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K2: The Savage Mountain | The Final Descent | 3

Against The Odds

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K2: The Savage Mountain | The Final Descent | 3

"Join us to listen to against the odds one week early and add free and the wonderful app. Download the ones app in your apple or google. Play mobile app store today. It's pitch dark and cost. Vondra is exhausted but his mind is surprisingly clear not exactly sharp but at least his reflexes are decent after climbing for twenty four hours though his body aches and weighs he's never felt before he knows he has to keep moving out here on the mountain and at the south of tude if you stopped to rest. There's a good chance you won't wake up. This is cast as i climb above twenty six thousand feet. He was thrilled when his friend wilco. One rian invited him be part of the dutch nor team the to us to fix up houses together and he's joined him on several climbing trips while he knew the risks of climbing k two he knows wilco was a strong leader. He had planned the trip down to every last detail but cast lost him somewhere on the snowfield along with his other teammates. Now he's alone. Cast focus on the ledge under his feet. At least he's found the fixed line laid by the trail. Breakers the ropes should guide him back across the traverse down the bottleneck back to camp four. He just needs to stay alert. And the focus has only his ice axe and the crampons to help them along the icy ledge. It's slow going. The only sounds are his breathing and the ancient groans of the mountains shifting. Its weight when he looks up. He startled to see someone's headlamp and the distance someone wearing a dark yellow suit when he gets closer. Cast season belongs to a familiar face. It's huge job. Rate a french climber. He and hugh took pitches together on the summit just a few hours ago at sixty one years old. Hugh is the second oldest person to ever summit k. to at the peak he was overflowing with joy laughing and hugging other climbers but now he stopped his face pressed against the. I swat breathing heavily. He ran out of oxygen hours ago. Q r u k. Still here but you go first. And i'll follow your faster than me. Okay but don't stay too long. Cast clips his harness and steps around. The french climber thing continues down feeling his way with the dark mountain night. But then the rope comes to an end. Cass aims his headlight below piles of snow and ice debris litter. The bottleneck there must have been avalanche. Luckily someone has screwed in a new anchor close by and also tied on a rope cass clips on and begins to repel down backwards. The rope takes him to the top of the bottleneck but then it ends two. You'll need to make his way down the steep dangerous slope on his own with nothing to guide him. He glances up to see if hugh was falling behind but no sign of yet cast digs his axe into the ice and starts to make his way down step by step when he hears the sound at first. He's not sure what it is. He looks to the left trying to pierce through the mess of the night. That's when he sees a body plunging headfirst through the bottleneck recognizes. The suit is hugh cast takes a few frantic steps aiming his headland into the darkness but he used body is already gone swallowed up by the mountain. He tries to double his pace when he gets to the bottom the radio down and tell them what he saw. Maybe just maybe someone can help now. He needs to focus on getting down safely himself. We get support from. Adt no matter what you wanna protect. Nobody has more experience helping. Keep it safe than eighty. I mean check this out. They've received the most burglar alarm events in the industry and help save more lives than any other home security provider. They were called the best home security system of two thousand twenty by us news and the number one smart home security provider by strategy analytics in two thousand twenty eight t has over twenty thousand employees experience in helping. Keep you safe. That's twenty four seven peace of mind from the creators of the home security. Category experience matters. 