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Challenges and Solutions for the New Space Economy (With Araz Feyzi) Ep #70.


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Challenges and Solutions for the New Space Economy (With Araz Feyzi) Ep #70.

"Automated podcasts welcome to automated. I'm your host mark for bank of and in this weekly podcast. We'll be exploring the impact of emerging technology on jobs society as well as us with business and technology leaders researchers and independent professionals across the world. So one of the avenues at this podcast has kind of organically started to explore a really different emerging industries that we are seeing more and more of today. I think the reason for this that not only will they lead to substantial job growth over time but they may actually be a space for the industries that are seen their jobs being replaced by automation technology. Today so on that note in today's episode we revisit the new space economy. Which of course has been getting a lot of media attention in the last few years due to its growth charismatic leaders and of course the interesting future projects and potential subsequent both social but also economic impacts however one of the growing challenges for the industry is of course tracking satellites and the debris that has already out in space in order to avoid the number of collisions. That are possible and this gets more problematic. Every single year as more satellites enter the earth's orbit so explain how this will play out the industry potential job impact and of course the future vision is as faizy. He's co founder and cto of kayhan space so arise is a engineer and data scientist by training with a masters in information systems and has been part of two successful startups besides kayhan space. He joined to wetterau a bb software as a service startup as an early employee and left to co found cypher. A cyber security startup his over ten years of experience and technology and analytics working for startups as well as fortune. Five hundred companies and i was lucky enough to talk to him about this exciting new industry on today's episode. Great arouse thank you very much for coming onto the automated podcast. It's great to have you here to speak about the new space economy. The work that you guys are doing. Thanks for coming on today mark. Thank you me excited to be here. Yeah i'm looking forward to the conversation to some of the insights that you can bring one of the ways that i'd like to start with all my guests though is get a little bit more of a personal interest. As i mentioned we'll be talking about space. We'll be talking about that new space economy. Everybody's always looking to elon. Musk at spacex. Even jeff bezos in the blue origin. Work that they're doing But what got you initially interested in space in having a startup working in the things that you do as a great question. So advocate. Most kids advocate. Most kids are interested in space than it grow up. And i just happened to be interested in astronomy and amateur astronomy. When it was in high school we did some good friends. We had a small group of amateur automate out. You know out and and watch events stuff like that. But i wasn't that she didn't get into space until the start his company. My background technologists. Back on his in product development cloud computing analytics. Programming shows a kid. So my expertise over time has developed to be leveraging the best in the greatest parts offerings of cloud computing and technology partner with somebody within industry deep industry expertise on tried to find an solid album for that industry and the story goes back about two years ago when My my vehicles friend of mine. My co-founder now sam We were talking and he was telling me complaining that take. I've been hired for the third time by the third company to build exact same capability for them and and cut a pause. We'll maybe there's an opportunity here to contribute to the industry and his background is in aerospace. He has a phd interspace engineering with concentration. Focus on precise over. Determination estimation Astro damase he has led support various nasa jpl and commercial missions. So he's the guy with deep industry expertise and an and and so we sat down. We spent about almost nine months toying with different ideas of how however expertise to get. It can help us. Industries and obviously kind of throwback to to my interest from from you know when i was younger an aso that that's how we got into That's how i got into the industry today. Okay great so. I mean why. Don't we just jump right into the actual industry itself. Because i think this is something. That's always very interesting for people to hear. Also maybe a little bit beyond the kind of typical as i mentioned spacex blue and etc so the mars mission is kind of one of the main things that gets. I think a lot of the hype cycle most of the media attention most people that aren't really paying attention to the space economy. Focus on things like that kind of bigger news but i think as your more entrenched in the industry maybe could you touch on some of the things that are exciting you for the next maybe five ten years that maybe some of us haven't heard of before. Yes so you know mars project. It's fantastic a lot of technologies are going to come out of a of of all these missions that are planning to go tomorrow and beyond but to take a step back and focus on what is important to us today On talk about for most people when they talk about earth or space in general they believe. It's an unlimited resource divy. Have but the reality is that the usable earth orbits or with environment is is couple of hundred kilometers above obviously have jewish jewish Geostationary satellites that are farther out but most of the technologies that we rely on much closer to earth and its finance today limited amount of space around all around and so we have satellites that are supporting chilling dollar industries here on her so think about global supply chain link. gps communication entertainment agriculture defense. Our everyday life. Our modern life is dependent on space. Basically continuously twenty four seven right and there are a couple of problems that we're facing today and these problems are going to kind of grow as the launch more sellers into space that are threatening sustainability north northwards which is indirectly as threatening the wave We live our lives today. And that is what's exciting the most today because it is a problem. That exists is a problem that is directly affecting our lives today. And we're focused on on on addressing issues in Orbital environment just put it in perspective in the first six seven decades of space drives old space stations nineteen sixty until recently launched about eight thousand satellites give or take two thousand which are still operational six thousand of either the commission still a you know kind of debris or they've come down to earth or burnt in the atmosphere just in twenty twenty two twenty one timeframe basic. The loan has launched fourteen hundred satellites. Right it become the largest satellite operator new world within your year and a half now if you look at the forecast planning launching somewhere between forty to sixty thousand satellites and the next second miracle solutions. If you just look at the planned ones now amazon hyper. You have one wet. You have the china's nigga constellation that was just announced the spacex story and we're dispeat- around earth is getting congested as you know as we launched more so he thought launching a single satellite today We would still be in trouble. Because you know earth or has a ken capacity and and for recent estimates ninety five percent that is already taken by space debris or space joke. That is the problem that we're excited about And we're trying to bring the technology that will help guarantee that we'll have a sustainable orbital environment around us next to come right so So sounds like there's a couple of different challenges than for this entire new spacey con right. You touched on the kind of limited carrying capacity limited space in space the and then maybe also you can touch a little bit further on the space debris. 'cause i think this is a this is something that doesn't really get that much attention. I don't think. I read a couple articles Back when i had asgard space on You know our mutual contact and there was a think some crazy number like several million pieces of space debris from like a single thing. It was like a single paint spec right all the way to one of these. Larger decommissioned satellites that are still floating around Not really doing anything other than taking up space and potentially causing some kind of Collisions could you touch on that a little bit more. Because i think it's it's quite interesting especially as you've kind of painted this vision of no kind of an exponential growth of satellites and other kind of technologies that'll be taken off our are limited space so hunting knows face orbital debris exists so. There's a us started. Something called space surveillance network back in the day and it today's It's it's a combination of earth radars telescopes and orbits asset sims Razor laser ranging tools the initial for percents Dismiss was detect ballistic missiles. As bad we started seeing objects norman. Then what has evolved and it's continues to evolve. It is a scanning earth orbit for all the pieces that it can see right now. We can see Reading space offense we can see objects that are larger than ten centimeters so us face force us to use air force force catalogs Somewhere between twenty to thirty twenty to thirty thousand objects that can see these are objects that they can be it can be natural debris or they could be manmade debris that as you said it can be just piece of paint that came off of launch. They hit coal or can be a second stage. We left in orbit or decommission satellites now. It's estimated that there are about a million pieces of debris in reforming and that's the because you know we can't see anything smaller can send him examiner now in u Radar came online idly last year. Call faith fence that is operated by s- offend that is capable of steamer small objects about three centimeters a large expected. That wants this. Radar data is ingested into the catalog. We'll be able to see over one hundred thousand objects so the reality is employee. Look more refined now. So these objects are flying at twenty thousand miles at home at about ten to seventeen times speed of the board now. That's a fragment size of opinion. If hits a satellite it will destroy it into pieces and when that happens that happens. It doesn't just enough particular mission. The debris from that that collision that can be thousands of pieces will stay in orbit for tens or hundreds of years and each one of those become another piece of debris that would ask. I not gravity. We came right so that is actually based on truth. Science kessler syndrome was introduced by by kessler in nineteen. Seventies is a chain reaction hope. You have one collision the pieces of debris from that hits other facets destroys those other chain reaction that will That can basically make an entire orbit unusable for generations so it is an extremely difficult problem and again as i mentioned. Stop launching a single satellite. Today we still have to deal with this growing pain of. Hey you know. We have all these collisions. Actual and it happens on a daily basis that allow operators perform maneuvers to to collisions with other operational satellites orbital debris on an ongoing basis. When you haven't a an asset that he can maneuver it's it's it's easier because you don't even win over it out of the way but we have to objects that are not maneuverable and in deir at risk of colliding. There's nothing you can do. Ns worse case scenario which we had one of them a couple months ago to giants pieces of debris were very close together. So when we talk about things like the the latest chinese rocket body die that was left in orbit that came down a few days ago. That's a big problem because you have twenty plus tons of material and if that is when you know object collides with another object you create so many pieces of debris that can that can create a cascading effect for four other operators and they found about just in such just about the satellite centre currently orbit. If you want to if you try to launch anything into space you got to go through that the lower So one of the products that for example we have is got launched conjunction assessment launching as you launch vehicle. You want to make sure that you know from i. They second-stage haloed All the components are not going to collide. Anything wasn't in used that in april when the when the dragon was document i assess they had a had turned out to be false alarm. Which again other sports story. But they have to get into back back back into Suits because they thought that there was a close approach of Threatening not not just satellites but but human life and also any kind of mission whether or Bound or mountain or lunar beyond have to go through this cloud integrate to get out. And if i can tie this back to what you were saying at the start where you are on earth. Civilizations can become more and more dependent on these spacefaring systems assets as you're mentioning this risk Growth considerably or. I guess you could say. The impact of this risk rose considerably May maybe also tied it into kayhan space. where Where we have all of these new kinds of satellites coming out right starlink and the other ones that you mentioned what is going to happen. If they're not able to be properly tracked right or is is there a system out there now that can probably track these things track the debris and help them avoid the collisions. Greg question so tracking is one part of the solutions So the the great thing about operating satellites is especially the newer ones that are be 'blanche they they all come with. Gps onboard. And they're you know they're they're at least you know one. Two three units. Large current technologies can convey will track objects tracking operational at any. Any kind of large satellite is not a big problem. Because we can already you can already track does pretty well. So the problem will stay as to the ability to track items that that we can't track them to today so for example if you have a piece of paper that came off of satellite or launch vehicle these are called hammers a high area to masturbate. Shoot use our can imagine invade light but but large a large part of of areas. Pretty big what is what is wrong with that. Because solar radiation at black of gravity or low gravity has actually pretty significant effect on a move so solar radiation or solar. Ray sketchy push an object like that in in when you look from from from ground you only see like know the radar return to get tells you there's an object approximately this this large but when you have a items like data than uncertainties pretty high Shenault where exactly autumn-winter going. So i mean it's it's a very complex problem to to track these objects and especially the smaller ones on objects is just as very hard to detect them. And and it's very hard to track you get the snapshot abacus. I saw an object going here at the speed loss of the end of mason. Kinda try to Identified us so so identifying guest finding and identifying and cataloguing debris problem so we just need to make sure that our city minimum. so that's that's one. This only problem we are trying to do. Is that so. That's one part of the knowing where south precious satellites are knowing wedge a breeze. Those are part of the solution. The third one is that. how do we avoid. These are catastrophic collisions. Now if solid operators enough say you have a satellite that is that that that is doing You're up there to perform your mission. Which is the. You're not necessarily you know avoid collisions. It is a it is a. It is a part of the job that you have to do. But it is not necessarily what you've have to do and right now is certain orbital regimes satellite operators getting hundreds of potential What's called conjunction messages of collision if occasions every week from your space and In as we as number of objects and satellites increase you can assume that how how how quickly that's going to grow how quickly these scenarios are going to increase now. The process that is used today is has couple of one is scalable. So you have people you just looking at these emails and analysis in house and then You know then that brings people together to disarm it or not. They need to perform a new to design. Maneuver date screen itch. Make sure that once formed maneuver will result in another accident and then finally either do a dual maneuvre. It's time consuming. it's not scalable. Human is in critical path of the response. So they're delays in introduce and choose we've had been errors in the past that almost resulted in collisions. So when we leave needs to be done is that we believe that there needs to be. We need we need better automation and atonomy in avoiding certain collisions. And it's just because it's not humanly possible to have accessible selection of thousands or tens of thousands of satellites and do the manual manual manual cash. Then we have a lot of smaller. Operators that are launching satellites. He can be a student group. He can be a startup up to launch a satellite. Anybody can expect every salad to develop these autonomies and dissolved commissions to to avoid collision. So we are building building. Autonomous satellite collision avoidance system that That what it does. Is it tracks. Where you're going tracks upcoming conjunctions. We do perform trending in analysis in the back end. We have when you need to know about an event. Send your notification. Say hey we received hundred fifty notifications today. Does this one that you need to look at. Here's a slack message slot with microsoft teams or no matter. Most an in an if there is if you believe that there's a need for For maneuver for avoidance maneuver. We prepare based on all the constraints that satellite operator has and for my to them. All they need to do yourself loaded. Their satellites renewed uplift their satellite. And so that's that's the that's the technology part time developing to To help reduce the risk off commissions. In six right yeah. It's it's still surprises me. That the main way that collisions are stopped. Today is through email to to me. When i first heard that with with a previous guests it still blew. it completely. Blew my mind because when you think of space we think of the new space economy you think you know some of the most high tech equipment and technology in an outside of our world. So it's it's interesting that Emails are still the primary way that this is happening. And i guess from from my understanding your your platform system is going to be a new layer of automation that enables the not only the efficiency of these collision avoidance. But also the Should i say the scaled up version of cumin notification systems. Especially as if we're going to have some tens of thousands of satellites in the next couple years that would mean i would assume tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of individual people to do that tracking to do the-they notifying to send us emails to stop those collisions. So it sounds really interesting that this automation layer would be able to solve many of these problems. That are gonna come up. That's good summary. And one thing i would add is that you know Jonah compares these terminology in space in the old space for snooze face face until recently you had to be a government agency or a billion dollar company In order to be able to develop a design emissions develop your satellite launch. Run it and all that but today you can be a small company whereas student who coming out University have a sensor. Then you basically go to companies such as tiktok's or cannon technology will build your satellite for you you may not even see it they will send it to a rideshare for example nine rex. They will put on going out combined. Write checks you'll get to orbit sub one million. Then you will work with some like azure or aws ground stations integrated with their systems will get your data analyze it on the cloud on all that but you still when it comes to risk or s space like safety capabilities You have to build ups and the and that is why we started this company because we believe that the category of space flight safety As a software hasn't been defined. He's left to build tools to your orbit determination You still have to build automation tools to avoid collisions. You still have to. You know build technology to you know cast figure out what is the most optimal way for you to task missions. And that's what we're desolate addressing where we're so. She's not just satellite. Collision avoidance are building a face like safety Software for satellite operates the turnkey solutions for trump ability. And can can you maybe touch on the technology itself a little bit more. Because i think it'd be interesting for a number of listeners. I would assume that algorithms and some form of ai would be central to this platform the to the system that you're building yeah sure This is a very analytical problem. So we have some observations we sit are grounded are ground radars that the detect on orbital liberty and you have a satellite and has. Let's say as soon as a gps fumble so we get data from ground radars and access to to to enhance catalog through a is and then we get tracking data from or location data from the gps will take that data and we we put through a process called over determination basically figures out where the objectives and at that point. We can kind of intersected with entire catalogue off debris and the way they're moving and so part of this is already done through c. squawk or the became space control squadron which is which is operating the space race network a lot of times. We just get notification from the eighteen space on behalf of our customers saying. Hey we've re before casting predicting a what's called a conjunction close approach six days from now this time between these two satellites and that that sushi gets updated as as as it gets closer on more accurate data on tracking that that gets that gets updated so we can just all of that we do tracking analyze it. And if you have more accurate data on primary we just that We we predicted. Object is going to run our collision avoidance algorithms and we provide our customers with information they need so we show them visually how it's going to happen The three division of the events uncertainties. Probably billy jeff collision course. They're going to get yes but that's civilian l'ecole awkward problem. It's specific assault but doesn't necessarily either a lot of value. In this case there are other use cases of We are leveraging in other parts of our our platform but not for collision avoidance. It's very problem. That's can easily solve through analytical methods. Right right okay. Maybe following from that though. It really sounds like they're still a lot of i. Guess human work to be done on the side of your clients right so they received these notifications. They understand the data that you have sent them like okay. There is a collision. That's going to happen. But then they still need to take the steps on their own end to stop that collision from happening. What is going to happen in the next five to ten years. Fifteen years something like that. Are your clients going to get a little bit more. autonomous are you going to be communicating with their systems with their satellites directly. That have the of navigational properties that are going to be built into them so they can avoid things by themselves without having kind of a team on the ground to solve that or is that still light years away. No hopefully not lighters. Because we can't go you know morning before it becomes a feasible so we are building towards a couple of things that are we discussing. That trust is extremely important when it comes to a space missions. Because you've gotta have trust in your systems are gonna have trust in the data so as a result of that southern operator Operators usually checking multiple data sources of multiple solutions much sources also. They want to review critical critical kind of maneuvers and and And changes but but as we but as he continued to build more integrations. We believe that in the next two years or so. We'll be able to get photon in terms of collision avoidance when it comes to an official satellite versus non-operational object. Why do i say that. So she have to objects that are one of them is maneuverable. that's you know. Let's say are are the kind of the solid controlling also debris the results going to move. So you know pretty much exactly where it's going can decide Voided this is the to perform but the problem is when you have multiple operations troy operational satellites that are back to have a conjunction when you do that. What if they don't talk both perform the maneuver or you know and it. This happened in the past. So as a result of that one one thing that happened in march with spacex sign an agreement with nasa saying that any time there is a conjunction between stalling satellites and in asset nasa. Not going to move very clean. spacex to perform the maneuver rent and based on the information that leads publicly available. Starting satellites do have an autonomous collision avoidance system. Which basically you know to get data from the ground there is a need for maneuver different from the middle. There's i don't have much detail about how it works but as you can imagine that won't work in cases where you have to satellite sonic mercies. One whip happened in april story is still developing and changing so We believe that in the next couple of years we need to come up with as citizens that our we need to come up with ruling agents when it comes to sound like collision avoidance among other things So what if know a satellite from say two countries that don't have great relationships on this. What are you gonna do so it is a problem so we keep saying that technology alone is not going to be able to solve this problem. You need to have need to get policy. You need to have nations come together and come up with Norms of operating space. So yeah so what. We are doing technology from technology perspective. We're developing a platform that when the two officers a collision course on there are plenty and stay can actually work together to come up with a maneuver plan. Deaths optimize based on both sides know operation constraints so. Hey satellite a from operator. Wanson love me from appraiser to conjunction. Have a chat channel. Here's cans. I commend nation in terms of the most optimum maneuver. And we believe that that is something that we can do immediately that something that nosy can do to help but on the side we talk. We speak with representatives and people. You know People close washington and try to increase awareness around this problem because we believe that. Us needs to take leadership to to bring together a coalition of nations to set. Sit down and come up with rules. Engagements comes great. I have two questions to follow up from that so one. I should have asked this before when there's a conjunction event how. How much time in advance do these two is have before. They actually collide. Are we talking hours days months. We what was the timeframe. They're great question. So in a lot of cases where both objects are catalogued which me we know where they are. Good history on them. You can have days using to get something three to seven days. You get educated and changes over time it's just disappears because we get better data and not close or we get more accurate data showing that actually closer than we thought through seven days but that's only between the objects that have been catalogued. I mean no relatives so the problem with that. Is that if you have a break-up in seoul knows whether it's a you know just not function or whether it's a collision an with debris or not object and you have thousands of pieces of debris Doesn't matter it usually takes a while. Before rebound radars and other tracking technologies to detect. A catalog does objects and if you have an object that was just logged. I mean an you could have a solution or could have a conjunction. That's hours away but we don't see we don't see that march a hopefully. We'll never see that because hopefully won't have any cyst from breakup in orbit we've had a couple of past two decades but but usually on Well defined or calla about seventies. Okay okay and then. My other question here was more towards the kind of standards and policies between between nations. You're saying it was quite interesting. The one the one point was the system that you're building almost seems to have kind of a logical decision right so irrespective of which country wants to do what you're providing the solution that is maybe the most efficient requires least amount of resources or fuel etc. Are you hopeful that this kind of maybe scientific approach to making these decisions will win out at the end of the day or are you getting a sense that because there are so many nations. That don't necessarily agree within this space region that there's going to be more political decisions made on how to maneuver the assets in the future compared to yet this this kind of autonomous possibility that that's starting to be built out scientific question to answer. I don't i don't think i have the answer. I would again say that. Were hoping that space will stay. Peaceful in countries will work together to address these issues But it's a complex problem because even you know every country. Us russia china every country has assets that they don't publicly talk about even when you get catalog information you know you realize that some items have been either removed or data have been manipulated can really get too much information about them Yeah so. I mean there are a lot of complexities when it comes to national security and how how different countries can can work together. But they're hoping that Major players in in our and space programs nations come together and come on. Come to some sort of agreement peaceful agreements on of their gauge went. Well I definitely share that. That view would be. It'd be nice if people can come together. Nations can come together rather than having this kind of confrontation outside of our planet anyways. i do see. The time is running down here a little bit. The podcast does focus on the on the main megatrend of jobs and automation. So we're talking a lot about automation space. Of course this is completely not completely new. But it's an emerging sector right so there's constantly new jobs being created. You touched on. Kind of the decentralization. The kind of station of the assets that can be built transferred transported and then sent out. So you don't actually necessarily need to have an organization corporate to build out these things and send them out anymore. How do you see your system that you're building with. It's a very impressive. automation capabilities. Impacting jobs in say the next five to ten years. A great question so our company among other than a couple of companies just like custody noah that are active in software they suffer. We're creating jobs so we have quadrupled the size of our team in the next year. So you have the the sectors spin software sector in space has been creating a lot of hype no high-paying jobs or higher skilled jobs and any reality the The the jobs that are solution is displacing is actually kind of talent that we can leverage somewhere else to create a lot more. Don't you have a highly educated talented Aerospace engineer rosser dynamics engineer they can be very The incredible value focusing on other parts of the space industry down avoiding collisions. So we believe that. This is a part of this. You know it's all like we are replacing low skill job. Salt lake The sector technologies is replacing jobs. That are needed. We are actually eliminating the the kind of task on risky. It's being done in a in in less efficient manner And were releasing the talent or we're basically opening time with talent that is very usable more productive somewhere else. Yeah that's good to hear. That's one of the one of the trends that keeps coming up on the podcast as well For specific technologies or businesses. Right it's that you're not automating a complete job but your automated those tasks within that job therefore freeing up that labor to do something that's more Yeah higher skill needed or or you know you can use your brain a little bit more and contribute as you said Towards the sector towards the business at a at a higher capacity great to hear one of the ways that i like to end all all these podcast episodes is i mean. We've talked a couple of times about like the future of the next ten years. If i could ask you what your future vision is of the space economy or the new space economy four. Let's let's pick a relative timeframe assay ten years out. Is it going to be a completely autonomous interconnected system where satellites are talking to each other. They're talking to the radar. They're talking to systems such as yours. They're all maneuvering between each other and creating great amounts of efficiencies in leading people to do the kind of work that they want to do or is going to be something else thrown into the mix it kind of what's your what's your vision for the next ten years. I was very difficult question to answer. The odds of i'll be right is very low but i'll try to ask it. Yeah so certainly. I'm hoping that in the next ten years or so you're more. We'll have all of the new missions that are launching. going to launch with orbital sustainability. Team is meaning. I'm launching machine. I wanna make sure that all parts that are involved in that launch. Come down safely on. I wanna make sure that when my sad like win. When it gets the end of life it decommissions automatically and incomes back So the hope. That is one thing that i'm really hoping that will happen. And i'm hopeful that it will happen still but potential timeframe for short for certain kind of missions that have launched are launching today. That are still leveraging kind of older rules in technologies but But i but. I believe what's what's happened is that you've been going to have a significant number of mega constellations that are available automated very well regulated and hopefully working together to keep each other on the orbital environment. Safe while you're going to have obviously the debris and you're going to have the older generation satellites that you still have to Handle on an case the case the case to case basis But hopefully we will use won't have Attorney bilton judy. Knew mega constellation going to be the biggest trump coffee New satellite launches in the next great Thank you very much for coming onto the automated podcast especially. Thanks for that kind of future. Vision is always something that i that i'd like to hear from from the guess. I'll have the website keyhan space as your lincoln up on the show notes. Is there another place that you want a listeners. To check out i follow us on twitter handle and follow us on lincoln But yeah website is the best place to go. We post News also our thoughts on our block. they frequently during fall twitter awesome. Well thanks very much for coming onto the podcast and Yeah thanks for sharing your insights and All the best with with your businesses very exciting. I hope that the automation potential really kind of helps out the new space sector mark. Thank you for having me. I agree appreciated. Well that's it for this week's episode. Thanks for listening if you like what you hear and you want to put the podcast and the conversations here. The best way to do this is to go onto apple podcasts. And leave a review as it helps the algorithm to reach out to new listeners and brings the show to them also feel free to check out the website automated podcast dot. Org where you can find the show notes for each episode written articles on the themes of the podcast and a library of resources on the topic of emerging tech and automation. Also if you want to reach out and leave any feedback where you have any questions about the podcast or any of the conversations. There are general contact links such as email lincoln twitter etc forty there on the website and finally for those of you that want more than just an audio conversation. The video recordings are now going to be up on youtube for the newer conversations. So feel free to check out the videos by searching for automated podcast on youtube. Where of course you can like and subscribe if you prefer to support the podcast that way. The automated podcast.

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"Do that all pulled costs. Pope cost of man. Your Dean focused on the wall. Even our listener sick all look showed debock. Vel Cohen Liberalism cost matters or tear. Who settled or do you let the hot and the whistle spin on us from N. Lytton Taylor coon logoff spotify or then militant connecticut throws so do the Lebron pulled Costco. Come off the hood on E. Word pod causing her all talk or eat the add some do ecoed and wants that what. I heard Julia number of you on the show. My water cure at noon. Cd sitting in the nuance there So that Chunk it only on something I'd almost on the provider of exiting billy. Start to go to her their ball. The photos was listed under politics gardening. Frey doll for devoutful and frustrations in virtually volleyball list math. No it means Volkmann Liberal Donkin sculpting multi-million Manihoti. We've yet your aluminum hood a policy dog. So Dang thing some be Ekit OPARA saw oviedo hinterland almost gear men actively Benalla tonker some Vulcan so hopefully ultimately among a little pause via dot all dot along with Dr last sit in a Dog. Any Tom or liberalism statistical data on Damase takeover of term. We really are circle. You look in the Balkan Oil Kuske on these Hachem some VISCONTI's Innova Saudi Port Qasim So charlotta do females also help the airport facebook twitter? Instagram or Youtube Dostoyevsky us not the bulk. Mailing out Alabama. Let's at least to the indicating some effort small infrastructure somebody conducted vr nor goodwill among puzzled. Let's say it's GonNa be afraid it's going to be so now the dossier we talk little liberal and focused man my clothes on order.

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December 29th: Stimulus Relief and Ceiling Fan Recall HR 2

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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December 29th: Stimulus Relief and Ceiling Fan Recall HR 2

"This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi am great. What's ahead for twenty twenty one. Well if you buy into knows damase is doesn't look good. I'll give you a shortlist asteroids zombies and well pretty overwhelmingly bad outlook seven seven now thirteen ten k. k. A thirteen ten. Kfi a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialists studios. We're gonna burn peace tongue in cheek piece out of the new york post. By laurence ducey yeah world ending asteroids. Zombies doesn't progressive have coverage for the zombie. Now i'm probably mistaken ruinous fallon on deck for twenty twenty one this according to french philosopher. No stra dhamma whose track record by the way for predicting the future has been kind of freakishly accurate but wait. You say isn't t dust pretty much. Yeah no pseudomonas. Who died in fifteen sixty. Six has famously prophesied calamitous events through his collection of poetic what trains the renaissance era sierra alluded to such events as the french revolution the development of the atomic bomb. I kid you not the september eleventh terrorist attacks. I'm sure it's all in the interpretation now. Close readers of his work said that he foresaw a twenty twenty one even more destructive than this hellscape of year in his writings he mentions quote few young people half dead to give a start. Well this can only mean one thing. Of course the zombie apocalypse may be upon us. He went on to say father's and mother's dead of infamous sorrows women in mourning the pestilent. She monster the great one to be no more all the world to end tau. He's just a bundle of joy now isn't he now. Apparently he also appears to allude to the corona vamp coronavirus pandemic of two thousand twenty but rights that the following year will be even more destructive perhaps bringing famine to the world. After great trouble for humanity he writes a greater one is prepared. The great mover renews the ages. Rain blood milk feminine. Steel and plague is the heavens fire scene along spark running. Oh and that's in case of an asteroid. Yes in the sky. He writes one. Cease-fire and a long trail of sparks. Now already as. You're well aware we talked about this. We've had a few few close calls on christmas day. Huge asteroid zipped right pastor then in november. We talked about this a pickup size. I thought it was a refrigerator size but they tend to change. Pickup sized asteroid squeaked by our planet by about two hundred and fifty miles over the southern pacific on friday the thirteenth however there is a silver lining to all does doom and gloom historians often point out that no saddam. His writings are incredibly vague or even downright non-existent so please take heart. Things could actually get better in twenty twenty one which for many given the fact that that well all eyes on the senate today is they are expected. Boy you talk about being between a rock and a hard place particularly if you're fiscally conservative. I know it sounds like an oxymoron. But if you are a consistent fiscally conservative politician. Republicans are kind of in the thick of it when it comes to passing That covid nineteen relief of two thousand dollars. That will go to most most americans because well we're right on the precipice of that runoff election. Two of them to be more precise those runoff elections for the coveted senate seats in georgia. Coming out of georgia and how a no vote would impact that election. Do you think that it would sway votes or do you think it would have no impact whatsoever. It seems as though there's a pretty good standup are standoff. That has been set up in terms of republicans in the senate casting their votes on that stimulus check. But what will that look now. Some say that depending on how this rolls out in the senate that those checks well. They could start arriving as early as later this week. Might if there is a standoff in the senate and mitch mcconnell is basically trying to slow the roll down could be weeks until those checks actually go out but what will that second round of payments actually look like now the peace. I'm working for from is working under the premise. That because things change very very quickly as we're well aware but is working under the premise that it would be the six hundred dollar check. But i can't help but think that the rules will remain the same for a two thousand stimulus check if indeed. This is passed by the senate so who qualifies for a second stimulus. Check individual tax payers. Earning up to seventy five thousand dollars a year couples who filed taxes jointly with annual incomes. Up to one hundred fifty thousand dollars. A year will be eligible for the payments. Households will also get a payment for every dependent child. Although those with dependent children over the age of seventeen will not receive a check and they can't collect one for themselves and again keep this in mind eligibility is determined based on your twenty nine eighteen tax returns. But if you made less money in twenty twenty than you did in two thousand nineteen you can still claim this money. A the amount. Td in the form of a refundable tax credit when you file your taxes so when will the stimulus payments be sent and how well once again as i previously mentioned. The timeline is dependent on what the senate actually does or does not do but the time line for sending out the payments remains out. Pretty maybe we should ask no straw know. Saddam is about that but the time line for those payments pretty on clear but many experts saying that. If everything goes as expected in the senate. But i don't have a crystal ball and that one to you that those checks should start going out within the next couple of weeks. Keep in mind. When stimulus checks were proved under the original cares act. It took about two weeks for the treasury department to start distributing the money if you provided your banking information to the i. r. s. with your twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen income tax returns You will be among those who has like a those likely to see the cash land in your account via direct deposit but those who received the first round of stimulus payments by a different means such as well. Old school check in. The mail might have to wait longer so again. All eyes on the senate today. What will they do. What will they do any thoughts on that nine. Seven three five three thirteen. Drop me taxed first time using our text line. We got a brand new texts number for you. And all you have to do is text a kfi to nine seven four seven eight thirteen a one if you have been part of our texting core for quite some time. Thank you for that You are grandfathered into the process. So you don't have to do anything different. Just text away and let me know your thoughts. This morning. we could all use a little comfort and maybe knows. This is not your thing but maybe you feel like. I could use a little bit of support. Well north range behavioral health is here to help with its colorado spirit covid nineteen support program. And if you have been affected by the pandemic in any way shape or form reach out for the confidential and free support that will help you not only survive but perhaps even thrive through troubled times call the colorado spirit warm line nine seven three four seven twenty three fifty nine. That's nine seven three four seven twenty three fifty nine no code now weekdays at four. Another in colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi day's headlines podcasts mornings with gail and more and a schedule upcoming sports broadcasts find them at thirteen. Ten kfi am. Did you ever cast a wary eye on a ceiling fan. That seemed a little bit lambley. Seven twenty four now. I know i have thirteen ten a day one while i mean it's just out of whack right ten. Jfk a thirteen ten k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialists studios. Well this one got my attention. As i'm pretty sure it will yours. More than one hundred and ninety thousand ceiling fans sold at home depot. They're being recalled after reports that the blades fell off while spinning hitting people and causing property damage. Yeah that's going to leave a mark right in that. Your worst nightmare ranks right up there. The hampton bay mara. Indoor and outdoor ceiling fans were sold this year between april and october at home depot stores and via its website. They include fans that are matt white. Matte black black and polished nickel. They also come with a ever so lovely white color changing. Led lights and remote control agencies. Airfreight now is that the one. Oh my gosh. about one. Hundred and eighty two thousand of them were sold in the us. Eight hundred were sold in canada. The consumer product safety commission says owners of the fans the should stop using them immediately and inspect them for blades. That aren't secure. If consumers observed blade movement or uneven gaps between the blades and fan body or movement of the clip during inspection consumers should immediately contact king of fans for a free replacement ceiling fan this according to the consumer product safety commission. I i think. I might think about changing brands. How 'bout you company has received forty-seven reports of blades attachments including two reports of the blade hitting someone and four reports of the blade causing property damage king of fans which makes the ceiling fans said it will replace any of the faulty wants for free all. Isn't that victim them. So check out the same ceiling fans for especially if they're looking a little bit less than stable. This is more than one hundred and ninety thousand ceiling fans sold at home depot again During a between the months of april and october at home depot stores and also at home depot's website are being recalled. The actual brand is the hampton bay mara. Marta indoor and outdoor ceiling fan seven twenty-seven now thirteen ten kfi k a thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice. Just when you thought twenty twenty. Couldn't get any crazier right. Hey listen just wanted to pass along some information to you this morning. A little local news. Roundup as you've heard in our news this morning some good news for Movie buffs This as the loveland movie theaters are reopening ding ding ding at today. But the metro locks. Fourteen this ccording to a piece. I pulled out of the loveland reporter herald the metroplex fourteen insent tara and the metroplex dining in downtown loveland that will reopen again with all of the protocols and safety precautions in place for both staff and movie goers including contact tracing questions for each ticket sold again. Both the reopening. Today you're encouraged to buy tickets online at through the metropolitan theaters app theaters will feature new releases including wonder woman nineteen eighty-four news of the world. Promising young woman pinocchio and monster hunter scripted bar and kitchen lows located inside the downtown metro locks this metroplex don in town in downtown loveline stands to reason will resume in house dining service offering a twenty percent discount to those who eat on site as well as those who order. Take out or delivery. Movie goers can purchase food while buying their tickets online. They're making it as easy as possible. But it goes to your comfort level once again. Are you comfortable in of new normal as we slowly work our way back to life and living whatever that's going to look like are you comfortable going back to a movie theater given the fact that well they've got all the safety precautions in place. Imagine that we're having this conversation. Imagine going back to a movie theater. It's surreal isn't it. Boggles the mind but unfortunately that is the reality that we're dealing with these days. So do you feel comfortable getting back into theater. I'll tell you what that metroplex dining in in downtown loveland it's pretty darn cool and the food is scrummed It's really really good. But yes if you're going to take advantage of the fact that both the metroplex fourteen incen- tara the metroplex dine in in downtown loveline have reopened Again you can buy your tickets online and through the metropolitan theaters app and you can also purchase food. The food will be cooked once. Your ticket is scanned and then the food is delivered to your seats. Seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. A. dot com. Well after another record setting day for the markets yesterday all eyes on mitch mcconnell and the us senate today. Gee i wonder why keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few here mornings with kale weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten k of k at seven. Thirty four keith. Wineman presidential wealth management. And now g tell me why enquiring minds. Why all eyes are on mitch. Mcconnell in the us senate today well for those who have been out of communication. The house voted on and passed the bill to increase the payments to individuals in the second economic stimulus plan to increase those payments from six hundred dollars to two thousand dollars. This was in the. Us house two hundred thirty one. Democrats voted for it to voted against it forty. Four republicans voted for it. One hundred and thirty voted against it. They needed sixty percent to pass it. They got it now so far. There has been no comment on this subject at all from senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell asli mum on the matter yes and nothing we've seen. I've seen nothing in the news anywhere other than the fact that senate minority leader chuck schumer says he will try to bring the bill up for a vote in the senate today And that's all we have to go on right now. The president supports the two thousand dollar payments. I actually saw kelly leffler the the appointed senator. Who's up for reelection in georgia one of those too closely followed races because they'll determine the balance which party has the majority of the senate. I actually saw her say that she would vote for the two thousand dollars individual payments if the vote came up well with that all important runoff election. I should say elections just right around the corner wall street journal facet because we talked about the strategy the inherent strategy. Here that there there is some pay. No attention to the man behind the curtain. Finagling going on in the room but Wall street journal pointed out that essentially a president trump by signing this and getting all in behind Those that increase to two thousand dollars for most americans when it comes to kobe. Nineteen relief payments basically Well possibly handing chuck schumer the election on a silver platter that said You're forced to bet will. The senate approve or disapprove of it. I don't think they have any choice. I really think that This would sink the ship. I agree if they did not have that. Two thousand dollar stimulus. I can't make an argument. We're gonna pay for it. Nobody knows right. But that's secondary. Yeah yeah what's all important now. Is the outcome of the senate race in georgia and that this has an effect on that and that the senate race in georgia will have an effect on all of us for a long long time. Eleven affec- his because it's the difference between a majority government and a swift government and the founders wanted to points of view in government. At least two yeah well. It'd be a rubber stamp congress. That's what we're looking at rudy weighing in on that too. It makes me nervous. Real nervous does all about his treat supply. He's on security alert. All three are secure. So i feel certain there's no flying ceiling translate. Was that terrified. I do you think about you know. Maybe you've gone to well. Let's say it wasn't the ritz. Carlton okay and you're staying in a hotel room and there's a ceiling fan just circling. It's and it's rattling. It's shaking and you're like oh this could leave a mark. my guys. All three major stock indexes hit new all-time highs yesterday and they're doing it again this morning. The dow industrial average up one hundred and thirty four now was up two hundred one hundred and thirty four. That's a half percent at thirty thousand five. Thirty eight the snp up close to a half percent fifteen points at three thousand seven hundred fifty and the nasdaq up. Forty six now at twelve thousand nine hundred and forty three had been trading over thirteen thousand again earlier this morning year today the dow up six and a half percent s. fifteen percent nasdaq up forty three percent yield on the ten year treasury zero point nine four and west texas intermediate crude oil forty eight dollars. Twenty eight cents up sixty six cents. One ask you a question No me i'm always noodling around. And one of my favorites landing spots the wall street journal came across the species by an a turkson. And i think the headline kind of says it. All tiny changes can help you achieve saving goals for retirement. I'd love me a little bit of convergence and we had the opportunity to talk to a integrative physician dr jason west who's the owner of the fourth generation owner of a clinic in idaho. And we were talking about the wisdom of making new year's resolutions particularly in a time of covid nineteen where some not all but some of us might have picked up some less than healthy coping strategies. And he actually cited this book. He said he had just read this book. Because i asked him the question point blank. How do you change a habit. Well in this piece in the wall street journal They cite a gentleman by the name of a bj fog. He's a behavior. Scientists at stanford university author of tiny habits. The small changes that change everything basically the premises. When a small habit becomes ingrained. It creates a foundation for bigger habits and that applies to exercise or saving. Perhaps even two percents of your pay. I couldn't agree more on the on the broad subjects of what she is saying Make saving a habit makes smart spending a habit of little things when they're all put together. Add up over time All good points. There's only one thing i wouldn't i would not have written in that article or i would have written differently and that is where she okay. Now that you know your point here we go. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay where she olympic right to vanguard the mutual fund group seemingly she says small reductions in investment can also produce big savings over time. That is very true. No no issue there at all. And then she says according to the vanguard group one hundred thousand dollars invested a six percent a year would grow to four hundred twenty nine thousand dollars after twenty five years with no fees with a one percent annual feed the valance would grow to three hundred thirty nine thousand dollars four hundred twenty nine versus three hundred thirty nine thousand and she cites vanguard investing one hundred thousand dollars at six percent a year. Sorry i keep getting tripped up on fees fees and fees are something you should pay attention to in investment decisions and you should make sure that whoever you're working with whoever you're getting advice from if you're doing that that they are conscious of fees and that they're doing everything they can to hold the fees down as low as they possibly can her reference in this paragraph to the vanguard group. Yes okay that's accurate. One hundred thousand dollars. Invested at six percent a year ago to four hundred twenty nine thousand and twenty five years with no fees but is she sending the message here that investing vanguard is free. it's not every business has to pay. Its bill would do you listen using vanguard does it out of the goodness of their heart now well in a way they do not pay the bills as well just like everybody else. I had the pleasure of the honor of meeting and working with john. Boggle who founded vanguard mutual funds it was an icon in the mutual fund industry who who was who was pro mutual funds but a huge critic of mutual funds and at the same time with lost. John bogel early this year. He passed away But we didn't lose the influence he had on the mutual fund industry. And don't get yourself vanguard is a business. It has to pay his bills. It's bills like every business. And if you don't see the word fee associated still business must pay its bills. So where does it come from. It comes from their margin. It comes from comes out of your return. And i'm not saying that vanguard mutual funds have lower returns and other neutral funds. Either no. i'm just saying they have bills. Like every business and the okay and you got me going on this. Let me just summarize. i couldn't tell you okay. If you should work with someone who can give you advice. You should work with someone that you've grown to trust and that is something that It slowly and and it comes with with a lot of paying attention and a lot of questions being answered and one of those questions is always about fees and whoever you work with for investment advice should come forward with all of the fees and it should be their attempt to hold those fees as low as they possibly can for you overtime. Transparency as with so many things particularly critical with you're looking at your investment already got me started. It's always a good thing you can get them started to because he loves a questions and he loves to answer your questions about your retirement because not everyone's retirement looks the same. No we all have our individual special bucket lists. We want to check those things off right. So when i get in touch with keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management at loveland office. Nine seven zero seven seven. Six seventy five hundred keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management. Thanks so much. Seven forty five now. Thirteen ten k. F. k. party northern colorado's force thirteen ten. Kfi am the block party. Wednesdays from four ten pm starts movie be ready high school basketball and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi local news roundup continues. This morning's Additional information. I just wanted to council on for your consideration. Seven forty eight now. Thirteen ten k a thirteen ten k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios in out of the greeley trib by and delaney greeley evans district. Six in partnership with the weld food. Bank will offer free meal distribution for families from one to three pm tomorrow. Wednesday december thirtieth at northridge high school. Each each student will receive seven. Breakfasts and seven lunches. The whale food bank will provide perishable and non perishable food items by the way northridge. High school is located at one hundred. Seventy first avenue in as greeley evans school district. Six partnering with a food bank is offering free meal distribution for families from one to three. Pm tomorrow wednesday. December thirtieth at northridge high schools. All right coming up thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten. Kfi k dot com. Long a your home for live and local programming. Well you've probably heard through the grapevine that we are expanding our live and local offering so excited about. This course will start the day off as we do each and every weekday morning together with mornings of gail from six to nine nne after that no co now with your host Tanner swint we'll be moving To that nine am to eleven slot. Of course noko now. Of course you've heard weekdays from four to five so we're expanding noko now and moving at effective january fifth now that was going to happen on the fourth but we have a unc game. That's going to start. Well with pre game festivities will get underway at eight thirty on monday. January fourth and. I'm probably overcomplicating this. But yes tanner. Twins will bring a new now to The new timeslot from nine to eleven starting on tuesday january fifth but really excited as well. Because we're not stopping there with our live and local programming. Great show on the weekends that you probably have the opportunity to hear. It was the weekend a power trip with michael peterson. Michael peterson of course owner of power. To play sports in. Windsor and david duggan well after ten or so from nine to eleven. The power trip with michael peterson and david duggan will move to eleven to noon on weekdays every weekday and of course to be followed by the whole show with your host of brady hall from noon to to some some really really exciting. Programming changes coming your way in january. Just right around the corner it is. I might add. But we're going to check in. With michael peterson host of now the weekend a power trip to morph into the power trip. That will be heard weekdays on thirteen ten. Kfi a from eleven to noon. Starting monday in january fourth michael peterson owner of power. To play sports in windsor and host along with david duggan of the power trip will join us this morning. At eight oh five and boy do. We have a lot to cover with him. Seven fifty two thirteen ten f. k. Old sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k new coach new season. New hope unc. Hoops can be heard right here on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi some fifty nine on your tuesday morning. Thirteen ten k. k. Thirteen ten kfi a. Dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios. All right stay with us very busy. Busy eight o'clock hour coming your way. We're going to check in with michael peterson. Michael peterson owner. Power to play sports in windsor and well Hosts co host along with david duggan of the power trip again. More live and local programming right here on thirteen ten. Kfi as the power trip moves to weekdays from eleven am to noon. Michael peterson this morning. And as i said earlier we've got a lot to cover. Michael peterson at eight. Oh five. abc news then local news. Coming your way thirteen ten. Kfi a greeley loveland longmont for collins.

