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Fatherhood & Raising Kids Who LOVE Food

Get Your Glow Back

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Fatherhood & Raising Kids Who LOVE Food

"Hello and welcome back to the get your globe. Paul cause a wellness cost volumes. This is episode fifteen with Tom Redwood, Tom is chef and co founder of babies who on a mission to nutshell future fees. He believes the introducing a little one two amazing taste in Texas. At an early age is the best way to raise healthy, adventurous eaters. Now, Tom is the first male guests on the poll costs and we together bit. He has also become a good friend. I literally adore his outlet on food and how to feed your kids. In today's episode. We talk about how Tom went from private shaft to celebs to owning his own baby food brand his jerning with weaning tests on getting kids to love food. And why we need to look outside the box when it comes to cooking for kits. He's. Very passionate about getting kids to eat food that we home. So that will not constantly making tons of food everything which is about today. You can find all the details and the show notes which are Madeleine short com forward slash episode. Fifteen right. Let's bring on the fantastic. Tom. Welcome Tom t the polka. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me. We're head and babies H Q, but knock as she bay glamorous with a tiny covered the pitcher with sitting on this little kids, tools, and there's a light sentences like is on an office. Sometimes been talking your bitch back sometimes looking at is making it sound. Offices. The Polk cost by asking you ate for breakfast. Good question. Because actually today embarrassingly of had nothing that I know. And is that a new thing? No. Because my life is topsy turvy at the moment. Essence myself my wife to businesses we've got an incredibly busy schedule. And it's been a foot on day HQ, as you know, we've had the live Q and A, and so I've had to try and get a hold as work fitted in before. And after fitting around these the fun bits of the job. I think for my chef days, I tend to focus better when I don't eat. And so got this thing. Definitely advocate for Maeve seem to focus better. When I don't eat research now intimate stand thing, really helpful. So that might be positive it might be just that your brain focused when it's not idea. Oh, absolutely nothing tried every diet under the sun including five two and. Definitely on days. When I I I do feel a bit more focus made my buddies just naturally in June. And so I love to hate your story. The case like she said before you chef to amazing timers people around the world shafting privately and at the moment, you have your own baby few brands, how did that journey happen of always been around food? Always love food food has always been a real central part of my life from a little kids one of five. So you have to do random things to get attention when you in a big family. And so my thing was always trying to eat the opposite of what my brothers sisters eight which men if there was a quiche that was a cheese and onion case that was the one I did clear, and my mom and dad's which would have been Brooklyn Stilton, even if I didn't like it. And so I was kind of challenging myself, which meant actually then think I developed a quiet this word sophisticated palate conflict another way. Palate. Those Vence for my agents, I've always been the one in the family things a wit, and I used to sometimes pretend to even if I didn't just to be different. But then over the years, I kind of have defended this obsession with food, which quite helpful when you become a chef. And so it's always been such a big part of my life. It was a natural thing for me to do once leaving school. And I went my way through this Vanson kitchens. The good old fashioned apprentice style working day in and day out. Putting all the shifts to eventually ended up being a private chef where I was traveling the world looking after some quite interesting people from lead singer of simple minds Jim Kerr or his chef period. Craig David without dropping too many names. And so it's been a really interesting journey and always been obsessed with fussy eating. It puzzles me why someone like something another person doesn't I Cusi how really things like what? Especially cheese anything. Still eat it now. So never liked milk. My mom Kasich DIGI like pastor in kind of credence mushrooms by how tough my pain to pass. And like the smell of cheese, the smell with milk revolts may still still too happy with now, it's not problem. But when I was a K grown the feed the people at the house is like cheese on toes. He's on baked potatoes battery ham sandwich, and I was like what I'm not an eater. And I would sit there. To sit there and say, wow. And so to this day, you don't like macaroni cheese. You don't like anything. Like, oh and trying to be healthy. It's like the thought of tonight you'd have to pay money to eat. Missile many interesting reasons why people develop like dislike I've always kind of zoomed in on someone who doesn't like something and try to challenge myself because I love food so much literally so much. I can't imagine why someone would not like mushrooms, I asked delicious. What is it? You don't like about mushrooms and often it comes down to like texture glove within the taste is really taste of mushroom. You do hear it? But it's often the texture. Yeah. Exactly and saying tomatoes, and that's really another good example people say are hate tomatoes, but they love bullying nays, and they love tomato ketchup and tomato soup, but I don't like tomatoes. So there's often this whole psychology. So for instance, when I first met you Ana she's my business partner and now wife on a first date. She said she didn't like mom I and I was like. I bet you do like mama because I've always seen a challenge. The chef to try and cheat something if I've managed to get someone to like it. So I said to her when she said she didn't like mama's that you like chicken and she said, yes, okay. You like mama, and she looks puzzled. And if you think about it roast chicken juices that arose chicken and Cowman is at the bottom of the trade off the new season your chicken with quite low. So at least you seize your chicken and all of those kind of juices that cameras will the protein and of the cameras in the bottom of the trae. If you actually stick your finger and lick it and close your eyes is got that same family vibe as mama, mama. If you think about it is salty savory with a bit of bits. We kind of taste to it wishes. Exactly what the juices of voice chicken most beef. If you're vegetarian you dissociate with really heavily voted mushrooms, maybe some Tamari that kind of like, the salty vibe. And so if you like those you don't like, mama as she probably don't like, mama because of the. Experience of Bava than actual MoMA itself. So I said to you bet you within six months, I can get you liking, mama. And so that that was on. I think whoever it had to buy the person the holiday summit, New York or something like that. Anyways. It was first date. So you know in the pressing mode anyway, so fast boards are invited over for dinner and identifies chicken. And then I got Starbucks piece of Saturday toast erupted it into the juices sliced avocado put out in tobe sprinkle back pepper tiny bit of soaps and walk it, but a volleyball and served it. And that's us eighteen this is good. What have you done to it? I'll have to check it and blow. Delicious. Anyway, three weeks later four weeks later. Did her brunch. Made bunch for her. But this time I did it with sour, though, toast, olive oil Amar might still have a car does their work. It's Pepe still avoid also looked identical. And so would he has quality. I remember this. This was tasty. Then when she hit into it. She didn't automats freak out momma. She went oh familiar, but different and she ate it and afterwards, I was like frosted mama, and it kind of went on from them. So I think that's kind of a bit of an extravagant way of getting over my obsession with fussy to literally I'm obsessed with it when I then turned thirty. So I was always working as a chef throughout the whole of my twenties and up to my mid thirties. My friends started having kids, and when I saw a friend put a pouch out of the bag curious. I've never seen food served in the pouch before do you mind? If I have a taste. And when they said, yeah. Of course, he taste on my good guys tasted. This is disgusting. Really puzzled. I was expecting it to maybe not taste yummy. I found his so sweet when it was described as something savory and my response kind of haunted me. Yes. I know it's baby food, and so they almost expected or accepted the fact that it didn't taste very nice. And then my mind was like going over the place thinking fussy, eaters know, this is what we're feeding our kids. It's no wonder that we got this problem with children developer dislike for food or fussy over vegetables and starting to develop beige flavors. You know, you're kind of let your bland pain, pastors, etc. Etc. This idea kind of got stuck in my head. I've been a private jet for quite a while. So come kids who didn't like certain food groups. And so I got in my head. There must be something in the food that we're feeding our kids can influence whether you like something or dislike something. And so the seed was sown to start a baby food empire and that was nine years ago. Now that the idea was so here we are today offices babies is an incredible paper Mogo on talk about sets. How is it being setting company with your wife because obviously you'd love each other together? And also what together puts that lie. I'm so intrigued, well, I think I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world because I physically could not do this without her if she quit tomorrow that would be it on now. Hit jackpot in the sense that someone I loved it. Who's super bright super intelligent and so good at what she does. But it's the exact opposite of why do we the absolutely and yak I'm a bit creative chef vibe in may of being a chef all of my life. It's what I do. I've always been working with my hands and being creative our love cooking and developing recipes, and she's much more process driven, and she's very good the structured things, which if you didn't have you wouldn't have a business. And so I remember which hawking it was only two months after dating that she made me give up my joke to give this a go. So she's still out of full time job working with computers and IT consultant, and I quit my job. And I was there doing it. But not knowing was doing as you can imagine with starting a business, and she said to me how's the forecast looking. And I was like what? What's the forecast? She said how much are you going to sell everything they going to do ten a week per store five week pesto? I dunno. And she said, okay, where's your spreadsheet? And I was like. spreadsheet we'll start. She's excel. And I was like is that an app and so literally from day one even when she was working full time doing another job. She's been absolutely Ying and Yang and we've been very fortunate because whenever we have a difficult day, we have a difficult day together. So when we come home, we both understand how difficult the day is. And we've loved what we've done from the beginning. We really feel like we're doing something good setting a company that's based on good ethos. We've got huge, I'm visions, which obviously, you know about. And I think that I physically without want. We say good team you fantastic team. And she is an gorgeous human is you have competing revolutionized the baby feedback heads. And I've seen be really said to half year. Use saw was wrong with them. All you want to change. And how you've done it. Because I think a lot of people may know, you may know, your brand, and they probably think oceans like any other Brown that say that in power this free Bunge in them. But you know, we both know how different they are on. I think it'd be really important to hair what the differences are why he wants to do why it's so important, first and foremost, we didn't ever start off with wanting to take over the world with the baby food brand. That's never been our intention. What we wanted to do was change how people viewed baby food because it surprised me when my friend said to me, oh, baby. Food challenge, you go ask anyone squeeze some baby food into a both from a pouch from jar and go up to someone and say you want to try the baby food. It's quite fun to try it. I guarantee more than nine out of ten people say, oh, no don't eat baby food. And that's this owed. If you go PT, and you're lucky enough to have completely homemade food, which some people have the time and all the passion to do that. Which is great. I totally support making your own food. You don't make baby food and taste it and go sweet potato puree. It is sweet potato pureed finger food stained Buckley, arose, deport clay or just because it's for baby doesn't mean it has to taste nasty. And so we started off with the face simple, missions, try and change the way we viewed baby food, which is why actually my sister-in-law when we were kind of brainstorming one Christmas. So this way back two thousand five years ago way before we started, and I was doing my mission vision and values or of that land's day for my business plan, which is a bit over ninety and concept for me. She was saying so what's different about what you do. Well, we make food real food food for babies not baby food issues that you've got it. And so that's when we kind of coined the phrase food for babies not baby food because. We really wanted people to associate with what we do as real food. You know, the next best thing to homemade food when homemade just isn't possible because that's face it. We will have busy crazy life. Not everyone's lucky enough to have a stay at home, mom or stay at home dads, who's able to cook the meals, and there are times simply where life gets in the way or you want off all your traveling. There's so many occasions where we need to reach out for something forbid of how and so I thought actually trying to shake up what we're offering because it didn't make sense to me that if you and I go down the supermarket. I o looking for food for ourselves. You can find all sorts of wonderful great healthy options from coconut water in the fridge. Three to co press juices all the way through in the snack house. You got amazing war BAAs and healthy KO crisps and all sorts of things going on for us as adults. But then you go down the baby I'll it's all things like puffed corn and only puff with some flavors that it too. If you're lucky. Or free pure ways sometimes hidden behind the vegetables titles. So it might be a bit confusing where you're think you're buying something. But it's something different. And so we wanted to try and start a movement of bit of honesty and transparency and create food the as a pair, and it's not confusing. You go down the baby all if you see something called positive count, and kale guess what? It should be positive counting kale. There shouldn't be reversed marketing nonsense that gets in the way. I think brands this is cross the whole of the insur-. I'm not singling anyone out us marketing to sell put up twelve than actually doing what we should be fading kids. If you and you're buying spring Green's, you wanna be buying spring greens. If you're a parent, you're buying sweet potato you wanna be buying sweet potato. And so we set ourselves some really tough targets where we never hide anything behind the title. So on us and transparency comes through. And then when you start introducing Bill males. From around stage to woods, we wanted to do food that you and I would want to eat like, Karen Cowie's and Thai chicken choas and vegetables autos, and all that sorts of food that you, and I would salivate if we're talking about, but then actually make it like what you and I would make so not kind of at any other bits and make exactly as you. And I would make it which is why we were so for recipes for you to try home if you want to and they are the exact recipes, we don't do anything different because we want to try and show a whole world of flavor because as often the adults who put the restrictions on the baby's babies put in the strictures on what they eat where the ones that feed them. They don't want the shopping list and say, you know, what mount tonight do not give me carry again. We are the ones who decide whether we give the Kobe or not give the curry. I think courts really interesting is that you use lots of spices avai. The also, grains and close he meets. I think quite often of. Baby food when I'm buying it, basically fruit touch of vegetables, and that's actually not getting enough nutrient into a baby's because they need good quality fans. They need teams that do also makeup hydrates in the minerals that come from the vegetables and not only is about nature requires is also setting them up for line at the end of the day. We don't drink smoothies all day long. We have the maybe for breakfast or as a snack. We eat whole meals really balance. And I think that if we starting from the beginning or kids, a so much more likely to be eating not later on the line and your obsessed with this flavor window Tommy about because there's a flavor window Cerny low of evidence, suggesting unfortunate, you can't interview a six month old and say how was that? Give me one ten, but it was a study done. I think it was in America where they were confused. Why babies who were taking formula milk that was from an allergy point of view? So they couldn't breastfeed they couldn't have cow meal. So therefore they had to have special formula. And if you can imagine the taste of the formula milk is basically the smell of motivate, you know, whether you're gonna job of veterans owner, sometimes it's hard to swallow particularly when elephant sized pill. So imagine that in a drink form where you have to sip it as though you love it. Can you even imagine that certainly con imagine that? And so they were puzzled by curious by is why when they measured babies receptors like pleasure receptors in their brain. They responded with joy, drinking it. And so therefore they started thinking in questioning whether there's something what's now being the flavor Windham in who knows what it's called scientifically. And there's not enough evidence of research behind it to say categorically this exists. But they're certainly enough evidence to be talking about it. And I think even nowadays as evidence around the taste buds fully developed in the third trimester. So how cool is it to think that the food that you're eating a among when you're pregnant is influencing the flavors of the ambulance fluids. And so therefore as there's swimming around third trimester, get ready to be borne by romantic image. Obviously, that's exactly what it's life for you mums that they've tasted the food that you eat. And now, they even started to think that there's something where the flay. Annoyed go in the blood cell. So as you're eating it goes instantly into your best milk. It goes straight from under your tongue into your bloodstream and the flavonoids come out into the best move. So how cool is it to think that that taste buds are being diverted at that stage? I think that this flavor window whether or not it's scientific there's certainly evidence at least towards it. This study was saying that between the age of four, and I think of the top of my head is four and seven months, but it certainly in the first year there's a thing with the flair who window where your baby's the most receptive flavor than there again. Now, that's definitely doesn't mean that if you miss that flavor window that game over absolutely not an even if we take away from that the dispeat- brave at the beginning. Even if that's the only thing you take away from it. I think that giving parents and I use this words cautiously permission to be brave, and the reason I used that word is because we oversee quite confident when it comes to winning because we've been around. Winning so menu on didn't have a baby when we started the company, but we have a baby now. So we've been through the winning journey widdly halfway through starting to baby food business. But anyway, when friends of us see as giving Alex Tyco, suddenly go that's allowed. And so it's almost like seeing someone to have that will forty totally cool. Give them Tyco e give them a carrot and Covey maker doll, Selena, you inspire me so much with what you could feel this point. X could you talk us through a typical day on his patients when he thinks the adventurous just to get us excited and also inspire antipathy. That is okay. Because at the end today, we've all become huge Feeney's, right? We eat Chinese Fidel might eat like shut Shuka Middle Eastern kind of baked eggs for breakfast. But we're classic kind of feeding kids fish fingers. Is all bangers and mash and pee on repeat? We're not really being adventurous, but we really tally. We don't want out any sugar or salt to offered up until one but other than that it's really like game on my office seat. No, choking hazards. Not all the foods of grace. Oh, absolutely. I think that the list is long of what you can give the Newcomb's. And so I think that we limit ourselves too much in worrying about it. And so I think I'm probably the extreme opposite because not only did Alex have to everything because we own a baby food business. You know, I was really testing off the and so from the beginning, even from six, months, six and a half months. Own words, I was trying to make things like laxes for him where the essence of Alexa, make it kind of miss it up a bit. So it was on the pure side. And then give it to him to count of Chow on and the noises that he would make when he was eighty. Being kind of just inspire you Immelt. Johar? Everyone would have exposed this. Whatever it is that you give them they love kind of. Antecedents that excitement of the food. What is this? You're giving me the weekend is when we really get time to cook. Because the time that we spend as a family really from day one. He was in the office with every day, but pouches most days to lack of time. And also, we've got lots of baby food around the offices oversleep, but the weekends. We gotta thing going where I get up in the morning I make muffins within because he loves just get messy now. And so we give you know a bit of a lion because she's still breastfeeding of can't help out in that time. And so give you a bit of a lion. And we make a fridge my which is basically clearing out in the fridge of everything half a cower in. It goes piece of scraggly looking cauliflower that will do great make fridge Muffin and together. And then we might make something like shot shoot. The day I made in nasty go, and for example, as uncooking kind of talk to him about what I may king. He's fourteen months now. So he's starting to use the word egg and cheese and more and occasionally, no. All his words failures pretty much. Exactly. So then we've kind of try and do something a bit more adventurous than we would in weekday. Weekdays is your classic Povich that sort of thing I was trying fund cap with spices occasionally. But also, we do try to give we want him to light polish poet, we don't want it to always have to be kind of zinged up. So yeah. Typical star of the day the weekend food would be something a bit different a bit of a tree a bit of a brunch and lunch will be out somewhere. And we always try to pick somewhere maybe gets bo- market or something like that. And then want to try and explore flavors. And now, he's fourteen months. You can do that a bit more. And then evening will be whatever goes bit of past the maybe or something like that. How do you navigate and many when you're eating out with Alex because we are in control so much of what he eats. And especially now, he's over twelve months. It becomes a bit easier. We do tend to relax a bit. On certain things. So we don't get super militant about what he eats out and about we just do best to try and order off the menu. There's going to be things that suitable. He tends to love the food. We love because that's what we fed him. Go to birthday anniversary good news celebration. Whatever is tied and surprise surprise. His favor is Thai women go out on me. He loves to tie fish cakes. He loves satay chicken in an e loves the noodles, whatever. That would be Patsy you pad Thai, and we just try to give him slightly less of the socio side of things. But bear in mind that we know that such a small part of his diets over will balance out. So that he's not definitely in the salty diet, so bad like, it's a no, no, we just try to be mindful that this isn't an every day and currents and to try and off the menus best. We can and we always and often mum who's Morgan is than dad's will have something in the nappy bag. Likes cucumbers stick. So some roasted veggies from the day before something and then in the early days less so now he's getting bigger. We would always have a pouch with us. What about yourself? How did you? Very similar trend odor, the nominee thing that bugs the so much is kids Manu Chao me about it. I think that was and I would happily work with any restaurant to get it better. Because. Lychee? The only options are chicken nuggets in cherubs ish fish fingers pizza, there is nothing wrong with these option. But I just think that obscene vegetables is no color on these plays. And it's not making them adventures. And I think the most amazing time to venture is eating our it's when your slightly out of your comfort zone. New surroundings Mamata probably easing something new different that you've not seen to this is a fantastic time to also engage in our I would really like challenge to try and order something off the menu that might work say, I have a slightly smaller portion of it. So they don't get huge portion all shares family few showing plates and just give it a go because this is a really nice place to try, and I think you've got less pressure for your kid to try something new because you're enjoying yourself your enduring surroundings was when you're home they're eating by themselves. You more likely not to his venturous because you kind of like you go into the same zone day. He couldn't say. Things way. So I think off in the main menu. This is actually where the real food the kinsman, you is some places fine. But often not that good. I think there's a time in the places in sometimes a good chicken nugget. Go chicken, do or whatever you wanna call. It is. Okay. But is really frustrating is when that everywhere you go, and again, that's kind of like go back full circle to I started this map concept of startling baby. Food business of being frustrated with people's opinion of what kids, you know? If you go to a country that doesn't have chicken nuggets of the play. If you go travel around Asia, if you travel around Greece and Italy Spain kids, what the adult Z another thing that we would do is definitely echoing what you're saying is we would very rarely orders a smaller portion because even a small portions still huge for Alex fourteen months, anyway, so we were just trying to order something different. And then give something up lights, and then make mishmash of whatever way too. I think it's really nice to eat out with little I know at the beginning. I just had to go and eat out because they didn't want to be all the time. So we to do this walk through one comment flotsam and jetsam fantastic. Cafe forever and barrier, and they have this cornbread, which is also really goes weaning food for babies and share it off his comrade tonight. Have my eggs and avocado with maybe. Swap abet. But to eat out with your child is very much a cool and to get them involved G make mass he no I'm in a relationship with a guy who owns restaurants on its bit infuriating for them not gonna lie, but Derek hey about it e-e-e-e-no. It's just a food on the floor city Morici, much G clean up after yourselves and enjoy it because eating is a pleasure. And I think that makes it really fun kind of August Hanan involved. We also developed a few good hacks that we just go into the habit that what we did when we get there is we knew we needed. What's when you needed somewhere to put away on this? Maybe makes us look really kind of a bit OT or CD. We'd get an abbey bag out. Like, my chef days of wiping down as you go. I'm totally not grading for actual. We don't stabilize our hands. Whatever bacteria. It wasn't like wipe his hand. So another thing that we wouldn't do is wipe his hands as eight because we didn't want him to kind of like obsessed with eating clean fingers wanted to get in and dig in. But it was more when a bit landed on the floor. We could clear up and put it in the bags. So then when you wanna leave it's kind of like a really quickly. It's kind of like she drew and you'll get to go fussy each is what really inspired you to get into the business. You're some season. Because I know it's such an issue for seventy parents and a real heartbreaking issues, especially if you food if your child doesn't also have g you have maybe five tips four fussy eater. I think in the early days try and give as much as possible because I think the more you can offer the better the more likely they are to start finding different flavors familia. And won't be expecting the same flavor. Every single time. They ate so mix it up and don't be scared to challenge yourself. We given flavor. That's number one. Number two be step back in relax much easier said than done. But if you can one thing that I really like is the government has stopped cooling weaning per se, and they start talking about complementary feeding and one thing I love about that. And the reason they introduced I also quite like is that they want to try and encourage the best feeding longer if you can or at least understanding that weaning doesn't mean stopping if you start the weeding journey you're not stopping milk, whether that's breast formula. And so quite like, the concept of complementary feeding because then you understand actually milk continues. But then food starts, and so it's not about one starts the stops. And so the really early days whether you start winning six months, whether you start winning five and a half when you babies ready to start weaning. If you relax and step back and realize that they're getting most of what they need from the milk. Whether that's breast formula. All you're doing is giving them an experience. Introducing them to this amazing world of food. And if one day they kinda like all over and wants to kind of try everything that's great. But then if another day there little bit more, fussy or tired step back, and relax point number two point number three would be introduced textures early and possible. And the reason is there's loads of evidence suggests now that the more texting you introduced the more likely they are to defend up good eating habits. So the longer you stay on pure ways, the more likely you are to have a fussy kid. You even hear some kids who can't move off the pouch because they've only ever had pouches. And so I think a combination between whether you doing baby let winning over you to puree winning or whatever winning style you choose trying to introduce finger foods as early on as. You can't think it's really nice way of developing hand eye toward nation. But also, the relationship of food touching food holding a book Lynn sucking on Berkeley, whether or not they chew it spit out on the floor doesn't matter. But then hold in that Berkeley, really important at the same time as may begin another handful of pure with the other hand and having a combination tip. Number four. I would say see the food you're eating lots of parents feed from the pouch which are totally get because it's clean. It's kind of convenient. It's on the go, but don't use that as your go-to because otherwise you end up with the baby fourteen months who will be screaming for the pouch. And they want to directly from the pouch. If you eat from a pouch yourself from pouch and enter into a bow and see how different experiences because if you suck from pouch bypassing your nose. So you're not smelling anything. But we are doing is. You're stimulating the taste buds bothering the flavors sceptres to put it in a bowl. So when your baby's eating the smell of the food on the spoon comes and they kind of getting all of their senses stimulating, and they'll actually learn develop a nicer habit with food relationship with food because they see what food is. And they understand what food is totally get. Sometimes it's more convenient with the pouch. And I'm not one for preaching. But I think is quite good to understand the psychology of why you would put it in a bowl. So you can make a decision. Maybe if you are nj into a bow. If you're about maybe from the pouch, and maybe do a combination of two tip number five would be probably temperature. The reason is is that if you kind of stick with one temperature of food, whether that's always warm always code you will develop the child is accepting. They also like, for instance, milk, if you move onto milk, if you start off in warm milk, you then have to stay on warm. Whereas if you give Cobo at one time, and then we'll Milton other, and then co milk another time what you're doing is. You're not setting an expectation and you're educating foods different. And so give different temperatures of food. Also, don't be afraid to give warm food. That's quite hot. Don't eat hot food because you don't want to scold your baby absolutely not. But then fail the food is hot. So they understand or hot and getting to learn to blow on it and getting into Karna get to the point where always good way of testing. Whether it's enough is put on your lip. And if it's burns your lipids to you. You. If you're. Come to far the other way. So. Yeah. Temperature to tell that you develop kind of like a curious to have learning different foods different temperatures. And it's all good. I will say my other tips would be persistence. I think persistence if your little ones rejecting cautioned that doesn't mean that they don't like Huish ads. Try again, maybe it's about chopping it up into chip light shapes and roses with garlic in the other or maybe spirit ising as noodles and putting in with your I think it's really good to try and and don't go over. They don't eat that food or they're doing because you're going to narrow down your one start so much if you start taking session food out, and I think it's important to always have color on the plate. So even if they don't eat the cabbage or the Berkeley still consistently have there. So that they know food comes in a variety of colors and also to copy what you're eating. So if your eating all these different vegetables and stuff them will. Like to get on boards. I think those are also really love the whole food face thing as well, which I talk about a lot and lots of parents when they see a baby face. So I've had it before where mothers come to me winning workshop, and she goes, oh, my let one doesn't like food. They always reject food, and okay, come and sit down, and we sit down we set up the perfect eighteen environment at the table, everyone's relaxed food in the bowl lows of spoons on the table, entertain the baby I always pick one. I think would be challenging like Carolyn cowry or something to really shock. The parents almost and debt the spoon in the Karen cover and put it in front of the baby and the baby put in their mouth and they pull a face Conrad. But you can't see my face, but I'm putting face and the automatic says, oh c doesn't like it. And I go, no, no, less relaxed actually babies pull sorts of faces with a new experience. So I dip again on a put it in front of it. And they go. Oh, no. He's not gonna go. If we relax step back and kind of late it's important to try and not say, you weren't like and these emotions onto whether or not baby's going to light something and the baby puts in the mouth and still pulls a face. But maybe slightly less expressed. I kept on going again and again with dip in the spoon going back until eventually the baby eight nearly a whole bowl of this mail. Karen Coweta and before that point had never eaten a stage to pass before. And the mom was saying that she was stopping because of the face because she felt bad that she was giving something that the baby didn't like that so import seventh fussy easing in general is don't let your emotions get in the way because I think sometimes we're like, oh my God. He said they pulled a phase or they threw on the floor, and they don't like, and it's rejection only of the fever of me. And really it's about you at it might be teething and might have had a bad day at school. If the older all the something else going off wind. Bit for. And is also going to come about into an kids have very different easing patterns to us. If we consistently maybe a similar every single day. Whereas a little one might eat a lot one day very much the next day nothing day that and then tons it after because they basically eat when they're hungry than us. What we're just like, oh, it's called Christian property of their time. Even though it's not an hour ago. So I think it's really important to in mind that it might not be about you. It might not be about the food. It might be something hours. Just keep going and keeping persistent think housing one rejected. I can only imagine. 'cause I'm very lucky to have a very venturous eater would be really difficult. But I think these few tips will really help and obviously checkout babies instruments that's got tons of tips on weaning and feeding and for. Etang? It's a really good place to go. I wanna hit a little bit about your hush time in your message, which is future. Foodies all about getting kids to be more adventurous why he misses so important firstly. I think when we first came out with babies, and we kind of launched three years ago, if you wasn't part of our message, it was all about every ingredient used for reasons that made sense because we were really militarism about what we chose to go recipes movie cared a lot. So we thought that several law and food for babies not baby food, and when a creative agency suggested future foodies, I struggled with it to start off with because it felt to me like what does it mean? Because it could be seen as almost an elitist thing luxury to foodie until we had a discussion around the table going. What is a foodie, and we're not realize food is the someone love food. Actually, it doesn't have to be pretentious someone who. Fog, while someone who flies around the world and look at me and Thailand eating an authentic pad Thai or whatever it is a food is someone that loves food, and that can be some loves cheese on toast. I absolutely effing love cheese. And so I am food food. It can be someone who loves ating Cobain's from can if you love it, your food and also realize actually as a pain, we all want our kids love food being foodie may total sense because we all want our kids love food. We all on kissed healthly. We all want our kids to have a good relationship with food to learn about it can be tasty, but also healthy nutritious, and let's face it food is such wonderful central part of our lives. Whether that's sharing meal around the table with the family or whether that's going out with your best friends and eating amazing food in a restaurant food brings people together. Such an amazing thing who want their kids to start off eighteen lovely young. Food stage. I think it's an amazing message. And I think he is a doing such awesome. What they'll like, you all create new generation fees, and I'd really commend everything that you guys do if we look through your bag what we find in your backpack. Our you would find my laptop refined a pad. That's never been written in before. And it's. It's. Not new birth. Never had anything written in it. Good intentions ready. It's very very ready for you would find an iphone charger, and you would find probably some vanden coins from different countries. And you'd find my passport. I'm always ready to leave just for some reason if I ever come from possible ago my front pocket of my bag, and there it is. And maybe some newer van. Okay. Ready for quickfire? Yes. Go what was the first thing? He did this money. Check my phone. What's your favorite eighty shows that C Intego high ten it's difficult to say one of the two hidden talent. I love singing for. Random famous Thai city or country country taxing to king. I'd say probably talking by text too much cooking or being cooked for a love being cooked for but not many people kicking for chef. So very happens. Netflix Addy night sadly net flicks. Bike riders Haxhi love it to be. But it's always tax fast. Liberty crush Cindy Crawford. Still my crotch if you have a CPA power. What would it be always flying on? No. That's really boy. But I just think you'll be amazing to be out as zip up in the air, and you could do other things if you could fly as well. Yeah. Maybe today. Was the strangest gift you've ever been given are being given from guy friend. I used to see every summer untuckit when I was private chef. Really good mates is proper surfing, dude. And he gave me a man bag, which was it was a lovely gift. But totally expected what Jewish you name before he became a dad by less. You don't need the gadgets and probably exercise a bit more getting shape is hard work being that hardware being among as well getting shape exercise bit more get ready for. Yeah. It's very interesting thing. I think you're right. We prepare solids and notionally for this love. We're gonna feel and maybe in our time that we're gonna give them. You're right is very physical being the Harun picking up hitting them down laying on the ground. And is something that itchy needs to be fit for an you need to be ready for it because you can have to whatever the nets. You have like Anita picks up all time, and he enjoying I love it. Say to you today when we're and you can have a really difficult than in the office because he came into work with us in the early days up until about twelve months every day, and you can have a really crappy meeting about something, you know, you lost the mccown or one and account or something difficult at work, which we all have every day, and he'd kind of cool up to the office in a big meeting room in the office. And he just looked at you with his eyes, and just instantly. Didn't even take a second to get over that bad. Whatever it is difficult moment. You're going to such joy. It's hard work damage hardware. We don't sleep. I wouldn't change it for the world. He's he's an incredible, man. She is the app St James, he say he is definitely gets his looks from his mother nothing. Say you've launch and credible flavors of pouch what's next for you personally as well. As in your work next. Personally. I think I would like to find a way of slowing down a bit getting some family time because when you work together no month in a very hot words when you're among Puna and adad partner. So I like to cooler fam-. Pick. But what you know? It's pretty intense. We haven't had the holiday since we've met wishes crazy imagine if we found out we didn't like each other and holiday now, really. Yeah. That and starting a business is kind of two ways of getting so doing something for us or two thousand nineteen I think she'd love to hear this. When she listens to thousand nine hundred and has to be the year about taking a bit of TLC with both of us on family, and then for the business we gotta shout more and getting the message out there because we put so much hard work into creating an amazing product. And I think we need to get the message out there more. So people understand how much love care and attention goes into products, and that we really are generally trying to change the market and do something good. So start shouting more and relaxing, more convex morons of each other. I think efficiently. Okay. Three key messages from this podcast chart said for very long time. So. Even had meetings with buyers who will now for clot work-sharing where an hour later. They're going, you know, this should have finished two hours ago. Come on. So carry on. If there were three key messages. I love listeners could take away from today from all the knowledge that you've given us. What would they be be brave of thing we set limitations on ourselves to be brave? You'd never know what's going to happen. Don't be afraid of failure. Which against this may be the same as be brave. But I think whether it's to do cooking for your letter one. Whether it's to do with a job decision. Don't be scared to make a failure. Because often those failures result in something beautiful that comes out of it. And I think it's the fear of failure stops from doing stuff. So I think that is kind of late. So I'm going to do that as one actually inspired by early on today. But it's reminded me of five six seven years ago. Be kind to yourself forgotten about that. So I think we had a lovely chat over lunch today. And I think it's really important to be kind to yourself and again, nothing you can relate to that. As a pair when waning or when? Staying up. Lifetime beat yourself up. Give yourself a break because I think that life is pretty tough. So be kind to yourself and then third and final tip would be to eat babies. If you run this one thing, what would it be like to be known for started a movement to change the way, we feed all I felt you're doing that. And my final question is just getting your global. I can't yourself because I think that when we look after south, and when we kind of whether that's having a night of all eating some food just because you really want it. It doesn't matter. How we look physically thing. The when we mentally kind of kind of ourselves you have that glow that I think that only other people can say you can't see yourself that glow. When someone says, oh, did you sleep? Well, what's happened? You know, there's something about it. And I think that to end on a bit of a spiritual thing when you're kind to yourself. I think you get your global. I think savings fly the. The. It's very hard for having. And if my first male gas on the globe protons, so thank he so much normally ask where the thumbs on neckers in the quickfire says on. Every time. Exactly. Thank you. Thank you so much listing isn't he just the vast? He's a really really who guy. And I just think that he is creating and spreading such a cool message. I love getting behind, and I love support hang, and I just know that he is making such huge difference to the world. And I really hope you enjoyed hearing his journey. Don't forget hit that subscribe often if you haven't already and leave us a five star be so we can get more mum's going from the inside out, and you can find all the details on this episode in the show notes, which you're out Madeline should comb food slash episode. Fifteen I'll see next week for a brand spanking new episode of get your back.

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Music and Vibes

The Jai Show

41:15 min | 1 year ago

Music and Vibes

"Hey, hey, what's up? It's a girl J. And you are listening to the G a show. It's 9:55 a.m. In the morning and last night was fun. Last night was a lot of fun. I created three episodes back-to-back to bat. These episodes are still on scripted by the way, just so you know, we discussed we discussed pop culture we discussed comedies. We discussed domestic violence. We discussed the importance of having positive role models for our children off. We talked a bit about Sesame Street made massive crush on Chris mowings May love-hate relationship with Chris Brown my interesting relationship with Rihanna. We just had a whole set of fun, and I'm I want the fun to continue. So I haven't even had breakfast yet guys want to be honest with you, but I just decided to require like having this Outlet on I graph and hath spin thrilling to see a release date. I just saw that you could record a podcast with your phone and I've been just recording my thoughts. This is as I keep saying I hope it doesn't get annoying but it's extremely on scripted. It's like having a morning radio show off and just having an old laying in your head of what you could possibly say. So it allows to the conversation to really slow and I'm grateful for that. Like I hope that you continue this way. Even if they actually started to get a listenership because I think it's a really authentic style know continuing on in the vein of music comedy clubs and things that they love today. In this episode. I'm going to be talking about artists that I love. And there are a couple and there are some reasons why let's get into it. Yes, so I I'm not going to include Chris Brown in this conversation because God I think I discussed why I like him in the first three episodes. So I wouldn't be fair to come in this fourth episode and discuss them again. So we're going to keep it to artists at well not have been mentioned and it's going to give you a heads up into the kind of music. I like and the kind of person I am actually because the type of musical person likes kind of showcases the kind of personality that they might have so let's get into it one artist that I love. I love I admire is Mariah Carey. I am alarm guys. I'm teambreezy. I used to Gang mallam part of the family. I just love Maria. She loves singing you can tell and I love people who love what they do, by the way, I go off of energy. So if you genuinely enjoy what you're doing, they can saints that you are loving it. Then I'm going to love it too. I am I am going to love it too if I can set it that you are happy in what you are doing and that you're really walking in your purpose with your career. I want to feed off of that and to me Mariah Carey was just born to sing. I love her birthday delivery. Because it's not just about the high notes. She has great Dynamics in her voice. She asked she has the Fantastic little notes, but then she has the incredible knots like in my are where she goes. I am thinking of you in a secret solid facts. Love you. My heart just won't let me be home, you know, like she gives that kind of energy because she can she has the range to eat octopus range. She has the lyrics ism. Like spread your wings and prepare to Flay for you will become a butterfly fly. So high and leaned into the sun. If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be so that's what Rick's lyrics like. I'm into it. I'm into it. I'm feeling it so I can we just speaks to the garlic girl in me the more feminine. Within Me Not So she speaks to she expresses all my feelings and I have a lot of feelings so long live my life, you know, and she's been an incredible artist for thirty years. Her voice has gone through some changes, but it's still mostly salsa scene. So let's say you Maria really like I I admire you I would love the chance to meet you. In fact in terms of my mental list of artists that I would love to see she is definitely on there along with Chris Brown along with graduated along with Celine Dion Escape. Oh, I mentioned that skip I love escape Escape was a band that came out in the nineties. I think their first song just kicking it emerged onto the scene in nineteen. Ninety three. Oh my gosh their harmonies their harmonies. Therefore Platte harmonies. Can we talk about it? They're four part harmonies. Give me life. I love it. I love it. I love 90's R&B. and Escape have such a distinct sound and I think it's because of candy and the Tasha but it's Chef's kiss I love it. I love it and there to tap into that deeper more feminine part of my personality. I also love 3lw. I'm getting a little tired of broken promises promises. No, I'm not the one say it again. Say it again. You don't don't walk or you won't want no more no more. Love them. I love pink. pink ping is underrated. Think is underrated. You know like she is so versatile. She does her punk rock thing, but then she could also do her R&B thing found. She is tough without being overly tough. She's white. She's a white girl. All right think is a white girl, but she still can be dull with the sisters and she doesn't try too hard, you know as she loves her family and she loves being married and give it up for pink. Like I just that's my Virgo sister right there and I love pink. There you go. Looking pitiful just because I let you go. There you go talking about you want me back, but sometimes of being sat there there you go off. And maybe this is an excuse for me to sing. The way not is my podcast. I can do what I want another idea that I love and of course brown, but I also loved it David Craig David hit the scene. I have a crick in my Netflix. Not to South buy a new pillow because this Creek is some dangerous, you know, there's a guy named Spike dead emerged on the scene in the year two-thousand actually, you know things 1999-2000 cuz he had a remix song with the wonderful Artful Dodger off in the UK garage. So it's like making more money, you know to you when the crowd. Tell me what you're going to do. Yes, and I love quite I love the smoothness in his voice. I love. The cleanliness of his lyrics cuz his lyrics are pretty clean. I love his Vibe like Craig David is just one cool, dude. Chill British dude. Just like to me that was a burp. Excuse me. Talk to me. He's like Jason Derulo but alas cheesy version and I have to apologize to Jason Derulo. Jason Derulo is legitimately talented guys. I think he went to performing arts and everything Jason Derulo is legitimately talented and I do also like Jason the war but I think what disconnected me from Jason Derulo for the longest time was the fact he thought too manufactured. But he didn't feel personable. So him having a Tik Tok and all of that is really helping his career in a sense because he feels awful human being now because before Jason Derulo honestly felt like a products on sale. He didn't feel like an actual person with a real personality that you know those things so I'm glad that he's feeling more grounded don't know home and we need years of the rules. We need black dark skinned pop artists that don't get in any trouble that dance and sing while and deliver good music off. We need the Jason do those out there. You really do so hats off the juice and or is he one of my favorite artists? He's kind of just there for me. Music-wise is kind of just easier for me. I would listen to Jason Derulo, but he doesn't resonate with me. He's not an artist that I would rush to listen to he's all right, but he's just doesn't he doesn't you know. but an artist that does do that to me in a sense that their music really resonates is Aaliyah. I like Aaliyah. She had a very short life span, but her music her musical repertoire was incredible. I love this what you can do better. and you keep Yes. More than enough for you. Instead swept Easter meet you. All right. I'm not singing any of those lyrics with any sense. Let me try another song that I can actually remember. Wait, cuz the first you don't succeed try again, you can that's it off and try again try again. And again you can steady you don't want to throw away on the first thought about the next day. Yes. Leah lasting peace arrives in West Palm. I love you. I love your music. I love what you stood for them. I think my liking for Aaliyah's music kind of causes me to not see Rihanna's music as as revolutionary. And this is all dis Rihanna because of a listen to her albums. Okay, I sign one of her songs for talent show that I entered in school. I think it was what and now I just can't figure it out. And now I'm just waiting game. Slow once go cuz I'm just playing games. Lots around happy is more than I can really get the the trials. I just want to share so you see I like some of Rihanna songs and her music is actually not that easy to sing. Oh Heather resonated me as long as they want stood and I discussed that in a podcast I did yesterday. but I think another thing is the fact that I like pink and I like earlier and I can see where some of her more walk stylings were influenced from home where her sound and Her Image in later years came from and it was like I kind of liked the originals more. I just have a complicated relationship when it comes to Rihanna. Maybe I really really liked her music, but I'm just not allowing myself to Embrey. I don't know. I don't know. She is on her way to being a billionaire like she doesn't care about what I have to see on my podcast with. 0281 listener Moving along. I also really like two meal like to me I like. Hold on. I love Boyz II Men. Love Boyz II Men Boyz II Men and like I like Toni Braxton. I like her like her I would listen, excuse me. I will listen to her music. I like huh. She's cool. I like Brandy. I like Brandy. I like Monica. I like honestly guys if I had to mention like the three or in terms of the three artists that I connect to the most influenced by the most and who was a music and enjoy the most it would honestly be Craig David Mariah Carey and Chris Brown. as that through you And I said it wasn't one imagine Chris Brown. But hey, it's my part gas and they do what I want to what level Chris is the melodious illness of his voice. He has arrived move voice is like soothing in a way the way he sings. Like for example this line in run it like a feel make me feel like I want to do something wrong in the way. I'm just turning them jeans inserting me the highest thing that's in the street. So baby won't you get me wrong? It's it is So youthful and even up to now he still has a pretty you for boys is that it has majority. He's Thirty-One know but for example, let's take a line from go crazy jobs to the crib in the middle of the night. I don't let you miss because I put it down right then babe. I can put you on a flight, you know, let a brother ho baby everything off some amazing and nobody watching go crazy. I got what you need everybody think your cell but I know you were free go baby. Like there's something they're dead in the melodious this animal of melodious voices and that Mariah Carey she comes through with her her leg. I know you got this vehicle for me. I'm waiting too and my imagination that be honest with you. I know you got this. Oh my gosh, I'm I'm trying to stay in touch my body, but you know the lyrics just aren't coming. Let me try another one. You call this basically say that you care for me, but y'all just like life and as usual believe I was okay to just walk away from home, and I guess I'm trying to be nonchalant about it going to extremes. Yes. Yes, and then we have Craig David where our souls they walk in life. I had the chance off once and a lifetime. I have a chance to find the kids who my dreams and it's so good for them and the beginning in my life. Yes, like their style of singing suits my voice. As well. So yeah. Those are my vocal inspirations. And like them a lot. But in terms of the general vibe in terms of the music, I like early Arts which we like the early 2000s R&B pop sound. And the mid-to-late nineties now, I was born in nineteen eighty-eight. Okay, so that means that my era took out era of Music in the youth what I've gone from 2007 to When did I turn 18 cuz I'm trying to go from like eight. That's a really good question. Do they turn eighteen? Oh my God, 2017 - 2017. I'm a Nut I know I know I know I'm a bit of a Macadamia not but bear with me off, right so from 2007 and 2017. If you want to give a general ten year span of from Lake preteen to kind of technically end of teenage years, right? so that would really be my so-called genre that I should be picking from and I want to like there's some songs from that area that I remember fondly but I'd rather be honest with you. They just don't resonate with me the same but they're nice. Well, they don't hate. to me the same later sometimes I wonder if they was to be born in nineteen ninety instead or like just a little earlier up because the South bath I enjoy and that I really really like publicity before my time and I'm not saying that to be all hipster and kill I'm saying it honestly they in terms of Music in terms of fashion in terms of Just general stuff. I didn't have a bit of an old soul. Like I love music from the seventies. I love music from the eighties. And I know that as a young person that doesn't make me unique but it's what I like. honestly, and now perhaps a lot to do with my dad introduced me to those kinds of music and would have been born in nineteen sixty so that would have been his era of music but I generally enjoy. Music from those areas, but my core songs. Like if I had to give you a sound that I would represent in terms of music that I enjoy the most it would be armed. late nineties early to mid two thousands So if I had to sing you a song of my life, it would be like, yeah, you might not understand there's the world of a 2022. Yeah. Oh, sucked. Those lyrics sucked. I can do better than that. Let's see. Kill, if you want to if you want to this is my world. I'm glad I am so glad song. Oh, I like to you do what you do not have a c as it Rock Me on the page there anything that were living off the special things we do here. Yes, that would be my sound I just like the grooviness of it. I like to groove. I like to be like return the leg Return of the Mack. You know that I'll be home. Yeah. Yes. And there's music of my generation quote unquote. That's a light is supposed to be like Vibe music and it's fine. But it is a replaced sounds like but not first saw you I already knew. There was something inside of you something. I thought that I would never find Angel of birth. And songs like sweet lady won't you be my sweet love for I'll be there when you need me. Just call that receive me. I don't want to get a bit more modern. The R&B of this era is nice, but it doesn't give me that sweet feeling like really wrong with you and we'll never want to deny before my whole life. Cuz if you have a fax so I don't need another woman. I just need you all. I'm not cuz if I got there then I'll be in strength being the best part of life. I need I gotta send you Boo and the hearts all over the world tonight. So the hearts all over the world tonight. I need your boom. There's just something about that music that he loves me. as you can tell not that I'm dissing My Generation that works very hard to put out music in a time where it's even harder to form a fan base. But I think that I'm a kind of slow moving slightly stubborn person sometimes and my fan bases are stuck. My preferences are kind of stuck. I am at that place where I like what I like I do and having so much Choice has only meant that up started to stick with what I like even more and some new artists that I like would be like, sweetie. Sweetie or nakima recently and she's a rapper not even a singer but I think because she reminds me so much of a be gone era. I really connected with her like her samples her her sleep or energy to hit me back to two thousand and six two thousand and five and Ice blink fast enough. I could remember those years because I was like what? 678 so I could probably remember something about those years and those were my Early Childhood years and I liked those years. So I like swimming basically, you know, and I like I like the older Rihanna. I like songs like rock song and so the day of the week videos in my mind of the days that we met we did things that I'm never forget took me swimming in the ocean Club above the clouds. I mean nobody else. I got you on my kisses my love home in a body better than birth. Is can't figure. Well, you said see I don't hate Rihanna. I just connected more with her early age music. And I love that song. I love that song and I also love and there's something that you want. You should make me up your girl if it's something that you need baby come and share my life. I just I didn't think that was the time when she actually was enjoying music there wasn't time where Rihanna had fun with music. And then after a while I could just sense that she wanted to take an exit. so yeah, I kind of disconnected around that time as well. But she has some she had some bumps in 2012 20:11. Like you don't know when I think about all day long. So I'll make sure my love is your love your love is my life. And yes, I'm kind of crazy. That's what happens baby when you pull give it to me like that. So I dunno her music for any person who think that I'm on a Rihanna hit Trend over here near if you don't come from me dead don't come for me. I do like Rihanna. I just connected more with her earlier years and I think beyond beyond. How could I forget to include Destiny's Child and Beyonce know, I love Destiny's Child and I think because of my very hip and the music that I like and the energy that I exude destination. Child is more. It like so you really want to weigh don't come home where it goes to be why in the middle of the night light bulb get on the bus and I wouldn't have known any of these songs if it wasn't for YouTube lately cuz I was thought that came out in 1988 was I born yet how long it would depend on as it came out before or after August. So it was probably either an embryo a fetus an egg somewhere along the stage. I wasn't born. But thank goodness for YouTube for introducing me to that style of music that I really do. Enjoy and I like Destiny's Child a lot. In fact know the first time that I heard Destiny's Child was let me kiss baby you blow me away. I got you said you did you do these are so much more anything you want Let Me Cater to You is blocking me from the heart. No one can tell us apart. I think it's yes. I have to get let you guys know I haven't warmed up for the vocals. Okay, so if they sound a bit croaky, that's why but That was probably my first introduction to that. They show on my first introduction to Mariah. Carey probably came with when you left a part of me is still slow down a little bit leave. Come back baby. Please come we belong together at times get rough. It's up to me the fault of the song ends up going to take a place where nobody better. Oh baby baby. I can't see it at night when you all on my my mom ey Amex on the radio off and then something don't forget about us. Oh, baby. Oh baby. Oh baby forget about them making up inside my arms. Are you? Maze me and my heart and I can see I was just wanted to forget about yes. those kinds of songs And probably long as I know you've got me I've been loving you. Long time. I be loving your long time. Yes, and then obviously songs like anytime you need a friend. I will never be alone again. So you fear even if you're miles away phone number. Yes. Yes. Yes. I remember because there was there's a channel in Barbados quality CBC young and see Mariah Carey singing One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men and asking if she was black home because even from then she looked white but you seen black and then I found out years later that she was actually multi-racial but I love Mariah Carey and I also am I Love Celine Dion I Love Celine Dion the days when the night was so cold. Something that you might not know about me when I was at school. I did music. I did I did a little bit of boy streaming and it's invasion of what's training. So I know who the saying okay. Now to sing. I know how to deliver a Google here at here. I'm just not warmed up right now. I don't think that in the previous podcast. I love singing and I just I just feel to say I'm having a lot of fun with this podcast right here like shouting about my favorite types of music. listen having this podcast so far has just been a thrill to know that at some point someone somewhere then tune into this mess of a show the judicial and it's just Have some thought-provoking discussion or thought-provoking conversation with me, but also I just have some fun, you know and being a person that struggled with depression and with anxiety with mental health. Yes. Yes, I do have depression and I do have anxiety we're gonna get into that a lot deeper on this show like Days when I when I joke I said I'm a bit of a macadamia nut. I'm not kidding. I have had times where I have actually been hospitalized or mental health concerns. I have had serious panic attacks. I have issues with memory loss come from the severe effects of major depression. I do take medication. I do go to counseling where and when I can I don't do these things perfectly and I mean that's a pretty deep segue from off of fun and games and singing into talking about depression mental health, but it's just something that's really important to me. And yeah, I didn't think it would be right for me to be uncut and unfiltered and not let you know that that's something I struggle with that something that I'm working on that something that I derive strength from something that is a big part of my life, you know. So yes, if you're listening to this and you happen to have some kind of mental illness I can relate I understand up definitely been there. I am still learning how to deal with my diagnosis myself. So you're not alone. There's a stock available. There was always a friend available even after they're not a friend that you would have expected to be a friend. I've been suicidal many times have a great support system in place or better call on so that I don't actually take my life because I understand that when you are suicidal you just want things to end but you don't necessarily want to do you want it to end you want the misery to end but you don't want to be dead and in understanding that it has kept me here so I can get you a support system get you friends that can lift up your experience that can just sit and be with you and I can remind you that life is worth living even if things don't seem to really be growing any birth. at the moment Yeah, and hey, my name is Jay. You've been listening to the to the Jewish or raw uncut and unfiltered here on a graph and and I thought that I can be that friend for you sometimes too because I know that part of the reason I decided to even go out to a public asset because sometimes when I feel lonely here in my apartment, I derive a lot of Joy through listening to YouTubers who are around my age and where I can relate to and I just thought that doing something like that in a podcast one would be fun because I'm a little scared to talk to start a YouTube channel. Maybe I will eventually but this is me getting my feet wet and I've had a lot of fun with us for like acid at days. I really have it's about 40 minutes. No, is it a podcast? I don't want them to be too long. So, this is Jay and I'm citing off of this episode for know we have more things to discuss to do today. Joga is we're going to delve into something. Children's shows we're going to have a bit more of an in-depth look at Sesame Street. We're going to talk about Bear in the Big Blue House. We're going to talk about some stuff and the information. I'm going to be yours is going to be coming from the excellent Channel defunctland. Sorry the front TV on YouTube cuz they have all the Deets when it comes to Children's programming and how they came about. So we're going to sit back relax and have some fun talking about some of my favorite kids shows from back in the day and why I love them. I might continue to Swoon over quit snowing as Christians. I love you. I love you. I love your portrayal of Christmas Sesame Street. Yeah, I'm saying nowadays, right?