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Free others are entangled in ropes hanging onto life by just a thread. The rest are making their way down the mountain in complete darkness. The hours spent in the auction draining. Death zone have sapped their energy. The altitude is playing tricks on their minds and the ropes. The climbers need for the most crucial part of the descent called. The bottleneck have been swept away by avalanches. It's a race against the clock for the remaining climbers to get off the mountain. It's too late. This is episode three the final descent pemba. Sherpa reaches camp four at one thirty. Am along with two other. Sherpas cheering dior jay from the american team and pasang lama from the korean team. They are greeted by two members from the american team. Doctor eric meyer and his teammate. Frederic strong they hand the climbers hot tea to help them more up. But ama- can't keep the t. Down he walks outside and throws up. What little there is in his stomach when he comes back. Eric gives him some medicine than the group sits down to speak tells them about the difficult journey down from the traverse. the rope line was severed. An avalanche cheering tells them how they couldn't get the other climbers to move. They had used all their strength to get to the summit and they were disoriented and losing muscle coordination. We tried to guide them to traverse but they kept falling asleep and clipping from. The rope was a disaster. There was nothing we could do. Eric nods every climber knows the risks someting mountain like k to each person needs to make his or her own decisions. No one can force anyone to anything. Pemba tells them about the conditions. He's never seen anything like it in his years of climbing. All the rope line in the bottleneck was gone torn to pieces and buried under piles of snow. They had to navigate down in the dark listening to the cracking sounds from the sarah above that threatened to crash down on their heads. An avalanche almost took the sang out but cheering dior. J. saved him when they reached the bottom. They tried to radio up to warn the others but there was no answer. It was with heavy hearts. They walk the last hours back to camp four. The americans also have bad news. Three climbers have died including rolf bay from the norwegian team. Swept away by the avalanche. Hembo asks if they've heard anything from his dutch. North teammates will go casts and jer. No one has pemba knows. They're all strong climbers. They came more prepared than almost anyone on the mountain. But no one is prepared for night in the death zone or temperatures can drop to twenty below. He makes his way to the tent. He shares with drew mcdonald but when he sees jurors empty sleeping bag and all of his things. He's overcome with sadness. Ger is a close friend. They climb mount everest together and often talked long into the night about life and their families. Now his irish friend is alone on the dark mountain and endanger. He can't bear the thought of sleeping in the tent alone. So he moves to the tent of talian climber marco comfort tola who is also still lost on the mountain. Pemba drink more water to hydrate and tucks into a sleeping bag. You'll need to rest and replenish his energy. If his team is in backed by morning he may need to go up and rescue them casavant. Behavioral isn't sure what time it is. When he finally reaches the bottom of the bottleneck. he knows his. He's lucky he pulls out his radio and spins through the frequencies trying to get someone on the line. He finally reaches roland one of his dutch nor teammates at base. Camp ro ro. i'm still in the mountain. but i'm through the bottleneck. I'm okay but the french clamor. Hugue i think he fell. I saw a body go by. I look from on the way down. But i couldn't find him and jer and pemba are they with you know no. We were separated. I don't know where they are. I'm going to make my way to camp four. I can't feel my feet. As cast begins the final trek across the snowfield. He sees headlamps approaching. Its two sherpas from the korean team. They're looking for their cousin. Julich and the other korean climbers cast asked if anyone has made it back down they not pemba sherpa. He was with cheering and pasang be passed them on the way cast. Ask them to keep their eye out for hugh but in his heart he knows the clamor is gone and then he heads for camp. Four gomez son battles her way down the mountain pulling freezing mountain air into her lungs. Her oxygen cylinder expired hours ago every once in a while she can see the twinkle of a headlamp far far ahead. It belongs to mr kim. The korean leader they left chewing and the others to try to find another way down now. She's lost at the top of the traverse. she finds the severed rope. But where is the line hocus pocus. Then she finds the second row hooked into an anchor down below. She can see mr kim. Making his way down the bottleneck. She climbs down and begins to pick her way along using her ice axes until she reaches the long angled snowfield at the bottom. When she looks she can no longer see. Mr kim's headland at all mr kim. Her voice echoes across. The dark slopes no response. She's alone on the pitch dark mountain and now the wind is picking up. She's climbed eleven of the world's tallest peaks. She's gotten through difficult situations before she can do this but as she tries to feel her way along the ice her mind starts to muddle. Her sense of direction is completely lost. Suddenly she runs into an outcropping check rocks. They're covered in ice snow. This