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"chile shift" Discussed on The Outback Incubator

"Jet Seats was the discovery of a system called Baghdad. Ation system that it's used as an anti collision beacon system in Every big ship has a Transmitter Ping's outdid unencrypted signals says. Hey I'm here I'm going over there and she's my name. Basically these hit me. In focusing on every ship carried it also carried receive listening into William around. It's a great great safety system What no one had really realized is that that was a network of kind of shifts spotting enthusiast around the world that it stuck listening on tennis illegally in like flaps windows overlooking bays and ports shipping channels and things like that these things could pick up signals on a good day in about fifty radius and they network together. Because if I put money will I can save everybody. Else's they just delighted in Chile shifts around the world. No one really realized from a commercial point of view. If you marry that information up with some knowledge about what the history of ships all you can see in real time for a cog flood so you can see where you know gasoline carrier or of crew carrier Grade Carrot. You can see whether loading you could see going but even better than typing in when going when they think they can only get that so I created like a virtual commodity trading crystal and the joy was no one got it back to the Wright brothers thing right away Katya much smaller level but it was the same principle. No one got what I was talking about and hunch but I still was not coconut. So the soul of something you choose to be valuable. It sounds ridiculous question it now but I squeeze twenty thousand. Us Dole is out to the ball. So you just said look it keeps you quite about. Don't work time to go yourself out so I found a company outside. It'd be paid could do a Google maps type Because back in those days Google maps was even around. I did a deal with this network is sort of competition network to get the dates or trial basis squirted it onto this map hosted it on a HR Internet age because they fool. The trading service told to run away at a million dollars budget. I could possibly get some five nine reliability space in the list of rubbish. I clearly didn't Boat my twenty grand getting built so I go to on this age also but someone town Africa. I think some very Jessica. It manage down this equality and I literally printed out URL Longhand and stuck it on the desk Traders went home. That night came in the next morning and that was just like noise everywhere. People crowded around screens every holding these little bits of paper. It was just crazy and yeah I mean I go now at least ten years ago but it may be paid. Well a half billion dollars. I think we got nearest seven hundred million by the end of the first year now. The Holy Industry eventually coach off and actually positive note. This was actually representing efficiency for the markets. So if everybody in the market can get a better idea what everybody else is doing. Actually everybody can plan a lot more efficiently gonNA have shits causing each other with similar cargoes or not. Doing multiple drops in a to stuff actually was genuine release of inefficiency values. Omic sense from the market was meant what he gave me anybody else or anything. And it was just brilliant. I and I just did. It did reinforce in the that addiction to a degree. All when somebody twinkling your arms would be cool if that worked on the surviving relentless times when he doesn't just one or two occasions where you do get to the summit and the view using and obviously it's in your plus I remain and you've proven that and not stopping where you are at the moment is well and so around those iterations just point night day. When you've got a personal suits that takes you off the crowns. Your risk profile. A pardon the Pun a elevates pretty quickly right. So as you've worked through its rations of your suit and another you've done a Ted talk on this and talked about some of this stuff but for the listeners. View is generally what has been the iteration prices what hasn't worked and failure it's to be recoverable like you said but failure are imagine as late leading to you on the ground quite a few times. It's like trying to walk his next four live. It's lent walk. But what's been a general patent of inspiration to get to where you are from the very beginning. This has been working out you need X. number of jet engines on paper to lift you in the equipment's then working out where to put them on the good place because you can manipulate move your arms but you don't Wanna be your body with your arms a little. Make a mistake in looking at what we do. It's almost degree there. There was a third of power at least on your back which is nesting some of the equipment lifting some of you so the steady relentless march was towards crazing. I sort of web with respect sort of TCP ten coal camera tripod condom arrangement thrust boxes which are inherently stable but also manipulable. So if you sort of throw out to the side of it guess what you go the other way and you'll brain just like riding a bicycle just barely learns very quickly. Trained over fifty people clients now flying with literally a warning four or five goes but they will have the luxury of the safety tether which means connick before Labor on that need. I did so yeah to answer your question. I have this attitude if I properly before I do. Everything appropriately A its to analyze the risk of what I'm doing. And if the risk manifests what impact is gonNA be or may own people around me and is recoverable. So it's me