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The Aiuppa Bribery Case

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The Aiuppa Bribery Case

"You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former kansas city police intelligence unit detective jerry jenkins good evening. All you wear capris out there tonight. We're going to talk about a bribery attempt of a chicago police officer. I recently had somebody one of our fans. Wire-tappers out author asked me if i'd ever been offered a series bribe and i have to say you know kansas city. We didn't really have that tradition of bribery. By the time i came on in nineteen seventy-one now the nineteen fifties they did a up into the sixties and when we got clarence kelly was a former f._b._i. Agent as our chief of police he really rooted out a lot of the commanders inside liden him. They retired when they realized that <hes> <hes> there's. There's a new sheriff in town jail. We say so that that smaller time bribery <hes> did not exist in the bigger time bribery. I don't know we kelly's one that formed intelligence unit were worked at most of the time and so he started off with two incorruptible guys <hes> rake indian ian in jimmy doolan and like a lot of us we were they were country guys. They were from one of us from stockton. The other now jimmy dylan actually was from up by where i come from. I'm in northwest missouri from a rural area and and it was kind of like. I don't know we didn't really have that tradition. We didn't grow up with that. Tradition of people bill being able to bribe policemen so we didn't take bribes. There were some people at dan we we had our sheriff. Criminals are policemen who were criminals all along. They'd get caught every once in a while but mainly. We didn't have now chicago new york. <hes> is a little different story. There's a long tradition. It's institutional corruption corruption that in a lot of little ways they always took clean joey say clean money as opposed to dirty money never take money from narcotics dealers or <hes> somebody like like my guys if they got outside the the realm of what they were supposed to do like hand heart in chicago william had heart was a longtime police <music> officer sergeant captain went all the way up to commander ran a burglary ring and was really connected closely with the outfit but when a rural rural but a suburban policeman was killed by a couple of mob associated <hes> armed robbers two guys that worked with harry aleman and his crew crew why he made tournament and they had to tell where the body they'd buried displacements body and they had to tell where the body was buried so it kinda like work both th- ways guys who were a little too close with with the outfit <hes> who knows some people as like las vegas. Some people say they liked it when the mob ran it and it was safer nicer nice earners more customer service. I don't know <hes> but <hes> everybody everything is what it is and that's the way it was in kansas city <hes> in my experience but in chicago's a little different experience so i wanna talk about when when joya was coming up and how he got caught up in a bribery attempt by one honest policemen who worked for a sheriff richard ogilvie ogilvy was <hes> was a sheriff that took over he actually hired richard kane and had ended up finding fired him shortly after but they had cooked a cook county sheriff for period of time back in the sixties fifties and sixties i believe and and he was basically he was not corrupt utter. Then you know you got to be a politician you gotta you gotta do certain things to get along but taylor did not allow his guys to to take <hes> the smaller time briberies who who knows i mean he he got run for office again and they take money <hes> for their campaign contributions. I mean that that still goes on up to the day in which allows you access but i'm gonna tell you one story that i thought was kind of interesting interesting about this one honest policemen he was a he was <hes> vice unit officer. He might have been sergeant then really say from this man was donald shaw twenty six six year old vice officer assigned to the cook county vice squad nine hundred and sixty five he and james larkin james hill anna in a james braddock and i guess that was the triple triple. Jimmy gang their triple. Jimmy crew the three gems three. James's probably what they were called at the office. They went into doyle's palm club which was sixty twenty-six west twenty sixth street posing as customers. The coppers heard sounds of slot machines being played played in the back the ended up arresting a sixty three year old woman for gambling and edward f doyle from cicero as the manager and shortly after the rest while they were still there a man named john carr walked in he allegedly at the time tried to offer a five hundred dollar bribe to forget the arrest shop just turns around and arrest junk car for his attempted bribery and later they had a county grand jury heard the case indicted that man for bribery this junk car would be identified by the sheriff's department department has a brother-in-law of joseph korngold who was a well known outfit gambling fixture in cicero his his real name was not car. It was caspar j. cleft