wasn't here on the way that she could turn around balancing carefully she steps from one rock to the next but then she gets stuck. She can't move up or down and she can't see a thing for all. She knows she's about to walk off a cliff. She sits down on a boulder and puts her head in her hands. It's so cold. She can feel her body shutting down. She banks gloved hands together to keep the circulation going. Her eyes start to close she so tired. Suddenly she's sitting at a would table or eighty three year. Old father sits across her. Call me son. He says everyone is so proud of you. South korea is so proud. His face is round and warm like the sun inviting calling to her flight. Horizon snap awake. She can't fall asleep. she needs something to do. She takes off her headlamp and checks the batteries. Maybe the arc of light will guide someone towards her but with each passing minute. She feels herself growing colder and colder. She knows soon hypothermia will set in and then she sees lights moving up the mountain. Mr kim. dd. It's the shirtless. Serving and big. D is their pet name for her. It means big sister in nepali. They are jumex cousins. Her favorite sherpa as they draw closer. She cries out mr kim. Where's mr kim. don't worry he's back at camp four. He told us to come. Look for you and make. where's humic it's quiet for a moment. Then by son speaks up is still on the mountain. Her heart sinks. She was the one who urged to join the expedition. This her fault maybe she should go back and look for him but she can't think jimmy will be okay. He's strong. We need to get you back to camp. Four big pasang pollster free from the raw and clips for safety harness to their own the rope at four thirty a m. They delivered ghomi son to mr kim's tent tears in his eyes. Thank you searing. Thank you big pasang. The two men nod respectfully and head back to the mountain they must find germ mcdonald opens his eyes. It's five am. He survived the night on the mountain in subzero temperatures without a sleeping bag above them. The dawn is bathing k. Two's craggy flanks impeach colored light jerk can hardly see. His eyelids are encrusted with ice. But as the first rays of the sun began to warm him he slowly comes to life. Marco are you marco comfort tola quickly jumps to his feet. Were alive jer. Let's get wilco. Go and find a way down. A hundred meters away. Wilco is already awake stamping his feet trying to restore circulation and warm up his limbs. The ropes have to be close by. I think we should split up. If one of us finds them we can call out to the others. Wilco walks off in one direction and mark wgr at the opposite way but as wilco walks. He's just as confused as he was the night before. Everything looks the same and there is no sign of the ropes. He has a pounding headache. Why is the so hard then. His eyes start to blur and he realizes what's happening to him. His eyes are literally being burned by the sun's ultraviolet light. The headache is part of that. But it's also likely fluid building up in his brain from lack of oxygen a condition called cerebral at dima. If there's any chance of surviving he needs to get down now row or no rope. He quickly makes his way back to marco jer. Listen guys if i go snow blind. I won't be able to look for anything and you guys can't carry me in your condition. I just need to go down and then without a goodbye. We'll go walks away. Jer watches wilco. Get further and further away and says a prayer that is team leader will be all right. Then he turns to marco as find this damn rope already okay. They slowly trace their steps back to the rich under the looming ceramic and make their way across and then they find it. The first anchor tied around the rope. Marco this is it. He and marco quickly clip in and begin to make their way across the snow during the lead. he's so focused on the task that when he stumbles upon the scene. He's not quite sure what he's seeing on the snow in front of them hanging from row. His harness has wrapped around his feet. A camera dangles from his neck. His face is bruised and his eyes are closed. Another climber hangs upside down just below him groaning in pain attached to the same row. A third is tangled up slightly above them like a spider caught the mountains web. He's blue gray in color from frostbite and he's missing a boot but he's still alive. Jer recognizes them immediately. It's the sherpa. Boteh and two climbers from the korean team. But how did they get here. Maybe an avalanche swept him over the side. It calls a weekly lease. Do you see my boot jerk quickly and clips from his harness and makes his way down to the korean clamor caught upside down. He gently lift his head to help him breathe. Ger has always been deeply inspired by sherpa codes of loyalty and respect for human life. They will need more people to help free the men from