severe pneumonia or died nor were the babies. Why is mom and baby protected? Well the answer lies in Melatonin Melatonin secretion in the third trimester of pregnancy is more than doubled. Compared to the first trimester the first trimester is doubled compared to the normal population. And I have a breakdown here for you. The published death raids. According to age you know so besieged Fed Young people had absolutely no fatalities Funded Ten to nineteen. Year olds was a two out of five thousand people that died and the eighty plus year olds. That was fourteen point. Eight of one hundred people that died so this is a significant difference. And what I forgot to put in you is the graph off the declining Melatonin levels so directive power to describe you could see a graph off with the natural Melatonin level is in people and it goes to medically down from a from the time born Until eighty ninety years old. And how do we increase Level will the most known even agent that decreases Melatonin levels. It's exposure to WIFI sitting on the computer. That's not on airplane mode the Wifi router in the house and using the cellphone. Of course the cell phone towers all over the place now and especially in the area. Sal routed for five G. it's every hundred yards of. So you have a cellphone. Emitting a Wifi emitting device and so basically life as it's known it is over his study that just came out a few days ago from the lands at basically the recalculated the death rates and came up that the death rage in the early face off. This illness was not a one or two percent. It was actually a little bit more than twenty percent. I don't WanNa go to their classes. Not Important for our discussion here but this virus was designed to kill more people than actually done now remember Vista talking about the inflammation on. How can we prevent this illness? Turning into the evil brother office illness where he gets out of kind storm and you suffocate and the secret of the militarization is nitric oxide and nitric. Oxide can be increased by taking art. Janine however Janine is known to foster the growth of many viruses and I would not recommend other one is vitamin C in higher doses increases. Nitric oxide so be backed vitamin C. And the last one I mentioning hit is humming y exhaling it instantly increases not doing oxide concentration in the nasal passages and sinuses the very tissues where covert nineteen lingers for many days before infecting other tissues. And so the side shows that if you quietly inhale you have a small amount of nitric oxide in the mucous membranes of your throat if you're humming while exhaling it increases more than fifteen times and at that doses dosage non oxide is strongly. Antivirals Antibacterial Antifungal published a paper in my German Journal. That I'm editing a few times a year but fifteen years ago will be published as treatment for chronic sinusitis and head over two hundred emails in the following months showing the people that have twenty thirty years. According son side is curated by simply humming on the way to work sitting in the car or most quiet moments they had and so now. We're adding to the list. This as proposed treatment for covert nineteen a no people would probably take the section of Montauk and posted on Youtube. Saying how insane Dr Klinghoffer is but I go to study here You can look for herself. And if I were you remember the the bucks linger in your nose and sinuses and mucous membranes of the fraud for many days before he becomes some dramatic. This is one of the ways you can naturally add your own community to it by humming experiment with defend pitches off your voice. You can put your hands on the sinuses on the teeth and actually find out which pitch vibrates the The sinuses the most. So this is just a quick one. GonNa keep this bay quick Ace inhibitor so at the end attention converting enzyme receptors on on the cells in the lung and Johnson is created in the kidneys. It's a peptide that has to be converted thin it regulates blood pressure in the drugs. Many groups of blood pressure drugs inhibiting these enzymes in the lung in order to lower blood pressure. No unfortunately it happens that the covert nineteen. Nate's The a peptides state the proteins in the South Wall off the Avihou lie. It needs said to dock on to the line to infect Jhelum and so if you're taking eight inhibitors you're facilitating the entry off the virus into the lung tissue making it more likely that the patient then is GonNa get the uprising of the inflammation and the devastating subtle kind storm. The same is true for selenium. Selenium actually is the natural ace inhibitor. Do not use it. I have all the information. Therefore you if you get the po-point study on you come to the same conclusion. Okay so the last two pages. I'm just making some suggestions for treatment. So melatonin some of you know. I'm proposing the idea using suppositories at night and using a transformation cream during the day so go to constant elevated levels of Melatonin. Dosages are discussed in this and you get am from Klingon Institute. There is one sentence. I like to highlight here. This is from Dover slow if YOU ARE DIABETIC OR HAVE INSULIN RESISTANCE. Do Not Take Melatonin before three. Pm Melatonin is able to suppress insulin. I did not know that but I have observed that some of my patients at put on high dose Melatonin suddenly got increased blood sugar levels in the morning that they never had an podcast. And so we were able to put them on chromium and vanadium and be have an older product. Forgot the name that Lois Insulin Resistance The key signs has you can ask Mario when you call them and religion. Oh so it's called lock German and it This usually stabilizes the every mechanism that we have has to do with insulin and reduces insulin resistance and not in the melatonin problem since we've added The chromium and the potluck into the into the issue so that's the Melatonin. Unfortunately as you know as mentioned before the EU has conspired to take that away from us because is of obviously a dangerous drug to the interest of the famous would industry Which may be other interested of point at in a moment then Budiman see so they the dosage that I wanNA point towards you. If half the first signs of this illness you need to take one gram every fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the severity of the symptoms as not taking a little bit in the morning. I think done seven fifteen to thirty minutes and then you can increase. Seo Gut is totally adding that you don't get any bloating or cramping you increase those Until you reach the point we either get diarrhea. Cramping and the back off a little bit. That has we only have one patient that a guided through that who was in the ICU where his wife smuggled in and gave him the treatment and the patient made a full recovery was out of the ICU within twenty four hours. So I don't WanNa get too deep into the disobey personal a things that have happened in the last few weeks. So if available if it's possible with the first signs use intravenous vitamin C. And so it's the seven hundred grams sits the dosage given Germany. That Savan you can buy them. I would go but the fifteen grams to that every day number would probably go longer than three days if you have the signs of the actual illness good hit is all Andrew. Graph as plus said is when I mentioned before that Daniele team off of key signs developed. I gave them literature on the leading herbs in happy published in conjunction with Defend Corona viruses. Your list is fairly short. Colangelo liquorice Scudo the area Scout Camp Rosemary Andrew Graphs Identifying those of you. Who Work with me. On lyme disease know that most of these aviva familiar to us the just sort of if he won re purpose of what the treatment of To or covert nineteen. Until the the one thing I'd like to say you know under a raft plus is the mix in the right proportions of those are and it is a best if you if you in acute situation really have a patient who was already ill you want to make that. Lezama and would recommend is four fifths of the mix should be the the underground is plus and one fifth should be the Michael Foster phospholipids US and do simply. If it's an emergency I would take out the fifth off the bottle employed in glass and then pour in the microphone. Shake up and you will get a decent levels mix. It's best if you put in the address o-negative is recommending vibrated for fifteen minutes. Then you have a powerful remedy for protecting you from the other list. Fo- healing this illness and of course again. I have to put the disclaimer in the suggest. Ideas based on the available science based on other similar viruses and be treated the past. Okay the Common Sense. Use Your Age. Alcee L. Inhaler. Remember the beautiful wonderful tool here that Spews out agency L. MISSED BEAUTIFUL TO INHALE IT. It touches every membrane that is touch it reduces the amount of bucks lifted it has invaded damaging effect to our own microbiome because agency. Al is the substance your own white blood cells using to fight against viruses. Some of the bucks so it can spray it in your eyes in such amounts. Also you may use Foca in your home to quit. Chassis missed in the L. in the air and You can take with you to Restaurants Workplace Coffee Shop Dentist Office so Fond Spray. Widely bombs youtube ridiculous. Of course your hands many times a day the other one is appropriate sprayed so we have two forms of Populus. You know so one. Break US inside your mouth. But lingering bucks are mostly back off the throat. The Charleston area and beyond beach can easily reached with the spraying it sticks to the membrane for hours. It takes only ten or fifteen minutes to reduce the viral and so may be used the propolis spray several times a day and other native with Hec L. Spray. And the other thing that I didn't mention here is supposed vaporizer. Most of you know about by. Now it's a device that be modified when you evaporate populace and a temperature of eighty two point five degrees Celsius. It creates monal molecular mist in the room. Said attaches to all the dust pontic ghosts and also to micro talks instead. I in the air but has also published in a German Journal that also attaches to vow potty goals at make some could not function anymore. And so this creates a faith fine role my in the House. A cartridge off the populist 'cause about two pounds on works for ten days it's a fantastic tool alternate with the evaporates agency. L. In the home use vitamin C. Every hour keep you by been D LEVELS. High normal the tip from the snow yet. Doing don't force yourself to eat when you have when you start getting ill. If you're not hungry calorie restriction move facilitate healing. The last wise words do not use an sagely other protein. Northen or any other non steroidal is vacant. Evidence said it may may be lung involvement of this illness much much. More severe will not hear that from the media because it's too much public that too much interest of the pharmaceutical boys The do not want to see their sales which has huge Curbed on on these drunks. Supposedly the French Minister of health slipped and recommended to the French population to not use non stewards doing the next few months while this illness is ghosting around. Could now I know some if you know me? I'm trying to be blind to the things that happen in the background. So look to the dockside and let me have fun with this this light but I do need to point out a few things so I one study. That was recently published that with somebody broke down the genome and found inserts in their stead. Come from the ivars have been. There's been unofficial inserts in the gene of the corona virus that have nothing to do with the coronal come from some of ours are inserted there. This paper was withdrawn. Like it happens when somebody says an inconvenient truth. Whatever pressure was applied to him? We don't know then highly respected Mike. Adam sees toss colleges in America. He published a paper by reviewing some of the genetic information from China. The country's looking very careful sentences from his paper irrefutable. The Krona virus was engineered by scientists in the lab using well-documented Genetic Engineering Back. Toward the deep behind a fingerprint. Okay let's leave the pods there. Then they just one of many studies that was published in two thousand eleven and a this published basically Fed the corona virus is the most experimented virus to see. If you mutated what you can you do with it for either good all for sinister reasons and so I found that interesting is not. It's not the herpes viruses. Not The the HIV bows so Koran of ours is a most experimented with genetic labs to see how to make a useful for the Us Okay no then you get to the doctor stuff with this not let me. I do this guy on the right side. James Lyons w-we. He's a fairly famous a- genetic scientists so he basically it comes to the conclusion of you can be the on your own one thing I can say a thing for certain is that this particular virus has a laboratory origin so we can root out the natural origin one paper. I will not show you. That's comes from a vague. Would place and it was published in a peer reviewed journal. Showed that the somebody else. Other lab brooks of identified complete genome of this virus and discovered that it was actually patented in two thousand eleven by a subsidiary of the Bill Gates Foundation. Let that stand there and now listen to this so the bottom line on this page there is a thing called event to a one and as a youtube link that you can look up. It shows evidence that in October of last year October. Two Thousand Nineteen the Bill Gates Foundation financed a meeting with the World Health Organization and the U. N. Exercise that the Bill Gates Foundation find as an exercise that had the title of similar. To what if you get a viral pie debt? Pandemic how will countries react of a medical institutions react and the exercise? Exactly what is happening now in October of two thousand nineteen and when you see that you will probably come up with the same suspicion that somebody actually brought this patented virus to Wuhan because it's like the place where an outbreak with naturally happen and You know scattered around in the markets where it could naturally have emerged giving the impression that it's an ass renewal current virus. Of course just is just a town annoyed idea of me that could happen. But it gives you some evidence That that may be true. And of course if it's manmade you don't know what the cost would be that it will take and it could be easily added into the country and makes could be easily added to other things To make it and could be tweaked to make it more deadly or less deadly. We don't know but there is a taste to this one to share with you. I don't don't make you happy or not but I think somebody needs to say it. And of course I'm here as observe as an outside observer and so let me finish my my talk with this so several ways to deal with viral pandemic so the I want first one is having what we're doing right now. Prevent the herd infection. I'm using the word lightly by massive social isolation now social isolation after listening to mytalk children are pretty much unaffected by this condition and so it strikes me as strange that the first thing that happened in the US that all the schools were closed while the only population has not affected by. This virus is children in the scores. On why should be those scores? Isn't it rather there'd be should shut down the adults and the children be free the contact eight you know for me as a medical doctor I have to say this nope. We are expected to go to work to expose ourselves to these patients. And however you know massive social isolation well I would love to isolate myself there but if everybody isolates including the people that do the food delivery that grow food including the people that are working. Electric plan to make sure they. The machines worked to provide electricity. If we all socially isolate society completely come to a standstill and of the Bahamas starvation overnight of `electricity or drinking water and so the herds social isolation ultimately is not a sustainable idea. Okay second option prevent infection with the maxine. The track record of success with the Flu Vaccine Is Bay. exceeds a typically on the market been. The illness is gone. Is You know. Listen to Robert. Kennedy's Talk Maxine. All the meat on the measles for basically gone by the time the missiles vaccine was invented and measles only came back because the vaccine actually infected people. So I'm just saying that. This published as not my ideas and then third option prevent the infection but using non toxic prophylactic treatment so we know for example the chloroquine works prophylactically. That means people that take small dose of that everyday. Do not get the illness that will also be a way of drying up this virus and then creating true herd immunity that the idea of reelections. And I'm quoting other. Scientists led the infection happen and support the system during the illness with nontoxic biological measures. So that could either be chlorine your soul that savy led the infection run fatally N. P. every living person on a small dose of Promising lives very unlikely that the person will get infection and if they're still get the infection then we can't end up putting them on intravenous vitamin C or the herbal treatment. That I'm suggesting here. I'm just putting this out here. I'm not saying that I'm wise or deduction. Oh something but it's something that somebody needs to speak out for income saying what is another option other than we'll be doing right now which is completely destroying the economy. The only people that benefit from the con- chaos is Mr Gates because he's highly invested in the computer industry and no everybody is forced to have a computer at home to even order their food and so also is benefiting from it because everybody is ordering stuff now sitting at home Who is suffering of the people that actually are socially in both get people to come together to do things to musicians the hottest the pub owners. You know they are. The ones said the suffering And so I believe if the Knowledge about nontoxic anti-violence strategies is used together with commonsense preventive measures. We will get through this. In a few months. Most five assists adept A. Mutate to live with US instead of dying with us and the illnesses over time become milder and less aggressive. The real unknown is if Oho much human hands on both in producing this flowers and what intent might be worked into it so with this on said a machine well and hopeful all of this blows over without any further loss of life. This many many wise people looking at this unfolding events right now and of course none of the ideas as share here on my ideas. The oldest. I'm just accumulating What friends and scientists have brought to me? I want to again saves Here I'm not saying that any of the things I'm suggesting to hear I actually working. It could be pure fantasies or Hustle my imagination. That completely irrelevant but I promise you that none of things I'm suggesting here. We'll be damaging your job. Your friends So that promise I make nothing damaged and so We will be in touch with you on a regular base Than Yellow is leading. Us US through this outbreak and through the crisis With her wisdom in her intelligence on she will employ me from time to time to share with you. What I've learned the truth. Is You know if you take every day. This new new piece coming towards us. I do recommend on that second to the lodge page that you look up that you took presentation on Bill Gates exercising. Would a society withdrew and how society will respond to if there would be a mess afoul heartbreak? It's almost funny has sun. The almost sounds like a wise guru who could predict what would happen two months later to link that I sent you and the presentation was off three years ago. I think what I know. This is a brand new thing. Is he on the bottom? This one that event to a one was just published yesterday. The came out one that I send you. The case is actually talking. It was three ago on a signal the future that we can double check that and I cannot have anybody house no I'm a from friends and a usually you're ahead of your of yourself but yes it could easily be dead. This is only a few years ago. Wasn't October this year but maybe October another year that disposable observing those details but anyway it's very easy to predict the future if you're the one actually creating it and so like to make the point a clearly here until the allison is they know what you're talking about. I wanted to thank you again for your diligence and your commitment to keeping seem formed and I think It is very important. Specially designed to keep in touch and that you keep in touch with us out here because it's a time where we should shed not adjustments as much as we can even more than ever at this moment so thank you so much and thank you everybody for listening We will be back so Answering again questions and And like we did last week so. I'm still correcting lessons yet. I declare of institutes and we can probably have a session with Cuban is very soon saw. Dietrich thank you again and thank you Thank you for listening Keeps thanks for staying on me and for pushing me forward to to. Um D- develop our own strategies and we have kind of fake confident right now that we will get through this crisis definitely the medical part of it Not so sure about the economic impact all fit. You know that if you don't bring the sink to stop face soon. The the consequences of that will be incredibly devastating. And I just can't help thinking that's intended and so. I think all of us need stem together to stop the insanity pod. That's looking in the background fish. One thank you and thank you everyone out there and keep everybody by mouth two guys by this Corona Virus Update Covet nineteen better known as corona virus has spread throughout the world. Information about children with this disease is limited but they are known to have had mild symptoms. Many organizations are responding accordingly depending upon their area. It's best to stay home and away from others especially when sick and continue following healthy hand wash guidelines covering mouth and nose and not touching your face or high touch services cleaners disinfect high touch services regularly and for more information please visit CDC Dot Gov Forward Slash Cove nineteen. Thank you this message has been brought to you by the CDC dot up as a public service announcement at this station. The Modern Virtual Coaching podcast. There we have it with the Kobe. Nineteen information on a whole lot of it too because we've been following this since the pandemic started and the reason why we need to do this is because I was reading today Apple News and according to them that this pandemic has taken out more people than the Vietnam War and that's a whole lot of pupil and short period of time as since that we see the spring and the summer months coming ahead of us we want to go outside into the activities and take our family and friends out but during this covert nineteen. There's no treatment nor there's no cure so we have to take the responsibilities and keep ourselves very safe and everyone else. But in the meantime we're going to do a sound healing meditations with the holy harmony coming up next bid you good day and a good night wherever you may being followed the code mid nineteen safety guidelines until the next episode. I'll talk to you later right here on the modern spiritual at Kuching podcast a a only. Aw Ooh A

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Coping in the Midst of a Global Pandemic | Selfie Podcast Episode 121

Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James

1:16:45 hr | 8 months ago

Coping in the Midst of a Global Pandemic | Selfie Podcast Episode 121

"Hey everyone I'm kristen. Martin a writer and a psychotherapist. And I'm ru Powell an admitted workaholic and self care and you are listening to Selfie. A weekly podcast about women learning to take better care of themselves. We think self care is important. But it can. Simultaneously the elusive. We don't lack information about it but we don't always quite get there so this podcast is dedicated to explain different aspects of self care from the silly to the serious looking at health relationships beauty periods. And maybe a touch of the random. We also want to look at the hurdles. We face that keep us from carrying for ourselves like we should to admit questions to me or ru or declare beauty expert or Bj. Our resident therapist join us in our private forum by searching Selfie. Podcast COMMUNITY ON TASTES GUYS. Well today the U. I I don't know how we can talk about anything. Other than how we are. All dealing with this ongoing quarantine. It is certainly affecting everyone. It has turned many our lives upside down if not a little bit sideways. So we're going to be continuing that conversation today we're GonNa talk a little bit about Just ruin is update. We've been dealing with just a little bit of healthcare issues We're going to hear from. Bj She is going to give us all of a guided meditation And some help for dealing with anxiety during this time Claire is going to be talking about The Best Dry Oils. Dry Skin little Self Care in there and we're GONNA end with talking about how each of staying sane and finding some rhythms of self care while we are quarantined Seru let's catch up with you because I know I've been on pins and needles waiting to hear back about your test which you talked about last week. Have you gotten the results yet? I HAVE NOT. I have not gotten the results at I. Keep logging into my. I don't know if like all of your charts are online so I keep refreshing my email to see if I'm getting like a new test result instead I get an email from my retirement fund and it just says your portfolio has been rebalanced and. I'm like you don't want to. Yeah so it has been. I guess five days since I've been tested. And they said it would take five days and then I read online. That some places it's taking Up to seven days so I called my doctor's office and I said you know they had said five days and she was like. Yeah that doesn't include weekends like really. It doesn't so I You know I just I waiting and then my kids got tested to it. So you get tested on the same day so when you get your results you'll get everyone's at the same time now. They got tested the day after me just because they couldn't a yeah just the way that worked we ended up having to go through the drive thru twice So I know what one this worries me because that means all the numbers were seeing are maybe five to seven days behind passive delay and I am feeling better. I'm still coughing quite a bit. I know that I'm still acting as though I'm staying away from everyone fresher and thankfully like my kids with asthma or are doing we're we're all fine royal pine. I certainly like knowing just because I think having information important but again like I wish it was like a pregnancy test. I want all of us to be able to pee on a stick and find out whether or not we have Koga any given time. There was news here where someone got tested and it was negative and then had an an unrelated health thing happened like six days later and tested again. It was positive so you know it's kind of like well. How does anyone you know? Let's say you test negative and then you go to target and added now totally. I mean I hope that that's coming. I definitely hope that you know our our country figures it out you know and we can have more scale testing. Yeah Yeah and how about you? How are you doing with your asthma? You know I mean I will say speaking of the need for test and it's interesting because someone had asked in our in our southeast facebook humidity you know like what's the big deal about not having tests in all share a personal anecdote which is similar to your own Which I think is testing important for people so I have asthma and my asthma has been theory spiked this week. Now you know. Generally speaking Anxiety does not spike my asthma. Although it's certainly possible one reason it could be spiked is because the weather's been a little wonky. It's gone from rainy too dry to rainy to dry but also another reason that I have these symptoms could be covert right. I mean it's it's alarming when your symptoms look just like it right so the only thing. I haven't had a fever but I've had. I've had the drag. Hof I've had shortness of breath. I've had leasing and so right five days of that. You know which is abnormal for me. I mean I don't typically have to use my rescue inhaler every day and I used it multiple times a day for the last week five days into this. I just called my doctor and it's like I'm not like freaking out and I'm in quarantine so it's not like I need to worry about exposing other people. I'm you know we're all holed up at home not going anywhere but I call. My doctor said like I would log these symptoms. I just Kinda WanNa have you know just a paper trail you know right could turn for the worst so that I can say. I called my doctor at this day. Or whatever but you know I'm describing my symptoms to him and I know that and we had a teleconference appointment and I can see that he's going through you know whatever. The quiz is that he's been given from the health agency right and so he's asking me questions to saying well. Do you have dry cough? Yes do you have shortness of breath? Yes do you have a fever now? But then the question is have you traveled to a place where there's an outbreak drives me not everywhere irritated? Because how outdated is this test? We have community transmission. We know that like the town I live in already has community transmission meaning. We can no longer trace back where people have received it from. Someone who works in the mall had it and you know so. It's just like we're still asking where people have traveled which seems dumb and then you know he's like what you're not eligible for tests did you don't have a fever which let me say this from the outset. I'm fine not being tested. Because there's a scarcity of tests and might tests should be going to a healthcare worker right like but at the same time we should have enough tasks and here's why I should be tested. My doctor said it's most likely asthma. So this is what he prescribed year. Nebulizer more user inhaler more. Let's put you on a steroid. Things are steroids. What do we know about steroids? Terrible for code they compromise your immune system. They are literally telling your immune system. Hey settled down. So anyone who's been on prednisone right now for any health issue is immune compromised. So this is why. It's important for people with health issues to know whether they have or not because the treatment is entirely different. Yes so the result is because I can't get tested. I I am not following night doctor's advice and you know generally I do but right now. I don't think doctors know everyone doesn't know right. Yeah it's it's it's too new and that's why you know and there's a part of me. That has a little bit of guilt for getting tested. When I am you know young and relatively healthy right well I am healthy. I'm young healthy. Certainly but at the same thing. My kids have asthma hospitalize asthma. And I you know I don't want to give them the president's own if that mean for the exact same way you're so you need to know what you're treating I mean that's like healthcare one. Oh One know what you're treating you know you don't want to go in like there's a reason that when you go in for bronchitis you get tested or if you go in and you think the flu they test you and like in a normal scenario. I would have been given some kind of test so that we know what we're treating and instead we don't and the result of that and this is where I want people to understand. This is the result is. I'm not treating my asthma right now because I don't know what I have and so I'm miserable day because I'm too scared to take the steroids because if I have coded that would actually make it worse. Yeah and I think you live in different parts of the country and so where I am. They've opened up testing to before it was. We won't test you unless you are sick enough to be hospitalized. And so now you're experiencing is like you basically have to be sick off in order to get a task. Which what does that mean? Does that mean are you checking your o? Two sats are you like are you. Are you making sure that Which is just I dunno it. Just it's it's it's frustrating and certainly like I don't know maybe we maybe we don't WanNA start up. I blame the government for not having enough test certainly That I think there's a public path back to us not having an test like this isn't a political like a blame game. It's like this is observable fact. We don't have a number because we said no to the World Health Organization's Bevy of tests. Right right I mean. There's a reason why there are a sewing groups. That are making masks now for healthcare workers. Because we don't have enough. P for everyone so yeah I mean I I is this this. Is this your regular doctor like would you if you went to a pulmonologist in paid whatever it cost for you to go see a pulmonologist? You think they would be more inclined to order Kobe test for you know where I live. No what I live right now. Southern California as of today. I know that they will not test you unless you are a health care worker or you are actually in the hospital. Yeah I don't think anyone else can get tested at this point. I think that's how low they are on tests that they are really only testing. You know if you if you're well enough to stay home and take care of yourself. They they don't WanNa test you which here's another thing. That frustrates me too. If like let's say for example that I do have coveted and I don't think I do most likely it. You know I don't but let's say that I did have it and it was a mild case. It'd be nice for me to know that I already had it. Yeah you know. It's like if people have it they should know because as we don't know yet whether or not you know. Immunity is a thing after having it but most likely there is some level of immunity after you after you've had it we should know who those people are because those are the people that can then go and assist and help offer childcare like if I had it if I have it right now I would love to know in three weeks if I've had it and then I could behave differently and be like taking grocery store more people or you know what I mean like. That's kind of a superpower if you've had it in then and then you have tested negative at the end like we wanna know who in the public is negative and hopefully has immunity to it? Yeah I'm noticing too. That all of the symptoms are just seems like there are variations happening in the news. So one of my girls had digestive issues. Now's like Oh maybe you don't like maybe you've just got like a tummy bug and then I read. Fifty percent of people with Kobe have digestive issues too. It's like Oh okay and so it it's like I. Unfortunately I think what's happening to is that we just don't know enough we. We really don't know we really don't and that's why you know. I feel very strongly that I wanted. You know I'm I'm going to isolate until we know more and until we have some readily available treatments and the treatment stuff is looking promising in terms of it's looking like chloroquine is helpful. It's looking like there's an HIV mad. That's helpful looking. Like is remiss in might be helpful. You know so. They're they're starting new clinical trials. The problem is most people. Aren't getting those medications yet because they haven't been. Fda approved or a local hospital to me UC Irvine. Medical Center is doing clinical trials. But the problem is it's double-blind which means you could be in the hospital and really really sick and you could get a placebo for that My Gosh so we just yeah I mean I will feel a lot more comfortable when we have more tests and when we have more treatments that have kind of passer the clearing. But until then I think I'm I think I'm hold up at home. Yeah yeah which I'm a do you have an approximate her. I did order one. If anybody doesn't know what those are I will link. I will link up. That is a little thing that you can stick on your finger that checks your your pulse and also your oxygen level and I would recommend. They'RE CHEAP. They're like twenty five dollars a yet she. Everyone get one and have one at home now. I will share it with a with a with one with just one note of warning is that there are some health care. Workers who think that owning a pulse. Ox Similar is similar to googling your symptoms. Show I like to. I like to use it as just to one data point because there are times like you could be fine but it just so happens at your otas reading at ninety two but you're actually fine but it could be the other way around your wheezing like crazy in your oxygen is at ninety or whatever but as a parent of kids with asthma. I love having on hand and then I also like saying on a pulse ox limiter because it makes you feel smug so that's also bonus like that but you know I need it to your point of like you know. Most people wouldn't recommend doing this at home. The problem is that we're living in this time where everyone's being asked to treat a potentially fatal disease in their home like really right. Everyone's being do and you're you're only admitted if you are like in respiratory distress which you know there there. There's a pretty wide gap between being healthy and being in respiratory distress to the point of hospitalization. Right Lada people are going to be living in that messy middle at home without any medical care. That's scary yeah I mean we stocked up on Albuterol and we. We've had the nebulizers go again. I'm washing out masks. And now I've got Prentice Zone on hand just in case but not giving it to anyone over sure. It's not covert right. So yeah it's it's it's rough. I was what my kids was slicing fruit and I was suspicious of the way she was holding a piece of fruit. Now's like look now is not the time to cut your hand because we need to keep the hospitals. The hospitals are for the people with Kobe right now. Not Us because we were not wise in the way that we were cutting our fruit. And so that's been my lecture like don't do something that makes you end up in the hospital when you know. Healthcare workers already maxed out had toys. The same I'm like you're not. You're not doing skateboard tricks right now. Like we're not. I'm not taking you in with a broken arm right happening right. Mom's going to set this one herself. I'm like don't like I look. I would rather stitch-up myself with my little Joann fabrics at home embroidery kit men take you in somewhere right now. So Gosh not I I was. I was actually supposed to have a minor medical thing done. I was supposed to have a gyroscope. Oh because I have you know acid reflux and I guess they need to go in every once in a while. I make sure like your Asakusa isn't getting damaged. Or you know that there's nothing and it's it's minor but you know it was ordered by a doctor and covered by my insurance and it was supposed to be yesterday and I canceled it. I'm like I just don't want to go in I not. I think I'm GonNa die from acid reflex. So I'm just we'll deal with that later I know. Are we going to have to start doing like? Diy paps and pelvic exams essay. Maybe Se Kit for that. Don't know all I know is. I'm really freaking glad that I got my mammogram crap out of the way like I did not I did not. I am just going to continuing. I'm just GONNA Self exhibit and you know May when it's when the first peak has passed. I'll go in but unlike there's really no there's I'm not. I'm not going to a single appointment right now. Yes which is why gone. One issue that we're having is. I have two kids. That need braces. And like we were about to put them on their teeth. And I think I'm going to end up doing one of those male in like small club director. Something you know what I'm talking about where they ask you this. The Kid and your kid does the impression at home and then you mail it in and then they mail the liners just because I don't want to have to take my kitchen. Ortho appointment every other week two weeks. Yeah yeah the next couple of months so I'm like guys I guess you're Because they wanted a liners anyway. Of course they wanted the clearance. And I'm like Oh I don't trust you guys to deal with those wall school. You'RE GONNA lose them. Well we're home. We fight liners. I will say I had them as an adult and I definitely lost them because I would want them out and like stick in an Afghani. Eat something then of course. I tossed the NAPKIN on the garbage. But that's a that's another thing. It's GonNa be a whole thing because one of one of these children I'm speaking of also has add. Which I'm GonNa say is not going to bode. Well keeping track of a liner. But we're a yeah. I just I will say this. I like. That kid has to be the kid that digs through the trash. That's the only way they'll learn. The only way I learned was when I was face down but up in my outdoor trash can trying to find my try trying to find my invisible line and then knowing that I would have to put that back in nine now. I know that we're yeah that's going to happen but at least it's better than him being at school. Which is a cafeteria dumpster? Yeah I mean I think I would have just gone calls every day. Your son lost his lighter again. Yeah do you Do you have two thumbs up for the week I do have to to to to. Yes I do okay. My first and I shared this win on my general facebook instagram page. But so we have had these table topics. Oh Yeah I saw your posting about that. Which you know. They're super grade. I mean you know as a therapist like I love this crowd. They're like these questions that ask you kind of like to choose. Which would you rather will win. A million dollars or cure cancer or would you rather be a pilot or a scientist but some of them are a little more interesting. You know like what's your first memory and I've had these cards for years. It's funny I went to go find them on Amazon and I purchase them in two thousand fourteen. Hyeon we'll tell you when things. Yes we have had these for four years and we've never gotten through the whole box while that's six years. Yeah ooh math is hard six years so I have. I have the regular version. I have the there's a family version. We actually have a couple of different versions now and I just ordered another version. But yeah they're just it's it's a little glass cube that you can sit on your table with questions and we kind of we probably do five or six questions at every meal and like I am not even kidding. The last three meals we've sat down to. We set the table for like an hour and a half just laughing at all and then it leads to other conversations. You know what I mean like. Just a good conversation starter. But yet it's called table talk only up to them. They're on Amazon. And I just I think they're super sweet. Like I really honestly like they have been like bonding. Like really bonding. Which which is what. We all need right now. We totally we totally do so. There's that one and then this is a little less some meaningful but there is this. I just got so funny in the mail. This thing called this body and it is a super super long super super skinny spatula. And you can use it for these are the two uses that I've been using them for because we're running out of everything so it's perfect for when you've got like that last bit of peanut butter right. Dr Or that last bit of Jelly in the bottom of the jar. Or You like you're really trying to clean stuff out or it's also good for makeup so you know when your lipstick runs out and you have a little bit of lipstick at the bottom of the show lotion or your serum. So anyway my kids are loving these studies. They're always we're S- patty in like using it to Dick stuff out of something. Has We're running out of all of our supplies. That's cool I will. I will actually a look at both. Because we've been we've been trying to just sit and do family dinners now. We're all home. And we've been using those writing prompts that I've been using or we'll ask like really dumb questions where it's like. Would you rather like lick public doorknob or eat a handful of hair just really your sound a little bit more highbrow so I think I'm going to have to check those out mine for the week are we've been doing just trying to do some some good self isolation activities and I find simultaneously. Frankly minimized That we're all feeling so we've been doing jigsaw puzzles and I will put on music and I will just a clear out the kitchen table and I'll just put them all out there and I won't even say like okay everyone. It's time to do the puzzle. They'll just kind of come to the table in spent like ten minutes and then do something else and we'll just leave it out for the whole day But I find that it's really relaxing. And it's just it's because we're focusing on something else. It's nice to talk talk about other things too from now. The problem is most puzzles are terrible like they all look like they were designed by the person who did all of the precious moments statues so it's always like a cat holding a basket full of yarn a but these are I. Guess the company's called Gallison and so one is like a Frank Lloyd Wright design and the other one is just. It's just really pretty. It's really pretty. Art lived aesthetic. Yeah I like these right. Yeah so There's one that's but club and like I. It seems silly because it's a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps it's silly but it's also diverse inclusive and I. I just really pretty to look at too. And they're in their funds so we've really been enjoying that and then at the end of the day it's nice to go. Oh look we. We didn't take picture. And then we spray it. We spray the puzzle and break it down and stick in a box and wait for all the Kobe. Germs to go off to another family so they can use it to. But that's been really fun for us and then the other thing. I don't know if you've been have you been wearing makeup or junior hair. I have yes I have. I 'cause I've been. I've been wearing a lot of sweatshirts which is fine. I think I told you the last time I look nice was when I had to do press but I have been. I know for me if I know that a product is a holy grail product for me if I run out of it and I immediately knew so I ran out of my favorite holy grail face. Moisturizer I was like. Oh it's fine. I'm home. I've got a bunch of other stuff kicking around that I'll use and face rioted now my face is dry. I've got little dry patches so I immediately re up my order. It's the doctor Santa's wrong probably the ceremony and cream and very very. I just generally have really dry skin so I have been layering that on in the morning and then at night before I do or after I do you know. Whatever retinal or a H. A. H. A? Or WHATEVER SERUM. I put on at the moment and I love it. I it so much that I usually have to tubes one for my travel bag and then one for home but now I have zero tubes faces sad so I realized that as one of my must have okay. It's time for a beauty and skincare question for Clare. Was Our resident expert. So here's a question that imposed in the facebook group. My skin especially on my face has become so dry that I can't wear foundation as it flakes off a few years ago. My dermatologist recommended. A vino lotion for intolerant skin. I've used it and like it but it's expensive and not cutting it anymore. Plus I'm running out any recommendations for Lotions face that are under twenty dollars. Thank you I have quite a few recommendation. Hey also facebook writer. You're not alone. The last few months I've been so dry. Oh yeah and I know that feeling when you are putting your really Nice Foundation on minutes lake around your nose in. It's just like so frustrating yet. What will also help with that as a good primer? But I'll get back to that first. Recommendation is something that my husband uses. He absolutely loves his. Skin is very dry in very sensitive and it's by cure. There's a couple of products from a cure that we've linked in here before that we really like this one is really Kind of stands alone. It's perfect for people who have sensitive skin great for teens who were starting a realize their skin care routine. It's called the seriously soothing cloud cream yet and it feels like what it sounds like. I will admit the smell is not my favorite really. It's not my favorite. It's a little bit strong but But it is formulated for dry and sensitive guests so for men who are shaving every day. Really Great Lotion for them. And it's sixteen dollars and it lasts a long time. Yes this kind of product that you need the size of your Pinky Nail. You do not much more than the right and you can get on Amazon. You can give your local health heart. My daughter actually Daughter grace uses it to she breaks out and it's probably teens who break out. Who HAVE DRY skin is? You don't want anything to heavy. Is this like the perfect Beyond of heavy moisturizer without it being the oil. It's had on my favorite which I've actually turned you and chat onto and a few other friends is the keys. Tortuga Super Molin Lotion. You gave me one of these and I used it up and then bought more because I love it so much and it's great not only for your face but you can use it as little bit. Tm I is sometimes really razor. Burn and this is one of the only things I can put on. It doesn't like sting or Exacerbated with moisture it has carrot seed oil in IT Avocado oil in it which sounds like really heavy oils and it. I it kind of feels a little bit heavy but once it moisture are. It's absorbed into your skin. Yeah it feels amazing and it's shea butter base so it's great for sensitive. Skin Andrey great for dry skin. This is your winter moisturizer. I think it smells so it really does. I love the smell of that white's not like the SPA smell like we've talked about. We fawned over before. It's very unique. Sound minute. Has I think a little bit. More of a masculine smell. Which I'm really glad I gravitate to. Yeah it's a nice price point anywhere from like sixteen to twenty two depending on where you're buying it. Yeah it's Vegan. It's gluten free and it lasts. It's one hand pumps. Yes where are you based on a counter for a second out he gets err out yeah and it will last? You really really longtime yeah. I totally love that one. I will mention one more face product that I have just started using that. I really like. It's prevost provides provis. I think it's Provis germ apothecary But anyway they have a total vegan cruelty. Free Line And it's their hydra milk pressed serum there a Swedish company. They are so it is like a serum but it feels like lotion and it is really soften. I'm just sitting here next Christian rubbing my hand because she just put it I just put in her. And you're not feeling words like really moisturizing but then it also feels not powdery. But what sakes it's like Valmont. Yovany has over and this has hyler onic acid in it. Now I will say this. I think it's forty five dollars. You can oblige. It is a big bang. It's got nice pomp and it goes a long way though I will say with skincare. I mean you're getting advertisers from every direction. We they want us to spend the amount of money on our cleanser are as arbs theorems. Moisturizer is a place where I wouldn't skim. Yep I agree with your cleansers yet. Sometimes with your SPF. I think you can go for the lower But moisturizer doesn't come off of your face. Yeah right it stays on her face. It gets absorbed into our skin. Yes you know the cleanser is you can. You can probably cheap out a little bit but I will say investing in a good moisturizer is will and I also want to say this about price point. You have to consider How far it goes riot. Has I have used of you know before. It doesn't go a long way. He's a thinner lotion. You're using more. It's cheaper price by lately. Where some of the ones that we just talked about. You're just using a tiny little drop in. It's really emolient and keep an eye when you are looking at ingredients and have a lot of our listeners. Are you know they do their homework? when you're buying a moisturizer or a serum you WanNa make sure that first ingredient is not water. Yeah so that a lot of the over the counter things you can buy CVS. I'm not saying they're all bad but they are a lot cheaper to make which is why there's so much less expensive. She also mentioned the issue of flaking with her foundation attended. Moisturizer APPS is a good solution and accused Tortuga when we mentioned does have attended option. And the bummer about tinted is sometimes. It can be sometimes hard to find one that matches. It's not gonNa work for everyone Yeah but they do have attended one and I would say if if you're finding that struggle with your foundation Kinda flaking off to look into a tinted moisturizer. Absolutely it can be. That can be hard sometimes because a Lotta Times companies make one color and it's kind of you know it's that age unquote flesh tone at is not many people's flesh tones absolutely. I'm so if you have darker skin and you wanted like more of a customized darker Cream you could look at Bella. Terra be cream. They have all different shades. A mayor on the cleaner side also. Yes they are or vapor. That is a company that Sarah has talked about enhanced. They haven't oil moisturizer that's tinted. That's really Nice in every aspect from vapor that I have purchased. I've loved it so nice. Treat yourself to vapor. It's nice and I will say this. Vapor is spendy. It is but this oil foundation. You do not need much of. It really goes a long way. I have a bottle of it that I have been using for like a year that an episode or a question that we should do at one point two was how much of each product should we be using right even with myself. I overuse products and we really should be like. We've talked like the Pinky Nail. Yeah even with like our foundations. We need so much less than we're using and they'll go so much further true. We're GONNA take a quick break to talk about one of our sponsors. I talked about my use of CBD quite a bit on the show. Clear is also an avid user. We both found it helpful with her anxiety and with sleep. Claire has found it to be helpful with one of her children as well. Cbc has a ton of benefits. Our bodies already make candidates and CBD helps US naturally balanced within our body. But it's important to note that not all. Cbd is created equal. There's a great company called fusion that creates a CD that also contains Omegas and also contains turbines. These things blended together. Help you feel even better. They do this because CBD works best for your body when it's combined with these other nutrients their specific blend of natural ingredients help specifically with stress with sleep and with energy. I don't know about you guys. Those are three things I am always needing help with. You can find him fusion online and you can also find it. A natural product retailers near you it ships anywhere in the US as a reminder THC free CD is legal across the US so you can use the Promo Code Selfie for twenty percent off your first order of hemp fusion with free shipping at hemp fusion dot com again. That's Promo Code Selfie to get twenty percent off your first order. It's your Bj. Hi Guys. Can I just start this little segment for a moment by asking you to just stop? Whatever you're doing if you're multitasking. While you listened to the podcast today WHO's GonNa ask you to stop and put your feet on the floor and close your eyes and take a really deep breath and just exhale all the way out and then just kind of become aware of your breath and And how you're feeling in your body if you can just take a few minutes to set aside everything for a minute. I know your kids are probably screaming in the background. Your husband's around the corner. This is not usually the dynamic in which you take in the Selfie podcast. But here's the thing. I'm probably GONNA have sirens in children downstairs. Playing other sounds. Come through my microphone today. And whatever's going on in your life just invited in and let it be a part of this Because it's just there and the sooner we come to terms with the different as just what it is except what we can't change about it and invited all in as meaningful in some way then. It makes it a lot easier to process so a few minutes ago. I asked you guys to give me some information about where you are and what you needed to hear from me this week and boy did you. Give me some good questions. So I'm going to run through them as quick as I can. I don't want to spend a lot of time away from the rest of the podcast on this but I do want to try to address as many of them as I can and I'm GonNa Kinda lump sum of them up because they all Kinda fit together The first one is about how to quiet your mind at night when you lie down in bed and it's racing with all the thoughts of everything and the anxiety is has taken control of your mind and described in the past. What's happening here when your brain runs with these stories also on the selfie. Podcast community page more than once now. I have posted a link to the state breathing up. I will post it again. I will ask Kristen to put it in the show notes. It's three ninety nine a month. It's worth every penny. It was fifteen times that it would be worth every penny. This is not your typical breathing. App This is not your typical meditation. App THIS APP was designed by Stanford University and Actually a group of of different people Who all came together to do a four year? Study that has now turned into a six year study On breath work that led to Understanding the impact trauma has on the body. This was originally a study that was being done for elite athletes But what they've learned from it is. There's nothing different about the way. An ELITE ATHLETE TRAINS. Then the way we heal from trauma on a daily basis and. I'm fortunate enough that one of the leaders of this study is my client and they came to that conclusion because of the work that we were doing around trauma with him and so this APP is will change literally. Change Your Life it will change the way your body processes co two. Which in turn will calm your nervous system. So our when we are hyper vigilant or hyper aroused mode which we've