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"cul siham" Discussed on Healthy Eating For Kids

"About which plant during to choose for your baby. But you'd be using the plant drinks to make things like maybe parish or to make a dairy free custard rice puddings or a white source, but it isn't a suitable replacement for breast milk or your baby special infant formula when you are building up the. Many items for in the Neal's and usually by round nine months, baby. Should definitely be on around three million meals a day. You do want to think about what are the calcium rich foods Sach you can include? So usually you either have calcium from the calcium fortified infant formula or breath. Smell is definitely a source, and you certainly want to be thinking about in making sure that you're taking a calcium supplement for yourself. If you're breastfeeding because there aren't really high requirements for this stage. Should I say, and certainly if you are all say following a plant based diet than you do want to think about some of the cul Siham, rich foods that you can find in vegetables. So some vegetables are calcium rush than other things like broccoli, and kale certainly beans. And if you are in. Including fish in your diet and your baby's diet, then some types of oily fish and fish, particularly if it's can't with the bodes present. They are brilliant sources of calcium as well. There's more on this in a more reason blog post and podcast episode called what you need to do before reaching for calcium supplements. That's a really good read because I do break down the calcium present in a variety of different foods and on the podcast. I talk about the bio availability of calcium from plant sources, and does it matter. So what are the good sources and what on so good, even though people or you might read that some foods have a good amount of calcium. But is it actually going to be absorbed by your child's body? So thinking about the main meals like lunch and evening meals for this. Age group, you could think about using a root vegetables or grains, lucky Noah and Amer and if you are falling vegan plant based diet because those particular grains, do contain the food sequence of essential amino acids, so they really had to have. So that's the Keno and Arun. But if you following a normal died, but just the day refrain is the only exclusion that you're worried about then any root vegetable or odes rise passed. So you want to include gluten. They are brilliant for making sure that their child gets enough energy from Kaba hydrates as part of their main meal, and then of course, the other important nutrient is iron so think about iron, rich, vegetables and green leafy choices. Again, if you are following a plant based diet, otherwise, obviously, protein foods like meat chicken fish or lentils are excellent for iron. And again, you do want to make sure that there is at least one or two different vegetables as part of that meal. Like, I said don't worry so much about the amounts baby will adjust an eight bigger amounts of food as they get bigger and become more confident with food. But at this stage, you do want to encourage as much variety and texture progression. As possible that's a priority. And then for calcium you can't use infant formula. If your baby is still having that and that could go in between meals, so that they're getting their calcium that way or you can stop thinking about desserts or snacks that are counting Forty-five. There could be there's a great range of their free yogurts now that are calcium forty five. You can also do things like finger foods, so cutting up slices of bread, or toast or bread sticks and dip that into HAMAs and because of the sesame seeds or the tar he pays in that they are sources of calcium. I mean, it's not going to be a huge source of calcium, but it will contribute to the overall intake for the day. You can also use interlocked we've talked about can use mile herbs and spices for flavour and dairy free custard is going to be a really good. One as well as you just buy a dairy free custard. Packard, and then you can use a calcium fortified plundering to make the make the custard, you kind, of course, carry on using babies specialist infant formula. And that way, they will also get their vitamins and minerals, depending on how much of the formula. They're having in total for the day. You may not Quant need to start the vitamin drops. Just yet if you're carrying on with breast milk, and by the stage, your baby should be on a victim in a c and d drops and they'll carry on with them till five years of age. The other good things to include in between meals are things like mini sandwiches or pieces of bread road up with avocado. And then it could have a not base bread HAMAs or just another dip prepare Batat Heaney. I was thinking about beat. Because that's such a beautiful bright color that could be mixed with tahema make a really yummy. Calcium enriched at dip really because you could also top with a little bit of plant drink or the infant formula as another additional source of calcium sort of get that the right consistency for the and of course, what about are the high allergenic foods, you can read a little bit more about this. I have a blog post cold weaning, high allergenic foods went to start. So the official advise at the moment is that you don't need to avoid anything else. Other than the milk dairy delaying. Introducing things like eggs nuts. Gluten sesame so fish may actually unnecessarily increase the chance that your child will be allergic to these food. So it's actually protective to introduce these foods early, and when I say early just anytime between six and twelve months. Of age as you move through. Introducing solid from vegetables fruit. Then he may introduce lentils and other iron rich foods, you might introduce then calcium rich foods, and as you sort of gradually expand the range of solids offered it in a you want to make sure that you are including things like fish nuts. Gluten bread eggs, scrambled eggs for breakfast. For example, is really handy, and that could be topped up with a calcium fortified infant formula or plant drink to get it to the texture that you want, and of course, things like dairy free pancakes, you need eggs in this as long as these foods are well cooked. And you're introducing them one at a time to make sure that you're wear that your child is perfectly fine with those foods. There's no reason why. Why you should delay? Or void these foods that you really want to introduce these foods from anytime between six and onto twelve months of age, you want to have introduced these foods more of that in the blog posts are make sure that that's also lent. A copy of that in the show notes or you'll be able to click on the link in the blog posts that corresponds to this podcast episode. If you're looking for more ideas on putting together a dairy free meal plan, then he can't read splo- post code how to design the best dairy free meal plan, and that has lots of links to recipes as well. So that's over on my website UK kids nutrition dot com, but I put up copy of the link to that blog post in the show notes below. I've also got a free. Download on my website that are dairy free recipes that can also be gluten free. Free and the link for that is you k kids nutrition dot com forward slash dairy dash free dash recipes. Dash for dash kids dash guide that's a bit of a mouthful. So they'll definitely be linked to that in the show notes. But it's a repeat bat you kick his nutrition dot com forward slash dairy dash free dash recipes dash for dash kids dash guide. So finally, what about babies calcium requirements, and I would definitely recommend listening to that podcast episode. What you need to do before reaching for calcium supplements. It's also written up as a blog post. So you can visit the plug on UK

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