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"choon virgin" Discussed on Pantheon

"Can t tell me you know this is important track to you. I mean you'd have been a kid. This is this is this screen. In the half scarring. Tell me that that tearing there are separate will come around the weekend and my mom would be doing my aunt's here in the in the passage Little stooge oh come passage in in the passage through his head and but that embarrassments be playing dominoes and the music and not just be putting on jan that choon there is one of the first tunes and offsides now back version. One verse one tune and then you get number version of that choon Virgin yes yeah you know to stop the version of that would have had a different Maybe yes. I think it was big. You know you you you you don version of it overseas toasted on the might differ version and that record there is love it so much. Democracy scratched and it was lot. I'll the bad bad because you could get that to mean is it was. I was so upset about best sticks because it reminds me the first time already starting to get into music as a music fan. Yeah i'm a lock as Tom and you cared about it so much that you you brought it s. Yeah yeah you know. I mean so. That shooting day is one of the first things. I have a boat about might not in the first june. It was not in the ten. I this is. This is childhood memories for you. This is back to its again. But you can also hattie's influenced your career you know you. Dj's lot you and it was. It was definitely a movement. Out of east. London and i'm originally from stratford. And then so many other shut up and dance at high and that kind of the rcn that break beat style of music from east london and you can hear that kind of the influence of dont soil lavas were. When there was the jungle there was produces back. They're not yet. That para don's pasta lenny from east london a main making with direct direct influence. And i hope see more. They grew up in households. Like yourself where you know. This is late on a sunday often playing dominoes on the stove. This is our of memories and this is a a hassle. You know we you know you. You grew up in east on for myself. i'm a little white boy from stratford. Okay but fourteen years was planning to boost private east and that's almost quite trainspotting. He kinda music and don't have any us playing blues fis so young honestly at a show on was the radio shows studio one of them and i would play ray groove and play alongside all the other guys would love lavas rock. So i'll be this little. Why kit in the pie playing some groups. The i knew my stuff a fan of flying fan fan of flyer and it was. It was a seven still been in school and i'm sneaking out to play like i'm on on the bill finished blues traffic. You know two young even do anything. So i mean these long memories you know just you know often. It's part of all of us that l. to build that that part of the scene and bring up and element into the music. Became you know out blown out of the rape scene. Yeah wonderful time. I'll never seen understating no-one rewind the tune don's tonight braley. No-one re- rewind yet. i never seen. I never see a tune. Get rewind adults until a right right. Yeah i was. I want to do it. I never seen no one that easily. Seen that is interesting. Because i mean before there there was you know. People frost were play in but he had star. It's kind of in the rif. Seen when i made so he's playing was playing house and stuff. I m progressed into what became jong based yet. Come you come straight in with that of like aug san system sensibilities right you know. Yeah i mean opens now starting with started. Dj also night house in that. Bob yeah absolutely styles to house music still. Of course yeah. Send me stuff all the time when the jungle started because it was more reggae influenced at that time too old sound college came back to get it while while i was playing my music. You know a draw tune and the critic mad not to ship is needs to get reading but agree. This is gonna be a tough one. Do you remember what the chain was can you can you think. I'll rebound yeah This'll be gold. If you remember it may i. It was called Off was called a seven inch in the seven inch on mendoza mendoza record. Label is out june dining. If you find that you don't even know where it is. Because i was looking for long and i was putting chrissy that some. Yes chris christie wisdom tournament. 'cause he's june's he's probably not that that to nam and it wasn't even it wasn't even a junk is more like a puppy to fight. Used to go off in the dances. You know chrissy. Obviously 'cause i always try. He's good as a lovely kate at always trying to catch up with him when he's in la visits over there quite a bit and this. This dishes gone out on christmas day. So what's the family up to what you going to covid situation. You also listen. Well let me just wanna marry christmas anyway by him on mrs with sliding doors we got nowhere. Okay dr bake to wild. Catch anything so not i can come on. We keep it does right. The coverages of stocks got loads of sweets. Decaration up as you can see behind me loads of presents and everything so we good to go capable chef. That's lovely yeah.

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