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"bobby flay scott" Discussed on Lights Camera Barstool

"What does he look like? Don't tell me I want to see my own are you can you can do the <hes> from from one famous person to God and that is Hitler. We're anti-hitler POD BOO TYCO. T._D.'s Joe Joe Rabbit gets its first trailer in boy. What a fucking trip already synopsis? We really had no no I deal with this movie was going to be about we we saw the pick your from productive photo of cycle tedious Hitler across the table from Scarlett Johansson lonely German Boyd Joe Joe Rabbit bessler apply Roman Griffin Davis which it sounds like a fake name has his worldview turn upside down he discovers at a single mother Rosie Hanson tiding a young Jewish girl view last year in foster so good with all the <hes> trace there you go in there addict aided only his idiotic imaginary friend Adolf Hitler Joma confront his blind nationalism. This I mean Matt makes turn so weird. I I'm all in because one the cast <hes> Stephen Merchant Sam Rockwell D._d.. Comes in rebel Wilson also when remove center do we don't have fallen down ah eighty but also what crazy premise political satire. We've done right Mary Funny F you know how big a fan of deficit I loved it. Mr Skin here you see Hitler's as cheeks around fourteen sixty <hes> the the Japanese released version actually running a little bit slower so eighteen thirty two being no looks great. We obviously are big TYCO T._d.. Fans here in this cast is awesome. I'M A big Steve Merchant Guy Big Sam Rockwell Guy Big Taika guides rubber Wilson. She's on a bit of a let's say cold rush or Colga Kopatch right now but of a Stinger better way to put it she she needs to prove herself again. Maybe this is the way to do it. Maybe not but I think you put it best. <hes> we're we're a big but I think <hes> black comedy especially in the political satire and this is like this looks like it could be the next stolen and I'm all about that. I have nothing to say other than I trust Taika with T._D.. Here the concepts out there which I enjoy boy. I don't know how it's going to translate into movie but Tim Onboard. He's a you know if you would've told me about like the whole in the shadows premise probably would have been like that super weird and not into it or what would your shadow so so so yeah like <hes> we we can't on one hand say they should make more original movies in than this is about as original as you can get in terms of a movie we had actually discussed on this podcast and then say looks weird so I think it's the right amount on a weird. I'm <hes> I'm in somebody have follows said that they had read the script in that. It was Kinda told the line really well between not taking too. Many of the easy jokes like it doesn't just be like Oh Hitler bed like Nazis bad like it's just it's a very smart smart comedy from what I heard him. That's like obviously I think maybe the only reservations any of us would have had in that it just takes the bait or low hanging fruit. Whatever making satire of Hitler in it has its own message? Let me read his quote. He says <hes> we're T._D.'s quote. I'm I'm stoked to be glycine back when it started shooting. I'm still to begin shooting my antiwar satire. We've assembled an incredible cast and I could be more excited finally ridiculed Nazis in their beliefs the someone's going to Piss off a lot of racist that makes me very happy. What a statement? That's a great statement and the best part is that you have to be with him there or against him if you're against them. You're just a racist so it's a good way to Divi Divi Divi lines right there. Do you know who's releasing his movie. WHO's distributing it? Who Disney Hell Yemen Disney's first Hitler movie? Eh List drew apparently very far away from his. They're like Fox searchlight there. You go put it out there. We're not looking at maximum like the Disney crawl opening before Gioja rabbit the Disney for all changed before lines on the way yes. That's very me note that before <hes> guess we didn't do lion king stomach sense next up on the list scary stories to tell the dark they released a brand new trailer featuring criminally their newest character all right there newest character cernan explain what character is a combination of three classic stories from the book's Meat Meat Pie no t walker. What would you come for Aaron? Kelly's bones accommodation the three folks. What are you get you get jangling man? What are the central monsters in on the bar? Gangrene man has terrifying billion tear himself apart limb from limb fucking Jangling Man. I'm the man lizzy okay. Let's let's call a spacious bait here. It sounds like a fucking blacklist New Yorker bonsor really ugly monster but gangly man is a not for low the bye bye man for arable name and the thing is a lot of the look at man is a crooked man. Yes that the people making the crooked man move. You're going to be like what the fuck mean swipe their idea. There's no this one jangle thing. Lizzy is those attached to his his ass. Every time it moves here's Jangle. He is the man <hes> the other characters in this movie have the names the tow monster. Oh no Pale lady or herald scarecrow. It wasn't our with Jiang demand is a combination of multiple stories. They had a chance for cool. May they wrote the Jangling man the Jangling man these all sound like fans only profiled it does the tow man in the tow monster the Pale lady the tow man you broke open that a fans only the tow man thing and it's just a Rex Ryan like Ted talk like hey what's up. I coached the bills. Remember that what would you do if. If I bought you the Crock Pot from your Amazon wishlist he is the jingly men Amazon wishlist man whatever trail it's scary. Let me just put that up stupid name name but it's all a trailer Jangling man yeah that's all I have on a to a funny name very