the ropes but at least they can make them more comfortable. He tells marco to give him a hand to try and loosen the rope. He's afraid to cut it entirely and could send all of them hurtling down the mountain for marco fines and ice axe and a knife and quickly cuts off. Length the rope then he jams the acts into a crack in the ice and secures one end to the handle. He ties the other end around the clamps. Waste and the to open. The man's harnessed as marco cradles. The man's head jer takes the weight of the tangling body and the lower down as they tend to the climbers. Jerry leans down and whispers into each man's ear. You're gonna be okay helps here when you're managing a team. It can be hard to get everyone on the same page. I mean literally and figuratively. What page in that document needs tweaking of agreeing on the same problem. We're solving while giving and receiving feedback gracefully. It's all one big pain point and add freelances to the mix. How are you ever going to get organized. But with five or business. It's easy to find an managed top talent. Five or business gives you access to an all star team of super freelancers plus all the tools and support. You need to easily integrate them into your existing workflow. 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Feels like he's dying from thirst his throat as parched and his tongue drying he wants to put a fistful of snow into his mouth to ease the pain but he can't it would drop heat from his core. She desperately needs. He's completely lost again. He had climbed down as far as he could go and hit a steep overhang so he had to go back now. He has no idea where he is. His eyes feel like they're on fire and every few steps he falls asleep leaning on his ice axe. He talks to himself to try and stay awake. Okay wilco watch your step. He's setting now just three steps forward. Three steps can do three steps. Watch your balance. and then. miraculously. He finds the rope. He has no idea how it got here but he's filled with gratitude. He quickly clips on and makes his way forward only to find the same thing. Other climbers before him discover the severed rope. His vision is so blurry he doesn't see the second row instead. Like pemba sherpa. Before him he begins the climbed down past the first row alpine-style with only his ice axe and crampons but the sun is beating down on his head and he is so very tired finally he simply stops like a wind up toy on. Its last click. This is it. He thinks this is where it all lance marco. Comfort told us energy is flagging. But he knows he needs to help juror with the korean climbers who are tangled up in the row still. There's only so much they can do. They've been here for nearly two hours and they're both exhausted. But you're refuses to give up. As marco works on untangling a not. He looks up. Jurists finished laying the top clamor carefully onto the snow. The korean climbers are no shape to move but at least they're a bit more comfortable suddenly jour- starts up the mountain marco's confused. Why is he doing jerk. Where are you going. come back. But you're keeps climbing. Marco calls out again. But jer doesn't turn around moments later he disappears under the ceramic. Marco is stunned has the night spent freezing on the mountain. Driven jared sane. Should he chase after his friend or should he go back down he so incredibly tired if he goes up he may not make it back. He asked to save himself as he turns away. He sees a microphone. Peaking out of jumex coat but there's no radio attached. It must have become dislodged in the fall after a few minutes. Searching he finds it in the snow and radios back to camp four. Hello hello do you hear me. I'm here near the ceramic and there are people here they need help. I'm tired please. send somebody up. He listens for a response of voice on the other end to tell them. It'll be ok. help us coming. But there's nothing. Marco is on his own frederick strang peers up. The mountain. the day is clear but it looks like clouds are starting to roll. In certain altitudes strang has been monitoring conditions from camp four watching for climbers since dawn along with his teammate. Dr eric meyer now. It's mid morning. Occasionally they catch a glimpse of tiny figures high on the mountain near the traverse. But no one's come in since komi son was brought in by the sherpas then strang see something odd erik komo here. You see that. Eric pops out of his tent. They're right there above the ceramic. It's alone figure climbing in the opposite direction towards tibet. The altitude must have got to his brain. Can you see who it is. But the climate is too far away and growing more distant strang calls the other climbers together including pemba sherpa. Who knows the mountain better than anyone now. Should they attempt to rescue. But everyone agrees. It's not safe. Not with the