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EP 85: Best High School Movies

Tony the Movie Guy

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EP 85: Best High School Movies

"Hello and welcome to another new episode of Tony The movie Guy. The podcast this week's episode is Best High School Movies so listen to Tony as they go through their lists of their your favorites. Enjoy walking program you the cost the cost awesome and we're back folks. How is everyone doing fantastic. Oh Hi Miss.. How are you contesting your quite chipper this lane you. I'm good. I'm good. I'm I'm good. I'm excited. This is a great topic. We know I was so excited. I was like this is so down my alley yeah. This is a great topic. We chose which is the best high school movies so that's going to be the main topic of discussion for tonight's episode as always on the tone of the movie. Guy podcast asked since we diligently research prepare. I don't why it's just from memory make I do because I that's how I show off I rarely Google but we're going to you know I put together my list of my favorite high school movies and again remember i. I haven't said this for a long time. These are all subjective Caitlyn so we may be missing. Some you know if we did don't be mad at us and you come you. Put together your homerun list as well and I think you're right. Probably that'd be a lot of crossovers and might be a few different but that's the main thing will discuss and this episode was specifically typically inspired by a movie. I just saw as well which is why I was like. Oh you know this is a great topic to discuss high school movies and as you said it's it's something you I love. I love that so many films in this kind of genre of was very much like a Nisha Nra of highschool movies and it's funny because when I was going through my list came to me way easier than most Google view just to refresh myself on like what am I missing. I'm kidding about that by the way of course you can google no no but I I don't expect due to I'm always going to refresh my memory on my twenty years of moving watcher. I haven't seen everything seventeen times like you have right but but they're also beat this subject like they're fun and upbeat and they cross with comedy and Romance. I think it's a wicked subject yes so I threw a a few non-conventional quote unquote to high school movies in this mix because that's the ones we obviously will think of any right. Most people love that just just a good time but there are some that a great films actually are high school now for definition. That's not something we even particularly discussed. What I was looking at was films really were either set in primarily around the high school or the high school school features very prominently right as a setting in the film and the plot does that would you agree totally good yeah because there are some films that kind of coming of age but like the high school is a footnote and it's not really mentioned the aw and I may have one or two minor cheats here but every film film head like the High School is a major backdrop yeah and part of the film itself completely agree. Thank you okay well now. Ladies I miss money disgust that kick it off a favor high school movies. You know what I'm going to say which would be my number one one but it's actually not although it that the clarify in terms of my favorite high school movie. I think it's the same as you but the first one I thought of as the film I just saw IBM raving that made me think of this topic but go ahead clueless. Oh No that's all. That's your favorite one absolutely want mine's breakfast club. I knew it would be. I believe I thought you were going to say I peel day off which is like number two or three okay so before we jump I. I love clueless I have. I don't know if you know I've probably seen cleanness about twenty six times like you're so specific with your numbers of seventeen. I I don't know I've seen that maybe ten so I when that film came out. I saw it twice fiestas and I just I bought ah I would watch it probably weekly and then monthly I was obsessed with that film to the point where I knew it literally all from startled at all it was it was a staple of the nine soundtrack. I was obsessed. I was in love with Paul Rudd. I- FRICKEN LOVES OUT AGE that guy the same is I mean the silverstone star making performance exactly and yeah yeah the whole culture. It's obviously nine hundred thousand. La Too so for me it was fascinating as a young girl in England because I wanted to to go to America so badly and not call right watching it from the perspective of growing up in England and being rush which is how I saw it too. It was something kind kind of fascinating and exciting. You know like high school parties in America the skateboarder the roughened dodgy and Los Angeles the whole relationship with her and her dad who's this rough attorney you know who who yells at her and one of my favorite scenes as she comes down in this Calvin Klein and white thing that she looks almost like a prostitute and he's like what are you wearing you go out in that. She said he goes go. Put something over that and she puts like this. Chiffon like see through thing over and anyway there are so many great scenes and Brittany Murphy fee on all like the this. Is this great goal mance. What do you say French meet. Girls like the original meaning they mean not popular and you know kind kind of self centered and whatever but I know of that film I just adore and it's my favorite so I love clueless. It's a bit lower on my list but you're right. I think that's much more than just a quote. Unquote Chick Flick Lewis reminds me kind of reminds me of Wayne's world same error but what I mean me more specifically as it's a film on the surface seems like kind of set as Z and Corny but it's very smart yeah has really clever and that's what I think about like Wayne's world or even Lawf- you might bill and Ted. It's like smart. It's a witty I love. I love clueless okay so before I guess I'll do a double. Bill of that's okay discuss breakfast club which is talking of a high school film talking of a coming of age movie. I mean do you know I think our listeners know our love for this film. It's it's one of my top ten favorite movies of all time so we'll talk about that but the first film my thought of which inspired doing this why why don't we do high school movies was book Smart which is directed by Olivia Wilde in a really fists and impressive passive like debut as director. I loved this film so much with my wife. I was how much we enjoyed. It got got pitched as kind of like you know a female super bad which does not do it justice at all and by the way I love Super Bad. It's on the let's but this film stands completely in its own right. It's very fresh. It's very original. It's very heartfelt and is Oh my God. Lav Out loud funny. We liked it so much. We watched it back to back. We finish there watching. Oh me with rewatching films. We love this film so much. It's Jonah Hill's sister Bernie Feldstein and this other girl who Caitlyn diva who I've seen one or two things theft phenomenal Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lord who I've seen pop up in so many movies but she's never never stood out to me. She steals every single scene she's in. And what kind of character does she play. He's just this out. There like hippy crazy see trick you just she pops up every everywhere they go. She suddenly then she's just jumped off a boat and they're like how are you dry hi. How are you here and she's like. How are you driving. How will you I absolutely loved her. This isn't another thing I love about this film. It doesn't can have like a single mean bonet spotty. It's it's really like a this is an uplifting warm like just really well made filming and I was. I was shocked with how well it's directed because it's really what it's so fast paced. It's so funny. It's just these two girls. It's called book