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"boozer jeremy" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"boozer jeremy" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Leaves a little bit of residue that turns out to be better than the planet sell when they when they went out and got Carlos boozer, Jeremy, Lin, and all those guys, the team was so bad that it alternately landed them. A bunch of high draft picks which gave them all. But when you look at it now the idea of the didn't get quiet because they couldn't empty. Maybe that's what turns out to be the better idea because Ingram or Kuzma. No better idea just over there. You said residue, and I just thought about him. But I believe obviously that Chris had a good night. Tonight. Yeah. Implant itself. Why are you talking over the drops? Man because I never know what you're gonna hit the, but you gotta know what I'm gonna hit it now. It's gonna take a long time. That's gonna take a long time. All right. Football is back. What's getting you Julio Jones Julio Jones. The best wide receiver in football, arguably is again key will explain why that doesn't happen. That is coming up next here, kill chino, come on out, have drink Raj shots. He's where to kill tilted. Kilt girls, we got giveaways. Come on out. Join us this morning morning show key shot. Elsie and Travis. ESPN LA get ready for the first weekend of the NFL to watch out here. Tilted kilt. Coming out this morning off to a good starting. A couple of shots going on Raj is here with his kill. We're giving away surprises along the way. Key is in the I e the tilted kilt in chino thirty nine nineteen grand avenue right off the seventy one freeway coming out and get your weekend. Though I am trav- in the i. e. doesn't sound as good as key in the sweet tea in the that works. I think to hear hip, I'll t- sweet tea. Here's the problem when we come out and do what are these events in front of actual people and not in the studio. They see me and they realized that sweet tea probably isn't the greatest nickname for me. I on the radio. Sure. But in person I don't. I don't look like a sweet tea, but I could call you white t is their thing? Yes. His white tea, white tea. I know this black tea, green tea, white tea, watch black. I don't know what. What letter should I like. Stretched the bleak. All accurate spoke black black on saying you like. I'm gonna put it up for you. White t I see white t. implies something totally different. I don't like that either. Why off stick with sweetie. Okay. Last night, the NFL season kicked off took a little while a rain delay thunderstorm comes in whole thing, kind of got delayed disjointed. It was out of sorts tons of tons of flags, and then all of a sudden the game starts. It was not a good football game. Is that just because of the delay? Is that because it's week one is that because these teams maybe aren't as good as we think, why did we see such a sloppy game? Well, I think first of all, the delay has a lot to do with it. Plus it's coming out at a preseason. The first game, a lot of guys didn't play Sosa first real life action. So you're gonna have the sloppiness in terms of flax the referees. I like to be on TV too. Alarming, but okay, I believe you know, they do you. We're fighting spend all that time in the gym. They go to town like guns pop. No, they like they like that. They like, know, hear their name call to you, like to hear your name Cote. Yeah, that's why, but in on a show all the time. So when you look at the way, this thing was put together, it rains or it has a little lightening storm and everything. It's opening day, the Philadelphia Eagles are into it. They won the championship. So they rolled out everybody. They had them all in the house from Brian Dawkins to meek mill to Bon Jovi. I wish boys, the man. I'm sure sly was running around somewhere in the Bon Jovi song, which one the win you like to say. I don't know which one it is living on a prayer on every here. In when they strike me as upon job guy, no, is just the club the. The shot. That's a college, you know, I think that's all down the street, like trying to do biggie. I think it. Go..

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