talked about on the show before we are. Our central nervous system is running on high gear and this APP the algorithms adjust to you as you use it more frequently and ask. Your breath comes into your body. You're central central. Nervous SYSTEM WILL BEGIN TO REGULATE. It will begin to calm down. Your breathing will come more from your diaphragm and less from your chest if you'll notice when you're anxious you're you're breathing very shallow leads coming from the upper part of your Lungs instead of all the way from the bottom and pressing into your diaphragm and pulling it up And so this APP will retrain your body to breathe the way it's supposed to when it's not in a hyper aroused state so I encourage everyone to use it. There's four modes wake up and use either the be present mode or the CO Be Alert Mode. If you're having a hard time in the afternoon you can use the alert mode or the be present one in. There's one more thing it's become Which will ease anxiety throughout the day and then there's asleep mode and you can do them repeatedly each modes about three to five minutes long sometimes up to seven when you first start or after you get going it may increase As you get stronger it will the more you use it. The more it will the better it will work for you and so. I encourage everyone to get it. Use It daily. Wake up with it. Go to bed with it. If you can find five minutes to do it in the middle of the day do it then too. You can repeat the sleep win. If it's not working quickly at the end of each mode it will ask you if it was just right too hard or too easy easy if you say it was too easy and then go back and do it again are too hard and go back and do it again. It will have it easier and or vice versa and it will keep growing with you so that you can get better at it it will also ask you if you feel the same worse or better and if you say the same or worse than it's going to shift what it does for you. If you do it again so I do the sleep when I'm anxious until my body and my brain began to calm and then I'll switch over to a meditation APP and listen to a guided meditation. I don't try to listen to a guided meditation. When my mind's activated because it's not going to pay attention it's just gonNA race anyway and it may still race but when you call them your central nervous system that part of your brain. That runs with story will begin to calm as well on top of that. I encourage you to practice sleep hygiene. I talked a little bit about this last week. Put rituals together with the whole family. That a couple of hours before bedtime. Everything calms down the TV goes off. Or if you watch something it's something really calm Maybe you put on Soft Music. Everybody takes baths or you like candles and lower the lights. This is a good time to use the The card game that Christian talked about the other day where you can talk with your kids about specific important things. This is a good time to do a check in with your kids and see how they're feeling about things so that you're coming their minds before they go to bed because let me tell you when they lay down and the lights go off and the house gets quiet their brains race to and they've heard you talk and they've senior and felt your energy and their little brains or writing stories which leads us to another question is what do we do how we talk to our kids about all of this. Somebody said they were talking to a friend and they were discussing the trauma that it's exp that their children are experiencing because of this and it's really important for you to know that all of this is is creating trauma for all of us and we can heal our own trauma as we go. We can mitigate the impact that it has on us when we cut become present and aware and work towards that. So what I would encourage you to do is talk about everything process feelings throughout the day. Ask Your kids what. They're feel what they feel about something. You know one of the things that you might consider is go on Google or you can Even there's some that you can even order from Amazon. There are emotions charts and sometimes kids have our time knowing exactly what they feel and having these charts there some for kids where you put it on the floor and they actually stand on what they feel and giving them the ability to choose what they're feeling telling you where they feel it in their bodies and if it's in their their chest than have them put their hand on their chest and on their belly and breathe deep if it's Making if their tummy hurts. Then get if you use essential oils. Then rub their tummy with lavender. Do do things that if if their legs are restless than massage their legs get do something physical something tangible that will make them feel like they're this energy through their body have them do yoga moves have them do stretches. Have them dance dancing emotions? Dancing anxiety is really powerful. Turn the music on early for them to ramped up. But not even like fast music put on something really melodic and and have them create a a very like ballet or are free style dance or stretching or whatever. They want to that and do it with them. This will help all of you. But having a sleep hygiene a bedtime ritual that leads up to bedtime and quiet we're together you're processing. Whatever came up today. You're cleaning up some messes. Several of you talked about snapping a lot. We're GONNA do that. So here's what you WanNa talk about around that you're partners working from home to you. Guys need to sit down right now if you haven't already and negotiate what that's going to look like from this point forward. My husband and I are have. We literally saved our marriage by learning how to socially distance from each other all the time so his brain used to write stories. He was in his anxious attachment about everything if he texted me when he left work and said on my way home. Do you need me thing and I said no or nope. He thought I was mad at him. Because in our home we say Yoga and Notre to everything and so if I typed back Nova then he knew I was in a good mood. If I didn't he assumed I wasn't and he would come in the door on hyler waiting to see. Take the temperature of the room. See if what I was said about and it created a lot of misunderstanding because I was just saying no I didn't have any meaning behind it at all and so we all do that. So what we do. We have a joke about it now. But what you wanted. We learned how to communicate that. And so what he had to learn is at the end of the day. Since I started my private practice at the end of a workday often I start my clients. Seven o'clock in the morning and two days a week I go till in into the evening. Have a couple of in the middle of my day but for the most part I'm talking to seven to nine clients day I have no words left or nor any desire for energy around me. I want to be completely alone. I want to turn the TV on and zone out because that is the most important thing for me to do. I do take some time to decompress at the end of my day to process any feelings that I'm having throughout the day around my client my client's care which I've had to do a lot of the last couple of weeks because it's been super heavy and a lot of anxiety on my client calls and so I've had to. I've actually had to reach out to support for myself but I do that. And then when the day ends I'm done and I tune out and he now knows that so he may have something really exciting happened. Happened at the end of his day and he wants to talk about it and he'll say in a text on the way home. Hey really loved to tell you what happened in group today. If you're up to if not let me know and I'll tell you about it tomorrow and I'll say yeah. Let's do that tomorrow. It's as simple as that but these are not things that we typically do. We just kind of assume our partners know what we need. And they'll show up the way we want them to show up and we'll show up for them expecting them to know exactly what we're thinking and doing etcetera. And so what you WanNa do is sit down and say okay. There's going to be times when I just need space from you. So let's designate space. I get the living room most of the time and my husband if he wants to watch television and not something. I'm watching an I or I need space. Then he goes into her bedroom and watches. Tv But he also has a meditation room in our house. He leads meditation. He he also facilitates drum circles and other music medicine groups and so he has all these percussion instruments so he needs a room that specifically stores all those things and he has a vintage strata. Lounger recliner in that room. And so that's his meditation room so he spends a lot of time in there or in our bedroom when I need space from him. I may actually claim the bedroom and he goes into one of those other spaces but we will we have a we know what it looks like to be socially distancing from one another on a regular basis so this transition's been pretty easy for us except he's here all the time and I'm used to having the house to myself three days a week without barely seeing him. He comes in at nine thirty at night on those days. And so it's very different but we have early on went okay. Let's let's just take each other's temperature every once in a while if it starts feeling like you're in my way I'll say something if and I won't let it build up. I won't let I won't get into resentment frustration. I'll just communicated. I'll say hey. I need some space I need. I need to not talk for the next two hours. I need to not be interrupted or whatever it may be and so then come evening time because that's about the only time Turner Television on. We'LL DECIDE IF WE'RE GONNA WATCH TV together or if we're going to watch it separately or we want do something when plan. We've been playing GIN rummy which we haven't done in decades We've been trying to do some things just to spend time together In this time and so but during the day we do a lot of our own projects and kind of inner act with each other which we're used to doing three or four days a week already so this has not changed anything very much for me because I work from home and I talked to on my clients by bone. But it's he lost two of his jobs The very first beginning of this. And so he's home all the time in the other job transition to virtual groups for him and so He's underfoot and he's been getting a little stir crazy and he got into a little bit of codependency the other day and we just stopped and I said okay. Here's the thing you're trying to responsibility for. You think I'm thinking and this is what we don't do. We've not done this in a long time and I'm feeling it and you're feeling it and we need to just go back to baseline. And he was like I realized now what this is about and he went and addressed what it was about him he was realizing he wasn't getting physical movement and so he's been taking walks by himself every day. So you guys need to negotiate these things. Don't just assume that you'll figure it out because you spend time together two days a week. Normally this is different. Anxiety is high. Tension is high stress levels are high. It's hard to work from home when you're not used to working from home. It's hard to work from home without the privacy or the typical Setup that you're used to having it's hard to work when there's kids around Somebody talked about the kids. Here's one of the things that you somebody it's question was about. How do I work with my kids underfoot when I need my husband and our sharing the responsibilities of the kids but somebody needs something all the time and I was on a conference call or a work call? I needed to give it my invited attention to my kids. Were pulling me. Here's the thing everybody's working from home. Everybody's kids are home from school. You need to negotiating conversation with your boss because you need. They need to understand. Your kids are going to come into the room and you need to have the freedom to figure out what to do when that happens now. I'm going to say this not because I'm assuming you haven't done this but just because some people just don't about this when you have to have a conference call when you have to be dedicated to work and don't and you need to not be interrupted. It's really crucial that you give your kids specific plans of things to do. Put them in a specific part of the House and set an alarm for them and let them know that they can't come out of that space for as long until that alarm goes off. They can do whatever they. WanNa do within that space. But they can't come out of the room until that alarm goes off and that way you've got that time nate. We know that their kids are gonNA come out of the room. We know that but this is a great way to begin to cooperate with each other. Having a conversation with them about the importance of being able to have these this is the only some Saami Daddy's lost their jobs because they couldn't work from home and we're fortunate enough that we're able to work from home but in order for us to have our life go on like it does. We need to be able to work as though we're at work and I know this is different for you and I know it feels really weird and I know I'm right here and it feels like you should be able to come and ask me anything but I really need you to understand that I have to go to work and so let's find something for you to do when I have to go to work for little ones. You might even give them a job. You have to go to work and I have to go to work. I'm going to work in here and you need to go to work in here and when we get done with work let's talk about what worked look like and you can bring me. You can show me what you did at work. Whatever it is you get creative based on their age ages and just set those expectations. They won't always need them but at least if they have the guideline there's going to be something really grounding about that. Just like the routines that you guys have been setting up because you know that. Just free play all day. Long is disrupting for them because nothing feels right and they know something's up and so that structure. That routine is helpful. Do the same thing in these little microcosmic ways where you give them specific. Save specific things to do for that time. Save screen time for when you need to work. Save movie time for when you need to work. What give them as a look up? Something really created for them to do in order supplies and give them a surprise Craft to do when you need some downtime or some time away from them or to work so Be really creative but be really honest with your employer and ask them and everyone else on the call. Bring this to work. How many of you are struggling with your kids being in the next room and coming to interrupt during these calls can we break these calls up in half hour segments or can we Are is everyone okay. If my kid comes in and I have to interrupt a couple of times I don't. I don't WanNa be dismissive of my kids because this is angst inducing enough for them. And if I'm shooing them out of the room because I'm focusing on work that's traumatizing for kids that is going to have a lasting impact. So we need to be able to do both. We're also GONNA royally fail it all of it all of it. The snapping at her husband's the snapping at the kids the agitation over chips come on crunchy. Foods are GONNA kill us in this man Democ so just recognize that. These are all perfectly normal responses because your central nervous system is so activated all the time the more you address your anxiety the more you address your central nervous system coming into a regulated state the easier it will be to tolerate these things circling back at the end of the day. Okay let's talk about today. I want to apologize for that moment when I snapped at you because you were crunching your potato chips. I know it's impossible to make tater chips not be crunchy. But maybe if you could just chew with your mouth closed it might help a little bit or maybe if you could leave the room when you're counting on potato chips and I'm trying to focus on work. Maybe we can have an agreement about how we do that And I and also. I'm really sorry that I responded the way I did Also on the front end. I'm GONNA be irritable. It's GONNA come out sideways and I'm apologizing in advance today. I'm assuming you can say today. I'm especially agitated and I'm struggling to get calm and I'm GonNa take a minute to really try to get grounded but I have a feeling I'm just. I'm just kind of burnout. And so it's probably gonNA come out sideways. I might need some extra time at the end of the day by myself to begin to regulate this so that I can have a do over tomorrow but I'm just letting you know in advance so that if I snap at you today please don't take it personally. It's not about you just really struggling right now. The other day An experienced we hadn't experienced with our son. Who's an inert a charge nurse in an emergency room Pretty Large Hospital and he's got three children under three. They have an eight a seven week old and a three year old and a two year old not quite two and he had all this week just over the PPE's shortages and the fear and anxiety and stress. He's exposed to almost every person that walks in and he just crying and our daughter-in-law let us know. And we can all rallied around him and supported him and I cried all morning. I lost it. It's the first time it caught up with me and I realized how much I'd been holding in though I thought I'd been processing it. Well and had been there was still some residue and it all came crashing in on me when I got that text from her. It's our babies. I don't care if he's forty one. He's my baby. He's my first point. He's my boy and he's struggling and And I know some of your and healthcare providers into you're struggling with the fear did read today where Zuckerberg and Elon. Musk and a number of other major. Ceo's all coming together in donating millions of dollars in Creating situations where factories can produce the P. p. e. that's needed for our health care workers In record time. I'm praying. That actually happens. I hope it's not just a lot of promises that aren't going to come true because this time in a week. We're going to be in trouble. Our our healthcare workers are going to be working unprotected and they can't intubate these these people without Those masks and they are talking about. They had a meeting at work. The other day about using Trash bags for gowns and we should not have that crisis going on with everything else and so I know some of you are in that space and that executives so high and so I'm encouraging you to if if you don't have a therapist or if you don't have a trauma therapist get one. Telehealth is covered by insurance now. Almost that's what all our therapists have gone to. They're all using telehealth or some type of web based and Videoconferencing that is hippo compliant Get Therapist get a support system at work and away from work not your family somebody else. Hopefully someone who also does health care my son has been in an Er for the last almost fifteen years of his life. He has long term relationships with other nurses that he's worked within the past and a couple of them suffer from anxiety all the time. And they've all rallied to support each other. He went to his supervisor. And she's been checking in on him frequently and they've been connecting and processing throughout the day and he's doing what it takes to support him his wife is also a nurse and so he's able to talk with her although they don't get a lot of adult conversation as you can imagine with three little ones and so he's relying on other people and also we're going to get him into see at their best and so be sure that you're putting systems around you To address all of this and let me just look at what other questions. I feel like in that little thing. It all just kind of came up. self care during downtime. Quiet just be still ground. Put your feet on the ground. Get outside and put your feet in the dirt walk. Move your body talk to someone process. Whatever you're feeling because the every time you don't process an emotion good or bad through some kind of release it stores in your body and the more you take in without processing it the harder this whole situation's going to be be careful of numbing. I don't you can have a glass of wine that if you find yourself having too many glasses of wine just pay attention. You can have a glass of wine at the end of the day as long as you've processed what you need to process before you you have that glass of wine because if you are numbing or stuffing it in or not having an outlet for it it will come out in unaffected ineffective ways and actually detrimental ways that harm. You Harm Your Children. Harm your work and that is not. Let's let's not let that be the result of this situation. Reach out for support. Reach out to us we will. We will support you. This group is so freaking supportive and I just love it and I'm coming up on a half hour and I really didn't mean to go this long The last thing was job insecurity anxiety and as I said. My husband lost three quarters of his income at the very beginning of this and I feel like my practice will eventually be affected as well because some of my clients will be affected financially and not be able to continue working with me During this time all I can say is there will have to be federal relief programs because ninety percent of us have been affected by this financially already. Our economy won't survive if there's not an A. Federal response to this. We will have to find a way to recover together. It will not fall to you to cover on your own. Because you wouldn't. We wouldn't the entire economy would crash if they left us to do that. We don't have any way of knowing what that's going to look like but we you have to know that there will be something you're going to have to figure this out on your own now. Very quickly say this. Fear begets scarcity and scarcity begets greed and fear is why people buy too much toilet paper not because they think they need more toilet paper. It's because they are afraid they won't be able to get it when they do need it and fear leads you. It hijacks rational thought. It leads you to do irrational things. The problem with scarcity is that it it snowballs into more and more and more isolation fear anxiety. Because it leaves everything up to you. It means if you go bankrupt. It's going to be completely up to you to recover if you get scared. It's completely Byu up to you to recover from your fear. Everything feels like it's up to you and when we step in to abundance abundances knowledge that there's something bigger than us that supporting us that there are other people there people who care about us and love us most if if you believe in a higher power of any kind or just the spirit of the universe. It's they're supporting us. It's conspiring on our behalf. There's a government that will have to come around us on some level. It's easy to not trust the government but we have to believe that that rationale will prevail on some way. Because the government's going to pinch depend upon are recovering financially and so there are going to be sources outside of my power that are going to support my family in recovering financially from this pandemic and that's those same forces are there for you and we're going to have to lean on each other we're going to have to lean on that greater force whatever that force might be or we're not gonNa make it and so don't get into scarcity. Don't get into the fear that says I'm on my own and I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Fail on my own and I'm GONNA have to recover on my own. We are all in this together and we will be in our recovery from it together and we will support one another through this all right well. That is super helpful. I feel like Bj's voices like even just her voice assistant thing just so soothing. I if it wasn't for social distancing I would I would really I would pay to have. Bj Like in my bedroom at night. Just talking to me as I fall asleep. Well I feel it. Bj brought like the meaningful distressing. And now you just GonNa talk about like what? Tv shows Washington. Yeah he I would love. What can we talk about dumb stuff now about just the dumpster forgiving to stay sane? Okay can I make a confession please? I have not opened one single book since Corentin started honestly at this point I think there is just no room for oneself I was reading. How like none of us are actually homeschooling. Where like quarantine schooling because? If we were really homeschooling we. Would you know be having get together as we're doing coops or going on trips were all staying at home not going to stores in like eating carbs? I think there is no room to judge any any of our. So I'm I'm I'm totally okay with you. Not OPENING UP A book. Nothing needed my approval. But you haven't anyway my issue is I'm never loan. Nah Ya and I mean it's funny. You know my boyfriend is in. His daughters. Were quarantined together Which actually has worked out really well survey. I have a back house and they. They actually had to move in with me ripe for the holidays. Because his flooded it was a burst. Sprinkler pipe and he he lived in these like cool loft apartments s sprinkler pipe above him burst and flooded everything so they came in moved in with us. We thought it was temporary. And then my back has opened out because my foreign exchange student moved so they are renting backhaus so it actually turned out to be like I mean it was terrible timing that they had it right. Nobody wants to move under duress but actually turned out to be kind of good timing because now they're moved and as as quarantine started like it wasn't a scramble and I think it's very helpful having them here but nonetheless I'm never alone. Their six children here not for yeah very extroverted boyfriend. So I just I don't know and and I think I'm watching television more than I used to. I know that I'm watching television more than I used to. So I just yeah. I want to get to the book reading but I feel like all day long. I'm managing like every. Is Everyone Doing School? And then by the end of the day. I'm like let's just bring on the bad reality. Tv Nice. What are you watching? Well I will tell you for one. We started a little fires everywhere which is on Hulu Hulu. Yes okay. Let me tell you about. Did you read little fires everywhere? Yes so I I read it to now and excited to watch although I already have big thoughts about it well. It's really interesting because he and I start washing it and like I really don't remember these characters being black and then I'm like googling it I'm like. Is this detail that I missed like I did. The characters were black at they were not in the are not and so it's adding a really interesting element to it because it's it's already a story of you know. I don't want to give too much away. But it's a story of a privilege family and not so privileged family but when you add the race element to that adds a whole different layer. Yes no I agree and the race there was. There's another I mean again. We don't want to give it away but the The adoption thing to offers another that also taps into other cultures does anyway. Yes and so Watching That's the exact. Oh I did not. That was not my takeaway from the book which I think everyone I think I'm sure they'll do a really good job. But I watched I. Binge watched the first three episodes which is big for me. Because I don't I'm not a big TV watcher. I FALL ASLEEP. Or I get bored. I ended up like tweeting at the same time But I did watch those three first episodes. Yes that's all out so far. Is the right one drops tonight actually? Nothing I'm watching. Your Life is sick sad in your quarantine when you know the TV schedule ACC remm shows come out and then our our just reality TV. Just binge is sixty days in which is that show about Like regular people going into prison for. How is that a show? It's the best that's the show and yeah it's just like everyday citizens they pick. I think like about ten to fifteen people each season and they go spend sixty days in prison and it's really an effort to both highlight the issues inherent in prison and also to then they go back and they tell the prisoner like the sheriff like what's happening in the prison where the drugs coming most absurd they go in and then they're nurk on top of it. No I thought you were about to say. Here's how I think we can improve the system. Yes Oh no it is definitely a yes and they have different. They have people from different walks of life. So it's like they'll have a mother who's daughters in prison but then they'll have like this right wing nutjob gun guy and then they'll have an ex marine so everyone's coming in with a different Lens. I mean I actually think it's an exercise in empathy and it also it. I guess I'm laughing. I know I know it's very opening to like Oprah's system is so bad so bad. They're not like knowing eating better in prison. Everyone's getting worse like everyone's mental health is getting worse. Everyone's criminality is getting worse. Look we're not rehabilitating anyone it's just horrible horrible so it's a great I know I love it. It's just escapism. Pure drama two so much drama. Well it's interesting because a lot of the I have friends and this this is not meant to sound like I'm aligning anyone but I've never gotten into reality. Tv At all. And so everything. I know about the show. The Bachelor is I I learned against my will and so I only recently found out. They're supposed to get engaged at the end. Which is wild to me and so there is this entire genre of TV shows. I'm just not familiar with and there's part of me that's like if there's ever a time to dip my toe into the insanity reality television should not be during a global penned on where. I'm stuck indoors but then on the flip side and like is this really how I want to spend. Is this really how I wanNA spend my quarantine time so I am like okay? Here's my question for you if I'm going to watch a reality. Tv show for the very first time. What should I try? That's a good question. I mean I wouldn't do the bachelor. I do. Watch the Bachelor fewer going to dip your toes in. I just start with Bachelor in paradise which is all of the Bachelorette contestant rejects on an island. Together go bigger. Go home or you do. Love is blind is that the sodas called that one that everyone. Yeah I know I know people are talking about it and I don't know what it is pretty good. It's that one was pretty good. Actually I would start there. Did you ever watch like while? You're you're younger than me. You never watched like The real world okay. I am familiar with the real world But not big brother Yeah not big brother. I watched like an episode of the amazing race. Is that still on? That's reality and like and like Survivor I guess. Back in verse. Yeah that serve. Oh have you watch naked and afraid no. I actually think you'd really like that one. It sounds terrible but does it. They dropped to people with nothing on like an island. I mean it's survivor times million. It's to people where they actually naked. They're they're naked. They're literally naked. This is this is some. This is some Weird Garden of Eden Data Shies Biblical. Times doesn't feel sexy about it. It's bad mike this show actually okay. Here's the one. Tv show that I do watch religiously only one twenty minutes a week. I love it so much Brooklyn nine nine. No tell me that you hate it. No don't say yeah with a sigh at the end it is a very funny show. Kristen I like it I love it. My kids love it. We watch it together. I like it okay. Can name some shows in case people are looking for a show. Okay first of all Shits Creek. Have you seen Shits Creek not yet? You told me I should watch. That had not yet. Oh good and then another good. Canadian show is Kim's convenience it's adorable is so cute. It's this like immigrant family. That has a convenience store in Toronto. At so adorable. That looks pretty. Clean to watch with kids. There's a couple episodes. They're a little awkward. But that one and then. Romney was so good. Oh that's right. You did. Tell me about that Romney. So those remind. Those are my recommendations Romney Kim's convenience in Shits Creek Rami definitely not for kids. The other two probably for teens okay. Mine is still going to Brooklyn nine nine. If only because the most recent episode Andy Sandberg cast to go undercover hasn't as Amar performer. This who so funny. My kids are watching right now. So his thirty rock. I have not seen thirty rock. It's I forgot how old it is like. I'm watching it and I'm like man. She has like the Jennifer Aniston from friends. Haircut like this. I like a Nokia phone I haven't been I haven't been binge watching too much. There's a part of me that just wants to start watching apocalyptic movies but then I don't know if that's like a little too on the nose you know what I mean like if we all start watching the hunger games again Fairly my boyfriend started reading. The Hunger Games out loud to my children. Oh the fold gather around the fire out that says I will say I been baking bread and I realized that makes your pita then repeat in the hunger games which like I don't WanNa be Pete. No one wants to be pita but whatever Peter provide a vital service I guess but Pitas not like. I Dunno appeals like the door. I mean whatever it's fine it's fine but anyway yes I've been. I've been baking bread. Yeah I'm down to watch stuff too. So if you are binge-watching please let us anything that you like. Please let us know in the Selfie. Podcasts community facebook group. We will start although although I will say I can't watch anything like dire right now. Yeah I agree. We started watching that. There's a whole documentary series on Netflix about a pandemic that they made before this happened. We see no alarming to watch it knowing. We're in it like they're predicting yeah they're talking about. How to mitigate it they're saying it's coming a narrow question. Y'All were right here like man. I really wish. I accorded. What ninety five masks and toilet paper so I could help out hospitals cool? Yeah well I'm looking forward to everyone's recommendations yes and watch for wash us into Selfie. Facebook community group. We did do go. Hang out together last week. It was really fun. Thanks to find. We will We'll definitely have to do the next. Hey thank you for joining us. Continue to sell care conversation with us on Instagram at out. Sloppy podcast in podcast community group on facebook. You can also visit our website to check out the resources we've talked about in each episode at Selfie. Podcast DOT COM. Make sure to subscribe to sell me on itunes. So you can catch up with us. Next week take care.

