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"chara sharma" Discussed on Yahoo Finance Presents

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"chara sharma" Discussed on Yahoo Finance Presents

"Then I'll find other sources, but thankfully, we found some investors. So we we're backed by five hundred startup executives from Linden Salesforce tech crunch a couple of DC firms through ultimately, you were able to find some people who got behind the mission. And it really just takes a few to get started. You did you find that? When was because recent studies have shown that when women go out for funding for their startup investors. Potential investors, ask them different questions than they do men were. They ask them those same questions. But in a different way, did you experience that? Yes. Oh, absolutely VC's are known for pattern matching they and that's not the optimized for their success in deterrent and. They have seen the people who are wildly successful, the founders matern. They look like, Mark Zuckerberg, and he jobs, and they're right men. And it's so funny when a young man, and and their studies that have been done, I'm not just making it up when a young man goes into just VC. They'll think oh, wow. He's an expert decker break when a young woman does business to them. They'll think oh she hasn't seen the road yet. How would you? Visit you know when when an older man due to pitch to them Bill. Thank oh, he's mature. And he has exceeded he's going to meter and then same if Lindos they'll think oh vote. She probably she's waiting to have good soon or she already has kid, and then bad just somehow means that oh, she cannot work hard. And it's it's bizarre ridiculous. But I think this is a stomach issue. And what needs to happen is we need to have more women writing checks and not just a few. But enough of the actually have a seat. On the table, and they don't feel like minorities in health less than south and their workplace. So about a year and a half ago, a bunch of female VC came together and started always you might have heard of fence. And so they're constantly helping fun of more women in BC. And then there are more women writing checks, I think that look severely just turn the tables and create more female founder like myself. Yeah. A recent survey by IBM found that just eighteen percent of senior leadership at companies around the world belong to women. So we may have come very far. But we have we have far to go chara Sharma CEO and founder of next play. Best of luck with all of your endeavors, and thanks so much for being with us on this podcast. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the who financed presents podcast. I'm Alexis Christopher's be sure to rate review and share this podcast and remember to subscribe. So you never miss an episode. This podcast is supported by linked in learning. We're all at different places in our careers. Some of us are just looking for a job.

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