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Popgram Podcast  Episode 73

Popgram Podcast

2:30:24 hr | 1 year ago

Popgram Podcast Episode 73

"Saint Graham by at seventeen nothing. Nothing I've got to say. I think Koby basically sucked out. All My stupid-ass quips. Don't worry I'm sure. Have something in the next two podcast but before we continue. I think actually I know why I think it's been rating and reviewing enough. So I think he's they're written and reviewing. I may have something interesting to say when we stopped the next podcast. Just trying to do it. I know I'm GONNA by and I'm teaching all right. This is is this like a third or fourth broadcast during this. These are certain times the days into each I don't dig could be blessed day in and so I know is the third one right council. Because I'm very proud of the last a podcast. Posers very clear. Deny ourselves like it sets in classic our producer did Teddy Riley. Our was was tight on hope for his tight again because the first time obviously was a little bit so those are members the photo with figuring out good now. We figured it out exactly. Yeah exactly an who edited the podcast. You know I think it was a joint efforts of Bush. I know as you said it's not recorded at said it's to be together just instead. Well the producer entertaining none of those. She's right but I saw once. My corporate is a credit like bill. Say because if I did not give you file there's no way spun gold cowl. See what a and give them accreditation. Luckily got it all right. Let's continue shall we say Okay so let's go first of all Hollywood and everything. This is just an industry news as well. Okay so did you hear about what happened between universal and AMC cinemas who owned sickly Odeon. End Sending world here in the UK. I did did yes. So Y. Love is the way it's phrased in the scathing letter obtained by the Hollywood reporter. Amc's CEO and president of the name is them. I don't know why but his name is. Adam he said am soon gonNA be playing any universal movies going forward after everything is over and this is because universal due to the humongous success of Troll troll troll something on toll yeah patrols on toy hundred million dollars. Yep Sequel to trolls Basically available on view DNA. We talked about about a couple of weeks of good. Movies are available on Video D. and stuff and I think because of their love kids stuck at home and you know I think stuck with the kids who exactly parents stuff with their kids. They basically go for this movie and so they've gone look man. We've had such a huge success that we're thinking that would just go to release movies going forward concurrently and send them out and of Ud and AM C. Of didn't like this idea that felt that they were messing with the industry model and have threatened. Well they said they will not play any universal movies. Going forward and universal has come back and said well that's fine go global will continue with our new plan because the landscape has changed now on. I read the story. I was in two minds because I thought well. These are unprecedented times oppressor terms times. Thank you yeah So that's why they're having such a massive success like this come when we the cipher self-isolation ends and everyone's allowed to go out. How many people will be watching movies? through Vod. How many I think parents would be more likely. Take that children outs that. Keep them in the house. I don't know so. But the point is they're saying concurrently because then yeah that some people don't go to the cinema so they're saying what was the hurt in releasing in the movies and if you see they WANNA buy it. It might be very small amounts but it was still auto for them because imagine if they're selling a digital tickets if you like four hundred twenty dollars or whatever the stupid high prices because the only reason and can all that money as you say it's because people are still at home so they're going onto the curly. I laugh at that because of the fact that all these people were very quickly on Netflix. Two years ago when they were saying that they wanted to release staff certainly. I thought it was very interesting then. On top of that I think universal is going to. I don't think that threats is going to carry forward because universal in charge of Austin furious. Philosophy has been delayed until next year. -ext share on the depending on AMC cinemas because fuster Villes those very well in the cinema on and MC house cats Bond Russell movies at the moment. Do you know what I find odd. I doubt going happen. I think McCain long-term strategy doing a crisis is very idiotic thing do you? How can I be see of a company and then decide that O- whilst we don't know what this is going to end up like this is when you make far-reaching decisions about the model of your company there now? I think it's actually also shows a lack of integrity by the CEO of universal. The reason I say that is this the only way and I not want to an industry. I'm conversation the only way that would make. Amc react so violently to this and not just an setting another would owners of Odeon and cinema world in the UK and I think EMC owned. Is it Odeon Yeah. Amc owns audience. Any world hair estimate what it. Okay so dollywood there you react that we as another company is the fact that you think that the company lacks integrity to me. It seems there was no conversation had before universal mid and discussion all it conventional has had an emcee wants to said we do not fuck with this and they did come out and say that they serve the needs to be a window. Six Week window between it's been released in the cinema and released view the fact that I'm in and I'm still supposed to that. We actually brought forty two billion power on Donna's last year to the Hollywood industry coffers and if universes said he wants to work walkway from that that's that's his pearl but what we said what we actually said in our last podcast was also the fact that there's a lot of noise in video on demand you are good get lost in it so there's some fantastic films that a lot of us haven't which because either prime or is on. Hulu or somewhere else so if universal has decided that that is where they want to compete in then they need to take the consequences. I think is a very very stupid idea of universal and if I was shuffled. Universal are calling the right now and given a verbal lashing over the formula social distance in an because this is not the way. There's no how you run a company. Robot remember the doesn't refer to just streaming rinsing is a bind the movie so local people paid whatever it was to actually by indigenous copy of the movie. I understand that but a lot of us are. I really. Don't see this as the best way forward for Universal I. It's not at the cinema. I am not in fast and furious. Full Stop I think a lot of the time. Now this on lockdown and things like that it was my mindset is shifting but clearly this on physical locations on the high streets no one wants to see their community decimated with this type of things you know with maybe retailers closing down or Restaurants Cruising Down Cinema Susan down that Blights your community and north live in a community where there is no amenities and to my mind. This will make me up to universal. We cannot have had this. Come out with really really bad economic situation and then the whole high street of your local committee. Nothing on it in Britain's climbing up to your ear and looking at it. I think you're even too worried. That's not gonNA happen limiting. Why look I I've been reading on? I'm watching my own tech because fossils tech hot topic and people were looking forward to be. Put out books tickets already. People had made plans days. No way that's why I said that's mentioned for sincerest. Because they are they have position Nessie. What happens two months before I comes out? They will change their mind. Can maybe negotiating tactic. That maybe they want some of the more key to be shown in the cinema and less marquee ones the want to be able to have the opportunity to do that. Viewed this that's that's what she should have said. I don't agree I I I agree with honey. I own got we you. I said when you started because I just think oh this is based on the Force Academy people have more money in their pocket now because they're not going to restaurants and they're going to any other hobbies outside that they do they can use that money that maybe they use for the cinema to buy the stuff from Vod now most people probably have a senior Walpole. Most people have passes for the cinema here in this country so I don't think you'd expect people have positive for the multi goes to the cinema and also then buy stuff from Vod. When when this whole thing ends I think not not thinking past all the circumstances now. What people are spending their money on. This is the economy the same way that more people are spending money now on food shopping than they have in the same same time last year. Yes so saves become say. Oh man well. Let's now give you more slots for delivery going forward. No when this thing closes people but going more to the saints results of food supermarkets. Dan Actually doing. Deliveries is all based on the circumstance. Okay this is this is even though I agree with the view. This is actually where differ from view. I do think things have changed. I do think that you'll find a happy chain to order. Online more people are going to buy stuff online because they have because a lot of people have ready Committed for instance we viewed with Strewn Services Would Disney or displaces. I think that's the next marvel movie is GonNa Take Hits because people have already paid for Disney plus again those coming. No no no. I'm going to say my Sir I'm just trying to. I'm also trying to bring a different perspective because I've been reading a lot of things in terms of economics and finance which is why I went economic elliptic of composition previously. But there's this website called to set of twenty cents two cents or something is under the whole Gorka Brennan and we're talking about. This is the time to start budgeting and lots of the commenters. Were talking about the fact. That different shopping has risen by twenty five to fifty percent and that is unusual for them. It must decided they didn't start concert subscriptions because they're looking at the economy. I know that in those countries. It's because this is Kgo comedies America. They're ready. Thirty million people on imploded. So lots of people actually now making the reasonable adjustments based on a future. They're predicting youth so to that. When you bear that in mind when people subscriptions come to an end then what's opportunity? Is there for anyone to see? They're going to spend money on video on demand. Oldham actually going backwards because people are not spending fifteen twenty dollars twenty pounds for a movie. If they're thinking well hold on. It's eight dollars. Nine dollars for me. Subscription subscription a muscle schedules reduce was went to spend twenty dollars on a universal movie. At home where you can spend twenty dollars universal movie in the cinema because remember the universal on the reason that they're so blown away by it is because they don't need to be a cuts to the cinema or any of these things that is not just not part of the nets absolutely. Sorry because there's something else I'm thinking I'm saying that I think that universals or sinners are going to do deals that are going to jump on the streaming services at some point when everybody's when everyone's budgets because realistic and go hold on a second. I can't afford any of stuff and I think that they will be scrubbed. I think they'll be to me. Maybe two streams commodities with subscriptions just because right now everyone is launching this different topic. Bedrooms launched own subscriptions. I don't think that's going to work. I think people are going to choose. The one that gives them the most options for the best value Yes but all the university is also at the music industry. Because he's user yardstick you see spotify you see the the way they're nickel and diming eighteen. You go is come on. You've already seen the demise of the music industry into what it is trump. Come with something that works not just for yourself but for your industry. I agree but with this way if anything the cinema chains would have to react because I do think that it also dinosaurs. I think that the charging I did do particularly stupid in America. They don't have subscription services as an example we have it here is still too high. You Mean Cinema Cinema Paseo Cinema. That'll have one. That had dry because he said he does face down. But it's interesting information. I think it's going to affect everyone. And as you were saying that of changing the way changing of will lead to some inevitable changes like the Oscars excited put upside. His qualms opening is opening. You know is competition to movies. Stop Depp in debited on streaming services also shaming platform and on demand however they said not all streaming platforms eligible to be nominated. Movies would have had to be in would have had to have a schedule to schedule. The APP theatrical release before dwelt on biscuit before the covy nineteen so for instance Emma which had like a cinema release. Just two to three weeks. Everyone went into lockdown. That will be eligible because of you know through no fault of his area streaming but movies that just purely going to view the like. Maybe trolls would not be Yeah undecided how soft had assured for at least one week. Emphysema for things. So I thought again. I was very interesting. Dispel bug must be punching the air. I mean dude. He was so against this them. All and now they're like actually you know stuff streaming. We have to let that in because if not we're not going to have a ceremony next trip because who knows how long this is going to go on for. I know so. We get to be released by the end of the year. Only obviously by their rules in lots of movies would be exempt ineligible Julia. That's very true south. That was the main problem unum hyphen about your skills. Actually kind of bullshit now. Going to a usual crop So this is. Let's let's call this next two stories. That's quite a theme of rich people and coverage unusual behaviors that they're exhibiting Madonna. She tested you saw this. She has no always Yes Oh let's just still continuing fight citing a couple of weeks ago. Madonna was in her bathtub talking about how covered nineteen is a great leveler. I mean completely tone deaf message just this it just stupid like cut this rich person talking. She just it was stupid then last week. She basically came out and said she tested positive for nine nineteen antibodies. So she's nuggets. Go outside and enjoyed the covet nineteen air now. I thought this story was actually saying. I tested positive for the antibody. So I'm going to go and see if I can donate plasma or something. I thought that was what the story was but no she's like no. I'm just going to go out now. 'cause can go out because of. I'm I'm basically invincible. Analysis thinking is this woman high or I don't know why she shared this with us. Oh is she losing the plot slowly? It just seemed very dumb is also extremely slow. Fight is attention seeking and he's not even that I think. Look maybe I'm just Been cynical here. I think at this point in time what she was supposed to be going on tall and also and also she's become irrelevant when it comes to pop culture so I didn't where we know exactly. No one's joking for her on her stupidity now that in the public arena this to be focused on. Cuvee jets so some people have decided that Well any publicity is good publicity so she might as well commercials cuvee deeds and Sure everyone how idiotic she is. Mike issue here is the fact that she has back children. And the fact is we've known in America was sitting in the UK. That black people seem to have a higher propensity to dying from this. So my view would be. She should do her job as a mother and keep our children safe. I agree I know leave was well. I think it's interesting that you know. She said that because she has antibodies. Just GonNa go out to enjoy the air but what annoys without statements. What that means is that Dan catch. Even though you don't die you can also pass it on. Someone else doesn't buddies. So that's I said she's also being very selfish very Stupid it was on social citizen home. He's an idiot Rich person number two Elon. Musk okay I know I know guys. I'm sorry I knew that you guys huckster action. I guess you know his own is here's one is beyond corona action and cuvee been. He's always been any deal. It's in the states film. Everyone knows city. I one was him putting on twitter. That and the need to free America now That was the tweets And obviously these fucking idiots who are protesting. Obviously seeing this. Oh look so when agrees with us? Obviously this all ties back to business and also is a selfish move because of the two states that are basically very rigid about lockdown California and New York and there's a way his His plants are based Manufacturing Tulsa. Tells the 'cause so he's going I'm losing money that's what I'm thinking. So He's going well. They should free America now. There is no. There's no evidence that covered nineteen thousand Bullshits he did go back injury. Well Apologize Sir. In air quotes later on and said well let them do their necessary Protection in everything but still he believes that people are still being unlawfully lockdown. Yeah that's what it was the first one which I was like okay. He's just talking shits and then did you see here about the second tweet tweet yesterday where he said that he thinks that the the price of tests the stock price is too high in his opinion in the and I 'cause I think of fourteen billion what's for yesterday was on Friday. I think was the Friday Friday so I registered. Yeah and then the Wall Street Journal Hudson. Email him to go hold on. Are you being serious or Disa- joke? Actually they said he said no because he said that he was going to sell all his physical possessions and he will own no house and his girlfriend. The singer grimes is mad at him and I was just going guy smoking. Ref- Oh is this guy doing hard drugs or something. It's just still fucking weird. Well it does all those actual tweets so it wasn't that it was in conversation with Hollywood reporter. He tweeted no. Yeah it with all this stuff. Look the the whatever did Exchange Commission so obviously the second time the first time. He went for fraud when he said he was going to take your private or something that he had secured funding. Okay so I'm always in two minds about this and please do calligraphy hypocrites. So he's deal. Its nest look songs to basically slapped him with stick with social distancing when it comes to the company I think this is the thing if an investor UNIX knew who you invested in vest is the one who is bored. Line CRAZY. You know you know. Okay he may be genius in this aspect but he's an idiot in this aspect the bumps the Ruffians Minneapolis. I guess is no breaking the law though the SEC. We'll see about that unique to accept the fact that as Warren. Buffet said you're the pick accompanist good company. That's an idiot run. Pick a genius with the company so the points. It's up to you to decide as an investor where you want to actually put your eggs and has done this before and they just. I think you just need to get used to it. Because the reason investment in companies because they want to make money out of his brain he's bringing housing. Well that also comes to a few defaults and and you just need to go with the flow at because I do not know all those puts industrialists of the positive of quite. Yes just normal one SEC Have said temporarily at least with the freshest insights and sewage of look. He didn't gain he didn't he didn't he. Didn't give any heated right if it's anything from it They'll say he's he's He's a well. He's fiduciary responsibility to he's investors is that's going to be. The thing is kind of like well you as the person who's running this company have you put the investment of your shareholders at risk? We abide by being regulars. I think that it showed as the debate. Yeah it's good Guinea game 'cause I was GonNa say the second thing was before this tweets happened because of his because of the quarterly results tested. Very well they sold. I only Common Function American actually sold Colin than everyone else. Because we see shoot they he. They made stupid. The the share price was according to what I've read used to bid so obviously as maybe as a person I don't know what's going on his head in hypocrites that's ridiculous and tweets and then it went down but the loss is actually not is is less than the game if Amir so basically he so it. It's almost like solid saying well. We did very very well which I should add me. Be a ten percent premium on the share price. Unfortunately the show price on trumped by fifty percents. So then that doesn't says you're not on an industry you can't countries to be shipping and then the four maybe the fourteen billion dollars to be a twenty percent drop so you still have gained from the profits. That's was announced. Circe right what you don't get as much but still on tickets away. That's why he says he has no personal possessions. Maybe they have taken his phone away. Have no house the other pregnant girlfriend so good look the way. Yeah because he house owned by That's a Hollywood legend. Whatever his name was and he said he's going to sell. It is not happily as I. It's like it fits of I think sometimes people don't get the fact that one you work if you're very much into counter intuitive or the counterculture your bread is going to definitely work perceived the world in such a way guys also if you don't sleep enough because he doesn't sleep enough as well because as a couple of business. I don't think he has enough downtime. And then he also has individual characteristics and traits. That are not always positive. Okay that's my well my view. I'm telling you right in two years time is that he has the same supplements Kanye West. I'm because it's looked down. There appeals and grimes has a strong go find pills for his head. I mean look my same something. That's I liked that because no consumers is the grinders pills into his smoothie every morning. Because let's drink kava drink or whatever. Yeah he's fucking crazy and Who's made last person in my well? I thought this was sweet. I didn't think he was coveted yet. All bless him honey. Please remind me his name whose name The design for bomb on the Viel Olivia Rooster. Every day was about him making X. Yes I thought it was cute. He's never cooked before. It is like but due to self-isolation he's had to cook and he was like I'm not making eggs for the first time as like put way too much on the first of all the fire the The amount of a fire on the under the stove was way too. High actually thought that it was it was burn a fire and then you put like almost like a glum full of oil into the frying pan but he did. Friday the eggs a bless rich. People that you know have never done anything for themselves which led me to that article. The IR sensor during the week outs rich people who are like. Oh my God. I don't have to clean marble. Like wow there's a demographic out there that taking this whole thing in the way differently Johnson. Just just to thinking on that sorry. Energy should also jif overall oprah trying to put the of onto the fact that I think even in news personality is what you did you off do was another legit you out do something. I mean I. As an individual in the Veta- Devika fight quite challenging balance. I know how to get done. It looks I would look at Oprah number one was holding. The camera helped actually whether for individual on the bay. I'm sure steadier job but it so interesting fascinating thing. People don't know how to do those things it's weird. I was just going to say the article is a good one. I can't remember where it was from. Remember was from concern for the moments but basically it's it was an article about this agency that normally supplies a staff to very rich people in the UK and it's went into detail where Sunday Times the Sunday Times in the UK and went into details about little things. That's the reach Clienteles. We're complaining about from data not to deal with the kids. They've never some of them had never really spent time with their children. Do I that. The woman has a lot to do with my kids and I do the laundry and they advice gave us like okay so just dude game. Let me have any separates? I was so cute when one of the clients hidden my God. I've been taking my clearance for granted. Really consider being more nicer than when during their shifts. Just pay them. More clients was almost in tears. Saying I've ruined my bathroom that what sustains in the mob. I know what made me laugh was like what did they say? That's actually considering that. Were going to sell assets in bedrooms but remember the conversation we've had I've always said if we ever become multimillionaires. I don't really give a shit. It's how rich I am. Who is going to clean the house exactly and because it's so British about this kind of stuff. There's always this guilt of. Oh my God I clean. Why would hey cleaner I've just it's just me just so because you have that it makes no sense to have all this space. Does Chrysler The lady say I just forgot about? That's in your. They had that side the talk about the other families of Adventure sense the help on training courses and they themselves disgusting because I just found something else that I wanted you westerly dieting. No that's the lady this lady works. She's not in the government she just works. It Works Job. High-powered job loyal. Something and she said. Oh I am piece because I'm not losing any money because I have folded my stuff and I will what I thought would. Businesses could follow this business. She could we business. She's such a craft says something of as a business to them firehouses stuff. Yeah her kids. Are those beforehand domestic stuff. I forgot ghosting very discussion. Because I watched that I was like what are you joking? There are people out there who are struggling and suffering in their normal. I'm flats and houses and you are able to furlough your stop and go to mystical Diana piece because losing any money during this period. That's actually what you wrote. Jace adventure but the suffer autism was suffer. I mean anyway the thing touch the American telecom that Iran I read on Julia Roberts are proposing is happened this weekend. The right now. Yeah so basically unites US thing I thought about was. Why are you asking for people to call in to donate money when you break it down? The thirteen million Americans on employed and the ones that are employed are obviously normally will lawyers Niff- people in financial institutions will make jurors e are in the central services and most of them on average and forty thousand dollars a year on average. You want to host the telephone to ask them to donate money when we know that billionaires a lot of billionaires have been getting richer during this period would he accents for them to sit down on. Call the rich friends on babies and embarrass them. So it's almost like you call them and say the minimum spent here is ten million. Denzel how are you call the right? Jeff Bezos how will you call them? He's made younger money destroyed. Spirit you and get them to pledge ten million dollars each why would I found it? So tone deaf and so astonishing depor now if the view is there is money of the poor people of America and then they go to match it. You know get much. Essential Medicine okay. We're GonNa much twenty percent of. What is each individual billionaire or multimillionaire? Thou makes sense to me. I don't I am. I'm so confused and a loss right now and it just feels strange so let me just so I did some research into it because I just wanted to be known as the right information so I think what happened was What happened was was There's a shutdown of people and those people will pick up phone calls. I don't know maybe it's from non people maybe not on do yeah and goal would perform something or do something right. I'm dead then. You are directed. Sue Money Either today American Nurses Foundation. Also this thing called give directory at give the directly or you won't now. I decided to check how much money had been donated. Any was roughly about eighty. Six million dollars right how much it is six million now. I thought to myself okay. I thought it was. Okay that makes sense right so if even if they ask people to donate at the very least if they said something like an will quadruple. Whatever but I haven't seen and celebrity information about about any of the nation's whatsoever by ritual. I looked if bloom. Forget about ritual for a second. I've looked at all of the partners. The in lots of partners can you say yes I think is because of clouds. They want to show yes. We're carrying just in back. Initially were parts of it even doing the could have been a couple on Cape facilitating payments. And this and that their contribution or something I exactly. I don't know if she goes. Hold them to fucking ransom. I don't get it on. I looked at the shed. You'll and I saw all these names and the one that made me annoyed was all this names. People by the way every single one of US liberties people They also gun Africa Africa and I do understand. Why Dot wasn't that list because these are called. These people receiving calls so gun. Africa gun country wasn't Right person so I got confused. Thank God now. Why because I saw the young people's chorus of New York City but when I saw Ghana I made a mistake is civic duty. Furniture Garden Condo but symptom. I still don't understand what this was about. Because this happened has at last night's and I just thought okay so there's no information on on exactly where big look at the end of the day right. I think money is to talk a lot right now and you giving money as a very rich people. I mean obviously the Clintons. I involve the bushes I involved. Does that soup? Past presidents says with Oprah Winfrey. Look at first time because I is is legitimate. People are in San and Yang is really big. Here you can act Shriver Roberts as an example also what is range to me is the fact that America is a different beast to the UK. Yes in the UK visit told Poppy Syndrome which to the fuck down. So even if you're rich I want to donate money. I can understand some secrecy about it. Even though in these times we can make an exception and I am still looking for the rich people in the UK to step up publicly and of people. But Hey America where been individual Benneteau. Toppy something I celebrated. It seems in this particular case. People don't want to that much of toppy now as I wanNA DRESS. Shoes bullshits someone. Well what's going on? I find really weird. These telephone things always make me uncomfortable because I always think that is rich. People just going. Hey I'm here but they're not actually doing well. The NACI contributing ritzy. And Yeah once the Chinese your money where your mouth is because I think those are like a level celebrities rates. We would be would what happened to say that writes. I 'cause I've been watching some good news. We junkers in ski and he is tiny. Youtube show has got quotes to contribute. Money has got eight. Cnc To suspend the phone phone plans and phone bill from bills for all of the the the social workers for about three months. Yes and that tiny shoe. And he he doesn't have as Oprah Winfrey doesn't even Guy Fieri who people make jokes about as basically Given up a five million and I'm just thinking well all you guys who are the rich people doing a guy living room the way I see. It's ease this should asses. If they're really really have because people don't understand how fricken tight money now how it'd be follows judicious behind minium would be more judicious if you don't show up for me. I'm not enough for you is simple. And there's people were taking their legacy just dragged in the mud. As far as I'm concerned very depressing their troy and this is supposed to be an upbeat happy. What cans so I'd show a competitive to something? Catchy include me in 'cause I've got three piece of news to hours his years before we started exactly. Well it is what it is. Is the phasing social distancing by you? Okay Hunting that was me punching screen. Casey wondering what that noise was. The resources are confirmed that. They're producing a live remake of Hercules so of Hercules the Disney cartoons the Russo brothers worker event. I so quite little couple of the casting should be for the museum because I you're talking about all kinds of place who play. Who So the moment people are saying things like the music should be Kelly? Rowland Kiki pomme Amber Riley a beyond saying I do look beyond say but I don't know should be amused. Yeah those should be Hugh Jackman Benthic comper batch Zeus Rock Who GO AHEAD JENNIFER? Hudson should be one of the muses To be one of the muses as well this was like Oh interesting so I was wondering what do you who do you guys think. Do you agree with any of these Muse users choices. That people are saying or do you have people in your head that you think play. I know that umbrella was trending. Yes cooking house and I totally. I agree I grabbed beret. Moos definitely has to be amused. I think Jennifer Hudson was general. Definitely for me has to be Muse. Then I leave the rest for the people to view at least those two after the if those are not in. It's not Nazi me. Was I hate these I I only Kevin Muses okay so I didn't really have the story before I didn't know about this so I if people who are listening to this podcast remember? I'm kind of sick to death of live events. So I'm I'm I'm not even there to think about the museum not even about the cost. I'm just annoyed at doing this. Because I really think that they should spend their time coming up with original content. I am tired of people of Disney tried to flow the same bloody hold so we already know diversity told us that look to do live actual remix of everything. So unfortunate you guys. I don't get me for the next five six I'm going to. I'm sorry because I go with the come back to him and tell him what the future looks like. So this look man anything Disney does right now was adult underboard Bob. I don't feel I have the right to question. And then this guy knows more all the features than I do. I kind of I feel like bites of Disney stock. My opinion is that Oh there live action films of crops. Oh for Yup. None of Cinderella was great so but the mid bank looking to make money people are going to go out there to watch it because they're curious to see how it looks in live action and we haven't seen that I know really for Mobile Cinderella Lund. Basically one that for her are the best of. That's kind of that kind of Stu of those kinds of stories say cartoon films. I can understand wanting to see that in reality. Yeah no I agree. I'm look slightly just because I know they change the story the other with with Alabam. Aladin ranking is the sense there was always yeah put. It was necessary but what I did like. Last two was how it's it's to me. It's a bit of a joke I personally but that's just me. I think there's some interesting live and some that they don't need to be the to me the only two that I would want to see Maybe actually did he. I wanted to see Milan and Cinderella. I've always liked Cinderella story and I remember watching it on stage as a kid. That's why I wanted to watch the movie of IT. Also because Kate Blanchett was announced by kill stepmother. I just wasn't prepared for how they did it. I just think the story. It's the way they did. It was greats and the moral of this fantastic. That's why I like Cinderella. Lots the rest of a puff of Milan rest of their like. Well we could have done without. This is what the cartoon I just don't understand. Why did Alauddin allergens fantastic? As a cartoon books. Robin Williams is the greatest the world. They didn't have to remake. You can also see the same in terms of Cinderella or hurt long. They're going to be people who see that. Think that for people who live there at the For people who achieve loved the actual cartoon film and they have a specific on the like Ariel so for some people the Little Mermaid Google can. That's done so dry. So people have their views as to which one wants to see. Live action is interesting. Bit like one of my favorite one is emperor's new groove. I would date. They're trying to make a live action movie. Because I think I think the problem here is that maybe you guys will guys on. Maybe you don't see my point of view but I do think that does some stuff that if we do right then completely changed completely. Don't don't it is like someone trying to reduce a proper classics like like winter. Transfer you do the Matrix. I'm like no. Don't don't try and do my agent my fair lady or Hollywood ever done that before they ever done. A shot by shot remake. I think they did shot by remake an ethics. So my point. Is You know it also smacks of of of opportunism a new creativity because that industry is all about creativity? No no no okay before we get souped up soupy that industry is about. It's called show business. It's about business this show. Does APPLES BE LITTLE? Bit of Sprinkling all-star. I agree but I agree but but a mouth penny that so many more stories that can be told that I find them to be very least. That's why like picture as times went but pixel only say doing sequels by Bloody Disney right but from time to time at least every two years three years the original content Disney bought Pixar so that can make some original contents because some of the original concept that have made recently have been the producers and directors from Pixel visit themselves. Not Original at all in my own opinion. What does he used to do was biscuit goal? What's very famous story or fable and movie? I would agree with you. I'm just saying that original in the frontier region on it. Oh sleeping busy yep I agree with you but the frozen his original frozen frozen nose is point. Frozen is and people from picks off of soaking vessels won't Pixar at the table some similar on some things grounding okay. I wish it a lot more like that. Look more on a fantastic cartoon but my my points is that you know I find it interesting that they're not trying to to to create content. That can may be mine with with with. Tv shows with merchandise with regrets for the next thirty years. What does that students go? You know what we're just going to Disney. Plus you know that's the best which Nikolov money in a way. Some of the blame on a Bob. Eiger to me is not that amazing. I. He's the business. Yeah someone to have. This show is fortunately I dabbled Kevin Feige Foam on for years and also because now they don't want to take big bets on lesser known on New Ideas Member that Disney cartoon. That came out was the one that was set in the future. That had Michael Jordan. Yes yes I remember. That'd didn't do well. Yes you know. So now they have Disney plus where they be all the new stuff because there's so much new contents on Disney plus like new shows and new. But over you're talking about maybe Cartoons that Halfon possible. Yeah Yeah I know that. Have cartoon shows like that kind of stuff? It's like they go. Dizzy is less of a risk for the stuff that will go mainstream on. Let's have a brain trust that basically make sure that we this is to be hits anyway. We'll have it destructors. I'm not excited about says. Let you shit. Well done okay. Mixed Dan obviously I will tell you what you can company when stories and stuff them just finished my list so the next versus this long. Oh Unit Eric Erykah Badu and Jill Scott Really. Yes yes next tomorrow Monday. And how do People Watch this? Because I still don't understand where it is I mean. What do this then instagram live? I I think this is a instagram. And instagram's where this is good to go down and at the moment things percolating they're asking brandy and Monica but both of them. I go say well people use as a potential just I to battle be. They have to be a confident as the Britian music because a comment sometimes can be you know and they said they'd been putting each other against each other for Says responsive they don't want to hear it because I stood so today for the life of me do not understand the whole brand Monica. 'cause brandy is on another level to Monica. I don't care what anyone says. Brand new shoe with that sometimes. I just feel that Achievements are always diminished. Because they're trying to actually elevate money. Got some good ball or no. Where ned what Barbie Cinderella you know to me? It's like if someone is not saying that Oh Beyond safety and Kelly Rowland should between versus. That's what it feels like to. And I don't want to deny the moniker. Did some great music but less twisted jargon. I think they need to find someone. Apprentice level to verses by the AD is definitely know Monica Vergara. That's doesn't even as being thrown around. Also blige faith Evans chose like rubbish. She laser like Bud Mary. J. Has more to me has more hands on those that you see the problem with these people. They're not. Donald actually is interesting. Because they're really talking about Biggie. They're talking about about what they wanted. They Faith Evans. I guess a guy like Evans and I don't know Who's the Guy Make Mary j? I met Mary J. Mary Jane. I'm thinking about that story. At the moment I was out Kelly before about bud I agree. That's no bird. I'll put married Kelly who I see because the joke of the bottle people think you would legend on Whitney Houston. A who who five is a little saga before likely soon when I saw some like okay. I mean if they're able to do something they could put. Britney versus Christina Aguilera. Like for instance. I mean Houston. She's my girl but if she was alive I would say Brittany and Whitney wrestles. Mariah is how that's because they're both legends and Jane. I think my is way more. I understand but that's more than level I similarly. I agree I agree. That's the level. I agree but I am almost like saying okay. An Thaw on e. Yes exactly I get. I gather everybody's won't be as bad. She has three major hits. You mean the one she's on with never loved like this then one she is with every day Yes what else you. We've got little jerry down. Go Br bring me a girl beef. Readiness Comb no drama. Young people are not getting it right. I think that the focus too much agenda they should put against. Who's on the level? It shouldn't be like. Oh Yeah two women maybe can be because it will come more with Russia. No WanNa kiss with show APP. This is not no no no this is not. I just I would at keys against Ease Asher yeah. Yeah no announce look at look. Those shows had two three good albums so she no. She's look why. Why did you notify Hijab? I dare evolution keys. Okay yes I agree now. So songs amy. It's got to be people as I am as well wave on thing of broken hearts Comma superwomen. Bad accident was no no no. Let's go back to the main arguments. You compare had three albums let's give. That's to ashes of so. I had my way it's seven. Oh One confessions confessions. I mean come on. You can start with. The doesn't doesn't matter. Was One hour. Almost every single song was a fucking hits the Utah U-turn U-TURN. We you come home on. That's seventy one so we compare him. Then Chris Rock Chris Brown because that's lazy arguments. I will see Chris Brown we drink yes yes. I would agree. Yeah yes I would agree definitely would agree because with those two singles albums singles. Really am I made to Lloyd? Actually Keesa is not too any but I'm not sure that that's entirely fair but it's not bad it's not bad. I'll give you that by the way within give 'cause I was thinking of Because I was thinking so so def when I said and I'm thinking about the Brownish Guitar Brexit would you with Oh Braxton Jensen because I'm not sure if there is someone I guess you might be able to able to bring synergy is Toni Braxton's Komo that was fire. Yeah I think it will p bits. I think she will be just a bit. 'cause Bob's thank you dance to blow to be is mother ballots here. Yes exactly's so there are some people that look angry anyway. So it's first of that 'cause I don't know if we just anything we discussed. This is all just in new store and this was the time of spray of that. Would you agree with the French Montana statement that he has more bulbs that Kendrick Lamar? Okay so let me just say this. It is almost like saying A McDonald's and I have lots of customers and then you emission star students. It's almost like okay. I can see where you're going in terms of volume but I would agree with you. That's very very odd. Diplomatically very good. Yeah 'cause I read you like keep this about cutting that because of all my bio for review of something you see okay. Let's get to that and I just have two more and then I have come to your rescue them so a Youtube A. He's one of your people just teachers theaters. You know him. I got some. Oh my good. You're doing that. That's the that you so people that this guy has been tricky celebrities and I use that word quite loosely. At least one person that is mentioned here into thinking that they've been appearing on the late late show with James Cordon so good so upset about two weeks ago. James Corden has been doing a show every day every weekday from his garage and everything. But he's undergone like some surgery air surgery or something so he's been off so basically you have a manager and they do research they will knew this but unfortunately with these people that are concerned. They got dates So the people. That's one of them. That got with Craig David. Youtube basically scraped together soundbites and You know conversations from all these past into using James. Corden has done enough to make believable. One sided conversation and tricks Craig. David's thinking that he was basically on the show he will quickly be performed. Did rise for so he did it through. Data is our heated. Nobody knew okay. Okay so I'm GonNa say this I think actually maybe it's because I am. I feel a bit emotional about this because I've always felt that critic. David never ever go the fuck deserved you. And that we have mediocre white manual be Williams and everyone is loading. But you don't worry be. Oh there's so much I can talk about in regards to that so it's really painful for me because I can imagine when he would have thought himself off got. Kobe undestand. Respect what I've done and for him to eat obviously he's funny. He was little. I'd Oh my God horrible of the Youtube and Josh Josh. I said it's it's a social hoping. And He's do who's hears about the actual you know an interview for real. I hope so as well I just felt really maybe nicky but yeah it's on his youtube page. If you WANNA watch it. He's doing it. He's done three episodes so was one on Friday. I'm had studied justice. Dilip notes studied justice for David. I'm surprised at the Khrushchev is demanding ticket down. I think Yuli editon Friday so we don't know what's happening known because also I suppose also is the front of that. I still feel a way in terms of how dividend can joke in this country because it's very difficult attribute solution to be successful in the UK and the fact that his whole career now is kind of like some dope with Bush selector use and it just felt is is always very pointed to medical selector and the fraught with the people that it targeted Michael Jackson. Melby and Craig David it always for those racial elements in did in terms of decrying. I'm basically demeaning their work even you going. We don't have them in successor is I mean except for the mill dividend mixed mysteries Liberal in them black but the fact is we generally don't tend to see a lot of people who are have some black Aji sentenced to them this successful soon. I took it particularly personally but analysts. Painful Yeah my heart sank when I read Craig. There was one of the others. Were like the tick Tock I think the white girl made that basically brought renegades down the one who stole your regional renegade genucel students. Yeah Yeah Yeah I think if but when I record dazzling oh come on like no I just liked. Tell you what you one. Nostril is quivering enough and the other is has drip. You're just weird. My brain doesn't know how to process this. So start laughing at the same time. I'm sorry I'm just bieber arena guerande at teaming up to do a single cold stuck with you benefits good. Kohl's are the proceeds from the from the from the streaming and the sales of this particular single going to the first responders children's foundation based in Canada in America. But you know that what they have come to wrong immediately. Said that yeah. A squadron production exactly what humidity said that just said is Hashtag to boom from nothing to do with anything other than the need for a possibly. Kanye West jump on the remix and that to me. You know what I actually thought. I didn't think it was because of your music genesis but I thought of the instagram fake adverts about them did you know when you know it was like ooh please the Dallas. I didn't do that with Ou. Our arena. She doesn't have to do our At the moment is so. Yeah Dave Ospel. The for people to in that graduation Videos because graduation season at the moment in America So I think they wanted to make some some of viral video or they weren't or make a video that goes those people share it to the people exactly which I think. Okay that's so I would think from school to run to me is always a bit because like a ram to obtain Taylor swift now and it is so irrational that sometimes even if the facts are more on sites. I need to be honest about my hypocrisy. I'm still going to look through a lens of what was the think about this. Just because I feel very uncomfortable about his vote and the story behind when Ariana left his he's management thing and then it's almost like also Iran had come back because there was some stuff going on behind the scenes. I just feel really uncomfortable because I know that he came from actually bean an intern for Jimmy. Dupree and the fact. They've got his in by infant tricks in the black community. Taking a leveraging all he learns using his white privilege to get away go to today so I find it. Sometimes it bits uncomfortable but I understand. That's my bias. This guy could be fantastic wonderful person but my bias. Zayid coming towards him. What has of Bonn and much about him. I just don't like okay so of Godfrey as house. Three of go Sue The first one that I'm going to quickly talk about has to do with So obviously I think I don't have mission. It's on the show because we don't cuss awhile. Obviously enthusiasm council just like every other events but he throws concert if he was cancelled on the very auspicious circumstantial. Suspicious fishes auspicious missions impotence. Okay suspicious great auspiciously suspicious. Sorry I thought it was just wasn't the way we so. I think I may have mentioned. I don't remember if I did. But Jeff Keely who normally does the introduction for the for the e. Three he quit. Whoa sermon wants three. Oh okay this is a good. Let's be round Eddie. Yes that's good. That was the reaction was don. Did that guy give him a job. Give him a job. What's his name? Gas Guy Taylor but he always does he. Three does sets in sort of pre show every year he Alzheimer's liquids and he said and he an Ese. That's a company who owns three. Do not see eye-to-eye Bubba Blah. This is a bit of old news and it was not interested in working with and that was it. Very interesting was a twitter post. Everyone was shocked. Okay then Ese. Then said you don't want this year. We're going to be revamping three. They didn't refer to to just Kyrie Irving beneath three company called. No no sorry before that Sony quits saying that. Donald doing three years because they didn't do last anyway and then if it puts a press conference on Monday on Tuesday yes they put the press conversation. Oh we have what can we? This guy called eight bits. I Abe is a company that do Sort of merchandise cool much video games right and they said we're working with you. Guys go to revamp. Eat three issues to be brand new thing by Blah. That's all they said. Everyone going hold on a second but just quits again this year on so there's movement issue because they went Sony quits. The numbers went down and then yes see. Vicente afternoon said Oh w tickets. I'm to talk too much about you. Three three basically over because a lot of companies such as beccles verse three three stops but before that happened and eight bits VIP people who they are. Now say oh they're going to producing either. You have changed formats quits. Two weeks later saying that's kind of reason I don't know what happened now. There isn't all that is important is because Jeff. Kelly now announced literally of Friday the Summer Games fest is GonNa take place from me to August is an online only events and I quote. It's a new industry wide celebration of video games that runs for meals August coach. Jeff Fisher News in Gimme vents unplayable content from the intolerance industry. He has panels interviews from people like to K division Bundy Namco Bethesda Blizzard city project CD extremes e playstation private division riot Games Square INEX- Steam WanNa Bros xbox. Then he now this I am a bits either producers of this events what's what's the AFC so not just that I guess if it was canceled Ese scrambled and said if it is cancelled we are doing an online events. And let's be asking all the developers of all the publishers to support us and then there were crickets. No-one said anything that yes says. Oh it looks like it happened this year. Then just comes over this. Wow Jeff Kelly. He was on the Hollywood reporter. I other places and apparently he had been talking to everyone for the last week also and I think that everyone basically have said like well. If you guys want to be on the video games I was. This is just me if not really get December. I don't know what he said what he did. He convince them. So that's going to be happening. The second news is a bit side soon needs to massively over the last two weeks one isn't ten to one is Sunni. The Sony one has to do with lots of us to to game was supposed to come out and there was a spoilt those footage. That was leads. You know the in game that was only identified leakers of the footage. The footage showed cautions. I'm gameplay including several pivotal plot sequences the youtube already over the weekend. That was last weekend as soon was quick to trump. Pull the offending material from all those Sites but damages don't download the data screen captured it so now on over the place spoiling las. Lots of US was supposed to come out this month but was delayed and I think has been delayed to June in lots of people who was of Muslim online. Saint I think it was a disgruntled employee at some Nazi dog that licks but soon as claimed known of the identity of the individuals identified the responsible while fleets with Sunnis Roxie. Entertainment's all not to dock itself. So they know who he is and we're going to hear in the next opening month how they're gonNA punish them. So that was the fresh freshly. The Second League is a little bit more serious. It's a leak of Nintendo's we source code designed files full documentation is seems like Nintendo was using a company called Right brought on where involved in developing the we hardware and software is seems cocker's rather than Hocken. Let's say more important things. Decided they were GonNa Hack broadcom brought on sorry and they got every. They got everything. They've got designed files because we saw code the team's got everything basically and doctors but why they just wanted to run like like yesterday. Twenty twenty isn't shitty enough. She'd say so. Sure is a bunch of fucking college kids well or something. Unfortunately so. Obviously that is going to respond. Maybe on Monday but recent. This is very interesting time. Because they tend Nintendo's quarterly results and don't be announced next Friday I so it looks like they may make a statesman. I may be swimming some people because because I'm not sure superdome bought me. Broaden did not adequately secure if you where if you misrepresentations that you go to YouTube dot. That's it okay so you go. Okay let's move onto because we've been recording for awhile now so that's little too stuff we've watched this week. Okay yes going to music videos that we also yes. Yeah Yeah Okay. Go real them off. Sorry you don't want to do this. okay music videos. Guess I knew I know I not music so the first one okay music. Megan stallions featuring beyond say Sat remix wasn't music video. It's just more truck. I mean I read. This is the thing I like the original B. also really elevated this on a really like her wrapping having savage. Why think who went on to be too long towards the end towards the end I just felt could have been a bit tighter but I suppose it doesn't help because savage was originally through and a half minutes so if you're going to put someone on your fetches cons all the extra joe and at the end would not required but I think it's a good one and I also like that see is not in her. Gruner shits and is able to feel comfortable. Swearing is able to talk about how great she is. Basically it reminds me of what Tillerson to secure about in demand video that she wouldn't be able to do comfortably with everyone coming for her as a woman. I just felt all of a sudden beyond the and also it does help with them black culture where swatter Braga dishes part of the entertainment to an extent so she was near that and I enjoyed it. I liked it. I'm also I also like the fact that a song who's been in the industry for quite some time to send someone a young girl. Yes I'm going to lend you. My Aura has more to do the fact that she's we rock nation That anyone else. I like that because Yondo see lots of times Huntsville out by someone who's already got an established position in the industry for the new person coming through and it also helps them making. The stadium is respectful of the come before her. So I think it would be easy to achieve that so by re I really liked the remix I need. I felt gets very savagery listening to it so did US big. It's I went But not big lit for me. It wasn't like a busy but it was good before I was big lit. Well I just Texan I use. I see I think I think it's a I I like. I like the idea of it and I like the fact that it's like everything just I completely agree with. I found like when Johnson was wrapping. I didn't even recognize that that was beyond say as an example I'M NOT OF NOT I. Don't medicine is not my thing but I think that song itself is cool. I like the fact that it exists as often okay. I like to as well I saw I like when she talks share anyway I mean it was slightly diminished by the fact. I haven't confirmed this. But I've heard that Jay z may have written nets. I mean. I know that even if he wrote she probably be 'cause she's very creative will probably given them ideas of what she wanted to say on that the first time they Jeez. I think because Jesus return wraps to his role as I don't want to say and just bitches is a shadow a ghost right so anyway so it doesn't really matter. I would say that before because I get the sense to. Women shouldn't be taking just because I know but you should let me observe fast. I apologize how other this Serene Rian Welter. You'd be because of where closed because they'd be ending because I I prefer no fan. I'm sorry please tell me what you well I close. I didn't say that I ten years. Okay digit cats featuring Nicki Minaj was released on the same day as well to say so. Remix pervious sorry. I think you okay. Yeah he doesn't anyway. I think honey I likes say so I if you've been doing in yeah but it doesn't really matter I. I think it's cool. It's cool. Summary wants it myself but I think the school yet summary. It's summary I heard the remix. It was okay I didn't think Nikki. Did anything groundbreaking? She was good now going into she was good. She fled very well. I wasn't like excited. Like I said I preferred wrapping it older songs even the flawless Remix at the Fed. Ratcheted there. Then once you did on this but I think I mean big story from this is the fact that supposedly the Bob's doing like cards because they thought that Do to put shuts was. This is almost like new new between Nikki Ado Jakart's and it'll be. I think the REMIX was okay. It's it's on par with the with their Su Some good self but I do think that was quite interesting about this. Is the same thing mega the value and I think of a focus particularly for lots of black woman is industry to stop behaving like fucking grownups because even to says to push it. I don't know whether she did she didn't but according to Does tend to see us to be sheets on twitter. And she's outgrown that. I don't know but I'm hoping that the way forward is a bit more positive. I mean so this technique nick match from always does which is the pressure to someone but do it in subliminal way that's Nikki petty petty ditch. But even that's why has seen so that's one thing and we. I think we need to accept in this woman who are problematic with do what they do. It wasn't it wasn't a bad remix semi that's exactly so he didn't read. I mean added some extras of Polish to the song. But bad I mean I mean I mean. Listen to this once or twice. Enjoy the feel of the song but I've not actually be moved to buy the me too. Yeah I agree that it's a summary Song but my summary on the momentum levity Oh yes yes Mushega booth. Don't quit the GIG young again. I want you levitating. Okay G. Eazy. Moana Future Jack Hollow. This was a video transfer many quarantine videos that coming out. Yes what did you think of this one? Why it's it's not bad. United is in bad enough. I even in quarantine people have take. A people are generally taking time to reflect upon their lives. Whipping are going. But you get some guys who are wrapping and just to all eligible rob Ron Rhyme somethin'. We WANNA so talking about how you talk about. Osama I mean and Missile Bama around. Why is it your five years fucking league? I mean how stupid is as he's ridiculous itself. No I feel that we're lacking constance. Do we go into depth of depravity. The only thing I liked about the video was the fact that we thought it was interesting. How it started with the safe file or you know the computer sir. What they call it. Oh 'cause obviously I sharing that you during this whole. That's the only thing I was like. Oh that's interesting. This is the reality thing. There that was bullshits absolute bullshit and as a modified defended. Let's it was rubbish. I G anyway of. He's just slightly problematic but I he's just all these people just someplace. I cool weather gatekeepers. These are the type of riffraff. Elizabeth get you know individual puff daddy who looked boss like they told him. Oh are you need to do just to say Moana into discrete was just going guys? I saw Angela. I'm Kinda of like coolies. Yeah on the gatekeepers to keep these ships out one. There's any I I I'm dope record. Bermuda do okay. Bye Radio on all stars time. That's funny I don't like the attitude because I thought it was a very good video. I think this I I guess I don't. I don't think it's it's it's I don't consider to be music. I consider that to be solved for my soul during this time of I like watching a video electric that so many Bob work together to do. I get annoyed with this at us on the charts. Personally I just feel like it was a nice. I enjoyed her real. Everyone was India. Own respective homes. I love the guy. The toilets going to be good again. Those that's deal now the Salton by video. Sorry recently I mean to do that face. I heard the song as to my I choose playlist when Xuemei walk and I was like. Oh they've Redone Times like these is done by the foo fighters came out in like twenty to eleven something so as I okay interesting that using it for these times and all I recognize some voices in my headphones was like I want to actually under contract. So what did the video? Oh so that was at Marie. Oh that was the guy from young blood interesting because I was actually listening for David Voice and I actually didn't hear daily grow voice when they heard it's by surprise. It was in the video by new Chris. Martin at the end I was like all of course does Martin like the Some Ben Blessing Song Interesting. Interesting idea was good video on all And I think it's also for charity but yeah it was good. That was good. I guess Ya UN. Did you like it did you watch. I watched it and not just failed. Felt very white. Good points rap. The rap was what that's why the face 'cause I remember the rand. The rapid to me was on the island. I just I felt if could source talent from across the Atlantic where this whom Thailand now. We couldn't have reached out to make this diverse casting. If felt very odd for me it felt uncomfortable particularly because this is ABC radio. And I was just going. Okay actually why not I mean it just felt okay. This is not for me but you know what I felt this that this particular demographic of people that want to appeal to and I was in the womb. So I just thought said I wouldn't buy them the music because actually the music was might. I'M NOT SAYING THAT. The music because remember for instance. I'm really into all of stuff from red. Hot Chili peppers is the music is just about the visuals book. Asia's felt alienated to me. Okay I am not. This is not for me here and so I found it. I couldn't kind of judge it because I just thought okay. Maybe because this is also the thing as well. I'm sure we'll get onto other things. There's things I want something about okay. Interesting I can't. We are not going to be able to profess something because it doesn't stand in me either. Intellectually emotionally so. I don't know I'm supposed to feel about this but don't want to make a judgment on it because I know how I feel that it doesn't feel like it for me so I just go okay interesting and I just carried on. They went to people of Color in the video. But I'm not surprised if anyone's going to pull out a radio one playlist. That is what I would expect to be honest so I'm not. I'm not surprised by it. That's why I don't dislike. I totally get what you mean. I get what you mean. Do I agree. You know if charity then Jim Something. Great for thing. Yeah those towards. It wasn't like it wasn't like waving that was very white They did the feed the world. One Tabar than is that also had an locked to do that. A lot of black autism nolansville appearance. Because the felt that's the average of Africa being portrayed is please and it's Africa a country. Thank you and you just go look. I don't think you understand what you're doing here. And I always find quite interesting particularly when the Bogota's of the world or the borders of the world tried to tell black people in dust for how it is they should perceive what they're doing for the continents that while you guys came here so you do. I'm going to be white savior because the problem is in your country could fix so. I've always felt bids on comfortable about. That's Africa's not themselves in the little white. Cvc themselves. But I don't think that this is listen. Listen that ilk is just more the fact that these are the people that are normally overdue one and then the sauce the people that do normally anyway and even in the UK they needs to be close to fact that this segregation in terms of music and entertainment regardless of how small different ethnic minority populations are and you know what it is. It is what it is Okay just two more a lot more. You know featuring Kerri your sense us. Y Ya Win for the next day. She said different going still boy a featuring Keri Hilson nominates. Yeah well I think it's free so you know I I watched it and I was confused initially because of the fact that I initially thought it was. Obviously it's for beat and I thought well maybe Jerem almost not actually in Asia and I. That's what I felt when I was watching the video. Okay so I just put in context because after a Bit Nigerian. Yeah during sonorous is so. It's quite interesting because people now think afrobeat is African thing as it was primarily Nigerian. Become from Nigerian. Fella was guys and also what confuse listen to the beat. The People's half of forbids half Jamaican Ragga. Some think it just sounded like a fusion and so and then what I saw the guy and I saw that had the African pendants identical confuse. Because then he was wearing jimothy callers as well so I. I wasn't sure where it was from. Funded actually Ghanaian. We found out later. Visit I go more confused because he was using Nigerian Tim -nology in her singing. Yes on the tone. Yeah because I was telling digital that basically she just lifted to US average type of years. She just basically just imitated. I agree it's salt. I think the reason why maybe people might put the is on. It was because curious in was featured in it. That's number one number two the video. It was weird Al Stupid. Hey Hey diplomat yard stupid. It was terrible stupid where I think yet it because you know it felt like it was a pageants of countries in Africa. One and I thought what are you? Doma treating Africa the contrary I have no problems. Let me just say something here and I know this is going to sound a little and I don't care because a lot of the Times some people say oh yes respectability politics. I'm going to look to believe me. I'm African I'm Nigerian. Respectability is not about politics exclusive family and we send you to school for reason but I think sometimes a lot of people don't understand that not every musician coming out of Africa is a digital meaning a middle class or class person and when it in music because look. I don't want to be disrespectful but music as a career in Nigeria is not something. Any responsible parent was the shelter. Wanted to be an accountant. Wanted to be a doctor so I think to an extent if I'm using the Nigeria Lens and looking at the near a Neil autism going. Maybe I don't know so. That could maybe explain his ignorance bucks. I know that Ganja or Gaza has an amazing on educational system. So I don't know where he came from that he would actually looking at Africa as a country or whatever stupidity. He was exhibiting buds. That's kind of pass on trying to give him for any constitute. This particular song is a massive passport or can do. Sometimes you've got to try root for everybody block north auditors. Swallows swear everyone but I think that Keri Hilson lift to a savages APP may have. What would it be better issues? Can we than artists who was over the Hyannis better caliber boat? I think this was a bit through for her to have been on. Do I do like the WHO You know that some. There's some I do like the fusion of the afrobeat and possibly the reggae down west Indian type of type music and I like that's biking that is an idea that could have been exploding unexecuted better. I just drinking this was it. You guys have actually said is our. I didn't like it because I like I I. I don't think yeah I like to but I don't. I don't think I want to work with someone who claims that the universe five G. Don't you think I think this would have been before that? I I think I think that I wish I told you that. The virus is it. It's IT'S A. It's a magnifying glass. On the person know carriers. I started way. That's what I'm saying before. That's what I'm guessing. That's why I said that she's already matic and I think that's why does not work with his son boy. I'm by the way we also thought that stone of boy as well but we'd last night boats identity of Africa Stove and I'm also going to go abroad on trying to get to music with certain artists to play on General Sense. I think it's because there isn't good. People actually worked with no good either. So why whistle? Time 'cause Gary Hilson did some yeah and now move on some believe. Oh and this last one. Is David Irwin Some Walker? The busing fats. That was trendy and g dull Chango Abana and I'm going how how on away console be problematic in general Chiang abundant. Now tell you these simple. Google says let's say something myself. A movable will be a hokey one hundred they are some Ms Indulge. `Gabon includes accessories amazing. I am not dining that accurate and if they had the sizes as won't so that's why maybe I would be like. Oh my denied their artistry as a as designers however yes just because because the old guard values the missing doesn't mean I am not going to through my people my morals my integrity to the side so I can actually advertise for a problematic on company that is resist borderline transphobic homophobic. Everything and these are also an interesting because this is a two-game one in this company. But they don't seem to have any self awareness of grace when it comes to other people on the choices the Nikkei allies who they actually own so for for divvy due to decide that he's go to make a video talking about how great is his equates in. That's the class of woman who wants to go out with. So maybe he's saying that he wants an idiotic problematic Ignorance woman maybe. That's what he's looking for. Maybe but it's just ridiculous and this is an and this is an educated upper middle class. Nigerian men so to me also is that more would see a bit so even the education experts that she spent the money he decided to use good threats in the gutter. So I can't comment on this music video of the music's shits idea like the music video either and then. The constant is lack of self awareness. Just means I have very very upset with this but not comfortable anymore because I don't have the energy often the energy. Oh that's fair enough. I didn't like it you. Yeah I'm just trying to find out if he knew about the leap. No you know he will know. You'll probably put on Bella Nigeria in eighteen dodge projects for went offensive ads. So you hit a Chinese audience binary it doesn't matter yeah. D- Has Rights. I doesn't yeah I agree causally I? He's an idiot. My problem with Iraq. People that we've talked about today is that I don't like them so I can't really talk about music because the music was not fire. What on amazingly enough for me to go. You know what put the music was good. It was Brett's so no okay and with that comes to the end of this portion of basically music that we listen to music. Watch so some things that we've watched okay. So this week stretching any of this week as I mentioned in the last podcast I am. I was watching Which Kenya Paris's show show of the net flicks one? Doing Research. Beforehand was doing some research on the show. What of the rights is talking about. A one episode writers always highlights was episode. Live at that time a student on episode wants to the episode. Fi. Yeah the best episode type thing and I was like. Oh it must be like pretty amazing. The key keeps getting mentions so I watched. It wasn't impressed by. It's actually felt episode. Six was better than episode five. I mean still a bit loose by episode six hundred at least to me bit anyway. That's better so I wanted to get everyone kind of like. I'm not just me and they're still to be interesting for us to discuss in the in the podcast because I think was running the subject matter. Experts say five is and basically what's happened in real life as well. So how'd he 'cause deceive very because because she's actually have an se summarizes because we doused thing is about his Safai basically Carey's is playing a version of himself in this and In this show is his family's has six children and his wife who in this Dr by lawyers will former lawyer? And he in this episode. He Ends Dosa who is prepared to go to the the University of New York. Nyu Film Program. They see he goes to see a film. I think yeah and movie. I'm done by black director. And in his opinion it's really shits but everyone else around thinks that it's good. It's a him. He only he and his daughter think that it's really bad. And He's thinking okay I I can't go out. And because he was panel on the movie and he was biscuit wrestling with the fact of whether he goes and tells the truth about what his opinion is this dome or whether he shouldn't do that because as a fellow black director he should just basically Brock back writer. He should basically help these people. Any black director come up rather than dismiss their stories because of not so many black filmmakers. They should be helping each other rather than anything each other. So that's basically. I'm not sure what the episode is the power. I really think I should start because I want to be just quick undone So to my mind What you told US watch it. We Watch that episode and then we actually watched the entire see series. And because because what I wanted to do was we view? Ag- my one episode out of context because I wanted to understand where he what's his art is if he's going to sit in judgment about other people's on how we would actually take it so with that in mind was the entire thing and to me when I say. Se just keep one's now in what can what black AF. I was thinking to myself that if the considers it. This is a sixteen seventeen year old between the documentary on their family. I think this is a possible endeavour. How this is Blackie F? But if this is supposed to be an established successful showrunner writing on disembark AF. This was not as episode but just as a show now show could sorry. I didn't have watched the what type thing well when. But we have seen you you. You Ain't good and watch it. So that's why I talk about the entire show all those a reason with it and just did that now. I just think Blackie is trash. And just going to see that of the part around so the air to me's because the premise of the show made no sense to dialogue is trite. The thoughts are not hootenanny. Just doesn't work and I feel that. Kenya should have taken who advice from episode five and actually? I thought maybe I get some feedback. Just open there for a second. The reason why we set watch the thing was are. You will work episode five. It was so bad. In my own opinion. Opinion sets think. Hold on a second but should he should be taking on a five we side. We can hold on the whole system because I wasn't sure we weren't sure if we're seeing things out of context presented. Now what's also showed to me? That has a very binary minded because of Mundi's but neither we binary because to me particularly is almost was sitting of Tyler. Perry as type of black. She'll make and he for the the black actually know Kenya. You're missing the entirely. There's so many different type stuff is definitely not for me book. Airbus is not for me even though Kenya Barris with his background. And what he does you have been. You think you'll be was me. No because when I looked at the person who I would say to my mind tells lacks therese in intelligence way that does resonate. Sweden Denver know that resonates with of middle class. People is when I watch Indiana yes. That's to me competes. Maybe not on the level of covey enthusiasm but you can actually see. I can see him. Yes yes chaos is no way fucking news story. I just clarify. I like the because I brought. I thought to myself this guy is trying to remember. It's and again so the problem because we had lots of discussions about this because I said oh I really like gotten lower. David and honey remained good. No you actually. Don't you just like the fact that you can follow? He's arguments of what he's feeling in Kobe of him because he's actually Dick now in his show. Yes cave is a Dick Sense. I've been looking at something. And yes it's almost like it's meandering and it's not unique. Quality control here units chasing. Okay to see what you're doing here and then we build it to me. I think he's the smartest person in his writer's room and that's the problem is because he is the pinnacle of intelligence in his writer's room. He needs a lot of help. But look I have always liked kind of like blackish. I don't think the best thing and kind of blockage. I don't think it's the best thing to my. Mom is actually rewatching backwards. Me Look I think there was Shuzo blackfish. Well one was shoes them blackish and I think that even in just felt like he was trying to do blockage to sway or Netflix It is so many wrongs blue and I've always felt the reason I've always thought okay back is okay but inevitably resonated with me because it's a show about white geese how white people perceive. Daffy and I'm going I don't care I am supposed to be able to live in my blackness without think about how I perceive me. Which is the reason insecure so fucking. Good 'cause it's a kids that I get you about the black kids until this white people are behaving. This is how I have doing this but it is not about how white people perceive because we have. Ulster's rough time for that shit. I fooled that for me. To achieve falls into that to the rue numerals. Cabal shows are racism. There's a distraction no gives a shit. What about black people even though we know that the social impacts our world but it just I felt very very frustrated. I told the religion toxic. And it's not even funny in terms of the toxicity. It just doesn't work because myself and did this to me. Feels that versus trying to talk about how difficult it is for hints acclimatized to wealth and that would have been a better way of talking about financial literacy understanding. How touchy of getting this species particularly because as warfare cheese most of the time you're not call as a black person you're not coming at it from an arts perspective. The lawyer your corporates. There's a different level of education. Have Gone into it. You may have been middle class. There's so many things I could have actually explode and this was just ridiculous now when I e consensus five particularly I am aware of the fact that as we never get fishy because That the travesty of people like Angela Bassett. Who's not to sign on the same level as you look at a career and she should be like Gabrielle. Union Julia Roberts will so we don't get Fashek however I just found it out. This is because if you take to the white gays you know what you black persons those like all is no sophisticated is not as you're not. It's not that but I don't give a shit. Because that is my traditionally understand and enjoy. I took their feedback from ypres about black shoes with a mountain of salts. Because they'll look at things from their own unique experience now to conclude when it is we do. Things is like the book of the phone cutting Moran of how to build a go. What about the fact that if you look at the situation you go would after the semi falls man? Then you can decide whether you're looking at something through the Lens of your prejudice bias or whether genda all resembles things that I tend to like to do that when I'm watching something going okay if this was directed by a white middle-class man if this was directed by that will see if this was directed by white person. Would I feel the same and I try to do that? I mean I must see that. I'm not biased. Books to my mind when I see things that guilt trip I think he's on the unpowered bridesmaids one. You know and I just think sometimes that we cannot always done on go over well if the white people accepted then of you grades because we know that that's not the case. Kanye birth really needs to take a few seats are really consider what he was trying to execute. I don't think he did dwell and I don't think he. He's a self aware as he put reasons to be exactly an block of Block F. is not it for me. I think about she would have black AF is because no he could do so much better. He really really could. And it's the Ray who's known is giving so much that wasn't go so good acrobats. Various dude come on anyway. I don't run too much about advice. I feel so disappointed in and approach on C. Sheets. I was like this was the stories that make Mike kind of people who want to support me. I remember that what's been Chitlins. Soccer's whose impetus town. He's already built his audience. But that's the reason why it was something like a deal white people after sometimes stuff that perturbing me because he just felt very much. Now it's about extending black to white people. I'm not interested Interested in so he needs to be honest and say Hugh Rather Mickey's money. Expedia COBB black to white people to make them comfortable rookie interesting because remember one. He'll talk about his call here. Okay because divide in this. This basically is part of the whole show where he is just basically shame. The fact that of rich or wealthy white person does their worth in different way to black persevere and obviously leads down to slavery and for the shoe they were supposed to be here so by spending the money and she named to Vitol. And you've got your expensive car your show that I deserve to be indicating that to white people as white experience. I know how to my way. Sirri is going to have done. That is like they think we're not supposed to be here as opposed to wear my white gays insecurity and coming to trump's be here he. I don't I don't think he executed as well as he couldn't. I but the dialogue is absolutely the last line was way goes that way countries have to fight each other to make a better world. Wars are not about fighting each other. Make a better world what took stupid trite uninspired on intelligent dialogue is that it's a fucking ridiculous drinking so this is what I want to say. I just decided to look out the rights and credits for Black Ish for blocks block. Because I think that's my suspicion was that I could see parallels booked shows because there are some over arching ideologies that impo ohs because I could see I could see that was his name Andrea the actor. He played a version of King of Iris and it was better balance. Slow the best. That's a balanced Dan King of ours himself. So I said okay. These and I saw that you know there. I only picked two because the law writers on on the show. But fifty one episodes of the one of four episodes of blackish was written by Leslie. Shockley or Lindsey Shockley and then two people narrow Brown Lisa McQueen McQuillan sorry route thirty six episodes each competitive blackish completely different people so combats adblocker deaf so completely different people so we're block it was an ESA Lewis route. All these episodes with cannabis which is interesting. I looked at as a Lewis and salutes had risen blockers f. One EPISODE OF BLACKISH. She'd written while brothers. Tv SERIES FOR ONE EPISODE. One episode right. So she doesn't have a lot of credit whatsoever right. She's been writing credit whatsoever. Then the other person routes was this Malik s six episodes and he wrote wrote something on neighborhood in Kevin Presents. The next level of that. I've never heard of very good. Meanwhile people like Naree Nick Jerry. Brown rodier white people the first season as an example roots blackish Mike majority of remember Jane. So what I'm trying to prove with that's analysis is that I think that's I think that's what you said. He has the core idea of what he wants. Then it's who you surround yourself with right because I can see that in black as he was lead because if the other person there was all eats has no rights in experience whatsoever. He wrote majority of the show. You are hearing his voice I think in some of his voice and this is you know. What's this because run of the Bernie? Mac Show yes and how Larry woman executed vagus. That's to my mind cause I room I wrote I. A blackish help is the ray we've insecure. It's like okay. Maybe he needs the room. I don't know but it just felt to me that guys we've seen people what always likable. But you kind of go for them. Particularly will if you know and I just thought he could have done it so well and even when Benny Michaels Ober angry how they now and would raise you funds just raise that that was kind of he was also trying to do in Kenya. You should stop because tonight will also looking good so well. Why don't you can the good stuff from the black? I let you go. That's what I want to achieve. He just fells on. I thought he was in Mississippi Tennessee. I mean when I watched it as was so disappointed with When I the first episode I was like what is this? This is not even a car with any of the you've written. I mean 'cause Kenny. Bears Roots helped write goes. Yes as well sounds expecting that. Oh you know now that he's not under ABC's like he can actually just rights. And then I was like what is it was do the best thing about black young even then. That's even Daniel. Even an appeals superficial level. Basically going oh I wonder what's that is. Oh those trainers hype beast. All that hair is really good. I thought the wife's character was terribly written. And yes we should use is yes. She actually would address. I thought I thought. She redeemed the par in episode six. That's what I was at least a position because the wife I was way was she will. I do know how the writing this interesting because time yet to people like that but we sit down at Midnight House. We really enjoy watching these types of things. Which is the reason why we're going. Oh my God this could be. And he's what I love any look coming to America too. I know he's going to come in America to he's doing. The witches Dorando doubt book. He's doing another version of that. Because I felt so shaken by this actually was like was blackish even ever that funny and I went by Prime the first season is amazing. Second see them watching now. Amazing still so what you said about these other women woman are the people that he surrounded himself with but the way they're writing. It's the dray events or the Kenya Harrison that is just more rounded than Kenya Barris. 'cause I understand what he was trying to do but it just didn't work and also very worried so many fees levels the private episode. That was like that so many things you can do with. This meant to be completed with the whole thing. I agree with you. You know what was annoying is that he's a good actor either. Know you had the guy that plays into justice. Just say you just having do it because he because 'cause I was like why do you have to because you have the same look and says dukes curious. I was uncomfortable without to act good access of when he doesn't drop the railway overly. It's another new relationship with staff because I'm going differentiates. Yes and that's meals a tunnel comfortable because maybe something. You could actually comment on the block. I working for white person even if they leads into the family still that barrier okay but he has his what is white employee's talked him. You know whether you fucking kidding were we. Let me all the way down to the lineup. I mentioned that before America. Forgive me if you if doesn't make sense to you. But the difference of stuff then he indifferent to everyone else the third he sees all the time so everybody gives us anything or does. Did you serve on four with people that is actually decibels doing a service and Saints Sir? But he stopped Sir and I thought that that's why you're confused us. Why you just felt it felt it felt very any the artists and I was like okay. That's a little. You know little introspective to how some of these rich black people spend their money and the this office is meant to be very popular around circles by. I just felt it was very relate to it. It didn't really bring anything to the story was like I don't know doors so many times there was no need for enough things. There were same. Love Story makes sense a love a love. The little things that he did was was useless was a waste of time. I think they could do. You could abuse the. That's what many missed opportunities. He could have a could that presented it but he's just not very good his. He's writing with their writing. Was really bad just ways. They could admit stories about all those things. You're going to look man. We're rich that we buy a black painting that has glitz on. It's big because from a black or that's what I like to eat this way that he could have done it even when he had like. You know all those black creates the show that Eve. Avon other guys. I'll say on team story and stuff like that could have been done. That could be. I was the only person that because I was saying Burgess like about each ray. Is this thank to post almost everything she does. She's never off notes. Yes this is going to act in psalms okay. This is a totally different character to me that that you can accept sub photograph of. I the potential watch that but what she's actually given a version of has self this an offense who spill mixed sense to me is that she's so aware and stances of passengers. King of berries be fourteen. This is nothing you know it. His Viorel blackness to me is so weird view credit. His views on marriage is so weird toxic and super toxic. That's why I didn't like that. I just didn't like the married appearing. It just seemed weird. The woman was just with character was just portrayed as dump them I mean yes. All types of black people dead. The dumb dumbs is wearing the airheads. But I just but this was meant to compete with rich because we have the rebound thankfully bronx of the world. An actor issue was issue was born if you should just born into Richardson. It's always been that great. But she was meant to have some substance so I was just always looking for the okay and are you. Can't you just seemed very relationship with kids? Love was not to me. Wasn't realistic and if it was to be a realistic then writes about your fish. Because the way he talks to kids sometimes was poor dealing so all of this on. I'm sorry I don't care how rich some kids might be. That will not happen especially with his claiming of how his background is streets. Okay the first generation judicial bells move fucking way. Look I did. He treated his name. I thought maybe that women no fucking way based on the fact that this on our own backgrounds and this is another thing we need to point out where African and as specifically Nigeria so. That's shit won't Fly Liberty White. I don't agree with that because look at what's type in his episode. Yes when he says he will look at Goes Really. You guys talk like that. That's Kenya being self aware Daska. Yeah obviously what State Tyler? Perry Book Kenya Zone. There has to win Kenya. Those lawyers writing. Sometimes I think because celebrate own voice voice. I seem right. Say there's no rights in Tyler Perry's dialogue. I personally think that's been some instances of the kids. I live read whatever I knew what he puts. Your don't insult your children if that's okay you're getting high like. Why is the pair? Winston sets you that blackish rights with all preserve writers. That's distilled his vision. Made more sense to me like that kid. I was sorry this too much about this. This show we also said I said I think he has a problem with his millstones because well there's only one day because the fact of the matter is that I could see that the Tucson's in black in black F is the same as the children in Blackish blackish better way of portraying to solve this show. Because look how you know the sensitive son you could see that being the young version of all the boy in brackish and I are you all his his soft his pussy his this and because of the age of the sun confined and also because the symbols of see that as an opportunity to believe I know like okay if the sippers are believe him fair enough but the way they resolved so I was also not happy with the pace because he reminded me of how in America you have to make everything lovey-dovey because the the the sticks were high up to episode seven wrapped absolutes. There talk the issue with his wife. The rats up they show about his son been soft wrapped up issue within the girls. Now wants you can't be you can't be tell me all the seven episode Jacoby Matic. You have a weird direction of going and Pacific. You have everything resolved resolve. It just didn't make any sensory. And although he said like say that own this on the shows he watched as a kid on your parents fights and because of that when he had issues in his marriage it was surprising to him because before me and also announced minutes. You have family there with their. You know raising that's number one number two TV shows us. Aspirational talk about show parents in the show. Remember their parents in the show young. And they'll enough in the end and that's confused because say this doesn't have Parazynski. Funny Sprints win episode five was actually true and we saw a visit but it doesn't or whatever it was. Yeah it was justified yet again. That's what I was with them. Unheeding talk about them talk. Show the relationship points April me I just feel I have two members what he said. This is a dial up. I mean. Obviously the story taxes from us from his wife so maybe it doubt version. You look at the reality then going okay. If this is how you guys fight that is not a great environment to kids. This isn't And it's episodes. You could your parents once it's episodes where you will you talk. Funny Lewis Meshal funding this show especially in the last episode with the White Bindi. Are you know finally I? I'm sorry. Look A blackish blackish at least Detroit to mention. His family member a bulls finally and his family so I was expecting if he says dialogue version of but also be bounced himself because he said things because I did see his wife's family bus home cousin who says they help. Yes yes each. I'm leery applause of episode five himself. Because it's quite interesting rates. That's why I was being here. Old The the blacklash against Black F. I think he himself numbers understanding no black. Just good for anything black. The roof was stories. Actually do we also was insulting in episode five black? Don't understand that then. Seeing Noah and black people and then people like him. You like New Delhi. You're not you're not. You're not the pinnacle of Education. Compare like I know a was bringing up to had nothing to do with the other ways that people were talking about tomatoes and then it talks about good for the world. What does the Black Equivalence and Block Godfather? Maybe that's what we talk. If you're talking about movies thank you. I you know in terms of okay. What's the best movie I mean so I mean this Comex Glory Think Oh God oh goodness it was? Just do the right thing. You're just what is going on here. You know in the hood the classics are you going on. You're telling me that all yet. We want us to buy Hicks. Guess when you broke up heat talking shipwrecks like dude? Just shut up dude and others a very during the one but I just felt that's look on that he decided to Esi into his own. It's an SMS. Okay might might my big back to you can address. I just WANNA say that's in case anyone's worried about comes America so Eddie Murphy's writes in the characters screenplay but there were two earliest compares to other people so police messed up too much us all. I really want to come into America's you came by. This is scaring me. Well I think most people go over his When I think when this much more sick people go over his exciting play. Ads Carter's because member Elgin's is like you know. Why do you know that actually stated that Jews for records who said Dude insult municipal correct stocks saw in previous version said normal doing this so exactly so i? I think there's more more people be going stuff. There's more poison control. I mean that's why. Abc had a leash on him. 'cause we're like no this? Is Disney okay? This research also. Have you guys been watching okay? So I discovered a film called Salem Sutherland spades on Amazon prime. I watched it on my own. And I'll tell you this I like black jerseys. It was interesting because of all the youtube shoes. I were all two channels. I watch and listen to a lot of young black. You're old content creatures because I feel like to hear it perspective other than my own and actually see what's interested in their world to just brought in my perspective so basically. Selana speeds is an Amazon. Prime is basically It's kind of like a push school. Lucky enough upstate. New York find different factions at the school and to me almost like a Mafia story and I just thought that this fever coming amid realistic artistic I loved it. I thought it's a very classic community with a focus on the seamier side pressure on the moral quandary of being a teenager and I just to me felt like a breath of fresh air. The black kids living than life. If there's no police issue north of racism even though we know racism exists is about yourself and also power plea and just search unintelligent for for me now. I'm not saying that this is the best in the world but I will say that this is going to find an equivalent. Whitefield is very much a bit like perks of being a wallflower for me. And then that's a bit Meggett me of the The one with the girl veggies. The blonde girls don't just size and then also invited to break the way. He made us what we levy ask because kind of good. What's going on here? I really really enjoyed it and thought it was a first time director as it was astonishing here. Noli that she wrote the whole thing. She was anti Russia Pope. She's a first time director and sheets so writing credits. She actually routes The the movie as well. So that's hopefully future star is actually adding. I mean she probably'll be untested. 'cause I watched it was like wealth because before was actually it was a TV show. When I found I was tremendous scowling. I'm not so sure but he watch anything so I knew that 'cause I'm more difficult convinced. What stuff but he's out okay and we watched it. I will in all the way it was presented and I was GonNa say that way was housing beautiful and nature and things and being very economical with the space and it seems that supposedly is a TV. Show in pre production of your. That's interesting but I just thought all my absolutely fantastic and and the whether we're talking about their bodies about control of art and winning the charity uniforms. That was great. I wasn't as about sex or look I look. I recommend this one hundred percent. I just wants a big up. The name of the cast because of them are known to me at not seen the Tila setup seller has socialist. Fantastic then just a couple of names so giral. Giron was maxine. The Guy Celeste. Corner was PALOMA The lady. I'm not going to the movie then. The tier offbeat poppy the blunt and then the wheel jatoric in this. Deal's your Jesse. Yeah She Chris well which is quite interesting because I look at it from a kind of like Mafia thin. It's like the MOM and the head teacher POPs so so in that that is highly highly recommend what get some games yes? I'm tracy remember what I played this week. I platinum degree. So basically I played great longtime ago on playstation talks about it on switch. I've talked about two years ago obviously is covered on board so I decided to buy on playstation and platinum dudes within one day which was fantastic plane down at the moment We played some something special a lot yesterday. What did we put streets? Great see like for everybody that if you're thinking of of rich four because out on so many platforms PC steam playstation four xbox switch funny enough and I don't know what magic discussions David but the switch version is the best version wouldn't in quality it is sixty firms. I notice those people is sixty frames per second matches British of four. He has Mahmoud Sunday xbox mode itself right and it is you can actually if you on dockets is still six minutes per second and the quality of the game is the same as appreciation for your Cairo. Place you're on the boss and place resolve which form if if you could go on the bus if you're gonNA boss trump and also it's fantastic. Yes no it's the. I thought main online with more because one hundred ten dollars Bush about exchanging goods. But with this you can just find the person. They didn't think those actually pledge fucking of exactly fantastic game we almost finished with rich like the last moments straits and there's lots of characters who can actually play all the characters from Ridge worser Suri's to uh streets of rich. You can also play all the bosses. Her sicher wanted to have reached three and more I found out that the you know those The power power extra power ups they actually exists but look old characters so you know when you press the button so amazing game and it is amazing. I love the CONTESSA game. I think that I have played. I think that's all I play this week at the moment is reward over. Just want you all sorts and watching frazier and definitely. That's notes and Americans this three kids. Let's call the covert watches. Watches my Kobe watching merv mentioned before. I'm watching back again still good. I didn't actually give a little credit to how good actress Oh what's what's going on is on Amazon kinison private season two really good a Dan. I've also most watching never have I ever which indicate links It's it's quite good. D- It's nice to see story about an Asian teenager and American Asian teenager. The only thing I have about it is that I think they kept us under wraps as surprise when you watch the show is that the main narrator is John McEnroe and there's a reason why is John McEnroe do when it was revealed. I was kind of like I know I still don't think because bit wet for white man narrates the life of a but the judges tell you what the reason because my sports. Because it's the top tellers okay. For people. In my opinion the goes to do it. That's my opinion I was like you hit better. If Serena was one interesting to me of why Pittsburgh meeting pork going more equal. They have something in common. But it's not necessarily the first thing that you think. Yeah that's what to me actually. Because it was to be about a young Asian girl on her story I find quite interesting that whatever. It was in terms of her alliance to if it's tennis reads at thing would be a white meal who peaked in the eighties. I mean I know the point that trying to make with it because he's well known for its butts. I I get. It was my one thing. I was But I do like to show its indicating and Lauren. Lanc people have written it. You can definitely hear many victims voice. I think her writing on kind of Barrett's has got better because she's not writing about herself but it was in a way. But it's it's a good show and the actresses is and guesses your Mahindra. So what's his? What's his name Moja? Was this is. What's because I've always noted that you've been really following indicates career basically look this girl and also because it seems from the fashion from the stories it resonates with you so I can understand why? Yeah I mean I mean. Indicating is has matic issues but then she has become a matic that I've gone dropping her. I do like M- indicating and there are some bits of her diary. I relate to I read to her books off are problematic as well. All of our favorite on Can you like do we do his life? It doesn't mean that if he doesn't have if something coming out I'm not going to at least frontiers waters. Where because that's the reason we went through deep into it because we think this. Newton could improve on so all. I think this is the thing nowadays because I know council culture talking about it and Oh yes problematic. Look after this whole well even not after before this whole thing. I think we'd already started evolving as people to just look magnier canceling to do one hundred percents but if at least I get some view that you are not pure evil and you could evolve and possibly change your mind if you get some more information. Okay I'll stick with it but people that there's enough counseled I'm not. I refuse to speak the name what I'm mentioning so yeah I am enjoying never. Have I ever think episode? And it's really quick as well. I think on something I think I think of a thirty minutes. It's really quick going. I think number one. Yeah well paced well paced and I like it. I like it so far. I'm finished. I can't give an overview like it so far I also one thing I've been watching it. I told you guys about this week. I'm watching this show. Cold couples world also called world of married. I have never been so tense in my whole life watching your show and every episode. I actually by BP goes higher. And I have looper pressure actually feel as though might be able to sheriff so is called couples worlds and he's also called the world of married. Don't read anything about sits at the moment it's as the highest is current drama. GonNa. That's better than yet. Also I have to the soul I do I. I don't I would save is on par. I. I don't know this customer. This is I wouldn't. I don't WanNa say everywhere couples or couples or what. The heck is a gift. It is a fucking amazing like I had. When I was watching the first two episodes I was just like. I can't sit through this and if I could sit through this but I ended up through a episode ten and you have came out last night. It's I'm actually surprised at how greedy and when this is all over we will watch. It's do I think we need to watch something happy afterwards? 'cause that's after being happy and carefree activates the Kudos to the rights of couples. Well you've done very well. They'll I know is based on the British. They've done the British. The biscuit revamp the British show. I never watched the show. What is because they don't want you guys to research it but very well done yeah? That's that's what I'm watching at the moment. Cool all right. Wow we've gone shown well lots of seem about. Who's appreciates longer podcast nowadays? I mean I I really do. I do. Listen to podcasts. No you don't buy thank you because I know when I'm working on. I'm doing like along reader something I usually have like. I'm listening right now to the SCRUBS Rewatch podcast but donald phase on Zach Braff and. It's like two hours something but it's somewhat soothing because it's like oh. I didn't know that happens while I'm typing away but I know what you mean. I listened giant Gumbo. 'cause 'cause it's always three three goes every week. Wow It's good because they're just talking. We actually put him back. So yeah. That's what I use in the costal. It's work but because you can stop and then just because for half an hour so that's sometimes take over the week because my and each day and then listen to company every week only once a week I need you know how many digestive allies have with because this so much. Podcast does music I to listen to me here. That's why can lead us into one. Kinda listing one radio show every week. I can't do the I used to before. And now it's because it's on demand. Listen to this show like every week but every other person is like okay. I've got some time now and listen to you but there's so much to okay. Listen to impress the woman behind. No we all just have to for three hours or four hours. A day goes all right. So that's it for this week Thing though thank you thank you I.

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We Need To Talk About Ghosts

36:04 min | 2 years ago


"From a girl talk about goals with Kevin used hello and welcome to we need to talk about ghosts job on the spot something different here and the thing that is different is. I am outside yet. it's like a federal animal like a wild coyote. I am outside because I in testing the new audio portable recording equipment yes and how that works is well. You obviously accident but I've gotTa let Powell Com Yeah let clip your microphone is literally on the Lapel of my suit jackets because I'm technically Iraq is on so yeah you know the Potomac swept but it makes me feel like a BBC news reporter. Excuse me told me opinions on Brexit soon by you think it's terrible idea for they could also then issue that I have a weighted arguments which I do 'cause brexit full of bullock's anyway. I've managed to find some relatively low key to do this in town because I've tried three or four different locations and you know why people just follow your. It's fucking bizarre. It's hard to find some quiet space in the city centre literally people to be fair the probably just going about their own business for me to be and happened to be behind me. You can't on just best into welcome to talk about goes today. We're going to talk about politics guy. which is the poltergeists because people think you're a lunatic? You can get away with a big. It looks like he just told someone on your phone on your hands free. Yuck since the eighties but when you start saying things like if you've gotTa go story send into talk about go at Hotmail L. Dot Com and then it's pretty evident not just on your phone but by the way if you do have a go story STU Senate into talk about goes to hotmail calm and now read it out. We've had a good few emails in this sweet andromeda Maria from last week and she sends us in the story about the students accommodation whether they blocked off a room the landlord reckon so that they didn't have certainly that they couldn't have people staying over rent free but in reality. I believe it's because Satan themselves was taking the president's that we'll be back in touch with yet under the update on said Spooky students a call mccollum mccollum accommodation so that'll be look good to look forward to says. I says I do hope this audio. Quality's okay let me know because this will be the one that abused and for the haunted locations our Halloween obviously hopefully it won't be as windy as this gets a little windy but my lapel mic yes a lapel pelle. Mike does have a case on it to shield it so it shouldn't be too fingers crossed. Obviously there's going to be a few things omitted from this episode with the portable one one. I'm not going to be able to any patriots names because I would be arrested and thrown in pilot CEO so if you donate to the patriots as some of you have you can have have your lovely names sang out next week contact with this week for obvious reasons namely sanity and didn't remain saying that said of just realized I could be speaking rather loud and them sat on a bench about twenty feet away looking at me isn't to say that guy needs locking up so if I am called to mid recording van. You'll know what happened. Please tell other again. This won't get I will be NSL so you have to be no Patriot name. Sung this week. The might not be any German mid point see that because we're the devil AM I. GonNa get jam. I'm an audio down's music from in a field. I don't know I mean but then again I could just ad-lib. Maybe I will outlet. Maybe I'll do German rap with the middle of my bustle. Walk Past Nice to see me and actually go out and say this guy needs time off. I've just called him talking to a lady grasp. Thirty minutes non stalled on in terms of the length. I do think that this one is going to be around thirty minutes like this that eloped into longer times solely because I'm still outside in a field chatree technically. That's what it looks like. Although we know I'm chatting Te- you guys so do the good thing about this not that not not in terms of health interests but listen to this and we got no bates an actual cigarettes on the show. This is the first time in the history of we need to talk about goats. are being able to smoke onset as it were These needs to know that I'm just sitting chilling in a field smoking a cigarette yes. What a good audio content since peace this makes. I don't think anybody without further edouard. Let's get some spooky stories okay so like I've just mentioned. It's starting to rain. I did not expect this well. Kinda did brought an umbrella for this very eventuality. Let me just put my umbrella. How Weird is it about. You wouldn't know but let me tell you this skills very weird doing a podcast in the rain but I'm excited by not like sexual shields up Kevin and move on anyway so Maria is being bucking torch an Harry mail goes. Oh my God my sister in brackets. Zoe just reminded me of another scary night at my house and university eighty. I'd completely forgotten about it. Slush blocked out of my mind. My sister and a friend visited me in university in brackets. They went to see a Craig David Concert. Yes at this was the minorities they came back to my house and was sleeping on the two sofas in the living room next to the block up room but the noises from the last story. You know you know what's coming. He says and I'll be honest. I don't so we don't I haven't told my sister bought my scary encounter mainly because I was trying not to believe myself out set the picture of Vol House please do Maria. I think we would all regime that I think we can all agree. let's see she says the picture of the house typical terraced streets. Braemar road in fallow field on the ground floor entrance hall the Fest Room to the left was a living grew. This was being used as a bedroom. My friend loaner next to that's a small bathroom with no window then the but then the boarded up room which had a window that look out onto the yard but this has caused was also bolted up then it had a small living room which was extended with a tiny kitchen okay. If we all got milk pitcher I think we have I think that's spectacular so he under friend who going to sleep on the two sofas and the living room next to the kitchen so he said they both have their eyes closed but went to sleep when they had someone come out next room to the living room they felt this was long as but that was at the fruits they both set the next morning the passing came out of the room and walks them for a bit whilst they slept in invented speech marks then went went to the kitchen woke back stopping again and then back into the room and close the door behind them. The obviously thought it was strange that one of my house mates was just staring at the sleep and that's made a naturally if the the next room where loan of US was okay she wasn't hope yet. We then had to break to them. That loan was away dot was Polian all in London there was only may not only Cheryl in the house but we slept upstairs known come down in the night and it must have been the same being that what's that me and naturally have felt watching this a few nights previously. How did I forget dot cab scary ghost a motorcar and yes it is scary bloody confined in fact now really. I think I might have emailed us and asked if not I will ask you verbally over the podcast. can you get in touch with this landlord fill up because I would love to take this lapel mic my BBC Lapoma an interview him. Stay in the house. Go in the room. Raise the DAD NECROPHILA necrophilia the Alex living with debt. I don't mean that I mean what's the other one. we couldn't you did that. It evades me now but it's a similar to necrophilia but it doesn't mean sleeping with Tet after Jesus have good good. You're going to feel the meal like fell over there talking about shutting the Dad needs to get rid of him pretty sharpish put them in a locked up sal okay so next on the show the outdoor show Alfresco show we we're GONNA have a bit of a unique feature in terms of the show. We've actually had somebody somebody send an. MP Three of story that they've experienced themselves on this is from call corporate. I can't speak because I'm outside. I've left my voice box at home home in the doors and the safety of the house and this is from Colin miles miles his name his name's Colin and Collins Says Hello Kevin vinings Colin Colin Miles. I'm a farm for a multi share with you a bit of my life experience without go sleep friends you know for the creepy. Halloween Times coming up. I recorded this. Anything goes Halloween show a couple of years ago. I have a wonderful sleep paralysis story. I'll share when they get a chance to it's horrifying and hilarious and he's from New Orleans. He goes on to say do come visit New Orleans. If you haven't got a chance to it's not as holy as one would hope foil for the spirits are all over the place and easily felt in certain areas. You're I'm doing a wonderful job. Thanks calling you then sent an email to say to New Orleans being a friend and I had some come on whistle a little tune between us the wall inside a French quarter bakery this morning no space could could have fitted another human and no living soul was within ten feet of us but the tune was right next to us so we go column miles they're sending us an as a happened account of a whistling postie so without further edouard shall shelby who collins recorded MP three story. I think we should oh by the way anything ghosts good. I think it's LEX luther stop. If you didn't see spooky cuss you probably already know about check amount due. I Bet Lx now and again go to spooky piano at the beginning like a thing hi. I'm LEX well. Let's talk about what's Becky. Goths and it's really good. I'm not mocking him. I think he's fucking great and that's a collins story it. I was five years old. When my family moved into a simple ivy covered house else outside of Little Rock Arkansas. The house was built in the sixties and had nothing about it that would get it cast of the house and even the lamest of ghost stories but the land around the house has a long history due to the road being one of the oldest ruth through the state. I suspected as the history of the land that gave me my story I can clearly recall the Sunday morning in the room. I shared with my brother as I was blinking my eyes awake. I looked across the room to the bright window. That's when I saw woman sitting cross legged on the edge of my brother's bed at first it seemed awkward that she was facing the wall and then it registered that our body was still smoke in the sunlight. She was completely nude and she was headless breath. Of course I pulled the covers over my head to hide from the site and after a few minutes trying to keep my frantic breath quiet i. I looked again to find her gone. My mother said she almost feynman cheer him telling my brother I just seen headless moment sitting on his bed now just because because this is a scary thing to hear a child say but because just the week before my father had seen the headless woman this time clothed glide out of their bathroom room to lean over my mother than stand up and vanish this started a conversation about ghosts and haunting my family where I found out about my grandmother seeing thank spirits is a young girl and a family friends having interactions with ghosts and it started a lifelong interest in the supernatural for me. I began to read everything I could about ghosts and haunted places but reading really doesn't touch the reality of seeing like the Saturday morning I woke up early and took my pillow and blanket into the den to watch cartoons before anyone else got up. I had only one foot on the carpet of our TV room. When I was shocked still by the site of the woman again sitting cross legged again nude and headless in the middle of the room I was instantly through the door with the lights on my blood pounding in my ears and the hopes that she would not come to the door after me after a while wild when I could I looked into the room to find it empty and the sun coming up that was the last time I saw the apparition but not the last asked of our interactions. I can't recall them number of times as I entered and went through my teens that a light would flicker back on after I had turned it off or the TV would come back on as I was leaving the room. I never felt any malice from her and it was a pretty gentle haunting. My father recently recalled seeing hanging implant bouncing by itself an Empty Room Spooky but not scary at least not until the night of my fifteenth birthday I had three friends over to celebrate we had set up the tent in the backyard so that we can stay up and be loud without disturbing my family but there was a pressure you're in the air that night at a low fog coming up from the creeks nearby and though they weren't a fixture of my stretch of the highway we can hear a herd of cattle lowing blowing through the quiet country night this atmosphere outside stirred my friends up a little in so we decided to go into the Din Watch TV until we fell asleep deep but that never happened. Dean Pat Bobby and I were sitting in a close circle talking out our team ideas but the TV murmuring murmuring behind me when I saw dean and bobby jump in Unison Dean Horsley whispered to do you hear that and bobby replied shut up just shut the F. up. You didn't hear nothing. Pat started excitingly asking what they had heard because we had heard nothing at all and they he said that they had heard a girl say my name of course sounding like the little girl from poltergeist. We thought it'd be might be my sister so I went to check act but she was fast asleep and so we sat and talked about anything else we could think of to distract us from the scare and these attention but then somewhere in our ramblings one or two of them. I can't remember her to sign the turn to laughter and that's when I became frightened lights turning on and seeing quiet figures in the middle of the room. Even headless month was one thing but crying laughing in in the middle of the night was quite another. We didn't know what to do but to stay put and talk a lot eventually patent. I had to use the bathroom. Uh of course so it'd being my house my ghost. I had to go first to make sure the coast was clear. Even though I wasn't feeling feeling all that brave after making it to the bathroom without incident I headed back to the Dan I saw pat waiting in the dining room and as soon as I I saw him I saw him jump like a rabbit up and sideways to the door into the den. When I got in there he was telling my friends about how he had. I heard a gasp looked over and saw in the code rack mirror a person in the civil warm uniform standing next to him who was headless none of us slept removed that night until we got to call a friend's bother to come get him at five in the morning and and I don't recall any of them staying over after that the rest of my teen years past as I've told with flickering lights. TV's coming back on and me wondering why she called my name but I didn't hear her. How would you like that I sent in recorded himself now if you would like to send them to prerecorded story like thou- by all means do send it to me buyer email of course as an MP three or a while or whatever whatever the kids are saying you recall and send it to of course talk about goes a hotmail dot com and I will play it out on the show me reading out all the time as Colin just proved they don't you know but again? If you WanNa send your stories that you've written down on the now listen listen to talk about Cosa hotmail dot com or again on the twitter talk about ghosts okay. Let's see if we can have a mid point. I don't know whether I get away with doing a German rap in the city centre or whether on battered by jam and tourists but let's give it a go. Its midpoint time. They don't who denoted boy Tom. Tom Who annuity boy in the field for Dome could not John Boy Yacht it covered in well. Let's give it a few hugh seconds to see if anyone's running towards me with a knife or a fifth now I think are going away with Scot free. So is the midpoint I said earlier about. Elliot seven last week show this is a prerecorded episode because this weekend me under under Abubakar going out to look at a few haunted location news and we've also got a musical fireworks works event that we're going to in southport which is a nice little coastal seaside town mainly for pensioners but we do. Lavar selves some good pension company and it's great. It's like you know the about it is what it says on the tin. Really defi music so it'd be like nobody like that. It'd be like that at at at at that. Bang Bang sort of thing and it's good within the last five years. You may recall an episode last year and I said we were going on while we're gone and again so we're looking forward to that. yes do send you suggestions well twelve four the halloween three episodes special so I will reiterate. We're GONNA do the normal episode on the Sunday of Halloween week which is kind of like a teaser and then Dan Monday Tuesday and Wednesday the thirtieth October will all have shows on at least two of them are going to be recorded as live so we'll be out of spooky location and self Becca and possibly a couple of other people going to be talking and experience spooky things and I think on the first show the Moon Doc is when I'm GonNa play all the Kalita tales that I've visited friends and family I believe me there's some waters in absolute walkers like the one I know talked about last week but the one that Bekker's meets was talking about when we were in the Lake district a absolutely still now to this point to get Shiva when I think about the tale and it depends on whichever she wants to share rarely with you guys because some of its like really fondly personal stuff. It's dark as sin honest to God. It's dark. It's the devils uh-huh so yeah without any ability to sing to our Patriot owns this week I think this is going to be a very short mid point if you would like to have your name with the patrons who've already signed up then do go along to support the show at. WWW DOT patriots dot com forward slash we I need to talk about ghosts next week will also about the Fed monthly installments of the Patriarchs special podcasts with your too so yeah love the community that's over. The Guy Support in the show are making me. Do things allow me to do things like buy equipment that lets me stand on a field and record this very episode. This wouldn't exist this episode. What you had right now would not not exist without the people over the Patriot joked so if you like to be as kind as those guys and support the show. You're listening to go over to. WWW lead ww dot patriots dot com Ford Slash Weenie to talk about ghosts okay. That's it for the midpoint sea on the other side and okay guys so the next story or email correspondence. I'm going to go up as came in from my ex driving instructor I mean she still a driving instructor but thankfully pass my test now on having daily nightmares Muslim panic attacks on the motorway because I just don't like them and I'm sure that's where I'm going to die that said this is coming from my drive instructor. Has She's called Tracy. She's a lovely pass and she emailed me to say What did you say initially she said. Oh my goodness I was going to get in touch with you. Then I saw you on my son's post because I'm friends with she said something's happened to me on a recent holiday. I've been dying to tell you because I think you'll bows off. That's a scout terminology for really like it. I dismissed the events but it also. I still feel uneasy about it. When I think about my hair stands on end all you interested in my tail. Obviously I got back like a bloody couples almost like I'm sorry like a boomerang that works better and of course. I am pleased semi or tail so she did. She says he didn't get back to you last night. It was all a bit manic. She she sends a few days later not that you need to know but hesitate. Basically it's nothing exciting. I'll be the judge of that but it just never happened to me before it was a sense of something and it wasn't a nice thing very mind. I've been in a house before and after it was exercised and it didn't bother me that much to be truthful so I think I might have mentioned during our lessons that after I saw my moment dead in the chair I knew in my heart there was nothing after death but I still lived all this stuff about spooky stories and stuff so about two weeks ago we were all on holiday in Scotland really remote nine miles to the nearest pope thirteen eighteen to the nearest country shop etcetera blah blah blah. I mean remote. I just have to know suzy's ball to me in a few honest to God you could be anywhere else does literally acres of space where you could be walking and the deciding walk right past me for the love of Jesus swept honest to God. Don't they know I'm doing apartment. We'll talk how very ruled anyway back into traces in a remote place no phones no oh no. Wifi no communication or than a landline in the cottage along line. You could avid gym policy It was actually quite refreshing. We had a lovely cottage wjr facing a beautiful bullets before we open up the manmade paths various viewing platforms along side of the ball to fold the start of which was literally across the garden of our cottage than it wound. Its way upwards through some woods. The top could not be seen from ground level having said that it was probably not more than six to seven minutes walk from the bought into the top but was a little bit steep sorting we've got about we'll insult together took loads of fotos mucked about how to giggle commented the much beauty and came back down at another walk further on L. Evening while the rest of the family were either napping watching TV or reading etc.. I decided to take take another walk off the waterfall my own. It'd been raining heavily since we've gone. Apparently I'm the whole mood of the folds had changed them but dente the they were so very loud the collision the water had changed to they'd become Brown from the bracken in the fouls L. of this. This is just so he's tells a good story. You know she knows a business as an issue. Early does become brown from the bracket in the fells and the full the water was tremendous. It was truly beautiful to watch. I was puttering along the world's full stopping to take photos stopping just to take in the magnificence of its own. I eventually reached the top I stood on viewing platform and just admired. I wasn't wasn't there long and I started to feel my has stand on end. I acknowledged quite quickly that it wasn't used to me being cold on the country. The weather was mild. Despite spike the brain. I had easy feeling of being watched. I suddenly felt like the air was impressive. I had an overwhelming Ed's to scream out but felt I will be on head. I felt so incredibly uncomfortable. I had edge that I should leave and not look back onto any circumstance which is exactly what I did. I really really can't emphasize enough just how much edge and see iheart going back down the hasn't. My body was still so much on end like I'd never experienced ever before and I didn't look every speck of common sense told me I had the ability to do so but every sal in my buddy was screaming at me not to I got to the bottom and walk away feeling so uneasy. What was the I've no idea. Why did I feel like I've no idea what I do. Know is is that I've never felt like that before and I definitely never wish to feel like that again. Even thinking about on writing this to you my head is standing on end again so something can nothing nothing really but it still makes me. Shiva she sent that and I was like that is possibly the greatest go story with no ghost in I so you know I felt like we've all felt uneasy points but the description she gives and the picture she paints this amazing to me but then but then she sent me another email one of the things she says the top level of the waterfall was opposites a house. You couldn't see it but it was the from the road you could just make up the garden of the House. It was the gatekeepers lodge in the garden the remodels or statues of people in various poses slash slush positions again garden and house copied from the waterfall only a big called gorilla in the gatekeepers. God and can be seen from the waterfall foil and that you just like a stretch to say who the hell is the big gorilla in the gun on enquiring. We found out that there was a house but that itself self the house. The muddles carvings and statues are all a bit random bearing in mind its location in the middle of nowhere and not members of the public don't know it's there and Congo to see whatever all they've got going on up there which is very very weird. Maybe the whole things in my imagination but as I say I didn't think I was bothered other by anything just fascinated by the supernatural stuff etc.. Mike sensible heads. It's all rubbish and can be reason to way but why when I was in such a happy place place physically mentally. Would I want to conjure up such malevolence dots. I call follow him out so thanks. If you read this fall you can happily referred to as a crank now no new I then got back and say that was amazing. Tell me what it is. Hopefully I can find some way to get into Scotland and investigate this crazy artist malevolence she gets back. Oh my goodness of goosebumps all night just go for what I wrote. She says interests with a gazillion wants to do as usual and I wasn't even sure it made any sense or even if I got across how about those feelings where the only thing about it all I mean the beauty peacefulness nature. I mean everything you think was that gatekeepers lodge. It was an oddity. It just didn't fit in. Maybe that's why I paid attention. I'm trying to reason it's out but so remote so beautiful and then not large with all the weird things so my logical brain says well if they're the archetype it's probably ideal but surely you produce work to sell and and be seen on the majority of their was not being seen apart from the guerrilla hidden in the trees opposite the top of the waterfall. All sorts of theories are coming into my head here. Yeah mainly based on horror stories and books. I read but not actual facts. It was up by the Isle of Bute North West of Scotland. I think to part of my exiling over the whole thing was because I felt isolated and unable to get help if I needed it no signal and all that I'll send you a photo which she did and I will put up on the socials usuals which will probably spoil it because it won't look scary. It's all but in truth. It wasn't about the look. It was how I felt that she says yes. Of course you can use the photos. KC and she goes through it. It's brilliant. She then replied after sending the photos to say in terms of the gatekeepers lodge really competency and it's all from the road despite the following fotos use these were taken in super zoom and says bit intrusive probably illegal. You can make the something in the garden and that's what we wanted to do. I thought it was a pass but they hadn't moved used it was as I say very mild but it was also very misty and wet and I couldn't imagine just sitting out on it on zoom. I realized they would just muddles of statues of the past pass and sat on a bench which I thought was bizarre as it was in the middle of nowhere a very large black bed statute to the left of the past and and a very large white bed possibly ahead and start acute the right however this is completely hidden and to the left of the waterfall as you go up to it so spooky is not I mean not place ace sounds amazing. Just imagine if you just go up much if you're in the middle of a forest it's flow which under the house and there's a house around. I've seen the photos appeal say the statues. You're talking about like someone sat on a bench is like. Can you describe your. We've also we're all interest is purchased off. You'll see that meme of looks like a person but it's just ice and looking into a window and it's like oh when it gets cold outside or some stupid mean comments you know about pitch and it's just like a completely white body shape. That's what the statues like. It's terrifying spindly little graceland amount sat on a bench living insane pass and would want that in the front garden. I have no idea but I do want to go up and knock and say well. You may have the paramedic. I'd like to talk to you about your spooky. UKIO faulk statues please and if we do the OUIJA board in your outhouse slash chicken coop very strange very strange indeed okay so we're going to call an end to this episode shorter than usual but you know you have a few recently a no forget from October all of the episodes so it will be getting longer between forty five minutes and an hour before we go a thought. It'd be fun because it'll wind it opens. You won't even know what's going on. If I ring back. Put It on speak up an Emmy Emily Powell. Mike and I have some mad we technology Menasheh Twat if you will sex with three now that doesn't make sense but let's put on speakers well because she won't expect this this. Let's see now expects the Spanish inquisition. Let's see my lapel mic and we go me and field field bringing bucket mountains. Hello my low. It's Kevin I suppose I let you know I'm I'm recording on my lapel mic for the show because I'm trying to get some content outdoors. Hello hello so you're now. You're now live one. You don't live your previous. No it's not but you know pre creamy coated on the we need to talk about podcasts which you are fully aware of because you've been on it several times and I'm your partner with you so underwear excellent. How are you today. I'm okay. It took me a while to find some that I can talk for like thirty minutes about ghosts without looking like lunatic well. I went this borough. TESCO formula then came back to field by work and a few people yeah well. It's like a piece of grass probably not a field of a few wasps to contend with a few human being as well thanks. He's is looking more details about goes. Yes basically yeah. I'm looking at some place yeah yeah for the sensible thing was afield. Alabama umbrella up to shielded from the wind so there is a chance of somebody's got very close to me and then backed away and phone the police I wouldn't be aware unplaced yeah no crime overman insanely terrifying stories for the general consumption of the Public Holbrooke legal lapel mic yeah well I. I feel very very important to be honest I do. I look like a news report some blades of grass. I think I'll just actually thinking if anyone from work which is obviously very nearby how Cmih they will think either me and you you are having a murder or I've completely lost. The plot fails yes. They'll I think the assume on the phone anyway so none of the scary. Tell my listeners go story because you're the last into head on this episode. Will you should be prepared for this eventuality off on the story. When I know go looks Oh boo listen. You know what if they you know what I expect from you back. I don't smoke Old Dominion. Thank you apply of interesting stories for. You're GONNA be intrusive. Company might Reagan words when I got home probably not ubt yeah okay well. Thank you join US say goodbye to the listeners now because this'll be the end of the fast alfresco outdoor show listeners. I hope the quality hasn't been terrible. He's walking around with the wind on this can only as we get more and more it's Winston West so easily coped him on a month bombshell. Thank you for giving negative connotations to my wonderful natural exuberance I don't think the wetsuit went together. Ellie okay but I am going to say goodbye to you now because he's like a lot to go back to the people who've downloaded caserta if this doesn't make people donate the Patriot on. I don't know what will be coming from Jaffa cakes two packs. Yes twenty four cakes anyway. This people of now turned off so I'm going to let you gap speech Alexa. Let's done now okay bye-bye. Let me go guys. Sorry everyone I for some stupid reason did assume she'd ever go story. I don't think it did actually I was just trying to stop the tech. Texas tech know what I mean so I would cost this uh-huh. Why can't I speak today. Honestly got a new class this a success. Do let me know what you think of. The sound quality is it do. I mean all the time. I'm not just going to keep doing this. You know we'll be back in the studio next week. this is going to be the sound quality for the external loans. Philip Ghost stories and go see places in the Halloween special specialist plural. Thank you for this and thank you for downloading. I love you do send your stories on to talk about goes hotmail dot com and I would lovingly read them out. If you want me to sing your name next week when I got guitars and less chance of being arrested then go to patriotdepot dot com slash. We need to talk about ghosts. Get Fall too windy so unless I arrested in the meantime I shall catchable next week Tutsi by everyone todd.