smart because because they are they are really smart. Well yeah the nerds but see nowadays rural nerds. No I mean like genuine nerds in that. They've really smart yet but that's what's kind of cool about this so these two two girls have their graduating high school they're gonna go to like a big fancy college and they've just put all the time and devotion ocean on studying right so that never really hung out with the quote unquote cool kids and you've got all these other characters and kids who think would be like you know the jocks so the douches his but they're not and they find out that Mo- nearly all of those guys are going to light Yale or Harvard to and they're like you know yeah we had time for school and we had time for other things as well you just didn't and so then they have this realization like. Oh my God we're about to graduate. We never enjoyed high school. We didn't do anything crazy so they go on this mission to go party and basically just go nuts on their last night and they go to all these crazy things happen call island. They want to see it. All these crazy things happen. I it's just it's really really well done music. The soundtrack is killer fantastic. Ask a lot of electron a lot of modern music. I absolutely loved it and then it sometimes it takes you aback because it has really beautifully like Ho- felt scenes where they kind of you know there's a there's an argument scene between them and the way it shot where the camera pans from one to the the other as it gets more heated and heated and it's at a party and everyone's in the background and it starts with everything faded out in the background no one's paying attention and the more and more heated and they start fighting everyone in the background kind of slowly stops observing them then people can out their phones the foaming them and by the end of it everyone stopped. There's just watching them. It's it's a really simple but very well shaw sequence anyway. I can't rave about book smart more. The how definitely pitched the critics love this movie. Will you know me one night like look. This year has been a shit show for films such and that's the year of Spiderman and far from home and eventually then game and John Wick three which I loved birth on my God. It's it's just forgettable tons of unique films so this film came out on some months ago. Critics absolutely loved it and it didn't find an audience in yeah actually did okay at the bar. I'm telling you it was badly market. When I saw the and my and I was with two other girls and we looked at each other like see what I think helped his I didn't know much about all other than as you said. Critics lauded yeah yeah and it was pitched as a female super bad so I was like okay but I was like. Oh this might be so we're waiting kind of low expectations where this might be entertaining that Sia yeah and then we were just blowing away so yeah book smart is so good so funny definitely has a lot to do with high school. I highly highly recommend and I'm I'm also I think we're going to see those girls do a lot more. I mean beanie Feldstein so much of her mannerisms is so much Jonah Hill but but I think she's absolutely voicing career. The other goal was good too and I'm excited to see. I hope a Livia wild does more 'cause it's very impressive breath and she fought for this film for years right. She did you know there are apparently I heard there were scenes that she actually added to the script elevate it and also when they were doing the table reap of the cost she had each person who was cost to read and if they wanted to modify their lines to make their own an authentic self night she told them to do that and it's very grounded. It feels very real or what teenagers do which is kind of funny since I'm like a forty year old man you know I'm a kid at heart. I mean that's book smart so good in your right. I'm getting the plot. PODCAST review of put. It really is fantastic. Okay Oh and then the breakfast club I mean I've raved about the breakfast club so many times before John. Hughes is best an absolute classic. I say the same thing all the time because I don't know how else to sum up better. A film like this shouldn't work where a bunch of kids sitting in detention in highschool day and it's mostly all dialogue but it's so full of hot comedy emotion and Truth Yeah not like other high school movies where it has a bunch of scenes with other high school says you know usually showing like some kind of sports game or this or that doesn't do any of that. It's just these these hand picked unique characters. You know sort of battling with demons and Against Each Other and Lourdes may never be would never we never be friends normally and you don't really know if they're going to be friends like Anthony. Anthony Michael Hall even says that like when we go to school. Do you think you'll even notice me and molly ringwald says honestly no but yeah you got a Judd Nelson ally sheedy. Emilio Estevez has such a great cost. One of the most quotable movies ever absolutely incredible soundtrack. Don't you forget about me the most iconic this punch you know in the West frame in the whole world. I don't think I need to say more about the breakfast club. It's an absolute classic and it also has a very defining film of the Eighty S I've already one of the absolute best was very high on my list so this one is I don't enough. You'd consider it a little bit of a cheek because it's not the primary storyline being high school but it's one hundred percent is cool movie back to the future Okay I. I'M GONNA. Give it to you one hundred percent. I was GONNA put it on the less. I thought you were because actually at features high school quieter a lot and then you have the whole bull dance at the end. Ling it starts. I'm giving him in high school like. Does Final Act is all at a school don yeah actually even in the middle he goes. Actually there's a lot about the school I was just like. Put it so Seifi time travel's. That's why I took it off. You know what I'm so happy pull on the list to me it. It's a beautiful mash of a coming of age slash high school movie and absolutely sad was it has has to be part of the backdrop as not just a footnote but like a main feature and you're absolutely right one hundred Buffalo Third Act is the school yeah and you've got celebrities and you've got you know yeah exactly and why the shoes are. Untied Gullible Mc fly and I think everyone who's been listening thinks the podcast knows we absolutely adore to the I mean it transcend so much more than high school which is the only reason why decided not to further on my list but I actually heavily contemplated doing it so I totally give it. I had to put it up because to me it when you said high school movies literally popped up and I was like no it's and it's a perfect perfect movie. I love back to the future shaking. Oh you got it. It's yours okay and my next one is Ferris Buehler's Day off and if you think about Ferris Bueller Day off is is a little bit of a cheek because most of the film sliding off school skydiving is at point Tom for bunking bunking school is budgeting in the American. Tom Skipping School. King is American skyping know what we're talking about so you think about that but the principal features heavily in it trying to catch a ferris and the whole beginning pot where ferris goes to get his girlfriend away from the school so it does feature and quite a bit. Fisher but then the rest of the movie is really just them going off whereas Chicago and twist and shout. That's very amazing. Dont sequence in Cameron who I love so cool. I absolutely love camera and again I bilas day off his another film. That has so many layers to that film. I think is beautiful another John Hughes films. I it's literally right white beneath the breakfast club. It's fast paced with more like kind of I would say action yeah but but so many has Hong Slough new quences I mean when Cameron has breakdown totally