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"caroline pao" Discussed on Pool Podcasts

"To work with mike to get a new case made and that they were going to work on some other relief efforts so i would expect to hear more on that one fairly soon. Liz taylor won the northeast women's tour. Season finale nice caroline pao to take a break and let the other ladies have a chance to win lizards on a bit of hot streak down. That's too too big wins for her. In two weeks. Tony chauhan three days with scott frost plane a little one pocket. That's a match that a lot of people had been waiting for and it was a shame that it didn't happen. You know what. It's my podcast. So i can say That it didn't happen when both of them were in their one pocket prime. No i'm not jumping up to gamble with either one of them. So let's not go down that road but you know let's face it. One of them is playing under a bit more heat out there while the other has backed off a little bit you know life comes in and becomes a priority but but either way you know no matter when they played it. Scott came out on fire day. One took a ten to four lead. There were playing race two thirty over three days so ten four scott after one day. Tony played like tony was expected to play on day two and caught up and then took the lead at twenty two seventeen. It all came down to the day. Three scott made a comeback. They were tied at twenty six. Tony one three went to the hill. Twenty nine twenty six ended up winning it thirty to twenty seven so tony chauhan won that challenge match. Paul drechsler was inducted into the international. Cue makers hall of fame for twenty twenty. I'm going to work on trying to get some more information about about paul and honestly as far as all of the media projects that i'm involved with them being this show the billiard buzz magazine of course easy billiards. There are a number of things that i would like to do to better support the billiards community. And better cover everything. That's going on and billiards and q. Making is one of them. I've talked to mike capone a couple of times. I've talked to. Mike capone a handful of times and and it always comes back down to me. It comes down to having the time to to actually do it. And i i keep saying. I'm going to but i going off on a tangent again. Congratulations to paul drechsler. And and hopefully we'll have an opportunity to talk to him on the show the other tournament results. Were you remember the texas open. Nine ball championship. That happened two or three weeks ago. Well they were able to do the one pocket they were able to do the nine ball. They were not able to do the ladies division. So so skinny. Bob's was able to open back up. After the little coves scare. They scheduled the women's event last weekend. That was won by the same player. Who won it last year and the year before. Empress ming ing. Not a player that anyone who has followed the game for very long would be surprised at her. Getting the win has been playing professionally for longer than i've been covering the game and there aren't a whole lot of players out there who've been playing professionally longer than i've been covering the game. I took a chance to to speak to ming. And i asked her how exactly she is able to keep playing at the level that she's playing at for as long as she has well. I think over time you know like i said like as we get older you know we have different priority..

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