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Back To Back

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"This is back. What's backbackers this is willie joy. Welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast. How you doing out there? How we feel in week two week. Three of quarantine of lockdown. It's Starting to starting to set in. I think for a lot of people. A lot of people are realizing that this is not so much of a temporary thing anymore. You know we're dealing with the ramifications of our entire societal structure kind of collapsing. All at once you know. Things are evolving very quickly As I'm recording this I'm recording this. The day after the two trillion dollar relief package was passed through Congress and I bring that up specifically to point out that there provision in that bill that A lot of people listening to this podcast might WanNa take note of some of the unemployment benefits. Some of the relief that's offered is now being offered to gig workers to freelancers to self employed. People Aka struggling musicians struggling artists. Anyone who's just working for a GIG economy job so I highly recommend you go look into that. If you fall into those categories there could be some financial relief available to you now but look. I don't WANNA focus too much on this because I know all of us are being distracted and bombarded with virus news sort of constantly every single day. I know personally I'm just kind of glued to those updates and that's not what we're here for what we're here for today specifically is actually really exciting. I've got grave digger on the show and I'm actually pretty sure this is the first interview he's ever done so we've got the exclusive here on back to back that's just fun to say but look grave. Digger has got a brand new album out right. Now it's called six feet under massive debut album. He's got collapsed on there with people like carnage foster dominates Junkie Kid. You know millions and millions of streams The man in the mask for those of you who heard The podcast did with carnage. Which by the way still one of my favorite episodes. I think I've done on this show. Go listen to it if you haven't you know. He was talking about how excited he was for the grave digger project way back when we did that. But obviously you know there's a there's a character to this project and I didn't really know what to expect going into the interview. Both of us had a great time doing it. I'll tell you a little bit more about it in just a second but before we get there I gotTa let you know that back to back is brought to you today by my friends over at Surat. I just got a new computer. Getting Serrato up and running on my new one was giving me some trouble. I hit them up. They got back to me so fast. Not only solve the problem but went onto you know. Offer me a bunch more resources and I know that they do that. Hundreds of times a day for artists all over the world. And look what I WanNa talk to you about. Today is Surata Studio. Surata studio is a brand new. Beat making tool. That is here to help you. Simplify the path to creativity. This is not some new. Daw this is not some new huge crazy tool. That has an insane learning curve that you need to set aside months to go learn what Surata studios here to do is just to remove. Technical roadblocks can frustrate any producer when they're sitting down and just trying to get an idea out of their head and into the software the interface SURATA studio is super intuitive. It comes built in with tons of loops effects samples and a ton of proprietary stuff. They've got their pitch and time algorithm which makes warping audio pitching samples up and down stretching them out. It makes it sound awesome. And there's lots of artist you love. That are contributing to the project as well. They've got sample packs from people like fluster. Damase fool's gold records and so many more you gotta go check them out. I mean come on. We're locked down. What else are we going to do and right now? I've got a special deal. Just listeners. This show if you go to SURATA DOT com slash studio and sign up for a subscription to Serrato studio use the Code Willie joy to that's willie joy and then the number two at checkout to get two free months of Surat studio all right so look grave digger. I was really excited to do this. Man This is as far as I know the first ever interview. The grave digger is done and of course in these times. I gotta give this disclaimer when we sat down and did this. This was recorded before. All of the craziness the lockdowns the quarantines. This was recorded in a more normal time. So we're talking about touring we were sitting in the same room looking at each other. We shook hands. It's weird that I have to delineate the time when we used to shake hands. But what I really liked about this is I think he was just as excited to talk to me. As I was excited to talk to him. You could tell there. Were a lot of thoughts running around in his brain that he had really been wanting to get out. And I love talking to people who have these conceptual projects. There's so many interesting logistical pieces of this. They really just light up my brand. You know from little questions like You Know How many times do you have to wash that mask per week to you know bigger picture stuff about? How do you really protect your identity? The integrity of this brand that is so carefully crafted. Obviously grave digger super interesting background. I think most people are familiar with the project. No you know. He grew up working in a graveyard. It's not really so much of a gimmick as it is his real life and like I said the debut album six feet under. It's our right now. And before all of this virus insanity hit. He was on his biggest yet headlining tour for the album. I'm sure he's going to get back to that. Whenever any of us can get back to anything but for the time being you gotta go follow. 'em Keep up with everything he's doing. There's a link in the description of this episode where you can go check out. Everything about grave digger also in the description in the episode. No it's there's GonNa be another link where you can come hang out with me on the back to back discord server. I'm in there chatting every single day. We've got hundreds of people online. It's a really great community whether you're a music producer and you WANNA post up your music get feedback meet other people doing the same thing as you whether you're just a fan of music in general whether you just like this show and WanNa talk to other people who've listened to the same episodes or have you just have a question for me whatever it is honestly if you just want to talk about your life bitch about something that's going on in your world. We're here for us so come check out the back to back server. I'm actually gonNA start doing some voice chatting in there pretty soon and it's really just a great way to connect with some like minded people out there. You can always hit me up directly if you want to on social media. My name is Willy Joy. The show is at back to back pod. That's also the best way to support this. Show if you WANNA be a good Samaritan get some good Karma the best way you can help us grow by letting people know about the show. Just put up a tweet tag on your stories. Let people know you're listening? I see all of it. I'm always going to be replying. Re Posting your content. I love meeting new listeners of this show let's get into today's episode this is me and grave digger back to back. Let's go back. We were talking before we even started recording about the kind of hectic travel schedule. You're on right now. Is this one of the more hectic tour is you've been on up to this point where it sort of just like show after show after show words. It's it's for sure like the most constant one because I've been on. I've been kind. Just stop and go little like little runs. I wouldn't even call them like tours. This is like the second tour I've done but for being the second towards definitely bigger so we I think we have like eight or nine dates in phase one right back in October. We did like a whole little October. Run and it was six shows but it wasn't like four shows back to back to back in one week. I've only done that once. That was back in April of last year. Okay so this is for sure. It's this is the most intense week it's been a while because you've got four shows where you create this week this week then it slows down but It it just like a constant you know. It doesn't stop. Yeah Yeah and so. You're saying the tour you did. I was that your first official lining. That was my first. Yeah it was. The walking through my cemetery tour is like a small five show run frock. Tober all the whole month of October so pretty much gone every weekend but it wasn't like intense like this of course well and I really like the way your whole roll out has been and just like the way you've presented this project appeal. 'cause I to me it feels like and I don't know if you would agree. It feels like you kind of took your time with it and you're really taking your spots in terms of how you present it when you play a show you know you're not just out there on every tour available. Talk about that a little bit like how intentional was because it seems like with with all these decisions about your project and seems very deliberate. I feel like that's the entire project in and of itself as a storytelling project. It's not. It's not the typical putting out a song getting on a tour and just writing off the wave of your song. It's more like you said every it seems like everything is done on purpose in the album for example album everything in the album from artwork to track list to song order to like sounds. Intros that I have in the album. It was done for a reason. We'll talk about that like yeah. Let's let's break down the down the album exactly like how wants someone to perceive it so let's start with our work our work. Is you see a first person perspective of a of a tomb where it's an open tomb and you see me. Grave digger on top surrounded by children. I'll explain that in later but the whole purpose of that is for the person listening to the album whether it be you. Whoever it is. You're being buried. You're experiencing being buried. The entire album is just one whole like Experience of heavy music darkness. And going off the track. List the INTRO. The first song is an Intro. And it's a prayer. That prayer represents you the listener going saying appropriate for your to bed and the entire album is a nightmare. That makes sense yeah. The entire album is a nightmare and the kids were bringing. We're going to tie that in a little later but all I can say is there is a song on the album with Junkie kid called Maria and the the the kid standing next to me is just happens to be a girl a little girl and her name is Maria character. Thing is based on a real person. It's based off of Tokyo realistically. It's fictional but it's all storytelling you know what I'm saying. I mean I think at least from what I understand. One reason. Your project is really interesting is because it's sort of fictional but then it also is actually you have a lot of real life experience. I mean I did work at a cemetery. I did very people. It's it's it's a real thing in internet but it's like the possibilities it opens his whole imaginary world where it's the kind of just limitless. What I'm saying. Yeah and I what I really like about. What you're saying is On the show. I talk a lot about how I think. It's smart for any artist to kind of like build a world for their music to live in and for their fans to come into this world and all that but most people don't go this far you know none saying you're you know what you're talking about could be a comic book it could be a TV show. You know that kind of thing. I could totally see it whereas I think a lot of artists. It's not quite that far you know. They're still at the end of the day. They're still like no no. I'm person I'm standing here. You know. Yeah it's I'm at an advantage here because there's I can't name you. I can name you two projects that the music goes besides mind that the music goes with with the brand and the two artists I can think of is marshmallow which is the biggest one and void. I really enjoyed the void that sudden death is he's relied on. That's so dope. It's so hard to to really create a universe for your brand. You know what I'm saying like it was easier for us because we found it. Kind of find the needle in the haystack. And it's like my music is dark heavy and scary void music dark heavy and scary and like put on a gimmick. I put I put on my Hoagie. Make he puts on his marshmallow disease. Yeah exactly one marshmallow. His music is bright and happy is a marshmallow squishy. It's it's it's like welcoming you know. Do you know the the DJ figure yeah. Let's like that's like a real name that I've that right when I barely started getting into music actually heard that I thought of him when I saw what you were doing. Because he's always been huge on on the horror movie influences and he does these tours. I think I'm GONNA fuck up the name of the tour but I think it's called terror vision or something like that where it's he's playing and there's like sink like horror stuff going on behind him and it's it's not what you are doing it all but I. I always thought of that as like 'cause I know he has these dedicated fans the way. I think you do like not only the music. But they're like no like this aesthetic like I like horror movies. I like you know I liked just dark themes that kind of thing and I feel like I feel like you must get fans not even just because the music like I feel. Your fans must be a little more diverse. Because I could see you getting a fan of like somebody who didn't even know about this kind of music but just found it through the visual. You know what I mean. Yeah I mean. There's as niche as it is of music that I make. I think the other fifty percent of the project. Which is the aesthetic. It's cool you know what I'm saying like I for sure on simply on on the merge side of things that we've done we've done some really cool designs and it's worked both. It's obviously worked with my fans but like I know I've been told it's like dude. They some people that are really into high fashion. They they really fuck with your merge like this they ask dude what is that you know what I mean. Yeah it's like we're trying to do is just create. It's it's a cool brand you. What I'm saying like yeah. Yeah Yeah you don't even necessarily have to know the music to to know the brand right. Yeah exactly man like I. It's it's it's something that you understand and it's digestible just by looking at it. You know. That's the key right. Yeah exactly. That's like the major key that I feel like a lot of people like they miss that. You know what I mean in music and branding and a lot of things and it's like I was helped a lot by finding this brand. You know but it was in front of face desire time. Well Yeah I mean if you started off as a kid working I mean I just. I didn't just pick up the shovel and then I'm like dude. Hold on let me just create this little projects on street attracted to shovel. Didn't go to the seventh day by choice. Well so let's let's talk about that a little bit. So are you from your from southern California growing up. Your father was an undertaker. Is that the term. I mean it's like I feel like there's so many terms for us. He was the dude that takes that digs graves and then puts puts the person under. I mean. Granted there's so many other jobs in there like he doesn't physically lower the that's another the Jack Ma so many of the people but the the deed of digging the grave in closing it. That's that's what he did and pretty much ever since. I can remember Out You'd go help. Go help them and go help them. How young are we talking about? I WANNA say in between the ages of like thirteen starting around seven to thirteen really young but never started never started. All YOU'RE GONNA go like heart into labor like no no. It was just watching watching eventually. Eventually I eased into it but I mean it came to the point where I mean I like I I can do it. I can make the whole myself. You know I can I can do. I've buried like make the whole by myself enclosed myself. I mean are you. Are you guys physically just like actually like it? Shovel in picking shovel is old school. It's hard labor. It's it's it's intense you know that's really and I think and I think that helps me That helps me last. When it's shows that are just super hot and everyone asked me every dude. How do you live through that like Transco and this assembly do? I don't know it's Kinda just autopilot. One of those things where like Canada. The misery of it just adds to the VIBE. A little you know I. You know it's funny. I when I put that when I put the whole Gimmick on and everything I do really see turning into a character like the more the more. I've been doing this like when I put everything on. It's just like I just I just become an asshole. You're hot you're going to get you're gonNA be usually in a small venue or under a tent and a festival. Lake Road and GONNA it's not GonNa be fun. The the the best part of it is just playing the music and seeing the cargo. Absolutely nuts to it. You know yes. There's a precedent for that too. I mean like I think about a ban like slipknot or something like that. Yeah and they I mean I I've read interviews and I've been a fan of them since I was a kid and it's the same thing they were like. Oh Yeah we would actually sometimes designed the masks to be more uncomfortable. Get matters right yeah exactly. Yeah that head space. Yeah no I I mean I don't do it on purpose but it definitely simply just being in constant heat is not. It's not fun. Yeah well you're wearing for the people who might not know you're wearing head to toe black. You're wearing a long jacket. Got The mask. You've got the hat I mean you're covered head to toe and your sweat box. I ready and the trenchcoat. It's it's it's a raincoat so it's it's pretty heavy. Yeah like it doesn't it doesn't breathe. It's an it's like a rubbery material on the inside so it's just yeah you can already imagine. I don't WanNa know what that thing is going to be like at the end of these days. I don't know I I have multiple. Be MY NEXT QUESTION. I always I love. You just gave me that you just give me an idea. I'm just GONNA wear the same one and be like every time I put it on it. Just nastier and Nastier and more and more upset and it's not the worst idea. How many outfits do you rotate through three three? That's awesome man. I love thinking about that kind of just the logistics of because it's so I don't think a lot of people think about how much work it takes to put a presentation like that on stage every every every time you know. Obviously you protect your identity to right sue. I'm sure there's lots of stuff where the unit if you're just going to soundcheck you probably have to wear the mask. Sometimes sometimes it's soundcheck is not usually the The what we worry about. It's mainly because it's usually early enough. Yeah it's If there's green room we bust the Malla. Have you seen where he just pulls up? Go walks on. Stage plays leaves. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah so you don't even before the entire time which I at first I thought I like to hang out but like at first I was like it. Sounds Kinda wack but I did it once and it's actually super cool. I don't know why but it's just like it even adds to the media. It's like dude. I didn't see him at all until like he walked onstage to fuck shit up. Yeah doubts eight hundred and it's one of those things. I think that that's that's maybe even like a sacrifice you make for the project or eight is you know. You're you're a nice guy. I'm sure you'd like to hang out and talk to people and all that sort of thing but exactly what you just said if you do that. That sort of breaks illusion. That's that's what we wanted to make like. We wanted to make grave digger. It's like a figure you can't touch this person right almost like president yet. So it's a you know like something you'd see in a movie I always ask myself with grave digger this Would you know what I mean? As corny as it sounds is like talking to the third person Yeah it's a grave. Do this like like the number. One thing that like I know fans get upset about is We don't do pictures. It's just like we don't. It's like a touch subject because that's what everyone wants. You know everyone wants their photo with with their favorite artists of course. But it's like the way we saw it at first was if no one has a photo with grave digger like the day. We do do that which we finally did it at the album. Party and it was super exclusive like super k limited. Only those people will have the bragging rights of saying. I have a picture with this guy. You know what I mean. And it's an actual professional photo and we did it on the phone to but yes this is not a word was said is. Kinda just walked up. Take the photo. That's funny you did. I mean there's something to that man because even like you just made me think about you know there's that cliche. Never meet your heroes and that kind of thing because and I've had that kind of experience you know you it's like somebody you idolize. There's somebody look up to or just a celebrity in general and then have you ever actually meet them it. It almost can never live up to it right and and and and so for you doing this. It's like you know you get to maintain that SORTA indefinitely and it's like you never know so to take it back to you know working with your dad and all that sort of thing i. I'm just so curious about that because that's one of those jobs where I'm always. I always wondered like who has that job. And what does that like? What did you think your dad did when you were a kid? You know like when you were younger than that it never. It never comprehended to me like okay. Everyone everyone that I've talked to that. I've mentioned this job that have asked me what I do and I tell them. Their initial reaction is no way like that's insane like that's crazy but to me. It was a norm right. Now because I'm willing to work and always enorm- you know what I mean when I was a kid. I think I saw my dad dig into ditch and I wanted to jump into that because I was a kid. You're the kind of kid that I would like to jump off things so it's like that was kind of my thing you don't jump in there no like don't don't right. He wouldn't even let me touch the dirt. Because I wanted to play with right. It's it's a very old cemetery. So I don't know exactly the date but until the nineteen forties they would put caskets into this. They wouldn't put caskets into the cemetery. cement block called the bulk. Like it's one tonne thick while thing that you put the casket in so it doesn decay. Oh interesting after a certain amount of years obviously is going to K and they needed roads. And then what causes that to happen? Is like obviously if it decays the it'll start sinking so that cemetery so old that there's people that have been buried there since like the seventeen hundred eight hundred shit so so like sometimes like you'll find bones there you know what I mean. Sometimes you'll find like things that you would normally find now so it's very you don't know people died for from back then. You know what I mean. There's diseases possibly. You don't know you know what I mean. So it would always be. I would always see it from afar but I always saw as like The ditch that I wanted to like I mean what? What did they tell you about death? I mean they must have visited just a conversation that I feel lying because of what your dad did. He had to have this conversation earlier than a lot of people would have had A. I always ask them like. This is the wisest shit he's ever said and it makes so much sense like I've always told us everyone and he's he told me this once in it stuck to me it's GonNa stick to me forever. He's always says be scared of the living dead it. It's so simple but it makes sense. You know what I mean because you're at a cemetery and people don't get scared if you're at night like dude like a cemetery. It's like the most quiet place you'll be at and everything that scares us all mental realistically. What's GONNA hurt? You is a person that is going to stand outside the cemetery. Maybe and Muggy. That's going to hurt you. You know what I'm saying. I was with my Buddy Nasar He makes too. We're in El Paso and he took me to this Abandoned Orphanage and he's telling me like how this abandoned orphanages so many stories like people will just like crazy should happening and it's like it's been abandoned for a long time and it's like super tag super worn down super like everything everything there's people take their guns and shooting the back like the bullet holes in the wall. He's again man like you're not scared of like the dead people might knob roll like I told them the exact. I told 'em like an I told it was so simple. Like who do you think warned out wore down this building who made the bullet holes all the trash there who wasn't the goes like they didn't pick up a gun and start shooting realistically you think about it so if if there were. God forbid there's someone behind shooting their gun and it goes through the wall I boom. We didn't even know read. Was it a ghost? It's such a simple thing but it makes so much sense and at the time I didn't think much of it but whenever I would when I was younger when I would get scared think of that and I'm like dude like nothing going to happen. You know what I mean to. That changed the way. You sorta just thought about like well cemeteries but kind of anything that would scare a kid in that way like if you saw a scary movie or something I gotTa feel like if if you know graveyards and death and all that sort of normalized for you at a young age than does that affect the way you you know. Does that affect things? You're afraid of or things you're not afraid of 'cause I it seems like you've kind of embraced all those aliens the cemetery 'cause it was enormous. It was a job but I think the same time when I work at. The cemetery was still like also terrified of the dark. Dykes scary movies. I barely started getting into them like when I was younger. I hated that it would. It would scare me because like I always seen it like as why would I want to see a movie? This is getting Gimme anxiety. I never lied scary movies but I I started getting into them and I started getting into them because I'm like. Hey maybe I could get ideas for the brand another way to proceed grave digger is the slasher you know the slasher film make the rampage music. Video is a fucking slasher film. Yea Well what. I what I really like about this and I might just be going too far down the psychoanalysis road here but it's almost like you've figured out a way to overcome something that might give you anxiety or fear by engaging with it on that level in normalizing it right you know your dad sort of normalized the cemetery. It's just like no. This is just a job. It's still what I do and then in the same way like it's scary movie. You can almost look at it. Yeah take note exactly and that again that makes it less scary right because if we break down a scary movie. It's somebody sat down. Had an idea wrote it out all that kind of stuff and acted it out. Yeah so how did you? How did you come to the music side of everything as a kid by? Were you a musical kid? Where you know man Music is never been in my family from my understanding I kind of just started from square. One I just I got into. Edm through the Youtube was it. Was it in your school or other kids in. Yeah so like what am I? Good friends. He he took his music class in high school and he He told me join it and that was like cool. Whatever let's do it? I joined it and I hated it. I touched music program. I touched this. This reason. Another reason was a tough one to six or someone something before they would even allow. Vs teases old great. And then. So I touched my this is whack. I don't even know him here like I couldn't I? I just didn't understand it but I really started getting into music. Edm I still really loved it like I started getting into into hard style Back in the old days. I don't know if you've got into them. And then I really got into like when when big room was the wave in two thousand fourteen when everyone was making big room. All going crazy rehab people like that and then I think it was just my my my fascination in the music really Kinda just want made me want to keep working on the music out. Come back to it. Even though I hate it there was something about the music that bring back but yet like s for music background. I don't know really like what called me to music. Yeah did you have? You said you had a friend who took the class and all that. Did you have other friends who were also into the music going to shows anything like that? I mean everyone wanted to go to shows but I didn't really see I'm not a person in God that much so even back then they were just like when they could as soon as they could they start going to shows. I mean had had. Everyone wanted to be like a rapper producer. You know everyone wanted to do the beats and stuff and they would do it and then I would I would. I would actually be stoked because I'm like hey like someone else that wants to make music so like it's like have a session or whatever but they wouldn't. They wouldn't follow through because they wanted to go out to shows. You know what I mean that makes and then it's like everyone just once I graduated. High School Everyone kind of just hit the festival. Season hard you know like in Prime I graduated in two thousand fourteen so like peak EDM android. Were you in l. a. At the time I was in the so-called and I've been there all my life but I moved. I moved around for sure. I'VE BEEN UP NORTH. I've been in Texas forbid okay But yes so Once everyone started going out to these festivals I think. I don't know that me staying home and working on music it. Kinda just gave me a drive and be like Yo. I'm going to do this. Oh that's interesting so you wouldn't go to talk. No because at that moment I knew I was like dude. I'm going to do this. 'cause like books never my ever not. You're not just jam. No just in school in General. I never was. I tried college. I I do community. College for two years Nope my parents wanted me kind of different. Parents go to college spread because they wanted me to have a plan. B Like Dude like you can do the music thing but but like you need a backup yet. No parent is really stoked when their kids says I'm going to be a D. to exactly you know and then so but I knew in my mind I was like. I'm going all in like low key. I'm doing it in the So you do you know you. You appease them and sort of try to follow the path of course put in my mind. I always knew like this. I'm not doing the school thing I can't do it and it's interesting to at that time when you are maybe in those two years at community college and candidate trying to figure it out. You knew you wanted to do it. Did you have anyone around you or even just some. You know another artist you would look up to. There was kind of like your your road map or your inspiration and yeah I mean it. It was like it was carnage is the like he was one of the big influencers in me. Getting into media music and Listening to his like older records is Kinda just as Dang like this guy's crazy stuff. He was putting out with just the most ignorant. Edm Out here pretty much. And like I was just like this is insane like this. It would give gives me goosebumps. You know what I mean. His music would just give you a rush on like. Don't WanNa make stuff like that. So I like I would always compare all my music to like whatever he did or also like junkie at the time which would work with him now and fast forward to now really quick. I've worked with all of them. You know what I mean. I achieved it but The reason it was carnage because I started off as a fan and then he was the first person to support my music so like how did you even hear it to this day? It's still a mystery But I know I know like my music was like sort of popping on remember when Vinyl Siding EDM drops filthy drops people just post my my shit on there and carnage where I blew up carnage is popular environment. I guess he used that as an outlet to find music. That's interesting and then Bam I mean it's still a mystery a hundred percent you know. I still haven't asked him right. Fuck I don't know it's just it's just crazy just looking back at it. You know where it's okay. We'll I started off literally one of the first people that I heard. Edm Beg the drawn of Big Room or whatever it is. They can now fast forward six seven years later. Yeah Yeah I mean because I think your relationship with carnage. You know. There's plenty of artists who you know sort of take on other artists and we'll put out their music and kind of you know build a team of people but your guys relationship seems different because and I could tell this when I had carnage on the show here. We talked about your bed and you know. He's just he's so invested. You know like he's really he's thinking about it. I'm like a granular level. He was telling me you know the numbers. Your songs were doing on certain platforms. You know. Sit that no other artists who runs a label knows the project is like. He sees it as as his baby. It's pretty funny because he helped me heal me. Great the project. So it's like I could see they key really. He's a hundred and ten percent invested. Yeah yeah he was helping. Come up with some of the ideas exactly. Yeah Yeah and and I think your music to I was trying to think you know what about what you do attracts. People like him and I think there is something to what you said to wear. His music is just. It's so far out there. You know Ross ignorant or whatever you want caught and I feel the same way about a lot of what you do where it's you know. It's sort of at the core it's like a simple idea. A Lotta the songs but then you just push that idea so far in whatever direction whether it's you know sonically or whether it's you know the visual of it whatever it is that that's what. I've always liked about what you do is. It's you know like like you said you don't have a musical background. It's not some you know crazy composition. But it's just these ideas pushed as far as they can go like the best way. I can put it and when you make music these days. I guess I'm curious you know what? How do you start? Does it start with an idea of you. Know a melody or a drop. Does it start with drums. Does it start with even sort of a concept usually. It's like it's like it starts with a simple idea. Usually as a drop or drum pattern or whatever and then once it starts getting sound. I start now. I started taking into consideration. Okay well I'm going to have a vocal on this for sure and it's probably going to be you. Maybe a catchy one liners like rampage kamikaze. six hundred and. I'm like okay. So how can I branch off of that year? I mean so I take all those songs into consideration what was saying. The project is like a storytelling project. So it's not just okay. This is another Banger is now. I have to take into consideration. How can I grow the story? It's like every single little record that I make. I wanted to be like a little theme like how fit into the bigger and bigger exactly so. It's like now okay step. One of the album's laid out right and remote telling you about like for example. The Song Maria now magnate expand off that you know what I mean if I drink which way am I going to expand you know I did I? The most recent I'd say the the the the grave digger in quotation marks banger would be like the format of rampage six feet under and all that stuff. The most recent one was move. And that's on the album as well and so now. I kind of have to not only just top it off as sonically to impress people but they continue the story. You know what I'm saying like I it's it's I have to take all that into consideration. It's fun because I really enjoy making those deemed the records because that I think is what separates mine music from a lot of people because it's like It's it's one thing to kind of just make. I don't WanNa say pointless Banger. But it's Banger It's just like a intro buildup. Drop in a melody a vocal but like what if all those vocals and you put biking you combine them and they you if you pay attention to them if you really like focus is like wait. It's actually says something like run. Yeah I actually really liked back in in six feet under the song the speed under. I don't know if you've heard the actual their yard so in six feet under we broke down those lyrics and created different One liners for jobs like this. The the one line dropped of be wary and be wary because you walking through. My cemetery is in lyrics of six feet under. Okay Yeah I mean. Granted that wasn't on the album but it's still like part of the big picture in. It's like still part of the story. One what I like about that too is a and I've talked about this with a few other. People on this show is that then you're sort of leading a fan or a listener engage at whatever level. They want right so they could just like. They could just like it because you made a Banger. But then if they really get into it they can find and discover all these little a little onion. You know what I mean. It's at the core at the base. It's a banger. You know what I mean you could like grave digger just because you like the fucking dropping. You're right I mean it sounds cool. You know what I'm saying. If you really look into it you know. Take a second glance. There's more to it and I think that's what really like gives the the I don't know there's just a bunch of like dynamics to the project itself. Yeah there's depth to admit I agree. How do you navigate then when you start working with other artists you know you mentioned Junkie Kid? I know you've got flustered domicile now. There's actually Kurtz of good friend of mine side. He was telling me you know when you guys were working and what that process was like how do you do you tell people? Do you communicate like sort of that? There is this sort of bigger picture to it so I like to keep the bigger picture stuff as Solos because it's really hard to write like a story to defeat them in enemy because I've had I've had collides where it's like. I have to like dumbed down my sound. You what I'm saying. We're not dumbed down like I have to tweak it. 'cause my sound is very aggressive. In some some people. Some people might not be able to like digest it. You know what I mean so I just do the smaller pick the bigger picture stuff the storytelling to like myself for now. I mean maybe if I were to do he someone you know what I mean. Ready to do a little narrative. Yeah tell the difference you tell a different story. You know what I'm saying like we've thought about it for sure. Thought about it but it's like having gone to lake. I need to find someone that's down to do it. You know what was the process like you know you've got a few different collapsed on the album. I like a lot since I mentioned it. What was it like working with floss? Working with with floss is actually like really dope by Gal is always a huge fan of them so like it was just it was kind of nostalgic working with a person like that you know but it was actually like a really easy workflow. You know what I mean once once I got over like like the nerves edginess. Of course you know being around but it's like it was really easy and for the most part I feel like I'm easy person to work with you know And he's super easy to work with and we knocked out the song. Pretty Quick What's it called it? Kinda just came naturally in like two or three to your sessions. Yeah were you over at his players. Ever been such yeah. I think I'm actually crashed in there for next week. I think he's the album. He's the only person actually had like a studio session down just online via stems and stuff like that. Yeah because I really the track you mentioned earlier. Maria with Chunky Kid. I yes session. That was awesome. I really liked that track. I felt like it was the kind of collaboration. I like where I the result of. It is unexpected because it it sounded like I can hear you in it and I can hear him in it but then it's also I. I don't know if I want to be would've made that track on. Yeah for sure. No definitely that that song I think has. It's the second most listened to song right now so far. So it's like that's really just people really like it. Yeah Actually Junkie Junky Kid. He's he's the vocal in not the robot voice But he's the humming harmonic voice. Yeah that's cool. Yeah Fun fact. He can sing. I had no idea. Yeah Junkie for sure man. Yeah no definitely and I think that was for sure probably like that was a huge milestone because I think besides carnage like he was one of the more influential people like that for me was like getting into Edm and stuff like that and so let's talk about. You know when you I SORTA got out there. You know obviously rampages the song that I think introduced the you in the project to a lot of people but I have to assume there were a lot of tracks leading up to that. You know things that maybe somebody heard on by and all of that. How long were you? You know like really seriously working before rampage working highlight so I've known how to make music for like seven years but seriously working like five minus two of the projects like three. It's been like three years or so of just grinding grinding grinding grinding. Where it's like dude. Is this even going anywhere? You know what I mean. Well it's one of those things where and I think a lot of people can relate to this where yeah of course you're grinding and you're putting in the time and you have all this passion for it but until that first domino falls are until you get that. I you know somebody like give notice that on the bag. You have no idea right. And that's that's I think a weird time for anybody. Here's what I always saw as that gave me just the drive to keep going The the any any show of support on on social media any sort of love whether it's a a like a comment a share if you play someone's like someone's like low key banger and you play and you and you put it on your socials and you don't even have to tag like anything any sort of support. It's just it for an artist anything lower than like. I don't know a couple of thousand dollars on soundcloud. You know what I mean. It's it means the world to them. Why because I know how that felt when I started getting the support you know what I'm saying when I would see my song thousand one track list being played at a fucking festival objects like dude out juiced. I felt like I wanted to keep going whether it did. It wasn't bringing a single penny into my party and I was broke and like it. Still moated motivated me to keep wanting to do it. You know what I mean. Yeah well it's it's almost like you get that affirmation that proof that like. Oh this actually did connect with somebody so I'm not crazy exactly affirmation like dude. I'm doing something right. You know what I mean so what I like to do is I kinda liked to pay it forward. Where where it's like. When that happened to me. It was the most satisfying thing so whenever I see someone like really smart and they make a banger like ours bond. I'll support it now. If I get sick clip I'll send it to him. You know what I mean because I'm like that goes such a long way. You know what I mean. Yeah of course. That's the only way any of us can sorta succeed in this business right like nobody can do it on their own It's a group effort. You know what I mean. When I was coming up it was a community you know and there was a lot of us and then it's like that can only a handful left that. Kinda just continued you know and who are some of the people coming up writer at the same time as you are where you sort of saw their success at the same time you were starting to get out there. Why feel like the people that I came up with? They were like they were kind of already there. I just I kind of caught up. Yeah I mean but like it. I'm stoked to see that they're still there you know. I mean bike junkie. Kid was one of them for sure I I saw him as as like a an inspiration now seem as a peer Mean for sure. That's one of his career is definitely blast confused. But it's not only that. But it's it's kept consistency. You know what I mean. It's one thing it's one thing to have like Like success overnight or whatever it is that I do well but then keep the consistency going. You know what I mean. Yeah that's very harsh hard part. You know what I mean. It's I feel like that's that's the crucial part. If you keep it going you know what I mean. Yeah and have a plan for it to so many artists and this happened to me early in my career for sure where you know a certain song pops off or you get some kind of little success and you enjoy it and it's great but in that moment you're not necessarily planning what the next move is just because at least for me because I was inexperienced e-end didn't know that you should always have next move Carolina and another plan and so that yeah. That can be really tough to man. That's definitely something. I learned watching my peers. And some of my inspirations. And sometimes it's sad to see it but it's like an it's his life you know what I mean. Yeah yeah well everybody moves a different pace and all that but yeah I mean yeah I think and this goes back to sort of everything we've been talking about is that you know with what you're doing now is exactly what I'm talking about. Is You know you're setting yourself up so that you'll always have you know a next move or you'll always be able to expand the story that you're trying to tell which I think is really smart because then you don't have to put out the next song and then just wonder like what do I do. Now Yeah exactly you know. I mean like now I gave. I gave my fans a fourteen track. Lp P. Album full on on boom has its own story one. That's even the album. I feel like I should make a point of that. Like a Lotta artists. Do not put out an album sort of this early on you know. I was the thought of sort of doing the album now. Getting it out there. We wanted to make like a like a splash again. You know what I mean. We wanted to be like dude like like not a lot of people are doing it but like I I wanted to bring. I want to bring back the not bring back. Just establish storytelling in EDM. You know what I mean. I was talking to. Who's talking to I was talking to quicks was talking about this and we had a brief conversation where I mentioned to my album and it was just like we're talking about how I feel like the reason we feel like the reasons albums. Don't work that well in. Edm is because they just feel like rushed. You know what I mean. And it's like or because there isn't a concert there isn't a story behind it and I feel like if you really really put together an album. Put a story behind it and put time like an album takes time for sure. This album has been in the work for two and a half years. So it's like I really put the time into it like I think that's when it could work. You know what I mean. Yeah I feel like that you just said I think is really smart and I've never never heard it vocalized exactly that way because dance music in general dance. Music has always been a singles based culture right. And so if you're GONNA do an album there has to be a thought behind it right. There has to be a reason why it's not just another single exactly ready to a Lotta artists. Don't do that. I could dragged out the fourteen songs for like I could have milked. You know what I mean. Seven more singles. You know what I mean like an had music minor. What I'm saying and dropped and dropped but then I feel like it would have just been seven other songs. I couldn't have package them together. I couldn't have kind of really shown the world a cool project you know. Yeah well in any. I think any time you get to protective or too precious about that kind of thing. It ends up shooting yourself in the foot because to me. It's you just made a challenge for yourself for not only the challenge of making an album. But now you've dropped all these songs all at once and data now it's on you to instead of relying on all the songs you have in the vault now you just have to make a bunch of new music. Exactly that kind of challenge. I think is super healthy. I think that's a smart thing to do definitely now that I dropped like those songs. It's like it kind of just leaves a they it It leaves Aga- space. It's like okay. Cool like finally. Put out all this work. Now it's like Kinda just put the pedal to the metal. You know go even harder in this time. Now we're going to focus on like Working on more major collapse so now. I'm going to step away a little bit from the story narrative side. How told you can't really right like big picture stuff with other collaborating artists but definitely I feel like. That's I think that's going to be like the next move where it's like working on getting these collapsed started and finished. You know what I mean rate. Yeah it's interesting. I mean I'm thinking now about sort of when you first launched the project and was rampage. The first official single such a strong way to come out the gates but I have to assume leading up to that there must have been a long period of sort of conceptualizing how it was going to be present. Let's and so I know you mentioned you know carnage was helping out with some of the ideas. Was He involved even at that point? Oh Yeah I mean when rampage first came out it was like it was already. It was yes it was like do. Not Everything goes through carnage. I like whatever he has a plan and we executed it and I feel like we executed it properly so who came up with you know like the initial idea of it like. When did you even start thinking that this could be something more than just a a? Dj Project you know that there could be this story to it. You know you mentioned earlier like conceptualizing it and how you think about the presentation. But I'm wondering you know. How did it start like where? Where did that first idea come from? Oh at House is like your like you should call yourself. Gravedigger is simple simple statement. And I'm like through the monster truck. That's the first thing that popped into my head and I was like I kinda just brushed it off and then I I kind of just like I kind of just slept on it. You know I was like whatever and then you would bring it up and then as simple as he was saying. I told I told them my story. And he's like dude. That's fucking sick. Like who is aggrieved. Name me one person. No that's a great degree and I'm like I can't and then he's like Bro. It's there you know. And it was in front of my eyes the entire time and it took a like a brilliant mind like his to put the dots together. You know rare and it's just like I kind of just took a leap of faith as like fuck it dude. Why not? Some part of you must have been in there too right in terms of like I hear you talking about you know that. It's a storytelling project. There's gotTa be something in your brain that works that way you know. I I really enjoy I really enjoy stories like I don't like reading but if I like hearing always loved movies and I like I like campaigns in video games really that are like really detailed and go into detail you know so what what is it called. I forget the term. It's like Fat Elliott Fan Fiction. Yes Sir I really like fan fiction stuff I got. I was huge into star wars in that Star Wars universe. Hugh man like. There's so much to it and it's like they've got the whole expanded. Universe University fans created of themselves. You know what I mean so. I feel like with this with this project. Once I realized how indepth I can get with it. That's what I really fell in love with the project. Do I just I would love to hopefully one day just like in the future to just open up like a Reddit blog. Random someone and it's just like fan fiction of grave digger stuff like like just little little like would it be like comics comics little stories. You probably already have some fan art. I have to just posted. A Fan are the day before yesterday. Yeah the day before yesterday and it so sick like people like honestly like there's like tattoos of great. It's crazy that's what I like about two. It's this world building thing where you'll attract the people who really connect with that kind of material and also like stories and I think that is is so cool and the fact that it must have been awesome when you sort of. I wrap your head around the concept to me at least then. It's almost a relief. Sure it's more work to like build the whole world but then you're not relying on just a song. Then you have this whole thing that you know even like creativity wise you. Could you know if you're not feeling the studio session that day? Then you can go to writing your exactly creative the creative direction. Yeah I know definitely do you do that do you. Actually like right. Storyline have like I have meetings of five dollar phone facetime. Call my manager or like some of my friends that helped me and then like just think in distinctive creative ideas and we do write it down. Yeah this little dock with his Google doc and we just write down random ideas. I'll just come up with stuff at random and and and just write it down there. They just simple things like that you know. Well that's all for not only for like the storytelling before shows. You know we wanna do cool stuff for shows. 'cause there's so much shit we can. Do you know what I mean. Yeah like Danny Voids doing the descending. They are that from the ceiling. So dull but like the coolest thing I've seen in in like a longtime fun. Yeah so it's like that's why I think that's in my opinion project out there. Because it's like there's so much you can do with that you know. Oh Dude it's endless. Well and let's talk about. We haven't talked too much about the live show aspect of it because I still remember One thing carnage and I were talking about. When he was on the show was he was talking about your debut. La Shell and how you may be waited maybe longer than you wanted to you. It's like all this hype and buzz was building. What were those first few shows like when you first started getting out there? Had You d did live much before none a really. I was kind of just the deep end because it all happened so fast I remember the weekend that rampage came out I was I went with carnage on three shows and he brought me out onstage. He brought me out at Bonnaroo. He brought me out at Spring Awakening in Chicago Dry House. He brought me out at This Steve McKee through a massive block. Party at Daban Gardner. Oh Yeah Is just like it was like five thousand people plus you know what I mean. It asks his thousands of people in his like thrown in there. Okay boom like a Kinda just helped me like okay will. This is what it feels like so when it came about La show it was just like fuck like it didn't feel like much pressure. You know what I mean. I don't know one nervous about it. I don't I don't really get nervous anxious. Okay WanNA get on stage and do it because once on like it's it's not that hard you know what I mean. Dj is the easy part. In my opinion. What's The fun part? It's the fun part. Exactly yeah because he gets a pretty much control the vibe you know you talk about this all the time like I. My whole thing is like I think I'm addicted to that feeling. And like I do all the work so that I can go and do that. Yeah no definitely that. Feeling when the crowd is describing. Dude they get. I've had I've had those shows. Where like the crowd? Anything you do. They there is. It's just like you guys are in sync. I don't know if you've ever had like the everything you do is a while it's like. Yeah and it's funny not to get like two spiritual but it. I only think about this because we were talking about that thing. Your Dad said earlier about. Don't worry about the day worry about the living to me. The only thing that's ever made me maybe believe in something I can't see. Is that feeling of connection? With the crowd or your. It's like there's something there's something going on in between you and them and again it's like it couldn't exist without both sides being there and I don. I don't know what that is whether that music bro. Yeah no it is. It feels like doing drugs crazy. It's it's I think it's unparalleled dude like it's so good. I love goosebumps to music whenever I hear music and just get goosebumps or something and the reaction is just right or something like the crowd goes off. This is like wow. That's so sad. You know what I mean hundred percent like how you were saying you do the the everything else in order to be able to. Dj FOR SURE. Dj is is something that it would be hard to give up. I don't know if I could do that. It's so rewarding. I mean granted. I love making music. I love it you know. Oh Yeah me too. Don't get me wrong. It's a whole `nother side of life too. I mean we start off talking about being on tour and you know getting to go to different places and see different people and have these connections with all over the world and you. You've done some international enough to right Well Yeah We did Australia. Like two shows okay. We're GONNA for sure do more like it's for sure. I know like everyone's been asking for it so we're going to Australia. But I've done Germany twice We did cranfield Chile South America Mexico In an awesome but Asia. I did Asia. I did Myanmar in Bangkok. Okay yeah but dude it's like I. I enjoy playing South South America the most Latin American countries for some reason with the stuff that I played the eat. It up like a hard. Is there a connection? I've never really thought about. Is there some kind of connection between like Latinos and like harder like? Yeah I what is that connection? I don't know what that is. I don't know what it is yet. Because it's like I have a lot of like Latino friends in I'm trying to figure it out but they just love the hard the the rush of hard music you know what I mean. It's just like they love bouncing in. I know I know in Mexico. Like the biggest. The biggest thing out there technol- followed by Big Room surprisingly They all standing around in heart style. And it's like I don't know what it is man but when I played in when I played in South America I did my research. I was like okay. What are these guys like you know? And they do their research. Because I was looking at my spotify and before I played that festival my the top country that was into my spotify was Chile. Like a what up. They did their homework. So and and The most played song they played was Jesse. James which is on the management style. Okay I know. I know what they're going to want and do they eat it up. I don't know what it is. I I'll get back to you on that question. Grit something about it dude. It's crazy bro. It's they just loved that. Yeah dating yeah I have no idea why. But that's interesting and for me. I I enjoy playing hard style. I I like it. I enjoy playing that the most. And it's like when people love it when I get a reaction out of it all right. Let's go let's keep going another hard stance on. Yeah I mean what? Do you like about hard style. Is it because I feel like so much of of the whole project is about? You know pushing things to an extreme right and whether it's you know the slasher vibe videos or just the even like the sounds you use you know. Are these crazier sounds? I also think like I forgot to mention that that this project also combines a lot of things influence the influences from trap from dub step from hard style from trauma based now you know what I mean to your questions. What is it about hard style? It's the energy it brings. There's energy that hard style brings that you can't get from anything else you know. It's the BPM in support of the floor. And it's the it's the high distorted frequencies with the base. Yeah you know what I mean what you said earlier too. It's like it's also kind of act. Like dude like when I would see videos of carnage dropping hard style in two thousand thirteen fourteen when L. is unheard of. It was just like what you know what I mean. Nobody I think especially in twenty twenty now like nobody is covering as much ground musically as he is right now. Yeah he's he's crazy man. He'll go from dropping like one eighty hardcore. Techno in the next is so funny. Yeah so good. Though he makes it work he does makes it what it does. That's the best part of it. And that's what that's like. My what I find inspirational about him is that you know. He's really doesn't let himself be limited by any of that Kinda stuff. He's never had. I never had as the connected for people. He's never had a he's engaged. He's everywhere he's just he's the whole thing is the whole Shebang and it's like it's so sick and that's and that's like to a point. I I liked his performances. I mean I'm sure you live so many times. I've gone the honor to play back to back with him and the energy that he brings like how lights up the crowd and how he interacts. That's all I like. That's how I like to see my sets like rally to imitate you. Know what I mean that the energy not how energy you know yeah. Yeah and it's like I've I've played some shows where I I feel like if it's felt dead and I'm like dude. This crowd just needs the energy. You know what I'm saying and it's like some people like lack in China dude like it's not just like playing your music you got to interact with them. You know what I mean well for sure and especially if they're coming to your show. Which is I'm going to be an intense show. That's not the kind of thing where I if there's low energy crowd it's just like there's a mismatch of the F. is where do you see all this going now? I mean obviously you have plans to do more tours. More shows expand the story like you were saying but you know I guess. I'm curious to like how do see yourself fitting into what's going on now. Like what musically is exciting to you right now. What's musically exciting to me is the the the fusion of dramas. And that's what I did in this album and what I think is like pushing sounds out with. What would it seems like is where the sound seems like it's going right now is driven base. That's just how I perceive things Tom Seeing. And that's kind of vibe. I'm getting more and more people are playing it more. People are probably gonNA start releasing it. I really hope so because I I put out to drum to Falange songs in the album and Maria Song has driven base in. And then you asked as well where. I see myself going the opposite direction that everyone else's because I like to stick out like a sore thumb you know and I feel like if you stick out like that and if all every time people were like okay that's grave digger. You know what I mean. Then it's like the doing that that I'm doing something right because I've always wanted to be like when you hear my sound. You know. That's what it is rarely. You know what I'm saying. So like if it wants wants to hold bandwagon is on german-based or whatever it is I'm GonNa be finding the next avenue There it's sort of what we were talking about with carnage to it's tying yourself more an attitude than to a sound or deputy. Yeah Yeah Yeah which which is always going to be the way to success. I think people always ask me like what what is it do would would? You need to do to succeed in like dude fine. The next sound the next town. Don't worry about what's in right now because you're just going to be put in with the rest you know there's there's hundreds of you like an upcoming produces thousands and it's like do you want to be part of the thousand or do you want to be the league few there that are just not afraid to try different things. Yeah exactly and that's all it is too because I think when you say you know fine the next sound like you don't always know how to do that if you're young producer but all that really means is exactly what you said. Just make a couple different choices to try something. That doesn't sound like the hot shit right now. Which is hard to do because of course when you start off you kind of don't know you don't know what you're doing you're it's very easy to just sort of. Follow your influences. And that's a great way to learn that exactly I'm not saying don't make don't make dub step rhythm if that if you love that by all means do it. You know what I mean. When you're talking about sudden death there are still ways to flip these ideas. Yeah and and when I hear his music I knew exactly who I'm listening to. You know I hear that a mile away and there's a few people that have the sound like a sound quality that I can't like for example. I can hear epic sound from a mile so good. It's such a good sound because that his sound is such a high quality sound and it's like a distinct very distinct. Yeah I can do that. But it's the easiest one to tell is is is set a death in my opinion for rim and upset that genre but Yemen like he's still making it and I still think even even if rhythm were to die out tomorrow or whatever whatever it is like the next wave hits I think because of his sound and because of the brandy holds and the the diff- like how he sticks out in that community. He's going to like it's he'll be fine. Yeah granted US massive. He's getting big. He's getting worse you know. But I'm saying like if you're still the concept of making something that's sticking you out dude like the ship Texas is doing. He's doing a genre that maybe not a lot of people like but what I see works for him is his attitude Exactly what sticking him out what I'm saying like he's out there do they do and I love him and it's amazing you're absolutely right but it's not necessarily the John and it doesn't matter like what I'm saying is seeking house doesn't doesn't have to be about the music My professor told me this when I was in doing the music classes. Music is kind of twenty percent of the deal. The other the other like seventy percent is like the marketing branding the. Yeah Yeah. It's tough because that's such a hard needle to thread. I think because you don't want to concentrate so much on the brand that you forget about them you like to me. It's like the music has to be the first year in the foundation. Like if that's not good the rest of it's just GonNa fall over but then once you're there then. I think that's really the time where you have to think you know. How ways this what am I trying to say this for? Sure for sure I agree with that. Yeah no definitely. It's it's been about the music for years and years for me. Rhino meaning finally now have having to start to branch out. You know what I mean. Especially since I'm focusing on storytelling project. A more in-depth kind of thing. How are you liking the touring lifestyle? Now that you're getting out on the road more in theory I mean it's just gonNa keep speeding us going to keep speeding up. I like it's just like I wanted to keep going. You know like the past year and a half has been stopped. Goes top going now? I finally tried this album. Finally have the solid solid foundation. And now we can keep going and you know what I mean. And just keep touring the rest of the year your that and do bigger and bigger shows. I don't like traveling. But the touring like get seeing the cities and playing the shows with dope for example. We had the the layover like to layover. Two hours. Each flight no sleep coming out here. That's that's never fun. How do you take care of yourself and those kind of situations you don't you don't strike me as like a crazy party? No no no I mean I only party if I have friends like for now. The rest of this run is is sober. Water water water water would have like I took. I took alcohol completely my writer so it's just among among the Soda Water Grind Soda Water. After you're GonNa hate me for that but no yet sort of what is this shit. I love that because it's I don't know if you're this way I'm the person whereas especially in a group setting if other people are drinking. I just feel more comfortable. If I've got something in my hand but like I don't always want a drink and say yeah I drink. Sometimes I mean it's what I signed up for. So like the touring. I I can't complain about it I mean. Do you like being around a lot of people. Are you the kind of person where you need your space? Every now and then every now and then and in my space but I enjoy being around a lot of people because before this I was really socially awkward You would have interviewed me two years ago. It wouldn't be the same and yeah no like I was very to myself and our open up like this if I knew you really well but so what was broke you out of it was going going to start going to shows and kind of just forcing myself to go out and be a normal human being you know And going out meeting meeting meeting New People every everywhere around the world to be honest. And it's like it's so I've used I use it as practicing my social skills right becoming better at socializing ill one hundred percent. I I say that all the time and this career made me so much better at just talking to people a Social. And all that yeah. It's it's like one of those fringe benefits because I never got into it thinking now it happen and especially because like us deejays. I think I can speak for a good majority of like we're just like think nerds. You know what I mean. It's like going out to these shows like granted being out some at. I don't know single person. You know what I mean over time. You realize how small the industry is you see familiar faces and then you start with the music. I've made so many new friends. You know what I mean in the industry and like sometimes sometimes even with fans you know what I mean like. It's gotten me so many friendships and around the world to be honest that Oh never would have had it. Broadens your horizon so much and yet I feel very lucky for that because I know for you I was there even thought of like what you would do if it wasn't music. No I was telling you when you see the thought was it was gonna be with music whether it was touring as an artist or as in working or in the industry. Or you know what I I really enjoy. A production bike house shows. Gar Get put together does I really enjoy that and maybe something like that. You know what I mean. That was my only other option. Yeah well because that's interesting too is another form of presentation and putting on a show or or telling a story which is sort of what we keep coming back to. Is there anything that we haven't covered men anything you want to get out there Anything people should be looking out for anything. You're stoked on right now. I'm more excited for the upcoming collapse. Because I haven't said anything anyone about him an it's going to be a gallon wind up. Yeah Oh yeah I I want to Hopefully just work more with the. There's not a lot of us in the hard scene you know. I don't like to classify Classify myself as hard style but the people. I'm closest to adjust the hard style do I mean And I want to bring that community together and do some stuff when it whether it's obviously we've done with music already but I want to do it with doing some cold tours. Hopefully in the Statesman states. Exactly that's what I WANNA do in the states. You know what I mean because maybe alone. We can't do that much but together like we can do. We can do work for sure. You could go crazy and I mean you and little taxes and a few others together and could be. Yeah people will go see. That people would go for sure all around the states. You know what I mean. And and you're serving an underserved community there. I because there's people who loved that music but in towns all over the country but they don't often get a chance to go see red because it doesn't it doesn't get brought to them and it's like it might be brought to them but it's it's on the rare occasion and it's like maybe maybe sometimes like what I think sometimes happens. Is they bring the artists on his own. And it's kind of like well like I don't know if I if I should make the trip meaning Boy You give them something they can't miss then it's like okay. You know what I mean. I'll do it. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean and that's like that's an old like band trick man. You see that still to this day. Like metal bands. Do that and rock bands do that all the time of you know not the. Dj's don't I mean obviously like Dj's bring openers and bring support acts and all that? But I feel like the model of you know three or four like big heavy hitters? Teaming up like that. That doesn't happen to know exactly and it's like I it needs to you know what I mean to make it cool. You know I agree. It's make idiom great again now that it's not but it's like that's how I know I've you feel you man. It's not what it was a few years ago. I yeah definitely not like. It's it's it's in like a crazy space right now like it's it's bigger than it's ever been but I don't know I feel like I'm like an elitist where I'm just like not an elitist. But like that old dude was like back in this time soundcloud days when it was much simpler right. It's bigger than it's ever been worldwide but I feel like in the states. I don't know not that it's really declining. But I feel like there is just from the artists who are involved like the community. There's sort of a sense of like where we go in with this like what's next. I think everybody's ready to kind of find that new energy exactly musically I think in a like also just tore wise Internet. I mean I've seen everyone's just do. Everyone does the cycle. You know. Everyone's waiting for the festival season. And then they do their fall tours or their spring tour whatever it is And it's like okay. Well it's you cite you. Bloop BLOOP bloop Bring something cool fresh to the table. Start COMBINING TOURS UNITED Do let crazy shit like that under percent what's the what's the final form of like. The grave digger live show for you the final form. Yeah I'm sure you have. All of you know keeps growing the shit. That's like we've thought about this actually like ridiculous but I mean like just to give you an example like we wanna do i WanNa do maybe one day is. Let's say I'll give you scenario we do maybe palladium whatever it is X. Amount of years the future months and I want it to be simple. Production some like led on the back dim light. But like I want to be dirt on the stage and people digging graves like as I'm performing and then it's just like a bunch of just like flame heads in the front dislike. I wanted to feel like hell. You know what I what I go through in the suit and everybody exactly and then we all started this crazy crazy idea where it's like you. You have like give everyone raincoats. And you make like rain blood there. You fucking ceiling our talking and now we're just getting some weird sharing I'm into it. And then like don telling you like this year we have coming. That's the kind of should I like man? It's like when you actually you know. Break The wall between you and the crowd and it's like Oh no if you come here like something's going to happen exactly like I love that kind of stuff and I have the project to do in had the platform to so I feel like it's uncharted territory in. Edm You know what I mean like the way I like to see is like the the the The undertaker project from wwe like that that wrestler They did for him was insane. Yeah direct 'cause they the stakes kept rising. He would come out. He would die. You would come back to live go all black and you would appear like he would come from the top I think I think he. I think he descended once. Yeah he probably did. I don't know if you've got into w super early on like when I was a little kid I was into it and then I kind of fell off but I used to love that I take some of that inspiration like for sure from from the. Wwe stuff 'cause they would do is crazy if larger than life right. Yeah exactly. And that's that's what I mean. Grave digger could be a wrestling. That exactly you said it's larger than life. That's what I want to be in needs to be. Everyone needs to know it. You know what I mean right. I think I think the easiest way to do it as through social media and might live performances. If it's not my music it'll be through the performances. Yeah Man and again what I love about this too is like you can become grave digger right and you were saying like you feel different when you're in the suit and all that but it's also. I think it's a cool way to sort of separate you know your personal life and just who you are as a person from this project that you're making to in my mind that sort of frees you up on both ends because then the project can be anything you don't have to feel like it's not something you would do you know about what's going on with the stories xactly and then it probably you know pretext just you can have a regular life do if you want that you know and in a way to. I mean just like having nobody know what you look like all that kind of thing and that's GonNa make your life so much easier man. I mean I could be. I could be in the crowd at like from doors. You know I could be from nine PM till like thirty minutes before I go on right. No no no you know what I mean. I love that it's funny. I I messed with people. Sometimes in the crowd like in Miami. I think Dude that I've played the say my name. Party last year Miami and I was I played last sauces walking around children and I was like I was special guests for that show and then I was like I go up to this dude. He's next on the phone. He's fucked up. Now Zeke. Who Do you think the special guest is? I think it's to be grave. Digger Bro tweeted. He's going to be here and I'm like I think so too man. See you see in the Moscow. And he's like fuck you. I'm GonNa go hard and I'm like that's like if he knew who he was talking to. You don't even malaria multiple times. It's so funny and then you get to see it from there is too right yeah. It's genuine. It's a genuine like in a like a reaction. That's true that's fun. Interviewing people go to festivals thirty million people. You said you gotta do your own podcast. You just don't say as you well there's been great man honestly honestly. This went by really. We've been doing this guy. Yeah we were like what our twenty five. Yeah that went by fast right man. Good just kind of off the top of your head. The first thing that pops into your mind Just to a time in your life a moment in your life could be from any time when sort of in a single moment music really had a deep impact on. You really affected you. And that's a super broad question kind of the first thing that POPs into your mind. The first time I listened to fuck the system by L. K. When I heard I don't know if you've heard the song yet not in a long time but yeah when you when I heard the breakdown of the speech that the guy gives at for some reason the first time I heard I was like this is like my definition of high-seas society and stuff like that and is it. I don't know it felt welcoming this on that center that because that song not only did it speak to me on like a personal like 'cause I was like super anti social and stuff but also it inspired me into making like hard style. Got Me into hard style. And it's like up until now fast forward to now. I'm highly influenced by heart style in my music and it's it for sure that's the easiest question for you spoke to me like is in every aspect right now. I love that answer. Because it's sometimes you do you hear that song and it's sometimes yeah it's just a new sound or something you haven't heard before and that's exciting but then when it's also something you know if it's a song about fuck the system or whatever that sort of makes you realize that you know the way you feel other people feel that and there's that connection there exactly yeah and and to bring it all the way around. I mean it seems like that's sort of the gift that music has given you and to a certain extent me and I'm sure a lot of other people do like yeah. Sometimes it's hard to connect with people in some especially when you're young and all that it can feel very isolating and just just hearing a song can break that it really did. I mean that's on him into a genre which eventually got me into making it and then fast forward to the domino effect does now. We're here you know what I mean crazy man. I love it. Well there's been great man really. Yeah thanks for coming in. That's the show set out to grave digger. Great to talk to you man for everybody out there listening don't forget six feet under the debut album from grave diggers out right now. There's a link in the description of this episode where you can keep up with him. I'm sure he's going to be back on the road as soon as we are all able. And you can always keep up with me as well. Willie Joy DOT COM or at Willie joy on all social media. Come join the back to back. Discord the link for that is in the show notes as well. And if you've made it this far I gotTa tell you we are working on what the podcast is going to look like in quarantine America right. Now we're GONNA make some changes we're actually GONNA make some upgrades pretty excited about what's going on right now. I think I'll be able to tell you about it next week. very soon either way and until then. I hope you have a great week. Take care of yourself stay healthy stay safe and I will talk to you next Tuesday for back to back. This is willie joy peace.

