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"christopher georgina" Discussed on The Moratorium

"That's what i'm trying to say was. I was gearing up for the summer fest. Yeah and i've already watched three frigging meal my god. Can you tell us what they are or is that something that work. Okay ha you've got something up your sleeve both sleeves. i guess. Memory is sleeveless shirt. that's impressive. I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt but not on my top wearing an upside down. You can rip your sleeves off and have any kind of sleeveless shirt now. We see that a lot of these movies too with our guy. Oh my god sylvester stallone and has been in many many sleeveless shirts. But then you've got the the wife beaters true right which are just just tank tops right. Yep john claude. Van damme is pretty prevalent in these movies. Wearing a tiny tiny strap taint top. What does that call now. His body makes me feel funny. Like lighter slide down the rope in gym class funny Yeah but mean. We used to call them wife beaters but now i think they're called the a shirts or something out of there some a. I've heard it called a shirt shirts. Maybe the i'm given too much. I'm really coming down hard on that a. It's just a shirt. it's not a shirt. Oh brother watching rap patrol while while recording by the way What is rap patrol old. Tv show from the seventies late sixties. Yeah yeah okay. But it's got christopher georgina as the main character and Man he was really great. That guy we need to appreciate him more all my god. Well that's what i you know as like okay. We're doing the podcast. And i what do i got. Knighted started looking up stuff and i was like. I don't have shit. I'm just gonna look. I'm just gonna see where the that's literally. Just a first think's i i looked up the cannon film list on wikipedia and it goes on and on and on you know it's in little sections and i think picked the eighties section..

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