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"cooper stocker" Discussed on The Falcoholic

"Biggest. I think offensive surprise <hes> aside from mcgarry did the other night. His graham certainly earned his spot. <hes> i think he led the team in receiving yards throughout the preseason just in his willingness to play fullback win warranties went down in the technically. It would have been what the force game <hes> in week three. <hes> you know it shows it was like he's willing to like do whatever to make the roster and he certainly earned it. You know austin hooper was obviously going to be the number one tight end so nothing thin special there <hes> soccer makes the as tied into basically and then they got rid of paulsen in outs gray was one. I was interested in <hes> through the off season because he was on the international program thing so he was finally able to make the roster <hes> but i guess they waived him with an injury settlement or something like that so you know i i like the tight end group. We have been graham certainly in the spot so <hes> <hes> your thoughts on these these three guys lining up a tie them of perfect absolutely perfect cooper stocker. They were going to be on the team regardless. If you cut stalker offer that would have been one point five million dollars in dead catholic. She would have had to eat going to do that. I'm going into this entire process in the summer. I didn't even look at the tight end position. I thought the main competition would have been between all logan paulsen in eric's albert if the team decided to carry three tight ends but i thought that at this that these four guys who per stock or paulsen in salvat how stranglehold on this position in maybe they did but then jaden graham just came and just like played with it's like his hair was on fire. He just inland it up he. He killed all all preseason all training camp. It made eric salver expendable. Eric sauber didn't really improve it all over these past few years he gets traded logan. Paulsen gets cut which was maybe the somewhat of a surprise when it was announced on friday but jagan graham completely earned his spot on this roster in this is just one of my favorite stories of the entire summer process for the atlanta falcons. This is a guy who just like came into training camp worked his butt off improved over the summer in just just earned a spot on the team he made it impossible for the coaches to stash them on the practice squad because he would have been snagged up off of it and he he just forced his way onto this team. I think that this can be an example to other young players. Were going out there trying to achieve their n._f._l. Dreams jason gram just did it. He just did that stuff. He went out there and he earned a spot in rhode article specifically talking about jaden graham in this entire process through the training camp and preseason. It just went live on the site yesterday and i never in my life thought that i would write eleven hundred words on jaden graham when i started when when i started doing this stuff but i love one of my favorite players on this team right now go out there and keep in keep frightening jaden. I'm legitimately excited to see what he can do. In the regular season and that's something we kept hoping that sauber would develop in developing that just never happen and it feels like graham has already made more improvements in his game in one year than sauber didn't three so i think that says a lot and it's clear reason he made the roster in suburb robert was just cut by the patriots as evans said all right last portion of the offensive unit before we move onto the defense the offensive line..

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