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"dean collision center" Discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

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"dean collision center" Discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

"All right, guys, enjoy learning with audible and be legendary. What I love in in your real life story is that it wasn't like you were saying, oh, this Pitney, I look up the stars align. It was okay. You have the trouble with your dad and his most recent divorce. Looks like everything's collapsing. You get back. It's going in the right direction. We're winning again this all and then you make a deal to sell your car flipping business. Yeah. And then that goes to hell. And in that moment, the story comes rushing back of maybe everybody does, right. Maybe I wasn't smart enough -solutely and so that in fact, you just posted this on your Instagram about how so brilliant. It was the life of an entrepreneur, and it showed this like I'm winning everything. I screwed up. Shit. I really, I'm winning again. Yeah, this week and it just like this back and forth back and forth. How did you when you thought, oh, I've overcome this. I've got the empowering story and then it all falls apart again, villain as you call it like start speaking up. How did you deal with it? The second time around was easier was harder. I think it was harder. It's harder because it was bigger because so the story just say, said, I, I, I ended up after that. I worked in that little garage. I was working on one car. My story change. I started getting power, two cards, three cards. I went to the the woman who owned the collision shop. My dad had rented for her MRs Mary lopresti. She was a great old lady elderly lady, and we became friends and she sold me the collision shop with no money down. So I bought the collision shot. My dad lost. I named it dean collision center. Take the Paul off. I was mad at my dad, so I am the dean collision center. I bought it and I started and I got enterprise rent a car count. I got Hertz rent a car count. We've been from this rinky Dink collision shop to a successful collision shop. Start buying a flip and more houses, and then in the late. Nineties. I wanted to teach people how I made money with cars. I used to wholesale cars if you ever went and traded in a car and they give you a.

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