Edm producer willie joy Surata studios WanNa official Maria Digger Surat Serrato self employed Congress Damase Canada Serrato California High School Tokyo Transco
ENOTURISMO. Ruta del Vino de Castelln.

Podcast RadioViajera

21:02 min | Last month

ENOTURISMO. Ruta del Vino de Castelln.

"Into be benito's rato the as three months raviol- lamey sorta mantis danielson. There is more people. Arrive your prieta for the as the platform the market income when he got the duties. Martino get on this field. Nikko soobee ponta mistletoe. The kaaba community altima or lack meadow semi nobody's mightier hussein on yet. He's so elated. When he got the under the i mean dingo director. The mass amanda ensue. One of the medical say the salvino came out not the motor city as to win on his style. Build nundy in the race. Say there'll be no spare them. He has a gun in houston. Were put hot meal. Settlement say contract with sixty eight we morale in film doing activities in western the participation in your report attacking our los acids blows costume res restaurant mea opportunity. Abc data they even those bite on the elbe. An pablo says in custodian allegra glutton. Abe land mine separate the the dimmer in one school gender defeat maria jose demonstra alabama must have to send babylon number. Either you're analysts. Cutting the day will not see any of those alvarez Their beans. America ceo with the bailout. Ruta gusto audio. You wanna know imports over at this me. Get your gm you spend most winner. The but a win. Oy based interferon yet disconnect commoner who standards to sympathize with the centrepiece task guineas percent eighty percent that the in this no chance to never me border settlement but again rushing other guy me ladders will be on the list assumed though he won't officially religiously probably evaluated but another rockin and nothing. I think that. I'm daddy gotta go to this Pretty good in the goma. Democracy knows what he's more you're number they can get on the edmund Damaged in famiglia beside willow. Where does yes. Lana we will be going to mature. tendon bam quebec's unless mason community. He bogey-double-bogey Been and unbeknownst. This woman vino. Iguana polio familiar with. Go to interrupt weeks governor. That will let me where on though laughing gulf media Kevin don't be That i thought finding says have almost again on finke up giddy loaded with the mementos. Some danielle he behinds for my the hobie up through them and then also to swear left. Yakima saudi-owned thirty ninety did to leave if we look at it look amendment You're on that that that wasn't deal. Today was beside him. Pathetic pathetic when. Ed shown us the ad i thought out said we ask for miami coupable wimmer scruffy lowest again moment. Get together reported. Dialysis did of this wants. Still polish donors moldy must've video games. They don visit emotion focussed on a guy. He said Today the saturday my Las vegas style much getting practitioner Though she you'd have downloaded will get you from russia Let's get good field. does Handle booked up uncle from which the dentist has been. The boys lowered like stomachs coarsely doused. God is on feedback. Even throw the dorm in Independent wound up that come with battle against that will be another car. Saone was meet at that. Never ended up you mickey. Casey wants to get listen. This story does home from area. But we begin you. Forget atanasov They've gotta stay have much Likes the youngest. He when the windows. Ya got almost the nameless Luckily venos- He lives in won't get those about today. Is like i want to stay on the okita Haydn in forgot Today comrade when that is putting up snuck it list if the most but sean this debris thrown reno enough you'll Don't let us that. He can for the motives push must be lost sta. Some associates puts is go up the embassy in moscow. Big either that you don't see stores but a winner bush can if it were us from this dollar route in the hindi bulletin wrote in goma's aspects. Mci gruesome Devasting sort on this for the rallies dialed the deal. Could adolf Diva in rangoon india. But okay thing. I was wondering but i will also be bullish scandal. Chevy no simply familias gay and All night last night. I thought it was someone out. That bush was high on the that he's assembler la- veloce yellow throw by if he knows does costlo number indicated that who des since i forgot that i want to Out dig it can cause no talk and all of the But the little. What i just i got there'd be no the is mutual funds law squatty. That is because got up luke door not as forget debock seattle. Luke don't put out. I was a full man. mistake Wounded analyst ihop. Glamorous money the other one. That's nice as soon as i was invited. So you know what the purpose of gain i mean. They go best pepper. But what about moments say go. Columbia arista poor. Poor partiers perky. Okay someone's miserable. But i lost my say valenciano suit amino power scared foot off. Ona one on this is daria shoulder. Poodle not regaining ingredients. relation bigger say motorway atticus nothing. I'm not so sure myself that now. The almost fender for mega-city Be amiss they. Yoke galvanised is linda stomach Some adele damase. I'll look into the foods but quality. That is good gonna in canada. You'll just give him but it was it. S the onus around part of this will be no Any from jettas on. What is this any other you know. I'm this could lead to us. Would you see how. I'm fast a lot is analogous vian roof. I would've Yes if was feel will must get us early. Ninety s going up women soon issued sports time in similar denver's venus forget goes venus Get must be no salary. Must get when we don't get beautiful must get that. I thought that much more spilling tumble master. The athol kumari For moslem one hundred cornell laminated. Musk without social. Non demise or analytic goes was the kid tesla's nor stumps enough blooming before the government dippers endless game and he was completed more than that Billion rigoberta put up a fight over for she was. This was this vast archive Is still quotas myself though. Some in kin- Middle guests in his quality. No whatever understand. got Looking curious advocates. You'll be on public rather myself down for mr for lunch. Lesean she let go to david. Either and the lino no dna rolling out cold number too much you know they got Orissa from bogalusa la magnetic liberty Gonna steady doodo Didn't those venus Musty got those brancusi water landlords frisco People there didn't make the depended any that rallies for florida's blancas. Monday food has Let go democrats paid estimate. The name of that best dambiyn nothing no way no blanco. He almost a guinness. Puerto mice startled that stadium guinness. Promotional the us able. They asked the Outdoors this title. Time in those feels. They're people from On on center there this these more the gods they bogies that the when i got into this is no commun- look as i'll get that imported onto this when this when acting at eden if you must be let who does this and that he's more Push nobody Little anytime overs this much Earthly messy together detached go. They didn't offer his yeah. He said you're from this minor own raffia than ever below lucid. We feel skip the rebellious the bubble. There has that's the federal circuit if he's esto by the be no easy to reach divo- postpartum nostrils compatriot not solo company. Here the total initially. Erica knows they'll patrimonial communion lengthy anna e. Shoes were statistically. There's much important because he yeah probably ten most issues we was now they yes was not yet and by the list. I this is one of those. The public- sidamo kimbro was we. Finance madail was more today. But if they start studying granola listed Cabanas is this day in aspect are ping science. Autostrada i feel that spending the tonight will not put enough. Kind of would demo- she lives him. Another the mr woody. The lino win to win on monday Nco and by the on company goes Ayubi s not not enough. Dua do kit again unless another that is as you will not damian. Push the almost for the start. Coming out of puerto Coming on monday from. I don not an empty the listen been added obscene us binders at this coletta. That he's more you try to put it on their demise the device africana by said. He's seagull aby no. They had a bit of me. Time ramos gay geico mandate Komo's western academia e basso in almost all economic lament. That i say getting people not in paprika stadium meander smart people. We're not gonna theon smoke another either. This is not a lease. Which is there they come. Bogus is the deputy. Obviously get the officially gone off Not this present. Evil will the huddle mustang That is more than most commercial. Fears him. Theak in That doesn't want to their the possibility that his dad dig on massive yet. But i can minister says Solution is What is the ever lettuce. Rhubarb getting by the Letting you affected. I know was bus bus going away. And what is the game Mr mrs giving input and colored this going gumbo which will be ninety mutual. Which has that's been that product whatever's i'm anthony capabilities. You literally evidence. This has made us give us. Didn't emotion and thought by kickoff whitlow propaganda custodians will blow. Tv brothers on books on a wedding. better not appropriate Under as was report partial bristol This i kennedy says given muscles are mellow of of the discount under the windows. Blow gregg hersholt. Somebody put it on. There is got an. But i saw i keep him blue another city on this thomas plateau visit amid video dp go from blogging cuesta Impo knowing gwendal and disposition dim get get in the moment coordinator on conoco fran when i got the Hers canal Or the comedy it. He'll eagle didn't they they got. Cbs those about on the elbe did follow. The latter custody on president did that there. There'll be no. The custodian matzec has report than economic program. I e mails Kiddie three this gomo point in in contrast complaining contact to assist as they're looking at each allow route lamp as custodian. Lsf martina komo point. Contra loma safi list is in a volcano with the boom is la keno web. Yes instead of on november nikola's bass As you heard that we know window Grew down will be no custodian. Come along this was time in the data. Loss d'amato Now your other left police motive. Why would he went on his blog. I that my the local when he that upper whatever whichever dental by goes reno komo asteroid. The only that is is level model. But but when you're ready okay. With is hidden to los que years off in san jose. Costa you can have out. But i told her your recommended. They've not l. is for natural k jones was. I'm daniel commencement who standards in the legal. Yes he is not. Compliment is going to be done. Toyota total casilda mingo police. The fruit are on the cabinet. Your is is increasingly. Elvin yellow get dna lacasse eldest around telephone alabama. Originally we any either like assume incredibly pulping desimone apart those by scholastic also beth yet. But if they're in steady moss has type Guest greta the irregular northeasterly media. Melissa thank you own own.

mantis danielson salvino allegra glutton maria jose demonstra goma Yakima saudi Saone atanasov okita Haydn hindi bulletin adolf Diva costlo valenciano Nikko adele damase benito Martino finke wimmer
S4 Ep 1: Nigella Lawson

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

52:10 min | 3 years ago

S4 Ep 1: Nigella Lawson

"Hello and welcome back. Hello for the first time to table manners. This is season for and this is the beginning of the seasons. We thought who better to kick it off. Then the kitchen got us a sensational woman. Somebody we have wanted from the beginning. Yes. What give me something for my sport? She'll time show main on for the poll. Stalling. Just give me a bit for that knows. Because don't focus. Mining system Laney bit not so. Sorry. How excited are you about Niger cited a bit nervous as well? To be honest with not often, we get a God s in our kitchen. She they don't call her chef on cooler, cook, a gourmet. I've never heard that one. Mom. How are you? I'm fine. These two enjoying life support Coster Lovett, mom. We are up for two Arias. I know this is amazing. I know I didn't get to go. I don't either. His really don't know. Whether it's Jesse tell listeners. Yeah, I'm pregnant, and so what to do than present a pulled cost about food and get pre slop mills every week for the next ten weeks. Mum. We've gone back and forth on this menu for months, Darlene. We kind of imagine this. If you done for this man, mom, I in the bait. Now, you've been the what if he'd been dulling the you'll pro has done everything. Thank god. He was off. I'm I'm Ashton scenario back. Yeah. He's to put bit dish. That looks presented. You know? I like to call myself, the kind of Ruben vest. I check you know, you certainly do come. I ask you are we going to serve it on a plate. But before she sits down. Now, I think not desperate like Honey we've food. No don't mean. Like that will play it up as if we're in a restaurant, right? Whatever. Mom, I I think Niger. Gonna mind. Can you take us through the drama of the coca bangs? Right. So I I hate the cocoa beans in spring restaurant, which we love which is one of my very favorite restaurants have been three times this year already. Some house, and it's just I tasted cocoa beans, which would delicious it'll Brown beans. I thought these were fabulous. What did they come with lamb? So I thought it repurpose to have with mom, I've has been support. Right. So I couldn't find them on the internet, so rang spring, restaurant and awesome. Where do they get cocoa beans from this from Natori, and the lady couldn't have been more helpful because she even told me how she to cook them. And so I ordered them hitting them up yesterday along with the rainbow chart in the Salerio back. Yeah. And then brought an said, oh, this is orcas are white not Brown. She'll go Brown when you them. But they didn't go Brom that just white. They look like haricot beans, but only the best one I Gela only the best seven pounds of beans and they've not gone Brown. And we eighty said to cut up the rainbow charge storks, and they look. Horrendous. I can't serve those can just serve a bit of the leaf not the rain boasts the storks. You cannot the stool she gone. Cure. Then we couldn't source blackberries because nobody else had them not even from MS MS. Joe Damase love him. I love him on a dummy run. And he's made to spend all day on it. Be swayed not having. Komi swayed him stay he doesn't want to. It's a bit like one Jay Raina was on. He said he didn't want to meet his idols. He does want to meet my gelato. He's to watch not jello on TV all her programs. You know, this like almost a whole station devoted deny Gela. Do you know who else is very keen on all the Greeks? I really they'll watch my genuine grief, she super famous. I think she's famous everywhere. Yeah. We have you sipping who to go deaths. Does it ever get to get word? I'm going with I feel in a fraudulent because I so not. Oh, you absolutely. Are. We have the goal Desa is. House. Thank you so much for being on its unless we have coming now. So okay, you kindly a candle like, so Alex, my because my mom, basically, we would like searingly lamb. We haven't hamden I and we were searing the lamb before mums ice, smells, like logic bap house nine wrong in that nothing wrong. But she in the mums like an ally accountable, and I'll exit. No, no, you can't do that scented candle. If you're going to eat food. I think that's right. Not in the kitchen. He knew not not around food. I think you could if you wanted one say over there, but I think not around food because you is want to smell the food. You're right. So I'm quite happy got an open. I've got an open, but doesn't really show, but I I've got an open plan sort of one big room. So I do have send candles in there. But they tend not that it wa- far enough to where I'm going to eat. What have you been doing today? Well, I got from Greece last night. And I have been doing the things that pile up. I mean, I wasn't away that logs one week, but all the things that pile up, and I've mentioned writing it's funny the off Greece because we go to Greece every year and mom was saying about how huge are in Greece. Your we've just on holiday. Well, sort of I went to a wedding. I then I've got a friend who comes from economics. Oh nice. We make. No. So I was stupid. I doesn't do any of the things that people do mickan us because sitting on his Randa speaking to assist as doing things meeting his friends there. And I am every I kept they hit making plans to go and just can't. Interface. No, I just I felt like I don't know. I'm not really someone who wants to go dots. Don's in the morning. I did do a lot of that for the wedding. Did you eat good food? So I hit the mic off is really good there. Shman? Well, I did good food. But also because I was the best food in people's houses. And so I ate at people's houses because I was with not just people who. Okay, great. When I was in MacOS friend of mine is a very good cook needs in his in London. Mostly but goes back to Mickey NAS and his friends are good cooks. And so it was really great nice. You can buy lovely tomorrow to everything Taylor. Moore cucumbers tasting accuse melons incredible Capers other fermented, they just been put fresh in a pastic bottle with lots of salt until all the liquid the salt on the caves altern into liquid and there's foam. So good. You think you'd be able to make them here. They just get fresh Capers. Okay. You couldn't they can pick them. I mean, it was I think, but Chris crisos got jars with things in the bottom fruits or vegetables with some sort of lingered on the toy. You can't in that. Yes. You can't do that here. But you have to get the ingredients. But. The Greeks so wonderful and special. You just you're gonna have talk to start slicing sausage Jing. Surya bitter sociable of cheese on the table repping little something. It's so nice. I didn't realize you Jewish though a month. Of course. Yes. But it's similar thing. Yes. That problem his chicken save is there. Have. But also just putting things in front of all the time. And. Lots of you know, watching to make sure you're eating. Not as much as my who is Jewish new family. Well, all my family are, but we are not religious. But you still we claim that Jews will still proudly talk about in JC in claim you and you eat chicken soup. Of course. I do certainly can we talk about have you got any particular ingredient the in your conceive, or is it just like no nonsense. Well, no because I to change it a bit. I don't really I do make chicken soup, but it isn't really quite chicken soup because I do it more as. We do know the way my mother did it I do it's more call at my mother's praised chicken because I say, it's part braised and poached, and it's an act of devotion for us. My mother died very young. And so really what it is that it's a whole chicken cooked in poked with carrots, and leeks, and lemon, and whatever whatever you want and lots of water. And so what you do was is that you make chicken you. Gotta chicken soup whole bits of MU Mason chicken in. Yes. So you don't have a boiling hand. Well, otherwise, she county no boiling hand. I do have a good good lick ticket. If I want to make just chicken soup, I use wings. Not yet wings of the best thing labour lot of wings. So I could because I ghost the game the boiling hen we got stomach dill day. That was good shit. It's not the. It's not the weeble the with the muscles election. Well, I don't I'm not used to it. Although I have to say when my son was little he really did. 'cause my mother-in-law used to make proper multiples, and that sort of thing and all this. They said lots of things ending and look. But I do, but I do like all that kind of food. I'm in new I'll so whether it has proper Kinsey, where's your favorite? I notice of annoying question, but your favorite country to eat. I don't I'm so fond of. Italy. I could eat Italian food all the time. And I lived there when I was young. So where did you mostly influence as chambermaid was in between school, having generous you, gene? And am I, but I moved around deliverance south it is. Well, but I'd if I'm initially for time, I really love it. I'm when I come back, really logging some Thai food more curry because I guess. United. I do miss heat. And I think in a way, I think, you know, England in London where is really from London is a fantastic place to eat in Zepa and get this every every and you get everything and it's. Little places he doesn't have the fancy place. I'm not my keen on that could place tweet. So where you would restroom. Oh, well, it's my favorite restaurants. A to do. I think with habit verts the river. Cafe because I think. Yeah. I went there when my kids were little Sunday lunch. And they're so it's where I would go for a special occasion. Yeah. If it's. Someone on the families. One of my children's birthdays, I will go there, and it's pushing summer you can sit outside. So I love that when Hamid graduate. We went. We had those lovely lean is with the. Oh, yeah. This each. Not side. Yeah. It's just you know, you're gonna get good male. But also that the I know some of the people who were in front of house they've been there since I've been going there. I've been doing this at the beginning. Greg place to winnow. So I remember I went thirty years ago. Maybe thirty one years ago, God do something and and working. So you feel that great sense of continuity, and I like that. I mean, I Do Son was like into new place, but my new favorite places spring. That's Disney foods skies. It's such a pretty place. I don't really like going to restaurants a lot. I do more when a broad is it because you get recognized, and it just feels like it just makes it pleasant because it kind of feel like people watching how you're of some not a bit. But it's bit that. But I also think Sada's it's bit that I do cook quite equal to home. So when I go out, I tend to want something planer, whereas we see. So when I'm away I'm not eating that much. So then I'm would even even then though, I like quite plain things rove is quite good. Have you been to iota take? They take location. You've got to have the scenario this, Larry ASA Larrea swamp. Yeah. And the lobster Crump pits, sesame, we view. We my. God is good. But when you say you enjoy cooking at home. Do you ever feel like it becomes like work because I? Us doing this poll cost. I mean, you know, my pleasure. I know you'll pledges gone from doing ever enjoy cooking. I need this fucking Boko. Yeah. It's review Ord. I think it's it's more pressure. Yes. It was to make it kind of special cooking for people. You don't knows tariff? So if you're talking about cooking for friends family of myself, that's fine. But I if I feel the people that I don't know or Felise from tov, I always think people get so disappointed expected to be really fancy and is really rose about your program. It was always about like this occur occasion. But it was just friends. It was here. See something fence over found so those communal, but we all sometimes feel exhausted. There are times when I feel just too exhausted to cook. However, once I'm actually putting out in the kitchen, stirring, something. I decompress I feel better. But I think that there are certain moods. When you when it does all feel like too much. But actually, it's like so many things the thought of it loom so so much in you have such dread. But then when I do it I like it. But I think that whenever it is too much. It's because I've I've decided to do too much, and that's why I nearly always wrote my list, and then we again and then cross half the things out was I've thought. You don't need all that much. I mean, I think that there's a slight. I find it slightly difficult on as if I'm cooking. Remember what I'm doing when and then people sit how they won't talk to you. And they suddenly lounge in front of the stove, and you're trying to get something or. Yeah. But I think mostly doesn't really matter. And it's as you kind of keep your car, it's that's more important than whether things work or not. I mean, I I do tend to be more of those people who says that should be more like this. That's yeah. That's undercooked. But I will only allow myself to it once because I think otherwise it becomes a soaring bird. That's the wrong thing. But I also feel that the clearing up on the other hand, sometimes sometimes I just think on going to face that not might you decide at Mike have you ever been like, you know, what I love to do that. But that's going to request so much caring up. I can't be asked. I'm gonna do one Potter. Well, I never do fancy things anyway. But it is just more that sometimes it's about this, which is that I got someplace I really liked, but they just don't fit in the dishwasher. And you copy off too. And it's just that being the lots of people, but actually again when you do it. But I'm one of those people don't mind washing. I can't stand the putting away again. But I have to say that. But I don't particularly want people to help me clear up because I knew in my own time and do it. But but I I don't cooking his performance. Art has never interested me. Right. So it's it's just got to taste China taste as good as possible does. But also just put make for welcome. But also one of the things it's quite good about being Greece's. You realize that don't make a distinction between whether something is made or board. If it's a lovely bit of cheese, for example, I'm going to talk on Thursday, and with a friend, and obviously I can't really cook cooker someday before and I'm in the studio week. So I said to her after so, well, let's come back and have smoked salmon at mine after and that is really nice. So I think the thing is it's nice. It's wonderful to eat with people and share food with people. And I let that you have to fetish is whether it's I don't feel I have to start chiseling radishes index resentments to go. Oh with it. You know, I might make a salad as well. And I might then feel inspired to put different things in it at the same time. But actually, I just wanted to know this food there that we're not going to have to late tonight. Because I'm gonna be up early. The next morning sue, I don't want to make a big deal of it. But I mean, I've been any kind of brilliant mistakes you've made in when you've been kind of. Your chef on not. That's the nobody. That's a really really big deuce. It's a really big distinction that how can you not is not as I've never turn. I have never I've never cooked in the public having a restaurant even night when I do demos. I think goal is to do seem on TV at properly you need to John. You know, I'm not a chef. I'm not trained and speak to iota about think it he's not. He's tweet is a pastry. Chef I think, but okay. Would you cook? Yes. But I call myself a home cook. Okay. I will. I won't home. But makes you sound this. No, no. But that's only been home. You talk themselves down. I think if myself predominant is a food writer to be honest because writing about food that made me I wanted you to cook. I learnt from such a young age because my mother believe in child labor. And of course, in the olden days that people didn't why about child safety, you know. So we had a very rickety sort of or we had an old. It was cool something like new world gas Ray. And we'd she put at each edge mayem, I sister, we'd be standing on the chess stirring, things and getting things. Also, we weren't doing it as a museum now. Yes, we had to help and do things properly. So to me the big challenge when I wrote my first book was learning how to weigh in measure because certain things certain things I did way measure for but things like making white source Basham. Oh, I have no idea how to do it except by sight and feel and then I had to I think school reverse engineer. And I do that quite a lost my recipes. Come because I just cook something then I have to work out. What I did is so tedious that part is an because it doesn't come naturally, but I've got a slightly obsessive street which comes in handy. What did you do it university? Medieval loud languages on Matt's. Not my strong point. I did manage to also level, but not even the muddy how so what languages do you speak? God Harvey any now, French German English, Geno. Jim anything this pitched in Italian? But actually would be to remember any German. Now will though I did rather love it. All of them going back, the mostly mostly Italian new going from sort of medieval, Latin and also promise all with the with the French people. But I mean, you don't eat us read, it, you not talk anything exciting reading Morita. So I was going to English. But then I thought early language is because. That he loved I am reading at the moment of book that I am rather transfixed by called the over story. And it's. Glee. Yes. People in their connection to trees. And it's isn't it on the Booker. It is sure. Yeah. She'll strain yin. She's not the one, that's terribly young. No. I think it's written by man. Okay. I can't remember his name. And I should because I read it on the ipad. You don't have the book in front of you. God, really? I can't do it. It hurts. My is doing the ipad. Well, I read with snipers lenses at night. So I've got lenses which are yellow which block out the blue light. It's only because I know when I go away how many books can you take? Also, it's a very bad sleeper. If I read with with a book with the light on it's going to keep me awake longer than reading with my ipad, and my snipers houses. So that's why you read in bed anywhere. You'll reason mostly I do books a month next difficult to say because it what I'm doing. Because if I'm out. Okay. When I really busy, I would probably read one or two week all my notes that I don't do it. That is sort of g go bad. Why do some I do sometimes? But it's not about says like, you're you're reading I don't watch TV a lot. You see I do not. I know there is an idea. What some, but I do feel Anita. Certain Mont of quiet. I can only do noise for so long. I need to learn. So, but you see my idea of, you know, really great evening is going to bed very early because they was you mustn't go to bed really early into sweet for hours if I'm not doing anything the weekend. I get up t- that I might do some yoga class or something like that. And then I give bed with the book and lots that said, I do in the daytime see you're you're insomniac. Will you you about sleeper? Well, I am an insomniac. But. I try with it. And I do things I I'm kind of with you on the thing going sped lover, Louisiana. But they say I'm not in some stunning. We you see they always say every time I've seen anyone about my bad sleep. We say you must go to bed much later, and you mustn't lie done read in bed. I think you're meant to go there for sleep and give yourself a shorter window. And but if I go to bed late, I worry because I wake up early. I worry about. How little sleep I'm going to get. I think this is a function of having children. I think you never ever lose your never lose that thing of working out backwards. How much longer the news you go? You always try and count. How many hours the if I actually get to sleep when I get home? How many I'll get and you never quite recovered you stress out about it so much Stein knows. I knew I know I'm an I always get worried about aren't gonna get be tied. I do that. And I'm not gonna get no sleep, which is really mad with thinking about it. But I think it Lesar the scar. Yeah. No. I completely agree with you. I mean, I mean a so actually my brother because my brother really is a big fan. And that's kind of why he had to leave the room. And the he wanted to know because you talk about going down for like a midnight feet. Like, well, I do that TV more than I do. I mean, I try sure thing when I try not still try not to. I only really do that. If I've been drinking tool because I'm not very good at alcohol, so any not three. Yeah. I do. But not very often. I mean, I did quite a lot. In Greece app say, but what I mean is is that so if I come back from having if I have to even two glasses of wine. It makes my blood sugar go up, and then I need to have lots of food afterwards. So I often will go up for dinner. And if I have wine I have to eat something when I get back. So when you got for dinner, do you drink wine, then I do sometimes I try and rent. Anyway, not always sometimes I just can't face. Have you never liked it very much? Yes. But I've never been a big drink. It's like you. I'm gonna do like it. But I'm bit. I mean, I do try to 'cause I think sometimes if you don't drink your it's like after the first hour of a party on a different room than everyone else. And that could be quite difficult. I mean, I feel that. I'm quite an anxious person and drink can really exacerbate that anxiety. So I go the other one depends. Well, I think I used to get rid of it here. But we are. But then afterwards that horrible. Tight feeling of worry. And just generally does not feeling quite right king Clem who said there to hangovers the physical hangover in the metaphysical Hanover. Metaphysical hangover was worse. Wondering what you said the night before he isn't even that is just I mean, I don't mean that much. Streaking is just does something to me. But I think maybe it's an age thing to an aged the hangover you go. Do with. Well, you have you know, what it is being out of practice? So I feel nice Jere. Went into training bit because I went to Italy for three days, and so the two weeks before that I started having a glass of wine a bit each week to go to to get myself used to it. I love that. I this is actually quite selfish of me. I've got my best mates hen coming up. And I've decided it's beautiful house in Kemba sans. It's kind of it's like this Scandinavian beautiful. We've been all the fucking budget in the house there, which means that I'm kind of stumped with maybe trying to be quite genius bout. What brunch? We're going to do. What would be your best Goto brunch thing for twelve people? That's kind of feels like I can feel slightly evidence. I was thinking cadre. Yeah. That's a good thing. But good it is big enough parts. I've got quite easy recipe too. I do quite a bit in the oven. It's my Asian flavored one million with salmon is not traditional going and Korean Matsui doesn't have time to know. It's tour that I just casually is great or you can do one of those things. They call them Straughter in American. I've got I've got Acropolis your bake. Which is so is really are doing like a savory bread and butter pudding. So you Brown bread here. Plastic round bread thin. Now is you could use any. And I make sorta make cheese in ham sandwiches grew year and ham with Dijon mustard. And then you be eggs new can put the frigid night before. And you put eggs and milk in it, so Kim, and then you just put it in the oven in the morning. That sounds good. Eddie bird. Will it is ugly hooding dish? It's in a casserole. Oh, don't be quite nice more. To do like a Chinese Kanji in. If you had a slow cooker vice has soup with chicken stock. But not everyone likes that. I know I feel like that. I I am. I I quite like rice pudding gem when you if in the morning, I wouldn't mind. I don't see I do know. The funny thing is breakfast is the only time I actually have to make myself rather than and so because of that I have the same thing every day, more or less. No, I don't I don't understand poi- just makes me stopping you know, how everyone says. Completely stormy too. I mean, I love it poet with golden this slowly Ssemogere. I'm still waiting for it for me to now. I have perched on toast. We do at mom. I I don't I sometimes do, but I'm a traitor to my people because I like vegemite get out. How can you? Because mama, isn't what it used to be dry. Yes. I do I feel it doesn't it lacks the base. No now, it's all squeaky in high level is the base. No in veggie mind, cause it's Matt rob and shiny. It's a bit more base noti. But I do was one that moment they bought out sometime ago that was exa excess or something like that. And that was delicious, and it tasted more like. Yeah. I tasted more that strong rich flavor. God at an even know about that sales still love. Yeah. Anyway. So you absolutely has to be done perch second. Yes. I do just used to have I used to have boiling tests. But since I've taught myself how to poach Neg very this. How you do yours? Okay. What if I'm doing it for fancy people coming? I first crack the egg over t straighten it into a Cup to get rid of. Because French told me this is that the point, but eggs is the older. They are they're not really fresh the older. They are the some of that the white turns watery, and that's all the strands, Oakland when I what I do. And it's just me at home the kids, I crack the eggs into a little cop. Yeah. And I pour them juice or vinegar just on the white and leave it there while the water heats up and everything. And then when I don't get the water boiling, it says nearly bubbling very very low. And then I tip the in my leave the water bit that stayed the bottom of the Cup in the cups. And so it's it's more solid strain. If I want it perfect and everything, and I leave it on very low. Sometimes only got one eight you can turn off and leave it three four minutes. Yeah. Just in the turned off water, but I been any more than one I think you have to have it very low. But I haven't so low I often forget it off altogether that in I take it out with a slotted spoon. Pat on a bit of a kitchen town, and I put on my toast. Is the food ready? Do I need turn on the scenario? Listen to drizzle the truffle on in front every accent. So how did you do the scenario? I find peeling scenario in cutting it so hard, you know, it's so difficult have you ever tried your terms whole baked Nestle area is about three hours? I haven't keep meaning to because I I find it impossible to peel encamped. Lamb with pistachios cross city mass on. So what was the kind of most memorable dish from your childhoods? Well, you know, what I really really hated meals a child and whenever people come to me. And they say, oh, my my job doesn't eat. I will say listen, I I I did later, but I never did as child. I didn't like it at all. You didn't like the sitting down. I don't know because I didn't like. I don't remember enjoying the ting either. But it was is brought up in a very strict way. So you given your food, and you had to stay the table till you finished it. And if you didn't finish it plate was given to you cold at the next meal, and that was actually even old that was actually old-fashioned even when I was a child, and so I didn't like that. But I like. Strange things as well. I love spinach, which I still do adored spinach spinach at butter my. So that was what you were having when you. When I went to my when I went to my grandmother's. So I she would let me have what I wanted. If I wanted to big bowl of spinach. I could have that. But nice to go by Scott pans with us she lived in Kevin avenue, and I go to Pantano pansies. Yes. You do. And it's Khusro circus readiness. Jones would. Yeah. And so it go, then we'd buy things, and we go to the book, Jimmy, go home and make something and I ate weird things like brains Brown butter, and I didn't say I was very very young. I didn't realize it was actually brains from animal. I just thought it was something very brains in it. I mean, what do you still like brains? I do I do. I like I had something in Greece could see cook aretz fabric, which is awful it is offline role, and then the intesting on the outside like almost intestinal crackling on the outside. What's so delicious? If you were going to bring a dish bring a dish to friends party God, I would would actually because I feel like as being judged. You what we probably I mean, people expect of you pastor, I think is quite a good thing pastor, okay? So common town towns night. My psycho trae a bait. So I might do a base I do with mushrooms, I do kind of like a Beshir Maryland lots of mushrooms instead the Melinda together. All but I do want to when I I suppose one of the things I do remember for child that my mother is to cook was leaks white sauce, and I cook it in the same way. I didn't say didn't says she would cook the leaks in water cut them into short logs, the water, and then mixed that water the milk the best male. I put I put vermouth dry white vermouth drink enough wind bottles of wine eighty one that's a bit of don't mean. The best of MARTINI Bianco, and in the water, not that much of the leaks, and I use that to make the sauce, and I've use and sometimes my daughter calls it Pyan sides because when I'm used to make pies ice to put that area. I I sometimes I make that into a pass to bake. She's with cheese, and it's leaks cheese. Kills on the stuff you had to eat. Yes. I'm stone. Always ready. Are you in kind of mad working at the moment? Promoting how to eat has been re public. There's a re reissued reassure the sort of twentieth. Anniversary bit of that. You've got a couple other. Yeah, gang. I'm looking forward to the I like this. Love fantastic. Yes. I know the how many would you like that's unfair to you. All. Yeah. The three or four and you want me to cut them through. Or would you cut in through? We look up and please unless that's. Mama's been really different to how she using. Knowing it doesn't see you. But if you're so it's sort of a book, but it's really it's not really going to be just about how tweet I'm going to vary stitches. Yeah, I'm looking for it because what's really nice. I've got such wonderful people interviewing me and also. So the second half. It's the first off his talk exerts in a ways, you know, when you interview people, it's where the questions go, and it's a compensation, but then what I really like is the second top is questions New Orleans. And that's always interesting because I know you never know you never know. But I never know when someone's interview me wherever wanted to ask told beforehand. You you've got to answer in that moment. She really it's it's on the wise you start trying to think what would be my answer those to have different interviews on a book tour. So I don't know. How is I mean, it's just and choose such early. And who else have you onto being Diana Henry, I've got Charlotte Mendelson list. I've got. Did you trust? These we lighten quite yes. I was I wanted people from different of different ages different written different sort of books, but people were interested in food or right today are. Thank you. Yes. Three one pink lamb is cooked to perfection that is will be very impressment. Mom. This is great. Oh, my that's right. Put them out. Put them out. It is perfect. We ask every day. Yes. Lhasa you see that's such a difficult one. Okay. No, not wine because I feel the resume many things I feel making choices and leaving things out. It's going to be so difficult. Okay. Okay. So I I would have either guacamole, but the one I do without any tomatoes and not with red onions, but just spring onions green chillies lime Soanes corriander avocado or all Rahkamo lay which I do which is blue cheese and blue cheese and guacamole mixed. So it's got spring onion sour cream blue cheese. I wouldn't have I have one. I think maybe I'd have the real KOMO go out with I have. I have some incredible bread and butter and Bredon all of every I think I would have incredibly good French bread or English white loath with butter, and I have some extrordinary salad. Oh, okay. We've I had some incredible sour dough from the dusty knuckle, my friends are they then. Funny enough. And my God. It was so good. I had their definition. Oh my God. It was so good. So I'd have that. And then I think I would have linguini with clams with garlic parsley, chilly, no tomatoes, anywhere. Absolutely have to bid that Martin. And then then it's difficult because you do get quite fill up. So I would want a proper rose chicken dinner. But I will also that that was a preemie a previous. But who so? It's your lost. You're gonna get in. But I would also like proper steak and chips with them as source as well. I think that could be my would like a fennel and lemon salad with the without. Maybe some very thin bit bits of pet arena. Very thin cut raw fennel lemon juice cleansing. I'd have peas frozen peas, which I cook in for a very long time. So they go gray this. So delicious. Why? Well, it's prince on as I just do. Them. And mustered or sometimes I just do a bit of all of butter and say kind of like those miserable that you get in the fresh. Check is once no this mall. They looked like the. So I have to have those to meet, and then I think I would have some gorgonzola then either black prison cream or lemon meringue chart hype flee, you're going to like the pudding. Yeah. Which made his lap bearing customs? Yeah. With your recipe pastry. Good yet. He did it. And that's actually the first time that we've done kind of a it's not meant to be sycophantic. It was just the Alex is we just received your book. Yeah. I think not cross was very good stuff sheer mint. I love mint. So onto you. Do you have good type of minutes? Well, I. Judge. I didn't see everyone. I think. As in the rest of life. What man is really as being considered to other people. See my mother, even there was fashioned strict in some ways, these she was quite quirky as worldly, she's to say don't ask stretch because you know, when you're little you were told she said, it does not she said it's very route in Trump people's conversation. So if people are talking don't say, excuse me, can you potatoes? Just get Ono. You see the other way? I've I know mine everyone was voting house three everyone was, but she said that, but I think that really man are about being considered to other piano. I mean, it is difficult. There are certain people who really need not be looking at when they and that's not pleasant probably not moon. My family. I don't think I mean, I think if you when you see people sitting around the table, and then not being together, quite a sad thing. I think what would I have certain rules. I don't like which I know that I don't like cross contamination. So I can't bear it. If I see someone putting I have an I I have servings. Like it. And if people use their yes, people use those speeds, and I don't like it. If people put anything butter knife is a bus. My don't want people to Jing. I agree. I am or crumbs in the butter. I don't like that. I think that's perfectly reasonable would have someone else of. But I wouldn't tell someone else. I realized that that was because I was brought out very strictly about that. And so I haven't thing about it. They stripped he think. But was eating important in your family because sued was the appreciation of food. Because in I think in those days, it was considered while the Vogler to talk about food, whereas home, other people's it was not considered the dumb thing. Whereas we all we're always talking about what we eat what we're going to eat other things we could be eating as we're eating. But even when but as a child, I wasn't so much that, but I as I grew older teenage I did get much more incident eating, and I think it's because I am this is I think it's because I like being control of it. And I in a way I love being for. But I can't imagine what it would be like not knowing what you do eat every day. But I'm new everyday which was going. You know, what I mean is is that some people cook for always you me, and they don't mind what they eat. Do. They even applies to and people just basically eat out every night because they know they're gonna I mean don't. I don't I do that. I feel like I need that control to. And I thought just that. But is it panics if I'm if I'm out of my camel tweet, I I get panic me to you see I think often as well with hunger is that I don't always experience hunger. In my tummy, the I need to eat my mood goes. Yeah. I experienced it as panic and despair rather more than rather more than actually thinking, I need tweeden. Every now, and then I think maybe I need food. I never forget nine. Never forget. But I never forget. But sometimes if you're working you can't if I have I feel you have to when I'm traveling sometimes I miss food, and it's really hard for me. I get a bit historical where I'm not fair. Let's have desserts aurea. In short walkers on. It was Christ confession. It was personally whipped crash. We didn't we don't need creme fraiche with Costa. You think I think you need the talk nurse? I'm gonna have it bogging to take a picture. I'm going to take a picture of Nigel attack. Say pastries, very good Niger. Very let's done a very good job. Mums quiche dish which is a bit deeper got broken today. And I don't use. Oh, yes. Ceramic you say makes it a soggy onto this is so good is good. See I like the chrome fresher that because it gives. But I don't know. I let me try it with. Well. It's took pastry us to being. But it's it's right. Chris isn't it can taste not make a neom Kosta? So how did forgive me if you've talked about this so much, but how did you get into start because you were journalists before you, I was so what I wrote about my own manner of things I started off in the literary side an arts and arts journalism and literary literally pages, and then I. Wrote sort of being a columnist. But I also same time did write a restaurant column from a young age. But that was once every two weeks the other stuff I did. More days a week. But. Thank you originally critic, how did you find that? That was in the days when the restroom critics much there has they had been, but then they'd sort of stop. And I started again. Was very clever. But I do know in a way it was quite interesting. Because I felt that my job is to sort of give an idea of the experience to people. I mean, I didn't do that way star now often when it's a funny turn. I think we've become a nation of critics don't you think because of master chef them bake on Twitter and social media because a social logging and talent shows in the very critical thing. And I think that's what makes people nerves of cooking's. They they to be judged. Yeah. I think Iran, how do we reverse that? Then when I think you just have to yourself by people you like, and then they're not judged unite coffee tea tea may be at got some freshmen to. Yes, I'd love their Hanky. Thank you so much during this. We've wanted you to be on this podcast since we thought that aren't so last. I mean, I couldn't be more home more. Great. But this has been bucket list. Media's point worse. He's giving me. Do the I team four and you've been amazing. Jealous alum chopping kitchen dining, she is one of the sexiest women I've ever met. She is just so serene and composed and beautiful. But she also she's so Jim Reuss generous kind she sought it. Sarah's hen she sought his hand. So interesting, so many ideas such passion for food. That's why we do tape them. Because that's what I want to know. That was just the quintessential version of Tammuz to meet someone so special likes food to think she might food more than us or as much as much as much. Okay. Okay. Come on. We with one that's worth slapping, the crevice rush on. And big banks to your brother tonight. I this may be the end of Monica kinks fill that we got on better tonight too. Yeah. Because if I been at work, you gave one. See what is in the fridge? That's very yellow that's cost. Extra custard in case of walk love. He really liked the survival kit in case everything survival cook survival Niger cooking called ring commonly. Cows died today. Two. One. Oh, yeah. A little change your cold to think we should have starters as well. As a main course non g you want us to carry on loving each other. I hope general Android herself to the she did a bit. I mean, she hasn't been Tae. So she didn't want to run on. No, and everyone should go and buy how to eat or actually just watch any of her program the show much. She loves tell you get tickets for her tool live. She's miss Murli. Yes. You think she's good on TV? But you sit and watch her when she speaks and. She's just. Using how can she clueless suffer? I mean, she's a home cook. We like, we kind of the shed cook. I'm telling you. Thank you so much for listening. You enjoying it? We've got so many more fabulous guests coming up on series fort. So stay tuned. The music into on table manners. Is by Peter Duffy and Pete Fraser, and is edited by the wonderful, Alice Williams.

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Irineu Toledo conversa com Luis Henrique Beust Afinal, por que sofremos?

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Muka buys goo silvo sings at their booty. Fecta to move forward do so fremantle saga brazil per being stomach. The make the make won't say if there's a single musician greasy mental nor so fremantle interview the always can cement now lou espn sav useful. Now my best not sowings as not soyuz. All my as i said i just think i want daijo. Must cut the key somali cheever lincoln college. Cover all the sage college with as this will choose. Sean markers Threes brains are concept the as an portentous speed that who just not so spot some key when you can no way jagan which social equity pitiful almost by summers in offering them was not. They'll spit meet the yourself. Fremantle advice whom just mongoose hijikata usable scorgeous quaffing cisco shares. They'll spend meet the key. He'll go brasileira brand. I i school year. Old means bumps in salvador. Is the path g. Swiss getting bone know skipping maytham remark lot but masks describing this books muslim facade stem skill. More data minds up my son. I was monstrous leaders. Collegial veto q. Liberal of modern tunis thing one thing though the root of the law it'll say was mice in my lap schedule is the way that was defeated that it will get idiot in syria during the developing risk facile judaic inch continue sopa complete morale ups hideyuki. Thank you geeky fish. Acura up myself say but if you come kid won't file out phillies that you tilley died you. We don't have used attack. Local montague pie split accu via but i follow you saw Talent so fremantle fremantle mass. This bra boost the finish. The significant upon also via the saint l. Go you the earlier on saw. Saddam is my speech. Jeanne moos malvar on keeping you thought he was the guas use economia leaking out the lever fluke super anita peaks just stories. I ended up visual hail by shuhei. Commando busey's nascar data's yet hiccup it our sunday. Susanna in the bulls van spot is not the guy. Abacha silas dacia category. They're more edgy. 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I say lack synthetic or the alkan inch caja luga quantum. Isos my saab and wait meech quality. Cheever don't to turn his mic three squadrons of brass pushing my move here. You might value on wrestlers lonesome lonzo paseo push me nina. Told the any mother very juicy symbolism make your super but at least seagate just give you the bills who live at the medicine you so there got the who commits this bush. one axiomatic the pike. Keep food that you mean acadia yet. Resignation has eight so said they don't initiate issue aside to do any more insurance than this violence. James jal thing announced aggregate gender purchase that this forces meals. He's sought them what they would. Ill saw. bid this memento for five ball must eugene. You stems i. E mail normal bought a new new google xiaomi. We may shot. What's up on this all in criminal key. Nine hundred and ninety signatories. Nah such suddenly than papadopoulou is someone. Peter nassir signatories. Nope pooja santa converse. Forgetting a deep up on a spy uses. Guess john aggravate or thing. I own my own my dome going. Natural baroness lee yearly fee z. Assume reports the new concept bill cosby with wwf zaib spe michio saccone accelerated follow. So no meal in interest money dodgy anytime. We three skate via internet yourself. Appropriate push change dumol precare. You put the economy because interiors is. The group was political state. Miss most devries with to do values equals separate on the internet thing. Or is your own style. Manji khuda the internet woman possessing monkey. But i i wanna go. Well million went to the diet. Committing research on cd. Simeon was a bowie quiz wing. It it'll be informa- summit will fake in appalachia who walk in money fast to public political others. As soon he dependent immunity that you've ain't theater match conflict tobruk entertained. Your opinion on a dizzying informacion is infamous is former specials. Remorse was a swiss quality died. 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Sheila get loose win the bone. Paul el salvador thing who has yet to points good vibes. I sale s. big advocate self as jam move while also pause between marshall bill while so apprec- pick the full falesa quite was put gain out of eastern kick vice. We'll see a callback kerma. Anima danny those was the as lena goby is so ball jentzsch. Zell copay demise. Ace winterbotham was key as the sponsor spots. Accel lose lord. He's like you'll catch tampa different jeep propaganda content converse as bows that the sketches tries to keep route jal acceder nutritive particularly mental gilgal. Mccoy's over says simply a kiss who still sub jahmai spread over sixty billion prosser brigadier each yoggu lisi's hobart via yard was his co. partic- owner so as groups as had -squitoes mutiny. Bay i do threads sean. How hard you. Abby set you me of the media. But i might as well. Do you sail the becky versus year. Muslim year masseuse phillies jian over program was.