peta. We had a guy here in kansas city. Some of the other members of families name was calm assad on he was pretty well. Known william asano colleague willi the rat and we used to call his son is willie comes on a junior he used to call him willie the mouse but they use the name comings and he used used in a lot of different business things and actually if you think about it a lot of prejudice against italians out of the turn of the century not up into the forties and fifties so i understand dan why they might want to anglicized their name a little bit from the italian that and when you were well-known mobster you also don't mind changing your name either. He was an associate of chuckie english. It was a west side mob gambling boss and lester crews who was an operator a floating crap game for the outfit officer shaw later on was approached got a phone call from jacob p dutt's it called him dutch which berg rider which i guess they call him debts from the duke are a german he was a lieutenant on the sheriff's department and and he called called up don shah and said hey. You know let's talk about this. I want you to meet somebody so they got together with the other members of the unit and somehow got a miniature radio transmitter with a receiver from the state police. He's weren't very it common in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. Let me tell you these. These kinds of devices were not common at all but anyhow they got the device. They wired him up. This was a cook county sheriff's office remember and they went to chicago. Police intelligence unit captain duffy and lieutenant berry who assigned a couple of detectives -tective allen jacobson and robert hedley to operate this recording device used to call him a kill kit by that time kate yale and think was the the actual the brand name of them and and it was it looked like a pager <hes> it was a pretty good size <hes> sending unit that they have to tape on him. You had to be real careful not to tape but directly to their skin because it got it got hot. You needed some cloth between the person's skin. Many million informant had to run to the bathroom and and strip that thing off 'cause somebody <hes> tape that kill to directly to their skin and then put enough clothes over that it and they're like maybe like bending over and it was pushing against him real hard <hes> they had to run and take it off. They could even get burnt. Some of their skin would get so bad so at the prearranged time don shaw <hes> walked into a real estate office. Burg brighter also had a off duty gig as a real estate salesman. He had his own company he will when he gets fired. In the the end he will <hes> <hes> go into the real estate business. This real estate office was on northwest highway. In palatine brighter introduces don shaw to a man e calls joy o'brien and those juryman walkabout a half a block away to a sandwich shop and drive in on illinois illinois route fifty three northwest highway. Some you guys live up. There knows nor suburb probably know where this is in that sandwich shop. I did made his offer. He'd offered two thousand dollars to don shaw to water down what he called. Water down your court testimony on the car bribery case in care so much about the the other gambling but what they did care about was bribery after the meeting shall went on home and burgh brighter came to his house about ten or fifteen minutes later called him out and had him sit in his car. Burg brighter went ahead and gave show he hadn't really given his his okay okay particularly but acted like he might be interested in he gave him five hundred dollars down payment on the two thousand dollar bribe in an in an article that mike burnett earn. It put up on his website chicago out that old and new articles. I downloaded this and copied it off. I want to tell you. I'm gonna read read to you. The exact conversation that <hes> these men had that day in that sandwich shop in burg brighter said don. I need a little help with case officers yet. That's what's up your that that bribery bust he made on that guy over and a few months ago yeah now. Some friends of mine are very concerned. Show is a good guy and we should help him out. Yeah has that. I take it easy. Take it easy. I'm not asking you to do anything wrong. Under perjure yourself just help him out a little help his lawyer find a loophole. He's fucking chasers. They did this shit all the time. You know that show says well. What's in it for me. You know the tapes rolling and then this is gonna. This is gonna hook in berg brighter. Later on my friend would be very nice to you. I promise you that yeah well. I don't know how this supposed to work. I don't want no trouble out of this. My friends sitting in the back room right now. Do you want talk to him. At talking can't hurt. I guess get up and walk in the other room walked in the back room. Don this our friend joey o'brien joy this officer don show nice to meet you. Officer shaw likewise. Just call me don join. Don understands what we need here. He just needs some more details. Joy o'brien or joey i o possess don. I can always use a good man. Little extra help l. Shah's as joey is that your real real name. Is it or is it o'brien long long quiet