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Corona virus Update March 21st with Dr. Daller

The Captain's Log with Host Brien Spina Podcast

24:03 min | 8 months ago

Corona virus Update March 21st with Dr. Daller

"Doc is another edition of the captain's log Dr Dollar. We've been talking about this now for five weeks corona's a real thing it's affecting everybody. It's closed down my business. It's affecting now your business and let's talk get questions guys. We're happy to answer all your questions. Now's the time if you have a question about the corona virus let duct dollar. No He's going to answer it live. You don't have to wait long lines what's going on down. How are you? We're here and Casey thanks for watching? This is the cabins locked out the dog and answer your questions. You don't have to make these calls dot what's going on. Tell me well you know a captain Brian. We started talking about January. And we knew about it in mid-december at least I knew about December. I did not expect it to be where we are now. I when when my son Jillian mentioned CORONA VIRUS IN MID-DECEMBER? I thought you know it's five people at that time you know in China. It's not going to get here and but unfortunately it's here and it's all over Europe. It's all over the world. It's in every continent except Antarctica. So we have to be prepared so today I really want to talk about what you do prepare yourself. I want to talk about the end of the session. I really wanted to bring some good news because I have I you know. I looked at all the good news. What's going on good news that we we have some good news. Okay and I really want to talk about. I made a list of all. The good knows and that we have so. I know everybody thinks that first question. Is it possible that somebody already had the corona virus and has gotten over it even know absolutely and so Eighty percent of the patients are going to get across the virus. And then not going to any symptoms whatsoever. Captain Brian and. They're not going to know that they had the Koran. And it could be Captain Brandon. You'll have the virus and you just didn't know that you have any symptoms and A. That's why we when we talk mortality of three percent three percents people a three point six percent of people. We really don't know that number because we don't know what will how many people really had that disease. Only when you do blood testing later on we don't have this. We're going to look for antibodies. We look for what is what is your immune system reaction and you've got to know whether you had the disease or not but right now there's not test. There's no blood this yet available. I have a question. Yes so there's a guy that's an isolation now at thirty days and he. They mentioned that he could possibly have dead cells. That's why they keep testing positive instead of it. Already coming. And going 'cause he says he virtually has no symptoms. He's been there for thirty days. They keep testing. It keeps coming back positive. Is that me so some of the patients and and You know I read several articles about patients that again. They test positive in politics. They have no symptoms and it's more than fourteen days mourning being Beijing time and we're not sure. How is the test not sensitive enough or is still communicable is still can can deliver some of the disease talk people so I also have a question? We're going to get it and your house becomes. It's going to be in fact there's places in Your House. This are not pick up the virus and kill it something that you can you get it again. Great Russian and we don't have the one hundred percent proof of that answer yet but we think that once you get it because as long as this virus does not mutate once you know that you got it and you get and you cannot get it again it's like this see or HIV once you have HIV you can get HIV again. You are already you have the immune system in yourself right now. He doesn't go away interview the whole go away but HIV if assuming that you have symptoms today with medicine and everything patients are walking the streets of HIV and they have no symptoms whatsoever. They have viral load of essentially undetectable. So let's talk about hepatitis. A. B. C. Let's talk about the flu the moment you have the floor. The floor is different because you have. The flu does every year. It changes inflict mutates that much smarter in my opinion virus than the carbon nineteen did not mutate yet. Let me interrupt you. You say it's much smarter because it's changing we don't know if ours is changing it though is that not true did not change it so we don't know if it's going to change in the future and we don't know if it's going to become more aggressive or less aggressive and is so far did not change so so when I said change mutate mutate. These were the the virus changes a little bit. Just finally did and then all of a sudden you immune system does not like that fight so don question. It's Pollen Season Stuffy. Nose no fever. What does that mean you know? I you know how many people come to me. And they've never and jumping about every year. You have chances. Did you get the corona virus is set steams still very very low chances that you have allergies and you have the flu and runny nose stuffy nose and you have sinusitis or you. Have you know? Overall the corona virus does not come with a stuffy nose. That's not our presented so dry concert Ryshkov. That's right it's a dry cough and so it stays dry cough a few days and then it becomes an ammonia so it's lower respiratory infection so it becomes like a New Orleans and from there you go but it's not a it's not as they like the flu or runny nose or or is h. e. So why is it pneumonia because the post nasal drip goes down the jets and not as an all of the virus itself likes to is being attracted. These has an affinity toward your nor long and as a result of that attacks lung and it becomes you become you get pulmonary fibrosis. You'll get other probably move your lungs and it tax villains. Casey has a question. Wouldn't it be better? If the people all got it in. They became immune to it rather than trying to avoid it. You know it's a great question and it's an it's an ethical. Question is so if we all got. Let's say the entire world eight nine billion people got the disease and letting the mortality rate is not four percent. Let's say it's just one percent because I think at the end of the day when we're going to do the math. The mortality rate is going to be only one percent because they're going to realize more people have been able to tap that about that before absolutely so all of a sudden. It's amazing captain. Brian is listening to me. That's how I learn things. It's amazing so let's one percent and those one percent are your parents and grandparents and the people that are very dear to us. Can we sacrifice them? In my opinion we can all do that. We cannot sacrifice one percent of the population for the greater good and so so we need to do whatever we need to do to save now. It's the issue is here. Should we protect those one percent? Those people the most likely yes absolutely. Those people should not leave the house. Those people should not around and go to target and try to return something and get five bucks by. Because that's not the time right now if you want to return something due to Walmart to target two months enough very months from now and when we have because Kevin Brian I have no doubt. We're going to have medicine to treat these. I have no doubt that that in the near future what I do I say near future. Three four five months from now. We're going to have vaccine. There's no question there's so much money involved in that. This affects the entire world. So why can't they find the vaccine for the flu? That actually works then if they if you're so sure that they're going to find something but this much money wouldn't some billionaires. Say My God if I cure the the flu but I'm GonNa have enough money because the flu viruses. I said before he's smarter deliver on a changes as a result of that all of a sudden. This does not work in this when we were when we create a vaccine. We have to develop those indexing. It's Salif mutates and we have to all the time. Make sure that vaccine works on those people and so nothing is one hundred percent even when you get the vaccine. You still have a chance of getting the disease. Is it possible that if they do something now and catch it before it starts to mutate? We a better chance of storing it. Quicker absolutely view. We catch it early on and you vaccinate everybody but again you can order for this to work you have to vaccinate everybody's all those anti vaccine people ought to become. I think that will get the vaccine design. And but but let's assume everybody gets a vaccine. You're talking about a nine billion people that needs to get a vaccine to create that make that to produce that to go through testing to to make sure you're really getting what you're getting to make sure you're not a complication. It's a big deal. It's a big. It's a whole movement absolutely so guys. We're taking your questions on the Catalog Log Mitchell. How're you John? Thank you for watching. I see a lot of people on the jets have questions for Dr Dollar regarding the virus. Please type and right in there right now we will answer your questions live Dr Dollar. Tell us some positive things that are going to be happening or that you see are ready with the virus. Gears positives there. That is positive kept the Brian. I did some research in the last couple of days and and even today significant amount of research and we're going to go over some of the good news so first of all the good news the number one good news if I see that China had closed down its last corona virus hospital. There are not enough new cases to support hospital that are just designed for the grownup by loud so as you recall. China had built hospitals for five six thousand people just with the Virus Day. Close those now. They are being treated in regular hospitals. Sending US masks and sending right face mask and everything else saul doctor in. India treated also not new that came to the doctors in India successfully patiently corona virus with several drugs between the patient. We've issue with different things and that had been working now again. These are still law. The law of research about drugs way. Jv drugs for the floor and drugs for different drugs that they currently already have improved corrosion. That's correct isn't it? Super Expensive Association super expensive absolutely but again the moment he becomes a you know. It's an epidemic. This is a pandemic. The price goes down automatically. This is not the money that Gamers I know. Shut you down correct and I saw that good. Absolutely this is this is a war. This is a war against a terrorist called Corona virus. Casey is a question. Why should someone go get tested if they have it if they see to see if they have it? If fever is a symptom is always something you should do. Yes fever is one of the infamous and but but again if you think you were exposed or you feel like you have those signs and symptoms that are associated with the coronavirus going check. Now it's drew in the US. We've been a little bit behind on the checking on the test. And but right now some test centers in Lee County in different counties all over the US that are available. But you do need you cannot just walk there and say. I want to be tested. You do need a doctor to send you to refer you to those centers and live corwin quest and all of them are going to have the very very soon and he's going to be running but again a doctor has to refer you. There is a website. They actually take pre-test right. There was created by Google but they crashed already salt. Crashes Morning I think many people so that that website I think it's designed really for the west coast of the US and mainly for the San Francisco Bay area and then they are listen. They are going to work on that. They are going to develop all the APPS and the what every takes I have no doubt they are throwing so much money. This these is going to go away. Captain Bryan. We are going to have this session three months from now. And you're going to say I can't believe we're talking about coronavirus. We're going to talk about sex again because I really want to say I really don't talk about growing a virus but we have to talk about growing virus because that's was on people's mind right now basically the more sexy had the less caroni again. What was that? That was a big thing that was saying. You know one of Martin's yes I iphone victims. No no doubt any other questions guys. Hey Sam what's happening? You're watching the county doctor dollars going over right now. So good news that he actually pulled up from the corona virus and some positives. They're already starting to come out. Keep going interest so the next one is an patient that these one hundred and three years old in China grandmother fully recovered from the corona virus. Again we are saying that the elderly higher risk and everything else. A hundred three year old female had a grandmother had the disease and fully recovered. This very very good news and the next one. Cleveland Clinic developed a bit nine hundred ninety s the deals resulting hours. Not Days Right now in the. Us takes four or five days through the CDC allow inquest and private. The lab testing are thinking about days. But we're talking about hours remarkable and other good news from South Korea where the number of new cases I declining. And that's what we're going to the US in two three months if we do the right thing and as it true that your orgasm can help boost your immune system. Absolutely not about the slain. Staying healthy. Staying healthy is very very important. Sexual activity is very important. Unfortunately after Brian I never seen anything my practice. Elderly patients say you know what I'm a little depressed. I'm GonNa let you know because of everything going on because you know I lost my boy. I lost my practice lost this. I lost that a spent so much money in Costco. I have no more money. People getting depressed and when depressed. They don't want to turn away from station. Turn back on the sex press absolutely and offering aside. You know you don't get a coronavirus virus from fudging yourself so if sex doesn't work touch yourself everything's month my favorite can again. I want to remind somebody know everybody out there. Actually I saw me. And he was a gentleman who creates memes in some of the memes. You've seen around the world this guy as she created he said my oh he says your small population of what did they say. of the people that are the most prone to it. They're saying high-risk yet your small high risk population to me is my everything and it was. His son was very sick but he just wanted everybody to understand that. Yes you we're talking about. A small percentage of the population but imagine if that one person is your grandmother or your signing has some kind of immune deficiency that absolutely is. It is for us in general our population. I think to protect everybody absolutely absolutely. Let's go over a little bit more good news again. I got a lot of research about many many things that we can talk about if they have questions but again. I really want to cheer things up here. And so scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of the corona virus vaccine several companies and the Israel are working on vaccines out their breakthrough technology. Amazing stuff that they are going to make the vaccine also when it comes out much faster than normally. We used to make that. How can they be sure that the vaccine over if they give it to somebody fast track that had nine months? There's not some kind of repercussion. Because they didn't get nine months of testing quite. How do they do that so they hit so when when you fast tracking things you can't but when it when you're dealing with something that in the pandemic some something it's worth the risk worth resent you are? Every every time I give you an aspirin at one has been taking your wrist. There is a risk of bleeding God otherwise so if you're taking the risk when you take an aspirin any significant risk of aspirin vicky an aspirin. Captain Bryant is significant. And so every so when we are taking you know the vaccine for gas and so often. Let's forget all the blood absolutely saw blood-thinning bleeding central. That's I'm not talking about the coronavirus. Let's talk one second about the coronavirus and asked me monitoring advil Aleve and steroids salt studies. Show that if you develop corona virus and we all are going to know. We've talked about the months ago that we're going to know somebody to develop the qualifies. Make sure they don't take any aspirin mull dream and the Aleve or any steroids says there was prentice on anything that decreases your inflammation absolutely. Your body needs and inflammatory response. When I punched in the face it becomes swollen. That's an inflammatory response. All the good stuff is rushing into that area the platelets and the plasma and the growth factor fix that area. If I will give you a motoring information will go down but it will not repair itself. You already your inhibiting so there were four. Patients infected died in their fifties. The fairly young people and when they follow those people fifty essay. Welcome a fifty year. Old Man died for me or female die from that. They realized that they all took anti inflammatory medication. So if you have if you develop that take tylenol title J I loaded up with two three hundred pill counter tylenol thinking. I was going to do something great. They may over no middle. Big Sam's Club size of five. They're probably expires though. But that's okay you know how in cost here also Cambridge the aspirin correct aspirin or any anti inflammatory medication. Like Ibuprofen type very important. People do not know this I disagree. I heard as on these goofy prejudice. I don't think our guys will keep firing your questions off that you'd O'casey for your Thailand question. We helped you with that. One dollars asking Answering your questions. Meanwhile he pulled up a whole list of women of the good news. It's happening so sloppy so three Maryland. Virus stations fully recovered able to return to everyday life. Great News captain. Brian L. That no no I mean we did not know the patient to the hospital and you know severe disease and after a couple of weeks go back to normal life we know that if you develop corona virus and you have symptoms deal but if patients go to the hospital they're sick and then they are being released in good shape. That's different story okay. That's that's very very positive very positive. And what else San Diego? Biotech company developing the Kobe. Nine Thousand Vaccine Collaboration with Duke University and the National University of Singapore remarkable and all seven days that were treated in New Delhi in India where recovered completely all these. What would I'm trying to say? The tire world is working on something. Everybody wants to be that one that save and I won't die. I give credit for everybody that is working for that. That's wonderful we need that and now's the time to be positive. Don't don't sit down and say wow. It's the end of the words we are going to get through. We mentioned that Captain Brian in at the end of January. We said we want to get through this. And some of us are going to get a few punches in the face at the end of the day as Darwin said. You know it's not. The strongest animal did survive. It's not the biggest animal. Survive is the animal that was able to be malleable and change with time and so those are the animals that survived. We are going to survive because we are going to adopt in change and be positive and say what do I need to do to protect my family? First of all we need to do to protect my practice. Do I need to change something in my practice? You're doing some new stuff now undoing new things. We're all going to evolve and become better and better. Let me ask you when you get when you get to caroni patiently. Take you in the hospital. Since there is no treatment. What are they actually doing for your symptoms? So its main supportive treatment so the treatment is going to be hydration for example. If you need floyd's if you need a respirator they're going to echo to intubate you and put you on offense later and if you need some for example you develop in addition pneumonia. That bacteria pneumonia. They want to give you my audience if you develop a anything else. They're going to help you to support your heart your lungs your kidneys everything else. So it's mainly to support you not treatment right now so not a lot but enough that's GonNa keep your absolutely and the key is really. You're not to develop other complication. The key is to survive that period and to let your body fix itself. And hopefully you're going to be out of the woods. At what point does the doctor say? Okay we needed me own. Doctors are going to say unique the criteria if you are fever if you have Chelsea if they think you're a risk for the patients if you're a risk for your own health if you are if they think you're going to communicate that disease they have a holiday so things that are looking. Well is unstable stable. If I sending always going to be worse off. Is he going to come back by sending meaning is going to be? That's never good when your dog goes and you home and ten hours later because the next articles a hey what happened. How can we sending all right? So there is a gentleman that took a jetblue flight right and he took the test prior to getting on the plane from what I understand when he got close enough to be able to open up his phone check email. He was told that he had the corona he was positive press. So is there a bunch of things that they tell you during that time? Okay now you have to notify everybody around you. Like what do they do when they tell you? I hate to get the opening up and say I'm positive and be sitting in my living room. I think I shit my pants but it is very scary. It's very very scary. Because you're not scare for your sound. Fear scare for other people who scared that you gave it. It's like you know if you're not a killer and you're going with a loaded gun and you start the I don't know why shot it's scary because that's uman being you. You're trying to protect people you're trying to. You don't want to hurt anybody and that person is thinking who they sit next to. What did I touch wood? Iheart Khudai what did I do that? If I was that I can communicate to any of these guys. Feel very very fearful to get that phone. Call something yeah. Absolutely he is if you have any more questions to wrap it up but Dr Dollar as always having the latest and greatest he uses are not the school of Google. Like I do the journals. Polls Obama's information for you. Guys live on the podcast. Thank you for watching the captain's log adopt dollar another episode boom of Corona. You know we're watching it so thank you. We appreciate your time. And if you like what you see share let us know. Go on our website the captain's log. Podcast DOT COM checking out. We're out these guys. Thank you bye bye.

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John Mattison, MD - Let's Stop COVID-19: Social Isolation & The Latest News