unpredictable avalanches and the rope line destroyed. There are too few people without enough equipment. They hardly have enough food or water at camp four for themselves. Attempting rescue now would be a suicide mission so for now they'll have to stay marco. Comfort tola is somewhere on the bottleneck. At least that's where. He thinks he is. The rope is gone as he clambers down. His legs feel heavy like blocks of wood. He's not sure how many more steps you can take. And then he hears a familiar rumble somewhere on the top and avalanche when he hears the first rock and icefall his way he tries to talk himself against the wall and make himself small his heart is pounding and he starts to pray and then. It's hear thundering cascade of isis snow before it envelopes completely and suddenly stops marco looks up to see a few large chunks of ice and debris tumble passed along with a pair of yellow boots. He knows boots. They belong to german donal glass time he saw them. They were on jurists feet. As he walked up the mountain marco sinks to his knees. He can't do this anymore. This is too much but he can't die here on the mountain. He stumbles up again and he takes a few steps. Then he false. He's too weak. He can't even pick up his legs so he begins to crawl forward on his hands and knees inch by inch. Then emerging out of the clouds abc's to figures he must be loosening but as the get closer. He recognizes their suits. It's two of the sherpas and the korean team. Jumex cousins for the first time in more than twenty four hours relief washes over him and then passes out Pemba sits in his tents at camp for flipping through the walkie talkie dials. Trying to reach someone anyone on the mountain. Some of the others have packed up and headed down to base camp but penn bang casts have decided to stay. They still have to teammates on the mountain. Others are up there to at least. Eight climbers by his account. Bemba's seen miracles happen before. Maybe they'll find him on an expedition to show you the six highest peak in the world. He saw climbers survived for more than four days without oxygen. Sleeping bags or food. it can happen here to. His teammates are strong at mid-day. Here's the familiar crackle of the radio. It's jewish cousin big pasang. We found someone he crawled towards us and then he collapsed but he's alive. What color is a suit. It's black and green. And the knows who it is. It's marco compared tola the he's in pretty bad shape. We need to keep going to find you. Mick we're just below the bottleneck. Can you come. Pemba feels a jolt of energy. someone is alive. He needs the help them quickly searches the remaining tents for extra oxygen. Marco will need it then he talks to. The remaining climbers camp four to see if anyone else wants to go but no one volunteers. They're all exhausted. Conditions are too dangerous. The only one who offers to assist is his teammate casts but as soon as the to set out it's clear casts on even make it across the vast snowfield his descent early this morning depleted. Every last ounce of energy pemba tells him to stay. he'll carry on. Wilco is furious spent months studying k. Two and new the descent would be the hardest and most difficult part. Why did he leave. Gps device in strobe light behind is finally found a slightly flatter part on the route but now the clouds have rolled in grip fills. His is his mouth is badly parched and his anger turns to fear he turns around in circles but can't see through the fog he thought he was going down. Maybe he's turned in the opposite direction. He needs to do something. He pulls out his satellite phone but he can't see the numbers. He had programmed in the only number. He remembers his home wilco. It's his wife helene. Welcome where are you. I don't know helene somewhere on the mountain. you need to call martin and tell them to call basecamp. Tell them. I think i'm below the bottlenecks somewhere. He tries to keep his voice calm. We'll go with the others. No no we got separated. I'm alone okay. i'll call martin and wilco. Please hold on. We'll go hangs up the phone and begins. The blindly walked forward. Hoping it's down. It's early afternoon. When pemba fines. Italian climber marco comfort tola he knew marco would be dazed and exhausted. But it's far worse than that. He's missing both his hat and gloves. And as soon as unzipped his eyes are closed when pemba checks pulse. Marco's eyes fly open. Who were you. it's me. I'm sherpa the dutch nor team. I'm here to help. He gently places the oxygen mask over the climbers mouth. But marco's not having it he tries to fight him off. It's okay markle just breath. It's going to be okay. Here's the radio squawk it's big. We found jewish. He's alive bring him down and the breezes sigh of relief. Have you seen anyone else. We saw one other but he was hit by an icefall. He was in a black