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"bunking bunking school" Discussed on Tony the Movie Guy

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"bunking bunking school" Discussed on Tony the Movie Guy

"I mean beanie Feldstein so much of her mannerisms is so much Jonah Hill but but I think she's absolutely voicing career. The other goal was good too and I'm excited to see. I hope a Livia wild does more 'cause it's very impressive breath and she fought for this film for years right. She did you know there are apparently I heard there were scenes that she actually added to the script elevate it and also when they were doing the table reap of the cost she had each person who was cost to read and if they wanted to modify their lines to make their own an authentic self night she told them to do that and it's very grounded. It feels very real or what teenagers do which is kind of funny since I'm like a forty year old man you know I'm a kid at heart. I mean that's book smart so good in your right. I'm getting the plot. PODCAST review of put. It really is fantastic. Okay Oh and then the breakfast club I mean I've raved about the breakfast club so many times before John. Hughes is best an absolute classic. I say the same thing all the time because I don't know how else to sum up better. A film like this shouldn't work where a bunch of kids sitting in detention in highschool day and it's mostly all dialogue but it's so full of hot comedy emotion and Truth Yeah not like other high school movies where it has a bunch of scenes with other high school says you know usually showing like some kind of sports game or this or that doesn't do any of that. It's just these these hand picked unique characters. You know sort of battling with demons and Against Each Other and Lourdes may never be would never we never be friends normally and you don't really know if they're going to be friends like Anthony. Anthony Michael Hall even says that like when we go to school. Do you think you'll even notice me and molly ringwald says honestly no but yeah you got a Judd Nelson ally sheedy. Emilio Estevez has such a great cost. One of the most quotable movies ever absolutely incredible soundtrack. Don't you forget about me the most iconic this punch you know in the West frame in the whole world. I don't think I need to say more about the breakfast club. It's an absolute classic and it also has a very defining film of the Eighty S I've already one of the absolute best was very high on my list so this one is I don't enough. You'd consider it a little bit of a cheek because it's not the primary storyline being high school but it's one hundred percent is cool movie back to the future Okay I. I'M GONNA. Give it to you one hundred percent. I was GONNA put it on the less. I thought you were because actually at features high school quieter a lot and then you have the whole bull dance at the end. Ling it starts. I'm giving him in high school like. Does Final Act is all at a school don yeah actually even in the middle he goes. Actually there's a lot about the school I was just like. Put it so Seifi time travel's. That's why I took it off. You know what I'm so happy pull on the list to me it. It's a beautiful mash of a coming of age slash high school movie and absolutely sad was it has has to be part of the backdrop as not just a footnote but like a main feature and you're absolutely right one hundred Buffalo Third Act is the school yeah and you've got celebrities and you've got you know yeah exactly and why the shoes are. Untied Gullible Mc fly and I think everyone who's been listening thinks the podcast knows we absolutely adore to the I mean it transcend so much more than high school which is the only reason why decided not to further on my list but I actually heavily contemplated doing it so I totally give it. I had to put it up because to me it when you said high school movies literally popped up and I was like no it's and it's a perfect perfect movie. I love back to the future shaking. Oh you got it. It's yours okay and my next one is Ferris Buehler's Day off and if you think about Ferris Bueller Day off is is a little bit of a cheek because most of the film sliding off school skydiving is at point Tom for bunking bunking school is budgeting in the American. Tom Skipping School. King is American skyping know what we're talking about so you think about that but the principal features heavily in it trying to catch a ferris and the whole beginning pot where ferris goes to get his girlfriend away from the school so it does feature and quite a bit. Fisher but then the rest of the movie is really just them going off whereas Chicago and twist and shout. That's very amazing. Dont sequence in Cameron who I love so cool. I absolutely love camera and again I bilas day off his another film. That has so many layers to that film. I think is beautiful another John Hughes films. I it's literally right white beneath the breakfast club. It's fast paced with more like kind of I would say action yeah but but so many has Hong Slough new quences I mean when Cameron has breakdown totally at the end of that film with his dad's car I mean I moved. I genuinely am when they're in the museum him and the kind of the looking at the paintings and the way it should I don't know there's a lot of raising the ends but yeah I'd say probably seventy five percent of that film isn't isn't really around the school but but it's about