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"cusack zoo" Discussed on Ninja News Japan

"Is real in. It exists an ethically korean kid who was born in japan and grew up here and still treated differently. That happens for real. They still have separate schools for korean kids in japan. It is interesting when they say. A foreigner can't understand because what they're saying that we don't understand the subtleties of the issue but the subtleties of the issue are actually very simple. But these are not unique to japan. Korea this is the same sort of issues that happened. In america situations that happen in other countries for other reasons. I was born in ireland. They have catholics and protestants. They have issues. It's actually not hard to understand your. Both christians and god says to forgive and they don't so nike said to further. My initial point nike told this newspaper video is based on the testimonials of real athletes. Who like many young people today. Struggle to feel accepted for who they are. Discrimination is global issue in it exists around the world absolutely. I think this is true. It's interesting if you watch this commercial there is bullying in japan. That's been reported. Its japanese kids to other japanese kids but imagine if you were different from japanese kid is just going to be that much worse and it's not much clearer so it makes you that much more of a target. This is something. Because i have have kids in school was something i was very concerned about. I will throw a link to the commercial in the post engineers. Japan dot com. If you're interested watched the video and then think about the comments like this video is really just saying be nice to others and the negative backlash to that is really interesting because the negative backlash actually saying. You shouldn't say that these bad things happen. in japan. they happened in japan. They happen everywhere. And that doesn't mean you shouldn't address the issue since we're getting all social justice warrior all of a sudden. It's interesting news story. There's a lady called shoko i. She's the only female city councilwoman in cusack zoo. So that would seem like a good thing. You got a council. That was all men and she's the first woman to come in the mix stuff up unfortunately she published in book not unfortunately the she published new book the contents in the bad thing to happen to her. She published an e book about how she was sexually assaulted by the seventy year. Old mayor. The weird thing to me and this was something. I actually had to go to court and defend myself or something. Once and the incident. They were discussing three years earlier and they were asking for specific details and my honest answer was like dude..

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