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221: Tisoki returns

Back To Back

1:45:54 hr | Last month

221: Tisoki returns

"So this is back what backbackers this is willie joy. Welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast. How you do and how you feel and we are back another tuesday good to be back with you Guys look i gotta be honest with you. I gotta come clean. I've been talking all day. So you might. You might hear my voice fry a little bit in this intro. You might hear you might hear my voice crack. I might sound like a teenager. But i've just been having so much fun with all of you on twitch All the streams. I've been doing have been getting longer and longer because I just can't stop hanging out with y'all so it's really your fault if my voice cracks and i embarrassed myself in this intro but the twits streams have been so fun. I'm recording this. Podcast live every single week on twitch these days and that is how we made today's episode with my guest returning guests. The best dude to sochi is back on the show. We took your questions This was a long one. We went super debates to sochi third appearance on the show and By the time we get the number three man. There's there's not really a lot of boundaries anymore. There's not really anything that's off limits. I mean we covered so much ground in this conversation. You're about to hear but the most important part of all of this is that to sochi has a brand new album. That is out right now. On monster cat it is called. Oh one nine five three the debut album from to sochi and it is truly one of my favorite albums. I've heard this year. And i'm not just saying that. Because he's on the podcast. So he is one of the best producers that i know period. He can truly do anything and this album. Look the the title nine five three. He named it after the telephone code for the town he grew up in in the uk and a lot of the record. You know has that nostalgic vibe. It has nods to different. Uk sounds and just wall to wall the production quality on this album is pristine i go on and on but you're going to hear us talk a lot about it in today's episode so i'll let him tell you all about it but you gotta go grab the new album from to sochi right. Now there's gonna be a link in the description of this episode where you can go follow him. Grab the album. Keep up today with him. See when he's coming to your town on tour all of that you're gonna find the info in the description of today's episode. You'll also find a link to my twitch. That is where all of these episodes get recorded. You can come participate. You're going to hear in today's episode to sochi. And i took some questions from the people who are hanging out in the chat in the audience. It's so much fun to see your opinions and your thoughts and questions in real time you can come ask questions to your favorite artists and i will force them to answer them. And i'm doing all kinds of shows on twitch as well I'm doing dj sets on there. Every friday. i do a show called. Do it bang. Which is me. And one of my best friends An improv comic. Who runs a comedy theater. Out in. Portland oregon. He and i every single week. We are listening to your demos to your whips. If you're a producer you can come submit what you're working on in the back to back discord. We'll listen to it. Live onstream give you some feedback. Give you some thoughts. We're listening to you know all the new releases that came out this week and just generally hanging out starting the weekend off right. That's every friday at ten. Am pacific one pm. Eastern the podcast. I'm recording those. Mondays and wednesdays at Usually two pm pacific five pm eastern the dj sets on thursdays Look guys i'm streaming a lot right now and i'm having a blast i would love to have you come through. Hang out and contribute because you guys are really. What makes these streams good. It's it's not actually me. That's the secret but look enough about me. I talk about me but all the goddamn time. It's enough. I know i know you gotta tell me. I know it's enough but Today is all about to sochi so excited to have him back on the show. I miss him. I think he has a great perspective on what it means to be a professional in this industry to have a long career doing music beyond the fact that he's just ridiculously good at it. He's also got a great head on his shoulders And by the time you finish this episode. I think you might agree with me so look guys if you do as always i would love to hear from you whether it's on social media Shout out to everybody. Who's spreading the good word about this podcast On the socials. I'm at willie joy. The show is at back to back. Pied as always. This is a community based show. The reason were sticking around the reason. I've been able to do this for four. And a half plus years Is because there is such a great community around back to back around. What i'm doing so anytime you're tagging us in your stories anytime. You're putting up a tweet letting people know they should be listening telling other artists. They should come on the podcast. Just telling a friend when you see them in real life. All of that helps. I appreciate it. I'm always going to be replying responding. I love meeting all of you. You can also come hang out in the back to back discord. We've got a great community of folks there as well. I'm just grateful for all of you for you. The listener the person who's hearing my voice right now grateful for all the support all the love and i hope to give that back to you as much as i can for. Whoever's hearing my voice right now. I hope you're. You're having a good week. I hope you had a good weekend. I hope you know your life is is going all right. I hope things are good. I hope that you're accomplishing. Whatever you want to accomplish. Whatever goals you got. I hope they're in process. I hope you feel like things are moving that they aren't stuck if they are stuck. Don't get too down about it. You know we all feel that way. Sometimes it will get better push through it. I got your back. And i hope. This episode provides a little of that motivation as well. I think it and If not it's Definitely gonna provide some laughs. So let's get into a right now. Love you all. This is me end to sochi back-to-back lesko food. I don't know if you remember. But i think even the first time you were on this podcast. I was bugging. You like dude. You gotta make more shit like this. I don't know a whole album of it. Well right but like it took you a few years. I mean this is kind of like an intense way to just jump into it. I guess but like what is your your. Obviously you're from the uk man. But i feel like we never really talked about like what's your relationship to to garrod into to step in like those sounds like. Was that a part of your childhood at all. Yeah i think. I think it was because it was. It was always on the radio like that was. That was what i guess pop music. Woes doctrine was like craig david unlike shit like that. I think of the time i've been. I wasn't necessarily like realizing it. But then i you know i look back on a reflects on on all of this stuff. I grew up around. I'm like wow like. I did this thing where it was like. You can find out the the song that was number one when you were born. Oh yeah an upcoming project what it was but it was like it was a guard song. That's that's all. The uk was like pulp Bull unplayed as pulp music. So yeah i i think it just inadvertently inspired me without me even realizing it and it took like twenty four years. A real nice. What was it the kind of thing. 'cause i assume you weren't like listening to pop music heavy as a kid like other than you know. What's on the radio or that kind of thing. Was it that kind of reaction of like when you're a kid you like i pop music. Fuck that as corny. But then you sort of realized later that it's kind of like seeped into your consciousness of bit. Yeah it was. It was mostly just like fucking automate. It was mostly just like being in the car with my mom. I know even realizing that. And then like i said just just over time just hearing more more of it i was like okay i can. I can tolerate this as as i mean. I'm saying i can tolerate it. I was ten years old but like growing up. You know you slowly stop appreciate rather than just like what's on the radio. So i definitely i definitely think that's where it came from because there was no real other time that i was like explicit it on the magnitude i was listening to like uk. Radio when i was when i was like growing up when i think people forget or maybe people in the us don't even really know like when we talk about carriage in two step being pop music in the uk like it was really pop for a few years. They're like that was the hit. Sound like i don't know the equivalent in the us would be like you know. Like i guess like drake or somebody made a two step or a garrod saw it was on that level. Just just hello whiz. Because you don't you don't even realize it's happening to you. Know what was really weird to me as well as i think about what is happening to me right now. I'm not realizing. I'm gonna realize like fifteen years time and look i can go whoa. That's just racing humid humans way. Yeah oh yeah. They are man i mean what. Can you be specific about that like when you say that now. What's happening to you. Do you mean like musically what you're absorbing. We're just more a life sentence. Just everything like. I like an know. Another four aside one of these that we always get really deep but another another four by was like you can't remember your childhood right or you can remember key pivotal moments of childhood. But what am. I gonna remember this in twentieth talk. Yeah i i don't let reeks. You know it's it's super weird man. I know exactly what you mean so two things off of that. I mean like you said man. You've been here plenty of times. We can get weird red away the two things out of what you said. I mean you're talking about you. Know childhood memory is and all that and like you know specially super early childhood memories. I think for most people there. You can't remember a lot of like you're really really early childhood. You know the first few years but then they say that's you know developmentally that's like the most affecting times in your life like what determines what kind of person you are going to be so first of all that's just a complete migrate is like the most important part of your life. You can't remember all everybody like apple weird is that well okay. Let me let me bring it to the president. Then you're saying what parts what parts of our lives now. The like what's happening to us right now. What are we going to remember for me i. I'm curious about you. Because i think about this a lot for me. It's very random. I have like certain moments and memories. Their crystal clear in my mind that i can pull into my head instantaneously. But they're not always the important ones they're not always the significant ones. What about you. I mean do you have. And maybe you know for the benefit of the listeners. Let's maybe talk about like musical memories memories of in your career whether it's the studio or on tour working with somebody would ever. Do you have any of those that just in the background of your head a lot and you don't necessarily know why off to start you're gonna have to me for a therapy session. You know. i think you know. I think back to key moments where i feel like. I had a big accomplishment pussai but the same time i it just kinda old blood into one and i think that's that's the that's the thing that makes you know what i was saying earlier. Even scarier is because you're constantly told as you grow up. You know you you. Your brain is developed right. And you'll start remembering things more clearly but even from like a few years ago. I i like musically. let's keep music late musically. I don't even remember at it. Feels like that was like a million years ago. So i don i don't know r- like i've just been trying to like live in the moment as talking cheeses as dude. It's true though. That's that's cliches. That's actually true. Churn like yeah. The older i get mad the more i realized. That's almost you know. Maybe it's too far to say that's the secret to live but it really. You know it's like at the end of the day that's all we really have like. We're sitting here talking about well because we're sitting right we're seeing you're talking about like all these memories. We don't know how it works. Why can't why can i remember certain things. Why can't i remember other things. The only thing we we can be sure of is what's happening in the moment. Right like yeah. Yeah i don't know man. We got super did i. This was not what i was expecting five minutes ago. The future doesn't even exist. That no no sir. Oh only things planned his like like. I think i think of the future as a tangible line of events but when you think of it realistically in the sense of like now none of it exists right. Yeah okay so let's let's let's play this out though because there's certain things in the future. I'm pretty sure gonna happen like your album coming out right. Someone in the chat just said if there's no future how is their future garrod. That's true maybe it should just be present. I always thought that was funny. You know how there's like future base as like nobody ever talks about buys it wise it it cooled Nobody ever talks about past base. I'm way more into pass basis than future best. I think i think future bases so played out. It should be cooled. Paul you heard it here. First ladies and gentlemen clinton people who make future based feel that way at this boy man. Like john rene. Am's in general are so. I don't know people love categorizing stuff. But i feel like at least me. I've never understood that tendency. That like every new idea has to have this label put on it. Yeah it should be that that it somewhat recently and it was like that stuff should just be left for like playlist as and people who work at be poor to lie is. She shouldn't have the the genre that you making being the full front of your mind when going to making stuff because there's just no offensive. You know i never. I and i'm sure you can resonate this. Look we never go into anything being like. Hey we might on a couple of but like not attend. You never go in like making music. Can you like yeah. I want it to be exactly like this. It's just it's so redundant sizing. I think when when fans in like the listeners in the general public. Kind of get for that annette like. Oh yeah this is so and so this inside just you should just leave it up to the people whose job is to promote music robinson who is to listen to because then you just pigeonholing yourself. In the yeah. That's true. i mean it's interesting thinking about like you know you talk about the people who are paid. That's their job to promote music and you know and all of us as artists your we need those people. We need a whole team to kind of make the whole project go. How are you with relinquishing that part of control like over. You know the marketing of it. The presentation of it. Because i think that's something some people have a really hard time doing like once you get out of the studio. You made your songs you've got your is a. How are you with letting them go. And kind of leading people you know interpreted as they will. I wanna think. I'm good it. But i'm actually like fucking terrible just being candidate. Yeah i think You know. I'd mind works in such a way. Where if i see something. Or i think he needs to than the and i handled a record on management or or label. Whoever may be and I just i just need. I need to have way input on all my don full in a business sense because you know the lohman show of is on essentially employing these people to do it for does ultimately will imagine label. Situation is but yeah. I just i i get so i almost romanticize the idea of not only finishing a song but putting together in like a deliverable fence i. I never wanna just like finish song. And that's kind of it and again. That's probably my downfall. But i think some really cool moments. That i've i've created as well as much e you know the vendor that we're releasing music through whether it'd be monster cattle someone else i think i think in the long run. It comes out to be a cool thing but definitely during the time of happening. I can see why. It's just a fucking hassle. But i think it's just the flow of it. You know you go you go. Put your input in and have you heard by team because ultimately you're working collectively own a bit same time just go Overstep and i. I'm definitely still learning that after eleven years. It's always always a work in progress my friend. That's that's thanks. All of us are a work in progress in that regard. And i mean it's one of those things where you know. Yes sir you you hire people you find people on your team who are meant to take care of some of this step at the end of the day. It's your name on it and your face on it. So there is a certain amount that and i've learned this lesson over and over recently for sir that even like in in the switching over the podcast which and all that you know. There's all these new ideas and new things flying around and every once in a while for any creative to kind of just have to take that step forward and be like what. What is this about again. Like what are my core values. What do i really wanna put out here. You know it's crazy. I was just realizing pre pandemic man. You're like almost literally the last person i saw before lack down because you and i were you remember. We were out working in that. In that studio in san diego and i flew back home like two days after that and then and that was it. It was Yeah are are that was. That was weird. 'cause i'd i'd seen you like i wanna say like three full weeks beforehand when i when i did in washington dc line. Yeah that was that was such like you know if if the world has a son way of doing things that if fucking hayes me because it was it was just like i'd done that tool right. I was bang halfway through without again too. Deep on the on the puzzle stuff it was like the first show is great Headlines will and then off to the point of where every single council it was like right. These are the biggest shows psychobabble to like you know financially recruit more like put more money up front these militia to make it a success and we we like shifting like a low of tickets to like atlanta in chicago and we have like headline l. a. And everything i'm like. If it's kind of say the fucker where someone. Yeah yeah often that shore. We're up and i'll here. You know like level everything console. But we're just sitting in. North dakota just boggles whoever the nose like there's like a virus it's like taking over the world around i'd just moved to sing heights is like oh fuck and then the next day was chicago council star. Yeah yeah. I just remember the speaking of light what we cut us on. That was like that was one of the moments armando who saw in atlanta. Just being like fox. Like fox pissed. I i came home on his like. I said the halio is like your. This is gonna be good. Like i didn't off. That was when ever will was like freaking out and like martial law was gonna be like fulston. We drove some like north korea needs to like this random grocery store in downtown san diego. Nothing and we'll like holy fuck sciences. People were panicked buying everything man it was. I mean people people do they go. Do not If you're worried about someone you gotta look. I feel so i. But i someone who had to eat fucking expired pretzel bread because there was no loaves bread loud come on a mass a massive folk man man. What have you did. did you start cooking or anything. Has your diet bid and informative and longest time i i really crave. That's brahmin on. Obviously not with obstacle because everyone was buying like dried foods. I'm on my diet. Hasn't really changed I still eat shit I still have a really fast metabolism. Yeah i think the stop it. I i definitely Because you know we were we will home. Some are shot. I go in for routine of flake actually eating breakfast. Lunch and dinner and mike waking author. Reasonable time the stuff but then as things like start opening up and like more restaurants were more accepting and stuff it just kinda went back to how it was before recently. But i definitely had like a wake-up have breakfast. You'll great read this kinda shit another old because that was never you before. I was the a day kind of thing. Yeah yeah i just. I kinda just eat. Just eat when. I'm hungry because there's no real schedule as you know when you when you're traveling time it's kind of impulsivity just kind of eat when you the chance to variety. When you've you've been a night owl too right you're the stay up all night after a lot of times. Yeah recently it was. Like i mean i've done like a few shows here and there and But i was like going to bed at midnight which was like unheard also me but like lost night. I like started working on this This just like bootleg of a choice voices by virgil stayed. I stayed at like four o'clock at news the first time i really felt like spied selena. Just say fulke's everything else. Just welcome music. I mean that is on the man that that feel. I feel like that feeling never stops being fun when you really are feeling and nothing else matters other than that's being in the moment elected take where we were talking about. That's like nothing else. Is going to be more important or more fun than what i'm doing right now so just shut everything else out. I mean that's got a beautiful man. Yeah in a weird way. Just you just need free cell responsibilities. United like everyone's asleep dogs are asleep at any takeoff. Look off the dogs like this kind of stuff like yeah. Yeah the Definitely one of my. I think that's one of my favorite moments in. Why do those random buxom just like. You're fucked everything else i'm gonna just you know. Focus on this yeah. How often do you have those kind of moments. How often 'cause i think of you as a generally i and i've told you there's a million times but i think of you as a very creative person somebody who's always got some musical idea running in the background of your brain like how often do you just to get that. That burst of inspiration. And just you know sit down. Whip something out kind of without any forethought recently. 'cause obviously i think the main killer for that kind of a mental avenue say is oversee responsibilities and i think You know when you cool up in in looking is and and look off animals and you know being present in a relationship with your partner. Which is something. I've i've tried so as well during corinthian. It kind of deflects any any full for going into that almost like self-destructive mentality you just like. Thank fuck everything. Lost last night happened in. I would say like it happens where i wanna do it so frequently to the point of like i literally just be in here all day and just ignore the wells but realistically i think like once or twice a week already just kinda take up own brain on its on. Its also pockets author. That's great. Yeah but yeah. I don't know man. I think the world works mysterious ways. You know. And i if if i if i was alone and i didn't have an ecosystem around me of responsibility than i would. I would be doing all the time. And and i think at that point it would go unhealthy because there would be no way for me to draw myself away from it right. I like a lot the balance now. 'cause i can i can step away and can be like i've already done enough. I feel like i've accomplished on these something within my career within you know my artistic kind of crazy brain but then i also feel like i've. I've accomplished something in like doing the dishes. All hoovering the highest. And things like that so i think the balance is definitely definitely needed. Yeah i think. That's great man. And i think i'm while you're talking. I'm realizing i think that's how you you know 'cause what you're talking about saying fuck it to the world and shutting yourself off like that's also sometimes it's needed to be creative but it is sort of by definition selfish act and then what you're talking about now is like finding value in non selfish acts like whether it's vacuuming a house or taking care of an animal. What what ever it may be. I think that's that's just a good balance man because you got to have a little both. Yeah i i say this law and i'm very blessed and thankful to to be in the position. I'm in where i done. Ready have any other responsibilities. I cited like my my family and my my career my music career never as you never like work like a normal job but like i think learning that myself from going through those times myself and realizing that you actually need a fucking like put my head on work on a balanced is ashley. Healthy semi life made me. I think it's made me appreciate it bowl again. It's just finding that fine line between late just being fucking crazed crea an actually being a presence. Human being lull. Yeah yeah not losing that creative spark at the same time read. Yeah do you look at anyone in our world. Any any of our appears like i was thinking about. This isn't like who are your musical. Inspirations but more like who do you look at anyone who does what we do as a life inspiration. Sometimes i look at people who aren't necessarily maybe they're not the most successful or maybe they're not. Maybe it's not just their music draws me to them but there are certain people were just like man they have it figured out and there's certain people who wear i don't necessarily want to make their music but i do admire their life. You know what i mean. yeah. I think grown older. I've definitely a lake admired especially admired people with kids. Yeah So i've always said like i don't get me wrong. That will know. Incredible fucking produces an incredible musicians and stuff like that like the fundamentals of will. I rarely aspire to be in wiry look up to was people like Like jayco kill the noise. Yeah he's on my list to fucking jose like accelerate. Sara lee must die like nab the thing with that is. It's like devil goat like families. Then we'll go. we'll go. You know lives outside of music. They don't have as far as i know they don't have jobs outside music but the able to Balance everything puff be a present father figure an but still be successful music and was really funny to me is a lot of these kids right. Who Sorenson the pie lifestyle and move towards before and just like almost reckless and just egotistical and rude and will this kind of stuff. They're not loss for long. But people like lee. Jake and jose old of that curry's have been over like twelve fifteen years. They have longevity who fucking teat now to see them be able to do that while simaltaneously raising kids in having a functioning family and just being great people in general. That's that's the most admirable thing anyone in this industry can do. I agree man. I mean that's a great those three people that's a great list and Yeah jake for me is always high up there. Of course all of them. I mean it's interesting. When i think about all three of those names to think about reinvention too. You were talking about how they've managed to know not only keep it balanced but have these really long careers. And i think that might be a good way to tie it back to you and to this new album. Not that it's a reinvention of what you do but it definitely i think is is a strong step in a new direction. One that maybe you've only kinda hinted at before and you know maybe we talked about some of the the childhood influence of garrison to step and all that early on but why now for this album was it. Was it a conscious choice or did you just of notice like a similarity and a lot of stuff. You're making marr- i think is is really come from the place of like you know. When when you're constantly touring you are surrounded by dislike large bass music ends. You obviously get influenced by the stuff that people claiming People people making and you got cool up in this almost like vacuum of ogle make this is so and so plays i sounds good live and and having kind of stripped away with you know the pandemic and things like that. It just allowed me to look more inward to music. I've kind of always wanted to make but never had the chance to. I mean i've i've made. I've made things like in the same vein before but it's never been like a a full. It's never been like the full front of my mind to actually release them and make like a whole moment around it. So i think it ultimately just comes from being absent from touring an absent from live shows and just kind of realizing like sure. I wanted to make the heavy music and i still enjoy making heavy music but realistically wall. I'm stuck at home. There's no shows happening. No one's playing any shows. I don't really want to just. I don't wanna just make heavy music. I wanna make stuff. That's like more personal to me. you know. And there's a lot of people who will deny that and say that they don't just make music for shows cap fucking no no this. No no one wants to admit it at but it's absolutely fine so admit it because that's just the world we live in now you you wanna you wanna make a song be like this'll fucking slap live unless completely okay but i think people will just you know why i wish people do is just look inward and just be honest with themselves and just be like. Is this really what i wanna to make and if it is fuck yet mo- polity but like someone i look at and inspires me. A law is a a producer named hekla and recently he's taken this shoop religious fuck and beautiful melodic direction while retaining some heavy live. Show feel nothing not so. I think we'll just look inward well sir and especially you know if you do that inward look and you come away saying no i actually do want to make this heavy music and all that i agree with you. That's great but even with that to use heckler as an example. It's like okay. Well if we're gonna do that it's still we still need the personality and it right. We see the perspective. And i think like he's a good example of a way of showing like you can advance this form. Even if you're sort of doing it for the live. Not that this is why he's doing it. But you know if you are doing it for the live show if you wanna see the crowd jump up and down to it even in that. There's so many different ways to be creative and to push it forward and i think you and i share the frustration. That many people don't do that. You know because you don't have to. Necessarily you can keep a touring career going by. Just kinda you know running the sausage through the machine again. Yeah i think you know if it's not broke fix it and but you know another thing that i've i've been adamant on on saying about this album as well it's like it's not even changing my signed. It's no even me trying to move directions as an odd estelle all move away from like a heavy music or rewrite myself in some more of like a mainstream area. It's mostly just like this. Is what i was feeling that mormon an i i made all in quarantine you know. None of it was like demos from from before everything was constructed like straight up during like the pandemic. Yeah that's how. I felt that time. And i'm gonna put out in the world would like some cool visuals around it and stuff that we've been working on and that's that i don't want to be like oh bradley's changing Going a just fucking one eight e because with some people do that before and it's ended up good name names but like it just doesn't it doesn't go down well much. I wish it would be. I think just being true to myself. The music i wanted to make not moment i mean like i said i. I started this fucking leg last night and it heaviest fog. But that doesn't mean that it's gonna be like. I'm going to release every song on. Never say die for the rest of my life. You know like everything is always changing. And i think has not issued ridicule just adopt all still retaining some of your own personality. I agree man. I think what a lot of artists i. It's funny because i think a lot of artists feel similar to what you just said. But i think a lot of people will stop themselves like even if they make something different they just they'll sit on it or they'll put it out under a different name or they just you know. I think a lot of people get held back by by the fear like almost the weight of what they've already put out you know for. Did you feel that at all. do you feel that. I think i think the more the more diverse the bow and i you know. I think someone asked me that as well. It's like how you feeling about releasing music. That is different from like what you normally kinda just pause and it wasn't it wasn't like a poll kassir into on one level. I kinda close like i. I don't know i'm on the the i've seen at least is pisa i've done in the past. I think i've told you this before ball our that. Ups done in the past the loss track on every ep. I try and make like somewhat different right. Not not so base laying. I mean with with the dim mckee was the Record which was pau. Never say die. Ep was like a song that gave you. Level sandwich was like kind of jackie conference wide kind of all. The funny thing is is all of those songs. Do the best out of those e t.'s. that's interesting none of none of the none of the head i mean. Obviously the heavy songs get picked up by likes deejays and played live This kind of stuff but unlike a streaming like revenue popularity sentence. It's always the kind of left field law songs by cool them. The do the best. So i was just like fuck it. I'll just do a whole album of those kind of songs and see how it goes and if it flops than it's still a real representation of how i was feeling a time but if it does good than happy aids yeah absolutely man is funny year your friend. Or whoever. you're talking to asking you you know. Does it feel weird to release something different than what you did in the past like because when you really break that question down. It's almost the question should be like. Does it feel weird to not do that right. The yes sir. i'm in. Hey man. I'm i'm for being a civil by it. Just caught me salk 'cause i i know that this is that right who release the same kind of music all the time and you know. It's very similar to the pasta release because they know it works that lane. And that's you know good at faranoff like best best fucking. Six public is unbelievable. Is like trump up right. Every song he puts out is absolutely smash so very similar. But you can tell that it's him read but there's nothing wrong with that. I just think it's just two different type of jesus is i think one is kind of staying in line with you. Know what they know what we'll let fans reading love. The other is kind of just like me. Where i'm just gonna do whatever and just say fuck it. Yeah yeah well. I think you know with you. And with tramp of both. I think both of you guys have such an authenticity to why you do right like with tramp. It never feels like he's kinda just on the treadmill making something to you know it's always so weird and interesting and yeah you. I don't know if you heard his last album. There's some really interesting stuff on there. Like bits would not expect from him some like deeper jungle stuff five. Yeah so sick. Yes i so dove man. I mean so this new album. I mean you're talking about you. Have ideas for visuals to accompany it. I'm sure you're you're thinking about you know an album tourist. I'm sure that's probably already in the works You know coming back to live shows if this is an album made in quarantine when you weren't thinking about live shows at all how are you gonna approach doing live shows differently if you're gonna approach doing them differently now. I initially the question that we've all been lie in my account like talking like confused by is because we know right and and Now it we're we're in a situation where you know last year. We actually turned on a lot of things. Because i was doing a headlines call but then what happened was toilet in gary books. But everything from gloucester is like a reboot so we have this kind of grace period of like me. Not touring reina. to kind of figure out I don't i don't wanna change anything about the shores. I would ideally want to dislike know. Take some parts of the album and flip them remixed them into lake cooler more energetic. Sections of the shore share I don't even know if an album tour is going to happen because like it's not. It's not tora bora music. And i think that's kind of like the best audit i can look at it from my fucking business. Kaplan i can look at it as essentially two different ends. It's the touring which is like a noxious pie in. Music can just run with that and do that and incorporate some kind of crossover from the album but then the streaming album side of it is lives in his own space and that's generating like popularity hopefully and new fans and people from different climates. Who wouldn't have heard of me before i. Those things are kind of going on simaltaneously We've kind of been thinking. Like how the fuck are we gonna make it happen. I don't think it will. I am clinton. You're okay with that. That's interesting man. And again. I i like the cause. That's an unexpected answer. I think most people would be like. Oh you know. I made this album. That's different than what i'm known for. And you know now we have to. You know we have to go fully and on this tour. We have to change everything and i kinda like. You're you're talking about this just as it's like a record of what happened in the moment right. Yeah the the. I think i need to take a conventional route of good day in way back in the day of like for these album told the album. Harm new album release albums allow doesn't work for me. I think my mind works to foss to be able to have that. Be a tenable goal and it works for a lot of people and again on No bashing it because you know it's great success business model but yeah for me. I don't know i think I also i also would just hate to like this whole tour and it'd be like his album. It's like an hour and it's just like the kids who normally from the heavy music on it That scares me that and that's something that like plays on my vulnerability is like going out there being like i. This is a true representation of meat. I made in check out. It just doesn't do all. I think that would be the scariest thing for the tory aspect. Yeah that's fair. I mean yeah maybe there's ways and i'm not saying you should do this but i feel like some people have tried to do interesting things with that like i was. I just told the story on the podcast. But i saw a like a two years ago now i guess i saw mr karnak open for himself and he like he opened. He had like a live band. That was like alive like funk soul bad that played the opening set and then he was like oh gave give me five minutes. And then he ran up to the deejay booth and did like a full-on mr carmax. It it was. It was kinda stick man. I feel. I don't know maybe there's a way to. I don't know maybe you can find some you know dark dark after party spot to do the album cuts you know. I'd love to play like a like author hours. Try like i think we trying to set up in in a couple of months book. That's that's i mean that's cool to do it. I just i just don't ignore high receptive lights. The dub step cried would be too. Because i i really only place alike. The dumpster crowd. Some reason i'm always build on lineups with dump step eagle how. Why thankful wrong fucking. I love it. And i'm so appreciative. Grateful for it but we. I don't know how that would work. I mean maybe it'll just remix Bans just play. Though is on some drops in there. Yeah yeah easy. Easy thought may give me ten minutes. I literally i swear it. You're still. I've told you this before. You're one of the fastest workers in the studio. Never said man. It's were you always like that or is that just something you kinda put in your ten thousand hours to be able to do i think. Always noah get i get too fast and if i have something i mean of the responsibility thing five something in my brain i just say self-destructs very selfish kinda way. I'm just say fuck out front with this. And i just get it dawned on. I'm like okay what's next right. I obviously not like. I'm not making music like the level of like fucking like jacob kolya or like fucking someone who could countless thousands of one song but just to get that kind of thought my head. I definitely like said you know executed foss because i'm already been thinking about when i i sit down at a computer. Unlike aiba mobile and dawn you know. Yeah yeah that makes sense. I mean someone in the chat saying just make like a second version of the album for the the shows. Spank all death edition. I'll vip's just fucking sullivan kings over the whole thing. Just replace it. Just have him redo all the vocals on the. I'm going to drop manner takes. Let me see that would be read. But yeah you know usually usually i don't even go into like names and titles and stuff but i thought the the name of the album was you know owen nine five three and that's that's the zip code of where you grew up telephone area code. Oh telephone area code right you guys got the the long telephone numbers over there and fucking is coach have have led under. Yeah of course. Yeah why there were you thinking about where you grew up a lot at the time like i. Obviously i see the uk sound connection. But where you also thinking about where you grew up at the time. Was that like in your head while you're yeah. Yeah i think like you know as you will know personally you know because of me and such site for whole lake immigration visa situation has been completely road because you know the pandemic can. I've i've essentially been stock in america's twenty nineteen and. Yeah i think i i really just look inward. It was along the same lines of why i wanted to make songs was because of what i grew up on. And and you know how. I was first exposed any kind of music throughout my childhood and my teen years. Yeah the name the name just kinda clicked. You know i mean it's also great paseo because no one else has a single or album and afraid that's true but you know all sided meaningful version of it was just like. That's that's really where i can sit and i feel like being a bit homesick and and they away from that kind of ecosystem and not area really just made me appreciate an look back on. I was brought up on. So i think it will. It will highs together pretty nicely the signs you know the name of the album and and i was going to name it like a few of things but it was just like it just didn't feel like authentic it didn't cheesy this is like i've never been like good at naming things it's been so it's been like a big hit and miss the naming things especially with like a heavy stuff but this is the first thing i'd like put my name on like yeah this this works flawlessly. You wouldn't have it any other way. Yeah no that's actually perfect man. Because i think it's really you know this is maybe going going deeper than maybe you originally intended but if you think about that idea of you know you being stuck here in america away from home and then i think there's this kind of like a melancholy feeling the that runs through a lot of the tracks on the album and i think you. I don't know like that to me. That kinda context yes. I think that increases my understanding of the songs that are on the album which for by the way for the people in the chat. The album's not out quite yet but by the time everybody listening to this as a podcast here is that it will will be out which is crazy thing like you were saying you've been doing you know a bunch of interviews and press and other stuff leading up to it is this the biggest kind of quote unquote promo campaign. You've you've done for anything you've ever put out. Yeah and as really fucking. Yeah i oversee. This is probably the most relaxed thing i've done in in the whole campaign will enjoy the man. But yeah i it's it's so weird Going back to the melancholy thing. I think it's just like i'm so thankful and blessed and appreciative of being why being able to to live in america america and met my incredible fiance and air and go dogs here and just i just. I'm just very thankful for my life and i. I didn't wanna lose sight of where i came from. I think that's that's kind of like the ebb and flow of of the feelings throughout the album. Miss the fact of like. I'm so happy and lucky to be by missed the uk icon go by the uk. I'm stuck here now. i'm feeling i'm feeling resentment to woods. You know the us some golden unreason. Because i'm stuck in a way. Just it's such a such a weird feeling that not many people get gets a you know understand and i think with that in mind. I make a product of this. Just capture it because in ten fifteen twenty years you know when i have an ship however have kids we live between here in the uk. It's gonna it's gonna feel effortless but just to capture this moment. In time i think was already really special Jared that makes perfect sense man. Funny because i think you had the flipped situation of a lot of other people we know who kinda got trapped in whatever their home countries. Where you know like. I'm sure you know. I was the first like corinthian guest. I had on this show when we started doing it with zoom and at that time you know. He had been back in belgium for a couple of weeks news. Like yet and i might have to stay here for another month. It's crazy then. He ended up having to he was stuck there for a year. And a half and fucking mike crazy man i mean and still are like i just saw anna luna was posted like they just locked down again in sydney and she's been there the whole time you know it's wild man. I mean this is maybe a weird question to ask but do you feel like a camaraderie between artists from countries. Who have all kind of collected here because this is where the industry is. Yeah we have a. What's out group we. We'll get we'll get like very mixed advice from boulevard in respected visa lawyers right we'll just Put it in the group. And i will. We'll show person sandwich will like. It's kind of a bad thing. 'cause it's like i have definitely pistol might immigration. Law by being like sewing source said this. Why can't i do that like because when someone tells me something i'm like i just wanna fuck do it and i go message. Sang like Might type of visa was eligible for emergency embassy. Appointments which is anything that doing the uk right now Than not doing like routine consular services. So i i all busy windsor. A man's lawyer. I was like why the fuck on flights the uk like right not an chief telling me some different because every single immigration lawyer is risk of us in different ways. So yeah is a good thing. I think having joint sentiment of like a lot people who are stuck stuck outside you know we can sympathize with one another but at the same time it's just it's just a massive inflammation pissing off every man. Yeah i could totally see that just turning into angry angry group jet on look. I have a meeting tomorrow and i'm looking forward to that. 'cause i'm gonna stick because i mean we don't have to go too far down this road but like the visa situation for everybody. It's so complex and it changes all the time right. yeah Like depending depending on who's in power depending on what like it could be year to year a law gets passed in everything you were working on is kind of invalidated by some new procedure at. Yeah it's and it's also heavily based on way from as well. I mean the the us embassy to to give classification to to people who who may not have heard about it before in order to get working visa for america to live and work marica. Obviously you have to go through rigorous processes application once. You've once you've got it you know. It can be anywhere between one and three years off so that time has expired when not that visa is expired. You have to visit a u. s. embassy outside of the us to renewed it a lot of people going through right now is they can't renew it because they the contract lab the country because of travel restrictions all the embassy in that home country is closed ran while all the people from uk experiencing is the u. k. embassy or the us embassy in the uk is solar backdated because of all the europeans as well. They've just decided since fuck it. We're not doing any routine visa appointments and is emergency early so yeah it's just like everything changes but like there's been people from like like michael uptick from belgium who've been able to go to the. Us embassy in belgium. Ns people from australia. Who have been able to go like a j. p. lincoln and laura like sippy all those people have been able to get you the skyline but it just is so temperamental independent on whether embassy is in your own country and ryan. Yeah it's just it's just honestly like a no disrespect to anyone who works in immigration but just a fucking mess. No one could have anticipated to get this bad. You know we told like it's gonna be a couple of months regardless of the pandemic chilly embassy appointments urine hof It still still faulk. Say yeah. that's that's the latman. It's it's really a lad You know again hearing all of this and tell me. If i'm reading too much into it but i again i feel like it really does give me context for for the new album like because again. There's there's some of that like yeah melancholy and there's emotion but there's i dunno it's like it's there's some of that anger too. I feel like. I think you know through everything through worldwide media through and i'm not like some crazy conspiracy theorist but just the prefaced but through through everything you know regardless of gender race sexual orientation political believe everything. That's just so much like so much information to a a single toss has to digest an when that information is important to your own wellbeing and yours situation it just becomes a lot to do with regardless of what it's about and that's where i felt a low frustration was was the travel stuff and things like that on as as the thousands of dollars on a dime. Play anyone else situation but to to lead the album. That's that's where a lot of that kind of angst came from us. Yeah that makes sense. Well let me ask you this because this is something. I always wonder about so when you when you're frustrated when you're angry with that kind of thing is writing music for you a way to kind of work through that. Can you channel that into music or is writing music for you a way to kind of just block it out for a while or is it. Both i sing is both and i think i think music is Shouldn't be because it's quite an unhealthy. Wakes you put. Music is complex therapy. Some whether i'm like listening to making it and i don't know the prolonged effects of all of the emotions that i've been through in the last year off How that's going to affect me. Yes to call them. I mean like we said earlier future doesn't even but but said night. Yeah i just. I you know i don't actually know if it's my way of dealing with it or my way or the goring it. I think that's very. I mean it's a good question but it's making me think she'd. I've never really liked about the reason i ask is because i i think you and i have both heard plenty of artists. Say you know. Oh i wrote this song. This album. When i was going through this really hard period and it was my way of dealing with it and i exercise my demons by writing this song and i don't know maybe i'm just like an asshole but for me a lot of times i'm like. Is that really what happened or did you just kinda write music because you're good at writing music while you were having a hard time and then if you weren't having a hard like for me because i've never been able to write music and feel like writing. Music solved any kind of problem for me. Like i let feels great to do and i love music kind of more than anything else in the world but as far like this idea of like using it to actually solve my problems. There's a there's a part of my bread maybe a big part that thinks like that's not a real thing i think i think i think it helps to understand the digest that had space a year. In when you when you go forward and making music. I don't think it's the bill like you know like you agree with I definitely think there's influence over. State minister say anything rising pissed off. You're gonna you're gonna write more aggressively you know paint more aggressively and same kind of thing with music Guitar as well. If if i'm pissed off i'm fucking playing. It saw believe me. I'm gonna fucking drop the mental right ever but at the same time. I don't think that that's a solvent. Those feelings and i don't think that's a that's a way to like. Get definitely to get out of your system. When maybe i thought maybe it's even away now that we're talking about maybe it's a way to kind of reflect it back to yourself. You know. lay a leg. You know if you're angry and so because you're angry you write an aggressive song. Then i yeah. Maybe it hasn't solved the problem. But maybe you can listen back to that aggressive song and sort of understand like process your emotions better. You know what i mean but then does that make it worse because you viewing embodiment of you being pissed off. I i mean maybe it does i. Maybe that's like up to the individual but at least for. I don't know if you're like me for me sometimes. Like i'm not aware like i'm not self aware enough in the moment to be like. Oh i'm really angry right now or like. Oh i'm really insecure right now or whatever it is and i only kind of realize it later and maybe kind of just arguing against myself now but i feel maybe maybe maybe that reflection thing is a way to kind of lock into what you're actually feeling and going through and maybe that eventually helps deal it. I don't know man that's a good point that's true. I i definitely agree with you. But man we don't know how we got that far down the rabbit all on that I mean do you think here's a question for you. So you know you made this album in corinthian no-shows going on you're sitting at home is that is that a rough mode for you like do you have to have something to do all the time. Yes and nor. I think i think the stock because i was. I don't know if you remember but the thought it was collective thing like everyone's streaming everyone's lessons supplement their income away. The everyone's tweet light. Okay make one song every day. Vinexpo stop the cow. Everyone everyone everyone knew that. That was a facade in a way. So i think i i never really delved into that. I kind of just kept the same pace ways. Gone up. Because i i knew for that. You know what what comes up. Must come back. And if i ramped up my workflow and i made a conscious effort to to push through with like doing all. They do that the time where i would be like. I'm over this and it would just be like two months of silence. I think rather what happened was my schedule of the freed up so i was able to just to do normally do just a bit more focused and i think what really changed was my focus on doing things rather than the way i did things and that's kind of where it came from i. I didn't sit down. I mean i like young to make an album. And i i definitely saw done and it was like i should probably do that because i got nothing else going on but at the same time like when it came to realistically i didn't wake up and be like i need to get xxxxx done today. And i need to do this at this time list. I just kinda just how. I would normally do it. And i think that's why that was never really a period Thing around twiddling my thumbs. Like yeah fuck doing not Well yeah because i mean again you've heard me say this. Do bunch of time. But i really do think of you as somebody who just always working on music like us just kinda mighty in my mind you open able to just like if you're not doing anything else like that's kind of the default. Yeah i mean why. Why do you think that is like are you just a workaholic is that is opening up. Able to just like is it like playing a game. Is it just like a fun use of your time. What is that finger. I'm i'm a worker. Hollick by. And i think mrs gonna get deep again. You know we always get the which is the best. I think it's the fear of not being good enough on not succeeding in something that i've essentially put every hour. My life into that is so unhealthy. And i completely understand. But i'm like. I said i've been trying to like kind of figure out where the balances with life and things like that itself but this is this is all i've known and having a computer in front of me and headphones luckily where i'm at now able to have like a dedicated studio but even before it was like i'd always just having a lapse overhead. Because i i was. I was just scared of failure and you you. His many people who are in our unfortunately in heartbreakingly had to give up music to to survive and so work another job and that has never been an option for me. I've i've i've always just pushed through whether it be of my own. Projects will welcome with other people on that project so the of things but yeah it really just comes down to fair and i feel like i'm this is like a life changing and this is me and i feel like on a step ahead every time in my mind in some fucked up way if i stop that moment is gonna catch me. That's why i'm just like twenty four seven just my brain is always on. I'm like always just deteriorated my mind mental health and all that steve. Yes it's all. i know. this is all our. Yeah yeah and i. I relate strongly to what you're saying. Man 'cause it's been the same for me to there's you know obviously like you're you're a smart guy. I'm a smart guy smart enough and we go. We could go do something else right like we're not capable of doing something else but there is something in it. It's been the same for me man. I always figured out a way you know whenever the the low moments hit whenever the dips in the industry. Come you know you all you kinda do have to be i. I don't know if i think of it as being a step ahead but you always have to be doing something and and for me you know the second you see that that wave cresting or whatever. Whatever metaphor. I don't even know what i'm talking about. But whenever you see it on the horizon like oh this is going to be a problem spot for me it. My first reaction is like all right. Let's let's go to work you know like a There's other option. It's like file flight. You just go fucking fights every time you can't run away from it i say. Yeah that's that's that's you know. I think he lost also fuel the people about same question. I think that would be the same sense of is the is just like the the complete just basic ways just like. It's you've got to do it like if you if you want to. You know i. I try and tell people who like sometimes like message me like i wanna do like music full-time but i don't know whether stocks and i don't i don't normally like i notice to that a few times i've been like each school fucking and it's gonna fucking song you're gonna you know you might. You might have to go on unemployment. You might have to like move back in with your parents. You might have to just fucking live in front of a computer for twenty seven base. You really wanna make it happen. Life is social adamson. Mike recently like life is so ten for men older. It's just like nothing. Nothing matters for like nothing. Nothing is for sure and yeah i. That's kind of where. I've i've kind of gone late mentally as it's like. Fuck it casper like who's who's talking like who actually has like within a hundred years every single person you've ever interacted with is going to be dead. Nothing's gonna exist anymore. A new generation is going to come and do things the way that they're to do things for the anytime Site fuck it. Just do it. It's like right not. Yeah exactly man i. I loved that we keep coming back to this idea of living in the moment and figuring out how we can put ourselves more in the moment because he what you're talking about you know everyone you know you're going to be gone. Everyone you know is going to be gone. And i'll take that one step further to talk about the idea of legacy right. Because i think you and i both know so many artists who are concerned with like i have to leave this legacy. I have to change things. People will remember my work. And i think about that idea and i'm like well they're not gonna remember your work two hundred years from now you know like they're not going to remember anyone's work hang. Yeah we you know how many people from two hundred years ago do we talk about their music. It's like i count on one hand. You know literally. Yeah so for me. Even that idea is kind of false at the end of the day. And it's it's really more about no man. Are you enjoying what you're doing right now. Are you with people you value. Do you feel like you're contributing something and may make yourself feel good while making the people around you feel good whether it's with your art or music or whether it's just being a good person like what else is there at the end of the day. Yeah legacies a weird one because everyone everyone has this like pretense a headache. Like i wanted to be remembered off rye die and i think that's cool goal to work towards but realistically. Yeah like you said it's all about you know i mean yeah you already said it. It's all about who you around what you're doing and stuff like right now. I think it's a cool things to work towards indefinitely saying that. You know it's good to have in your mind because if if that drives you to do things and then yet chased legacy but realistically sign with anything i might just be a allied so tell yourself said just keep going. What was driving you when you started getting into this leg of you. Can you think back to when you first really started. You know to sochi is a project and you're making your first few too soggy tunes like did you. What kind of goals were you thinking about. Was it any whether it was legacy. Your weather was wanting a career like somebody else or whether it was just loved the music like what was driving you back then in our dropping dropping of high school and not really having anything else in mind. But i wanted to do look people may say like oh when i when i graduate from college or university i wanna be a doctor would be available. I didn't even go to fucking college or university. I just i just new music is like i. It's so weird round as an adult on legs said the very naive and almost dangerous situation that i put myself into. I was just like. I just new music. I knew i wanted to do and it may have just been very you know egotistical and also naive again the same time Myself going to do and again like it soaked for like she is and you know grinded through it and i think that bad just put more of a fire at my boss to just succeed with There was never any like. I never wanted to be like anyone else i never i mean. Obviously i looked at other people and so they were doing but ultimately at the day. It's just. I didn't really have a choice. It was just. I didn't like i remember being in high school. In like the the people who you know just for laughs the people who helped you choose which like college coast you want to go into do tolkien span name. They were just dump. find it. 'cause i don't wanna do anything i didn't have any interest in anything else are yeah. I think it was just not an are. I'm not going to sell produce. Music for fucking i wasn't is us up. 'cause my parents had sex. I don't think there was just kind of go. Me and i just ran with it will. Yeah because we covered this. I think on probably the very first time. You're on this podcast. Which by the way for anybody in the right now. Anybody listen back to this later. You gotta go check out the other two amazing too soggy episodes. That have already happened on this podcast. If you want the whole superhero backstory but shit. No because you were. I mean you were playing in band like metal bands even before that like music was always a thing for you. Yeah i mean. I i went to. I went to performing arts school. So it's just like live music and painting enjoying and acting drama the doctrine i think they call it. I said this to someone else yesterday. Fucking wit i need. You studied drama at school because now when you hit drama you'd think of light to fucking dick on each other. It's just a That's true where you it's funny man. 'cause i didn't go to a performing arts high school but i was very much doing the same thing i was. You know trying acting. I was trying music all that kind of stuff. And when i did go to university and when i first went there i thought like acting was going to be what i was going for until i got there and saw like what real actors were and how serious they were about the craft and kind of realized that like oh. I don't love it like these people love it like this. This takes a different level of dedication. And then for me like you said i was like. Oh well the only choice is music at this point. Because that's that's the only thing. I feel strongly about the only thing that i can sort of. Just fall off the map doing you know. Yeah yeah yeah you know what's funny is. I never really liked actors not not. I'm reflecting on that time. Because hey here's the thing right his His a weird weird little pile right. Yeah when when we when we go to a live show or we listen to like a dj makes the radio. So i can done by truckin. Dj zinc amiga. three name. right right. Who is who isn't who isn't like a professional. Dj you. Chris is it right. And you're like all that transition was shit or yeah. That's job to lotto ever thinking about active. Hey i i'm not sharing like some sort but as as a professional you criticize your cross actors job is to be someone else. Yeah so kudos. Fucking really i just. I just came into my head to say one hundred percent. I think i mean i. I'm just a podcast nerd. So i listened to you know comedians and actors on podcast all the time and i think that's absolutely a thing like people can kinda get lost in the characters. They play like the ones who go super deep in it. You know that kind of thing. It's their whole life Yeah i think you can absolutely lose who you are in it. And i think as the public and i'll tie this back into music like because it's the same way people who sort of like put famous deejays on a pedestal. You get this idea of who. Somebody is based off of their work. That might not have anything to do with who they are as a person you know a fucking twenty twenty exposed that shit. We're we're seeing lengthy of that. Which which the the more the better for me like. I'm bring on all of that shit like but yeah i mean i think actors have that even worse because you know we think about whoever it is brad pitt or george clooney. Like we're not thinking about who they are as a person we're thinking about. Whatever our favorite movie of theirs is you know. Yeah it's the creative industries definitely a weird space to be in. And i think that's why i really try and stay authentic. I don't. I don't wanna make like some project is in. I mean hey during the row put me on salary. Work on. It is for the yes. Someone's someone's like facilitate vision with me. Possibly i think that's kind of just wanted like all over the places like i don't wanna be some like manufactured fucking rich steroid juicing fake tan superstar. I am just just the we kid who just talking just make music. And i think that's that's what i wanna be. That's special gives me solace in an in house me sleep at night because i know i'm doing the best for me in my situation. Yeah absolutely man. And that's that's such a great realization to have. I mean okay so i i. I usually do this a little later. With somebody in the chad. Just ask a question. I think is really good and kind of relates to what we were just talking about. yet kid. Brian wants to know any advice. For artists who are worried about the future of the world and the country it can be hard to imagine building a music career when the world is so crazy. Right now. Which i think i mean. That's first of all kid brian. I love that you're willing to go as deep as we're going right now but i think that's a good question man i think that's i kinda wanna flip that question a little bit to two more be like can we as people working in dance music which like especially based music that kind of thing like there's not always a ton of depth than a ton of meaning and like deep ideas in base music right but is there a way we can you know can you. Can you have a message. Can you party with a message. Can you be involved in. Do what you wanna do in have fine and still feel like you're contributing something. I'd love to hear your thoughts on. This is a two part state. i'd say for like two to build a career. Situationally is already hod on given the pandemic and things like that. But i think you've just go look towards the sun in the sense of like we have the internet in those kids in. I'm i know way from Or your situation. But there's kids in light war-stricken countries who who getting like bombs. Just just like the worst fucking shit happens is people Still able to make a success all music because of the internet five. I think rather than you know. Walking outside and looking high you can Make a career way you wa. I would just say. Focus on line. United because i love people have access the internet and a lot. More people have access the internet than probably doing your media area. Obviously with again we've situational. There's more opportunities like if you're in l. a. and it's like oh you wanna come through like a writing session or whatever you can be there inciting minutes. So it's very different but f- astonishing something really grow something from the ground up. I i definitely think you on. The internet is is so important these days because that's ultimately what music his No-one really sells cds anymore. The physical the physical side of it is much abolished unfortunately And his whole on streaming. I think regardless of where you are. I wouldn't let that play on your mind too much in the sense starting a career. I just just fucking running online. Yeah absolutely and i would add to that to that. You know if you are worried about sort of the dark times in the world right now. I think rather than worrying about whether your music is affecting that or get. Don't get to in your head about it because really at the end of the day like all we can do and i think there's something you and i were talking about a second ago. Brad is like all we can do is be a good example like i think the best way you can if you want to do music and you want to be in this community than be a good member of this community and you know 'cause we have plenty of bad city people in this community already so if you wanna make a change. I think that's the best way to start doing. It is like do the work. Get good put in your hours. And then once you get in here on any level whether it's a the tiniest level or the biggest level you gotta you gotta take care of the people around you you gotta comport yourself well and you know it's don't don't worry about the world like worry about your little sphere and if you can make your little sphere better than you know if enough people do that that's how the world gets better. You know hunter yeah you just let it inspired you away and you know. You never to like devalue someone situation but you utilize always have in your mind as well like it could always just be was and a lot of people would find like not as an excuse to like. Do anything in this all well. Those appointed on their core like like homework and so in sar job and all. But like if you like. I said before if you really wanna make it work you'll you'll make it work regardless of anything that's happening outside of of yourself. Yeah it's again. We started off the conversation about this like being the creative career path. Such a weird you have to find the weirdest balance of being totally selfish and totally self less at the end. It's impossible impossible balance that we're always trying to strike. But i think the closer you can get to it the better. You're going to be for it. What are you. What are you listening to right now man. What's what's exciting do you. What's catching your year right. Now whether it's in based music or anything else like anything. Recently kind of rearranged your brand as far as music goes yeah will and this might be like a almost like a self endorsement is not but that my my my like my best friend from back home. He used to make lake dance. Music went by the name. Oh what good and we are not. He's he's just hole. One eight and i think just really embraced here. He is on start. A new project called pocket unlike. Psc and has had that that project in the in the few months since you launched. It has had more success than won't good. Emma did so that he really inspires me and he. He actually did some work on the album with me as well He's he's listed on the as like a credit or no credit but you don't like the back end stuff but yeah so His story's really inspires me and just seeing how he you know. Regardless of fan base size alive or mean binding people wasn't it wasn't like headline eighty. Ceo was like a massive laws but just from what he came from was able to switch off and do him offensively. I think is really inspiring bookshop. And he's my best friend. But i just said i wanna i wanna stay it again for anybody listening because i think that's there's something in that you know you said. In a couple months. The project saw more success than he had seen in the past several years. Just by virtue of taking that leap you know leaving behind the baggage starting a new name new style. Whatever whatever you want to say. And i think that's so admirable too because i think so many people get you get so married to like either the history of the songs you put out or you get your identity so wrapped up in. Whatever you're doing right now. It can be really hard to step away from it and jump off the cliff again. You know and i think there's something really admirable in that and then to hear you say that. Yeah it it now. He's seeing more success than ever. That's that's great man. I think more people need to need to understand that lesson. Yeah i think. I think for fist on a project as well. You know i mean. Obviously he had he you know he had some ability beforehand with his previous product With done a couple of records together and stuff but like you. And i for example or a point where we can essentially very blessed and lucky to be a position where we can essentially to the folk one. Because you know we can. We can text message like any within fucking big. Dj's already on good towns like stopped played out or wherever like is not really like frost gun. Fullwood night i use austin like sense of you and i respectively As not like a showing face kind of thing people already know von as people already know like what we've done within and that's kind of a cool moment of wear wear for louis will has been really cool for me. At least is a good friend to see is He he kind of melted insects. The the base succeed so there wasn't much like I'm not saying that. His music was cookie cough but like he definitely tried to fit in a son lane and it because success let doug wrong is a few songs that have done well but boy within three months. He's already texting like sucking. What's not unlike on poor robinson's manager really loves music. Unease like all of that has just just because he took the initiative to step out of the box and just do it in his away. And i think for stalling projects. That's a really admirable way to go just being authentic from the offset. Yeah 'cause old other people around you will see that they'll see that you're being genuine the not trying to just make fucking bang fit in with the sun cry because is the most off-putting thing ever and you can just see this brandon pus. And who is branding denouncements. He now louisville offensive. The whole instagram is flawless and the music is splice loops and shit like this. Like yeah that that that just that it just disappears into a sea of thousands of the people trying to do that. And the reason why louis in my opinion and other people's opinion as wellstone's are is because he said fuck. You just going to the same thing i was saying earlier. He just did his own music he does his own. Aw as well. He's getting really good solid recognition for that. The there's something about because i think when you're starting off right you kinda i mean we all start off trying to make stuff that sounds like the stuff we like but then some people just never get beyond that you know and it's because there's that fear right of like well who would as a dj at least it's like who would play this or like. What audience does this appeal to. And i get that fear like we've all had those thoughts but then you're absolutely right the second you can step away from it and just be like actually i don't care doesn't matter all play it at my shows that i that i will have because i'm making music i like you know i. It's that kind of confidence and self belief i know. It's this maybe a little woo. But i feel like people can actually feel that in the music the same way. We were saying that people can feel when somebody's just making cookie cutter stuff. Yeah no. I don't think we were. I think it's i think it's completely by on because you can like as a general listener as like a consumer of music who has no idea about music production or anything that goes on in the industry side of it you can just you can just fuck until you can tell when you listen to the radio but you. You already know you're like the song was on the radio has twenty right is on. Nobody knows anything wrong with that right but then you hear something that was a a record cooled hotels alisa by hammond and i heard it and i was like on the radio. I was like holy fuck like this is insane and sure enough are on spotify shirt. Credits is just him and you can. You can just tell like so released as well. You can. Just tell like yeah. There's definitely a discerning factor way. You can just understand it from A listener perspective as well. Yeah that's a great piece of advice. yeah in kid brian. And the chad come with the banger questions was asking. You know any advice for artist trying to find themselves musically and saying that it can be you know overwhelming and confusing especially at the start to to even know if you're carving out your own sound or not and whether you know these things you're trying out a good ideas bad ideas and i think that's a great piece of advice putting yourself in the position of a listener and being like. Is this something. I would listen to like. Try to remove out of it nothing. Nothing happens as much as managers and agents. Npr companies will need to believe nothing happens. Like fos in the music. Industry is just you know kid. Brian is right now. Is just the fucking sake of it. And i wish i could sit here and tell you over to be rainbows and unicorns. But it's just gonna be it's just gonna be like don't shit. Concrete is just gonna gonna mate with respect. It's just gonna fucking insult for now are like but that's the beautiful it is because grind through that and make it through that you know you're meant to do it and you know that. Once that happens people will stop being like arcade. He he's been at this long enough for you know. Did this enough times. He's called for himself and then that's when more people will start listening to abs- on yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. And i mean you got a this. It's true for anything in life. Man you gotta make mistakes the first time around. You gotta go through the hard times. That's the only way you can have. Somebody tell you shit like were telling you sit right now for a million times but until you actually go through it and learn those lessons you won't you won't understand it in that same way you know corner. Yeah yeah. I'm gonna ask modified version of this question. Somebody somebody asked What are your favorite types of tracks to make. Which let me let me bounce off of that. 'cause i wanna ask you on the album. Which has allowed of these two step carriage. Sounds we've been talking about how is producing a song like that different for you than producing you know. Say a heavy dub step song or any other kind of song like is the production process. The songwriting process different for you to focus on different things. Yeah i think for the heaviest off overseas. It's a mode leaning leaning towards like sound design more heavily I'm over the years. I've just gotten so used to just doing sound design. It's like second. Nature even dislike finding samples. So yeah it's definitely different as as opposed to like the guard stuff. It's it's more about. The colds vocals the overall. Feel of the track and the heaviest office bangs. And that's it you know again. So many people wanna pop facade like is meant so much the world like an tops like false narrative with just a fucking dope step saw all the day. We all know that it's just don's music man. That's not to say that. I mean people might execute me sign Don's basic dozen doesn't have feeling or emotion behind it but win it's like head a dub step you definitely telling us allies. It's you know you're coming from a place over then thinking this is gonna sound sake live. Which again is is nothing wrong with with feeling glad and having those thoughts about music because ultimately the day. If that's what you wanna do do it. But in terms of the writing process. I can guarantee you every single cost new rights heavy music or dub step police modern day view on a call at bro steph. Anything thinks about look first and foremost. Yeah that makes sense. Well how about for how about for working with vocalists for you. What's the what's what's your process. You know when you're bringing somebody in we were talking about you know. There's there's real emotion in this album a lot of these songs. Are you know about either heavy topics or just emotionally charged subjects. I think that's something a lot of people don't understand maybe young producers don't really know like what's how do you work with vocalist. How do you how do you kind of get to like that kind of intimate place with somebody where maybe you don't know them that well at the start i i can write. Lyrics needs to but getting older. The thing that really attracts needs to look Focus is is how they feel and the lyrics today right and how they portray a story and you know there's been a few signs lawyer i've vocals back on like i just done resonate with the someone's tolkien by like being on a beach. You'll like stuff. Like that. And i just i just don't i stopped me so you've been on a beach with dog beach but for me at least in in the way the iowa Is i liked. Hit fest story. And if i possibly can resonate with it. That's when i'll go forward with working with vocalist united weird like way of doing things. I'll never sit down in a room with a was to be like. Yeah that's right about this friday. By the i. When i when i have a vocalist feature on my song and this is maybe why on like super selective with who. I have a title feature on my song. Is i want to fully understand the concept that they are in an had. Come to that mind. Often listening to instrumental music. If that clicks and boom is the danville doesn't if it doesn't work out if it doesn't work it just doesn't happen nine. I just don't allow it too often. Pasta pasta point and How do you find those people as it. Usually you reaching out to a vocalist. Yeah we get pitched like from like other manager teams and stuff sometimes or it's maybe would like through a friend or yeah it's it's mostly when my someone will know someone or you know that kind of things on that's kind of i find you know where i connect adults a yeah. I think it's just all malicious boils. Down suggests walton vision is off the top rating instrumental in that way right and lee online. Yeah and like leaving space for their interpretations not trying to just make them do exactly. What's in your head. Yeah i mean you. Hey whether it's a it's a on the tile it's a feature or it's listed as a collaboration however you know the the machine of the music industry wants the tile it regardless you collaborating with some Saw whether they were really have ten percent input fifty percent ninety percent for whatever you have to you have to put your ernie go down and be the foot's ness dealings and vision based off of what they have heard. You do completely agreed man. i'm. I'm really excited for this album to come out i. I've heard it already. You know. I love it. I texted you that but man. I'm i'm stoked are you. How are you feeling about it coming out this. I mean debut album right. I'm no i've never been of. I'm it's been a long time common. I mean like lay eight months working on the song and then another eight nine ten months working on the planning and it's like rollout and stuff. Yeah i'm just. I feel like i've been in labor and i'm just like ready to talk and give bus unjust and let it let it run. Its course and have a flourishing childhood and grow up on like streaming services and just live in its own world. You know people can go back with. He can listen to it. Wants to hates it people. Can you know listen to every day for like. I'm just happy to be able to be in a fortunate enough to be able to put something in the world. It's like assist beautiful man. Let let your baby go off into the world. I think that's the best attitude you can have about it. It's yeah it's cool. You're working with monster cats who. I can't remember if we talked about this last time. But i feel like that's a it makes sense to me you and monster i. That's a good pairing. Yeah and i've never really until myself. My team months gets even everyone that really that really elevating labeled like the next. Because i've been known for just like ons music mike music for games. I think that which absolutely nothing wrong with it. I think it's sick. It definitely caused selves as the pioneer or not laying. Yes the taken. A mole like progressed mott route lately As you say even like the the releases the of done land those who might credible. Yeah just just so good and you know mostly as a whole thing have sought a incredible group of people working for them and such a reach with within that connections and things like that. So yeah. I'm i'm very limited. Very glad that they they really understood division where we're able to facilitate it and we were able to collaboratively walk along things so shoop odds now. Yeah shout out. The master came and they have. They have such a great team over there. There's a lot of people over there. That i i like a whole lot. Yeah it's good to actually like. I know we tax now in them. It's to catch up man. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for coming back on. Always i mean i'm around you back on for a four five six seven drop me alive do man we gotta do it Is there anything else i mean. We've we went all over the map on this way else. That's on your mind anything else you want to get out there before we wrap this up I think that's it. Just darn darn things change in my whole career to to be a different process. I'm still gonna be making is still going to be released. No kinds of music are. That's kinda all app says. Just enjoy the albums. What is listened to in its full let it let it flow and on yeah regular scheduled. Programing of showers on binders back soon. Oh yeah baby never stop. Never stop it but for real. The the album's phenomenal man. You did really good work. And i hope i hope people listen to it for a long time and process because there's really a going on there. I appreciate that low Absolutely buddy i love. You is good to see you. Likewise brother thank you. She time the hope to see you in person soon. Take care dude. Mr get a.

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The Perfidious Professor with Langston Kerman

Scam Goddess

1:12:46 hr | 1 year ago

The Perfidious Professor with Langston Kerman

"Right now on Ear Wolf, you're cordially invited to the wedding of Cookies Neil on the kingdom on stitcher premium Tequila is preparing for his wedding and Edgar is trying to stop it for more fall at your wolf on. Social. Media. Happy Listening. What's up congregation if you WANNA listen to scam. Got US WITHOUT ADS here. The show's old archive episodes. The only way to do that is by signing up for stitch-up premium just go to stitcher premium dot com or the premium tab in your stitcher APP and sign up with the Promo Code scam to get a free month of premium listening stitcher premium listeners get an ad free experience in stitcher access to an audio ocean of bonus content and your premium subscription helps directly support our show to help us out that stitcher premium, dot Com Promo Code Scam. Thanks for listening to our show, and I hope you enjoy this episode. Run. and. Welcome back congregation. It's time for another installment of scam got his pod issue girls scam goddess, and I'm here to give ya the Ti- on all things proper ray. And I'm super excited. It will say it with me guys. I'm super excited for our guest today. If you've been watching bless this mess if you've been watching and circular wide I say secure like that. No idea but I look Good. Well, you've already heard guys we have lakes and lakes. As current. phonetic. I'd annoyed open del Kamal the. I'm. Not. Creole they know French. Lice kids. So I you know. Been Creole I didn't know I. Wish I was Creel. Scam still. Creole from now on. That's funny because that's going to tie in. So what we talk about later today so I think. Good Cajun Scam. Let's get into it not A. This like what is that that season sauce? That's What got that little. Green you know what I'm talking about. Every black family has this season assault isn't free bottle or not bottled light a green container and it's got a little chef on it hockey. Remember remember it's 'cause I don't know. Bill last black than I I was the day before but. Because you host very black podcast, I do very black podcast. We just talk about conspiracy theory and nonsense rooted in conspiracy theory with black people. It's a great time. Yes we'll wait. So do you have any relationship with scams? I been scammed. I. I have been the recipient of of Scams I. Guess The the victim of scams I think is the correct word and our business. Maybe this is blood I was blessed with someone else's scam in my life I like man my our member, the only scam scam that I think I ever tried to pull was in fourth grade me and my friends collectively decided that we were GonNa Steal Girls Person Class we weren't gonNA steal it. We were just GONNA hide it for the day and then. That it had the money in your pocket. We didn't take the money she was fourth grade so she was broke and. Understandable it wasn't a big come up for anybody, but it was It was just like Oh, shit we don't like our. So we're going to hide her purse and then we all got suspended from school because apparently you can't do that. That's what the teacher in. Everyone involved told us. Wow that's so gross. We are black. The, the victims I'm calling myself the victim in this. The people were suspended two out of three of us were black but we still the white girl spurs so. Oh. Better. Come up in. From the suburbs of Chicago, I was I was learning blackness I went you know what I mean. A white father he did his best to introduce blackness to me as best he good. But now I had to learn as I as I went. Well. Okay. So I take it that you have a black mother I have a black mother. Yes. She's been black this whole time. That's. Yes. There's a joke that it's I feel like I can say because enough people have co-signed. Mixed France there were like you can always tell when old black girl has a white mom versus. Why White Mom Syndrome is very much thing and. I know a few people who you know you look at the heroes of America and quite a few of them suffer from and we're just like they do some cool shit. But then you see that white mom chick come out real fast. Hey no shade to why Mama's black children not saying we just can't. Shading you. Consider this a cloak of darkness over you because it's. Lots of shade on land don't get me in trouble. You know my listeners are the Peleton community. Okay you go. Put. I Apologize. Enjoy your thirty minute rides this morning and your thirty minute riots this evening I. Got You. Look I don't WanNa. BE A ridiculous headline. Okay. So. Let's let's get into it. Actually hold on I. Have to take a petty pullover I have to pull over one moment first pettiness. Out To. On take talk, I see you bitch. I see stealing merch. Shannon meet. She made a video with my audio where she is designing merge for the merge that I have merged for leg twenty, twenty I we. Don't really see any coins from that. They were donating to black lives matter and it just like there's a whole you know whatever. So it's not like you're stealing my money per se but don't steal my things. Okay I'm. Book. You. Dare US steal her merch. This is penny moment because it was it got like one point two million views is the most viewed video that she's had people just kept tagging me and then she turned off the comments and I was like No you know what you doing and I duNNo. Come on one hand I respect you. Bugs which. I don't know how to feel as a fan of scammers. You have to respect the scammer at work but on the other hand, you're the victim now much like me you have to you have to weigh in. Are you just receiving this scam or are you truly? Damning because you weren't the victim, you plan to steal a little white woman's purse. I I. Don't. I didn't come here for semantics I came here and talk about scams. What are we doing? I love it. I love it on that note on that note, let's get into it. All right. So we've got a listener letter for what's hot and fraud, and this comes from someone who wants to be named Nancy Aka Nancy drew. That's what she named herself. So I was like, okay. That's a bold choice. Nancy jury was a hell of a detective. You coming in hot. Right Encyclopedia Brown detective, I've never heard of that show but that reference recently encyclopedia Brown I believe was a detective. It will only knew it as books I think it was like a series of books about a a young white man young white boy who who is going to do scooby doo type detective work on his just volunteer work which I don't trust that Shit. Any little kid who wants to like play cop you a bad dude fuck you right like getting into cop too early that's just like how token cats you know see. Murder at a young age WIZ. All you liked the police this much that you wanna you WanNa pretend fuck you encyclopedia. For no points. Out. Nancy drew says I found your podcast completely by accident two weeks ago. And some really nice things about the show album only reading the thing about her finding the podcast two weeks ago because this is the only reason. I'm not going to drag you Nancy because you were a longtime listener Lynn. Draghi for this. Sure. So I'M GONNA be kinder to you. Maybe I dunno to selected drag people. So we might end up avenue just Nancy our Nancy. So I'm sorry I'm sorry as well because you get cut the fuck out. As he finished. Because that anyways Guinea straight to the point. I got scammed a few days ago and I absolutely don't mind if you laugh at my expense. Well, thank you nasty. We was going to do it anyway. Thank you, I'm glad you're joining. Like here 'cause. She says, I, was a damn fool come on girl. She said again, this is what tells the caller Nancy. Okay. So this is a twitter scam that I discovered a few days ago and I thought I should share this. With Lacey, I want people to be aware of the gross individuals out there preying on people's desperation during these times on the show, we always talk about the decimeter. So. That's like if you think something is suspect but you're like I, don't know I should try. It's like this moment where you think about how bad you want it. The world bad chances are you're more desperate and you're more likely to get scammed and everything you know I mean if you lonely yeah. You're GonNa let the guy with a questionable hygiene and you know like. Live come over to your house and Dickey down. Like when you? If you're horny enough and you start getting those tabs that open up when you go on websites and it's like this. Is Some Thick Asians near you. Wait a minute. AM I. AM my bold enough to click on this picture of a thick Asian woman who may in fact be near me? I got you despot meter. I've made. Very specific reference we'll take it but yes. Not Singles near you hot horny mills. Why do I? Why can I rattle off? So many of these Anyway we're GONNA we're just not about me Nancy. Nancy says. That I've been re tweeting all of these giveaways in quotes I've seen like the one saying giving away five thousand dollars must be following me and Blah Blah Blah a few days ago I had woken up to a message that said I one. Eyed away I'm like no way. Is this real now see Nancy you that could have been you could open your phone closure phone back. And this would've been over. To do it hit the home screen sis you. You didn't have to invest further into this you could've walked away. Nancy. I'm glad that you did. So they're literally using a sweet face grandma as the profile PIC. Pics to this. Okay. But the sad little part of my brain. Sorry. But this sad little part of my brain that is just way too trusting and wants to see the best in people was like. What if dude seriously fucked voicing your head because if fuck shit up. It's like you say everything is a scam. Yes. So you don't can't drag because you knew better. So says I should have been out here questioned everything. All right. Let's get to it so. Potato. Hurts more Mullah I let her out just like I had to fight with. WHO's probably fifteen on pack? Succeed. But? that. Don't mean you can't get these hands fifteen or not. You could still get fist fought. You give us back Lacey's March it's done. Your little scam has over continue. Please tell me more right. Thank you. Lucky. You y'all guys do university right now otherwise I'd be. Okay. To A to a park near you. So She says I'm message one of the people and they literally responded in like three or four minutes. Yeah because it was thirsty. That was another red flag and she sent me the sketchy ass message saying something about a bitcoin transfers some absolute fuck dog shit. Okay. Scape man now. He's basically she was telling me that I had the sin fifty dollars and receive the payment right away and some other bs about her pan off her mom's medical bills I'll send you the screen shot does she is real anyway. So she so she's supposed to be winning five thousand dollars right and then as soon as she guested DM's she's like, okay, Hey, give me the coins and she's like actually you know my Auntie a broken. Leg and she got. And we need fifty dollars. And that's the thing I. Think the here's the thing the government. Whenever they give me my tax returns they never. Preface it by being like by the way we the government hard are ankle earlier so. Just, keep that in mind as you receive this money from that doesn't make sense. They're not the you don't get to tell me about your problems if you're giving me a gift. Right, and it's not a good this your own fucking money that they stole for Tax Free Loan sure the government. Anyway this the owner scammers I believe in. So anyway, I I I don't think. I don't think the government has ever done anything wrong anybody I like their work. I feel like the money that they give back to me is a sweet treat that I. I didn't deserve. But thank you papa government for forgiven back to me and you've got the right I'll work to service you at all times always allow. A real big. I. Love You daddy ever managed. Thank you Uncle Sam Anyway. So says I'm still suspicious and yet I'm saying what if oh, come on now girl why are you still suspicious? This is beyond suspicion they told you they were Robbie. For robbery. Sign a we've got a robbery on aisle three. please. So she goes the fuck I don't have fifty dollars to throw away, but maybe alson ten. So she responds saying she would then only be able to send me back two thousand lms. Then ask when into my cash, APP Oh, you black identified. Her twenty five dollars, and this is where you have the full right to laugh at me the payment fucking decline. So she went into cash, which is the shadiness of the APPS. For Crime. That's what the C stands for. Well, let's can you break down the hierarchy for me because I do agree that I think cash is the lesser of the transfer. The top where we add in I'm vin moment I like Vin Mo- is that a good one they was in the Middle Class Okay Fisher I feel like the top is pay pal. Oh. Yeah. Because you know people really like if feels like almost like a bank like they'll stop transports this shady pay probably like we beat negotiate for you I. Like number one in protection and security. which is like colloquial. It's like, Hey, semi money for the wine or let's split. Those APPS. That's cute. Every day every day. I. Got you trustworthy. Then you got cash? APP. Which is definitely for crime is where you go and you pay your weed man but you say like dog walking services or whatever. Because I've been much checks on that too much because I used to have friends who got kicked off because they were jokingly like then and black drugs and they. Can Kick. You off. They can kick you off. They say, Oh, wait on Mark Zuckerberg's APP. That's crazy because I be sitting in prostitution to my mom all the time. She'll ask me for the money out center. Some wildlife, prostitution. I. They've never said anything to me. They must know that. There must be fine with me being a prostitute I. Guess that's really yeah they must believe. Listen Ain't no business like business and you've. BEEN WHO's like look? We're not sending all of our workers tone we fans. Okay. So y'all WanNa get child's been most for these feet pigs. Had listened drugs no deal but prostitution go crazy. We we know. Would you do? Sex work should be legal so actually. For not stopping you for that. So let's Govan I'm down. But. Then after that I think is Western Union because that's really Like. You gotTA show up in person for the most part. Western Union is time for crime. You go in there. You know what you do is CD. Everybody there's bulletproof glass it ain't 'em good happening in a western union that ain't. Go where there's bulletproof glass to protect the workers is just A KFC like that in Pittsburgh or somewhere where like if you win, they had to like open a drawer. SPINNEY drawer. Yeah. Door open to the other side and that's how they seem to your food and it was like five inches of bulletproof glass. s goes five inches of nigger got shot in there and they needed to to make up for what had happened in the past. I get it. Go for you KFC for protecting net that moist chicken that you serving. Oh, Gosh. So back to this letter because we have made a departure so remember she tries to haggle she's like okay I can't say pity I can see you tan. She's like okay. If you're not going to city I can't say you five hundred. Two thousand. So she's like no one. Okay. Up to twenty five dollars. What can I get for twenty about how much money will you give me for twenty five dollars? How money works? Works a ratio here. I'm trying to get paid. I bought some money with some other money about two thousand dollars, twenty, five dollars. So she tries to the payment and cash shady is like we don't trust which means that it's very, very bad because cash. Lettuce Li-. Like oh This seems shady but we'll let go none of our business. They mostly turn the other cheek. So they blocked the payment because it was a sketchy account right? Then I go ooh I have pay POW to God Damn Lady What are you doing Nancy do come on now. How the Fuck my like this? She said that differ okay she knows. Yeah. So I sent them the money i. Thought. Okay, if I lose twenty five dollars, I will gain the information I needed to fully understand. I love that. Thing you I pay this person twenty, five dollars. I will learn I'm dome sale officials. I'll learn just how goofy I am. And it'll be documented for all of time. Listen, they don't teach you how them you are in school. They don't. That's the fact that. They teach us that that we we're more capable than we actually are they tell us all the potential in the world when in fact, they should be like a dog. You don't read as well as you think that you do, and so you enter every reading situation with less confidence and see where that gets you as a person. Like maybe caution or it's not even about being bad is this that in America we're always trying to teach our kids you can be anything and it's like, no I told been a statistician like I get the basics of numbers I ask CALC somehow. I couldn't have done that job. I couldn't be an ASA scientists that no, it'd be like you know what? You'll be great with a wrench here. I think tightening. Up during recess, listen how crush that interview I'm good at being sociable and present but once it comes through the real work gonNA fuck that up. So maybe somebody should tell me that early right so I don't waste my time Astronaut engineer or my favorite scam job the children I don't even know where kids learn about this but we all did a marine biologist. That was. Being Laurie Biologists I remember speaking of scams. I remember in college I had. I come to my final semester and realized that I had twenty credits that still needed to be filled and like lot. It's a lot and I was in desperation mode to try to take whatever class was going to. I had to take six or seven classes that's master to make it all work and one of the classes I signed for was biology because I was like man I love fish I, love whales this is going to be. Easy and it turns out it's actually a lot more complicated than fishing Wales and not at all an easy science. So yeah, we were all dumb for thanking marine biology was like some casual thing that we could sign up for because it absolutely was not. I want to show you this lady, but I don't know if you're going to be able to see her from this ghetto i. don't know if you're GONNA be able to say this. Is there. She got them glasses you yes. This is the lady that homegirl said This is the photo in her name is Susan Eggs Aveer on twitter guys. So if Susan is doing a giveaway she's not really doing and I'm GonNa give you a whole handle because I'm petty it's at eggs aveer one want to underscore Susan with the Z.. This is all allegedly allegedly she ran a scam or somebody we only have the facts that we have but Susan you can't sue us because we said allegedly. But. Yes. This is messy. So she win they're talking she's like. She knows it's meet for Bitcoin Very. And you have to. Okay. So this guy says I hope you have the fifty dollars for the bitcoin verification just like she said, before we proceed and she was like fifty dollars for what I don't have an extra fifty dollars lying around. This is Nancy take. This is definitely black. A black way to say that exit fifty dollars, lantern. This is how we. So she said, it's needed for the bitcoin verification. You have to put in fifty dollars on your cash at balanced so it will send you a tag to send it to. So I can receive the Bitcoin and get the payment completed. This way you'll know that it's real and legit is too many years dog. She phrased it. I see how she phrased it like the steps the minutia got you caught up Nancy 'cause he was like okay. So this is what you gotta do. I about Mark Zuckerberg is. The start way too far away from the five thousand dollars. Just all sounds like a remember diehard three where he had to go from like mailbox to to fuck in phone booth to it's just too many steps just Gimme my guy dead money then will be talking about now you gotta go to the mailbox in there. You gotta go to the phone booth in the fire. Station. Is, it's too much. It could just give me my cash. You said, five thousand dollars. Give me the ratio of whatever twenty five dollars is going. Get me unless move on right but. Saw Guys. This is another reminder that when you're this desperate, the universe came through for Nancy cash out. God actually cash if the devil, the devil black. Devil say this too much I'm on. I. As for me I'm out I can't do it too much that say twenty twenty s big great here for me. I really came up talking about this like evil as souls. We're we're in the red where the red I don't need I don't need this one. You know what Nancy you could chill I'm look out for you row quick and Nancy said no, no I've got a better I've got a different way of contacting you won't like my blessing please. The. Devil said twenty five dollars ain't even enough for them to bother. They said, we don't get out of bed for less than right Chris and We're giving Brown people hysterectomies in Texas you think I give a damn about your twenty five dollars Nancy. But no nancy was like you're going to take my twenty-five. Yet, she persisted she said I like. The I don't know if you've got scariest like you know who? was like you went outside and rely I'm trying to get junked. I don't care who I don't care where somebody jumped me please. Bake me out. Nancy you really. Ask You for this you got a big for it. Yeah. So And that's okay. That's okay. I. Hope You felt something because right now in quarantine it's just good field you know. I had some flies getting some my house because. This is terrifying. I, didn't know this was this kind of podcast but go ahead. Bottleneck pies and. Or butterflies and one got into my house and I like left town for the weekend and it like went in my trash wasn't a lot of trashes is why left because it was just like I think there was a couple of things in the bottom it like fucking may at home there and then had all these fly kids. Woke up and I didn't know where these flies are coming from and I keep my house clean like bleaching everything again, I'm GonNa fuck are these files coming from then has a murdered them all and so yes. Gang Gang. eco-friendly like spray that didn't harm me but killed these flash so quick and when I tell you as a certain point, I was having fun. Sure. Like all of duty and when they were on Dan I was like damn now what do I do? You know that was the thing as a kid I remember they used always say video games are addictive and then people will like far back and they're like it's not addictive. The culture in America creates a system where we would believe in violence or lean towards violence video games are not the root of it but a part of me was always like I'll no dog beaten up prostitutes on grand theft auto that's pretty addictive is. I, know I'm not saying it's the source but it it ain't now a part of it right I wish that they would take that out especially because. Of Sex work like I really hate that still a feature now young when I was eleven I wasn't doing it and. Year old should not be doing now and that's what I mean. It's I don't know it certainly isn't a good thing and I don't know that it's like the core of our problems as society, but it definitely eight helping you're not creating a positive healthy narrative around this thing much in the way that you murdering these flies didn't make you more peaceful person out in the world and may not have made you a monster. You're probably not going to kill a human being, but you've thought about it now from size the did you considered it? I look I. Consider like I duNno. Leading a fly in just kid. Come on in big dog. Let some free. I was trying to take them fries to freedom. I was the ten minute of the flat. I JUST WANNA. Be cancelled. And they just didn't work out but guys. If we're allowed to come back for the rest of this podcast. We'll be right back after some non advertisements. 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DOT COM apostrophe dot com, and use that cloud goddess to get your dermatology visit for only five dollars and we thank apostrophe for spots are in this case hey. And we're back and it's time for my favorite segment of the show story hoodwinked, and this is where I will regale waste in with a famous or infamous or all school, Kahn, or Hoodwink, and just get his opinions all throughout and I feel like you might be a little clairvoyant. Okay. Because earlier when you said you'd be pretending to be creole or that you would like to I'd like to I don't have that much confidence, but I would like to someday our earned that champs. Time. Speaking, of pretending to be people today, we're talking about Jessica and crew the former associate professor at George Washington University who claimed various identities within blackness to further her career as a black historian even though she is hey white. Lady I'm excited they're calling her poser parks. Cana. This the Internet always finds a new way to make things exciting, and this could have been a very hurtful story that devastated a lot of people because black people were overlooked for work. This lady was able to scam or way into a lot of positions of power and success but then we get some funny shit on the back end. So I don't know maybe it's worth it letters. Dark giving black people laugh I mean okay. Yeah. You still jobs from us but we also got that laugh Your silly billy keep keep going. So, we actually have footage of her as just a level malaria self given nickname with at best Apache accent doing a zoom in New York City Council testimony as she speaks about gentrification and shouts out her black and Brown siblings Oh and there's some fun comments. Maybe we'll see some of those too. I love it. Okay. Let's look at this or IAGO here it. That's all you need. Anyway I'm just on my leg I'm here in Patio is Harlem. You probably know this neighborhood because the Hassanin Melissa Murphy Reto used to be the speaker your city. Council. So My fucking neighborhood to developers and is so I, got a couple of things to say when Y'all come on and tell me my time stops fuck Outta here. Seven hours not only. Listen to these top and not just the cops. But to be honest with you, all city council members you pose in like you oppose in them for your soundbites for your social media, the election campaigns fuck out of here you've been supporting the cops in the pandemic when the MTA was strapped and you supported putting more cops on the MTA fuck Outta here we know where you're coming from him we know what these little photo op bushes. Also. With us to be able to seek in that did not use their time to black and brown like else. COPS was here to protect us but I guess they're not boy. That this. Thing is the Mo. Okay. So a couple of. Sit Up. I'll I'll buy. Show I, love a bronx girl being about that was actually just kiss Bob in the Bronx. It's amazing. Fuck out of here fuck Outta here. You know she just sat at home her mere like Atta hit. Yeah. Flavor of love. Man That's great. Good for her. Because she really thought she was saying like she felt like, okay I'm about to sauce on y'all real quick by putting on this weird accent and. You didn't. Take your your headphones off for a moment there, and just let the steam come out from. says. You wouldn't spend a just. It wouldn't have spit I like, but you know she was going off I guess. Big Access with the accident saw bad it's not even close to good and like I guess why people will look at that and be like I don't know I. Guess That's probably an accent from somewhere. Well, here's the thing that I think all of these people figure out in a that ends up being very effective is that black people would've called her out. And worked at a bank right if she went and did some like regular like capitalists anti-black Shit but instead her Rachel Dulles all what they figure out is I'm GonNa, put myself in a position where I'm aligning with black and Brown people. So when they hear my bullshit accent, there are already like rooting for me so they don't really want to call it out. It's like they were on the same team. So I know you you sound weird to me lady but fuck all right just keep talking. That's like that's what we talked about. With Shaun King wears like we we are trying to get to freedom. So nobody's trying to really interrupt freedom trying to hold on to buy tickets like. Look are here but you like on the train to freedom we like to. Lucky that's fine. You know the words to the Black Birthday Song Gardening, he keeps saying it I. Don't know it ain't how I liked this thing but go ahead go on come on boy. Love this so much. But this was she was adjusted I want my lead. Which I think like like you said, if you ever going to like pretend to be another race go, it might be creole a mind would definitely be like Africa. I was definitely your own. Okay, I got enough key phrases. Like. It'd be like, where are you from my father's from? There you go. You. Get get pretty close to getting away with that. You know what I mean not. Unique ways you skipping over that being in a way that they they like. To their bitch. The Bitch. Daddy, and in the. Research. I was sitting outside of houses just listening to Cubans. Gain knowledge and that's very easy Miami because everybody in Miami loves to at least when I was a kid there put their flags up places. So it was very easy to spot a Puerto Rican flag and just like go listen. Shannon's anybody Miami whoever one of those necklaces it's like a little boy holding a flag everyone used to have them in school when I was thirteen and like the Jamaica once once from Trinidad once from Puerto Rico and I didn't have one. So people always ask me like where I was from and I was like, Oh, I'm from Texas number where you from and I was like Texas they're like, no like where you from like what country Western Africa. I WOULD GUESS Is. What you're describing is the best that Florida has the offer. MIAMI, is the is the best thing in Florida, and that's all they had was necklaces with flags on as identifiers listen I. Love. You got if you know your culture if you're lucky enough to know exactly where you come from what you gotTa Flag Black Flag. But that really. Geo Location. I gotTA. Love Penn is that where I'm? From. Philadelphia I think. y'All know the motherland also of. African street. So. So just era. Does this crazy accent She ended up confessing this whole thing right? polite publishing on a platform medium a few days after some people made waves like Adele by Sporting Bantu knots in Jamaican Flag Bikini at Carnival. I. Think that was bad. The Jamaica saw me that they like it and I was like, yeah, I like it I. Love It. I think the real bad person in that Adele. Story is the girl who posted that picture like. No but you know what? I mean like Adele posted it but there was somebody who took the picture knowing Adele was like being set up to look dumb as like she was having fun with their homes. She was having a good time dancing doing Jamaican shit whatever that was her friend was like, Adele, we should capture this moment and the bitch don't even like taking pictures like that. She don't be posted in that often that and so then she got caught up in like a bad look when in fact it was just like, oh, be cool like just be. Say Shit like she had. Tonight's MP you. Buy It that's. What she's supposed to be. Silly Yeah, I think you're right. It does feel like a set up a little bit. You know if a down a rope on the deep, you know then we got to let her do I'm. So crews posts that came out of nowhere to us, but I'll let you know how it ended up starting. was to escalating a degree over my adult life. I have shooed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in a suburban Kansas City neighborhood under various assumed identities with blackness that I had no right to claim I north African blackness then us. Rooted blackness then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness Jesus Christ's she went on the world to order. Nuts. That's some full drake shit. That's why. She went from she went from regular old candidate drake to lund injury to Caribbean drake. That's fucking Nice right. Not Song in there and not his. Co. You could at least give us some Bob at least when drake's like i. took allow fugger aunt at all add to good we're gonNA. Get. On it except for when he went and tried to do that London rap, I hate, UK rap I'm sorry if you're a UK listener but that skinny pop some. Outside of the week and I will say that if you're listening to says skinny pop up, you're probably I understand why you don't like it. It doesn't sound good to me. Sounds like not hot to. Put up with the way. Fully with the. I don't mind British rap intil British rap starts talking like gangster shit and then I can't do it like and I'm sure y'all are meaning tough and murder people and all that but you sound silly to me. So like just talk about having sex girls and get you know I'll make peace with your British rapper whatever this is. Yeah you could talk about activism. Love like give us some Craig David Talk about soccer y'all voice sound good in soccer. But don't talk about murder on it sounds goofy as fuck I know. My favorite. Finish red. Card. So good. It's my favorite. So. She's basically like Aria I was pretended to be everybody just said I'm every Negro I'll in me. And so her blog failed to provide actual details but she wrote that she assumed that mental health issues based in her childhood trauma where the root cause of her behavior. I don't like when people blame. The mental health community for functioning has people have mental health issues in their nice people and they don't go around pretending to be identities and take up space. That's not there's. That, and even that has literally nothing to do with what like you could. Maybe maybe maybe there's a claim that you could say that like my mental health had some sort of like caused some version of an identity crisis within me at certain points in my life but it didn't make you do all that work to actually like take on the new identity that's just you and you're sick that ain't got shit to do with like any. You know your mental illness wasn't like let's go to the Queen Collection at Walmart. Like no, you did that I. Know that's one hundred percent. You don't blame outside factors for that. So, this is how it started. Some of crew students were interviewed by the cut. The cut is always out here dragon people times like can we make just like a messy petty bitch column that lives for drama guess we can't. It's called the could. We just don't do trash. Upscale trash. So they remember recalling a very heavy accent and affected. Brown. Girl Cool and Rebecca. Mighty class at twenty nineteen said the things that she taught me could have been done without this whole minstrel show of a persona. So maybe she was actually talking to talk but. She was flipping the Tehran. She was really AC slathering or glasses. I WANNA, get down and honest with the all. Come on Y'all let's dig deep boy. FAM-. y'All. Trying to get to black liberation home. Dog. The emphasis on everything that she knows is slang whenever the slang word comes up. She's like. Here. She's it's music for her and she's trying to hit them notes. So learn all of this from death poetry damn. I Miss Death Poetry Jam peep. Show agencies yeah. I WANNA be on that show so bad I do too. I. Remember Talking to write some poems I was trash but I had the cadence down. So I was like I could probably fool somebody. So before she had come out her ratings on rate, my professor were a two point six out of five. That's low and included a reviewer who rated her as awful and said if you ask her the history about World War Two Nazi Germany Cold War or something like those. She will only answer you what the history about the Caribbean and Africa Damn. So okay that's stress because she's a Jewish lady and she ain't even up on World War Two. Like does that You should know that one that one's a pretty important in in Jewish history like cultural. That's like us not knowing about slavery like we. We know quite a bit. I know when to tag in tag out. That's one that you should have been in on but she was like look I, studied these things. So how do you even reroute something like that? Someone's like so when the Blitzkrieg happen, you're like, well, we say Blitz Creek. That makes me think of. This thanks. Did. I said when the Blitz Creek happens, you went blitzkrieg. And then they're like, hey. That ain't teaching dog you got to stop doing that police. For ten shooting guns up in the air while I'm talking to you important stuff. That's how she got all the way back at. All searches just win. Oh goodness. Another student rated hurt average instead crew classes definitely not your white man's history class. You're a white man, I. Know it's probably a white lady they'd be turning on their people. Should as they should why? Do we need you to tell your bags your husband's if they're voting Republican this year you need to cheat on them. Count on them they be acting up on us to. Turn on beat. Anybody. We get in the booth. Nobody knows what you're doing there. But girl, and that's why I want to change it so that at any point, some black lady could just rip open the carton and go what you doing. What'd you put it back? Put back in there and then you got to be held accountable that way. Why wouldn't have to do all work? All these extra black woman at the polls. Conde's management they they rip open the curtain, rip open a curtain lady her name Cheryl she do good work. I'll tell you who to vote for it. She just say, would you do in and look at you real main and you know what to do you know the right choice. Should know you should do anyway. Yes that's my volunteer position that the polls. Don't think that's illegal at all What are laws? So Krueg, latched onto the myth of her light skin presentation according to the junior professor during Grad. School crew called herself high yellow. Wastefully, derogatory term for fair African. Set. Has. Yellow all my life. You know what it's devastating I was thinking about this. The other day is all these people who come forward these Jessica Cruz these Rachel Dulles. I'm the same guy, damn skin color they be pretending to be. It hurts my feelings every time. I'm going to black a black personnel life and then I. Know that's what scares me is maybe I'm not supposed to be maybe I'm just I just think I'd I am in here I am matching a false fire a trickster. stor. Wouldn't that I will say to this does plan to color ISM. I've noticed that these types at least with Dole's all and Krug they've both have have the similar thing with their features where they have larger noses unlike. Some features that you see on black women more readily and are more appreciated on black woman because unfortunately with Eurocentric beauty standards like it's like the thin pointy knows that all the you know white folks aspire to have. But if you have a wider nose and you're black, it's looked at more apt like favorable especially if your skin is bare so they're pretending to be like the type of woman that every white woman is pretending to be right now anyway, Kim Kardashian is pretending to be a light skinned black woman Kylie Jenner's pretending to be light skinned black well, they call it. Light skin defying. There's a new khloe picture our where she looks identical to like two thousand and four beyond say, because that's just what they've been shifting their faces and bodies to try to be for the past like decade. I think I think so much of it to your point is about. Rejection right that like you felt in some way rejected from the white community from for the way that you looked or the way that you felt like you looked in the world and so you figure I wa just like Rub some tanner on and make myself a part of the community that might appreciate it more right more accepting even though obviously there's colors within the black community you're putting yourself on the highest end of the spectrum of colors in a black community like as dark skinned black woman. That's when my life my entire like pretty dark skinned girls. Oh. You know or like going places easily my biggest scam. I to hang out with like a bunch of professional athletes all the time in college, and they will take place and biased stop. Whatever and because I had dark skin, no one ever tried to like push up on me or try to like have sex with me. So I could just go places and be invisible and just like charge to the borough. It was one. Of them was a real benefit because I was trying to think none of them like. First of all. It's beautiful but it's also devastating. It's like no, you should have been sexually. Skin girls were you're pretty girl this? Year. The. Same opportunities to get a metoo case against some professional athlete just like every other light skinned girl in white girl that was hanging around in these areas. This pesetas wild. Wasted I. Knew The moment I met you was like this is gonna be crazy. And I love it. So according to the junior professor during Grad School said that she's up I yell up an Afro Lots next junior professor who worked in crooks field anonymously said that she had been following her transformation for awhile. So this is what happened. You GotTa Hate Hater on your tail you gotTa hang around your. Town. Is like catch me if you can. This is. This your Tom. Hanks he come. Right. She's GonNa. Get you being white at some point. So I'm so she noted that the first time that they spoke crew would talk about us and we and I was scratching my head like us. I Mean you hear. Me You you you are me. We ally Oh you speak. French now. Up to drink a lot of drizzly. Let us down. He's the king of appropriation, but he never lets. Right and he knows how far he can take it. Okay. He started out appropriating like they used to call him. This is so fucked up, and this is not me saying anything negative to the community but people used to call him wheelchair Jimmy yes. They did call a long time because he played a role Undergrad that he was in a wheelchair and was like what is. So the she's got somebody on her tail who like, why are you saying we and then she goes Oh and then I realized she meant black. So krueg initially claim to be born of an immigrant mother from Algeria and a white father of German descent. We'll. She was cooking it up this spicy back. Then crew talked about herself as a product of a severe family trauma. So the scholar in other Latin next friends had doubts about Craig's claims but didn't want to push the subject because she was like, no, this my trauma to. Like I don't like to talk about anything about me factually because that's my traumatic experience Mama. We talk about this why I can't. Okay the trauma too much. Now, send me to fifty dollars so I could say unified thousand. So she say came to a point when they were just like this bushy no I love that and she quietly broke all ties with cruch years later crew came back into her life was a mutual facebook France facebook messy posted articles crew had written for Race Baiter a platform whose focus was race board news and criticism crew later wrote articles for absence Komo. GotTa do some kind of fact check. Some kind of just have some make them show credentials at the door at least like. Most elite. BLACK MAGAZINE COMA AND See if she got into jet like she started writing for hair and. Thick lady on page thirty, fifty, seven of jet. But like you can, why is she writing articles for your publication? These articles our now deleted but included pieces like on Puerto Rico blackness, and being when nations aren't enough what does that even mean and? Mass in not NIMMO's Middle Medio. I don't I said that wrong. So most Massino Theodomir do what the Puerto Rican uprising means for black political imagination. Wow. Why listen she was a forward thinker And I bet those articles said a lot of important things from that Jewish lady who is pretending to be. Different than she is her old friend. Okay. So she also wrote it s that she was. Apparently, abandoning her algierian roots in favor of Spanish Harlem. So but s and she was like I'm body Gua. Gwa Mada Anna and they're were like you're just singing us on. Her old friend, the anonymous junior professor responded saying I just sat quietly with it because who's GonNa believe me it is. Try to come out and be like. It's weird. So this actually got caught, we're wrapping this. A moment of synchronicity happened when revered cuban-american author HD radio died and was revealed that he had been a fraud to. All the lights gainsborough. Damn I might I gotTa do some research I might be lying know what I am more I'm really unpacking a lot of shit emotionally. Identity crisis. So he was originally born in Michigan not go back to black American parents with no Latino which. Is. I. What K- Aura. This whole time you were just from Texas and Dr. You, see I pronounce it Nah. Komo rolling my arm if I'm wrong with my heart then. What we talk, right? If I'm saying out here. You know what time it is. So, this guy comes out the anonymous junior professor caught the wave and hinted on twitter that career may not be who she may not be the only person whose identity is fake. One of the people to catch this text associate professor Afro Diaspora, studies at Ms. Oh. My God. So many titles anyway my record caught this tweet. And with the help of another scholar. Figueroa Vasquez was able to research cruise past ultimately found the truth of for identity through the obituaries of Craig's parents Damn Doug. Duggleby beach. On the open. Oh, my God without her wasn't that information ready to share. Damn. They said, we were not trying to ruin her life. We were really thinking as black. Latino women. How do we do this ethically see why are we like this like even at end of the day and we're wife to be doing a so dirty we okay. But what's the right thing to? Put Her I. Think where she fucked up was she changed identities too many times she could have got away with this if she if it weren't obviously for those those damn kids but also because meddling kids but I think she also wanted to be too many things to many times. You just gotTa pick one. Stay, in that keep doing more research lock-in but she wanted you know every new wave, she wanted to add to her diaspora to our new voice and it's like now people get an upset you upset and some people right? I think she was also trying to find like the easiest race to pretend to be she's like, okay you know what? I don't know why started. Algieria. No all about Africa. Bring it, bring it back to the Bronx. It's gotta be like Jaylo amount of New York does a does a easy identity. You just gotTa be grumpy in. And talk about trains. Studying require own temps. Some door knocker earrings in talk about the to drink, you'll figure it out. She was like, this is much easier. Pretending to be from Algeria. Acting less questions so They tried to gather information from colleagues of cruise but crew got tipped off because within eight days of their first conversation about Krug, the medium post had drizzle Apt. She was like, Oh, about to come out, I'm going to beat you into the plunge. And she said. In her blog post, this is the final thoughts from his work. I am not a coach for CIA I am mccutchen Leach and you should absolutely Kesse mink. Absolutely cancel myself fuck Outta here. Twenty four hours the block obviously blew up and colleagues called for her resignation she was tenured. So she was also in a very good spot where she was never going to be fired. Here. She shortly after decided to resign but I'm sure now she's GonNa get the rentals all back should get a documentary. She probably got a cool parachute package just legally the after giver something to walk away from whatever that is right. Take what she wasn't he legal or I don't know if the university has policies that are like, you can't tell us your black when you're not today right Yup that's wild. That's like that. Airbud Shit you're gonNA mean is like there's no rule there's no rule that says that you can't. Put a dog in a basketball game. In the same way there's no rule that says that you can't be faked blackened apply for jobs in African. American studies are Caribbean whatever she was doing. To support the whole fake black movement. But the only way I can get behind it is if I can be faked white like I told Ya, at some point, I need to ascend into being a white lady and then to a white man, I need everybody to believe it and I need to have all the privileges. So we can work that out they got and continue to be links, US cousins I first of all. Second of all. I'm cool with you being a part of the fake black movement, but you got to deal with whatever the worst thing that happened to niggers that week at the day that you. So if somebody got shot, you got take some bullets just to be a pardo you've gotta get jumped in basically to whatever this black experience that you want to have. The sad thing is you jumped into the black experience you just keep getting jumped because that's the black experience I love that. Yeah welcome system we'd be. I knew the. Listen the bottom of these shoes are fine. All. Right guys. We will be right back for the end of the show. Who? That is a lad gone on in the world right now, and the scam is here to help you cut through the noise meets skim this a weekly past that makes it easier to understand how the news impacts you. They break down the most complicated stories of the week add context clarity and answer questions that are on your mind skim. This brings expert voices from around the world to explain why each Newsweek matters both in the short term and in the long term and why you should care it's a busy and sometimes noisy world and skim. This is here to help you injure week with a roundup of the news they know matters to you. They. Skim you listen y'All I don't know about you but I haven't on twitter looking at Donald Trump blow cracks out of his nose and all types of nonsense, and so hard to keep up with the latest news story 'cause every day feels like a week. So I love skin for round and it all up for me so I can spend less time on twitter fighting old haunted lonely trolls. So I've definitely recommend giving it a listen if you cannot sift through the news every damn day anymore. Okay. Look new episodes. Come out every Friday morning subscribe and listen every Friday morning to skim this on apple spotify or wherever you get Joe podcast. All right and we're back. This is the saddest part of the show because this have let nice and go home. Do one very good. Okay. I was proud posing. Okay. Posers. Access I love it. Over the lack of flavor giving us nothing give us nothing Jessica. Yes. Saul pretend to be lowry's. Let's do it scary. So. This is kind of sad but also kind of beautiful. There's a place called Vernon Florida that was really nicknamed Nub city. No nope city. Because it became an I don't i. don't Fuck with that name I'm not really like big on the ablest Shit like you know but there's a reason that they're calling it back. Up City became responsible for the panhandling claiming of two I'm sorry for the panhandle claiming two-thirds of all loss of limb accidents in all of the United States due to widespread insurance scam where individuals would get money for cutting off a part of their body was. Wait. So you you telling me that these people everybody in this neighborhood in this city got trillion into cutting off a part of not only get shrinked. They were like this. Do this. Oh, they collectively were like we about to get this money. Its town. He's pay. So. In the Mid Twentieth Century, the town was in a deep economic struggle as the sawmill which provided many people stops closed down a saw mill, a lumber mill where they like cut the logs into the lumber that we use. It's unknown how the scam officially started but rumor has it that someone legitimately lost a limb and got a nice payout for their life insurance policy after word got out that some Neb Club members saw and hacked off their own limbs though most an easier route with a shotgun fuck me I was that easier. Song you gotta you gotTa keep cutting. Edge. Happy. That's Oh man. That's crazy. Long you gotta going Oh I can't I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for this imagery guys. We're going to push through this. So the justifications sometimes completely absurd. This is where I love one man told the insurance company that he shot his hand while aiming for a hawk. Okay. Another man claimed that he shot his own foot because he thought it was a squirrel. Spiral. Some fuzzy slippers them. I do I shot. Your aunt. Whereas my money, right, I am with my bag ready to give cash makes so much. and then the prefer technique was to lose an arm and a leg on the opposite side of the body so that still use a crutch I know. So they're on, they're taking in, they're taking the good parts I thought they would like you you lose like a finger, my my mother's father who I never knew, but apparently was a hell of an alcoholic, the best but he He number one, eight, number one, he was a champion one but so he worked in a in in Detroit he worked in one of the auto factories and he lost his fingers to the point where he basically just had like this like this was all he had a camper remember if it was just a pinkie or just the pointer, but everything else got cut off in like a fucking thing. And he didn't get any money and it made him real. Sad. But the idea of taking an entire limb that's crazy and it's kind of a risk to because it's not like you know you're GonNa get the money like I mean whoever the last person was in this scam you know like they probably didn't get the bag we're survive it like you're litter you're cutting off a limb you're going to. Show you might die there's a high chance that you're going to die right speaks to the desperation in this country. That's always been here of like making money when people are ready to me like you know what this is how we get the bag that's like it's so disheartening but at the same time, none of these were get caught and that's what I love about this. So the common payouts were between five, thousand, ten, thousand dollars, which is. Nothing. Say One hundred one hundred, thousand dollars. So this is like the sixties fifties. So now, you can afford an Oldsmobile, get the fuck out here. This is terrible. So. One farmer claimed to have lost a foot and was awarded nearly a million dollars even though there was evidence that suggested reputation. So come on now that foot that was worth it. Yeah. I think it's like what kind of policy you could afford to take out 'cause he's gotTa, take the policy on pay on it for a little bit. So the farmer probably has some coin. It was almost impossible to convict the scammers fraud because it was so difficult to convince the jury members that people would willingly self amputate the scam ended in the late nineteen sixties because premium rates became too high and insurance. Businesses in the Florida panhandle all together. They're just like we're not even going to ensure any of you because we know what's a damn. So there are families in that same area now, who can't get insurance because their grandfather was like I'm a shoe my foot off and get paid real quick. Yes, and at one point, somebody was trying to make a documentary about it. Called a Nub city but when the guy went there to start filming all of the townspeople started be him up and suffer threaten him so. They beat the shit out of him with the nobes there. We ain't telling you a got damn thing. City so he? Did, end up not making the documentary about that. That good for them. They listen they. They pulled off a scam. I'll be not a lot of money and certainly not a choice that I would have made. But I respectfully, they made the scam happen and they stayed loyal. They were town of down ass bitches that didn't turn on each other when it came through somebody showing up offering like some chump change for a documentary about what they had done right? Trying to sell out. Are True to the game they were really down. And I just got an update since we're talking about this, the woman who sought her hand with a circular saw for a one point two million dollar insurance scam. Unfortunately, she was sentenced to two years in jail that breaks my heart 'cause I wanted her to be free. And FROLIC and also point two million dollars was they took that money too. She went to jail for it. So. I, hate to see it but I'm glad to hear there's a whole town that robbed the insurance industry for decades. Yes. Oh. That reaches the conclusion of this show we always ask people, where do you want to be found anything you WANNA plus. People participate in. Well, the greatest game of all time listen to my podcast it's a it's called. My Mama told me it's about black conspiracy theories and black people make up conspiracy theories and the ones we grew up with and it's very funny and is going to be on an episode. So it's very it's a great time and you can follow me on at Langston Carmen on all platforms in a nobody else has my name and nobody else would want to. So it's It's a shit name but. It's fine. Yeah. That's it. All right. Wonderful as always scam that his pot dot com email us in snitch on your friends and family just make sure that the scam is retired and if you WanNa follow me, you can follow me A. De Lacy on all platforms you can follow scam. Got Us on all platforms Ole Young I'm of the team be talking about scam soon November four at checkout ABC's the on beyond they're talking about scams expert. Scamming. Congregation stay scheming.