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Episode  "Untitled"

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Episode "Untitled"

"So we interrupt our program to bring you this important message warning. The following program contains explicit language and mature content. It is not an for these offended so if you an emotional pussy. Please refrain from listening. Thank you and enjoy back. Ladies and gentlemen the words of our podcast your boy. Kujo mum and juice bang again user. Shit your yeah no. It's crazy man. How how 'bout shit has changed As far as for dow we have these vaccines that are officially and then I guess emergency vaccine becoming out is going to get back to normal but it's good but it's at the same time now i might you. You might be fucked up be normal birth and then the one time will pass shines and it happened everywhere but i kept on seeing online i think. Cnn was showing el paso. The showed a nurse from here from paso taking a shot. They're showing the shots. And then the fuck. It is dr one guy the fucking put enough of a that had no plunder in it so i had no fucking medicine in it. Oh yeah that's right. So they faked it and they're like the guy was all feel great monroe. They called it other. Like wait a minute. you didn't. Do you just stabbed the bitch. You just have this. Oh trump's gonna say nothing go in just to those it. And and then i was like oh my god that right off the bat i got a text from my My sister she texted blue group message. And she's like. Oh what's cujo. Thinking about the conspiracies heroes. And do i mean. I think spenc- like pence The the injectable water. I'm sure he didn't take the today right here. Then dc that to him in is his wife. Got it to her. I didn't see who got it. Or what got hurt. He was gonna have like a spectacle about it. Yes he did put it on a he went. He went live and he sat there. They they did it and But i don't trump said he wasn't going to do it. He said the he didn't want anybody in the white house to take it. Why he's there because he knows better. Because i don't know what the fuck i put a net motherfucker. I think honestly at this point he just thinks trying to kill. I think he's already starting to lose it. I know yeah. He's probably paranoid. Wanna get me out of here. Nobody wants. I'm not gonna let anybody inject shitting me right now. I don't blame him. Though you know to be fair. Yeah not nine. Percent of people do want to wish elf. Ill feat against no i. Don't you know what i mean. I mean whether actor no he egypt's doodoo at his job whether he did it to the best of somebody's thoughts of their abilities. That's another thing but what it is bad. I mean he's dude. I wouldn't say doing his job but they didn't president. I wish him nothing but the best there. Yeah but i don't think he wants to do because they showed another nurse that that that Took the shot. And she's like. Oh i feel great. And so. They started interviewing her late. Ten minutes later she passed the fuck out. Oh shit really. She pacifist out. Because there's one of the side effects. I guess one of the three hundred different than side effects ono of the shot that the fucking facial paralysis. And i'll beg some like superpowers. If i take it. I wanna. I wanna get your man shit overeating. Shit man. i wanna climb on wall closer fuck button visible or some shit be invisible. Not but then that gets all the. I think they're saying the first person the very first person that took it very first man in london when the officially released or for whatever The guy's name was william shakespeare. Oh imagine that they're like wow if you really want to be played out as do come on and i'm sure in london where the fuck dude was. I'm not sure views from london. But i don't use british. I'm sure there's a little mobile fuckers with that fucking name. You know what i mean. Yeah yeah yeah not. Only that. I mean god damned. Yeah some things they just got to be. Not everything's a conspiracy but not everything is not does not a conspiracy mean how you look at a situation. I mean you could flip it however you want and then a nurse. I'm never heard of any vaccine. Has to be stored alling negative seventy degrees Is that the coldest medicine ever right. I know they said that they had to create special freezers for these his. They're they're none of the hospitals have that capacity or have that kind of shit ship doesn't yet he gets a cold ass shit right. I mean that's what is your time to shine again. Some lead. you got to keep the ship covered neck with nitrogen to go bro. And then i was kind of not surprised. But i was wouldn't when you when there are saying about the shot and their bill hyping it up. I'm expecting some like coke bottle type. Big old fucking shot to go in the little skinny little small at less than one point five million or something like that one of these bodies where it was. It was a male person like you. I'm gonna tear this. We'll move fucking amazing. Shit is what we gotta. This is all you have here. That god damn really is a. We're waiting for this little fucking violating do ship. And then i don't get the i'm falling. I'm falling for it. I'm i'm believing. And i'm i'm gonna take the shot but whenever i can as soon as possible. I don't get the of it though what it makes. You don't have supposedly in like you don't get you can still get it. But it's not deadly what it does is cut the symptoms. What it does but in in in shots do work. I mean we polio. In yeah yeah but polio. You don't get polio. What do you think the polio shot. Police was gone. You nothing you gotta worry about with dishes like you won't get it there. Yeah but but you can you. Can you still give it to people like oh no. Hey you're going to be transmitted to be okay but you're gonna live right so not have to wear a mask now right when i got the shot. Oh no no you absolutely do otherwise. Not everyone has gotten shot and there is some people are not gonna get it and then she came out and said in either spring or summer at the latest with the amount of people that they're expecting to get the shot that they will be We will have herd immunity. Whatever that is. I guess like most of the people. Yeah i guess. They're expecting that. Many people fucking come on and get it and i was reading earlier today right before we get seventy percent needs to get it right. Yeah yeah i i. I'm going to be one of those cats just like in anything else like you go first. 'cause i look can i cut back a ahead. Be my guess this is not the conspiracy theorist in me. It's just like everything else has a bug. You know what i mean. I'm not. I didn't go camping out to go. Get a ps five. No no. i'm going to wait for this. Shit work itself before technology and they make it a little bit smaller and sleeker. And i'm the same way. Yeah i'm always get the iphone s. I never get the first gen. Yeah so i'm going to wait for it to get all the kinks out. Then you know it does what it's supposed to do. Then i guess it is what it is but then before we came on i was seen a according to. I want to see those yahoo. They said that public Companies have the power to mandate their employees to take the shop before returning to work walmart. Bear not be trip and that's the one thing you choice. So that's one thing i was thinking about. How can you force somebody that. If you wanna work here you got to dish. That's a bit. Yeah that's a bit excessive. I'm in and then you can start going down your conspiracy theories stuff. It's like same thing is nine eleven combet you start losing your freedoms right and That's one way to do it. Cause mass hysteria okay. We're gonna make it. We're gonna fix this but you have to do it right now. I'm not one that goes down that rabbit hole. But i could see how why you would think about it. I mean no it makes. It doesn't make sense. But i could see why somebody would go down that way in our entertaining and now here and now that i said i'm sure we're going to start the just the the thing that just be out so if they're gonna mandate you to take it right okay. The year to take care workers will. Why if i take you to have to wear a mask. Well yeah you do okay. So if i've been good this whole time up until now you know. Knock on wood. I've been good this whole time by wearing masks by doing the social distancing and doing all that good shit why should i have to take the shot. If i'm not putting anybody at risk. Because i'm not i haven't gotten six. I should be able to get anybody else that i continue the same patterns that you guys said would work still unemployed. Yeah but if you never get the shot he still give it to someone else. Even if you get shot you can still give it to someone else. That's what does it matter. But if we get everyone to get that shot but we could we could sit there and yeah but just give it to each other. Yeah but the thing is with with with this shot. It doesn't keep you from getting sick. it doesn't keep you from giving it off. You could still do that. Shit like you normally would by just wearing the mask. Yeah so that. That's that's this is the first step and hopefully just a fucking get this under control broadway. People stop dying and whether you believe it or not la started it. There is something in the air. There is it's kovic true. It's a real sickness. Absolutely is but a as i've said before the numbers are supremely over inflated 'cause there's another set of the camera wasn't last week In san diego the came on and said as of december eighth. I think it was. There was a total of thirty seven flew. Play a flu cases at this at that time. Compared to the year before of one hundred and seventy six thousand So we aided the flu by covert moving everything that's relaxing in this. And they're saying that that with this with the cova that they changed the rules of how you can test so everybody suspect you cough kobe route. But but i'm saying the way they've changed the rules. Were if you get in a car accident. Right say jules Jewel santana right Fucking gives them a six car. Pile up hewlett the third car in there and he passed away You can go after the body is already in the moored test them. An avi has covid bull the cause of death is covert not the fucking semi that. Fuck it and that that you got decapitate. Yeah well yeah that. That's one of the rules that they change with this And the reason is bullshit. I'm saying i'm not saying that's bullshit. I this bullshit that they made that change or whatever but the best way to push this. I don't wanna say hysteria or whatever is a you've gotta make the numbers fucking crazy. You know what i'm saying. They gotta be to a point where you're just unfathomable and that i believe is complete bullshit. Yeah and like. I said again that the illness is real absolutely thou. Don't think the numbers are as huge as they aren't like i said because is being lumped into that. Those people really did die right in right and they probably had a hint of it. But you're saying that does not have been a number of different things. You know what i mean. A lot of these people could have been you know the usual pneumonia usual Heavy flu because they said the flu usually kills about four hundred thousand people a fucking ear but this year like i said in san diego. Only thirty seven motherfuckers caught the flu. That's tennis miracle one of our one of our good friend or one of my good friends Her husband's a doctor and she was feeling sick. Shit having the same symptoms as the rawness. So she got. She got a little bit of scared for their late. Now is just the monja tested. Her is not just the monja so now was it the regular test that they would do for. Everybody else would have the flu and he just didn't come out. He was at the other tests that we give that. Everything's automatically fucking covert. Because there's a lot of those. A lot of scientists microbiologists are saying that the actual tests that the us is inconsistent. Because if you if you run the test long enough you can make positive. Oh shit yeah. So that's that's that's the other thing granted like i said. This is something that that this brand new to us his bride you to the air and it's it scared people but if it's so brand new to us for the last four or five years people have been talking about this exact thing happening and we never jumped ahead of it or fucking nassar. Damase lau aka bill gates bill gates one fucking fucker. I don't give a shit. How the bill gates become this fucking like lex luther. I'm telling you back to mega mine. Now the fuck you know. I don't get how he goes from one day being the fucking absolute well. That's when he did he become What do you call those secret. Society modifies golden bones human ninety titan and is a life. Well that money it's money and I'm not saying that's what he does. I don't. I like to think that he does not have anything to do with news of taking contents when he was when he's talking you won't kill her. I'm like maybe maybe that's how he felt at the time since crazy. Shit sure you taksim. If everything was being recorded you know you twist my words right but I'm sure i predicted this. Also diesel. Take every everybody especially specially u2 especially baby mama one in baby mama too. But it's i dunno. it's crazy it. It is hard to see things because you know you have like again. The media is the biggest. Fuck is the worst enemy right because what dude was we. Don't spend it the other way. We don't get no real. There's no i mean where where. Who gives you the truth. Where do we get the truth from nowhere. Because there's no no and then you look at those little rinky. You know like you go through these dark web. I don't know that's true. Because i didn't hear it anywhere else so i don't know what to believe me. I mean fuck well as you mentioned the dark web. Something Can remember who's show it was they're talking about. There's some dark web Recordings that they had that ukraine released about talking with the Some bigwigs ukraine About a you know what we need to keep our shit on the low. We can't say this we can't say that you know. I hope you guys out. I give you guys you guys said you're gonna give me that but we can't because we can't tell this other guy. This is the only know the rules of the game. But i think all all of over incidence absolutely done some back back door deals or whatever you know where okay. Yeah i'll admit this or i'll give you this right just to make sometimes you gotta play play ball and we don't need to know everything because we don't want to know everything there. We shouldn't know everything. There's some crazy outlandish shit that needs to happen. Hoover good to happen. You know what i'm saying. Bad shit needs to happen so sometimes not all the time. So the the the power or the life of one body for exchange of thousands of millions that could be save. Some of our guys need to die. I'm saying you got to be the bad guy for good. And i have no problem with that. If it's gonna make the world a better place in this dude needs to go out. Or i need to make this deal right and it's going to make me look fucked up but then but then look at it this way. It's going to be a better place. In whose view for everyone. Yeah and that's one thing that we can't do is just generalize that it's everybody because everybody has a different take on what better for c. Because now you start talking about race and all this. But i'm saying in a perfect world. We shouldn't even be what's best for the human race For the people right for for the earth for everything the earthlings earthlings because that's at the end of the day it doesn't matter you muslim you kelly you. We're here. We need to get along. We the yeah. And i don't give i don't give a fuck. What kind of food do you like or whatever you know or you like fucking what you whatever your sexual whatever. Your whatever you're into yeah don't give a fuck what you call yourself or whatever you peace peace in down or both right. I don't give a shit. Let's just get along i. I know that it's very easy to say. When very hippy of you very. I'm not a tree hugger. Folks meet up. I love. I love the swine. Soi love all that shit. You know saying i love porn. I'm just saying let's just be happy and get along to the best of our abilities. There's gonna be some ignorant fuckers and those are the ones that we need to do because because if you just gets passed down generation to generation and some ignorant motherfuckers. And i'm sure i've gotten past down. Some of that shit tried to get rid of it. I hope i don't pass it now. The best of your abilities the best and you said when it comes to all that shit when he comes on a passage shutdown. It's crazy how people have influence on you when they see certain things. You know what. I mean like when you see people that have daddy issues if you come in and try to be a father figure. Oh this due to fucking greatest. You know what i mean like. It depends not necessarily that. The person isn't however people could be manipulated by other people just by a you know what i could get a hold of this cat. Do whatever the fuck i want by doing or saying. Abc never gonna question because This or that you know what i mean. That's how colts come about you. Know what. I mean like i said earlier. I was watching this documentary. Oh heaven's gate. I think is what it is the fucking. Yeah that's the Haley's comet colt and the more. I'm seen it's the scene in the hall. Fucking these mother fuckers. Just some weird mother to this but and it's funny because the psychologist comes out and talks about it and they're like when you have a colt they're asking for like a wooded profile. Somebody who falls into a cult or falls victim into the colts. Beliefs are And the psychologists. I think he was like a like an fbi psychologist whenever he was saying It's funny to think that usually when you have these people that are joining the colts. You're expecting the most weirdest motherfuckers the people who have social Social problems but it's the opposite. It's a lot of smart educated People that have that look how they have a certain outlook on life and they adapt to this because the thing that they're doing it for the better benefit of mankind. I thought that was really fucking those really interesting and you know me being the way i am whatever i mean i i. There's a lot of people are respect. And that that i think have their shit together and they're smart but at the same time they believe in god so i'm like i look at them to like i'm not saying i'm smarter than them. I just don't know but it bugged me out like someone at the same time. We'll go and then you know Drink this wine and bread. And and i'm just i'm baffled by two. I'm like this to smart man. I'm not saying he's done. I'm just saying he's just we all have our fucked up shit that we believe in and i guess and and is much that we know about colts now men information and because i believe people do get smarter and time in we learn how well we have a lot more information. We know a lot more now that we did but does that necessarily better though because think about times. Think about it right now when you look at it because we used to believe in a lot of god's before but now we know now we make god's up i know that exactly exactly does even that we think that there's a god that that there was like a quote where they were saying it was god that god was made into a man's appearance image ammann's image where i think it was the other way around where man made god the image of image of god in that's what we perceive as and whoever got is if there's a god if not i don't know i mean i know there's i don't know but they're saying there's aliens now there. There's always been aliens. Well that's the whole thing. Yeah and that's pretty self. Think or pretty stupid. They were the only ones that in this whole earth does what you believe. This whole galaxies are galaxies. We're like still alex. We barely got to the moon. Barely got to mars bars bitches. Yeah that it's not shit is crazy when i was looking at at that. Heaven's gate now. It's a four part four or five parts series of all gotten to the the started the third one and so far. I'm just like dude. How can you buy into this shit so for those are the people that don't know about heaven's gate. It's the believable and ninety five or ninety six. These guys committed a mass suicide of the biggest suicide here in the states on american soil. Think he's like thirty six jonestown. Yeah it was a little bit after that So as i think only thirty six or their thirty eight bodies past And the whole thing was is that were being taught by these cats that their body is a vessel of vehicle. I should say sorry. it's a vehicle and then very scientology. Yes so the vehicle is going to get an help you In eighteen ninety five ninety seven can't remember. What was this comment. The haiti's comment doesn't come over here. come over appear in our galaxy on sky or whatever for us to get to heaven. You'd have to commit suicide and that your body would go up into the into and catch wind or catch tale. The heat is common now. Take you all the way through heaven's gate and take you into you become a kite. You're talking become or you go into the next into the heavens the ascending into jesus and all that also they believe in jesus won't know yes and no would make zero so the whole thing. Yeah like when they haven't what they talking about. Yeah so what heaven. The so bad right. Now they're having been there hasn't been a clean distinction but right off the bat they do. These guys are fucking raising so the guy in the main cat with tv. The main cat He so they changed their name. He's a music professor at of some college and he was really into like the arts and and singing in an opera and all that shit very He was entertaining entertaining yet. He had that personality of an entertainer so they said that his father was a What does he He was a reverend her or poper for something in the fucking in the church on his lutheran church. Yes i don't know what they're what their statues are with their rankings. But he was like a reverend shit and and there is a scandal that happened at and when he was in when he was teaching I guess he was gay. Dad was like there's no fucking undermined that could be this. That's the word of the lord. I can't be gay so you know. He started having a meltdown. The dude ended up on a fucking mental ward and mental institute. I think last was like huff. Or hoffer hoffman. Or something like that. I can give electric shock. Therapy get the gayness out. Oh so when he was in there because he had a breakdown is whole life crash in front of him because of his janus This nurse who's really into astrology started talking to him and somehow they came up with this idea of the comet being the way out to heaven so they fucking rolled out together do like mentally unstable when he came up with this whole hell. Yeah all right cool. Yeah so then though they both are you know what i mean. But even though she was a nurse she would gravitate towards him and they talk about You know about the the dads teachings of the whatever the charger was he was a presbyterian. Or whatever the fuck you was and then there. They were tied into the astrology. And i'm like you know what this is going to be. Real is going to happen. So they're like okay cool so they went out. They started having Meetings in different places and they talk to people to try to recruit and these guys so the the the the girl by the name was margaret. If i remember correctly tom i had the the nurse. She's like you know what they're both huge fans of the sound of music the movie holy. Fuck yeah this is right off. The bat is our ten minutes into the fuck is tied into something new. He fucking was familiar with so scissor huge fan instead of the fucking the arts the fucking movies and all this shit so they changed their names it was. She was known as tea and he was known as dough. Yeah oh my dear. From the from the scale for the dory fossil law t do so. They're there it's that or they're known as the to that that's all they're known as the two so they'd go around talk to everybody telling me what this is. What's going down. This is what's happening disability. Believe in Am people would go. And at the time i guess it was a perfect storm. Shit because at the time of this in the seventies you know you had your hippies and was trivial trustee. everybody's trying to find themselves trying to find You know all those gurus were in those fucking thing to do. Neruda's trying to find spirituality trying to find their way out of the fucking war There's a lot of shit that just snowballs who's perfect for him. Yeah so they go around talking to people all right. So these are these are vessels are vehicles. Were just here waiting to go up and a heaven or whatever everybody that coup the likes of you wanna roll with us. Robots have not cool. Everybody has free will. We're not gonna teach you anything and then in in the In the documentary. They're talking about former members the members of the guy you know what this was dope because They made you feel special. You know what i mean. Because they'd tell you what you wanted to hear because you were looking for something at the time you know feel good about and you know these guys Whenever we'd go and we'd sit in class they really wouldn't tell you anything they give you like a like one thing they would do is get. Oh pitchforks. further tuning forks. Oh yeah so you would have to tune your brain to be the same As a as a sound of four hundred forty megahertz or megawatts. Whatever cassettes the earth tone. So you'd be it goes so what duff so they told these dudes here. Here's your kid. The groups that had that many fucking people follow that they hassle. They had more than two. He'll just go. Yeah they have they had the whole one hundred and something holy full right. There's so then there. One has been tuning fork or and they do this for the next twenty hours. So they're taking turns out there are looking at what the fuck do and the they never would just tune yourself. How will figure it out in front of you. Want me to myself in front of everyone. Yeah we'll figure it out so this dude start at the the more the started getting followers they decided we should start writing We should start doing like a Like a rule. Book a bible Seventeen rules that they had Ten crack commandments. The that they have to abide by. And like i said some of the rules that they had just made no fucking sense like the first one was. Can you follow instruction without adding your own interpretation. That's the i can rule. Now i'm out so that's and a lot of the things that they did was kind of not ahead of their time but just kind of to the point to make you believe that you know what these guys don't. They're talking about. They're kind of up there. You know what i mean. So they didn't sound crazy. Another one was. Can you deliver instruction Can you deliver. its course ticks. Can you deliver instructions as you receive them or do they change according to your computer. Now your computer is your brain is your brain right. So they had different terminologies for their different slang for should for money with sticks Different definitions of different ship One of one of though one of the other crazy rules. Are you physically clumsy breaking things because you handle them too harshly or carelessly. Do you put tasks off. Or you do progressively so. I'm really so far. Yeah like these and if you don't you have to change your way of 'cause you gotta change your way of acting the follow these rules to change your your computer quote unquote right and one of the other. Things is once he starts on. Why is it that with colts. Yeah there's always something about no sex unless you're the main cat then you because you're getting it all. Yeah 'cause like i know with waco Kirsch david kirsch karesh. He said nobody could fuck he. Fuck everybody yeah. He and i remember dow as a cluster for our remember. He said that he's fuck you. But the moment he starts having or feeling self-gratification irs enjoin. It it's wrong so he's gotta stop also. He never nuts a dan. I don't know how who is a man the on certain things like that right. That's torture right right. So i'm like dude. What the fuck like. How can you not be ideal. I'm out already. I've had enough. He forgot to rule three hundred hundred. It'd be studying out. You know what i mean. They and then so the going back to the heaven's gate so this so they're waiting for the comedy writer there but on saying in the haley come. Every hundred and twenty-five no hold on is on. I might be making that up which is majority of 'cause i know i've seen it once in my lifetime. I think i know for sure because it was a big deal Every seventy five years okay. Okay yeah so did you around when we're both around. Yeah so they're saying you know. This is the way you know. So we got. They had twenty years to prepare for this shit right on. The whole thing was saying that we're the chosen ones. Brigham make it there and this is going to be our way out until bolivian and in heaven. Whatever the main chick t she dies in the wanted te- died. She died in the early or late early eighties so she making she got cancer from natural causes. She came aren't yet cancer. I so the moment she heard that she'll fuck it. Take it out. So they took her eye out and she got pancreatic cancer and lake the week after the gear or the diagnosis. She was done with off. Yeah they'd takes you. Yeah so that so that happened then so when one of your members it says that we're gonna make it to the end and they fucking don't like shouldn't that be automatically. You know what i mean. You lose faith order to shit this. May the bitches line right now. Is there like a monthly Are enrollment fee here. So from what i read everything was of free. Willy could come and go as you want. Okay there's no. There's no shakedown. They weren't they weren't asking for people so everybody to survive would take like fucking odd jobs just to bring money into it They said that one of these cats one of the followers Like a few years to when it started one of these cats his his dad was the president of telephone company in new england So he had a big heavy trust fund so when these guys found out about it they decided to rent out late different mansions and shit and they would all live in there. Like fuck and sixty of them and there were only designate. Four or five bodies that could go in and out of the house. Everybody else could stay there all the way it seems. It's always the same for people that live there all find girls. Oh and they all have the fucking The jim carey the dumb and dumber haircut. The amish cut so they could be No temptations no So you couldn't were making a moment The all had the decided to do Like a Uniform like a robe and then they had a little patch on their side. Everybody go with the robe late trying to make a biblical. Yeah because for my from everything. I kept on hearing is that this is a way. To god's jesus heaven jesus kingdom yeah so. They tried to clear extreme christians to put their own spin on it in on it. Yeah but saying that you. F os are the way to take you there. 'cause with the haley's com behind haley's comet is a ufo following it and they're gonna be everybody up while the die leaving a yesterday so this takes plus. Yeah this is original touches. Aside from the south this is this is the thing. That's how all religions star they get from from previous and they just make it their own you know mainly and so it's just like all the movies and hollywood or another i'll just fucking Rematches dude yes this movie my first life. Yeah so so i. it's it's it's crazy. How these guys said that. So when they told the cult member or member of the fuck where. They called a member of the awakening. Haley comedy yeah. They told them with all rights oriented to come. You're gonna cut off all contact with everybody Husband if you have a wife if you have kids. They're not welcome. It's just you one. If they wanna come. So i want to be part of it. Then you know that's but they have to follow all the same rules. There's no exceptions. So we're gonna buddy up We're gonna buddy you up with somebody that you would not get along with at all somebody that the you would bump heads with on purpose so you guys could check each other to make sure that you're following the fuck and seventeen rules or whatever that'll physical motherfucker. My look baby mamas okay. I know you guys don't get along with make it work in the name of the fucking. Ufo's is murder coors that frowned upon here. It's it's like. I said it's fucking beyond me. The fuck in the ideas and and the work that the and these guys were doing this shift on the fly making shit as what happened. You know. they'll be a streetlight. Fuck in the light turned green. Green should signify goal. The go forward go. We should move for within our existential self red star stanford see onto does a registered. And why does he have the pause. Oh fuck i said the morrissey this deal never stop though because we always people that are jammed up like that man. I mean coming down off something you can get them in anything you give them a hug and like i am the messiah. I'm the messiahs cousin. Yeah i mean go to rehabs and he just recruit them all and like. I said the people that are getting aren't people that have like mental issues are not people that how many times where. I'm sure the first time. Somebody laughed in their face saying they finally landed. They're crazy fuck and the he like. This is the do you know what i mean. And i'm sure they got shot down. I mean regine them knocking on your fucking door. And telling you that haley's comet you don't mean would have flyers everywhere land somebody. Somebody's gotta fucked up. Somebody listened to our. Yeah so you put it out there. Someone's gonna listen dude and has how. How crazy is because the the guys that they're interviewing One of the former members he was saying they looked by the rules that they gave us or the rules that they follow. It was damn near impossible to achieve that. So you're never going to achieve value. Never gonna holiness or until you die to you until you. Yeah and then. So that these fucking guys they've changed everybody's name So some dude dame in error so everybody's name fateh has six letters in it We you start with the actual within the clan and ship or within the fucking punishment say clan colt. Saying your names your name ends with. Ob wa Or bb y. So there's this is a big fucking joke. no no. it was a bbc co. or until dirty. Everybody's jeez odi odi wise what it was so this dude. His name was rob so they'd spell his name. Arby b o d y so he'd be re Rob rub rubbery. Yeah rob odi so like you would be julie just like fucking gamesmanship. Not but that's what. Your name is valid fucking. You're you're you're anything that you sign is going to have that. And then they know from. Obi wan kenobi you graduate to higher self. You get rid of the why because a for children and they just add another d. So now you're rod rabbi so yeah when he's introducing these guys because he started making they're playing a lot of Lot of video that the took from this dude From the actual the bengals dole a lot of video that he put out a lot of recordings that he had Is just a bunch of shit. And he's like infused isn't doa female deer. That's what the song is does seem. Yeah i'm telling you the whole thing. Like i said like why do you get a name that describes you rob a db shoveled shit of your biggest sound like a reagan is bitch wadwan. Yeah well the yo these motherfuckers. That's you've got to be one charming motherfucker to hear everything that i just said right. Now it'd be like you know what these fucking by beyond some. But at the end of the day i i really want to watch for dude. I am a you sold it. Tell you got mean your cold. It's on hbo ex. Oh yeah go so so telling you this this shit that these dual fucking private into first twenty five minutes. Do you know what does the word. How'd y'all meet you. Were in the psych ward. And you were her nurse now. This happening y'all and so then they say when the do get out of the when she got him out of the psych ward was living with her she saw dough was living with tea at t's hard with her husband and her daughter but there is nothing physical that ever happened between t and dough. And what's what's that. T look like the do nothing special. I mean just your Well i'm sure now. She doesn't look like anything. When i was she passed like i said she passes so Yeah she she me now. How about the the husband. Who did he seem kinda all he. They said he was fucking heated. So what we know so. You're not bringing a stray cat home your street. The street nutjob home. yeah yeah. So he's on left teaser. One on the right does one on the left. Does the guy tease one. Imagine year lady bringing this all right. She didn't bring a dog home this month. We gotta feed it. I mean yeah and you know what shelter. And he just changed his name to go. Okay you just change. The grown is man and all he does is watch sound of music for gone with the wind knows her nursing days. Yeah she already looked like she fucking nutty. I believe it. So so when so like i said so when these guys join when people are joined the cult they had cut all ties right so when the so when t died this dude. It was said that he had the thinking of you. Know what the shitting worth fucking it. Not i mean it's i guess something not right about it. We got to cut it. We should just cancel it so he told all his followers that were there is a look. Go home to your home. Go home for two weeks. If you feel what we're doing here is right combat as sure should. They showed videos of people that went home. They fuck in. They walked this out of the blues. Knock on their door and was like. Hey i'm then like what the fuck have you been. The less six fucking years should have been going down. You know what i mean. You've been looking for you A lot of families are hiring detectives. Because like i said like a few years before these guys joined the colt after the jonesboro should happen and everybody that mass suicide george borough all that ship so everybody was scared. That motherfuckers are falling into the same trap. Yeah which evidently they do. It took twenty years but they said that everybody. That left came back to the cold except for one motherfucker. One person i remember the female or male sounded like some fucking was it. book Gum forrest gump. Just running people were following me. Just all right i'm done. That's running for that. What do we do yeah. So it's it's crazy that people got that into you had your way out and you saw that this is all complete fucking lie because you're leader just fucking died. Who said he'd never die. They fucking died bhai cancer and the way he spending like will her vehicle was broken. Her vehicle was she's still with us. Change to fucking tired. Yeah so her vehicle bowel function so Of she's getting there ahead of selling hit by an asteroid. Yeah tell you. She didn't die from cancer. She died from an asteroid hitting the to oscrise. Would've loved to meet say. I would've been like i'm like dude. She turned into the kite. That i was telling you about right. She's saw haley's comet issue when she was going up there got hit by an asteroid. Dude that's even that's one hundred more people. She the truce date. She was the brain shoes shoes shoes break. He was just the knows a spokesperson for. Yeah so that's what happened. I would have spent the shit out of that would have been gotten even more crazier. Because that's there's opportunity there and take advantage of it so what. What would you respond from their ought to send some cosmic shit like fucking. She got hit by an asteroid. Or you know what she got too close. He wasn't ready. She burned from the nail of the haley's comet and it caused cancer. But that's what people are going to believe that she died of. I'm going to tell you the truth. It was cosby. Jones turned into that kite and went up there and got too close. Could she wasn't ready though right. That's why i'm telling you guys. We need to get ready for issue. I would have done. That's at least another hundred one hundred and fifty right. Yeah so all right now. On episode three hopefully the next two episodes or three episodes. Whatever the fuck it is is is gonna shine some light on some of these things. I'm binge-watching shit. How many episodes. I think it's five five. Yeah that's nothing but like leagues night. Forty five minutes long like each episode or get knocked out. I knocked out a viking season. One in like a day and a half. Oh shit but it's so it is. Oh shit all right so it's four episodes. Oh i got it all the no good then. I should finish later on today. Yeah shit they be t shirts heaven's gate would if the right all my gosh. This is good shit. He has a point so yes either ninety seven yeah. The largest su said aired take place on us soil from a ufo cult. That's done the globe and they're saying that So some guys that were professors at the time were hearing about their sociology. Professors were hearing about. This shit's and they went undercover. Who try to join and find out the was going on. Your shit is fucking mad crazy shit like this me wonder like what is it. Everything crazy. I mean at one point. Yeah i mean it all. It all started off crazy. And i still think it's crazy but there's there's just some that lasted longer than others and they'd are still crazy. Well a lot of people were trying. So it's it's it's wild. So i guess seventy five nine hundred. Seventy five news was kinda dead because they did a lot of news. They kept on showing white or somebody five. Oh seventy five the showing walter cronkite. He kept on talking about these guys doing news reports on them. Yeah and a lot of them. Were trying to try to put these guys say that these guys were an offspring of the charlie manson or the manson l. d. And all that shit And they're trying to and what they say. No that's too crazy that's crazy. There's a fucking. There is a book that came out. That i was i was hearing about house. Hearing now broken was talking about him. Roy assigned the duty so this guy had done a a twenty year investigation in the manson. Charles manson cases. Then okay and then. A lot of it was leading to long story short There are saying that a lot of shit that manson did he get caught. But the cops go. 'cause somebody would come in and be like. Hey you know what you mean though. He's doing some shit. I gotta go guys so. He was three protected protected by the cia man. He was protected by them. Girls on acid in You know like come on man. So they're saying that there were so there's a guy that's that's There's a guy that is connected to I guess he was kala gist. Who's a psychologist for Charles manson and the guy those connected to him had connections to jack ruby. So anybody jack. Ruby killed oswald harvey oswald To cover up yet to cover up whatever and it's conspiracy. Yeah i mean. I believe that one though but you do believe it. So it's called so. The new book is chaos. Charles manson the cia and the secret. History of the sixties ruined by some dude. Tom o'neil but what would they say. So they're saying that. What was he doing so the government. So what he was doing was used running government Us running government funded Operations as far as testing the strength and abilities of lsd. So that he would supply people. Lsd than gillum like fuck in tasks to do and they would do it too. They were trying to see how if you could basically if you could actually I guess manipulate or control people mind. Control people with lsd as though that's what it was created for right i mean well. I don't think lsd was created a fucking mind control people. But they're that's what they're they're trying to see if they could use that as a As sharing candidate have somebody to go do whatever the fuck they want without them naturally knowing it and there's a lot of there there was This guy tom o'neil like i said he was the investigative reporter and he was report on this for like twenty fucking years. He has slowly sworn affidavits documentations by some people. Would they would do. They will get The those main psychologists camera guy named off the top of my head he would give money and lsd to prostitutes and they're gonna go pick people bring them back into the room Elysium up fuck and then try to give them a little tasks city or some shit and the psychologist was in the room like behind a two way. Glass observing them the whole time. So he's getting his rocks off on the other was getting his rocks off and the whole way. The the whole thing was all about Lsd mind control i dilution gene. Charles manson's just at perfect perfect place. Perfect time at this. Because he was in and out of jail his whole life. He's you know. I don't believe any of that shit. I'm sure it's a good read. But i don't believe in the shit and then i remember when you would say charles. Manson men are growing up also scared that do boogeyman dude. I would be delivered shit out of him. Now that i'm grown like the guy you know what i mean like no roy retard string them. Oh fuck dude. He's what five he's number grown. he's dude. Fuck that. India will have no skills because that was before delivery shit. Pain like the joker. That's you feel no pain. You hurt somebody without pain on. The ray beat the shit. Agile take benson. No i know. I can't really and i can't tell you how people i can't take out a lot of people but i knew i could beat the shit out of that greg. He's eighty five hours. Sure he died right. Did he die though you still alive. They're talking about parola ship and if he did say he did work for the government they never gave him a good spreader like give them a good. I'd put him like in a mansion shit and so he could attract more blue in two thousand seventeen. Yeah yeah he was five to well. They said that. The i guess at the used the lsd on him first and then they give him like the thought of trying to get people to come with you and follow your your your doings or whatever the fuck and from what from what. I remember briefly after. You know the conversation that hurt. Because i haven't read the book that i forgot about a one that a by but i forgot about What they wanted to do was to see how they could turn this. Lsd into you know the bank control over certain people do certain shit but they realize how crazy this fucker manson was and he's like all right instead of people like you know what tomorrow. Jules i need you to go and steal some shit at the fucking or william shit right. That's that's what the i guess. That's what the cia was over before instead he like. You know what tomorrow when you go steal some of the piggly-wiggly carve out that. There's two motherfuckers. The nima ben you need to take those mother fuckers out or carve that that baby out the back signal. He's he's but again magazine. They said they had that dude. So pumped full of lsd. I believe the quin tarantino one. I flicked fucking forever. There's some bullshit about fucking brad pitt. Whooping on bruce lee but he was he was just fantasized. Russia will never happen. No you put the say. It was legit. That was you're not going to give him the fucking. Even though bruce lee is very short. I know i can't kick his ass for king charles manson's asked especially if he's dead especially now. Yeah especially to tomorrow. I'm gonna go kick this. Yeah and i wonder if he's buried or would they probably cremated upshur. The a fucking woke him up burned him again. Start back up now joppa really but then when you when you know her all when you hear about manson and everything is fucking ashes. I don't wanna be nowhere near us. Why wasn't he killed. The california not have the death penalty probably not another fucking created texas. Texas killed motherhood. You'd be dead on the way like He didn't make it to channel. Just can't believe nobody wants to come to texas when the fucking travel there fuck fuck around here and rightfully so. I totally agree with that. Should bring his as to texas. How far they're trying to bring back. Firing squads compete with penalty off. How to how. Fuck and barbaric. An old school was a fucking firing squad. I think that's vet. That's too quick for some people. It's too nice dirty except for the lethal injection. That's too nice zip put to the sleepy getting away purdy easy i would. I understand why. I want to keep some people alive You know what i'm saying. So they can live with the shit that they've done hussein and Permanent cell with someone that beat the fuck it but don't kill him. I just want you to be more. Ns weekday consistently add just like rhythm down systematic in. Don't let them commit suicide. I want him to go through this hell every day. What he doing his family through. I know that but there are some people that do deserve the stuff that they done the kids and i. It's not right. But no i. I don't i maybe you know. I think the Hanging i think they outlawed that. And i think they're trying to bring that back to but what's a so it's not a bar barbaric. Where but were they could actually feel the pain will take them for the fucking electrocution right. That's so kind of feel the fuck out i would say. Do the lake Electrocute him Just turn it up little by little like very slow. The has those. So i guess when they do that they have to wet your head. Listen to me. I'm just saying that you would get creative that way. You know what. I mean if you really want him to feel it and make sure that it's the right person that you're killing okay. Don't because there's some people that that's the thing nowadays with all these fucking dna's and all these fucking People that are coming up with different things. I mean you never really know less stable shit. I know he's crazy. You ain't got tell me that no right person do this. We're going to put him out his misery. You know what i mean like. I can't send him a hospital. I saw. That's what happened to michael myers. He saw what happened. He's been over thirty. I'm not gonna risk no michael marsh it now. You don't wanna read that Shit yeah but so. It's crazy with the firing squad how it works so they put you what in front of seven people with guest now the roads or whatever give fe. Six six of the seven have duds in them. And nobody knows who's shooting or who's better. They all on point like stews. Because you can have the bully and you're you don't even know and you missed the motherfucker right there. Review grey zone. Yeah then technically. You've already served your sentence and You know what i'm saying. It'll be point blank like all around all shit looking ice cover at least two in the ears. Oh god nobody's visit. Nobody's missing and you ain't got to worry about getting shot because there's only one person getting shot up. I'm just saying hope. Best case scenario. Yeah that's why we're talking about like there's bad shit that needs to happen some time so when you don't have to nobody and you don't have to fill me we just we'll hear it as a totalitarian asd the one body for the totality of deals i if i take you out is gonna make the world a better place. This is gonna hurt me more gonna hurt. You been told that's worse than the fuck the voter fraud. That's going to happen. Oh voter front. Yeah forget where. I'm at no talking to the there was no but i mean there's always absolutely everywhere there's fraud on both sides fraud. I'm not saying this is the only time there's good people on both sides. I mean yeah yeah absolutely like like fucking trump. there's good people in both. They're they're being the good people who fucking idiot but yeah. I believe there is someone was dead. That voted but i mean. I don't think it's what. I think that it's only for our president-elect that they i'm sure is our president now or outgoing president nigam sir. I'm sure some dead people voting for that move to now there's going it's but we're not gonna talk about me and it is what it is. Now there's nothing like i said it before. Nothing's going to happen. Nothing's going to change. Because if it's shit if you say it enough people start believing you. That's what we're talking about. Coach the crazy shit like no no no. Yeah and say it again and they'll believe you the mentality. Yeah so them this kinda hits the what we were talking about earlier but anyways that's yeah so if you guys agree with any rush it let us know get we're getting we're coming up soon onto the end the fucking twenty twenty. It feels like we've been here for the last seven years sweating twenty enough this year. This hasn't been my worst year of my life. When i'm saying in general like for everyone it's been really bad been. It's been tough. I've had worse years. But just fucking yourself balls top three for me probably for me personally for some people. It's fucking number one right. Yeah like everybody got hit differently by you know either. Lack of work lack of money coming in fucking jobs or losing people losing business and it's and it's not over no no we're forfeit. We're far from it but luckily we got that medicine that we that shot now that we can take this is or is going gonna keep you forget it or keep you from infecting anybody or you know america though yeah or an administration that listens to doctors now maybe he just putting it out there. It's all lies is fake needle. Give the doctor. You came back all but we get well. After that we realized what happens. We'll start listening to professionals. That went to school for shit like estimated. Just instead of sports is titled tells gut feelings wrong but anyways. Yeah so don't forget. Follow us on the i g at the words on fire Podcasts shout out to the guys from six feet under studio. They're helping us work our way through a website that we're trying to We should get that out pretty soon. we got some other shit in the works with With our with our lady's they wanted they're gonna start coming through with their own podcast It'd be part of the words on fire network. I guess we could say family. Yeah and We'll we'll be spun on that Times is about that. we'll be try to. We should hopefully keep going through the holidays. We're not sure yet dependent upon Should be availability and you know lockdowns at all that shit. yeah So yeah so. Next time that we don't talk to before the holidays. Happy holidays. happy kirschner. happy what is it The other one. The jewish one. The hanukkah salam aleikum happy hannukah. Happy holidays be good If you feel you're down just remember. Make love to the night motherfucker Don't be a dick ice see you do.

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"In the darkness beyond the realm of normalcy, there are mysteries waiting to be uncovered mysteries that suggest that there is more lurking in the darkness than we may think. They're secrets waiting to be heard secrets that are only whispered during the night tide. The future is something which can be both exciting and terrifying all at once. It breaks away from the comforts of the past and provides us with new outlooks experiences. And Lifestyles? The future is full of unknowns. and. It's this uncertainty. That humans. Do, not do well with. By nature humans like to know what lies before them. And often people will turn to any outside force which claims to know the answer. It's how religions are born, and how ruling factions obtain their power. However that uncertainty. Can also be an incubator for hope and possibility. Fantastic, risks are taken. Ones which innovate and our lives. The one universal. About humanity's relationship with the future. Is that we all wish we had some insight into it. Some pre cognition which allowed us to make more informed decisions and avoid certain catastrophes. While the future remains an incomprehensible void for most of us. Throughout history there have been many who claimed the ability to see into it and catching glimpses into what she may bring. The Nation is often known as one of the oldest magical arts and has been around as long as humans have been capable of thought. Since Monolithic Times. Our ancestors have looked for clues in the stars. In abnormalities in animal in trails. And then the random placings and patterns of cast about objects. Definition is often employed during times of change and the uncertainty it brings about. It's practiced when there is a choice which needs to be made. And the asker is unsure which action he she should take. It's practiced when there's a choice Mitch needs to be made. When the ask is unsure which action to take or how to behave. It's often seen as a practical form of magic. As the belief is that the future is not set in stone? And knowing the possible outcomes can help a person. Bring about their desired outcome. For many ancient civilizations. Divination was reserved only for a chosen few. Shamans or priests were often the only ones allowed to practice the art. And it was something which was given the. Most respect. These spiritual leaders were tasked with the see grid responsibility of seeing over the destiny of their people, the used a wide array of tools to assist them with their task. Including the use of hallucinogens. In the Middle Ages. necker Mansi was a fevered form of divvy nation. Sears would invoke spirits, angels, or other entities to help them gain insight into various matters of the future. The NEGRA Nancy was forbidden either church an offense punishable by death. Neck answers we're calm and concerts for the wealthy and powerful. Kings and Queens had them as trusted advisers. And often major political decisions were based upon the advice provided to them, either trusted sears. By the time the renaissance came about. Divvy nation was seen as a motivational force. It was something which could be practiced by anyone who had learned the art. It was a tool to stave off uneasiness. Provide insight to overcome misfortune. and to find the perfect romantic partner. It operated on the premise the by knowing the future. You could alter it and bring about your own desired outcome. Definition came about in a variety of ways. But. It was divided into two different categories. inductive divination. And intuitive designation. inductive divination is a form of forecasting which requires a formulaic procedure. It is an active foretelling the future which allows for the same conclusion to be reached no matter the interpreter. For instance, numerology and astrology both fall under this category. Intuitive divination. Involves, consulting, spirits. Psychic work. Oracle's funkaway and any matter of divvy nation, where it's believed that spirits or an outside force or energy is influencing the reading. When we think of nation today. We typically think of the intuitive for. We think of people using cards. or closing their eyes and visualizing future events. This image is something which has been in our collective imagination for centuries. And it is most commonly based. On a single person. A very real person. Who lived at the tail end of the Renaissance, period. The small quarters were washed in the Gentle Pail glow of candle. The rapid flicker of the flame may the shadows on the wall dance about and frantic fashion. Entire Reu seemed to sway along with it. In the middle. Saddle weather desk. Occupied by a man who looked just as worn and weary as the desk before him. His long beard spilled over the desktop as he hung his head low gays fixated on the object before him. Minutes past and a stair remained unbroken. His lined face tents with concentration. Join outsider, this would have been quite the peculiar sight. An old man consumed by a bull before him. His face so close. It's liquid contents rippled. Breath. Such a site would have led most to conclude that madness had befallen him. It wasn't madness which drove the man to peer into the small water-filled dish deep into the night. The man was involved. In! CA- patrimony. An ancient form of detonation. In the practice. Also known as ascribing. The diviner focuses their gaze on reflective surface, such as a mirror or pool of water. And allow themselves to drift into a trance like state. As their mind clears the reflection on the surface dissipates. And transforms into something entirely different. What replaces it our visions from the spirit world. Vision's which may often offer brief glimpses into the future. As the old man gazed into the water's reflection. A scene. Played Out before him. His eyes widen as he watched the offense unfurl the strange inexplicable objects and the horrible destruction. They seem to bring about both confused. And alarmed him. So he looked on. Rigid with fear. Adair not to look away. When it lasts, the images ceased, and the water's returned to their normal form. The man fumbled for his pen and hurry to record what he had see. His account though recorded with care was a description meant to make sense only to himself. The events were disguised in careful prose. A clever technique he employed Jamaica's recounts of the event seem so vague and cryptic. It could have been about anything. This was a technique. He looked. Out of necessity. One, which was born of fear paranoia. Sixteenth Century France. The more tolerant and other areas. was still angels place to those who practiced anything which could have been construed as witchcraft. Astrology was accepted and widely practiced art. Other forms of divination were not. And were looked upon as heresy. In any form. The nation was risky business. It was also a profitable one. Most of the man's clientele was aristocracy. And, more in a few were royalty. Having such alliances in high places, still that little to ease the man's fear of persecution. No Stir Domino's was born in fifteen o three. A period in history or series of cultural political and intellectual revolutions culminated into what we know today as the renaissance period. It was a time when art philosophy and science were celebrated practices. which not only allowed for innovation? But more freedom as well. Those church still held a firm grip on society. There was more leeway to express thought and engage in intellectual pursuits. It was also a time when secret societies were in fashion, an interest in the occult blossomed. Known today for his predictions. No str- ADAMAS did not start out as a senior. Instead. He was dedicated to the more traditional pursuits of logic and science. A fourteen, no stir dominance was accepted into university. And left his birthplace of province. France, for the University of having non. It was an exciting and rare opportunity for youth of his social status. The team, an eager student dove into his studies of Grammar Mathematics and philosophy with enthusiasm. Well? He was a model student. And excelled in every subject. His studies at the university. Were short lived. His seemed fate had other plans in store for young. No Stir `Damas. In fifteen twenty one, the plagues swept through the area, and the university shuttered its doors. Instead of heading back home like many of his classmates. nostradamus! decided to roam the countryside. He followed the plague. And documented it spread throughout the smaller villages. Is Goal was not only to research and compare. It's infection rates among cities and villages. But. He also sought to find a cure. An ambitious undertaking for boy fourteen. Throughout the journey, nostradamus led a solitary and nomadic lifestyle. He traveled only by foot, and after mere days, his shoes had become riddled with holes. Blisters and sores covered his feet and at times the pain was almost bearable. Yet still he trudged on. Though dedicated to his cause. Tracks, still took a toll on both his physical and mental health. On more than one occasion he had considered giving up and settling in one of the quaint little villages. The. However much. He longed for recite. The determined youth was driven is pursuit of a cure. He soon found a benefit to his not. His ragged hermit like appearance allowed to mingle with the impoverished locals with ease. Which afforded him the opportunity to converse with their healers and research their folk medicines. He was convinced that the cure lied in some assortment of herbal concoction. And kept careful notes of all the remedies. He encountered during his travels. In one village, the local healer was so delighted with no str- ADAMAS. Then, he invited the youth to study under him. Promising to teach him all, he knew. It was an opportunity that the inquisitive. Could not refuse? By fifteen, twenty, nine, the twenty two year old, no str- domino's had become a skill apopka fairy. The herbal mixtures, he fashioned proved in many cases to be successful against the plague. Encouraged by the recovery rates, he spent a year traveling the nearly forgotten countryside. Healing the sick and improving remedies along the way. From village to village, the kindly long bearded man. Treated those whom all others had written off? He puts strangers before himself and examined each patient with care. Even though he knew he risked his own health by doing so he kept vigils by the bedsides of nameless men and women, and denied himself sleep to grind herbs the week candlelight. Unknown how many lives were saved? And how many others were comforted and their last moments? I know stir `Damas. But a lack of numbers does not mean that actions went unrecognised. By the year's end, no dame USC had become a celebrated figure amongst the locals of the countryside. His selflessness and expertise led many to endow him with the prestigious title a doctor. These experiences left him with a sense of pride and purpose. And he was convinced. That is true life's purpose. was in the medical field. He believed his knowledge of apothecary coupled with proper medical training would allow him to not only save many more lives. But perhaps put an end to the play. Energized by aspiration to attend medical school Notre Dame's left the small villages of the countryside behind and hurry to the city. Once he arrived. He secured lodging and new clothes, and then apply to the prestigious University of Montpellier. Impressed by confidence and previous academic record. The admissions board accepted no strings domus without hesitation. Like before no stir dominance was the ever eager students. He poured over his studies and excelled in his courses. He spent most of his time in the libraries. And strove to absorb as much information as he could. His quick responses and skill and debate made him a favorite amongst professors. Something which was. More of a curse than a blessing. nostradamus wasn't exactly accepted. Or welcomed by his peers. Medical School in those times was an opportunity that was reserved. For members of the upper class. No Stir Domus not coming from a family of such abundant wealth. was looked down upon. And seen as a threat. The constant pres bestowed upon him by teachers made no strings. `Damas a constant target of jealous rivals. Rivals who were intent on his expulsion? At some point along the way, no strings domus manage to make friends. And entertain those fellow students with stories of his travels throughout the countryside. told his wide classmates of how he spent the last eight years following the plague. And other successes he had had with his herbal remedies. While many of those listening were intrigued by the possibility of a valid treatment. There were those in the room. who were interested in the stories? For another reason. Apart crecy was a trade which was down upon by the medical field. And as such, it was believed by many that the practice was forbidden by the university's code of conduct. Armed with this knowledge, no sir. domiciles rivals reported him to the dean. When summoned and asked to explain himself before the board. No Sir Thomas acknowledged. That? He had indeed worked as an pocket theory. And he defended the role. He shared with the board, his experiences and his successes with those treatments. Impressed by his knowledge and use of Madison. Nostra Dom was not only allowed to continue on with the studies. Eventually, earning his doctorate. But much to his rivals dismay, he was also granted a teaching position at the university afterwards. In fifteen thirty four nostradamus left his position at the university. And sat up his own private medical practice in the city of Gien. His medical knowledge paired with a skill in creating effective herbal remedies. Made US practice quite successful. Before long. No Sir Domus had become a valued member of the community. A year later he met and married a young woman and by fifteen thirty five. They were happy family of four. No Ser dom grew, was practice and was able to provide a nice life for as little family. It was a happy time. His days were filled with meaningful work and his evenings with laughter and play. He had purchased a home afforded fine clothes. And all seem to be in order. But it wasn't a last. All of that changed in the autumn. When the plague once again crossed his path and swept through Jian. A large portion of the population fell ill and many of those died. What made this play such? A formidable foe was that. It did not discriminate. It infected all social classes, and took the lives of both young and old alike. As he had done all those years earlier. No str- adamas fought off sleep and spent his nights hunched over mortar and Pestel for hours upon end he sat in a darkened room, guided by fitful candle, flame and grind together herbs. He only pause to rub is weary is back into focus. And then. Soldiered on the creation of tinctures and pressed pills. He arrested little during these times. As the daylight hours were spent with house calls and the delivery of much needed medicines. As Autumn to winter. Tragedy Struck. The plague hit close to home. I. His youngest fell ill. And then days later, his other child did as well. nostradamus attended to them tirelessly, but none of his remedies seem to have any fact. He watched helplessly as their fevers raged on. And their bodies again to give under the strain. Within two weeks, both of his children had passed away. But there was no time for the weary nostradamus to grieve. As his wife soon fell ill as well. For weeks, he stayed by her bedside and cared for her the best he could. But like with the children, the treatments which had been so successful with strangers. or not able to save those who were closest to him. His tragedy brought him disdain from the people of the village. Many believed that since he had been able to cure so many others. That he had let his family perish on purpose. To make matters worse. His wife's family sued him for large sum of money. which they were awarded. Rumors then began to travel stating that the medicines he prescribed. Potions. And born of witchcraft. The. Accusations traveled quickly and no stir domus soon caught the attention. Of the inquisition. Distraught and fearful for his life, no str- damase grabbed what few possessions he could and fled. For the next six years, he wandered through southern Europe. Along the way, he treated the sick and sold herbal remedies. which allowed himself to earn enough money to finance has journey. While, the practice brought him solace. And a sense of purpose. He still grieved for his former life. He obsessed over past decisions. Determined that there were signs he had missed. It was this obsession and self loathing, which led him about on a most unlikely spiritual quest. As he traveled through Renaissance Italy. No Stir Damase was introduced to the growing population of cultists and the secret societies. They practiced under. He was introduced to magical grim ours alchemy. And most fascinating to him. The Art of divvy nation. It was most fascinated by the works such as that of Piatra Diablo. The Italian philosopher, doctor and astrologer. It was an interest and practice that would later change the course of his life. If fifty fifty four. nostradamus returned to France where thanks to a heavy rainfall. The plague had once again swept through the population. As he had done so many times before. nostradamus traveled from town to town, treating the sick. When you reach the Tana Salon. He was shocked by the toll. The disease had taken on the town's population. The vast majority of the residents had fallen ill, and there seemed to be no medical help for them. He knew the need was dire. So nostradamus got straight to work. Going from house to House working to heal the sick. After a few months. Thanks to his work, the plague had left town and hundreds upon hundreds of lives had been saved. Saved. Thanks to one man. The people of Salon grateful for the outsiders help invited him to remain with them. nostradamus agreed and soon settled into his new life. He opened another medical practice and eventually remarried. He and his wife Ann enjoyed a very happy life together. Over the years they had six children and their little household was one of laughter and joy. nostradamus in Choi, the slower pace of his new life. And as a result, it afforded him more time to devote. His divination studies. He engaged in this little hobby at night. It was calm and as boisterous family were asleep. He studied applied perfected all that he learned in Italy. And soon constructed his own techniques. With a combination of strategy in S- crying no Stra Thomas believed. He could not only foretell the future, but with impressive accuracy. And fifteen fifty five, he penned his first ALMANAC. where he used a combination of astrology and the visions, he received while crying. In these almanacs, he predicted weather patterns astrological phases. And Incorporated a few short bits of cryptic rhymed verse. which offered observant readers glimpses into the future. His almanacs were instant hit and became a favourite amongst the people. Word soon spread like wildfire throughout France of the prophet known as no stir, domiciles. He attracted the attention and sponsorship of the wealthy elite. And gain the favor of the royal court as well. In fifteen, fifty six, he was invited to Paris. To meet with King Henry the second and his wife Catherine de Messy. Henry was interested in knowing the fate of his political ambitions for a European campaign. And Catherine was concerned with what lied ahead for her seven children. Notre Dame is informed the royal couple that one of his recent quad trains. This cryptic rimes. was about the king. The rhyme stated. Young lion will overcome the older one. On the field of combat in a single battle he will pierce. His is through Golden Cage To wounds made one. then. He dies a cruel death. Notre Dame is told the king that it was of the most importance that he not attend any jousting events for the entirety of his forty first year. This statement. Caught Catherine's attention. As unbeknownst to nostradamus her royal astrologer. Had warned of the same. Convince the. He was a true prophet. Catherine encouraged her husband to make no stir. Domino's an official member of the Royal Court. He was hired under the title of Royal Physician. Though his true role was that a fortune teller. No Strom is left his wife and children behind and for the next few years enjoyed the luxuries of life in the royal court. Louis took great pride in his new position. No. Stir Damase knew it was not one which he would be able to enjoy for long. On June twenty eighth fifteen fifty nine king, Henry the second was injured in a jousting tournament. The opponent. Not Knowing the person he was battling was in fact the King Win for the kill, driving his lance into the other man's visor. Of capturing the attention of his king, as he hoped he was doing. He ended up killing him instead. The Lance Pierced Henry's head. which not only blinded him, but had also driven itself into the brain. Creating fatal injury. With the help of the Royal Physicians Medical Knowledge. The king managed to hold on for ten tortures, days. Until! He finally succumbed to his injuries. Now the royal court. is no place for secrets. And Word had already gotten out years before about the cryptic prophecy he had made for the king. So in the king's death was officially announced. Everyone in the court was convinced. That no stir `Damas had not only predicted the death. But perhaps had even used magic to cause it. And once again. Church authorities became suspicious of him. And set out to investigate him for heresy. When word made it to know Saddam of the impending trouble, he gathered his things and fled back to salon. Once back in Salon. No Stir `Damas. Now in his mid fifties shut himself away. And spent hours upon hours, calculating astrological charts and staring into his gazing bowl. He compiled all of this predictions and several volumes. And this time added Greek. And Italian wordings and metaphors into them. So, it would remain vague. And Aso safe from any accusations of heresy. His works still attracted the attention of royalty though. And, many came his sponsors throughout his later years. Royalty from many different countries, we consulted him before making political decisions. In fifteen sixty six. Notre Dame is began to shy away from public attention. And stopped the composure of astrological charts for royalty. But this time he was plagued by illness in doubt. In over the months, his health took a steady turn for the worse. By that summer. His condition had become so grave. that he began receiving daily visits from his priest. On July first. nostradamus would make his last prediction. That evening, his priests departed with his typical cheerful farewell of until tomorrow. To which no stir doremus responded with a gruff. You will not find me alive at sunrise. He died that very night. His final prediction. Even all of these centuries later. When it comes to divination Notre Dame `Damas is still celebrated as one of the most notable and influential figures. Of all time. Many believe that is watch. Trains successfully predicted world, wars, assassinations, and even the advent of the atomic bomb. In fact. Every year some sort of modern era event. Is associated with one of his predictions. While some say it's a testament to his skill and credibility as a seer. Others. Credited it to his style of writing. The Quad trains were cryptic and vague on purpose. And many believe part of that purpose was so that could be easily interpreted. And attributed to any current event. Rather than a specific. I. Want to thank you for listening to today's episode and hope you enjoyed hearing some of the actual history behind the man that has so much lower around him. To be honest with you. Know Stir Dom is not one of my favorite topics. One of those topics that when I hear about it I kind of roll my eyes and I'll turn something else on. So I thought it was a good challenge to tell a different story of nostradamus. Instead of focusing on privacy, I decided to focus on his. Life instead. Learn about the actual person that so much of this lore and legend has been based around. If. You enjoy this episode. You can catch more by visiting our website night tide radio DOT com. That's in I. G H T T.. E., radio DOT COM. You can also follow us on spotify I tunes Pandora. Google podcasts in. Any of your favorite podcast places. With that. I'm stacey and this is night tide.