then he just comes back back as if he didn't say anything you just gotta give our lawyer some kind of loophole in the prosecution well. How could i do that. We'll start off. Tell let me what went down that night. After shaw said well my whole squad my whole squad resents. I had the joint and saw the slot machines and the crap game going on we announced ourselves and made all the players players lined up against the bar dislike normal while we were getting ideas from everybody. Your man car came out of the office and he got my face. He tried to pull me the away from the others and was making strong gestures with his hands trying to hand me money so i just popped him for bribery pretty simple open and shut case. He asked me ryan's retorts well. Maybe maybe when he handed you the money. You may have had time to ask him well. I don't know what's his money. Your hand is evidence that the gambling was he trying to give me evidence of these people that were gambling. Did anybody over here exactly the conversation you guys had i don't know that might make me look bad no branches well you know how about if you didn't really hear what he said because he talk so soft and you just grab the money thinking was evidence of gambling joss as ad that sounds better to me they go ahead and leave and and that's when when <hes> he meets up with berg brighter gives him the five hundred dollars well they take the tape and transcribe it and go back to the office of sheriff ogilvy takes over and they get warrants and grand jury indictments against burke brighter and isha for this attempted bribery sheriff ogilby will then start pulling in other sheriff's deputies who were they knew who were friends and cohorts <hes> burg brighter. There was david myers and donal n._a. Night donald deep rent who who had been in the sheriff central vice unit for quite some time and they had already been suspended for refusing to take lie detector test. I called them in ended up <hes> getting them fired after the u._k. Bribery tam on donald shaw they were actually had been assigned to protect shah shah had continued to try to sit up other means to you a little further and all of a sudden he turned cold on him and they knew that that the word was probably out and that's when they assigned these two guys to protect shaw these these are like assigned in the fox's to the chicken house turns out as as this is all going down why of course he's got all kinds of contacts doc inside the police department and he knew that they were going to get a grand jury indictment with him so he just had his lawyer telephone sheriff ogilvy and said that he would surrender the the paper stated at the time i hope appeared in a blue silk suit blue-grey straw hat and sunglasses and they put him in the back of a patio wagon with he's blue silk suit and took him to the milwaukee avenue station mug deepen brennan demon held him for overnight jack with the other law enforcement agencies to send these fingerprints if he had any other charges as just kind of a little you know we've got you buddy and we're fuck with a little bit eventually he was able to get out on bond the only at a five thousand dollar bond and the paid ten percent on that five hundred dollars in cash and which <hes> it was reported paid with two one hundred dollar bills in the rest and tony's days burg brighter will go ahead and resign from the force and actually during the same time he had already had his name and address found around as a contact person inside of a brothel that was up there on the north side. He'd been the chief of the vice squad for quite a while had told donncha trying to recruit him. He said hey don't worry about this. You know i've been on their payroll for longtime. I never had any trouble and have done pretty well. I've got a transcript of that tape recorded conversation between hookah and <hes> dutt's burke broader and donald shaw who was the undercover vice squad detective who had busted mister car in busting for attempted oppor offer a bride. He's introduced adduced by burke brighter in a balentine sandwich shop. Dhanjal sis joy has at your real name o'brien gupta. I said where'd you you get. The name. O'brien says well. It's a name i used to fight under shell. Do you know what you wanna. Do show says not exactly opus says would would you have any objection to help john car off the hook in court for consideration and if in doing so it wouldn't hurt your position as a police officer joe says i wouldn't mind at all but in hurt hurt myself as a cop and if i didn't have to perjure myself in court i hope says you won't hurt yourself and you don't have to be in court. Just give the lawyer loophole in your prosecution. I oprah asking for details the night of the arrest and how that went down then i open gave him away to go. He's excuse me. Do you think there's such a crime as playing a slot machine cha said well. There's a log instant. Oprah says oh laws are flexible. There may have been just like a big tree stan. The narrowness may deflects otherwise it breaks. Hoopla continues on us. Put it cold. This is your hometown. These are your people. Are you gonna let outta town. Guy like o'meara command wrapped around his finger like all these negroes in all their