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"dr arti bulker" Discussed on The Dental Hacks Podcast

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"dr arti bulker" Discussed on The Dental Hacks Podcast

"Listen to it on the way to work. Don't act nation welcome back to another daily are shorter yet for those of the short mm-hmm we were. We focus one time for a few minutes with interesting people this morning. Interesting person in question is dr arti bulker already. How are you doing. I'm doing great allan. Thank you so much for having me back. Yeah we gotta have you are sort of a fixture on the dental x podcast and like a barnacle that you can't thank you hard. It's hard we scraped and scraped and yet he's still here. It's amazing so he's got a course coming up. He's giving at cosmic this pretty exciting because i think the very first time i met you in person was at cosmonaut. Yeah i think we met at a one of jason's course yeah yeah. It was weird because you weren't you weren't taking the course course per se you might have been volunteering to like help with the hands on or something i yeah you might have been in chicago for something else and just came up for the i don't know it was it was pretty pretty. Crazy 'cause like one minute. I'm watching jason lecture next minute. I'm looking out that glass door that they have and there's a dude whose face i've seen a lot of times on the interwebs but i hadn't actually seen in person so there it was it was a great time plus. I hurdle you guys. Were coming so i wanted to see jason. Matt kosta yeah was there. You were there. They were all. Was there everyone everyone was there. The gang was there man. We're getting the band back together. I had a big big case. I guess a foremost i had to just get over. I was giving a course <hes> near the airport but i took the train in which it was an interesting experience all on its own especially a guy from new york it was it was kinda fun but anyway great to to to run into everyone there so that's actually the first time we met in person. Who's the trip okay so. Let's just talk a little bit about okay there. The qazvin and the center for excellence is basically the classroom in the sky overlooking looking michigan avenue in chicago and i've talked about it a million times. I literally when we were in chicago for spring. Break this year with my kids. I took them up to cosmic because it's such a great view in like that. My kids had never seen tall buildings like that before and i'm like well you know what tall buildings can we have them. Look out of await cosmonaut. It has a tall building with a great window so literally took our kids up to carbon and got a chance to look out the windows and stuff. I know as as already secure easy impressed clearly you're easily impressed but <hes> it was awesome. I love the cosmetics a really cool classroom and now you get to be the guy in the front of the classroom. Tell me a little that yeah so it's a it's pretty exciting. It's my first official course at the center for aesthetic excellence <hes>. I've been a proctor for few courses. I actually did a course with cosma dent at the a. c. D. months back down <hes> a great group as you. You know a great group to be with and tasso asthma and is like figures wildly importantly at the a c._d. So yeah absolutely so i'm i'm. I'm very much looking forward to this course. It's a it's a it's a good course in that. It's what we call a level one course and there's a few even these really really great clinicians who are doing level one courses <hes> dennis hartley is going to be doing level one of course <hes> with buddy mapra. Matt costa's going to be doing one. I think even corky wilhite the height is doing one and the sort of the philosophy if you will behind the level one courses. Is that it i mean. I love doing direct composite. Is it to me. That's that's definitely my passion procedure. If you will <hes> but i remember when i started i would see all these these beautiful works and things like that and see how how do you do that so there would always be a lot of trepidation or even better. How about this one. You're at lunch all of a sudden. You've got a phone call. Well you know mrs johnson fell cracked tooth number nine <hes> and she needs something because she has to go to her. Granddaughter's graduation exactly it's always something like oh always elway's in forty minutes right right and and and you have to do it and there is no you know you can't are we'll bring you back. We'll impress. You'll have the lab wax. Whacks you up for a crown. You have to do something immediately <hes> and so you know you. You pucker a little bit right. You know you get that little of right at the pit of your stomach and i remember that feeling and the the point of these courses is to set you up for success so that kind of if especially if you're interested in it and you really kind of have a a a desire to learn it <hes> what we do is we try to take you from the very very foundational aspects of things like like a smile design of things like color theory shape portion of all those things were want to to make it so that if you're a beginner and you're really very inexperienced this will lay a good foundation for the level two and level three courses that cosmic since <hes> c. ee offers but also if you're kind of an experienced practitioner and you wanna come to basics and then kind of take those basics to a more advanced technique. That's <hes> going to the kind. Of course i think for you. It sounds to me like you. I mean the the rationale or the the schedule has hands on that that goes goes from basic <hes> single single tooth or i'm sorry single shade veneers like a honestly in my office. That's probably the most common knbr cosmetic procedure. I'm doing a lot of times. It's it's the person who's actually got quite a bit of decay in the interior and they want their teeth. Look nicer and word we're not trying to do. Do you know layering in halos in that sort of thing. We're really trying to make their teeth at brown. Look white kind of thing in your starting. You're starting kind of with that and then you actually even by the time the courses over you will have done some later and you will have done some. Some multiple shade veneers that sort of thing i it's. I mean it's which is awesome. You're in it's all interior. There's no fear in this courses all interior right so you get to kind of focusing on the nitty gritty of smile stuff rather than try to because a lot of times it cosmic. They're covering a lot the ground this is interior only and it's for people who just want to up their interior direct composite skills whether they've got a lot of experience. We're not very much experience right so you made a great point about that single shade composite veneer because <hes> i've done some demos just kind of teasers for the course and a lot of people said that that looks really nice but i wouldn't do that in my practice but what i hope to single shaded veneers they're absolutely probably the beden bread-and-butter if you will of of kind of my direct work but there are ways especially with sort of the the the stable of products what's that cosmic has available to if you want to enhance very easily the <hes> sort of the the aesthetic effect of your restorations we can do that so basically the my thought was to start with a single shade because we wanna learn things like shape especially. We're going to do an exercise on on the single central <hes> which is everybody's favorite the one yeah but everybody's it's really funny. I was thinking about this earlier this morning for we talked like there are are so many situations indirect composite that are the the nightmare like the single shade like the single central as the classic one or the or the poster to where you really have to reach contact in your mind. You're like oh. That's really rare. It's not rare. It's the heartbeat but it's not it happens all the time it absolutely and the other is if you're going to try and do a crown on that single central good free and lock good luck. It is what i always do. Just blame the lab so hold on. I'm sorry didn't work. The lab messed it up there. You can blame the lab but the you know you're still there still wearing a temporary temporary for a long time. That's the best because you always make the temporary look awesome and then the the central. The single crown comes back and it looks like a nightmare so i always say direct composite. How's your better bet because you just have more control over at chair side right and.

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