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#323 - Rir um ato de resistncia!

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She gonna do this. At mommy. as a person could be split bottle but executives for body produce. Some is a deputy button. Your sister's cheesiness to say much. Now he's set come in desert cassava so so seals lobster shot color. We'll sit swat the sewage. Don't come yeah show suspended. still suspicious. Don't doing they've done judgy. June guard my miss up to par to has made this jali is up to powered by small squids. Considering cuba's genova as dea his got you then me inspired so am marci. The my would he was developed raise is miso team said this about momentum is the keys killick by into mice who cannot put them. Speed your pincer. Yes i mean. Sasha seen cash approach to me. Did you see the committee in across mercer myrna About so you're see this team. We are Check in with unedu- what form as your gaming coon. Three shooting louisville to viper will see bill. I'm afraid to the east soothing. Grameen prohibitive amiga news boost because you'll save approval signals a scooter. them being steiner's booster gene contra seattle. Y'all tissue even over the fabric email against to scoop don't beg us sales and the symbolism focusing this cheap squeezes china sos bruce king. Oldest bacillus can in controversy. Is you to szott. Who's your favorite video of total desert. United these zaka soccer games being sarah mulkey systems. No procedure is solid. Koos fire keep coast to made. I mean chicago them. He spent under to zolt vein. Nfl shipowners ninety days of his app to suit superfluous. Bedding winco also saw discussing straight. He made his noko. Bessie mccall's don't present. What's happening there. That few archery squad yet. He saw levada with image government. Choice thinks donald sees so. He's dumbing thank. You mean to keep those camels linked to luoyang to aline dodge to king looking show. What do shopping. so he can pursue. He said his estate. She's lucky to be mighty. You got screwed up vote. Dumb was nothing to my smith. Annoying his genius so he knew live aid to north eugene. Moss yup is a genus madonna eastbound switch.

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4/2/21 - Hour 4 - Hoarding Cameos, Radmus' Rollercoaster Ride, Jerry's Update, MOTD And Toe/Thumb Surgery

Boomer & Gio

40:55 min | 4 months ago

4/2/21 - Hour 4 - Hoarding Cameos, Radmus' Rollercoaster Ride, Jerry's Update, MOTD And Toe/Thumb Surgery

"We've been all over the place this morning. You forgot to put your parking in. You're probably going get nailed because four minutes here. It should be okay. I thought the grace periods where it's out the window. Yeah greece schmidt bunches deficit deficits from what they just put one point nine trillion dollars throw one hundred and fifty billion or so is coming to new york city and the mayor and the governor are fighting over it if i get nabbed today for parking on a feel good friday. This is not going to be friday. Start to feel that. I can tell you that last my own tires by the way. Let's get this right. Johnny middletown johnny. What's happening. Hey guys how are you. Good all right medium density fiberboard. That's mdf are md. I'm yeah ok. Sure is a really good product if you're gonna paint it it's a lot less expensive than hardwood and a lot more stable and the on density fiberboard could use it on your ceiling and use as a wainscoting right exactly. It's really good if you painting it. Otherwise it's just it's basically just dust that they glued together make. But if you use it as wainscoting and have to repaint it because it doesn't crack doesn't move and it's basically very stable product. Exactly it's very stable. Yes you're talking about. How like a hardware guy. When did you become a hardware guy. I know interior like this stuff behind us off right here. This is the cocktail paneling. But it's only one sheet though isn't it. But that's paneling it. It looks like it's not paneling paneling. It's fa- the paneling but but on tv you can't tell i understand over there the bricks over there over your right shoulder in the corner. How hard are those bricks. What are they own. that's phone. that's not real bricks about the steel beams. Would i think those are. Mdf those are. I think that's exactly they're made to look like steel girders right. They are but they're but they're not all illusion. It's all right. It's directing a mystery on top of innate. It's like al dukes al. Dukes is sitting in in an allusion. Everyday he is with his green screen. Everybody thinks he's in the What's your mccalla in. The control room is not right across the glass shooter. Yeah al dukes on the other side of the glass dean and rocky point. What's up dean going guys coming on. What are you got man. I i think. I heard kelley correctly before when she said that marriage marietto rivera charges. Seven hundred fifty dollars for a cameo. I and that's what she said. The guy made a guy made a hundred million plus playing baseball. And he's got a charge. People seven fifty. Four kamuli to be outrageous. Yeah well i mean he wanted to do it. He figured if it's worth my time. I'm going to charge this amount. I mean if he gets. I mean think about it if he does how many a year get paid seven fifty. I just double checked. If you have to charge people are talking about me. Fifty bucks twenty bucks. I mean i mean seven before camera. You're supposed to be there for the people. I s- unbelievable well. I don't know that anybody in marianna position is doing anything for the people. You want my time. You may some took care that church up there in the bronx new rochelle he's got car dealerships. He's working with the people he's a good dude. Man i about this. He has ninety nine reviews on his cameo which means he has at least ninety nine people. I paid seven. Fifty on shore is a lot more than. What is sean. Avery yet paid because my nephew. Got one from sean. Avery said it was awesome. He said sean was great. I'm sure he was good at those things at sean avery. You find that. Al sean avery. Seventy dollars yeah there you go come on. Probably what's phil simms. Show navy knows probably a thousand times more entertaining the mary-anne okay. All right that's good. What about phil simms fills on there on. I think he is on there l. I do not see phil simms on here. He's not on there. Okay but sean. Avery might my my nephew's randy said that he was great. He was awesome. And actually you know. I think sean. When he goes off on one of his rants you may end up getting a five minute cameo from you'd never know what he can get. Wally backman for one hundred bucks. I'm sure that'd be a good one. Sure he'd rip india for one hundred dollars right curse like a crazy person. I mean every time. I go down this cameo wormhole. It's unbelievable to me. What's on here it really is. It's absolutely insane. I'd love to get a sean camry. sean avery. Cameo where you say sean. This roy my buddy mike. He's always blocking the bike lanes. I'm sure he's had a few of those that that definitely would be worth the seventy dollars to hear that. And there's some guys on here. I like baseball players and stuff like retired guys. I don't even don't even remember. Yeah you may not remember them but maybe a grandfather. That's an eightieth birthday. Gets a message from one of his favorite players of all time growing up. You know that that's the kind of thing. This is all about that keith. Moreland remember him it'll i. Do you remember keith. moreland. I do. Okay i now. I'm not sure how to say this name. We're damase rebellious dominance in the bronx dom is that right. Hey what's up guys. It's resumes readiness ago. Thanks thanks for taking my courtroom. Appreciate your guys love what you guys do every morning you help me. Make it through my day while i'm doing deliveries Really appreciate you. What's going on Just calling 'cause you guys were talking about the garbage pickers I think i only talk about this. 'cause i know my mother in law would never hear this. Radio station has been Boogie down bronx. And she's one of those people that love to go through trash and pick up a bunch of stuff up and if you ever want to go to her home she's like one of these crazy hoarders. If you need a iphone charges. She has more than a million ombrella even though they're broken don't matter she has Whatever you need he has it in that house. Man i tell you. She loves the garbage. Pick who the bronx so well. Let me ask you when you say that. She's a hoarder. Are you saying that like in a funny way or is it a one of these situations where you go to the house. You can't even walk from one room to another without having to maneuver your way around a bunch of garbage man From the show she is not there yet but to be beyond me to If it wasn't for her husband. I think she will get there. I've i've thought about calling. Whatever that channel was they would come in. Tlc or discovery or whatever you yes sir It was twenty one time. I'll be quick. One time i went through it was raining outside so a couple of brennan. I need one and i saw that she had a bunch of ones. I literally took about four or five of them and like almost started walking out. The lady almost high like a heart attack and i was a man. This is this is. I mean it's crazy. We laugh about it. But it's like a serious look. It's not meant there was a report yesterday. I believe it was of a woman. Horder in queens. Who was found mummified in her house. Yeah sorry about that but Yeah and she was an emmy a winning. I mean winning designer. Friday redmond who was missing for six months j. Look at this you. i'm not you. I know you're not kidding me. It's just did the conversation we had before she was known to be a hoarder and she was found dead under a pile of garbage in new york city home. That said i know it's very sad. There's no two ways about it. How though was someone throwing garbage on top of her. How was she found underneath the garb. This college point section of queens. And i don't get this. She was found by her sister who had hired a cleaning crew to clean the woman's home and the sister. The cleaners found her unfortunately for she lived alone on tuesday at four fifteen pm. He sits mummified under there. She yes so your questions. I'm going to have to read the article. She was last seen alive. September thirtieth twenty twenty so. They thought that she had disappeared. I guess she had gone somewhere else at heard from her on going to clean out the house you haven't heard from there. She was underneath the garbage. Yes found mummified inner queens home so she probably maybe went to try to find something in there. I don't know underneath the garbage with no one else in there. That's the thing that's i guess. Maybe maybe fell on her. Yeah well anyway thanks man. You hear radames. after that. he's trying to have like laugh about his life and his mother-in-law love you guys. Thanks for getting me through my day. And you'll laid that on him and he was like. Oh wow where doing for trying to roll into easter with some field. Good friday it giving me garbage mummies over there. What are you feeling. Sorry gosh tried to tell you before. Couple hours ago you written this mood today. Given all this all started with you said that the shutdown the final floor. Because the covert. And i said then i knew. You're a boot never did. I think we'd get garbage hoarding mummy. Put here we are friday. Nine fifteen no about this story so readiness broken on relatives. In his mother in law's house and somehow that sparked garbage mami. Let me let me lay this on the audience. I dunno i just saw this was sad by it gets so well now all of us are said. I don't know what to do to pull asana this random is. That's a nice story but this is your future one day. You're looking for an umbrella. The next day you're mummified under a pile of garbage but it's a sickness that i know i'm familiar that i understand. It's a mental illness. Situations not good people hang onto things. This is about extremism. Get once again. You take it to the ends of that might be. Its own cygnus. The worst case scenario sickness. Yeah i mean so boomers now done headless funerals and mummified hoarders as topics. He loved there for a while. Was the refrigerated more trucks. Oh yeah you love those just pointing it out. Ok if you're just joining us. Boomers worried about the final four. Getting shut down by kovin and just gonzaga's away songas and their undefeated season each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo gonzaga's garbage among these great name for it team you go back and get that very moment that all right. So our buddy randomness calls up and he wants to talk about how his mother-in-law's one of these garbage pickers now a lot of. You just heard this but if you missed i have to play it again so just from my perspective so you have an idea of what what i see what i hear so as readiness is talking about this boomer like his face lights up as if someone had had put thought into his head and he quickly turns to his side and starts type it into the computer and then he comes up with this mental thing. There was a report Yesterday i believe it was of a woman order in queens who was found mummified with garbage in her house. Yeah sorry about that but Yeah and she was an emmy a winning. I mean winning designer scampi friday ramos. Six months you hear rhadamanthus. Wow student expected to go that way when he called the show that makes him so happy. You know what the problem is. Honestly tell you honestly what the problem is said. Damn new york post app the problem. You wanna read bad news. You want to find out how screwed up this place is you can find it and fifty different stories every single day. Wow just the new york post is bad news. Man thanks jerry durr the only thing missing it is. It is remarkable. And what am i. Hold back from sending every single one of these things to do so. Because i don't want to scare them away. God wow is eerily similar to als nine one one. Call the operator okay. Oh hey listen. Thank you guys. Make me laugh. Everything's amazing you know. I i use this show to get through my work day. What radames says when he gets the line then you hit them with that at the end. Wow get to know that i didn't. I mean i try to avoid these stories boomer. I do know this woman worked on sesame street. Lawn order and orange is the new black. Yes the mazing is. She went missing this long geez. She was cheers last seen six months ago. Yeah damn okay. Let's go to gary in ridgewood gary. What's happened to wonder what it would be like Jerry and karen stewart would hook up on their honeymoon night. Know i'm talking what. What was the point of. They both sound a little edgy. Oh maybe oh all right. Did you ever wonder gerry's life would be like if you had a penis. I i i think it right now. I'm with you. i don't think i could do it out. Believable i filmed you by the way trying to get through that read just like the last leg. Twenty dollars couldn't get through the read. I'll show with the do you re to boomers point. You realize some of these headlines in this newspaper. Yeah it's crazy. I know maniac caught on video. Dad and mom jealous boyfriend. Allegedly beheads beauty queen. Florida janitor gets twenty years for filming inside girls locker room. Wh what is happening is unreal. I read something in the morning. It was actually out of the city and it was a couple years. Oga trial is happening now. And i read it on the front page of new york post. This morning i had cabinet able to get out of my head all day. It was so horrible. It is brutal this news. I guess that's i mean they get people to read it. We're all reading it. Yeah i guess. Yeah i will say though that i we were going through some of the other headlines the other newspapers i went to newsday and they had more positive stuff. The post is just sort of like their sports. Actually i like their writers but they are then goes to the day. Find the worst stories humanly possible but they are story alibi but the thing about it is they'll go from this horror mummified story to this other woman that showing yourself off in a bikini and everything in between that is true. A lot of stuff there of stuff. Okay jerry you wanna give us one. More update moment day brought to you by flagging anthem. Spring clothing collection visit flag anthem. Dot com yankees. Have an off day. Today they will take on the blue jays tomorrow after a season opening loss. Three two intending as we know. Here's aaron judge did struggle in this game as did pretty much. Everybody up and down. The yankee lineup aside from clint frazier. A couple of hits and gary sanchez had that two run homer. judge knows. didn't get it done quite a few opportunities especially me like i said earlier at the plate. with guys scoring position tie game could have given us the lead or done something and We just didn't execute as for garrett cole. He threw to sanchez. That's always a story line. He says no issues but he knows he made one mistake to oscar hernandez for the most part We did a nice job And just just want that slider back. Yep that was the one that got hit for a home run that tied the game. And then the yankee squandered some opportunities in the blue jays get the rbi double toledo off the tent with the runner at second Here was aaron boone. Tough day for giancarlo stanton in the opener. Zeke concern today was a tough day forum. But no i don't worry about it. He's he's too talented and one of the numbers that we've given in total for this team the top six hitters lemay hugh through or shallow in two for twenty six with twelve strikeouts game two tomorrow afternoon. One o'clock you gotta remember what the back of the baseball card says jerry. Yeah i understand. And i'm sure at the end of the year. It'll look fine but day to day sometimes not so good medicine nationals. Not able to play. Because if kobe issues with the nats they're not gonna play today either. Maybe tomorrow we will see. That's the tentative plan. But who knows francis golan door. It's not tentative anymore. Ten year extension a whopping amount of money here. He was with the media yesterday and blast. I'm humble to be in his organization for the next eleven. Years is an honor is a privilege to wear blue and orange and he's going to be wearing all right. Just remember this. Just remember those comment. Yeah i'm a mabel. Look back on it six or seven years when you guys are still here. Don't your thing and Where you're going because i think that Like shawn watson probably said the same thing when he signed his contract and then literally less than a year later he wanted out. So you're saying next year. We're going to know things i just like. I'm glad he's they signed him. Steve cohen's money. I don't care i want the best that i possibly can have a my team and i'm happy here but if things go south you know as giancarlo stanton has found out and other players that have come here. The signed big contracts have found out for all the different teams. It can get pretty nasty pretty well right. it's true. Let's hope that doesn't with him. Nobody an introductory press conference ever been like. Wow this is great man. I'm happy to be here but this could turn south really quick. You got going to hate my guts. And i'll force a trade but let's hope that doesn't happen But i always think mummies bright. When when i think about guys signing new contracts and i think about those press conferences announcing those contracts they're always positive but how many of those contracts go south garbage from me and henry funeral. Yeah yeah a lot of them do yes. No speaking about the length was window are going to be a met. Now until you're thirty eight years old. What kind of player do you think you'll be when you're eight years old. I mean what is the kind of the concept in your mind of of that far off in the future we have there for you go. Well we will see if he can keep his word. That's for sure The baseball season continues today with a handful of games. You gotta lotta days a lot of series. That are off because of the weather like the orioles and red sox didn't play yesterday because of the rain but they will get their opener in today. Should be a gorgeous day up in boston. Meantime nets blew out the hornets last night. One eleven eighty. This game was over quickly as the nets outscored them. I think it was thirty to eleven in the first quarter. They were up. Forty two sixteen in a blink. Lamarcus aldridge started for the nets and eleven points. Jeff green twenty-one kyrie irving fifteen eleven eight here was altered certainly enjoyed himself. But we have one out there. He's great you know got touches. They sure dead here was irving. He enjoyed what he saw that type of. Iq where you have a big where you down to to slow the game down and able to make good decisions and speaking of decisions. When is the decision on kevin. Durant playing again here was durant giving and update on his status. You back home Great for like own. Be so back. Their teammates him last month. Or so. it's been me working out every day working hard every day. Been playing four on four or so far no issues. The nets have won. Twenty of twenty three. They remain a half game ahead of philly for the top spot in the east coast. The sixers beat the cavaliers last night. One fourteen to ninety four also the heat once they move a half game ahead of the knicks at twenty five and twenty four. The hawks one they pull into a tie with the next twenty four and twenty four and the knicks. play the mavericks coming up tonight From college basketball the story late yesterday morning early afternoon. Roy williams announcing his retirement from north carolina and from texas tech coach is going to texas That was a. I actually see them. Yes so craig. Is chris beard. Who's at all that success is. Texas tech has gone texas. Wow how about that. yeah. I don't know if it's been announced officially as well the report yesterday. Isn't that big money from texas comes rolling and big yano in shock a smarts going to marquette that was so that was strangely texas from marquette basically. He probably felt like he wasn't getting the support that he thought he was going to get. A band saw an opportunity. Marquette marquette got a great basketball program history reputation maybe it's a little bit better for him in the sense that he'll feel more comfortable there but once things start going south at a school like texas or any of the big schools on the power. Five especially down there. You know. they're going to be each others coaches left and right. They're absolutely and if you see. I know you guys are paying too much attention. But have you seen the amount of players entering the transfer portals around the basketball and football by the way half of saint. John's in the transfer portal. Aren't they saw two more. Yeah marcellus erling dinners at his name. Yeah that's not right. I know he went. I think what's going on. Are these guys. They don't have to transfer right. I mean seeing what else is out there for them and what other opportunities plus they all know. They're not gonna lose a year that they'll be able to transfer and to play next year immediately. Right i the whole thing is odd because it's it's been countless kids so i don't know if it's playing time the situation you're in the coaching staff but a lot of kids heading out that is for sure and jim. Calhoun my guy ben. Asher rutgers told me coaching it's division three school he's coaching. jay z. Joe's the just started playing basketball. No it's like a new program. So that's his New career choice at this stage in his life which is awesome. Rangers beat the sabres and overtime. Three two in the goal from mike. Zibanejad the game when her why people are listening eager. Sterkel twenty-one safety five of seven for the rangers now. The islanders continue to win at home as mathew barzal continues to be a one man show on the exchange for matt bars l. cars l. lofted. Calmer off right. They're dealing with call. Marcel pops out feeds mayfield dragged and shoot save may back in front bar said that was part of a five point ninety three goals two assists brendan burke on msg plus. The islanders handled the capital's eight to four fourteen. One and two at home goals from josh bailey. Brock nelson and case every single one of those bars l. Goals was a highlight goal. He's i mean it was unbelievable the ability that he has i mean by the way perrin and strom for the rangers are playing lights out as well. So what a great hockey being played right now in the local area and the devils take on the capital's later tonight and with that we get to moment of the day which is brought to you. By casa migos tequila casa migos tequila brought to you by those who drink it a clearly. What's happened in the last half hour would be but we didn't turn it around that quickly so instead it's kind of where everything started and that was the guy's having a caller dropping some nc double a. Tournament knowledge right on their face. I've noticed that there's one team gonzaga's has been doing. What poland who isn't it gonzaga's now gonzaga gonzaga zag. Okay all right yes thanks. Sorry that's right. It's been doing very well during the entire tournament. And i noticed the trajectory is Their their players are being coached by guys that are pretty good in how they strategize gangs and and i've been looking at the final score each and every single game and i noticed that it seems that they have the possibility of winning the tournament. Based on statistical viewpoint frank overview perspective and then game all year. And if you've watched this on tv you know that we picked gonzaga's to win the songas to win a championship. Okay okay so we're on the same page. All right you rooting for gonzaga. See frank ally it right. Frank did a whole statistical. Deep dive into gonzaga's go and came up with the fact that they're going to win the championship. Just made my day go there. You go guys enjoy your weekend moment of the day and enjoy your customers yes five. Pm might be even earlier today but five pm i will be enjoying a casa migos cocktail about a half an hour. That is true either going to be my rep assad on the rocks maybe the hell on the rocks or maybe it'll make myself a margarita to with blanquita. It's the survey field in the mountains of police go boomer. That is where the best akilah comes from. And that's the place where casa migos goes to make us happy. We love him. I told you my show. L. drag on. That's all they do is drink to kill it. L. rag doll. Yes each the morning. Show with boomer esiason and greg hardy boomer and geo listening back to that moment of the day. Call where the guy said. Gonzaga's i mean. Obviously that was the funniest part at first and it was making me laugh. When he didn't know the name of gonzaga he called him gonzaga's but hearing again. His analysis of the team is the single worst analysis. I've ever heard of any sport team coach players in my life. So i just wanna do. People were laughing through gonzaga's we were the first time and might have missed him breaking down gonzaga's basketball team. Let's listen to this again. And this is the main who called up earlier name was frank from story. Wanted to talk some tournament with us. And this is him breaking down gonzaga basketball. They've been doing very well during the entire tournament and i noticed that the trajectory is Their their players are being coached by guys that are pretty good in how they strategize gangs and and i've been looking at the final score each in single every single game. I noticed that it seems that they have the possibility of winning the tournament. Based on the statistical overview a prank signal overview. I've been looking at their trajectory in the final scores. You know we all over the place every boomer. You're all over the place. I'm not all over the place. The callers take us the places where we expect to go to my no. You're right idea that what was his name. Predominance randomness readiness was going to call in and tell me that. His mother in law was has like a collection of umbrellas that she finds an garbage walk. Yeah yeah that's what. I was thinking i had no idea. Oh god i gotta finish this clementine. I can let it sit here. Mid break started ripping open his clementine. Just sitting here now getting dry. I would choke on something. I was eating it right now. Oh man brian and linden hers brian. what's happening. Hey brian how you doing we got. Tv news no guy work. We're just he's keeping the rug. Yeah so you guys actually do this for a living. Your sanitation workers right so you guys are sanitation workers and you and your partner is picking through the garbage while you're actually doing your job annoying because you've ever talked to him about if you like. Listen this has got stock okay. He doesn't now as he is trying to resell this stuff or is he keeping infirm south order now so he's keeping for himself. Yes wow are you out there. Right now working brian. Yeah oh wow yeah sounds like it. Sounds like you're on the route. Yeah what do you have a. You're listening to us through two phone call with the headphones and thrown on your listen. You everyday bos your blood. Nice kit awesome all right. How long have you been doing like Fifteen years. Wow all right man good. You're talking about throwing kim. Yeah to stop these kids toys out there trucks jeeps kitchen and the grandfather had the kid watches thrown into the into the copper. She's crying and screaming. Watches toys crust. stuff that these guys are exposed to you. Brian go work at thanks. Man appreciate you. They're exposed to all this kind of said. Yeah i know. I mean think about that. You spend your whole day your job your eight hour ten hour twelve. I have a buddies drive a truck and you know. Sometimes they'll work twelve hour days and you know they see all sorts of stuff. Yeah i never thought about. You can't let your kids see all your toys getting but then the garbage man's got to see the big crying and then he's got the emotional attachment kid and the grandfather. Maybe grandpa is trying to make a point. What you up. If you don't behave with thrown your stuff out. i don't know a that'd be. That's a pretty severe burden if he asked me. Heavy emotional burn. I mean that's one hell of a point you know jeeps and cars and everything that he said kitchen. I couldn't imagine thrown out sabrina. Little kitchen call house now. Kathi you kidding that dollhouse by the way so gina is taking that dollhouse. Yes in her own car. Not having the movers take it because she wanted to be perfect. That shouldn't trust the movers right. I'm putting this dollhouse in the back. We're putting it on a blanket. And i'm taking it in my own car just to make sure i'm in charge of it. That's how that's how much attention. That's what i'm talking about thrown out that dollhouse. Never i mean that thing is so elaborate and beautiful and it's personalized with sabrina. Name on edgy sits there every day puts the little rearranges the furniture and everything in there. I mean there's no way. I mean that'd be the first thing she'd ask if it wasn't in the new house she'd be hysterical. You loves that thing so much. That's a great gift is a really good gift. I came to imagine the stuff when it's windy getting her first house. Couple months gaz with it. It'll be an actual house actual house over two years old chevron house just hanging out by goodness she's gonna get a lot of stuff she's going to get a lot of good stuff When he do as the great one. Tim in hillsborough. Hello tim. hey guys what's going on man. How are you today all right all right good. Hey listen have you. Guys ever heard of they go to some transplant. Surgery towed thumb transplant. No i have not him. Yeah like if you happen to be like in a dust up with somebody like boomer always talks about his boy yunos with the funky finger. I got a friend named mac. By the way mac is best friends with my friend. Phil who famously worked Boomer in arm wrestling. but that's different story. Gotcha so the two of them while they're in the marine corps. They're down in key west and they get into a dust up to the bar and mack holds up the pool cue to defend themselves and the dude has the machete takes off the stump. So they're like oh so they go to some local hospital down there in key west and they put the some back on but they just saw it on and it's like fall off so a moral story is. He loses his thumb few years later. Somebody says to him. You know you can get surgery to fix that. Can you live without your big toe so was like yeah you google it right now thumb to toe surgery and check out all the pictures so it's true. They took off his toe the big toe but they grafted onto his son and he now has a thumb. And this guy mac. I believe was the guy who orchestrated the arm wrestling match at the bar. That night we're boomer went. Have by the way. I do have a friend. You know Zeki yes dummy. In junior year he you know gets in a car accident flips a truck and cuts his thumb off then has to go to southside. Hospital may have to reattach the thumb and it work well it. He still has the thumb. But it's like a little like bentham to nub it's like a niblett. Wow so so what. They told the surgeon because you're such such a good football player thumb attached as if it were carrying a football all the us motor tics and the south shore. Long island do crap like this. But this was back in the seventies nineteen seventy eight or seventy seven and so they attached the thumb as if you're carrying the football so he held the football as other hands so they can see. The thumb was on the football so they did that. Attached it that way so you know just just kind of hangs there but i. I don't know that begs the question. What's more important. Your big toe or your thumb. I would think you're as long as you could use. Your big toe azure them. I would think your thumb would-be more important right. Here's something that only. I can see right now. That is just amazing. All right okay. So down in the zoom. They are getting a college basketball. Show prepared all right okay. It's a big deal. Big final four college basketball show. We're leading into it. We're leading into it and as they're preparing this of all the cameras and everything and the mics around. It's just you on this giant screen on the set. Okay and you're sitting here talking about the foam and going through the whole thing. The reattach swallow serbia on that show. No he's not there and somebody right now stare at things but it's only serious people and then you talk about reattaching your buddies thumb and someone using their big toe is now. I've told this story. So eddie you know about it. Oh yeah obviously al knows about it. Oh well maybe this nca show. Maybe i could send them e francs. Ncaa breakdown gonzaga's. I tell you got some coaches on there. That know what they're doing and putting their guys in situations i which is broken down the stats. The fact that they have not lost all year right have been looking at the final scores. Been winning the games so they have a good shot to win. I can't imagine shaken. Somebody's hand and their thumb is their big toe. That would be weird to me like the question questions can you. Could you use it or is it just there to look somewhat normal but think about you know you shake. Somebody's hand the link like thumbs right. Imagine that being a big toe. Yeah that'd be freaking gosh probably take my second toe and replace my middle finger with it. That would make more sense to me. Yeah or thirty. People have the second toes bigger than the big in the big toe. You could not replace your pinky with the baby toe. That i was definitely really is until it's broken and clip the now off of it and then you cut yourself your habent around. Yeah a terrible pig. Nothing worse than that each the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomer and geo.

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T6E13 - 07 Estgios para conquistar o Relacionamento Perfeito

Relacionamento Fora da Caixa

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T6E13 - 07 Estgios para conquistar o Relacionamento Perfeito

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Your home of the is all the sake doig. Not gouge days opponent Opening medical people seizing staff s idea. Ruin your committee qassam. Pretty middle ever seen thing. They'll seeking to major communica so to punsalan over mia participate of these sort of their or Be sort of all alkyl say he throws me. Jesus us secret winokur ecodiesel important to zero seen. Brace monsters moment said news communica fancied. They're saying carita de police. Four louise yuki contests moon to species college for example chip around it s stone. Character of things incandescent follows. You major comunicacion is your forecast vases wound by marseille as the catalog mcchrystal stated that he can't form to our macos procam major custom daily. No he has his episodes of. There's jeffey scooter thing to say or just talk about the ups for muscle critical. Study east of we. Can it us as you self. I stoled cinci in winters stanford the loss of property owner mountain north. No sick the most subdued dot call may comedy castle asset. Cheever humil- paseo. Or what mia seda. Those need to be his therapy. Inform us lawrence interceptor mirror custom. Who's gonna paul so limbaugh washing. Sombor nasreen graduates divorce important. Must but i don't care. I think watching someone fatal lever for speed to this. Who outdoor there got gotta chap him up at scrappy senior olinda singling garage door. The guard tackle mines doers. Also interesting sectioning washes linguistics for more a nice phasing in some window. He does he will sit in the podcast fly but setting no more no blamer. Venus piss in coppola formulas departments crashy locked. Two boys had the fellow celebrity apart. My ceo article doesn't even apache patch. Holmenkollen cut his. No move on the moon. So geologic don't concede he don't know me. Non sa edge custom will separate seizing major communica so seghal asset abaya essay in needs a osage. A communist koso- no viola. Hunter there will save zips. Discuss is pretty girl. Who did you see communique. Manera dhabi mum on the and. I said chiba rupert to open up our data. But i ain't gonna kick sokoll tests can we. This yard the la crosse. The moment he's done mamani and a big nevada was yes. Official was cock-up hip sundays. Multiple is no a large cookie. No set-back similar mass. Importation salim pack. Because as a kid but artists is see. Don't buy laquelle seaney game. Cuomo necas knows your important. Mas qassam to the florida crash. You'll no fees focused on us anywhere. Mass premiere of your vote. The board must move most alone. Get some customer by customer ciccio. We can put down. But i said let me. Not we'll siegel the styles from there. Custom input coastal importance. Loops are by out as you. Some osage kwast former campus of boston. Jason did it for muscle seagull. A sexually was what can we can put a communica so no view. Liam almost zero. See us three specifies baas of crispy lonzo nestle strategy lives mcconnell. Monica some faith as aiming. Yeah he said. Mayor and stars followed so many kosovo hosted by part of who say you start kiep in chimney. Osei mccoy's of week to regain it does each of kinky don don physicians you. The mad media jude died at the have felt livestock. No yukimi to mice complaint soupy. Emt dodge focusing intelligence polity to me. You'll be with us followed. Make the net follow somebody in dives you look key too far cars people. Inside for the cashere- you'll care of his sittings gene. Timmy dodgy sustained see. Say i'm timmy. Dodgy martina saw son's name you must you bronco decoys and my son from sickle cell by pizza secondly multi demise thing they nipple say classes sika own dispel problem and then put his cynical saving only stock singer. Who do you feel sick. Pod intimidating. say spit imagined sarcoma so to best funds. The pizza pizza. You're close to six failures but africa. My fath- soup. We'll sing thing. Akhir intimidated quite sosa spitballs. 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She of boards bought three steady ames's protein bar if he don't follow things before the guilt the podcasts or seizure fittings teen epo opera hellas milton. Ebola peo- gina into same tina. And what did you say. Fuzzy chris. Paul hello samantha. Media tina l. l. a. poured cima beaumont part of. Hello secod bone. He out mass. Is dorsey gene. Our jeanne up over. Yeah what you know. We don't komo's combing tampa kilohertz in my heart. You know what gina jellicoe means. You know pedia fittings galaxy habitable. But since i g three statements mustang sonoma lego hookah. which was fittings though is Does this officer. I was where we can pass all that talk to each comic beats oklahoma what tina bore now marching. We that quarter inch. Commun- mayor's with the tweets males mccoy's wayne care nothing of suck up some shock protein more. Who paid so. China is peachy. Mass repeats as saint pete in new called meal data to support pigs of jesus in boca lacob pizza. 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Boys will have participates into sales. Noble segues this winter muthu shasta to skew. The data homered our thessalonica five scissors cycle boston. Me mccain. they'll people say data all pistol domain. Commencement thing they use bringing thing. Bala decreased out there as as his foot almost source follow signature. Now awesome sourcing is giving our genes about cristiano congress by say boston was don't but lumina system-wide in st thomas itself as okay by he'll meet jeff's net them we'll strategy somewhere more on. What's so important. Ancient dodging quarter essays. Say soon jimmy dives obey home which is in homage s is three still lives. Provo will say vitamin not going. Aside turkish show jay more. Okay chagall last podcast. Now who says muslims follow duke though matthew. I will put faith insecticides sexy cha this honky started so those yard lobster number and fifty. Thomas follow saudi while lords. Qassam intimate dodge. Poteen jimmy jabor chicago bulls new route to move. He starts tomorrow. Care who sets problem introduced to will sit okazaki mitch. Six dodge in gold. Who all seat. Welke gloucester okay. All cpa is the case he some week important particularly followed six undyed. Paula sub sea tokyo. A seat we will send them. So bad that ee catching died gauge following up. Sarah fired participants in dodge main kid. We started start such as defeats initially styles you. Their boom bush thinks dodgy cuomo stage. Also many koso- home of will save which bore will to my fast soup diversity viola donates. Ouch my second added. Dustin osage coyness sitting thing. Saudi dodged down there with my house. She come with my seniors. You graduate you stick. There are a little bit fuzzier kit abyss source cyber to keep its own though and simple. Pass it off and we can put thirteen days now. Kick off his kiss coalition dodge. He'll grant cigarette. Dodgers no standard stand main to participate swing south swan maintenance job at bain. That's was former soviet appeals. Which don't you back at. Travers doubles back whole sade. Search with poseidon don't s. I will say domino. Two inch dodged kosovan casing necessarily about you. Musk off mantle. Dang local who thought about moving to dot com inches for the for the signature care. Who citing pickles. Let's simlisafe's opposite-sex awesome. Fissile on door put care is key. I thank me. Dodge koso- sort of interest of the year. Lucas for a solid missing rob bozo through as ultra cesar. There's anthony tomatoes ever to start sewing. Yadav bed fade. Separatism land sexy obvious quite so alice volumes. Kosovo intimidated teen diva so more sex. Does fix dodge musical secret door asked. A jarvis will say seed paul zip liberals here in las shown me to stay two said aguirre hellas a man to captain fica pat voss spill side fata. Who stopped to score the lesson amid nope perfect thing but even though let the bigger seen this thing months hello semitic privacy applicable same chip being if phillies interesting. Most people don't care who aeko is lucia gomo zay nothing made to the loss by the gasquet him h software. They will do. We'll see star ov- in this podcast mean squatting by james loss. Almost positive speaking about muslims voted. This podcast here. No green room came up with apartment law of those five. You're well chateauguay. If not had gone to so to lay we'll save party colo kalac impacted by people say stuff. I love the rough stop being for the donald salvi saudi of double for the level tibet people say bid. That's supposed to be like me positive. Gould speaking of owned by sympathize. Hov capable help us on a man who look past. Say they're supreme made up by the project. Fecal touch iraq accu- shot don't system show now but this shots. If not super sexy he'll november. Kit o'clock boksic keith of shot. He saw bill. He'll also be say who will stay. Start a key this stuff. The facade of versus here vehicle walk across seat dot east versus. But i'm on. Prep assist assist falsely. Being about this project stopped limited skits podcasts. Or you cannot get a dissimilar genes have seen pre- in quieting by eases lost almost Komo middle category the cell gene saddam. Bain the simone on my zoom out. This ain't your same miso vetoes. Lopez zero mccain mizoguchi's ourselves on the middle sent a soup wars now follow key way to vol- key thing but as that outside some all look up dow versus here monday way for me. He used to study meisel. Also jeans yokum. Vw say remarried. Muslims that he no bring rome most opportunities this another platform of the moon talk now. Lossing to be dodging. They're gone also genus of will say. My paul does not sasol. But most of the songs for deficit pedagogy stomach susceptible starbucks. Vivian pitchy lean. Its on paul. Being moved on those protests. Inner ya we play down patsy rome. It's like it's don't for dating participation by multiple about them being notation oskar balance. Telegraph think by typical nas. Put hello. milton. Milton that cashback. Halsey efforts it bob. Also the nassir podcast. Es that essential passer-by epa search go stacked star man most followings. I saw followers koso- intimidate poaching. So more up. Rob double is podcast silicone passive told us the murders springs principes platforms was talking a solid though. Paul by east science will be level tumble Being suspicious cpac has no. This was exactly coakley -bio your superficial shots there. Steve fossett virgins for the that he's supposed casio cannot go. Check your residential. Bill categorized super sauce anything by smith wagner the same premier. Safety members led by the. You'll meet you introduce miso vehicles here. Most famous i browse your logical reason. Thousand needs for our thriving muslim. Be your suckler-cow ninety dollars. Mice by the done also jeans. Subic your followed the decision. We've been on project told one of those he'll swaggie. You shop jkob did that. So bald the thing they going to miss his renuka h. e. mantha go chill via the fallout will be hours. You might choose that. He was fight the supposed to do that. The inch for a landed stupid people simply go stay in so many other g pasqua's as actually go ovilla wherever rush is such a freebie. Ns wa you will slow a slow for self will commutable second line In essential feeling your water was listed as his aboard. Iky cyber park davis it score. Here's some man who did. The food was never disappoint. You usually can be he. Start on edge. You look south. Carolina should use them into fourth so simple so kitty's kinney costarring evening for a war. She t sheridan would do a study at the siri. Watershed was your caffeine. Hoist mandar nece- in any shadow. This a forum. Nelson's australis my son instance dracula's amid seizure asia limit. Who was a a link over three. When iraq did he just do not seem died to ask yourself moved to saline not only typical to a guo. I spotted the belly affair niamh cocoon jobs fussy. Here's de. I think passing my jobs and put under become now foschi separate. I listen to put your toys. Fussily thai cashew butter ziemba connor who of weakening don't care inch key similarity dodger but we might see to. You said e. Diesel cattle here. Also movable the serb meister by audible those two inch well gordon draft to d'italia gossamer for marco pizza for me. So you guys bail thought. Yeah also off this year which featured in saint so okada magin. He earned look you going to tell you the cameras a lot. Gene talia up three to is eligible salvadoran. God who is typically bosses in. Saint you feel my duty dodge wing thirty more into ford cheap. But i will say the. They philosophy no evolves They have been take said. There is book take fuzzy pricing. Jubilo alaska similar. Who might know ever to continue. What said you save. Elephant designed Also probably not car in your use. Your own spoils on let me check carney. Me xinyu teachable. Mice donation fuzzy owned the she told me for the past those fossil. A we all. They'll be we'll check him a on. Who else limit old the gop. I asked some bones asked jiffy back. You must be into stay. He can fight off as a people supported fuzzy. But here's a minute for you throw it is You know the same starting to you a bit more into our all. There was not such ails decrees. Would you familiar. each fillings. wanted now to disability. There was daddy. Seen menu arrow pointed limber command sue. Follow lord zeus policy of america from either by might thing followed east. Batra then puts up relics on your input in those games for me on this affiliates. The rav of your main to follow these traits. Yeah he can't him for came. Does this loss films. Okay now the points kazaa booth change they. Because you russia i ve calcium south parlor spirit said you moved them for shampoo elevated mugad. Yeah he kicked mood was reduced. Im mccoy the bosses a tough. Su chi never tablet my the genencor showing bash. A more. he probably he'll meet a spirit moving in mice. Complete in tow years from does winston fittings those lorries bidding. He'll be cast if he's musallam being follows simple. Silvio hot looks cement kicks comparable their quality. Posse of cooper say qian aparecida. There are questions about more than the those of us always. Sally knepper oviedo cassie. He'll awesome Sort of copy all minke pasta. We'll see how this whole bash was sick by cossiga via our be green room. Your site prep up with those. That cash was simple. Deaths was put the portuguese. Food grouping all similar automaker yuck wasn't tillerson scenario heart of the women who i their key ally questions while his piss flies for mayor jimmy. The seven the seven in foul. See now. we'll but i used to for our economic that you don't you think don't watch for this of by the problem though asset jacob. Oh think you look the bustle. Dome is tactical nosecone asala fiba q-quarter-inch colosseum. Dodge shot two people. Say stop your follow. Dome was asia more audio deposit. Cash passe to the lagow. We'll take this all being do nancy anything. By special style. gainsay the poisoning. A bit out will save pacu questions by was still also achievable by us. Saw naive play store. He's allowed green room spots. Five by a buddy cli by saleh. He was the boost. Charging shave dental by house also solace las. Vegas them sonesta me. He knows that my don't be camilo. Tyvene state zealand bow or enough. They moved to chicago. he came in. This was executive chains that most of us patsy back. But i will sit them. Just stopped thought. My mouth started some people things going on in terms. Let's in my koyanagi. Koyanagi jeopardy that were over moscow's also gonna samantha for thank you each set up more worth of a medium as mice. Data fica dimple. Eventually because he's his genius and simple minded is up the match. It looked specifically for caching bank. Such with sustainable save with hov life finishing desiging net tamper. Gd hello samantha. You've evening ankles. She thinks he was opening. Did you try set up a bowl by the super nova meech to miss my history mama's so yes which is premier podcast. Follow very cool. More coke is titled so hilla. Shawna ma'am say dawson sexy. Itis coca star dominated human knowledge. We collect our komo. Simplicity betsy this brow. Google rare tebessa growl. Discover key new brazil follow the ball county status on all about their other cokie starter and also nov orelon amanda phone call keystone asset jarvis because allah moscow. The sunset season's premiere followers sibolga. Comunicacion intimidate houghton gebro mode a suicide bombing down. The suspect jarvis say party conscious. Hello to pay dato. In three aspects go hello salami to keep people cinci bain and save needs. Okay even here advice biden. Also jeans talk complaint all star cast spice for almost. You've also bipolar. They're all vetus sympathy keys there. He's put their survive for the party. Jaguar pacino green room. You know day she. D a synonymous gasset notations across civic carnivals cares no they should allow comparisons matter pharmacy for after usable suburbs. Milton puzzle halliburton to see homage. I've got a guy. He did us the me. Cows will say okay. If you could put a key spirit which was up advocates. Georgia needs to be on the podcasts. Halos for the castle. Protocols is details on part of cash for silvio podcast to heal our sooner meal to further casher skip bail so for that guy schipol podcast presenting mayes vinci. While quadruple these days. Jesse narrow say give pies platter farmers.

