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"curtiss jenny" Discussed on KQED Radio

"In effect. It's San Francisco and Kiwi. I North Highland Sacramento. The time now is one o'clock. Welcome to city arts and lectures, a season of talks and onstage conversations with some of the most celebrated writers, artists and thinkers of our day. Recorded before an audience at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco. This week. Disability activists Alice Wong talks to comedian W. Kamau Bell. Wang is founding director of the Disability Visibility Project, an online community dedicated to creating and amplifying disability, media and culture. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark civil rights law whose purpose is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Protection similar to those provided on the basis of race, sex and religion. Long has edited an anthology of personal essays by contemporary disabled writers to mark the occasion. On October 19th 2020 Alice Wong talked about the book with her good friend, comedian and journalist. W Kamau Bell. The two also spoke about the extra challenges faced by disabled voters during the time of Cove. It The importance of abled allies advocating for the disabled community and their shared admiration for Denzel Washington. Join us now for disability visibility with Alice Wong and W come out Now, How are you doing out alive to know about you? I feel similarly. How are you doing in such a loaded question? In the 2020 pandemic, social unrest election error, But I would imagine also as a person with disabilities that it's always a loaded question. So how are you doing in this doubly loaded time? You know if you like. I just disabled people but each Assimilated it. These are just Give it a city. It's just a I'm a writer. A physical threats to our sisters. There's at least a type of Yeah, There are pockets of joy. You know, pressure it just Arbutus. There's a lot of stuff is the earth and I think You know, it's a very beautiful time to have, but it is also A greater because Brady torture it. It Yes, if they give us keep us do May I just say so. You know, it's not like I'm going to be talking to you. I mean, I think what you said. It's all right. It may be. It is a strange time to have a book out. But it seems like a great time for a book like this because many of us who are not disabled are thinking about Accessibility, health care. Ah! How to navigate the world In a way we weren't thinking about it before. When you talk about what have you seen as faras Nondisabled people sort of going through things that you feel like just people. Disabilities go through all the time. Yeah, First of all, like You don't think you have to get past there's like pictures and you know, with a block down for sample it, especially since her sister was one of the earliest cities. Give it a traitor as this, you know such a place order. You know, people definitely freaked out a bit. A for the first time. Actually it globally. You are not the same people as if they take it away from the target. Is tedious. Jittery about this. Yeah, privilege to take up space down again. Any space they wanted. Somebody. Just What is this? Because you know why do we have to be hard? Flexible to the fish business up. There's a really good a bitter sweets. Feeling about this? Not just me, but just who are you? You know, Trump advised. It was Supposed to be like Later, John Wayne been doing this for years decades. If I got a devil and yeah, the sensibility better sense of a different option. It's 8%. You know, maybe there's a A Curtiss, Jenny Lister. That's certainly people realized. I should be unmasked. Thank you. No chapel. Issa. Uproot us, except how to make about work. Really? Yeah. It ain't there for one another do a different race. There's any sort of Silver society about it. This is the fact that I did hope that Your thesis, cultural institutions. Here, everybody everything about the race. It is a great flexibility and security. I only thought Sitting on endless years. Space difficult as it did us such writers such editor Order the Siri's because Tasia literary person But I think it's very sensitive it after we can talk about how we met. If you want to tell that story, I'll happily It could be a part of that. But also I think that I remember that when we talked. I think it's for United States of America, which you're on. The idea that like the things that make the world more accessible for disabled people make the world more accessible for all of us. So the time we talked about curb cuts, being a thing that like every parent with a stroller or even people who are just walking, and I just want to use curb cuts or thing that we don't realize they're there because of the and when you and when you say captions, I think about the fact that like I have become the person who used his captions all the time, and it does make my life Watching movies and TV easier, and that wouldn't be there. If not for the this really activism. Yeah, I feel like this is another mission. Closed side eye. But you know, I said, should not be You know the responsibility of disabled people that this is there's a dear. You got to be at this be interpreters. Further. D O R. That's disappearance, diversity. You as Ah Doctor State road, you say. Do you have the signal people? You are a lot of ways just speak up and just Well, I just realized I'm gonna be at city Arts of Lester's again with the Department of Journalism from UC Berkley. And I don't know if this is my official writer. But I'm gonna ask in my writer right now I know City arts and lectures listening if I can have interpreters and sl interpreters on the caption So you calling me out some tweeting me called me out right now. You will get there. And this is what engaged on the business. Maybe the virus has always been 34 of them. Happy to expect you It is not likely. Ever frightened. Yeah, Yeah, because this basic design and Abel is about fear. Misfire, misfire spirits or is it better for their somewhere? Do you want to tell the story of how we met? Sure it starts with a little bird app. Twitter you, Avery. No, I just think this is the life for Siri's about dessert. Yes. The podcast was called Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time period.

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