at the end of that film with his dad's car I mean I moved. I genuinely am when they're in the museum him and the kind of the looking at the paintings and the way it should I don't know there's a lot of raising the ends but yeah I'd say probably seventy five percent of that film isn't isn't really around the school but but it's about Farris skipping school so interesting because my next one is of that same vein say Ferris exactly the next one can't hardly wait okay. It's all my actually hold on. Is it so I'm sorry. I know you loved this movie. I didn't put I kinda thought you wouldn't Uh-huh I didn't because as nothing to do with school. It's all based in the party. No it's a graduation party stocks in the high school graduation okay other other no light tiny but the entire thing if you actually I mean I've seen this film many. I think it's absolutely amazing from all the cameos in great lying in general as an angel prostitute. She's an no. She's an angel stripper. Oh Oh who gives him advice difference Darris we'll be who does she give advice to. what's his name the guy from empire records yes. He's the numbers the number I remember the number. He knows goodison fewer Yep. Seth Green's great green is amazing back in the bathroom all evening with other chip yeah and has sex with pita fascinating and I actually liked that Sabrina POPs up in that movie usher POPs up in that movie. All kinds of people pop up in that movie okay all right yeah. I didn't think of it because because it came to my mind and I came to my mind in those like I don't remember the school featuring one bit so that's why then I can go so I say it's a cheap but it is actually the theme is all about High Schools Ova. What do we do no and he has a bunch of flashbacks to school too because of how he met her and fell in love with how Geeky Guy who I've never seen anything else who does does the whole like song took guns roses which he basically is on this mission to embarrass the joke that gave him hell through all of high school but then get strong on can become they become friends yeah. I he becomes like the guy everyone wants to make out with and sings Paradise City or whatever that is go ahead and then yeah he becomes friends with Jock Guy Anyway. The whole movie to me is super charming to watch of love love the soundtrack that's the one where if memory runs off to the airport and the train station at the end an score one of those classical romantic and it's not super cheesy because you you actually think it's not gonNa work anyway but the whole thing is just adorable is that one of the two guys always obsessed with UFO's UFO's. Is that hardly wait. I need to watch this movie. 'cause I remember quite clearly owners so no problem all right all right. I'll give it to you. My next one is rushmore which I still haven't seen. I know you haven't seen right to start it twice and I don't know I couldn't you didn't like it. Did you watch ten minutes. At least that's my rule. Ten minutes probably five. Oh wow I mean. It's Wes Anderson and it so quirky. It's it's right up there. Would probably it's my high school movie. Oh one hundred percent. It's my favorite. No it's my most re watchable was anthem film life. Aquatic is my favorite but that's Kinda. uh-huh that's much quirkier and it's quite docker actually so rushmore is Jason Schwartzman Bill Murray and yet he's like in this prep school and so he falls in love with his teacher am Bill Murray and him have this like whole battle vying for the affections of the teacher okay but then he even gets like expelled old then he goes to like a normal like high school. the whole backdrop is high school taking all these different classes and curriculums and things like that it takes like autry and canoeing poetry and pottery and like all kinds of he just kind of. He's the student that just kind of dabbles in everything. What's that thing master of. You've all TR- jack-of-all-trades master of none. I I adore this movie it so quirky. I need to give that another shot but yes. It's definitely the whole setting is high. School is school for sure so that's many will agree with you. Yeah Great Great Film. You have to see that. We must remedy that situation. I should with you for sure all right. My next one is Greece. Oh it's on my list. It's a bit lower but yeah I mean come on bridal high seas yeah the insanity Dan Yea Really Tony Yeah. I mean obviously it's a musical thoughts primary theme however cheese then multiply in in however the control the whole thing is about high school life ridell high goals and the not popula the guys and the whole thing when I wrote down Greece what came to my head immediately was ridell high and you know it's interesting. I couldn't remember the names of any of the other schools but why del high came to my mind instant so I was like well. There's definitely counts I mean I watched Greece one hundred million times as a kid especially John Travolta Danny of the Newton John is a sandy. I love Stockbridge as Rizzo but even Frenchie the whole pasta songs again when you go back and watch that movie it's won't cheer and Rhys Grease lightning in this and Google those lyrics so cream her pants and things like that. Ah has like Shit. I won't take no shit like and there's different scenes that are quite risky. I mean that Cole film is set the High School. Yeah that's fantastic. I love that movie. I've watched it a hundred times and yeah it's everything but people battle in high school so yeah. I mean it's fantastic and it's all done with like the sixties and you know they have rockers and kind of mud basically but it's fantastic and the song some. I'm a loving right. I mean you know you're the one that lives on. You know it's a musical about it. You have you have it re watched eh client remake because I bet you they will. I hope not I mean they've done dairy terrible sequel grease to as a kid. I liked rescreened with Michelle pfeiffer. Do it for your country. I remember that song this guy singing to that today. There's this guy singing. This whole song say they do a few a country trying to convince go from to have sex with him. Wow just let it all right okay. My favourite film of all time is essentially a high school movie. It's Poets Society. I didn't put it on the list because I knew I it's like a prep. School is a high end prep school where you know John Keaton Rubbing Ryan's as the private school as a teacher you know who they dabble into this whole secret world of poetry and that's how they get the girl. Roland breakthrough there is and innovations and it's a devastating movie. It's a funny Rubio. They're all I absolutely love. Dead Poet's society. It's it's a film that every time I watch I get engrossed in absorbed into it like I'm watching it for the first time I think isn't hawk his his absolutely fantastic but also the other supporting cost Josh Charles and then I mean Robert Sean Leonard. I still don't understand why he didn't become like the next Robert Deniro or the in the next Sean at hand he. He was just sensational in that film and he showed up in. What was it like House and you. You know things like that. You've seen house right. Oh okay. My wife loves that hospital shows. He's the main star anyway. Dead poet's society absolute phenomenal. I'm no film. A bit of a non-conventional choice for one thought absolutely a kind of a high school film. Not your upbeat high all right well very ending. Mike Catt meaningful but even that it has a some still some very some saddened Samba home even that part 'cause Keating's is still ruined. He's still expelled yeah but he changed their lives for the better. Okay brilliant choice all right. You'RE GONNA laugh my next one and so other listeners token. This is who I am buffy the vampire slayer the original woman wants and it's one hundred yeah yeah that cheerleaders. It's no here's what's sad about that. When I saw that film in the ninety S I loved it and I saw and I knew about it before