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"coco spar" Discussed on Ben Greenfield Fitness

"Nutrition, I've spent the past two decades competing in some of the most masochistic events on the planet from seal fit 'coco, sparred nego-, g in the world's toughest mudder to thirteen ironman triathlons. Brutal bow hunts adventure races. Spearfishing plant foraging, free, diving bodybuilding and beyond. I combine this intense time in the trenches with a blend of ancestral, wisdom and modern science searched the globe for the world's top experts and performance that loss recovery hormones, brain beauty and Braun to deliver. You this podcast everything you need to know to live in adventures joyful and fulfilling life, my name is Ben greenfield enjoy the ride. Well, Hello everyone. You may have heard me talk about before this idea of looking animals to learn more about nutrition watching animals in nature self select their nutrition eat plants from one section of field than navigate to another section of the field for a different type of plant how animals respond to pre mixed solutions of oats, and elfin, grains, versus how they respond to those same mixes that they've self selected themselves all sorts of interesting things about the animal kingdom while my guest today for it prevents a who wrote the book Norrish -ment is a wealth of knowledge on this stuff. This is great episode. And it's brought to you by my company kion my playground for new supplement. Formulations? I was actually just on a phone call yesterday about a brand new kind of fat loss product, I'm working on that. I think you're going to find absolutely mind blowing it even affects your micro. Biomarker carbohydrate cravings. This is the kind of stuff I do behind the scenes, and this is the kind of stuff that wants ready and formulated I bring to you in extremely high quality format over at get kion dot com. Get KIO N dot com. We're also discover kion you my training program for physicians and Tristesse and dietitians and physical therapist chiropractic docs, you'll find a wonderful range of content there. We have a brand new article right now on branch chain amino acids versus essential amino acids on intermittent fasting on the dark side of energy bars. It's all over there.

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