falling over from few equal concrete with with Whitney pads on the appropriately. Bend a bit of metalworks. All of that is a lot less by than cycle community cross London in Russia to Jesus. We want five years when I so I would sort of make that assessment now. The equipment has the potential to keep going. It doesn't push off the ground in fact to get cleaner and easier to fly out of circulation when you go higher. But I suppose it's testament Hundred beds team of seven of the pilots And A for years and we've never had any serious injuries tool. That's not like hiding any bad. We really had any injuries. I mean I fully over and I put up just recently. A high gathered the whole team over zoom to review some of all files Mobile doing another will fail youtube some point if gravity industries you could see files in. Us kind of having some fun at each other's expense about the files So yeah we are very very passionate about managing downside risk. Managing failure may wind Realize quite running a trading book unit Michael. Right decisions over time fall from it. You just make sure that failures cost you everything that you can get back up again unsurvivable not to get to this accents and looks at record. Have no incidents says a lot for your of your slamming. You've built that in one of the things that Are Sore on one of the documents that are provided another thinking goes twelve thousand you just off right out that right because you want. Mike digital embellish the hype thing just a second because it's a natural human instinct. We've noticed this to people go. How can you? How high if you be while I must have been one hundred fifty feet During those times you know it's wing testing and stuff and I've caught more or less than I wanted in slow steady way way down. It already hut Right now so I just in a calm steady way. Just just don't bring it back down again. We realized there was no bonus to going up high from an entertainment and race series View known wants to see you as a little black dots. They WanNa see you in was clearing. You'll say That just blows people's nine so you WanNa be twenty feet over water. Rarely site in the liquid floats in Overhauled standing you. Ideally want to be that high Their even the military we've done with with. I don't want US going. High is just move honorable. So actually yes. We played you'll slow to parachutes in safety systems. But it's really quite a pleasure to try and just doj the whole nightmare of trying to get all of that trying to rely on or that kind of and now that you've said a sore video where you said you welcome competition and that we're GonNa talk about the racing stuff in just a moment but you very clearly said. I think it was in an interview with wired or someone like that. And you said Competitions healthy and we welcome. That says a lot about you and actually made me think of Elon Musk. Musk has a very an a lot of the great inventors of the world? Have that mentality. Which is it's bigger than mile idea. It's actually a movement or it's driving us four or whatever it is. So what is your philosophy on that in particular around these jet suits and personal aviation lists? I guess. There's the small one unusual collection of of people in companies in this area Law Group of companies. Now trying to push into the wealth of show you and your live out into the world of of kind of Taxis Electric taxis medium to short distance. Possibility that kind of stuff Kind of blows a little bit into a well but they tend to be vehicles with electric motors and rotating props but you rely on their autonomy to maybe if you but mostly just lift equipment and whatever already thoughts was very much trying to blend human machine trying to Be The bicycle is not a great analogy. Will be the largest 'cause Actually Imagining Lights Scholars. House right okay. Cool Very British thing some chilies percolate today. But they used to be one of my childhood. They were famous for not being powerful cause a being light and beautifully engineered where for reliability usually but web suspension setup on the handling so good that they could outgun big American muscle cars around tracks by being smart will how have and I was really neat. I love the ethos that engineering so whilst we have tons of POW factory way the most those with the whole ethos was straying away. From the temptation of building EC US and Gyros and competes very quickly becomes a box. You don't care also impressed go. And what's exciting about that? She does not hard anymore and she. It's quite scary because the folks go take you up in the air and then so I love the idea that again a bit like a bicycle this thing what we fly these things here they go exactly where you think. So within sometimes less than an hour you you go to appoint Looking up grinning in idiot just thinking you want to go and you fly that. There is a joyous freedom in it. And there's no systems involved. There's no delay or this. We have loads of former fighter pilots with US thirty five. Harry guys also They they love the fact that his seat of the pants raw aviation of the likes inspired most of them to go down to off Wei as gone on. We've been very very lucky. In having their praise in them saying that actually this is far more real than alive. So that'd be the more jet. Flights is that all so computer-assisted you're a little bit of a passenger so Yeah competition There was this sort of autonomy collection. But actually the core group it's The jetpack edition guys by even with the traditional kind of jet pack. Which instead of having rockets which is tree scare. He used to do that..

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