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Fresh update on "bobby" discussed on Reveal


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Fresh update on "bobby" discussed on Reveal

"Customers telling that card those 16 5 at the auction. Is no way to pay him 20 grand on a car that they could sell it at auction for 16. I guess he's a better negotiator. Just a better lie on your mind. That's the difference. So to summarize Managers in the salespeople are playing each other customers playing them Both. Each dealership is playing the other dealerships in the manufacturer's playing all the dealerships, its quotas and its incentives. Chrysler sold 140,083 cars and trucks in October. This is what it took to sell one of them. You said earlier, Several of us came and recorded at this dealership, and each of us chose different salespeople to follow. Robin Simeon chose Bobby Tantillo wanting.

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Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic

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Fresh update on "bobby" discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic

"That with your kids in terms of the ones that might they might want to know more about what Dad did prior to him being attorney. Do y'all talk about that much? Well, not like you. And I'm sure you guys go through it too. Yet. You don't really care about you is They care about everybody else who might do the same thing you did, or you have nobody to deal. It was I I was going through it. Every player player with honey badger and no deal and everybody else is like, you know, I played a little ball, You know that It was just Like when I was when I first tired and Corey Webster was around to Cory Western will listen to anything I say. And with that, listen to him. My son will listen to him has been chorus that listen to me. What my oldest that he was fortunate enough to be able to remember. A lot of my love. Playing days, but my youngest, he sort of remember, but now they've their YouTube. I think they appreciate me a little bit, but they see that I'm I'm there for them, no matter what. I will push him hard and I just want them to do their bit Everything, baby. Randall. I can relate because you know, I've got a pretty good radio career. And like I told my kids well, yeah, You're not Bobby A bear, though. You didn't football, even play pro football and I'm like, that's fine. That's fair. But come on, your dad's got a pretty fairly successful career going No matter what you do, they're going to look up to somebody like you think about it. What was it drew son that said they were playing with somebody else's move. This's those kid drew by being the most successful quarterback in pro football history. That's around, then they look you know, I like this place is like I'm here. Hey, but I can I It doesn't It doesn't bother me. If its buddy though That is you're living and everything you have is because Idea, but you don't even like me. They like me a witch upon each other. We got You know what I remember most about you is that 99.9% of the time when the media walked in the locker room, no matter what happened at practice or a game and look you you certainly didn't like to lose. No, no doubt about it. But you always found a way to have a have a smile on your face. You just did. And every hours around Randall Randall gay, there was always some positivity around it. Because I mean, uh, my mom died when I was 18 years ago. When light and my freshman year let's you and I really went to Ellis you because I didn't want to leave her. So when you deal with the toughest thing that you can wear that losing a key, Probably losing your mom is probably toughest thing You can ever deal with your life. And at that age, where I really thought I really needed her. To lose her at that age and then go and Graduate college. Have a son and go to the field. It was like you know what our head of scholarship Teo tell is. You don't have to worry about my education. Who am I to not be try to make the best out of everything that's going on? Just because there's a lot of people who have it a lot worse than me, and I still try to have that. Mentality just dated. You know, a blue don't feel sorry for yourself because it's ah lot of people who would big and pain to do 1/4 of the things that you've done in your life. So don't ever feel sorry for you. There's always somebody else was looking up at you. So that's why I try to stay positive and it takes a great deal. Me according to the lab to make me mad, I'm like, Yeah, because I mean, why be made its Why be a fit over stuff UK control Try Toby had to try to make the best out of it, and it's worked for me so far in life, so I'ma continue to do it. Randall before I let you run. How about the contract that Patrick Mahomes sign? That is? I don't know. That is a major. I'm happy for the guy. I don't know if There's gotto I don't know how good There's going to be for the sport. In the long run, just because when you just gave a player basically $50 million a year, and you're next highest player, we've gotta be paid. Probably 17. That's going to start call the friction between in his locker room there. Hurry. These quarterbacks they cannot win by themselves. So why are you? I mean, you have to have a good quarterback? Yes, but at the same time No quarterback is worth $40 million more than next player a year. So if they I think that's a situation that has to be corrected, because the quarterback salaries or going to just grow and grow and grow in Everybody else salary they growing, but not at that. And that's too big of a gap between the you know the quarterback in the Knicks play. But I am having put anybody who making money. I am here before. Yeah, I kind of wanted the same thing. Randall. It was a pleasure to talk to you, man. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well and Obviously being two times football champion. Ellis, you college football champion, attorney at law, Man, You've got it going on. Good for you. Thank you very much. Anytime I'm just about always available, so I don't mind. Randall, give us Ehud out before your own man. Oh, yeah. Who that go, Tiger. There goes Randall.