blacklist villain name well. It's probably the kids given him the name and the trailer right and so like it stupid name but then makes sense at the kids. Give them a name AMC Zuma's like hey. You'll be really kick ass if he called him the Jiang Leeman jingles. Why does he jangle? I didn't hear him Jangle. I'm sure he's he's bound to Jangle after calling in the Jangling man the gentleman lizzy you bought he just loves bojangles. Imagine that's it. That's the time it'd be very biscuit. We just put this container read by Red Bow Bison Jason Beings red button writer red beans and rice underneath this soapbox the stick on it and we'll catch Jangling Z. Bo bice show the Bo bice the Bo bice man can't find a Bo bice me man I think Bo bice was more like oh Bo Bo's he was yeah yeah I think he was the same season Chris Doctorate and Constantine Morales. Oh there's a name he's the same season as the guy with the gray hair Taylor Terex so hicks. Didn't he win he did he was and it was like it was a vote for the worst. You know who started the vote for the worst dot com campaign you Howard Stern <hes>. Let me get legare pet. You let me get a look at you. Gently man wow we turn around jangling man. Wow <hes> you look good. You'll go to guiding <hes>. Tell me about you. Love Life Jangling man you set it all Jangling man all right Jangling man is going to get on the Symbian today. We're putting on maximum. See what happens. Jangle now J. Lemon and you might be opened up the phone lines. We got a caller. It's it's it's James from New York. James Huron live on the Howard Stern show Bubba Bubba. I knew it has come the whole way. <hes> speaking of American idol reminded by the way I know it. Bring up this fucking seen all the time. It's my favorite is the Adam Scott seen the dinner scene from stepbrothers. Yes I always a reference to guilty as charged but him Tang we went on his fishing trip with snow underage funniest parts. He's like your Mark Cuban and he says about just the Cubes Chris Daughtry. Jack Robes super chef bobby flay Scott. What is a fucking treasure man? He's so great I mean I that's what I really WanNa know that was ad-lib those names out of the hat perfect just ridiculous combination dochery Jeff probst throws to sexual. We're bringing on Ronnie the limo driver to Chevrolet Man. Oh my God jangling man joined the backpack backpack. We got beetlejuice on the line to Yell Jangling Man. That's my limit of stern knowledge. Oh yeah that's all I got stirred. You never know what you're gonNA. Cross over here hit him with the okay mostly. I don't even more Howard Stern things which I'm sure we will move on to a much so much more somber movie the Goldfinch we've talked about Goldfinch before starring <unk> elgort based on a book twenty thirteen Brooke Crazy or two as a child theodore. Theo decker survived the tariff bombing an art museum in attack that killed his mother Audrey from Mary tumbles through a series of adventures at finding ruling in las eight alcoholic Father Larry later involved in art forgeries. I almost said Fart forgeries into elgort Nicole Kidman Sarah Paulson Luke Wilson every right great cast <hes> this movie is getting a pretty big dose of hike acne another that premiered at fifth runner International Film Festival Warner Brothers had a bit of a shaky year the box office <hes> something to think performed boarded another but I had been quite nail it like people thought it would <hes> but they are releasing this one is also an Amazon studios movie. They've had some success. No He's GonNa Land Oscar Buzz but it is getting a lot of high. It is a kind of insane premise like the booker pretty police seen so far with a trailer. I am intrigued just like I was in the first round again very somber just to kind of oppressing open book driller intense. It's an intense trailer said it was very intense. Jailer to play before Spiderman there might have been a screw up in the marketing department. It was super super dark and I don't know fans. Will what's the last thing we saw him in billionaire boys club. I think he's also doing west side story mind you as well. It's true what's her name. Rachel segler or the girl was playing Maria. I just re watching her the clip of her singing shallow the other day. She's so goddamn good fucking bring it for that but yeah <hes> it's really was super dirk and I just <hes> I don't I am intrigued. I'm with you guys. I'm interested but I'm also a little hesitant. I guess based off the way the trailers kind of cut apart I still want to many adult towards too much jumping back and forth between child child shot child ansel an adult ansel. Um You probably going to get that. I know that's I just hope it's more sequential. You know like you just all child. Ansel out of the way then all adult ansel out the way jumping back and forth is that's. That's that's the storytelling but then you get cloud atlas over again so like that and when he said Cloud Atlas was an all-time movie. Did you mean that the runtime was literally all time three and a half hours or whatever in the truth through the reminder we are not reviewing cloud atlas on Sunday for our Nostalgia Review Leo reviewing the Timber Charlie in the chocolate factory movie <hes> awesome so excited for that yet Iran time on cloud cloud out is one hundred seventy two minutes chases faulk but actually that's the only two hours and fifty minutes right yeah but I mean it's not like you're watching avengers. You're watching trump jrue and like Tom Hanks through time very spot on. Let me get a look at you. You say you found the cloud of might be. We're retiring Howard Stern introduction to the interview view Bhai wanting to get a look at somebody. Wow look at you not much else to say on the Goldfinch move is worth noting big trailer hyping it up looks good you said it.

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