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"demek mark" Discussed on Talking Cancer

"Them Mark Rosie as always just so full of information and great great advice and support package. If I'm going to I'm going to try and pin you both down to try and highlight the one piece of advice that you think is going to be the most useful for people who are finding themselves really struggling at the moment with practical support during this hideous job. And demek Mark. What what would your what would your piece of advice be? I'd say talk to people. That's what I'd say. I think there's lots and lots of advice around. Lots of people don't know what that advice is or supporters, but talk to McMillan talk to our pharmacists talk to you consultant. Don't suffer all on your own. There are people around to help Rosie opening. You're going to Waco that I'm going to work over there and I'm going to be really sneaky. I know you said you were going to try and pin us down him a but can I can I go for two and then you can actually to be fair it's because they're not really mine. They're both from a patient who spoke to me this week about her lockdown experience and as we know it's so hard also for family and friends when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer and often. It's such a struggle for those people to understand how best to help and support and at the moment it it that's again even more difficult because there are so so many fewer options off. And what she said was that actually she found it really helpful to just directly asked family and friends and ask for specific help. Okay, and she said things like can we have a telephone call and woke up her or an online couple or could you get to the shops and get me this and maybe if it was a treatment day, you know, could you cook an extra couple of portions of food and just leave them on the doorstep and not wishing to encourage any infection risk, obviously, so really practical things and the other thing she said which was obviously music to her ears and and great because that that that you know, that's what melons here for but she said the other thing she found really useful was what she described as many as clear and understandable information and just to know that Matt Millen was there and had her needs at its heart. So I suppose what I'd be saying is please do use all the information and support that MacMillan and boots have had, you know be that members online community for peer support all the support line and a nod See all the boot services that Mark has talked about and and all this information. You'll you'll find on the website. It's absolutely brilliant, and I just, you know, it's encouraging everybody to to pass this podcast around so that we can we can just get as many people to know about all the Fantastic stuff that is out there in this incredibly difficult time Mark Rosie. Thank you very much as always a pleasure speaking to you. For more information on the topics Rosie Mark and I have talked about in this episode head to our website McMillan forward slash talking cancer for resources advice and support is also where you can find out more about donating to McMillan in our next episode will be talking about money worries that people with cancer may have during the pandemic subscribe if you'd like to hear that and every new episode whenever it's ready and if you enjoy the series, please give us a rating or a review it helps others to find the podcast more easily. I'm Emma be talking cancer is a MacMillan cancer surgery podcast..

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