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"dipsy smith" Discussed on Nighttime Conversations With Steve and Freja

Nighttime Conversations With Steve and Freja

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"dipsy smith" Discussed on Nighttime Conversations With Steve and Freja

"The technique is different this and that not really patterns and the only reason that women are mystery is because women have never been given the type of attention that men have in science so somebody actually put the attention onto women and into studying their erotic response and different ways that women were spawned sexually so if you care about learning see this is the thing like when people wanna learn about the opposite sex and and their sexual responses they think that somehow taking like a two hour course is going to teach them everything that they need to know about. sexual look. Look if you want to study the opposite sex. This is a lifelong study. It doesn't happen in a year. It doesn't happen in a day or a month or whatever so. Omg yes is one of those things which can improve. If you're a woman that can improve your self understanding if you're a man that can improve your understanding of women and so for example if the two of you get this. Oh my god. Yes or or Omg yes or one of you gets it. You can improve your understanding of women's sexual response. Okay so. I don't know anything about this app. But i'm guessing that it's not. How do i manipulate this woman at to give me the sex i want. What do i have to do in order to get no. It's it's understanding female sexual response. Yeah so i i. I'm just speculating that. It's likely the direction of if i can be a more generous person and take the pressure off of sex. If i can take the expectation of sex off the table and just be receptive to allowing it. Should it arise that increases the chances of it happening. Well it's like this. If you understand how okay so you wanna get fitter okay so you wanna get fitter you are either you can either understand physiology and how muscle grows and how okay this is. How muscle works. I have to feed the muscle. After work the muscle have to allow it proper Rest and it builds itself and there are other factors in place such as age hormones and all these kinds of things. If you understand that then you can pretty much design your own program as far as making your muscles grow or being fit or being fit in a certain way if you don't understand that you're at the whims of coaches or people who really don't know anything about fitness but they were lucky maybe to be blessed with good physique telling you how to be fit. So what do you like. I don't know. I guess maybe it's a person i want to know how things work and sexist very interesting to me so i care about how sex works and i wanna know how to how i have the benefit of because my work i i get bodies hands on. I get to experiment with bodies to see them. I get to feel them to see patterns over years and years and years and years. And years i get to see the patterns of how people sexually respond in a lot of different ways and firestone. Most people don't get that experience minor standing of your work is it's not just physical techniques it also includes understanding how mind works and understanding what turns on the mind and tapping into that. Yeah very much. So yeah so for so for example a new year's resolution maybe well instead of just seeing if i can get a few more blowjobs this month maybe the two of us can Sign up for the. Oh my god yes Another new year's resolution or another good opportunity would be There there's an app. I think it's called dipsy smith all erotic stories so for example the two of you can say hey. I'm going to read. It doesn't have to be dipsy. Can be anywhere but i'm gonna read erotic stories and we're gonna maybe we're gonna read one or two of them to each other at nighttime per month and either talk about will. What was it about that story that turns you on another one may be for example personal empowerment. So david snyder who somebody that i really really admire. He's taught me a lot. He talks about attraction and seduction. Those are buzzwords but really david snyder is about empowering yourself to be the best person that you can be an in that you will naturally attract the kinds of things that you want your life including sex so with david snyder's work. Maybe you're going to work on yourself. And i'm saying that if you want more and better sex stop looking at where you think or believe. The source of that satisfaction is coming from. Look in the mirror in start being the change that you want to see from other people the message from at least at least the way the the way my brain interprets. What you're saying is i. I'm seeing instead of thinking. I need sex. So i can feel better is adopt the perspective of allow myself figure out how to become a happier being figure out how to be more joyful and then that through my interactions with others that joy. I'm bringing to the table. That's what i'm contributed the happiness. The joy the wellbeing that then inspires wellbeing enjoyed with others and then that creates the opportunities for greater desire and.

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