Farris skipping school so interesting because my next one is of that same vein say Ferris exactly the next one can't hardly wait okay. It's all my actually hold on. Is it so I'm sorry. I know you loved this movie. I didn't put I kinda thought you wouldn't Uh-huh I didn't because as nothing to do with school. It's all based in the party. No it's a graduation party stocks in the high school graduation okay other other no light tiny but the entire thing if you actually I mean I've seen this film many. I think it's absolutely amazing from all the cameos in great lying in general as an angel prostitute. She's an no. She's an angel stripper. Oh Oh who gives him advice difference Darris we'll be who does she give advice to. what's his name the guy from empire records yes. He's the numbers the number I remember the number. He knows goodison fewer Yep. Seth Green's great green is amazing back in the bathroom all evening with other chip yeah and has sex with pita fascinating and I actually liked that Sabrina POPs up in that movie usher POPs up in that movie. All kinds of people pop up in that movie okay all right yeah. I didn't think of it because because it came to my mind and I came to my mind in those like I don't remember the school featuring one bit so that's why then I can go so I say it's a cheap but it is actually the theme is all about High Schools Ova. What do we do no and he has a bunch of flashbacks to school too because of how he met her and fell in love with how Geeky Guy who I've never seen anything else who does does the whole like song took guns roses which he basically is on this mission to embarrass the joke that gave him hell through all of high school but then get strong on can become they become friends yeah. I he becomes like the guy everyone wants to make out with and sings Paradise City or whatever that is go ahead and then yeah he becomes friends with Jock Guy Anyway. The whole movie to me is super charming to watch of love love the soundtrack that's the one where if memory runs off to the airport and the train station at the end an score one of those classical romantic and it's not super cheesy because you you actually think it's not gonNa work anyway but the whole thing is just adorable is that one of the two guys always obsessed with UFO's UFO's. Is that hardly wait. I need to watch this movie. 'cause I remember quite clearly owners so no problem all right all right. I'll give it to you. My next one is rushmore which I still haven't seen. I know you haven't seen right to start it twice and I don't know I couldn't you didn't like it. Did you watch ten minutes. At least that's my rule. Ten minutes probably five. Oh wow I mean. It's Wes Anderson and it so quirky. It's it's right up there. Would probably it's my high school movie. Oh one hundred percent. It's my favorite. No it's my most re watchable was anthem film life. Aquatic is my favorite but that's Kinda. uh-huh that's much quirkier and it's quite docker actually so rushmore is Jason Schwartzman Bill Murray and yet he's like in this prep school and so he falls in love with his teacher am Bill Murray and him have this like whole battle vying for the affections of the teacher okay but then he even gets like expelled old then he goes to like a normal like high school. the whole backdrop is high school taking all these different classes and curriculums and things like that it takes like autry and canoeing poetry and pottery and like all kinds of he just kind of. He's the student that just kind of dabbles in everything. What's that thing master of. You've all TR- jack-of-all-trades master of none. I I adore this movie it so quirky. I need to give that another shot but yes. It's definitely the whole setting is high. School is school for sure so that's many will agree with you. Yeah Great Great Film. You have to see that. We must remedy that situation. I should with you for sure all right. My next one is Greece. Oh it's on my list. It's a bit lower but yeah I mean come on bridal high seas yeah the insanity Dan Yea Really Tony Yeah. I mean obviously it's a musical thoughts primary theme however cheese then multiply in in however the control the whole thing is about high school life ridell high goals and the not popula the guys and the whole thing when I wrote down Greece what came to my head immediately was ridell high and you know it's interesting. I couldn't remember the names of any of the other schools but why del high came to my mind instant so I was like well. There's definitely counts I mean I watched Greece one hundred million times as a kid especially John Travolta Danny of the Newton John is a sandy. I love Stockbridge as Rizzo but even Frenchie the whole pasta songs again when you go back and watch that movie it's won't cheer and Rhys Grease lightning in this and Google those lyrics so cream her pants and things like that. Ah has like Shit. I won't take no shit like and there's different scenes that are quite risky. I mean that Cole film is set the High School. Yeah that's fantastic. I love that movie. I've watched it a hundred times and yeah it's everything but people battle in high school so yeah. I mean it's fantastic and it's all done with like the sixties and you know they have rockers and kind of mud basically but it's fantastic and the song some. I'm a loving right. I mean you know you're the one that lives on. You know it's a musical about it..

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