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"david letterman putin" Discussed on KPCC

"You know what it's like it's like Dr Strangelove we're going down is no good engineer numbers of couple will no longer is that the weapon that we think might of exploded on Thursday night that third kind a weapon that Putin outlined during this speech and twenty two exactly clearly David Letterman Putin is not trying to hide the fact that Russia is working on these pretty stunning weapons I mean in this speech he's actively broadcasting to the world that he is working on developing these he's not hiding a thing I mean quite the opposite it really does show you what the nature of the new arms race is and how it's different from what went before back in the sixties and seventies the Americans and the Russians would try to hide their developments from each other eventually of course some of them came out but what Putin wanted to do was announced to the public we're back so how does the United States react to that disclosure of these new weapons plans by rush hour long time adversary well the reactions were mixed Michael and it was obviously a group that was pretty freaked out because you know not a whole lot has changed in nuclear technology since the fall of the Berlin Wall and suddenly here with the Russians announcing a whole new set of weapons then there was a group saying yeah good luck with that reactor thing was a third group that was actually pretty gleeful about the entire thing gleeful gleeful Michael because there's a group inside the Pentagon certainly among many conservatives in the arms world who believe the United States has under invested in its nuclear weapons over the past ten to fifteen years and here all the sudden was the justification for what they have long argued for which is a renewal of the American nuclear arsenal so they actually see this some of them in the United States as an opportunity to do something that they wanted to do for a long time but have felt that they couldn't yeah Michael there are two arguments for building up a nuclear arsenal one is you go to Congress and you say this new technology around we should really do this that may not convinced very many people and certainly isn't going to convince many of the Democrats the other way to go at it is to say were falling behind and if we don't invest too were really going to find that we've got an old system they can't defend against a new class of nuclear weapons and with Putin's speech they have what looks like a very legitimate argument that the US could be falling behind absolutely and that's the argument that was working buried in that more than seven hundred billion dollar defense budget that president trump has pushed through is a lot of new money for new nuclear weapons hypersonic missiles all kinds of weaponry that many in the Pentagon and many defense contractors have.

Dr Strangelove seven hundred billion dollar fifteen years