and red suit. Germ mcdonalds suit is black and red betrays to push the thought from his mind right now. He needs to get marco off the mountain. He's helping the climber into a sitting position when he hears the roar. Another avalanche moments later. A way of snow falls over them followed by fragments. Alexi wrong it sounds like hundreds of metal balls or through a shoot with frigid gusts of wind. You looks up and sees a tangle of bodies in climbing equipment. Berteling down the mountain and grouches over marco and grabs his soon to keep from sliding down when it's over pemba approaches the tangle of human wreckage. There are two bodies wrapped and ropes. Their suits are ripped. Her faces. bruce f- first pet doesn't recognize them but when he kneels down he sees that it's big pasang and his cousin julich the two cousins lie head to toe wrapped together in death's embrace beyond them are two more bodies in the snow. They are wearing red down. Suits like the ones worn by the korean team but also term mcdonnell. Pemba takes a few photos to show. The other climbers who are waiting anxiously for news of their teams. Then he heads. Back to marco marco. We need to go down. It's not safe. He pulls out a rope and attached himself to marco's harness and then leads him down the rest of the slope across the snow back camp for when they arrive. Pemba tells the korean team what happened to their teammates. And sherpa helpers they are utterly crushed but there's still one climber up there in the death zone and while pemba has gone word came in from base camp. That wilco used his phone to call home. He's alive but the sun will be setting so mba's slips into cast as tend. How are you feeling. I'm okay. let's go find wilco. Kick your summer off in style with the brand. That's reinventing men's basics. Mac walden mac. Weldon is so much more than just underwear. Their full collection includes t shirts polos button up shorts pants swimwear and so much more with light and breathable fabric technology macworld and keeps you cool and comfortable all summer from work to working out. Happy hour to playing with your kids. 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Am on sunday. august third. His feet are completely numb. He's nearly snow blind and every cell in his body is screaming for oxygen but he made it through another night on the mountain at twenty five thousand feet in subzero temperatures the night before he got a second wind after speaking to his friend. Martin by phone martin was trying to track movements by plotting the gps coordinates through the phone signals. Martin told him to hang on. Think of helene and your son he said and don't fall asleep so he tried to continue but when the sunset it didn't make sense to go on. It was too dangerous. He had to dig in. That's when he saw the bodies one in the yellow suit another a few yards further up. He had no idea who they were but it was too late to move anywhere else. He scraped out a snow hole with his gloves and settled in. He slept an hour. Maybe two it was the longest night of his life now here. He sits perched on a ledge watching the sunrise. If every cell in his body wasn't screaming out in pain he'd enjoy this moment the quiet of the mountain the sparkle of the snow. Not many people get to see rob. You'd like this but he needs to get up. That's what helene told them to keep. Moving chris clunky steps out of his tent at base camp. It's august third just after five. Am clunky has been awake. Most of the night scanning the mountain with his binoculars. He was certain he saw someone up there the night before he was wearing a bright orange suit he hopes the daylight more. Give him a better view. Clunky is on the american team. He's blonde and burley with a broad open face when he is in climbing mountains. He's an executive at american express. So he knows about risk management when he the other members of the american team. So the line of the bottleneck two days ago. They decided to turn back. They reached base camp yesterday morning and quickly set up a line of telescopes and binoculars. To monitor the mountain for survivors clunky squint into the dawn and brings his binoculars to his eyes. There is again a small orange dot slowly picking its way across the southern face of the mountain. Roland gal come out here. he's back. Roland is from the dutch north team. All four of his teammates are missing. He rushes over to the telescope. Yeah that's wilko's suit but what is doing. I can't tell he looks like he's about three hundred feet above camp three clunky. Here's another shout. Look another climber above camp three. It's one of the serbian clamours. It's cash they're so close to each other get him on the radio. He's up in camp. Three climber frantically searches through the frequencies. Himba hello hello are you there. Pemba jolts awake at the sound of