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206: Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka

Scummy Mummies

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206: Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka

"Hey and helen we want to talk to you about the phoenix. The weekly comic for seven to fourteen year olds. The very one helen. Now seriously archaism and getting phoenix delivered for a couple of years now and they love it. It's great funny stories and serialisations. My favorite character. Ellie is clear justice. Ninja brackets ninja of justice. She's also i love it because it gets kids off the screen which means i can relax. Look instagram on the toilet guilt free. You can try. Six issues of the phoenix just one. That's what i said. One pound of hinted just go to. Www dot the phoenix comic dot co dot uk forward slash. Scummy to sign up or that goodness you put the www. Never find it absolutely scumbags this coming on these with your hostess ellie gibson. Hello hello welcome to the scummy. Mommy's podcast. I'm going to give some man on the white house of excited. Can we get this is taking a fucking monster organize and things like my daughter getting sick and being hospital the internet not working you just being successful selfish late busy doing things. Just the internet went down last time it was like the fact that the mike swear wackily everything crashed. She was shot dot at one point. I he's not going to help. We have finally fucking sitting on a table. It does feel like this. The house approved by the end of it into flames points. She say who she is. What did you call it. The day hannah podcast. I'll take it. I've been called on a white stank and a white house white house. The house is wise. We've had scrubby mummies grumpy. mummies yummy mummy. You you people put me on the end of thorn which drives you absolutely so we feel your pain and why town aka mother pucker olsen holland call me mother fucker just kind of loses the kind of bam like what is this polka. It's mug packer. Says a children's cartoon a friendly other polka kitchens to the mushroom land of pillars very well in holland mushroom land. Because that's that's going to take mushrooms. Apparently very good mushrooms in holidays of and of course Multimedia note an muck house motherfucker wherever you fuck you name it. How would you describe yourself who. I mean self facilitating media. Note lacks the beam. Get time off which is very minimal at the moment. I'm i'm wasting on you guys kick self associating median Referred someone just so you know like an island just an island and do what you want. But that ashley islanders beating coached on by many many individuals and more every day earnings graham saying nutshell for you family is of course that is. Don't you are also flexible. Working campaigner a flexible work on flexible. Working campaigner is everyone can be a so facilitating media. Note this. Yeah yeah no. It's the came on scummy. Mummy podcast five years ago. And it's a very different sig now. I think i came on the first time which was where we were actually trying to fight together for exploiting on the table now obviously into appear to forty eight hours overnight in a pandemic dark context. Everybody when all okay. Yeah you know we can't do that otherwise we're gonna lose business so it's quite interesting to see in from the twenty third of march pointing all the companies was telling you when i came on this put coach years ago. Who was saying. It's not possible. We can't do it suddenly shave. We don't logo on zoom in. We're going to shut down. Yes so it was always possible. So that's where we sit today. I think many times that might my husband working from home. Nor without. And i just thought god. Yeah the number of times. Even he said to me. I've got go into the office this meeting and i can't do the hospital appointment or the pick up that day of got to got to be in the office got do that and and to be fair. Yeah he does say something. You do miss something cooler moments in just nipping for coffee. And chance of like that but generally even if he had to get back into the workplace he thinks one day. A week would be fine for that. I think what it the hybrid model. I really working with the hybrid model. Missiles cool chart. I miss the conversation around the cattle. When you making a cup of tea in that community area. I a lot of people criticism i've had in this is all i love the ninety five boundaries. Because you know the minute. We went into lockdown. That dispersed people. Were like working. Twenty four seven and burning out and i was like now. I bloody ninety four. You've statement. i think. I imagine maybe saying the beginning because it's about choice. I choose to work that way. And i won't go and feel this couple of days a week. That's how i work best and give me an awkward watercooler moment. That's going to be the quivalent. Two weeks tobago's at the moment isn't that that's right. I think we craving inflexible working. No give me time. I'd give me a place. I need to be there. And yeah they're nothing. We were all craving human contact. Even even you guys in children no happy to cut the guy can't be done politicians if listening matamoros johnson's no haven't which he psychopaths me one. I have an icon handle hearing rushing by passing all the mummies on the hand during the pandemic. That was the low. I think many lives but it was just that. Thanks tool the mummies but doing all the work. I'm like i don't want the heads on. It affects child care system. I would like to are equally across both parties. Please can we will just have a moment. I don't need the accolades and rishi going shrinks risk. What would the stats. Because there was so many conversations. I had with mum's two meters apart. The puck se og giving up my work or i've had to be flexible because you know my husband's job and the women who were like just kind of making the accommodations on one hundred percents though i think forty seven percents off those you step down from their roles in the pandemic Forty percent were fathers. Nice story put forty seven forty eight hundred and nine hundred will love low. Fog this cat working mothers when i was ours looking for need. That percentage seven percent more fathers continued where king the mothers rush no food. This is the content. We're after this. Why do have though this is. This is the one. I do wanna get him. Here is how we made to feel like. Oh if we implement flex working would you favor this is a favor calmer to womankind and you know one of the biggest research studies by repeat simmons institute nice countries two thousand four hundred and seventy eight companies within that they found if you have thirty percent or more women at the top. You make money talking numbers on. This isn't doing. This is like cold hard cash looking at even as it's nice to have little bonus pool patronizing oron hula. We'll let a couple of great at the toll. Y'all right women. we gave toil now lack. We'll we'll say well done for solving school. Working problem buying flexible work in by. I suspect you develop this grading lab and just say the world yes. I need to be joked making yes. Instagram flexible working. And you're you're you're a disc jockey correct to radio presenter. Yeah like a little bit of my children's spirit would disperse if they heard me. Call myself a dj. I'm a dj. sometimes. I dj in the nightclub. She's a so you're on heart. do you actually do. You actually get to choose the records. Fifty eight takes winding off the gluttonous. After you've reported on the goings on in the war in north germany to you get to play the codes and choose them. Does you have a hand in it but said like you know if i'm feeling a little bit of like shaggy it wasn't me i can get that on update requests. Yeah we could you play next heart. Fm radio really fucking drama base within the framework casey pattering. That's about a and shirley did. Unfortunately i'm molly dyslexic three or four to mary. J. builds the other day that was a life skill the bills get drag queen. I'm not sure she should be very so. I'm sorry to bomb genuine. The technical round machinations of this. So do you choose the record. You have to choose records show no so we have a music team that do that but you can say look. I'm doing lincoln this shaggy. It was made had an affair weekend. Didn't mean it. So maybe we could use that link sh actual type and then craig david monday. I went back on monday. Tuesday wednesday if we can put that forward and then there's a little bit of electronic intel from shaggy to to see day day man but same time by fans store back and try that done for my tonight. Thank you very much. Which the top shaggy cd. I would have craven crave. Eric and craig david the front because yeah but shaggy recommend doing odd suckers stage. Let's piece isn't it would just about the machinations actually get depressed about by the fund. That's so exciting. Because i maybe send us a clip of you having just some silenced. Like the silence. When you're a disc jockey feel like forever like even like a couple seconds of day debilitating literally. I don't think i've had such an adrenaline rush. And do you remember. Graham torrington late night love. No you don't know any of the words you maybe one listen will since he was like basically the guided spy against radio so back in an east quite famous. He's quite well known he would get this pretense so he would get people ring up. You know. I just shagged You know man's best mate will ever really uncomfortable home truth. He would sit there and just pick. You know this really grim. Threesome those happens. We sounds now. She wanted to think it was mostly talking. Okay we're gonna forest there. Were five of us take these but he genuinely breaking down in a very would never patronised. He was so expert in the way that he would be there for the emotional support anyway. This morning he slid into monte ends in torrington inch and he said. Because i put stroke the deicing. How bottom said hello darling. A hating bit of radio ads for hot west moods glad to hear is just one of the many that inspired you long way graham. Not the many the one. Oh tablet just one. You can do leagues materials on the floor up the panoramic view. We find it. Hold it well. There are many ways. There are many ways everything you would be though being a radio yeah. It's just stuff sure it's like when you get on stage ever go. Oh yeah fines. Heidi complacent with this so much. That can always go wrong. But it's lighting my soul. I think you know didn't expect for with two kids to start the career wanted to do was on. I'm over the hill. My mom said over the top of it. I mean severity. This is a slight side note but has no idea what i'm doing the moment she doesn't sound love it and that has really been special because i really loved a job as much to have this and this more feeling a little bit guilty. Because i haven't been seeing them very much. The mind to get to mids and i said look slipped little mossbacher in front of your lunchbox books. Today you can have. that scores. Went allowed sweets at school. Yeah i know but just put it in there. It's fine because integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Wow and i was like okay. I'll take that with. Laurie pupils parliament. I'm not you know talk about and more worried about what we've got rising through the ranks. I literally took the mouth for out of her pat lunch box. You are a better human than i will ever be. did you. learn this. From rules babes. I heard is funny. Go visit my kids today. The cafe and and they were talking about parks and recreation and the article delete ladies called lately. He's played by the wonderful. Amy poehler anyway material said. Oh i'm a bit leslie. What she said. I'm a bit lesbian. And then i said lesbian and then like me off about that you come about with lisbon. Dismiss heads out. They and they're like no you anti gay people and it was like these silence egging a disposing yet. These people are going to take care of the world. I wish they'd hurry up about trying to welcome on you overlord slot. My sister is if she is lesbian. She was so cost when they talk about having children a matt my husband just so that we can have some of this. If you want some right if you need you met your spouse the magic juice yet just you continuing to speak words. And she was like. I will not eyebrow in uterus and that was it but secondly like don't assume just every pair of lesbians is hungry for your sperm. Because we're not quite the opposite these. Could you just take your pain away. It was extraordinary and then wait if he had a baby system. This is going to be able to. This shoulder will be your children's customers. he sold. It should come down but it was just like you know. Because i think probably is matters sleep. He grew up when nuts and zoo and lasts highstreet. Money was thing and now a group of men who grew up in the nineties. Where that kind of bumps lads lads lads raveling a metoo era. And he's saying that and he's now he's like can i can hit your house by the By the machine you can because it's been consent. Yes i'll be got consent if we've just had around i've told you to fuck off. Maybe not maybe context is also one of the parents are over. Not in anyone's watching just could maybe sunday afternoon after a roast if you could just remove your payments from the table five minutes that'd be appreciated things going. Well i'm not gonna. Have you know an uncomfortable. Love familial setup. that's the important thing i just. I just can't get out. Yeah just your logo going. This is my cousin and my sister. Twenty seven brow megyn blessed now speaking of of him. You are a writer. Anna took come on on his from amsterdam and has written three books. Go figure out a bench sneak kick white. Lightning don't know sing anymore. Is it the other day glorious. I mean it was my own hand. Lou republic lou. What are you covering it was it was at the goings look rich run. Yeah yeah you don't want to reveal too much. I'm sorry i'll take it back. Proctoring risk eight. That was off this stuff to set up. You know when you have really concession session and you talk about anyway. Where were we distracted fingering for the first time. So anyway right some books and you've got your vote parenting the shootout life and whereas my happy ending with matt. That's his name is in forty times the the owner of the pain. Yes the browns. Aren't you in a novel excessive. I've rides and honesty a message about this every day it's brilliant. I really think it's fantastic. I sat down to have a flake at also read a book and now sat down. And i thought i'll read it or read a couple of chapters time and like an hour and a half later. I was just got paid now guy way raising and i just read the whole thing in a day because it was unpredictable. It's a real. It's a real flicker page turner road. Congratulations underbelly yes. Yes about well. I'm glad you like to because it was really nerve wracking when you write maybe about your own life you kind of aware of the story. Which what we don nonfiction. Before but going into fiction it's gonna be a war story to keep people going. It really started from that section scar. So i had a picture done my c section scar and i just thought that's the real line of kind of judgment of motherhood start there you doing. Natch natural birth. Roy c section. It all kind of like for me. That part quite so feeling of judgment began at that line where i was kept saying. Oh no it's a non elective c-section like if it was an elective c-section it would be judged an so really resent word natural for natural rules lifesaving medical received says did you have. Did you have your appendix out. Naturally or did you ever see you've broken negative plus in a natural plaster cast yes get. There's a difference but is not sure the right word for that. I know my favorite. You've gotta get out. you know. Both my came out bonnet. And you know. It's definitely not easy alps leading up like a tin can. And so i think it really started there It really began rushing crisis began as a therapy. I was seeing the online disconnection in this world of instant connection. I just thought we can't see each other so missing so much into contact of communication. The words we use and people misinterpreting things that being said and it's kind of it was felt so flat to me the world that we're operating in you layer on top of that the judgment that we talk around breast or bottle say sexual natural birth. All that and i saw this is almost perfect storm and then you start to see the impact of significant disconnection so you not to dwell on this too much but it was hugely impacted by karen flag and you start to really dig into the absorption. She had with the negativity only internet that her family said she started her job at a time pre internet and she was on keva and even though she got a lot of shit you know her and only moore's word likes very much the x factor but where it turned for her was being absorbed by the negativity that she could read online and the impact that has on people and we went into underbelly. I started writing therapy project to try and process a lot of what i was feeling. Because i've had people say kinds of things about me. I mean i look in the mirror warning and i troll myself. No one has to do it for me today. We feel it. We will do enough. I think when we look in the mirror in the morning and i needed somewhere to put the two sides. The fact that you've got let's say people like me. Who's out bat incredibly priviledged painfully. So who is getting all of these opportunities and promoting their and appreciate the japan jiffy bags news that ton up on your front door. You know i don't really. I don't really do much of that anymore. Because i was became increasingly aware of how people were feeling around that. I got that too late. And you've got this past him. Who's been put on a pedestal. Which is uncomfortable anyway. I think i said to you. My dad look to and he was younger and he just said you know she never look to. People never looked down on people. Look straight ahead is on the price or thing and actually speak to the bid man as you would the queen and i to fuck of being china out but i think that's where it really came from. Was this willing of individuals online and how that makes. Let's say postnatally depressed mother who is feeling. She doesn't have the right breast pump. Who's feeling she doesn't have the options that are being furniture. You that disconnect you know. I think it's not in any way. This isn't a puff piece about influences. If anything it's giving the reality is hang up bieber but is giving the other side of the story. The follower and the influence a disconnect and clash often. And what is to be a mother at the moment under the glare of an iphone whether you have one follower million followers that dopamine impacts you the same. Those feelings of. You're not enough. The feelings of comparison that we've didn't show every single day and often a lot of the women are speaking to have a baby on one on the is crying and their phone in the other. Which is the connection to this other world. And then they're very vulnerable looking into that world and you've got some twilight mother pupa like you know flashing a tits around and going off. Just go on. You made your shower and so great. How is that going to make someone feel so. I think it was really wanting to pick aside my when you read it. You felt really conflicted. Between the two characters. Low and dylan most do is saying earlier. Terrible things but actually we all do terrible things. We are all implicitly flawed individuals. You show that under the glare roof instagram and all become more magnified so really wanted. Tell the story of the beauty and complexity of female relationships. And you know and that was it really. I think you did that brilliantly. Done and i love that the carrot to although they have things in common like because that's also the thing we heard we're all united but they've got kids in the same class school in all of this but then you because it's told from both perspectives. You really do see both sides. And they're quite different in terms of their brands in their situations. And all of that. And i even noticed spoiler spoilage. Send the opening. Chapter is a scene in the supermarket in the supermarket the same time and it's told from different perspectives and i definitely identified more with one character tickets my situation and reading the other character. I was good. Yeah i don't have to think about what she thinks about when she goes into a supermarket. And that's the truth for so many people and fought me. I just thought it was brilliant. So jewish may yeah she started. I doubt it s it and i the thing and i really wants a planet. You mentioned your kids as the innocence of children's relationships. You know how they come together and reception claws and then you have played. Cities parents are brought together. And you have to kind of get on because your kids go on and to see the difference in how they both get on the kids. Get on a house afire and these. Two women get on incredibly. Well it's then the instagram bit. All the social media bear that tears them apart because they're seeing a distorted view of that person online. So you know in that moment where. There's a point in the book where they have beautiful moment of togetherness from very different socioeconomic backgrounds. But they've got brilliant sense of humor. They both love each other and they it my ruin it but they flush them off each other able this morning. I'll tell you mine if you show yours. And they have that and a half that we we have with all female friendships like right now. If you're listening you've had that beautiful moment vulnerability huma with woman and to see that pool the pau by an app. That's the bit the. I have seen definitely across the internet and the bit that we wanted to really write about and question. I suppose that we don't actually all have to love lanky shalva. We need to break each tear each other apart. Either this nice midway ground think grievous bodily harm isn't completely ignoring one for someone came up to me in the school playground the other day mom did and she said you've been looking really good in your photos lately. Why she was plot from that was like you. He's self conscious in that regard. You look shit taylor to poke loss where she said. I was re tweeted. The pirates filter on a factor. You know you just hall finger going. And then she has. Parents thrive myself both sanitary in the background. I'm not sure needs this for the parents. Still on the senate sheep in the book to. I found it really interesting. Retouching of you talk about what it is like to on instagram and the negative and the gossip websites and all of that. I mean how. How do you feel about the gossip stuff now is that do you think. Some people are campaigning for those sites. Shut down and stuff. Do you agree with all that. Well i think you know we put book gossip has been around for centuries can still people gossiping ultimately. We're doing here without realizing it I think the difference is gossip. Used to be over garden fence used to be around a coffee table. Mary playing bridge wasn't amplified to like thousands of people and written in stone in the internet than the difference. So there is a line. I think almost increase the legal line but moral line. Yes gossip absolutely but if you hidden behind is available amity if you compare it to let linked tim where everybody's accountable. It's a place of great discussion. You can still disagree with people significantly but you are held accountable to your job. Your name your profile photo. You're not allowed on linked him without any of those things you can't faceless avatar whereas i think that veil of anonymity i think half of it is brilliant half of the gossett the iv the read about myself for the people spitzberg world learning here. And actually you know all that's gonna probably change how oil pray online. That's a very good point. So there's been some brilliant discussion in the underbelly of the intimate but then there's an mit gives free rein to say do what you want. And that's when sometimes the blocks hold so. I think they sites get pulled down by the venom at times from people. Perhaps you don't know the context but having shit time themselves. But if i'm being honest i've used a lot of market research. I have a business. I have never gone into this expertise to like me. Like i said my family dateline means i'd live. I look. I did a couple of years ago. And i little bit emesa of dies. Oh that was awful. So you know. We're learning online. And i think you have to. You have to have discussion open discussion. But i wouldn't shut down do then. Do you think the people running site should be more responsible for moderating them all individuals just need to count ability anonymity. That's it is that's employed. I know we can't shut down freedom of speech that's never going to happen and i think that's you're never going to get to a point where the is a possibility but i think more moderation and accountability just not being anonymous because i have always taken criticism. I get from work this week. Somebody analyzing how i'm on the radio. Take it and you learn from it. So i didn't. They inherently terrible. But i think there are. There's there are some areas of the incident where there's kuala pain and i think that is dangerous because that can be translated to other people and i do think not in any way to draw parallels but i think watching what happens to caroline flack and knowing the things. I felt on a much lower level. You know points have not wanted to be here. Quite significant points of feeling really. He's the word discombobulation really long word. Quantum ocean point. but i'm feeling really untethered. Not knowing who i was because when people telling you what they think you are you start to believe lots of it. So it's taken me a lot to actually really work out. I know i know what's right. I know where my moral compass is here. But i can't sit back on inching no From a lot of other people who are going through the moment that they all feeling those things. I felt and getting worse. Time of it than i ever did. yeah. I think it's. It's just a little guinea pigs. Aren't we know it feels. That's the terrifying. Base communicating is about communication impacts as well. Because i don't think this on here before but we're always about twenty-five they were going to do. It never happened but they were going to do a tv show about video games. Which is my background. They had open additions. So i went to these auditions and there was me and there was of nerds. Like me. didn't look tv ready. i'm myself. I'm not being rude. And then there was this girl who just looked stunning and about my age but she had beautiful make darby any bunch beach will make up and she really funky and corn shut these awesome. She looked like she should be on the telly and we had a little bit and she was lovely and clearly really confident and it was great and we did additions and then after that we were told at got down to the last two and correctly guessed. It was because was on hilarious. And this go and you can probably guess where this story's going in the end. She got the job and i didn't. They rang me in is. Because you you turn right. What can i do with that feedback in the ninth. Yeah luke lead in a roundabout way. You very clever and funny. But you're not. This is not for you lose that i did not even find it up upsetting because like i. I got the job she got. It was current job. And then as i say as apathy to pilot didn't but anyway so but then from that moment that was early life lesson of own right. I'm i am in a box. Dream believe you can achieve wherever you want is kinda poor shit you know join her manifestation. Rain change eighteen labor alive. You can afford to pay someone else to do so much but yeah i do all right. Okay no that's maybe sort of precede. The journalism bit more and then but then it became almost a joke as our careers progressed in. They're very different ways. You know you want to expect. No i remember watching. They're going well. I'm standing in a pub with helen. Thought patsy talking to people who've done jonah. How different our lives proposal. Let us we used to joke but sliding party did we did we did. We saw 'em like a bbc thing. I remember standing next here and you about half a meter away and it was like i'm god. This is slamming doors that you and i remember looking at the gorge. She looks gordon against absolutely gorgeous and groomed and she was smiling and happy and nothing happened to bring it to exigent bothering gordon. Been fucking remember me but to be like. Wow she you know how. What a lovely life she must have and how wonderful and january wasn't like i was like because i do off and it was thought yet. It's funny isn't it. have you seen the caroline flack documentary. I haven't all my god a teacher. Though they the thing that was interesting in that was everybody saw her that way. Just literally pictured. Her is the shiny flexing with harry's back in the day though was a picture that everyone had their minds but actually the absorption she had with the negativity was debilitating. They said that christmas she would come and she wouldn't have a head up from the phone just reading science about herself. And you think that people somebody like karen flat with that for normal amount of fame not the any. You would not think that was equated to somebody like her but she did that. I think people don't read what you say you know the away the that's what people will read. And if you are a vulnerable person and that doesn't necessarily you know you can count on flex was incredibly vulnerable when you look at it under the surface. But she had an incredible mosque that she kept putting on every single day. That was the terrified. Me the disconnection between what was being wasn't stage what was behind the scenes. So if you're already show the internet maybe don't fucking do that. That's my god. Oh shut up. If it's happened you how'd you do it. People who doesn't read it or yeah you still be not bad on. I'm just got better acknowledging you nuts. It's not anything shameful. It's just the fact that you are operating going to be frank on the business. I'm not person out there. And like john lewis get loaded shit for that deliveries and the way that content comes across like a very nice man john. Paul cross this selling though jason derulo. Personally the songwriter. He's name is apparently jason desk. Hello initially but he shows departments on the phone to john. Lewis and you know when you get to the point where you've got customer service now. What's your name de ouro. You leasing is it also true that bring malls his name used to be. Snickers isn't used to be called paraffin. He just got very obscured you saying. I think we all get after acknowledge criticism within a line of work. And i think bill quite every bust system. If i know no one moral compass. I know why animal i'm not and i think the problem was didn't was in postnatal period. It's very hard to know who you are and seeds wood from the trees. So when i read anything i'm like but that's not true. Say give it that like. It's just not true as i know that And then if there's things that like i don't understand why she's done this. I'm not. That's maybe good mush in its reuse to know you because you don't i find sometimes perhaps the adulation as difficult sometimes. It's a criticism normal state for a human to be in she. Most people just go about their day and talk to each other. You don't go. i love you. You're brave you're inspirational eight-year-old will come. It's kind of midway ground. Where you just go about your day and head off to tesco metro. It's like in your mind when you are really porous which you are in the postnatal period literally like a kid the world some feeling. The more i'm going to put out there was putting out stories every single day chasing something. That was the worst. I felt the more put out. Trying get the hit and that was really a coming underbelly. We want that social media addiction and again regardless of whether you thousands of followers flocking breast pumps or whether have ten followers and a feeling really except porous absorbing everything that comes out you up and we'll do it and how would you draw the line well as textbook and you're right. It's just an white house on the cover but you did write it with the sperm amos burn donor matlock. Qualcomm choson for them. So wh how come how come. How come you frederick forsyth. Whereas wife used to talk about the secretary for novels for fiction you have one name. Yeah they don't allow names issue. I know people get confused. Apparently any fiction. There's only one name. Oh you can or nonfiction how to name so this really difficult point where. We will kate to be fair. The heart of the book me book wouldn't be here without lots of the things i've learned on living online so we had a long chat about it. And you know people know motherfucker and white house. And the is an intriguing. What she is it like being where she is for all of Criticism we can throw at that. Like what's the reality of these one nine photos in your grid this to depiction but what's the three d. picture. So basically the way we were matt would write me recipe card. He'd say right with all this. You've got from your notes when you feeling really share over the last three years and i just talked to talk to time never meant for publishing just myself all of this. Can we have two thousand words in this chapter where these two characters do this. And they feel this so i would write in and then he would pull it together. Nuts and bolts and really. Hold it up but we couldn't have done it without each other. I'd say it's fifty fifty in how we wrote it but this is he's such an ally he was like. This book was better with your name on it. That's the trees and he's not precious and on no precious in it wasn't online i will name it. A is part of me that wants to own the narrative on wants to stand up and say look. This is what it's really like. You might not like me but this is the truth. This is the human story behind it which is quite interesting. And then we saw raising it you start seeing the nuance of what it takes to operate online the disconnection with your own family the arguments with your partner publicly where my oldest looked at me and just said sometimes. I think you don't mind me when you're on your phone those dark moments. everybody's had them mummy. Mummy mummy mummy mummy. One minute just a minute. Stop and you stop for wall. That's the point that i wanted to question here. So yeah we did rise together. The sideline the patriarchy in favor of the matriarch and them check. We bloody turn is next. Just he's just wondering weiner around then we go undefeated and it's out. When is the affect of order this civil senate race summary. It's out a week after my book on by divers names don hands because she could get divorced and has written the best chapter and we just called. Elliot's bit yes. I'm gonna get it serialised in the sunday times when you tell pete devoting this less pay all right. She know of read. This book walks. Get out john with you but yes honesty. It's a great book. Definitely three stars out five. Can't least always hey hint and helen. We wanna talk to you about the phoenix. The weekly comic for seven to fourteen year olds. The very one helen. Now seriously archaism and getting a phoenix delivered for a couple of years now and they love it. It's great funny stories and serialisations. My favorite character early is clear justice. Ninja brackets ninja of justice. She's also i love it because it gets kids off the screen which means i can relax and look instagram on the toilet guilt free. You can try six issues of the phoenix. Just one pal. That's what i said. One pound of hinted just go to. Www dot the phoenix comic dot co dot. Uk ford slash. Scummy to sign up. or that. Goodness you quit the www near that. Never find it absolutely now it. It's time for discovery. Mommy confessions and we have a sponsor for the confession. I love this sponsor. It is now we casually chatting about the before we started recording. What we and used to you've used it is a veg led weaning and they had delicious pouches and little yummy. Poofs the pasta. I guess it's finger food sean. It's odd percent. Lentil paths reading gorgeous. Eaten this before anyone ever is had. When he's township squirt in little like elevensies. Little tigreen chicken. Carry elevensies but guilt free. Because it's it's one hundred percent organic. It's got nurturing future. 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It was all gorgeous just about to serve it and my daughter tipped over a bottle of press echo over the top of it anyway. A percent cake slept well after that bloody delicious. It was fucking. Sms made a case more. Bloody set out in the sudden catnip on copper. And roddy get now in you sucked anyway. On caterpillars in there is the scummy mummy confession this week as do commuting on a train lots birmingham and there was no bulk role in the train. Toilets all ahead was my fabric facemask. I used it. And you're not gonna go down to pattern those hands and then i saw actually it was. I had an e coke and under well. Yeah yeah me face masks. I slotted the used face mar would like the idea. I soiled number one. Luckily dry con con con moist. Gutter i spent. I spent a of time. Travelling in southeast asia lee road so there is a negative remembrance. Becky kleenex they shake strike short trips. Though i shake it off shake it off. His accuracy mentioned struggled over likes owned flicking a urine people always known. Hey hey hey. I'm in a bag. To contain it with a used square is opening a packet so slotted this used face into the used square so much like bit of vinegar in disguise it would actually burns a hot button and it was just not my you around trump your keys away. Oh god remember just that you just not hunting talk show. Basically it was just for the environment was good. I did wash it. i'll stay. Yeah and it was the next day story for you are a good person chops story with the number two. I'm being media multimedia. It's definitely one of my favorites is likely just love simar. She nights very easy to save. They're like oh so funny let's be self deprecating but you're just two brilliant. Humans have supported me ways that jesus plus witness pound trae off his speech and trump says. I just want guys you just faulted. It's in the middle of giving held the wall moment. I was about to literally say most beautiful words. Spiker some may go this. It's me you've been eating these study. She's spent on the site the up what. You're saying great pleasant. Yeah that's just some every minute. Repulsing an our yaqoob kind of we love you too. Thank you very much for coming on the podcast and all that you do and writing an excellent book and thanks for listening if you want to live fingers crossed where we're going to be live and we will be somewhere somehow dot com. Do you go to the shop. That i've been getting cranston about just the moment he's going to expecting only sin saber on you you can fuck you bags you can pre-order my book she's cheese. Let's end this as dot gov slash shop scummy mummy twenty eight twenty percent of cases. Austin puffs for your amazing thing. Everybody until next i soft cover is out now for the other one. Yes the paperback yes. Back somewhere far away opposite back hot. Take back cover. Hey and helen. We want to talk to you about the phoenix. The weekly comic for seven to fourteen year olds. The very one helen. Now seriously archaism and getting phoenix delivered for a couple of years now and they love it. It's great funny stories and serialisations. My favorite character elliott is clear justice ninja bracket ninja of justice. She's also i love it because it gets kids off the screen which means i can relax an instagram on the toilet guilt free. You can try six issues of the phoenix. Just one pound one. That's what i said. One pound of hinted. Www dot the phoenix comic dot co dot uk forward slash scummy to sign up or they're going to put the www near the never find it. Absolutely hi this is benjamin from the uk true crime podcast. They walk among us brought to you by. Imc networks shudders of premium streaming experience. That provides a multi sensory dive into fantastical worlds offering the very best of old and new horror. 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Pie and Cards

Dads Outnumbered

26:40 min | 2 years ago

Pie and Cards

"Imagine live from experimental studio in Phoenix Arizona. It's Dad's outnumbered. Let's give a shout out to your hosts Glenn in Craig Buddy. Welcome to this week's episode of dance. Outnumbered my name is Glenn and joined with Craig Today and we thank you for joining us. You know again. Just a reminder dad's number. We are DADS of daughters and this is a group therapy session or a virtual group therapy session To share tips and tails all on on the journey along the way overdoing it. Hey Man you're outnumbered it's right. Surrounded by females. Maybe you want somewhere to go to talk about. It gets tips. This is the play. This is the place and I. Of course have three daughters and Craig has two daughters so were definitely outnumbered but again glad to have you here now greg. You've been traveling so Yeah we took The family and we headed off to Your before interruption. We're always in a construction zone. I swear I don't think people care last night it was airplanes flying over and how it's Some dump truck or something just went by but It's one hundred degrees outside but we're in the shade Yeah so we headed off to Europe. we were fortunate enough to take my mother-in-law along with us so my wife my two daughters and my mother-in-law and the secret there is a relative a friend mother-in-law can watch the kids so that can be more than just parents while you're on a trip so that's always worked out for every summer on our vacation This time we flew through Chicago on our way to Amsterdam and asked about four days in Amsterdam London for a couple of days down to the Isle of wight which is an island south of England for about a week matter friends there we have some English friends and There's about nineteen of us Hanging out for about a week and then back to London for a couple of days I flew back by myself which was glorious eight hours of watching movies reading and resting on the plane and then they followed about four days later and say wife and Was the traveling separate because of work or just because you wanted to watch it already been. I was already Gone for about two weeks so you start asking yourself. How much vacation do I really WANNA burn on one of these so there was no reason with the kids out of school for this summer? And my wife with more flexible work schedule. No reason why they shouldn't stay and enjoy once. You're already over there. So they were saying at a friend's house so it was a good time. I know the weather was you know. England is England. But you're at the beach but was warm enough. I mean yeah you know I think the warm Arizona weather followed US pretty well. We had a couple of beach days. I think there's only one or two days that were sort of raining and dreary but otherwise funny enough. The days we went to the beach the sun was out. It was doing pretty good but I learned a few things on my trip. Tell me more. Do you want to jump into that right well? Yes what did you learn? Craig Larry learned so I don't get any other method. I'm sure everyone has their own method to travelling to Europe or other time zones. There's a difference for us of about eight hours so we had to have a strategy especially with small kids and I think the way to go both directions is stay up at least it worked for us Because you're you're we took an overnight flight so you sleep as much as possible but that day you arrive in Europe Your impulses to take a nap and if you take a nap I am convinced you just ruin your time schedule. Your bio rhythm. All of that sort of thing so if you take a big nap once you get there it could mess you up trying to go to sleep later at his sort of pulls you back onto. Us Time so we landed. The girls had only had about five six hours sleep which is not enough for them. They get about eleven or twelve every night and we just stayed up as much as we could. We had activities. We did things and then we let them crash a little earlier than normal. Maybe six seven so that SORTA got him on a good schedule and on the way back. Same sort of thing is you're just adding eight hours to your days so it's really really long day but stay up whether the storm. I took a little half hour nap on the plane but not much That way you get back and you're ready to go to sleep at the right time. It just feels like a super long day. So that was one of the things Parks libraries bicycles. Yes Glenn or I just wanted to ask a question. I know that that's great advice on the flight. Back where the kids wake or did they. Did you keep them awake on the flight to yeah told JEN to try that method? So they left about two thirty. I think from London and they stayed up the whole time and it was probably about eleven pm London time when they landed in Chicago so once they got to Chicago. Unfortunately had about three or four hour. Layover so Spend a few bucks twenty nine bucks I think on Ebay to buy some united club passes so they were able to rest for our two in the United Club but once they got to Chicago I said let them sleep so they're sleeping in Chicago. They're sleeping on the plane flight from Chicago to Phoenix than we got him home. We transitioned we. Let him sleep in. So yeah that that's a that's a great method and I just you never know what the kids that day out whether or not the afternoon they they start to lose it because it's it's tough as an adult. It's got to be really tough as a kid. They don't know their bodies well but you kept a move. It sounds like great fantastic. I'll make the other tips a little bit quicker here but when you're over in the Senate depending on the age of your kids like you don't have to spend a ton of money. I think we had just as good memories from going to the parks around Amsterdam the library when went to the Big Amsterdam library which was really awesome to see. We biked one day. You don't have to go all out with tickets for the biggest and greatest things around. I think kids at six eight nine until they're a little older and maybe have interest in one absorb information You know six eight year olds are just as happy at the park or the library than they are. And you're soaking up Life there of regular people as well. Can I ASK ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS CRAIG? Did you go with an apartment or hotel on this trip? I the England part. You were in Stated a house but for the other part. How did you handle that? Well On the other white funny enough for seven days. We stayed on a working farm. That enough rooms in Combinations for twenty people and that was pretty awesome but in Amsterdam we did. Vr B. O. Which AIRBNB and we got what they call an apartment there. I think the owner lived in the flat above us. You know so. He had probably converted as multilevel house into a rental and it was good. It was sprawling enough Wasn't probably the cleanest of all places and not the newest of all places but served our needs for five of us for a number of nights as great especially with the number of five hundred. The party five most hotel rooms can accommodate that so that was a good choice. Fantastic and then Two more things one is. I started realizing about halfway through our trip. That with kids daughters You know you might go through your regular life. They're in a routine and you might set up a play date right for a couple of hours and that can wear them out and then you start realizing when they're on a trip like this especially around friends or family there on the go from seven. Am until seven PM. And that's like twelve hour play date like we were around with our friends and so the kids would wake up and run out there and join their friends and start eating and playing all day long and our kids were just coming apart at the seams after a few days right and I reminded my wife like but we set up a play date here and there for them and that's good activity for them. They're basically on a twelve hour days right now and when you're traveling with kids you have to remember that relating to rest and taking it easy and otherwise you're just gonNA fry out headed. Uni Naps in at any point during the trip. Were at at their downtime. Or anything scheduled like that We always try to have a little dip in the afternoon. It doesn't always happen but our kids don't necessarily nap. They might take a nap once every three months or four months when this out of control but I think we put them on stories like a sparkle story with a subscription stories and they have to lay down and listen to a story or two usually twenty to forty five minutes of just a little more. Chill time it's We call it rest time but I don't think they actually fall asleep. Did Dad get any naps during the trip I don't think so good. What's the mother-in-law good for if we done that's right? Get a nap in the last thing I learned is really. Planes are a miserable place as not just the bathrooms on the planes but planes can be miserable for long periods of time so my wife always has sort of a more rigidity on what she wants the kids to do on an airplane. They need to do activities and coloring and then they need to do this and she tries to keep them on sort of their normal life schedule where I say. If you're on a plane you can let the rules. Sorta falls to the wayside because the plane is miserable enough. We don't have to try to add onto that so we let the kids watch implied entertainment on united and others So the kids got to watch a lot of shows a lot of TV and so they're in heaven and they're quiet and they're not bothering you so it's actually a chance for you to sleep or read or watch something as well so I say. Planes are miserable enough. Why make them more so it? Did you send drinks back from first-class while you're sitting little joke there buddy? I'm glad he had a great time. You know Real quick on while I didn't go to Europe my middle daughter. Who's going to be a senior in high school went on a school trip For eleven days and so. It's interesting where you're hearing your experience but you know it's one of those things where it was ten students and two teachers and she went to Ireland Wales England and France and had a great time and it was really neat. Because that's the way the longest she'd been away from home and so on one hand it was like we wonder house you'll do and she also likes her downtime and so to be on stage you know twenty four seven for eleven straight days. We were worried if that was going to take it sold. But she had a great time at at She made a bonded made some relationships. The said the weather was in Ireland. It rained the whole time. But she said it was really fabulous. So how you do. I know your oldest daughter is been out and about and but now you're getting down into the other daughters and so How did you feel about her? Leaving the country without being close enough to you guys like. Was it a a form of stress each day? Do Motion notionally. You know it is interesting and you gotta give credit to the oldest child in the family Because they are you know they really are the trailblazer so my oldest daughter went when she was going between tenth eleventh grade. She went to Switzerland with girl scout troop several years ago. And that was tough. I just because when you worry but as the more it's happens these year it gets in and So it was more wasn't that you know you Mr in the house but again as time goes on you start to get easier. My oldest also spent a summer in France last summer. So you get kind of used to them or comfortable with them being gone for long stretches of time but you know this is one that she hadn't gone before You know by herself and so But it worked out great and So we're really happy for you. Don't need to get him back from. It's great to get back. We we went to the airport at eleven o'clock on Monday. We had signs A welcome back signs. It was a lot of fun so nice. Well you know this is our fathers day episode. This is our fathers day into exactly. This banter lasted at like twelve on cable banter. Wait while you had stories to tell advisors share so Spending all these time in In Europe you know how it is so but now with. What's the plan for Father's Day this year? Do you have any idea of what you will be doing this? Father's Day Craig. Yes I had this fundamental shift. You know two years ago when my parents moved to Phoenix yes fathers. They used to be all right a car. You make a phone call. Send a gift and out the whole ton right and then everything could be about me and you know that's where I start from so Yeah I'm not struggling with but there is a another hierarchy my father to consider and have to make sure he's having say oh. You're splitting father's Day. I know there's a lot of fathers out there who have to split father's Day with maybe two other fathers stepfathers. Yeah the whole clan so I'm working through that. And so what I tried to do is figure out. At first. I was like well. I'M GONNA do my thing. He can do his thing. We'll get together at some point later in the day as pie and car But then I decided what our common interests so Fortunately well just coincidentally my. My mom is taking my girls to play pink delicious. The play I got my wife. I got my wife to drive them. Even though she going Inge Right GonNa sit outside or work at a cafe or something and so then my dad and I are now clear. So we're going to go to the movies on Sunday afternoon and then we'll go back to their place to barbecue so I figure movie meet and then everyone will join us and we'll have dinner and exchange gifts and Apple Pie there you go. And that's that's that's actually great. Because at the end of the day is the Dad and your dad is well what what does he want? He doesn't want pomp and circumstances. He wants downtime. Hedonism and but his pious tradition at the At your household. And Yeah but it's going to be funny because my mom. I think shows her love through cooking and I got and but I will not be partaking in the pie this year. I'm on that Tito. Oh good for you and so my mom has yet to find out that I will not be accepting her love on poverty. So we'll see how all that goes down. But do you know Glenn Let me tell you haven't we all you know as they're older again it's interesting when With the girls. It's a surprise because they drive and have means of income. You know it's literally GonNa be a lunch or a breakfast and I should be pretty much off the hook. Is it a meal with your kids without your this right? She does not get involved. Yes we've now gone to the father's Day or Mother's Day is solely kid and parent the other parent is singular. The other one is off the hook. So it's actually mother's Day was a vacation for me because I had an entire afternoon to of You know no one else in the household so was great so the same thing for her. So I'll take me somewhere. My wife is completely off the hook. Which which is actually fought because they're not my You know he's not my you know. What age does the bad gifts stop and more reasonable gifts begin? Oh it's usually goes elementary school. We actually The I think they go from the handmade gifts end about six grade. Just to let you know ten eleven and then they get into gift certificates such as I will spend time with you or something along that line and now I just told them this year because my birthdays just a week before and they already did stuff for me at I said. Let's do meal and experiential and I'm good you know so. I'M NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING THIS YEAR. Which is totally fine by me. As long as we're spending time together that's the important thing. Well here's a few other things that father's like to do or ideas to do because you can't be a little selfish on father's Day and I know fathers out there who are like. Oh I just want to spend it with my kids. That's the whole point of father's Day. I'm a father you can't be selfish or you can do things with the family. So here are the most popular things to do on father's Day so You give you give me your immediate response. Yeah good no thanks. People want to get to know you bowling. Would you like to bowl on father's day I would have with the girls while ago? They probably would be less Not not too hot on. No right water park waterpark. Yeah that would be all right. I wouldn't mind that CARSO car show now not not my scene definitely not there so outdoor adventure outdoor adventure absolutely movies movies good yes. I'm in Golf Golf Driving Range we've done and that's a good one then putting on a show for us now I There's no way I would ever get them to do that now. But years ago there was a show going on all the time a picnic picnic sweet absolutely. I would be up for that. Camping camping always good. But generally I would need to know about that advanced and I'm sorry to surprise me on that one. You Know Video Games Video Games. And that's that's two every day Barbecue barbecue generally all doing the barbecue. So that's that's always a good thing. Take Dadullah Baseball game. If if they're in town that wouldn't be bad. So when my net at all Glen would you like breakfast in bed on Father's Day on that it would be all right but usually it's They just delivered Lee and for that lucky ten percent of the US population going to the beach or possibly. Yes always a good thing. Yeah so there you go. There's some great tits activities do unpublished fantastic so one thing occurred to me as we were preparing for. This show is if you think about it every year. There's like a journey in the sense that you know our kids get older. We get older life. Changes circumstances changes. I was asked you and I thought about it myself. What is the kind of the one big lesson or something? You've learned that you've learned in the last twelve months You know that you could impart to the fellow. Dad's the legions of dad listeners. Out there and I'll go first greg. You know one of the things I glen. Could you go? I think I'm GonNa go first absolutely but one of the things that's kind of an interesting thing is the I think you have to modify the playbook and what I mean by that is that what may have worked in a parenting standpoint. How you related to the kids in a even a year or two years ago in you're GONNA have to change up your Your being in the way because they what they listen to how they listen how they respond to your jokes three years ago. Where funny when they were three years younger but no longer are funny so I I hate to say IT I. We all have to evolve. They evolve and I think parenting needs to evolve. So I I you know I do some of the same things that I've done through years jokes or teasing them and they they are not well received. So I've gotta mix it up a little more and then part of that is actually listening more to them and in terms of You Know Mickey Charm Responding In what they're looking for as opposed to just Responding normally so I guess I'm saying is adapt or die is a good parenting technique. That I think I've I've I haven't necessarily applied it but I've learned that That it's something I need to do. Well if you think about professional athletes or your career also professional father exactly what you got to think about your game and your skill set and your toolkit and evolve. It's like changing the golf swing. Absolutely you know tiger reconfigured exactly exactly wing PUMPAD. Two people have to chain absolutely greg. How about you what What is the one thing you learned in the last twelve months when as a dad I think with sixth an eight year old I think You know as as sort of open up to the world and start experiencing the world more I think you have to expect to work harder to connect with them and so before I think you know there are a little smaller inward focused. And you're a little more at the center of everything as parents and then now they're getting cold in a number of different directions and you're you come home. You have dinner. They're going to bed. It's like it's all becoming very fast and a blur so you have to sort of think about. Where can I connect? It doesn't happen as naturally and so you have to start to evolve some common interests things you do together and so we've been doing a great series of books right. We did. Pinocchio Peter Pan now are in Charlie and the chocolate background which is amazing at this age. Six eight a highly recommended. Every chapter is like a cliffhanger that they're screaming for Oh really and then Maybe it's a project together. We're going to put a ZIP line over the swimming pool in the next few weeks. Maybe it's watching sports or playing sports but something that you can do together that they're excited about because it just doesn't happen quite as fast or is sufficiently or as naturally without a little strategic jury around it. It's interesting 'cause you're actually right. You're the center and your wife or the center of their universe in a way but again it and then you're right. There's other things they start to see and you become a supporting character in it yet. Now there is something during the day in school or something after school and so their schedules are starting to fill up. So yes we're GONNA have to figure out where you're going to bond with them now. I think that's really That's that's excellent advice and It's definitely something we have to. You can't be complacent and keep learning and and go from there so that's great. Thank you for sharing your one idea Do you have any other father's Day Folklore you'd care to share all? I thought I'd close us out with some Quotes from some comedians about father. I thought I'd read some of these. And then you give me a quick review impression. Maybe it's what is the fundamental truth behind? This is it funny. Does it resonate any of your opinions are bringing on? Are you ready to climb ready? Craig David Tell David L. I don't know who David Attila a very famous standup comedian. Because when you're young you think your dad is Superman. Then you grew up and you realize he's just a regular guy who wears a cape very profound very profound but at least he. He's you know I don't know what else to say. How very profound I think that's right. Yes Okay Rita redner you ever good all right I gave my father one hundred dollars and said by yourself something that will make your life easier so he went out and bought a gift for my mom. That's that is really the essence of of the whole relationship dynamic at the good answer all right the next one number three no drum rolls here Bob Auden Kirk. I think he's the Guy I know who he is from breaking bad. Yeah Yeah Okay. The actor My daughter got me a world's Dad Mug so we know she sarcastic very profound profound and that self deprecating humor always works well with the kids so you know what I mean so that was good craig any other service to more tomorrow from Rodney. Dangerfield have heard of Rodney Dangerfield. He said me and my dad used to play tag. He'd drive. I get no respect. That's right all right. And the last we're going to close out with an American icon Mark Twain Mark Twain Roaf. When I was a boy of fourteen my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around but when I got to be twenty one. I was astonished at how much the old men had learned in seven years. Oh yes that's a very good. I like that very early days of just not right right thinking within as you get older in your twenties you start coming back around and you think that was one hundred some years ago and yet it rings knows interviews stated this thing. I always tell people if they're having problems with their teenager. Wait until they're twenty three legged. Usually they come back and they're more sensible but yeah we're still. It's still not there yet. That's for future episodes but That's great I think we've got it covered. Craig thanks for England. You know. Don't just feedback Glen. You'RE A model here I've watched. I've learned You really go all in your all in. I don't WanNa be as much of a father as you are but I am learning and taking no no and you've got Yeah I don't want to give it back to you because you don't like that but Otherwise but We got to thank all of Dad's I mean it's a tough job and It's the best job you'll ever have all of that you know that but ultimately off just a good time to take the point to recognize that it's the best job you'll ever have and And do your best at it and it's easy to get complacent it's easy to get distracted and easy to think about yourself but you know helping those girls evolve and grow and nurture them so they can be stand on their own. Two feet is is really. You know the gift we give to the world and the gift we give is when things are hard at difficult or you have a question Someone you need to talk to you come to the DADS outnumbered podcast. And that's not enough. Make sure you tell a friend a family member. There's lots of DADS out there who were DADS of daughters. They might want something humorous to listen to on the drive home on their run so spread the word and help us Raise better dot there you go. You are not alone everyone. Thank you and have a great father's Day. Dad's outnumbered was recorded gate experiment districts studios located in Phoenix Arizona. Please leave a message after the tone numbered horrible joke.

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US Open Re-Lived: Marat Safin 2000

The Tennis Podcast

1:30:37 hr | Last month

US Open Re-Lived: Marat Safin 2000

"Hi this is billie jean king. This is marion. Bartoli amass philander. This is mary carillo. Pam shriver rowing lleyton hewitt. This is yannick noah. And you're listening to the tennis podcasts breath. Hello folks we are back. We're back a little bit sooner than you might have expected us to be back. He knew that was possible because it is that time again it is tennis relived time. We have relived australian opens. We have relived. french opens we have relived wimbledon's and now it's time to relive to particular. Us opens this episode. Will take us back in time to the year. Two thousand remember when the year. Two thousand david and i know the answer to this question is very definitely. Yes felt like a sort of futuristic time a space age time and now it feels like ages ago. Yes yes it's when we started using the millennium had never used that before apart from win talking about star wars that. When did that happen. It's like it's like it's like well the pandemic lingo that we now that now just rolls off our tongue. When when did y2k become just common parlance. Well i do remember it. Come across my radar and me starting to look at all my technology devices and thinking so these things are just going to stop working immediately. What was your level of y2k. Fear david pretty heightened pretty heightened. Yeah i would say so. I just assumed i. I believed every word of it. Would you have taken a flight and been in the air because people threatening for planes to just cease to function and fall out of the sky at midnight on on january. First thousand probably left a few hours. Yeah well spoiler fakes. Everything was completely fine. What was your level of paranoia through. Oh i found it quite exciting. I i didn't think the world is going to end. And i think because when you're the age what what would i have been the team when you're that age everything's find isn't it. Everything's going to be fine. You just to see things might sort of rock you a little bit but basically everything will always be fine spoiler alert. That's not true. Either matt was in the world but wait. Remember anything of what we're talking about today. In fact matt compiled the list of things that happened in the itchy thousand to set the scene. None of which you remember matt. Do you remember the release of spinning around by kylie dental. Release now but i know the song you don't remember the scandal caused by her gold hot pants. Ni- don't remember that Do you remember ed. Craig david the first time around. The answer is not all of these. Did you visit the millennium dome. Yes i did. wasn't david. brilliant. Everybody's complaining about they will never. I thought it was wonderful when we my parents had a lovely. Everybody's slagging off i on a lovely time and then and and i admit i was sitting in their thinking. Great in arena. This would make then vision re david. The millennium bridge also opened tate. Modern it was the year of the sydney olympics. Of course still. I think one of the most successful an iconic olympics and weekend be really reliving. Mar safin's bowl career but in particular his run to the to the title in new because a twenty year old in two thousand but of course that year the olympics came off to the. Us open. didn't it because obviously if the australian climate but that was something that we touched on a little bit in our olympics relived episodes last year. Catch those in our in our back catalogue. Tiger woods won. Three of the four majors. That year. Which i wasn't following the time. I'm sure that felt monumental at the time. But i'd say twenty one years of hindsight makes that feel even more monumental. I'm blown away. Every time i look at tiger woods his stats engulf because they just so apart from anything else that anyone has been able to do since and then he won the first major of two thousand and one to hold or four in a row and that was before by the way anybody was doing the in tennis which is which is something them striking me. I remember what she an interview with him just after he won that final one the four and they said you know are you do you do. Are you a grand slam winner effectively. And he said well. I'm holding all four you know. And that was before. Serena won or four. It was before him obviously fatter in the dial and chocolate should come along and i remember getting very competitive on behalf of tennis when federal started to catch him up and eventually overtake him. Y- as you say. Matt nobody's anywhere near that level of dominance said that sound. Okay jack nicklaus has more in total but Yeah it's quite interesting. Isn't it to to compare all these years on sorry to load the tone but it was also the year if the first series of big brother which was a very big feature in my life at the time. I could probably still tell you most of the big brother and the order in which they exited the house. Yeah i loved it so much Brad pitt and jennifer aniston got married playstation two was released And of course it was. The george bush won the us presidential election defeating al gore. A better cost the fact that he wasn't actually known in confirmed until the in two thousand and one. I didn't think because the legal battles hanging chads in florida at need listen to ragged podcast series about all of that By slate if anybody wants to check it out. So we've permitted political podcasts. We've permitted golf tennis. What was merit staffan doing. In the a two thousand he was twenty years of age. He was born in moscow in january. One thousand nine hundred ninety. His father managed local tennis club where mary trained but he needed to move away from home at a young age to give himself a chance of being attendance player. Now this is something. I absolutely didn't know you know i feel like marat. Safin's career pretty closely tracked my first generation of tennis interest but he originally went to the bolletteri me in florida but nickel cherry chose marcello reels for scholarship instead of mar sutphin. It was at that point. The mar- softened went to went to train an academy in valencia. And of course became fluent in spanish. And i had no idea imagine having the choice between musalo real and mart softened in terms of raw talent. And i know that's a that's a full debate. According to a lotta people but roar natural talent it. I think it struggled to find two plays with a combined title greater than those day and i would struggle to pick between them if i debate voluntary's shoes. I mean they couldn't be wrong. Did he pick wrong. We was muslim. The rails parted part of the movement. Folks is going to come up a lot. Today was also part of the move. He was before the movement rice. He was part of the problem actually because he came along and was prodigiously talented but an absolute nightmare as a human being to deal with. I'm not saying he was without the chew but he was one of the most when he was the most difficult player i ever dealt with at the atp and that was in my time then he got to world war the public aware of that day. Gajah i mean he. There was a piece front covers. Sports illustrated with a picture of him and the headline the most hated man in tennis. And and the whole article was about how difficult to deal with. And i've gotten quotes. David could've done a secret. Secret sauce wasn't but i you know i'm not saying i wouldn't have done because of a i mean i certainly have a lot of tales from time dealing with marceta arrest funny enough. We've got kafelnikov. Today's podcast talking about marriage. Southern you've kenny was also very very difficult to do it for me at that time and yet now post career. He couldn't be nicer and he couldn't be more helpful but At any most of the rails has changed much and you've kafelnikov with blessing very much. A part of the reason that people were desperate for the movement right. Yeah yeah there was a there was a period of time. And we're probably about to into one now as well. Where you between generations and pete sampras and andre agassi were the rivals of the time and everybody was talking about that for good six or seven years and then you got to a stage where agassi had had disappeared from view. You'd had that that incredible year ninety-five he'd won olympic gold ninety six and then he disappeared and in one thousand nine hundred thousand. Nine hundred. eighty really wasn't a factor and at that point. Really you've got pat rafter. The us open. But you'd also got call us moya kafelnikov and players like that who beat quota was successful winning stuff but they weren't cereal winners and it was difficult to to build a real narrative about things and and when inverted commas the movement came along and we talked about in the early two thousands that was there was a big advertising campaign which sam safran was front and center called noodles. Please and they lines. Was he a head of for the initials. Please lineup where we see. The one federal was on on the outskirts yes. He's not because he had done more winning well he'd won because of this. Us open that. We're about to describe and cover because And i think i might have said before. He was a bit miffed. That federal was even in that lineup because federal hadn't done anything that was his view. You know him me and curtain and light and here we've won stuff was his few. We've won major titles. Who's this this guy. Yeah he's talented but in donating was his view And i mean to be honest. He was right. It was all about potential. But then i should say before we get into any of this that our guest editor for this episode is james meredith. Who is very hopefully and very ably guided. I was gonna say our hands with the research but actually it is all down to david. David winton into interviewing overdrive this episode. There was a period of about seven hours. Where david must have had some red bull or something because he just disappeared disappeared for came back and said i've done twenty-seven we're all set to go for the saf episode. I hope you've done all the research. So yes thank you very much today. Matt and james meredith feel help with guiding the upset and with choosing the eighty thousand safran. Let's say from the first people that we're gonna hear from in this episode one of one of david's many entities. This is chris clarry if the new york times of course remembering the first moment that he saw merit zaphon and his talent and he says he instantly sort of future world number one. I mean. I've only had that number one for sure. Feeling watching men's players twice first timers with murat ninety eight french when he came out of the woodwork and beat agassi and and and was basically. His game was next level with the double handed. Backhand leaping guys six foot four. He could run like a deer had power from everywhere. Big serve huge swagger charisma. I just watched them planes. That's number one. He will be number one. And as it turned out the other guy was roger federer when i was signing planned basel two thousand one in davis cup against us so i was right in both cases. I gotta say but obviously mariah didn't last very long. I've forgotten whether it was a couple of weeks or one week or would it turned out to be and it was in two thousand. Which was the year when they had that crazy system with the points race. Where where you didn't really give those who reached the top of the fifty two week ranking their proper and they were using using the year along points race instead like formula one so at the time when murat actually hit that spot on the computer there was no celebration of it. It was only post-facto so he kind of got hurt. Sheriff there but for me. Miranda really had everything. He was had tall. The most of the players. In that era at six foot four he was he was really mobile for a big guy and it was considered big at that time had such amazing power and ability to do damage from all different parts of the court. I think he could volleyed pretty well. It wasn't a great volume but he was effective when he came forward and he was confident in had an all court game in that sense and he was just couldn't take your eyes off when you watch them so for me. Wanna talk about in. The master is that we always think of roger sort of being predestined for greatness. Perhaps there was a bit of predestination there but there are other guys around him also like they had all the tools and they didn't make it so i was try- and i use maradas of the big example of all the things that could happen to roger in some way because roger was also very volatile as a young man. He had trouble with his emotions as we all know it lasted longer than people. Remember one of the matches it help. Roger chain was imagine rome against morad actually when they both were just yelling and cursing tossing rackets around and sort of just looking miserable on the court and roger watching a video of that match afterward. And saying i'm not sure if the image i want to project to the world i wasn't the end of his behavior but it was definitely contributing to it and mirant. Never never had that you know. Come to the mountain moment. He was never able to really control his temporary his emotions for very long. And you know on a point level yet. A lot of baggage to i mean. He left home very very young from russia. Kind of shopping around for a place to work game. His mother was a tennis very tennis player. One of the best in former soviet union. She coached him but he needed to get outside the country during times of trouble to get good and he basically left home pretty much for good fourteen thirteen and i talked to him for the book and talk a lot about the actually and how really it was traumatic for him and that was definitely part of the reason why i think he lacks some of that court confidence of course ability. It can make you grow up faster. It's true and give you strength but it can also deprive us some of that feeling of insecurity so morad is a fascinating case. Was if anybody listening to this too young to remember him. Hey youtube right away. That was aimed at you. Matt basically my life mater m. p. s. next time you'll picking your family usual and tipping them. Sixers definitely run. Imposs- chris clarry first hundred percent strike rate on predicting world number one. I mean he's definitely go to conservative policy with predicting. But it doesn't do one hundred fifty podcasts year. After my prediction every single one it is amazing to hear merit sophon two time grand slam champion. And former world number-one merit sophon being talked about is the counterfactual for roger federer. And all the success. He's had but that is the level of talent and potential that merit safran at right that i think unanimously the tennis world. Consider him an underachiever. Yes in strict. Tell in terms. I would definitely say that he. He could do it all he. He was a next generation player. He didn't we'd know we'd never really seen anything next generation day. Yeah the movement era. But i know what i mean. I mean this. This chat was was the real thing. From the first time you saw him And is the first time you saw him. It would be ninety eight. It would have been the davis cup and would be the the matches that chris references when he first saw him as well shortly around the same period and i mean he was he was colty she was there was a a use to him even though he was six five and chips old and he was that kind of. Oh my god look at him. He looks like somebody's invented him out of out of comic book in a real. Just the perfect physical specimen he looked like and yet he still had back and he still had this fluidity on his strokes and he was hitting incredibly hard at the same time. I mean just no. Weaknesses were obvious and And yet he was going bananas between points. And you know you're you're trying to work out. Well how. Can you ever get this balance. And i ended the finance close to this. Podcast that is. That was his internal struggle. That was part of what held him back. Really and but in terms of talent yet two grand slam titles isn't underachievement wherever you in ninety eight david we working. Atp at this point. I joined the atp sort of ninety eight and Yeah i mean. I i came across him probably for the first time in two thousand actually really to deal with a lot but he was being talked about a lot and went when he when he had his big grandson right through it. Gone one of those situations where he had the bright through ninety-eight where he's on everybody's radar and everybody's talking about him then he just disappeared he just he just couldn't put it all together. He couldn't transition at all and then he figured it out and it all happened in two thousand so there was a gap between the two. Well you were. You were an early adopter. Of course david a movement a movement evangelist but of course there were people that were aware of him well before them and one of them was his compatriot. You've found the cough who had already won a grand slam title by by nine hundred ninety eight. Let's hear from from kafelnikov. I met him break. Kiss him and You know truce impression was you know what a what a talent what a talent and a lot of perspective for their. He's older teammates. And listen. you know which is was quite the you know surprising because you know all they will the i seems to me that they act like they know everything but he was. He was the guy who who was who was willing to listen any any advice. And that's what's the was. You know quite quite an impressive. Very impressive and i mean. His role results happened quite quickly. Didn't they i remember. He had some great results in in ninety eight as a tennis player. As somebody who you were the very top of the game at that time. How how good was he that age. I mean how. How quickly did it happen. He's he's mitch in atlanta when we played usa in davis cup after strong When he had the courier ruin his robes and You know he played agassi. He was two sets to love against scooter in in that match. Which is which would have won. Gone to throw the you know he was eighteen years old and probably they experience Didn't help them get through that much. But from that point on we we all knew that the great results in great success heath career about will come was doubtful. Yeah it's and it certainly did happen. Ah looking at that two thousands. Usa open I mean he. He thrashed pete sampras in the file he beats a look. Look to the goal Just just before that. That thing all happened okay. We all know that the two thousand was the best. She's in his career. I'm question of the. He wants seven tournaments the week in the studio. He started to work with Was under just the and i think flayed huge stroll into sort of mobilizing him Mentally infected That they should twin. I'm in a winning the barscelona majorca than i think. He made the final in hamburg. But just a great results came along after the started. A relationship loves me told by getting kafelnikov but he. He was quite glad he did that. You know he brought me back to memories. That i'd i'd forgotten really of that periods in the spring of two thousand which is is when i met and worked with matt safm in this transition period for him. He'd had these terrible results started to thousands would five first-round losses and he'd he'd been beaten by a chant call grant. Stafford was four hundred seventy two in the world at the australian open. He lost in straight sets according to his fifteen centimeters tool for some reason. They've got six foot high the wrong way round got zero six but what what was happening. I mean i think san even in that match. I think he was. I think he got a fine for lack of effort as well. And i mean that's that's pretty serious. This is the guy everybody's hyping up everybody's talking about. He's got this unlimited well of talent. He's got the perfect physique and yet he's he's just not putting it in. He's not producing a mess. Really all over the place. And i remember arriving to the tournament in new york in the spring that year and he just started working as as kafelnikov was talking about it started. What can we do. We don't chesnokov himself a former grand slam semi-finalist who spent a week with him. They went to bacelona saf in one tournament in barcelona and arrived to to me ornamental watching that bacelona final walston new yorker and kind of assumed that then is going to pull out of me orca because he's just one barcelona what he didn't iraq the next day and and i was at the stage of my career with the i mean my third year where i'm getting a bit bored of just going into the tournaments and experienced in them. I wanted to do what we're doing right now to get some stories on into sort of stew some interviews south all right. I'm going to interview marriage often. So i put it all in the media notes. You know give it out to everybody. I went and interviewed him and he told me about how he about. His inner about is right and how he broke. He'd counted the number rackets that he broken in the last year and it was well over forty during the course of matches condemn and then i spoke to chesnokov shortly afterwards for the same pace. I mean he was one of the most interesting guys. I think i've ever interviewed in tennis. And he saw things so clearly in in relation to safran he was it was. It was like somebody who if had given him an ounce assassins talent what he could have done with it and it was like this was his opportunity to show that and he started he just helped safran see the court and say the matches and he refused to accept anything other than one hundred percent efforts and all the excuses that safran of come up with e wasn't here in them. He wasn't having it at all and safm when and when we offer as well so he won barcelona minorca. He reached a fine in hamburg and and he was often running. I mean that relationship didn't last very long. I suspect that chesnokov's straight-talking eventually did for him really as a as a coach execution relationship. But i think is impact on him was profound as reading up on that. And it's it's quite interesting to seven Before working with chesnokov was working with rafael mencia. Who had been his coach since he was thirteen. And and he said like father and son you know we. We loved each other. But we're getting to the point where i was just saying f you and he was saying f you. May we needed a change. And chesnokov wasn't actually telling me anything that different he was just. I needed to hear it from someone else and what i needed to hear was uh needed to fight and stuff and said i was losing six in the second-set so many times before then and i looked it up. He lost to andreas vinci. Gareth six three six love in copenhagen. He does the nicotine. Six two six love and indian wells. And you'll still get them. Gowdy seven six six love in monte carlo is just wow he's just sort of tanking these second-set you'd be developing a massive reputation at that point surely so he needed to hear it from chechnya coffee gets himself together on on the clay and then as as david set this. This coaching situation did kind of remain in the state of flux. Chesnokov leaves Tenny picard comes on board during the grouse but then he leaves and alexander. Volkov is with him during the summer hardcourt season. Stephens asked at this point whether he needs a full-time coach. And he says well not disciplined enough. I get bored too easily. And then when asked why coaches don't stay with him for a long time he he sort of cheekily said yeah. I can't understand it you you gotta spend twenty four hours with me. That should be really hard to resist. Shouldn't it and that's kind of his personality and character coming through and then just as david said. He was getting this reputation for smashing rackets. He claimed to have smashed. Forty eight in one thousand nine hundred nine an by two thousand and he's he's on the same pace again he sort of keeping count and keeping up with it and i found an article from johm worth. I'm saying that the atp it actually relaxed its rules on racket-abuse the time on the grounds that it promotes color among the players and Matt cepheids it. That's the way it should be. I'm not like stephan hedberg. i'm not robot. i'm an individual. Who gets mad. And if i break a racket. Who does it really hurt. And you know just as we've said this was around the time when the new booze please campaign was launched and that i think the game of safm and also the personality put him front and center of it An article in on saddam written by diane ceo in two thousand says. Maybe you've seen the ads the black and white photos chisel-faced tennis players gripping records and gladiator like poses. But unless you're a serious tennis fan these athletes in hewitt safran forero tommy. Haas might not register as hot up and coming stars. Men's tennis desperately needs to change the two brightest lights of the games old-guard agassi and sampras are aging and no one else on the men's tour has achieved magnitude of a pail. The problem is particularity in the united states. Where tenants already overshadowed by other sports and tv audiences tend to tune in any big names smashing serves so there was this attempt to kind of celebre ties the next generation and they came up with this new balls. Please slogan agassi. Diplomatically commented. That it's good tr- introduce the plans to the public or the public to the playas. But sampras said they could probably find the better slogan and just in of that. I think we kind of arrive at toronto in two thousand which is a big week for. The newborn was pleased campaign and the movement because matt seven wins the title. And he hates pete sampras in the quarterfinals six four three six and then twelve ten in a final set tiebreak and malivai washington is commentating for espn and he says this is a major changing of the guard. It shows that these young guys onto frayed to take on the big guys because obviously quite a sweeping statement. You know for a whole generation of players but i think was probably quite accurate in terms of sophon he. He sort of lost his any fair. He had that day. We'll oversee cohen's talks about what he did in the two thousand. Us open final over such defining feature of that finally seven sort of playing without fear. I think so being the toronto champion. What was his status going into the. Us open was it. Was it like when undress went. Usa pin two years ago. Sort of everybody thinking said of the heads telling them surely she can't be a favor of this title. She didn't know who she was a year ago. But my is saying is telling me that she was it like that being about maybe as an improbable contender. I would say an improbable. An improbable contend. Yes maybe my memories. Playing tricks on me. I kind of felt with andress goo. That felt more likely as when we were on the brink when we were coming into the us. Open the level of form. She was in his well. She shown some reliability in terms of doing it several times winning winning big matches coming through in three centers which often it did feel like a hot streak and probably going to end in that. That's there was. There was a lot of hope. I would say because i was working for the atp. At the time. I was hoping activity hoping that. This guy would bright through and do it. All hewitt might so federa- was always the one. I really wanted to do it. Because of having same two years previously insane all towns and he wasn't doing anything in terms of breaking through and i to james mattis questions was. What was french federal doing in two thousand that you're siphon and we we we recalled he. He lost ferraro. It was a real new balls. Please matchup as as they called it but then and it was. I think it went all the way but you know. Federal got beaten in that final satin and that was what he was like. Which safran i think there was a lot more hope but i mean frankly he he. He didn't actually stop very well in that. Us tool yet well john. I'm in his preview. Pace said the safran stamina and heat seeking baseline missiles. Place him on a short list of viable contenders. But i you know. I think we'll look people. Were looking at samples right. It just just broken. The men's grand slam record wimbledon. His his i think fifth. Us open title. He's kinda the favourite but yeah it's quite a wild start to the. us open. Cassava quetta is the number two seed and he he loses to wane off his qualifying round one and number one seed. Andre agassi loses to honor. Clem oh six three six two six four round two so that really opens up those sections of the droll. And then just as david said safran is is having his own struggles in in the first round these pushed for two hours and fifty minutes in a four set win over teary guatemala. And then in the second round. He needs three hours. Eight minutes and five sets to overcome the oldest man in the draw thirty five year. Old italian gianluca pozzi policy owner doesn't know he jessica. Polcy is david which is very much of its time. Actually potsy was the classic slow bowler. He sliced backhands all day. And just sort of push the ball around matt. Safin's worst nightmare. Raylene there's an opponent head to head. Yeah the yeah the fabric santoro kind of prelude with gianluca pozzi and then in round three is the most dramatic match of the mall against sebastian. Grosjean and safm wins the first to set six four seven six. He wins the opening game of the third. Set he then loses nine games in a row including losing his serve four times in a row and grow john levels the match at two sets. All it's of those two inexplicable safm moments and people are thinking it's happened again. He's coming on form but that sort of weakness he's got his has raised its head and he suddenly in a fifth set. We grow gendreau. Sean goes up a break in the fifth set and gives it back but then at four thirty fifteen in the fifth set. There's a eighty five minute rain delay. They return it goes to a tie-break and safran leads five. Four in that tiebreak does then another rain delay this one lasting an hour and forty five minutes and they have to come back. Grosjean wins the first point. When the comeback it's five ohl in the final set tiebreak both of them two points away from victory. Seven then hits four hammerton when a and then wraps it up on his own. Serve in the next point scrapes through. And there's this story that in the rain delays seven had to borrow some kate correct. That's what i read is. What ahead was the yet to borrow. Shorts off on player socks of another and the person we read that he was born the socks from jeff. Tarango ask jeff that true. Yeah david you're absolutely right. Merit salvation came up to me and said i need your socks. I'm like what are you talking about. And he goes. I forgot my saux. I have a pair. Your socks and i was like yeah. Sure he's everybody says you have the best socks as a okay. Have a pair of my socks. You went out and won. His match came back graciously. Tried to give them back to me. I said no those socks and supercars from the us open said. I watch those forty to make sure those like you socks. Go all the way and they did. He won the us open with those socks. Lot of questions to be asked about the phrase. Everyone says you've got the best salt. Is that something that people gossiping about in the locker room. I say it was public knowledge. Lease outside of the locker room. I wasn't too oven really aware of the The quality of jeff tarango. But we are the fats there. I love the he wasn't he wasn't prepared to accept. Just any old soaks. He went off to the best soaks. I would be in such a panic mode bin bags on my feet if required but now he's gonna sold the best soaks in tennis berlin and it worked out for him yet and then from that point onward stephens run to the final is is most forward. He thrashes one carlos forever. Who has as we've said it taken out. Which ephedra he then beats. Nicolas kiefer in the quarterfinals in four sets and then a straight sets win over taught martin in the semifinal was an after that match mountain said it seemed as though he was laughing at me. Merit has so much game. He makes shots that five or ten years ago. People would laugh at and says just taking baseball swings. It's awesome to see the shots. He can especially as a big guy stretching across his body flicking but hitting angles. It's amazing he says. This is a way better player than pete sampras was ten years ago. Pete was a relative unknown who played a stupendous tournament. They sky among the few who know. The spoilt is not unknown. Well that's that's a great series of quotes his name and i really tight that point about the baseball swings because having watched just a bit of the footage of the final he's taken full swings against members. I serves any of these. He's middling them he's making them. He was making pete sampras. Kind of doubt the game that it that it one twelve grand slams up to that point wasn't he because he was just drilling these these back. And somehow i mean. I've i've watched highlights maybe four hundred minutes it out. But somehow he managed to get the ball on his back and the whole time. I just. i've just watch half. An hour of hidden emitting nothing but perfect by cans. Minnie's just either drilling these. These returns just as clean witness. Oh deep that sampras competitor racket on them or if san francisco volume drilling his fate just relentlessly with this lays alike power and precision. He looked befuddled numberous. Something always thinking. I safran and i noticed that in this match as well the racket just looked so small in his hand you know. Some positive loved that racket around and sort of struggle to hit through the coal with him. You know he's like the poster boy for easy pow it all just flows from that racket and just shoots off his strings and yeah the way takes take back is like a baseball swing just teeing off and i mean his background must be one of the best of back cans in terms of it being a weapon. The has ever been you know. Maybe maybe some people have defended better on the backhand side but as for point ending. Show sophon's backhanders extraordinary. And maybe on the face of it. You know world number seven. That's just one toronto. A k he's the underdog going into that final but it shouldn't be a shocking as it was for the world number seven and toronto champion. But it was. It was the manner in which he did it was destruction. it was fee. Some tennis from from from from our in and mary carillo was in the books that night and she was taken aback by what happened as everybody else normally when p took court against just about anybody. He was the imposing presence. You know he was the consummate athletes and he. He played big. He moves so beautifully he took charge of the court and he just never did that. Safran ethin- who was bigger was stronger. Held court better Pete was trying to sir molly and time and again he got past He tried to aim at safin's backhand which i always thought safin's backhand was one of the most underrated in the modern game it was beautifully composed. He struck the ball. So cleanly merit stephens one of those guys when he played like that the match sounded different. Like and pete hit a pretty big ball but when merit seven hit that day it sounded different. It sounded bigger. Sort of how. One martine potros ball used to come off his strings. It had a he just put the thump on it and early on you again. It was unusual for to be kind of flat in that championship match. Because he always thought of history. And you never got that sense from saf. As great as his talents were his gifts. Were you never thought that. He was trying to make history. And pete always seemed to be thinking in those ways. So you know you again. I you okay. The first goes by all right. Well you know pizza gonna clears throat and start you know holding serve and and looking for were looking for breaks and he just. I don't think even now if you ask. Pete what what the hell was that i think he would just. He would just say the same things he said after that match like. I didn't think he could play. That will for for that long. So that's how kind of the the neutral onlooker viewed that merits often performance. That that night in new york we we speed to sampras. We do keep trying. We'll get him. We'll get him at some point. David will relive the ninety s with pete sampras at some point in the tennis relief feature but david hus bacon into his coach that night. Paul annacone about his experience of watching his charge and the moment that he realized that was. That was a problem for pete out that i knew who was unbelievably talented and clearly. No you don't get to a final of a major by luck by virtue of locks still. I knew he played some good tennis. But i also knew he was playing. You know. it's pretty confident in my guy. Pete was pretty good in the big matches. I actually felt was safran. Look the guy so unbelievably gifted mariah. You don't ever really know what you're going to get. And i think that's why you know. He was ranked number one in the world. And that's why you know the all time greats and the rest of the players generally didn't wanna see him on the other side of the net because he didn't have any glaring weaknesses and he was one of the first guys that was you know six four six five that i remember. That was an amazing athlete at at that stage and was able to move so comfortably with his hide around the tennis court all the little subtle movements who was He was so comfortable at so you know he was kind of. I think one of the beginnings of a new rain a very pretty tall tennis glares who are incredibly athletic as well so That being said i felt comfortable. You know it. With pete. And i never expected you know southbound to come out like you played for the whole. The whole three sets. Impeding street sets straight-sets new as a like okay. it's gonna have always gonna. He's going to have a lull and you never did. When did you realize you've got a problem in the coaching box. Watching that match kind of after the second set you know in three to five sets. And i just felt like i was waiting for a lull and and there hadn't been yet so when you see two solid sets like that you kind of start to go. He's pretty ready for this. But then i just wondered maybe in the third set finished approached. Would he have any hiccups. And i'll tell you he was pretty amazing that he really you know he just kept playing and let you know and to me. That's hard to do. Especially against someone. Like pete when you know if you give them a little bit of an opening. It's going to be a long day so it was really amazing to watch. How did pete fail about it. Afterwards and oversee aside from disappointment. I know that he would he. He would have an expectation or a history of other matches and then he comes off the court. Not having one is set against the guy. Yeah you know. One of the things that i found and i still find it. So mazing about people like pete and roger was like this is their perspective about winning and losing you know even big matches their disappointment But there's also just kind of pragmatism. You know the ability to be able to go yet. You know i lost today in the guy was either too good or i didn't play great or whatever it was but the processed it really kind of a healthy way They can put their You know competitive blinders in the cabinet and sure they know their greek competitors but also you lose sometimes and so i think pete i think pete at a pretty good perspective abell that he'd beat them at the open a couple years earlier but they'd had a bunch of really tough matches. So i knew pete you know would handle it with you know with grace and frustration disappointment but also i get it you know. Sometimes you lose so. He's always impressed. Me with that stuff was a disappointment. But there was a lot of pragmatism in-involved. So i think he understood. He lost guy played really well on a big stage. I would also add to that not to not to correct paul annacone. Who was there. I mean all that is obviously absolute detroit but i as was watching the the highlights of the two thousand final. This morning of fell down a you. Cheap cheap robert hole in and the next video that was played to me was the usa semifinal of the following year between pete sampras and soften the the rematch and pete sampras will not in a very close three sets and his celebration of to woods with quite something actually. It was really emotional. There was a load of relief that he was pretty in. Safin's face with the respectfully so but it you know that that revenge meant something to him. so yes he might have been very pragmatic about it in the moment. But i don't think that meant it didn't hurt and it didn't stick with him and he didn't have a point to make the following year for sure. That's i haven't seen the footage reference. I remember watching the match live and that now rings a bell but no totally adds up. What you've said these sorts of champions take it as a personal slight. And he's got such pride sampras and he was humiliated that nine in two thousand t- he's in the final. His record in finals was thirteen one to lost grand slam level. And he's he's getting embarrassed really by a twenty year old in front of his own fans the the people that have been watching him dominate the us open for the last decade and win so many titles and yeah he and we in the media were writing off. That's the thing people were starting to have those conversations that we've all been having five years about federal doubt and andy murray is when you're gonna stop you done you finished. And of course Lost to federer at wimbledon the new bulls as they were being cold. Were coming along and moving out. That's how that's how the narrative was being developed and this that was his opportunity to say. No it's kind of the perfect champion mentality isn't it to recognize i think in san francisco He got steamrolled by safran in that euro saipem final of two thousand and to accept that but to also take it personally and use it as fuel for the future. You know. e- seems to have got that balance. Just right and just saying david is fascinating. How off the two thousand. Us open final. You'd think safran is the one on the rise. The one gonna be hyped. Some presents the one whose best days of his career behind him off that. Us open final. They won the same number of grand slams. One more each which is kind of amazing to think about when you consider whether they were in that moment sampras figured out winning didn't they winning bake major tournaments and saffi one two slams penny of other things but he he wasn't a serial winner in the same way. That empress was just a just as a quick one as well. By the way the next match in two thousand one sampras would play in. The final was against lleyton hewitt which he would lose in straight-sets also so they were there were creeping up. They were catching him and he and he knew it. And this hisses raging against it every now and he would he would do that and Of course the following after that sampras would finally win another grand titles win the two thousand and two your soap and that was the last wherever sorghum. David you spoke to getting kafelnikov about that final and you go to very interesting and surprising perspective on what happened to be honest. I think pete had too much a respect for which was fine. You know the the was winning do like a like. I said it was winning. Titles he was beating the very best players. Already at the age of twenty. And i think ma. Beautifully played the best match or one of the medicine piece korea. It's no question why. I think pete is just the overestimate murad. The ability and the mother took advantage. You know he played solely the the retorted. 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What was the reaction david of the tennis world and maybe even the world beyond tennis to that win how how much merit sophon elevated in in public consciousness after that. How much did the world sit up and take notice because kisii as you described him as a good looking guy wasn't a he had charisma. Ev you. It was clear to see sort of used out of him. Didn't he was. He was the full package while he was the one that they that they wanted. Really he was the answer to all prayers in so many different ways of this this guy because he was fun he was funny. He was interesting you know. He turned tad's wherever wherever he wins. And he had this this game that could just take on all. Comers i define fascinating kafelnikov having this theory sampras overestimated you know. Maybe that's something that happens to great champions. They stopped to fear. What's coming But i remember imire all role time time working for the i remember one journalists saying to me. Don't you get you get your teeth into this merit. Sophon don't meaning. Don't try to smooth out his rough edges. Don't try to media train him. I mean i took that as an insult. Because that's just not my wife. Doing things. adult more outspoken. The are more rougher on the edges. They all the better. I just wanted to real the full package. The real the real item the raw signs. That packages marcella rails. Well okay get that one. Well actually although. I did argue once. I remember being in a marketing. Meeting about marcella reassess if he wants to promote it as the bad guy. Let's just do it. Let's take him the darth vader of the tool. That's fine by me. What we have to say is a good guy. He's not anyway Sophon though was a good bloke but there was such an edge to him and he was. I remember him going on the david letterman. Show straight after the night after winning that. us open. And i've just been watching some of the footage back so funny because he's so young you know and honestly he looks a bit drunk to be honest and unless a man system highly plausible that he was a bit drunk letterman system. All you a bit drunk and he says to. What did you celebrate. We'd last night. And he said vodka. And i remember this. I think he actually came into the press. Cohen san with vodka after winning the tournament and clearly had a night. He they did look a bit bleary eyed and slurry. In the way he was talking about very very entertaining. And that's but he can carry that off. I mean his his english was limited really and yet the look in his eye the way he would just carrying himself he communicate even though his english is not time was really limited and and yeah there was no real hopes that this guy was gonna be. I suppose what others have become an taken his place really in the generation that we have today but obviously i'm anne giving that as an on look at from somebody who worked on kind of the other side on the public relations side. It's interesting to get a view. From a couple of the media members. They covered safm back. Then chris clarry america huila. They're always the ones we we gotta to in situations like this. Let's hear what they have to recall of what merit safran was like for them to deal with loved him. He was spontaneous off the cuff unpredictable. And i don't think he'd be very much. I don't think he gave his full disclosure about his finances or some of the issues with his stuff off court in terms of the incidents like that but talking about his rivals and his own limitations and other people's imitations he was he was great. Wasn't always you know. Great on the page. Because sometimes his english didn't always scan translate directly to a great quote quote verbatim. Spirit was there. He was charming. Great looking guy very charming. He had a temper but he was kind of funny about it. Most of the time and his game was just when he played well as he did at the two thousand five australian open as he did in the two thousand. Us open final. Against pete when he really was at the top of his game it was he made it look unfairly easy. You know so. It was a very attractive game. I was watching a dressage at the recent tokyo olympics. And somebody said something that was so interesting Talking about the horses if there is an insistence on obedience from the horse's they get discouraged. You know you can break him. Wow that's that's really understandable. You know and. I think that's kind of what murat was like. You know he was this thoroughbred you could see you could see how he glistened but i think if you tried to hard to make him try hard. It was probably a mistake. The holes comparison. We didn't know we needed but we definitely did. We did it. So so what happened next. We suffered then he. He should have been number one off that usa win but the the quirky ranking system which i think was i applied for that one year. I think it was. It was agreed that that was a disaster and suffolk. Would it be fair to say. Safm is kind of the main victim of that disasters. Absolutely stitched up. I'm afraid and i i'm as culpable as anybody else. I was working for the acp at the time and they came up with this idea that the the ranking system was problematic because sometimes apply would go up when they've just lost because of the defending of points from the previous year and all this sort of stuff and So they decided they wanted to have points rice from zero every year. Like the formula. One i thought this was a great idea. I didn't wired. And until until february santoro dohar and was suddenly being talked about as well in the belong five race. But that's what was happening and it was people were up in arms about it and and i was arguing with everybody about it. I thought it was a really good idea. And then suddenly we got to the end of the year and matt safm was on what we know is the ranking system. He became world number-one just ahead of the effectively. The atp finals which was that year being held in lisbon. And we as the pay what told not to knock this in any way not to celebrate it not to promote it because the real number one was going to be crowned at the end of this tournament in lisbon. That's how how it was going to work. And it was this points rice. And i'm afraid i've been brainwashed because i went along with this and i thought it was okay. It's on in years since that. I realized that the game is doing itself a disservice and and the game also realized because the next year we weren't doing them turn year but poor on marriage. Saffy never got his moment. Never got it marked and fantastic tournament to listen ensued. Cassava curtain managed to beat both pete sampras and dragon back to back in semifinal to overtake safm so great story in that regard and it was wonderful scenes but you had effectively two number ones crowned in the same week in any one of them recognized and it was in hindsight. It was bad idea. Wow the injustice. He reached three migrants them finals and he did get back to number one didn't he And that was that montana he was never there for an it was nine weeks in total was an he had a two or three sort of two or three weeks pels. Did he do with their kind of ovidiu fanfare commission being previously show. Supposed the was but it was still when you think about it. Now when you think of the fuss we've made about players get into world. Milwaukee he was he was let down really by the body. Atp by the game. At that time. I think. I mean i don't think he's i think he was hurt. The time at the end of two thousand. I think it hurts. That he knew he'd got to number one and done all this work. And it wasn't guessing recognize that But still to stick him on the front of a poster to make him front and center of a whole marketing campaign and for him to be the one that delivers on it. You know for the. I am the bull you're welcome and then and then for them to to show off to is. I can imagine that being incredibly hurtful actually legis look they did it in a well-meaning yeah it attempt to promote the sports they just got it wrong. I'm afraid so we'll three. If the the grand slam the further grand slam finals he he would reach. Were in australia. In two thousand and two he looks to thomas johansson of course in one of the most memorable grand slam finals ever for all the weirdest reasons i would say fair and i think i was probably just a bit too young to fully comprehend the subtext to what the various commentators and pundits were saying about the composition of martin. Softens play box and his co. behaviors during that tournament But i suspect you'd david with with very away Of what was going on what people were. Were implying yes. There were several women sitting in his plan box and well. I don't know the full details of who they were for what sort of relationship he had no show eat it either but yeah they were. They were getting talked about a lot and stay. Were they didn't seem too bothered about the fact that all the cameras were on them at all and and he was getting talked about. I can't completely remember how all covered at the time personally. But i just remember him showing up and tell me played plumbing well but matt safm was in a different league to hanson in terms of ability and he was the overwhelming favourite for that fine on the feeling was that he really wilson really wasn't focused. We not talking about three. Women sort of dotted around his players. Folks they were sitting shoulder to shoulder when they from fronton centered like like the the three in beauty and the beast the three sort of chorus ladies that are sort of doing a very buxom cancan. That's that's what it reminded my very innocent childhood brain of the ladies. That loved gaston and sophon was gaston anyway. He didn't. he didn't win that australia night. Been final mary. Mary tells the story that that moment reminded her of a similar but different experience. She had with vitas carolina's at madison square out several years before where he rushed up to her. With a with a lotta tickets and said look you need to put these at the box office with these names and everything and then the macs develops and mary looks around and she realizes that there are these women sitting in the four different corners of the stadium. They're the people that leads to scare lighters at got the tickets for but he was but he kept them all apart in the stadium and marriages says seven just had them all in the player box at once he then reached the australian open final in two thousand and four. He lost to federer of the beating under and andy roddick on reet to that. Fine what would you. would you remember that. David was amazing that that was an incredible run. Because again he'd been written off by this point as yesterday's man ready somebody who's got all this talent but is just not not delivering on it. Really you still in the early twenties but it felt like it felt like he just got the wrong acid shoot and then suddenly he got it all together that week. Agassi was playing brilliantly and he beat him. I think he made him in five sets Debate roddick when roddick was coming off. Having won the us open In two thousand and three was the world number one was roddick. He was bringing on my word intensity of that match. That night i remember commentating on it and to watch safin's step up to two roddick and take on that and take on the forehand and just still have just a little bit too much for him. When he was at the top of his game that showed. I mean in the final. I think Federal was at his very best and safran was a bit spent to be honest in that final. But that was we had a number snapshots of merit safm throughout. His career is really what we ended up with. We didn't end up with runs and momentum. A lot of these wins. Felt like they didn't have an awful lot of meaning because they were isolated but when he turned it on he was a match for the mall and he comes back the following australian open any any wins it. And yes he he beats slain hewitt in straight sets in the final nuts pretty straightforward. But but really i think we all remember the semifinal if that much studies one of my favorite much is of all time sophon beating veteran nine seven in the fifth in in that semifinal whereas in previous australian hit had a huge winds in the run up to the final and had failed to to complete the job as it were he did it. He did it this time. He did it against the home favourite. He completely outclassed emmy produced his best when it mattered. And yeah i mean. It's it's a shame. I think that he wasn't able to do that more. But i'm glad he did it on that one on one occasion in australia. That performance against federal in the semifinal is outstanding. I mean. I think it'd be tough to choose between the two thousand. Us open final and semifinal in your strain open in terms of safin's best performance In a federal won every grand slam on a hawk. Oh anna grass goal in two thousand four two thousand and five thousand six in two thousand seven apart from this one. This is peak roger federer and he gets to match point and he he plays a tween which i think he regrets and he could have hooked up a allow but basically the toto and matt safm bates him and there were very few. It did that to russia fedor. It's the tween a cautionary tale The other point is forever. Memorable is the match point in which he finished it because safran had several chances several points that he didn't take and he was. he was getting rattled. He was nervous. He was choking to be honest and fetters making him choke and then suddenly on this final one. He just goes for broke with that backhand down the line and it knocks federal physically off his feet in his attempts to get to the bull. Because he's been wrongfooted it's totally low percentage stroke. You know it's not something you really should be going for at this stage in a tense moment. And he goes for bright to over the high part of the net with a backhand when he's outside the tramlines any nails it as pure as you like and federal even with his elasticity movement moves to it but stumbles and ends up on his back. Get it gets the ball back and staffing just finishes it with a rolled forehand into the open space but that backhand in that moment against federer. i think summed up just how good safran could be. He may double-handed backhands cool again. Denied the i mean because let's face it. Tennis has has always had a snobbery about two hundred backhands one hundred back in hands just all seniors aesthetically superior on the kind of regardless of the effectiveness Yeah but that jumped jump double-handed they just timed as if it was the easiest thing in the world naturally it's the hardest was a thing of obsolete bc and it made double-handed cool again and it made me proud to be a double hand. But but let's face it off to that. Two thousand and five australia knipe and win his his career headed into decline. Yes he he had moments here. In that i think a the lost of those wimbledon semifinal in two thousand and eight novak djokovic along the way there and for low two thousand five he stayed in the world's top five. I think he he got back to to number three in the world but off Sort of rankings. Wise of the two thousand five. It's it's steep decline radi. We're talking you know majority of the time outside of the world's top forty top fifty and and eventually ending up united languishing. You know it's it's it's up and down but he never gets back into the top ten Actually he retires age twenty nine in in two thousand and nine which look. It was young at the time. It wasn't unforeseen if felt like he was winding down. Didn't it goodness me. Twenty nine is young to be retiring. isn't it so young. We actually well. I say we the very much royal way friend. Friend of the show. Dave levy who has been cruelly edited out if you're about to hear David levy did an absolutely cracking interview with thin. Back in two thousand fifteen covered An atp champions tool event with mini he safin's own take on what happened off to the two thousand usa in final Let's let's hear about it in southern zone words. Of course the way i played in two thousand was who it was. I didn't know that that could play this incredible experience. I was surprised with myself and then had couple of finals of australia. Lost and the french open semi finals semi final wimbledon and So you the everytime you don't manage to to win a second grand slam you that to be paranoid about it because everybody is the two thousand one in. What's what's what's next to finals. And it's not really really good. So i was under stress to to win again and Because i knew that i had a chance but also the time was flying and after for years i was lucky. That Doing australian open hours with more calm about it. By the head of big paranoia bouts winning the second grindstone. And i was looking to achieve. I was lucky in a way. I was unlucky in a way because i had a lot of injuries. Unfortunately i had to quit because Because of my knee. I couldn't run anymore and compete against these guys. The young ones. Joe each murray and that you need to run and i could feel that i got to run anymore and it's a little bit tough for myself to realize that You can't You can be back on top. San even fighting for the five and for meets was a big thing because otherwise stay thirty forty in the world. How is not. There's not really my maltreatment with respect to all the players while round thirty four hundred dollars but by the way. I played if if i'll be healthy okay onto our continue play but unfortunately Too many injuries is sad. Isn't it sanitarium. Hearing talking talking lie though there was quite lazy narrative around saf in. The you know didn't love the game enough to to want to play on wasn't committed to enough wasn't prepared to put the hard work in and the elements that may have been true but he he clearly would have liked to have played longer had his body allowed That analysis was clearly reductive and unfair to him. I think yeah. I'd say it was and i also saying that he. He had to go through a lot in in his mind in his life to to to be a tennis player. I think chris talked about that. The the the. That's not easy to do that. To leave home at such a young age and and try to handle all the things that come along with winning a grand slam title the age of twenty and having all these people staring at you all the time and he he was stressed out you can hear the stress in from his career. And i do remember that as well. I remember that feeling of of him wondering hannah handle all of this and and with all the people saying where you should be this much better because you're that good and Yeah be quite interesting. If if he'd have had a really good sports psychologist for instance as part of his team back. Then what would that have helped and and help maybe fit of had a particular type of team physios the way all the plans do now. I've no idea if it would have made a massive difference. But it's not that surprising that he had a hard time back in it up time enough to time and i'm quite happy to remember him thornley for what he did do as a player and as a as a character and he he m. He went tougher. Career as a politician. Didn't was a member of the russian parliament or the duma and actually i put his name into google earlier. Just trying to bring his wikipedia page up and The top said merit stephan former russian politician. Which i mean definitely true. But is don't i may. Maybe he was willing number-one politics but it feels like. That's not the the first and foremost thing he should he should be recognized for. It's like describing. It's like if you ed balls into goal and it said former british boreham downs where does Fulmer atp cup. Captain come on as athens pecking owed popped up. That he he did didn't he. Yeah after i mean. He's awesome explicitly about this. So i could be could be putting unfair words into his mouth riding think he's particularly into coaching. The didn't look at quite interesting. Talking to chris about watts. Now he did this big into from phrasebook federer and he. He was rolling his own cigarettes. Juryman city she's a lovely orig-. Yes yes my experience of him on. The champions tour did few to them with. You are exactly what i expected you to be. In in all the ways might of them goods unite but he was definitely a as as chris. Clarry said in in one of the early eclipse united was seen. He never best anyone you know he. He was very much himself throughout his career and after his career in. We're going to end on a on a clip from chris. Claire reflecting on the big the big question around yourself in which people love to love to debate still sometimes when he when he pops up and becomes relevant should he have one more. Was he an underachieve. Chris says he should have been part if that federer an adult group for awhile. Whoa so why. Didn't soften fulfill his potential outgrew. It was the the off court stuff and the off court work and the commitment to the craft that the people who took over the game possessed rafa novak roger. Andy murray to till his body gave out. That's where they took it to place. Murat couldn't follow but in terms of because morocco didn't have the self-discipline didn't have that emotional control didn't have that consistency off the court to be able to stay with them but in terms of the product on the court what he was bringing to the equation when you watched him play. Yeah i agree hundred percent. That's one of the reasons why i had that number. One epiphany was because i felt like he was just next level. You can kind. Of see it watching serena and venus obviously at the time game that was next level they were bring a new level of power and you level of capacity hit winners from places where people can do it before and with murad. I think the big thing was to hand back in which had been not not any means holding shot. It's been a great shot of mess tennis for a long time but murata six foot four could hit it incredibly well from all different heights. He hit a low conflict and he could hit a boom sweet spot in the middle. Right around you know chess tight. He could leap and he can really leave when he was young and hit. You know way off the ground effectively to kind of leaping two hander. That michael chang used a lot but he took it to a new level and he had power all the shots so to me that was that was next level and the game quickly responded and produce other great talents. That ended up trumping him. But i'm still convinced. David that had the mental side and those things under control and a better off court system that he could have been up there with with novak and roger andy and been a huge part of that rivalries those rivalries in that era for a long time he had he had the game for and that's it isn't it. I think few would disagree with that. I think you can debate with You know the the side of the game isn't given enough credit as sort of part of the talent package. That is a talent in itself that he didn't have to the extent that that these other guys had know. It's completely irrelevant. Debate debate what. Nick carriers would be with the mind of novak djokovic. Because he just wouldn't be nick carrier. That would be a different human being altogether. But yeah i will remember merit sophon for the that the leaping double-handed backhand cross-court winner and there still. There are still nobody around that complaint like that of his size you know to to be his size and to be playing it. Light matt roberts marcella rails Is is incredible. Rarely guy if of his heightened is wait. I mean ease. His shoulders he built. He is not really built like a tennis player. That you would think of the these lines physiques of of the current day. But he still was able to do that so it was an amazing thing. And and like i said i going into ucf belittle this morning and going now is robert. Warren's the the good news is that this stuff is still out there. It's worth. I'm gonna look what this guy could do. There are only snapshots of his career but the best ones are pretty much as good as it gets. Yeah and and. I think there's a lot of tennis players who fall into the simla category of safran in terms of absolutely awesome on-court talent but just as chris described there maybe didn't have the emotional control and the and the mental talent the fact therefore that seven managed to put it together enough times to still get to world number one to still win two grand slams. Nothing five masters one thousand events he. He's got a hall of fame career in a way. The david now bandon immensely talented doesn't an caritas. Doesn't you know serena's win slam. So i think safran did manage to package it enough times. it's just the talent was so overwhelming it will most doesn't feel like enough Thus such a good point. He's an interesting case. I think Yeah very oh it's been it's been a pleasure to relive the thousand. I remember that that november. I i went on a little mini break with my dad to boston Sort of a last minute thing and waiting fruit we checked into the hotel room. And on the you know they put sort of pretty generic magazines. No one's ever read out on the coffee table and it was some some mean lifestyle magazine. Safm is on the front of it. You know the brand new. Us open champion. and yeah. i really remember that he. He made his mark on tennis absolutely making debate. Whether it could or should have been a big amok but he. He absolutely made his mark can. Yeah i've enjoyed reliving. His career will be reliving in our next. Usa relived podcast. The twenty fifteen calendar. Grand slam attempt of serena williams and in particular that semi final loss to roberta vinci and the circus surrounded it and surrounding. And while we've been recording this podcast. I've just had the knees flash up on my phone that serena williams is out if this is usa and with a hamstring tear so yeah we went to talk about now that now but it will certainly feature i think in in all discussions around serena and her career in the next. Us open redirect which will be with you in a couple of days time. We've got guess. That is the only gonna thank one more time james meredith. Thank you for your contributions to this episode we are. Yeah all are relived. Guest editors have so done as proud this year. We've we've been really bowled over by by contributions. Say thank you. We've got our executive producer as a waste. Chris album lee. We've got all usual. Mascot skeletal muscles and rogue and billie jean has been jean king. And of course we have lovely lunar slash sarah who is our mascot for the week and leaner scored a selfie every lived week so well done to lena. Thank you to all the contributors to the episode that spoke to david within associative three hour period of frenzy. Mary carillo chris. Clarry kafelnikov. Jeff tarango paul annacone and back in the day. Speaking to friend of the poor. Dave levy merits himself. Say thanks for listening. Tell you still still the stuff. We'll be back with another one of these couple of days. I don't know about you. But one thing i do. Not like is long lines at grocery stores. And that is why. I use hellofresh. Hellofresh gives you fresh premeasured ingredients in mouth-watering seasonal recipes delivered right to your door so you can skip the trips to the grocery store because life is too short for that and count on hellofresh to make home cooking. Easy fun and affordable. And that's why it america's number one meal kit so why hellofresh. Well there's something for everyone with all recipes designed and tested by professional chefs and nutritional experts to ensure deliciousness and simplicity also hellofresh high quality. High ingredients are sourced directly from growers delivered from the farm to your door in under a week and of course contact free one of the reasons why i like hellofresh is you could actually use the activity of cooking the easy cooking less than thirty minutes with your partner in. That can be date night. So you're killing to perjure not only having a delicious meal but you're also both creating it. Here's what i'm going to do for you today. If you go to hellofresh dot com slash therapist fourteen and use code therapist fourteen for up to fourteen free meals. plus free shipping go to hellofresh dot com slash therapist. One four and use code therapist one four for up to fourteen. Free meals plus free shipping. Get your meal on as well as your date night.