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John Jastremski

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Fresh update on "bobby" discussed on John Jastremski

"But it doesn't hurt when His wife is making gazillions. So that doesn't hurt at all. But I'm getting to baseball now. And if you look at the National East, I mean, Markakis is already out. I don't think Freeman's going to come back. I mean, what What? Mark A kiss. I saw an interview with him and what I was reading Cremant. You know, I had such bad symptoms, and by the time he comes, even tries to come back, you know who knows how much Schapelle he'd be in? I heard Victor Rope as wants photo They haven't even reported yet, For whatever reason, the Phillies Nola's already be careful with the nationals, though, with the travel because that's what happened with Chapman. And that's what happened with Sanchez. It could be Cove it, it's possible. But it also could be these guys were, you know elsewhere, and they're just taking precautions. We don't know what we don't know and the pills Nola's already on the wall and so and that Wheeler's expect his wife suspected Have a baby in a couple of weeks. The whole thing you know, it is all who knows. But I think you know for the Mets. I mean, I know you touched upon earlier show after the Graham. I mean shamans and his walkie. I expect him. You have a good year. I'm not really worried about Marcello and Raka. I mean, I was worried like, you know about Reed, R A. Dickey and cologne. So you never know with these kind of guys. But the guy who I want a lot of really expected to step forward. Two step forward accept, especially with Syndergaard and well, they're not here anymore. It's Steven Matz. You know, he has to show that he can act. You step up. Be that top picture that we thought that he waas when he first came up in 2015 So I think he could be r. J. D Davis. You know, you know, just expects and You just, you know, have a great year, So I think I'm expecting big things from him and you know, and now getting all it's in in terms of the ownership or you mention I totally agree with you would have to call it. I mean, I love a rod baseball knowledge. But Cohen being a fanny like a mark Cuban, you know, and I don't want it. That's the key, right. It's the idea that he has a ton of money, and he's willing to spend it and all I need to hear Vic is that he's based off the Bobby Axelrod character and billions who I love anybody else. I mean, could you imagine if Bobby Axelrod on the baseball team And how outrageous and how much fun that would be. That's what I'm going to get out of Steve Cohen. Now I don't know if Steve Cohen has that sort of personality. He doesn't need to. If he saw lends money and wins it all cost. That's what you want. Exactly. And I don't want to go into next year. For example, like when Mookie Betts, the free agent saying, Oh, my God, the Mets can't afford him. I want to sit there and say You know what? The message going hard after him, you know, so That's what I'm looking for. Not leading with this in terms of with the Mets manager, Do you see Brody making the calls to do what he let ro hot Sit there and just make the decisions and and manage or do you think he's going to be coming from up above? That's a very, very good question, Vic. It's a very good question. I think the front office definitely wants to say, I think that's why you did not see a Georgia Rory or a buck Showalter end up getting the job. I think this foreign office those wanna have say. But I think Louise Ross is a very confident guy. Very confident guy. So I'm very curious to see how he handles managing a team and I'm watching Gerrit Cole, come off the mountain right now. Unbelievable. Signed from the homonym Miguel and du Har. I mean, untouchable, absolutely untouchable. I want it. I mean, this is gonna be fun a lot. Every fifth at Jericho is a New York freaking Yankee. Absolutely love it. Let's set a Dumont's want is up next. He's on a foul up one. Hey, what's going on? Day day? What's happening? Dude? How we don't let me tell you Thought, Man. I love everybody at fan. I love listening to it and listen to it all the time, Morning, noon and night. But I have to tell you, your production team has officially made you my all time favorite because you guys bringing up 52nd Street just brought me back years. 52nd Street was one of the first of the four albums that Billy Joe ever produced. That topped the charts before that. One of his albums never topped the charts until 52nd Street. Let me tell you something, Rosalynn, his eyes man that that whole album put me through college. And it's funny. Also let you guys talk about Cold Spring Harbor because that was his first album ever, and it wasn't so well received, like 52nd Street, Wass. I tried to tell you guys talking about this tonight. You may well want it so I could tell you, my friend. You deal with your very cultured guys in Bryan resigned myself and you know, despite our ages, we are what you call Old souls, and we want the old music so you're going to get some quality classic rock bringing it back you'll 90 years You'll get some car and hit pumping or B. We are men of culture. We like mixing it up, bring it back from break, and that's always going to be giving the credit and then I got to react to it. It's a win win. Just great. Rosa. Those two albums put meat, the Rutgers that though I believe it will be the right now. What? What is your favorite Billy album? He's a 52nd street, but second Street, hands down, Rosalind. His eyes is my favorite song of all time from Bill. You okay? Okay. I like you know what I respect about that? Take one. I like the Back wall type of song and the problem with the classic rock stations illicit. It's not their fault. They're doing what they're supposed to Dio. I wish the classic rock stations, then I get it when I'm on the satellite, but no one dream one know where you're going. Hey, came white, and it's not their fault. I don't blame any of the guys in the girls who worked there, not their call. They had certain songs that basically, they say for ratings and You know, all right, that tricks and whatever they got a hit, but I mean, like with the Beatles, I don't need to hear. Hey, Jude 20 times throughout the day, when it got 1,000,000 songs they complaint for going to say I told here, you man, I hear it's a great point, And I say that all the time. Listen, I called you about the home, right? Holmes is a great kid. I think he deserves the money. You've gotta pay the guy. It's very rare that you come across a talent like that, unfortunately, back contract gonna hurt Casey at some point down the road, Probably. Maybe about 34 years. Maybe later when they can't pay anybody else to be on that team. So right now they got they got a really scramble. Make sure they want some Super Bowls in the next 34 years. Get a good but one Let's be honest. They already won a Super Bowl. And what exactly do you want? The Kansas City Chiefs to do you know what I mean? Like, you know, like Patrick Mahomes. Going to play for another team, So it's not a great cat predicament. Four years down the road five years down the road, but.

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