the show which I know you're a huge fan. I tried to watch a couple months ago and it just it didn't hold on wealth made that me right. The whole thirty minutes I saw was all high school yeah so let me talk about that. I agree with you that it's not super super watchable now because it is incredibly cheesy is quite outdated old hold up that one does not show holds up better than the movie that specifically because it's obviously then a little bit later as well and I am more of a fan of the TV show then the movie you adore. I adore the show I just watched it wit. I binged like the first four seasons of that show when the first came out an an absolutely love and just never carried on I'm not surprised because from season five onwards they changed directors and writers and it kind of went to Shit. Oh really yeah it kind of went all weird and darker and I noticed it this time especially because after four watcher no but I stopped off to because I they loved the first force I think I saw the first four cs so it's anyway the as to the movie it's still one hundred percent has a place in my heart consistent was in love with Luke Perry at that time it was it was a brilliant brilliant brilliant high school movie. I mean totally counts as a high school and the thing about buffy the vampire. That's silly on a vampire slayer. That's interesting is that you have you know it's representing the the demons are representing things going on in her life the things she's battling popularity versus doing the right thing all these things and it it kind of takes that subject and makes it supernatural ingenious about that film was well they cast peewee fucking. Herman out of the body I know rubens and what's his name in this film on Soland also one of the vampires. I'm pretty sure is David Arquette a young. I'm David David. I think Robin the girl from empire records is in that home as well. You know who gets a hash shaved and empire records Jerry. I can't remember the name she was willing to show up in the bunch of from this great yet in the craft and end of days with Omni Anyway Robin Tunney they go. Let's see all right next to me a little bit of a cheap but then when I thought about it it's not at all. This film is all based around the high. School is the backdrop Donnie Darko think about Donnie Darko Jake. It's been a while you've only seen at one mind fuck of a move but I remember that whole montage sequence when they got off the school bus they go in camera just kind of had an incredible like two minute tracking shot where it just goes through the whole school and then the girls are school now doing that dancing contest and then he he liked floods the school or or he knocks the statue off at the school so again. The school is a backdrop but it's featured heavily throughout easily sixty percent of the film agreed to write although the the film is is also a it's just a mind trip. You don't know what the Hell's going on you think Donnie Darko played by Jay Jilin holds crazy and you know he's he gets seen by this big rabbit every night and he's told the world's GONNA end a specific date but then essentially delves into time travel and stuff like staff I love that movie but the school is featured a lot in that. You Got Baby Seth Rogan in it yet. Drew Barrymore is one of the teachers No widely I know awhile I think is another one of the teachers a great film. I absolutely love it so I put it on this list. Good one all right. I'm going to go more old old school and go with by me laugh. Oh Wow pile and that poor girl who died of an overdose him sorry to bring the podcast down. Thanks Tony Can I. That seems very anticlimactic. Thank you that is a sweet. I had no idea by the way this is actually years ago yeah well. The film is one hundred percent of high school movie. It's obviously it's the Geek who wants to finally be seen and noticed so he pays the a goal he has a crush on to pretend to be his girlfriend and make them popular and make him popular and it works but then obviously the tune in love and turns into Joe. Actually actually turns into a douchebag nicer because it's very like you know against his Integra eighteen is mean to his old friends and the whole dance you remember that the and all that stuff I love that movie my sister and I used to watch all the time doesn't he liked come to save Roy Moore and they ride off into the sunset with like the film. It's a really cute movie. It's primarily in the high school so totally correct okay good. I'm surprised we only just got to this one now because I know we both adore this foam. which is ten things I hate about? It's my next one okay yeah. I actually should have put it way way way more. I think about it me too. This is one of those films that I- unabashedly I love it. I Adore I mean many checks Lubbock because of Heath Ledger of course but I this there's just a bill that just like. I don't know it makes me happy. Oh I didn't put cruel intentions on this list. I did I and that it's No yes whole ending. Branding is the high school. It's not it's at a church. I thought that was the school Nixon I hold on. They were in the school they. We are in that school uniforms but they're at a church. Maybe it's on the school grounds but because they're in school uniforms but there is actually quite a lot about that film on that set in the school but it's okay. It's but ten things I hate about. You is also one hundred percent. I mean the whole opening sequences. Let's go and it's one of those movies. Lisa has the cliche here. The hipsters talks here. The you know the druggies and like it's very stereotypical such so great donohoe films great the whole Cost Julia Stiles Heath Ledger Joseph Gordon Levitt even like Allison Janney as the teacher with a throbbing pulsing having member. She's sexy story and even that other. I hate to say what's his name David. The Guy threw yeah. I really like He. He's great in this film as the friend. It's so sweet. The soundtrack has app you know and it's basically the taming of the shrew remade you know at the rock bands singing on the roof of the school but I want to to one the yes opens at at the school and at closes at the school. Oh it's all high school high school a high school party. It's high school this high school that Oh incredible sequence sequence where she's too good to be on. She's on the field and then he steals the fricken microphone the whole song bleaches and with the band so graying. It's it's so good. It's such a feel-good filaret watch. I watched that movie every every year. It means it once and it's a film that I'll just I enjoy so much ledger interest so great and but everything else about it is fantastic to it's funny. I remember that coming out right as I watched the matrix paint around the time yeah and how different those were and I loved what I always remember about that film because I used to read the Empire Magazine Magazine which is British film magazine. Religiously and I remember the review and remember how it talked about what shout for this heath fledged going because it was unknown like this is a star in the making yeah and then look what happened to him loss to soon but such. I always always remember that yeah and I saw in the theater. Did you see it in the theater. Oh yeah okay good so that was my next one so then I'll skip too easy. Hey I love. ETA okay. It's on my list. It's right near the bottom because of I I'm not a fan of this film do like I love Emma Estonian that and I love her parents by Stanley and I think is it Patricia arquette correct. No it's not Patricia clocks. I loved them like the the cool hip current fan and this was like the star turn that made Emma stone kind of big. I don't dislike the film. Just love it. Go ahead. I understand I I love to high school I will it's one of those when I had cable that. When it came on I would watch it real. Watch it. Watch it watch. Oh you know who POPs up in phoebe. She's the Komo Lisa Kudrow cheats on husband. I