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030519 Part 1

Ace and TJ

50:35 min | 2 years ago

030519 Part 1

"Welcome to the ace and TJ radio fan little family of musical alter ego. The one song that makes you a completely different person. This lady for this song, that's two different ways. But she says, I'm a very strong Christian heavily involved in church, and I'm very reserved. But when pony by genuine comes off. All I can do is think about Channing Tatum dancing that just does too. Who? Is putting this groove into her system and the images of Channing Tatum doing things to her. Satan. Gonna say herself. No, the devil. That's right. This girl's musical, he goes great. I listen primarily to hardcore medal, especially Slipknot and five finger death punch. But the first note a fancy McIntyre. Sassy country girl before the second. No can finish. Yeah. I remember read all very looking back. Summer attorney. A one room rundown. Shackle now the new. Say the least we were hard for mama spent heavily less. We had to buy. Stink foam the girl. How old you are who you are kidding? Helping this president. President. And it's it's a well real song. But that is all about REBA mcentire and how she presents every syllable of Ed song. Let's see more more musical alter egos. This guy says I am fairly mild mannered. Volunteer for hospice, I donate to our local animal shelter. I donate my time and money, but if sound of madness from shinedown pops up. Throat punching and tree. Can't get. He's great. Gas always on. Shock. The. I get it. Yeah. Great. It was great. We just played fancy by REBA mcentire and found Mattis by shine. Now back to back program directors. I'm good old country boy until anything by Eminem comes on. Then some reason my hat turns to the left ever so slightly and a have an injury to my left leg that causes me to just a little. I received. Flimsy, please stand. We're gonna. That that those those one song, though, song just change everything about y'all you become a totally different person. Often in a very based on what some of the women have sent to as a LA filthy, man. Yeah. So what kills me is that they think that that's their alter-ego? You know, like, I'm not like that way. I'm not that way. At all normally. But you let that song come on. My hips do things. I didn't think they could do. All right. Okay. Sure. Piece. TJ raise connected funny funniness is the TV show. Yes. It is. Yes, it is. Triple eight four one to twenty three eighty five one triple eight forty one eight t j Facebook Twitter, we'd like for you to participate, provided we give you something. I know you ladies a lot of you are very upset as you as you have reason to be because major person in your life for years. Died yesterday. Luke Perry Dylan from Beverly Hills nine O two one. But today is a very special day. And it it makes me happy. And maybe if we pass this along to you, it will make you happy today is national grammar day. Anderson. So when you're talking about how much Dylan meant to you just really pay attention and don't say he has went to a better place or something like that. That's the real tragedy. Yeah. You're saying used opera grammar when right Dylan would've wanted. Heartbreak. Yes. Amer he would have say Washio, you know, she's a huge not. Oh, two one. Oh. And and Melrose place, you know, they came on back to back on FOX in the nineties, and she was. Me too sad when he had the stroke first of all, and then she had to interrupt some of her shopping and gallivant and in Nashville yesterday to send me text saying. Her heart was broken onto Dylan. Yeah, she sent you a text takes. I got yesterday afternoon middle of the afternoon. Random text comes in as for my girlfriend, and it says when was the last time you had a full of physical checkup, and I'd take back just because Harry died. He's fifty two don't be hit me up. Asking me. How healthy is offering. With comnet. We no you just found out Luke Perry that which is a tragedy. Don't start though that will now about how what did you last checked up? How is your hell? Yeah. My health is fine. Leave me alone. I'm good. That's not. No. That is exactly. What's going? Yeah. Exactly. Also. I just send us a cool message massachu-. I'd forgotten great movie. He was have you ever get a chance to watch at eight seconds. Yeah. We was the bull rider. It's great that was about his only starring movie role. And yeah, he never really did a lot after after nine hundred until he showed up on Riverdale of what a year ago thing. I've heard about him off camera and in his personal life. He seemed to be a pretty cool guy. He didn't get into a lot of the Hollywood all that stupid drama that they get into. But I do know that he played a great religious cult leader on think, it was two episodes of criminal minds. Think it crossed over into to be continue. You mentioned that before has really good at that. Yeah. And there was another nineties actor who played a recurring role on criminal minds where he was just flat out fantastic. What's his name from Dawson's creek? Oh, yeah. James vanderbeek? No the other one. Oh, josh. Yeah. Pacey his name was Josh the heck is his name. He's in the skulls. Yeah. It was one of the pretty sure it was the Josh one though. Yeah. What the heck is his name. He's been a lot of stars at Joshua Joshua, Joshua Jack's Jack, Josh Jackson. Okay. Let me see if I got him because I. I never watched Dawson's creek because it was after don't and guy. My oldest brother away into Dawson's creek way into Dawson's creek. There was, but but you get I think every every generation has that show that you catch it just the right time, boom it hits and it's huge for a couple years. Not to know lasted a shockingly longtime that I run was surprisingly long. It was supposed to just be that show hit three or four years that we huge will be gone. It lasted a longtime. They got a nice run out of that. And then the the returned if you years later what is a couple of years ago, they tried to do another nine oh, two one. And it never really seemed to pan out that much. I think it was James vanderbeek. I gotta mix the yes. James vanderbeek criminal more on criminal mind. He has southern accent too. How about that? They usually messed that up us if there's somebody doing this other Nexen who doesn't have a southern accent. I don't like it. But I liked it. His we look scary in the as much as I as much as I dislike Matt Damon for being immediate. And all he does a fantastic southern accent? Oh, Matt Damon Mattie is they like to call him in Boston too. Yeah. Dame people from Boston. We'll tell you. They're from Boston in every conversation. Those wild birds. Always I'm about. Thank you. I do I do respect Boston for, you know, having the liberty bell and all and I'd like to go up there to see that. But other than that. I'm too smart. We hang around with those idiots fair. Just completely. The new open minded as in TJ show. TJ she'll kill. Make a note for eight twenty eastern seven twenty central. Something can be amazingly sad and hilarious all of the same time. She said no that moment a guy built up to the big ask. Maybe it was a problem Pozzo. Maybe it was for her hand in marriage. But either way it was elaborate, and she said, no. But you're seventeen the whole world is talking about you, and you've got a brand new single that top of YouTube trending page. We'll tell you who that is coming up with a couple of minutes, plus possibly the weirdest musical pairing. So far in two thousand nineteen. We'll see what you think. Audio next. Tease show looking for more than juice clean juice offers smoothies. Also eagles avocado toast, and so much more all USDA, certified organic, go to clean, juice dot com to find a location near you. It's clean juice. Are you ready for everything and nothing all of the same time? Hey, it's ace. Join me from my podcast ace at large knew each Thursday at twelve noon through itunes and Google play. Looking for spectacular deals on spring break in summer travel, Email or travel agent Michelle at travel at ace, TJ dot com and follow as large on Twitter, hashtag as at large. TJ show presents. Audio. This is supposed to be the next big thing. And we gave you one of her songs couple of weeks ago. Billy eyelash has the top video right now on YouTube training page. The new song released at noon Monday at Ardy has four million views is not really a video just the song. She seventeen people are super hyped about her we played you her song awhile back a couple of weeks ago. And it's a. It's an unusual form of music that she has her debut album comes out March twenty ninth, and is one of those that people in the music industry talking about a lot like this is going to be huge that she's an artist. See what you think she talks about a guy who she's love with in this song? Called. I wish you were gay. Do. So the idea the song is super smart like you, don't like me. And I wish it wasn't. Because of something idea. I wish it because you were gay right? I hate to the fact that it's just it's me. You don't like I wish it was. Because us girls, I think it's a really smart song. I like the music. I don't know that if I can go through an entire song with that delivery, though. That's just me. I like the music I like the concept. I liked the lyrics. I just don't know if that as a whole song becomes too. Maybe the opposite may happen to the whole thing over after a couple of listens may of grow. Oh, this is kind of an eclectic little bit of different presentation than I kind of enjoy. I don't know. What does that ban the pretty reckless? Yeah. Okay. Taylor mommsen. Yeah. That sounds like pieces of some of those songs, except it kicks in at some point and rocks. The pretty reckless does he would have that delivery and all in in the beginning. And then boom a big rock and chorus and then go back to this. There's a song called somebody mixed my medicine by the pretty reckless kinda does it. Man, do like the way that sounds like it's it's different. It's cutting edge something unique. And I like that a lot. I love this lady in Brooklyn. She was asked by a reporter on Sunday about more cold weather coming this week. She's got a pretty gonna get mad because the snow in this went down side. I'm we all bunch of wet people. Okay. If it was and it will snow in. Yes. It is what? How about three four weeks ago? It was what? Outside way out here. Now. Hello is went to. Yes. On NASA prize? I love it. It's let's let's wait. Wait, wait. Hello. This is what was window. So here's the weirdest comparing of twenty nineteen and delicious audio. Gazelle stein. Good stuff Steen. I'm sorry. Gusau flesh-eating Gustaf stickers hosting and for L have teamed up for new song called blast off. You may or you may not love this. Stephanie. Is there a T in it? No, we'll steam. No the. Gustaf osteen. Right. It's up. Yeah. Okay. He says I in. So he does put a teen Staffel theme. Staffer. Okay. Okay. I'm not even gonna try the just like, it's hard. This is the ACT J show if you are a a single eighty especially if you're a younger single eighty you got some information that just broke that. Your boyfriend or future boyfriend is going to be all into the we're going to give you this information. So you'll be a head of the game. Whenever you find. This new boyfriend or your boyfriend now stars participating in this activity. You'll be ready to deal with it. Coming up next. There's more as TJ coming. Papa John's believes it's good to be different. So we've added six new pizzas him specialty menu because no-one roles at all cheese crew. So get together and figure out who's a Meatball pepperoni knew that ultimate who's applying Hawaiian. Or is this the Italian and who gets the title of Mr. miss Congeniality the pepper genie. That's all the ingredients you need for good time. And right now, get any large Beckwith for just twelve bucks. Better ingredients better pizza Papa John's participating US stores. Sexes. Hillary extra. Take your journey back in time and get connected funny to an ace and TJ show from the past with a total recall podcast total recall sponsored by the amazing Valentine hotel spa in Charlotte. Book your getaway, the Ballantyne dot com and follow total recall on Twitter, hashtag total recall. The TJ. Most of the time. You don't think is having cats just like they don't have a collection of lady bug. Okay. Ladies. Especially if you're. You know, mid twenties to college age, you know, that way something all your guys are going to be into. And you can either be cool about it and say, that's awesome. Or you can be some kind of nag and tell him it's not cool. It's up to you. Ladies. Well, here's here's a new invention. With the Pabst blue ribbon. You know how? Yeah. The young fellows, like the, you know, the young hipsters like the PBR. Well. They're gonna start selling Pabst blue ribbon whiskey. Oh, that's only aged for five seconds. I don't get it. Everybody else talks about how there's this finally aged for years what five seconds we're going to get it right out. Yeah. Because they're playing into the whole, you know, we know that we're cheap beer, and we know that we're, you know, whatever for the the guys who don't have a lot of money to be able to afford aged with. It's kind of like when David Letterman started. The I always hurt he had this scholarship set up for a student to go to ball state, which is where he went to school in Indiana that you had to you couldn't have anything below average. And you couldn't have anything above us the average because when he was in college there, he had a C average. And so he wanted his scholarship to go to a kid who who has average high school. So it's kind of like that. Okay. You think we're the cheap product, and we're just giving you a buzz, and it's it's cool 'cause you're not paying a lot for it by law. The whiskey has to be age. There's there's no requirement for how long so is possible that they're just getting around the law by pumping it into oak barrels for. You say straight out of the bottle. Yeah. The two big called. Funny, though, how long what's the minimum just has to say aged? Okay. Five seconds. See? They say that a few garbage brand whiskies have already done this. They do it. But the but five seconds appears to be the new low. It's not clear if you'll be able to buy it. But it's eighty proof a win you'll be able to buy it's going to be eighty proof. And it's just as strong as other whiskies, it might not taste great. But neither does their beer. So he still drinking, right? I suppose person for the company said other he wouldn't reveal much he called it quote. A big thing for the brand in quote. But I heard it's going to be white though. So it'd be more like moonshine who that's one of the things I heard about. But does it get the color from the bear from the aging? I'm I'm not sure no moonshine is white right is not in oak barrels and all it's it's in. Right out of the metal tub into the bottle. Was that your college Riggins? No, no. It was my dad's college beer, though. Okay. Yeah. Because it cycles back through every few years. Yeah. Now bars. I mean, a lot of places thing. Ebert get I was somewhere that the special was two dollar to dollar papers. Yeah. Yeah. To draft. Draft. Yeah. No, no. Thank you. Not my not my thing. I have a credit card. I'm good. Thanks. They have done a study. And whether you think astrology is legit or not how many people actually do think. It's legit. This new study says it's a scary number, and we'll tell you what it is next to know, the ace and TJ show. I live life by the motto. The more meet the better. Now, you know, the ace in TJ show want to save up to seventy five percent on domestic or international airline tickets, then call low cost airlines for prices, so low we can't publish them. Call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen. Common up on the ace and TJ show. Very own Regan's witnessed two men facing immediate bodily harm yesterday. Did he ate spring into action to help defuse the situation be gather other brave citizens to help him or C stand there and get angry because none of the other passersby were doing anything about? We'll give you the answer and whole story. Well, coming up at around seven twenty eastern six twenty cents that takes my guess off the table. Flea which was. Yeah. Yeah. Watch for a moment. And then realize I gotta get outta here before somebody asked me to help move in and run home. I'm interested the rest of that story because I thought I knew how that story ended. All right. They have done a study about astrology. And they serve aid people to ask them just. New find out just how many people thought astrology was a real thing. And it was and it was legit. And one third of the people surveyed. Said that it's legit. A third. They ask if they're if they're if they thought they astrological signs matched up to people's personality. Thirty two percent of them said yes, fifty two said, no and sixteen percent didn't know. I'm guessing. That all people who said yes that thirty two percent. Were women. Yeah. I would agree that because you don't guys don't seem to follow this at all. They don't even care. No. When you see those tweets people, tweeting all the everyday there's somebody that several people follow on Twitter that always tweet. Everybody's horoscope for the day. It's they're all female. Yeah. But you see I saw a lot of this back in the in the eighties where? Where? The black guys will put their signs up on the back window of their car like Sagittarius and all that. But it wasn't because they were getting up in checking their horoscopes every day trying to find out where they're moon was. And all of that. They just thought it was cool. Cool. Yeah. So I don't see guys being the ones to to follow a horoscope and get all upset because I knew I should never dated a Virgo. You know that kind of thing they're not looking to match up based. No, I can't eat you, Leo. And I'm Jim, and I can only data Szeged Terry, or whatever, I don't even know how that works. I'm probably sure I ended somebody getting information incorrect. But you know, I've never met a person though, that does think all of that is legit. Who is a a main partner somebody that I wouldn't want to be around. They're all they all seem to be super nice, very at peace with themselves. You know, have former intern Leah. She believes in all of that stuff. And she's a she's a doll. Yeah. But. The thing that you need to do who's say in this is it's a fun game. When you ask somebody what their sign is. If you start talking about this not not walk up in a bog of what you're saying. Not that. But if you're in a discussion about something like this, and you look at the person like this SAS, what's your sign? Oh, I should have known. Say something like that. Or that figures that makes sense doesn't mean anything in the why what what you know, you don't even you don't even wanna get me started on Jim Moniz yet. Another full of how TJ amuses himself by making all around him uncomfortable. News. But it is the stuff that you'll really be talking about the rest of the day coming up on trending with regards. If you think about eating that extra doughnut this morning for breakfast. Just go ahead and do it. It's a special day. I'll tell you I in less than ten minutes and now trending take your funny friends with you twenty four seven with the ace, TJ, podcasts and share on social media. Subscribe for free now at I tunes. Search for Ason TJ. Give us five minutes. And you'll know a little something about a lot of things. It's now trendy with ribbons on the ace TJ show. You have every reason to gain a little bit of weight today. I'll tell you why it's one of the top trending topics. But I Luke Perry passed away yesterday at the age of fifty to it after suffering a stroke earlier this month, maybe it was late last month. Actually, but it was all over the place yesterday. People were shocked, of course, Luke Perry starred in nine oh, two one. Oh, and then later on he became a cast member on the CW show, Riverdale, which is a massive it started a little slow, but that thing has become a become a juggernaut for teen television. It's weird weird as in like a mystery kind of way like with things happening that you don't see come and things like that not weird as. Peculiar? Yeah. But a lot of people just kind of voicing their condolences and talking about their memories of watching nine to one zero as a teenager or somebody in their twenties. It's that fifty two years old. He was kind of like a pop culture icon there for a long considered a teen heartthrob. Oh, yeah. Oh, absolutely hanging down at the peach pit, sure. Yeah. It's crazy today. One of the top trending, topics. It is hashtag fat Tuesday. So Ashwin day starts tomorrow lent. So it's the last day of feasting and every year on fat Tuesday pancake day coincides with that day. So this is not to be confused with national pancake day which happens next Tuesday where you can get free pancakes. I hop, but it is pancake day. So if you're looking for reason to gain a little bit of weight, I'd say today's the day, are you planning to give up anything for this year? Yeah. What are you giving a beer give up your for lent? My dad used. Do it. So that's what I do. But you can still drink vodka stuff. I guess yet. Technically, I could why give it up. So. Yeah, I'll be a sober boater throughout the month or throughout lent. Wendy Williams returned yesterday to television with new haircut, and she's been gone since I don't know January late December and they've had guest host, Phil. So everybody was kind of expecting her to kind of spill the beans about what's been happening other than the health issues a lot of people suspected that she and her husband were having issues. And that was the reason why she took that extended break, but she didn't. She said she kind of alluded to the rumors by saying me, and my husband are good. That's not something to worry about. And then people have mmediately jumped on social media at Wendy. You've made a career out of out of picking apart people's marriages and relationships how are you not going to be honest right now? But that's not really her job to explain her personal. That's just what she does. I don't think she's owed anything anybody. About explaining the problems or lack of problems intermarriage. But when you have when you literally her radio career was built upon the fact that she just tore people apart. Yeah. People expect you know, you to do the same thing. And then you're like, you know, what I'm gonna guard. I'm gonna guard mine. That's I get the point that people are saying it very hypocritical. How you doing? Yes. She took a long break, but she had Sherri shepherd village. And she was spectacular. They might want to look into giving her her own show. The best thing about Sherri shepherd being on was it. Nick cannon wasn't. Yeah. She was a Kim nut stand. It may be that. She's right. There might not be a problem in her marriage. The problem easily could have been a health issue or something, you know, something else that we don't know about. Maybe just maybe she doesn't have a marriage problem. Yeah. But people assume a whole why why would you lie not tell the truth? What if she's not lying? Yeah. Right. Has a bad marriage or something exact SAS? You know, what I heard it was did you hear heard that? She was finally after years of wrestling with the thought she finally decided to get breast implants. That's the t-. It would you heard for me? Are you doing? She's a friend of the show. Yeah. It was good to see her back when she was here that there's a great hugger. You always gotta give points for that, male or female, you can be if you're going to give a hug if a farm embrace. What my back to pop. Aggressive all those things are naturally yesterday. Regan's witness to men facing immediate bodily harm. Did he a spring into action and help defuse the situation? Be gathered other brave citizens to help him or C stand. There wondering why nobody was doing anything. We'll find out and get the whole story net. Connected funny with as TJ and thirty thirty. It's the best of today's show in thirty minutes and available through high tunes, and now on Alexa, and Pandora more of the TJ show next. Want to hear the as in TJ show and stay connected funny later today as TJ twenty four seven is the show replayed all day through the as TJ app. Sponsored by Papa John's downloaded on I tunes Google play and Amazon now hastened TJ. Good news, the person in South Carolina that one over one billion dollar mega millions jackpot came forward to collect his or her money stinks. Staying anonymous the whole time so good for them. They said they will honor the state says they will on her the person's requests to be Lucy. They did share one story that they allowed someone to go in front of them to do something. Like, they were they were in line. They let somebody go in front of them. And they just took a quick pick hit him from a billion and a half dollars, man. All right. So we're always glad we have stories that Riggins brings us from his life of living in the concrete jungle. On the mean streets of uptown, Charlotte North Carolina the biggest city in both Carolinas. It's. So. I'm guessing you were walking your dog. That's the only time you get out of the house, whatever I was going to get lunch with the dog. Right. And I you'd take the same route every day it's right through the middle of the city. It's the most popular street in uptown, and I made my way to this food truck. I was going to go get some Hal food a little bit of chicken and rice. It's so good. I never had allow food until I lived in the city. It's amazing amazing. And so I had cash on me. So I was walking up to this food, truck and. I make it about halfway there. I'm in the middle of the city at this point. And I hear just knows echoing down the block it's echoing and I see two people fighting. And by fighting. I mean screaming at each other and grabbing each other by the shoulders and taking swings at each other. And I'll be honest. I'm pretty sure they were drunk because I stood there and watched them for a couple of minutes, probably two to three minutes. No one intervened. And as they were throwing punches. None of them were landing. There were two punches in the entire thing that I thought oh that was that was a good one right there to each other or the same person landed to the same person landed both how far away were you? Did you walk down to get closer? No, I stopped in my tracks. I'm not moving across the street, you're directly across the street from them. Yeah. Has a crowd gathered. No, really. I'm the only person that seemed to have noticed it because we're in like a banking district now. So and it's lunchtime. So it's the lunch rush and everybody's like walking on their phone, or they're they're on their way to a lunch or whatever. And I'm just stopped in my tracks. I'm not moving because for a variety of reasons. Number one. I wanna watch number two. I hope nobody asked me. To get involved and number three. I don't wanna feel. Pressure to to stop it. Or to tell anybody in power. Not to mention you don't wanna walk pass them. Because one of them may in the flailing in all may, touch you. Exactly. Yeah. I get. And then as they're fighting the guy who I called the Jesus saves guy. He's very popular say he just goes down the street and just as Jesus. Jeez. Hill loves you. So Walker by he's not getting involved. The Jesus saves guys. Like, listen Jesus handle this. This is not for me Jesus. So they were homeless these guys. I would imagine they look at homeless. Okay. Yeah. And drunk and drunk, and the reason I think they're drunk because they weren't. No. Neither of them were actually really connecting with L. The punches old. They looked old, but they were probably in their thirties or early forties. So you think they looked they looked much older than they actually? Yeah. Okay. All most people don't age. Well, the punches that connected solid. Yeah. Okay. Pretty okay. Which is why I think again they were drunk because he he knew how to punch, but you'd think they were just missing all over the place, but the two he connected on work. All it was like Joe Rogan out. He's going down. Did you say anything anyone else's? I walked by hate him might see this or imagined. No who ended up breaking the breaking up the fight more homeless people jumped in. Oh, finally after about three minutes another group of about four of them two women two guys came over. And that there were so many like rat- like blankets on them. It's just look like the craziest thing that looked like I don't know. Just a lot of people covered in blankets trying to separate it. It was an odd scene. If you had to guess just a ballpark. How much infection was in that all one. I mean, you got the bird flu, you got the whole the whole gambit some peanut allergies. I'm sure and then separate ways and you just walked home. Yeah. Did they make up or do they separate them and get them out? No one one guy ended up walking away with all his stuff. He had a couple of bags and stuff. And then the other guy stayed with a group of people that broke them up, you know, because they they all still have to not live in the neighborhood together. Right. Exactly they're going to this one of them's Mosey and onto a different part of. Maybe that's what it started over. You're on my turf, exactly. And I still had to go get my Hello food. And so I went like two minutes later, I was eating extra. Spicy plays me extra spice. I know why you get that now because you know, that no homeless persons even gonna ask for that food. What? Moving. This is the TJ show hill. Are we're gonna play a little game called re release it. The song. So great that you've probably never heard. But if they re released it today, it would shoot number one. According to me. That's coming up next. You'll be connected funny with the ACT J show on demand subscribe on itunes or simply with Alexa, or Pandora the ACT J show on demand. More of the TJ show next. Follow the TJ show in stay connected. Funny on Instagram Twitter and Facebook just search for the show now TJ Jay, Jay. There's a game not necessarily a game. There's just something that as tonight find ourselves doing all the time. And that is when we hear a song that is that has had its day already. It was a hit. And then it's gone away in a new generation of of musical stylings has come along. We'll hear the old song and go man you release this today in its hit even though the musical stylings have changed. This song is so solid. If you released it today, it would be well, I have an example of that. And I think if you release this one today, it would be an even bigger hit than it was to begin with. So this is not someone re recording it or new version. This is the actual song straight up as it was recorded before just not a remake re-release. Now this song has been sampled by the Justin Bieber. And I think it's either been remade or sampled by Austin Mahone as well. It's a British singer. And the song was a was released and was a hit in US America in the year two thousand one of our Lord. And it was a debut at number one on the UK charts. That means as soon as it came out. It went to number one. Oh, that's what that means. Thank you. The guy's name is Craig David. And this is a song about meeting girl and how their relationship transpired. So quickly. Okay. So you have to really listen to the words carefully to hear the story in it and feel the groove so re release it it's a huge hit today. Craig David it's called seven days. Three. Beautiful. Before the top of the cost of. She declined. Coach. Issue. Oh, man. Really smooth. Now, man, if you three that this would be a huge hit today, if they re released it, then send us a DM or something if you disagree then mind, your business Curtis, Marcia here says awesome. Okay. If they re released not if it will release for the first time. Or does. That mean, the same thing released means they put it out again. Exact same song. They put it out again because it was a hit in US America. It was a top twenty hit. I think around number fifteen on the hot one hundred number one in UK England. It's just LUKA. Yeah. You K Britain great. Yeah. I love that song because it's mid tempo. Like all the songs are nowadays that you kids are Jones and four, you know. I mean. If you put say that it's post Malone. Go straight a number one just like it is be Craig David but say it's post Malone. All over at work, one of those juicy J's or something, right? Fusing jay. Kids. Jay. Oh, yeah. Extra pope in my juicy j chew it. All right Riggins is out of college. He graduated so has SAS graduated. But if they were in high school trying to pick a major for what they wanted to go into in their in their adult world, they would choose this new major that has been unveiled at a lot of colleges mainly through the same Francisco area, but you can actually major in something. And and you would be so excited about all the study, and you would have to do. It's coming up next year. Connected funny with your funniest friends. Next. Coming up on the as and TJ show. Going out about a month. Really rather had it a cuss about becoming exclusive? But you're. Thank you, Vinny writes, she's not rude, but she's not shy about how she feels about them. And then she shows me this. That's where there becomes. Because he would you agree with this? Or do you think this is weird? I'm gonna have a ball with this group therapy. Not to be missed today at the at the very least if you are in a relationship, or at least with someone considering being in a relationship. It's going to bring up a conversation that you should be prepared for. So that's about thirty minutes on the TV show. All right. Here's the gist of we were talking about the major in college that a lot of kids are gonna get excited about and they're going to run to their parents say mom dad, I decided on a major. You can now major several colleges with this story comes from San Francisco. That's in California San Francisco. You can major in marijuana. What that's why Regan's and SAS would like it so much because you know, they're they're from that marijuana age group. You know, where him clothes and all of that stuff? But. It's su-. Can learn the ins and outs of the medicinal plant chemistry. They have one of these programs at northern Michigan university. And it's all about getting involved with what they call the green gold rush in legal marijuana and its non-drug cousin hip spreads him as all of it spreads across North America. Now, here's my thing. Never having been a marijuana smoker or never did marijuana as my grandfather would say does he do marijuana? You know, that they're they can't just assign a teacher who's good at chemistry and all of this stuff to go in and teach this class or they're not gonna take him seriously. I mean, it's got to be a pothead professor who knows the ins and outs of what each each. What do you call? It strand. Does to you like what pineapple express does? And what whatever another one would be. I think it's genius that I think is all you're doing is preparing people for a future career, which is what is all about. It's no different than when sports marketing became a thing. And you developed sports marketing as a major. Yeah, that's wonderful. Well, my daughter goes to a school in Nashville that focuses on music and works with record companies and stuff and people from the music industry can teach classes at the university. But they have to have so many years experience in. In the real world of of professional musicians and technicians and all that stuff before they're allowed to come teach. So you can be a professor with the degrees and all of that and teaching or have the experience of being in the music industry for so many years to be a professor. So that's what I'm saying. They need to do this. They need to just get people. Who are so because they're out there the ones who've been growing illegally for so many years and Salomon and all these people are geniuses, right? When you talk to them, you may think burnt, but when it comes to their product, they're the ones that are always on the documentaries where they're fighting libertarians who are fighting for it to be legal and all that, right? They look like Bernie Sanders with the hair like going twenty different directions. They all do because they put a teacher in there. That's not that person. What kind of reaction are they going to get from kids in college apparently smoke smoke weed and say hi to satellite. Whatever did you don't know anything. Whatever you say, whatever. Yeah. Got to know how to cross your blends. And right. You got you've got the hulk with a little bit of pineapple little bit of blueberry, sunshine. Put it in GB in your parents bathroom upstairs and rip it away to get. Every day. They'd be asking when they get to experiment with the effects right today. Yeah. What are we going to hot boxes place? So I don't know the big classroom to happen here. This is just rumor right now, but they say that the colleges all throughout West Virginia or working on the meth major. Oh, great. So gotta be because they're already chemists right sick. Yeah. Amateur. The amateur cabinets bunch of trainers with WVU, right, though, meet out in the woods, and they show you how to shake the plastic bottle just the right amount. So it doesn't blow up as well. Well. Coming up on now trending with Regan's a woman buys her husband of birthday massage. And right at the end of them side. It takes a turn a joyous turn. Now. The why finds out this story is going viral. It's going to blow your mind, I promise you in less than ten minutes. Now. The TJ show Riggins. I just want to get out of here in smoking Newport, you know. TJ show.

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"Seven four eight hello and welcome to put Quiz Surfing Hundred News and forty-eight. I have a couple of thank yous before. We start first off. Thanks to Ian who put in a paypal donation this week and also thanks to Brent who supports quiz on patriotic round around one it say some pull sinners music from this week say you're going to hit five pieces of music each of which features a prominent sample impulse in each case. I'd like to tell me the artist and title of the song that is being sampled. Hello Jim One uh-huh mm-hmm Western to Philly take time question three ooh the the question four. I five aw I always sit. There was blamed for everyone to see Western thought yeah it round to Ranchi is on venomous animals. Question six famous as egg laying mammals which animal native to Australia is also one of the few species of venomous mammals the male having a spur on the hind foot that delivers a venom capable of causing severe ed pain to humans question seven which part of their body to Scorpions us to deliver venom question age which of the following is the world's deadliest spider writer in terms of the potency of its venom the black widow spider the Brazilian wondering spider fighter all the sun'll whip spider question nine the a tight pan the crate and the ASP are all types of which venomous animal question ten native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans which fish is famous for its striking stripes stripes and showy pictoral fins but also for its venomous spiky fin breeze round three three is a quickfire round on the origins of Biz each of the following five <unk> questions. I will name a famous beer and I would like you to tell me the country from which it originates question unloving Guinness Question Twelve Viktoria bitter the question thirteen cul spoke question fourteen Perroni in June fifteen shimmy round four and the funder of this week s history question sixty the storming of which prison and on the fourteenth of July Seventeen eighty-nine is now celebrated as a national holiday in France question seventeen how many U._S. presidents have been assassinated to three or full question. Eighteen which famous battle took place about else nine miles south of Brussels on the eighteenth of June eighteen fifteen question nineteen name four of the seven U._S. states to form the original confederacy that sparked the civil war all question twenty. What was the family name of the Saas who ruled Russia Russia from the seventeenth century until the nineteen seventeen revolution. I'll be back in three minutes with beyonce's off the white mystery with blood and FEM. And Welcome uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh Yeah mm-hmm <music> <music>. Eh Yeah <music> <music> the I know the Swiss Charles J With d want but you need to tell me the song is being sampled that goes food food fight they come to seize run DMC but the sample comes from my Sharona by the knock. It was just because me by comma on the sample came from every breath you take by uh-huh police see them full was Craig David Song and the sample came from shakes my heart. Vice Stink I always damn and the share and finally number five this is folding stars by Sunset Strip ass- and the sample comes from waiting for a star to fall by boy meets go round two was on venomous US animals and the answer to number six that venomous egg laying mammal is the platypus seven Scorpions pins deliver venom that tile the world's deadliest spider in terms mm spits venom is the Brazilian wandering spider but I'm the type pan the crate and the ASP type are all snakes and number ten that venomous fish post the lion fish round three and three was the origins of beer and the answer to number Eleven Guinness Comes from Ireland Twelve Victoria bitter comes from Australia thirteen counts book comes comes from Denmark Number Fourteen Perroni comes from Italy and snap a fifteen shin-ei comes from Belgium round four the fun around was history history and the answer to up sixteen. It was the best deal with stormed in seventeen eighty-nine seventeen. There have have been four U._S.. Presidents that were assassinated Abraham Lincoln James a Garfield William McKinley and John F. Kennedy eighteen famous battle of eighteen fifteen was waterloo nineteen. I needed four four of the original seven U._S.. States to form the confederacy they were Alabama Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi South Carolina and Texas so four of those would win

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Reasons Why Im Single Episode 200 Y2K 2 Hundo P

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com before Information Sixty Chelsea listening. I just want to let everybody know I'm fine. Everything's fine except I'm not fine and everything's going grabbed freaking out. Okay then escalated okay. That escalated quickly. So how about? We just talk about the good old days. They're just anything to calm you down play that track. I'm scared stay. Shot happy. Two hundred upper big two hundred episodes. That is pretty crazy like that because I I can't tell you how many shows that I've been having the you don't even understand how many shows don't make it to a tenth episode. Let alone a hundred episode. Let alone a two hundred episode. That's outstanding geyser. It's it's been a blast having you around and I it's awesome. Actually what he wants to be called depends on big right there and you like it wouldn't have happened without contest. It's right now. It's been a blast. I've I I mean it's been fun watching you guys from starting up through like all of the nonsense with Oh God what was that show Shit? Beaches am At all of you know all your auditions and all that it's it's it's always a good time. That's just it's part of the fun it's fun you're a great time right and time. I don't think you want to call people. Grab a drink and drink with me but I left it downstairs. So there's that one I can't drink with you two days. He's like he's like I'm dine so listen. Obviously we're still in the middle of the social distancing stay home stay safe and as much as I'm very van I'm big fan of it. Makes EVERYBODY SAY H agrees? Well I you know flatten the curves that whole thing Talking about me when I work out. Curbs Lynn so we decided that rather than talk bout dates. We're going to talk about a certain date. So it still ave still we. You know it's two hundred episodes people talk about the year two thousand and Oh oh oh anybody called it. Y Two k once we were in the years you vows in nineteen ninety nine. That's always. That was Gosh Lenny. In which a brand new listening right now when he actually we miss you so so I figure we could serve some facts about the outside you can make you loud a tournament. Chelsea fingers don't always live happily tiff again technology. Hopefully it won't end. Sadly I did a video for a lot of my friends like kids that are under five and under and it got all their names and their ages. I like. I sang a couple of songs and I wrote. I read a book and all this stuff just to give the parents like fifteen minutes of like. Maybe maybe their attention. How I wrote a song and I wrote the music for the intro. And then I went to press play and would play and he was like Chelsea doesn't get along with computers. I bet you all get along so much better. It's true. A lot of people do when I started working where I'm at now which is a tech company and so they make like apps and everything in house like I work with a bunch of genius says that'd be like I can't get boned. Think with my laptop like kids would help either like. Are you kidding me? They're like we build gain signs. We built avs but Balu what is bad. Why isn't it blew the worst? But why tie why? Why not with each house? I was like that's not cute. The WIFI BUT WI FI wireless medalla looping before we get into the years thousand. Let me tell you what happened. Jay I do need to take care of some business. Sure for map nerve root at all but yes. That's fine so you can sing it at. It's time for the same series. A fake name series of the day is what we use to shade instead of using people's real names names Fake name series of the day to hide their identities. If they heard these don't know who they are. They know a a so last week. America CHELSEA LIKE AREA. What do the tiger king and I was like? Aw and I gave a super huge eyebrows that I will tell you why it was so huge next week. We'll next week is today. I roll because they wanted it to be our 'cause I'm like yeah people the frontlines but the rest of America's like I would tell your king I'm over Muslim so popular that my parents want to. They didn't just watch it. They watched in one sitting. I mean retired. What else did they have to do with dinner? Turned it on. I was like Oh yes. We're watching type. They're like now. Everyone is so we're gonNA. Fc The means that are like we get Janet. You think you're better than everyone else because you refuse to watch it. I'm like I don't think I'm better than anyone but also yes. I do think I've been pat So the series were doing in Er it was a popular medical show back in the day. There's GONNA lead the number one show in the year two thousand feet. Listen Ed God knew he was. GonNa save it for next week for two hundred episode when you talk about the year two thousand that are Jesus amazing here is that we're doing Chelsea for me to give you names. I've got you love you so today I did Oh though today I spend our families shopping. I don't want my parents go because made it has. Lungs are not great and yeah I just why go out if you're susceptible don't so so so. I went to Costco today. The Way Costco's working right so the way constants working is like their only league people in twenty at a time and it's as twenty people leave so I think there's maybe fifty people in the whole store. Oh Wow it's very very maybe a hundred but not a lot for costco. I always say like part of Heaven has to look like Costco. You just walk in and it's just walls and rows of food and I'm like I've made it. I've made it saying. Get you a sheet cake and whatever else you want. Come on and when I used to go for work we'd go right when they would open and then they would be like. This assisted living housing. All senior citizens would get off the bus. I'm like bounce still single. You Bet you believe I'm coming across. I'm GonNa get me Sheikh Ache and a man like what word okay delivering. This is the thing. His name is not going to be her. His name is still going to be frigging Jason or Brian Devon like I wanna Devon like suspenders too high. I I love it. See our friends. That are listening right like our friends that have kids right now. They get to dress up. Their kids is like little old men women and all that other stuff. I'm like you know what I'll just give me the actual bank fine fine fine. I'm sorry I'm standing in line and it's been a minute since I've spoke to anyone new. I think that's a lot of people but I am an extrovert. So shy guys Because of an extrovert I I can have a really good conversation with brick walls so anyway they have us all in line where the carts normally are so and everything's marked like sixteen so we're all standing there and everybody is silent in. There's no music it is the weirdest thing and then I start laughing because silence makes me uncomfortable and silence of my points and Lisa Brady Geeks so I so I listened. I normally a weird angle but like if I lower it. Then it's like Double Chin City and if I tilt it that it's GonNa Fall so wwj Chin city though. Only townhouses and apartment complexes its list thing is about to be a buyer's market am I right. Am I right right right so I start laughing because it's so quiet and then this leg made front page? She started laughing which I took as a sign of. I could talk to you now. What best friend basic higher? I haven't met anyone new four weeks. How are you? How's this going for you are you? Okay what's your family history like any pre existing condition costco today? So we're talking. Everything's going great. Let's call her something. We'll call her. Susan Lewis Susan Lewis in Iran. The lovely conversation and like two people in front of me. She's on the other side of our six foot little wrap around And then like to get in front of me. There's another woman. Her name is Elisabeth. Corday let me tell you about Elizabeth Greg. Son Elizabeth Corday is screened down her entire grocery cart. And like and I'm like okay. We'll everything that's fine that makes sense and mental. Gustav nicey everybody WHO's a little bit closer to Elizabeth Gritty Ding? She start when like this. Now Mind you. Everyone's wearing masks. And they're still like my friend. Suzanne Ding is like a mini. Me and I was like no literally. Elizabeth Corday has made the decision that she's going to Spring Tire her shopping cart. With what could only be described as like curb. Cologne from like the early. Two thousands what and it is so strong and in this not ventilated area because humans are normally there because it's normally pleased that just shopping carts that she sprayed the entire eighties so thick. It is so gross. So me being the introvert that I am I. I'm not introvert. Extrovert you guys got I view being New Year now my hand disappears from the rest of my by like. If you're white shirt you'd be puppeteer make yourself into a spider like there's like. I have my my list I can slowly so I say to you Elizabeth. Might Oh Elizabeth. I think that that's not cleaner. I think that's Cologne. I'm only making. It seem like maybe she has Cologne and cleaner in her baggage. You just grabbed the wrong one. Sprayed it seventy five times. I mean I'm talking like like I'm choking point is bad curve from the early two. Thousands is so much worse and she will return and looked at me. Wait yeah it's got alcohol in it all K- Elisabeth which I was like. Oh no you got to the point that you're cleaning with Cologne because there's gotta be a better option than that to which Susan was freaking hilarious. She's like teller call on we shouldn't touch strangers but. I think she would've high fives me on this. Oh wait no right depends on which way you can see in America. Wrong days and Jessica bedecked so so yeah so she says this and everybody kind of laughed and then she was like alcohol kills germs and amendments. Other guy what's his name. Stacey Luka Kovac Oh he was good on I love. Dr So get the dig out your day. Oh Yeah yes R. E. R. I didn't watch it but yarn. The two thousands was grey's anatomy to when it like. I came now fifteen years ago. Wow it was pretty question the final jeopardy question right. Oh Instance anyways. Sorry look back Ding. He 'cause he was like cleans and he's specially when he was like it also kills all of our noses. Thanks the every time like when they finally let us through. We all had to walk through the like cloud that was left air movement. It was. It wasn't taking my point of this is listen if you think America. If you think we're doing this quarantine wrong you are on the side of right up right up until you start using. Cologne as a cleaning method just also. It's a different kind of alcohol. Guys it's not gonNA clean license. Aestheticians gets you want mine. Chelsea look at these stations beautiful skin. She's not. I did totally do mud mask today. Because I'm having crazy breakouts online. Let me get myself together and put on earrings view America other than that like nope now. Putting on makeup put on my grows and A little blush end to conceal her and looks like that would be me Chelsea. So she's like okay. I found this. So do you want me to tell you it or? Do you want me to tell you what to say like. So we're doing your intro helping me either. Except he's fourth paying whatever list all of them wearing makeup foundation. I can't hear your is about the year. Two THOUSAND LEASE ORIGINALS. Random facts so the year two thousand the average price for a home. A new brand new home was one hundred thirty four thousand dollars. Get OUTTA my face. Yeah I can't. You're like wait they are. You signed up for you. Signed up for this. Friendship is what Chelsea told me you're right. I signed the papers. I think I think you agreed to take part in this French. Hey through holding you here. How did yeah know right? You're supposed to be inside. Oh that's a good song. They could point to they. Okay so let's see. I'm like they have the price of gold on here but I can't afford both now. So why would we wrote it in and it's cheaper than bars that are gold and also a home? The retail price per gallon of gas was one twenty six man which now is much cheaper. I guess for eighty nine cents. Oh yeah is nuts Because we do the shopping the rest of this actually pertains to me now but I like. It never did before. So that's funny A five pounds of russet which was seventy nine sides. It's about three bucks now. How INFLATION AMERICA? Spaghetti sauce was ninety nine cents for a sixteen ounce jar. If you'RE GONNA all dollar forty nine if you go munger. It's like three bucks and Let's see popular baby names if you're twenty out there right back in the year. Two Thousand Jake and emily were popular. Baby names cake props for huge which I did not realize like that's when those came out Robert Berkeley. I don't Yeah I did not start acknowledging them until like five years ago. I'm ashamed to admit but also I like cake in big portions so I feel like that's why I ignored them. Mike. You're not just giving me a little cake top. I want a whole AAC offer barely cake because it's like great with frosting and it's dipped in. Yeah it's not it's fairly kick but they are good though they're pretty delicious Sorry people if you WANNA sponsor US Love You. Retake it apple and then ground butter. Pasta was the was the dish people of which I've never heard me neither but I looked at I sent recipe and I was like but honestly round butter. Pasta kind of looks like fire right. I'm about to learn this and then when this is all done. We're off of lockdown. Go TO COSTCO. I'm GonNa get me man. I'm a make him some brown butter pasta around sugar skin of its list so dramatic or friends. You guys are getting the real right now right. Listen like whatever. I saved my usual humble statements. You need to know that all this drama Chelsea would say on. Let's see the St Louis. Rams were Super Bowl Champs. The New York Yankees won the World Series New Jersey devils clinched the Stanley Cups. Wow the the most popular TV shows that aired in the year. Two thousand number one was. Er number two was who wants who wants to be with Regis Philbin on Wednesdays specifically number three was who wants to be a million. Ah ON TUESDAYS number. Four was friends number five Monday night. Football number six on order number seven and was everybody loves Raymond. Number eight was who wants to be a million but he's Number nine was the practice and number ten was who wants to be a millionaire day front Thursday nights a week. Did it come on? You came on every night and Saturday wow. Nbc was like we have a hit and Regis Philbin is a robot is going to cancel. It just keeps you on the one I remember. There was a very large gentlemen on the show. I'm and Regis was like final answer. And he was terrible Regis Philbin by the way guys. Sorry better than your vin diesel. It's actually a lot better than you. Listen I never claimed by diesel. It just makes me laugh so much so the family family family but no he There was this gentleman and he was on and he was like a final answer and then he was like yeah like dramatic lights and then and then the fat man said I'm fat man Regis. No one wants to be a millionaire back. Wow let's see. Let's see what other facts they have to accept us because that's kind of our shows about and two hundred episodes in right. Yeah snaps for US ask. I'm the average life span. Was Seventy seven point five years Google announced that it had in the next over one billion web pages. See because back. Then it if you didn't Google to find your websites you found your websites and if you really didn't have any clue were you were starting. Then you may be tried. But it wasn't guaranteed. You would have everything right. It's so funny when that meeting came out. It's like it's like I told my kids. I was older than Google. Like no seriously you know. But actually for actual but for actual wall the movie gladiator won five Oscars including Best Picture and will and grace won three emmys including outstanding comedy series Aaron Walker Church Love Jerry Walker So anyway I sent you instant crush incident figure. We can answer them for each other. It's you are watching I- awesome of you live right now. Yeah and then also you know to find us on their reasons why I'm single. Find us on twitter and instagram with the same handle our W. I s. podcast. That is the messages into some comments about this comes on this thing and technology and Chelsea don't get along but stays home. Works pictures of your cute single friends than we can. You know Linkov after this whole thing is over. I'm just saying just saying Suzy Stacy how old were you? In Years Thousand I was fifteen fourteen fifteen. Yeah Yes yes. What grade were we in? We're the same age exactly so because I was thinking about like all right so we were in ninth grade. In the way our schools were nine. Hundred was a part of junior high Ninth as junior high and then tenth. Eleventh Twelfth is high school so in two thousand. We are night like when it turned two thousand. We were in ninth grade and then we went through an awesome summer together and then we started our sophomore year in high school. Okay so then. Yes that is correct. Then I'm wrong stacey on what we were doing for White Guy because that was two thousand eight talk about it. 'cause it's awesome move ever do what I was doing. It lives it tells. The joke be like ten minutes ago. We were in the same place and now that I think about it now l. We were together for two thousand one and you guys the stories on our broadcast. I yelled at my ex-boyfriend to go find his brother. We were in Florida. Or did I or did you with someone new and Balls like you go find your brother. No one has time for the and then I had my first case. Oh One oh then afterwards like oh you're my first kids. You'd like hide fine brands earthquakes. He was a good that you. What would you say? What was his name? His name was John Carter. Hey like confused with Cartier which I also enjoy get into some other things. And what was your favorite subject in school channels? You can just. I was laughing. Broke down was just mainly choir and marching band and drama. Which the next question is did you have any extra curricular activity isn't reiner and marching drama. I put my favorite class was English. And then for extra curricular activities. I put band theater and trek because I had to track Point because suzy was cool. I was listed nerd for life. Yes listen internal nerd external by Ya. I'm with you but I didn't WANNA sing. Yeah I know the play stops then. We could each ever moment. Thank you for making this possible. We appreciate your platform links. New fight with you allowed to make this happen. It's true. She did not her laptop. Did I'm yeah? I try real hard to get like computer hours wind fire computer powers. Go home looms there. We don't need you know we just have to tell you you're right hard drives and why did they? Why did heart always have a monkey? I never understood that why why was missing a thing. I don't know. Oh yeah because didn't they have like a full outfit on? Yeah Research and also been those awareness crop so the league live. Your best likes if I had that stomach. I want to yes. Okay so you see Let's see could could you wrote. We couldn't vote But did your history or government. Class talk about it. I do not recall to be quite honest. I do not recall so my history government I think it was just history but my history government teacher He actually had each of his classes vote and and then he like made a basically each he showed how because one of the class had more people be explained the whole electoral college things to us. Like yeah and so. Our class voted and Bush one. But then Gore ended up winning overall for the whole day for those of you who merge alive or remember Florida's a really long time during that vote. Yup We didn't know who are present was going to be and the difference in voting was five hundred thirty. I think less than that. Yes super super super close so literally when people like when old people like us say every vote matters because it frigging dies. Yeah yes that's who you WanNa vote for vote. Honestly people fought for your rights to vote. If you are not a white male so frigid sounds like a bad thing but it's actually good. You had to suffer sorry on. What kind of phone did you have did not have one because I did not get my license until I was eighteen in the next one? I got a cell phone a hundred. I didn't get my phone until I got my license But I did have a family fun that we could take so like if I had to get dropped off at dance class then I can take the phone with me so I could call and let them know when I was done or like if we had a late band practice than my brother. Got The phone so so we had a Nokia block phone and he used to go to the mall and by the covers that I wish I still had this phone. You literally take a completely apart and put brand new covers on it because it wasn't like you'd to protect nothing was breaking right. They were made of steel back in our day on mcgruther. You started get mad because I would have fun for like three hours. And I'd put a cover on it and then you'd be like where's the original cover. I'm better simply but I didn't get my own phone until senior year and even then we didn't have like the phone plan that we have for. That family was one hundred minutes for the whole month. So we would call recall stacey going six thousand and then you're fabulous legit things so acutely but grew try really hard to talk very quickly because if it got to a minute on the phone call actually charged you two minutes on your cell phone and then now you've only got ninety eight minutes for the rest of the crazy and taxiing was not a thing texting thing until we went to college so rate if you wanted to text someone you did it on your graphing calculator when you were the same math Class Act Narrative. The man that wasn't until my senior year of high school by had be best math class. I loved Calculus Nerd. Loved it if we like our little corner of friends like we had a ball? Shout out do real crime. Bridget girl we had a blast Did you have a computer at your house? Yes okay poor. Sorry Oh wow. I'm surprised I remember that I did. You have napster. Did you download no my friend? I need to name states mark. Green my friend Mark Green used to download my stuff on his napster on. His phone are on his computer and then he got all the viruses. Oh I ask for downloading music until college and I use lime wire on meets you and then in two thousand six. My college computer basically burst into flames. Roll my turn to think when my most until after I graduated college I think it was like. Oh eight that my computer like died from all got the blue screen of death in Yup dime. That seems that seems listen Um and I wish I grabbed it. I have found one of my old burn. Cd's with all of the listed on it listen kids 'cause you couldn't just make playlists whatever streaming platforms because that wasn't an option like now with you. Burn stuff on CDs and then you would have like this encyclopedia like this whole book of all of these sleeves. Abc's and that's what you would take on your road trips and it was ridiculous. You didn't have an Oscar award that you plug into different phones. Now he had this whole freedom. You would send your parents to buy like these stab of blank CDs that you could burn all of your great relievers nope you can't put it closer to your face. There is blank the DS and then we will do this. Yes Chelsea Summer Girl Jams Chelsea sober. Although I wrote in a circle you wanted to maximize the area. Nice okay. Let's let's see. Let's see okay number one while blessed. Wow Well Smith look it up. Kids might Mr full disclosure. This is my two thousand three summer girl. So number two Cherry Poppin daddies. What never three baby got back off bitch premiered at Brooks. Oh wow choose so many things right number five boys mine. Classic Number Six. Show me love by Robin. Oh Yeah Hey. Hey who love you do number eight is if you WANNA be my lover? Classic number nine is I just wrote sub spice life. But I'm going to going to spice up your life. I never go. Oh No it's not number Spice up your life. I wonder what number nine is Like a real song when it was looking stuff up last night so they had an album. Come out in two thousand called forever but they didn't do any promo for it. A net was after they cut ginger. Apparently they had the song. Goodbye onic by the wondering if it's from that album because I'm like I have their first one and spice world like the number of Chinese who do you think you are I loved I love space. Gross could never bicycle as numbers filed was navigable from the good times. Now ask yes that was on my spring break mix for a high school friends we call ourselves the Fab five. We went on a cruise together in that Moore. Who was in there was either no? I wasn't in their own friends. Heavy what was it called scare fast. I wasn't invited screaming. You know I need a girl's name Carol Hathaway Carol had the way and I could not afford to go on spring break so we went to one of those airbrush t shirt places at the mall and made him make us a sterling heights. Spring break shirt with snowmen on bats awesome. That is I'm here for that. That is a day when everybody came back with their like Hawaiian airbrushed shirts. We really got those too and we didn't have to pay for an airplane here. Klinghoffer go so we didn't get the airbrush ones because I remember beat so excited that we could get matching shirts. Because that's all the cool popular kids did Lagos. We can do it. The cool kids do so. We went to signor frogs in the Bahamas. We got these matching blue tie shirts. That's a senior frog. So we did not get the airbrushed ones see laugh At one friend and Neela res- Gatra she and her friends they would go on spring break together so then we were college roommates. Neil and I were afterward issue would wear that shirt of like. Yeah you waiting friends with half of the people that shirt you like. Yeah you would doing so hot. Although you and her generation X. I think that's also a spice real song ration- they were like the Pepsi like. Okay I fourteen says come on. I'm from Chicago. Good Mama when you're over number sixteen is voiced by Britney Spears and ten. The budget is the blood. I'm sorry my freshman remains were obsessed with Britney. So that's about Song. I really like that Song Remix of junior bottle and remax. I did it again. And then the the rock girl version of I want you to want me from things about you on in three summer. Girl Jams fabric suburban edition. Mary next album. I was wondering why was it ninety degrees the first song. 'cause I had older albums. These are facts. These are facts Since we're talking about see wombs like I was trying to think of like song albums that actually owned so obviously ninety degrees might want one and only love. They're posting news on the Internet. I'm very excited. Oh really I don't even know if it's out there like Oh yeah we've got video here. Is You guys big interview? I love you so all the Kids House Vanessa. Obviously she's married to nick. O'shea love is blind reference like droopy new playing guitar in the sneaks off so hot Israel grew up. Drew trio is might little brothers whites. My sister-in-law is also a ninety eight degrees girl and she also was drew was her Ito so we decided the next time they come to town. And we're going to pay the money to actually meet them because she just wants to do and I was like. Oh I'M GONNA cry. I also thank because I took my picture which have that too. Because I've been going through some might grade school picture which could spare everyone of that But I still wearing my ninety eight degrees shirt. I'm going to take that and have them signed that instead of like the poster. Oh my gosh that's awesome. How extra high celebrities I love you. I need US Richard Me. But you're on my t shirt near you bury your you. Go to celebrity and say okay. This isn't gonNA work. I've been dreaming about this. The moment for years now the other two albums that I found that I know I bought were Writing on the wall. Destiny's child and all the way it's Tom. Nice the name around it. What did you learn at birth? She's she's so cool. I remember reading in an article that slain the on. She was the a surprise or a mistake as parents said like they weren't planning on having another baby and Selene was born the mistake and I'm like well good for the lane right right. Who's the mistake now? Killing an album so now I had the writings on the wall. How shall paid out of people don't know? Is it like on the actual album? Each song had re actually is at the end of the previous song. Yeah it would say a like Ten Commandments. Four gestures child's shuttle bills right so at the end of the song. I'd say Thou shall say my name say Manang same around you. Yeah wreaking great so albums that one for sure Outcast Stanko Neha came yet be. Ob was on repeat. That is still on my workout playlist. We you we have in our specifically like our three years of people in high school were so into that song that it was really really hard when we got dark but when nine eleven happened and we couldn't played at school and because we were at war. Yes it wasn't Jane. 'cause we all loved music electrically babble. Yes and then. Nelly Country Grammar ever on lakes Right. I'm from the loop and I'm proud but actually like the song better up. That was my favorite song from there because they just had like baseball like kind of theme in the background. I enjoy sports but in terms of like favorite singles so my brother had bought. Cisco's album India Mexico's album so on occasion when he's just like oh. I'm not gonNA take it with me to school so listen to it on my Walkman than full so specifically ninth grade. I remember taking those. Cd's and my favorite. I liked what these want. Obstinate pitches that on from Mexico album. Everyone else was obsessed with party. Was Y'all make me lose my mind up in here up in here but I like what the want. Cisco so everyone was on board for Cisco but Drew Hill. They were like the kings of the nineties. Freeze young drew help. Thank you thank you so but I mean when Cisco came out bound song I'd like it takes a special type of R&B type of passion to sing a song about dogs at the Ad. Your girl please tell me baby then. All such a good voice go literally. I remember that song when playing the Radio. Like in the car with my mom and she goes. Oh no and my buddy musically lovely on strings like. Oh look who's bringing some class earn an and then Lou that dress so scandalous singles. I wrote down. Obviously I mean that was two thousand you know. I think I'm pretty sure I don't know maybe not No I think it was but I just remember when we all like memorize clapping and like the and then the freeze and the US good. I'm real slim shady. Yeah and everyone was playing like six degrees of Eminem. Yeah will you know that house Just went up from. Shane will might cousin. He put in the countertops for it and his boss is interest. First cousins with EMINEM. And Mike Y'all do too much like a bad accident. Conversation happened in class at one point. Mike. Y'All like an is now thinking about you and then all of the boys died. Never Blonde back But my favorite single that I bought was Maria Maria from Saint by Sandy Patty. Yeah Alimentos Top story. Do Ranch on. Yeah sorry what specifically Spanish for a little? What's up y'all doing? We'LL BE HONEST. We're praying for you. She's not wrong Oprah's plant destiny's child independent woman because Charlie's angels came out. I was like that one movie I was on board for and then Hank came out so all right so I like the song there. You go look at vote just because I let you go and banned picks you go. Most girls wasn't my favorite song. But I just like the leading into the Cares sure you again bay around? I was like you better okay. I also found Chelsea's kick ass mix. I have a problem. I have the single from pig I have it. She has breaking air. It's amazing right. But what made sense? And then once you have blonde. I'm like how do what feels right. So we'RE GONNA be caller blonde. I don't get what were your. What movies do remember Chart besides those angels? So it's funny because the movies that remember I know I didn't see them when they came out in the year. Two thousand so I was like maybe I saw Charlie's angels. I don't know but I did. I sure within the year. See Miss Congeniality you better. It is because we actually saw back and I want to say Austin powers three something like that. Beck's back sure I know we saw. It was mean a you and oh what's her name. Nurse Lilly Jarek went into the military and since retired. She's amazing as are all people military but we saw the mummy. We were obsessed. Will you were obsessed with Egyptian makeup or like being like thumping the Halloween next year? We're going to do the gold safety gold. I look like golds Great on your skin. We're all going to the black eyeliner planted. I remember you know what's so funny is because I was really really not not show be there then and I remember the whole time being like I have to lose thirty pounds and then I can do that and yeah. I only live in high school right now. And you're watching this or you're listening to this. I promise you everyone says it's you but I promise you you are amazing new-look amazing I knew should just where we want. Dressy want you're going to. This is the best I mean if I buy your schools guidelines and stuff right but you were fantastic. You WanNa wear them. Bathing suit wrapped their bathing zoo. Okay yes and same thing for guys too because they go through a lot of stuff being athletes and whatnot. Yeah and they'll be like oh my goodness like. I'm not lean enough. I don't have enough muscle like now. You are fantastic. It's okay to have goals but just knowing that you yourself how you are right now. You're amazing and all those guys on TV. They're in high school in their mid to late. Third or twenty so like they have. No you're doing you're living your best life no negative. Tv So TV shows boy meets world but we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. Sean Girlfriend Angela. She was like forty when there. Would you know 'cause she just looks amazing so listen the? Oc One tree hill. None of them were in high school. Now the other movie was bringing on. Yes bird you WanNa talk about early. Conversations of cultural appropriation bringing on it must be real like it is so much more indepth than it actually pretended to be like right like shocked like nobody link. Nobody was watching that thinking that and then as an adult you watch it and you're like Oh Jerry. Okay let's just whitewash. Everything like bad was like you want to make it like okay. Bring it on family. You don't realize that Hollywood's do in those Kinda like Wilson thinks the other movies that came out that I wrote I wrote on this congeniality and we're GONNA on center stage. Which things on Netflix? Still if you're any if you liked dance if you have any it's so cheesy and terrible but in the best way like maybe eight years ago that I saw 'cause I'm like did she get no what happens. They and then also in end of ninth grade Scream three came out and I made A bunch of people like a bunch of people. My Dad made them get slips than we came to my House. We were wanting to and then we went to the Movie Theater Screen Free With My dad and my dad yelled at the sponge. Kids that came in like halfway through and started talking. Learn you come from. Where does the Apple Fall? And now let's chat lake crazy Did you go to any concerts? So I went to insane Ke- friend. We were in band together. She was in color guard. I'm guessing it would have been like governor sophomore year but other than that except for when our friend Jingmei Chen. Her Dad had tickets to this to the Max. We're just like well. We have to go because this sounds awful so like our group of friends. We all went. You saw the Elvis impersonator and then at one point. I don't know I don't know what your it was. Though but at one point I saw real big fish died. I think was my first one. My first phone was ninety degrees of them. I saw them again with their next album and then I saw them again with their two thousand album and again we just talked about. I see them a lot. It's a problem That no not that year. It's either that your two dozen one but I won tickets to ninety one. Dr Cues Kringle Jingo. Oh the robot back. I grew googled. It I found the lineup. Are you ready okay so I deal Jay z? Ja Been Yes list. You like the culture here for everyone because Cisco dunks on the strings and then big pipping book. What does this nice little jam? Mother Needham beat up de la man talking about. What's the reason mom? He's just going to be a sayings on. Are you ready one twelve Peaches in cream. I remember going to my cousin's wedding. I'm like at the reception and I'm like Oh dear. My parents are here. They can hear you on folk day and stay city high. Oh well that home crying. I'm known the bathroom. So because he's the only went to feed him sleep with the mayoral. He's owns smoking right now. In the locker I got the job now. You just couldn't tap for me this life. This is what was played like off the radio. We like. Whoa La Okay Craig David so listen. They'll begin so number one deer run ours Robert Romano. He's always loved. Craig David Till This Day. He's like Craig. David album is amazing. What people didn't realize was alcohol? What people didn't realize that in London Craig? David was always thrived. He stood up over there. Oh okay so quickly are Jimmy Lee. Sigler was the girl from the Sopranos nearly saying on Culprit Crybaby Jessica Simpson L. And think what a free concert is a maze you. It'd have to be a benefit in order to have lives. A-list listen I we're pockets. Raise awesome. We are type thing. We're actually done and we have so many other things. Talk about. Thank you so much two hundred episodes. Thank you kind of hoping we were not single for the next two hundred but we'll see that's the goal. We'll have many stories next week. We'll keep talking about it but thank you guys so much. Here's another two hundred I'm Josie. I'm stay sane reasons I'm single. We'll see you guys next week. Okay that I.

