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"captain lacey" Discussed on The Daily Zeitgeist

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"captain lacey" Discussed on The Daily Zeitgeist

"Told me. It's about black people in conspiracy theories and I just talked to to my friends and we talk about conspiracy theories we may or may not believe and We mostly create mayhem in nonsense. It's great. We go and is there a tweet that you like from somebody out there that you WanNa give a shout to Oh hell yeah here's a good my friend, Marcella Aguayo. Very, funny they and. Friend of the show. Apparently, that's what I'm hearing it through my headphones friend of the show. She wrote the other day men will forget your birthday but will remember all caps when they spell M. F. Dooms name in that crack me. Oh, man the respect. Yeah. That was pretty funny and also like you told everybody keep an eye out like I out like I captain. Lacey, where can people find you follow you support you listen to you on that other network and was a tweet that you like guys as always you can. If you like scams and you like comedy scam got his podcast, you can follow scam got his pot on all platforms. If you WANNA, follow me and my Shenanigans D. I V. A. L. A. D. Lacy on all PALAPA forms and a tweeted I've been enjoying. I'm so sorry because I don't know who wrote this tweet and I can't find it. But it's a picture of a black man and his son and they're doing laundry and then the caption says, okay. So we're going to put like six or seven dryer sheets in here because black the season their laundry. I love that. You can find me on twitter and Instagram at miles of gray and also other podcasts for Twenty Day. Fiance getting high talk on Ninety Day fiance. Eggs Andhra is one of the great shows. It is the number one podcast about ninety day fiance hosted a black guy and a bisexual Ukrainian. Jewish woman. who smoke weed and grew up in the Los Angeles area in the late eighties and nineties but that's a very specific but we are on the top of that chart some tweets that I like the first one from Molly Lambert Emily, Lambert she said proud of La for being. So unwelcoming and difficult we got Joe Rogan Am Bureau to leave. Yeah all right thanks good. Good good good on this venture went to Nashville because apparently it is. It's not as wet out there. It's definitely drier climate and I don't have to worry about my wife's condition. Always Family. Yasser Lester credit for this Yasser on twitter says, Dang today was wild I'm GonNa Post. Mates be a big old dinner tonight to feel better me every single day since March eleventh. Man. Yeah. Sometimes you you. I felt attacked when I saw that because I told you I don't know if I told you on here maybe Jack, but I went outside to get post the other day and my neighbor was like Dang girl posts every day. How His girl and I thought I was crazy. I turned around and looked him in the eye and stopped talking. He was talking about me and I was like. Okay what else? AM I. Or Am I. That means that you've got somebody. You reached the point where your your posts mate ordering feels like an addiction to him like that was he was talking about you like a crackhead. Ladies. Issues. She goes off again on the corner right there. Stop scratching your neck lazy. Leave it alone. Breaks your heart breaks. Your throw that money away. The residuals are pretty good though. Calmly she'll be. Go through that. Day So many. Hold on hold on Jessica Simpson what's wrong with the grocery store? Okay. Because I was ashamed. To do live your life, we're all trying to survive everywhere. We can another tweet I like I just want to say is from at the underscore red dot. Oh, we all know her guests the show friend of the show fan of her work. Her tweet is my ass is so flat that my far sound a little disappointed. Very, good. Way Are we all doing multiple tweets because I got some others that I like Jimmy heavy with another one. Okay Hell. Yeah. I don't even know how to pronounce this name is a muscle on the Internet but at Aj e. m. e.? J.. E.. y'All, know how to do that anyway Jimmy a fee of Fema Gee I think is how you do it but somebody said mildly was sixteen when she released the climb and then they replied back go Gohann. Defeated sell at the age of ten and I love that's That's hard. Facts of such a dumb ass up nobody care about Miley Cyrus when go hang out here, doing the hard work. started. the eraser of that. Don't people don't realize that was an epic battle Komo now, and I don't know if people are too caught up on Donald but we get there the whole of a I'll. I will say I always wanted my. When I have my little curly lake lesion hair cut it. So I could look like trump did you little bit of Trivia about your Boy Mile Little Bob you had a low Bob, cut. Little Part. That mean. Wavy. Shit. And Look I look at a fucked up permit was passed. Sharks was a very specific type of person and I don't believe he was in fact Asian inform. We're black. So I don't. Like people thought it was like Thai cost. Player. I don't know anyway. You can find us at Daly's like us on twitter. Instagram, we have a facebook fan page and a website these guys dot com plus episodes and are put no. Thank you. we got all their. Post all of that. And plenty more and I guess we could go out on a song by the weekend but I. I my blood pressure's too high right now. But I do WANNA play this cover by amber mark. He's fantastic You know singer-songwriter discover that she does of Nirvana's heart shaped box has. It's It's it's spooky, but it has like flavor to it. It's not often on my check out this you know woman of callers cover of Nirvana track but this is something else that I think you should check it out all her music. Fantastic. Human I think recently did a cover song song was very soulful but amber mark with heart shaped box, check that out and talk.

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