iraq crashing onto his tent at camp three he in casts search for wilco. Most of the night but then they got separated. Pemba thought they meet up at camp three but cast never showed up. He spent most of the night worrying in his tent. Frantically calling down to base before passing out mba's which is on the radio pemba are you there. We'll go is about six hundred feet from camp three and we saw cast to. He's making his way to you. Penn steps out of his tent looks around. Cast is picking his way across the rock cast. Where were you. I got lost. I had to spend the night on the mountain. Pemba can see cast is exhausted but they both know this is their window. They make their way across the mountain. Keeping their eyes peeled. Basecamp does their best director. Go down down to your left. Showed his name. Maybe he'll you will will call. Yeah that's it. I think he heard you keep yelling. Keep going will go cease to flickering shimer's of color somewhere in the distance. But he can't be sure are they tend to people or is he hallucinating. Then he hears voices but it's like listening through water then the figures get closer. One of them is dressed in blue the other in orange that triggers something familiar in his brain but he can't play sick he staggers towards them but he's lost all feeling in his feet suddenly. He understands that they're climbers. And they're just six hundred feet in front of him. His brain suddenly snaps into focus. That's cass wilco. Stumbles forward into cast is open arms. They shout with joy into the air and cass starts cry. I didn't think we were ever going to meet again. Him calls back to base camp. We've got he's here we'll go was alive. He's alive he's alive. Yes oh my god. I can't believe it he's alive. We'll come up with oxygen and no. There's no time we'll come down. Cast help wilco back to camp. Three where wilko's sucks in oxygen from a tank and cast bulls water for tea when their bodies are hydrated. Himba urges them on they needed to get down before nightfall. Okay guys time to go as the three surviving members of the dutch team near the bottom of the mountain pemba sees something miraculous a dozen mountaineers climbing up from base camp to greet them yelling and cheering. If he wasn't so exhausted. It would feel like a party eric. My quickly brings them into the dutch mess tent which is converted into an emergency medical facility cooks. Boil water to bay the men's feet enhance cheering door. Jay and some of the other sherpas join them in the tent as pemba hot drink cheering tells him he got were dependence family. That he's safe. Eric gives wilco and casts a cocktail of drugs to arrest the effects of snow blindness hypotheses and frostbite. Then he injects them with morphine to relieve their pain. Both climbers look years. Older like the mountain has stolen ten years of their life. Their skin is gray and hangs from their faces cast. His hands are especially bad. The fingers on his left hand are gray and limp with purple streaks running through we'll go ask about the others. They tell him. Eleven climbers lost their lives on k. Two it's one of the worst mountaineering disasters in history. No one says anything after that most of them have lost friends and teammates. Pemba gets up and walks to his tent. He needs to be alone with his thoughts for a while the next morning. Military helicopter takes wilco and cast to a hospital in nearby towns for treatment. A day later a second chopper. Airlifts out italian climber marco comfort tola marco was the last to reach base camp shattered and broken but still alive when the sound of the rotors fade away. Pemba companies some of the other survivors to the art gilkey. Morial gilkey was a climber who died on k two in nineteen fifty-three since then people have decorated the karen of rocks with plaques and flags in memory of all the climbers who lost their lives on k. Two today one of the serbian climbers has made aluminum plaques one for fallen teammate dren mandic and the other for germ mcdonnell the loss of peres. Friend sure weighs on him heavily. It was the irishman who brought him back onto the team. Pemba can still picture him digging about on the summit waving his irish flag when all the plaques are hung the climbers watch quietly as the plates clink against one another in the wind the ting ting echoing across the desolate landscape. Two weeks later. Jurors family holds their own memorial in his home village in county limerick ireland. They hanged betton prayer flags inside the tent and more than one thousand people come pay their respects musicians play. Celtic tunes and friends bring gifts including a badran like the one juror used to play juror. Risk his own life to save others when he found. The three climbers tangled up in row. Though juror was last seen by marco comfort tola. He didn't simply wander off as marco