demonstrations. Is there an gold you. Is that any goal you to may may to our friends to our kids. It's the law it's not right but it's a law. He was talking about the new boss of the vice squad that <hes> sheriff ogilby had put in a and i guess they probably what he said. You know like all these negroes in their demonstrations. He probably had become unpopular because he'd been assigned in in some of the guys to go work. The the demonstrations is nineteen. Sixty five were first getting <hes> civil rights demonstrations. John replies well like i said it's law. I get paid to do it. I said alright alright understand fine. We understand each other. They're several ways to do things though take this man's man like o'meara. He thinks he's going to whip the world. He can't just go around hurting people like if you find annoying if you find a place open at ten minutes after four that'd be four in the morning and he's supposed to be closed at four a._m. And there twenty people in there he's going to close them up completely. He can't do that to people and get away with it. All all the time and you got to use some common sense you really do. You've got to use them reasoning. Saturation point calms your saturated. Your through our machines aren't taking money away from children their milk money or the money they go to school with every month. I will see that there is a c note or some other worldly goods in your mailbox. You'll be on the payroll pro shah replied. What do you want from me to be on the payroll. I hope says well i want from you is the information that they will not be kicking me with the point of the shoe but uh-huh mainly with the side of it. If you find out something or see something that i should know and you think i should know it. I'll give you a telephone number. You follow me shaw says well. The thing of it is. I would suddenly be out of a job. If i stopped making pinches you can do it. You could do it like that like you. Say in just kick you in the side. I do not the point. I guess oprah says you will never stop making pension you. If you haven't got an out and have to make a pinch you go on ahead. I paid for these pigeons burke brighter then jumps in their he'll give you some good ones maintenance. Some good pigeons in good bust. I gotta looks down looks back shot. He says well you follow me by pigeons. <hes> he also might have meant that he would hand somebody they wanted to rest. He just had them somebody the who would go ahead and take the bust shah says or what area are you in your replies well when you find out about may you'll see. I'm pretty nice guy. All all i'm interested in is gambling and the night spots and cicero. I'm not interested in the residential areas you could go anywhere outside the business district and you'll find nothing but a nice area burke brighter says shaw give you a little advice being a boss like i was out there justice. You mean advice gambling burke brighter. Was you know it was looted device for a long time. Brighter says yeah that's right. Do this on your own. This is between the three of us. Don't trust your partner. Nobody ah says will say the chicago. Police intelligence unit had a game under surveillance for awhile and then gave it to us and suddenly it wasn't there anymore they would get wise can get wise real quick. They'd no somebody blew the whistle. I hope ah says fine. The tables would be there. The game would be there but the money wouldn't be on the table. Do you follow me. I'll never embarrass you on netflix hurt. You and i can be nice to you. I can help if you have any problem. I could be real nice to you. I can decorate the mahogany a little bit. You know what i mean. See what i mean. I can help with the payments on the new car. I can see to it that you were taking care of every month. I can see that every month. There's a little bit of extra worldly league goods in this life for you just like myself if you walked into place and saw men there and your superior said pants me. I never met you. Go ahead and pence me. I go along with the show. Show says i kick you with the side of my shoe. I says now you're catching on or you with me now. She says i guess i said you know. I'm not involved abdin he prostitution at any narcotics. I don't take any dirty money. It's only gambling. It's okay if you want arrest any prostitutes any narcotics people any of those scumbags bag like that go ahead but that's not me anyhow. Actually he wasn't being real candidate. If they started making a bunch of prostitution arrests that was this connected <unk> eight probably would have tried to get him to quit because he did make money off of prostitution in cicero says you understand if i make money on a you make money. You have a chance to make a little money right now. Do you think that the guy with the four thousand or five thousand dollar job driving a new car with one hundred dollars suits you. I think this is all done with his salary to you. Gambling gambling is going to be here longer than we are. Show replies. I could go in this town tonight and round up one hundred gamblers embers burn brighter says s._e. This everywhere everybody's doing it. I upset you know why you are successful man why the marines <unk> our country is