love the story I think she yes. She carries the film right one hundred percent. I like the love love interest in that film open. Badgley like the whole battle she has with the religious girl name wife loves that coach. She sees all her films like girl. Want yeah she. She's the man I really the binds. I think it's a really entertaining. How do I know everybody. Masculinity is peeling away. I highly recommend it. It's a fun fun movie in my opinion. Here's the truth truth. I've seen it three times via your wife. You're right I saw myself in twice with her because she loves it but yeah it's all about our school all about gossip and it's actually got that underlie because basically she's pressured into kind of communicating that she's basically really slutty slotting and she's not she's never had sex right and then you know to help someone the initial first and then kind of a grows led her and but it becomes really kind of a little saddening really really great film yeah okay that's easy that see pretty in pink of course on absolutely fantastic again another one of those this kind of genre defining films especially with the Kleenex. Yeah you know like Molly Ringwald this was like her big huge kind of breakout film that made her kind of like the poster girl of the Eighties but you know Andrew McCarthy James Spader as douchebag in the world and Jon cryer whereas Duckie who steals the whole film. I loved this movie but yeah you've got the upper class you know kind of lower costs and she falls the the upper class guy and kind of how it's not meant to be and again. It's a film that has layers that sequence where she liked confronts him and she's like just tell me the fucking looking truth again. Are you going with me. Just say it say the truth. You just don't want to be seen with me because your parents are giving you a friends like the remember that and like nearly pushes him against against like the lockers like really intense. I was like Holy Shit and it's like fun like whoo she's in Maya cracker that go ring worlds fantastic. I love her so pretty in pink think we've spoken about this film a lot so there's not really a lot more to say about it but it's a great film amazing soundtrack that sequence. Weh duckie just comes sliding into the records singing a song that whole dance one hundred percent the iconic heist and the ending you know what what is it the prom you know and originally she's supposed to get together with duckie and screen audiences and intesting hated it so she gets back with Andrew McCarthy and then it's Kristy Swanson bothering the vampire slayer duckie ends up with lava all right my next. One may be a little surprised twenty one jump street. It's all my last one. It was funny because I was thinking about got. It and I was like Oh my God. It's totally a high school. Even they help school is it's so a high school big you watch the TV show. I didn't care with giant. Oh you've talked about and Richard Greco and it's about undercover cops and a high school so the whole setting is high school. It's a great action movie but it's Fricken hilarious. Yeah you're right. That chemistry was so surprising to me. I was like Jonah Hill and channing tatum and here's what my wife calls awesome Chinese. Yum not underrated. It was fantastic. I I watched it multiple times. It's very watchable and very funny. I think think he gained channing Tatum Cain millions of fans with this film because he gained a huge audience of men who like their students funny yeah and integrate and could do a good action movie because he had just done like the dance movie Magic Mike Antiquated Yeah but he started with like a step by step up which eleven scene we love but it's a total go chick flick and then he's Dick Mike which is a total other chick and then this actually made him like Oh and you're totally right the chemistry with him. Hill is fans. I spent and I love twenty two jump Street College. It's good but I still prefer twenty-one drums while the first one is what counts for the celebrities. It's all about high school and that's also a film where it really showed showed. I mean I know we say. Pc but you know this whole politically correct thing it has a good side and the bad totally but it showed like when he was at school he was like jok right so then he goes on to hit someone picks people and everyone's like what are you going to do that anymore. Yeah everyone's into like vaping. You know save old. Let's get what's going on because times have changed so much. I mean there's still assholes. I think it's just things of the trajectory has changed title or much exactly all right all right you rate choice twenty one jump Street Anna Funny as hell movie so I'm sorry they made the twenty third jump street. I would be a nine to watch yeah. I hope they do all right. I know you don't love this movie but I adore this film. It's such a bizarre film that they they would never get away with today. Which is Heather's? I I love that film. Oh okay. I'm sorry it's my wife then my really like it my way and Donkin weird. My wife watched this movie movie with me and I swear to God she was she was disturbed. I know we hang out a light. Tony but you know Dan I different people. She was like this is such a weird movie like I do not go. You had me watch. They liked it. I mean literally. I don't think you could get away with a film like this. The shootings and everything of a cut in schools does but I mean when owner riders fantastic Christian slater is the bad boy they get together and basically there's this group of other headers and they want to kill them off and she thinks he's joking okay but he actually kills them all and she kind of AIDS in the bats and then she realizes holy shit is crazy so then she gets away from him and he decides to blow up the whole school and anyway I like that. Ah Shit crazy film I remember that law seen whether it's the girl in the will CIA kind of dancing around her and then the credit so johnny is just like what am I watching. She just walks out of the heat for himself. He blows him and she walks. That's right yeah and it just ends with her. Danzig around the world chess like going round at US okay. It's it's it's not it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. It's brilliant. It's it's a satire comedy satire which again this came out in the eighties before columbine everything that flakes and unfortunately now that kind kind of thing has happened and become a norm but I it's so witty and it's a brilliant scathing satire and Christian slater couldn't be better in this film. He's the bad psycho that you Kinda love. Totally yeah all right. I'm going to go little lighter. Yes on my next one. You have seen this. I don't remember if you you love it or hate it. I know Danny Lexus the duff. Oh it's on my list really liked okay so I've watched. It probably four times so vain so my wife Adores was this film and we I told you the story about Mae Whitman right. Don't remember we Mac Mae Whitman in a fro. Yo know how in Las feeless the same day we had just finished watching the DAFNA and the series finale of parenthood we walk into this Froyo a place for some friends and May Whitman's with the guy who plays her brother in parenthoods wow and Danny's mouth drops and she's like. Oh my God it's Mae Whitman she literally points Whitman saw and she was like Oh shit creepy fans and she literally I saw that we got and they booked so so ever since then I'd be like boo May Whitman Boo but we actually blame. We actually love her and the duff is such a sweet sweet charming film. She's brilliant. I love the main guy I she's of the guy who plays Arrow yeah that guy in America. They must have seriously looking in my God. This is way better than it should. It's one one hundred percent high school and that's very stip stereotypical the mean girls and yeah very sweet. She's kind of not even super good looking both in love with the guy who's doc designated ugly fat Fresno but