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"corey fleetwood" Discussed on Ask Me Another

"And this is n._p._r.'s asked me another. I'm jonathan golden now. Here's your host oprah eisenberg before the break we met our contestants anna and corey soon the play a word game mashing up band names and occupations combined. Mama mia with machi goes and you dancer avary sta. Yes exciting. Let's check in with them and you are one of those people who love. You've spoilers to read them u._k. Sue them. I get anxious. If i don't know the ends and so i i read spoilers before i watched an episode of a tv show some time or i flip to the last page of a book to see the how it ended yes yeah. It's a controversial habits. Most people i know are like why would you do that. You're ruining winning it. I get to enjoy without the suspense in yeah. I like the way your brain works online corey. Their is an easter tradition on your father's side of the family that you carry out every year. A competition called egg banking. That's correct. What is that so everyone who comes to easter dinner. Everyone has an egg. They select their red blue green egg. Whatever they want give kanchi. Somebody holds an egg in a conquer. You're somebody hits the egg we tournament style bracket and whoever's whoever's egg doesn't crack moves on to the next round until the end and you hit one egg precisely nicely on top of the us now. What does the technique to you know things in your ears. People have tried different things you know the caller. The original egg white egg brown egg sure temperatures so they try not to hold it too much so it doesn't warm up. We haven't done too much science and whoever <hes> wins. What do they get. There's a trophy. There's a trophy a trophy not bad. I've yet to see it so yeah. You've never this might be your year. Maybe this is a music parody slash word game. The answer to every clue is a musical act mashed up with a profession for example. If i sang the song rockstar with the lyrics changed used to be about predatory lenders you answer post malone shark who i know mashing post malone and loan shark sounds tough but the points are doubled corey stain the lead and you're in the final round anna. You need to get more points or you have to accept an invitation to see. Our interns earns a band. Just gonna let you know. The show starts at one a._m. And there is a two dollar cover charge just bring a dancer here. We go not gonna get rich. This is public school. Teachers count even back. You know thinks your cool you can rule with kindness all an iron fist in charge of educating. These <music> kids corey that just be principle is principle. That's right stop thinking about the numbers. Stop thinking about best calculating uncertainty risk. If they my dad you said the premiums corey fleetwood accountant gas but that's not very close for anna. I know the shop. I think an insurance ancien insurance adjuster that is that is also incorrect. I'll stop you there. We were looking for fleetwood mac jewelry yep yep oh oh he should get it. Do you run a quiz show. Here's your next. I've seen the seven cs. We've have seen seven seas are hosted top seller battened down the hatches minute baby lead adamancy. Please give that lamb to me before not out in a minute you should take for granted you <music> fresh fruits and vegetables anna beyond salen very fast the very quick answer that's correct. Here's an xtra that your audition had a lot of drama a and a lot of far back we saw younger actress and we like to bed or and gave her a apart anna outcast director out casting director fix grammar reform. I work grammar for my work bede grammar. It hurts. It's cory wright said predator writes it predator.

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