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"don shah" Discussed on Gangland Wire

"This man was donald shaw twenty six six year old vice officer assigned to the cook county vice squad nine hundred and sixty five he and james larkin james hill anna in a james braddock and i guess that was the triple triple. Jimmy gang their triple. Jimmy crew the three gems three. James's probably what they were called at the office. They went into doyle's palm club which was sixty twenty-six west twenty sixth street posing as customers. The coppers heard sounds of slot machines being played played in the back the ended up arresting a sixty three year old woman for gambling and edward f doyle from cicero as the manager and shortly after the rest while they were still there a man named john carr walked in he allegedly at the time tried to offer a five hundred dollar bribe to forget the arrest shop just turns around and arrest junk car for his attempted bribery and later they had a county grand jury heard the case indicted that man for bribery this junk car would be identified by the sheriff's department department has a brother-in-law of joseph korngold who was a well known outfit gambling fixture in cicero his his real name was not car. It was caspar j. cleft peta. We had a guy here in kansas city. Some of the other members of families name was calm assad on he was pretty well. Known william asano colleague willi the rat and we used to call his son is willie comes on a junior he used to call him willie the mouse but they use the name comings and he used used in a lot of different business things and actually if you think about it a lot of prejudice against italians out of the turn of the century not up into the forties and fifties so i understand dan why they might want to anglicized their name a little bit from the italian that and when you were well-known mobster you also don't mind changing your name either. He was an associate of chuckie english. It was a west side mob gambling boss and lester crews who was an operator a floating crap game for the outfit officer shaw later on was approached got a phone call from jacob p dutt's it called him dutch which berg rider which i guess they call him debts from the duke are a german he was a lieutenant on the sheriff's department and and he called called up don shah and said hey. You know let's talk about this. I want you to meet.

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