Collective Insights

55:23 min | 9 months ago

John Mattison, MD - Let's Stop COVID-19: Social Isolation & The Latest News

"Worst we're beginning to see a multitude of responses both in the public policy arena as well as in the commercial arena as well in the public's public service immunities are all very promising. We are seeing. That collectively are character is being tested. Our ability to overcome partisan politics is being tested and we are Americans and we are rising to that challenge and very optimistic that we're on a trend for healing ourselves for healing our communities for healing our country not just from the Cobra virus but from the toxic partisan politics that have been that. It made us more vulnerable to this problem. Quite frankly so we need to. We need we need to really pull together as a community and address these issues because this virus is not From a red state or blue state and it doesn't matter what country it murdered. It emerged from. It's affecting everybody on the planet so this is our opportunity to really hit the reset button who we are as individuals and who we are as a community and we can do this. We will welcome to collective insights at neuro hacker collective. We're committed to compiling some important information about the new corona virus to help. Protect your health and help stop the spread of Cova Nineteen today. We have with us. Dr Jonathan the former chief medical information officer at Kaiser Permanente. He's going to share the importance of social distancing and social isolation and also shares the progress. We're making on a global scale and in our local communities to solve the logistical problems associated with the current pandemic for the full show notes on this episode. Go TO NEURO HACKER DOT COM slash podcast and stay tuned to gain the latest insights on corona virus. And how we can manage its impact. Let's jump right in. Here's Dr Sandison and Dr John Nelson John Madison. Thank you so much for joining us on such short notice. This is very very timely topic and I feel so grateful to have you here to share your insights Dr Madison is working currently on Kovic Policy Diagnostics critical care. And he's also an expert in health virtual care telemedicine very timely health informatics and he is a former chief. Health Information Officer at Kaiser. Permanente Dr Madison. Thank you so much for being here today to answer all our questions or burning questions about cove in nineteen. It's my pleasure. Thank you so much. So social isolation versus social distancing now is social distancing at this point in the game. Is that enough or do we need to go all the way into social isolation so that's probably the most significant policy question. We need to address today and because so many people Have Not really prepared for Social Isolation. I think a brief period of social distancing is really appropriate so people can acquire the supplies. They need to have a a more extreme social isolation in terms of the difference between the two in in the biology of the virus This virus can be stopped dead in its tracks it. We know that China's succeeded in that we know that Taiwan and Hong Kong and Singapore Have been able to implement Very significant social isolation and just a really have get a good handle around this virus and really prevent it from becoming a huge issue like it is in Italy and and in in much of the EU right now so we do know that the further you go in towards social isolation From social distancing the more rapidly you can help this thing and so I don't think the country is yet prepared for a hard social isolation. I think there's some logistic issues associated with that and I think that the The folks in Washington DC are really aligned and taking it very seriously. I think we're seeing a lot more. Bipartisan support for moving forward which is central. This is not a time. Upper political maneuvering this time where we all come together and all row in the same direction and I think that we're beginning to see that at the national leadership level in a way that was inconceivable but for this Cobra attack so the first thing I would say is as much of an issue. Historically as its event is one of the silver linings Is that we're pulling together as a country and so as we begin to prepare the logistics of social isolation we are better positioned to go into a mode where our impact on people's lives and their jobs and your ability to make a living and pay their rent in their mortgage is something that Really has to be carefully thought through in terms of the supply chain for all public services and so I think that we're seeing very wise movement in that direction Coming from all quarters And if if you listen to the leadership in New York. We're one of the major hot spots in the country. The calm cool deliberate approach to how to go incrementally from social distancing to more significant socialize Isolation is really manageable. And I I think this is a time that tests our character individually and collectively who we are as a society how we take care of those that are more vulnerable. Those that are more risk of Cova. Did Is really critical so already. We're seeing on the next store application communities coming together identifying people who are more vulnerable and who can't go out for whatever reason and their communities stepping up to help them this is. This is what we're seeing around the country and I think we're going to be seeing more of it so that we can move into higher levels of social social isolation more quickly more safely and crush this thing and win this war against the Cobra virus much more quickly with much less of a sustained economic impacts than if we drag our heels so one of the last things I want to say about that. Is that what we can't afford to do is have a rolling kind of isolation where when community does it today and then they come off in another community does tomorrow because there still is a critical need logistically to have some communication between community so the sooner we reach a quite where we can get fairly significant social isolation across the nation and quite frankly across the globe So that we can crush this thing simultaneously rather than dealing with what I call the ricochet of facts a bouncing virus back and forth between the communities that are on and off of some various extent of social isolation and then the final thing is there a regarding the biology of the virus. The reason that this virus is expanding so quickly is because of a concept called the are not which is how many people on average to somebody else in fact in the course of their disease and once you get that below one once one person affects one person or less you see the decline and the fastest way to get there's with a more significant levels of social isolation at scale the biology of this. Is that once? You reached that point of less than one. You'll see a decline in the in the new cases you'll see a decline in the number of people infected any point in time and if you maintain that until the transmission stops and take care of those people that are in the hospital and and charged longer shutting. This is achievable. This is something we can do as a collective community if we keep our heads if we stay cool if we sit back and nourish ourselves our souls our families our friends And and through virtual communication rather than physical communication. Sit back and read poetry. Start with rendered kipling's poem if which talks about how we keep our cool in the time of crisis and how we we share with humility what we can with each other. We can and will conquer this. There's no question that it's possible. The only question is how long will it take us and the coral area that is how Shrewdly and wisely do we transition from no control down to fairly high levels of social isolation across the country and across the planet. So can you explain a bit about why this is different from the flu? What makes us panic this year? When hundreds of thousands of people around the world die every year from the flu. Either a couple of things the first thing to say Is that you know we've had. We've had centuries of experience and a full century of research on influenza. We have three months of experience and data with Kovic so this is really a novel. A truly novel virus And it is different from influenza in several ways that we know already it is mortality rate is higher when all is said and done and we know the full extent of WHO's infected. Who'S NOT WE'LL PROBABLY SEE? A mortality rates somewhat under one percent The influence typically is about point one percent so it does have about ten times mortality. The other thing that we observe about it is this unique is that there's there's virtually no immunity to it And so one. Hundred percent of the population is vulnerable whereas with influenza There is some cross reactivity year to year between different strains and we have vaccinating campaigns so we have a a global population that doesn't have immunity this virus and we don't have vaccine yet The first dose of a trial was given At Kaiser Permanente in Washington yesterday A trial of of Of Axiom and there are many companies around the world that are creating vaccines that are going into test phase now and so the the differences again are we have no immunity. We don't have a vaccine. We're not sure about effective therapy. Although some there's some encouraging news on the therapy front and so because of that it because of the lack of immunity lack of vaccines it's spreading very very quickly the concept of herd immunity where If if eighty percent of the population is immune to it. It spreads much more slowly because only twenty percent of the population can be a vector for it. We have a hundred percent of the population potentially serving as actor and the other related thing about transmission. That's really unique is that this seems to be relatively sparing young people. It it it. Obviously everybody's aware that fact that the older you are more a chronic disease you have with their heart or lung or kidney or liver or diabetes. The more at risk you are of Getting severely ill ending up in a hospital Or even dying and in in that situation so so this virus tends to spare youth disproportionately compared to the flu. So those are the major differences. One we don't have enough experience to know yet enough data. We're still learning every day. There's there's significant new information to We don't have any natural immunity or vaccine campaigns and three it is unusually disproportionately affecting the elderly vulnerable population. So those are all different things And and then the fourth of courses it does have a higher mortality rate For All of those reasons As well as some not fully understood reasons at this time compared to the influenza so I know some of this is speculation. And just because of what you just said that it's so true it's so novel and so new but we have an idea of the physiology of why it would spare children but be so aggressive in in the older population so far we only have hypotheses We don't really have good data but there there are a couple of things So that I I pop asus. Is that the aging immune system particularly compromised to buy a we call them a CO morbidity diabetes heart disease or lung disease The immune system is not as effective at at rallying a defense against viruses quickly as what happens in us the second hypothesis. Which is the exact opposite of the first hypothesis is that those people who are older may well have seen other corona viruses. That may cross react with this but may have a delayed response with immune system and when that happens something called a site. A kind storm happen. Society kind storm is where your immune system overreacts in in a in a sense of it creates its own format disease more inflammation more fluid in the lungs more difficulty breathing. More disruption of our our home stasis are control of a healthy set coin for all of our various physiologic functions. So that's the second hypothesis The third hypothesis is that it somehow related to the prevalence of of some specific changes in the lungs with age So this is very very early and we don't really understand it and it may have nothing to do with a lot. There is some indication that there's a particular kind of receptor. In the lungs called the ace two receptors and receptor may be more vulnerable as we age for unclear reasons and may allow the virus to get a toehold a beachhead in our lungs more quickly and then spread more quickly within our lungs. if we Have this disadvantage of having a change those as two receptors win age there is already a mouse model. That demonstrates The same phenomenon where you're giving them the virus when they're young mice Doesn't cause the kind of disease does to older mice with exact same genetic background so there are some experimental clues that that may have a role but those are all three hypotheses and it's even it's even imaginable that there's additional factors that we don't yet understand and it's also possible that all three of those hypotheses are correct and that they affect different people at different phases of life in different ways and either protect or make us more vulnerable to the effects of the virus so adept population epidemiological level. Do we have to have testing widely available in order to get this under control? So right now. Testing is kind of spotty. It's being used just for people who are in critical condition or have at least have some set of factors. They have to travel history fever high fever rate and shortness of breath or cough. And if you don't have those things then you don't get tested so my question to you is do. We have to have the testing in place in order to get ahead of this. So here's the role of testing and a typical. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go back to the influence of modern because we have a lot more information about that. They don't come back to Cova in the influenza model The CDC every year which is one of our national treasure treasures is the CDC in the people who just dedicate their lives to public health and safety and what they do typically during a flu epidemic. Is They when people come in early in the season with symptoms of the flu? We test quite a few people to understand which viruses quickly no. Is it vaccines that we gave this year? Effective against the virus what is the prevalence of the different types of influenza that are circulating we also at the same time have many other viruses like respiratory sensational biracial our speed And other types of viruses that can cause very similar symptoms so the purpose of early detection is to just know what's going on and what we're treating civil know how best treat people with different kinds of viruses in in this condition so we'll be living with right now is somebody can come in with the same symptoms as Kobe. In and have one of the other prevalent viruses in fact in countries that are doing massive testing like South Korea. What they've seen as a high proportion of people who are sick with an upper respiratory condition that do not have a bit so having testing to know is Kobe case and treated appropriately or is this an influenza or in our case that's very helpful the other thing that's very helpful about early testing is that you can do contact tracing so that if you fi- early on in something like this you can like in. Seattle in the first case you can go back and say. Hulu you've been around and the CDC epidemiologists. This is their breath at a bar Epidemics and even more so in pandemics where you can trace the contacts back. Find those people who they may have been contacted with test them. And then you can have a very controlled approach to contain them so that you can isolate all the people that you back chained from the index individual that you have in front of you and isolate them and so That is typical of what we do when we have the full availability of the testing infrastructure. And everything in place. This thing is so novel moving so fast that it has increased. The number of people infected so quickly that we're really past the containment face and because of variety of problems that have been well exposed in the media. We didn't get the tests that we would have liked to have had early on. That's water under the bridge. Where are we now? We have a number of tests coming in from multiple commercial entities as well as universities around the country who created their own tests. Using the same technology it's reverse transcript. Days collaborates chain-reaction or our T- dash. Pcr's the same technology that all these tests us and as we begin testing. We're GONNA see a huge spike in the number of people that are diagnosed with cove. Because we're catching up with the backlog of undiagnosed people for lack of the tests. So we're going to start seeing those numbers. Go up quickly. It doesn't mean that it's spreading any faster spreads fast enough. The number of people infected without any isolation outward distancing is doubling about every four days. So you double. The number of people infected every four days pretty much with an unmanaged situation. Without social distancing of social isolation as we introduce these social distancing social isolation policies were going to see that doubling I go to a much longer period of time and then stop altogether when we get our not less than one where each one of us in fact one person or less. We'll see the numbers decline so the purpose of testing right now is more about. Let's make sure that we do. The appropriate isolation and treatment of that individual is different than influenza because there are some promising drugs for Co vid That are just around the corner and there are. There are proven drugs for influenza. So we need to know how to treat. A diagnosis becomes very important to know what we're dealing with intrigued appropriately. The thing is and this is. This is not our up so as we go to more Significant measures around reducing your not to one or less by using social distancing and social isolation we all begin to see the our entire country recovered from this and this could happen fairly it depending upon how aggressive and how pervasive we get with social distancing and social isolation so then what happens we need to get people back in their workforce because they need a Job. They need the income. We need their help in the supply chain for critical public services. First and foremost water power food of a the law enforcement the basics of of a public infrastructure and in order to get them back out sekely. We need to test them to know that they're no longer shedding the virus. We can put him back out in the public square and have them interacting with lots of people in their critical roles of public services. And then get everybody back to work when we get it under control so we do know. That's another thing that appears to be a little bit unique about this virus. Is that people who are affected may not have any symptoms at all and be shedding. They can be sick with a minor cold or severely ill and have a full clinical recovery. Where they feel just fine but they can still shed virus for up to a month so we need to. We're going to be doing even more testing to prove that people are safe to go back to work. So testing has a virtue in the early phase of epidemic to know how to contact everybody isolate them and clashes before it gets out of it out of the barn it if you will and then the second phase is to make sure that we're diagnosing and treating appropriately to that virus because it's different for different viruses and then the third base is ensuring that people are ready to go back into the Public Square. Go back to work especially in the critical public services so today for example it was announced by Amazon that they're hiring one hundred thousand people to make sure that we can keep the supply chain flowing of food and supplies that everybody needs and without people having to go into the Public Square and go shopping. Which is problematic right now. So Worse we're beginning to see a a multitude of responses both in the public policy arena as well as in the commercial arena as well in the public's a public service read these are all very promising we are seeing that collectively are character is being tested or ability to overcome. Partisan politics is being tested and we are Americans. We are rising to that challenge. And I'm very optimistic that we are on a trend for healing ourselves for healing our communities for healing our country not just from the Cobra virus but from the toxic partisan politics that have been that made us more vulnerable to this problem. Quite frankly so we need to. We need to really pull together as a community and address these issues because this virus is not a from a red state or a blue state in doesn't matter what country it merged it emerged from. It's affecting everybody on the planet so this is our opportunity to really really hit the reset button on who we are as individuals and who we are as a community and we can do this and we will do this it also really pulls back the veil around misinformation and this symptom that we have of not relying on not having a reliable source or feeling like we don't have a reliable sport source certainly when we're talking about things like mass isolation Not Feeling like you can trust the government or not feeling like you can trust. The news becomes a really really big issue and one of the things that will delay getting people into isolation that's so critical to success here. Well that's a really good point and and I'm glad you bring it up because there are two very critical aspects of that so be very careful about what you see on social media. Social media is just right for disinformation and the leaders of social media. Really are taking this seriously. This has been a problem in the past. But I I think we're seeing Those who manage social media stepping up. This is another silver lining this getting around to managing disinformation. So there's two things that have occurred encourage people to do rely on trusted sources like the CDC like the age liked the national treasures of Tony. Dr Vouch. Who's been doing this epidemic after epidemic around the globe. He is truly a national treasure. Sanjay Gupta is doing a brilliant job of capturing. What's happening moment to moment day today and what we can do to stop it. The second aspect of this is that we've seen disinformation emerging from people who some of it is just you know not authoritative. And just just wrong and bad news. Travels faster than anything but some of it is very deliberate from nation state actors outside the US who are seeing in this ball. Noble State and propagating disinformation to amplify the chaos associated with fears. We need to get over. Our fear. Don't open emails that come from people you don't know right now. Because there are efforts that can disable are devices and disabled us through fear and through misinformation. So rely on trusted sources. Do not believe anything read. That doesn't come clearly from a trusted source and we'll be fine and we'll get through this. You've mentioned treatment. Maybe we can just do like a quick rapid like what do you think about aspirin and Ibuprofen right now so again. We only have three months of information. But there's some concern that using aspirin Ibuprofen any of the so called non steroidal anti inflammatories a large number of them That they may in fact Amplify the risks associated with our immune reaction to the virus. So there's there's some concern that we should back off on those now And that's probably a relatively safe thing to do Tylenol ACETAMINOPHEN is a good alternative for managing fever. When fevers really high. And really. Really stresses our body. It's not a good thing but we do know that our immune system is more active in general With fever that's the purpose of beavers to really rev up our immune system so because we have the the second hypothesis I referred to earlier about why this is such a toxic virus. It is in particularly in older people. The the concern is maybe our immune system is overreacting. So there is some Or risk that that aspirin ibuprofen nostrils May. Well be amplifying that risk. We don't know but it may be safer tobacco off now and Thailand per se but a warning about tylenol tylenol. Take too much of it as a problem. So do not exceed the recommendations for your weight In in terms of how much Thailand to visit itself can be a problem and then other treatment so at a pharmaceutical level. It does look like there's potentially some data coming out on things like plaque window or the malarial drugs being used. Do we have a good sense of how much that's going to shift things and how quickly and also supply chain you mentioned. Is there any concern about running out of enough of it yes to both There are very encouraging reports about really critically. Ill people who are getting Both the old anti malarial drug chloroquine and its its various forums and plaque hill Is One of those forms very encouraging early. Reports similarly for a number of drugs that have been in clinical trials China and Japan and South Korea. There's a number of them Emirates is One of them That early reports indicate that it may be very very helpful and so as far as supply chain for both of those ramping up production. Because you know we don't prescribe a lot of anti malarial drugs In this country certainly and so the supply chain may not be where it needs to be and these other drugs. are Experimental that are being trialled. And so- ramping up those production The production of those medications is something that we want to accelerate so again. This is this is where Public Policy and research can help a increase the supply chain of those drugs so that they're they're widely available. We don't fully understand yet who to get them to And and win and how much but those date because it's only three months old. This whole thing is three months old. That's that's like a nanosecond in the history of of understanding medicine and biology and so But it's we're getting some very encouraging reports and as we ramp at the supply chain. That's one of the things that's GonNa really help us. Stop this virus dead in his tracks sue. What are you doing personally to protect yourself but when we attended? I have a fifteen month old in my life. And you've got one in yours so you haven't seen your grandkids in three weeks. He said we are. We are doing a social distancing So my wife and I are going over to our daughter and our granddaughter's home and we are watching her throw the ball for her to a pet dogs in the front lawn keeping our distance so that she still has visual contact with their grandparents. But we are stay My wife and I are perfectly healthy. and we are keeping our distance But still giving her the visual. We are skyping with our And doing video conferencing with family and friends all over the country. Now and so. We can maintain our social relationships while implementing social distancing now if social isolation becomes the imperative. Then we'll just rely on you and I are doing right now this is. This is a widely available technology. Anybody that has a a cell phone and access to the web can do what we're doing right now By having a face to face conversation without any risk of Tobin coming through my wireless router and infecting expecting you so We have a lot of opportunity to maintain our social connectedness. And one of the things that comes out of historic crises. Like this and this has been true of every pandemic is it brings out the best in our character in one of the things that that. I see happening. Is that the suffering associated with those who are disaffected with. Us brings out a real humility of that. We are vulnerable. We are less vulnerable to the extent that we work together. We are less vulnerable to the extent that we care about each other and express our compassion and manifest compassion towards each other and weak the more that we realized that this is a major silver lining this reset button. Were hitting right now. The more humility. We have about who we are and about how our experience of life and the joy and celebration celebration in the happiness that we experienced is brute very much related to how we relate to our friends our family and especially to perfect strangers that we can manifest a much broader construct of who our family is. Our family is much more than the people that live in our household were the people that are genetically related to us. We are all one. This is a global phenomenon. This virus doesn't pick and choose any particular country or city or race or ethnicity or religion. We are all one and to the extent that we really recognize and manifest than and respond to our community independent of race creed color or any other aspect of what it is to be human. We will be stronger. We will be better and we will rise to this challenge and conquer. It said. There's a few tactical things I think that are coming out of this Donating to food banks rate that so many young children who are going to school won't get get their hot meal or won't get breakfast and lunch so making sure that food banks have the resources that they need to feed the children of our community that has been a popular one or other things that you're seeing people do that. Have been particularly inspirational inspiring. I think some of the things that are happening on next door across the country people are just spontaneously so those of you who are aware next door sign up today because it's a local community based social network within your own communities and and people are rising to the challenge of saying does any. Does anybody know of anybody who needs a you know a hot meal that we can deliver to their front doorstep We need to be careful about this. People are not spreading disease with this kind of thing but if people are out of food and they can't drive and they can't get a delivery of food because of the supply chain issues even with some of the major supply chain pathways It's important that we do help each other in our community. So yes there's lots going on In that space I even. If you've got some extra hand sanitizer or alcohol or hydrogen peroxide that you can share with your neighbours so that they can spray down the lasagna that someone drops off except then that could be very helpful. I saw that there was a toilet paper. Share going on and in my neighbor and I'm glad you brought up the toilet paper issue because you know here's the interesting thing while there are some gastrointestinal some people with co bid. Do An avenue need for more toilet paper. That is not typical. There should have never been a running toilet paper There is no need for. It happened in China. People heard about it so they stocked up here. People are stocking up on water. This virus is not waterboard Your tap water is safe today as it was last week last month last year. so there are these these artificial scarcities that are emerging out of fear and so to the extent that that has depleted the shells of toilet paper and there are people who are out of toilet paper and can't find any on the shelves trend temporarily that that will that will be resolved soon but sharing something as simple as toilet paper with neighbors who are out makes perfect sense and so Absolutely that kind of sharing going on sale. Diarrhea is not a symptom. Let's not a common symptom anyways. Can we talk through those symptoms? So I had listed what I understand are the most common symptoms. It's a high fever shortness of breath and a dry cough. And then obviously if you know you've been exposed to someone who is positive for if you've been traveling than that makes the risk a little higher. I've had patients all week. Long asking me about sore throats or runny noses I know sneezing is almost never present in a cove in nineteen infection. Can you speak to win to win? Do I worry sure. Great Question So there's several published reports That do catalogs symptoms associated with Kobe. Now one thing. One caveat that it is worth mentioning is that Again this is a very new virus. It does mutate it. It has mutated quite a bit since its original. Dna sequencing in China Mutations relatively minor mutations there appear to be an and their conflicting reports but there appears that there may be two major strains but lots and lots of minor strains so. These symptoms may change so the only caveat. I'm calling out is if someone a month or two months from now. Ads Symptoms to the list. That's that's plausible and conceivably related to evolution and mutation of the virus but today fairly consistently the symptoms you listed are exactly right so the BIEBER's they don't necessarily have to be high fevers The second thing is the Dry Cough and short of breath in addition it's fairly common to get kind of the achey muscle sort of fatigue and aches that you get with the influenza. There are some people who get nausea vomiting and diarrhea but not as much as other symptoms and absolutely correct. If you're sneezing and have a stuffy nose you probably have one of the many viruses that caused the run. A run of the mill cold. It's it's kind of remarkable How in significant the Sneezing and runny nose. Anything affecting the nose is with this particular virus So if you if you're sneezing runny nose and you feel like you've got a cold you probably have a cold and not the cove but we also need to remember That overtime. This profile may change a little bit. And what about sore throat you know It doesn't appear that it's as prominent but I don't think like sneezing tends to say that tends to lead you to say it's not Kobe sore throat. I don't think is as useful as saying? Oh that won't be Cova then Because I think some people do and some people don't I have not someone in his probably published on that. I have not seen a definitive study. That says what percent of Co bid is associated with a sore throat But it does not appear to be a prominent or universal feature are classic. Sign okay. Well that's very helpful. That's speaks to kind of necessity of testing. Right is that there is overlap in symptomology. And Oh wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to work or not worry quite so much about social isolation if we were if we knew we were in negative so benefits to knowing your positive and benefits knowing. You're not do. We have a sense of how long people continue viral shedding after their symptoms resolve. I have not seen a prospective study of a large number of people Suspect there's one that hasn't been published yet or as just recently published that. I haven't seen but we do know an individual circumstances that individual people have shed for remember. It's only three months old. We've had that. This has been on the global stage And only really two months on the global stage because one month was contained to China. And but what we what we know is that some individuals do shed virus when they never have clinical symptoms. We do know that people who get sick and recover shed for up to thirty days but we don't know typically someone is no longer infectious two days after their loss last cough or ten days after their last cop so I don't think we have enough data to have a rule of thumb is to win someone who's no longer contagious But we will have that data. I I would I would. I would check in on that Periodically next few weeks. Because I think we will have much better information but more importantly for someone who has A role in society That say law enforcement healthcare worker where they're interacting closely with the public lot And they get second they recovered. We really really will benefit by being able to test them to show that at least the concentration of virus in their nose or in their throat is down below levels that we can detect it. So one of the things is that the tests that are being used Have a don't all have the same level of sensitivity that is in some people when the when the virus particles are are not very concentrated. Where you just don't have a lot of the tests may appear to be negative that probably correlates reasonably well with them not being as infectious someone with a high tighter but again this is something we're still learning as to what is the threshold of the virus presence that makes it contagious Do you have to have a cough to be contagious Those sorts of issues were still sorting out and then reinfection rate so. That's something I've seen mixed reports on most viruses once you get one you some immunity to it and you're less likely to pass it on even if you are exposed again less likely to get it and less likely to pass it on if you're exposed to second time now with. Cova nineteen do we know about that? Do we know if you can be infected? There are several case reports of individuals who appear to have haven't recovered fully and then gotten it again. But if you if you look at what happened in China where they imposed the fairly austere socializing relation and then they're letting people go back to work and they're not so far. Seeing a resurgence of the virus one would say the herd immunity of that being so many people were infected in the particularly in the and the Wuhan Who Bay Province area That just from an epidemiologic standpoint. It doesn't look like reinfection is a common thing because we know even in China. There's still a few new cases here and there and it's not as spreading like wildfire the way it did before there was herd immunity so if and back it was calm it were common to get reinfected. One would expect that they're putting people back in. The Public Square back to work would have backfired by now and it doesn't seem to have done so the good news is they know how to contain it if it does and we are adopting here in the US social norms. That are different than anything we've ever experienced before in terms of social isolation and Social distancing and so if in fact something happens that leads to Reinfection in more than a handful of people. We know how to respond. We know how to we know how to contain it. We will have the diagnostic tests at that point in time to do the case tracking backwards to find out who all was exposed to that individual and contain it before. We get a resurgence in current outbreak. So again I I think we have a new normal and the new normal is that social. Isolation and social containment are part of the management of these kinds of infections. And here's a here's a Another silver lining The flu virus kills you know. Come ten thousand plus people every year and so. Could we be more aggressive next fall with flu seasons with social norms that have have changed at shifted because of Kevin Will we need to implement social distancing social isolation next fall? We contain this thing over the summer. Is it GonNa Comeback in the fall? Nobody really knows how much it's going to diminish over the summer. The so called seasonality is untested We have we have some indirect information that there is some seasonality we do know that the the viruses less stable outside the human body in warmer climates. We I mean that's a fact And we're hopeful but but not convinced hopefully be sincere analogy but that means two things one. It'll get better in the summer and probably will come back in the fall and so we need to be prepared to with the full benefit by then hopefully of having both effective treatment as well as highly available diagnostic tests tests and there are some companies. Now that are That are Able to mail the test kit to home. You Swab your nose or coughing tube and mail it back in And you don't even have to go into a clinic in order to be tested so those are going to be scaled so next. We're going to be prepared. Probably with some effective therapy clearly with some new social arms about how to do social isolation and with a high availability of diagnostic task. That we can do the early containment that were just simply unable to do this year because the availability of testing and the novelty of the disease so found very optimistic. Can we get you on the phone with the stock market? You know I'm I'm I'm an optimist by nature But I do think there's lots of reasons that we should be optimistic. And people are worried about their jobs in their future in the stock market and their 401K's and on and on and on I'm pretty confident a year from now we're going to have a robust economy and people will be back to work Different social norms. And hopefully some of those persistent social norms include the ability to implement the social distance. The but for an implant itself when we have a bad year to adopt some of these procedures. Some of some of the the the Careful consideration if if if you're sneezing don't go out in public. Don't go back to work You know I just Saw people who were sneezing at work Just recently they don't have Kobe but they're spreading a virus potentially the influenza Any one of the other viruses we need to have a a a a different mindset about what it means to be responsible and not go to work so one of the things there is paid sick leave and how our policy going to shift as a result of this for paid sick leave. We really need to be able to keep people home. So if you look at the cost of to society to the workforce To The stock market is brought up earlier of people showing up second infecting their colleagues. I think we're GONNA see a real shift in social norms about when it's okay to go to work and when it's not okay to go to work and how how liberal we are with paid sick leave. I think these things are going to change and I think is going to be thinking better and not only will it be the better for collision in any recurrence in the fall but it will apply to the other viruses including influenza and even more importantly this is the not the last pandemic. We're going to see. We live in a global community now. Transportation and travel is part of our lifestyle. Is that going to change? Yes it's going to diminish somewhat but it's not gonna be a cataclysmic drop like we're seeing right now that's not gonNA persist. We're still going to have global supply chains. We're still going to have Travel and vacations around the world. But what we're going to see is that people are going to be much more conscious of not stepping on a plane when they have a fever And a cough or sneezing And not going back to work so There's a lot of things that we could have been doing in the past that this particular pandemic is GonNa really inform us to change how we behave in the public square and we will have more pandemics like this in the future. Hopefully not for a long time and but we're going to be so much better prepared. What we have in. The biotech industry to China was able to sequences virus and share the sequence this virus so all the vaccine manufacturers around the world to begin ramping up back seen production from a piece of software code from the description of the aren a sequence of the Kovin virus. And so and we're going we're going to learn from this experience how to accelerate the whole life cycle of developing new vaccines. So there's a whole lot of benefit that we're getting out of. This will apply the next time something like this happens. So this one's GonNa come to a stop this one is. We're going to recover and we're going to recover better than we were before. Not those unfortunate. My heart goes out to the families who have already lost family members Beloved People So far not that many in the US but clearly there's going to be a lot more in my heart does go out to them and we do need to be very mindful and compassionate of the huge impact. It has on those people who were getting so sick that they don't recover But at the same time in order to prevent those very desk with the next pandemic or to limit it to berry very small numbers. We are going to be far better prepared than any other point in. Hit the street next fall when it does come back and the next virus that that escapes from a non human source like a bat or a pig or a chicken to sort of the classic Reservoirs that jump into humans Both with influenza and Cova And with any future viruses so this is not the last time. We'll see this but we're going to be so much better prepared. The next time it happens. Done your optimism is as infectious as this pandemic has covert nineteen. So what a wonderful way for me to start the day. I really needed this conversation. Personally inside cannot wait to get out there so that other people can hear it just the perspective of the opportunity in what's happening right now. It's very easy to get Bogged down by the panic. And the worry and the fear and to hear what you have to say and to hear your perspective is a just shines a light on all the opportunity and and like you said the preparation for next time. The the potential to come together and So thank you so much for sharing all of that. It's been an absolute pleasure to have you on today and I'm at the value you bring is is cute. Thank you thank you very much and let me just close it. One last comment the people who are on the frontlines of containing. This are putting their lives at risk every day and the amount of fear and anxiety that circulating amongst those healthcare workers and public service People who are who are putting their lives on the line to protect the rest of us and to take care of those who unfortunately have fallen severely ill with please share your gratitude with them at every opportunity for what they do because this is a time where love and compassion are critical to our recovery and those people especially deserve a tremendous amount of gratitude. Thank you thank you. Thank you for being with us for this conversation with Dr John Madison. If you didn't already one of the other things we do in the collective is create supplements for better cognition better aging and more energy if you're looking for any or all of that. Go TO NARROW HACKER DOT COM to learn more and as our gift to you or offering an additional fifteen percent off your first order using the code. Podcast sixty two. If you have any questions about this content then please go leave them on our site at neuro hacker dot com slash podcast and will work to get those answered on a future episode. Make sure to leave us. A five star review and subscribe to our podcast. And we'll see you next time.