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Ep 129 - Climbing the Charts (ft. Omar Esa)

TMV Podcast

1:22:08 hr | 3 months ago

Ep 129 - Climbing the Charts (ft. Omar Esa)

"Sonam welcome on the tim. Podcast brought to you by the vibe. As always on your host sitting person and on this week's episode i'm joined by world renowned nasheed artists omar esa With talking about His new album came out called a lot his beloved And interestingly quite remarkably activity it reached the top ten in the uk album charts so we kind of had a conversation about how that came to be in an also discussing. The i guess the the islamic slash nasheed seen generally and will be different variations. I guess everything including his own personal story of how he got into doing this stuff and and everything else really so yet without further ado. Here's my conversation with salama example. Hating haydn. I feel like with ramadan recordings and this was going to go after the holy month. That people are going to be back up today. Usual kind of energy levels. But it's a bit draining and we're coming to discussing becomes at the end of the month exactly Time has flown. But for me at least like my my my mental capacity times inability to like get the words out find difficult. It's difficult. I'll go on office at home. So i'm trying to do work and i just get so lazy. Yeah and i wanna scientists literally start you literally falling to see more when you. I don't know why that is recommended. Actors all right even even seafood about one hundred eighty nine. We'll we'll take again. I'm in terms of the context of this conversation. I think there's there's a lot of different things we can talk about But i for me. The most significant thing that people might have seen very recently. Is that your most recent album. Yep or did all you'll be very well on launch and and made it to the the fourth spot on the june charts and not like the issue chance now. I like the the everything charge. I remember it was around the time that diem. Mx had passed away. And i remember when i was looking like the mx his greatest hits because normally when someone dies yeah they greatest hits to number one exactly but it was all maurice number four and then the mx his number five. What what did you do. How did this happen. I'm answering one of other things. I'd is that it's a vocal only album as well off of your tracks of oklahoma. So it's i guess very different from from everything else in the in the chart. What the hell happened. you know. it's all thanks. Are less panel. Darla actually peaked at number three hundred so what it did was that. I don't know to be honest. You microlight our. I don't have a an independent recording is so there's not many But has no report labels for vocal only the sheet artists and i. She's vocals anyway literally just my vocals and it was. It was crazy. Like i remember having a chat on the on the phone. You you said to me that happened. I what was like a Now there's no campaign it's put out. I've been working on it for two years the album. It's my best body of work. So i was confident in it. You know In the body of work. And i remember it was friday and it hit the number one spot on the choose chart and then in the evening call from a friend and he goes know your number fully on the main char and what so when and i went wrong number four you there and then it just brought his kept growing from there. It's a video lope asking people to support me and people on the you know the the brothers and sisters Came together support me and yeah it was a it was. It was crazy by the end of the week. You know the in the uk davig charting weeks of stuff and they'll conquer everything and hundred allo- by the end of the week a the first week of april. The album was the fourth most downloaded album in the whole of the uk and it was down the charting thing. The only reason. I didn't make the the official albums chart was because of my era. I made i didn't submit it to them. I didn't know yard and even think doesn't sheet is. We don't have no radio. we don't have not be nothing. Yeah so and. I don't have a budget for marketing. So momentum thinking you know what's the likelihood is really difficult to do this so my mind ever think to sort of has have any of your your tracks singles albums anything that you've released ever peaked on any sort of chop before well on the i choose well chart the the loss album which really since two thousand and seventeen went to number one and another about four singles which have been number one in the world chuck. What was the difference. Archie roach is based genre as isn't so basically there's a oh you mean world music yet while no i see. Okay yes i m my nasheed put it under the genre of wealth music and then on that chart because i is broken up into charts. But there's one agree we should all genres. Which is the mainstream. And that's the one peaked at number three with album. So yeah. I've done that but never been in the so you wouldn't have thought to like. Oh i'll never never never never. That's for me. It was like. Why am i going to submit into the official charts body hundred. Next time i saw. I saw all happening. And i was like this is this is like weird. The 'cause you you've got a vocal only album the sheet album as well. That's basically competing with it. Will taylor swift was the one we were like pushing for. But what happened. With senator texting regulation taylor number actually message. Them shook almost syleyman. Yes i have a word that broiler in the and he might know so it was like she actually released an album which was basically she re recorded album. She's in dispute with a regular. Yeah so she re recorded masters so this is a very personal album for offense so it was one of those man. I was thinking man. You know thinking under you know we did. We did we did well. You told me that the producers that you use on non-muslim guys that worked for other record labels and and they were also baffled. How you yeah. One of the one of my producers basically produces for trucks will be s. this. I don't know whether from the i don't wanna be wrong. I don't wanna say where the difference from obt as the asian grew yea. I don't know whether from thirty six asian. I think it might be korean by Because you know how could you imagine your saying this number nine. So yeah he. He works with them as well and he signed to a label. We're not told him. He was like what he was shocked. He was really and my other producer. Have been working with since two thousand eight. He was a known producer back in australia. Known is himself back in the day. A ramsey ramsey slamming and he was really. And as a yeah. Well it's mad Happening sir it was interesting. These i it's like i. I saw on on social media. Remember saint someone. The office i was like. Oh you know my says albums in the charts. He was like the right. What category and i was like no like the the may i had to go over type in show him and then crap like this But i think that's awesome like it shows. I think also us yeah the potential and and a couple of episodes go ahead chris from launch good. I'm on the on the podcast. And he was talking about this whole thing. That this whole ethos of Gumy's which is global oven. Muslims who speaking mission century of bush at the acronym the but he was talking about the fact that if you combine our like collective power Where essentially like the thud largest economy in the world. Yeah well So you think about that and you think about you for example producing music in On she'd in english for a muslim audience. If the whole community rallied round. Which kind of happened. I think once this once once you were getting into the charts. People saw those are momentum. There was a bit momentum. But imagine every time you drops in your album years and become all semi use of way anyone up in you album. Everyone came together and did this. Like people will stop paying attention. 'cause i'm sure there are some random people that will have looked at the charter. Like one earth is this and then given listen. I'm tired of as well bro. I exclude allah and his beloved I wasn't. I'm not discreet with my work. Never as a muslim even the track listing. I didn't away that. Every word is thicker to alike staffer loss of honolulu. Hundred la russa. This old attracts are very muslim. So when you look at the trading and it was a kind of a spin on lila muhammed salon. And i didn't do that thinking it'd be there. I just did it because i thought i believe that. This is my best body of work and i wanna break up so one truck was about praising pilot ella one truck was praising problem hamas sola was sent them and even the track listing is like that. And you know for us ponta on me to be the first the is to ever do this in the western hemisphere. I mean hundred lies. you know. i'm if any if anybody like my wife. Xu said he doesn't stop working. I'm always thinking how can i create content. Which will compete with the main guys like in the game. Because i don't. I believe that we are as good and you probably better. But we don't have the backing that they have and i guess it it does then lead to the story about how and why you go into this because Your your background is through the mainstream music An odd love. As much as you're you're you're happy to share. Yeah 'cause i do love a good origin story. We're talking about it briefly on the phone. But you have sam kahn. Who is samir. Now who on the Podcast last year. I think where he went from working with the likes of charlie sloth and kind of up and coming on those Spin the mic championships. The joe jump off a year jump. Championships are like battles. He went from there to like make completely gave up the whole career. He was an independent artists up and coming completely gave up that career and now has kind of migrated to morocco. yeah And is studying under a sheriff and is like gone down that completely different route yet. I'm so i always find it interesting understanding from individuals like yourself who you know you obviously have talent and you have a great voice and everything else but what were the kind of key moments in in that shift and transition because especially when you see the potential in in a certain career path. When i think okay you know i've got a good voice and i've heard you know you've mentioned people like in the past and whatever else like you want to be able to compete with them but at one point you could have done that in a in a mainstream setting like on a level playing field. Now you've just made the battle infinitely more difficult for yourself you've reduced. Your audience is by making it muslim only pretty much but you know i mean enron. Anyone can miss him but it's targeted towards muslim. Exactly within that. You've gone vocal niyaz walls. Yeah so again. That's gonna put people off and we were talking and we can. Maybe discuss later about this whole sufis thinking your sci-fi subtleties thinking. Oh sufian and like not being able to please anyone yet But you've decided on this as like a full time career for the last eight plus How did it will stop. I'm so for me when i was Growing up even into music to be honest with you. I was into football quite quite heavily and i remember i dropped out of school and i moved to america for a while my data to shelter and i was doing nothing. I was so bad. I didn't even jesus so you can always about school so A that was my upbringing. I'm the youngest. My family and i remember when i went to america. I was there. And i just worked dot shop and it was seriously depressing. The opposite it was like a seven eleven or typical south asian. You're going to say so. Then i can there and it was really grim and i remember like off three years i remember i said to my parents so i will find any job us. Wanna come back england. So i came back to england just entered into like a lock. It course in chelsea and kensington and what happened was bro. i just I came back from america. And i was watching X factor with my friends were some saturday nine. We'll sitting there eating food and watching. And i started seeing long. I was heavily into mused. Ice listen to music mark and our is i sing along. Stevie wonder track and they looked at me. When have you been taking vocal lessons in america. I wanna know why how'd you would you learn to sing. I went now. I thought that my friends. I wanna be up. Yeah when you're right there were no seriously. How did you learn you liner. When i did it so other times. Nothing life so bro. Monday morning. I went on google and i went and typed in singing teachers in around my area and i needed to find someone who would give me a lesson for free because i had no money so i went and found a lady in south ealing. And she's they're talking talking talking talking talking at the end she goes. Okay fine sing for me. And as she sat down i stood up. She started writing notes and i started singing. She stopped writing and she looking at me and my friends lied to me rough idea so i stopped. Go and she goes. Did you say you start. Seeing like a week ago i went. Yeah she goes. No you didn't are. Not i did like is it. That bad she goes no. You actually can sing. Well how you he notes. How you doing that when you vote club. And i don't know. And i'm good imitator and i was thinking the craig davidson a big fan of craig david and that. Was it bro. Literally from there. I started music. I went into a music college for free one again and from there into university. Westminster uni is the northwick park campus in harrer when they did that bro and then assigned to a manager. This is his issues to be maxi priest. School jamaican is of rog of the asian guy from canada. Rugova's adele. yes so he was their manager and he's managing me. It was a caribbean man. His name was narain and it was going. I started in in the music game kind of music. We've been because. I was in music but the thing is that the music game is very sophisticated. Man like i had no social media but i was just building my platform with the. Dj's would record a track and we'd send it to the dj's that could you'd have a radio blogger. Was this like cd days or are we talking. Tapes now will eat none of email email here. We were told these stories especially like back in the days. You'd never know how far back with a that's okay going so that yes i remember i sent one track and we got the report back and all deeds liked it but most of the dj's light they'll playing it as well and if you don't mind me asking What kind of stuff was the contents of your music back. Then so it was just love songs. Love songs never typical kind of typical typical pop songs. Love songs you know. There was a track called superstar checking and so i had all this kind of stuff but i was wondering is good at school was english. Lock it. I was good at ryan So that is where. I got the ryan kind of thing from ryan the different way and that was basically for me was and then i remember i was. How old were you at this point. I was probably as probably in my early twenty s so so so you never finishes. Jesus is now. I didn't even turn up to what went to america. Yeah came back yeah. I went to america when i was about seventeen. Oh yeah but then you came back. Were singing with the tv. Your friends said you might be good. Why you should do is when. I listen to music though. I sing along no one before that be like. Oh you quite good not ready. Nobody said nobody ever said to me all you can. I guess i sing along to the music. Like never a time where someone said. I could sing la times. I've been waiting for someone to recognize those you like given your role in. You're hoping that someone's just gonna really singing hard in this hour. I've been assistance. But yeah it's if your mom wife says you good voice. Don't listen to him. They were saying good By just at my mom used to back into the remember know she's saying she's gonna come into songs of bollywood songs and all that and she's have a song for us kids as well as he everyone's name at least like lafayette sourcing with their back. So i don't know where it came from. None of my brothers. None of my sisters. Nobody can sing so it just happened. Then it was great wall for me. I even had the opportunity to work with mark hill. He was the one who did craig. David first album dodger about a messed up. My brother told me brother was really serious. And one thing i learned from that was never take advice. My brothers he goes to me was one of your manager. Ma he technically he. Basically my brother basically runs like Like rehab centers laura. So he's from his from his office he would just reply back to my mozilla management. Stuff like that if that makes us so never ever go to my vents up anything. So when got that. Wes imran and is never come i to tell them about my album thing. I remember going by the top. Anyone really. he goes all by now and then so. So yes it was that kind of aspect of my brother goes to me one and you send him an email and tell him that take him on. He should take you under his wing. Craig david so did done over from so he probably had bad experiences. Craig david designing by never got reply boxer and that's brought to start writing writing writing and that was the the music thing My my music and there was no Disappointing like those kind of islam. My mom my dad were practising okay and my mom or which is about a love. That's one thing she was implemented me. How do they feel about your music. At the time she was happy. I was doing something just interesting. She was happy. Because i wasn't i was. I was on the wrong path when i was growing up. And she was just happy. That i was doing something and they would literally when someone would come over at least it is. This is this. And i was like so good. That's nice like i was like. That's all and they told me the play. I'm not going gonna pay. I'm not gonna play love song to these people do and just play play play so they were just happy. I was doing something out productive and honest union as well so happy about that and then and then and then what happened so then like when i was performing and recording the second track i put out to the radios. Did well like you go onto bbc. One xtra and one of the biggest at the time was running hero and he wanted to interview me but at the time off performing as well here in des and i was playing. The guitar self taught myself to play the guitar and keyboard and all that and he goes to. I was furious. I was feeding so empty. man. I can't explain the studio and i was miserable. I don't know where inside me. I just saw a wire invading upset and i'd go perform and i wasn't happy and even when my manager will tell me about the dj's coming back saying you know this guy's good okay. Okay and at a moment ago. Why am i feeling so empty. Why am i so. Why is this void. Inside of me. Which i caught under connex. I couldn't explain it. Could you at the same time. Could you experience and fill the highs like you know when when you're when you music being played and you'll being recommended radio. Yeah i did. I used to really have a. He must get some of a enjoy. What i did i did it used to. It was very very short. Lift out straight away back to that kind of even even at the time. It wasn't like there wasn't like a period of time when you were like on cloud nine with this whole thing. Nah nah there was not never you know the moment when i had the dj. That was really kinda bus. This is amazing. And then what would happen is that that will just quickly go down. Like it's a buzz adrenalin and then we'll just go away and be like like is this was happening to me but the thing was for me. Was that going up my earliest memory as my mum reading on a budget. Time when you wake up as little kid and you wake up and you hearing recite the koran you like that was my earliest memories of my life and all my brothers and my sisters as well. They weren't really practicing the dean owning my mom and my dad were. I was born in southend on sea. Essex was is quiet non asian e kind of era. When we moved to london it was kind of different for me because asians everywhere and on the school i went to was literally as i is that they picked out from india. And this is putting into the so. It was kind of a weird experience. When i was growing up as well because my brothers was so because i will raise in south end so there was so so like Those are british like if that makes sense and it was really cultural mama. Really cultural madonna used to go to pakistan all the time for his mom and that kind of emptiness. I think came from a a a lonely. Probably quite lonely as i was really young compared to auburn sisters This is a massive gap. My oldest brother is i fifty five. There's a massive gap so for me. It was like i was. I was raised my mom and my sister and my dad used to always work oils in pakistan. So i think for me. Was that kind of upbringing. Probably never going to accountable or found out why the half and all that kind of a intentionally trying to probe stuff i find interesting because i think like wh- i'm also hearing a little bit about this kind of identity clash in crisis. Yeah of And it's very standard thing amongst like our generation Being born in this country apparently come from a different country with different culture a different contexts and trying to figure out a place in the world like saying well we use and what do we hold to be sacred and important so just like When you're talking about your experiences in the music game and it not being fulfilling. Or giving you that kind of sense of fulfillment that you were off. yeah that's where the questions arriving. It's like what is this all about. Yeah yeah So you said rabbi actually what you said the fact that i was thinking my you. British am my british pakistani My muslim you know. I am very i love. I used to always have strong faith in la. That was one thing. I used to always have an odyssey's to respect the problem helmets. Lola was no. I didn't know much about the problem lies so for me you right. There was an identity clash. I didn't know who was brought book but is also then like what do we like. We all have our core essence whatever that might be family. Faith god whatever but then it's like what we built around that right so all of this stuff in the life that we built in the way that we conduct ourselves and everything else. That's the stuff that we haven't yet got. I think at least in the west a working model for as muslims. Yeah because we hold off as two very important and very very true and sacred but then it's like how that manifests in how we are in school or work or with friends or whatever. It becomes very conflicting jarring. Yeah yeah yeah So it's interesting. But i'm i'm i'm keen to get to that point in your story where where you suddenly he said oh like i'm no muslim nasheed authentic so as to what actually start happening when i was performing in very honest with you when i was pulling in clubs there. Because that's what the music about. I used to come home. And i started praying issue. I just pray the night prayer as yet. He's a come home and pray. Well i should just feel like i need to find some what's why my i in this And then i remember. It was given me a lot of east. If you don't mind me asking where you Praying regularly daily in that period of your life. Anyway so none hours. It was like nothing in an initial. After i go to a club. Yeah yeah it was probably even. It probably even wasn't me even saying his issue. It was just me prank. My mommy at night. Yes i thought you know. I need to. I need to find an to connect with something. That's empty in me. And i remember then then i picked up english on picked up english trump. Because i didn't know arabic. I didn't know what of it and i also start reading the seer of the problem hamas sola salon according to the author. It wasn't the traditional series with some by some authors. Remember who and i picked up and it literally changed me like literally changed my life when i say finding certain things that one allow. We'll kind of things you know the things that you know. You're not doing right in life in your finding is not permissible and tell your mom tells you. Mom always says to me she goes. I tried i. Sent the mapping thing is that all my brothers and sisters finished the koran when the growing up. the only one who didn't was me is inches reading it. Unless you send us to unite grand class. And i was the only one who is so bad and because job really well. My teacher was paying. Job lady and i speak punjabi tour and sweet talker and she says his love it when i speak from job and she never should do and she used to be everybody up in last breath never hit me because there was soon as he said over are you. Are you studying as in punjab. Your reply so she said mom because this guy housing open w so so. I didn't look as gbs in it that you are doing. Now you're working for less panel. What the hell are your service for the de now and look you. You didn't even finish a crime when you were younger. You know. I couldn't even because you know in in south asian culture. When you finish agron you give you wanna see the mataya new happy and all that. They didn't even get that with may do that. No i was so out of it. And i remember then ridden and it was. It was a collective of things broke. My life was crazy. I'm alive which crazy like. I didn't care about interest i didn't care about but i'm trying to understand. Is that coming from a perspective where your parents are practicing muslim. In your not to to pick up a book to read that says for example interested haram. That doesn't mean anything in that context. Yeah so so. That must have been like a a change of perspective or something right because even even like when people talk about Being inspire malcolm x. biography. I'm that's that's the thing that we've again discussing a podcast. A few people have mentioned that. Even i had like a very transformative time when i was reading. That book really kind of wakes you up in in various different ways. But i can for example pinpoint a few things that i thought. Okay this is significant like this is actually something that i need to reassess within myself and everything else. Yeah so you mentioned like the sierra of the prophet peace be upon him and with with that with a particular stories rations or something that just units like dialup faith. A little bit. Because you basically went from a place of of very little faith by your own admission. Yeah to then no doing everything but you have to remember. I did have a lot of faith in a luck. Okay so you had facing had either a lot of faith in god. and those one part in shoot albuquerque. Where las says that when you pray for dunia. That's what i'm gonna give you. And i'm not gonna give you because you know praying for it and i remember. That was profound for me. Because i thought all i do is pray for all i want is a grammy and all i one is You know to be you know when a brit award. That's my kind of thing i wanted to. I've even my mom was. I wanted like winning oscar with sound. I'm very ambitious. My when i do something. And i. And i i love. Allow me to find something that i love the work at like. And this is tesla within the sheets for me. Was those little things that are less. Ponder saying in the like in england. I couldn't obviously english. We understand completely ryan stings at that and with the with the sierra it was the music aspect about what program said about music but that was obviously in cya muslims able holiday and you know a lot of people say you know you know but you know for me. I just tak- as what it says. As a professor said that they will come a time when My own makes things which are certain things which are geraldo make halal wearing of silk for men. of liquor illicit relationships and the use of musical instruments. And for me that. That was the moment when i thought because that is a time when i start giving myself to some extent so the only reason i mentioned the interesting was because i had a nice overdraft limit in my account. So i remember doing to the bank. And my go-to guy. I want to get rid of it. And he looked at me and he goes and is now start growing bid to have cornrows. My heads were corner And i used to have like mom would kill me. If i go real hearings but i faked my brothers habra. Once had roe wants some me. I was come. My mom will really kill me. So i did it and i remember i tested. It came with a moment where you you as well and i went not a moment like so. Why are you wearing. Look silly okay. So it was that kind of aspect of the change in completely. And i remember when i took the cornrows out. My hair was really long. And i also start in the book. I read that. The prophet muhammad salah islam used to have long hair and as a sooner and is certain things i doing and remember into the bank and the guy looked too. Because you'll because you must have home understand and he wasn't even a muslim he wasn't even wasn't he's already been there before that i was. Oh that's nice so that was it and overlay thing. Yeah there was something that happened in. It very honest with you at that time. Because i've never really said It's profound thing that happened in my life and it was. It was a trigger for me as well and never said it. I don't think i ever probably say you. You don't wanna share it. yeah. I think it's too personal for me. That's fine yes to but there because there are there are incidents and things that have issues. One thing that happened to react and for me. It's like it's one of those things. I said it will upset too many people. Okay so like. Ill made me look good but it won't. It won't make people look at us for the bar. That was just one element see. There was a factor things in my life. Which will coming together. Certain things happening in my life but the main coughing was me feeding completely sad. I was like speeding sad and i. I didn't understand what meant you don't even know why you said. Why am i sad for. Like why am i feeling now. My friends say white was with you. Know i don't really know you know. And that was it by star. The hundred ella. Like i started feeling a lot of solace and peace when i started reading the words of a lawsuit darla lie in the ground. Let's we sometimes. Parents were scared their kids and say you do this. You go to you could follow in. The ground is much more merciful appearance. Yeah well i've got the aspect of saying i'm punishing you the the mercies much more in the ground and that really made me feel good. It may be like all the things i've done. We'll forgive me. No one can forgive me by a low. Forgive me and even to this day. I repent for my life and you know what what what was in my life. I've seen everything much are like really straight like much like really you know like not when i say certain things to our lives will reap people. Do that where we where. Where were you born in in a cocoon was so upset. Everything from everything. I've seen i've witnessed and So you you wouldn't i. I would have never thought it walking into this conversation that like you. Your life was so drastically different among point. Yeah yeah because you you to to be frank. Come across this kind of cookie cutter guy who studied the koran from asia. Five and a half is and memorize the old and you've you've always been like teachers pat And now you're getting the sheet stuff and it's all like it's all good and you got very soft voice in a very like nicer of carrying i was. I think there's just for me. And he says that perception that like this. This guy is just always been like this. Yeah no i really funny. He's here because my my first guy who i started filming with And because my first and she i did was i actually. I'll get to this quick to get to this point quickly but let me get to the point where i just stopped for me. It was literally i remember. I call my manager and he goes. He thought i was key goes on you. Call the running hurrell to interview interview and he goes the massive deal. This is bbc. One xtra yeah. He wants to interview. And i wanna i don't wanna do and he goes. What would you don't want to don't want to do it. And he goes. Uk nah. I just don't want to do music anymore. And he went y and i went. I you know. I basically like a found my faith islam. Now the weird thing about more manager expires was his mom was a muslim. His dad was a hindu. He's a christian so he beagle baptized christian. So is matt. His mum buried as a muslim he goes. He remembers it so for me. He's by slum to me. And i was like are then used to talk about it so when i told him that. He's a really cool guy and he went. You know all the best thing you know what you do. And he didn't. He didn't mind me doing that. He was a bit probably be upset but shocked. I was doing it. And i literally because i found out about the insurance thing i had three guitars and had a keyboard and i just gave it away to a non muslim french and either stack of cd's roll like a big massive stack of cds. I was an encyclopedia music. All kinds of eclectic tasting. When i was young. I used to go to meghan death concerts like you know. Have you know and people. Don't people are shocked by that. What that's why. I'm so intimacies. 'cause heavy metal bands. I got sick melodies. They they when they solo guitars. When they're doing sodas the melodies that they coming out without beautiful so this is where everything comes together. Bollywood mom singing says it into my. You know as an artist. You'll you'll you'll. Sometimes you're made as an without even knowing in life. You know by hearing the certain things you here. Mike michael jackson's then So that kind of aspect of and craig david informing the cousteau guitar with fraser t smith. I thought so called. Nobody has done that. They showcasing their voice even when before music back in the day i used to do that. I have terrorist. And they support from vocal. A never used to do backing with the backing. I wanted to showcase my vocal. So when i gave the uproar i remember my producer because we were working on my third single radio and i went to my producer who i work with now jim it your mid production on a truck. Yeah we'll mid production on a truck world production and he goes to me. And i remember i walked in. I need my baby is growing. Because i had a look lifespan dozing. And he goes oracle. And he's a he's an attrition arab. So i went to him and i go. I'm sorry i just got back. I remember somebody said to me that we're gonna do now. Would you life you. Just the only thing you know and i went. I'm just going to stop announced. Do something in my brothers are just joining one of their businesses or something. Whatever and they went. Why don't you do the sheets. I didn't even know in a sheets. Were and it was funny because somebody goes to me. I on issues and they actually reference yousef and i went. I like some because remember you know my sister citizens and and marlin for me like i was just going to cut you off. That was just about like. I have the funnest memories of that cassette back in the day at my sister. This was like in the car with my cousins would be on like kenya. My family's from kenya who out there and we saw this one tape on on smash all day every day That's like the him. Daoud wounds be eilly as well as aimed become like the three kind of from childhood that i think were the and for a long time and they were the only ones ready. There was obviously other smaller underground artists. If we can call them that you know what. I mean like the more localized yet Bob i didn't know about the other. Two that you know dulled warns already on them at all i i only knew about signing find out about these is when i started in shape but we have to get these tapes from like america today There wasn't there was no internet. There's no it wasn't easy not yet. i remember. My sister played it to me. And i was. I was into music. When i heard i was like. What is this yet. And i was like sounds good and because i used us as muslims we we taught to love align line messenger. It's just something that parents teachers and i saw. This is nice. You know you know about him. Saying a t. channel that that's really cool. And that was my all time favorite new sheet and along here on of my favorite and i remember but the thing i said to my friend i go but some of us instruments are that. I'm not doing that anymore. And he goes. Yeah but why. Don't you just do acapella like you know you like boy. Some you like all these kind of ultra groups do that. You know old school. American african american groups and i went okay. I'll do that. And then i wrote my first and sheet and my first and she wrote was called allah and the love. I had for lowest growing now. Quite quite rapidly learn you know we in the ground is learning. I always have this faith. So they love increased for me. you know. At the end they would loss panel atalla and now going back to the studio produce any mid prayer and he goes. What are you doing. And i don't wanna do anymore. And he goes all right. Fine what are we doing. And i went. I've got another track and those goes are cool. What is it called. And so he's spinach. L. at this and he's spending on a journey tundra a keyboard and i go track called and i go scored a law and he literally went he. Spanish jaren went. What would you mean a law. I went a line is called a la. And he goes he goes. I don't want to say anything. Bobby noticing that you're bringing that like what's up. I'm just going to do this thing. Called the sheets and he goes. Whoa what's that broncos gospel music but muslim and he goes and when i sing it to him he thought robb this sound sick so he then heavily invested in it he thought rod this call and that was it. That was the beginning of nasheed swimming. Really well yeah. So i guess you lucky then you could kind of transition seamlessly and and the people around. You didn't seem to give you too much of a heart. I can't imagine it was as simple as you're making out to be my friends. It was mad because majority of friends. Non-muslims yes so they started noticing that will going out do also on that note. Did you not feel any kind of social pressure as well like you. You were a certain way. He knew you as a certain person. I don't mean to say this in in arrogance because we never want to come across as arrogant. But i've always been like the the alpha male of the group ever group of et. I've always been the main alpha kinda guy. Say if i've done something no one's going to say nothing to me so it so when i started practicing my dean nobody would say anything to him because of who i was in the past yes they will so basically when we used to go out is to go to park the car. I ain't pray. The book is the park. The car and everyone is everyone. Stop talking and start praying in the car and they just stay quiet up and then we're not finish. I started noticing the train but then they started noticing. I started becoming more compassionate. And i literally changed. You know because. I had my dad's go really but my dad is possibly now restaurant. I'll give jennifer those. Amin yet a very bad temper or my older brothers got bad temper so i think it skipped everybody else came to me and that was my kind of my week. Thing weakness for me was my temper and being quite aggressive in. When i was when i was growing up A nephew start anything. But i didn't. I didn't i didn't mind if anything happened. I'll be very cautious. I will michigan club in. I'll be the one who'd know who's gonna start trouble lorenzo. How'd you know. I got brothers. Told me like just look out for people and always be ahead of people like that like just being a little bit more. The sense where i knew and his mad because whenever i said look at group is they're gonna start trouble and they'd start trouble. And so that kind of for me with the alpha kind of melon kind of thing and my dad was a very strong dominating man you know i guess south asian men let you know that kind of over buried. Yeah yeah yeah and that was me. My friends really didn't say nothing to me that that they actually liked it because i'd sti- changing well. It sounds like there were too scared to tell you otherwise you know the thing is that now now. It's funny because now as years have gone as a practicing man they've they've been able to say stuff to me like you know without being scared they've noticed. I'm just like cooler by like i'm a very loyal guy so for me. Is that if you don't show me the loyalty. I i hold it personal back in the day. I was very if i did it for you. Then you should do for me. But now i don't do that 'cause now as a muslim i you grow to learn that when you do it you do fall along revert for because then you don't have expectations and humans are going to let you down you. I'm gonna let people down. So you can hold expectation of people. So that the alana she'd was with the was the thing for me which actually got me signed to a record label but this wasn't a record label. They were just funders of albums. So i heard about these guys obese in gloucester and i sent him a track and add another recording with muhammed. You sell them. And this'll be another track and i said that truck to him and they said fine. Sign you for for an album. Because i released my first album. In the first she'll be doing the sheet i started and she's officially in two thousand and twelve january and are released an album in november of that same year. The crazy thing is like two thousand twelve is is not that long ago. Although it's almost ten years now by it feels like i can remember twenty twelve. You know what i mean by its But at the same time. I think you've kind of Establish yourself as a as a as an artist in space and have amassed like a relatively respectable size following I think we're coming up to half a million on youtube now la And what i think is is Pretty significant is his whole kind of no vocal thing. Yeah Specifically because i mean there's a couple of things here. The first one of the questions. I want us. I'm probably just speak for button and you can replace him but this you know when you went from from music to sunday giving all your cds give me on your instruments and stuff. You've done a copy of cover tracks. Yeah novel is wanted to understand from people like yourself who who quite specifically believe that music is haram an instrument soy harem You go about the process of making a track like My heart will go on the cover that you've done. All of titanic song. Which is i think. One of the first times i saw you and i was like this. Is it's hilarious but also like this guys go very good voice. It's a very weird experience when you listen to especially the covers But yeah how. The first question is i guess. How do you go about the process of having to like make a cover of attract but then not being okay with listening to the track make sense But then also it's it's generally around. I guess just briefly your thoughts on the whole space when it comes to like i mentioned to you i think before we start recording Sometimes the whole no vocal. I mean no music thing vocal. Only thing is I think at least a little bit aggressively push forward and and the perspective that instruments harem Is like there's two camps right. It's like either your unsightly or not and it can be quite polarizing and whatever else how have you found the space and how you navigated that because you mentioned to me as well that you know the like. I said earlier. This other fees to sufi in the sufi finds you find sufis finally tucso- via where's the balance. Because you can't please. Everybody and i think also it's like you've entered like i said invented a space and i've experienced with the muslim vibe like trying to put out a narrative that sits in line with everybody almost impossible. Yeah so you can't even be like the muslim over your visit. A muslim nasheed artists. But you can't be like the muslim guy. I think very few to some usa for example. Of course there are people who won't listen to stuff because the music element but he's managed to kind of bridge the general muslim thing his his paul of the the muslim space. If you not. I mean But yeah so. So with the whole instrument staff. I think the the covers question for me. It's just a of personal curiosity that works but then also generally How you've approached things so for me. It was weird because with the covers. I remember the first cover. I did so i started She's in january. Two thousand twelve. The first cub i did was in february. Two thousand and fourteen. It was for a mix tape called the hoppy and it was outlandish track shephard track. Aisha obviously i just put in my on my mix tape and the next Cover i did was just you the cubs because people Law people have come up to me sometimes and gone. Oh yeah you know you should do original. I'm like avenue done like seven covers. Broke like maybe not listened to the covers and listen to the fifty original tracks released So it really annoys me by the way that commode though it really because for me is i do covers and i'll tell you why do covers various very plain and then the next time i did a couple was in two thousand four when he was a happy. Cover a fro- strike because i'll be very blunt. There was a muslim happy version and video. Were yeah they were all dancing in it. And i thought that's not us man like i don't pass you think we as muslims win on that at the end like we have. We should respect ourselves. The western world has their own thing they do and we should be as we should be proud in how we celebrate as muslims right Idealism wasn't mono many muslims would disagree with me bothell going to do my own version. The only thing. I made a mistake with a happy. Track was a had no sisters in it right and that was an intentional. I didn't do it like you know. And i remember some sisters o see saying happy wasn't actually that's all so and then when i did the habit that was that was a reactionary track and then add in the next covered did was at in two thousand and fifteen. Hello and hello was spontaneous. Because i heard it now. When you're portion of how. I do bro. You can give me something right now. Anything and i'll sing. I'll sing you the back of that. Sanitize -able a lifespan does give me a talent to pick up melodies quickly. So i can mahat will go on titanic. I watched it. When i was a kid. I remember that song right Hello i had everywhere where i used to go shops. It was even. It was such a big track. They were advertising tv. And i specifically remember when she came into an hello. Yeah well that's that's that's the it was and i thought russ sake so for me. It's very easy to pick up stuff not listened to the tracks like that the other way the i listen to tracks is every single. One of these tracks online has an acappella version. So you don't even need to insert funding now. I want to talk about another aspect of it. If i did listen to it. That's my personal sin between lost power so no one can say no interview about that. Does that make sense. So i'm not saying you are by the way i'm just saying if i did. That's a personal thing. I'm doing which i believe. Then it's not permissible right lost people. Don't they listen to music. But if i did it and someone say for example someone came into. How'd you do. Hello you listen to it. And i'd go okay. How do you know what you're gonna do because you can't you like it's the story of the alon. When there was a man drinking alcohol in his house one of the alone over the fence and went. You're drinking and he goes. Yeah by small private space and any walked away. Because you're right. You'd i can't invade your privacy so it's that kind of same aspect of even if i did listen to it. No one can say to me because you know otherwise. No the reason. I ask the question i don't know i just want wanna clarify the reason. I asked that question because i think specifically where i know you're very strongly In that kind of no music camp yeah right. that's why it's like. I'm a more personal intrigue than like even for the podcast. I'm just curious. As to how that how you navigate that. Because i know you strongly feel this way. Like if you didn't you would do tricks that were nissan 'promising event. Because you'd be like oh no i can do one because it's a collaborative featuring i'm just doing this. But you've you've very selling as well like we were discussing previously not to mention names but there are artists for example who will start out with vocally and then for whatever reason but could be their own Ideology changes or whatever they then go into like doing music with with the backing tracks and everything else and so it's you or somebody that's like from day one had this principle and have stuck to it. Which is why i'm intrigued. Because i think you would have logical which you did as the how you kind of do that. So so then i guess talking broadly about the whole novo cool stuff. I don't wanna get into the religious prescriptive side because If people are interested they can contact you. Can you give me the proof. But that's not here. I think it's more a case of for a layperson understanding. I guess the the industry if we can call it that is there an industry. There isn't There is no industry. I had to make but you've been doing a full time job. I had to do that. I made that myself. I i was. I was Proactively by stuff out there. People contact me to book me and it happened that there was no she with our world. There's no there's no label there's no There's no radio. there's no tv. There's no marketing and this is another reason. Just to touch covers marlboro. The only reason i did covers. Was this a great marketing tool because a majority of muslims listened to music majora. Muslims morrison's isn't dell than me. Say if i do hello by dough and i. I'm calling on law taking to go raw like this. You know when when you say. His marketing from perspective of i'm bringing i'm bringing in numbering in the non muslims all muslims. I love all muslims for me. I don't look at the the pious most of the non-partner. I don't do that. People probably think. I do because people have a perception of you and that kind of thing that people think i'm gonna wherever i do it so say for example someone listens to music. Mush them out there and they listen to music and then they hear me doing an adele cover for example. And then that's a way for me to bring them into my own work. I mean. Hey papi's based affirm samples hip hop to the is all based off taking other. You know the old school kind of stuff so it's all about nostalgia guess and bringing in people in oh cool adult. I like hello. Would you mean the muslim version. Or what do you mean them was immersion. Heart will go on what you mean. The muslim version limit. Here this out. I mean the most. Racism i got was for seven days and that was literally. I had in my in my mobile for years. I did my mobile for two years. And i did as a complete joke because i married my wife really quickly humbler and for me. It was like when. I put out that it was such a tongue-in-cheek track are members of the comments like never faced that much. This is what i was gonna say. I feel like an eye to ask you this. Not your face but with some of the covid covers. I think feels like that. You know it's going to provoke people. Yeah and it's gonna incite because like when you say it's for marketing. It's not just a case of like. Oh this guy's voice and is also it's also like inflammatory. Hell is this. Some people are going to feel like that. Like what is this. And then they'll go and check out your stuff. I think i came across. I can also covers. Initially is was my entry point into kind of then following you on facebook and whatever else by either hello My heart will go on and and it was like it was most likely had other because my heart will go on came out quite often that fine say it was probably hello and it was like the concept for me person. He was a bit laughable. Funny but then as i said like when you actually listened to it it's like okay guys good voice but the videos produced pretty well And the the the was a nice like arguably low bit cheesy for my liking it. It's like what is right But as a marketing towards stunning. I'll give you that. That's it is for me when i did it. I i think i created a monster because if you look at all the issue came after they will start with covers they look. She started craze uncovers. I never saw career uncovered. I thought. I thought that's what it was going to be for. You now never did see. This is the thing that i smart isn't that. I i did original tracks for two years. I recent album right. Which shops wouldn't even put on the shock value but we scale was the audience would have been a lot smaller. No no that's why. I mean the the cover was for to in the new old you. You know when you don't have a marketing budget record labels have because for example sheeran releases album. Right he'll be put onto every single bus stop across england and the world probably me i. I've instagram. i've got my youtube channel. And so this is why would a alana's is beloved album was even like it's off from panel with how the even get into that place. 'cause taylor swift is spending millions for marketing me. I didn't spend that is spent nothing. I just put it out there and people just doing the momentum. Does that make sense. So the cupboard aspect for me. Is i absolutely. I only do it because a marketing tool. And i've actually said last lost year did the i'm never doing a cover again. I said to myself. I love you to recover Probably not going to now for me. I i did actually the ones i did last year. It was kobe chicken. And i thought i've got my computer. I've had them in here for a couple of years. I'm gonna put them out because there's nothing happening i've got no live performances so i was going to put them out and that was and i did that for me. I look to requests to do covers all that kind of stuff You know bought hundred la for me like when people tell me that the lama regional stuff. That's for me. That's why as an artist. That's your torbert. the they to me. I'm very blunt but sometimes like the night you like adult version of hello and then there'll be no no i don't i'm not yet okay. I remember there was a beautiful brother. Who is an mustered Brother bob ross met and he goes to me i love your i love your hello i love it. I love you covers. But you know you should do original stuff. I lieutenant yeah almost helps originally weather maybe venture just a little bit down from. Hello on my youtube channel. And you'll find that laughing. I would always use east. I apologizing very polite brother shallow and but you know what. It's my fault because the covers. So i had no choice marlboro. people don't understand. There's no support in this industry. All the people you mentioned. I'm not gonna mention them. I emailed In the beginning didn't even have a reply back to me so for me. It was really disheartening. Because when i came in when i was a non muslim world right you always think the grass is greener on the other side. There's no gratin aside breath i was going to bring something up that you mentioned to me when we spoke on the phone. No-go name the the record label but can you shed the incident. Yeah i was. I was with somebody actually your name. If you want by. Its name them. There was a coup- there was a it was a earlier in the month. I was with somebody and he was said to me that one of the main record labels in the muslim space They do like my work on hundred but they they they would. They wouldn't sign me. Because i'm too religious for them. I'm a bit to muslim. Record label. yeah so for me. That is so disheartening. you know it's like is really disheartening. Because you mind you think to yourself this is. This is a pitch me of not uniting as muslims. And it's not even there. It's just us as much be like that like my brother. You go on anybody's. Youtube channel and initiate is youtube channel. You'll find nobody who's on more Featuring tracks with is than me. I have supported lots of people. When i've been able to as an ice and when i've to a certain level of support people but that's not because for me. I've done it for the sake of allah. I always say to people. Now i if i do something for you. I don't want nothing for me. 'cause you can't give me nothing. I want it from la so just to understand. I don't want nothing from you. And when that happened when the guy told at the label and he said. I'm to religious for it. I was like no problem. I'm still one. One of the biggest nishida is on youtube. Sir i'm the leiden electron delegates this ability and with what happened with the album. Less pa gave me that ability. And i know how much money they spend on marketing. You know i'm never my but not much in my life literally you know. I think i've spent that much more recordings though spend on one album. Would they spend on one album marketing and in terms of you. Just you just touched on kind of your motivation behind. It can ask what you think about that. Like when when Most regardless of music. So i don't know if you listen to music or number with a label. Muslim label saying that to another is an ice. He's trying to do head and trying to do good. How as an outside point of view. How does that make make you feel the reason. I wanted to the stories because i think is ridiculous. Yeah yeah Like the fact that we're in the muslim space yeah I was obviously having got to know you. Senior work like spoken a few times. Yeah i think it just takes for that to be for people to understand and appreciate what you're trying to do and for me. I've always believed in in doing what we can support our. Who are coming into good intention. Which is why. I reached out to you in the first base when when the album was doing. Well i miss you. And i was like smashing it. Keep it up. I don't know you like we've never met institutes that But genuine. I went and bought the album. Because i'm like. I wanna do my bit hundred. Do i kind of fair play like you've been grinding away. I don't know how many years will i now. But you know you've been grinding away at this And have stayed true to your essence like obviously we don't do and you know doing it for while the accolades but if we can do anything to support and help amplify the message and we will. This is why. I also have a podcast talk about stuff. Yeah yeah but yeah the reason i want to share. That story is because it's it's crazy to think that within the muslim space people are not willing to guy because his bid as long as his music is vocal only yeah And it's kind of scary if i'm honest because because it where is. Where is the the vocal. Only record. Label that consign. Europe doesn't really exist right now. There isn't so in. The muslim space like for a section of muslims that don't believe in in using instruments or whatever there isn't really an infrastructure to help create content for that audience which only means that people go and listen elsewhere. And like you said. Chances are people. Cynthia covers and like your covers only listening and like them because they know the original yet so so people aren't listening to mainstream music and even if we get into the territory saying okay certain tracks that the messaging is okay the music blah blah whatever. It's it's a. It's a fine line between Music and lyrics and tractor okay and then stuff that's just absolutely crazy But as i said it's it's it's a bit madness because every day what people don't on every day struggle to want to go back to music every day so today every down every day. I want to go back to music every day i want to. I want because. I remember when i used to do music. The people around me the music the managers and all these people they ago they something unique about you by the way you write your music the way that you sing something unique about you and you will you will you will make it. Because they people meet our is all the time and don't know guessing me i don't know but uh they were like there was. There was very positive feedback from my work. When i was doing when i was in the back in the music game. And for me bro in a parallel universe. Yeah i'll be dead sheeran performing eyeglass embry and as as an artist. That's something i've given up of being in front of a a mask. I remember when i first performed in front of a muslim crowd. God help me wedding. Ny was an event. We're going to perform. Then i've noted yeah and literally. I've performed the former lewis have an office. This is done anything like have a better do that. So as i done anything wrong so it was so difficult for me to not get used to that 'cause you performing as people screaming and shouting whatever and then you have the moose. Why why. why can't we celebrate when someone is something good on stage right whereas the where's the push whereas adrenaline They're not just get off stage for many years. That was my biggest thing. I hate performing. Because i was scared because god like i'm leaving to nine hundred well or not because i don't want to tell me i'm not going to my friend. My my people are with me. And i was that was i i was i do that. You did good by the about one time of. Oh my gosh man formed in america. I did remember what which one was it. Now it's not. It's not ivana have another organized. And they're like twenty thousand people there right and i performed rough and it was crazy. They will love it. North american ordinary americans are a bit well when when i when i finished off with hello they had the mobile nights out and i remember 'cause i perform form i usually performances with my eyes. I'd like i don't move around the stage and i'm very thing once stop performer. And i remember performed. And i opened my eyes and all i see the lights in the air mobilize and i was like they swamp talking about this is a performance line. There were loving. And i even made a mistake in the lyrics of so funny because i missed missed mr lyrics size of get repeating the line three times. They did it. 'cause that's i never ever told me when you perform. You made a mistake. So i did it and for me as i handa one again never never again. Never go again hundred. You know it's like you. I'm doing it for a and i'm genuinely trying to muslims. And all his his question right. And i think it's probably a good place to start to wrap up. But what is the essence of what you're trying to do okay. I'm trying to create a muslim. Utopia where where we can as muslims come together and we can showcase talent and compete with the mainstream. And i believe we can do that. I mean i've heard this album. If we all did that together and we all came together. We would be charging very regularly. You know but it's all a support structure. I was looking at the music game right. And when you albums comes out the rappers will share. Each other's albums musuem is don't do that. They don't share her too. Because it's like one guy does instruments in it so he's gonna share vocal only. That are the vote than me. I'm sharing album umbrella. Because i'll say it anyway because my audience is super harden libra. They pick my wife up right. And i don't even show my more doesn't want even shown on social media. I'll get to crowds one crowd. We like wisest way was face covered with the heart and the sacramento. Why is he showing his wife. I'm not sharing my wife like i'll get criticized for everything and you. You almost media wrote check any post up up some criticizing me but the problem is i find muslim. We just have to stop being so self righteous right and we need to understand that we are not. We are yes. We are as much as we believe with chosen muslims. We got the message. The final much hullah but we have to humble ourselves that we are human beings with criminal law and the going back to your question is that i want to create an industry where we can enjoy our entertainment pro because you know what no music machine artist is going to be better than cheer in in in the muslim world. Mr opinion nobody's gonna be better than tracy chapman. No one's going to be better than michael jackson because they do it. That's their religion. Yeah in the muslim world when they do the instruments that instrument is they are still got very connected to this lamin hundred you know. They're very passionate about islam. So that will stop them from going to a place where at sharon might go or where chris brown will go or the so we have to understand that we have to create our own world where we appreciate it. 'cause i understood when i was growing up that when i say to the the white people yeah nah when i started practicing non not gonna go to the bar yet they respect you more arkit corresponder but if you're catering to them they actually look here and go this guy. Living respect his own faith. You know people are like that bro. People don't let people are not principled and integrity. And i just want to create a place where we are proud of our and we don't have seen and if we built together as muslims doesn't actually do instruments man. That's you you do you. I'm here to judge you. You judge me don jr. let's work together. And that's fine a basis for example record label. If they had if that brains i sell. I've gotten audience. My biggest tracks are not my covers on my youtube channel. Hundred top five tracks on the sheets the most viewed and we're talking like an excess of ten fifteen twenty million right. Yeah yeah hundred. I went on youtube today. It's not the numbers. Imagine i'm delighted. I mean mainstream guys. They like you. Don't under egos your doing better than most of these guys in the mainstream remember they will mainstream record label. They buy views pump it. I don't. I don't have a marketing budget. So if these guys were clever this label they would actually go. That's actually a good business move. Let's have a little vocal only thing. And so i'm coming back to the the question. So that's sound like an industry level but on an individual level with every track the making with the new album. This has come out. What's what's driving you because you said that you worked very hard and and you know you said your your. Your wife was you. Don't stop working. What gives you that motivation like. What's the what's the tangible Affect or result of of the labor for you I want to be the biggest voice in the world in charlotte. And i mean and i mean even the mainstream owner even the main she here when they hit the name or isa though say oh yeah. He's he's an ice like he's a recording ice and they know it's probably people have everything that's crazy thought by have less honda with and i know that i will get like when my next album. I want to be number one. You know. I always push myself a now. I know that i could do that. The album and i know that the support was there because muslims we. We have to start point each other more and if we start supporting judge moore. She'd like you said using the the the muslim pound and the muslim dollars is massive. And it's about being the is that you know. I'm i'm known across across the globe one across the globe as a as a major artist. And it's a very hard thing to do. 'cause i'm in a niche within a niche right but by the most of less with the halloween with my album doing in the album in the charts that show people that with less pounder with you. Anything is possible and and it's not even about that broke because what happens. Is people listen to the staff and quality shines through regardless of instruments or whatever quality will shine through because when. I play myself non-muslims they they got raw. This is this. Is the reason why mainstream they want signed me is because they understand offshoot of question before we wrap this up. Why isn't there a major asian artist in the mainstream game. Think of jay sean sean. But he even him now. There was other guy Naughty boy yeah but he didn't come across as he didn't come he didn't. His name was in specific. The asian. i didn't even know. He was asian pakistani until after i found. Yeah he actually came out and said it wise because asians do not invest. We don't invest in ourselves when it comes to all the reason why the our black brothers and sisters do so well in music is because Fiona in cornwall thinks that Storms is cool and they think that's life that my dad would never let me go out with him but my dad. You know i like that. That's an untouchable world. Who thinks asians are cool. You know the head of of simon cows record label. Few years ago was an indian and they never signed a south asian talent because is the perception that we as the what because at the end they in england is the white people who buy you stuff music The sisters can't do anything unless the white people support seventy percent of the buying public and rap music in america is white. So you need that. You need that support now. The problem with as white guys. Sorry as asians and muslims is that they will look at an indifferent. Labor larmer haunt is a prime example. The boxer poor guy do whatever to try to be very good in social media. But you go on his comments to see what this into. What how they approach. Don't people bringing down right. He's people but also also also the white people look my album. Three comments negative on my our. Yeah are allah akbar. We mean you're gonna you're gonna. You're ruining our kids. Mindset the three comments on my album. Viewing i chance because they are probably look into what lot is beloved is the aspect of. We need to understand that. We don't come together as a muslim oma together in this country And across the world and we push our stuff out there together then we will not be supported because of the the the the the narrative the media is protect portrayed of as muslims and as asians. And we're not bro. Come on if you go to school agents less we were engineers doctors and all that right unfortunately our blood run all that mashallah. Their doctors engineers that everything right but what is the perception. They can only play sport and they can only do music which is so horrible right but that is the perception they know that asians don't know that's why you know me you don't wanna save me back. Today is tied to go around saying down. Caribbean really sound caribbean. He said don't say you're south asian. My name wasn't even asian. They might have different name he goes. Don't say asian and he was an agent mind and he goes. it will never worked for. You don't try the. Maybe he goes he goes. Don't try to be black. But don't don't tell them you're asian we're opening a so sorry has opened up a new way to a home. It's just a question of you know when you said that. How do we move forward. Grounding off is if we don't support each other bro. Not but i think that's the thing you said is is probably a nice place to kind of to to end and just thinking about everything that you've been through And the fact that you've you've been doing this for the last almost ten years now Very specifically kind of working to shape this space. Because like like like. When i asked you. What's the industry like. There is no industry said. And i've seen as well i've we've been doing The muslim vibe. Since two thousand and fourteen i think so. It's been like seven years now. I've seen autism. i've seen organizations. I've seen platforms common goal and some of done ready wound. Some heavens for me. There's always a An intriguing an interest when someone comes on the scene or someone is doing something i like to know. What's going on just to to keep an eye just to see And realized that like People have come along. So i'll give you an example. Conde sadique i. The there was a shock of his tunnel through and that he did which for me is is one of my favorite necessarily tracks ever heard like till this day. I love it. But then there was no consistent body of work from him like in that genre particularly do you know what i mean and it is unfortunately very few people that are coming through and i think based on what you've kind of said is that there's very little infrastructure and support so when when record label was coming to you and saying you to muslim for muslim record was a senior to muslim for us. It's like how are we supporting the diversity of talent that we need to have to be able to tap into like the broader muslim collective psyche. I mean normal people nor people do it. You know you know schone no have wrap or a sign is countries but as muslims. We go ideology. What would you be. Most my ideology love. Were going to do with anything but the thing is people. Sorry to interrupt but specifically on this point because it's the creative space people don't really fully always understand that it's not case of like okay. This is my have. This is how things should be. I don't believe in music for example therefore to hell with everybody else. There has to be a certain amount of synergy and cooperation and working together. And like you know you've supported artists. Do use music. You've done vocal tracks with them. Yeah yeah And i think that's what he's been quite interesting. I'm thinking oh well. How is this gonna work because these guys almost from like two different ends of the spectrum but there is a potential synergy right and i think It's it's often quite demystifying when you actually sit down with people and you talked about projects and whatever else and realize that people are a lot closer but sometimes social media makes out like it's not the case and and and people like to create their own narrative in their head that this guy didn't re tweet him and yet he's guys went out and he wasn't in the picture you know But i was interesting. This has been like I didn't know what what way i told you. Roman you never know which way conversations go by is actually been really eye-opening and fascinating and i think also like i probably personally underestimated your own personal joint journey An an and didn't realize the extent of like just everything that you've you have done and seen in a very tough is not doing it on your own literally from be unable to las pounder with you is is satisfied because you know less popular. You know mazda with me but you know you want support. I envy i envy is like you know the the big issue you know the team that have. I envy that my like. I'm not imagine somebody told me that my tracks going to be coming on this date. Imagine somebody said that is being advertised uploaded to us. Yeah yeah imagine screen. Imagine imagine on this bill border. Take a picture. Imagine that by you know in shawl. I will happen but it's about. It's everything's about money in it. Everything's about money. The more stuff that starts selling the moral it will happen. It will happen but we're not muslim or is young very young. Very as you said it's like in some kind of stages you know we're so far as right at the beginning we're still finding our identity and finding our feet and and i always feel like You know our parents came to this. Country knows by security and was about safety and that means finding a job so all these traditional crafts that you mentioned doctors dentists whatever they pay well stability right could you. Then the next generation have the freedom and luxury to be able to be more creative exactly. And that's where where we are right now so like the muslim vibe for example the platform is not something our parents generation would be like. Oh podcast they needed to put food on the table. I mean there was like with my family. There were more ten ten people living in one house that was like a three bedroom house. and so knows making a podcast there. i mean But yeah i it's it's It's the time that we're in now. And i think we're with. I think this conversation in five years time looks very very different or even in in in two years three years potentially who knows how could accelerate but definitely five ten years the landscape is going to look so-so different yeah But it it's just interesting. I think From my perspective to kind of be able to get an insight into january experience and also where things are at right now yes but no. I'm i'm hopeful for the future Thank you very much. thank you so much. I've enjoyed this. Well do this now and shallow. You know be good. You said you touching base again. I've always said to myself. There's a call period for me. I'm doing You know because at the end of the day. Like i just want to. I want to get to where. I want to get to this goal in my head that i need to get if i get to it in shallow. Get to it. And i've lost brondello with me and he shall. We can touch base. When i do. That sounds good. So that was my conversation with mar. I think it's quite amazing just to kind of see the genuine. He's come on an individual and potentially alarming but but also just quite enlightening getting an understanding for the kind of landscape in the in the machine so to speak. There's i think there's still room for growth and one thing that we've seen and obviously discussed as well in in the podcast that there is not potentially we kind of come together to really kind of make waves in the The mainstream with with our content but it just needs to people to come together to support our artists and everything else. There is real potential to do amazing things. So yeah the links to all of Almost social media youtube page little weedays fifties. You can check out his his content subscribed as youtube channel. And everything else am but yeah. That's it for podcast. Thank you guys for joining us. These to be sure to subscribe and install no vaccine.

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All About That Bass | Dean Mark

The Lemar Show

1:34:48 hr | 6 months ago

All About That Bass | Dean Mark

"Hello my good friends. Welcome to another episode of the lamar show. Thanks for joining today. I'm speaking to a musician. It's all about the base. I've been fortunate enough to have him play my band for number of years. Now he's also played for Boy george for craig david for roy as and many many many others once again a wealth of knowledge for anyone trying to get into the music industry or if you just a bit nosey and you want to know what it takes to get into the music industry just because today's guest his dean martin here in the in indian. Hey do you have a name for this. I'm surrounded by musical instruments. Yeah he's just sitting by a wool of bass. Guitar award is the high behind me. Literally of one two three four. I mean did and then there's basically bass guitars over there. There's drums there's no sign of the chimes chimes tambourines. Go yeah tambourines. Oh my door is loving has greens and they come in. They just wanna touch everything you'll get you'll let the doors run free hall so goes i mean you know when i was growing things that good like that venus. I mean if if my dad had a studio. When i was growing up. Oh my so. I you know whenever they want to come in i let them in and let them play around and you know what i mean because they might be just that one little thing that nothing. Oh man yeah. Yeah yeah music. And then the journey begins and that's it genitive in. So i don't i don't force them. You know. listen to this with them at their own pace of find time. Just generally means yeah. Yeah i'm not sure whether you saying another good light that means they could lead that or they know the look you've trained them from lung. Maybe i shouldn't pull out this this this and that is giving me that they go to off enough more boys like to find out. How does this work. Well i have to take apart. Yeah that was me. I was definitely lightning. Yes oh this really nice. You're inside that. I've had it for twenty five years and you've been around for two minutes anyway right so man. Where do we start where you start. You've had a very long journey as well. Yeah is where did what is. Your is your earliest memory of you. Know you said your kids come in you. Just let them roam around and hopefully something. Sp- gives them that spoke. What is your earliest memory of. When you had a spark your is loud like wow. This is funny. Shiseido will my earliest memory of that kind of thing is actually my first ever memory on our. I was asked about two years. Old and Are one of my elder brother was at school and the everyone was a nursery hit. Wherever and i had to stay with my mom i remember. She was doing something she was like. Okay look i need to just sit you down here just for a minute can just sit here for a minute. And i'll be with you very shortly on what she did. We have one of those early record players. You know the one with the army lifted the arbiter repeat so she put on this little four forty five seventy records and she put one of that one that one. It was the recco shala by al green and in the try. Remember this this. I think the name of the instrument is called the guerra. Because i was just transfixed by saying that sound ought you'd be looking at the speaker just having these and then it will go round at on would meet recruit just repeat and she had to do with a good record. The alight and i would just say this year just just transfixed by the music and that was it. Music was always the thing that could just get me to concentrate to zone out. Yeah yeah and that was. That is funny. How You said the reverend al green moves on the trunk. And what attracted you was the at guerra in amongst the so to socially south of one of the greatest soul legends at the base guitar. Everything else guide on. He heard that guo burn about it. Have you have you heard on any of a kind of so full record or anything like that. No just totally you need. Have they got a locust that you know you out. That's cool that's cool so all right so you know. I know you as a talented musician. Ban predominantly oversee on. The base has always been estimate of choice. No i actually started on guitar when i was about nine or ten nine. So you play. Yes so what happened. Was i have an auntie of mine. Who's not too much older than the the myself but Probably about six or seven years older than me and she had to guitar but didn't really play it on whatever a my grandmother said cindy guitar over to the wall the grandkids or whatever. You don't media. She said senate guitar over to dean. What did she know that you have no idea why out because there was i mean grandchildren. So there wasn't plenty to choose from the specifically she sits and today so she sent the youngest. no it wasn't the youngest to genucel. yes so Yes they sentence guitar. It was it was like what kind of country cutter acoustic guitars. It was it was beautiful. But i had it for a while and i didn't know what to do and my dad. Who's like you know. He's the work nights on the buses. Left boy you need to stop letting you know. So i couldn't even get to play it and then one day A teacher at my primary schools. Like i'm doing guitar lessons on guitar guitar guitar so i went and i just said right. I wanted to guitar lessons. Said all right. It's going to be all next week. Wednesday or whatever. It was so i went down. She changed it up for me zone a up and then she showed me. You know just like a series of chords and let my i corps it was like wow okay and i. I just kind of stuck with it for a few years so few years. That's just regular. That's good yeah. You know your constant. Yeah just trying to jingle jangle away on on whatever by dropped it for for about five years or so Any reason because i was a young teenager. I got into acting or go into a lot of acting. You call were different concert as young teenager. School stuff i was. I loved drama school and one of my teachers school in secondary school at that point kind of really now is the was quite you know excelling and she took me and i joined different youth citizens and stuff like that and even ended up in the national youth theatre and that. Yeah but confident kid. I wouldn't call myself confident. I just knew the Sometimes when you see someone do something you can do that. You're right on our can do it better. I just had that thing me. It wasn't confidence. He just thought. I could do mean so also is doing the acting thing and this is we're talking like mid late eighties now. Prince came along. It's an is and man. I don't know if you remember that time. It was like a you either one of two camps. Either in the michael michael for the prince camp. I was kind of nice. The right in the middle say to slightly leaning towards prince because he played. Because i used to love. Let the my my brother bill. Quite a few. You know the the prince albums and those days when they were on record and you would you open them up and you'd read the credits and it just said all instruments played by prints and stuff like that crazy with guitar that gets on this. Go go back into that. You know and yet but you know prince just just really reignited. My my my my passion for music. What what did you think. It was specifically apart from obviously played everything. What did he find. Was it just purely the musicality of it. Or what was it something about him or a particular song that you heard or something that made you think. Well this is one is is because yeah the fact that he played everything but he just made. It looks so cool. He wasn't a nerdy wasn't he was the you know the michael jackson the coolest guy. He just made it look so cool. He didn't just play guitar music. Cable a munster and listening to the records you can hear you know in the first couple of albums. He was a mean drama. How these are just incredible. So you know. It's cool to play an instrument this to try and stick with it and learn and that just got me you just totally got me the yeah. You can learn an instrument and be seriously cool. Was that time that you thought you know. I actually want to be on stage doing this or was it. Will you just thinking you know. I just want to get better paying this. Because he's doing it. Like what time did you at. What point do you think actually want to do this. Like not nine to five hundred this year will it vat period lawsuit for quite a few years. 'cause i you know. I continued with the acting in the theater. And stuff like that and They didn't drop it and run away. Yeah and at that time in london there were a lot of Jam sessions and stuff. You know one point thinking like the mid nineties. There was a jam like an open jam session that you could go to young musician almost every day of the week every day. Yes whichever part of london wherever it was somewhere over in Westland ladbroke grove area or there was something in camden town area. Do mean if you knew all the spots. They were literally software. You could go to almost every day to be back then and you can shop any hang out and say yeah can i. Can i get up and play number. Do you know what i mean. I know that you up. Genital mean so that for me was was just incredible in and i and i kept going to. At that point. I was just still mainly doing theatre. It's the how old are you there. All twenty to twenty one twenty two. Yes hold on so teenage then the guitar. When did that start. You wanna talk about nine or ten bay. Started when i was about nine thousand nine hundred twenty or something like that because then you basically it was more acting in theater and yeah just give me. He's gonna side arise on nineteen twenty. Yeah we saw it in the base more. so yeah because what happened was A friend of mine had a base that he just wanted to get rid of. And pseudo i'm sending the base of free. Yeah okay so far we pick it up for your kid because everybody who has discarded something gave it to date ended up on stage took everything. Wow friday all you took it away as you said. Oh i got this little base and now you know again what i would do You know my brother would by that point. My brother's older brother desmond ball love love records. I kind of listen to a lot of the stuff that he he'd bought and whatever and the lamp and plug my base. And just listen to whatever you know playing on record play along and i just found that it even fell even with the base right right. It's all about one okay. Do you think that was you naturally sit in better with the record with the base versus the guitar as in you here. Oh i'm tired of this all was just just and and then I kind of like a long lost cousin of mine at that point and he was putting together like a little band and So i was like oh. I play guitar news. Okay cool and he was like version of prince because he keyboards guitar. But he's his main instrument was drums. Okay and was he's cool. Oh he was very cool. Mash malcolm feely smell pedophilia. Yes yes shouting credible incredible musician and yeah so there was a qatari. It's that was around at that point and he was incredible. I mean the guy could shreds Yeah i was like company. Say ish macos look man. Why don't you just play the bass. I'm not well. I have one compare a little bit and he just. He grabbed the basement me and he showed me a few little things on the base. I was like okay. He's okay now you try that. He's all right. Let's see cool one to free and Yeah he was just like mountain mission. Wanted to create this little group. And i felt wow okay now. I'm actually playing some bass with a drummer. Yeah yeah which is different supplier another room. That'd be good around the rooms though. And i'm playing now with someone on drums and that changed. Everything took the love to another level. Your chainsaw everything so you just like rehearse in in your house. His house bedroom is his mom. I couldn't believe it because she didn't play drums to wherever hours. I'm not. I was gonna say you can drums or digital not. I'm talking line nine hundred ninety nine. So yes we're looking. These are noisy drums. Yes these allowed lost drums and lived on the. I remember it was a member. There was like a railway line very close and they lied on end so there was a certain amount knowing that they could just make me by it so he was able to play drums to wherever. Wow i love where i wanna say. It's a failing. But as a parent. I guess now. Nowadays parents are much. Why i hope most parents are much more open minded than than kind of we've real grownup when a parent sees sparking their kid. Yes sometimes this is step back and let them explore. Yeah the when. I was growing up. What you're trying to destroy. Try try the jobs. I was never going to be a job in my house. Oh go up on the south side of the only time that you can make if i was singing and You know if it was a cigarette that you know might keep quiet just listening to let go too late for a little bit. You know 'cause it's not too intrusive but no apa no drums even enough jobs. I remember i i remember. I wanted to play drums. If that can have a junkie or or no no no no no no. No no no no bugging upstairs i have to because he you know he was a bus driver at night shifts instead. He's like where. I have to sleep to me says. Nah so that was the end of that war on. No you're not going to happen magazine on drums dean on something quite something that has headphones like it. It'd be on basic your your your love to another level playing. Sing with with ishmael. Yeah yeah right. So did anything come. The ban like did you. Just you just go and try to keith. So ever and we did. A couple of gigs like there was like a local music. Venue stroke pub kind of more. You know More of music venue and he. He managed to get a couple of gigs there and stuff germany so it was my first experience playing live you know and then january of ninety free. Wow he even the yeast. This was when my life changed. Okay friend of mine said oh. So you know roy is right. I'm not quite love is love is records at home. I had you know probably about fifteen or twenty albums of his that time. I'll and He's he's coming up is is going to be ro Is going to be at ronnie scott's now back in those days right if you ever saw an artist when scott's they be on the bill for like a week so you play day two saturday you'll do like two sets like The first set will probably start hats. Nine o'clock ten o'clock remember and then the next that will start something like midnight or did you know so most artists. It's almost like a west end like yes yeah residency. Yeah so each artists would would feature for about a week. Roy when sets so we're our also our a minimum a minimum than an hour set. But roy used to play three weeks at a time and all of the sets were pretty much. Sold out to the i remember. I went to see In the first week of that little stint and my mind would loan to smithereens it had a litter was gone of a wash room musical mushroom cloud in my brain. It was just pay just gone. Oh and i just my friend ongoing next week. And you're coming with me and i'm going to pay for you to come with me mad. And then the next week off the just and he had this. I i'd never heard base like this. In my life. The base of what sound system they had in their at the time but the base the sound quality of it was like he just gave me this. Big hug jovi reach warm. He had this bass player called donald knicks. Yeah and it was the first time i'd seen a guy play five. String bass another main. Okay so he was going down to something diesel. No janata mean on. i four. why this is eight. Is i want to do that. Was that guy who donald knicks mix changed my life. Man here in the donald. Nixon is be string changed my life when i heard those low notes on those roy is on his mind here. Eight just blew. my mind. Couldn't believe what i was hearing while and not just for. Wow this is. This is what i wanna do these long. We've in a week. I had a five string bass every car. Say telling you straight straight but you remember denmark. street yeah. I was down the right down window shopping ways strings. This homeowner fi string active bates. Oh yeah and you're practice. Oh my gosh yeah. I was buying lots of records and stuff like that and just educating myself you. It's nice though in like one again. One person's journey inspires the. I'd like to the extent you know because you can pay in front of anyone you know and some people get thrill for some people get inspired by you know and then it changes the echoes. What makes them feel well. This is doable or this is believable. Or i need to try something. You know that that that part of live music and inspiring the next generation so to speak the next person is Is really important. You know even today. When i think about it just blows my mind. So that was like january of ninety three and we've in six to seven years. Yeah he was me at ronnie scott's. Oh christ we've roy is. Oh full circle. Because i don't know it was. It was weird thing. How you know the kind of stars aligned. Really so at that time he had a saxophone player dark array gaskins and ray. He's the tour with an artist. Cool finished high monitor be tunes by norman connors and those guys and yeah he'd he joined warriors as ben and this guy was on my fierce alto saxophone. This guy was a monster be took about. It's like a musical athlete was just hang on that man. This guy was crazy when you you hear or see a musician and just the amount of intensity that they have as a musician or vocal is almost scary. Yeah you see some scary. It was to that degree. Laying was found only scary. It was just so intense. Wow he can do anything. Mean this guy was all about that sacks yes yes In the lower part of nine hundred ninety five home and get a phone call. Hi my name's ray gaskins. Your numbers recommended to me I'm i'm looking for a bass player. And i'm like i know exactly who you are. Is this a joke is no no no. I couldn't believe it. so like what. So he was. He was in town and he gave me. It's again he was. He was doing his own stuff and a friend of mine. Komo gilmore from the state on a drummer from the states. who had done some bits and pieces. We've recommended me to to gaskins. And he's like yeah. I gotta show in a couple of weeks it's going to be me's to be jocelyn brown kim zell and Big big big straight in on an issue. Okay all right so so pot because some recommended you know like what had you been doing. In that time you know feel bits and pieces. I think. I told don my first tour. That point i did i did boy. George a told me. I was twenty three my i saw. We told brazil dodo. Slow down everywhere exactly. So how did you get on the bourgeoisie. Because again you know someone listening thinking. Oh yeah you know i. I've listened to dana. I've seen him do this. And i'd love to get one gig somehow get because as i said that time you could was all the jam sessions that you could go to literally every day of the week and There was one to do. It was like on a thursday night just by Great portland street. Yep and whether students bar coughing. Yeah was downstairs in there. And apparently one week boy george's md was just there and he was just hanging out and stuff like that and that was that what happened was georgia's base play. A fell ill. So john after learning the The bass player couldn't couldn't do it had to find a replacement and he said oh. Who's that guy that was done at that jam and he phoned up You know the guy who running jameson yet. A baseball young guy You know playing bass who was that. And he he got my. They managed to get my number north and then one day. Just this call. It was from georgia. Toll manages his. Hi i'm told manager for boy george. And we've got a toll happening in brazil and We'd like you to come and join us in brazil on the tour. I said what you want me. That it's not even an audition. No no no we. We want you and the reason. They didn't want to audition because they already knew. Because the nd or already seen me. I want that guy that means you could put in the world. I still didn't know anything over him. I didn't know that i was seen or anything like that. So you even. When he saw me he didn't even come up to me. Say anything wien. I just got this. i'll just call saying. Can you come out in june to brazil Play bass with boy george brazil. I will ever downstairs. Oh and i said mom. I'm going to brazil arafat. It wasn't mum i'm playboy. Brazil was by some new underwear. You know what to get cool across the subject. Wow but yeah so you. They sent me the material and stuff like that must have been a confidence as well. It was a confidence boost but it was still twenty free. You know it'd be playing for a few years but But it was nice knowing the the i must have been doing the right thing of definitely on the right track. Yeah did you. did you ask the md. eventually how How did and he was like. Oh so you The jam session on great portland street. Okay or john. Theme is yeah and I'm pretty sure i have a couple of times. Don't have yeah you know. I'm pretty sure jumping. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm so grateful for him just Seeing this young kid and giving me a break. Do you know what i mean. Yeah and So that's how you got into. Actually being i mean you'd been paying in bonds kind of because you've been doing those sessions. Yeah yeah but actually officially on saw with someone who's writing the spotlight. That was your mom you can you. I mean listening to those songs like really knows a kid. Yeah i was thinking about ten or eleven you know when his songs came out and then you know ten twelve years later. You're in the same rehearsal room plan though song yet. We've that guy that gold record his mad. That's how i that's how it was to me You know when. I sang with lionel ritchie for the first time. I think it was all them. I remember watching watching the videos and everything and this dude is saying. Well crafted and i'm coming out saying his saga with him and he's they give me all the praise like oh my god. It was a very real real mobile very slow. Whoa like how good you think. You are When you've got some of respect and you listen to grind up saying this dude is good and you wanna say. This is really strange mobile for that. Yeah if engineering like you know you get to the point where you where you accept While you are what you've done. And how much he learns. Yeah but there's that crossover moment of going from the dude who has is in the room and wants to be hold them on the stage. I bet on this right now. So i can make the most of it otherwise you know you can. You can't basically continue succeeding with the mentality of the dude in the room. Yeah you need to say no. I belong here. Yes yes and now i'm gonna play and show my flavor into it. You know that that she have actually met line. Look a couple of times a nice nice. Yeah you remember. The hotel room came down one time. Okay and he just turned up. Nice oh i m man and he came up sometimes when you know some of those american guys wanna sit back. Chill came up and he sang game. I think we did like free thousand eight and we did all night long. Oh my heart and soul all lions over there. I'm playing my awesome. You know what i'm saying. You know the thing. I think as well like that culture of i think definitely i've i Missing and probably would appreciate it differently and even more now of just musical community. Yes you know not different camps in over there and then and then just for real you want to hear something you jump on and inspire the next dude in the you know. I was there on that night you know. I think those special moments are even more more needed now because everything is so instant and everything is so you know if you go to a constant everyone's got their phone out and you kind of before you go on to the next day. Everyone kind of knows what the gig is ready. Because they've seen it one hundred times on youtube right whereas matt moment the unsheduled panel and whoa that person in the room and whoever's in the story and that story is just a story you know he was down on that night i don't know if he was down there we'll tell him visa slightly So i used to do you know for the for those did not know there was. There was a night in london in piccadilly. There was a club on record ten room. Yeah the host was patrick allen young. Who lives here and basically was on a monday night. Yeah and you think that's a night where people go out. People grab cutting basically when when acts were on tour. Mondays pretty much will be the day off. The main and people want to come out. I remember there was one particular. Monday night The guys that were jennifer lopez band okay. Jennifer lopez was on tour yet and the guys from her bands came to hang out at the ten room and So now you gotta let them play man you know some of them play and of the there was a bass player there you great and he was playing and as he was playing they did one song. I don't really. I don't want to pay the next june. And he's like paying. Just stay there on the base. But then shook her con up as i'm give me that base back like give me that base back right now. He loved his head of you. Go there was no way. That were on my cv. I was going to miss play. Shaq shaq a con me not playing. Oh hair no i to get that beta remember what yes like a little wing jimi hendrix but man off towards a bit. She tore this filter. Is i remember this note. I know you're holding the microphone to your mouth at the single normally. Hold them and she hit his heino and she pulled the mike back like down to watch hip by she pulled the mic down towards that fob and still on no going through to micro note with clear and go oh mike power shia an otter relentless power. That woman has given about the vocal ability of six voices into what voice. You know what i mean. And she was just great afterwards. Had doubts where You can play them as you'll check a car those those nights those nights with they need to do more to stop the walk right now. Have you stopped. I mean like doing a place on trump street called the pizza pomodoro. Chiro pizza pomodoro. That's yeah yeah downstairs. The last time. I went down there last time but one of the laws recent times. Oh it down there. I could say oh man you just missed man who janet was. Just here. I love the way you still got to say. Passionate though the save passion for the live ten healing the live vibe really gets into your dna your but Yeah but you know with the boy george thing or whatever that gave birth to that whole you know me being seen are then being brought onto that so we we kind of the houses. Yeah i'd say yes. So when i was called by ray gaskins to to play with him Who was the saxophone player for. Roy is at that point. I had done my my tall with boy. George confidence is that the company was there. And i think the fact that i was recommended by this particular person. Kind of just he just out of of things you know the main yet life if he says this is the guy then. that's cool. Yeah you know what i mean. I can trust him and and it was literally my first gig was playing with with ray and his first cousin is jocelyn brown. And and kim zell jenner the main so learn all this material. I don't have to learn. i think. I probably at about ten days or two weeks or something like that. Yeah and So this is before. The internet is the nine hundred ninety five or so lucky. A mobile for a brick. I didn't have my phone. I just got my mobile phone by then but Yes i to me up with him and he gave the cds are for right. I shut myself away. Learn those pieces man learners species go see in him. Play with roy is kinda knew. His vibe genera mean knew he would kind of like. Yeah so i was already kind of much influenced by donald nixon. He toward with. And with roy and stuff so so kind of knew the kind of feel. I should come with yet and we did. The gig was knows as hell but through my theater and acting training i was able to focus my nervous energy. And you just knuckle down and nail the gig review and So i played the gig and he he went man gig yours as long as you want it to mean and winger and fru that that gave you know years you know we had years together. Yeah loads don you just call me up. Hey dino man You know we talk and he said yeah you know going to be doing this thing with roy. What am i say. You know what i know roy stuff and this is me you know like when you see like a act these tiny light of opportunity because you know at this point to artists for me in the world that will like my idols. Prince william and. Roy ayers i i mean i collected so many of his records to the point where there was one piece of vinyl i bought and this is back in nineteen realism. I paid fifty pounds for this particular record. You know the head. Because i it was. It was hard to get. But it was a rare piece. And i had to have. It doesn't mean that much of a fan so this particular situation came along and i. It's ray. I know a lot of roy stuff. He doesn't necessarily have to bring all these banners. Because i if he if he ever kobe for Cover it. i know. I could do it and he went. That sounds a limit. quebec saving hotels and He twenty minutes later. Human roy loved the idea is he was like right. These are the tunes of we. Had one little rehearsal. Do not mean where we now. I think we we had on premises or something like that. She doesn't mean before way came over and then and then you know it was You know set up at ronnie's and and just go over stuff. Roy was never really one for you know really rehearsing he just wants to do. You know if during the gigi something wrong about button off from that if the right people recommend you then. It's going be stunned. I can trust you. Don't mean yeah and it's as simple as that and man. I just couldn't believe it. I was there at ronnie scott's with roy is because i saw that little crackle both shooter i just had to put it out there and he came back religion under main. Seize the moment isn't it. Yeah did you have that picture. Sophomore stage. I was inspired by this. Now i there's an roy is me i'm doing my thing and i'm holding my own. Yeah i mean that that moment lasted for at least two years and it was so funny because i think it was one of the last One of those last free week stints that we did. At ronnie's i think for about two years. Didn't we let roy note was a an actual real fan via yeah and I brought this bag in on the last night of of the loafing so you know like the thirty six. That's or something and I said roy man you got to do something for me. Otherwise on the plane. I'm applying talking about an i. Am i pulled out this bag and had about forty vinyl records all royal albums. Oh who does this belong to the mine is a you sign them and he. He was just like away. Forty of oracle's and that's just the vinyl vida see leading to that. I just put in just the vinyl and was he would have been there all day. And my god you got this you know. You can't find a hundred bucks. I'll say this. All just decided. But i remember him Plague thirty round at one point in the night you know. I just looked around like damn because he was he was so touch. Yeh that's nice and Yeah he was so great. So we've mattia is so great to what we've you know like when they say never meet your idols terms of roy. That was wrong is like no i light is the he really truly portrayed who he is on his records. You know. there's a lotta stuff. Sauntered even talks on his records yeah. That was an eat. Exactly exactly that. You're the royalist music. The he is on the record like poo poo. Lawler yes what he's like. He's like that you know he's a funny man. I mean and we had some some great moments on the road and Yeah i will cherish cherish those you know and I'm just a very blessed. I managed to get him know on the stuff that i'm working on now. I covered one of his songs and a managed to get him to hear it and he was like. Oh my god. Changed the groove. And yeah i mean so Yana managed to get him to play real vibes on my version of of his song at a man. I mean that was that that one day in particular was it was it was crazy day because imagine get roy to hear the track and He was over playing the jazz cafe so it was like december or something and they will playing free nights. I was speaking to his md. And who's this. Keep the middle day free but come on the first night and speak to roy and basically unites kind of buttery. Maputo bay like you know so I had a studio. I went down and spoke to roy. World's comb mound number. We'll plan we'll do it tomorrow. We'll do it tomorrow. I'ma coup so I had a studio booked. I had the real vibes a friend of mine. low me. he's actual real. Is you know. I mean so. All these things was prepared. Perhaps right so as not the date is derived rights. Gonna get down to london south the vibes. Go get roy and do this thing. And i'm driving down. The moats away with the vibes in the back of the car and a phone call from a friend. Who's a studio is a dean. There's been a mix up yet there's a band in the studio right now We're gonna have to report. What will you mean. In the reason we booking are impossible day office closet. Get me some big winning. Then i've got the five pack. I'm driving now man and he said to me. Okay let me see what can so la'mical you back. Let me call you back. So he's ski coming down keepdriving some driving cooled back and he calls me says right. You know basically. Rick james year was. He says he's studio in camden camden roy. Staying right now. Oh even better because you know he was bringing the jazz cafe even yes so as i so okay. I'll go there. He said yeah. Don't worry rigs cool. He will open up the session. You you guys can up. India thing and i thought wow okay so i set up went down to rick studio up there and Smoothly well it was funny. So our to cool roy to say right. I'm here or whatever a red woken up league. So i kind of had to rebe remote. You know we're all right. Listen i'll be down in the lobby in about ten minutes. I'll i'll i'll be down to worry. I picked him up. Took him to the studio and then He's okay okay. Oh these are the vibes. So he picked up mallets and he's he's warming up you know on the vibes and Rick just press play on the track so ahead this track man and in the here roy. Playing yeah real vibes on pretty much. The shows i did to him. He's got this electronic vibes as it easy for him to move with them. And and you can crank it up and enemy s you know so easy for the live situation but by the point of only thing apart from this one show that we did at the royal festival hall. I'd never really heard him play real real real vibes while standing next to him in the room. Yeah and at that moment. When i play the real vibes and hearing the playback of the track the An my breathing the thing. I don't realize i realizing the i. I'm breaking down in tears. Cry out. it looked like decision was even going to happen. I just became so emotional. My hero my idol roy thing. That's let's just say oh. Yeah fantastic moment. So that's crazy. That's a really nice story. Yeah yeah oh yeah. And he didn't take done. I'm not being funny the amount of time that you're saying that he's before we like twice a day for free for years on end. You can't just go and go home after that. Then bill seeming engine. I remember we did three days and it was consecutively. We did like the first day. Paris the second day in tunisia. And then the third day we were out in wales. Wow and he was in his seventies at that point and he handled it lighten. I was muschamp. He handled it. I feel like he was like. Yeah whatever you're prob- you're probably guy. Now try satellite. you know. you don't really know. i will easy day. Saying he was back in the day free. Like how did i feel mash went to date. You don't know about it cover. that's good. that's good yeah Did y'all stint with boy. George lead to any other things like those obviously played me. I mean there's that's not only notch on your journey so you don boy george you. Obviously since i wouldn't say i wouldn't say no one but don't necessarily yes but the thing it did do a solidified within the whole musical community. Solidified my Name my name. Academy dean is yeah he can lead the is a bass player. I mean he is a proposition guy and off doing not particularly tall. I was taken seriously because the minute you say. Yeah i did you know it does he. You're taking series. His name is going to be associated with their signed especially on base. Because that is one of those instruments the drive the music out bass and drums right. If if those two a bad on a live gig you know about everybody's because the whole group is gone. No one's really. You know it needs to be tired. And then everything else kind of set up and move could be okay. But if you're drums and bass a whack whack. The whole all quite knows why it's wrong and my just doesn't feel right even like tori move you you got one of the most the voice of pure but a it but if trump and basil wack nine view. I just don't yeah it was. It was definitely one of the things. Where after that that particular point in time after that i was taken seriously. And then you know after working roy. Yup i was taken very seriously. Okay yeah well you know the whole like you know pop soul rb once you can Jam in a slightly more jazzy vein of things. But we wouldn't necessarily jazz because it was. I mean not. Jazz in wyoming is more complex arrangements. Yes yes yes just sliding yeah zero. The the aren't going to be standing. Four or five roy. I always call him like the godfather of neo soul. Because you guys mary. J. blige covered like quite a few eric. I do the same and you know to me. You know that whole kind of music. Colorization that you even people like the angelo uses is again. Roy is kind of carlo. The those beautiful sofa collars yeah and again when he then on the base can make the right choices around those types of arrays aren't exactly then it's like wall right so and that led on to me then Going into the public domain. Because i remember whilst at ronnie scott's we've we've roy. Is those musicians us pause for because you know if you had your that. Mu a membership. You can't get in going in to see the gigs. And i remember quite lot. Musicians was passing through and know thinking get his did he. Because at that point you know if american is came over american musicians. It was as simple as that i didn't. It wasn't didn't happen young back from south london. Doom playing with here and keep it up. Do we keep it up. I mean you you know yourself. I can be a bold caritas instrument. Do not yet definitely is tight rope. You you know you're doing some of you're very well known for but i want to take it from what's on the record to the live domain yet. Make it sound a little bit more special butts if you musically step on the toes of the artists. You're either going to get look yet or you're going to get a message via somebody else is. We're not show talk and if it continues you might get another gig was what you said. It's a really thin line between complimenting. Yeah what the audience knows. And then feeling is still exactly what i know about. Has this flavor that's been added. Yeah versus dot guys. Got enough for one second. Have in his own party over. That's where playing with. Roy was where i learned how to do that. Okay gentlemen because i won. Because i can't really knew the songs inside because i was such a great fan but also hearing how the band sounded like with donald duck. I kind of knew. Roy would life so i will kind of just experiment a little bit and sometimes you have in the groove. Just stretch out a little bit. And if i got a little bit of look turnaround okay. What we learned back it again. Yeah and you can find your. Yeah all right and again. In within that situation i had Some great schooling according schooling but just fantastic company. I mean on that particular gig. There was a drama called. Dennis davis and he's on the law of the early roy ayers records anthem so he's on red black green album. He's on the coffee album. He's on you know the you. Send me album bunnies on kuala l. But he's also on the whole the july stevie wonder album. he's also on quite a few of the david bowie albums. that's him. Oh ashes to ashes and the yeah said this guy. He wasn't someone who knew about the music. The isolated i. That was his arm. He was on the and i remember. We were playing one soon. We were playing one time and it was a nice kind of discount to what funk took it. And i'll just kind of in the groove and as we playing i i don't think and he's like he's got this look on his face and he goes. You gotta listen to me. Man gotta pick in on. This has been slapped tada via just not just well okay well. He knows a lot more to me. Humble myself even myself in that moment and for arcade let me to really listen to him and full okay. Okay i'm i'm just gonna look and i didn't realize but he was making these just little incremental micro adjustments by inbetween like the verse the chorus that until the hugh you know he may push course just a little bit hint towards pushing no bit more energy come back in the inverse and then once i really with him he started laughing. Joe leave. And i knew i had it. I mean 'cause the end of the day you know. He's one of those guys if the had to explain to you what it was that was wrong and you go no place being on that stage and he would be like roy man. I can't work with catman. Yeah yeah it would be that straight. It wouldn't even talk to you about it. Just be like oh man we got somebody else. I mean ready. He would go to that. Stage means because that's the thing on stage is is a is a Does take some time being in a band. Biggest band small bands wherever everyone is actually listening to everyone else. Yes as well as figuring out time in as whereas figuring out cusworth figuring out as when gay agenda song went to give less house excluding day do need to support and more. We need to just back off a little bit more all. That stuff is I it takes being on stage and giving it time to learn that. Yeah and being open to humble enough to learn that. Because i guess another thing Again you've worked in different people so you definitely need to be able to be able to appreciate that more so than even myself. Because i'm os working with me as the primary whereas you're always that to support. Yeah the vision. I guess yeah over the on stage. Yeah and that vision changes spies so i might be like. Oh just be free and the other person might be like we want. Abc yes it has yeah was talking to say all right. Let me put back what you just wanna go free. Is you know. I've been knowing when to do that. And sometimes it's no to do that even before you've been told you just really coulda suss up the situation and just look at it because it's not as they they need to be right on top of everything and don't want any kind of musical challenges or anything like that. Yeah eddie more import. I guess we just want a particular platform yet foundation musical bed. And that's it and that's right for them. I guess on this some of the some of the artists. It want you to come with it. Come on stretch. Because yeah they they journey. I mean yeah. Yeah so Yea i think working with roy was where where learned how to do that. How to pull in bits and he's been up the music and take it somewhere without the is turning around and give you a let's say y'all my my gigabytes so so running scott saw Seen by A drama md. Uncle frank tanto and He was then like okay. Man you decided nice. And at that point i was doing the little bit of the ayers had this great jingle poop who la la the original record was like synth bass so i'm gonna play the since based on guys. You know what i mean so is running some you case it a little bit. Yeah 'cause miller. Yeah 'cause i i. Basically i'd seen a friend of mine. Mark willis Do that with alexandra. Nu'uanu blew my mind like base and you went home and again in a week. I had but your self driven see someone do something. Do not go. I'm not having that. I wanna be able to do that so a go. I got myself a little space. I'm just based on the woman. I looks lovely. Oh the sixteenth street. It's a beautiful based on the ball. Okay yes so since base and learn that stuff in and you know working with. Roy gave me the opportunity to do that. Yeah and And i also worked with don blackman occur and one of his june synth bass thing with an played that as well on the gig and frank was like. There's a geek coming up and they wanna bass player that can do base. And since he said we'd love to have yes i was supposed to. It is craig david. Oh all right okay. So this was the very first team all bands. Okay craig was about to have because he was doing stuff though just acoustic guitars via in that case then. That is the first time. I saw you on stage as in literally honest because at some point i don't know when it was at some point i did see. That's all okay. You were on that source of that was probably would have been the first time i've actually saw you on on thing is at that point. I wasn't even like you know. I was basically just in st joe's like five years prior. Yeah so my mainstream yeah. Career was not a prospect that point and so yeah great. Wow so yes. He's aligns yes so that gave me brought me into the the pump domain. Yeah but what was what was fun about. It is is because the puck thing had a whole different discipline. They are much more any little ones and zeros. You play it like the record yet but coming from the school that i. I'm not a half the season this season off. But when you do that you is all about the vocals is if you do anything that encroaches on vocals you're fired. It's out that's is learning how to how to just make it sound live here but don't get in the way you lift the artist really make them and i believe freebase you can make other things shine. You can make you shine of course simply for the way you play the bass. Yeah that's that's the whole familiar anyway. That's the whole point. I always say like live is the is the real sal You know you can sell records the real reason that you're putting off anyway. The reason i like to release music music out is because i want people to come and see me live because i believe that's the best version of myself and when you do that you want them to have that experience which to me should be the enhanced version. Exactly exactly. if you want the record. I listened to the record yet. But when you come and see me. I want you to leave and say oh man. Oh wow hebrew game like this was a lot of fun you know so which you know it can be done. There's many ways of of many ways of skinning Don't ever do that. That's not the right thing but yeah there's many ways of cooking the same dish. Yeah for me. I just want when you come see me live. I believe that's the selling point. I believe when someone says you know. I to buy the next record. I wanna come to the next gig. Yeah and that's your and at the same time that's when you can lose someone that was great was it. You know so well no. We don't enter that domain. That only take it to the next. But i remember at one point working. We've you think it has the before we went the truth about love just dropped uptown and we were doing some. Tv's yup and i remember. It was mtv or something. We would doing john of carnival. We'll be doing but there was one of the songs because you had a a real kind of classic soul yet real classic soul field about These things so a foot right. I'm going to go back to four string bass and really get that classic feel and kind of just enhanced living pino on the record yes right. Yeah yeah you should got enough but anyway also penal was using that kind of jameson type motown pro shift so our foot right. I'm gonna go for like the motown jameson. Kill on this. On his groove. Everybody's one shoe we were playing and there was a breach pot that comes about two free times in the song. Yeah on a on the third one awful on go. Put these motels motown jameson chilly. And then we ought to what it came up to me said man whenever we get to that bridge. I don't even want to say listen to see other people to see this. I love what you do that to me that time man. That was such a big compliments. Meant so much. As far as i was concerned. I just really wanted to make musical. Yeah but just knowing the meant so much not do. Because i don't say stuff like that to know what i mean. That mean some of them just cooking clock out yet but you name but do you know what is also you know you. Can you can hear or feel when anyone ever. Bbv's whether it be guitars anyone has gone the extra mile because like you can be back then not sending out cds. You could send out cd. And people thing that the codes they come and play and you can hear blah blah blah blah diff played. They've learned the song yeah. Learning a song is very different to learning. Like you said you know without you even saying what you said that. I would know that you did that. All would would think that he. He's amazing or he must have done that because you sat okay. That's that guys approach. How can i bring my flavor. What approach should i take. you said. yeah. I went back to four screen. Based i can say all that thought process So if everyone in the band does that When it comes together it sounds like nine ten was that i intend to make it somehow. That's because Some people you know they kind of just play to Kind of just get the job done but for me. That's that's never been enough. Which is probably why i wanna play. I wanna match you up a play devastate and it's not issued thing. He's kind of an attitude of all the instruments. The one thing one instrument that really requires a lot of attitude and this is not to do. We take me because you can be. You know technically rubbish. If you've got a much attitude on the particular instrument the base yeah it's just gonna come through the main so we you know to sound that way is not something that can just happen. You have to mean. It has the full intention. So i listened to the record of okay. How is he doing this. So we're thinking that the sound allah is seventy sixties soul. Yeah this so he's thinking right. Fostering precision. Basil juniper mean jameson. Type thing gentlemen. I think all the type of things to mean and that makes for that makes for a damn an and i know i wanna increase. It are no are still. Don't wanna get of your vocals. But i still wanna make you go out. It's a it's a balance. It's a balanced so funny because when i showed up with the four string fender steve levitt the the production manager so proper base. Five string bass pro pro. You know as well you don't realize like sometimes even people just loading unloading out the experience that you'll surrounded by is is I don't know it's pretty. It's pretty awesome sometimes. Yeah yeah yeah yeah all right so look so you got the call Craig told us a big one massive. Oh man i mean he's still going. I mean particular was also can when walking away and filming in everything was just. It was in charge. I mean seven days in the chart at that time. And that was the first time that i'd heard in terms of instead of just applause when you this is the first round screaming the absolute pandemonium going on genetic bike. Oh my goodness the boys must have been that. yes. I mean those. Those are big. Gigs them whatever. Yeah yeah but craig was on. That was in the moment bag right there because still at that point. That was mid nineties. Georgia's big outing was but you know the the eighties. This was some in the mall right guard via the you know he was the ticket. They're not mean. Whoa yeah you know and just depend. Ammonium was crazy to mean playing the first tour and then a few months paying the arena told the plaque all man arenas there yeah older arena dates and Yeah you know plane to those those huge crowds having different to the jazz swing way. You can conduct strict you every night and go somewhere else. This was somewhere. That destination was very defiant. Young you play it just like the record be on the money mania and then but in front of you know fifteen thousand people every night tonight. That's all right. I mean you know what. That's all about good fun. It's good and it was for me. It was the first time doing that. Yeah you know what i mean at that level and it was fantastic love to a loved it. I really loved it so then. So then from craig's one. What what was the next project. Well I remember finishing up with with craig and i remember hearing this song. Cool dance review. Oh i thought man guy with green grass man. I'd love to work with him. Song bad straight after. Yes no. I do not run month. Oh man i met him being seriously. Because i remember it was the last day the i actually remember december the twelve. Yeah t- thousand. Frey was the last thing. I did with craig maida vale studios in london Some kind of christmas pre-crisis thing and then literally i had about off and i got the call bell. Come what will you gal it was. It was that i that pocket. You remember the first promo tour. We did january february. Two thousand four and the go group four one one four one. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yes. I felt like. I was on top because we're creating the road. Yeah we we've we've used you not mean and songs were good fun. It was yeah just in between Working with craig. And yourself did some stuff with alexandra. Neil so that was how i got to work with billy awry. Yes then has the list limitation at one point. I was doing. My head was huge because at one point a one point i was playing with roy is don blackman and alexander. O.'neil at the same time. Those those gigs you know s. You know he's going gonna say you know. This is why they mean what. I do and also playing with alexandra neil. That's what really got my awful during the craig. David place in space actually lost that race basically only about fortunes on bass guitar and jam and lewis yup funk funk you can't get off the stage i'm turning you ain't got no business in that means so You know working with with billy and and those guys alexander neil. That's what really got my sin plan right up there another main my first gig we've addicts Manning was an. That was the first time i was really actually nervous on stage over there. Yeah because i think. I can't remember what the situation was. But then he called me to come in and do at least gig are picked up the the mini disc of the the called sir and and learn that. But the thing was it was one of those. You know. Meet some festivals. Are i think it was like a festival in waffles. We lows kind of things so we will probably about five or six early evening late afternoon here and So obviously the band before you. There's a battle before that so we get onto the stage. There's no soundcheck it was literally. Oh yeah this is dean. He's playing bass today and Okay you know all right well to oh and there was no house. Prior to that annexed do thing where he wouldn't sing until he was feeling the groove. He did it on every gig. Do not mean. He don't open his mouth until he feels that. Yes i'm feeling. Yeah now. i'm ready. And you stop singing and i remember one of these groups. We'll plan on. We were going round the groove and acts leaves the front of the stage and walked towards me and it looked like to me he. Would you stay romy out. What's i'm playing out that it didn't like a very friendly. it's sick just get his groove. Paid his crew to the draw. He's expression on. His face doesn't change but then he says bad motherfucker. Oh he likes. This guy called play i was. I was certain he was like this guy. Can't play a like that. A bad mother goes all over. Stop to listen you. Because he'd never heard me before. I let me check out. This guy must bring it to the scene. I i was seriously. I was petrified. But you see what i mean again. All those little validation see we've your story the story spin like you know a lot of people i would say you know if you're a baseball or musician. Trying to get into bands and touring in that get in front of people showed them how much you've learned every single time and organically. You've been recommended recommended recommended. Because you're right good I'm not sure if. I'm not sure if that if that that can be the case or the same journey everyone but the key thing is you know put in the amount of time into your own issue into whatever you wanna do wherever it be. Songwriting whether it be singing reverend. Be playing an instrument the bass guitar the drums. Wherever is do that. also say. You've been a very proactive. Socially you know. Say you saw cracking. God i can so your i open to see what is there is there. When the hasn't been that you still going to open nights to just play because you love playing. Do you think those things still hang around the hanging around. Do you think there's as much war right now. There's none of it but you think the every night paying somewhere there as many venues doing that just pre pandemic but hopefully you know i think the pendulum will have been pulled back so far that is going to be a big swing because we have been off real entertainment. Real live music. People appreciating live artistic expression right there in front of them in the fresh in the moment so Hopefully we're gonna see a nice healthy resurgence of some that. How fantastic live music. Yeah i think when the your description of color like the open mic night speak is Other seem very helpful. In your case you know people. Yeah these guys down. Just the that one's good to pick that one out that one's great pick that one out and and recommending you into other bands to get seen and to keep them top of your game was a hasn't in the room of ishmael was very different. Actually doing a gig. Even we've ishmael online is one experienced and being in the room One experience the live small stages want experience and progressing to bigger stages Is is kind of an experience. I think they all serve their purpose yet. They will connect you know bought initiative. I think is like you say loving the that is that you do. Yeah and then to expand on that yeah and like you say you're still passionate about it and that's one thing i never wanna lose the i. I still wanna be like a little kid in a candy shop. You know what. I mean sums of music. It's yeah ease that thing that that's the only way you keep on growing. Yeah and you've never learned to all so you know for the last. How many years have been writing songs and recording and producing an so. There's been so much stuff. I'm still learning. Journey doesn't end so dean from twenty twenty one on what's obviously is still going to do some live stuff. That's always s in your veins. The holiday i need that neither am. I saw that that standard got twenty four seven men. You got me. You got me moving forward. Line for dean. Is that your you just happy content just by that all as the ave you know how. How else do you express yourself well. It's funny because so over the past five years. I've been getting material together in the view of trying to put together a dean mock album. Originally arcana fought the you know just me being a bass player that that would be more of an instrumental kind of journey. But it's so turns out that all the rule vocal guys you see because you kind of end up doing stuff and writing stuff sound and then you know of involved a few different singers along the way one of which is ladonna Lovely la donna. Ladonna done some some. Yes she should brought out. Hey listen man. I mean you know We both want to give you but we also put together with. We've done blackman. Who is one of the legends of american funk a and this particular song heart's desire that is like it's one of the baddest funk chewed of drive on a full. I'm gonna do a cover of it. I mean sacrilege. How dare you cover this phone for a half. You're going to just cover. I'm gonna put means my own stamp on it. But i'm going to get because we work together and sadly back in two thousand thirteen don sadly passed away so i wanted to do this as a kind of tripped tritium. You know covering one of his songs. Yeah and using as many of the guys in the band. I could get either myself and ladonna seeing lead and And junior curtain on drums. He was he was playing drums with with me. Don guys well so but don man vocals. Oh yeah she came. She did the vocals here on earth and she samak. Oh my my gosh. Absolutely she sounds tran flipping testier. Still current project is everything. You is passion. You can tell one thing from today's podcast. Passion is is huge wendy's generally so so that's good so you'll find your passion into that as well and it's a pain mark album. Has it gone name you still. You're still tinkering. i'm still. I dunno because of obviously i played you quite a few trying to trying to trying to come across his work at. I've had the thing's amazing people is it just sounds. I might even call the like named the album. Oh my quoted goosebumps because there was a someone of goosebumps some butterflies love that share and polls show the name. Kinda sticks out in my. I might use that. I don't know if you don't to get to album stance that might be the That might be the name of the album. I so that's a good name. Good but as i said originally. I didn't really see me singing anything. Yeah yeah yeah. I think a lot of times we limit ourselves. Yeah just enduring whatever. Because i always been the guy at the back back is one thing our dean base. These like gig. I used to do the host of the show. You say an on the base. We have the face play. Make these faces. Some people didn't actually know my name. They just need the face. I remember somewhere in the face to face to face radio face for base. Yeah you know what we've been. You know just like the guy in the back album the face you know. I'll tell you a little story. Because as i say a managed to get roy to play on the album a part of the the deal was the i i helped him out or one of the shows. Go right so. I helped him out with some. Bbc's right because yeah he didn't Muffing on that particular show He's normal. bv guy. john presley didn't wasn't able to make the show. Whatever someone said you know. I worked for many years. So i know everything so for k. l. Be for you as well. He's all cool cool so you know help. Landline me session. You know put the finger. Was that day. I just oh. God i'm going to be on stage and even holding an instrument are was never did came in here come into the studio broome took out a couple of temporary move on that stage singing empty-handed i can't do familiarity comfort comfort like the edison days. Me myself with a yalcin. Bb's for you. I don't because i think view. But i'm leaving but yeah i had triangle even have dry lip. But you still hold the triangle. I feel more comfortable like. This guys is hilarious. Yeah that was funny. But i guess at some point. I'm really going to have to get my act together. yes of just taking it to the next dimension. Yeah yeah yeah. How did you when you when you did not talk about. How did you have the biggest know. The thing i think is with anything though the more you do it the more you'll become more comfortable and eventually is to second nature second nature man enough to get second nature kind of quick are you gonna. Are you gonna drop the album soon or is it more. You're just gonna continue until you feel. It's perfect in your eyes and then you're going to do it like war is. Is there a time a bit above. Because i'm i'm getting the first one ready. The one with roy is your ready. So we're because because i'm kind of just doing every field not signed or anything like that and their skin so i to learn to do everything to the mixing and stuff like that and does on a lot better so you enjoying that. It's a real. Science is science science. That never ends genital mean and so. I've i've improved and i've got lot better so what had to do. Go back and listen to some of the stuff. I've completed at the beginning stage. I'm not okay different. Yeah different so. I went back here and then i remixed I wanna touch you baby. The Covers roy is sound wicked now so it cleared yes. Oh go get that moss did but then you know now going to start thinking about all the other things you know the the the mocked inside the digital w all that all that kind of stuff so i have out there you know by the summer or whatever and finish up the rest and stuff you know in the meantime so probably towards the end of the year you have like a full dean mark project generally main and then often that when the live. Oh okay open again. I'm ready wait on the stage shredding basis. All over the cutoff telling you murder base. Yes i'm ready for the live thing and but you know it's it's looked down. At least i will have something to show for this lockdown. I was gonna say how's it. How's it been. If on the whole the whole people saying june june july jerkin next edge can. When do you think it will be back sir. I've done what normal is i. Don't know i mean. I hope that we can keep to this road map as it as it were but as we know with the i've never seen anything implemented without the sign difficulty turns. I mean speaking to someone say you know if you've got ten thousand people in the field or more. I don't know what the regulations around we're gonna be a limit As ingredients you know trouble is highly probable that there's gonna be some sort of regulation regulation in terms of getting getting these things back into operation. Yeah mean so. I think it will be over optimistic to think that yet. It will buy right to normal as it was. You know it will be going back to normal. There's there's going to be a difference for a little while before we fully gets back but as long as we start you know we've got stars numbers we star and get people back into listening to live because you remember live music for me as i i. I've said it before you know. Sometimes you get those kind of venting. Facebook posts had but i really do believe that live. Music is really a huge part of people's good mental health. it really adds towards really good wellbeing. Live music. I e can only do you good and i think once we're allowed people really appreciate Now there's been a break probably even also. Oh probably i think absolutely definitely milton than than pre pandemic people who they. They're really going to appreciate it. And this is a funny thing because we've always as musicians. We've always appreciated even remember when we did the Those couple of weekends with robbie williams take a couple of pitches new place up on facebook and you know the the common phrases. I love my job and even back then pre pandemic we knew it. We knew that this is the is an incredible life to have definitely genital mean. Now you know knowing the yes. No that if we can get back to that then it'd be live is have even more of a great value being able to share music with people who have so much even more great values. I've really hope the we We can go back and give people that. We've more feeling a more relevance yet more enthusiasm. Yeah more of these cool. I think it will be. It'll be great when we made that musical return dana. Thank you so much for jumping on the show Absolute pleasure yeah. Hopefully there's a young not just base pair. There's a young musician out. There who either has been inspired already by seeing you on stage somewhere or is going to take up that guitar and take the next step from into the room to the actual stage once everything gets back to normal and you know start improving on that croft and it's not commute thing right. I enjoyed that one. Always nice catching up with. If you'd like to follow dean on social media facebook dean mark and twitter is dean mark base one baseba. Ss right. do you know what was even better than conversation. We had off towards dean. Decided to do a little cockup and he made some so fish fritters that was like the highlight of the day. So tasty so yeah. Good company could right. There might be a pause in the frequency of shows over the next month or so. But for good reason as low projects on the side. Which i'll be able to tell you more about ingenious so hall titan no doubt though you get low paying when the next episode of the show is up once again thank you so much listening and keep your ears pilled. If you like today's show please do subscribe. And if you can't take a moment to write this podcast on itunes. I appreciate you You have any questions or suggestions for the show. Please do for free to email me. It's lamar at the lamar. Show dot com. That's lamar l. e. m. a. r. dot com. If you're an artist or musician and you like some advice bill free right on the next one.