she's not horribly on a track her two best friends gorge exactly which one and I liked it. They're it's still not they're good people that night even when they fall out and stuff they are good people really nice nice good looking guy yeah. I love that film total one hundred percent highschool movie. I love we own Denny. The next one's very simple. I'm really okay well. My next one is the perks of being a wallflower. Have you seen that I have Kevin. I like it a lot. It's quite dark but it's a little heavy. I don't remember the name of the main guy he know blew up and had the career you thought he was in like Percy Percy Jackson those films otherwise Emma Watson an Emma Watson and Ezra Miller this was the big introduced him. He's the gay friend I I. I really like this film but you're right. It's a it's a lot dockets a- a drama but great soundtrack very well acted quite right surprising and it's all set around a high school kid who is very inhibited reserved and they kind of help him break yeah he's as an introvert and you find out kind of. I won't spoil it but like you know he's kind of damaged and tortured from something that happened to an advocate and he's into Nihil about it and it kind Donovan folds but the whole backdrop is is the high school Ezra Miller is fantastic is gay and he's like secretly having relationship with one of the JOCK quarterback back. You know it's a film that has lays. It's very well done based on the book. The Guy who wrote a direct wrote the book he directed the films. Well yeah remember that was one. You told me to watch and I was very pleasantly surprised even with how doc it's been a while. Actually I've seen that two or three times because you're right. It's it's a bit of a heavier type. Melih good move very well done and all south around the high school right. I'm still on my roll of you know upbeat AH BS which is edge of Seventeen O. It's it's on my list tough to me at both on the same level edge of seventeen is a smarter Marta or kind of a bit more dramatic film which rides and works all because of hey we stash. She's fantastic relationship fan. Oh Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson is the hailee Steinfeld really is a fantastic actress. She really she's great in this film like you you know again. She's like a seventeen year old girl. That's hard for me to say I relate to Kinda. Do I really did especially. She's having such a hard time with the fact that that her beautiful best friend is in love with her brother and it bothers her so much that she's being such an immature prick about and not the same thing happened to me but but I did have a hard time with my sister was very popular and I remember I know she would bring all these boys older boys that I thought were just out of this world cool and I you know at the time we really grew apart. I was like ten and she was fifteen. So imagine the different however I was still really in the boys and I wanNA piece I wanted to be her. She knows this I mean she was a knockout such knock out. She was a dancer she was in the popular crowd like Oh. It's turn to other girls can full era. Oh Sarah's were considered like most beautiful girls in school and so I kinda go all I really got her emotion of frustration of jealousy I was I was a kid. You know turning into a woman. The film helped to relate to have that kind of but then I really like how that film went in the end because she's Oh and you don't mean anything to you but the guy who plays her initial love interest is a Douche is a really big part on supernatural. Oh yeah yeah and he's a deuce but these kind of not she's again but she's egging in our own way like look he. He's what's the modern term for it. He's a fuck boy but he's not but the Nasdaq is she sends him just like I wanna blow you and she's coming onto a nonstop of these like what do you want from me. No no you're right but he's not like I remember when she tries to get out of the car. It's like look at least take your home. He's not he didn't want to leave that so you kind of like he's a Dick but she thank you Ryan the corner ten yeah and she puts herself in that position and then I love the sweet Asian Guy. She ends up that relationship story. It was very nontraditional because he's kind of at least a fuss. You're like oh he's really nerdy and they really got along and he's just really appreciate who so she is right and it's it's sweet yeah. It really sweet again. I that was a film that surprised me how much I enjoyed it. It was very smart and mostly because of her because I thought she's amazing she was she acts her pants often film as well. She's really good it was very well reviewed and it does of them agreed read okay good again kind of a bit craziest you know midway the less but American pie. Oh my gosh it wasn't even on my list. I love the movie I mean. It's actually not really at all no but it's all about the party's it's not only the school loads of it's in the score thing about about the festival for the whole yeah well. That's what I'm thinking of. The other movies aren't high school the old I won the whole I is the dog the end yes so anyway out just a staple of the nineties. This was like a defining film of the end of the nineteenth Jason Biggs stiffler flush one William Scott and all the other cost some of them just kind of came and went viral read with a big comeback with Shaq NATO movies and so how many great people who's the orange is the new black kids with the frizzy hair anyway great great Kost Aust- great sound find those so entertained really funny especially the first one but yeah I mean it's about your one hundred percent writings who decide to pop the Cherry. I think before promise something again very sweet. Obviously you got the you know the infamous a pie fucking never see pie the same way but there's so much more about that film yeah. I really like about the first one where he gets film doing taunts in the bedroom and then you have like What does it blake quite a feature and they're. They're in the movie. Yeah I adore that film. I've Seen At ten twenty times. I've watched all the other ones. They're enjoyable but number one year right. They're not high school or cause second is college and then from that but the first one is a high school movie and it's a little out. It's very `nineties. Oh I feel very enjoyable. Yeah I'll always as we watched American pie. Oh and then the Dad Jane Levy. The Dad is fantastic as I love me. Okay that's brilliant. My next next one is going to be well. Obviously sixteen candles yeah. I didn't put on my list because I picked pretend pink and breakfast and you know I have issues with the Syllabi Wii. Although I've watched again lost you and I like to more I get bit because we have covered the other two but it's on there is an honor. I mean it's all about high school. I find that film quite racist and sexist. I remember here's what happened. Though I watched about five six years ago for the first time in maybe ten fifteen twenty years and I was like Holy Shit this is quite racist and sexist and then I read watched it last year and I don't know if I'm just an asshole but I kind of got over that and could just kind of enjoy. It has very sweet moment. Of course I mean you got a young John Cusack Joan cusack like getting her underwear her you know and then taking it to the men's the boy's bathroom everyone gets to sniff it and was like hey take my girlfriend home. I'll she so drunk. I could have had a anyway. I wanted and the Asian foreign exchange student and I I. It's a little is it is all right well. We kind of covered it. Thank you want to say anything else. Awesome now handles of all of them. It's probably my least favorite like breakfast club and pretty in pink hallway by the way that is the film that gave the world mollering. I I know so that's fantastic. Oh and the Geek Anthony Michael Hough who's great in it okay good dazed and confused of course that's. That's a film that gets better