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Dr. Drew After Dark w/ Bert Kreischer - Ep. 06

Dr. Drew After Dark

1:20:01 hr | 1 year ago

Dr. Drew After Dark w/ Bert Kreischer - Ep. 06

"Dr drew, and this is Dr drew after Dr he'd be vice doctor after dark making sexually content unsuitable for young children. Everyone welcome Dr after dark. We appreciate your support in the show. We like doing it send all your emails to Dr drew after dark the after a g mail dot com. Also voicemails at eight one eight two five three one six nine three and subscribing all your playbook platforms watch all the at your mom's house YouTube channel Rada Tele friend and go to Dr dot com for the latest news. Also, we have a much articles up. I have a opium series on the weekly infusion podcast. I do suggest you check that all out, but forget all the serious business. Go onto the matter fan, the great, Bert Kreischer. I've been wanting to get into the opioids. They're really big these days. Yeah. You're not taking them. No. They never. I mean, even when I fell off a waterfall one time, and they were giving me Oxy. Yeah. I didn't didn't really like them. I didn't feel it the way I want it. They gave me what's the synthetic heroin to lauded Fennell give me something do. So they could take they needed to move my body around. And I was this. I don't know Phillip a waterfall fell of a waterfall fifteen feet on my back. I thought my back. No thought I was in a dry suit. And I thought I broke my back, and I was in a ravine like two hundred ten feet down. And I did crawl on my hands and knees because they couldn't get a chopper into get me out up to the top of the trail head, and then they had just in horrible pain, the whole time. And then the worst pain Evers. They put me on a backboard with the you know, the break from. Yes. In in like, a it's almost like a like a ham, Wayne. Yeah. And drove me out never been in more pain in my entire fucking line. You're screaming. Oh, it's awful. And. Yeah. And I thought I broke my I literally thought I broke my back, but I went into North Carolina. The lady goes. We're going to give you a lot. And I was like listen, I I have a somewhat of an addictive personality. I think maybe would want to stay away from that someone as she is. Honey, you don't want us to move your body around the way, we need to without something. So she gave it to me. Nothing other. Not opioids have never really done it for me. I haven't done much of it. But even when I'm taking them it took the pain away. Yeah. But that's it wasn't like I felt cool. Yeah. So now alcohol alcohol, I love alcohol. I mean these days I if I have like like yesterday, I had one solid went for like a four mile run. And I had one solid double team doesn't. So when I texted you about can, I does grapefruit juice. Oh, my that was that all about these fresh fucking great medication. You on loose Artan and Emma limiting bean. Oh, I'm on those two exact to mind for really like beta blockers. Why because I get nervous that way. No, I took betablockers. I didn't realize they were beta blockers when I first got diagnosed with blood pressure, and I felt so comfortable for the first time back on their good for you it caused a dry cough. Oh, yeah. Could do that. And so and I got the dry cough. Although I would argue it was because I was spunky in a cave in New Zealand that I got the call. I would fuck it argue we try again, I would I would lower dose. Maybe I loved them. I love raising. Yeah, we had to spunky in a cave. Like right before we went scuba, diving and Fiji, and they had this thing called the birth canal. I was like I was like I've done for TB million times. It's tame we'll still some shots to make it look thrilling. And the first thing that guy does is like all right everyone in the birth canal. And it is a whole like this big and the water was up their chin, and you re and crawl through it the most hectic jars up my fucking ours. Ours Spaloni being legit in waterfalls in. We would get in a cross spots. He would send us into a cave part where you're just your head was above water and the helmets touching cave and you're sitting criss cross applesauce, and he'd hold us there. He made us up waterfall. He was like you won't be able to see anything just trust me and follow the light. Just it was the most terrifying. Two hours of my life that I've probably that I've ever had. But wow, that's how I got the dry. Call sounds like not fun. I if things moist. Air if fucks with long them. Yeah. Yeah. Some people like steam rooms fucking eight steam rooms agape can they can span them so before Mike teed it up. You're asking about a friend and his prostate my buddies getting prostrate taken out and then get okay? So they say someone said to me that you're you can't use your dick anymore. Well, if you have a bad surgeon these days if you do the robotic the Vinci robotic, yeah. Should be no nothing. Oh, okay. That's by the new conversation with my wife that if they were taking my dick away. I would get one month. Fuck everything I wanted to fuck. And she was like, whoa. I'm not signing off hang on. Why? And I said, well, no, I like it was just that's where my brain wanted to be. That was like, no, no, no. If you take my dick away, we're we're hanging. My dick up for life. I wanna fuck black chick on chick. I want I want. What happens you get any terminal illness is that we gotta do. I don't know. We're not we haven't gotten there. It's the same thing. I want to fuck someone that doesn't speak any English. I wanna buck everything. But it's the same thing where if you if you know, you have six months to live that's different that's different way. Because because I don't get like a solid more forty without using my oh, I see you gotta have something to remember going out. I'm going to say goodbye. Right. Yeah. But if I'm if we're just hanging up my dick. I'm definitely going on a on a run. So, you know, I feel a special kinship and responsibility for you. Because I feel like I helped invent Bert Kreischer house that oh, you you totally did not enough people know this. Nobody knows it. And and I would argue I would. I would tell him what happened that the back room. Yeah. And you do know it. Oh, I definitely by the way, I have people I know in this business that I when I hear about them. I connect back to that evening. Wow. What was happening was Corolla crows, one of them definitely Cruella had left a lovely looking for replacement hips, and they're auditioning people one of those people that I think of all the time is the guy from community. Joel mchale. If Joel McHale auditioned Kyle sees, I think auditioned striker auditioned strikers has a new show. Kevin kline. I know that because striker ended up getting the job and then on like, they all do those all week. And then on the next Monday. They still didn't have host and hadn't yet. And they're like, we'll Burt. Why don't you just come in and do love on you can co host? I was like oh so fucking excited. My wife listened to the radio. I don't even know if you have a radio on our house. Now, she listened on the radio in our house in our house island just been born, and I came in and it was really great. It was really fun. It was really fun. There. Remember, one person said his dick get stuck in his girlfriend, and I said, what am I like Chinese finger cups, and he and then we started laughing, and he goes in happens for a while said you guys have to walk around like you're moving couch out of an apartment. I couldn't it was the funnest fucking. I'm doing so well on this show, and all of a sudden someone calls in I think that was in my class and goes, hey, Bert want. You tell Dr drew the story about the time. You robbed us on the train and Russia, and it was something that I just had not like I was like. Oh, yeah. And you're like hold on what? Yeah. And I told a story. That's the probably the first time. I think I ever I might be the first time I ever ever told the story. Yeah. And and then I made you come back, and you said that you came you come back Tuesday night and tell it again, you told the best story I need you to tell the lady told me, this is your story. This is your this is your own is it you need to tell the story. This is this will get you to the next level. Never been like that. Nobody's talking about. I went to I went to went into any radio station. This how big love line was at the time any radio station. I went into one of their producers was a diehard line fan. Heard me tell the story and a number of places. I'd go into they'd be like, hey, can you tell that story? You told Dr drew, right? And so I told it at a bunch of it was it was like an inside baseball radio store. Yeah. So like every radio guy who radio junkie heard it and it got spread around. And then I told it a couple times and started getting better. And then I still never told on stage. And then and then one time I go to Rogin, and I told and I was like in my head. I wanted to do. Same was the same thing to me was rogue at the time to huge shows. And I was like oh next time. I'm in remind me to tell you the story. I got involved with the Russian mafia robbed a train. And Joe is like what the fuck, and I was like if it's a good enough story for Dr drew. It's good enough for Joe. But yet, it's changed my life. But still even to that point. I'd never thought that that would be my calling card that would be my thing. Yeah. Man. I was fucking wrong. The way it started. It was like the diving springboard. It was had. I never learned. How to tell the story. I wouldn't be where I am today. Because I spent like four years figuring out how to tell a story and get away from the kind of mediocre comedy. I was doing at the time. And that story kind of redefined the way I looked at approached comedy. And I was like it doesn't need to be pow pow bring it bring. It doesn't need to be similar to everyone else. It could be your own thing. But I'm the worst at like, I can't see a trend when it's coming at off think the internet was gonna laugh. I remember somebody else I should sell short on. I remember, I remember my buddy telling me one day, you know, us going to go to your computer and order your groceries. I was like, oh, sure. You're you're telling me, I'm not gonna enjoy going to groceries door anymore. Dude. I fucking. There was a guy. There was a guy. This is really inside Hollywood. There's a guy that was at my house, Tom, and I were friends with them, and he was at my house thanksgiving, and he said, you know, executive chef for rock sugar. And he was like I I'm thinking about getting out of the restaurant business. You spend your whole life in restaurants because not thinking about getting a food truck. And I was like, you aren't idiot. He go you have a child to think of you need to keep that corporate job. His name was ROY Choi his the guy that changed and revolutionized. What else should I not do? Which should I not do banning colleague stop this. Maybe I should stop this podcast banning college. I kicked out the Atari form the band creed. Fucking. I am not good at seeing things. I shouldn't do I don't know. What should I have any of your business plans jump right in? How about this thing should stop this, no person? Please dump told me he was getting this huge duty. Oh, you're out of your mind. Good. Hard blue ban indaba news. Like, I was like you're wasting your money today. I'm like, how do I get one of you? Oh my God. Just things like make things worse. Tom just told me is getting all new cameras. What? Why am I not your podcast by the way any bugging done mob? Bob, and I did it like two years ago. We to come back. I'm not a great business, man. Really like, I'm not gonna replying tax. I'm not good at that kind of stuff. But like any do drew anytime as do it? So the grapefruit getting to that can change how you matab your medication. So you're not supposed to take a lot of grapefruit juice. So you can give it to my daughter. All right. Here's some get some business here thirty two female, this is from spicy nipples. Oh my God. It has to do with having itchy nipples those two. We'll talk about that. My pronoun, preferred gender pronouns ZIM cool. I noticed it while ago out of nowhere that eating spicy food. Make my nipples tangle only with spicy food though. Not that I'm complaining, but what's the deal? From calling. Spicy nipples. I mean, no I've been having. I've had over active itchy nipples lately. Like itchy nipples itchy balls. I think I have jock itch. Yeah. But in a hot tub a lot in Utah. Okay. Well, and there's it read I don't know too fat to see them. Do you are not? I just lost enough weight. Start shaving my balls again before that it was just guesswork just hoping the rubber meets the road. You're looking at me like here about seven intervention. I'm just scared for you. I'm six I think I need to see the nipples understand. What's going on her nipples or Moore's? Oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah. Shirts are on and on the other is retain that. You have. That's that's gayness and stuff. No. I can't see my nipple, drew. Yeah. Your tastes from the shirts from your shirts. Yeah. Yeah. On and off with the shirts and stuff just stop wearing shirts. All the get some cortisone cream put that on there. I just bought some good good with cameras a problem where I swear I shit more than I eat like eight a banana L shut to bananas this stuff. You know? Christina loves this stuff. I've shit stop shitting altogether. Keep going, I stopped shitting altogether. I stopped shitting. I like I was I was on a really strict diet whereas eating round like twelve hundred calories a day. They'll make you stop shitting. Just stop shitting in that gave me panic. And then I started eating because I wanted to shit takes Metamucil or some bulk salary was on a really strict diet. Good for what today's no, no. It's been a week. It's been it's been a full week. Good. Yeah. It's really like. But the problem is I was there was the goal of able to shave your balls. Again, is that the coast to be able to see my Paul's again. Yeah. Any vent. I poop up to four times a day. Everything seems fine except that I seem to be exporting more than importing the ideas or advice. What does she say? Do I have shits allot tests? That's all issue of bowl. What's funny? These are all these are all emails from people that are fans of your mom's house to these are great. Oh, these are my favorite human beings ever. Yeah. We've tapped into very special breed. Couple of our in the room next door, this is so that's what how much you actually the the size. The amount is related to bulk. But how much Balkan your dial? If you have a lot of celery and leafy vegetables, and Brian and that kind of thing silly husk, you can get a lot of bulk with almost doesn't matter. What else you each get a lot of bulk? So it's it's it's actually swells Metamucil things like that swell. Well, okay, you'll seem the bulk of stool does not really mean goddamn thing. There you go happy with that. Let's to voice message. Do you have any voicemails warming? Do all right here we go for Burt. Marie. And the question for you is how come whenever I'm having sex with my boyfriend, it feels like I have to make Brown is he literally fucking the Brown out of me. Thank you have a great day. Wishy ends with have a great day day fucking proun-, by the way. I remember when me and leeann got introduced to the phrase making Brown. Yes. And we were Tom Stena on a beach. I just saved Tom's tits that have you ever seen me shave Tom's to know, it is the funniest fucking thing. Why because I face is on no shaving Tom's back. And we were in Hawaii. And I noticed that his unruly hair connected to his go. Hey, man. Let me hollow that out for you. Let me just hollow that out and then Caesar up your tits. Give you like a nice Caesar on your on your breast, and it'll make it'll make you look more to find. Really? Oh, yeah. We just got into why for five days. Okay. We haven't even onto the beach yet. So I'm so close to hoping there's a video you can find the venue shaves. Tom step. Is the hardest. I've ever laughed just high Berktay shaves, Tom. Guys are on that man there there. It is. Okay. So I shared his tit now. Hang on. You can go ahead and skip halfway through the video. Oh, go. Go back. Go back. Go forward. Did you guys meet? Okay. Hit pause right there. A gay bear no inch met to J more. We used to work with Jay mortgage. And it was a mutual friend. Charlie granddaughter. All right Charlie's in this video. So okay, go ahead and hip play. Against what had happened is. I didn't realize this. But when I shaved his tit it immediately looked his tits. We're wearing sunglasses, and and they made them look huge. Like, it did the exact opposite of what I thought I was going to do. And you're gonna see a video of me laughing to where I thought I was having a stroke because I'm looking at his tits, and they look ridiculous imprison. They looked so bad. And I just ruined him for the whole trip of go ahead. Over. Bigger. Really just made a bigger. The picture Gant. It stood. Still. Tom without veered, people shave their with big. Makes big. Yeah. What did you do shave everything? I just shaved. No this no. Correct. This. Oh, we left it with after the whole week. I would see him up, and I was start laughing as there, but that's the weekend. We found out the term making Brown. And then leeann I went upstairs had sex, and we came downstairs and Tomlin Christina around the beach and Dina goes, what did you guys do? Leeann goes we made white. Oh my God. That was the funniest fucking trip. That would that whole trip was hilarious beginning to end. So we got to answer them raise question. Yes. The the rectum is up against the vagina is up against the rectum. And if you're putting pressure into the giant, you can put pressure on the rectum gonna make you feel like you want to really have a larger payments will make you feel more. Like, you have to never said anything good next mail. Money's rallo. I was just wondering why do you get a dictated to jacking off after the first time he dragged off but other things in your life that good making fitness and drinking water and eating healthy. You don't get addicted to that. Right. So why question is this what Schopenhauer notice that we go from desire to satisfaction right back to desire again. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be the dopamine release right act. It's the reward system is part of our brain that have as do something. Again. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again it again. Yeah. That's cocaine stimulates is that part of our bright. I have a problem with treats. Like, I need treats. I always went treats, I can't live a life without treats. Like like if it's like why to treat a hardcore tree? Okay. And and sometimes after I make white. I get depressed knowing I can't make white immediately again. So I might treat has been taken away for me from me. I'm going to drink. So so these are treat this is while never quit drinking 'cause I want always want my treat where did you get that from? I don't know when you're a kid. You would your your family? Just only join join guy was your mom treats or something. Yeah. No. It was it was just think of treats what's the ultimate ultimate dream. Oh. I don't know like party of big retreat. Are there foods that are hard glint like candies? Somoza? I'm something of them right now. Civilised treat Oreos or big tree. Okay. Cheeseburgers pizza, treat holidays retreat, eleven six. Okay. Beers a treat Titas, and so does the treat Margaritas retreated jacking off so treat sexes at treat porn retreat video games or a treat like I said, I can't live without treats instruments. A treat Twitter's treat. I look at everything is like something that releases dopamine when I go on a diet. I am so depressed because I realize I've taken away all my treats all your treats. Like why you have a who wants white when you're when the only treat. Oh, I see resentful. Well, yeah, they win some part of your treat system is is is restricted you get resentful of everything else. Yeah. Couple that with the fact that I have a low threshold for reward. Low threshold for reward and a picnic moments. Like, I feel like a piffle hits me all the fucking time. So I'm like, oh like I blow fucking crazy about shit. Like what on your hip raid right now, I something just hit me today. And I was like up Sony four k camera. Oh, no, don't shopping's of treat. Definitely like sometimes. I'll just go. Like, I think it has to do with like. Like, do you ever go to like, I used to go to sporting sporting goods stores and just walk around and buy stuff that I didn't fucking need because I was like I need to stem it. They don't mean t coffees a fucked up treat because if you have coffee in the morning, you can have the only one of them why? Because I then I get antsy take all their coffee for real. I love can't. That's the reason. Can I tell you the reason I could never take Xanax on planes is because once you come off. No once you get on the plane, you've already had your treat. And so then when stuff gets panicky, you don't get more treats, I like your like a cappuccino monkey in an experiment case. Yeah. I need my treat. I do. I'm like my grape. See that's the thing about drinking. Isn't it isn't as much if we put you in a cage and used you like some sort of paradigm sort of prep. It'd be perfect of you willing to do it. It just just you just you just live off reinforcements all day, you'd be a Skinner box. I'm the I'm the I'm the rat that hits. Yeah. Pellet numb get superstitious release -ly. Are you fucking kidding? Because because. I can't believe you said that I'm wearing the same necklace on that video. I haven't taken it off. I say a prayer to it every time I brag on stage use me because there's the there's something called the case of the superstitious pigeon. Which is a pigeon is a pigeon. There was a skin airing pigeons have been taught to, you know, look for reinforcement click three times, and you get a food where they started sending food down the chute randomly, and the pigeon develop all these elaborate dances and moves that thought was triggering the food delivery. But it was just superstitions. I am this fucking pitch. You are the superstitious AM the superstitious pigeon. I have I have have rituals that I have to do in order for things did go. Well, and like I can't wear just any para shoes on stage. I have to break them in and in order to break them in. You gotta let them fail a couple times. So I go up and bomb and a pair of shoes to break them in. And then once I bombed them, I can take them out. Let them do. Well, what is bomb for you? What does that mean? Just just not my best show. Just where you're like a little over the map. What if if I drink before I go on stage, then that'll be just horse. Yeah. So so but performing the certain amount of superstition like baseball players and stuff people have, you know, sort of high risk performances having being superstitious as common thing being so dependent on rewards and looking for the patterns associated with those rewards can create superstition really elaborate sufficient the reason I drink on planes. I think it's I really honestly think now superstition don't you do. Sobre ctober anymore. I did Tober. Yeah. We did last year damning influ, and I was totally cool with it. However, I I noticed that if I played brick breaker on my phone the plane crash the whole the whole time, I would be fine. I just had to distract my brain. Yeah. I couldn't have I tell you. What is fucking really killing me right now is my wife's stole my orgasms. Hold on slowdown. Everybody. We have news here. A woman has stolen Ammann's orgasms. Tell me more. So we're having sex. And I as on top of me, and I go to start having. I wish I could do a bit about this. But I just don't understand it really keep going. So I'm about to have an orgasm as she cease into my face. She's just starts giggling all look at him. Oh, and it took it away. It didn't I the stuff came out. But the actual organ in a way, I was like what the fuck did you do? And she was like what? And I was like you just I just stuff came out. And I didn't once you started talking to me the feeling the orgasm went away. I didn't feel the organ, then she got mad, and she goes, no, she didn't get mad started laughing fucking Saint sort of laughing your fucking with me. I go no go, please don't ever talk. If you see them having an organism don't try to start up a conversation with me just let it habit. But it was something about the babying look at him. All she said look at him. Oh, my God was like. Immediately. I was like. Grows. So then the next sorta like baby, mommy, you a little bit. I don't even know. It's the way she talks to my dick like if she sees. Little guy. She doesn't. She's not. Yes. She doesn't look at my dick go. Whoa. Thunder. Cock. And so so so the next time we have sex we're having sex, and she's has this look on her face as as where it was nothing. I'm not gonna go, please. Now, you're in my head. I don't get in my head about it. And so I have an orgasm. But I'm so ready for her to say something that I don't feel it it just happens. It's like it's like a dry run like a mom. Yeah. Yeah. Like