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Joe Rogan Is NOT a Doctor?? Trumps Weird 9/11 Plans 9.9.21

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Joe Rogan Is NOT a Doctor?? Trumps Weird 9/11 Plans 9.9.21

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Stay under the salary cap and see how your team stacks up against the comp feel the nfl action like never before with a free shot at a million dollar payday so download the draft kings app now and use code zeitgeist. This week new customers can get a free shot at the one million dollars top prize and compete for millions in prizes across all contests enter the code zeitgeist to get a free shot at the one million dollar top prize with your first deposit. That's code zeitgeist. Only at draftkings the official daily fantasy partner of the nfl minimum five dollar deposit required eligibility restrictions. Apply see draft kings dot com for details. Hello the internet and welcome to season two. Oh one episode. Three of dailies. I guy production of iheart radio. This is a podcast where we take a deep dive into american sure consciousness. And it's thursday. September ninth twenty twenty. One names jack. O'brien ak come a vaccine. Oh it's just not the same. It is ruined. Mike not worth anything. those courtesy of christie humane we are sticking with the Vaccinated com fem- and i love it alumni. Keep them coming. Joined as always by my co host mr miles to pieces racist port working breathing robert spoken metal ass guy just ripped shreds in virginia. Good goodbye good. That raises monument. And shoutout to douse the critic at forty one tar for that. Portola wonderful pop. Roge- fired a game. I prefer the acoustic twitter but we are thrilled. I dare say to be joined in our third seat by a very talented writer humorist and podcast host. Whose work you've seen in the los angeles times the guardian the new yorker new york magazine. If you're very well read. He was the co host. The ringer wrestling podcasts masked man show and went on to work with. Wwe's writing staff which makes him. I think our most refined expert on the world pro wrestling possibly less prius roster of regular guest. He currently co hosts the podcasts galaxy brains along with joan array. Please welcome via hilarious. Though fashionable the brilliant dave schilling thank is intro. I always comment on the intro. Come on the show. And this is one of the best. I feel like it was very complimentary with. That's just a mere we More or last week or last time i was on here we have. I was on the show today. I'm just wearing my arsenal shirt off at us to somebody's fashionable feeling real. Low fucking fools. Who ruined their life making team possible l. I love it. I love you. Guys is this New coach this season. I feel like i've been. We've had the same coach for by aim clown eighteen months no good. It seemed like ever. Since you got switched coaches. That was kind of a hope. Ever we the the problem was we had a coach who was like watching over the team for like twenty years cincy and whenever you switch it out it's gonna be chaos because it's also the cranky. I'd ask that's the problem of crimes are bad on keys. I look at this. I was telling somebody who can you believe you spend someone's giving me she's been all these mooney over the summer and i said look we're spending players that are gonna pup potentially give us good money all a good value. We transfer them and have a nice solid young cord like maneuver with no matter who the manager is but more than that of the issue that i see. It's like bar. Rescue is not that the players or the bar to bar rescue. It's not the staff's fault or the manager's fault usually at the own what's the moaner fucking doing because that's usually where the rod is coming from and when the crunchies it's all fucking coming from there they just don't give a fuck tad a manager. Yeah give him offer. You know what will make work if you stop paying them wages. Because there's dogs on laura ingraham show dave no. I didn't know he was one of those. You know with with unemployment benefits. He said hungry dog is obedient. Talking about workers sounds like boy the mental differences in how we see a human existence. I guess yeah exactly. You're a dog. Yep yep i value all people Except for john taffer. Guess prick but yeah man are bad. Owner is worse than bad anything. 'cause that's should just doesn't go away thinking like how long raiders fans hated al davis. Right nigga dance have been struggling for decades now. Cres fans have the best owner in sports. Marie and that's why we're consistently good and the years where we were bad. We had her stupid brother in charge. washington football team. Yep yep the luciana non yeah. I'm sure like yes. The people that that's like what people of the world unite overthrow the owners of their favorite teams in a better. Yeah we should own all of our our favorite sports team there should be owned by the embassies. Or the nba's yeah absolutely go. Isn't that kind of what the hackers are. Yeah and they've been consistently good for a long time. Yeah yeah who guessed. I if you just you know empower the people who care the most thing will happen. That are good. Because i guess it's either that model or the galactic owes like yankees model which is like raf. I'll make your rain on everybody and we'll just buy up the best town. That's how we'll make it work but but realistic most people unless you're cutter suspect. Alright dave we're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment. I just a rundown of some of the things we're talking about today. We're going to talk about how the gop is dealing with their january. Sixth commission. We're gonna talk about joe rogan back at it again baby. He's recovered from covert. And he's got some thoughts on what cured him It is not the fda approved proven treatment. And yeah we'll leave. They're both talk about what donald trump the president is going to be doing on nine eleven We'll talk about andre three thousand all that plenty more prefers days. What is something from your search history. Well i'm glad you asked because it's something. We've talked about already off mike in that. Is the war on. Talk over skinny jeans a google tech talk skinny jeans because i was researching an article column in writing for the la times about the backlash against skinny jeans from generation z. Origins e or zuma's. Or whatever you wanna call them. I was shocked to find how vociferous these people are about skinny jeans being bad because skinny jeans for those who grew up in the nineties two thousand. You know the millennials those were the most important garments you purchase. We were all wearing skinny jeans. And all of our favorite celebrities are wearing really tight closed for a long time and Yeah how people are no man. You gotta blow those pants out. I need space to grow. I need to be able to bill o. When i walk and That's that's why i wrote. This piece is because i really wanted to express my joy as a millennial at a being freed from the tyranny of this bullshit of these incredibly snug pants that no one actually fits into no. And i was telling you before i was like i can never even find a pair of skinny jeans that could fit me. Because i'm just like are just massive. Is i couldn't wear them. Unless i i would probably have needed like a custom-made pair of jeans conformed to my physiology to even have the look of a skinny. Jean yeah and now. Like whenever. I like if i have anything that's remotely like getting. You got gotta have a lot of elastic. Exactly yeah you gotta just basically put a rubber band in that shit lettering. Go down now dancer. A little a little looser little wider elastic waistbands are way more popular and for me. Personally i have more means than i ever have my entire life. I mean i i better. I'm almost forty years old. For fuck sake so i better be able though like bhai stuff now and now you can get stuff tailored i can go. Take a pair of tom. Ford tuxedo pants. That i bought from the real real and get those tailored to fit me properly. That is not something that i could do when i was in college. And every single place you go to buy clothes. The pants are skin tight right. Have you gotten a pair of jeans. Tailored is that even a thing. That's possible oh no i mean you. Can i four. Because i'm not a guy. I remember so hyped on getting these like black supreme genes like fifteen years ago and the only ones i could get. Were like two sizes too. Big right all i had to take them to a taylor to adjust them to fit me. Because i was like i i was like fucking maybe i took a l. but like buying a gene like jeans. I couldn't fit into but you know for forty bucks. They they did it. They did a right by bigger. Never smaller does. At least you know in your twenties you can expect. You're going to get bigger. I guess now you don't matter what you could expect. You're going to get bigger you fill out. You're going to exercise last year and eat more either. Be constantly full stress. You're not sleeping well so if you buy a pair of supreme jeans today in your if you're in your twenties or early thirties just hold onto went awry. Those are gonna terry last year. The i had enough to fit into them. I spitting on taylor from fucking and years ago. Goes dude. That's that's basically found. That's like a twenty dollars. Fill in your pocket now. i just want to clarify. There's nothing wrong with being a bigger person. I certainly Bigger person than i have been in the past. And i always encourage people to dress comfortably and to to feel comfortable in the feel good about themselves and their bodies. Don't try to conform to some bullshit stereotype. That's what i hate about. Skinny jeans is forced people into close. That didn't fit them. Made them feel bad about themselves. And it's gotta go. The only thing i liked about skinny jeans is that it made it easier to kinda show off the shoes you're wearing after the goods was like. Yeah you get show off the pipe you know you wanna talk about over there the road. What is what something is overrated. I always have a hard time with s. When i come on this show but this is the one week. The one episode. I've been on where i like really prepared. And the thing. I find the most over radio right now as letter writing. There are all kinds of people who are like. Oh you know it'd be cool is to write my my sister letter or my dad. Letters like avenue sit down with a piece of paper and a panama right letter. Like why you're just going to cramp your hand. Your poor hand is going to cramp up. You're wasting paper. You have to get a stamp and then you have to go to the post office or you have to go to the whatever like the mailbox in your building or your house. There's just too much work for what you someone's gonna crumple throwing the fucking trash who saves letters. Nobody saves letters except for characters in jane austen novels. Like get outta here with better right. Like i love after lockup all the letters he sent me from the inside saves letters or staved letters puckett charles manson menendez brothers. Scott peterson shall i continue. Who does who is it. I mean because i try and look at it practically the reason. I don't write letters. Because i have much quicker ways to communicate with people and i guess i don't see i'm not too attached to like i guess the whimsical or the you know the the value That makes letter writing sort of attractive. But also like i just i i write big block letters and also a patient like three sentences. My handwriting is fucking poor right. That's another mother has beautiful handwriting in show lake. Sent her letters with Bob who gives a fuck to sit in the mail. Typist text me. Don't call me because they don't have time to talk verbally. Speak to every efficient. Conversation is more important than good conversation. In my opinion. What's gonna be our letter writing. Because i can see why your mother would say email. He loves it. Because i might same like i look at my my parents my grandmother. She had fucking beautiful handwriting laying. I get it this is like graffiti for you know people at home like let me throw up this beautiful letter. But i'm trying to think of what our dated sort of mode of communication that will insist on building like we're off that go raw meat in the metaverse. Ho i mean. I think there's like a class veneer to letter writing that like still persists with some young people like that. It's like artisanal emails by email. Thank you and it's there is something about getting on nice. Handwritten note you know. After the fact as a gesture. I i see the value in. Maybe it's like as a gesture coming up in like. Oh wow look at that. That's handwriting. that's a little hard. go to hallmark. you give me a cargo. Papyrus of those still exist. Give me a greeting card. Thanks signed whoever miles. Like i don't even write a fucking thome about how great my wedding was gaddafi here to feel pressured to then return. It is that of course you give me extra. Were yeah by doing the work yourself. You have forced to me to give you the labor that you have so graciously bestowed upon me. No thank you. If i don't do it then i'm the bad guy and in a sense it's able because i do not have the ability to write my handwriting. Fucking sucks handed. It's like all plays much this shit out of it. So it's like they're wagging in my face ability to write beautifully and it's just that they don't understand what it would be like if i tried to write them back. Yeah an ordeal for both of us. I think version of our generations version of this sort of artisanal shit is aol instant messenger. You know it's already dead already. Dabbler like how remember when you come home from school and you just like talk all i with your crush and you'd send you know. Little emojis weren't actually emojis. Because you had to use like a colon and parentheses to make a smiley face. It's up it was not that great. It was fine. It was motoko communication. It i don't like cool bat. You plan to sound like. Oh my god i on what. I'm about to pop trousers. Shit so exciting. I know you hit enough smarter child and saying hey when the what time what. Time is a mortal combat between the north six. Yeah where we where we ride into. Tonight boys flirting with a girl all night and having like a really intense conversation that all absolutely nothing oh. Ba meeting she really likes me. Oh i wonder what it's going to be like school tomorrow. In which is so which i guess makes sense on like abdicating is so if has kinda similar energy but most people don't have the passion for like we did. I am because a lot of people like you just like. I'm dating overtaxed. I'm like that is pretty much. The only way i was communicating with certain. Yeah we weren't allowed to have phones in our rooms and we had cell phones but like they were. We didn't have You know iphones the time so it was just like well. We'll just get on aim and we'll figure it out your name and just have very lewd conversations. Overtaxed in someone's family room computer station killed lord. yeah the computer was just like riddled with viruses. And all kinds of horrible things were being sent kinda like now. I guess. I just like a test run for the internet pretty much. What is is underrated in legend british. Rb legend craig david You guys listen to the song seven days recently. Klaus man. it's so good. That's all i'm going to say. I love craig david that song in particular. I guess this is kind of the opposite of what i said was overrated because this nostalgia for me i think about like middle school dances. High school dances and this song play If you haven't ever heard this song because you're incredibly young and you don't remember this was this was a radio hit. This was on mtv. All i'm craig. David had hair. That looked like it was painted on. That was the style back. Then it's like black men with hair that looked fake and really really well groomed facial hair. Yeah the kind of like lothar. Eeo sort of vibe those those edge ups you know like john had one to like all his beard line. And when i look at craig it now. Like you. Like lloyd banks mixed with matt barnes. You know matt barnes flagged day. He had swag his out. It was off his solo album solo. Debut album born to do it. That's right that timer exodus of that title tally. Everything i need to know the title of the south maury born to do by fred. That's right that's right baby. I mean film in another has another. Oj david banger. Again caught when i was really into that show people just do nothing. They were doing this thing on the bbc where they would do like these carriage takeovers on bbc extra and they have all these i guarantee. Mc's coming out and spin. And they had craig david come out and he sunk. He sang he started rapping and he actually was kind of nice with it and then he started singing. Fill me in over the justin bieber or like. Where are you now. Beat and like kind of did a remix housing. Oh shit this goes okay craig. Yeah he's still superstar in in the uk He hasn't fallen off at all but here he's been kind of lost time sadly And can you fill me. An has does not appear to be a song about getting pegged or asking to get picked. Nelson song is actually about that. I'm great deep down. I mean if you really look at the lyrics. I mean right you know. Can you fill me in. Come like it and you start with us what you want me to do. Yeah he was born to do it. Look it's all bear. Come on your need a map to figure out what the fuck is talking about okay. I was thinking this girl next door. When said hey boy come on around the for pegging come on the door. Yeah you got the blind ready dressed in a long black satin and lace to the floor. So i went in and we sat down started. Kissing caressing told me about jacuzzi interesting so we jumped right in. I mean huge outright. Into what exactly. Yeah we'll look into that within. It's no laughing matter. Pegging is a is a cool thing. It's no matter and yet i'm laughing. Sorry with continuation from that Dell curry read. We're now out here that threaten to a movie there that what this man went through. Hell that rom come. We'll get jordan back. I mean sixty percent crab leg was thirty percent iced coffee ten percent vate thirty somebody. I keep saying somebody needs. Somebody has hired that guy or whoever that right those brilliant all right. Let's take a quick break. We'll come right back. Hey xichang it's me jack from work or wherever you listen to the show. The car maybe but saying. Hey it's me. Jack from your car sounds weird anyways. Look i wanted to tell you about a product. I've used in the past when i was leaving. My old job at cracked wanted to stay in touch with listeners. And readers from crack i went to squarespace dot com and created jackie. O'brien dot com to collect emails to stay in touch with you guys and it worked. If you're listening to this you or whoever told you about the podcast fell into my trap but guys you can use squarespace.com for anything. It's an all in one platform they'll take care of ecommerce. Domains marketing tools analytics. Most importantly for me a dumb person who pretends to be smart for a living. It's easy to use and it doesn't look easy to use it. Looks like you and extremely talented Graphic designer made it artistically with your own hands somewhere in brooklyn you can do it. All at squarespace.com go to squarespace dot com slash. 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They were here to Find just spring bridge justice. Do kevin mccarthy pulled up. He said. I don't need a bipartisan commission. Even though that would have given us a lot more room to fuck around in you know alter the course of the investigation. We don't need it because we will do. Our own will do our own well. It looks like they aren't doing anything at all because it's been a long time and we haven't seen anything meaningful in regards to any kind of investigation aside from the fact that they seem to be like we got to know what happened with the capitol. Police why are they so ill-prepared and i think that was just because they knew that was a way they could eventually put like nancy pelosi into focus so i just a couple of things that there are. A lot of people on the hill are saying like look. The whole thing is none of these people. Want to fucking engage in a real investigation because all droves are gonna lead back to them or trump. It's not gonna end up being antifa and fucking you know ghosts of You know murdered black men who took over people's bodies to take over the capital like any man. Yeah the do. The hooks for hands are like fuck america and that they said an anonymous republican that quote. None of us want this to be a priority. I don't think there's any member that wants to serve on this committee. Pusa visit a republican aide. You know who's off the record. All records are like no this. Is it's radioactive. It's like one of these things that republicans have to do or they have to have the appearance like they aren't just here for the absolute like just deterioration of the country and be like. Yeah we gotta look into. But we can't because it's all theater. It's all a a way to deflect to de-legitimize the actual investigation the actual hearings to say. Well we didn't participate. What would you do instead own. Nothing but it was a sham. Anyway like they don't. There's nothing that they can get out of this as you said like. It's yeah even if they were to try to do something and like bring out experts who were on their side it would eventually buy in the ass so they're just going to run out the clock and hope that they win the senate back actually so it seems like their strategy is going to be to like dig in at least some of them are digging and being like the people who got arrested are political prisoners so like basically doing doing the most yes just the performance because that formative they say you know in this article in the daily beast or target about how the especially the political prisoner angle is a good talking point for someone running for office. Because it doesn't necessarily you know i it. It helps make them look like they're still on their side and even if maybe they didn't vote to overturn the election by calling those people political prisoners. It's sort of like realigns them to be like not like i get it. You know maybe. I wasn't doing the things that you demanding of me but i will i will. We will miss categorize them as political prisoners. So so i understand the oppression. That's happening. I mean it's all designed to shore up their base going into the midterms in in an attempt to win back the house. Which would then kill these investigations. I that is of course something. We don't want to happen and You have to hope that turnout is the way that it needs to be for these elections. Swing the right way because certainly not gonna do anything to combat voter suppression aside from being like. Hey man i guess activists just got to work harder right. La- that's the galatian it's been an escalation and it will continue like they will pass laws and then the other side will say all right. Here's here's the loopholes around these laws. And here's how we're going to make sure that we can bypass these things. But that's it's a war of attrition because it's going to continue happening you know and then people are going to feel disenfranchised and things are gonna get ugly. I mean what happens when people were truly just like fuck all this like. What's the point in helping supporting these people. These clowns who are moving at a snail's pace for just a theater of at all. Yeah touring attrition. Where the democrats are not doing the things they need to do to like. They're they're not fighting back. There's just kind of letting them make these changes. And then well. I want to give a lot of credit to the texas democrats in the legislature. Doing what they could eventually. It was going to pass but they were able to drive forestall it as long as they could and they drew a lot of attention to the issue. That's the best. They could have done. Sure the thing that is really problematic is that we can't get any sort of voter. Rights legislation passed breath. Congress is the most that happens. All this attention's brought and then all we hear is chuck schumer be like. Yeah we really got figure out the filibuster haw. Yeah we'll what are we gonna do Texts schumer Two two seven four nine eight and pledged to pay ten dollars for the weekend. Fix the filibuster excess. All it's all just campaign finance. It's just how do we get more money out of these people. How do we do these rubes into paying us more money. That's all it is. They don't care if anything changes they just want your money yeah well this easy fundraising you know mean because then you don't have to go on the road to actually do a lot of fundraising or the lobbyists aren't packaging your funds. Well enough for you. You know than just do send a couple of emails. Get move on the case every fucking email yet is. This is the end of the day. This is at world count on you to stand up for democracy. I'm sorry. Am i the fucking president. I'm sorry my the fuck am i. The majority leader in the senate. You might dollars going to do what. What where's that. Five dollars gonna go Before send me that clip of chuck schumer acting like tony. Soprano acting like get out there. It cracks fucking skulls to get these. This filibuster reform passed because it's not the energy they have it all. Just it's just. He's just sort of like you better. Not you better out. Don't do that don't do that. I'm gonna say okay but they don't give a fuck and then you have people in the senate like dianne feinstein who are very clearly in cognitive decline. And people have said like yeah. She's pretty like i don't know she has a hard time remembering stuff. And we're all like okay. That's fine so the governor of california gavin newsom is being recalled and might be replaced before she dies. Would she will sooner than later. I think i've talked about this on this show before but the greatest problem with our society is that people refused to retire. And i'm talking about rich. People not not normal people. Doral people were like yeah. I'm gonna go to cancun. I'm gonna. I'm gonna mow my lawn every morning drinking ice tea watch jeopardy daughter data and even if you even can't retire exactly if you're if you're able to financially but these motherfuckers are just like i refuse to quit doing my very high paying powerful job right if it's a supreme court justice if it's a senator if it's it's the speaker of the house none of these people have any interest in stepping aside for the good of the country none because that's not their first priority and republicans are taking advantage of that. All of those old bastards have stepped aside. Or if you're mitch mcconnell like you've just throw up your hands and say well i mean this is. This is the party. I support the party. This is what i do. And then all of these ghouls these very young ghouls like madison. Cawthorn keenum hopping. Up out of nowhere matt gaetz marjorie taylor green all of these younger people who are amassing power amassing political influence and amassing support every single day. They're on fox news all the time. They're constantly being puffed up by the establishment of the republican party and the democrats are like the afc. I simply don't agree with her. She's a socialist. More yuan omar is muslim and so we need her to back israel and denounce the p. l. o. Or something you know what he's aleve said the f. word yeah i mean please everyone. Let's not consider them like. There's there's a lot of energy there with a lot of these younger people coming in. 'cause i didn't see anyone except for corey bush. Really make a fucking stink about the eviction moratorium ending. And she had to really you know to do what she knew how to do as an organizer and activist and just that fucking. I'm asleep on the steps if they don't understand what's at stake here because everyone wants to go on break. Then yeah we then. I think the doesn't do a good job of you know giving these younger politicians the kind of airtime exposure that they could because you see on fox. They'll they'll put all of these younger folks on tv and what they don't they don't care as long as you're a good sound bite they'll put you on. Tv but msnbc is propaganda for various parties and we talked about that but you know other platforms are not engaging with these people. They're not putting these people front and center. They're not putting their issues front and center. But if matt gaetz says something ludicrous about you know. America being under attack from antifa. That's that's front page news. That's that's news. You know it trends on twitter all of these things that are incredibly unhelpful. But help him to get his message out and to launder his image when he is under investigation yet he is still in in office. He is still treated as a legitimate politician. I can't speak to why the media fascinated by a young republicans and this idea of you know the outrageous things that they say but they are and they are so concerned with you know kind of like contrary anisim when it comes to any sort of liberal idea any eastern real liberal idea because it takes it because it takes the position that they're sort of like this liberal neoliberal ideology that they subscribe to is the default truth and there's nothing beyond that that could possibly improve it so they're not interested in anything that would augment policies or makes things more inclusive. So they're more interested in just defending the position and the best fodder for that is someone on the right saying something ignorant and the airtime because it's surely not going to be someone who comes on with a very good plan for bail reform or a really good plan for how we can like you know create more equitable housing that might actually threaten the status quo. It's easier just get in your outraged by the guys like he compared apartheid to this vaccine man. Oh my god we what we but then you have to be shocked by it and we have to be disgusted by it but we can't do anything about it and that was the the defining trait of the trump presidency was. Here's this horrible thing that happened. Can you believe it isn't that bad. Moving on all right so What's going on on tv. right now. bruce who's winning dancing with the stars or some shit right and the january six commission is a good example of something not being sexy and not being exciting to talk about. it is depressing to talk about. It is ugly and it is it is unpleasant and it is a physical manifestation of a lot of very unpleasant truths about american society and how close we are to chaos but the republicans turn it into a like sexy talking point for their base with you know talking about political prisoners. The democrats are not doing that work. It doesn't say mike there. He can't make a positive. You make it a. We need to support our political prisoners. Like you can make ashley babbitt. A star in death row martyr. Because she is not here she can't go on. Meet the press. She can't go on fox news she can just be someone who died and is that sad. It's playing on sympathy. There are no sympathetic figures on the other side to make this feel good because guess what the sympathetic figures are the please right and we shouldn't like nancy a nancy pelosi. Yeah like we're not gonna feel bad like yes. It is horrible. What happened to these people. These police officers who were just doing their best. Some of them at least were doing their best but it is difficult for people to wrap their minds around the kind of like sticky patriotism that would be required to make this a bigger story. It's never going to tug at my heartstrings. it's it is a tragedy. Is sort of like thinking about the hindenburg disaster. Like i feel terrible that it happened. But i'm not going to be. I guess i'm not moved by it. The album cover is really. It's a really six is going to be like that like some shift from like llosa's sick album cover baller. Ashby for something talk. I'm never going to be moved. And that's not because it is not a sad story. But because i'm talking about me as general person like the general you like. You're never going to be moved by this because there isn't a need a figure for you to latch onto to feel sympathy for. It's like a movie or a tv show. You have to have a character who is your Protagonist that is your entry point to the story. There's no there's nobody for the left in this story so it's just like a horrible thing that most establishment democrats wanna forget right all right. Let's move on to You know from the rulers Of politics to the ruler of the podcast landscape the man himself joe rogan a defeated covert by putting it in an arm bar and go onto the mat with grappling techs. Go then he pegged it no so not surprisingly you know. He threw everything at it all the most expensive treatments that money can buy at his case of covert got better like most rich people who are able to treat their covert aggressively tend to and now. He's back claiming that the thing that got him better surprise. Prizes is the unproven of conspiracy theory treatment that he took among many other proven treatment. Yeah this is a couple of things to point out of his return and just how many fucked in mental pretzels. This guy put himself into the speaking he. He was like y'all i he was saying how covert is nothing. You know mike. It's it's all good or whatever but yet you needed to take ra general like yet you were out of place where you realize you had to actually take real medications and realized you needed medical treatment. But you're not gonna lean on that he said kovic was nothing for a young able bodied person seemingly implying like including himself in that before he got it and then once he got it he was all about throwing every single treatment at it like it was the very serious disease that it actually is right and you say you took ever mack and his. I'll i really helped but you also took a monoclonal. Antibodies like regeneration. And you're saying but you're not really pointing to that. He said the media doesn't talk about how i took ivermectin and now i'm better but he's also not saying himself that you actually took an fda authorized treatment in regeneration or these monoclonal antibodies and that may also have been the reason you were doing better and then goes on to say. I don't trust the whole vaccine scheme because big pharma. What they're trying to do is trying to get rich man trying to get you to take these vaccine so they can make more money yet. The maker of ivermectin is fucking merck. So which big pharmaceutical company are you like. I don't even talk about the. He's the farm animal division of merck. So it's very different. That's more of a scrappy upstart than the human being division of exactly so that story line is the thing that he has like clung onto because it is like i didn't realize that ivermectin is both like used for horses and farm animals but it's also used for people not for covert but for like as an anti parasitic an anti parasitic. So he's like two people talk about it being a horse to wermer but The reason people talk about it being a horse to armor by the way that people are actually taking their horses version. Yeah the horse version so that paste. There's a problem but he so he's like used that as kind of a misdirect to be like you know they're they're calling horst warmer even though like took one that is like those prescribed by my doctor which very well he may have. He's he has access to doctors that ninety nine point nine percent of the american population does not have access to but then he says he claimed that the reason ivermectin is not being approved is to force vaccines on people. Like that's the like. That's he said you know. There's a lot of speculation. what so you know you know. And he starts off speculation it's It's the equivalent of a lot of people are saying they're not no they're not one of the speculations evolves the emergency use authorization for the vaccines that in order for there to be an emergency use authorization has to be no treatment for disease. That's not true but she just complete vindicator. This is where he's you know that's that's his. That's his worldview he's going to have to reinforce it all the time and use whatever loose spurious claims that he can to tobacco it up because the big thing especially with the ivermectin thing. He talked about the older woman. Japan the government said They should use. Its treat kobe. Not fucking true. Just there was the chairman of the tokyo. Medical association will cautiously like i guess supported the treatment but the association themselves nor the government was just like no. We're not authorizing that. This is what this one guy said out loud at a thing and that turned into this whole social media claim that yes in japan. They're using it to treat covert and no. Yeah well i mean. At the end of the day it really is just virtue signaling for a different kind of virtue and that virtue is contrary unisom and joe. Rogan became very rich very famous being contrarian and saying the opposite of what he's supposed to say and that's what spotify paid millions and millions of dollars for is for him to say. Nah that's bullshit. And here's why i read this thing on this in the study On this website is just a bunch of letters strung together dot com and apparently all the shit you read about Eating healthy is bullshit. You're gonna see you want or you should just inject a steroids in your cock. And then it'll get really big and awesome like that's all it is it's just it's just idiosyncrasy accuracy. On microphone. it is just it is it is a hair away from inforce breath it is palatable more mainstream version of info wars. And if you listen to the stuff you were being given false information you are being manipulated and you are being built in the same way that he is saying that. The pharmaceutical industry is bilking people through the vaccine. Raise saying listen to my show subscribed to spotify by this merchandise. He's stealing from you folks. He's stealing from every single day. By giving you horse shit you wanna hear. that's it. He just he knows you want. You want be told that the vaccines are bad. They don't work that you can just you know take some pills that you get from shady website or you know worst case scenario. 'cause you can't get the pills because there's a run on ivermectin and a shortage for people who actually need it you can go out and you can get the paste from fucking cabela's or something. That is what it's all about and you're being you're being taken advantage of while he laughs his ass off fifteen million dollar mansions all of these people telling you not to take. The vaccine are rich enough to not take the vaccine. If they don't want to yeah diff- reality are they taking. They don't tell you not your business right. Yeah well. I mean this is just it He's not gonna stop now. People aren't going to stop listening and smile. His numbers take a little hit. Though did yeah. It's not free to listen to anymore. It's it's really hard to get someone who is listening to everything on one platform to switch and so all of these exclusive to spotify. Podcasts are seeing a drastic reduction in their listenership. Now that's not to say the people don't end up going on youtube And listening to the show. Because i think they're pretty people listen to on youtube. Yeah and they. Can you know monetize it pretty easily on youtube if they do so. They're still they're doing just fine. There's no problem there And that's the internet man. It's little word reefer. All that you can get your stupid message out anywhere you want. Yeah and just keep gaining gaining and gaining. I mean that's what we say like whether it be facebook or donald trump or you know and you will keep gaining momentum until something stops you. Yeah you know until you are the richest human who has ever existed in jeff bays case are it. Let's take a quick break and we will be right back. Hey everyone it's msnbc's mainly when my podcast into america. I explore what it means to be black in america right. Now i'm digging. The topics are impacting black. 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I don't know what your president is doing to mark the anniversary of nine eleven but my president talk in talk and fights. He's he's doing commentary on the fight between fifty eight year old. Evanger holyfield and i don't know Vitre belfort detour rebels work. Yeah i'm not familiar with says word. Donald trump one night sick ass commentary with don jr. the seminal hard rock on the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven. It's this one fucking. I just love the way. It's being billed Fight the digital streaming service carrying the saturday pay per view event announced that the former president along with his eldest son will quote offer their perspective throughout the night including during the headlining fight between vander. And vitor i okay. Sure that's this is my big thing more than like a with all these factors yet. Trump got vander holyfield. And you know a fight. Is this going to do paul brothers race war pay per view levels of revenue. I don't think so. I don't think so. Yeah and that's gotta hurt for on. The paul brothers are the biggest heels in america it to use the wrestling term. People want to see them lose and they have booked this they've they've scripted. All this to perfection because every time you think this is the one this motherfuckers go down. He's fighting tyron woodley. Oh he's finished and of course always. You withheld his fighting the last couple. Yeah it just goes to a decision and then he wins because they're gonna wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and draw it out for as long as they can before they finally have him lose. Yes do you think now because a lot of people suspect obviously like home when he fight mayweather they're like dude mayweather could've fucking absolutely Like he was knocked out at a certain point. You know what i mean and let you held him up and then with woodley. They're like he got him a few times and then look like he just started ceased fighting towards in the in the later rounds as a lot of people. These are all. They're all just being. They're all getting the check to lose or wherever exactly that will there be someone who stealthily says. Yeah yeah i'm down for that. Ngos knock the shit out of him. In the ring. I went off. Script sorry star. Do it a lot there. Yeah there's a lot of money at stake. There's a lot of contracts that i'm sure. Are you get sued. It's like you words boosting knock out. I think it would actually end up being better like as a wrestling mind as a person who wrote for professional wrestling understand wrestling. Pretty well if you if you did a thing where you're just like all right so mike tyson. I just want you to go into a like we plan what we talked about with logan but in like the fourth or fifth round just let let loose. Just take him down. Don't kill him right but knock him up a little bit. Put him on his ass. Haven't been knocked out because then the rematch is even bigger bras. You can say oh. He went off script. I wasn't ready. Yes it was faked but this time is real right. And then you've wiped out all of the naysayers all the people saying this is fate. This wrestling is all about the illusion of reality. How do you suspend disbelief in the audience every single week. Once they've figured out it's fake or not fake but you know it's predetermined outcomes. Is those people hurt. You hurt each other. They hit each other real for real once. You've done that. You have to keep up the illusion so that people buy into it. They spend money. They say i wanna you know by the pay per view. I want to buy the merchandise. I'm emotionally invested in this thing because it's it's not like watching a movie where you're transported to another place where you are in a movie theater and it's dark and you can just focus on the story being told or even a tv show where you've been jet and you just kind of get lost in it this is. This is scripted fighting. Where oftentimes things happen. That defy the laws of physics or boxing. Now like if you are telling me the tyron woodley couldn't knock out. Logan paul was at logan. Jake was logan right. You telling me that you're lying. Who's jake's they're all the same to me. They're like the twins from the matrix. Reloaded six fucking gooky pale ghost hunting. They should do that as attacked he. Match the the guys from the matrix against paul brothers and they both have dreadlocks. So it's hard to figure out who's who who's more problematic way more problematic. Yeah we don't talk enough about the cultural appropriation. The matrix sequel do of the only one saying this kinetic of anyway. Yeah like this is. This is the perfect way. My plan to get people back on board because i can see the steady loss of interest like okay. This is another one where you pull the wool over my eyes. Once you've made it clear that your shit is not real. People are going to start tuning out so think about it. Get knocked out. He's going have to get knocked out and they're gonna have to be like it's real and the rematch and his team when he knocks out. Mike's then and then you do the blow off. Do the third fight the trilogy. You exactly. it's a. It's a rubber match. That is where the real money is in the rubber match to a details visitor intriguing to me. One that he's doing this commentary The donald trump Fight night commentary. One is that he's doing it with. Donald trump. junior who liked plainly despised. Some like i feel like over the course of just like a long conversation where you're just kinda riffing that that will be evident and also he is really bad at talking about nine eleven like he like like he on like just hours after the towers fell. He like bragged about how one of his buildings was. The tallest in downtown manhattan. And why you put it behind a paywall. Bray only the people dumb enough to order this pay per view. We'll see it but man. I kinda wanna watch. Don't do it do not support this. This is the worst thing in the entire world. Hang their legal bills by buying abor view. That's all this is. And i'm sure that's why don doe ju- donald junior is involved with this too because we see his sniffling ass on cameo probably looking for anything to be like all right. Fuck dad let's in florida. We barely have to go anywhere. And you just say a couple things about how holyfield's a great champion and then Say that election was stolen and then Donate then we'll be good. He went to a am. I may fight and like they didn't show him. And i think he was like pissed off about that. Dana white headline come out and be like sorry alec. We meant to show him but like there was a camera miscue so for some reason he really wants to be seen as like a fight present but i mean he. He had had a run where he was doing shit like that. I feel like back in the day like today. Eighties or something. So he would be at wrestlemainia. Every year he the menu and five both took place adjacent to trump plaza in atlantic city. He loves that spotlight so getting back to his roots. And that's good for him. I do wonder. He's going to a crowded. Indoor facility in florida in florida where mask wearing will not be mandated. Vaccines will not be mandated. Do you think that this motherfucker shows up wearing a mask. So one thing that i like. I think they probably won't even be there because there's a there is a trend of yeah. There is a trend of commented like a monday night. Football is adding a commentary. Track like a place where you can go much commentary from eli and peyton manning. Yeah but there's just like doing it from their garage. Their respective garages yet. But you know but you know. He's not afraid of a fucking superstar like yeah. He's been having him every couple months since he left office. I guess he's gonna live orders in person commentary. No they did seta w that the marketing material is full. Live in person commentary away. yes wyman. Yeah he shows up one with a mask and they all get pissed at him for wearing a mask. Pictures are taken of him. It with a mass people get mad or or what if he gets it again. I mean vaccinated so probably going be alright. Not necessarily if there's a bunch of that looser positive tested people who are positive for cova did not wearing masks lots of people not lots of people. I don't want to spread misinformation but people are getting breakthrough cases if they are around lots of unvaccinated positive Covert carriers i. I'm not trying to such a thing that would be wrong. What if in has a lot of speculations people are wondering speculation. I've heard that if donald trump were to show up to this event in florida the chances are good that he could get covert again. Yeah he's an elderly man. i mean. That's where. Joe rogan got it yet. Fuck it around. Florida and that is what i heard. That's what i heard there's a lot of speculations people. Keep saying the things on television carlson over here in stories and it's concerning to me okay. concerning don't you feel world is falling apart. Sometimes i feel like i don't have a partner sometimes i. My only friend is the city of angels of course game the united states of america. Yes so long song slap. Let's hug andre three thousand real quick. We kind of touched on it yesterday. But just to get into the specifics of the controversy over the weekend drake leaked and unreleased track from donde featuring andre three thousand and it was like a it was a track on which king a like this drake and but andre andre. I does not district. And he's coming up say by key doesn't give a shit about any of this bullshit. It's that trek Life of the party. And i guess it was only played at a very specific private event which is like the only iteration are the only place where this version was heard. But there's a the andre verse is about mothers you know yet. The album version comes out. And it's just distract and he says this is his quote on it about the how the whole thing went down. He said a few weeks ago. Connie reached out about making me are having me be a part of the donde album. I was inspired by his idea to make a musical tribute to his mom. If felt appropriate to me to support the concept by referencing my own mother who passed away in twenty thirteen. We both share that loss. I thought it was a beautiful choice to make a clean album. But unfortunately i didn't know that was the plan before i wrote and recorded my verse. It was clear to me that an edited quote. Clean format of diverse would not work without having the raw original also available so sadly i had to be omitted from the original album release. The guy received wrote to didn't have the verse on it and we were hoping to make more focused offerings for the to album. But i guess things happen like they're supposed to it's unfortunate. That was released this way and to artists that i love going back and forth And then he said. I love drake got love. I want to work with kendrick. I'll newark jay z. Tyler blah blah blah but. Yeah that sounds like a very kanye thing to do. This is gonna happen. More often where he brings people into his process. They says i'm gonna to do this thing. It's to great and he's got those crazy is like is huge and he's like how much and this thing is we awesome. And then he changes his mind. Two weeks later he was like i gotta go to the mercedes benz superdome enough to superdome. But i gotta go to mercedes benz stadium. And i gotta live inside of the the the tunnel and i've got to come up with a new idea. 'cause the the thing i did before sucked and it's like okay. You're gonna burn a bunch of material you're gonna burn a bunch of talent like i'm the thousand who's gonna be pissed off He's gonna be You know diplomatic about it like was in his statement. But i think he's happy. The song was associated with him shitting on drake. no-brainer course. Not as good for him. As i could for anybody. But there's probably seventy versions of a donde this floating around. We're gonna hear all of them one day when he dies breath because they're gonna be like. Oh here's the new hollow hollow cube addition of donde featuring all the songs that were rejected from the album. Yeah i prefer version number twenty nine because that beep beep beep beep beep part. I really love that beep beep beep beep part and get enough. The other thing is like you're you're the if the album is meant to honor your mother. Why are you wasting your breath trying to come at this other rapper. because it's not about honoring his mother or any or even his own mother. You know what. I mean like even for donde you know. It's just like a whole thing. I'm just confused. Like de intent but again. This was not a focused album. So i don't know i'm like what is going on over there. Not a focused mind making me out. That first track does say her name. Like twenty five times so that is kind of okay. What's the confusion. I'm sorry yeah it's there's also like no not that many. If any women featured on the album prize didn't he tried to get trump to show up to one of these events that he did. Oh yeah that's who he was trying to marry in that mayor to settle Yeah that's a shame i mean. Instead of getting trump he got marilyn manson. Yeah right yeah honor your mother with marilyn man this guy gotta do. What does that do for people to be like announced i've had it. He makes music that people mostly frustrated by. He does all of these. These stunts that are designed not just to transgress but to actively upset. People think sensitive to people like the big yeezy stands though. They're all like you know pre the uk and all that other stuff like it was always the battlecry was like i can excuse everything that he does because his message is about believing in yourself and no it's about believing in conde west no right but i'm saying but that's how this supporters alike. Who are the most you know. Die hard defenders have to sort of repurpose whatever they believe the messages like. I'm here because i'm here for the uplifting. Pep talks in the form of his lyrics. Yeah he's also the aches but he's a rapper. jake's who sells ee dollar gilded t. Shirts with balenciaga. Yeah yeah and hey dude you could buy a weird bulletproof vest with his mom's name on it just bums me out. Because i see all know fashion fawning over it and i icy music journalists funding over it and i see cultural critics taking it seriously. They all he builds a version host in the stadium What does that mean. Oh ooh kim and him or to a pretending to get married again who boy. What is that it's all narcissism and it's all designed to take money from you. This is the same thing as joe. Rogan it is provocation. For the sake of it is controlling in for the sake of it and it's designed to part your money from your pocket. That's a man we've been saying from very early on this show that it seems like nurses like having the narcissistic personality. Disorder is the cheat code to modern america. It is your tickets or success in each share any empathy any respect. I mean yeah four other human beings. I'm fox. I'm not gonna succeed sweat. No one knows what it means. But it's provocative yeah right. I mean let me this dickey told us before no one knows what it means provocative and that's been the guiding principle. Yeah i blame welfare. Dave as always such a pleasure having you where can people find you and follow you. I am at. Dave underscores schilling on twitter. You can subscribe to galaxy brains on any podcast platform including spotify. They have got pay us millions of dollars to be on there. So we're also on apple podcasts. And podcasts and amazon music in all the places so please subscribe have a listen. We had Kumail nangiani on a couple of weeks ago. Talk about idiosyncrasy. As a really great episode guides friend of the daily zeitgeist jamie loftiest on very soon to talk about why the last man the effects. Tv show that's coming out very soon. So get into that. I think it's this is the best run of episodes we've ever done. Also i have a month column in the l. a. times style section the checkout as i said earlier i wrote about skinny jeans and why they are being phased out of our culture and why then before that before that that has about dad hats. Yeah this was this really serious for miles to to read about his his culture and his beliefs in his religion in print for one been validated as my job. I'm here to validate everybody with you. And is there a tweeter. Some of the work of social media. You've been enjoying okay. So this is a tweet. That isn't necessarily funny but it brought a little tear to my eye. Abode in kirk tweeted a photo of himself being made up to Look like saul goodman yet again. He said back to work on better. Call saul so happy to be here living this pacific life surrounded by such good people by the way this makeup is. This is make-up fro sherry monsanto. Making me not ugly for shooting. I just was really glad that he's back at it. Yeah a lot of people were really worried about him and Yeah he means a lot to a lot of people on. So i'm glad that he's back out and making stuff in kofu taking care of himself. Yeah he's like quietly just having one of the great careers of like our generation not yet. He's like our same age but like of our generation of pop culture that we grew up on somehow without being every horrible narcissist right adding pull that off doesn't have it doesn't have her personality disorder and he still successful so let that be a lesson to you kids. You don't have to be like khania western. donald trump. You can be like bob odenkirk or meeting a great little white guy with heart. Yeah exactly miles. Working people find you. What's a tweet. You've been enjoying Twitter and instagram at miles of gray and also the other podcasts. for twenty day fiance. Let's see which Over the weekend. I met some zych at a social gathering. Steve mattie thank you so much for complimenting me in public. I felt very validated sociable. I didn't hear about this. I know you might come on now. Please you're gonna like ila shove a gun into your rib says over this way over. Here you're about to be a footnote in history from But anyway shouts. Y'all really great talking to you. And i wanna say some tweets that i like first one is from brana seat titley at pro-nazi titley tweeting. Wow okay on. Following now was a big fan of her house. Made of sweets was not aware she used it to lure children into her oven to cook and eat them that structure of outrage tweet Another one is from bonn at gresham to ex. He tweeted. i broke down and my great grandma funeral at the podium. When i found out nobody got her red velvet cake recipe. Oud hit me in my lugging heart because let me tell you as somebody who has like family recipes. I did everything. I could document especially my grandfather's barbecue sauce recipe. And i'm telling you if you have things like this in your family do what you have to preserve these things and i know it can be frustrating. When like older people like no. It's just put a little bit of this little bit that you're like i. Don't you have to put down number values. Take them on your iphone so you can watch or if they do it. Give me that thing and then you can weigh it and say that's the amount but please preserve your family history especially the recipes because even if that was a joke i felt that one in the last one is from miles clear at miles steve. Martin saw the opportunity for upper. West side boomer zimmer moore murder comedy streaming deal left open by woody allens forced retirement and off. You jodi bitch. I don't know if i like that show but we'll talk about that another time. I have not watched a couple tweets. I've been enjoying chase at not chase. Lions tweeted my dentist. Said i grind in my sleep. Damn israel for that. No days off baby seamlessly and schwytz that schweitzer tweeted the fugitive but every time harrison. Ford says my wife. It's four at voice. Didn't kill that popping off on talk. You can find me on twitter at jack. Underscore o'brien you can find us on twitter at daily zeitgeist. We're at the daily guys on instagram. We have facebook fan page and a website at least zyppah dot com where post our episodes and our footnote where we went off to the information that we talked about in today's episode as well as a song that we think you might enjoy miles. What song do we think people might enjoy. This is a track by l. michael's affair there one of my favorite instrumental bands than that. We've gone out on a few tracks nino famously. You might know them from their full. Like like instrumental band treatments of wu tang tracks but this one is one of their new singles. It's called masterclass. And i really like it because it has this david axelrod kind of like it feels like something that would be sampled by like maude deeper. Tj premier but. It's just the they do a really great job like replicating vintage sounds and things like that. So it's an easy. Listen and it's a little head nod or so pick this will masterclass by l. michael. I thought david axelrod was a Obama he isn't. There's many david axelrod true goat leaving musician. Say and american couple well daily production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you find your favorite podcasts. That is going to do it for us this morning. But we are back this afternoon to tell you what's trending and hey we'll talk to y'all by took by gang. I know you're probably feeling. Like where do i am at home and my working if you're working from home you don't know if your offices your bedroom or your bedroom is your office. I know how it is. It's no surprise that we need a little bit of a break to set some boundaries and reclaim our time. That's why we're joining knob. greek for the happiest. Our movement and reclaiming six to seven. Pm each night. what do i like to do. I like to put on a little trash tv and sip on a whiskey high ball because knob creek. Bourbon is aged nine years in his full of flavor. And remember you got to prioritize this time for yourself so you can set an alarm or whatever put alerts put your phone on. Do not disturb. Do whatever you gotta do to give yourself that little bit of happy time. So join us in reclaiming six to seven. Pm as the happiest hour so you can do whatever it is. That makes you happy head to bourbon. Time dot com to join the movement and download a block on your calendar from six to seven. Pm that's www dot six the number six. Oh you are be o- n the number seven. I m e dot com and if reclaiming your happiest our involves a glass of bourbon. Remember to drink knob creek responsibly. Knob creek kentucky straight bourbon whiskey kentucky straight bourbon. Whisky was natural flavours and straight rye whiskey. Forty five to sixty percent alcohol by volume copyright twenty twenty one knob creek. Distilling company clermont kentucky. Many those mayhem day glorious stefan here. We are bringing red tabletop via stefan's to podcast just like our red table talk sisters. We have brought three generations together to talk family relationships and social issues from the perspective of three five or losses. Latinas listen to read tabletop. The stefan's podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. The rival the injuries the determination and the climb to the greatest all towering. Join us for a new. 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S8 Ep 11: Emilia Clarke