successful because we're gamblers every time there's trouble over there we go. We're gamblers. Were gamblers where americans that's a good one. We're americans so i said hey. Here's a phone number. If there's any gambling raids gimme a car and i want you to know that i can get the a transcript of any grand jury testimony that you give about my friend car so i just want you to find a loophole for the lawyer to step through that money. It might have been gambling evidence that he handed over to your. Maybe it was for the bribe. He didn't really say he was trying to bribe you. You understand cope each shot with that says nice joy who possess the pledgers all mine the rest is history they busted oba and and of course he got out of it. Burke brighter ends up leaving sheriff's office went went into business in business as a real estate person he ended up being a licensed private detective so that's that's the anatomy of a bribery attempt by by joy hooper as a really interesting story. I said i never was involved. In any of this or even worked on cases like this worked on some policemen <hes> <hes> goddamn dirty we <hes> videotaped a few of them stealing from a little crew stealing from boxcars but never anything anything like this at all we picked up on information about some guys that at least one guy that would <hes> would try to tip off some the mob bars if we had long long strip strip so block long of primarily mob operations that were strip clubs and <hes> had <hes> dancers dancers. That kind of thing is back in the seventies and we had a guy when a._t._f. Would go from bar to bar started one in and worked down the other and they aken pour out liquor and see if the liquor on the label is the same as the liquor that's inside the bottle because what these guys were done they would by real cheap booze and then refill the top shelf booze that and they'd like for booze that have been bought at a retail outlet because as you couldn't buy <hes> you can stock a bar ho a retail outlet from retail outlets and sometimes you get guys that get behind on their liquor bills and so they would go to <hes> the liquor store liquor store and buy a bunch of bottle with at a discount bottles at a discount and and use them and they were just looking for any violation any a._t._f. Was looking for any liquor law violations just to just a mess with people and have a chance to look around in their paperwork and see who was working there and that kind of thing more of an intelligence gathering other noperation. We had a downtown foot beat officer that they had an a._t._f. Agent that was sitting inside one the bars about three or four bars down the row <hes> from from where they started in in this guy figured out and he was going barred abortion a he was going barda bars and hey a._t._f. Agents are coming a._t._f. Agent cirque. I mean i don't know whatever happened. I'm dan i notice he did go ahead and retire they probably called him in and pick these buffalo bent and gave him some time off and and <hes> because it was is it like an institutional thing and he was a he he had lost his way somehow he thought that he was part of this little neighborhood an instrumental part of this little neighborhood and that was part of his duties to was to protect his people in this little neighborhood so if you have a friend who has a problem with drugs or alcohol make your first call first call call eight one six three six one fifty nine hundred or go to their website w._w._w. Dot i call casey dot o._r._g. A little little begging now if <hes> to support the podcast if you haven't been mo- app that's v. as in victor e n m oh it's real easy way to to transfer a buck or two to somebody <hes> like i've said before my my son and his daughters use it if he wants to give them five bucks or ten bucks while he can just transfer it to him and then they can. I don't know how they use it. I'm figured it all out. I know i use it goes into my bank account so if you want to buy me a cup of coffee or shot and a beer or something like that like <hes> several other people. We'll have a mark ryan particularly. I really appreciate what you've done. Marking a couple of other guys whose name i can't remember now. <hes> you know to to hit me up on that are go to my website. You can make a donation. He make <hes> twenty five dollars donation not send you a copy of my movie or just by movie or just you can rent for a dollar ninety nine. I get a little piece of that from amazon or there's links on my website. <hes> kansas city mob rap at the apple store the <hes> i tune store. You're a little piece of action off that you know it costs money to keep this website going and and the blueberry podcasting hosting company. I don't really try to get anything for my time. I would like to get my out of pocket and paid back so far up pretty much have got my out of pocket paid back you. You can't beat that and it's a fun turns out. It's a fun hobby. I'll never make money at it but it is fun. I do like town these bob stories and i know there's a lot of people like hearing them so good evening folks using provided by our good friend and superfan from portland oregon casey mcbride. Thanks casey <music>.

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