the second half. Yeah. So then then the third time they have said, oh, Gazza them were doing it. And as I'm starting to having order them. Oh, you have a hair on your face. Stop fucking speaking of a hair your face. And now it's gotten to the place sometimes not all the time. But sometimes I can get in my head while we're having sex. And now I'm talking to myself, and I'm not in the moment. I'm not connected. She put a Hex on you. Oh my God. And I'll stays away it like my brain will go something like like normally like a perfect orgasm for me. And my brain shouts shit out. What floss electives like salon selects electives, those the first time I remembered happening I was I was like a kid, and I was jerking off. And all of a sudden, I hadn't guys my brain goes, slots electives, and I went. Of basketball horses running. And you're like we where did that come from? And so it's almost like a real like a pure pure drope dopamine rush where they say like the heroin addicts came up with their most brilliant ideas, the second heroine hit them. Yeah. I would have just the most random fucking words come out of my head when I see things or anything officially your auditory, smell or anything. Like rope. You know, what rope? And just I it's pretty it's pretty awesome. But now I can't now now lately I've been in my head we had sex yesterday. And and I I it was it worked. But it wasn't like the old school once 'cause I'm now I'm like almost like OCD about it is is leeann proud of herself. No, she'd I don't think even I don't I didn't bring I'm in. Brought it up in a while. So I don't think she thinks about it. Should they give a fuck? She land. Just doesn't get fuck about anything. He's someone can shut things down. And just what you're still thinking about that. I say I said I've been saying lately, she's kind of person. At the end of the night can turn up the lights. This is gonna sound sociopathic to turn off the lights turn off the TV. No drugs. No alcohol. Get in bed and closer is like a fucking Mormon. Just like. Well, that's it. For me. I'm done thinking. I could do that too. Oh, what the fuck? You're done thinking. That's what I start thinking. My brain's. Let's talk about the diseases. We think we were pretty sure developing a baby arm because we have LS. Yeah. Next message. Do we answer question? Remember any more? He. I don't do. My name is Brenda on city his old when I was younger my first experience with a group sex experience with a mean to Mace consensual with ago that we went to school with and that was my sexual after that went on to play sports in university and all this kind of stuff. And then while I was doing that. I experienced a lot of people were interested in biting me to cocoa sit in and I became somewhat of a fan of that. If you will to wear the point where now I liked to watch my thought police someone else and what my question is. How do you ask them? How do you go about that bringing that up to someone without them running from it? Because like, you know, most people they feel devalued, I guess when you say that you want them to do something experience something that other people. I just don't know how to approach it on. I would maybe you need to maybe break the habit of that. What do you think? Cuckolding? I actually have a fix for this. Yes. Can't wait. I think there should be a service much like tender or grinder or whatever the hell people use sexually for married people remarried couple. So I registered in it. Right. And then my wife gets an Email saying your husband's registered up for for sneaky, Pete dot com, or whatever it's called. And then what that service does. Is it pulls stuff that you're looking at porn, and then sends it to your partner. So that they get an idea of what you're looking for in the bedroom. But sometimes what you would men look at visually is not to say what they're into with a person. Oh, wait what no-no? Sometimes the the visually stimulates man is not necessarily exactly what they went in the bedroom. He can really confused women for real. Yeah. Go ahead. But Daichi is not implausible keep going because I think there's too many people in relationships myself included where you're maybe the converse. This guy's problem with having the conversation with someone the conversation such an uphill that you don't even have the conversation and Seattle wanna talk to you, you watch cuckolding porn, and that's going to be all of a sudden, she's like, wait. Hey, I've been getting on sneaky Pete sending me. It is sending me some videos of you. Watching dudes is that what you're into. And he then that's easier conversation right to that. But the reason I was talking about the I was thinking about the visual thing. Because a lot of men will watch porn that. Are unlike the women there with and that freaks the women out. I look for you know, what's so funny. I look not only for women that look likely, and I mean, I've seen I've jerked off two women that don't look like, Dan. But I look for women that look likely an and I also can find porn for the things. I like I like I really like going down on the end, but more importantly than anything. I love the look of her body from down there. Like, I love the way her everything. So I started watching close up orgasm born where it was shot from that angle. And I was like oh fuck I like that I've seen some I've seen some fucking porn that would I literally blow your fucking mind. I feel like by. I've watched on the road. I watch would why would it blow? And just some of this shit. I've seen your head. No, not not thought aggressive, but it's just like. Fucking freaky Burt. Why you're looking at like quick Samporn? Quicksand, porn you ever seen it. No, pull it up. What? There's quicksand points. It's porn of like women walking through the was just what it sounds like like, oh, this is a beautiful day. Yeah. Oh, maybe I'll take my top off. That'll help hoops. Nope. Didn't help. Maybe my bra heavy. Nope. Still thinking still thinking, here's what it is it connects down to younger than you. But by not by much. So I think you'll understand what it is designed jitter Marianne. Yup. That seriously one hundred percent in we didn't have porn growing up. We didn't have eggs acceptable are one foray into sexuality would be the television of the movies. We watched right Carl Abbott and Costello laurel and hardy, the Gilligan's island and a lot of times. There was a movie I think it was Lawrence of Arabia. I think was movie, and it used quicksand is a device those movies. So I've been quicksand, right? So so I would say two things one is as cruel, and I joke about this all the time we figured it's about a fifty fifty chance we dined quicksand because every TV show every movie that was quick swear. The fuck quicksand. I thought find right? So lots of quicksand gentlemen, if you weren't raised in the sixties and seventies. But the healer bees also. Oh, yeah. You know, then the and the devil was invading everything. And then the other one was aids I thought that would came later, but. Never kill dozer. The devil actually taking over bulldozers. Yeah. Okay. But but the really interesting thing here is that there's something about males that what they see from twelve to fourteen become sort of thing preference. Right. Beat is why be. Is so popular because they saw when they're twelve saw women getting tied up tied up on sudden that was their sexuality, right? Why why certain stuff goes right in the you know, the right zone at that age. We don't know. But the stuff they look at it that young age becomes preferential just becomes fixed. Yeah. It's hard to break them out of that. Like we were playboy. So that became the some version of that became what guys were preoccupied with. I remember I remember I went to this dominatrix mistress's Avella. Of course, you did. And she said those for her so in so at the says, there's been pretty interesting not everything turned me on. But some stuff did. And she was like what? And I told her she went what you were you born like seventy two she goes, August, I'm stuff you like, and that gave me much videos, and I was like I was like motherfucker if a fucking superhero costume doesn't kill it from because wonder woman was my are twenty pound out when I was straight or genie. Oh my God. It's so ridiculous. It's so amazing. What how the subtlety of what would turn you on and send you spiral? Now. It's like I'm scrolling through women eating asks pass pass pass. Well, that's what we don't know. What's going to do these kids? You know? Maybe that's why millennials are sort of passive and their relationships. They don't really. It's an interesting time. So the cuckolding thing not gonna great relationships in the future. Speaking of early, you know, his his original thing was probably sort of a coding thing to guys watch. While he was on this girl is very first experience that sort of geared that in his head. He needs to get out of that a little bit very demeaning, but what we do. What do we do with in the future with where we're moving with society where certain people's turn on are things that happen to them. They didn't ask for it. There's a team. And then all of a sudden it's their turn on. And now society doesn't let that be turned on like Louis. We live in a time. When just about anything goes, right? But if you're doing stuff that demean or hurt relationships you have to kind of break yourself up at right? Sorry, bro. Yeah. You having more voicemails. Are we going to videos? Okay. It's videos. We have. All right. Oh, this podcast is very fucking good. Are you here is was on the last episode of your mom's house that will be out by the time? This comes out. So why make episode four eighty nine? This guy keeps on posting videos on Twitter, dancing to people's requests. This oh, I have seen this guy to there is. So we were wondering was Jim Norton. What goes through someone's mind to have to you know, to be into making videos like? I tell you what bothered me more videos is that he didn't. Is that he didn't back it up in stand up? Keep going. Clearly videos. Probably an intellectual right. Probably a in England because you've got that British planet. He has an accent. I've heard Tom Otani talk to it. Yeah. We have that video. Clearly, he sleeps on his left side that aggregates over there. Oh, yeah. They're good. That. Oh, my this is Nike multi. Wishing you continued success on you'll mum's house pulled caused keep the cool guys coming Phil. Did he do that that he do the whole thing especially for them? No. He was doing it by himself. Tom found it posted it online. It got I wouldn't say seven hundred or something then it got back to him that they posted his video, and we're talking about on the podcast Heis, and he shot this video four, Tom. Hi, so excited to someone. Like, I have a couple of reactions. I if you ever go to like like nude beaches like in Europe, central pay or something like that one. Okay. Who had all their clothes off? It was not the hot Chang. Who's not me the old British guys? Yeah. Always the old Brit. They just throw their clothes off. So there's something about being old and British that makes you want to be with that you're close. I don't know. What that is. I think I think is also if I think if I had an uncircumcised dick, I wouldn't feel naked. If i'd. Check out if you had a slowdown if you had an uncircumcised dick, you wouldn't feel naked because it had a sweater covered was his uncircumcised. Wait. What were you looking at the video? Sorry. I don't know. I I didn't Jack. I wasn't looking was it. Trying to figure out so for people that are listening at home that are just audio. It's a guide dancing, naked all these. But an old bald man that looks kind of Indian like like, maybe there's some sort of Hindu ritual going on here or Buddhists something. But but I I'm going to he sees. Here is again, he seemed quite together when he talks, right? He's impaired. I I thought I we're gonna be like a brain brain tumor or something something's wrong with him. I can't I can't imagine. He has a job if he does. I oh my God. Definitely done this. But is not doctored. Ed staff, I must speak to this, man. I have to speak to that needs to be your your job for the next tiller. We do the next podcast. We could definitely connect on guarantee. You can get a hold of the we gotta find out what's gonna thump him. All right. So I have no good answers. I will come up with one. We'll talk to him. He is an egg Ma. Oh, who's that guy? We got another another clip from y make four eight nine. This is something that Brendan Shah brought up that I don't know maybe bird or do you want to weigh in on a? Love. Dr drew sicklers away has the biggest hog is a real facts. I'm gonna ask Fateh stick from his boy fat is day. Okay. We'll ask him on the next Lasko asked him on the after dark. It's a little bit of those the first talk. But I'm telling you. So that is my Catholic insist upon that as actually because it started because curl, and I were peeing next to each other. And he made comment for real, wait. How big your dick we were paying next to each other early relationship. And he and he goes, hey, pretty good. You thinking about something. Wait, wait. Hold on. I'm sorry. How big not that? Big. Hold on though is a big average. Like, like, let's I know you measure it. Let's put it. Let's let's ballpark it. How about this? How about this? Let's ballpark it on a position it would play. If it was playing on a basketball team. Is your dick a point guard where it could be like anywhere have exceed? Is it a forward which is more like, you know, six five six four. I don't know what what are the what are the how does it correlate? Hey type in real quick average sizes of positions on a basketball. No, I know those I wonder what your correlating with length of a penis. So like, I don't know. I got to wrapped up in my own analogy. I don't think I'm a center, but but forward. Okay. No. But like for your size how tall forward six feet. Okay. See my problem is I think I grew my dick like, I I gain weight. So it looks and it stayed the same size. Yeah. It's like having the grass go up on the mailbox. I know that you know, what is a squatter in the middle bustling city. We all go, right? And now my dick and my has gotten bigger single shooter on the grassy knoll Fuca my Fuca. I if I I wish I could I could localize weight loss to my because my dick with a big again. Yeah. And so and also as you gain adipose, your estrogen levels, go up. I'm sorry with Atta post, a the fat fat tissue. Yeah. You're you're estrogen levels. Go up is that one of my nipples Richie might have something to do with Esther through the roof and alcohol mix up to high barely drink alcohol. Hey, how how long so if I had good liberal levels in September party. And I was like I didn't like pull off go to the doctor. I was like this is what I literally look I my liver levels refine diso Tober party in the same. Probably gonna be the same like next week. Right. I don't know. Why did you bring up so Brock over because I didn't drink. So I didn't I took a whole month off of my liver. Blood tests are not a great way to assess what's happening to live. I mean, never mind next. If their way up they tell you something they don't not tell you something. So they have to have physical exam and feel it and look at what we did a sonogram of it. Oh had that look good. That tells you okay. So that's good. All right. So I wish I want I want I wish you can meet my cardiologists. So you can kind of give him the rundown and see if you like him. Okay. I Beverly Hills. Okay. Whatever cardiologist my everyone in my family data strokes. How about fucking Luke Perry? Crazy, right? I think that was an trail bleed. It was a stroke of real. Yeah. So it was like a more like an aneurysm or something you'll find out. He lived his his family the right down the street from us. And so we saw all the fucking time. When everyone your family data stroke, but stroke or neurological problems cardiac problems. I don't know they have stroke strokes because they had high blood pressure. And this is before anyone knew about like this like my grandpa, both my grandfathers strokes. And that's just it. I mean, those are the only so you're you wanna make sure you carefully monitor blood pressure. Keep that down. Yeah. I keep my blood pressure down exit combination. Hey, I've another question does adding heat to an exercise help with weight loss. Or is it just a thing that makes you sweat more? So you feel like you're being healthier. I mean, you you're hot you might be your metabolism might be a slightly higher. But not a really big deal. Okay. Because I'm doing hot spin class. Yeah. And it's not super hop is definitely hotter than not than regular spin class. My heart rate is literally pinned at one six one fifty six the entire class. Yeah. Good. But so if your heart rate's at one fifty six you're burning calories. Yeah. It doesn't matter it, even if you're working out because I don't feel like I'm getting like leg strength and feel like I'm being able to work out his good, right? But that's because of the heat could be and also, you know, you're these are not strengthening exercises. I love spin class. Yeah. Good. What do you like do you lift weights weights? I like actually was thinking I was like, I wonder if he's got a workout buddy. We should I keep my garage is filled with stuff. It's go down there. Just to thirty five minutes to go to work. It's it everyday. Do switch it up a couple of different things. But but I do the same thing every day, really? The fourteen enjoyed doing. You can't do steroids. Because you're I wish. Oh, yeah. I would even if I if I didn't have prostate cancer. I probably takes us replace should I take? Okay. Well, I'm just thinking if you feel like the fat chick going, maybe I should look for a boyfriend. It's more than you optimize your weight situation. I. I was thinking I get on the testosterone. And that would might help. Yeah. You have to sort of. It's not a horrible idea that idea, but it would we worry about the vascular facts. We don't really know what they are fully though, people argue that they're not nearly what he wants out. They were that's another video yet, we got one more acute up. So this is a old school back and forth between Tom and Christina. This is from your mom's house episode four sixty five if anyone's go back and listen to it. But this is something that we'd like to see if Bert and drew, you know, if you guys have an opinion on who's on the right side of this argument between Tom and Christina is a no in for us. Is it their house before I forget, I'm gonna talk about. How highly disappointed? I am in you and thinking about moving on so day, we're in bed. The other day. We're watching Ozark which I love this season. Two good, Mr. Bateman and Cass. We're talking about the whole family kind of has to watch out for each other have each other's back. And you told me and you in no uncertain terms that you would report me. Yeah. Through the forties. Yeah. If I were to murder someone and it was premeditated. Yeah. I was so stunned by this declaration. I just realized I thought I'd had a rider die. Yeah. And I thought I was with my wife for life. And now, I am actively searching for number two. Initial thoughts. I'm with Christina. I know I know you are all the way. I know you are remember you told me you'd read out your kids. I think certain behaviors are just not okay. And the the consequences must be brought to bear. Okay. I unlike drew a Christian, and I take care of my family. I Jesus drew even when you told me that even when we talked about our kids, and if they broke the law, or if they did what I said was that you gotta tell their kids if they get a drug problem that you're gonna make sure they get arrested, and that's that will catch their attention. And you gotta drop that ax hard. Oh, I'm the I'm the wrong. I'm the bad parent. That's like, you know, what he's he's going to be a DJ pizza. It's gonna be good last time. I talked to you. You're like, oh my God. I'm telling jokes about island. Gotta stop. It's really not fair to her fast forward. I go to your next special. The whole thing's about Isla. Oh fuck that kid fine. Our next house. She's not gonna make any money Liber. I'm gonna. I'm going to make that money now while she's being material on her behalf. Oh, my God that kid's a fucking gold mine from everything out of her fucking mouth. How does she feel about stuck in a day? She's gonna fuck it three. The female version of you do the kid is talking about treats. And I walked in. I opened our pantry door and Islas killing a Coca Cola, and I opened the door, and she sees me as spooks us. Shut the door thought your mom. Yeah. That kid is dude I told I told the story on Conan about her having her first period. Yeah. And didn't run a buyer. Just like it's a good story. I don't wanna fuck it up by saying she doesn't want to tell it. So she sees it by leeann shows it to her, and I ll Joe's the you talking about it to her. She goes that was on Conan tonight. Oh video. He did. And sees it which orga, and they're laughing and then Audio's, wait. He makes fun of us. Like, we what did you think? He did. She's like I thought talked about how cool you were. Like, no, baby. He definitely makes funny when she goes, oh, that's different. So then she comes up to me. And she goes, by the way, I had her period party. I'd put it on here at party. Oh, you haven't heard the story. What? She she got her period period period of school. She called me. She goes I need to get supplies go with for. She goes. I got my period once belonging. And I go what do you need like to come over with new panties pants socks to get your socks? And she's like, no, I need you to go to the store and a red velvet cake. Unlike what she doesn't building myself a period party, all the girls doing it. Maybe I don't know if I can eat a red velvet cake, knowing what symbolizes she's like, no, you gotta put the name your period on the cake. So this is very short version the story she's naming her period she named period. Jason why? Because she got it on Friday the thirteenth. So I tell the story on genius legit legit. So I tell the story on Conan, and they see it, and I go how'd you feel about it? She goes. I mean, I'm okay with it. I think it's good. I think it's good for like girl. See it. And they're having a hard time with the periods. So then it goes viral. I didn't expect for. Oh, yeah. Goes viral and Isla starts getting emails to my website from little girls getting their periods. And she loves it. Now, she's she's she's like because all these little girls are like, hey, I got my period, and I was really freaked out. And. My mom showed me the clip your dad talking about your period period party. And we welcome Daryl in our family. Yeah. But, but maybe this is your chance to talk to her and go you see how positive this can be is it we said it in the car today. I'm doing Coenen next week. Yeah. And I was like what am I wanna tell and like enjoyed John Eyler thrown out bits of things they did. And Georgia's remember the thing about Scotty Gorey's, and I was like I could tell that. And then I was like talking to tree and I was like the bit yet. And so and so. And then Lianne goes, hey, tell the story about the time Will Smith wanted up sexually and leeann what I was in long story. It's it's not what you think it is is not slanders to will. But it's a good fucking story. I thought a little my dad thought will wanna fuck me in the ass. And so I go maybe I'll tell that. And then Georgia goes, hey, why don't you tell that machine story? I said already told on there because you did maybe I'll watch that. And wait, you guys haven't seen the machine story. And they're like, no you'd never let us watch it lands. Like, you know, what tonight when dad gets done? Dr Drew's podcast. We're gonna watch the machine. We're all gonna go home and watch the machine Isla. Then goes is this the time you and Hitler robbed a. Excuse me. She didn't you weren't you friends with Hitler? I was never met Hitler Isla. You definitely would know if I knew Hitler. And she goes, I thought you I told people you knew Hitler's. Communist the mafia the fucking in Russia. Oh my God. Fucking mouth breeder. We gotta get her on this. She's she doesn't she doesn't liver the way you'd think she she I did a I did a few years. I did a web series with her for you live was a company that traveled channels putting together and they were obsessed with outtakes at the time. Yeah. So we're trying to do full blown acting scenes in my house, and all they would do would they get the lines? And they do out takes the lines. I thought that was hilarious. And I was so fucking frustrated by the end of the day that the last thing we did was we sat them down. This was on my two thousand sixteen special machine which streaming right now, a Netflix. We sat them down. And we said we're gonna come up with a safe word the kids. Yeah. And island Georgia what's to say. A word that only we know. So that if if we have our friend pick you up he knows the word, and you know, that you can use them. Yeah. And I go I go how. Can't say it anymore because I set it on my special, but does the name of our street, and I said name of a street how about