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"desmond ball" Discussed on The Lemar Show

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"desmond ball" Discussed on The Lemar Show

"My brother's older brother desmond ball love love records. I kind of listen to a lot of the stuff that he he'd bought and whatever and the lamp and plug my base. And just listen to whatever you know playing on record play along and i just found that it even fell even with the base right right. It's all about one okay. Do you think that was you naturally sit in better with the record with the base versus the guitar as in you here. Oh i'm tired of this all was just just and and then I kind of like a long lost cousin of mine at that point and he was putting together like a little band and So i was like oh. I play guitar news. Okay cool and he was like version of prince because he keyboards guitar. But he's his main instrument was drums. Okay and was he's cool. Oh he was very cool. Mash malcolm feely smell pedophilia. Yes yes shouting credible incredible musician and yeah so there was a qatari. It's that was around at that point and he was incredible. I mean the guy could shreds Yeah i was like company. Say ish macos look man. Why don't you just play the bass. I'm not well. I have one compare a little bit and he just. He grabbed the basement me and he showed me a few little things on the base. I was like okay. He's okay now you try that. He's all right. Let's see cool one to free and Yeah he was just like mountain mission. Wanted to create this little group. And i felt wow okay now. I'm actually playing some bass with a drummer. Yeah yeah which is different supplier another room. That'd be good around the rooms though. And i'm playing now with someone on drums and that changed. Everything took the love to another level. Your chainsaw everything so you just like rehearse in in your house. His house bedroom is his mom. I couldn't believe it because she didn't play drums to wherever hours. I'm not. I was gonna say you can drums or digital not. I'm talking line nine hundred ninety nine. So yes we're looking. These are noisy drums. Yes these allowed lost drums and lived on the. I remember it was a member. There was like a railway line very close and they lied on end so there was a certain amount knowing that they could just make me by it so he was able to play drums to wherever. Wow i love where i wanna say. It's a failing. But as a parent. I guess now. Nowadays parents are much. Why i hope most parents are much more open minded than than kind of we've real grownup when a parent sees sparking their kid. Yes sometimes this is step back and let them explore. Yeah the when. I was growing up. What you're trying to destroy. Try try the jobs. I was never going to be a job in my house. Oh go up on the south side of the only time that you can make if i was singing and You know if it was a cigarette that you know might keep quiet just listening to let go too late for a little bit. You know 'cause it's not too intrusive but no apa no drums even enough jobs. I remember i i remember. I wanted to play drums. If that can have a junkie or or no no no no no no. No no no no bugging upstairs i have to because he you know he was a bus driver at night shifts instead. He's like where. I have to sleep to me says..

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