and better for me. We just saw Richard Linklater. I need to give it another one. That's where you've got. Matthew mcconaughey all right all right all right. That's what I love of about these high school girls. I get older they just stay the same age so creepy young Ben Affleck and then one another ABC's Marissa were BBC's in that and me the Jovic and then a whole bunch of like unknown actors who that Jason London Guy Remember every it'd be a big star and kind of didn't and do much a killer soundtrack in the seventies but that's a great highschool movie. Even though most of that film that they leave the the school the beginning they graduate and so the film is all the potty actually but still it's about it is all right my next one. You're going to laugh off. I don't think you like is she's all that she's all that. That's the one with actors that I forget the name these old old Amanda bines. He's the man she's all. That is the one Oh Rachel Lee. Could h elite. It's on my list. It's a bit of a guilty. Pleasure is very outdated but I did watch a year or so ago and I've seen a few times and and that's the one where that song kiss me. Yes did she the status which they obviously three phone well. What's ridiculous about that. Film is it's Rachel League Cook whose fucking gorgeous girl and they give glosses and they put her in overalls put up and then the transformation is taking go ahead out and put a girl. Give me a break but the movie is so sweet her chemistry with Freddie Prince Junior is calming pool walkers in Douchebag really changes because he he is kind of a superficial drag. It's a guilty pleasure. I actually I. I'll admit I might enjoy that one thousand nine hundred movies that I really Donald Face Jason this well who's also in clueless bunch of films like that and Turk yet and I'll give it to you. It's on my list there. We go okay good Napoleon dynamite. Have you seen the remember on Hedda vote for Pedro. It's the whole film set around around school. Say He's just this like total. I mean he's a total nerd. You know weird introvert guy you know who makes friends to this like little. Mexican GYCO PEDRO WHO decides to run for class president and then he gets into this relationship with this little girl. He meets in the High School I it's a real L. sweet film. It's all sat around the backdrop at the high school and then of course it's got that total classic dance sequence where he opens for Pedro. Oh voting for president it. Does this whole like dont seen it. Such an offbeat quirky film kind of sands in its own right on the funny thing about about Napoleon dynamite is the first time I watched that film. I thought it was the lamest thing I've ever seen. I was like what is this. This is absolutely absurd. Cerdan hunkered and then I watched it again and I was like this is ingenious. Now I love it so funny how we change all right good. My next one is is mean. Girls are on my towards the end it has to be on the list is one hundred percents loved this movie. I wrote this film. She did yeah she wrote it and Lindsey Lindsey Lowe harm. Yeah obviously it. Lindsey Lowe I don't love them and particularly but she's goodness satch Rachel McAdams and her little team of clean no only in the Amanda Amanda Fred. It's a really great in high school movie because you've got the usual I mean this has been done so many various stereotypical win it. It's it's fun. It's a really league good film. I watched it and I enjoy every time yeah. It's an enjoyable film. It's kind of above average. I it doesn't do something like groundbreaking on Youth Anthony which is why the lava came out before a lot of other the rue when I compare it to clueless clue on capitol much better but by the way it was on my list so of course it's it's a fun high school that I get for sure it was also one of those films that kind of brought in the two thousand two the came out in the early two thousands thousands okay good that see what else do. I have all right now for something totally different. I don't know if you watched this film brick with Joseph Gordon Levitt to right to Bhai Ryan Jones. What are the ones. You're supposed to have me watch well. Here's the thing about it when I saw this film for the first time ten years ago so I was floored by I absolutely we love to I've seen it two or three times cents and I don't love as much because it's very slow paced. It's a neo noir crime mystery Setina High School which owes of Gordon Leather is like the main guy and it's like drug lords and kings and stuff or within this high school setting and it has it's the the film has its own language so it's kind of hard to understand you you just kind of naturally pick it up and it's about his girlfriend turns up murdered and which is played by Klaff from Las Mil to Raven. I don't know what happened to her really liked that. Check she just kinda vanished. I think she was in once upon a time the TV show but otherwise have never really seen much. It's just a really smart and totally original fell okay so when I first I sort I adored it but it is very very slow paced so you kind of have to keep up with it so it's not the best film for rewatch ability ability right but in high school backdrops accounts all right. Here's for a little bit different guarantee. This was probably not on your lesson it say the Faculty say Oh my God I I love the faculty. That was a movie that kind of came out. you know money. Atta girl. I've watched the faculty like fifteen love it Robert Rodriguez Josh Hartnett as would uh-huh yeah. I mean it's got some yeah yeah. I'm offloaded the ring. That's when I went to do Lord of the rings straight after after that yes just before that it's good a bunch of great amazing owns crazy now. Patrick's in that soundbite ex straight yeah has all these other little cameo but it's such an alien invasion takeover movie all set in the highest and they went on a little roll doodling these these kind of films about two three three three of them at least and this was my favorite one. I actually love the faculty because they did disturbing behavior. I was is going to say the one with Katie home. Which is okay. I love that faculty felt great move on. I'm so glad you by surprise because you don't realize what's happening. When you first watch it. I watch it over and over again. I love the I've seen it five or six times great cost of up and commas especially you're right. Elisha would actually draw Anna Anna Brewster from older foster in the furious. She's the girl and you know great. That's a great choice. I love that movie to the high school so high school Patrick's great and that yeah okay good again that I'm kind of a bit embarrassed it so low but super bad bad. I mean it's a staple of two thousands comedy high school. Joan Hill nyquist stones breakout right super bowl. It wasn't a break notice yeah. That's where people kind of own who is she. She's got a small role. She's one of the girls yeah but she's in film for. Maybe fifteen minutes. You know remember going. Oh Oh yeah yeah yeah. It's one of one of the first films where people paid attention to tell easier was her starring starring vehicle that kind of established her as a lead and then open the door to everything else that can be yeah. I mean Michael Sierra Joe Hill that chemistry he's great at such a remote rude film but also very sweet and then who steals the film completely as Christopher immense plazas Mark Levin and and then I fucking love Bill Hader and seth Rogan as just the the happy go lucky hater seth Rogan. It's just these the cops you take but loving out on the right of his life they drink for shooting guns. They blow up the car that they actually I mean I don't know if is a good thing or a bad thing but they actually make the film for me that whole storyline. Oh even though Jones a hill and Michael Sarah are great. I love love loving with the cops the best part of it. It's it's a great film and again. Barely any of that film is set in the high school. Maybe ten minutes starts. It's all about the party and getting off to school party but yeah yeah that's super bad my next one is Friday Night Lights Nights. It's not on my list. I actually loved that movie. I never saw the show building is phenomenal with the same actors at least but I don't think it's lost hit true. Something Taylor Catches Taylor Kit and become a star. He's trying. He's trying lemons. The coaches is that just the coach isn't the guy from the movie. It's a billy Bob. Morton film is phenomenal a nominal. It's really good well. That's came and that's the funny thing. I'm not into high school shows or anything that's about honestly honestly sports. I guess that's why I didn't put it on the list because it's really first and foremost a sports film but you're right. It is the highest it's one hundred percent of high school movie though to to boss people who's like that but you're right. It's true they are. Primarily sports movies a bit of a cheat. It's a good film yeah all right. Let's C. O. Fast Times at Ridgemont high yeah so I know it's towards the end of the list for me. 