thought he'd gone up the mountain. Secure an anchor and rope to take the weight off the bodies. It was jers way to help others. He is a true hero of the mountains. The recovery for jersey to dutch teammates is an easy especially for wilco. Who has all of his toes amputated to third degree frostbite from his hospital bed. He tries to answer reporters questions. Even though he's exhausted and on painkillers they want to know what went wrong. He tells them collaborating with other teams was the problem. He thinks the dutch team should have tried to summit on their own. He believes the sharing of rome was what caused the delay in the bottleneck will lead to climbers descending on the dark a year later a book about his near death experience. He calls it surviving k. Two three years after the tragedy. He'll climb the highest peak in antarctica. When he's not climbing he lives in a renovated barn in the netherlands with his wife. Helene and his two sons italian climber marco comfort tola has a longer recovery before he climbs again. He'll have three inches of his foot removed along with most of toes and will take them a year just to learn to walk again but soon after he returns to climbing by two thousand eighteen allowed several more stars to the ring of tattoos around his left. Bicep to commemorate all of the twenty eight thousand foot. Peaks is reached south korean climber. Gummy son isn't so lucky. Her goal was to become the first woman to climb the fourteen tallest mountains in the world but less than a year after she reached the summit of k. Two she runs into a wind and ice storm while the sending from her eleventh summit. Nanga parbat the ninth highest mountain in the world in whiteout conditions. She falls from a cliff to her death. Her body is recovered and brought back to korea where she is laid to rest surrounded by her loved. Ones cecilia spook. The other female climber who reached the summit on august first returns home to norway grief-stricken. She lost her husband to and for months she's plagued by thoughts should have gone back to the mountain to look for ralph. Could she have done more. She still has their monica. Roth took two k two a year after the tragedy. She feels the call of the wild again and crosses greenland on skis in twenty ten. She makes the first unassisted crossing event. Artika along with american explorer ryan walter later that year she swaps her down jacket for a sequence that had halter top to appear on dancing with the stars she tells reporters that she's dancing for ralph. Cecilia will go on to climb to more eight thousand meter peaks. The one thing she will never do is returned to k two. It's october two thousand and eight and pemba j. Sherpa stands with his wife and two children before an altar at the big metro. Monastery a holy site in the paul. The smell of sense fills the air pemba presses. His hands together fingers pointing upward. It's been hard for pemba to come to terms with the tragedy k. To today he has come to the monastery to pray with the energy of aspiration for the body sat away with a sense of deep respect and with as many bodies as adams of the world to all you buddha's visualized as real. I bow down pemba and his heroic feats on k. Two have been widely recognized shortly after his return from k. To he was voted one of national geographic's adventurers of the year. But the attention doesn't go to his head true to his sherpa ideals in the coming years. Pemba will continue to help. Save climbers lives in the himalayas. As a trainer in high altitude mountaineering. He often reflects on the disaster on k. Two but he refuses to blame the mountain. He tells a writer people. Call it killer mountain when they are not well. Prepared not have enough experience not enough manpower but it's not like that k. Two very beautiful mountain. This is the final episode of our three part series can to the savage mountain. If you like our show please give us a five star rating and review on our next episode. we'll be talking to one of the climbers who was on k. Two during the incredible events in early august follow against the odds on apple. Podcasts amazon music the wondering app or wherever. You're listening right now. Join us in. The wonder. Listen one week early and add free in the episode notes. You'll find some links offers from our sponsors. Please support them by supporting them. You offer the show for free and a quick note about our scenes in most cases. We can't really know what was said but everything is based on historical research. If you'd like to learn more about this event we highly recommend the book the summit how triumph turned to tragedy on qe. Two's deadliest days by pat balvi and pemba guilty sherpa and no way down by graham boldy. We also recommend the documentary the summit directed by nick. 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