that? And then Allah goes died. They they might know that that's our street. And I said what about Priscilla that's our dog? This is shooting this real in the moment. And I and I ll goes that you talked about your dog a lot. They're gonna know that too. I go what are you guys thinking Isla? Gotta be video of this. She how about motherfucker. I go excuse. No one's going to say that to a kid that. And I was like oh my God. You're fucking genius motherfucker motherfucker. Wow. This kid is really there's something going on with their. I don't know what it is. But she's super dyslexic and really to right. Yeah. And and super artistic like, really creative. She's a great. She's in place. She's hilarious plays. But she's not she as my math. Does your school? Like details. Don't details. Don't stick with that kid. I gotta what's the teacher that got in trouble. Oh, Metra Mexican name. He's gonna Mexican named Edano. Mr. Mexican you hit Hitler, his communist. So. So you grew up where Florida Tampa in Tampa parents together and brothers sisters two sisters live in LA. What are they doing one's a nanny Dula nanny? And then the other one works at FOX for publicity. Oh, interesting. Yeah. And in school where you like Isla? I don't I think so I would make people laugh, by didn't know, why was make people laugh my whole life. I was funny. But I didn't know I didn't know I wasn't trying to be funny didn't understand why people were laughing. I really was taking myself serious and people just thought I was joking. And so I get in trouble a lot being serious and people thought it was fucking around. And I don't I guess is the look of ample. I was in a class one time. I've maybe it was right around when when moonlighting was on and someone brought up the teacher brought up Sam cook. And all I knew about Sam Cooke was he was shot raping women, and I just went I actually he was shot raping a woman in the crash lost. And I was like I was trying to be serious. I thought you guys would be interested in that. But I I didn't realize that that's not the time. You know? So funny. I started talking to someone about this. The majority of my stand up a lot of it is me be getting new situation where I'm being serious and people, and I I miss understand the moment. I started realizing that the other talking to someone about about bits and how you come up with bits. And I was like a lot of times. It's me like there's a bit. I'm working on right now. I went to traffic school in Burbank. One time and the teacher came in. I was high and I was like black ice sit behind me and class. I didn't know him we smoke a blunt the teacher comes in. And he's got a like a completely atrophied. Right arm. Right. And immediately. I'm like I wish I knew about. I got this fucking high. And then the goes who he sees me looking at it. And he was all right who notices something different about me like fucking idiot. I put my hand up. I was like all right here. And no one else put their hand up the sued by hand up. When I was like, I didn't need to answer. I didn't need to know. What it could just been like, I don't know what you're saying. I don't know. I don't see anything, but I'm like all right here. And he's like, okay. What is it? This is seventeen years ago. And so I didn't know what to call it. Like, I just all I knew was the baby arm, but I was like I can't say baby onto the guy who's got a fucking baby arm. This is the only part of the joke that I ever thought was funny was I put my hand up. I was afraid to say what it was. I'm like, I'm not gonna say baby and stalled so long trying to come up with an answer that the black guy behind me lean forward tap me on the back knows it's his arm that made me laugh so fucking hard. But that for me is that there's more to the bit. Obviously now that I'm trying to develop it on stage. But that seed of me putting my hand up. Same thing with Ralph Sampson story row Samson I was in. I'm all over the fucking map right now on Ralph Sampson when I was thirteen years old. I went to Raleigh amino basketball camp. I was supposed to Ralph Sampson was he was a seven foot center for university of ganja who went on to play for the Houston Rockets, and he comes into give a speech to a class. And he goes, all right. First things first who in here parties, I thought he was like looking for party or so I put my hand up. Realizing as soon my hand went up. I mean, only hand up everyone's like, and he just looks at me. And he goes, how do you party like I'm a thirteen year old, and I didn't never party before. So I just looked at him dead serious in front of a Levin hundred kids, and I was like hardy, oh, excuse me. I pop party hardy, and he's like, how do you party hardy, and I didn't have an answer go with both hands fucking camp is losing their mind losing their fucking mine laughing, and I'm trying to be dead serious. And he literally mad dogs me gets me in front of the whole camp. And then does like a punishment to put the basketball behind my legs on my arms, and makes me stand at attention for the whole speech. And and by the way, I was a God. After that kids on I was the funniest motherfucker double they kept calling me double dribble 'cause I said partied hard with both hands double dribble double dribble. It was like those moments. I think that was funny. But I didn't know I was ever funny. What do you think that is? I've no the it's something to do with the treats, it's like a little rewards Zane serious. Yeah. Because you get a little Zing by being a part of it. Right. You can't you're pulses and you go. Yeah. Yeah. So you'll get your totally right about that. Because if I see a celebrity I walk up to them. Yeah. Pulse. Of and utilizing reward from being part of my part of a celebrity walks in the room, my heart skips, a beat. And I am impulsive. And I can't I can't who would actually make full of yourself name. But I hit tragic crazy. It'd be open to rock the rock the rock the women. Oh, that's interesting. I mean, I mean like, I'm sure if I don't have I don't. Because there's a pure this is going to sound really fucked up. Here we go there's a pure thing with me, if I if I see another male celebrity, there's a pure thing going on where they know not trying to fuck them. They know there's no genus fan you. Yeah. I mean, I guess if I saw him Donna, I I don't know if I fan girl that you'll show shits creek. Do you watch it? Yeah. No. I think so why why just ran up to the ones of play the brother and sister in event. I scared them do. I'd freak out cash cash. I would lose my fucking mind. There's a lot of there is there is a lot of women. But like someone like Angelina Jolie, I would freak out on. But I also don't wanna think from hitting on her. I get that. I would want to write freak out on the rock like freak Alba. And know that he's comfortable with me freaking. Yes. Yes. You would. He would not have a boundary problem. Oh, yeah. I I have. I'm the person that has to say about around. Did you see the Michael Jackson thing? The and. I'm curious to see how this shakes down with the internet. Look, I don't I don't think we all knew he was fucking kids. The onus is on us. We all we all knew he was had inappropriate relationship of kids. We didn't know. And now in you, see it, you're like, whoa. I didn't I see through these classes. He's holding hands with a child. Yes. Never held hands with childhood. I have two of them. I know like, yeah. And and then to hear these kids stories Iria, go fuck this guy. But I was never a fan. I was never like a huge fan of Michael Jackson's. I liked his music as much as the next guy. But I wasn't like, but you see these people defending him. And then you see the way they're taking down our Kelly, and you're like, it should be the same for our Kelly as Michael Jackson as Harvey Weinstein there across the board their Saulters, I don't like bullies. And I don't like conversation. So I can very easily fall into the fucking. I always wonder how I didn't get molested. I'm I do not like confrontation. So when these kids. Say that like they're just excited to be around a celebrity mom, let me spend night in his bed. I can totally myself in that situation with your kids. What not with no not me? And with those kids you as the kid. It's what was what your daddy for living lawyer any mom teacher, and where they are normal family system or something I the theory about jussie smollet, by the way, tell me I think he's gonna come out innocent because because. I think I think he was set up by these two Nigerian guys it's possible. It could be a graft. I think they got him into a situation much like I get myself into where he couldn't get himself out of it. He got he was in it. They're drinking. They're doing drugs partying he's trying. I think he's trying to sleep with them. They're good looking guys there. I think there's actually looks questionable in the videos of themselves combing their hair's in front of a mirror. So like, I think he was there and their trainers and these paying them to be trainers and they worked up Griff. Like, what have we did this man think about this? And he just wasn't saying. No, which is my biggest problem is nothing. No. And then he got in over his head. So as their idea, I think so I think to meet to me, which whoever started at that's a possibility. The thing I think neither whomever was the Genesis of this whole thing contemplated was how the press would go with it. I think that's I think the Nigerians came up with it. Because if I the kid was making a lot of money, and he was really talented actor, and I gotta assume. I'm he n-. I can't imagine. I think any I think he had a record dropping today's the content of the record record had things like that going on the record. He wanted to make a splash for the record. He never imagined the press would go so they're Cran the narrative of the ass of everybody in the country. Right. That makes I think I think he was shocked. What happened? He thought he made a little noise, and you know, whatever or they thought who knows who really is that the the center of it. I don't know. Anyway, back to the reason I was saying that is I was like when you're telling the truth your answers, you don't need to think about your answers. And he was thinking about his answers. But what is your dad? Do. I go lawyer do teacher like when you're telling the truth like you, just go. Yeah. This is the truth just as it is. And yet your two sisters and their younger to both younger. And he said what I'm going after as why you feel was America. You didn't get molested yourself. I just am. I was the sound is going to sound really maybe super sad or whatever. But I was around it like I saw. Really inappropriate stuff having the people my age through like older brothers or older. Like, I remember. I remember this guy. But it was so weird. You didn't call it. What it was? I remember I went to this kid's camp if things called kids camp and the teacher had a compound are thin guy. The guy our air. Whatever compound bow was maybe like twelve in a compound bow and alaso and he came in. He was like, oh, we're on our beds. You like. He's probably seventeen years old himself. Yup. And he came in and he grabbed one of the kids brought him into the shower hog tied him ripped all his clothes off. And was he drunk? I don't know. It was like it was almost like. Bo wasn't like sexual. But it was like it was an assault. Definitely. Yeah. And I remember thinking pray to God. That's not me. I'm outta laid in that by going please come in. I I saw a lot of that. Like, I think that was also the redneck things like I remember what I remember swirlies where they'd hold your head in a toilet and flush it. I remember the happened to my friend. And I was like woo. I missed that by inch. But like I feel like I was always around that shit. And I am very trusting person. And I am very vulnerable. And I don't like confrontation. I'm definitely the last person to be like him, and you're bothering me, please stop like sometimes when I do meet and greet. Those those weird kind of alpha guys will do shit that's Alfie. And I just let it go around you to get approval from you to me sometimes these group gay guys in Austin, one of them came up, and he was like, I I don't think they knew I was to be honest with you because they were looking at me and they're off to the side. And the only reason I know they were games because I saw them all kissing on the death or later, I wouldn't have known that. They were just regular looking guys and the guys. I am in. I know you are going to get a picture. And I was like, oh, yeah. Sure. That's doing if you wanna picture. He's no chill the fuck fat ass stomach. And I was like, okay. Let's not be like his fucking come on. And he just looks my stomach, and I'm like, whatever it's easier for me to get just a not interact with it, then to stand up for myself, and that go no fuck, you don't get a picture of fucking asshole. Roll with it all the time. Everyone calls him fat. And like, well, I'm trying to stand up for myself. Yeah. I it is it is extremely comfortable with people treat you like a cartoon character or an object. I think that's part of say celebrity. But like, yes, you are. And that's part of it. You're you know, we you receive over here few minutes ago. And I remember once he had a he had a cardiac problem from oh, who's drinking? And that one point they thought he had a cardiomyopathy, and they told them that this horrible cardiologists goes your need a transplant within two years. And he came on love line later that night. I was like, I don't believe this. It doesn't not based on the. Dad? I saw no, please. But he was upset and people called in. And they go see sorry. Sorry, your heart's working anyway about my penis. They've just get right pass it. They treat them like nothing. He told me at a terminal illness. Don't you don't just kind of blow pass that. But I think people don't think about people in the public the same thing back to Michael Jackson, you know, he's dead because treated people treated him as something different special. You know, and that's how that families families treated him that got him in the situation with these kids families, I go there were so taken with them. It's just it's just another thirty year old, dude. That happens to have a talent his I don't even know to eat right is long time. I've been no either. I don't even I mean, I'm be cool with that catalog disappear. And I don't care. I let's what's okay. Who's? Okay. Who's the who's the catalog were really affects you really like. Hold on. Hold on. I understand him less people. But they're talk this through Verity. Very. Composer? Oh, yeah. Okay. He's alive. Like, what's? Like like like, for instance, Led Zeppelin stole all their music, right? And the mystery of women terribly. But I think everyone's like, you know, what though times were different it wasn't. I don't know why they aren't being extradited for kidnapping at all. I mean, they they put a fish in a girl's, John. Yes. They should be really like this should be extradited. They really comb through this pretty aggressive. If we're going to do a cleansing we need to cleanse top to bottom. How about all the bands in the seventies? At sung about the fourteen year olds that they were screwing in the vans. Elvis's gone, oh, year Elvis, Jerry Lewis has gone on get rid of all of John John? What's his name who did pretty in pink breakfast club? All those movies. There's gotta be out of there. I watched couple of my girls the other day and benders under the table and just each pussy what he just puts his face in her vagina Claire, and she's like stop it. And he was like oh shut up to get rid of all those fucking movies. They are you can't watch them with your kids. They are. So Gioja said Joe Rogan was just saying that. As vendors horrifically, transphobic. Really? Oh, yes. The girl's got a dick and everyone starts throwing up. The only thing that sucks about the whole transgender movement is like now, you can't just be a big girl. Like, if you're fucking six foot and a woman, maybe tab thick. Everyone's dude. No. You can't be I saw this girl hiking, even my cousins were like, dude or check. And you're like back in the day was just check. Oh, I see now. Everyone's like the joke. Was. Until it. Go ahead. I said I was horrible joke. They don't tell it. Okay. So you had two sisters Tampa Bay. That was attorney is he cool with your job. Now is he just came out on stage with me the other day still practicing still practicing? Wow. He he's always been cooled. My job hasn't figured out yet done understand. It doesn't really get it. Yeah. Like, even my story. When I tell stories I what. Think that's fun. He's never seen me perform never seen him form. Live never seen. Would it be weird having their now would actually hey, can you pull up my Instagram page? Please do on their this is this happened in Tampa this really caught me off guard and. And I'll show you the video. And then I'll tell you what he said to me. Okay. I can't wait go rows go to the one with the four one six at. There. We go k. So couple of weeks ago. I was in Tampa the Tampa theatre and my dad decided to surprise me on state. Here's the video. That's really funny. So he did that he's never he's never been on stage. Like that. Did you see the whole show? He'd know he sat backstage and drank he didn't he wasn't gonna watch any of it. He's like I don't want timing off. I I I'd make you nervous. So then he called me. We he knew that. My we shot that my friends had been there and shot it on on their cell phones. The camera guy with us and my dad was like was like, hey on video, and then he was like aggressively sending these video needs video. So I got the video is edited down. I gave it to him. And then he called me. And he goes, I get it. What do you mean? Because that's I mean, that's a rush. I still feel it like seventeen hundred people just cheering like that. That's I mean, you know, there's no equivalent of that in life like you don't get that anywhere else. That's gotta be kind of be like intoxicated. And I was like it gets really intoxicate treat ya. And he goes to an hour that and then you end with like, that's I mean, that's and like he. Keeps like as an sending me tax. Like, really appreciate you. Allowing me the opportunity to feel that he wants to do it again. Percent. Look if I like treats my dad, my dad is a treat motherfucker guys. I there's been many a time where he's fucked you guys up because I made dinner thing for us. I guess soon as we sat down families like Bala wine bottle of wine who wants who got Wagle beef. Yeah. Yeah. So, but that it at fucking broke him. He literally was he's been talking about it. Now. It's funny. How audiences can be over stimulating. Oh, the first time. The first time I ever the first standing ovation. I got on this tour. I know that some people have been upset. I've definitely got standing ovations before. Yeah. I know that I've said that I didn't. But I did I'm just I've seen them. It's just here. This tour has been very it's been happening a lot, and it's been very emotional for me. But the first one I got in Portland. I was like I was just like, you don't I there's no I talked about this a lot treat. It's fucking fills you with like this thing where you're like, I couldn't get that somewhere else. I don't know where you'd get that. If you're looking for that, they don't sell it. I saw another thing that ralphie may did once where he was head the room. It was a huge room. Try not to tore him, and he had the room laughing in where literally I could see waves going through the audience where at I was laughing. I couldn't breathe those I looked out across the way over on the site. And I could just see waves. He like an orchestra. He was like an orchestra conductor like making this happen. You know, one after the other the other way, that's gotta be crazy. When you see that kind of thing ralphie had a great way of doing that. Because what he would do he would take a bit, and he'd work it he'd work to the where you thought it was. Yeah. And then he'd tag it five other times with better jokes than the one. He gave you at the front. Yes. He talked about having a medium dick have you ever seen that bit? Now, he talked about having a medium, dick. And he goes women want big biz. You don't want big Dicks big dick believe in your pussy looking like, and he had nine different things. It was looking like and the last one was a horse reaching for a cube. I of sugar. I was on the fucking ground laughing at his nine different things. Horse reaching for Cuba sugar. He was so he was so amazing that I knew very very well. One of my best friends. Oh, no kidding. I've known ralphie ralphie was. One of my favorite stories ever. I know I'm sure somewhere, but we went to the Bahamas together. We did a Paul young Ron was radio show down to Miami. And we did we did there there'd Bahama's trip at a Lantis. So the first night. I'm by the way, I'm just barely a headline a headliner by two kids. But I'm just started really touring headliner ralphie's, we as he's big. And so the first night, we go to this radio vent, and then we have dinner, we have dinner at Chinese restaurant and ralphie goes, I go get my I play blog. I got it. I got it. And so I was like, thanks. Rob hadn't even look at the. I didn't look to see what it was. So the next night is another similar night me and ralphie and lawn and Leon and their baby and their nanny go to dinner. And once again it goes, oh, I pay nothing. So he pays again. The next night is the night of the show. And I gotta go on I and ralphie's player wants to go check on the room. Get yourself ready. Do your time. I'll be I'll meet you there. I was like all right. So we pay for that night. So the lab. Night. Leeann says, hey, why don't you pay for this one go to the waitress before the give me your card to make sure it doesn't get Ralph yet? Yeah. And just tell her to bring out the Bill she has the Bill just bring up the Bill charged us. I go Kay. So I give her my car. And I said listen to whatever whatever happens all at the big, I pay. She was like, okay. So we order we drank. We have our last night there. We're leaving in the morning. We have a great fucking dinner at Nobu the sushi restaurant. Bill comes and like, oh, I got it. And I said ralphie's been taken care of. I wouldn't do that Burke rusher. And I go what? And he goes. Oh, you should have looked at it. First playboy. What is she hands me the Bill, and it's like twenty four hundred dollars, and I'm like. Look I open. I look at it. And the and says how much is it? And all I said tours fuck you. That's how much it is. And Liang goes you don't ever tell me? And then rob goes, all you fucked up you told MS leanna fucker. So there's going to be a long night, Burke writer and don't think I ain't all that fish that was all that sake bombs you doing that's sake bombs. Sake bombs. I didn't I didn't think the tip would be as much as the Bill. Didn't know what that I didn't know what it was. So then we go. We get up ralphie goes apply. We just go win that money back. Go take three thousand dollars out of your Bank account. And so whenever my Bank account put out three thousand dollars went over and lost it within two minutes. And we're now five visit. We didn't have thousand down leeann is live bid on livid. And and it was not and then and then ralphie upgraded to first class to fly home for Miami. He was he was and then I edited a video of him talking about hit that Bill that Bill wasn't that you. Embellishing starry Christ do Lonnie more. That's why I've been talked to I've texted with her. And if I talk to her, but I mean, sadly, this has really fucking horrible. But like. I think when you're you're closer if Joey died, I don't know how much I talked to Terry. Yeah. It's a weird thing when you're not a couple anymore. Joe if Joe died, I don't know if I reach out reach out to reach out to his wife. I'm sure they'd like if I died, I'm sure everyone would reach out to leanna couple of times away. We all did for Lana. Then you start moving forward with your life. Now when you're couples when you hang out as couples and the couple one couple or they even divorce whatever it just doesn't. You don't stay equally friends with both. I mean, like, you know, if if if I don't know if you've talked to Tom again. Sure, we wouldn't let's wrap it up right there. Bert. Thanks, please come back in two hundred. I wanna see I wanna get some of your videos and talk about them here. Oh, you know what I wanna do? I want to come on. And and she can tell you you guys breakdown me that would be fun. Oh, don't you worry that's plan? And it's already planned. We'll get your wife in here. We'll have a and then and then maybe that's we'll take some of the videos, and she and I will look at them together. And then we'll have one of these days. We'll bring you and you're both together. Please. Whenever you want to do my podcast, please cooking show. I whatever whichever shows almost bigger than my podcast these days. All right. I got you cook we do it out in Burbank. Okay. Yeah. You're up by there. Yeah. All right. All right. Thanks for being a part of this again, tell Fran sign up for the episode. 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