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"crisis sabre cathedral" Discussed on Photography Tips From the Top Floor

"He uses your next slice slice of slide from the top floor. Yeah in the middle of packing. I'm still here in Germany and I'M I. I talk to you about the checklist thing. I have used it. I have spent three hours yesterday to two hours yesterday. Maybe three hours today to get everything together and my checklist is working so well. I'm so relaxed. Just thought I'd let you know so. Yeah have everything Packed it's kind of heavy. That's because it's not. It's not overweight my luggage but kind of heavy because I'm bringing a few things for our participants that way something but yeah we'll see tomorrow is a is my flight to Moscow where we'll do before the Siberia Lake Baikal. We do a bit of an extension there a few days to see Moscow and visit some sites there which after several times and I even have the same guides that we used to have a few times ago Julia. She's a photographer. And she's taken us around and going to show us a few things and then we'll also explore some of the markets in Moscow. That's one thing I really love doing is to go to markets at the destinations because they are so not pretentious. Usually no postcards of them just regular people doing regular stuff. That's the kind of market. I'm looking for food market with just normal people so many great street opportunities there so that's one of the things that will do during the extension and then after that we'll take off from Moscow to Irkutsk in Siberia and. Yeah that's it for now. All right a bit of a change in pace. What you're hearing is the What's the name of the station? Scam come some o scared so this is Julia. She's our guide here in Moscow. And we're just doing a tour of the Moscow subway which is photographic lead just amazing. 'cause I think stalin-built this and it's sorry for the noise in the background Let's wait for the train to leave those Stalin build this because he just loved expensive architecture right not only for this reason in fact he needed the Mitterrand for transportation and for military purposes but he decorated it highly because he liked beautiful perfect she is so full of ornaments and mosaics and duty for light fixtures. And here's an extra. I think I'll stop now. I'll be back in a minute with something else. It's less noisy. I'm back motel. We finished our detour today in Moscow. Which is part of the two day extension of That we tacked onto the front of our Lake Baikal tour so I had Julia as our guide who is who has been our guide for a few other times. We've been here she's great. She knows everything. She knows what photographers like so. She's she took us to the right places of course including the the most important landmarks. Today's kind of the. Yeah let me call it the tourists today. But if you're here in Moscow you have to see the Red Square you have to see to Kremlin which by the way is the heart of Moscow it used to be only Moscow. The Kremlin if you don't have a if you don't know what to imagine the Kremlin is like a portrait. It's a it's a city inside. The city has a wall around. It used to be Moscow and then it started growing the outside. There are so many Kremlin. Here you'd be surprised so yeah we went in there. Of course the cathedrals in there there are several cathedrals in there and we just as you heard finished off the day with visiting some of the famous metro stations here. The Moscow metro is quite something. I mean it runs like clockwork and the trains Brady every two minutes. There's a train maybe less than two minutes. It's really Bang Bang Bang Bang. It's very super-efficient and We got around really quickly so if you come to Moscow. The Metro is the way to go. It gets almost everywhere and quick that are not expensive and tomorrow. We're going to take the metro and go to two markets. One is a food market and the other is It's hard to explain. It's souvenir market. But then it's right. Next to another Kremlin that is now kind of used as a place where people held weddings and photography. Point of view. Just wonderful and Then there's a flea market and so we'll be doing some street photography on the markets and have our lunch there and then after that back to the attell grab stuff head to the airport because tomorrow night we'll fly to Irkutsk in Siberia and we're at the next stop little night session ahead. I'm in the hotel lobby waiting for our driver. Because the he's not over yet we are going to Take the tripods out and find a few places. There was a couple of spots that have already been to that. I know that are really good for some long exposures with Some bigger buildings reflecting in the water of the Moskva River Then there's the crisis Sabre Cathedral which is kind of weird place but it looks really nice and at night It's really interesting with all the lights and everything around it so there will be some some good opportunities and yeah we'll just be out for like a couple of hours maybe To go to some of those spots and then yeah then the day is really over. The city of she said this station is example. Would just look so. It's the next day and We have finished our our main markets tour of the two markets again. It was super easy to get around with the Metro and Yes or recording. Why are there because we're just way too busy but It was fun to the second markets by the waste. Called is my loss key. Market is yeah. It was exactly as I wanted to be Last time I was there it was a bit smaller and this time there was so many sellers flea market everything you could imagine of course souvenirs but also just just the the the thing that I kind of expect from a flea market which is people bringing stuff from their homes and selling it there so you saw A really good insight into Russian life into what Russians consider. They don't need anymore. Want to sell everything you could imagine so that was really fun and we are pretty much on a way to the airport and we will take off later tonight to Siberia and then. I guess that's where I end this episode and then the next one will be from Siberia..

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