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"campbell shahid" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"That in this extremely wet windy and cold conditions. We simply couldn't go racing without you. Guys go to a big thank you to the festival gone to an intervening red flag period as g._p. Seventeenth race to <hes> this second sighting lap before the race starts lame hodges has got the grade as a raiders make the way ran fuel the way rain wet wilton mel suck it is going to be the number two championship leader evan belford leading dome pull possessions ahead of local boy packing up as frustrates when yesterday the number one thousand nine alva campbell shahid moved up tech clear second championship yesterday ahead of james kick on the one one four green machine as going to be starting from start spot ahead of the forty three of ryan skulk joining garnish. The fifty seven will be in fifth on the grid ahead all the fortieth only walker car and sex possession games a couple of bake issues yesterday and king quite faint race setup. He's going off on the reds ahead of today's race number two campaign gene on twenty five. We'll be next up in ahead of the first of the mailers own mailer on one at three zero of the graduate and ninth sport. Thomas gomez rensselaer the top pain off starting the head of the number eight alfie davidson and eleven dylan mail on the second of the mailers thirty one. We'll be in twelve ahead of a returning offense smarts on number fourteen and thirteen spot how does in crosby and bakes being fourteenth and then seven off carter burn renting at the top fifteen next except was still fighting our own bake forty seven and sixty spot ahead of the one eighth of sappho wildly and seventy mccain eightieth rossi brennan on number eight a two thousand nine hundred and jimmy would call rain suits..

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