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"dave aho" Discussed on Doug Loves Movies

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04:00 min | 11 months ago

"dave aho" Discussed on Doug Loves Movies

"You sound so sad. Uh-huh tito's donuts his way your is this appointed and the amount of shitty taped to his side. I i thought it was booze. It's hand sanitizer. Tagliabue's drink is losing cabrera howard but it's also a little carribean iran. You just clip it to your belt that it was like on the go booze. I wanted to <hes> aw but anyway describe it so he tricked me. I guess what's his name. What movies move off of this dave the hotel dave aho pick it solely because i thought there was boos on it yeah. I'm not gonna play for you now. So do you know the movie that he's parodying on the sign yeah. What's that call or bubba the hotel yeah yeah i think for that. Try to pick assigned. That means something to you. I mean i ninety mama's thousands if he wanted to boost looking small that is did you take your christa thought it had to be like top-shelf the carribean or on it. I liked it. The guy did some actual artwork. There's like a brick wall. Got that to the brick. Wall is actually printed on. That's the most impressive part of it and he puts them. Lettering got really really mad. It's a good size. It's a good sign all right. What what are you zach. Probably the best one of all this is because it's so good it's both the movie parody and covered in the it's. This is doug loves all magadan all ma. She's now. We've got a gun. Show space space puns here. We've got an orbit candy. Milky ways mars what's going on here starburst in he just booze skies also uranus medication. What does this one u._v. Rays like raise alright moon shot the man turn. It should be like lavar italian woman. Just shocked couldn't find every product that has some sort of manchu. It would've put hanson. I mean it looks like down to snacks and booze stint eating looking for breakfast breakfast bars and whenever luna's are supposed to be all right great job zach go ahead and throw that on the ground and hang onto dole time but i do want to the read it. Thank you alma right good job alam again. Let's play games drink. I know we're all we're all the same level of drunk right now. There's no reason no. What do you want more. Why call you have you. You had it because i'm not really a cider. Drinker is not so good well. It says right on their oh seltzer seltzer water. That's got a little kick to try fresh though i don't can i get an black cherry white clo- my friends jessica my girl she's. You're hooked on these things already so what he do. You just had your first one today right he has or you did and you love it..

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