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324 | Property Market Outlook 2021  Chat With Cameron Kusher, Executive Manager of Economic Research at REA Group

The Property Couch

1:20:20 hr | 6 months ago

324 | Property Market Outlook 2021 Chat With Cameron Kusher, Executive Manager of Economic Research at REA Group

"Welcome to the property couch each week. You get to listen to two of australia's leading experts rice. Holloway co host of location location location ustralia box lifestyle channel co host of escaping the city on the abc and partner of impel. Wealth advisory thin kingsley. Chair property investors council of australia and the founder of in powell th advisory named the two thousand eighteen in two thousand and nineteen property advisory firm of the year stay tuned as they renew the insiders guide to property finance and money management. I welcome back to the property. Catch welcome back to you to ben. Oh just wow. I'm an i'm just coming off the highs in the summer series and now we're back in the wreck into it fabri already or in writing still some awas. We cut the summer series. Short ones still. Some heavy obtaining melvin threesome seriously this has not lane osama it is a jock waiting out just said you know tough year. You don't get rewarded osama good way to actually having this discussion with andrew summer thinking because i've been living here long enough now which will have a summary in luck. The same is ridiculous. Bring family. I prepared than they look at me and i go. What is this. We want to go home and actually get some sound on. Beck's so i think it's It's a february match your victorious over the great divide and you have osama styling sort of the great dividing just like sit around anyway but we love malvern. Call from speaking of which pause at a good wing. Lock lazing on google for metals. Doing very well to a so. So the reason we don't do some series in february venezuela's the pointy end. its status. will it's really where all the action happened. With holding up the properties. Even though january was hotter than usual now particularly in melbourne with all the agents wanting to do but catch up from their lockdown last year. But some so there's a big guy on so we got a very exciting guest tonight. We have property market outlook twenty twenty one with heavy heating gifts. I stick around shortly. we're going to Have a chat with chemical show which is amazing but before we couple of things on a whole lot. We launched a increase in asocial. 's over all of december january. And we're doing going forward so lots of content. Lots of free content learning content on social in particular facebook instagram side. Stigma put some links in the shire nights. Fetus deduct over there habitant. Lok this really really great harris those check out so just to vermont facts of that but also just a little. Thank you to all of the for osama series. It's it's the exciting part of the which said that. A number of tom's It just transforms people's lives and it just goes to show that other people can do not sell a quick. Shout out to brendan Rene grandma max. Raymond damase iodide mock. Oh selena megan mcvay eric. Today kelly vikas and sam phoenix bribes. Sol's who wanted to come on and share this story been so i just wanted to pause and reflect Remind folks that was brian for them to come on and hut flavor enjoyed. Yeah while i'm in you know. We encourage people to run a money smart system in control money and then bicyclist thought that financial transformation sei is definitely one of the most important pieces of work. We do To help god is in to hear. Their stories is just incredible and what we have seen from it his again more people signing up to atom awhile photo so i a thirty two thousand people A now registered to use the platform. They get themselves organized. The nets just great to see that in terms of the the having a guy at the simplest money management solution at nine eight multiple multiple accounts and bucket savory way An approved why we heard how much just even the seven day fly on transformed people's lives in terms of knowing that they're in control of their money And then you know. Wealth comes off that side throughout the course of the year. We really do talk a lot about the well story and property being out food vehicle. Full that But if you don't get your money you know what you're nowhere because you want to get lending in vietnam Lending you can go out and buy that s. If you're looking to ball i and and basically build on that wealth and it'll shut at to attain minutes. It takes a lot of work to get that some series kicked off Up and running in the office went through a lot of attention to make sure we tried to get as much of a cross section of different age brackets different agendas different walks of law to think. She succeeded really well in sending that lawn up. So what sticky. Thank thanks for that and won't onto emma an audience. Well i am all wanna do a shoutout to anyone listening to this bend that was impacted by some series and i want people to set themselves a goal because way will do cool at a guy Towards the back end of this calendar year. We're going to look who wants to come on some series and you can say for full all walks of life that we get on someone who was impacted who wants to sit themselves. A gall to come onto our summer series owner said that challenge at to folks because if you want to transform your financial future it's really simple to register for the platform. Get the free book and actually put it into place for the next ten and a half months and so then you can come and tell you a story on the podcast. 'cause we wanna from you so i'm putting it at nas italy set to go The news resolution that you are going to come on series in december january. This coming year Mike sure you're going to do that and high. It's really easy. All you do with with apple. Second bestselling mike money single again. So i'm bestseller fright owner mike money. Siblings dot com. That i you and that not only gives you the book but it also sets up your free account in the mall of total to run your money spots bikes barriers to entry. What's who have set the goal. Callan summer series. We cannot wait to talk to you in ten and a half months him looking forward to that we asked for pelvis. summiteers was i serve. It was very successful. Could ever thousand people became back to us. Ben guy was tapes of feedback to shut up at the forty dollars to keep the. It's confusing but we're gonna time down the forty become. Obviously there was hates. Him hates the feedback which we really really appreciate. And of course We put out a carrot decide if you give us some feedback. We're going to give you a free report which we've given straight out to run seven guides financial wellbeing but also been there was a winner. And if you've got to ask social you'll say the process that we went through To to win up the random random enough sour exhauted. Decide that tom abbott You are the winner. We have your email address. We're gonna send you a little link just to reach out to your the winner. Ben what did i get. What tom death well. Tom has access to all of our property. Racial platforms so are we have obviously the celek residential property which is out out property research to help anyone mike the decision and understanding demand and supply saba of living so we got some amazing products over slavelike heison school day asada got suburb growth which is really cheap and easy to do predictions up to one two three capital garage predictions at the saba livable has is all units. Selo hold so yet old kind of happiness. Tom has a five hundred dollar gift. Fat johnny can choose to use it anyway won't so when he got an idea and what he wants to do it can contact us. We'll get him match reports atl the subscriptions or whatever. He wants to decide congratulations on. Tell them that's accelerating so hopefully get some value out of acton Unites be the person comes onto summiteers and tells us how the un battelle you pick a weapon on next. Tuesday we are not only we starting the podcast but obviously picked which is association ron property investors. Full property mrs. It's a non for profit. The idea is to help you. Organize educate and obviously advocate on behalf of all of the property investors at in the country. I'm we have. We're starting off with a huge hyun and that we have got one of australia's top mortgage brokers who was running one of the biggest franchise networks in a mortgage broking as gonna come and share. He's kind he's gonna come on and share his knowledge of how you set up. We talk about. Property is not just a game of bricks and mortar. I'm finance ross. Is gonna share all the audience around strategy structure and had lending in twenty twenty one. So i wipe for that. But here's the deal. Ross it's not someone from the public can go. You need to be a registered member of the association. Five dollars will get your membership for twelve months twenty dollars for five years as soon as you are registered we are sending out reminder eight miles wrought up to the event of that night. You'll say that and then you can register a private web. Anna full a members only been ww dot dot dot Gallon sauna up as a membership and bicycle. You will be added to the database and you'll get one of the monterey miles out to register full that webinar pretty good enough reason for me recommend to fall bucks gone. Listen to that. We've been lasting for expended Announcement which is always proven to be popular Shed your thoughts and feedback to set up the just a reminder in your podcast fade. I if you go to the perfect. I i think obviously puts that open. How youtube channel Typically differently do have it. They're actually so one dollars three places you can go and listen to your feedback which is always sought for might always well prepared. So let's kick it off my mindset. That i've been as i- continuation all that infringe an influence which i did to the back end of last year. A probably didn't understand the enormity of how many wakes this would be to get through this book down still enjoying going to say So quickly and i watch at the nineteen is about. It's an appeal that everybody likes to old people. You may have a high regard for themselves and locked to be fallen and unselfish in the estimated. Been even you been as would saporta piermont. J pierpont morgan observed in one of these analytical. Interludes that a person usually has two reasons but doing number one the one that sounds good and number two a real one so the person himself will think of the real reason. You don't need to emphasize that. But all of us being idealists at hot locked to think of motives that sam would so in order to change people appeal to enable emotive so there's a couple of examples which always think the gold in the examples in each chapter rockefeller instead of saying Don't take photos of kids. Said sort of would snowed in the kids. Best interest for them to get so much publicity to appeal to the the listen photographers. There was a landlord collecting rent way. One of the tenants hit. Look all demanding. That i get out of my life. Even that was four months to go in the landlords in the rod by You're noble man euro your man of your word. I'm gonna let you decide. Gown sleep on the three is if you come back and you still think that's the wrong thing to do. I'm going to let you out of the lace of course appealing to to the road. If this person said night we're going to honor l. a. That was another one where an automobile was trying to collect. service bills. Have six people who hadn't pied agai through the humility sighing. You're a good person. You know better than anyone. Tell us the reason why. I'll give you the bill. And then you tell me how much you gonna pi five out of six tied. The whole lot to out of the six came back more now. So the principle number nineteen is very simple. Appeal to now bella tips so they got fox hunt for that you for wake him up. Gotta use that or excess that in your conversations in your dollar whether it's at work whether it's a time so i'm ben. We've got a very very very special guests that i'd kick it off. Wave go to chat with cameron kushtia. It was an insult full interview. It was very very fun. We did a. Let's cut to that interview now or i ban. Today's very special guests. We chatting with cameron. Kushtia he is the executive manager of economic research at the groups specializing in primary and secondary daughter analysis property mccormack tree and consultancy cameron has a thorough understanding of the fundamental such as demographics trends economics and spatial analysis and is a regular speak if a property related groups industry button is an cooperation government sectors. Welcome to the property cap cameron. Thanks for having me. Ben our throw to have you on absolutely throw to have your own long time in the in the planning as playing But you you you've put yourself to a position in the marketplace where you'll views Well sort after well and You know you have in the sweet spot of your career. But it wasn't always that why you always at you'll pay. Can you take us back to the beginning. And let us know how you how you going into the property industry streaming out of out of uni what to the pathway look. Pathway was an interesting one Sort of new always interested in property back in high school and probably didn't does Blocked managed to get into property economics at university thinking that i wanted to be a property developer But property by a lot of valuate values Ended up doing work. Experiencing evaluation firm and that sort of thing realize the valuation definitely will for me so i did go on work for a property developer for a wall they would the my successful developer and and i probably left to beat of a bad taste in my mouth realize that was really what i wanted to do. And then from there. I ended up getting a job with a nationwide appear in brisbane as property researcher and author on a gun mathematician or anything like that but also kind of interesting statistics. led me into that role in our economy. Nevertheless they sort of roles since then from there. I went on A consultancy firm it was advising development zone. Product makes some property tops price points of what to build and then after that Worked for ati daughter. Tom then eventually became co logic with spent eleven and a half. he's in property research role. And then i joined. Rei group in october twenty nine pain. I've been here since a always been very interesting in property dada looking at trends. What's happening in the market. I'm still at y. And that's kind of where of of ended up today. You feel like you want to look back to the beginning. Given the understanding you have of an markets and the access to the research to actually instead of advising the developers to actually be the develop. I don't think i'd wanna go back to being in a problem. I'm not. I'm the much the are bit. Risk adverse So probably a little bit too much stress for me being a property developer particularly at the moment given given some saying in the property developing straits. I now i'm quite content. Where at the moment use bar. You backed up on a memory cameron about the The pi day nationwide stuff runoff stumbled. Across i think it was probably an all night on magazine bitam and then always doing some. Just lead you guys. One of the first stop bringing outlays little suburb reports area reports locker was look. It was goal because it was free. I were able to get some understanding of what we're stop. It was wide before where we are today where you jeff special tools and always drilling tools that you can now do. That's online it. You know it was. It was pioneering. Stop how much did you have to do. With the with nausea. Polls all the issued a lot of them but The reality was the that stuff had actually been set up at the day. Nationwide visa gordon douglas with the founders of a nationwide were. Were quite visionary. I think in respected by soil the value of the researching of the property market long before they competitors now diaper bhai where eventually bought out by collies consumed into that that bigger brand. But i think the business that i built starting up on the gold coast Was pretty phenomenal recognized. As obviously that's why by a big company value in purchasing the business. There was definitely the go-to data for queensland dawn. On you know they they really wasn't anything else and then obviously i played dada fist. And then off. We've gone on this trajectory to where we are today. And and now you find yourself. Obviously the premier sort of property portal and research team in the country. It's Obviously dada has just not even just in residential property beds in oakland aspects of business obey increasingly important probably increasingly commodity caused as well think you also to businesses realizing the power of the data that they haven't information coming to rei. Now one of the really exciting things is that you have this huge audience that comes to rei and you can gather so much data from what they're doing on your portal everyday Telling us how they requiring with real estate agents and it's an it's really powerful the sort of inside that you can't get about what's happening in the market just looking at transactional data Camera your mom recently. Put out a book about being a kid. A child of an spa fascinating winning in to a couple of interviews that had little. Can you can you point of view of what was it like growing up with a mom who was a child of a spotted. Was there any any sort of one's for you in your job will not at all we. If you actually read the book family basically never talked about it. are the my grandfather was was was But he died when my mother was seventeen so i never met him in anew that my grandmother was kind of involved within until i read the book in really not how much was involved. Three children never actually spoke about anything. I'd heard that they were involved with the petro The soviet union is back in the nineteen fifties but that basically the Story on at ever heard reading the book was quite Probably intensive the stuff. That's actually in the book Died have stories unfortunately for my childhood because they were told to not talk about night. I didn't really talk about it all now with you with your knowing similar stories is it opened up a whole avenue chats at family catch up off the is a new. It definitely has a lotta to bat I think sister's meant to be coming up for From melbourne this weekend regard catch up for dinner. Parents place on satellite Now that we've read the book that we a few questions in a few scott on what was said in what happens. It should be an interesting Interesting catch up now obviously mark questionnaire with with granddad bang spa and your mother seven namely past. Did he pass of natural causes. He wasn't poisoned or anything crazy. Now again a plug for the book. The book the books code with marlene ally in the story in there is the by mother until she was in her forties actually believed that he was just on a mission that he had gone bakers Went off die. Weren't allowed to ask any questions. Some for weeks at For the alone times and again. I didn't even know this. Apparently she thought that he was still alive. Was just on a mission somewhere. You're gonna have been land when she talked about that story when she was being interviewed on on the telly. And you're gonna live that land because it imagine the the mental gymnastics that are going on to process gray for sure. Hold back all. Is it really real. And she talked about howard halt and alleged sessions. This was this was normal stuff so account. Imagine what what was going on few moment. That's all main unfortunately that deducted from a heart attack and was actually what happened but for a long time. She wasn't sure if that was the truth in poverty. She wasn't actually bad when he when he did pass away. Saw yet spirits actually Mcginn cameron the name of the book. As with little. And it's written by lady. Sandra hogan sandra hodge. I can say so. What what were the dina conversations your dinner table around money off on so i mean yes you. You're more conservative was was that sorta led through the watching your parents soul my parents. Actually you know probably back in the day to quite a lot of risk side. My father actually started is working career as a chalky on the essex our attain years old i knew he had shares but i never knew what she says he had a when he always same to know when the gold price was gonna go up but he never actually seemed to bind to go and Should both go back then. But they did Probably some forty. This year. When i were probably when i was probably ten started investing in residential property on i think at one point they probably had six seven investment property so they had a to investment properties on the central coast of new south wales in umana by investment properties So we that we grew up in bloomberg in queensland Investment property inbound moral they investments investment property at a couple of investment properties of atonement sunshine coast. I would definitely Pretty investors themselves have done quite well out of that board into the into blame barron in knob queensland in nineteen ninety-three if anyone knows bloomberg what it was lie in nineteen ninety-three it was full of wolfe's it was full of. They used to be people getting stabbed at the pomona saturday at my grandmother on. My mother's side actually cried when i told her. That board. belinda. It was the worst place in brisbane to live on. It's it's clearly changed quite a lot since that time is probably now one of the better places brisbane to live in very popular a inner city. Suburbs side. They did very well out of there. But equally i leapt on powder works Eleanor hearts in sydney overlooking they on the northern beaches overlooking the karston out. If i probably could've kept that property. And if i did. Keep that property Probably would have done equally as well if not better. Out of out of holding onto that interesting Property i suspect is that sort of that merge off coming into your your inquisitiveness into getting into the property. Spice world doesn't explain the conservatism cameron. Well i mean conservatism. From the fact that i just i want to take on the risk of being a property developer myself. I'll take risks Elsewhere in notre expensive things but distress of my in my life of being a property. Developer have aspirations to be ceo owned business. I'm happy half what i do working. Someone else said letting the the big bosses have the stressful situations on. I'm we're all the beneficiaries of of you having that attitude because we get to analog dada which we'll pivot to property. Can you give us a summary on the year that we will never forget. You know we've obviously taken a breath of christmas and reflected on twenty twenty and your opinions were sought after enormously through at a really unsettling. Tom what what is your report on. The will never forget. Think obviously win covert hits. There were a lot of predictions that property prices gonna experience lodge price foles at rei. We'd never released subscribe to that. We thought the yes. The market would probably fall but in probably looking at a peak to trough full of about five percent. And i think there's a couple of reasons why that was the case in. We knew what we felt. The reserve bank was going to cut interest rates aggressively and we felt that there was going to be some stimulus coming for the residential property market. What we probably went clear on his. How flexible the banks. We're gonna be with allowing people to pause mortgages. Obviously no one knew the federal government was getting a do job. Caper jobs sacred. That was certainly gonna help things but we thought that people will underestimating the impact of interest rate cuts in what that was going to have on the residential property market in every single time and time again when when the economy falls into the whole Residential property is the place that the federal government's state governments through like to stimuli side. But of that when you consider the it's the fest recession in in thirty almost thirty years we've come out of a quad quickly in. The housing market has proven to be remarkably resilient. But if you look at how we how things were going coming into the covid period we had the federal election in twenty nine saying we had relaxation of the macroprudential policies. bicycling stride. Why after that we. We started to say the housing marketing proving true light twenty non pain. Twenty twenty was looking early on like it was going to be a pretty positive year sows volumes. Are we starting to see some more price coming. The market finally and that was certainly disrupted by covid out partly also went covid. Heaton international borders with shot. People can count spend money like that usually spend money. The government assistance was. They've april some people. Could po superannuation twenty thousand dollars to financial Out of superannuation build was announced. There was a lot of positives for the residential property market And i think people were just looking at. How could i can fix up. One point nine percent for four years At that's pretty attractive for people to take that risk and take on debt amendment clearly. A lot of people are doing that. And i think they've got to continue to that brilliant summary omen. Yes we will start. The loss aversion was going to potentially play a role in terms of paper activity on. It's not locker. Shamrock it where it moves so quickly we also thought the behind you would be one off a white and say. And that's what we did say ron just knives. Stolk throughout twenty twenty was also another significant sam element to that story and and that probably is a good segue into what we want to talk about tonight. Which is really the outlook for the twenty twenty one. I want to start with sort of can we. Let's talk about The the economy the economic settings so we saw governor lower speak yesterday. I we've got the The quarterly opt coming out in regards to their rightful costs today. What's your read on on the strain economy. And then you know what's happening will from a global point of view Back into the demand and supply property. Yeah i think australian economy's doing surprisingly well Uh think if you look at the full costs for bid loss. Ge unemployment rate of ten percent. Vase down. I send unemployment the end of two thousand twenty with six point. Six percent the employment participation right was back above water was pre covid was the highest. That ever was a nine in december of twenty. Twenty retail trade was very volatile throughout the covid period but spain. Strong pretty much ever since we stayed household saving Levels pay to the highest level on record side people do have a lot of excess cash. And i think that really exactly what to do with it but just pocketing nut in a bank is gonna get you any return. So i think we're seeing increasingly people putting that into mortgage offset accounts. And i think a lot of people at the mina looking for those second properties looking to upgrade their property into a a bigger and better property Mole internationally obviously. We're extremely lucky. Year destroying covid cases a very At the point where we are shutting down cities for a few days because one case gets out the community Rethink that one case outlet communities terrible have a look. I've got to lord. Lives in seattle will look at what's happening in the. Us have a look at what's happening in the We're extremely lucky it. Audrey think way reminds me a little bit slower now vaccine rolla If it's good enough for the president of the us the quaint of england. They sort of people to have a wattage delaying getting the vaccine out. There yes we are in a better position than most other countries but we want things to get back to more normal as quickly as we possibly can more broadly frustration than we are facing some challenges as we know that there's been a lot of support from the reserve bank in the amount of bonds they're purchasing but also having trouble keeping they australian dollar dan an obviously Dollar will certainly help out exporters. So that's why they continuing the bodies these these bones at the moment. But i win along the the central banks around the world going. Negative reserve bank seems extremely reluctant to do that. That's why the time on any interest rate hawks is a is pushing out further and further of the because is still gonna be some hurt from this recession for a number of years and the reality also is the reserve bank has actually Prior to covid either now that mandates for two to three percents inflation right over the over the the term. They haven't hit that for five years. We haven't had full employment in australia. Since before. The gfc employment rights falling asleep at the moment but underemployment still very high particularly youth unemployment as well as is he coming out of university. It's it's quite difficult to find a job. And i think that's gonna Supportive monetary policy for quite some time in iran. Interesting to see what happens over the next year but you could probably argue as well that the government should step up with more fiscal policies to help as well as job caper jobs. Seca have been gripe bit like a what comes next after that. What what do we what. What's government doing to get the economy back and firing econ late at also monetary policy particularly when monetary policy sitting at a cash. Right appoint one percent from the recession for a number of us. Why would you say that manifesto. Where do you see that sort of appearing outlook. I think the tourism sector is always again a struggle while whilst ever we've got ta the the incident of international borders shot Also i've always breakouts in Stike governments shut shot. The domestic borders as soon as i out of one or two cases anyway that continues to hurt the tourism sector universities struggling at the moment. Because i have become very reliant on. I see students what was going on at the moment. accepting a lot of our Commodities over there at the moment. So that's a challenge to find either bike as with john and get them buying out buying out products again on finding alternative pop which is pretty difficult when china's biggest trade partner and just generally people case. Starkly the unemployment right. I can't remember the exact figure but it was four point five Before somewhere in the fullest before the gfc and it's never got back below five percent since the j. afc so even though technically we didn't have two consecutive quarters of economic contraction during the day of see we did say the unemployment rights spike in. It's never got back to where it was. Think while we making really good progress in terms of getting the unemployment rate down. in Reported down quickly but getting it back down to even the five percent we were at before covid. He is probably gonna take a bit longer than people are expecting horizon. Good point around You know the ib heating the talkative guy in full employment and inflation target. And you're we're some sparks in regards to inflation on certain elements because of you know certain events that are occurring but long-term Can comes from y garth and that. That's the greatest challenges in in terms of especially with chinese economy digitalising economy. Have you got any views in terms of what might happen to wijers growth. I think it's gotta be wake until we get back to know close to full employment because every gun is continue to be quite a lot of slack in the labor force out there are gonna be shortages of of Shortages of supply'll staff certain areas in. We don't have specialists in every area. We need here in australia. And if coming from overseas that he's gonna grits and challenges united mattie businesses look at race killing some of their stuff to learn where they do have these shortages. But as you say the the biggest challenge and the biggest thing that will drive inflation is a better economy more people employed in wages growing again. So that's the case then again. I think that's gonna take some time in the reserve. Bank governor flag that he's. He's not expecting that that's going to happen at least until about twenty twenty four be. He's starting to take a little bit of a glass half full view of things. Maybe a little bit more gloss off empty and that might actually be a good thing because if we look at the lost decade A lot of the focus of where the reserve bank said we debate over the next couple of years. Just simply haven't come to fruition. That's that's why there is now such a focus on trying to get people back into work at that employment right law and that's that's what the economy needs to improve lovely summary there any. I mean i'm f- quickly on the world stage by upgraded their global full costs by a couple points. So i think it's fought point four five five from five point to do and i were talking about potentially a recovering. The us but a poor recovering. You kind europe. Do you can conform to that view or is there anything else that you think will have any impact on us Dan under yet. It's probably hard to have too much view on that. But i think that if you look at the vaccine rollout in parts of the world or doing very well I guess it's gonna come down to the efficacy of those vaccines. What happens with some of these mutant strains that we're saying well. The vaccine is going to be useful for that. But i think where we are main the case numbers of a pretty horrendous but the fact we have got a vaccine in less than twelve months I think i'll read some time. Mazda the foster save a vaccine rollout to this was basil's at it took four years for that vaccine to be rolled out we've rolled out of axiom for covert in less than than twelve months. So if you're able to do that. I think that's that's gonna be overall positive. I mean you look at china. It's it's pretty much back to normal oversee. It's a big chunk of the world economy a lot of symbolic of trade between china. And the us there's a new administration in the us. Probably gonna take the covid a covered situation a little bit more seriously than the previous fund thousand. I think we can be a little bit more optimistic about the world economy. I think we it'd be naive to think there's not going to be some more challenges going forward as well when you published on twitter chop. It was interesting that You know two thousand two thousand and twenty properties listed on your sought that sold and then for twenty twenty one. There was a massive spark. I've just to see a child on a podcast. But our bet three thousand for the two years prior and then the up about five thousand full full. Twenty twenty one. What are you. Wouldn't you say Happening in the early part of the year. And i'll be to generalize around property because there's so many market segments but There's people lining up on santa for opens supply challenge. There's no shortage of demand for a lot of things you talked about in terms of people didn't have anything to spend their money on. They wanna put it somewhere. What's what's with all the experience that you've got. What with those with those storms conversion. What are you seeing happening in the next sixty to ninety particular i think i think the market's going to be very strong over the next sixty to ninety days in terms of so five weeks into twenty twenty one and if we look at how many styles we had over the first five weeks of this year compared abandon the first five weeks vaasie darting. That's a very small sample saw as sales volumes up thirty point five percent nationally From where they were at this time last year if we look at the areas where we say the biggest increases now regional regional northern territory. And i mean we're talking very low sales volume say there are over two and ten percent from where they were at the same time off. Street dow is up ninety three percent but some of them are some of the large areas of the country so melbourne asylum volume so far this year up forty eight point eight percent from where they were twelve months ago. Regional western australia up. Sixty eight point two percent from where they were months ago. Our regional south australia europe forty percent regional queensland up by thirty five percent and then if we actually look at the the region where we saying the really big increases in It's a bit of a mixed bag but generally regional markets. There's clearly a lot of demand there. And i think that sort of new normal situation that we're in if we look back to before covid the people that we've given flexibility to work from. It was generally more senior people in a business now botch last year. Most businesses pissed off harmon. In a lot of instances people going back in maybe a couple of days a week or just working from home time now so i think gun for there is going to be expectation. That people are given that flexibility. In given that. I think what we saying is a lot more interest in regional markets and rachel markets connected to capital city in new south wales. Somewhere like the southern highlands in hyphen. We saying not huge volumes of sales in that market prices on the gold coast and sunshine coast jillang bendigo dollar at these kind of areas. Where if you absolutely have to commute into the office a couple of days a week It's gonna take its time but it's not the not the end of the world But you know you can. You can sit. You can the other three or four days of the week. He could work from home. You can have that right lifestyle not Go down for a swim. First thing in the morning gopher gut surf likely often Finish work. i think people are realizing that. There's some really strong benefits of working remotely in a more flexible working arrangement going forward and i think long term. I think what we're going to see this year's going to be quite interesting because as things get back to normal conditions on people to say i will. This is why i went lived in sydney melbourne. Yes the prosser. Property is very expensive. But you've got to laze benefits. Ause restaurants soul of that or people gonna say hi. I can work flexibly. So i can do that. Cbo belkin job. And i can. I can do that in. i can do that. From delong commute all. I can do that at alighted commute back to the main office. Neetu will work in the local office in adelaide. A couple of days awake at the rest of the week brisbane or go to sunshine coast or places like this said we might actually see a bit of a change in weather at the man. She's through this year in are generally speaking. I think that we have these very low borrowing costs. We've got really strong demand out there in the mock. We've got a real lack of supply of stock. Actually valuable sil- at the kind of combination of old is factors. I think he's gonna to carry on at least for the next ninety days. I think probably three might have a of twenty twenty one and we're gonna see a really strong. A housing market with lots of demand increasing sales and process being pushed higher ivy ivy twenty twenty one signet regional based on similar things. You signed. Because i think i think what you said is the fringe commutable regionals versus the the non fringe. And i think there's a real separation between what's the longevity and what doesn't have the longevity in some of its just opinion wrong but how can we look onto the vial of how you guys differentiate the have you segmented the regionals or is it just fringe commutable and other kind of just talk capital cities in restive sites but then we do look at some of the major regional areas like Sunshine coast along. Illawarra southern highlands newcastle. Those kind of areas. What we're actually finding some of the strongest markets amendment are are actually a little bit more remarks at coffs harbour area. That's really really strong at the moment. In terms of sales volumes in terms of number of us properties are getting relisting richmond. Tweed of his eight points barin and all the way up to the coin. Sign boorda really strong. Market there at the moment the wheat belt of south australia. Which you kinda scratch your head. Got way that is. It actually includes albany. Now albany's six six hours drive from perth saying really strong Views listing in that market as. Well sorry it whilst you probably think that. It's going to be just as areas attached to the capital cities. We're seeing some of those more remote areas now now. Somebody like of saba. There is an airport. They can jump on a plane back to sydney. If you need to do it but I do question the longevity on the is i think it is actually gonna come back to those areas a little bit closer to the capital city. Because i think whilst now people can work remotely. I think longer term. It's going to be more of a flexible working arrangement. Like you still need to be able to get into the office if we ask you to coming here and that might be a dial two awake and that becomes a little bit more difficult if you're if you're more remote than saying being in that regional mark of this on the attached to the capital city. Another interesting trend is if we look at the capital cities where we saying all of the demanded and all of the really big increases in sales volumes of the outer areas of the capital city the mornington peninsula in. Victoria's absolutely booming views publicity role dubbed. I've lost sales volumes up significantly at the central coast of you south wales now. A lotta people in city will tell you. It's not part of cba. Technically it is part of sydney sales. Volumes booming they used car listing rubbing the end even queenside in places like Ipswich logan by desert some of these new areas on the outskirts of the city the kind of areas where we saying big increases in demand as well so i think probably for the last twenty or thirty years. It's all about you've got to live close to the city sent. He gotta leave choice to where everything is i think people now evaluating Spice moved to these areas. You have a bit more of a. You have a better lifestyle. You might be obligated. Big a big a block of land to go live on. And i think that's the kind of thing that's attracting people in in. This part is covered throughout And looking forward to what life looks like after covid world some real golden that People who are listening to this should take to heart because if you if you bought into leaving that's one thing but a lot of sort of Thinking about whether they are investing in its roundabout whether you're chasing short-term growth as speculate or whether you're chasing long-term consistent growth over. Tom and i think that The the the big question is in threes to on when we're not talking about roy navarre's as acutely as we are now. Warren buffett. always boss. Something that you would you would be happy to keep you. The market shutdown detainees. And you've got to have that mentality with some of the regions. I think because if all some of the regions that are still got connection to save day baton. It's the regions that even even orange indaba which really great places they still for for for consistent commute. That'll be that would be a dry and so it's something that people should keep in mind if the doing with an investment paragon versus a a title off style chines jr full for principal residence. If i guess from an investment perspective as well they some of the areas that i mentioned are the areas that we saying the biggest increase in views palestinian for rental properties if we look in in new south wales for example over the past year listing for the central coast of new south wales. It's one hundred fifty point nine percent The ad western blue mountains is up one hundred three point. Five percent Southern highlands show haven views Rental listing up one hundred ninety three percent the capital region of southwest which surrounds the ict. Up one hundred. Ten percent in in victoria the areas where people are looking for Rental fuse palestinian. Basically drought everywhere. Melvin up in their up. Seventy five percent of the mornington peninsula there eighty percent in ballarat rob In queensland the outer suburbs of brisbane where we're seeing the biggest increases in rental views per listing in sunshine. Coast is up one hundred twenty five percent gold coast off one hundred ten percent so i think the other thing that we saying is that people are thinking. I might be interested in buying in this area. But let's go draw six or twelve months and if we actually ready to commit to this long term side will probably start getting even better idea of these over the next six to twelve months off the people of god to try this out for a little while and saying if they can make it work and if they do lock it but again the the areas where we saying. This is the unpopular rental areas of always been the inner city. Areas are Pockets it does seem to be shifting to the more affordable savas end the lost all areas on the outskirts of the capital cities in touching into those regional positive each site that surround the capital city or live on the surf coast here in victoria. The the vikings he rise officially zero off can anecdotally on the grand ole list. All the school parents are gonna be really creative in fawning rental. So that's one thing and go to a property on the go coach that That flood recently and so long story short we had to. The tenant moved out and as a result once we fix it. Fix up the the water damage. The rates are going to jump Somewhere between seventy and ninety dollars just from attendant in the heart of covid where it was a little bit scary to now so just just reinforces. You'll point that the demand for rentals in some of these actions are off the charts. I think also expanding on that on. We're seeing what the government responsibilities have been around a locking down metropolitan areas but keeping regional areas. I think that's that's also. I don't wanna be on the hundred lockdown so walking azov metropolitan area with a view that you might get up. They'd why before live or whatever that is. But i think i wanted to circle back to your comments around the first five weeks cameron because what what what. A lot of people need to put into context theories that was genuine february last year. We were building momentum as you as you mentioned earlier we were on a crest of a wide and then obviously carbon heat so that first five weeks of last year was actually pretty goud starting point for the full. It obviously false dotted but to be thirty percent up on that nationally. Just tells you what we're sort of looking at so obviously more next question for you is around the mix all on r- occupier activity from a demand point of view compared to invest is because traditionally lower interest rates. The investors sniffs around but the early early data that we were saying suggesting that this was actually more on occupy laid off sizes moving out to the the experts. What's the what's the data telling you around the the blamed of on rocky We start to see invest the inquiry creep back up first time is still outweighing. Investors in the market which this stimulus for them I think some investors A lot of investors of usually had the mindset. I'd bonding the city of pop. And richard out negatively geared with borrowing costs I think it is increasingly increasingly. Difficult in some instances to negatively geared property Some investors have probably burnt a little. Bit owning is in a city apartment properties as well and probably weighing up. Do i keep this. Hallowed are international. Board is going to be conformed or do i have to get out. But i think that's kind of a a new wave of investors. I think cash stop people from from sydney melbourne. Brisbane all looking at that. Second property a lace Abm bay or one of these kata saddam time of the year and then going use it on the weekends when it's available manufactured looking in regional australia oversee search activity has increased dramatically in terms of what people are searching for the number of searches for prices over a million dollars in regional. Stri has actually shot up dramatically over the last four months as well said while i think the popular narrative is all capable count afford sydney unbalanced. Side they're moving to these regional areas and that certainly happening but we're also saying is people that are already catched up moderate i'm a few investment properties analogous looking for that investment property at a fairly hard price in In regional parts of the country is well welcome. And i think that the investors coming back into the mock really be something to watch these see because the cash rights have point one percent whilst historically you kind of look for a five five and a half percent gross rental yield on a residential property percent yield nowadays in a very low yielding. Environment is attractive if you can get some capital growth on top of that. Then i adding from an investor's perspective that takes the boxes but again i think different of investors. It's probably able to may be looking to negativity. Deer property may be positive positive gearing of the properties for them I think that's a think. And i think the the other point to make in inner city markets. If you have the one and two bedroom star does seem to be struggling but three bedrooms stock. You know there's from Is a real lack of supply. Three bedroom rentals in the city markets as well and when they are available they being snapped up very quickly a really good process so i think the mindset of the just has to change a little bit. It's not just gonna be gone blind in the city apartment or go and by a an inner city according to one or two bedrooms. It's going to be something a little bit larger in the inner city or moving to these out suburban areas all these regional markets attached to the capital cities. So let's finish off that time demand sought of Think it's it's it's definitely the case that the rausing talks Asset appreciation is going to occur in a lot of areas the other interesting Migration like way way expected that the demand story in predictions last year. That we would start to say some of that. immigration occurring. This is occurring with that immigration story And we're just saying the federal health minister early tonight. Talk about the board is opening as early as middle of the year. Old to the second half of the we gotta start to say is coming. The students coming back which obviously be great news for those people who built in the media. Identity stuff to just have some demand for their product Tell us a little about your thoughts on what back we'll do. Because the vast majority of the migrants arrive in settling melbourne will seed neom and this sort of usually from densely populated places around the world. So i allowed that sort of in a cd area. What's your view on that. Look i think getting the borders a backup in is going to be incredibly important for those in the city of pop markets particularly in sydney melbourne. I think until such time as we start getting people migrating back to australia. They be under a lot of pressure. And they're gonna have challenges. Finding tenants landlords are gonna have to cut the cut their rental rights to attract someone or even just kate. Whoever they've already got side the serna we can get the borders reopened. That's good news for them. I think all for developers because we are that high build has really helped but we also know that time bill has lodged the helped land developers apartment developers just some of the requirements Having to kick off within three months of signing the contract for a lot of apartment developers homebuilder hasn't provided any assistance. It all that the next three months that gap six months that might help some apartment developers a little bit more depending on timing again but ultimately you know i've been saying without homebuilder without an extension to build up Once that's gone. If the international borders shot develop as again to find a quality challenging market the realities develop is rely on first time us which are absolutely booming at the moment and large. They often rely locked on investors who aren't necessarily particularly active at the moment. I really rely on these people that have migrated to australia. Because the rules all you have to buy something brand you when you come to australia. So that means a brand new house on the outskirts of the city or that means a brand new apartment in the city so if we can actually get those borders lighter than the developers will be happy. Universities will be happy. Businesses will be happy and that will stop to see an improvement in that. Tha that Honestly i think that the rental market in inner city areas is probably going to change Gonna be changed for quite some time. I think it's gonna take a very long time for reds to recover back to. I will break over. Because i just think the demand over role is gonna be strong as it used to be because a lot of the younger able to renting in inner city melbourne or in a city. Sydney may now be more comfortable if they can work from home renting a little bit further out Not having to pay those higher rents. So when i talk about that rain saw from the demand point of view The the question. There is obviously wait. We're setting a building very mess. We talked about into reading and land developing. That's also gonna tyco put some pressure. On the rental stories i mean because ultimately if the vast majority of people ranging and then moving to the home that they've just bad adding the suburbs or in. The newest sites has has any of that analysis being on with the rei growing in terms of the level of of rental demand generally Not a specific analysis. But i think you're right there. I think you know. They recently stimulus around getting first time baas to buy the they mock so that doesn't bother property so then that creates some challenges for the owners of rental properties because you're showing that pool of potential renters the at a time when international borders are shot citing every january we usually get this big influx of international students coming into the country which is in coming together things you know that there are these tensions with china at the moment side even when the borders rate duri open. Are we gonna see. As many chinese students coming into a as we were before Maybe maybe not really knows so. I think he's gonna have some long term repercussions for the rental market. Getting so many people into that First time but there's always gonna be people moving. Tell the states for work. Goal foot Is always gonna be some people that just start one iron a property in a happy to wrench in for the next fifteen twenty years or maybe even for the rest of their lopsided Rental demand out there. But it's probably for the next few years not gonna be as deep as as but i'm not really under any any illusion that i think once the borders opening stryer again internationally is gonna be strong demand for migration to strider even out the moment. I think they're still capsule hundred. And fifty thousand a year. I wouldn't be surprised. If the migration program gets kicked off a law that once the board is reopened. And i think given how strategy is done with covid. Look at a strategist. Us a free healthcare system here in australia. Dot civil unrest that we're seeing in the us in europe you look at what's happening in europe. Australia effectively shut down. Its borders your britain. Even do that and it's an island. I think there's a lot of things in the aftermath of this will make strategy pretty attractive Wanna come here. It's how to see what people want to establish roots here had to say well. The next decade should be very prosperous The guide for people hunting property with ups and downs in certain segments. I think the k. Message that wanna give to listeners based on the backdrop of everything that you signed cameras two things one. We always have that anecdote. You know when the todd guys that you say he's been swimming naked the the opposite. Actually todd's welling at the moment wrought sites hiding everything so i think point number one is. It's still incredibly important to make sure. Asset selection reminds front of mind because they'll be a real fire in the next sixty to ninety days people wanting to jump on me sad so they go to make sure that andrew standards it's number one and number two For those people that are buying it's a seller's market. We've clearly articulated that. But you've got to be you're going to be by a ready for seller's market which means minimum conditions that. You can make your your offers attractive as possible and get acute with with the idea because you know add same is we all properties of market as as a as a group as a team of of bars that we have but right now. It's it's about jockeying for position getting in front of as many pre listings as we can and then reading the ball. I so as soon as the stock has gone goes where ready. And we're an ability to make an offer that strong purposeful and gives a vendor something to think about so. I think you know the chi river on the back of what you're saying is the todd's incidental to standards and don't be an amateur when you're making an offer you've you've got you've got to be ready to pants yet hundred percent i mean we actually just bought a place we into a new place Couple of weeks and it was one of these. Best off zine by extent and the reason we actually got was because we didn't have to sell our property move into this property and we were happy to give them a long settlement. So i think you've basically got to have your finance implies but you've also got to be able to be flexible in this environment because there's a lotta people competing for On that actually is selling the appropriate having to buy it very difficult for them to find anything at the moment as well as they receive huge lack of supply annoying iria. We've been trying to get the message out that it is a great talk. There is a lot of buzz out the we say more searches on our platform than we've ever seen before but there's a real reluctance for vendors actually bringing their properties to the market. I suspect that some of them have just sort of gone. twenty twenty. Just run that year off and heartfully ivan sort of the next couple of months we do fondly start to see more and more vendors getting that confidence to bring their properties to the market because there is a desperate need for most of the moment it's fingers crossed self-fulfilling. Isn't it like all. I want cell until melissa things come up then that becomes the spar on the wrong direction. And that is the question i you saying. Which is where we're prying pool or listings in the first bog wakes you know what's the what's the rating on that side. Unfortunately we haven't seen much of an increase in listings yet Your wife say a foldaway during the january. United december january of period. But we're not seeing it. Come back even to the magnitude. That was early. Lost you now again. That mark i kids are in school now back from that is. Let's let's start thinking about this now whilst we haven't seen it yet. We are hopeful that over the next few weeks we start to see more and more supply coming onto the market any murmurings from the agents disorder Feel they've gone a Sell apart line or any of that snuck yet. All that the idea telling us that they've got apes of sellers natron vendors at the moment that what. I haven't probably spike into to many agents early this year but a lot of them were saying to me. Light lost that they were vendors ready to go with our holding off to february next year to actually bring that to the market but type that's That's the truth than that that starts to come to fruition because Ford is in february. Start showing evidence. That's and obviously help flatten out of it. Because it'd be more stock comes fulfil batmobile. We see these prices will ever reserve starts to become night. We'll run down the mountain dew. We're obviously going from responsible. Lending natta responsible. Barring do you have a view on on that camera. A lot of people have said to me. All the responsible lending bowls getting Actually gets re parliament and you know the the The liberal party Have the upper house. So it's not sort of a fight complained that we are going to see those responsible lending moles relaxed in as i said off just taken out a mortgage in the number of questions the banks wanted to ask some rules around in rent trimming on investment properties in that A little bit crazy at the moment. Sort of a one-size-fits-all said i think it's gonna be an interesting one. Because the strength of the market process of growing again. I just burg has said that it's hindering the market but the flip side of that is well awkward process of doing look at. How many sales happening. Maybe it's not so armlock still one hundred percents That is actually going to get through parliament that we can water down those things but i think it has kind of a pendulum united at one point. It was too far in one direction. Or do you think that some of the questions that are being down when you take out a mortgage is getting a little bit over the top and result. What happened with westpac in Neither sheriff's case that just because you're spending one why when you have a mortgage doesn't mean you're gonna change your expanding behavior when you when you take out a new mortgage so i would like to say them watered down a little bit But it's finding that balance wrought in terms of property process and what we saying. Wait we all saying some pretty strong growth over the quarter of last year in terms of property processes in as as said interest rates are going to be live for very long time. You have to you have to fix mortgage rights to really access them. But i've next four years getting a mortgage right at one point on. Non percentage is pretty attractive. And unless we can actually say a big increase in the amount of stock on the market. It's pretty hard to not expect that we got a really strong prescribed In twenty twenty one probably into twenty twenty two at the stage just blending ours to conversations together. Because i mean at the end of the day demand these is is still a product of lending rodham marceau's compact cash for property. Sorry any views on potential. Throttles that you might say given that the residential probably could get a bit frothy in areas where we absolutely no the reserve bank wanna lend money into business quotas. Because that's that stimulates jobs Do you say apple Potentially playing all if we feel families and you know irrational activity going on in the marketplace. I mean the governor's spiked the other day and said property process move for four years which is essentially true side. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves with a with a bit of growth. At the moment he also said that he's not seeing any You know relaxation of lending laws at the moment or a mortgage quality. The reserve bank had to be dragged kicking and screaming the first time to use macroprudential policies. discovered that they are quite effective. i have no doubt if if we continue to say really strong proscribed we'll be reintroduced but i think that's probably more of a twenty twenty two twenty twenty three sorta prospect. I think it's unlikely at this stage. We'd see anything this year But they're off the Maybe we'll see some some taunting of is lending. Policies processed jumped ten fifteen percent this year and then stopped looking like they can do it again next year. Ending hesitate to do something to to try and cool things off a little bit but in business lending. I think one of the things that people forget is a lot of small businesses are funded through the equity in residential property rod. It's extremely hot. For small businesses to to get loans from banks without putting a putting a mortgage on the on the residential property playa processes in residential property markets in a sort of indirect way can help small businesses to go out from themselves into expansion as well wonderful summary if we were to sort of Putting some priority order around the grounds in terms of markets. To watch you have. I do have an assessment on that or a week bicycling to see pretty much. All markets performing astro only. I think we have to save all markets performing strongly. But i think it's probably The smaller capital cities the again do well-made western australia. Done very well over. The last four months is actually being really helped by todd border because it was shedding about twelve thousand people net a year to other states again. I think if people can can work remotely authentic. I'd wanna do the commute from purse to melbourne sydney too often. But i think the aftermath of covid will probably save more people. Staying in western. Australia may be not moving over to. The eastern states are on a personal. Will i think the southeast corner of quaint signed will do quite well because it still has people forget that in two thousand seven in brisbane property prices were essentially the same now the gaps about twenty five. Oh thirty percent. And i think again if he could work flexibly goldco sunshine coast both of those have regular flights to melbourne in sydney. So you could base yourself in those areas in and go back into the head office a couple of days a week if you needed to uneven Alight i think that market is gonna do reasonably well as You're close to to melbourne and sydney. You need to jump on applying another thing the outer areas of capital cities while sending somebody like melbourne is probably gonna to be challenged just because it's had a hotter onto route covid riding in our mornington peninsula along in the surf caused bendigo ballarat those kind of areas to perform quite well over the next twelve months in a city apartment markets. A gun struggle any new south wales central southern highlands the south west of sydney. But also think the really blueberries are going to be quite strong as well in other people. Even those areas the people that have lodging not been affected by covert at all any gonna be looking for those opportunities to upgrade into bigger and better properties. Somebody like the northern beijing-sydney for example we consistently say as the highest number of views per listing. But that's obviously a function of a lot of people wanting to be in there but no supply as well. And and that's gonna push up prices in those contacts while clearly a lot of people wanna get in there but there's just not stopped coming onto the market. Are they generally pretty strong road across the market. But i think probably places to watch In the southwest of w way southeast queensland at allied the out afraid jove in sydney those regional areas sort of attached to the todd is in drop your standards all around the country. Mike show us elections number one but Cameron it's easy to say. Well you tell you. i'm we appreciate you. Sharing a urine subscribe to kick off by as become alabama series to really set up. Full the look ahead so we appreciate your time. We'll put the link in for your mom's book. She can put a little word into your mom would be great for an audiobook version. Because they're not going do to speak to gripe to italian Thanks again for coming on and sharing wisdom in your insults. Thanks prosthetics fan. But he got some Some some in sought fool critique of the shrine property market and the economy in general. He's mangas bros. People gonna stop listening at one point five zero to thomas and aric and they're gonna listen to that at one times just cited. I can let old the gold sinking for those people. Who a new into the spice. There's a lot of knowledge there that he shed is people who are interested in sort of continued interest. You get sort of that. Solidification on your ideas and thinking in terms of yet. Etretat that sandra logical silo backup and so. It's just a confidence builder for those people that were coming into. Spice him for those people who need to understand when i need to do. The homework Some grinding thoughts in there and some good tips from bras as well. In terms of bonding the aside. I think it's probably emphasized that paypal monta mateo brinson repeatable it has the pedigree pay day nationwide and then just go down the road for eleven and a half years to opt be dot is slash cool logic and then just jump over the fence to rei like that's that's some serious heavy lifting the from saudi clearly clearly ninety stuff so cameron. Thank you for coming on. We appreciate your insights. We reconnect community will definitely appreciate your insights and fox use that information to set yourself up for the next sixty to ninety days. Make sure you're prepared. Mike sure bothering properties and absorb all those insults to your benefit Monolithic today. Ben is a story iva the summer break. I had the good fortune of taking my family. I've tasmania which was fabulous. And i had an accidental digital detox. So long story short on with telstra. I my fine on the bench. It dropped the corner of the screen cracked And then it bled so for about diana half like good use the screens denounce lock when you go to crack screen. But i'm about forty five minutes from haibat And so i'm just dealing with a couple of days not organize to to To get sorted in haibat get the screen replaced and has I'm telling my wife or my plans. She gives me this. Look like one of the autumns was to go to the salamanca markets. And i'm thinking. Oh drifted salamanca market so gun. She goes just guy that look just now at With their tanneries of what kind of problem arkham white out the lineup. So long story short the decision not to get fixing about that dike is will moving further north meant that. I didn't have access to my fine for about two weeks. I was the greatest thing arkansas high. Because i didn't pick it up but in check the but here's the thing we then moved into saint. Helen's central the tasmanians. That's northeast of tasmania and my what. My wife has verified. So she's not with telstra so on. I'm out of action with dell. She can't do anything shays with vita file knife service. So all we had was this very thin wireless signal Just to do some basic stuff but full formative purposes. It was a pure digital talks. A couple of weeks. I might law. Tonight is to a guy through unfond spot in your calendar somewhere in the probably. Christmas is the best but if you got on hold is to actively digital detox and just put the damn thing away because it was amazing. Those now op-eds on a trip back kids talking to us We were engaging in many connection. And milwaukee Yeah it's you don't have this problem been. You're not dictate to distraction lago. I am oil often. Pick up my mind when it's not appropriate but just different things took Actively for an opportunity throughout the where you can give yourself a digital detox because it was meaningful and it was a whole lot of mantra. And if you haven't watched the social dilemma on netflix. That will help you with the demon under the saint so they got so that's model. What's making property. News been thought on the back of what cameron was telling us about the The market i'm gonna take quick. They dive into our other guy. Tom cool logic as well. We have some amazing frames at all of the big big data repository. Such houses is swan is From around the auction clearance right. So as i real wakened been so. I think there's some interesting numbers here on a bit harder things i'm gonna do. I'm gonna rate at the city. I'm going to rate at the last year's auction results. And then they she as percentage now of course it will change during the late And i'm also going to say the number of auctions last year versus a number of options. Chiro i'm just to sorta gave you a flavor of we haven't sort of just walked into an urban. We've sort of on. And i maybe the doors of Of drop the band plying on sydney clear trite. It two point nine percent from a title number of auctions. Two hundred and seventy two auctions last year seventy two percent. So i basically eighty two so ten percent already and one hundred and fifty auctions to two hundred and seventy two options A huge increase in percentage terms in terms that we're still we're not at full strength. Wait until the end of the month will start to say. Some numbers really improved. Tim toss melvin three percent. Ross i'm three hundred eighty i last year. Sixty five point eight percent clear. That's not a bounce. A sharp recovery onto him and live auctions. Three hundred ninety from two hundred eleven. So big numbers the brisbane we do get into the smaller auction nemeses. So we'll move through these relatively quickly because where we had a fifty five percent clearance right. That was up from thirty six last year. On same number around fifty properties adlide. It three percent clearance on it compared to fifty two point nine in the early interesting. This is the only mark that had lace options so you had eighty nine options versus one hundred and five last year. Sixty seven point seven percent. Fifteen auctions is not really big business. Thirty at the double in caned beira. I'm a full percent clearance right instead of fifteen harmful three lies. Bargain gone zaire. It's tougher. They occurred that's gonna be. The message is not going to be a picnic but let's try. That is indo so with thinking about selling well autumn. Could be a crack ams of if you wanna get. I a good result. It is definitely turning into a seller's market very quickly varsity prepared to survive been you have to be able to nine what to look for. You need to be out of be value quickly need tonight. What what makes gripe probably all of the things. We've been reinforcing for three. But you need to know those intuitively experienced a navy pants. So that's that's what i said. In the chat we just have At team is is primed and ready to might show the by a position. Because you can't you can't be an amateur intimated in this market unique to be. You need to know what you're doing to actually secure the properties that will last for a long time not just getting in on any property you're going to get the raw property and you just reinforce that with what's making property cameron we thank you again for for sharing wisdom. Thanks for joining us again. Ben as we kick off a another fabulous year on the property which we have a goal to make each year better than the before. So we are going to strive for that in twenty twenty one. You may and everyone here on the team until next week while ross once we get that survey analyzed. We few dan thanks l. Listen is telling us what i i want. Yes until next week. Knowledge is empowering but only if you act act on it. Or i'd say fox hole he before you go if you're new to our community and only listen to maybe a handful of episodes. I thoroughly recommend that you go all the way back to episode number one where we unpacked all of the foundations when it comes to property investing for those of you. That might be a little bit tom. Poor of good good news for you. We have a binge. God you can download straightaway. Which summarizes the first twenty episodes. Where ben and all. I unpack the foundational pillars of the abc. And so much more and you can get that straight away you go to the property catch dot com forward slash. Tpc twenty you can download it and consume it whenever you want. It's completely free and available now and for those of you just a quick reminder that nothing we've spoken about today constitutes financial advice. We recommend that you reach out to your licensed professional advisor so that you can look at your unique circumstances before acting on any information. Don't forget go to the property. Catch dot com forward slash. Tpc twenty and get your god tonight.

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De Sol a Sol-Los nmeros que nos faltan

Latinos en la Pandemia

18:20 min | 1 year ago

De Sol a Sol-Los nmeros que nos faltan

"Osceola our heart is completed maintained individual a not in this play. Oh, not in India was not as they wouldn't medical. At low minimum bombers that is important issue. Low Minimum Protects those communities. Amazon. Don. them yet industry is. This lesson. Goggle bunny. Oklaho-. You, Dan. BIENVENUE's. Got Less, Latina and see if twist this. Episode the waitress. Felton. Luther Hillary Saturday coalescence who ran this much. Not Latina's eternal. Every Medellin, you dash offender Gordon obidos foot on the signal. Motorola. Holidays. Hit, a reckon but other noon Soliah community Lebanon. For Data Rally then known Damase Cuando. Holiday. He'll come in fact, telecom kobe decent weather but doesn't own the dinner. In it to be let Asadabad cake not know Quinta that those Nila will commend you come affect Alec Luhn Netra Harry colleague Rand Africa Ta Sandra in Arizona Khadijeh Veneto Lahar, you put it in rehearsal wins. Developer shifter. Is Having Colosseum Benson Coronel ridable. Garcia. Agricola of fun was to see lessening bliss learn is has seen the Anna daughter He. Villa's. Not. Going to sell out the Africa the. Congo with this, annoying it is don't even begin Asana Persona Coco wheats. Initially but undercut. Tarragona says. COMBOS. Wetter TNN SORTA video. No musty. Step Question does numerals Amost the Needle Yamada Kun. Hinted seen it. It'll go on. Ebay Department etc.. almost casts cornelio CEOS know some Prometheus. Blando. INESSA Scotus. Baby Moss. Closest baby most. Less. Recommend. Does your nicotine? But onus have you must. Must Can into the IT's okay for record of. Those recommend does Yoenis pity, Moss Moss spray but must us your comparison Los Campos? Empathy Moss with numerous. On K.. Preliminary Kinloss. Dr Karen Kay? Which is nor total central allude no seven. Celia Mr Component working our return nicer it. Okay. You're elected infamous young Brigham while on central. US. Until they. Say Oh no Salvin went to. Prison took unquoted is through regular. Okay. On, Mental Persona Not, no seven but. Knows that he at K. K. so far did bill infamous yonkers beating while central wholesale Guano surrealism Kobe's Liberal I. WanNa cause. US. Coma. Sex. RASA. Value that. Donald Wellness. Center Nick Gazillion, they show this Larisa. Up that EU. Tamala Brave Syndrome Lattakia. Normally bit kissing Santa. Ana Selassie throw. Hazardous tells. Benjamin. Williams Isabel Rather Loretta Harris Agricole Ethic Arena. But the Sepa El Burrito in my dad's. Campus laplante episode the. In GWENDA is almost buckled Chicago, there are mental cases of Santa Rosa. Throw Spin Samos is suspect Jomo skin, mutual struggle, dinner but something be able they the Sierra Algal goal or set own us or the Sierra. On Komo Nosotros reminisced over about NOSOTROS PAJAMAS GAP PERSONAS QUE NO IT Gay Gay Sandoval Okamoto. CBS Labor on the romantic element. An upriver. ELVIS CISCO. Hannah. Assadi Darla home a whore paranoid Komo problems. Until the romantic Nosotros noticed I most. You're confirmed second time. Amona. Era Mental Kissed. Policy. better little della Polka king associate must wear is trust you on Komo problematic. In Caroliina Nortel Castle sharing aluminum in Demille. In Singapore senior correspondent. Dean. Internal Rallies Don Macherio E. L. Plant. Up. Process. Alert. Ethic. Garden. Compost Lico less ill person Latinos infantile Polish got tense. iden double seeing the lady said our son represent alumini therapy cabal of has gambler catalina not McQueen Data Dima seen as throws round maintain A. Damas skiffle Wimpey's. Gabriel, numbers, Friday, feed and. That they being back though in. This has almost ended up respectable. COMMU Latina. Aim. This game was. An PRESARIO. Garrison Informacion wanders big dollar Raza. A I. Won't Eunice es stay in induced must economia kitten impact on my your daughter's getting closer holidays. And missile. Conduct Batasuna holidays at this ages amid as input and LYMPHOMAS telling pack to. Reduced DNA. Venus when. For the New, York Times, the muster. Tina La Comunidad family kind of the proportional lamentable in an. Immediate. Success at lot of threat Mandela Central Paragon trolley prevention than for MITT ADDIS CDC. Lessening List Lozada Medical Savvy Tanta Latinos Looney then tendon three mass possibility that data suggests persona, Gus Gus, logie related to put Beatles. But already selling formations relatively have useful campus is looking to guide Allah. When does the? Transparent. NCIA. deals the Beatles back new APP with in. Society awfully that Louis. Media. In Amazon Roy seized the owners compare thea is movie Physi- length this hour as boom. That's GonNa Community is dependent. On the mess Isham Marketing who theseus. So Mata, sought Rockefeller holiday meet it on this. on maintain not the individual a not in this play. Oh, not the was not Low Minimum. That is important Messina. Low Minimum Forget. Let's protect your name those other admits easiest nozzle assist Amazon says. that. Month, in North Korea is. Seem numerous encompass since. Planned on they. Describe a physical personas with I'm going to settle reorient doman facto, a senior numeral with no promos this. Quality Saudi royal no seven see Muccio CI Boko Scuffles. See Implicate personas see no skin which I didn't know. Gracious this David that Nov what? K-. going. Even allows you not in which contacted Kona Kunia Antonio's que thanks in front of whichever's knock within so this. Annoys. David, Lionel? Nonstop Assam Donata numerals. A for the. mcchord into person with matter. Of the Komo You still throw poon took America. Paladin. Fenian Politika silicosis person that does call. For Lesson mullet Abbas Ya. Que question courses or came will be still kick Cuando. SABA. I'm mutual numerous in. Ways I monitor court associated Gobierno same Polka in. Are you that is on? Eastern no Saban will macos on you the. Biblical Bear No. For Potato Central Silo. novus. Allaster. US seen opium. Gaza. So He WENT ON A. Tech races ECHINACEA. Low Central Hyperbolic. Eternally gals Article A. Komo sexwale RASA. Ecological past Ian this yet mass necessarily down out in many about at the MELA brave new numerous. Damasus of that does Tomasson Shinsen. Creek is tantamount holiday. AMAS S Kwajalein Body? Of course as the Dallas storrow. Cares looking know when it gets annoyed Informacion Danny. stemming Gaya Mazda Screaming Nacion see a joost's but I want to know. victim screaming nasty on. Bear on US Open almost gave headless no Dandelos informacion this on on on. A says disgusting when Mistletoe they see no, no Thomas Cave. Screaming. This? No. Nobody Muscle listen for mass. Quantity spinal CNN is a, is it information either serve regardless DNA Nosotros guy is gonNA be Nacion Peterberg. No. Mass, you on. The Internet Kokrajhar Samancor. Massacred sauce. But ELEAZAR, son in this society of gossip, it owned the Dombi and vn that people are hooker rallies and persona collaborator. Looking to study aid is guided on stimulus pladillas. Gayness Lou. Status de la Informacion. Demographic. Beta Tambien local seon elect last Avian stallions. But these are animals. Gala is than being the rupel. Looking nauseous tackling Tondo is las bbn the end or Garissa connaught. Is A Nobel canceled. Upper Mukasa in Solas does somebody Familias Or raises by Senate. As. Unislamic familiar. And Tone says is important. Agonised split on us but our dealing. And Catalina not thunder, his meal, Jacinto Houghton, Sitcom potted allocco but you could end this milita come was to our parliamentary the personas. But as Dima gay matic syncing demonstra hardest. Tallow. Yes. Old Seem controversial familiar. Number. Two D.. E.. S. Yang and Blerta, going them into the. The Sydney sales are who? TATTLE Amelia. Julia on new parcel. E Via. Newton Cassini in March. So one may May. Come on. Simona but we need our support competition Boko economy it like. Latina. Let's next. SPINA, and. I've known them it tell US related to the compass BLERTA's affect forgotten and guerrilla birthday but a tumble glacier. No. Look. Nothing I knew I'd. Rather. We. Look bumming does Semedo on the castle cone kissing. POSITI will. Conduct. Act that. Goes style. And to sit. Candle Manila therein, and let don't goes on the down low complement. Contra. Han. He wants new little Hong unjust sued he they called nine hundred city will e getting anemic on the? Mahdia owning lab overseen a CK. MAPA. Some Latino Song I prisoner then Dina I agree Hubbard Lake will I Not Gone. Young. Together pushy deal Nego Kogi Nineteen I. Think. Homeless after Costa us, he added. English Donald Does. It. They collect Darren source we have been seat you guys let it complain her. LECOMBA SELAH POLENTA. Academy attending Cornell Chico's Alec Hello Hello foibles. He said well norma elementary the notable Syria but letter hardest. Locally owned report that he feels wreck one day Benjamin Williams. Arena not only that. Gobi. Guinea was there Okay. Endorses food. Deborah senior. Buna. With, Kobe nineteen, she was that being said. I. Don't. Do they're playing locally? Sad. Son Of. Privilege, they call me. In Guantanamo Art in. La La. La Upriver. But. Full of gravel Klerkai bravest. Is there. Locally. Side and Mughal master of on the its. Season this year Assu employer Lord teams receive receiver from the river. What about the sheep? Onto S or anybody let's. Say. Anthony. Similar assessor about Eleanor plan for the outset. Retro. From the total medical. CD positive wind up covered. In May One got swim. Lou endorsements. Last Que I saw them. You know pepper out a way when allay gay scene scene import lists that to smug with McGrath audio. DNA. Is CSM player that complex over wouldn't they autosomal? WHO's embarrassing? We have asked the gentleman. May. Impact for Eskom's on. Imports. intone says. Plows and Ron. Estee. Rachel I'll. Be, honest. Molyneaux said Tika travel holiday salute. Says and meadow on the door. who said no priority get? Federal. Notre except your s you said, throw a half Puerto in player Laura in play Guinea for mass in Plato's. Does not indicate complete on lake. For the Solar Solar episode address. And they hit the. Brick. Thrace important. What? US We don't. Have nobody coexist. Ninety tomorrow Brazilian would alcon dead. Accidents. Produce Demo sister throwback. Again Personas name board associate with Thaad, the demilitarised room Pao. Part of the council but covid deal. Requiring within. SORTA. Consumer Desola- less beat. podcast monotone Dhaka Waza annoyed. A single of sales GONNA Sing Conway. Those either what about three? With million. Lakes. hypolito Michio Gomez. Companion Rambos Polish. Similar. Neutralisation this Ila Natoli people in Lesser Latino and see said. The broadcast. Just. SLEEP SERENA Tablets.

