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"cellino raymond" Discussed on South Asian Stories

"All of the the minor successes. I've experienced so far. Have just been the direct result of a supportive community. Hi and welcome to south asian stories. I'm your host samir. Desai in this episode i chat with rahman borsellino rahman is a staff writer on nbc's a little late with the leasing. It was the executive producer and co creator a free forms. Twenty twenty election series kalpana approves this message. Raymond has written for adam. Kid will thrill in this giant piece that his the global economy on amazon prime and has worked on michael shirts. Twenty nine thousand nine primetime. Nbc comedy sunny side. Robin privy served as a political appointee in the us department of interior under president obama as worked on the number of high profile political campaigns in his home state of iowa. In this conversation we discussed a lot including the hilarious story. Where rahman's dad took his family to see harold and kumar in theaters for the first time how rahman worked on the clinton campaign and how dc broke him. Refer moving to la as well as going from cal. Pens assistant to co creator of abc's free form show in less than a week rahman had me laughing throughout the entire episode and shows us the power of serendipitous moments so without further. Ado please enjoy my conversation. With rahman or cellino raymond will come to south. Asian stories podcast. We are so thrilled to have you. How are you doing this morning at you so much. I'm very excited to be here. I want to start off by saying thank you for the work. You do elevating south asian voices. It's incredible and there are not enough folks like you. Doing it will thank you. We really appreciate it. And you know you have a special place in many south asians hard because you know we were talking about before we started recording is you are in the entertainment industry and an industry that we honestly don't have wonderful representations so the fact that you're doing what you do is just incredible and i know our listeners. Just so thrilled to hear this. But i wanna wait the beginning. Wait the being rahman his in his childhood form. Tell us about what your childhood was like growing up. And how south. Asian was your family. And and what was it like totally so for one. You may have noticed that my last name is not particularly south asia. My name is robyn borsellino rahman comes from my bengali grandfather. Ramachandra basu and that's my mom's side of the family. Borcelino is very different gruff. Bronx new york italian family so i have a. I have a very different background than most. Yes and so. The question was how was i as a child. Total goofball fear question. Not that i knew. I'd end up in the entertainment industry But i guess that was just inevitable. I grew up in des moines iowa. Kind of mit rest. So there were not many people who look like me for one. My mother Mabul both my parents rather For the local newspaper demo- That stor and by virtue of that family had a fairly public image. So for lack of a better phrase We were to some degree the token brown folks in iowa. I think if if people were to have any questions of people related they would probably give my momma call right right and did you feel like when you were growing up that you struggled at all with your identity m. i south asian. Mit talion. Am i american. Those all. come together where you haven't been golly food with italian food and like how is that for you. I ate very well. Say that i still do. You know in some ways the fact that nobody else really looked like me. I used very much to my advantage. And i think you know. I mentioned that. I was a goof ball. I think that being the tendency to wanna be a class clown to wanna stand out and twenty different came from the fact that i felt like they were already allies on me for you. Know to some degree right. You're sitting you're sitting in a class in des moines and the vast majority of your peers are white. You already feel like they're sort of a spotlight so i could be quote unquote model minority. Which i already knew is not going to work. There was just there was no way. I was I was good enough at school to pull that one off. So why not go class clown right. So i did my best with that. The other question there was very much a a spotlight not always good on on being brown and oftentimes well intentioned. But it'd be the type of thing where i'm walking home from school in my friends. And i say something about your my indian background and a buddy says which she thinks is a compliment. The most the most earnest compliment he can give is man rahman i forget that you aren't white like the rest of us to which it's like thank you and and so that's on you know that's something that's on my mind. There's there's the time that my mom goes to the eye doctor. Because she's she's having a minor vision. Problem goes to a new eye doctor and the doctor says well let me ask you this do you do you use curie and my mom is like what i don't know you aren't you Is an indian. Don't you cook you cook with with with Curium i saying it right into the well first of all. No you're not saying rates well. Is it possible that maybe some of the spices have gotten in your eye and that's what's causing the irritation and it. I mean this is a this is a respectable in the community. Doctor who is suggesting that because a brown woman is having a hard time seeing its because she got curry in her i again is is that dude A racist brick probably not but has he had many exposure much learning brown people know. And so he's these folks differently and there's a lot of that going on. Yeah no that makes makes a lot of sense because these microaggressions especially with the environment rim now when you know there's asian hayden and and it just like things like this are coming to the surface that our community has dealt with for so long especially our parents and our grandparents. It's and we keep it under wraps because we don't want to cause too much of like a you know a raucous but now like you know seeing our asian brothers and sisters and grandparents to stuff. Like i'm like wow okay you people think is happening to you and you're like wait everyone and we're all speaking up. It's sickening it and something to add to. That too is an. We'll get to this more. I think as we talk about representation south asian community and entertainment but some of the really just the biggest advocates the strongest allies that. I've had our other asians in in the entertainment industry. And that's not necessarily south asians right now. Got a lot of east asians in the folks who are really going through it right now. I think a lot of people will tell you this that after you know this after nine eleven. That's when you know we. We were really struggling. And i think right. Now i've had folks reach out to me and say.

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