'cause it's not a great films not very good but I do. I like it but I I like certain things about it like I love sparkly. Sean Penn's Great Yeah. I like Judge Ryan held. Everyone likes phoebe case. You know there are things things about her. I really do enjoy and I think it's quite smart. Bullet is about outdated and it's not a film that holds up for me but it's definitely revered. That's one of the most classic like High School American comedy films. Now I know it is I was. I was disappointed when I watched it. 'cause people had talked it up to me. It's awesome crazy. Who Sues is now. I mean Jennifer Jason Leigh. Anthony Edwards Eric Stoltz Sean Penn Judge Ryan held phoebe cates. It goes on on the non so it's worth a watch for sure to show it's written by Cameron Crowe. Yes all right all right almost done me to bit of a guilty. Pleasure never been kissed. I was going to put it on the list and I was like you know what. I don't like that movie so I took a lot okay. I wouldn't say like I don't love it but it's the bit of a guilty pleasure like David Daca right. It's not anything like to run home about but it's sweet. It's a ROM com you know she goes undercover as a high school student and she's kind of an odd so. I have a friend who is in two of these movies American Pie and never been kissed yet yeah anyway. It's let's call it an honorable. It's okay I mean I'm sure it's on the list of highschool mood because the whole setting is the highest. I like it. I enjoy shoyer. It's pretty cheesy. It is very cheesy. She's all that is better yeah all right. Let's see okay good. I put June on the next semi yeah because you don't really think cook. Juno is a high school movie. I mean she's a high school. Girl who gets pregnant with my mom tons of is sat around the school. You know so it's like yeah. It's a high school movie. I'm when I think about it. I can't really mention of those scenes but obviously the says with him where because he's a jogger Oregon yeah and then there's that guy who's like a jock in the school that kind of gives her a hard time. He secretly likes her. I think that's about all I can think of in the school pretty much yeah. The rest is where the about pregnancy but it's a great movie is Ellen Page starring role for her it really Jason Bateman on the map for me. Oh and it's what's his name Jennifer Garner is. She's great sublime in that movie. She's really really good in that film Allison Janney again Jason Great. It costs all right. I'm GonNa End with another Horror Movie Carrie. Okay that is definitely a one hundred dollars. I had to money on my list so so it didn't put I I really liked Kerry even the new one. I really really like so. I put it on the high school. That's the perfect one to end off with but it's kind kind of somber. Although I remember about Kerry is period period that the ending of the but it's ingrained in mind but I think it's kind of amazing what that phone communicates in terms of what would happen if you really have somebody with power so far into a corner drove them crazy that they explode white so tragic about that is which is quite brilliant in about that film because carries out shake great movie it holds up very well sissy space at John Travolta that was one of his first films but it's not like she gets revenge on the bodies now. She kills Nope when she kills the teacher who was really kind to she. Just goes not he kills nearly everyone she's literally sees Chicago thing yeah and or the VAT of pig's blood on well. That's what I'm saying like. She con think at all wow so sorry guys close list of five one on John Kerry. Did I have anything else that I would like. An upbeat. NOPE got nothing shit. Sorry all right well since my wife loves Amanda bines how about like she's the man that's good then. We go channing tatum in how God is channing tatum in that too all right well. That was a good list. That was a good lesson you the great thing about these movies as well as nearly all of these movies as a fun and even those on brilliant quite yours were and the horror movie one's a really funny one faculty again now underrated rated movies so good yeah. I mean look. It's not like Classic Oscar movie but it's one of those highly entertaining popcorn films that kind of low totally in the shop. It's not like Super Scary Hoorah. It's like it's a fun cool movie. I mean come on Josh. Hartnett character is called. Zeke he had Dan Lewis Style in that movie did bugged me so much. He didn't audition for that film. They just cost him yeah yeah. That's when he was on his heart she he was honest so bizarre his career. Josh Han he's actually doing. I just had a podcast with him. He's doing a lot of stuff all the time but let you you think of Black Hawk down film. Has Tom Hardy Eric Bana Ewan McGregor. You know the guy from Jamie from frigging game of thrones it goes on and on alone and the poster child is fricken Jonah. It's just bizarre all right. We went on a tangent. That was good less. Tom Was a good list given you some great movies. Check them all out yeah. Check them out and also look. If there's a specific topic I mean here's what strange were being doing this for two years and I still haven't run out of topics or subjects. I have a list I will literally waiting feel like what should we do and he gives me like four or five topics to Jews from me knows I have tons. We're doing this not just for entertainment and pleasure. We're doing the U the listeners exactly so if there is a specific topic or a genre that you feel we haven't covered yet that you would love us to make a list on and discuss right into you know in the movie podcast at g mail dot com or just private messaged me on social media and we'll do it possibly and also posting send in your own lesson will read out on or if you have have you know somebody you know who's in the movie industry or who would be a great guest. Let us know that we are L. A. based and we like to do up close and personal. You know interviews people a love great customer the exciting ones who wanted to do it but they wanted the on the five. I just don't WanNa do that yet because it's not into more personal and I I'm not trying to be like ooh hyon. Oh my I love doing it. In Person I agree because some good stuff coming up but yeah if you want someone on the show send you know send them our way. We want to keep this going with love the idea of all business because we're doing this for you okay folks yourselves and good night. Sir thanks again for listening to another new episode of Tony The movie Guy. The podcast my weekly reminders don't forget to to false Oliver Social Media facebook twitter and Instagram at Tony the movie Guy also don't forget to leave those five star reviews on itunes. They are super helpful all and we will see you in two weeks bye bye.

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