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Learn SPANISH introductions and basic GREETINGS.

SpanishMod Podcast

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Learn SPANISH introductions and basic GREETINGS.

"Not sure what to say when meeting new people in spanish well. This is a ripe podcast for you. Because in today's episode we're going to talk about vocabulary. You need when meeting new people in spanish. Now let's get you the episode. Hello and welcome to spanish Podcast a- showed a learn to speak spanish fun fast and easy without boring grammar textbooks. This is all about conversation. Now here's your host starling. Santos avian beneath us to a spanish. Mo- podcasts welcome to a spanish mo- podcast episode number. One is your podcast to learn spanish. My name is a santos and the spanish will learn. Despond cast is latin. American is spanish or so you know. I have the intention to help you to speak as spanish. And that's the reason. I decided to add additional resources to each of the podcast episode for you to his daddy. I prefer a free. Pdf you can download in note so go ahead and find the link for additional resources in the note for -issippi so i'm gonna have one of those for you to learn in a stati would depart guests now. Let's get this data with some basic spanish. Graham's you're going to need when introducing yourself lexi lexi let let's think about this game. You are in dominican republic. Where cuba or like say puerto rico or columbia right and you see someone you went to talk to you. Wanna to introduce yourself. You're gonna need these gradients to do that. Okay this great teams are the first stab for you to break the ice and get into the conversation. Nice so greetings are going to help you and the way you're going to learn to screenings today is following. I wanna say the expressions in spanish. I'm going to ask you to repeat after me. And then i'm going to explain the meaning in english right. So let's do it. I is pressuring. Is ola ola. Repeat after me orla orla so that translate to halo next one winners. ds bono's diaz wins the that translate to good morning. Good day okay. To repeat after me boy knows the next one s data. This boy says data this repeat after me. Bonus data this when as data this translate to good evening. Good afternoon okay. Next one boy nest noches when noches repeat after me boy. Ns noches so that translate to good night next winer. We have asked alito. Asked that repeat after me as stereo as away. Go to translate to see you later last one we have as yours have yours in that. Translate to goodbye. Repeat after me as yours ideas so as that asked the memes own deal own deal. E waigel memes dan. Okay so. I asked the memes own. -til aware means dan so in the same vein as dominion a memes. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow okay. Great now hope when greeting someone it has come to axe. How're you right. And spanish speakers almost always acts. Ask you that question to and is considered impolite to not answer the question back or two axes question again so in a spanish to say how were you. We say komo's dass komo is status or get bad komo's dass also get data so both impressions means how are you get dad being a little more informer. Okay so repeat after me. Come with us komo's das- call more is dass cade. Dad cade data. Okay perfect now. I will give you sonal suppressions to answer when somebody acts data or komo's us so you can say the following expressions right fantastic. Oh fantastic fantastic. Fantastical movin- moving very well very good movie being being being well matter bad. Okay nicer repeat after me. Fantastical mu yang being mile. Or so you can act. Komo's stas when you have been axed question without saying the question again just like an english who can say a you in a spanish you say do eat to or so and other important intimation. Is that when you answer the question. Komo's stars you can say gaseous gaseous. So that translate to thank you example. Someone acts coming stands stairs. You can say we've yang gaseous easy to repeat after me moi being gaseous to gaseous. Repeat gas yes to translate to very well tanks in you then. The other person were answer your question. With one of the responses we practice a both right okay perfect. So that's how degrading part of the introduction is is gonna work van now. Let's talk about how to act someone's name and and more so say your name and spanish. Good okay now to act summa's names in a spanish We use commodity jama's komati jama's that's the most common question komati jama's so that translate to what's your name. Repeat after me calm. Oh they cameras komo day. Jam west your name in his spanish to say. Your name used a reflexive Bird yamada which memes to call oneself for example may. Oh is stifling. May jamel is tattling so translate to. My name is calling right okay. Good so repeat after me. Komati gama's komati jama's may Komo damase so the ansari mae. Yom oh and then you say your name now in more former way to say you know what your name is or two packs better say someone named a spanish is saying why this to number two quite to normally. It's another way to act the name of somebody in hispanics. What is to number so jill. You're likely cd's books or documents or form so you need to feel out while to number okay or so. There is no other way to say your name and response. That is often used in native informer settings and that is your soy joe soy for example you can say you're soy is startling. Just saw carlos your saw no. It is translate to i in english. Okay nice so when say your name to spanish speaker daime or so ask you. How easy to spell so they get your name right and and the way do acts. This spanish is komo's is gravy. Nobody komo's greediest numbly. Repeat after me. Komo's number so you can answer this question by your spelling. Your name letter letter in spanish so easy important to you. Learn the art of it in spanish. So i wanna make an epi said about the of it but in the meantime you can go to youtube and search for spanish of Are of it right and start learning that okay. Good now less less recap. So far. We have learnt the following expressions. Ona buenos yes. Bonus data this win as noches stellato as yours. Komo diana's may jamel me number. Is joe soy being scary. Foiled respiration k v mohawk. Okay so i want you to repeat after me or la windows. Es buenos noches buenos data this ask delaware as the os commodity. Gama's may jacmel me. Nobody's joe soy komo's as kyrie got it good now less lease into a conversation in real spanish using vocabulary. We learned today. My wife is going to join me for this conversation to listen carefully and focusing leeson in understanding all their mianwali styling kamata. Gama's are less tallying. Mammo sophia commerce grievous tackling is telling cisco career is say e any guitar being eight do pheno mad gaseous care fantastico ling as standard dando and that was conversation perfet perfecto. I hope you have understood the whole conversation. But if you do not understand something. I'll leave their transmigration of the of the conversation in the kitchen or resources link that you were fine. In the notes along the ambulatory of the audio and also the vocabulary we work today so you can review it as many times as you want i. I hope you liked this episode. Iv really hope you liked this episode and if you do please leave us a review of rating in apple podcasts. Incher this episode with whoever you feign can benefit from it by for now i said waigel.

komo komati jama lexi lexi ola ola orla orla ds bono dass komo dass cade jamel Komo Santos winer dominican republic alito komo puerto rico Komati gama Komo damase diaz cuba
Episode 11: A emoo do adultrio

PODCAST ruajoao1135

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Episode 11: A emoo do adultrio

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Spains secret beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons & caves with Lola Culsn & John Weller

When in Spain

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Spains secret beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons & caves with Lola Culsn & John Weller

"Hello welcome to episode of when spain. Podcast i'm your host paul badge. Thank you for joining me wherever you are around the weld. I'm coming to you from a pretty chilly. wintery madrid. the snow has melted away. Finally but what. I thought in this episode. What we're gonna do is try and banish those winter blues Well that is if you're listening in the northern hemisphere if you're listening in the southern hemisphere and i know we've got listeners in australia. Have you enjoy your summer up here in the north it's still pretty wintry and so two. How banish those winter blues. I thought we transport ourselves in this episode to some of the most beautiful natural wild swimming locations all around spain but forget those packed beaches of sunburnt tourists on the custody identify. What i'm thinking more secluded coves white-sand amrou pools craggy canyons wild waterfalls relaxing rivers those kinds of places and guiding us around these off the beaten tracks slices of watery wonder our local san and john weller. Lola is a half spanish former stand up comedian. That's right she even performed at the edinburgh festival and london's comedy store owner. She's no longer stand up. Comedian and also joining her is her partner john. Who's a photographer now. Both of them live in london but both of them are avid swimmers. So much so that they've written and produced to absolutely beautiful burks all about wild swimming in spain both inland and on the coasts. Their first book is called wild swimming. Spain discover the most beautiful rivers lakes and waterfalls of spain. I'm a second book is called hidden beaches of spain. Four hundred and fifty secret coasts and island beaches to walk swim and explore. And that's what we're going to be doing this episode exploring them. That book hidden beaches of spain is actually going to be coming out on the first of march and while in fact lola and john were lucky enough to take a year out from their jobs in london and spend an entire twelve months driving the coast of spain in their camper. Van all in the name of research must have been a pretty tough assignment in this episode. John lola again to be guiding us around some of their favorite places to swim kayak die and hike or just relax or around spain and some of the spanish islands as well and then also be offering us of course some practical advice as well if you want to do wild swimming in some of spain's wild locations so stay tuned for that. That's coming up in a few minutes just before the interview. Quick shoutout to new. When in spain patron a big thanks to alwin may not signing up to support the podcast on the crowd funding website. Paycheck dot com. If you two would like to show a bit of support for the winston podcast you can do the same at patriotair dot com ford slash when in spain. Okay then so. Let's dive into the interview with john. At just to say we mentioned a lot of place names of course and so do check out the show notes for this episode. Either on the platform where you're listening or you could also head over to the when in spain website which is when in spain podcast dot com and there. I have put a list of all of the locations that we talked about joy in the interview. So let's transport ourselves. Sit back relax. Closer is unless you're driving or operating heavy machinery and let picture ourselves walking along the beaches rivers canyons beautiful off the beaten track places around spain damase and john thank you so much for taking the time to join me on the way and stay focused today our absolute pillow. You've richard and produced two beautiful books. Gotta say your first book was the wild swimming spain Discover the most useful rivers lakes waterfalls of spain. And you've got one a new one. Congratulations on it by the way. A new on the horizon coming out beginning of much code. Each is spent four hundred fifty secret coast and island. Beaches woke swimming. Exploded a talk about these books in a bit more detail. Of course for anyone listening you hopefully in the future and get to spain and enjoy these wild swimming locations whether they're on the coast or inland. Just tell us how this came about. How did you come up the idea of putting these these books. These guides together. I always retaining in in on the beach but we started going to my mom's making in a hata adequacy your tiny tiny men they said the assan After spanish and one year my brother in law my sister and my mom wanted to kinda go and explore. We found out that that was the place and the real data which beautiful fusible along. Israel's spine in spain they might wednesday not building the wall and just time a into a food inside the fast i phase and then we start saying okay. We'll other places all that we discovered Lower not economy which is not beautiful for like in the middle of the mountains and we started exploring just around and then Every time we went every year when we went to spain today for a quite high hassle we started looking around yet still swimming swimming and he'd he wants to swim. And then when we went journalists lined up chain while things publishing's website and they have Denisa said oh. You're going to spain. We share send some fighters of your world swimming spots for from sauce inning spanked and save and we went to lake bicycle. Jump checks amazing vitek because he remained of us and we set them up. Say right back you'll eating. How would you say about buying fantastic fuel. Latest book hidden beaches in spain. Quite an interesting story behind that is that right that you took a year off and you basically spent a year driving the hosts spain in your camper van. Yeah absolutely we both come for fast. When he got contrast before the council to twenty six years old up the Still students strong hops away. This time we're gonna take more time with that. I've been up for seventeen years. John twenty something. Luckily by the game spectacle and say we literally drove around we stopped within galicia at fort show and drive the whole question. Spy and in alabama and finance. It must've adventure. i mean. what was that experience like. Did he meet us. A people eddie events that happened during that trip or some presently stating campsites plus it up on a beach in by the way we kind of met. The most interesting i think was when we were camping. Wild i just think maybe people while quiet thank you open access. One not example going to beat out with the german guy in a camper van gem guy and then a couple that were dating fame and an english guy. we just are parallel Rahmonov big policy. And then the next day this german guy steph. I'm he just had everything on as comfortable on fixed base along because we have fish falling off and he just having exactly the right screen exactly about out completely and then is it. Looks down the trip when you were a anna mean very. Luckily we were my cousin and by on the beach. I'm just about to leave the second half of the bet. And we got down and locked down in. Spain is on show you can affect is not filed awnings. You were not allowed to. They re looking at the beach every day making every everyday and not being allowed to even Makes coming round every hour there were handing out thousand year. I for anybody who was stupid enough to step on the beach. So you just don't mess with the guate- savelli spine you don't you don't so back still. It's not took it seriously. What you allowed to to the next village or so. It was quite but kind of necessary hands up against the five minutes. Okay size because he wanted to shop in their west places system. Saddam did i guess yes. I've been in worse situations. Also the children one allowed out. The children were locked up for Chitty bang bang with a child touch. Let's dissipate on one day. We who sat on the balcony and we had to chat sounds children's laughter from the beach and the children out. I i noticed says lici squeals goes loftiest. Children literally threat themselves because they were they were allowed out. They wouldn't even let the supermarket without in their parents. 'cause i was just locked in the house. That's right house for weeks and weeks long time today. That the lockdown finished in we were it was actually quite emotional date just to see people come out sticks some paper. Just it's just laughing. It's kind of celebration base. which just you know. He's two ladies who met. They said a solo dancing dots the dip on the beach with us. It's quite beautiful swimming your copy swimmers in a bit more detail on your photographer. I've got a say. Your fighters are absolutely beautiful absolutely spectacular so of poring over that ad. Talk about transport in yourself in the middle of january. I mean my god. I mean absolutely beautiful photos. Thank you very much really done. Those places justice. I would say you're the photographer aside and lola. Your the kind of words side by side view of actually written b.'s. Together as guides we may than thanks climbed up. Mountains hangs up walks. That's fight off. And then we which so. I generally have written Chapters will they jumped on a couple in he. He did a lot of directions. And the descriptions we kinda feist into face very much going. How would you describe these books. I mean diets really because let's talk about what is beautiful photography oviously maps. You've got a more detailed maps showing the specific locations of these beaches. Because let's not forget many of these Very much off the beaten path. In fact you said that some of them don't even really have names such just these little coves. So you've given Detail about how people can find the beaches given descriptions is and things like that but when we would find an every time we made a mistake one way we just i teach i read might dismiss titans survive we just half day and we tried to make as clear as possible way very much web. People gone holiday two weeks of my horror. I would be if somebody spent ages trying to find somewhere in couldn't find in every we've got the obviously the google maps by kaisha. But then we've tried to give very As clear as possible. You know you tired my hey when you see this. I'm we tried to give as much detail. About what kind of contemplates is obviously said. If is easy scott to if it's major it's really difficult is places good for families. We've tried to say it's because of the prices beaches in particular in spain if they haven't got a ball or a hotel which none of them have. You'll combine nearby so we talked to. Is that just as much detail say that people are coming to the right place for that. Thanks very much about managing people's expectations. He said he's very much a travel. Guide this kind of. It's not kind of work appraisal fiction. It's some it's it's how you get somewhere what you can expect when you get the don't want to take your kids with you to find h. And find out that you've got to you. Got to apps out on the side of clip price to get speech these places to exist in a book. And then in the captain's we tried to call him. If i tried to give a caveat say You might have noticed that each chapter starts with a little section of a pirate so one of the dance. I did was for every area. I found a pilot that had written about. The big is one of the things. I really fate about spain. His people in particular think of is united vanity woman the big beach and spain her such rich cultural history so you know in galicia as poets in galicia ignorant narrow language is one of the pioneers in basque parenting at the line and in seattle. I'm trying to just give an idea. People might be might not be interested in finding out more about these poets but just to give a cultural life another bit of historical flagler as well as his spine has rich. Cultural history are just include the story of a travel. We've captured that really. What kind of balanced really well as well from region from raising the tax. Yeah you've mentioned the kind of stereotypical that many people may have a spay some bodies unpacked beaches on the custody. Saw your i bet while still being. Spain couldn't be further away from that image of spain. Right you sought out secret rivers lakes waterfalls so we're talking inland spain. Let's talk a bit about some of your favorite places that you discovered to do your wild swimming inland in spain and one of them that i i particularly liked. Was we wait to see. We went to the office of research beforehand and we went to see a off in job which is in northern pennsylvania and we had chatting to that went to come site which cites the actually that was of inland around this one village. It was five kind of fairy. Quarter is like a little cools with mortals. Coming down into them one minute. Five amazing secret place. What would it be included in a in a series. They have been spain so that was kind of well nine then maybe sees of secret ones. I'm usually coolidge is. And that's the joy of speaking spanish an because we had we had a whole list that we were gonna guide shape but we found simony outlets just by talking to people that were much more sacred and john for you the same place. I really enjoyed story us to be honest. we Enough in the in the north of spain on the casino we found supplies scored lago the lake. Which is a natural mountain top. Polls how can an emerald lake with spine tingling visa across the estero in picks of the we swim across. There was more kind of flying up lovin the swimming. Yeah we'd lay on back so this beautiful light. Coaching eagles soaring above us. Kind of look at the mountain tops at dusk which is kind of very much. Time does something from lord of the rings. Yes yes these crazy mountains pointing out kind of before the status quo of kind of protecting my wheels took to summit itself somewhere sixteen two sixteen year olds and these two city boys tooth who sets kind of share that experience with them as well. They'd never seen anything like this before. Said it's quite moving breathtaking. Yeah i mean the pico. Stay aeroplane general. Pre impressive imprinted. Select paul we. We don't really know about these kind of these parts of gas growing up. In england in the nineteen sixties and seventies. you redid. It could get painted a different picture of spy near the of carry on films and flamenco and bullfighting which is related really spine lately. You solve the package while than it can still today you get you get so that package rather than gun you commit. Independent traveler gun fund finally real experience. Real people. I totally agree with you. I think still even now. After all these years you know the interior of spain and the novus bay still really kind of not very well known and missing out on so much by only visiting the coasts in the big cities staying with inland while swimming then before we move onto the coast and the beaches. Let's get back to you. Where would you recommend for people who want to find those really amazing beautiful dramatic waterfalls canyons. These kinds of places gone berries hold light than an area of amazing canyons. I mean we actually include gave a few places they so many canyons. The real idol water beautiful blue with a waterfall was laid kanye nameless quiet company companies in canyoning citing swimming. We we we actually jumped out attitude at the end of the canyon road. He could jump off this to you. Now they're still swimming. Weeping pleaded quite a few different places way can jump. I some these into jumping in fact a story as crooked. There's a picture actually on page six to ask some jumping much fifteen into a hole which was very very scary to watch john getting back to you. What about full canoeing and kayaking for me. Personally i would more interested in okay again up enough sturdier can ghosn onus niece. Yeah i know isn't it. They have their own river. Quack will fiercer progress. Yeah yeah that's right festival. Maima son danny on donnie. We 'cause we're gonna flexible. Clark we drive up into Up the rio deba to political then we paddled down river toward special player so we kind of had a mini adventure so a lot of darkness. Conrad absolute reality events. The pedaled district ship live Mini rapids says excitement and often. There's deep green pool switzerland. We saw another person any son of of anything or anybody. We've building for three hours. It was it was a great adventure. You right this is something in general in spain. I've noticed just more so than the uk behalf once you get out into deep deeper. Spain you see anybody or anything so much harder to get that kind of false findings huge in line that really struck you know how. How far can we be driving up to these quite often. They were in the mountains waterfalls and rivers and we just for miles and miles around mountain and then even then some the village in the middle of nine eleven. That's kind of weird spain. i met him. We went in one day and we found the bakers and at ten o'clock they still made the region. He's got up at six o'clock. I'm we've kinda saw way to to become out and had straight out with the babies values of this. Experience is one of the things. I think about old fights. The bed is supposed last traveled. You know you're gonna find experiences that you guys. He just go on a package tour to in principle. How show me. And my girlfriend got stranded up in On the border between castilian and australia's couple years had a puncture to blow out into this village. Name about five or six stuck in the middle of the night at go knocking on doors and we went into this house and it was basically someone's lounge which convert it into the local pub local bah. We're about six. Oh boys propped up in pretty drunk. Dogs rabbits in cages. A twelve year old boy. He was pouring the wine of and i asked the guy said how many people live in this village. She said oh With the dogs we're probably about twelve. Go by bums village. I was that house. My own house was a house. I lose the ball the show off. That's an experience. I think in the same way. They want to not knocking package tools. But say if you want to step out the result then these books take some amazing place this. Yeah tell us about some history of ruins magical historical places where you can also swim as well. Spying is the big question straight. it really is. it's come to the rich. Barry paul if you in kentucky Kentucky on you can find Pin in hidden beaches. While we'll tell you about place this jurassic And there's a prehistoric cave paintings in oncoming alex nash unto death in galicia galicia's literally scattered with celtic cash bribes which have became occasions. We've been to a place called the custer battling man by twenty round houses. Run pause and spain staffs. I'm just beloved with a new speech and a one place Maybe jamal remember. We went to one place with a hidden beach and suddenly really hut indonesia and suddenly realized by pipes celtic history. Then of course when you come down south you've got roman remains united in bologna down. May kathy in costs individuals. I mean but it has great. It's a massive signed june. This is coming up busy but if you go in the opposite direction. There's larry tonight features with nobody and there's a place code bilo cloudy out which is party. One of the best preserved ruins of vitamin martius Of arabic and folks vacations were spent and for fans of game of thrones to be fire has as optical. I hadn't beat you can but it was starting amazing. The place that was represented from stein throwing up in In moscow in the best country. I was talking about that with a guest a couple of weeks ago. Limited looking at the best country wild as wild stein because the whole the whole area is just like they tarbey each and price bass and some people just moved onto peaches. Just going to jump in here. Your new book is not inland swimming. But with looking at four hundred and fifty four hundred and fifty beaches just sounds like the perfect job exploring four hundred and fifty beaches jirga. Yeah i left that you've done a terrible job. someone had to. We will do it. I don't think anyone it's done this before. Tough i imagine hundred each is so this. Is your new book coming out. on march. The first she is all about coastal swimming and beaches obviously hidden beaches in spain. I guess with so many beaches and so many kind of different coasts. There's a beach for everyone. One thing about spain is a. I mean you guys get and it's very green. You can rely on the weather. But it's very very great in many features that with united avenue and statue today and the amalfi That had three people on there. Some of them at eight light behind the villages timing just behind villages and other ones a wide i into the atlantic whether south oh and kentucky prayer which has some of the speech will be. She's inspiring i think Advocacy just have these yellow sand. Beaches within really green hills is in a blue states collins. Incredible and then obviously the mediterranean inside the completely different but again the cost of a rookie. One of the great things about spying. It's kind of wage by As you're traveling up the coast you boss any dome. For example on it's still top crazy hotels and stuff like that and then literally a few kilometers the ride in not to talk and in a in spain that got this huge thing not when nothing is allowed to be built presents in the cost of bava for example as a huge national park and whether it's hidden beaches way Quiet track down the and then if you guys south again you go to our media publicity one of the least apart from in galicia now mary. I probably the least re nine fights is and it's very lucky for comment but absolutely beautiful in its own in a different buying in. There's huge cacti and that kind of dog signs speeches with huge mechanic. Mushrooms also alleged. Yeah it's kind of that Reminds me as westerns. You've got these rocks. The kind of a road by wind big rooks balanced on each other questions. Do pyla westerns likud on the pilot. Yes atlantans badlands of spain. Down there now. Maria basically desert isn't my semi desert. Inland europe's only desert thing james. He sang gauge at over to fertilize and games. I last sunday's eroded by the wind into really weird fantastic shapes. Then the bolero harland's you said that you'd like some of the most beautiful beaches that you discount. The most almost like the caribbean Were on the island of menno arrive. We absolutely loved me. Okay mayo coverage again beyond obviously power-mad migrelief know that the massively what varied island as well until after that we went to minoa chrome we got. Our expectations are high in some ways but sought beautiful beaches on developed is probably controls. The bias fans nets i Development is very controlled unlike all the politics by nine highrise. That's nothing like that. And most of the beaches on based at the beaches. And you have been this. Great comedic covi- embroiled across the whole can literally walk around the whole mino- craft and when the bridal amazing and you guys i mean there's some places where it goes on private lattened where you have to stick to the we didn't have that experience but we were told about people who are shown to that. Have guns pointed at the You're gonna take shots at literally. Were because they stacked up the in in that was private land but now allowed to guide the whole way round a new potentially will oftener our go onto a beat of swim. Comeback will five which we did a bit of and some of the beach. I mean in the south. They literally the caravan that the signed is what what why. It's the the the to entire quiz for the five. Just beautiful but then the north is completely different as a whole of whether sound is it. Looks like wow. And then there's the Switch kind of move up into is a fearful. I'm guessing those would be Locations and for everyone is interested in snorkeling or diving or anything like that. Yeah definitely i mean. We didn't do a huge amount of snorkeling. Time reasons but yeah. We saw a lot of people snorkeling. Mac and and the little bit that we did the voice side. Play his secrets. It has a common the technical name posts. Diatta antica a while it becau- because there's a lot of around minorca as a lot of saline marine life keeps the kind of gives it that kind of sparkling kind of of blue color then went scuba diving and says if you've been to the islands sears on the we booked a Scuba diving on pluses very very peaceful access is very limited. You have to put up defensing this causing the orlando enough. That hurt. that was right. Beautiful seagulls you get goals but this is very very peaceful people get. That's the kind of place that people knew from vigo can be go. Yeah yeah they say sunny spot. I was crossing. It's says he's very peaceful very beautiful place and i have lots of white sand beaches and turquoise and so very very very clear to purchase perfect for scuba diving. We haven't really mentioned this pacific gas speeches for kids. Some families around spain. I mean obviously we always think is packed. Beaches costa's full family with children. Who want something a bit mall it special. Where would you suggest. Where have you really enjoyed with your children. Some major bike sample at carina in custody. Which one where. We saw lots of local children. And that's what pools at playing. What kind of gotten galicia is a very local by the you know i may not family lanes. Teenagers playing cards. That when there's a little island in actually will win. The tide is will visit them platinum on sola now maria. It's a huge huge beach with close engines. Left side of the page. Which is the perfect place. For children's adventures is at lots of dramatic kind of rock formations. The lava domes in the cote about filming locations. This was the location for indiana judge. The recite wasn't really truly seen. Because where up. Sean carter the lights You take brevity. Flushes of the flippers skied. Spring alka find that was filled very safe Places while this is the biggest freudian side since nobody kind of big way said the kitchen just played just fun and up. Dungeon is just perfect services. You got to scream that. Put it that way. The member this sweetie catering in head on collage three three. Which again whether it just like. It was kinda my own psychological with what who was it like in made to look boon in impeach. Our choice ten. You should have sought adventures compliance The main thing is you obviously have to take a society spite Lax attitude to deserve. So you kinda have to take it but everyone could whether it was whole families in the food. Basically you have to manage your kids expectations. That won't be four slides and the piano. You gotta get. There's going to be like bogus is going to be my pizzas. You might see. Starfish adopt much more interesting than a nice game beaches hiking and say exploring caves and diving into one. I guess but one of the places that we really enjoyed hiking we went to a place in the costa khalida which is more seattle and we will following the maps and we suddenly ended up by this golden tower on the monday of course figures famous or infamous as it were if the la manga. Yeah wait to go visit these features tickets three lamonica so we drove up to the security guards talks on the guy he said. Oh you planning to spend the night the speech on The less three. Because of course you go in spain leg in costa even if they build a big luxury wherever they aren't allowed to stop having access to is crazy lightning luxury days and then went impact in part by each and then in the morning high of on this beautiful design of a pulse of light light of broken strike with rosemary Lavender down also famous. Today's a series of three beaches to his cover equitable address kindness in go neck of a tough high. But then once you got back. I mean i think there was one person one of the beaches a cop on the abate mom with my belief. Great facilitates naked. Somebody then i think we'll put those in the catskills they salute. My favorite came actually plays the piano. Which is quite a yeah. We went and stayed one year. We went in stayed in. Danya is quite a big ex pack community in down but then they began. Maybe just travel a little bit to place called leisure up as we went on this crystal pov that on the side of a hill to pave could not call yada angel inside. It's actually a manmade cave where they excavated stone to build the custody did enya have heights long details at the next everyone in the connecticut at night. Ten fifteen minutes. It's amazing haven is some kind of knowing how to fail the moment that he knows. Because it's quite a cathedral or something but then on the outside outside of this. This huge starring. You can kinda got him something by just a little bit practical advice then. For with all of this inland swimming beaches you've mentioned nudism nature is It's just something to be aware of. If it's a very remote beats like you said without hotels. And i mean it is. There's a strong possibility. You may see groups of people families individuals at make it. And yes if that's not you're saying you just going to have to run the paper that spinal basis. It's just one of those things that something that you'll kind of fum sensitive to then. Maybe you become desensitized out. I just he needs to go somewhere else. We these beaches a famous our book symbol next to the beaches which nudist not i can can everyone's in age your age and some people being the nate on some people. Why a major Archives is quite quite hollering of each of the in times of being safe merged. They wanted to david marched the places way recommending time half life. God's so you have to be jan. Were they on Times when when you are if you can have somebody else with the swim out too far thai flight to negate if you recall in a whip tightly riptide is basically a you out to save. I need tax in. I goes to thank him against their. If you in the atlantic giant staying too long wise called. That's good advice. I mean will that we found walnut in kentucky have been in affects fx. Kinda warm off affects a bit more. Show to always wear sunscreen heat in the summer if you're eight land. I guess. I'm the other thing that happens. Is which could be the same for anywhere in the world in summer. Will you got stiff. Sea breeze blowing. You may not realize how hot is kind of deceptive. And you could be absolutely burning. Not we've all been burned before him have like a number as i say crispy lovely wiping wiping wear these shoes. You know dined expect bound And that's because the only thing we tried to implement we have included his spouse. Because often you know for the coordinates to get to the beach. That's not necessarily entertainment. You should have passed. Paul said possible. We've tried to mention wack advice off to oversee col. Guaranteed is going to be good advice because that's happened to us before that remember couple years ago and it was high season so should expected it. We went down like you said. It'll costa de la luz reuters. Callous that you have in a row kind of guiding Knit a north from the left from terror and o'neill early middle of september was still pretty stupid and it was just impossible of absence chocolate. We have to kind of give up on our original plans of what he wanted to go on. Find somewhere else will rely on a car. Which for many of these places you will be as to sink about that whether it's gonna be busy how far away your pumpkin. He's going to be from the beach possibly tried to mention. Where if we think it's going to be busy in some of obesity advisors just get on and also if you want the place to yourself tickly these kind of inland waterfalls and places like that but maybe the weekends get really popular and you want to take a super instagram. Abboud photos of yourself under the waterfall. I with nobody else. they're getting. I really alley. We also felt we were in the coastal thin. I think they're in autumn. We found peaches unnecessary somewhere. That you you have to sit and plus up some of these longer basis of really good for a walk he can you walk from uninterrupted wolf for hours and hours. You've hardly saying a soul just exercise. We'll take in the for. Yeah because i think we especially as as bricks we just think of some way lay on a towel or day. Long in the sun. Unattentive went to visit. I mean it's kind of obvious question. I guess i mean it's going to be hall busy high-seas in some amount shoulder seasons at best I suppose if you think you have like central northern spain it gets pretty bloody codes in the winter months as wells. It's rain is this serpent exports. It's going gonna rain but you know you might get lucky but said the northwest findings was very accessible. Airports wild camping in spain. Is it legal if you wanna do it. How should you go out camping out in the wilds in some whether it's not unofficial campsite. I said legally yesterday may again. It's a bit of a common sense thing i mean. Generally if you're gonna come fan you can pretty much call any larry's die plant based if you stop painting type in chas out like in gallup's ask otherwise you can put a much anyway unless there's a specific sign that size knock knock. I is discretion with There is a patient book. Which we've we've given some advice kind of helps you decide how to use discretion pam as jumped as usual discussion. You're not legally Camp within i think it's two hundred majors. The cpap depends depends oskar local and walk places by when we were mediocre. We are now with a group that were host fighting around the beaches. And five that on what they do. Is they arrived with hammocks the dog off the hammocks and they left first thing in the morning. Never take anything except another leave anything. Leave anybody behind. final question. Difficult one if you click your fingers right now transport yourself from london to one of as magical beaches or inland rivers. Streams ponds waterfalls weather. Where would you choose. Where would you love to be swimming right now. We have one h one h absolutely the league of us fast and i think it might have to be one of the ones in the manila May be got color for color. Poodles put years. He said the kalakuta goes on tax kids. Why serum not that many people around this time being definitely not that many people rounded that mind were being called hold. I would choose in the buddha's on the customer. Then speak just lacy just be keep a beach. Each profoundly peaceful cove hit a show to the canopy of ancient pine trees with to click sukree waters to swim. This is some. this is probably my favorite. I think we kind of stumbled across it by schultz. We were driving on the coast and between some trees which we so repeat players so we had stop in explore wind climbing them. This it was so beautiful. We had the peak hours said elect we just. This is so perfect. Let's stay hit become leave and say been printed them remember. There's there's a lovely i it. The book magical name as well be key beach alexa exactly profound beautiful lola and john. Thank you so much for joining me on the weddings paint plus to share these secret places type. The some of the listeners can get your opportunity not to distant future thank you. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for having us. So that was john lola. Just to say the new book hidden beaches. Spain is out on the first of march. But you can pre-order the printed book from amazon or from wild things publishing. I'll put a link to that in the show notes as well that comes out on the first of march and if you can't wait until the first of march you can immediately download their super exclusive prelaunch digital editions from wild things publishing website. That's for seven pounds. Nine thousand nine again link in the show notes of this episode and the website you need is wild things publishing dot com while things publishing dot com. You can order the physical copies through that website or amazon. But if you'd like to get the prelaunch digital edition You can do that from wild things publishing now. I have to say whether you're planning to come to spend any time soon or not. Obviously it's still a complicated situation with cove it. But even if you want to fantasize about getting away exploring some of those beautiful wild locations that we were talking about in the episode. I really really do recommend getting your hands on a copy of these books. Jones photography is absolutely spectacular. Also packed with loads of practical advice and detailed information on basically how to find these places as well. If you want something nice to curl up with embed during winter also would look pretty nice on your coffee table as well. If you'd like to find out more about john and lola and indeed their books you can find them on. Facebook just search for wild swimming spain. They're also on twitter under the handle wild in spain and check out instagram profile. As well and you'll see some examples of this beautiful. Photography and instagram handle is wild swimming spain. Okay so i'll leave it there for this episode. Thank you for tuning in. I will be back next week with a brand new episode of the wedding. Spain passed in the meantime please do you consider signing up to support podcast at patriotair dot com forward slash went in spain. We also had a presence on all the usual social media hangouts. If you're new to the podcast. We have a facebook page and facebook group. You can also find winning. Spain on instagram handle is when in spain one and don't forget to check out the winning spain website which is winning. Spain focused common on mbare. You'll find more detailed show notes photos bit more information about the podcast as well so until next week then stay while stay warm and i should beat you as the logo.

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Kevin McCullough

The Eric Metaxas Show

40:49 min | 3 weeks ago

Kevin McCullough

"Welcome to the eric metaxas. Show with your host eric taxes. Folks what our too many of you think. Our one was tough to top. Many of you think it was pretty crazy. The way i talked to charlie kirk and and yet I think in our to. We're going to blow your minds again. Folks get ready to have your mind blown because my guest on the program knows all tells all votes predominance votes traumas. Welcome to the program. Thank you eric. It's good to be here. Hey the guy. Otherwise known as kevin. Your real name is kevin kevin. Yeah you some muscle head named kevin. We just said we wanna talk to this guy. He's an average guy. No you're kevin. How do you say mccullough. that's how i say it. You say mccullum. Ed your staff trained well because when they called through for the tests ahead of time they were like hello. Mr mccullough missing. Mike how eric says oilman kevin listen Where we're friends so we joke around a lot but you are a news guy you or a pundit you follow politics more closely than any of us around here so since this is the show about everything we like to touch on politics. Sometimes we've been touching on an awful lot in the last six or so months but Two days ago or how many days ago on my birthday you wrote an article at townhall dot com which deals with something that i've been talking about in thinking about the title of your article at townhall dot com. Kevin mccullough is why whoever is running biden is more dangerous than marks. And we don't mean any of the marx brothers. We mean crawl marks. So your thesis is that biden who pretends to be the president united states. All even though he wasn't elected nonetheless he is not actually running the country. let's start there. Is that not dramatically unconstitutional for the person living in the white house claiming to be the president to not be the one leading the country. What do you mean when you say this well. I'm not really making that argument in this column and certainly You know we're watching what's going on in arizona. Were watching what's going on. In other places where audits are on their way if they're not already underway and i think that the final chapter of twenty twenty has yet to be written. I think there's going to still be more to be said. And and certainly we know people. Mike lindell and others that Have possession of of things that they want out on the public record as well. I guess the starting point for me on this column. Is that whether we buy into any of that or not. We are stuck functionally with a figurehead at the top of the totem pole. Here in america. That i don't think on a day-to-day basis can decide. What flavor jello. He wants his lunch. Break much less the day-to-day policies that he's kicking out. Okay over and over. But that's really. My question is that let's forget about election fraud. Let's forget about the fact that i don't believe he was elected. Let's just forget about it. And let's pretend he was elected. Let's say he's running the country except your thesis in this article is that he's not and then you go on from there but what. My question was is that not unconstitutional. And those if you found that. Fdr is in a coma. And that eleanor And i don't know dean atchison. Somebody is running the country and it's not. Fdr whom people elected that is unconstitutional. That is an abrogation of the contract between the voters and their leaders. Are you suggesting that or you claiming that that's where we are today with biden. Yes not in a very scientific way. But that's the premise. That i'm starting so get past that premise. Where what are we supposed to do with that. In other words it seems to me that we need to say. oh well. isn't that something that requires action. I mean if we found out that if the ours in a coma and that people we did not elect or running the country. What are we supposed to do. Well yes and no and let me let me clarify that on on on one point you know one of the arguments when people were when people were debating on the first trump election and i dealt with a lot of evangelicals and others in the space that had a lot of concerns about an untested person named donald trump. They didn't know how he was going to be on the life issue. They didn't know what he was going to be on the judges issue. They didn't know where he was going to be on religious freedom. We hadn't had a chance to see any public policy and one of my arguments to those people. Were especially down the stretch after ted. Cruz is finally eliminated. One of my arguments was hey. It's not just a president that gets elected with the president in. This is kind of a soft hat tip to the parliamentarian ways of Of england but to to his credit you bring in an entire administration so it's not just the president but he selects a cabinet and vice president and advisors in there's depending on which guys in office there may be more of certain types of advisors and less of others and that may switch in the next administration. But you're electing not just one person that makes all the executive decisions although you would like to have confidence that whoever you have put in that primary position is going to make good decisions. And it's really. And i wanted people to see the host of people that trump had around him lots of believers that i knew personally were were involved in his early establishment of his government to to some degree whether or not biden cheated states cheated. Anybody else cheated. He still came to power with a cadre of people around him. And yes my starting place on this in this column is that whether it's him for sure or that cadre kind of overwhelming him and he's just going along with it. We have elected a group of people that are making decisions that we have never seen made on this kind of mass scale before and none of them are normal. None of them fall. Within the realm of reason none of them fall within the realm of science and on almost every single point of governance they have abandoned. The basic premise of america morality. The view of god. And what any of that means by way of day to day light. Okay but most of the never trumpers were arguing during the campaign that the most important thing for the survival of america was getting rid of donald trump and that biden and company would be moderate and it would be better than than trump so. Are you suggesting that folks like david. French were tragically mistaken. Yes and i think. They range from tragically mistaken to arrogantly defiant. And i would put david french in the more tragically mistaken category but there were people that were never trump. That just wanted to hurt the former president. There were people that were never trump that held philosophical disagreements and said i can't i can't get on board with him because of this and the poor suffer for generation who cares. I think that's really the logic behind it. So you know if the underclass is crushed as long as trump as a price. That's the most important you even said. Just now eric in that last question that that they said that the moderates would be in control that it wouldn't the damage wouldn't be that great. We've had six months of the new administration. It is the farthest thing from moderation that the government has ever seen and it is the fastest track to extremism that. We've ever had kevin. How did i know that in advance. Why in my old french did i know vis and you knew this. We knew this. We knew this there was no question in my mind so the fact that this has now happened. You know part of me wants to say ha but it's just too sad to say ha ha. This is something that i warned against and you warned against and others warned against because we knew that the consequences are s- are devastating especially for the poor and working classes in america. If you care about them that's why you were obliged to vote for trump. you could hate trump but but his policies at worst were good. I can make that very argument eric. In places that you normally don't think of that argument being made for instance in the lives of unborn children that we have gone to places that were far worse than we could have imagined in the lives of the of the need to be compassionate for illegal immigrants. this administration has hurt those people worse than the trump policies could of ever dreamed of hurting them. And if and it's just you pick almost any policy point that they have pressed in the first six months pick it out of the clear blue sky when examining closely. We almost the exact opposite. We're going examine these. When we come back folks talking to kevin mccullough gentlemen i return to my conversation with the poster. Damase or kevin mccullough kevin. You're just saying that as you go down the list. The biden administration and i say that in quotes of course is you know issue by issue. really doing things dramatically at odds with what the average american including a democrat voters would want so. Let's go well. Let me just pick a handful of them. First of all with the emergence of critical race theory and the kind of non-involvement of the government on a certain level of the george floyd aftermath and kind of the ignoring of the violence. That happened there but over highlighting the supposed violence of january sixth. You have sent very mixed messages into every major urban metro in the country. Police are undermined. Laws are undermined. Recklessness and lawlessness pervade. And who is stuck in the middle most of the time the most the people that are most at risk are minority communities that live in the very neighborhoods where the police were used to help enforce law and keep people safe the binding administration's approach to saying and they hold this big news conference last week about stopping violent criminal activity in america. And what does the sub total of that press conference turn into. He wants to take legally owned firearms away from law abiding citizens who legally own the firearms that they own that makes no sense and has nothing to do with the issue of defunding police relaxing punishment criminal activity in doing the types of things that has encouraged this spike in crime in in the growth of crime. That's just one and it's just one small in how with his slogan who cares what happens to the poor i mean isn't isn't that it it. In other words whatever he needs to do to shore up his radical leftist base. If the poor suffer who cares. He doesn't care. It's kind of obvious that they think look. Yeah they'll suffer but You know in thirty years when it's marxist utopia they'll suffer a little bit less. I mean they don't seem to care about the day to day fact that if you live in a deluxe apartment in the sky like me or anybody else don't have to worry about this but everybody who lives in most of the bronx or brooklyn or queens their lives become hell and de blasio and most of the blue state Mayors and governors and the bite administration. They clearly don't care. I mean what do you make that that they don't care what. what are they doing. Well and i argue in the piece that we're discussing at townhall dot com. That the purpose of all of this is to do something very simple. It's to amass more power to To gather more resources to assume more resources and to assert more punishment over those who disagree with them so it's threefold they want to gain and keep political power. They want to a access as much of the natural resources monetarily. Speaking that they can and they wanna use all of that as kind of a laser-guided focused to punish those that that stand in their way or disagree with them and we're seeing this on multiple levels of of different Parts of government in different parts of of how. They're executing their agenda when and let me just bring up another one very simple. Last week i had on my show a mother daughter Four hundred meter athletic duo. The the mom has competed and it has coached the olympic track level of athletes. Her daughter's a sixteen year old. That ran in her first high school. Four hundred meter meet this last year. Both have had to compete against transgendered women which are biological men. The mom actually won her race by just a handful of seconds but the daughter would have won her race by a mile she was. She was firmly out in the lead as a sixteen year old competing against all ages of high school athletes. But the boy who was competing in their division as as a girl beat her by a mile and the point of all of this was that it wasn't that long ago in this country liberals actually led the chart but but evangelicals and church people in some conservatives got on board as well and said no no no women and men are equal but they are different. They deserve their own rank of competition. They deserve to compete against those that they are like. They deserve to compete in a competitive environment. If you line up men and women against each other the man is going to win that race. Most of the time and the mom who won her race. Cynthia monteleone her name. She said she said in in in any. You know sphere of competition. You may get that one exception. You know where you know. You're going to have a very extraordinarily gifted woman that could beat one man. Who's not as good as what he can do. But you take the best. Wnba player of all time. And you put them against michael jordan of all time and you're not gonna it's not going to be a close competition michael jordan's gonna win one on one against that player every single time. I mean in tennis. It was billie jean king. They had to get an old retired guy. That couldn't do anything to bobby riggs. Nineteen seventy-three the sexes. It was a joke. I mean he was an old man and you know he did really really well but this look i mean she almost lost but doesn't this almost get just sill even discussing this. Most american doesn't understand that. This is an outrage. Anybody with a brain with commonsense understands this is an outrage to have your daughter kill herself to practice and practice and train and train and train and get beat by a dude who claims to be a woman. It really just proves the the craziness but americans are somehow letting this happen. School leaders school board leaders Superintendents of schools. They're letting this happen isn't some them. I don't blame the confused young man. Actually there's two things. I wanna hit in that response because two things are happening One is that parents across the board are starting to speak up and not and not take this anymore. You've seen in loudon. Virginia on the critical race theory issue. Just the last couple of weeks School board meetings where parents have lined up by the hundreds. They are unloading on these school boards. People i've seen people activate in ways that i that i didn't see them in the prosperous years of president trump being an office and i didn't see them activate in george w bush's time or even really ronald reagan's time people are mad is not the way life goes in to your point about Girls that are competing with all of their might and they're falling short. they're not just. They're not just giving up on the win dream of winning that race. They're losing college. Scholarship opportunities last year in connecticut or two years ago in connecticut in the high school girls track division fifteen state all time records were shattered by two boys that ran as as girls in there in in that division. But the leader of this. This happened kevin. Can you imagine adult. Grown men and women elected to these positions intelligent professional people. Let this happen. Those people should be hung out to dry. Those people should have people go to their homes and say demand that either. You change this or you need to resign. But they're not doing what is he. What is the key. Between those local officials and the biden administration. I mean biden came into office and said we're going to we're going to not just protect transgenders ability to compete in women's divisions we're going to expand it and he's he's tried to force down executive orders on the public schools across the country to adopt it. They haven't all gone with in. Some states are fighting. It pretty aggressively florida and texas told him to go pound sand. That's what should be happening. But until we have a national revival of people that are saying well maybe a year ago they said well that happened in some crazy. You know school. District up in the liberal northeast. Well as it starts in idaho and hawaii and in arizona and in colorado and in virginia all of a sudden people that aren't in the liberal northeast are being impacted by this in friends. It's not just one or two isolated cases this is starting to become an inundation into airman aware farther if this happened to my daughter i'm showing up at the track and crazy. Daddy is confronting these people where they're also the father so there's narco who say. This is a foul cancelation of everything. Everyone believes in nose and since it's happening to my kid. I'm not going to let it happen. Where are these. This is what this is. Why biden team are more dangerous than marks because marx had the ability through the use of military to take people down into make them conform. We have people doing it voluntarily. We just like on the thirties germany. They just went along to get along. And you know. What if it ends up butchering a few million jewish children mothers fathers whatever. Hey you know what you gotta you gotta crack Break a few eggs to make an omelet. Isn't that the way it goes. We're talking about crazy things kevin. We're talking about people going along. We have the lesson of of nazi germany. Because it's this is how it started it. They didn't start with death camps. They started with people being told things that were not true and they said well we'll go along with it today and we'll go along with it tomorrow and pretty soon. They had no choice but to go along with it but when they had the a choice they didn't stand up. The fear here is is cancelled culture so nobody speaks out not because they necessarily go along with it but because they don't want to be embarrassed ridiculed they deserve the world going to hell in front of their eyes. If they don't speak up just it's my opinion who insane. We'll be right back folks talking to give them a call it. Don't go away. Hey get when you get the blues come on and rock and roll talking to dumb down mous are you. There glad to be back erica. Actually we'll just call kevin mccullough. Okay kevin mccullough. You wrote an article at townhall dot com titled. Why whoever's running biden is more dangerous than marks so break this down because we're talking about a lot of stuff but Biden you're you're claiming and i think most people see he is not what a lot of people who just they didn't like trump and maybe they voted for biden or they didn't vote or something. So what you get is what folks like david. French and others said we'll never happen. He's going to govern like walter mondale. He's a nice guy. I'm really glad. Walter mondale was never president because i have fear for what that would have turned into as well but yeah nothing this let me just tell you nothing. You'll buy your sold. As a moderate people that had worked with joe biden back in the day said all i've known joe for years he's okay he's he's fine. Listen winter dot earplugs. He flipped longtime he was he was. He was bald as an egg and he got hair plugs. And i believe those hair plugs. Were from chinese lab in the wu han province and things started to go screwy and he flipped. That's my theory. 'cause the biden bald biden was he was a different guy so he said i don't know that that's true. I think he hid. Maybe who he was for a long time a lot of liberals did in the first of all he's nobody he has no values. Let's not kid ourselves. he's not a marxist he will do whatever is necessary is a black she to camp in power. He's a career politician so he has no value. he's not an ideologue. He is a a husk of a person and he will just do. That's the whole point of your article at townhall dot com. People are running him in steering him and he doesn't have the the whisper of of what we would call courage or conviction about anything. I mean that's kind of the point. That's why this is happening right well. And because he he can't he can't get the stuff kicked out fast enough. I mean they. They've attacked so many different areas of culture in life. All at once. And i think this is part of the blowback that is causing parental Communities to rise up you know one of the things. I'm most excited about to be candid out of all. This is to see. The growth of middle-class black parents debating. crt to their own school boards. There's something very powerful about father and a mother. Mary black couple living in in a suburb and being part of a community and saying to a school board. What you're in essence trying to do is teach my child to be racist. And i'm not putting up with it. It would be the equivalent. I think of what most people would say if the kkk came to your school and tried to do the same thing in the reverse. I would hope that there would be millions of white people saying no. We're not gonna let you come into our school and teach our kids to be racists and this is this is one of the benefits of what we're dealing with but one of the other areas that they've attacked that i feel like is very detrimental. This idea that society is basically valueless in meaningless merit which should be a virtue that we teach across different spectrums in employment effort academics of athletic accomplishment. Every area that you're trying to grow and be better at merit plays a role in this administration and in this culture. They say merit doesn't even exist. It doesn't mean anything it. It is meaning less and the reason that they're doing all of these things and going in all these different directions is because this is what you're left with when you have a world view that does not acknowledge a central truth and a central more authority and a central moral code. We would call that god. We would call that our christian faith we would call that the the guidance by which we lead our lives by. But when you remove god you are stuck in this this world of having to figure out how to create moral norms when there is no moral definition. And what you what you end up with is literally denying the science that grows out of your body to say that you're making the world fair for someone who is clearly not dealing with reality and that's and that's the sum of all of it. That's where that's where it's all at in every area of life. Everything they touch this administration is trying to tell us something that isn't true and they're expecting us to believe it. Well that's kind of where we are. Isn't it another words. There's a there's a real shaking going on in america and people who have commonsense who raise their kids and work hard and you know a clean their houses and and mow their lawns. They're forced to live in a world of common sense. And we've gotten to a place where the cultural elites have become so divorced from common sense and from the common men and women of the country that the division is very sharp in other words. You don't need to be reading. You know national review or you don't need to be some kind of ideological conservative. You just need to know the difference between men and women Or the difference between fair and unfair or lie than truth good and evil basic stuff and it's becoming very clear and that's why i do think that there is a real shaking going on. The question is will enough. Americans stand up. Will they say finally this is. This is enough. We don't want anymore of this. I mean pushing the whole pride agenda. I most gay people. I know wouldn't even be on board with us. It's like some kind of a cultural religion that everybody has to bow this in any serious muslim. And he serious jew and he sears christian says this is discrimination against us. We can't go along with this. Why you shoving this in our face. That's like making christmas in the celebration of the birth of christ a month. Long thing that you have to go along with and you have to talk about. Jesus i mean most people say well. That's that's uncomfortable We're kind of facing this and so all the stuff that you go down this list. Townhall dot com. Most people get this. We're going to be right back. folks. I'm talking to kevin mccullough townhall dot com is where you can find the article. Don't go away. it's not you know couldn't sleep. Pay their folks. Talking to votes. Dominance kevin mccullough kevin hope. You don't mind. If i call you kevin but we know your votes thomas. Here's the issue In the article at townhall dot com. You say that the things going on in today's democratic party in which are not being pushed against by many republicans who similarly have no principles or. I guess you could say souls These things are antithetical to your average american. You don't need to be a republican loved trump or whatever just your average person especially parents in working class. People know this stuff is crazy. So why do you think. The democratic party continues to push this stuff. Do they think that they simply are going to win that. They're gonna they're gonna turn us into socialist dystopia. They're certainly trying it and they're trying it faster than they've ever tried. I mean the great rush limbaugh said for years that democrats can never actually campaign on the things that they believe because if they did nobody would vote for them. they've come closer and closer to actually showing us what they actually do. Believe in recent election cycles. This one foremost in that regard and we're getting a good view of what they believe in in. Here's the real kind of bottom line for me. I see this as a big battle between those who believed that there is a god that he exists outside of them. This was the basis of my first book years ago but god exists. He's outside of me he's above me. I am subject to him for a reason. My job as a human beings to find out what that reason is to find out what it means to be in relationship with that god progressives and those that are following this agenda. They don't believe in god or they believed that if god does exist. He's very manipulable and they can. They can have him on their own terms on their own time but for the most part. Godless ness is a big piece of this puzzle if they allow america and common sense to go forward as normal. Then we're going to continue to operate under the judeo-christian ethic that made us a great country if they allow that it decimates their agenda. They can't allow commonsense. God people that worship god to prosper that has to be put down for their agenda to be raised up and right. now we're seeing the great weighing of the two sides of that now. I think unlike europe where the churches have been largely turned into museums. I'm thankful that every sunday morning. Millions of christians go to thousands of worship sites across this country and cry out to the god of the universe. And say we are your children. We are here to you. I'm i'm thankful for that. I think that that's part of the reason. Why god's common grace is still at work in our in our in our nation but if we if we go down that path of becoming the ultra secular postmodern for forgetting. God exists and forgetting what he's done for us. We're going to be in the same spot that they are in europe where those soft marxist countries have abandoned any form of common sense and really are what these progressive regressive leftists in our country worship those guys all look at those people over there and they say that's what we want. We want those models here. I don't think that's good for us. Well it's kind of funny too because the left has increasingly accused those on the right of the very things of which they're guilty it which is really diabolical always example that you're anti science anything no actually no. We're not. we're pro science and we take signed so seriously that we don't let creepy ideologies mess with it. We read it as it is. We believe in objective. Truth that's why we want journalism to be the facts and we don't need to skew it for the stupid people who can't think for themselves and so we believe in reality but they've increasingly tried to marginalize us as though we are out of touch with reality and so here. We are now at this moment where most people understand. Oh yeah they're men in their women and it's pretty basic right so you can call yourself a day and i might go along with it just because i don't want trouble but everybody knows you got issues right all of this stuff. Most people get this. And if you allow things to go in the other direction and you start really pushing forward crazy ideas whether it's that they're fifty something genders you know like more than baskin robbins. You basically have. Everything gets twisted so in germany. They did this. They came up with a net. Nazi ideology that affected everything right so it was a racial ideology so there was racial science. The science was skewed along these creepy racial lines and we didn't want quote unquote jewish science in jewish idea. I mean really became lunacy but it lasted for like twelve years In the soviet union lasted for a number of decades where you just destroy reality and you force it but it can't last forever. Shakespeare said truth will out. There's just no way that you can kick against the goads of what we call reality. The the real universe and the way things are eventually get to you so it's almost like a race. The scientists the people in the democratic party are these leftist are trying to push. This ideology really really hard right now while they have the power because they believe if they can get the upper hand they can tell everybody. Shut up we're not interested. We're going to do we want so it's kind of a race right now whether people will stand up against this or won't know it is and i as i said a couple of segments ago. I'm really grateful because i see positive. Signs of communities and parents and families and individuals and even students speaking back to school boards. Speaking up saying this isn't right. We're not gonna put up with it. We're not going to tolerate it. I mean there's there's more than a dozen stories now of entire school boards. That have been voted down in a single board of education meeting replaced on the spot and had reversals of decisions. Like crt and mask wearing and other things take place within minutes. That's the kind of responsiveness that we need to be a cultivating and encouraging because ultimately you said awhile earlier back that we're being subject to this. It's us we are the ones that higher the government to do the job. If they don't do the job we fire them and we find someone else to do the job. Sometimes we need to step up and do the job but the biggest problem. I have had with where we've been over. The last few years is that we've fallen in the good times and forgotten that that freedom is protected by the thinnest of margins. And we can't sleep on it. We have to constantly vigilantly fight and defend it because it will go away in the blink of an eye. So we are. Let's let's be blunt. We're in a battle to the death right now. We have people on both sides of this. And it's a battle to the death. And i don't mean that in the physical sense of death but the death of freedom the death of america the death of reality and valuing truth those things are right now being being threatened forever and folks if you have any kind of voice and you don't use it now if you shrink from using it now if you say i'll speak up tomorrow or next year you probably won't have a voice so this is a warning that now is the time. Ask god to help you but You can't be sitting this one out. Sorry for the bad news but it ends up being good news. If you can deal with it we'll be right back folks before we return to. I wanna ask you. Have you gone to tremendous dot com and use the code. Eric if not why not and need a note from your doctor. Otherwise just do it now. And i'll look the other way. Nutriments dot com. Use the code. Eric very important. Also you need to go to eric. Metaxas dot com sign up for my newsletter is getting out of hand eric. Metaxas dot com senate for the newsletter. Kevin mccullough you and i. We live in the new york area. Here's my question. Did you know that. Sean foyt is doing a lettuce worship event in the bronx this saturday. Did you know that did not know that. He didn't know that. This is so exciting. Like everybody on the planet who can get to new york needs. I'm speaking but i mean i'm i'm speaking a little bit. I guess you buried the lead there eric. You marry the lead week. They're not they're coming for the sean foyt. Let us worship experience. that's an amazing thing in the bronx. It's on my website or texas dot com. You can go to let us worship dot. Us this is huge. In new york. Things are happened. Great things are happening. Speaking of which curtis lihua has won the republican nomination for mayor of new york. If he became mayor it would be as great as trump becoming president. I'm you talk about somebody with incredible commonsense. Who sees the problems of the common men and women of this city. It's it would be amazing. Well it would be. It would be indeed and if it happens it will require an act of god to get there because the registration differential in new york city which are the only residents who can vote in. This race are about eight to one democrat republican but having said that you know rudy giuliani someone that some may know a few years ago faced similar odds and he followed a similar strategy curse lihua has won the independent party line in the city and they even tried to get him on a line that had something about the protection of dogs and cats. Because that's a big issue in the city of most of your listeners across the country would know it but he's going to appear on the ballot in multiple places and for people that just can't you know even hold their nose and vote for republican being on that independent line is going to be a huge hugely important thing. But let me just tell you. There is a legitimate path to him becoming mayor the right now the democrats i think they had nine thousand seven hundred. Eighty two candidates compete for the nomination. And out of that batch. They have a thing that they're working their way through called ranked choice voting. So what they did is you had to. You had to pick your top three and say this is my number one. Two and three and as they eliminate the the least the candidates that received at least number of votes. They're rolling votes into people second and third choices and it's going to depend on. Who had the most one two and three selections overall that are going to so anyway. All that to say eric adams. Who's currently the borough president for brooklyn is leading that race. Now what's interesting about that. He's a former cop in a in a democratic field that risk that despised the police. So this tells you a little bit of even how the democrats who new york feel about the crime that they're living so eric adams even though he's black is obviously a racist is what you're saying. Well because he wore the uniform. Oh dry matter. Wow he's play both sides of this game because as borough president. He's come down really hard on police but you know he's a former cop so he played the i'm all low in law enforcement guy during the campaign. Now what's going to be kind of fun to watch is now. It's just going to be one on one. It's just going to be curtis. it's just gonna be eric adams. Courtesy with founded. This group called the guardian angels that some people in other cities may know about they wear red berets. They hang out in subways. They take care of crime when it presents itself and they do so mostly nonviolently they will. They will put the hurt on somebody if they started but they they handle things rudy. Giuliani credits them is helping him clean up the city when he was first elected years ago. They have chapters in like six hundred cities. Globally in like. I think it's one hundred twenty nations that all of this is happening anyway. All that to say they're going to be a debate on law and order. Curtis is going to win that debate every single time but the question will be which mayor will make sure kids. Don't have to go to school with masks on in the fall. That'll be the next mayor of new york city. Kevin mccullough. Thank you my friend. God bless you.

