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"craig o. rien kelly" Discussed on Freakonomics

"Team recently eight some impossible burgers in a restaurant near times square. I actually can't tasted like it is like a good day for the impossible for economics zac lipinski housing craig o. rien kelly and greg rippin. Their meal happened to coincide with the release of impossible burger two point. Oh oh an updated recipe that uses a soy protein instead of a week protein and has a few more tweaks less salt sunflower oil to cut the coconut toil and no more is anthem gummer condom in my own tasting experience impossible burger. One point zero was really good but a little slushy eighty two point zero was burger tastic. I did not record my burger tasting but if i did it would have sounded like this <music>. These are of course are subjective observations. Here's some actual evidence impossible. Burgers are already being served served in thousands of locations primarily in the u._s. But also hong kong and macau these include very high end restaurants in new york and california as well as fast food chains sounds like you mommy burger white castle and burger king which after piloting the impossible walker in saint louis this spring has just gone nationwide impossible hospital also has plans to start selling its burger meat in grocery stores this year we've grown in terms of our sales and revenue and so forth about thirty fold in the past year and our goal is to completely replace animals food technology by twenty thirty five that means we have to approximately double in size and an impact every year for the next you know eighteen years. Are we understand that you are taking aim at pigs and chickens and fish as well yes of course so when when we first started out we were working on technology platform and sort of the know how about how meat works in general we were working on <hes> understanding dairy products and cheeses and and stuff like that and then we decide okay we have to pick one product launch with and then we have to from commercialization sandpoint just go all in on it for a while as the scientists as a scientist. Were you reluctant to kind of narrow yourself for that commercial interest or did you appreciate that this. This is the way in this world things actually happen. Both i mean let's put it this way. I would like to be able to to pursue all these things in parallel and if i had the resources sources i would but if we launched another product right now we just be competing against ourselves for resources for commercialization so just doesn't make any sense <music> we put out an episode not long ago called two totally opposite ways to save the planet it. It featured the science journalist charles man. Are we going to deal with climate change. There've been two ways that have been suggested overarching ways to represent if you like polls continuum and they've been fighting with each other for decades the two polls are represented by what man calls in his latest book the wizard and the prophet the prophet sees environmental destruction as a problem best addressed by restoring nature to its natural state the wizard. Meanwhile believes that technology analogy can address environmental dangers. This is of course a typology a shorthand. A profit doesn't necessarily fear technology any more within a wizard fears nature that said if there were ever an embodiment of the wizard profit hybrid person driven by idealism an pragmatism in equal measure. I'd say it's brown from impossible foods which means his invention has the capacity city to upset people all across the spectrum the consumers and activists who might cheer a meatless meat are often the same mm sort of people who are anti g._m._o. Genetically modified organisms in the impossible burger would not have been possible without it's genetically modified him which by the way the f._d._a. Recently declared safe after challenges from environmental groups like friends of the earth another group that might object to impossible foods the meat industry you know the ones who use actual animals to raise food..

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