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"china china ottawa" Discussed on NPR News Now

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"china china ottawa" Discussed on NPR News Now

"This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor comcast business gig fueled network solutions that help businesses go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary gary comcast business beyond fast learn more at comcast business. Dot com live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm jeanine herbst. First world leaders are gathered in france for the g seven economic summit president trump met with summit host french president emmanuel macron at lunch today and with world leaders this evening later tweeting. They both went well. Meanwhile stan carbon jack reports trump will also meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau on the sidelines of the g. He's seven with trade and china expected to be the focus. The white house has confirmed that trump and trudeau will hold bilateral meeting on sunday. Both countries have grievances with china china ottawa on the diplomatic front over the detention of a chinese executive and trump hovering on the brink of a trade war with beijing trudeau has been outspoken on china's detention of two canadians nations and the unrest in hong kong and trump has already signaled he would do everything he can to pressure china to release the canadians but trudeau's expected to focus mainly on trade and economic economic issues when he sits down with trump and the new north american trade deal which mexico has already ratified but ottawa and washington have not for n._p._r. News i'm dan carpenter chuck chuck in toronto as peace talks between the united states and the taliban continue in the qatari capital. The group continues to attack us targets in afghanistan anistan. Jennifer glass has more from kabul. The taliban attacked a u._s. Convoy north of the capital and while there were no casualties the groups continued assaults on u s and afghan again targets has many here wondering whether the attacks will stop if there's a peace deal violence here has intensified during the peace talks. The taliban seems to be using its military power for for leverage at the negotiating table jennifer glass reporting. This is the ninth round of talks on negotiations on ending america's longest war. The inaugural grow west kentucky pride festival kicked off today in the rural city of paducah liam niemeier with member station w. k. m. s. reports. This is the biggest l._b._j. T._q. event in the conservative region that has ever seen over one hundred people showed up in support at paducah downtown riverfront some worrying rainbow pride flags or rest up in drank organizers say peace online harassment and even death threats swamp planning but paducah l._g._b._t._q. Welcome center director destined says what mattered more to them is building an inclusive community. I think all of us we wanted the festival and we want to the community more than we wanted to be scared and we're not going to let them terrify us to hide and not put on a festival. Even win says the festival. Lets people be treated themselves in a region where not everyone accepts them for n._p._r. News i'm jamie mayer in paducah kentucky at the the p._g._a. In atlanta at least six people were injured when lightning hit a sixty foot pine tree at the tour championship today the third round of the p._g._a. Tour was suspended for thirty minutes because of thunderstorms in the area and fans were told to seek shelter. This is n._p._r. News a new russian-made soyuz rocket failed doc with the international space station today. Charles means has more from moscow the soyuz m._s. fourteen spacecraft features upgraded booster rocket and new digital flight flight control systems but ran into trouble when docking with the russian space officials say neither the i._s._s. or the soyuz endanger and that they're working to resolve the issue issue ahead of a second docking attempt within the next few days so he space craft usually carry astronauts to the orbiting outpost this test flight however was unmanned unless unless you count fyodor russian-made humanoid robot that currently sits in the commander's seat also known as sky bought model f eight fifty field his job is to collect data on the mission his first act as commander was to send out a tweet shortly after orbiting saint onboard tests. Were going as planned for n._p._r. News i'm charles means in moscow and russian space. Officials say that robot can do anything human can do but it hadn't been taught docking yet in brazil officials say some forty four thousand troops backed by military aircraft during the amazon and ready to help put out the wildfires that have swept the region those fires in the rainforest also prompted anti-government protests as well as international outcry president jacques airball scenario authorized the military to get involved in putting those fires but in the past he described the rainforest protections as an obstacle to brazil's economic mkx development for brazilian states of federal help to assisting containing the blazes and wildfires are common in brazil and the annual dry season. They are much more widespread this here. I'm janine herbst and you're listening to n._p._r. News from washington. This message comes from n._p._r. 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