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"Is podcast is a production of the salem podcast network for more podcast like this from courageous voices of conservative reason visit salem podcast network dot com. Welcome to the eric. Metaxas show with your host eric taxes. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the eric metaxas show. Today i'll be playing the role of eric metaxas. You can be album is that okay. I'm album that people should be excited. Because today we've got to red hot guests coming up in a few minutes kevin mccullough votes strydom votes. Domino's let me tell you we're talking about everything so hold onto your hat but after that we decided oh we want to kick it up yet another notch and we're going to have on john 's mirek the fire breathing monster that has john's mira is going to be on on this program today now album today we got. We got a big announcement right now. Yes we we've got two big announcements. I'll start with the bad news. I okay. I woke up this morning and i got myself a beer dude. No that's the wrong song. What was i woke up this morning. And i discovered that youtube ladies and gentlemen. I hope you're listening to this. Youtube has had enough. They have taken our entire channel down two hundred and ten thousand eight hundred and fifteen thousand subscribers. Most of you. They've taken it down. They have decided that what we've been posting on there is evil and must be kept from you so even though we've only been posting things that don't offend them like whenever we have a lot of truth we keep it off of youtube because they can't handle the truth man well even though we've done that they have gone into our archives because we're marked men and they have decided to find something to say your whole channel has been taken down. Okay so i want to say ladies and gentlemen before. I say anything else and i've got a few things to say. You need to do me a favor. Folks do us a favor. Please please please please sign up. For my newsletter. I speak everywhere. I was an ocean tabernacle recently in the most wonderful people who love this program and listen to it all the time and read all my books is air. You subscribe to the newsletter. They know if you wanna watch the interviews we do you. Now have to be subscribed to our newsletter. We are interviewing so many wonderful people. Kathy ireland the supermodel. Who knows this big big empire An amazing businesswoman and a profound christian. She's going to be on the program. We're interviewing her this week. In the studio We have just Host of people. You can't watch the videos as tv and obviously many of them work as tv You know the the. That's that's the idea here. So i'm asking you ladies and gentlemen please go to eric. Metaxas dot com and sign up. Because you're just not going to get it on youtube no matter what you're watching on youtube it will not refer you to watch this program because they've taken everything down. It's a big deal. It's a big financial hit. We can use your financial support Anytime you use the code eric. At mypillow dot com or my store dot com. You get most of my book there. the program gets something. We're gonna need a lot of help. But god is with us and you know alvin. Don't you find it funny that we. We didn't even put anything on youtube from the beginning. That was bad. It was just like in their crazy minds. They thought oh. You can't talk about this. you can't do. They start getting offended. And saying you can't do this. You can't do that so he said okay. If you're going to be fascists and chinese communist so we can we can work with you. I will just stop posting that stuff. And that wasn't good enough for them. Yeah i think it was that interview. You did with that guy that wrote a book on cary grant. I think that was it. Jodi jodi judy no way no. You're absolutely right. Very grant was married to diane cannon. Who's a who's a serious christian that's offensive well. The case nissan. Cannon is kind of like that's that's you know that triggers something can in tears right so it was probably the cary grant interview. Might have been morgan freeman interview. We've done a lot of interviews that you know when you're chinese communist. You don't like that seriously. I mean it is comical that in the last several months we've gone out of our way Not because we agree with them because fascism and totalitarianism and communism is is wrong but we thought it will want wanna be on there. We have to you know Talk of the vaccine. Which i would say to everybody. Please do not get the vaccine. We'll talk about that another programs or at least look into it seriously before you think about getting the vaccine i would never get it at this at knowing what i know but if you talk about that on youtube up. That's three strikes. You're out If you talk about the election fraud we now know that the election was stolen. And now i will talk about non stop because to me. There's nothing more offensive than anyone telling me. I can't talk about one of the most central issues of our time. An american election Being hijacked by dark forces most of whom are probably in china who are dedicated communist enemies. You don't have to be conservative to agree that you know. Communist china is evil. They kill their own people. So the fact that we're not supposed to talk about these things but we played that game and that was not good enough where you to. It was like a parent bit watching their language around their children. Who i can't say anything where my child will start yelling and screaming and run out onto room exactly. Well look so now all of ourselves going to be on rumble and on frank speech. But i'm just telling you if you want to get it delivered right to your inbox and again. I'm begging you folks go to eric. Metaxas dot com. Please sign up for the newsletter. If you can't sign up send us an email right there. Eric metaxas dot com. Do us favor and tell your friends about this. Yeah okay now. I've got some good news yet. Clear the good news. good news. good news is that While this is a crazy story yesterday. I went to the beach memorial weekend. Excuse me memorial day. Weekend was rainy and cold. In the northeast i spoke at ocean city tabernacle were putting that video up obviously youtube too but it was raining and raining yesterday. Finally there was a tiny bit of sunshine. And i said you know what. I'm gonna go to the beach. I want to get some kamala harris skin. Tone some jaylo glow so. I go to the beach on the way down to the beach. I see a quarter sized turtle. I have never seen a turtle you hear about them. You know that they're they're turtle nesting areas. And what i've never seen one a quarter size turtle. It was way up in the dunes. As i'm coming down to the beach and i thought this turtle is gonna die and i was able to take this tiny turtle and bring it down to the water and to release it into the water that it might live but even weirder later on. I was jogging down the beach. And i saw a giant sunfish. Some people don't even know what this is. They are some of the weirdest animals in the world. they grow to be like ten feet long. I mean they're gigantic and they are really really big. This had to three hundred pounds. They're like it's like a millstone and they're very weird and it was. It seemed to be dying. It was up in the surf. And so the lifeguards. And i try to get back into the water and we got it back into the water and it is so heavy and so strange. I mean if you look it up online look up sunfish. i'm not talking about you know like blue gills. I'm talking sunfish. Ocean sunfish pantic we this gigantic thing back into the water as some effort And it it was clearly not meant to live because it came back like it was it had already been flopping out there even before it washed up on shore so they're they're very fragile creatures and it only was dying now. I realize when. I woke up this morning you're on my mom and that's why see so. So here's the point guys. There is no point. Now the point is that it seems like a parable like you find a tiniest thing in the world that looks like it's marked for death but it should live and i was able to put it in the water and it would live and be able to grow to be really big the sunfish which was really gigantic. We also tried to save its life and put it back in the water and it didn't live so i don't know what the moral story is but it was a weird couple hours at the beach. That's all. I can tell you when we come back. We're gonna be talking to vote. Stir dominates. Trust me when i tell you. He's a hot head. He's a hothead. Youtube mike cans lost because of that await. We're already canceled. Praise the lord and after that. We're talking to john's merrick. Don't forget to go to neutra. Medics dot com neutral. Medics dot com. Use the code. Eric spectacular lar-. I noticed my hair starting to thin. So i'm going to find out if neutral medics has a product for that album. I know you've solved that problem by wearing a hat. I'm gonna get here plugs. We'll be right back. Sunday's depress did said on monday. Their folks how many years have been telling you about relief factor. What like four. The truth is i know there are millions of people in fact some say over one hundred million people struggling with some kind of maybe from exercise just getting older at that could do it getting older. Which is why. I am so impressed with pete. And seth talbot. They are on a mission. You rarely see this kind of focus. And commitment seriously they recently shared with me that they are doubling down and want to literally double their total number of happy customers in the next year. And i believe they'll do it. So here's the deal if you're struggling with back neck shoulder hip or knee pain. Even general muscle aches and pains than. I'm suggesting you three week. Quickstart still discounted to only nineteen ninety-five about a dollar a day to see if we can get you at a painting. And then after that less cost of a cup of coffee a day to stay in pain go to relieffactor dot com relieffactor dot com or call. Eight hundred five hundred eight three eight four relieffactor dot com eight hundred five hundred eight hundred eighty eight four. I use it it works. Check it out a folks. Eric metaxas here like you. I am sick of hearing about big tech. Companies spying on their customers selling their data and not being able to keep their platform safe insecure. Luckily i've found squad pod a private platform that helps businesses organizations churches nonprofits take back control of their communication squad. Pod has three things going for it that other companies do not i squad pod puts you in control of who is a part of your team what they see and how they interact with the group second squad pot is one hundred percent owned and operated in the united states third squad pods simple to use just create an account invite your team and start communicating via their secure video and messaging features. Learn more at squad pod dot com slash eric. That squad pod dot com slash eric. Let me say it again. Squad pod dot com slash eric. Check it out and folks welcome back. Yes yes that's right. We got him. We got him. Did you get them. That's what they're wondering they're asking and the answer is yes we got him. I'm talking obviously about kevin mccullough also known as votes predominance dom s welcome to the program votes. Predominance is a name. I haven't heard votes. Listen you you're the guru you're the political guru poll. I don't know how you can say that. I got the twenty twenty election about is wrong as anybody has ever gotten an election first of all. Bite your tongue. We're totally wrong. What you just said and shame them. You got it right. They got it wrong. Cheating is considered wrong. Did you know that i. I believe that that's immoral. I just my prediction of what was going to happen. Kind of got thrown to the wind. Because you didn't predict cheating that's true. Yeah you jug head sorry kevin. I'm being serious right now. I'm okay if we retire for a while. At least let me get nothing election under my belt. That program goes away. Okay dictate user. You got it all right. The cheating turned everything upside down. So it's like saying. I predicted this horse was going to win. But they blew its brains out before it got out of the gate and then he say oh. I got it wrong. No you didn't get it wrong. So i want to be really clear will thank you. We've been kicked off youtube. I can speak the truth and say it seems very clear. I mean the more time passes since the election it becomes more clear that there was cheating and i think that if we are quiet about it we are to blame. We're part of the problem. I i concur with ariffin than cheating election. it is despicable. Any american who loves freedom has to speak up against it and so you my friend continue to be votes to damase. And i hope you'll agree with me but let's talk about more interesting things get enough fair enough. Wanna talk about many things my friend. First of all this past weekend. I preached in ocean city tabernacle nearby. And you didn't show up. I'm not hurt. But i'm bitter. Wasn't it raining on sunday and ocean sewage whoring because we we booked a little family vaca- down to cape may and we. We did something really stupid. I you know we're just going to sleep at the hotel. So why not news last minute. Studio room cram all five of us in there. You're going to be at the beach the whole time on sunday. We were in that little room. So we we drove everybody nuts. We should have come to see you preach. It would have been much more enjoyable than well. You can watch it online all day but not on youtube. It'll freak you out now. Youtube does youtube even exist anymore. Seriously dead to me. I was saying this in the previous segment. And you're a good person to talk to you about it because you've experienced this youtube and these other folks. I mean we have to be clear in what we say. And i will say this i know i know. I don't say i think i know that we never ever posted anything on my radio show because my gold standard is the ears and eyes of my audience not youtube. I would never put anything on this show. That is not true or that is not full of truth. Even if it's an opinion we would never do that so playing along with youtube is you're playing paddock with the devil. Because you basically say okay. They're gonna play this game and if we want to be on youtube to post the most anodyne neutral wonderful things that have nothing to do with politics or anything where the vaccine even just to post that. We have to be really careful what we say. So we've been really careful. We've not even posted videos on youtube that we think would bother them. We did everything you could. And they cancelled us. They ripped everything off the channel. So let me ask you kevin because you've been through this stuff and this is really serious. We're in a war right now because if you're fighting this and trying to do what is right and they still do this to you everything you need to know their bad just like you know you you you try to you. Try to campaign in the right way and then they cheat. You can't really play with people like that. They don't believe in rule. So what have you done. Where are you in this The the cancel culture. Well i'm still cancelled off of twitter. I'm i've sent fifty appeals Every time i get a letter back saying we've reviewed your case and we've decided to keep you banned I continue to try to look for alternative means but you know. The conservative options have had their significant share of problems parlor and gab. Or not really up to the game yet and we just we don't have platforms that are that are comparable to what these huge Kind of icons in social media or allowing to be a little bit like the british. Done the british armed forces in seventeen seventy five they were. We're the minute man brochure in the world and we didn't we didn't have the biggest navy in the world but you know what we're gonna win any way because god is on our side. He's on the side of truth. And i wanna tell you kevin my friend When we talk about this kind of stuff When it comes to you in the way that it just did for us on youtube you really think wow. It's a clarifying moment because anybody who acts like well you'd be careful what you say because you don't want to saving bad and i think to myself wait a minute. I've never said anything bad even the videos that we don't even post on youtube. There's nothing wrong with them but just to be polite. We don't post them but the videos that we have on youtube. There's nothing i mean. This is what. I find so astonishing. There's literally nothing that anyone should object to. I mean we've all watched youtube. They have the most six stuff on there. I mean i in any direction you wanna go. And this is what they choose to censor and we're losing a lot of money. This is an opportunity for me to ask my audience Please subscribe to my newsletter because there's no way for wheat for us to get these youtube videos to you we're gonna They're no longer on youtube. But we're gonna post everything rumble but there are a lot of people that they don't know rumble than just sign of our newsletter and eric metaxas dot com please. Because i don't know how we can sign up. The sign up thing is is your your best bet and i would say pulling the camera back eric to like the thirty. Five thousand foot view Because i always try to be theologically. A follower of jesus before i'm patriotically in american and if you know you're scatology if you know that the shape and arc of history is eventually going to bend in which it looks like the evil guys are going to win and win big. They don't but it certainly gonna look and feel like that This is stuff that i can't control anymore. I've really just turned over to god and said okay. Thank thank goodness. I'm not in control. I'd have a very bad reaction to this. There would be thousands of people murdered and dead lying on the side of the road. Because of how angry i am but you're he's still in control and so i think that for me what it's boiled down to us. My i don't have one hundred and fifty thousand followers on twitter anymore. I've got six hundred. And i don't have you know huge distribution on other platforms. I've got whatever parlors you know functioning at today and it may be worse tomorrow or a little bit better. Who knows. But i do know at the end of the day. I've got a god who's in control and that. My job isn't to be victorious. My job is to be faithful. And so i just have to keep speaking truth and pray that god opens the ears of the people that are supposed to hear it at the right time that they're supposed to and you know it's been interesting eric. I got so caught up in the rise of twitter so fast last year and it really was kind of a personally depressing thing to see it. Just all go away overnight But it's been a a a good exercise for me to be reminded that i have a god who's in control and that i can trust him more than i can trust jack. I'm certainly thankful for that. Well listen is perfectly possible. That people like jack are going to get in big trouble and maybe go to jail in other words. I think that there's enough information out there to to let us know that these folks have to be worried and the if we don't know where at war they do. They know that if what they have done is uncovered. They're going to be in big trouble. I don't know that they feel that way. Eric and let me give you some examples. Why go ahead. They've got an administration that looks the other way on everything they do. They've got basically a dictatorial control of congress Technically they've got control of both houses they want to Revolutionnaire revolutionized the judiciary. They just want to cancel the supreme court and add more judges and just say that they're going to be in charge in elections for the rest of time in eternity. They are planning on trying to cheat in twenty twenty two. They are planning on trying to cheat in two thousand twenty four. None of this stuff is going to change. And i think that the jackson the zuckerberg's some of those guys are kind of looking at all of us going. We got you guys right where we want you. And that's the that's going to be the greatest surprise of all because you say you think jackson trouble that's kind of on a human level if he's broken laws if he's done things that have violated the constitution. Certainly he should see justice for that. But ultimately there's a spiritual price to pay. And god is a god who will not be mocked and i know that ultimate justice doesn't rest in the department of justice. I know that ultimate justice rests at the in the throne room of heaven. So i'm hopeful that in in maintaining a faithful stance of speaking truth and saying i'm i'm not going away. You can try to take everything out around me that you can. But we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna keep telling the truth anyway. I think that's the most powerful response we have. You know i wasn't listening. Can you that again. Hey listen seriously. I don't think i agree with everything you said. Except i do not think that the the powerful people unafraid. I think they know that the whole thing tumbling down and i'm going to suggest that it is gonna come tumbling down. You say they have an administration. The administration wasn't elected by the american people. Nope they've got some problems we're going to break. We're going to be right. Back with votes stra dom us don't go away. Prescription dispensing labs is a national licensed pharmacy specializing in personalized prescription and natural medicine. The pharmacists that labs are credited with formulating unique nasal sprays for the dreaded brain fog and a leader uncovering new compounds to improve your health. Pd labs is one of the first pharmacies to now offer a telemedicine group trained and prevention medicine and how to restore your health developed signature professional supplements that really work rather than just promotional advertising pd labs prides itself on innovation and amazing customer service that show dedication to your health today. Everyone needs a choice in their health. Care and they bring many refreshing options on how to maximize your body's amazing capabilities to bounce back. Pd labs has an extensive network of practitioners nationwide dedicated to true healthcare. Not sick care visit their website. Pd labs rx. Dot com for free health tips podcasts. And they're popular online store. Call eight nine zero nine. Zero one zero asked for ray and tell them eric sent you. That's eight hundred eight nine zero nine. One zero eight folks. Eric metaxas here. Joe biden and the democrats have laid out the most socialist agenda. Our country has ever seen instead of following president. Trump's blueprint that had the economy booming. The dem's are going to raise taxes increase regulations and skyrocket and already outrageous national debt. If your retirement is in traditional investments it is in jeopardy. Americans should be diversifying their investments with gold and precious metals. Gold gives you control over your wealth and protect you. From market volatility inflation and a weakening dollar when investing in gold. I turn to legacy precious. Metals legacy precious metals has over forty years of experience in helping american's protect your finances and this team is prepared to patiently. Consider your own personal financial needs if you're looking to invest in gold call the good folks at legacy precious metals today at eight six six four seven three six two zero four or visit them online at legacy pm investments dot com. Don't leave your retirement to chance. Friends contact legacy precious metals today. That's eight six six four seven three six zero four folks. We continue our conversation with votes dominance. You see that glassy eyed thing. That happens to me when i say the name predominance votes so let's dramas also known kevin mccullough kevin. Where can people find you online. Please you can go to well. I tell you what instagram is. Probably my best place right now. Kabc radio on instagram and just Just like me and follow me there. And i've got links to everything else that i'm part of if you go to the lincoln the bio there and you'll you'll find. Okay well listen Let's continue to number things. I always want to say but you were just going to say something well because you said that They they know that it's a house of cards and that they fear. That could all get taken away in a minute. That's one theory. That's out there in the political arena. Right now that they're that they're acting kind of manically crazed state because they're they're they think they're so short on time. I'm not sure that that's true. I think that these people honestly believe now may not be based in reality it may be a complete delusion on their part but i think that they honestly believe that they have trick the system. That we've gone full vent valenzuela. They think that you know that they're in charge. Now venezuela's wayland. That's what i meant. I think that they believe that. They figured out the pieces to take democracy away and. I think that they're going to be aggressive in trying to to do that. I don't rule out that this won't have some very negative consequences. Because i don't think that the majority of americans agree with them. But i believe that this cabal. That's in power right now. They're in charge of the government there in charge of the core of some sections of the courts. They're in charge of both houses of congress and they are increasingly in charge of the narrative throughout all of the media. They don't have anybody pushing back and when somebody does it. It's almost like cognitive dissonance. To the agree that makes brain explode. They can't fathom that someone dare oppose them. Which is why quietly and respectfully as as you. And i may at sometimes do it. They're still going to have problems with because they're going to say you're not on board with the with the plan here since we have a lot of time. Let's say they're evil and they're gonna lose so thing Because we are in the united states of america and look it doesn't matter if you're nazi germany. Hitler blew his brains out in the bunker. Okay so zuckerberg and these guys like the idea that vote. But they're in charge. You know. Hitler was extensively in charge. But the question is who's who. Who does god have his hand on. I don't really believe that. They are going to farewell unless look unless they repent. Let's be honest. People can repent and change. And i and i my prayer would be that they would have a dream like i did and they would be completely blown apart and realize wow I know i didn't you know and change change where the coming from but anyway let let me just say to get back to some of the social platforms parlor and gab are available like as twitter substitutes gab works. It's not great. I don't like the color scheme. Milo yannopoulos is on there. The babbling is on there. Just following milo is worth it. He's the funniest. It's eas- astonishingly funny but parlor has major problems. Every time i log in. I have to go get a code from iphone every and i mean i can never stay logged. Didn't always every time you wanna post and every time i've tried to post like within the last couple of weeks it won't allow me to post. I sit the whole thing up. And i hit post and it doesn't work so they're having major problems. Well candace owens. Husband is now the ceo. They've changed ceo's a couple of times in the last few weeks and there they are more stable today than they were two weeks ago and they are improving but they are still having problems. And i'll say i've got a decent following on there. I think i've got twenty four thousand something like that. But you know i'm i'm seeing that only four hundred or five hundred or six hundred people see the actual thread Whereas before they were dismantled and put back together we had you know five to ten thousand people seeing almost every post that we had up. So i don't know what that's parlor guy still can't post on parlor but i'll keep trying. They're making improvements things. Just go pretty good now. Frank speech is another story. They have been attacked and this is another romanian site. Yeah my viewers and my listeners. folks. Mike lindell's a hero. He has spent millions of his own money For this country and one of the things. He's tried to do to try to build a social platform media platform frank speech and the bots that are attacking him. There is somebody. I don't know who is deputising them if it's president obama or if it is a susan rice or if it is an infant the bowels of hell i don't know who is behind this and mike doesn't know but they are using everything they can could be the chinese. I have no idea to take them down to cripple them. Doesn't it tell you though that he's over the target if they are just going all in to take him down the my pillow date if he was a helpless pillow salesman from minnesota he. They wouldn't a attract one millionth of this attention. The problem here is that he has said a lot of things that people don't like He has gone to great lengths to Provide resources to support the things that he has said and generally we call that good research who and when you have facts that back up your assumptions you're generally believed so yes that is you know a spot on sign that he's over the target and i don't know that every thing that i've heard or or i don't even know all the details of the things that he's revealed but i know that there's been enough that it has gotten the right people angry and you would not be seeing nonstop from the day. They've launched non stop twenty four seven around the clock attacks since then it's amazing. He's a hero. I wanna say to people again. Please go to mypillow dot com. Use the code eric. But let me say something else. Which i've said my store dot com. Most of my books are now at my store. dot com. If you use the code. Eric you get a very good price. Some of them are very very well. Priced and We're gonna eventually get all my books and other products at my store dot com. Just because i think we have to have alternatives. And that's really the larger conversation we're having is that we're finding other ways were finding capillary pathways because the The super vena cava is blocked. We'll be right back Some talking to kevin mccullough whom we know as votes dedom- your damas Tell us what did you make of. Kamla harris who's actually not the vice president but she's perceived as having been elected by the american people when she posted have a great weekend or something like that the way i take it sometimes is i. I don't wanna be like the left when the people on the left. Say something really stupid. I don't want to pile on as though they're the devil so when she said have a nice weekend we know it's because she's in in it's bad as vice president not to understand what memorial day is all about but i feel like i almost don't know what i what do i expect from these people that she's never given a thought to memorial day. I don't think no. I don't think so. I think that she's a pragmatist. And almost every area of life. I think she takes opportunities to advance herself. You know even on this one post. It was a picture. It was a selfie And she was with the selfie saying enjoy a long weekend whereas my wife who has a brother who is in forward duty right now i have to deceased grandfathers who were world. War two navy. I've got four uncles. Who were in vietnam and korea. I've got a couple of cousins that served in iraq We hand we view this weekend. Much differently than someone like Kamala who i don't i don't think Ever served has any desire to know much about service Didn't really come from a family that that knew much about it though. Her dad's seems a decent fellow The the idea that it was so whether it was flippant or whether it was sarcastic or whether it was intended to be just thoughtless that i think any of those things are problematic. Because what you're talking about is a nation that really does pay respect to. It's fallen war dead and says we are only free today because of what you did in that moment and so we say thank you Anything less than that especially to military families i think is just. It would have been better for her not to post anything. What's into go there. Is you think that if you become vice president or president or or anything like that you. You're briefed on. What is right. Sure you say this. And don't say this whenever because you now are no longer yourself. You're now inhabiting An office and i find it fascinating. Because i notice the same with obama. He made a lot of like really stupid. Mistakes like rookie. Mistakes like you know announcing something on the anniversary of the polish invasion and whatever like doing things that if you had the right kind of people around you you wouldn't do fry yet. The impression that the democratic party has gone so far left. They don't have that anymore. They used to have it. I'm sure they hired a headed under carter or whoever but they no longer have it and over the decades. It's gone away. it's gonna win the popular culture. But when you when you when you look at folks like this come laura's for her whole life is not inhabited a world where people talk about those who died on memorial day. She's she's i don't know where she is but she's she's not in that world so and it's also gotten almost to the degree with critical race theory and kind this current conversations being had that if you are to america and look at what we've done in the sacrifices paid and all that stuff that that verges on being white supremacist. In their in their world view world the word is white supremacists. I just want you to be very clear white. Thank you cyst and listen. It is so dumb when you're talking about race most race. Conversations are are preposterous. I mean is harris black. I think i am. I'm darker than her today. And i think that when she does look slightly black. J. lo glow. It's just phanor so the idea that we're seeing. This person is black and this person in the black community if black friends they talk about this stuff right they talk about how actually i don't think they do. I don't think. I don't think they do sit around and talk about the components. What what i'm saying. Is they talk about the hypocrisy. In other words whites light skinned black. People were discriminated against in the black community darker skinned black. People were discriminated against like. It was kind of like if you weren't that in other words this ridiculousness of the color of people's skin and it was. It's not like there's there's no reality there but generally speaking it's it's crazy stuff. It's crazy this woman come lara's who's basically she's she's dark at all. It's because there's no indian blood. And i mean from india and it just becomes all silly. So we're playing the game the critical race theory in america's bad and we all know that the reason people come to this country because america is literally the greatest country in the history of the world like literally the opposite of what they're trying to sell is what we are. And that's that's why but you asked how people get in that situation. She literally lives in a bubble exists in a universe in which the idea of even being pro the country that she is serving right now is bad and that that really started to your point under the obama administration because even when bill clinton was there there was still a perfunctory hat tip to are insect. There was perfunctory hat. Tip to service. There was always a laying of the wreath at the At at arlington cemetery and it was covered in the. But it's been since this conversation of of america's bad because white people are here and everything that white people have touched his country Morally questionable and that started with susan rice and barack obama in his first term. That was that administration that started pushing it and those people never left washington. Obama didn't retire back to chicago or to martha's vineyard wherever else. He bought a house after he was out of office. He stayed right smack in the middle of of of the nation's capital and kept those voices fomenting this same idea. Many people say that he's buffet president now that he's he's the puppet master pulling the strings on rice. Who then tells biden what to do. And so forth. That's why they picked kamala harris to be the vp and not susan rice. They wanted susan rice to be the dog. Whisperer telling biden what to do at the moment to do it. So you're i think you're seeing a very logical playing out of all of that and it turns into this embarrassing tweet that she sends out on memorial day weekend And you know half or more of the country goes. Wow that's tone death. I mean it's beyond tone-deaf it's offensive in many ways saying what are those phrases like. I mean whatever their their these phrases that you would say like. How could you not know that you shouldn't say that. At this point correct she not know that the country Th that is comprised of three hundred twenty something million americans reveres those who died and bled mostly white boys boys for this country for the freedoms that we have going back. Generations and centuries folks How can we be ungrateful for that. It's the greatest gift we'll be right back. Continue our conversation with kevin mccullough boats dom Ooh his folks talking to kevin mccullough votes as Kevin when we come back in the beginning of our to We're going to bring in john's merak. But before that i wanna talk to you about. Csi can we do that all right. We've just got a couple of minutes left here. What else we need to talk about. Because we're living through the strangest times. And i wanna say this over and over because i want my audience to know. You're not crazy we all know. We're living through the weirdest period in modern history America in some ways resembles communist china. Nazi germany. You gotta be careful what you say. This is madness and we need to understand. It's madness and we need to bravely speak the truth. Knowing god requires that of us know. Absolutely i would just say. Keep watching the signs. What you're going to see in the days to come you're continuing to see But you've got people that really don't value. Cherish respect appreciate the constitution they have no real respect or or meaningful appreciation for the american way of life. They don't believe that this country has anything excellent to add to the global picture And they are. They're content in not only trying to redistribute resources that are in this country but trying to do all that they can to create chaos to a really step themselves into a different form of government And as we were talking about you know not just venezuela cuba and china and other places a lot of times. This is how it's happened I think the the encouraging thing eric. If i can is that the people and i said this after the election and my bride you know we. We were all very discouraged. It at how the election turned out. And i said at the time you're going to have to have people rise up in every state of the union in every state capital. You're going to have to have people fighting for election integrity reform. You're going to have to have people that are going to be committed to a lawful election. Process you're going to have to have people that fight for principal and it seems like over the last twenty or twenty five years. That i've been doing what i do. Sometimes i feel like i'm kind of at the tip of the spear saying. Hey come on we can do this and trying to get people to believe in it and to get on board with it. We need thousands of tips of spears in every in every capital in every city across the country but the encouraging part for me is that i'm seeing some of those things take place wisconsin arizona. Pennsylvania georgia have all passed some degree of election reform States that didn't really have any question about The election of twenty twenty have also done that. States like texas I think New hampshire a couple of others. If we continue to see americans rise up and say i don't want this controlled manipulated game that we were served in two thousand twenty then. There is still a chance that we've got a grace period for a few more years another generation in which we can enjoy the freedoms that we've always appreciated but if we don't if in and it can't be just eric metaxas in kevin mccullough wanting it every person listening to this has to go to bed with a burning in their belly waking up the next morning and saying how am i gonna make my life more free more secure and more opportunistic today than i did. Yesterday you've got to get involved. You gotta start sitting on a community groups. She gotta run for a city City council school council dogcatcher. All politics is local. You need to start wielding influence that you have the problem with conservatives is that we are really good at believing things but we also believe that we have a responsibility to provide for our families and pay our bills and do all the stuff that we need to do. So we don't really do extra to get involved. We think will somebody will take care of that. Problem is that's us. We're the ones that have to take care of it. We're the ones that have to decide to make. Listen if people can die can bleed and die for this country and for your freedom folks for your freedom. You owe them something and you need to spend the rest of your life what you can. If you're not going to die for the country you need to live for the country. God bless you kevin wolf right into the next hour don't.

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Resenha: Dayglo Mourning - Dead Star (Stoner/Doom Metal Americano)

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Resenha: Dayglo Mourning - Dead Star (Stoner/Doom Metal Americano)

"On lies relate to sell the so broadcaster tad so noble ed and f the l. Michelle move gas on rebel s. I get out there. So he'll healed obama dad star today glow morning should be a dipping day. That's competencies come. Say's mousse cake. Walk through minute. Neutrals strip play day glo morning cobblestone. They're do matto. Jeff lana georgians does. This is a set of won't say but the thing so simple discussed sophomore album lasting down debuts. Go dayglo morning. Think that those moving tune undiplomatic parade minor about that. He had gerbils cow rat a matt ray born nouveau cow in new by shin. That guy golly but those things matter is almost bizarre victim until monitors don't have usually just over those years as a miami or plausible puzzles are made i'll sabas was usually towards mohammedan mattel for them but would fit easily sparrow the overview was born Documents basile Demography matalin i go to the buono am don't don't think to put onto the minor. What you at ten. The and gunpowder dodgy dies. He thankful now who boehner and my off the bottom. Algae vinci think through every episode resume. Aca told them what they want on my stopper pick who can scorebig dot without symptoms loss gentleman produce data similar by ship. Zay depend on zoom able to do with the civil subsidy as placebo sitting there to the bang to the contests both evaporative national documents. Besides metal demos month import after his father his besides putting mirrow fully glauber did do dark avenger ad hoc veinous with them. An took cuisine when it this was just after. I've got no view meal. This bizarre jupiter jupiter. Gmc qu'aucune kick on this story. I could ever sell through the beloved hell for which would use go inside the pillow. Modeling is is. Wooten portentous like i had to do global costa if you're processing your sister. Donald liberal leaders. This i started. I don't know dishes. That movie la salle mustard. Global conglomerate going double this you him. Muttering told us next question was much fight so it was easier. Say it was up. Who cast box was podcast. Ghetto pockets guests. It was a do. I tunes ceos pass through xining partisan style out by law. I guess you boost thelma podcast. He say snapper could allow new twitter and facebook put. I hope that watch party. If i don't tell it grabbed procurement albert group segment also group says phillies komatsu group. Curricular scoop follows quake poems with him into a woman that episode. Woody cola. Salvos group with this manella. He does. This year is all. I told who's g. is this to waters on st he to while metal murders his tommy talbot six six six edge. Don't want us all he me mantra and this is what you system. We'll have meant to orgies. Don't go of selling keep his galaxy. He told me that i was just threes. Just spicing thing there. We stone at america cone and we started to do kind of stood citizens. It is still airpods. Do proper a-part owner million keys. Paying names should not cheer aeko. Scotus can wait till bush quite play still kia to lose. You can talk in the subsidies that you. What is this museum. Don't they got a job for about that ours. Do dry heaton hyphen that he. He lives compay cone days. Moussa koussa them as you play button. Okay he thin my so popular for relief hidden the mountain top mountain say dry season gama bothers you still new zealand oregon cheesy. Don't you're still may now the sars the who chronicles do hayes maize putting the put on. Wbz i feel like remorse records of a cone. Automobiles wasn't going to play includes zeev inclusion. You start to bank. Which fire wizards corpses golly. Because he is a disco and take all just. Don't baltimore maryland to this actually gives the such blood missed as far as mays much of this question. Do chronicles reduce newton. Arvin new wave of stunner. Domes does the the scott. I just going to sentence other news as being changed. Bala owners violence bizarre eating dozing. So vs going for like water today. Glow morning say cada. Don't follow your yuna dayglo morning. who who some. Why sustain look to maintain long to. Who who la ming to the lucia. Who looked to those who being far too. He says dad stylist do all. Because does moore's cop that there might birtles elements that one is going to take the us. Don't follow them burned timoti much got all coochie. Musk mosca coochie style. Matama kagyu buddhist as i. So is this show this on. Sumo sadat's sub lucia bomb toyko laying. Takata put pama. Don't honestly you. Are donald ski blessed. Who's thing on my team up contaminated meters. Possibly that scare cheever's equal tainted meat. So i was sickened by the mice photos. Is you fe- suicide for the snake. Don't meet this thing. Eight minutes sitting in my eyes If if for this the biggest this in the memo it they do overview call. Have you can take that. Says the main over the eastern The morning glow up their kaput donor matter. Just don't meet thrice wills put dot com schiro guitar chino district. They would should is if distant village. Chino content with twenty thousand vassals internship diverse. Y'all got my birthday today. Is this a big battle heavy metal stolen and she's looking for the stolen it. Don't buy tickets stolen for the would was massimo. Y'all just a gal when galway kiosque Medicine medicine is also. What bizarre jr subleased donor. Kara plus plus otages. We started plus also carry stone stone. A- with 'em towel hooking home is hockey. Look you may tell. Ms mu bailing to the bone blinked to imagine happened to new thing. You sabaot. this responded main basham wing to pizarro. would've could've either. In winter and winter podcastone bash which took vitamins as cone grew. Him is late. Suspect is layer cheater. He bash barshop sickle. I almost to the on bay fourteen so by shows. Today's if is is in nevada payments were gould groups. He grew with you stone in amazement. You said we are. All reports survived over cow. Miller bicycle outta he was top of the cell to throw to vintage. We're setting die. Suddenly border stone since i took to follow the sort of chorea faith. I just told her. Essay headed just goes on water shula. Somebody's math. I was low. Legend legible ecuador guajardo or visit risa man to do math on how core mice doom bouquet. How'd you quarter circle. So now hundred square my easily to hedge corner my space odd the bar chevrolet similarly dodge it through allege you stolen. This is the case. Chat with komo's psychotropic stunners ledge especially on the from obama distorted matt spot. Rock dove aced wasn't finished as louis. Blues ledge is is donor motto we metals on sludge metal over the twenty thousand last cloud though vs my what it was todd. Let's say only spas super my sprawl. You those talk to my spirits and such bosch. Equal height is highest hydrocare. Don't grew up again just looking for something for us. Poor because can listen. I just done stay crossover. Watana don't think group mad beggar of methods book. You might as you do you begin. Stone in contri- survive. Can we go to beijing. Quantum liquids legend matt. Nagy mice is simple ocean the oceans now waterborne apostle there. I was this humanos day. So you must have been grilled survey Metal says anita so new matto. Macedo metal damage towner. All new wave of groove matt ultimate swing contrary to socialists. Don't be turned the big attitude vein to the system who tries same stone stone. That met as much more the ecu ministers body during the mice. Odd to cover some squash mice. Could you fought by f. Razzie so mice mice say e elementary school. Because you'd have been stolen posit legitimate cisco. The june juma burned burned us coin though residents basuco data customink that kills somebody sear and sodom six dollars over the ocean to me for tooth a male buttigieg sludge metal compulsion hardcore brookings prognosis. Our east stolen car killed following so be stolen again. The martha fellow celebrity who is Cycle autumn full duplex folded godman. Stolen slowly Smokey snap faced with stuff illinois. Slow died butterscotch guy. Who stole that. It's as if i was to be co seconds. This stone says ledge electric wizard. I'm fire the weed eater. One so distorted astonished. Sleep sleep assoc thunderstorm. As he's lurched won the ocean. Say i'm gonna do sledge to move into this key to that started more they they glow morning put l. Budges legend can no vipul fossils fossil mccoy. I don't follow mccoy. Fossils from acquaint than it is on the mobile communal fast. Food is don't follow mark going follow little shady shatti eighties dame upsurges offer like your door. Birth damase precautions to meet them. Polk was supposedly that this limitation both things sal lease A couple of sized up to how much taurasi his shoe. It's still interesting. This is my shoe bomb. The for now do look as a key took onto moskowitz cadet cheever liberal june june june zippy code leeann molecular volume on number. Do she be my zehra russell. Biven pius image ghanem magically bahceli fortunati. Zad takada may. You're seeing thinking new fat. Unless they said it could cost donald flakes them directly. Fair housing took king. She my boy. Shimo into pretty grows uber pressure middle ago Put towards second call would that start glow more. And he's tough actually. Just give me the three spot. Apple scenario michigan desire to america and comb bruises tries. Your shuki don't vilely discussing food. You komo you ask you. Suffice to the salon choosing the resume basham wing to odd mass versatile obligated donald. She won't fleet contralto maasim yours. Aliki put him out of petrello. Do basketball other database thunderdome. Okay l. hoppy to do they may have my image. I gotta ki- like You guys go to rise as vocals vocab does noel l. high-score netanyahu agree to go throughout. The is maybe outdoor seem as good rally up brush. But this bosh they moot. Quality between composed aeko vocalist monterey born metro butterflies bulletin up mice. And it's no decides that mode our totta main through through joe mills the potential meals. Scott saul wittily guys. This is gotta snuck. You swallow pra ashhore now. Lot of cisa finality skippers got some of the scotsman solid guitar would 'cause the sellman jing's over guitar solar saute the as stolen and if the interest get into this is a key parts. They go to the gym specific and stolen. Don't just wake little financial restored. Emma stunner inclusivity. Go morning. i'm windsor. Got started was chiefs which to bunka yields on. This means you can commit some wind to being sauteed special lebron except that i thought was things missiles on this splurgy still have genova disillusioned says those similar now. Those two hours today reported to dow known this should into the response was the question was going to put him. The podcast and the twitter facebook much graham was going to put a hole by may talmud for lies away to sell the silk podcasts. Aja soviet head man the elements almost broadcast all without s. I get that loss of sight. Midtown wounded a foldable folk.

Jeff lana sabas mohammedan mattel matalin Zay glauber phillies komatsu group Woody cola manella tommy talbot Moussa koussa Wbz la ming birtles Matama kagyu donald ski galway kiosque Medicine medici Wooten boehner Aca