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

1:01:33 hr | 1 year ago

S8 Ep 11: Emilia Clarke

"Hello and welcome to table. I'm Jessie ware. And I'm sitting here with my mom lenny. Say Hi Hi Mum yes darling in this guest actually is a fan of this podcast. You kidding thanks to Greg James Dearest Greg let me know after. He had her on his morning breakfast. Show at Radio One and he said you know. Emilia Clarke is a massive fan of the cost. I said I don't believe there should be jealous. That bracket bean with I don't know you ask that in a minute so I slid into the. DM's I don't do it. That often. Steer direct message event dot Martin. What were we doing anyway? I slid into immediate Clark's. DMZ and I said listen. Hear Your Fan. Would you like to come on. She jumped at the chance surely and she actually requested a dish. The chicken soup the chicken sailor chicken soup that chickens tape however old media has a few requirements however she's willing to forego her gluten intolerance format suitable surprised. Soap symbols. Never killed anyone yet. So let's see if we we can get most of the interview out way before death by Lenny's multiple so excited to have Jesse. I don't tell I've never watched. Game of thrones ever so which I watched all of it. But which part does she play. She was an heiress de Mother of Dragon. At least to have a blonde wig. Ah Shut up to. She's very beautiful. She had like three dragons. Yeah she's amazing. Does she have three dragons mother of dragons mom but she's much more than just the mother other of dragons is in a Christmas film. This year. I call wait to see it and I'm either last Christmas. George Michael Mussa Lisa. She just seems like From what I've seen an interviews I would love to get to know her. Think my husband's pretty happy deniers in the building. I'm always sweetie excited. What hurt them so made chicken suit in multiples requested and I had a Matzo Ball? Catastrophe put too much baking powder muscles muscles and they will come to exploded. It was an oversight by rectified. It within ten minutes. I mean there's less Matt's boss I know because because I made a whole new batch and then we've got monkfish skews skewed on Rosemary branches. Well Rosemary Twix. I'm I'm we've got Broccoli with a kind of anchovy dressing emotion and then send Berkeley Berkeley and then we've got your soap Vinegar Potato Hash need to check on them and you last night made a dairy free chocolate cake. Yeah so this is a Philippe Gluten Free Mail from the Bulls. So that's yeah and dairy free meals not gluten-free turning the Case KLAREN SHARE WHY EH. That Kafer don't know 'cause she not suitable. She's not Celia Disease Dali. I'm like mom. Why did we made this no no? She can't have any roles. Praise God and I am reading a cake Ulsan but basically we've made a whole you're gonNA find. It's a lot on the podcast. We're going to be making quite a lot from the cookbook. So yeah all of the site you just to tantalize those taste buds. We are the end of the series series. Eight this last one before. Christmas is our Christmas cracker and she really is she bloody well as we are going to take short break over Christmas and year just so we can stop talking to each other for bet. Yeah we will be back in the New Year but we would love to hear from you to hear what you're doing for Christmas costano whether we can get tips for next year. Email us at hello at table manners. PODCAST DOT COM. My daughter is trying to touch the microphone. Can you say happy Christmas to everybody. Listening to the PODCAST Happy Christmas. I hope everyone has a Christmas. Yeah thank you so much for listening to us and we hope that you have a lovely Christmas. They can't such a fabulous focused. Yeah we are very lucky there. Listen missing us a new listeners than you can listen into some of old episodes because we have over sixty now to listen to so you'll sorted for the Christmas period so excited to have this guest the Christmas cracker that she is immediate clock coming up on table. The stunning Emilia Clarke has just walk through the door with Mike Gear. Huge amount of gifts. I call waiting for you. Guys is to the fun like one of that Christmas themes wow yeah but it's filled with lead single one of them each for like saying 'cause I figured babies might be well into August as the ideas they like like the biscuits and kind of like a bull jammie dodgers but of HOV chocolates in the shape of like Johnny Dawson. I knew my said just before you came. I won't shocked I loved. I was like my joy I was saying I was trying to work out because it's time to go show all played. That's very close to me. So and they were like your regular racing. I yeah like a need. Someone once told me that if you crave chocolate dark chocolate in which is what I like Chin trained myself to like stop. I mean Yeah White Chocolate all day obviously with your yeah but then when I started getting into dark chocolate someone told me that when you crave it. It's your craving oxygen. Oh I had. It was my lease him or something. It's like some genuine because you know you get those cravings especially like it's like a white shark period this Ah yes elected stuff in it so yes I get well into that and kind of try and enjoy it. So you'd like boy over chocolates. You'll chocoholic. Are you sick to death of Christmas yet. So so we show it last year around Christmas so we should all before Christmas than we took two weeks off to have our own Christmas and then carried on. Its it's kind of what also of well because we were filming and at Christmas filming it in London where it's all Christmas anyway just like amazing all it did make all of our in Christmases the most exhausting things you've ever like because we'll let this isn't a movie where the ferry lights on crowd like. What's it okay? Yeah yeah he's crazy. Yeah crazy ring shaped Asians good. Yes yes genuinely as so okay. Yeah is there are some way but no he was jealous. Brilliant you get lost in the moment for second. Yeah especially anyway. It's a really romantic. Seen the thing about me hen was like I didn't I didn't know there was we was. We was so like friends. Unprofessional that it like. There was nothing like an amine this with such sincerity. There was nothing it was just like a lovely case. Like the wasn't I mean and you like it was like a movie okay fine. Yeah and it wasn't meant to be so I think all of that kind of played into my needs. See The fucking thing off in Rome calms my favorite especially Christmas Rome. Well it's a very very very British wrong calm in there. It's like Komo than a room. Come and it's my music all over the shop. And then as an he's unreleased one that he he made right before he died. And it's rolling on the credit. Wow so it's kind of amazing that poor an older screenings was like stay for the credits and I'm like stop telling them what to do if they want to stay. They could just like I heard you on Craig David Greg Jack. Sorry James's Breakfast show a couple of stints since on it when you're not doing one but he told me that you like the Po cost. That's the region's reason no here. Thanks Berg but yeah you were doing. I don't know what this game is that he does. But you like honestly you hate the pokes Song it off fairy tale of Christmas. It's really bad. Yeah your yeah. He's just one of those songs is. That just makes me sad every time if all the Christmas songs you've got so many amazing options and then there's and then with that one I just I just gather EH COMBS CIGNA Product Phil Knight may be one of the Post Brexit Academy show is just really solidify with you love Oriented very good. That is so drunk and high rash kind of kind of brilliant. Like an I like. We Show in Belfast. For Ten he is I love. I Rish Sing Song in the pub. Get it down your neck all love. I absolutely love it but this is so when you're doing this. Game of thrones. Yeah I mean we would like for however long we have to be there on the last couple of seasons that basically left ten all Howe H. E. ED all nine trendy. Everyone's patting Motrin and patron. Yeah and film to Salaam Philadelphia but people don't like a lot of connections here. What I feel like okay and does does the name of it doesn't the captain? Do you know the captain the captain. Okay Dave Morgan Rhino. It would be like yes. The captain to the Common Public Siri wasn't series and we live together when we were filming. I guess home well we do we do. I mean we. We haven't lived together for a very long time because we went to boarding school like in the amount of time time when by the time we started living together in Belfast and so there were few Lake Ben Series and each like screw that job on that John and I need you to pop it in the coverage like four and then and then he'd wash up only his stuff and run. It was the most magic thing in the world coming back home and having been that every once in a while I'll be in the both would be closed and we're just having hit an officer Nyala wherever and having shot and but it was just lovely we already pretty well heeled or younger. He's older he's like I think they they which you'd call us. Irish twins is not what they so. He's like a half. Yeah not not not quite yeah two hundred two. Yeah exactly. That's been a nice we're ready. We're really close so an growing up. Yes it was you Bamiyan Ben and in your parents and like who's cooking. My Dad knew my mom was the way my dad's a yes as like when I think about my childhood and I think about my family. It's just food it really. That was how my Dad Express love. Obviously but my my mom does three things and she doesn't very well come. She hasn't done the chocolate mason a very long time but she makes them mean chocolate because she would inhale like a if you gave her a slab. Jerry mocha sides of the table. Probably gone in about overbites like she's she's a Chocoholic and then she would do lamb chops and women shoot you US lamb chops and Sal Nevada love and my mom loves a good lamb chops. So she would. Do she would do that. And we we would do that and salad in a bag and then to the point where it was so infamous that like my dad's was the only one he did the cooking in the village that we live in where we're already really close visit visit. None in and I was in all village where we live is appropriate community. An when I was in hospital on neighbors are amazing. Neighbors came to the hospital with lamb chops and salad in a bag. Oh you know what I mean Kaz just like our. Yeah our family's kind of but my dad would cook as kids. You know the smell of like doe he would make us homemade pizzas with like wholemeal dough and then he'd make us chicken curries hit maker but all of it now. I know who was like with a superior pilot I mean none of it was bland soon. I was a kid. I didn't know how how to say spicy so used to call it Minty Semi Dad. It'd be nice a bit minty but so it would be me with VAT of Yoga pretty much anything cook. Yeah because because he loves Jerry. My brother Love's jealousy. Yes we spy. His bag bowl's always hod like trade knees in unlike him like he really went Some people chicken kicked damage in which I'd always navigating around. Yeah Yeah how food proper Roeper Food Foodie. But then it also make a club sandwich that was like the greatest thing you've ever eaten like he just would make the most simple food superior what what did he put his everything thing but like he'd get light the best breads and then it be toasted to perfection. And then you have the best mayonnaise. And and then you have like your iceberg lettuce and smokey fit cut bacon then. He'd marinate that chicken in light white wine and garlic. No he wasn't like grill. It like that and flatiron himself like pounder out. He's butchering in the kitchen. All the time pounder out and then have the next layer of bread and then they'd be your fresh rush tomatoes in it like it's just all of the stuff there's regular but you just like tempted basically all of the food that we would eat what what did he do is job. He was a sound designer. I started life as a result of life is an art student and then as a row d. in a band and like just tried every drug under the planet and like a massive Pippi and then found his way into sound Mr Resident and the national for ages. Fourteen did musicals toured around the world. Did you work year. My MOM'S MY MOM MS. I'M GONNA put it ready basically because I still didn't quite get it a businesswoman and always has been so she was my dad. Was this like free wheeling free loving creative zippy and my mom was so if you much when they met and then my mom was like the seventies climate zone with her revlon nails read her like Perm so who who. Where was he getting all his influences from all so he literally food is such a big part? Like you could try. I could tell you my parents stories from like when they first tried garlic when they first best meal was that kind of nostalgia than let my dad was always into food as a kid he was rule Rampton Move Rampton. Two and his mom was like you know she cooked but it was never full of like mass amounts of e lovely food and then for his remember walk. Birthday must've baby was young. He was under ten fuel birthday and he was like a one a gauge. This restaurant. Then look into this restaurant and that's where he tried rated I think that's professionally when he tried garlic and then they were well off enough to go to to go on holidays and so he went to Spain to France. That was when he tried different spices. Different flavors in display his mind and from then on no matter how poorly was how little money he had because he went through most of his life with like. It's not pennies to put together. He would get his tin of Sardines and his thing of race and do whatever he could to like. Make it into like oh I love hair. Sounds amazing saying and he try feet from all over the world he he passed away three years ago but I'd be speaking about him and his food love with with just the same amount of vigorous. I refused to hear a Yuga Kirk. I can be a good cook like if you give me an auto Langi Cookbook Algo gaumont. Yeah like me and my brother did all the Christmas Turkey. Okay what was on the menu so we did a Turkey which largely was the only thing that didn't work and then we we did. We had like twenty four people round. We did. I think we did like fifteen different. Cy Allow so we just essentially go to Langi and salina's cookbook. Oh Yeah did you roasted spout yet. Yeah we did arrested route to that Kale and we did a car. Memorials did but we did loads needs and notes and people just basically ignored the Turkey. which what would it was a new Alvin and we just didn't quite? We weren't paying attention to it. But it was just whopping hoping great big Turkey and then like and because also my brother's vegetarian so we needed to. Maybe that's why he didn't sabotage yeah exactly sabotage the Turkey eating this Christmas I'm taking mom to India my brother to India. Why because it's my mom's seventieth in January task so she didn't WanNA party so it was like oh I'm going to surprise the Sommese? You are part in. Yeah yes and my granny was off Indian and so we've as a family I when I was sixteen in Scotland tear ashes after she died in like background around northern India. And did that. My Mom mmj have been to India. My mom used to work in India. My brother's never been but we've never been as a family so I wanted to plan on this like pilgrimage sort of thing and then we've got really really good friends with their say on actual Christmas Day. I think we're spending with like forty people in an Indian House with Mike and I'm just so excited it's going to be really good. Cheers Happy Christmas. Happy Christmas to meet you. Honestly I mean I've been watching you on unscreened for how many years how many years was seven eight was. It was eight seasons but ten years. I mean it's been a while got champagne. I Love Champagne to hear it makes me. That's exactly it. I could be in any pub anywhere. Don't Care Wanda is baptist. Bringing it gives you about birthday does like I. I always feel. Maybe it's perspective that gives breath. I don't know I always feel like champagne. Breath is not the one I think it's so right maybe like the better is the lesser let us by ranking new outfit. Advertising doesn't if you buy this tasteless so on your request you asked for chicken soup I did. I hear about it so much and I go to chicken. Soup is the one my dad would make chicken stock all the time which now we call bone broth. Yeah back before. It was just have to have the muscle. If you don't want to but he's he's kind of never will down that simple is it gonNA. Is it GonNa make you have to go through the Lu- if you have the mets bull not today a find you actually. Gluten intolerance is one of those things right gluten. This is the fine print that I didn't tell you when you go through all of your wearing things like like. Oh this is good for you. I'm GonNa do exactly what it tells me. I'm not GONNA do it. You become less you become when you take out gluten for significant amount of time popping up back in the pain the dairy thing is real from real. If you don't shoot that's why you should take out gluten again. No I mean. My mom is very when I've I attempt to actually felt much better for it. And Yeah you do you absolutely do. So maybe it's just that before. It got the gluten. I wasn't aware of the fact that I was blowed over food. Did you eat Espersen. Yeah about Britain. Because I love bread so much I I. It has gluten Gluten Free Shit yes. It's it's bad if I'm going to eat brides. I'm going to eat out with a Bang House. Yeah I WANNA do it there. There is no point in like I've found that was one gluten-free bread that I found in America the basically just tasted like sugar and I loved it because it was squidgy and Lebanon abridged. I just see yeah. She's a superfood. I've really enjoyed your chickens. Eat Yeah and I cannot tell you. How have you been able to go home because my mom since my dad died has like made her mission God lover to be good at cooking so she was like no no no? I've got to pick for you. quit cooking for you and she gets really. I must be really good at cooking in January so much better by. Just don't cook for myself. I don't know whether it's like I'm Marie from it is not I mean. Don't really really badly because I'm trying to say there's something sweet to cook yet. There's something in it but like if I'm cooking for other people let me out like I love it. I absolutely love and I challenged my dad's in the kitchen which is just a little bit testy. Just nope get low bits rats. I love the preparation of the. You've always eaten ready really wealth eaten. Yeah because I never craved. If my mom listen to this should get at yesterday. We we never had it's rubbish food. Yeah we didn't when I was a kid cage we'd have like a packet kristoff destroying or whatever and we used to have those. Oh my gods the golden syrup balls and the Jamaican Ginger. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah like often off to swing a lot but But overall we would always I was I was twenty twenty four before I realized that people didn't always sit down to eat a meal together like I literally. It was just so much like breathing. What did you eat at boarding school? God boarding readings goofy. Was it terrible. Yeah kind of good serve. It was like custard. Just AH yeah chocolate chocolate. Yeah just because dude. No Yeah you just get like school dinners. But now there's there's something so comforting about salty blonde thin beef with like if slightly lumpy gravy with your boiled. Potatoes Snoop Bukhara plain food. Then I genuinely don't eat playing food at all to bring your own. Yeah Yeah I trust it mainly because in recent years if I'm on a plane the amount of time that you'd need to email on it I'm someone taught me once. If you WANNA conquer jetlag don't eat on the floor with someone is really really hard. So like you'd have some not so utopia forever unarmed sound fascinating sorta which I don't it's a few triton I e a big merely on the plane your jet like helped when you land because your stomach going wrong why should I think thank you know. Tell me about it every time I sit down. I'm like yes I will start with pain and then I'm just sort of water. I guess you need to be like on a soon as soon as I land sometimes like a straight into if I'm there with like a with a big blow it full belly and life but recognize wherever you go yeah Is it boring. It's just sometimes. It can be frustrating for the people that you're wave and you like let's say this happens to be so many times if I'm walking with like a girlfriend and say we having a proper gossip we're having a catch up we're like having like a heart heart of some kind of get into it and then someone it comes up in the middle of like someone's crying or we're getting into it or and then you're like Don Josh shouldn't be saying thinks aloud and then the friend the with feels when you quit and then it turns into a weird thing and then you're like sorry to you and sorry to you. Don't quite know how to navigate says so recently since I think is actually poison soft died because I went through three years of genuinely having seven days off like in three solid years. Doing did game of thrones season seven which lasted like eleven months when I had about seven days and went into stall doll was which then extended so we went eight sheet six months turn into a year ago. That was been been gone. Oh yeah the next ones. I did did star wars. The hansel story okay. I haven't seen it very Luca. Danni governor was that yes we hate him right. BEFO- Oh yeah. What ever Mega Mega Mega Rise of Donald? But but yes. In that time I was like it's just suck haunt begin to describe how title was because they went into that and then went into stores and then went. Straight to game of thrones and we did that for year and then we finish and then like I was just knackered and that was a time when people talking a lot so I was genuinely walking through an apple like an I just suddenly started having what I can only believe to be a panic. Talk brought on by like complete exhaustion and was just you on your own two years on my own. There's on the French my mom because I feel like a brief fullerton what's going on. She's as sit down. You're all oh good you could. And then I'm there in tears coming out and I'm crying and crying and crying down to try and not be like sitting on this see in the gate. And this guy's he's like. Can I get a Selfie con breath. I'm really sorry just having a minute and then like so. It was after a few moments like that where you're just like I don't I didn't know how to do this so started to say I'm not going to sign something because then as soon as you sign something you have to have an interaction with with that person. As opposed to someone going gives a Selfie and then goodbye it turns into white. What's your name? Who are making out to? And then you have a little Shah and then then you actually having like truthful human-to-human thing as opposed to being this other thing which probably isn't nice for them and it probably is nice for you. I wonder because you've got such a reputation of being like a lovely person team. It's true like you all the hot one but also the loveliest person and so exp that thing of people feeling like they can approach you because you won't use you appear approachable and therefore yuping up to just be like guys you know. I'm having a great day G mind I feel that Shit. There's just a few moments because when you're in like a big public space you kind of you get from Acer be a nominee or kind donovan. A bit of a and when you're about to say but when you like a little go get physically grabbed your gut instinct. What is like danger? You have someone going. Can I have a cell intrusive though. Isn't it because I like people. I like interacting with human beings. And that's the thing I miss the most about out on an embassy is like I just like going into shops and like having a char- like I just like Chuck Muesli. And so we're not goes you feel it so then when when someone asks me for selfish I want to be able to provide for them. What is it thereafter? I feel like I signed up for it like I knew what was going on. So I've just been trying to navigate how I can do it without feeling like my soul is completely empty because they don't really WanNa talk to you and it sounds really seem same with you. Yeah and then you lie nice to me. My name is mainly at loved. Kept so when you do assigning thing then you get to actually look into into that is and have like a like a proper human thing because it's a really weird thing. When did it start getting really weird? Eight started ought to get to like fever pitch around season seven when I was going through this thing of being so titled John I got working on a plane. I mean I was against the window. Had like drew and you had drugs and you wake up and I was being woken up by someone shaky waking Selfie and I was like really sorry I've live only got like an hour to sleep and I kind of need it okay. This like you can't say for cops but fuck off air. You should say that. Why did they not protect you? You went in economy media good amount take yellow one. No it was an easy J. I think no that was Caramba Chris. When you're Oh flying to Belfast? And you just want. Yeah 'cause I would do we on the last we would rap on like hopefully we would rapid like seven on a Friday tonight and I would exactly an I would literally. There was an eighty on the shows. Like never seen anyone rap quicker than me. Because I'm like well the her makeup and go home they want. Want to wait around for me so I don't WanNa see you win home. London Home London. Yes I would y quickly we do want to go for a drink. I mean and sometimes I'm literally like ripping skin off his home cup trying to get in the car to get on the plane and then I would land in London at like eleven on a Friday night. And then I'd go out with my mates to the public. Stay up and like see them and then have Saturday. And then Sunday morning I'd get back playing Jesus Christ so those kind of flights where your I was just trying so hard to like still have a life of some kind of things but which is living with your brother. There is kind of amazing. Yeah I guess yet Juggling Act in the you just kind of feel like. You're not really doing anything. Exactly exactly Jesse to your friends. It partner is like no and then you'll always sometimes we'd be doing like from Lake Waking up from. Yeah from getting in the call to getting back home I am you you have done like a fourteen hour day and when you're doing six day weeks and you're I'm complaining about very I understand it Mama Ten oh my God is some soul listeners. You need to. I've we've heard this being eaten before because I'm obsessively listening focus and always going. What is it tastes like? What is it is it tastes like heaven that is ought to try them up? That is absolutely amazing. This time of year. Yeah absolutely well with my Oh my God they all day all day. Oh this is genuinely food for your soul sis like Oh my God you'd be l. just to eat this. All the time can be about. Can we talk about yes. You will double brain hemorrhage stroke communalism post first season of game frames. Yeah you were how old I was. Twenty two no Genoa. Don't do just twenty twenty three. Oh God what was i. I was twenty two twenty three which one I genuinely gang. Someone will be like quick Massamilla done. Yes why was I. I was young but I I was so great like literally. It seemed one television camera before. Doing game of thrones so the buildup to the first grain hemorrhage was massive because it was the first season of the show was genuinely one of the most happiest seasons. Since I've ever we've ever done because it was on. I was a big thing. This is the thing that I mean with such sincerity. I I it was just so over the moon to have a job. They gave them keeps me. But you're doing. HBO and now. I'm a yeah again. I absolutely get why someone would be like. Oh did you you feel weird about signing up for that many seasons or like did you kind of were you aware of what was going to be but I I count stress enough. How little I knew about anything so I was just over the means to be a part of something and I think maybe some the back of my brain was like? Oh this is like a very big thing. But I've never ever ever if I wanted to against still from family stuff but like I've never wanted to be relying on success or on my job from being the thing that makes me feel value. Do you know what I mean so I would. I would always err on the side of caution I would always be like ear. But we don't know we don't know could get blind. Yeah mcq losses always overspilling for people but for my own my own. I'm always like well. Let's just assume it's going to be crop. Protecting yourself is one hundred percent. Yeah hundred million. I I'll get so so Susan can you can you rap or have you come up with a sport no we dropped it so you having a time off. I kind of proper acting job. OPIONION got so. Yeah then I went to so we wrapped at Christmas and then I went to America and did a bit of press for the show. You work. Emilia Clarke what do you have the same assimilated part being shown Beim on a panel very funny and then I got American agents and and then let's doing all of that kind of stuff and then came back to my flat in D- Allston head-spinning not really knowing what I meant to be doing. But like reading exciting description America and feeling like Norma godless is this is really exciting to have. A career was in the gym one morning and like dragged Irag myself that like fully so tired but was on a television show and was being an actress and was like I'm now to work out right okay. So I'm going to do what everyone is insist. We're going to get one treadmill and I was with. I'd go this personal trainer from the gym so he was out and I was doing the plank and then I remember I was doing what was on the question wherever and just went on so tired no push through it push that through and then do another thing. It'd be so tied. No no no a push through push that you can do it and then doing the plank and I suddenly went all Mike God. I've got the most excruciating had done. What's going on? You basically having a literally they I remember it really read officer very vividly. It's like an elastic band. Just just went like snap around your brain like that's the only way you feel that sense. Say Oh my God you and it was just like boom in a second. Suddenly the your margin your whole brain has been shrink wrapped and squeezed unlike and then then I started feeling ill like cruel to the Lou was being really do this rotate back. Not Well Jim. This is Jim in the Lunar Jim and then this woman whose face I've never I did I. Can I need all our newest. Always put me in the recovery position and got the ambulance to come and they didn't know what it was and they were like this is really weird Young young like you just tired at. I can't online. I'm trying to yeah but I was when I was being ill I knew as being very damaged was up toilet stall just being like absolutely no. This is brain damage and it's not happening like it's one hundred hundred percent not happening. This is not the way my life is GonNa go. I'm I'm going to be an actress. This is like and it was just as strong as the pain was. Is this like fight. It was just like not not happening wiggling my fingers and toes. Okay what's what's brain damage. Brain damage is oh powerlines. Okay so you probably stepping into publishing sleep so let me fingers and toes me movie legs whereas you mom from Dad's name at lines from the show. What's your full name trying to keep myself awake digitally again light moving? No I was a little and They didn't know what it was to the continuing drugs because until I was just there in like thanks so what they give you an scum. They took a really long time. Because you can speak yeah and it was the weirdest things I've never said this before. It was really. It was the strangest thing thing. I remember really vividly being in that. Put me in a room in A. I need like just off the main bear and it was a rowdy Saturday night and some and I'm drifting in and out of consciousness and like still haven't had any pain medication and I got my mom and dad were in the room with me and I just can't move my head or can't do anything anything and I hear is obviously someone just I'm quite jumpy by heard someone. Who was he throwing a chair or like? It started to get rowdy summit. Because it's Saturday night and you've got like there's a lot of stuff going on and I thought it was a gun shaw and apparently I bolted up right misled. Look the door and then just passed out again. 'CAUSE I I it was like some weed. My brain was was like aware of danger and was like family must be safe and just when Eddie. That was very dramatic matic. Then the nurse saw the Nazis husband was a brain surgeon was like I think needed brain. I think that's what you need. And then after that is what it was unlike I got into the base amazing. Yeah literally yeah I mean I mean so. It took a while for them to work. Yeah probably uh-huh pooped because she was so young They just didn't seemed known assumed that that's what it would be and they get you know to be honest thoroughbred like you taken any drug in young people and young people. Yeah I was just I was just so lucky at every turnover. Just crazy crazy lucky. How'd you have the double hemorrhage by that point? No so that was just one guy said one we yes that was so then they were. We did it. But it's the oppression that they would do so with this one they did A noninvasive one. So they go through femur artery and they go all the way around your heart an intro brain and they plug it with the wireless and so much when your brain is being formed. I was born with the weakness which he can never detect and as you bring us into the two sides weaknesses reflected on but marriage on both sides so this is basically like a little bit of your vein. It's just a week as well as the blood pumps around. It just turns into a bubble so it's a man news. That's an unusual name. Yeah and then and then if you get enough blood pressure going round. So I've never done John. Thank God have never done cocaine because that would killed me on this ball because the amount of blood should occur on so with that bleed like is it's open it's just free blood going around and it will just kill whatever but if you will be live. Well how'd you been in the wrong place completely wrong time on the beach in time my brain was yeah small. What it did was so when you've got when it's everybody that doesn't get any blood to it it it dies? It's gone but what my brain did then was find another way around and then it just kept running. I'm still getting a lot of free blood in the body. Not which like your body is not used to. It doesn't really like but so what they did. Is they feel free. Blood like loose just blood not in vain so just in Ukraine leader internal reading. Yes still rain no no no no. Isn't that what how what was happening. And then and so then that little bit they fill with with wires so that the bloods can continue going around on. Its course doesn't just keep escaping said that was the first procedure and then they let you've got another one on the side. It's too small to keep an eye on it and then two years later Jing play on Broadway. I am the last day of my sag medical sweating quit because I was getting bi annual. Scans every thing medicals medical insurance insurance insurance. Yeah so I went in and they they will let you need to pay on this now. It's actually doubled in size scan salsa. Yeah yeah well I just finished the play so is like what am I going to do next and just beginning to feel a little bit stronger from the first one and they were. We'll just do the same procedure. Say to prevent it from ever you. We'll put the why isn so that. It strengthens that little vulnerable subway. Radio no catch operation. Yes then I was like okay fine but I'll be around in two hours and they made Kirsty and it was all cool and then when I come around they brought around because the wise got stuck and it was a bigger bleed than the last time and they were like the only way that we can save you if we cut your head to open and do it the old fashioned way which is clamping clumping it. So that's when they had open I'm sorry listeners. Got You had to open on take out of your skull. Well and then they go in and then that little balloon they just get clump and just clam pit at their so as studies. Anything by the copies eve. stew balloon in their uh-huh because that ruptured there. Oh they're probably all gone now somewhere my brain but then they clampitt but then what you recovering from is recovering from from open brain surgery as well as the bleed and then I'd like died from and they told my parents I was GonNa make it and then the two print so it's going to be permanent paralyzed and then this is happening in like an eight nine ten hour operation. He was supposed to go in for a perceived. Yeah because if something goes wrong sometimes and this was also the repercussions. Won't she woke up. Once it was it was just like both times waking up after that kind of surgery both times James I in the beginning. You really can't move said let my peripheral vision was just like what I could see here and you can only is this thing of such a sense memory of both times coming round sounding like you're aware of the noises first but you've never been in the room before and you have no idea what's happened to piece everything together and work it will out and then in and the main thing happens for that kind of surgery is the first week and a half. You're just sick to your stomach and all you want is water but then you ultimately suicide just like this parched. The first thing that you because you've produce the thing the cheese you throw in a lot stuff so the second one. It took me a really long time to kind of get my self together was with the first one because it wasn't such an invasive thing I think it was I with in house where pain is in all of that kind of stuff but that happened quicker than the second one where I kind of just felt like out of it the entire time. Let's listen very immune to people talk about the time. 'cause I've heard about this recently until eight months ago. Okay so how does how did it impact on did. Did you have to delay going back to game of fines because you know things. I didn't with the first one I couldn't let them know what happened until in until they knew I wasn't going to die so it took him. Three weeks took US three weeks. We like sorry financing emails. I've just been a bit. I'm fine by the way everything's great. I'm totally fine work. Nothing's wrong with me. It's all good kids. I just was unconditionally so scared of being fired for whatever reason so it's just like uh no I know but that was just that that was me more than I had no idea how well taken care of. I was so you set up the charity rear. Well it's you this year. We launched it yet. We lose to eight months ago and from the first one I was like I have to. I've I've like my life. There's been saved or give back. I have to get back and was just going to get like a sofa for the family room. 'cause the family room night my parents would never complain but let in pain all the time and then I was like what can I do for. Nurses are going to get back that way trying to figure out. And every time I'd think about it I was like we can't just get busy. We sent them nice things but like I wanted to actually do something significant and then when the second one happened I was just like I'm meant to be here and so I need to like do something with this. Like like this is ridiculous. I'm still alive and here and I'm here because we made some people so then we started brainstorming as to what it could be and then I wasn't going to tell my story because I would go in and out of doing press and then suddenly go Emilio. Imagine you're telling the story right now and it freaked me out and I just felt not ready because I kept to see from everyone. I'm for so long so schedule ashamed and I said all of those things and then Because it was my my mom is created this with me. Oh quite amazing businesswoman. Amazing having your mom she also they said it was genetic and then general after my dad died so two thousand seventeen. She woke up with Vertigo and they thought she was having a stroke so they took into the hospital and then they should a brain Scott and so that she had an amusement Hudson ruptured. So she she had to have the preventative procedure that went amazingly ordered. And then we just slowly but surely worked out what what is that we wanted to do. And then we try to figure out how we without telling my story and then I was known to care so I have to do it. We've got to and then as soon as I did. It was like. Oh Wow. That's actually a real way. Yeah of course. I'm I'd get into the time it'd be like what's happened to you in your life and I'm like nothing. TV show like that's it. There's nothing I can speak to and And so then getting to say it was kind of liberating in say like so. We did a piece in the New Yorker. Because I didn't want to big song adults I basically was just like people are GonNa. It'd be like a celebrity sob story like we can then. They ended up with pitch of Union hospital in the May online. That was something I I put that picture of myself self up because I was like this pitch is going to like just address the problem even more and they see me standing looking capable than having Donald Fatty and then more people read about. Yeah exactly so that's fine. You WanNa read about the the thing that happens and therefore reading about the charity and how they can help then that'd be really good. So how does the charity. How is it is it so the charity itself is a grant giving our cool? I say Mu same same. You Dot Org. They listen yeah good so we are essentially grant giving body so people will come and say we. We need money to do this until the board number will get together gathering decides. Yes that's something and then we will oversee that project and make sure that it's all who do you think was most significant covering my recovery. I mean yeah yeah significant my recovery. This is gonNA sound real enough. Get Ready for ladies and Gentlemen Genu you need. The most significant person in my recovery was mother of dragons she was the actual thing that got me out with better every day. Yeah so the show like you've got to be on imagine if I happen to you and you've got be onstage. Guess what you probably getting on stage. You've got like it's it's your it's your it's your identity. It's a thing thing that you get to not sit there and go home. I gotTa feel really awful and you go. Yeah complete escapism. Exactly so it turned into that. I think genuinely that the show was absolutely the thing that just like saved me because it distracted me. It got me to work. Yes I was exhausted. Yes I still had this crazy amount of fatigue and like Ma Martigues Arteaga thought it was going to die over time and couldn't tell anyone who's feeling a bit kind of so then then because it was insane to anyone it became this thing of like will then cheese corrector is the thing that's GonNa so then every job the I did I would kind of just funnel all into there and not really look at it too and just kind of was aware that was going to do Atari Harry later on and was going to try and help bring it back in to think. Maybe that's why you work so hard as well as it like a way of kind of dealing and coping with this family had these pre. Yeah I mean I've I've always kiss. My Dad was in the crew. The thing that he like instilled in me was professionalism. Unlike you turn up on time and you're not a deck and you know you lines and you are nice to everyone like it's exactly like it's just really simple and that's like just just be a professional like old Professional because you can't go wrong like no matter how well you've done an event that you can just just it. Just be nice like a good person and so regardless of the brain hemorrhages. I would always put my everything into it but I definitely think that I probably did it with much. More versity like a genuine is more worried about getting fight than was about dying. You know what I mean. Because he starts like the rational thing you can think about like early twenties consideration mortality. I didn't my dad died and then I was like Oh death right. Yeah Asia when he does sixty nine. It's just too young yet too young. She said WHO's sixty eight seventy luck. It's it's it's too is just way you too young but that made me think about death more than being close with having been very close to it. It isn't Cathy Actually Chevy emotion my favorite. Okay great I love but it doesn't taking permanent you'll meet our any of our two assuming that monkfish is so good Eh. It's so good sweet. Come no no no no I'm not being shit Delicious Okay so you listen. There's this podcast last supper. This is so this is a question that I ask myself people around me. I not like all the time and it changes all the time. And that's fine right. It would begin. Definitely Wave Oysters. I did from anywhere in particular. I don't know just really good juicy yummy oysters that doesn't have so much memory attached to it but with some like epoch bread and butter under always needs to have the red wine vinaigrette and loads of Lebanon. So it'd be that and then the rest of my whole mail is basically just odd stuff. 'cause if I could have a meal from anywhere I just want my dad's cooking bark and then there's so many to choose from that. I was really trying to figure out what it was but if I were to should be doing this last meal in Christmas time then I think it wouldn't be his club sandwich. It wouldn't be his amazing macaroni cheese. Used to have mature Cheddar. Unlike like thick cut smokey Bacon and Parmesan and like it was next level. It wouldn't be that it would be. He used to make this beef stew with orange. That was like mental. It was so good with his sweet potato mash alongside and then he would always always just grill. veggies dislike chow grilled veggies and then he made this it would be the dessert. Dessert would be a toss up between a crumble. We are thick custard. I would probably need apple and need that crumbled to be fairly cooked. I mean some Chewy bits on the top and then basically all I agree as you get closer to the free. Would you do a mixture apple plum or is it just apple or maybe we apple blackberry because he used to have that kid quite but then my dad it would either be that or be my dad used to make poached red wine Pez with his homemade amaretto ice cream. Oh Wow All my God on the laboratory biscuits yummies thing so he'd always make it look really pretty on the play. And then you've got syrup red wine syrup. And then the poached path and then loads of homemade amaretto ice cream. I'm Richard just a broken are Amer rhetoric biscuits the boom and it makes it really soft Is really really really good and then to drink. Do you have his recipes at my head. Yeah because you oh you step no no. He famously used to do all the time I definitely do. Myself is just his white wine. Ginger garlic all IQ lemon chicken marinated chicken marinated for like a day and then you just grill it and then we would and then the next morning that source that was in it returns Jelly. And you'd have the home-bred so good you'd have to say like you could. Just have like a spoonful of the Jelly and how this stuff so that is but I mean there's a million other meals that I'm not saying that it would it be bubbles with. We'll see that's the thing that would definitely be always says need the champagne. But then I think I think. Think with the Mail on the way marketing at Champaign the hallway through but then finishing off with the desert one and then some like chocolates. Let's like you know how did push restaurants and you've got the four is exactly so you can like round off you host a lot When when you have time so what was the last in a party? The dead and I can't remember what was the last thing I heard. What did you think hosting I've done? It's just like parties. Oh Jeez party case. What does that still happen? Yeah I know because I really love my house and it's really easy the and like the last one that we did people record. Isn't that point not to have a house PA they've always been a Ri- okay. Fine I do have ah kind of ball area in my house so you can make things pretty easily. There's a there's a yeah like a pub yeah in my yes is that you can join on drinks. You just like to hang for really like for the people but one of them is bear on the other one is per se. Yes but then it was really didn't for me to realize that had run out was on top and I was like Oh shit. I probably refill that one because I was been concerned about like and then I had an IP sixteen percent. And I didn't realize because I don't really drink bear. I always always whenever whenever I'm in the pub and people drinking beer because for reasons. I don't really drink at all. Always have set of this so I ended up drinking other people's drama nightmare and it was rings bearing the Hunter McGuire Habit. I absolutely you know the blood gluten. Yeah exactly so it's one and then I'm done the knocker with my you know what you've just given me a proper movie star thing and I really appreciate that because I like the pop in your house. It's like like sex cocktail bar. Sorry what was my shed and then I turned into a bar guard the only contact. He does shred. I mean if Dr Bailey of courtyard garden it's like trees in it and there's but that's it how many you're going to shed fair. Not Very many we ram it and I made it gloss everywhere. So what does it look like a great gatsby basically everywhere in my house. Everything's always a bit. It's a bit weird. You still don't know what you're going to get round the corner because I had I didn't buy my own house for ages and ages like I've only been living in this house for about a year and a half because I kind of just so it made sure everyone is good before arrived and so I had this dream up what I wanted to let like love interior designers Lovett. But I like doing like everything's a little bit magical so there's yes in the bar it's like Bates Bright Pink and there's these like marriage tiles everywhere everywhere and this key economic a speakeasy vibe into this particular. Tough bear on top and minorities bunkers glasses and it turns into a piece from comes around around new like a new row crumbling in there and this is no room because it's really tiny and he just gets a five going list was on the list. Do you play his Co. grime line. When is my hardcore friends? From because of your inner circle mates had basically waited for everyone to leave and then we just got on the decks and Mike Mike on just just grime jetty grime and raved like MoD. If I had a bar in the high up in there every night we get you out out in the cotton makes sense. That is amazing. Okay so mom mayor fluffed the pudding Abed. No actually I think she has left. It may have to get your chocolates out. We basically made a chocolate kate. That was dairy free. ooh dairy threat. You know about the Glenn Pop Gluten. Ns you do not have to have it so we fucked up basically so that you can look at it you can smell it. Let we can chuck into one of your chocolates and was raspberries and buffet. I'm so we've got. We've got dairy free ice cream. You'll Swedish slant we do have to worry. Free is if you'd like some but you do not have to leave you so if you like you know this is like it's nightfall. It's awesome because a lot of questions like absolutely I just. I moved to the fastest feature in the world immediately clock. Yeah can't quite believer in my house but eve come my mom's house you've come over for the chicken soup. Yes you've chatted you've been so so lovely eight multiples never forget on on kid has been such often well. I Love Amelia clock. I knew I'd love mother of dragons please don't know Oh there we go. I'm I'm going to watch it now because now met her. She's lovely she's lovely. I WANNA see the film sweet tiny little thing. I thought she was going to be taller. All of the meek because she was a mother of dragons and she thinks she's Tolan Kylie Minogue. I don't know she's very little and like beat four and sweet and generous generous for the best pro. My God take note guests. Wow like champagne and really posh chocolates delightful sweet lovely person. I have much more that was like to have to brain hemorrhage I knew him but yet brave. Lovely gem sweet down to Earth ever. I think that I expected and more. is she going to be a friend. Gis I like to think so. I'd like to get invited to one of those shed parties. I see a soda. It I'm thinking now converting the shed and having Primitivo tap much wisman Shag mlive primitive. Thank you immediate clock and thank you to everyone. That's listening to this series. We love doing series. Do we love him I do. I'm loving it more and more I'm rubbing up for the big tour darling. Thank you so much for listening. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas Christmas. I'm a good holiday and some rest. We will be back in the New Year sooner than you may think we taking a bit less of a break this time. 'CAUSE saute taking such a good time happy. Christmas have a lovely rest and Um Stephen Twenty twenty twenty You've heard table. Manners is by Peter. Duffy and Pete Fraser tape is produced by Alice Williams.

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Songfacts Podcast: Jesse Gold


52:48 min | 7 months ago

Songfacts Podcast: Jesse Gold

"For seventy years. The world's top recording studios and concert stages have relied. On ak g microphones to craft. Today's biggest hits a cagey. Lyra brings legendary cousteau engineering to versatile. Usb microphone that delivers in highest quality audio today everyone is adjusted to higher resolution television. The same must be done with audio the k. g. lyra microphone is a big step in that direction. Whether you're recording a podcast interview your next spotify single or just wanna be heard clearly on your next. Virtual meeting liars innovative aka g capsule array adapts to your performance to record pristine audio with a k. g. Lyra you'll be up and running in no time. No matter your experience level it just works right out of the box create and capture your music podcasts. And videos with class leading. Audio quality by legendary ak g acoustic engineering from the comfort of your home. Sir hello and welcome to the song facts. Podcast i'm your host cory o'flanagan and this podcast is proudly a part of the pantheon. Podcast network you tune in. Its subscribe live review. Tell a friend. You know the drill. Today's episode brings us to toronto. Where we catch up with the talented. And soulful mr jesse gold jesse has been honing his skills as guitarist and songwriter from around the time he could walk and it shows in his wide range in abilities polishing his skills at berkeley college of music. Yes another one. We talked to that had gone to this prestigious university. Getting some studio time with big names. Like baby face and craig david and always seeking to play with musicians better than himself. Just use always trying to learn in grope. He has a new ep dropping in march. That we encourage you to be on the lookout for definitely. Check it out. I've listened to it. It's amazing who performs his latest single week. Good live on the shope so here we have jesse go. Why should we start. India and we wish in the best onto the tracks. Tell me that you're not all right. Tell me that right. Yeah i. This is one of the questions that i have because this is something. That through this podcast. I've been learning more and more about and it's leading up to the release of something so you've got all this hard work behind you and now you're kind of in this like waiting phase and you're kind of doing some publicity and kind of probably read. Just finalizing some things. I'm just curious what this is. Like the anticipation. Yeah i think that intensification period probably liked the hardest heart at. I think actually the hardest work. The making of the record is like the fine. Google citing easy. Easy easy park has like. That's that's what i do right but everything after that point before it comes out. That's the hardest work to me And also i've always said like you. You never forget a release date because it's just earned into your mind has. I'm like thinking about that date like for for months. Honestly like records get done and then like sometimes. It's a couple of months before someone's longer before anything out of so like i can remember my release dates like from two years ago because this anticipation period was just so intense. In just like you're thinking about a date everything you have to do before that day. You know so Yeah it's an intense little little time. Yeah absolutely especially now when we're all sitting in a situation where we don't have much else to think about so you can just dwell. I do a lot of dwelling. So you've got a couple of new releases out one in a million and another one called not all right. The former as i'm listening to it and i think i read a little bit about this really talked about it. was kind of a story of meeting someone new and the latter being not all right is seems to be more about trying to move on moving in some way shape or form and are these autobiographical. Are we getting a glimpse into just your imagination. I think Not alright the latter is definitely autobiographical on. That's me trying to find a a new and unique way to write about a break-up which is a challenge that i often find myself taking part in the first son one in a million got us drink in my hands. I take this have been say the a think. That's more of a glimpse into my imagination. That was that that song came from the idea of of wanting to write about something warmer. And you know this. This kind of vision of a house party like friendship than in like flirting across the room just came from this nice idea which you know as kovin hit the idea of the song kinda got warmer and more nostalgic as we couldn't do those things so that song is definitely more especially now of of piece of my imagination in this thing that i really wish i could do right now which is just like a warm house party with friends and loved ones in like flirt with someone and just like have fun and drink And then a not alright is is you know. I'm talking about something pretty personal in my life. Just trying to find a cool way to do it. Which always is like therapy to me helps me kind of get rid of those feelings by making it rhyme. So thank those. Two are actually pretty different in terms of like how i did know. That's interesting it's kind of being able to come from both of those places with with something like one million where you're kind of creating this the scene and you're almost like writing a little short story in a sense of this thing that happens is it. Is it something that is your manifesting as you go or a you intentional with it where you're like house party now. Let's visualize the scene or does it just kind of like come into your head. Think the way i write most songs is is usually music. I and i usually some sort of gibberish over music. That i start to like on. That's just kind of always how. I've done it since i was a kid. And so i can't specifically remember with one in a million. But i imagine that i had started sending some sort of gibberish to the to the effect of And then i kinda got probably won a million and then like once you kind of have a piece of an idea just kind of all starts to come together at once. I remember i remember thinking. And writing this with steph. Kimber who i wrote it with You know we were talking about. What if two people are really into each other that they don't want to say it And how can we have. Can we get that across and have them eventually. say it. And that's when we started being like one of their at a house party one of their you know. What if they're just a little bit tipsy in flirting and absolute imagery started telling really form and then not imagery fed into other lines than an all kind of started to snowball but i think it probably started with some some honestly gibberish that. I was thinking that probably turned into the line. One in a million. That i liked and it all came clear from there. It's a great hook. I think for me the most relatable line of gibberish. That turned into an amazing song as scrambled eggs which turned into yesterday. Yeah exactly that's exactly. That's exactly so same context. Okay so let's go back a little bit. I read a story that you seem. You seem to have to tell the story a lot. So i was trying to like rephrase a question. That didn't have to make you know this but your three year old self driving with your parents. Aerosmith comes on and song ends in shortly thereafter. You just kind of blurred out that you wanna play guitar. I'm wondering do you have. Do you ever desire to get a big loud band behind you as like in the realm of aerosmith. Yeah i mean always i. I grew up playing in bands. And i went to school for music and so i always. I've i've taken band class had been in many bands growing up and you know like really up until the pandemic hit like i was i. It's it's always my first choice to have a ban behind me. Because i i am a like a real musician. Who loves to play in jam with other musicians. I grew muhtar age of three right so live performance like a. I could argue mine number one asset as artist. It's something that. I am the most comfortable doing so. I always lean towards Abandon show say that every show is iraq show You know all of my favorite shows that i've seen hip hop r&b whatever it may be. They're all like full band. Rock shows like that's so exciting to me And i just. I really gravitate towards a big lies. Band live show. So yes is the short answer I wanna keep doing it. I want the band to grow and i. I'm really excited to bring the new stuff. I'm writing to a setting like to me. This is the most the most like accepting music for a band of that make sense does. Yeah this music. That i'm right now lends itself the best to playing in a band is exempt phrased very well phrase early a product exactly and i thank you for doing it at this time. what is this has me wondering now a little bit about you. Come in from the producer side of things. Now you write these songs. This is a lot of stuff when you listened through your cadillac. Sounds like it's mostly just you plucking on the guitar and then there's your your thrown in some stuff behind it. There's plenty of other sounds and drum tracks and things like that but if you get into this band. Setting are those parts written already has the bass player's part written is that or did they kind of have some leeway to go where they want with it. I think always. It's good to give away like i said the new music that i have that i'm writing that i'm coming out with me. is a lot easier for abandoned conscious like pick up star jam in which to me is is is a great sign of of very listenable music and i think some of my older stuff would have been a different case where it's like john. Learn this part because it's like integral to this part in and you know. I think i was right in a lot of those older songs. A little bit more technically and and kind of around the production. It was like we had a great cut. A beat and i had an idea kind of came together at once whereas this new project. I've really taken time to focus on psalm. Rating and i touch production until the song is completely written revised. I'm really happy with it. And i think that that has really Improve the quality of the song. And then i think that that's going to lend itself again to ban really nicely because you know if the song is the strongest thing we got than the rest will kind of follow around it. S seen it happen. So that's kind of what i'm feeling with this new stuff. That is really exciting to me. When i really love this quote that you have that You want sheriff sharable music. You want people to be texting the link to the song forward over. And i think that's such a what a great place to try and set a goal. I just haven't heard it phrased in that way. And i really like that. I mean i get asked a lot of questions about what. I what i want for my music. And and you know what certain things mean and you know what my goals are like. When i hear a good song that i instantly enlighten me. Oh what is this. Your first thing. I do is send it to my brother or my best friend like that. That's the number one thing i do. And that is such a huge sign of like. This is a great song that i want to listen to over and over and over again so that you know that goal might not be so so deep like when he said it out loud but that is truly a goal of mine. It's like i want people to hear something upon first. Listen and come back and wanna listen again immediately for the sons done. Send it to some not late. that's what i want. It's similar to this. I had someone. i don't think i've had. I don't think. I interviewed this person. But i i talked to someone. I couple years ago in the music industry and they gave me a similar answer of would dream of mine would be to have a song. Come on the radio and people listen to it and have to pull over because they don't want to focus on anything else besides what's coming into their ears. Yeah yeah or like. When i go into like my analytics and see how many people should sam my song this week. Yeah somebody heard it and was like i need to know what this is as a huge win like. That's that's really exciting for me. I don't even think about the back end of season. That artists has really cool. Or you can ask siri. What song is this right. I do that all the time. I hear a song in the car or in. I actually deuce allow on. I'm watching shows if i hear a song like in the credits of show. What's on us. And then that becomes my favorite song of the month or whenever and that's like that's a huge win for the artists but it's a huge win for me as consumer and listeners. Like that's excited to found something and yeah so if i can do that for other people no what a what a great goal to have. Okay so let's take it back to three year old. You start learning guitar and then you end up. I've had. I can't believe how many people have had the good fortune to talk to have gone to berkeley like you have. And in place of creativity it seems and what it has me thinking. You're the longevity that you've had played guitar i love how you play it. I when i play guitar. I tend to play a little bit more per customer. Because i'm a drummer more by trade and i love the style. So what got you play in that way. I think it's a couple of things. I think it's a mix of who i listened to admire guitarists musician who i grew to I wouldn't give most of the credits. Who james taylor. Who i really grew up listening to. Who is in my opinion. You know one of the greatest acoustic guitarist all time and really like similar to aerosmith like my parents grew up. Playing james taylor And that's that's what. I listen to when i was growing up and so when i gravitated towards the qatar maybe for other reasons not james taylor but that i started to learn his songs and they were really intricate and kind of taught me to without getting too technical top to break up my hands and and and do base with my mom and and Portal stuff with other fingers and it was just like a lot going on for a basic guitar playing So i think learning from guys like like james taylor obviously as like a as a fifteen year old guitar player like john. Mayer was a huge influence to me as it was for. Most people like coming where i was coming from. Yep so you know. I learned all of those things but i would give the credit to james taylor and then also i. When i came back from school. My first job out of school was i was playing in hotel lobbies and i would be playing or to six hours by myself and so when you play like that by yourself like i i really had time to experiment but more importantly like i had to kind of make it sound like it was more than just me there and so i started doing more slaps like cuss elements on guitar because i attribute like my style now to to playing long long hours at a hotel by myself because i had to figure it out i had to make it sound better than it was So i think you know that getting my hours in by myself without a band and listen to cats like that that the combination that kind of established what. I guess you would call my guitar style. Yeah yeah what. A great way to just be thrown into the deep end to just a league of that linked just by yourself with one instrument and when you talk about james taylor and learning those songs that at that age in your teens. You're not just playing. Gd you're playing these unique fingerings and all that too which is something that you. I definitely hear when i hear your song. So is that kind of stretching his you know a different triad the neck and getting a different sound out of it as other thing that you do too late to challenge yourself with that. Only people are always got so many messages being like what are your colored. What are these colored. they're not a convention all Inversions you would call them. And i laying tab this one bitch like i learned a lot of stuff from other players obviously And not enough. With with james taylor like you know. He's been documented to say like he pulled from a lot of celtic music and stuff and he kind of combined it with with what he was making he was into. And i do anything when like I'll be listening to music. That has no guitar in or or is is in a genre that is very far from what. I'm making an analyst with guitar on. See if i can kind of like emulate what that is because it's so far away and sometimes you get really cool shit you know And but that's the way to like. I don't i never trying to not be simple. You're trying to do What's cool to me. In fact like there was actually a time. When i was writing psalms years ago. I think i probably just come back from berkeley. And like i knew every cool court under the sun like a weird inversions in some like crazy extensions an encore staff and like i was writing songs like with all of them and i remember like coming back to some songs i've written with a fresh year and being like this music is insane and not not not very listenable and for lockwood better phrase quote unquote mary. Berkeley and like musician. Kid who learns some cool court so it's like it's a bit of a bouncing act like yes. I am capable of doing these things. I can play some wild inversions and chords. But it's went to choose to use them be nearly and not overdo it and and that's something. I'm i'm always kind of you. Know being weary. Yeah in my seattle. We've in technical ability in just in trying to find your style within that i think is important thing for somebody at shrine. Discover especially when you have such a technical long history of learning the instrument over okay so besides your talents as a songwriter and performer. You also do some producing. And i notice it mostly on your son l. Sad story back in fall. Out of feel ways noah borrowed here's our honor phase more than a fortitude man. China's sad story miss massive. They got a long way. Because i just love all the layers that you got. So did you do that. one front. Tobacco is every piece of music on there. You well i do. Co produce everything with my my best friend and kinda musical creative partner is named jack We we grew up playing in a band together and He's a phenomenal drummer and producer engineer. Writer as well so It's it's usually him. And i. But i play in most of the instruments on l. and with the exception of i believe base which is just What's next question to unbelievable. Because i didn't yeah so it it was. It's always usually me and jack in a room. playing instruments stay tuned for more song august. Right after this ever wonder how my voice is bouncing off your eardrums. So clean and krispy. No well let me tell you anyway. The lyra microphone by ak g brings their legendary acoustic engineering to versatile usb mike that delivers the highest quality audio in its class usb connection. This is good for me. Because of the simplicity and the ability to just plug and play without an interface you may have gathered from various episodes that i am doing this show on the road so being that i record most interviews in a different location than the last. It is good for me to know that. I have a high quality easy to transport and use usb mike like the lyra to make sure my sound is clean whether you're like me and recording a podcast a musician recording vocals or an instrument. Or if you do a voice over for a youtube. Channel lara's innovative. Ak g adaptive capsule ray adapts to your performance to record pristine audio. It has four versatile capture modes what the capture mode you ask. That is how the mic picks. Up your voice. Just trust me with these four options. It's really all you're going to need with a k. g. lyra you'll be up and running in no time no matter your experience level. There's no assembly no need for separate audio interface. No fiddling with software settings it just works right out of the box in lyra is something that is compatible with windows. Mac iowa's an android devices and all major recording softwares. So if you're looking for mike that offers ease of use along with a high quality. Sound check out the ak g lyra and look no further back. Yeah so okay now. Let's talk about those basements little bit. Were those were those thought out or were they just like. Let's go in here and just sit down with a base of see what comes out. I wish i could say. I played those Actually a friend of mine name. Brian jones defining it is too. I know he. He's an incredible incredible musician. And he he. He plays in vampire weekend. And he's he's played in many bands on dude. Just incredible musicians of hugh. He was kind enough to play on this record. I actually think this was the time when we exchanged favors. He he made an incident cover album and i- he as you do. Yeah as you do like is is james taylor is insane and a tribute record for which he asked me to sing on. So that's out there. And i'm on record. I think in exchange for that. I was like. Hey i'll stay on this record. Can you play bass on this song. And that's kind of like musicians friendship for you right there. But he literally. We sent him to track. He sent it back. And i remember dislike sitting in my room listening to what he did. And just like jaw drops and we didn't touch and that's what made the record in like people to this day bring up those. Those base runs So how it's unbelievable so did you. Did he have any notes or did you guys just not even say anything and you had no idea what to expect. It's so funny. We every time i use another musician for my stuff i same e which might which jack has called me on but we always kind of say like. Here's what we're thinking this this this and this and we kinda give our directions but then we go but do whatever you want. And there'll be a fetal which just like classic. I'm like protective of my son. But it's also like i want people much better than me on it and i think brian is a perfect example of that. He really brought the song to lice. Yeah it absolutely and it helps people stay loose. I think when you kinda give like. Here's because you're just kind of like planting the seed a little bit because you know that's gonna stay in their mind but then all of a sudden you're like but you know you can just fuck off and do whatever you want in the end to. We don't really mean you. Don't you want to let us great people be great. That's what adler and it's someone. Does something incredibly shut up and just let them talk do it. Yeah yeah ca- call. Okay so let's talk about great being great. How has i collaborating with some amazing people. Like you have including baby facing craig david. How has that impacted your music. I mean those are two legends. That i've just been lucky enough to meet and kind of be around and os. Experiences are always really humbling and a really incredible and they believe they left me very inspired. You know when. I with baby face. It was for those who don't obey face one of the most legendary songwriters on the planet And rb artists just incredible talent and he. He was running a songwriting camp. He was running a few in different cities around the world. And you have to apply and be picked. And i was lucky enough to be chosen in in toronto and It was literally like you go into the studio with some other artists face for a week and you write songs and he kinda kinda rip apart in front of you build them back up and so that experience was actually like a very tangible learning experience. Yeah i'm so. When i left there actually had like knowledge. I of songwriting. That i didn't have before and also just collaboration experience like that. That's the biggest thing when when you meet someone whether they're big or not or Any collaborating experience is always a great learning experience. And so with with those guys that you bring up of course there are legends in you know my personal heroes in. That's very exciting. But if you just if you remove that at the heart of it. It's just like learning to collaborate Learning that you're not as good as you think you are and better people out there and those are really valuable lessons to take from from those experiences and and bring them to my new music and what i'm making now. I attribute a lot of where. I'm at now to those experiences of just being around different ideas And learning from people. That's really great. What am i mean. Just what cool thing to go in there. I imagine that that humble pie that you get from heavy song tore apart in front of you at first is you're like what did i just sign up for. But then the constructiveness starts coming in. You're like okay. I just can't even imagine that being a songwriter and just leaving with those tools and those gifts and just i can see that being something where you're like. I'm ready to hit the ground running out. Let's go record some songs. Only it was yeah. Those are amazing experiences. And then you combine that with like the my my musical ability like on the tar in the things i was talking about before about you know coming from music school and and picking and choosing to do these kinds of things and then you have this. Songwriting experience in in. You're able to you know kind of pick and choose what you wanna do there. It's like the world is is huge. You have so much to choose from from all of these different experiences and that's what you know it's it takes a long time anez an artist on like that's been my case and it's because i've had all of these amazing experiences. I've learned so much. I've listened to so much and i've played so much it to boil it all down to. I am as an artist. It's taken some time you know and so it's very exciting to be at the point. I'm at now and i. You continue to have this. Willingness to learn which i think is important for someone who's trying to have a career in this because if you're just gonna assume that you know it all at twenty two then who's to expect you to keep creating amazing things that fifty if you're not willing to keep learning which kind of leads me into this. How does this elba. Mark your growth as both a songwriter and a person from from your past projects. Yeah i think. I mean i'll start by saying i think that every new project is growth. Because i make i think is better than the last. Which is i hope. God willing how it stays so you know just personally. I feel like the songs are better. The production is better. Everything's kind of leveled up just in my mind. I've grown which is great tangibly. Like i see that there's momentum now and there's you know things are starting to snowball which is great and that i i do not take that for granted and it takes a lot of hard work so everything is kind of leveling up And that's what i like to see for for any new project But also i started working with other people and people that like i said before i think are better than me and a lot from them and and you know big example i can give for. This new stuff is that. I started a co written songs for me which i have never done in my life until this project. There's there's actually not a song of mine that's been released. That's been called written until this stuff now. And so. I started writing with incredible writer named allie sue. I i have always written for other people. I've always been in co written for other artists. That's just something i love to do. And you know. I'm versatile genre lies i love to dabble in music. But i've never had anybody do with me and this time around I did and it's very easy for me to see how it benefited the project. A insurance. that's where the growth comes from in my my head project. Dig into that a little bit. What about it is is making you think that this is just leaps and bounds. I have learned so much Even just from alley as a as a writer I think you get really comfortable in your own ways wins something. Quote unquote worked. So it's like you know. I wrote my song no good like completely just i myself and then i made the record. I myself put out an like had some traction don't think great that works like what i'm doing is and you know i think you can get locked into just like doing what you do. And it's not until you push yourself and get a little uncomfortable in a little skeptical of things where where you can really see. That growth need brennan a writer on my own stuff. I remember the first time i was like this is. This is the first session on doing for me. Like feels very strange like yeah. I don't like i haven't worked with anyone. That i trust enough to like touch my my own music and when i found someone who really clicked with it It was just a huge huge stone in my songwriting. just like i learned literal songwriting techniques. That i wasn't using that that she brought to the table and and also she was just like calling me on things that maybe i was getting too easily like a row. Just even orion that was like it was right here while seattle. Why pick the one that was right there. Like is there something deeper we can get into. She just pushed me as a her. And and you know i. When the songs were finished. I would read the lyrics. And i'll be like these are saying with her. I think i think when with my older music like i would listen to the song it'd be like sounds great and and so this is really the first time in my life that i that Songwriting took a major front-seat. Okay and we didn't touch the music until that was until it was reading beautifully off the page and to me like that is huge growth For me as an artist. And i'm really about that. You know almost more of a poetic type. Yeah the music to me has always been knock on wood. Come extremely easily yet. It's i find that i again. I'm knock on wood like crazy like mine all day. If i sit down with a guitar something always comes out. That's out spin. And if i sit down on jan no i will do something that i know. I'll walk away and be like y'all cool idea like i could make something of that. Yeah that is not the case for me. Lyrically and story wise. And that's just. Because i i don't know it's just never been my case always been music i guy and so to really focus on the other part of it. That doesn't come as naturally to me. And just knowing that whatever the music will be will be great because fun. Easy exciting part for me. I'm like that's that's the win. Like let's just focus and work harder on what we haven't done in the past and that's that's where we're we're grow. Yeah good for you. Because i think a lot of people would shy away from the more challenging stuff because it is like just grind your teeth. It's it's i felt like them to that too. I'm done that. I've i've done in the past. So let's dig into some of these lyrics now so one of the that. I think you're going to perform for us as we good So what is the story behind this track. This song was kind of I wanted to get away from relationship. Staff which i was kind of like in a whole of writing because i was going through it. So there's just everything was writing was in that kind of space End so i wrote this with with jack and with alli And we you know we kinda. We're talking about other areas. We touch on. And i said well what about the three of us team here and that like we our own little crew and like we don't care what anybody else is doing outside or like and so that's how the idea was born of just like let's make like this is our crew. It's us against the world and no matter what happens. We good an and that's kind of how the song was born of. So it's kind of like a light relatable fun kind of like Kind of fuck everybody Not in your in your squad kennesaw And it's you know to me like super fun and empowering and that's kind of what i was gone for when was it written. It was written all of these songs that are coming out were written mildred zoo. Which is wild and because his wild endemic so it was some sometime in the summer. Her It was probably the last song that was written on. This is upcoming project. Okay so over the summer. So this is what i was hearing when i when i'm listening to it as it seems to offer some reassurance in obviously this crazy uncertain times it was speaking to like the what we're all experiencing going through given the current world that we're living in and i was. It makes me when you're thinking when you break it down to. It's like we were just talking about our crew. That's what i was wondering is. Was it more personal or was it kind of this macro view because for me it was more macro. Obviously because that's what's on the forefront of my mind kind of going back to how you were like. I was going to these breakup. It was what was on my brain. It's what was coming out on paper. But i was just kind of wondering what you were thinking when you were doing that. Yeah i think listen. it's more important. What whatever however it speaks to anybody else you know like i said my intent for writing it may have been one in but the way you listen to. It is another end and to me. All that matters. Listen to it you know kind of goes back to one in a million. I wrote with one in mind but then it became something else because of how the world's got you know and it became felt warmer became more nostalgic. Because we you know the world changed. So i think i think we go to another example of that where it's like. Yeah now that. I think about it i and listen with fresh ears in an out of that writing whole it's like yeah like it also means that and in involves and i think that's to me that's great my. I'm if a song can like take on a few different meanings for few different people than were in good shape. But you know to answer your question. Yeah i rooted about me against the world. You know like a fun like this is just me and my my friends against everyone like we're doing this music thing on our own like we're gonna we're gonna like keep it hot like that. That was the idea but You know i think we were very cognizant of the world around us as well and we definitely like we're thinking about like just the title. We good like that can apply to so much. I think we're keeping that at the forefront of our session mike were writing about one thing but how can we like can it can go beyond what writing about in. And you're telling me that. I guess it has so. That's not really has just. I'm a sucker for a song that gives out dislike collaborating positive message of just like this has happened in this is happening. Everyone's been kind of beat down a little bit but we're good we're going to. We're going be fine in the end. And i i just i think you really touched on it so so good work with that and when you're ready let's hear it. Do nobody asks stay because we ate ice cold. And the f. You made so to lose that he cut. You short signed our knees. I know we never do what we should was a son. So we could we glued. We could slow whenever we walk into this. Social all bro. Let's go so we go home. They didn't i queen dated. Everybody doesn't take much sounds only we never do. We should was concerned weekly weaker. The green made it goes wrong. No know that you up a week hong with we good killing it and q. So good so wake up. Have a cup of coffee cold voice and just run some lines with me and as i was saying that and i realized there the line isolated as in there and now also educated about the pandemic and when i wrote it that way yeah and it was funny like literally as i was performing. It was like. Oh shit isolated. You know if it's on keeps kind of writing itself after i it's already done to me as a banger. That's it because you just. It's not a moment in time. Then right it's a It becomes something like that that you keep on carrying through with you because you go back and listen to it again in a year or two years. And you're like oh this fits me in this way now. I have had that experience with with not all my songs. Maybe like one or two. And and that's like i look back on some of my older songs and when there's one that i still think is good i'm like okay. Great that's going for. I'm striving to look back and five years. It'd be like yeah you know so. I'm really curious about this now. What's a song that you wish you would have written. That's a great question. There's obviously many are just not coming to mind. But i think i i think like slow dancing in a burning room and it's not a silly little snap stone calm the deepen and this land. We've been wear Casino house you can feel as will be loved you know or a best part Just a ballot. That's released the test of time is always been interested in doing Like those timeless songs. I wish i wish i had written. I saw something with mayor. Can't remember if it was with slow dancing or another song but he said that he went back and listened to a bunch of clapton songs from the eighties and he was like he just writes these slow. Four chord bluesy ballads. That aren't you're slow waltz like three chord traditional blues this different thing and he was like i was just driving for that and i think that's kind of where he went with a song like that and i mean you're you're on your way you got you got everything you need for it. I haven't heard you do a lot of different genres. i haven't heard too much in the blues realm. Yeah well like. I said i mean i always got though i got it though. But it's about. When do i use it. 'cause i could straight up okay. I love it all right. Well the song was we. Good the artists jesse goal. Jesse thank you so much for taking some time and spending it with me this morning and Just appreciate it and wishing you the best success. We're going to do our little part here to help promote these News songs that are coming up. Because i've had a chance to listen to them. They're great so good work. I really appreciate it man. This was this was awesome. Thank you for having me huge. Thank you to jesse so good. I am such a fan of that style of guitar. And let's face it. This guy is making baby making music so big. Thank you to him and to you for listening and as always for the stories behind the songs go to song. Fax dot com. Thank you hey. It's mistress kerry host of the mistress kerry podcast. Right here on the pantheon podcast network. If you love rock music the mistress carried podcast is for you. I keep you in touch with the bands that you love introduce you to new bands. That'll quickly become your favorites. And i take you backstage and behind the scenes so you can meet the people behind the music. The road is intact producers engineers and even the people that make the instruments the mistress kerry podcast is a rock lifestyle podcast. Because we don't just talk about the music. We talk about the lives that the music is the soundtrack up the cars. The motorcycles the tattoos the food the booze the trips and travel. And so much more. And it's all unfiltered an uncensored and filled with that boston attitude new full length episodes the mistress kerry podcast. Come out every wednesday and to keep you up to date on everything going on in music and entertainment if you click subscribe right now you'll also get my situation reports every weekday the sit rep tells you everything you need to know in under five minutes for more info on the podcast just head to mistress carey dot com and remember they don't call me the baddest bitch and boston for nothing. Rally author looking to get lost in. You're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox high. This is ted gioia. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nick. Wilcox this is mob louison. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox Eugene s robinson lead singer for ox bow and. Guess what. I've been invited by the master ceremonies kidney onto let it roll podcasts. Keep listening this is allowing. Nash and i may offer dali atrophy. And you're listening to let it roll. Comcast cox ward. You're listening to the. Let it roll podcasts. would they wilcox high. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox. This is james kaplan. And you're listening to the let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox. Hey everybody this is christian swain and you are listening to let it roll with host nate wilcox. Hi this is shelley. sorenson the rock and roll librarian. And you're listening to let it roll. Podcast with nate wilcox.

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8: Nicholas Pegg on Heathen


50:14 min | 2 years ago

8: Nicholas Pegg on Heathen

"Ankle Floyd I y you feel today well I got I got woken up at Five twenty five. Am and my phone for the next five hours in stop but you know what can I say? He was good to me very good to me. We had a relationship and a lot of people know that and he wrote the song he came to the bottom line. Seamy and He'll be missed. I mean you know it was a one of kind. Act An artist. Hello welcome welcome back Bowie persons and a happy new year. And if you're listening today David Bowie. Happy Birthday all love wherever you are way. Back for two hundred. Nineteen with this the first in a two-part Extravaganza celebrating the mighty two thousand and two comeback album heathen seventeen years old this year. He is a marvellous major milestone in the Bowie candidate. It Marx's reunion with friend collaborator and producer Visconti and scatter the pair came up with what the latter subsequently described as being though. He's magnum opus. Certainly this is a new era. In bowie's career the warm rich mature sound reflecting a warm rich and mature man's outlook on life in uncertain times recorded around the time of his mother's death and his daughters birth as well as of course the nine eleven attacks. The sums on heathen speak of faith. Galt the future fear or stellar and cult television heroes. The album also features a bumper crop of covers including some quite esearch choices. But the lights of Neil young the pixies and the legendary Stardust Cowboy. I think it's an album that easily matches the scope and richness of anything Bowie created before and so in order to do it justice. I invited Nicholas. Pay Back the PODCAST. The esteemed and noble author of the Complete David Bowie cast his net foreign wide in. What became a truly epic Odyssey through the record. Hence this addition. I'm going to take you straight into the heart of our Supachai podcast straightway. But I should point out that as usual. Some sort of technical Gremlin was present during the recording. And in this case it affected my microphone in the first of his two part episode. Meaning that I'm a somewhat go sleep echoing presence in proceedings. Nevertheless you get nick peg in full surround sound stereo and I think that's really the key thing here so anyway sit back unwrapped unwind and let us take you on a journey through one of David. Bowie's was brilliant accomplished and enduring albums. He Nick Welcome. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me back. Always lovely to To join you another very chitchat and we're actually not unusual. His Win Basin Samaritan camera which is a fairly long story but if it sounds a little bit echoey which doesn't sound too we've been actually knickknack tracks underground in a basement cellar and he's not. GonNa leave until say daddy daddy underground this way. You have to spend the next hour pleading okay eloquently without Ta Hesitation Titian. She paid you. It's bound to be devious conduit without the income. That's sausage not a shelf that we are going to be talking two thousand two album which you very excited that when we were charged survey. Yeah very very into so as usual. My first question to us. Why Heathen well? I could say this about any one of David. Bowie's albums couldn't I bet it is a fascinating album? It comes to one of the real milestones in his career. It is I think I think we can look at heathen now as we as we look in the context of David Bowie's whole career. It's the sort of beginning of of what what we might call his his his file face anyway. His last his his lost work during the nineteen ninety. Yeah exactly I think so Jet During the nineties he had produced some of the most vibrant brilliant Experimental work of his career albums. Like one outside earthlink. Which who knows? One day I'd love to come and talk about this as well because I think that very brilliant still very underrated But in the general critical Sort of consensus of the day. Those he had become a bit of a an acquired taste to a lot of people. He he was you know he wasn't going to number one. He was a lot of people. He was a sort of slightly peculiar. Some people thought he was past his sell by date this that and the other. It wasn't really until his headlining set at Glastonbury in two thousand When there was a sense suddenly that he was the sort of homecoming emperor of of of British rock music and everyone sat up and took notice again but he was the one wet nearly every single critic settlement okay. He's he's back in the zone he's he's he's back. This is his big sort of comeback. Money is it is an entirely agree with any of that. Because I think that outside another thing and some of these other ones that just brilliant in in their inaugural but there is a sense in which he then consolidates that period of post tin machine experimentation Gomez recent album. But he'd released before that was hours. I mentioned yet which was a much more. I guess sort of a gentler album than even right from the word go very from his youngest as both had been singing songs about mortality and death his own and others but with either. I think that's the point of where it becomes. This is made by a fifty five year old man who is not looking death in the face but he is becoming increasingly aware that the clock is ticking. And these themes suddenly come into focus and crystallize on this album. In a way that they hadn't done before and there's also the fact of course that heathen was his first big reunion for many years with his producer. Tony Visconti who had produced so many of his wonderful albums. Back in the late sixties into the seventies going up to scary monsters in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine was lost Sunday. What's worse Kurt? Well NOT QUITE. The last thing they did in that period was in fact the ball. Epa and it. Yeah in recorded and innovative won't be interested in that answer lost last time you were there. And that was the last time he worked with twenty that long period and then they had a beautiful sort of cooling off period in the nineteen eighty S. And you know a little bit of a falling out but they got back together and kissed and made up in the late nineties go together in about ninety eight and they had actually already worked on a few bits and pieces already. Tony Visconti produced a truck which was never released but Yoko Ono was planning a John Lennon sort of tribute album tribute albums were in the nineties. Were with a you'd get the great and the good to do as a Doodoo a song age. There was Elton. John and there was Zena also and Bowie recorded a actually rather fantastic version of mother. The Lonzo yeah which which has never been officially released. It was leaked so You know you can probably find it somewhere on the Internet into a rather fantastic and turn on there and also on a track called safe full safe in the sky. Life which was originally commissioned for a believes in all the rugrats movie if you remember the rugrats which is the Mesh peculiar collision of slates create from labyrinth up to spongebob sweat. Rice exactly exactly and that was recorded but then I mean this in itself is is kind of extraordinary illustration of the sort of fluctuating esteem in which seemed to help unbelievably they got to record us on. They got David Bowie to record a song for the baby and then they didn't use it. They cut it from the movie. I mean what is your what is great. I mean they safe was in fact it was reworked and re recorded a bit but they did have it was eventually released as a as a b side during the heathen period. So No. That's that's out there but that was done in about ninety. Well they were getting back together. Gradually I'm when Bowie finally said right. I'm ready to do an album. He called up a tiny Wisconsin. Of course the other thing that we have to mention at this point is that in between hours and heathen another. Truly extraordinary thing had happened. Which was the Bowie recorded? Another album? Which his record label decided not to release incredible. What were they thinking? This was David Bowie and it was great as well because again. This is another thing. That's all as we're talking about toy which was recorded in the summer of summer and also of two thousand not long after the Glastonbury performance. Though he got that band together the live band to the glass debris and the Bowie at the beep thing few days later and they went into the studio and recorded re recorded a whole. Lot of Bowie's Juvenilia very Junius homes when the sudden if they blasted out and this under the mazing so he recorded a whole album of these and a couple of new songs which he'd written to go on as well. This was originally due for release in early. Two thousand one something like that and he was with Virgin. Emi at the time that was a and it gradually became apparent that there was a problem it was going to be released and then it was often than it was on and anyway basically we will ever really the anyone's got to the bottom of it for whatever reason virgin stroke am. I decided they weren't gonNA this album and they put on the shelf. O E had had several years of already hitting his head against the corporate. Emi was really struggling some yes hands periods where they needed a hit. Al Yes and the whole business model of recorded music. Kohl's changing because loads because of I choose because of massive things going up sixties covers. Yeah so of course for the executives point Mr being this. What are you doing gets let starts again? That goes through. Rick is young Americans again today day. Yeah but it wasn't as if we hadn't had other label struggles in the nineties. I mean his outside album was the original version of that. He presented to his label. Apparently they took one look at that. I want to listen to that. And said what is this and he went back in and recorded some more commercial tracks ago so the Vendredi version. Yes some of the tracks on outside. Were were the ones that he recorded. Sort of just keep great. They're still great songs but it was originally going to be a lot more one case even than it was. I think he'd he'd he'd had enough to come to a head that's You know a a major label refusing to release his new album. Obviously he wasn't very happy about that at all so this is the point at which he gave him. The boot formed his own label. Which again is another thing that you know autism were starting to do at that point so he created this new label called ISI which was his own thing and then he took it to Columbia records going to deal with them for distribution so heathen which was recorded in summer ultimate. Two thousand one was the first album came out on his own on his label and he sort of had a great deal. More sort of autistic Adams sort of marketing control over it than he'd ever had before really with his arm angle reading interviews with him that way he was incredibly acerbic about record labels this new lease of life he had with the record label without. Tommy of what he was doing. And we have different strands. Consider here so we have the visconti relationship firing again. Yup I rented they were listened to just go through this music. Appoint the Beck's midnight vultures favorites. That relationship was rekindled. As you say the legal situations resolve and we'd had adults yes indeed. He had just become a father again in the summer of two thousand his slow. Yeah yeah very much. So and putting the focus factories will be houses true. I think ours does begin hints of Nostalgia. Maybe or taking back over career gets haven. I want my next question for you is the title. What is he them in? This context right. It's I think it isn't with lots of different. Things is not just obviously. The woodhaven has religious connotations. Obviously fessing to say `and from that we move onto wondering about what David Bowie's spiritual stroke faith situation Watson of Costa David Bowie throughout his life had a complex relationship with well. We've called. You know he was he. He certainly wasn't a conventional churchgoing Christian but he clearly did have some sort of. It was a belief that he struggled with And it was believed that that he he found I think over his life increasingly difficult to reconcile with what he saw around him. And you're quite right with with the album and I think it's incredibly important that he had just become a father again. This was tremendously affecting his songwriting because whereas the ours album. There's a sense of as you said to sort of retrospective feeling a sense of world weariness. An almost a sense of resignation on some of the songs. But heathen actually. I think more more troubled album than an lyrically than than ours with a sense of sort of nagging anxiety and fear for the future and this way would spiritual search that you can see in his right back to station to station example but many many of so he than you know. I'm he's he's I mean. He said so at the time he said that he he. He was thinking about his daughter. This new baby that he had brought into the world and he was in fear for the future for her future. For what the world has to be. And so there's there's a sense on heathen there's a sort of this extraordinary tug of war between lust for life and his own sense of his own mortality all of our more. There's also I think a sense of shattered optimism very jolly isn't it but there was a time in the one thousand nine hundred and know again looking on the outside album and other things. There's a sense of looking forward to the millennium. There was a time when we'll talk about the year. Two thousand dollars. It was some amazing space age thing on the horizon And it came on. I went and I think by two thousand and one Bowie was kind of realized. Feeling that you know that that that's wonderful. Sense of optimism promised hadn't materials on his next album. He goes a digression On reality which came to hidden. There's a song nickel she'll drive the big car which actually has line about that. He thinks my way back. When Millennium meant racing to the light he's remembered UN's so this whole manifest itself big time on haven. I think you know he actually said There's a little quote that he said at the time when he was talking about heath and he's one of the themes of the album is an. Here's the quote the fear that there is no spiritual life So you know he's wrestling with you. Know he doesn't know if we when the end comes Darkness blackness nothing oblivion and. Of course we think about two thousand and one and we think about The events in the world while the other extraordinary heathen didn't come out until the early summer of two thousand and two recorded sort of August September. The main recording sessions two thousand one and by the time it came out it was quite difficult to hit some of those songs particularly the opening track. Sunday on a of the others without thinking. Well neither but the extraordinary thing is that the songs were written and largely recorded before nine eleven happens. I wasn't about that thing. It wasn't a reaction to that thing but his extraordinarily it sort of plucked out together. It caught that NAGGING CENSOR. Something in the there is you. Could you could listen to say I think particularly perhaps the opening track Sunday and you could absolutely assume that this was a song about not in which it isn't but you know they were recording it. When that happened they were actually away in the in the studio recording it on the day on the day that that happened but some but yeah so it's some that's another fascinating. Part of the part of the mix is because like you say when it comes when it came out I think those days it was still such a recent event it colored the discourse initiate. It was Everybo- yup belly comes album which is foot of these brooding dog themes and reflections on mortality and pretty heavy spiritual questions. Obvious is nine eleven happened but like you say the writings being completed the tracks. This was not loose. Cut Quite fast as ever with over there. Were there were a few overdubbed sessions Weeks or even months before the actual substance of the songs and certainly the writing. The demoing started early. You know beginning. Two Thousand and one and the writing is owned. By the time they went into the studio in the summer it was ready to roll. So yeah it was as you say of course post nine mccown looking for these things and I think I think berries at another ticketed. If you're at the time decide to I do understand why people might think that but actually you could put half a dozen of Majles just after nine. Eleven and true isn't it? I mean if you don dogs whatever I think this is from what I've been reading a big part of the album's texture and feel comes from the actual location is recorded. Yes he discovered this fantastic complex in the woodstock. That's up in the catskill mountains in a couple of couple of hours drive north of New York City one. He was talking about professional heating. Wisconson check out this location. It's very close to an studios. Yep and he told magazine walking through the door. Everything that my outon should be about was galvanized me. In one point. I knew what the lyrics were already. All suddenly accumulates to mind so in other words. He's some sort of equipment from visconti. You mentioned one morning. He just was a huge plate. Glass Windows today. Yes yes across. The reservoir mountains at the top of the in the background overwhelming. We'll certainly seem to fire up some kind of inspiration deep within. I think this is absolutely crucial and again you can look back across both career and see that this was a this was something that happened quite often. He was Bowie was very affected by the environment around him. As as any sensitive receptive artist is and there are. Of course. It's easy. With retrospect if we know where they recorded to sail this but I think you can tell just as you can tell Berlin for example. I think you can tell that. Hunky Dory and recorded in London. I think you can certainly tell that station to station was recorded in a in a in a haze of cockaded in la the mid seventies by the same token. I think you can tell that has a different sense to hidden very unusually for. It was not recorded an up and environment. It was recorded in this sort of re purposed nine thousand nine hundred twenty s shall a hunting lodge amount in the catskills with amazing views across the mountain but Bowie was very keen to point out. At the time that it wasn't it wasn't sort of pretty pretty well sort of kids to was bleak. And and you know eagles circling overhead. And you know these but the extraordinary views sunrises and this sort of something great almost cleansing but also something very minimalist about it which allowed him to really drill down into into what he was. He was writing and Interesting as well that he said that the sort of an album a to hall's not not like I often second-half bits of mixed things. Along the way there are some very sort of heavy pieces in it and there are some lighter pieces. And we'll talk about this and do Costner but interesting that he said that a lot of the sort of slightly more heavyweight pieces like Sunday and the title track of course heat and the reason I would be your slave. Those songs that the very spiritual troubled sons were among the first to be written. What he he he got those down. And then you know after. He'd sort of anchored the album. He could then insult of it introduce a bit more comfortable light and shade and different different moods the as well and some of the other songs came sophis- out. I mean if you strip away for once the lights of cereal. Yeah because four sons has a station station step five fifteen inches of garments another watch Sunday. Yeah absolutely slow-burn. I suppose you could do the. But even that's more UPTEMPO is still. The lyric is quite league through the ninety s off to black tie white noise anyway. He had pretty much abandoned his usual tradition of including a couple of cover versions on each. There's no come on that side or earthlink or an hour then. Three three versions and they're great. They're great television. They fit into the album very beautifully and it really struck me especially its halfway point on the album that there's the sequencing is quite sort of dark then light than dark on the cover versions of this is almost a sensible. That was quite a heavy one day. Where here's a bit of fun then back to but that's not to say that the color versions of trivial for us? I mean it's very satisfying up even in the mixing stages were regarded as a success. It really it fulfilled all my expectations of what we could do together yet. It has very signature style. I think you can tell by listening to that. It was made by myself and Tony Okay. So let's get into So-so Sunday Sunday the opener now when we left hours which was quite straightforward musically. Speaking album is singer songwriter reaction. We're now in this clicking bleeping landscape the whole composition feels like it's an introduction. Yeah it's immediately a lot more so minimalist hours isn't it is that there's a sort of lushness about our got. Lots of layers has got lots of Guitar Acoustic Guitars. And she's a sin inside of these. Yes Sunday begins with this. Sort of bleeping liberty synthesizers even waste this. You know when we're not in Kansas anymore. Be surprised if always had right. I'm now going to make an album of great weight Thought that wasn't the way he thought there is a sense right from the word. Go that this is a magnum opus. Titian said that often see said his is yeah. I mean Sunday. I never really answered your question about He. Did I buy the title? He that but now we're we're coming. We can start coming about maybe not yes because Sunday is a loaded. Word of course. Isn't it and been was brought up in a in a unremarkable but straightforward sort of nineteen fifty nine hundred sixty s Christian English childhood? Who knows obviously? I didn't think they were hugely observant. I think his mother came from Catholic family. I think that's right on the. Yeah yeah they went to church. On Sundays. I think in unaided used to tell stories Remembering his mother listening to the song on the radio things like that. You know over the wings of a dove that some sort of influenced him in fact. Tim Stuck in his mind and of course Sundays in quite a lot of his early lyrics in. Can't help thinking about me. Remember us to go to church on Sunday and in again a couple of other early songs in a rubber band and lovey Tuesday both have lovers meeting on a Sunday. It could almost be like a diary. Entry couldn't have Sunday this. It has that sort of feel to it. This really been no room for change with me. It's all despondency despair fear isolation giving back to your question about even from about the title Heath and I think it's it's not just about is not saying I'm a heathen I'm a heretic. I'm a non believer. I'm a pagan whatever. There's a fat but there is also a sense of the. I think the pejorative sense of of you. Know the way that the people who are more fundamental about their religion will will refer to someone else's even in a sort of aggressive sort of way and I wonder if pointing the gun at himself a bit and saying I am I am I take. I have on it because albums like on on the situation is grappling with this faith. Yes and he's adopting stance relationship so they've got suspended TRANSI. He's adopting very salt and I thought this could be adopting was radical stance towards favor. I said yes. I did think about the artwork. Line is the very deliberate. Artwork included the CD book to face iconoclasm of original genuine meaning of it. Gets of religious? Icons being defaced. Yeah he is a mantle that he's adopting himself and trying to analyze complex relation from that and I think sequencing available is terribly important. I that is not a random selection was on Sunday is not the most heathen of songs on because later on. We'll get to them. There are other songs but he's ready actually haranguing God on Sunday. He's he's singing this line. All my trials Lord will be remembered as like something from what on a wing or something? Isn't it it's GONNA. It's almost there's a sort of sense of He's troubled he's you know. All my trials will be remembered. He's almost saying I'm not gonNA forget this either. It's not just about you. It's about me and Scott Walker. Voice is using his walkabout thought. Wonderful pulled as you said sort of portentous for and also I mean musically harmonic cleon and she gives melodic and harmonic particularly of the harmonic progression. In Sunday's something else is quite extraordinary. Actually foreshadows black star the song I think this sort of the monastic chance of the it does actually yeah. Yeah that's sort of measured pace. The the opening sequence the day of execution did you likes very similar. And it's got this wonderful sort of polly coral chanting which had backing vocals visconti joined in on. Tony County has a wonderful ability to sing two nights at the same time she learned from some Tibetan Nausea. Talking about yeah. This is great difficult technique. Yeah he must hear. It's the most beautiful The is it has a great beauty and a great source of and it gradually bills on these calls resolve upwards into a and and you know one momentum minor and troubled and then suddenly the suns are comes out on that rise up as on wings. Insomnia goes into a Medicare absurdity beautiful. Every that happens which again is the other. You know the interesting thing the this this wonderful studio that they were recording up in the catskills was a huge open. Space the room that they were in great being on the streams and Toni T. and Bowie revived the famous. Heroes Microphone today. Yeah you know the famous story about the three with the gates but at the end of Sunday. That's that's perhaps the most notable example of it on the you can hit eight way because he's been quite sort of measured and quite sort of controlled and then Sunday at the end of everything has suddenly opens up in bars. Yeah absolutely yeah. Eighty really letting rip. Yeah Yeah it's it's an incredibly dramatic opening question. It ain't Dan's whatever else. They certainly I really sets the tone. I mean like I think a lot of the things that he visits over the course of the album packs into here. Yeah ready to be delve into yes and as you mentioned earlier he will offer a little bit of light relief because we now connects to one of his favorite bands. Yes abandoned. He was talking up for years. And years. And years the PIXIES. And what is interesting choice for pixies cover? It really has admitted most obvious one is a pig's reggie two catches in Asia. That's right let debut album so far is a oh. Yeah and another thing. That's really interesting about this right. Is that Bowie? Plays everything himself the base right which was conscious but this was a diamond dogs style. Yeah Avocado the Armley. I love crunchiness. It wasn't until some times I realize because that's his only recorded trump foods. Yeah you're probably right. I also noticed that yeah. Yeah let's look at the complete David Berry available from all good bookstore. Thinking is his only recorded. You're probably right. It is and of course this is delivered. He was under no illusions about his own. Virtuosity musician he. He knew his his abilities on his own. Swi- considerable of course and he was. He is no better vocalist. And everybody we've talked about this before. He was an amazing vocal technician. He was a very nifty Acoustic guitarist he was over and he was a pretty nifty electric guitars when he put his unto but the fact that he decided to do this was was. You know it's a as as I would have said back in the days you know it was a strategy success. His cover version of CACTUS on heathen. Has this wonderful that a garage assigned deliberately sort of low tech? Almost almost not boys keep swinging teenage boy in his bedroom. Doing it all doing himself. But Yeah as you say he'd been building up. The pixies for years roundabout the sort of tin machine time. He started talking in fact in machine covered another one. They did Debase around on tour in the back in the second machine and of course black Francis a singer from the pixies had joined by Onstage at his fiftieth concert. As well that it fashion and scary monsters together so So yes this was a kind of culmination of of that billiard obviously had modem for for a long time it seems to as so often with these cover versions it sort of Bensholmo funny direction and yet at the same time. Fits perfectly within? The album's scheme of things is almost a bit of light relief often Sunday. But it's not that because it's not particularly it's actually quite a. It's a strong subject. Matter is quite a tongue in cheek song but at the same time. It's kind of my goodness. I mean people know what it's about but is basically a narrator of the song as prisoner and he's writing lesser to his girlfriend wife. She is saying you know. I'm I'm here on lonely without you take off your dress. Send it to me. And then the next thing he's GonNa run outside and get all sweaty and send it to me. And then eventually bloody address in the CACTUS tree obsessive hands on the wipe it on address and send it to me. Yeah it's got that sort of existential despair. That is actually a canine of this album. And he's right up your street. Isn't it that sort of weird sort of quite Ben Diesel songs? The whole thing's last doppler. Replace it as a sort of slight tongue-in-cheek chains to twisted sick humor to it. That's right it's like a little is so small and complete and perfect. Yeah and yet when he would play it live and he's also not to get it on. Yeah that's right and this is what the groover as well as a sort of T. Rex meant that dad and also of course adding to the tongue-in-cheek in this Bowie adds that little thing of his own to is which is again. Light in T. REX's degree of begins with T in the middle bit of Bowie's version of CACTUS. He outrageously he does D. V. D. Spells his name his trivia. That is only the third and I think last time that he named himself in some way back in again helping me keeps on coming up Dave and then of course in teenage wildlife bit about. They'll come to me and say David. Oh yeah that's how they wait for me in the hallway. I say I don't know any hallways. It's one of the great lies We all think about me. Teenage Wildlife and Cactus the three song. Mitch David Bubby calls himself. David Yeah well. It's a great. It's really really played up to the stage when he played it live as well as sort of spelled out with you know he did kind of interactivity dawn sort of all the Ymca Pretty WWe Newark New Jersey beginning. Another Day of broadcasting is is really like life on Mars site one now for many years. I didn't yeah I grew up in the UK. Never seen the alkaloid. Show this quite a bit to unpack here so so. Let's take it step by step. Yes absolutely first of all. Let me say I agree with you. Slip away is if anyone doesn't know even a toll listening to this thinking. Oh my God obviously please. Please listen to the whole album. But if you only isn't a one train Papa John's lip it's a stunner in that that WanNa win you over and then go right. I am going to listen to his own. Because it's amazing before we get onto the whole unemployed thing show. I guess the first thing we ought to say is that this is one of the two tracks on heathen which were actually originally recorded for the unreleased album. Now slip away as a complete re recording not the version. That was all numb. That was that was going to be home toy on the song was originally called Uncle Floyd but Bowie. Obviously you know liked to solve. It won't do it again so here it is. This is another object lesson in in. What so utterly fantastic about about David. Bowie's son rushing method. It's a specific song about a very specific thing which will talk about an amendment but it also just takes flight from that and becomes a universal song about these feelings of alienation and loneliness and anxiety for the future and the past that. So you know it's it's it's extraordinary. You know he can take something as small and strange and obscure this and it suddenly sort of blossoms into some that means all things to all men. It's it's it's wonderful. It's one of his. I think it's one of the great songs of his his late period. From deep in the heart of Newark New Jersey with live and Serbs from Trenton. It's Uncle Floyd nostalgic music special so star the Uncle Floyd Show. It was a obscure cheap slightly. Naff CHILDREN'S CABLE NETWORK. Show is that we came out of various New Jersey. Networks run for quite a long time started in the mid seventy four. It ran up on and off. I think up until about nineteen ninety nine so it only just recently come off the for the last time and it was a how to describe it is almost impossible but if you think of a sort of a cross between other no the banana splits and Sesame Street of the show. It was a sort of a live audience. It had this Guy Floyd Vena who is of old school entertainer in a funny blazer and a hat anyhow this sort of there were various puppet characters in its you know including this clown public old guy who was a sort of a ventriloquist puppet that Floyd Vivian was ventriloquist so they used to just cut to the public. What chocolate Florida than it would cut back to hibs like? Oh what do you think I do? And and there was another popular nickel bones boy who is a skeleton. This is all referenced in the song. So bowie you join the late Seventies. It's started become a bit of a cult favorite among and it was kind of a sensitive children's show but it started becoming absolutely John Lennon turn Bowie. Househusband Hibernation Dakota offloaded television. Yes you're gonNA say somebody else and Party. Yes he he. He entered his spoke to an unbiased time. Becoming a bit. Like the kind of rich Obama's were going on in a squeeze before ramones performed on these people and Bowie actually went along in England right incognito. But he did just turn on the inside of the audience and the and the Culture Craig David. It is Any new all the way to the theme song and everything and Yeah. Apparently he used to watch. This is right about nineteen eighty when he was doing the elephant in New York and he used to watch it and interesting apparently and the elephant man so he was a big big fan of it and he loved it and history of this show is is quite interesting and again possibly. Jemaine some specific stuff that there because it was always on these these upscale New Jersey networks and we have a cult thing but in nineteen eighty-two brief period of national syndication. Nbc Big Bro. Picked it up and they put it out and it went nationwide for a very short period because then complaint started coming. What is this garbage and reading this? I thought of all the people always championed ovation. The ledge translates the results cowboy. Bef- rose All these kooky outsider eccentrics and floyd. Yeah it was very much one of these people. That's right. Yeah Yep I've always loved his people he loved the widow more obscure the more out there. The more doing their own thing against all the odds but we loved that you know the greater the ridicule bounce back at them the better it was. As far as he was concerned he loved those people. And you know it wasn't an ironic. Isn't this funny? This is so bad it's gonNA genuinely NBC's Honey. Because then they can. We can take this cake and accessories. Exactly the shell something. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's right but it didn't really work out like that. I mean some people just said what is. This is all rubbish other. They were actually sort of complaints from the religious right because they had some. They had a soda. They had a brother. Billy Bucher or something so anyway that it didn't last long by nine hundred eighty three. It was back on cable in New Jersey and back to obscurity. So if you listen to the song it's the boys singing about well what I think he's singing about. But maybe I'm wrong. This is my interpretation but we said many times before you can interpret both songs. How you like? That's what they're for. That's what we wanted them to before. So one time they really might have been bones silverscreen. No one knew what they could do. Except for me and you. It's like it's a little secret cult thing but suddenly they're not saying he gets to that point in space. It's always nine hundred ninety two Isn't it so? Is He referring to that? That could me what that could be suggesting. Soldier suggest to me is that you know the opening of that film contact. Carl Sagan thing was the camera pulls out from the earth and it goes out in your hair transmissions crushed coming out and the and the You know you hear. The things gradually goes to silence as we get far enough away from the radio transmissions. Yeah I'm the time factor you know the last because perhaps those NBC transmissions shooting out into space and aliens might hear them eventually. But it's always nineteen eighty. I think there's something extraordinarily poignant about it. And it's just about the little pompous really. Moving Song it's he sings that he's singing his heart out. It means something to him and it was an I tell you it was a belter live as well. He sang it on the heathen tour and again on on the on the reality tour. Two thousand three to four it was a regular and it was a highlight. It was a favorite crowd favorite. Yeah I saw. I saw it several times in two thousand two and on and on the radio so later on he actually opened it with a clip from the show we were laying arenas thousands of this watching of Yogi Gung Ho and then it went into the. They did the song when it got to the chorus which has enormous chorus chorus the size of Asia And head went on a little bouncing ball with lyrics screen behind it but it was just. That's Corny but that's all part of the sort of it was just kind of hits. The really does get from Quincy tragic comedy and absurdity. Yeah she's which is the salt. Yes yes now. Imagine if like me. You didn't have a clue about any of this. When you first heard yes ago was this twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle Little Star. Because he then goes how. I wonder where you are now. Here's an interesting thing which we should mention at some point. So let's mention it now as Bowie occasionally. Did he fire his band? Because of course they all go back to the live shows that heathen is an album recorded. Ask for several others you know. Essentially a new van Bowie was always very good at sort of staging an album. Deciding what personnel. We're going to be heated again of course famously with Flagstar into you know. The next day has become off too many is he? By and large use people. He used before musicians together. A few newcomers on the next day but that a lot of them. Were you know the familiar faces? Black Star he goes on. You know power from Tony. Visconti call band was completely new people and this is something he would do from time to time when he needed to shake up and get a new center. It's uneven is one these so yes mike and the rest of the gang you know Gallon Dorsey. And whoever came back to life but if you look at the ban on he and his lodging attorney was going to play bass on it so he was you know. Obviously you know veteran but yes. This was the first time. But what Jerry Leonard? Who did them become allies regular on? Yeah he he actually. I Beg your pardon. It's not I would have. He had Jerry Leonard. What we both on the toy sessions just before. That was the first time so anyway he came back for heathen so it's his first big thing drummer match chamberlain. He was a newcomer. David Tom Guitarist was that he was David Torn. Who Actually recommended this Judas? Two Billion Visconti. Yeah he plays all those sort of ambient guitars of textures on its and Yeah Christine Young on cables and biking biking various things. It was another newcomer. Kevin Russell who again who went on to play live all the way through the reality toy with a wonderful percussionist multi instrumentalist backing singer. So himself plays a lot on even perhaps the most important that say he and he plays retro since he got hurt some of his old things from the Berlin period the ems of briefcase synthesizer of his. And of course let us since we're on slip away dragging by the famous STA phone Which of course it previously had featured on things like well most famously space oddity on some of the other recordings as well as on some bits of the man who sold the world isn't it as well and You know it's a few others but after all they're definitely in the world brilliantly. He took us on stage with him on the haven during the reality of the very end of slipway there is nothing there is a styrofoam solo and they would end. The song live with Bowie literally holding up to the microphone and doing a little bit. The ended up. I mean just just extraordinary because again. That is another of these outside artists though because it's a ridiculous electro that makes a silly little buzzing sound and kids play with anything outside the scene. It's it's the the loot Doffed sort of protest decided that you kind of budget and we made something beautiful outfit. Lots of David Torn. Because I love the beginning away. Those beautiful harmonic. Yes yes. It's sort of picky. Which kind of create this sort of like star Star it'll twinkling you sort of wrinkle twinkle gas? Yeah Yeah He. He's on the next day. No he didn't tow with no he didn't know but he no. He plays extensively on on the next day. Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh stay away. So that's always dip away. It's I mean you mentioned life Muslim throughout the beginning of talking about I mean it really is. I think it really is in. The tradition of life on. Mars is one of those great soaring ballots buildings in that in that sort of company. I really do think it does get such full vocal performance. Yeah that's been studied. He's he's that isn't the irony. God wasn't that crap. No nothing nothing is. I think it's fascinating inspections wise meant so much. What was the most hot the heartfelt yearning vocal? Yes about this Kooky cable. Tv Yeah Yeah Tragic. I think it's a tragedy. It's just the adoration of someone's vision and clear believe themselves despite ridicule displeasure. Yes yes despite all is way off the Achy after you told me about massive be froze or did you biff on the physical which was Hunky epic Just an awful lot of another artist. Who's pretty out there. But when you and he's still pretty outta their that's right. Yeah when we covered these people he often you know he. He did give him a slightly more commercial. Shane will come onto this in a minute with With of course with with literally starters cowboy comes on later on the similar is even more extreme case. But that's not a lot get ahead of ourselves but we would would would sort of Jewish them up and make them rather rather rather more conventional exactly but he would he would give give a slightly glossy sheen to it. But if you go back into the original biff roses or the original legendary sort of couples. Something else not brings. Us announced the next This was such flair indices on. It was on the Roster. That's right it was originally slated to release a single in the UK. Number actually probably came out. It came out on in Europe and in some other places but in Britain it didn't actually in the end. They decided not. It's an old one actually because it was originally sort of launched as as it were the flagship single from album but But then a populist view TV appearances Bowie actually only performed it twice in concert. He did it sets a meltdown. Was the his. You know. We'll talk about meltdown as well. Of course that this was the release of heating coincided with very curated meltdown festival on the South Bank. And I'm sure we'll talk about that more than but yeah that concert where he performed. The whole of Ethan was the last time he ever played slogan. I think quite difficult song to play live. It has a very very high local attached to it. It must have been a pretty difficult to recreate. Live this applauding do you think? Performance take as the vocal forms is very impressive. Yeah this is now. This times gets up. That's right that's right. He's like big thundercloud guitar scrunchy. Yeah I think it's actually a wonderful. What is a great guitar? Part I think is this came about. Actually this is part of Ethan. That did kind of come about because of nine eleven. Insofar as in the wake of nine eleven bowie was among the many artists who performed at the concept of New York which is a big charity was America. We did exactly. He opened the show. He played a beautiful version of Simon Garfunkel America. And then he did of course the inevitable But fantastic heroes and anyway. Pete Townsend was playing at that as well and they sort of Meta backstage Played for before way back on scary monsters. He'd played on Because he'll young he posted on that so they had a history and bury her covered. I count on much more recently. He covered pictures of the WHO Song for another. If those tribute album is slim of this is expressly for this tool. I've made myself and why do big story textures Utah I duNNo. I can't get into this. It's the most sort of UPTEMPO Hesam on it is. It is definitely I think lyrically it belongs with you know Sunday and hitting those things in his very too late and they know Hishammuddin having this terrible time and it is full of some sort of actually his favorite sort of portentous phrases appear in it. I mean he thinks these are the days now. These are the days is a little snippet that Bowie had used before more than once the line. These are the days of course appears under pressure. These offices and and need among from our dream has also has so. That's always a little little signature phrase that he liked it does have a sort of Poulton to sort of doom laden feel too but perhaps even more. Interestingly there's a foreshadowing of black star because on sober and he sings And here are we at the center of it. All and at the center of it all of course his is a is a repeated line in blackstone again. He's he's foreshadowing of things right. It has it does have this very weighty sort of doom laden atmosphere this hair overhead. And I think I think it's powerful song. I can understand why I think it's the most distinctive in terms of just you know the music the backing track. It's it's a kind of a bit of a tugboat standard isn't it's called heroes of Berta and it's got the actually sound a bit. Light here is a bit like teenage world. Got that sort of groove. And it's perhaps less distinctive than some of them but I think he's got great wonderfully produce put together. I totally agree on on this Feel too that's that's a constant over the years it's always revisiting. This evidence either extensible a metaphysical apocalypse or relation. And those are the trucks. Like this I think is do take on retrospectively talker. Definitely Textra to had that in order to release time. Yes you might not quite the same import yes yes I think you're right. Yeah Yeah I. It's I like the sonically and musically. It's got an APP is wonderful. Just wonderful there's going to one of the baseline another. I take the saxophone turning returning. You don't have. I like you see Ono. I think there's a great that is a. I think it's a great bit of Scotty. Sort of discretion sort of uncluttered. But there are these little well you could. You could say that. Yeah punctuate I think wonderful. And they are by the way those those sickness the bony horns last heard on. Never let me down. You know they're real blast from the past blossom. The last. I think he's got that wonderful it. It has got more of in a way more of a Retro Classic Bowie. Feel to it. I guess so. It's it's not the most out there track on his and that's for sure and I can sort of see why they chose that kind of flagships on away playing safely. But what would you have chosen? I don't know I mean may well have chosen slip because I think it's a multiple catches your household to blow. Yes the second song of the album and it was like a big just said. Yeah Yeah it's funny awesome movie cheese for about cheese. I like it okay. I'll tell you this. This is the darndest uncle more. I got more. This is a slogan of his own. I am now going to the very latest piece of poetry with even have ever sold. You write this. This is apropos of nothing. But I'm GonNa tell you anyway if you arrange all of David Berry songs that he wrote in alphabetical order. As of course I did for my book because my book has a big gators edible. His sons slip away and slow-burn are the only two songs which not only are consecutive in the entire Lizard. Everybody's on Petar actually consecutive on the same album slip away followed by him. There you go. There's a there's a fact and songs are two words. Four interesting isn't it? Yeah And that wraps up part one of our heave Nathan and I will have to read if you as soon as I possibly can stay seated if you are seated. Meanwhile a huge. Thanks to Nick peg for his time and insights and generosity with his thoughts and reflections on Stephen and as a supersized. Thank you for you for listening. And if you enjoy this podcast. Please do share the love on facebook. Instagram and twitter all three or just one. It's just at album twelve. I really do appreciate that. So that's it for now. Ampato is incoming suit.

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